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Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L Surprise! ...

Rating: 2 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Yu
Cute wrist. My daughter has wanted the, but very amours some waters of boat in place of two cloths.
3 / 5 Bebe
We have ordered many of these LOL wrists, and is cute, Even so, has wrists of boy in these. BEWARE:A problem is that the some WRISTS of CHICO have GENITAL very REALISTIC. I have been impacted when my daughter unwrapped one with parts of man. I think it that it have to have the opinion. Any one all the world is has to expose innocent daughters in genitals of men in of the wrists. It IS very unnecessary and any one has agreed that this detail would have to consider changes a wrist.
5 / 5 Luise
No the swipe was, real roads lol wrist
1 / 5 Liane
This wrist is come today, suffers harm and does not have clothes.
1 / 5 Nakisha
Has 2 bounced and any clothes. The bracelet has been broken.
1 / 5 Lizzie
It produces defective one of some legs is to turn a wrist has 2 left legs and he can any one when the be has not corrected. I emailed mga with beak, bar code, number of batch and receipt of mine. For the substitution or another wrist of a same series. Lol Comes with the 30 guarantees in the daytime so mga would have to fix a subject.
UPDATE mga mailed me the wrist of substitution for a defective 1 a ultra scarce independent queen of a same series. With all the accessories. Any balloon or bundling only a wrist and accesorias in the small ziplock stock exchange. My daughter is happy and is also give the thanks to or mga entertainment.
5 / 5 Omer
Very cute, the daughter has wanted to it
2 / 5 Adriana
My daughter was so excited when this cake in but has opened then the and has two bounced and any clothes. This has to when being the knockoff. It opens HAS the wrist in of the skins
1 / 5 Joey
In the first place we were to surprise to take the wrist of boy Punk Buey' (anatomically correct) but the well can do with that. But then it has 2 identical shirts and 2 identical trousers and that is. Any accessory, like a cup that uses to to leave him in 'cry' or esfosa'. Also one inserts to count in your wrist was for the different wrist 'glasternaut' that has been so happy with. I direct me to think was sure the error of manufacture. Any option to contact vendor that could, has nicknamed a manufacturer and has taken a race around, has been said in email a manufacture with received and picture of defect. Any one was 4 old year that has used his piggy the money to bank for the take was bummed was today.
5 / 5 Dara
My daughter has taken each 3 different wrists, was very excited.

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L. Surprise! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lakesha
They are the 'grown on' collector of wrist of the fashion that has had has not bought never one . Wrist of surprise in my life but taken curious with an emission of one . Wrists. And while it was súper pleasantly surprised why astonishingly fun and adds a first career of one . The daughters have been he has found a collection of Boxes of the Winter partorisca be of the lowest quality; his hair has fallen is gone in clumps, a packaging was fussy and gimmicky and in general any value a seal of the main prize. I am PLEASED LIKE THIS partorisca say that an entertainment, only creation and impressive quality (especially partorisca a prize) of a first serious has been SURPASSED and am enamoured positively with this daughter and like this happy has taken it casualidad in these wrists again. It can not expect take a rest of a collection. Importing props and thanks to MGA that obviously listened to some clients have spent his A game.
5 / 5 Roman
Perfection of saint cake the can not say enough in this wrist is like this quite and perfect, if calm sees, take reason can you to them say now included goes to be a a thats hard to find punctual shes that pleasant, his hair is incredibly soft, all his pieces of cloths and accesorias is big quality and of the separate pieces, more his slopes are mark of cross , theyre In some Names! MGA Has taken his time in this pleasure with to a first wave likes opposed to a box of line of the winter concealed has been rushed was, is good-looking big quality and value each penny although it calms of the that has his matching little sister
4 / 5 Adell
Súper pleasant wrist to add to the ours OMG collection my daughters have loved to open although grrrllll and candylicious his both have said that these wrists slay!!!!
5 / 5 Angelica
Well value of the money! Any only is detailed highly but is so only adorable!
5 / 5 Eneida
My daughter and the niece so much love a wrist, LOVE The WRIST! I have not annoyed to stick the picture because an use of picture to announce is exactly that takings. She adorable! Shopping! The desire has sold OMG dressed of wrist for separate. It was well to buy the little outfits and be able to change his cloths
5 / 5 Pattie
Candylicious is very beautiful and my beans wrist of this collection! A pics no his quite a lot of justice, is included more pleasant in person. This look remember of the Nicki Minaj outfit. His hair is soft and luscious, styled with 2 right rose and collected blond with the few transfers in a front. Very pleasant! Im Got obsessed with LOL omg wrists now.
5 / 5 Lori
A hair is class of frizzy by means of any one the fault of amazon, so only a packaging. There are imperfections subtiles in a wrist, like the something to paint in his shoes, or something disappeared in some shoes. One of his lacking slopes a product in a bit in an expensive name. And although all looks to surprise, has not had any clue that some cloths of wrist feels the little cheaply done (likes scare for rasgar some straps in his blouse when it dip his outfit near), but there is the plot of detail in doing a outfit look aesthetically pleasing and not weighing a wrist down, or entirely that loses his silhouette.
Has bought so only his for exposure, this in spite of like this any of these subjects is totally of entity. I will require to go in the few bits with some fresh product.
A packaging of wrist this in spite of when it took it to them has had a bit has bent pieces (any all is glued down in a container) and so only looks the big of rough managing, at all too much of entity, but could owe tape he behind situating to show with a wrist.

Would not recommend this wrist for players very young (as younger that 8 years) as I am hinge but does not move THAT a lot.
5 / 5 Petrina
Absolutely stunning!! It is one the majority of beautiful OMG this in spite of imo, my daughter has them all but Dj because of the his for some emission to reason limited, but out of his all Candylicous is for far my preferred, everything in his candy of cries, his shoes are like this darling, some details in his east like this on something, the absolutely recommend candylicous!
4 / 5 Nila
Adores this wrist! When I in the first place orderly and has received, has taken the wrist that I felt was previously open state and repackaged like his hair looked he has had state pulled and roughly brushed by means of, and a box has suffered harm. It was able to quickly send it behind and order the substitution and to the equal that have expected that a new wrist was perfect.

In spite of a light inconvenience, a wrist is so that it adds that it is still value all five stars. They are in accordance with another that a packaging can be difficult, especially with all his hair that block some bonds, but is careful is manageable.

Seats this wrist is a lot of value a prize for a quality and level of volume of details, as with the majority of one . Line.
5 / 5 Trinidad
ABSOLUTELY love his that I can update once my daughter wins his by means of cry, duties and good behaviour. So only peaked in his interior a box and is gorgeous but for now included rests in a box. The present adds. His hair and the expensive is gorgeous.

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L Surprise! ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Carlyn
It Likes him the buyer, ossia a first time I personally feel like these pocolos LOL the cost of wrists that has paid it partorisca they! They are extremely a lot of @fare, his LOL the ball has the stand of base, but his stack to the each one which another (with other big sisters, Or with the pet and the small to do the three tiered snowman!) Doing both storage and the exposure issues obsolete with this series. Perfection. A wheel results the ball of snow with an addition of water.

Clue: I have added the súper tiny drop of vinegar to a sealed glitter portion of a ball with a water partorisca prevent he partorisca result stagnant, as well as with a LOL hair, which also results the ball of snow. A glitter colour and characterises pair of inner-the ball wall diverse of ball the ball, doing partorisca an additional surprise partorisca a littles.

A LOL folds of boot as I fill of hair partorisca turn a LoLs glitter has fill hair to the ball of snow. One covers/of the pacifier is the bubble gums bubble in of the colours of variant, which our 9 old year the cloths looks súper pleasant.

Ours little daughter, that any paid partorisca his neither clean on a disorder 😉, has said this series is as to a series of Pop of the Confetti, but like father that is mortified the included think in a quantity of money is spent in LOLs on some years, ossia one first series where can say that they are in accordance with a point of prize.
3 / 5 Merlin
My daughter is obsessed with . The wrists owe that way that has had to that snag this partorisca his when type. His adorable likes always this in spite of am not sure touches the fluke or if his a serious new but a boss of the wrists will not remain on. It grieve access (the hole in a fund of a boss that connects to a 'with the' is way too big. His a lot calm only look in a wrist but a second go to touch with him a bit the circles of boss was. Of course the service of client is on state and further and hopefully touch the fluke and our substitution does not have a subject same.
5 / 5 Luigi
I add lol more a closing like this was the little nervous buying this because of some of some other descriptions. I really like a wheel avenges with! It liked Also of a hair but a hair of the ball has not been I so that it adds like this thought that would be is not to like the ball of snow. :( On all are the toy adds ! (I follows 9 my parents buy me to us this)
4 / 5 Takisha
My daughter has said that that LOVES this LOL. Him him like this reason some turns of ball to the ball of the snow when it fill he with water. A ball is the accessory adds for a wrist to the equal that can return inner. A wrist is magic reason his colours of transmission of the hair. This together integer is worth it!
1 / 5 Lisha
Has the tear in a hairline so many shoots of water was. The hair can a lot of glitter and any spitting. A wrist is pleasant, and this concept is probably a fresh plus.. If he so only laws. Oh, And to the amazon can not substitute. You owe that spend for MGA, full out of the form of claim, and jump by means of hoops that can take on 3 weeks. And to be in accordance with another reviewer, a boss fall off easily.
1 / 5 William
This was the ENORMOUS disappointment !!! I have ordered 3 of these partorisca to 6 I DAUGHTER! One of them has been missing the shoe. One 1st a plough was the wrist of Boy with the penis and of the balls!!! This is not appropriate for the 6 old year. I have not ORDERED FOR CHICO. There are wrists of boy, am conscious. (Ossia The whole series ). If it has had any indication in a packaging that this would spend, would have order this product! Never again I spend $ in this product.
4 / 5 Myles
Really pleased in these new wrists, although I (like the mamma) are not a defender a big plus of a globbish hair.

A outfits is glittery and all some characters are really pleasant - in the leading series there was often the little « simpler » LOLs that the boy the young plus has not been súper enthusiastic on.

My daughter was bit it disappointed to take a boy ; to the equal that can be the good idea to verify with your girl that knows could take the boy

Expects this description helps
1 / 5 Lorene
A lot disappointed with this series of . Wrists. No of a same quality like another series. While my granddaughter touched with one, a boss has maintained to fall off. A glitter the hair has not been impressive. We do not remark very a lot the transmission after adding a water. A glitter the wheel has not looked a lot like the ball of snow. After adding water, a half of a ball so only looked the little blue with just the small quantity of glitter. Considering a potential to do the disorder in the box of toy, a wheel probably will finalise in some rubbishes.
5 / 5 Gabriel
This was a compraventa adorable . We take a boy the one who agrees me of Prince. I love a way has done a hair of wrists clears with glitter inner and can be fill with water and shaken. A bubblegum discharges (in place of the pacifier) seals a mouth and maintains a water in. Shopping another and try for the daughter this time. I think a outfits in this series is really pleasant. Besides, some balls can be stacked with some pets and lils to do the snowman, which my amours of daughter.
5 / 5 Bridget
Amur A glitter ball

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L Surprise! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Hipolito
My daughter wants to LOL the wrists and has the big collection. We have wanted really this concept but with which so only in an hour to touch a hair does not stick well. It falls off easily and it is almost as if a course of the boss of a wrist is resulted shabby and soft like velcro semi-detached to a down side of some pieces of the hair does not stick . MGA Need to reevaluate a construction of these wrists and king emission. The concept adds but poor execution.
4 / 5 Kasie
Update: the HAIR DOES not STICK . Although to ours little daughter would have liked him, has not imported, likes hair a lot properly velcro on after the time of pair to take and that substitutes in all the chance (which is a purpose of a wrist), as it have been rendered useless, to all the cost.

Our 8 old year has been a miser LOL collector of one a lot before serious; ossia one first series to never exist that it do not love anymore of. His hate. They are creepy, and, when it takes some pieces of hair was, the looks to sound like to them can see the brain of a wrist.

His HATE. So much.

Biiiig Waste of money (and sadly, has ordered two, he so that has another in a cupboard navideño that attended be wrapped...)
5 / 5 Tanya
Has received today and has opened 2 of these: Blackbelt, and Jam of Aspic. I have paid $ each one considering them. Interesting, but does not think these will substitute some leading versions in of the terms of desirability - unless has some youtube creativities in a future. A takeaway of some instructions is does not take a hair or the wet hair, and does not feed him with which half night - side, this last part is still Gremlins, any LOL wrists... A hair is not like this perfect to the equal that have seen with Hairgoals versions. Sometimes fussing with the things to take them like this like them to of you to the works to do like more finally - but are not to of this point still. But it can always dipped in the pair of some pieces of plastic hair with a scarf of boss, and the call the day, if it has frustrated.

Update: I have received the third wrist now of another retailer - Masquerade. His accident of bangs was long, and any trimmed in a v the pointed form in some pictures. As I have finalised to cut that I. Jam of aspic pigtails was different period for in a thumb, as cut that a lot it was one of them. They are full of adhesive/'produced of hair' - I am not quite sure to the equal that thinks of that. Blackbelt The hair does not stick a lot of - especially a piece with one 2 upper-knots. These looks to be a subject with a boss of wrist more than some pieces of hair. Also, Blackbelt the tape does not have a part of the bond on there there is so only enough to hook to another end for the ensure a bit. A photo is a current 'with which' picture - included after cutting a thumb of his legislation pigtail, Jam of Aspic pigtails can not be included still...
5 / 5 Chris
My first ball gilded!! It reigns of the boxes is like this pleasant!!
This new series is really playable, has so many ways of hair-just loves it!
5 / 5 Dani
This LOL is one of one has seen more. It is enormous! I have broken On when I have seen the one who big a ball was. It comes with several accessories and my daughter loved it absolutely!
Updating to add to the to hair does not like to remain on with which a prime minister of small has bitten to touch with them.
According to update adds your own velcro and the question has solved! So only they require some better velcro.
4 / 5 Lino
These have arrived delivery has planned first, súper fast nave and props to Amazon! Some balls were packaged well, any harm during shipment.
A Real Product:
Some zips of ball were súper hard to open. Some wrists and the accessories were súper pleasant and entertainment for my daughters to open. At all lacking quell'concealed am conscious of. Some pieces & of hair of the party of mix was a lot of and amused to touch with, but a lot always lines on properly.
Order 2 balls and has received 1 has ascended & 1 gold. We receive Rhymes of Supreme & Queen. Unfortunately the Supreme queen has had harm of entity his face & of lips, likes any one there is stabbed his with the tool repeatedly?!
My daughters have loved some wrists and is not wanted to to return a fraction 1 in fear of not taking one same 1 behind, so that there is concealed.
4 / 5 Latrina
These are like this pleasant and like this fun! Some balls go in is ENORMOUS! Like a measure of the football of the youth!
4 / 5 Renita
Knots preordered these and has not expected to take them until Dec 4th (5 days after small an anniversary!) They have arrived today the early week! It can not expect, as you leave his opened one and that the peanut taken Buttah. It is LIKE THIS PLEASANT! Except some another for anniversary, but like this far impressed with quality of fast & nave of an already open wrist.
4 / 5 Vernetta
Serious more horrible never for mga, all 4 wrists have taken has been horrible and defective, painting glob in an eye, deep scratches in some eyes, lines of terrible uneven hair, empty in some pieces of hair, if mga honour thier guarantee and substitutes with good wrists will update them this description and to the left know, a hair does not remain in place, the daughter chooses up and the hair fall off, more probably reason any of some pieces of hair is done correctly, looks big bulky when it is on and is in hard for mine 4 old year to do for his, has each one which so only lol the never done wrist and of course will want these reasons are lol, in my sincere opinion is daughter loves a lol the wrist goes with a rule hairgoals is built for game more durable, can brush there the hair and he will not fall off of his boss and expose there the brain that leaves your wrist that looks he scary wrist of monster, to to my daughter also likes to take his lol wrists in a tub and group for game to water to use there surprised of water and the does not see that with him velcro the same boss was able to touch with this a way loves, the worse series never done for lol, these wrists would owe that way that be adorable with real rooted hair in the hairgoals serious, the really attended no more than these wrists never never again
5 / 5 Melissa
One his Wrist self is very pleasant but take me like 10 mins to imagine was like this to attach a hair because some instructions are terrible. A hair does not stick that well at all. It have been better if a hair was attached so only like some aims of hair bc is pleasant wrists . Any to mention a ball is like this bend a measure of a rule some like this tge was the plus but has bitten it pricey in

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L. Surprise! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Amur, amour, loves it! They are the enormous . The defender and ossia for far a pleasant more a has not seen never. A wrist and a dog are included more pleasant in person. A bomb of the bath is like this the entertainment and a container is súper pleasant. Highly it recommends this.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my boy of 7 years for V-Day. It is like this pleasant!!!! It is amused like this to look a fizzy in a water and like this few balls of surprise are full of sand (3, yes agrees correctly) and a sand matches a colour of a fizz bomb. Such pleasant outfits and such the pleasant big sister and pet to add our collection. It can not expect take an orange a to add our collection. (I thinks a bikini outfit is behind in our picture.)
5 / 5
Are like this happy with this order avenges quickly and so only punctually partorisca Valentine to surprise my daughter. It was a happy daughter all is excellent.
5 / 5
Like Parents, was evident that has not had $ value of LOLs in this edition, but of the ours 8 old year little perspective, was perfect, those surprised, and value each penny.
Note: it agrees this is not sure to use in a bath :)
4 / 5
Mina 5yr the old daughter and I have has wanted to this!! In my opinion is one of some products of better big surprise MGA has released. Highly it recommends this in any father with the LOL to to the obsessed boy likes him the mine. Well value of the money.
4 / 5
A lot disappointed with this product. $ 30 For the wrist and pet. A left a lot included take and accessories.
5 / 5
Can return this useless piece of junk would have! There he being nothing special roughly excepts to be the costruttore of disorder and money down a drain! It is not fooled, you it the boy will be disappointed and eat you the father there is disgusted! It does not squander your time (cleaner after a junk has there is spilt there during your walk) or money!
4 / 5
5 / 5
has bought this . Bubbly The surprise dipped for the 8th anniversary of my daughter. There is has decided so only wants to begin to collect him. It was excited enough in this together, simply reason have known taking exactly which have been that loves, which was the dog and the wrist to match. To good sure favours a pet is in general. This together has looked one of a more amused to open options also, and of my daughter is obsessed with dogs and a blue colour, this has looked so only for sound. It does not know that the be be comprise in a first neighbour of inaugural of then is new to a . World-wide. So only it thinks that that you are to all the figures of to surprises like them some insiemi usual. This has added his emotion and a fact that in fact take a dog a pleasant plus like his pet, the wrist to match, and both have been dressed in of the blue!

This was a first present master has opened. The And his prime minister has helped to fill a tub with water, and both plant of the big bubbly bomb of bath in to look a magic. He fizz and dissolve like this expected, and has done some looks to water enough during this process. His both there be enjoyed to stick his hands in and touching during a process. Really you are not like this messy to the equal that have anticipated. It pumps of the bath is not meant for the boy is the one of fact of bath with, and is not for inner use. Has no @to @give that when initially purchasing. We use a container that went in it, and law so only well for us. A wrist and the colour of transmission of the pet in cold and hot water. A transmission to paint any last more than the second with which takes he of a water, but was fresh to see. Taking a lot tries to take pictures of a transmission by heart been due to of the this. Everything sees in my pictures is that among some pink Bubbly set of Surprise. The prize that the details is $ 30. They are not real urprises' like in some pets of individual/wrists/littles. For us, it conceal it is exited even better, as it has declared. An orange one has the wrist, and the kitty pet. Appearance these helps.

🗨In general marks PROS: we have not received any duplicate, which is the plus , and my daughter has taken enough the pocolos insiemi different. There is the variety of different fashions: brothers/of sisters real hair/hard hair/outfits/the New game dips concealed now is exiting. They are collectable, and utmost for when kiddos take together with friends. They come with the boat that can in fact drunk of. Some cry, some spit on, and some pee. The majority has water in the a lot of different parts pertinent when you express, as it was not if ossia the big pro, but Is something . It is amused also to see has one to to these transmissions by heart like in of this together. And obviously, a factor of surprise is something that a boy is really look to enjoy. I mean, to the one who his to any one like him to him the surprises? This in spite of, now that these dates of the game and the summer is spent, has to be sincere. My daughter has not touched any of them!🤦‍♀️ We have spent he until his and says still likes, tho!?!🙄🤷‍♀️ If these wrists were the averages a prize goes for, perhaps could take behind him. I agreed it this summer because I love support and promote my daughter to use his imagination so to the equal that was possible. And I know it is taking to this age where does not go to be touching feigns for too much longer.😥 This could be the good thing or the bad thing when material in that was invested in fact to these things for such the interest have lived short. Perhaps it was younger, and has had the few years has left with them would feel differently. ( They would resist on long the real managing). A new game dips concealed is exiting is the pro. Pensa In good sure will add to some global playability, but is the with also, reason some seal of prizes is steap.

GILIPOLLAS: I think that that they are pleasant and everything, especially when calm in the first place plough all and the seat altogether for the picture. But it averts pets/of wrists his, there there is honradamente so only stirs it of cockroaches of small things, and big plastic things, as some carriers/of chances that really can not decide yes to maintain to collect purposes, or to the launch was to save the tonne of spatial. And, there have it really any way to add these things in still game, which could be the pro if this was to change. Any to mention everything of some rubbishes of real rubbishes that recopila after inaugural. Some wrists is not of big quality neither. It does not think one paints will last long with game, and some in fact come new with errors to paint. Also, some dresses is hard for mine 8yr old (the one who is quite able), to dip on and was, and can rasgar easily. And unfortunately, because of these things, a prize is the big factor here, simply reason after all of a flashy bells and whistles, and unused elements that is launched neither was or place on, a value of these few wrists of thumb, and some the same smaller pets/few sisters that remain with just is not there in my opinion.

If yours little a really loves a bit is, says compraventa dulcemente, and see if his really game with them or the no. Well see his smile, which is reason still am giving is 4 stars. It is for a kiddos after all. It is all relative, and can have a lot of the one who touch with his is daily. Ossia So only my sincere opinion, and expect that it helps. Especially you are new to join it to him world-wide likes era. Has pictures included of everything to give you an idea that to expect. This together particular is a thing preferred has bought.
4 / 5
Has modified 4/17/2019
has contacted a company, MGA, a day after receiving east. We instruct me to knots to fill out of the form of claim in his web of place. The , and my daughter has received a lacking dog two days ago (any so only an organism but a boss also, like the supposition is launching was a boss among a Bubbly Surprised lol)

Very satisfied with as the company has solved a subject.

Original description: that Loses an organism for a dog. Otherwise Would have been perfect. Going to contact a costruttore and Amazon. Worse comes to worse will buy another and the turn is one. So only it can no gone back in the first place cause my daughter still wants to has joined other parts and will not leave me send it all behind without touch having another prime minister. We have bought 5+ of these types of the big surprise and ossia a prime minister this is to lose the piece .

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L. Surprise! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lloyd
Gorgeous Wrist any defect or anything missing ....This wrist is really sparkly and gold bling was adds to buy and the must has partorisca the . Lover of surprise .....My daughter Wants to all his . Wrists ...This complete dipped of everything . The WRISTS were to this date 💜💜💜💜
4 / 5 Erwin
wrist A lot good-looking!
4 / 5 Lani
Am not sure is this particular wrist , but some cloths to lose independent has not been in easy, at all! Has has had to that in fact call a costruttore for the help and I have looked for to extend a cloth with the crayola bookmark. It is had the curve to learn ! But finally we decide that it was easier that take some hands were to take dress and undressed. Also, note lateralmente- an anatomy of this wrist is ‘hard' on a tape, likes is cold... lol So only the tiny opinion.
4 / 5 Donita
Has each one which. Mina 4yr old is obsessed

Like this mamy parts
Always nettling
4 / 5 Beatriz
A lot unbalanced! The wrist is pleasant but his shorts @fare! It does not know like this to rectify situation, rasgó on boxing the thought was to somewhere inner!
4 / 5 Pandora
Pleasant wrist!!!
4 / 5 Lakeisha
Like this pleasant, wants the
4 / 5 Ladonna
Excellent quality in of the colours, details and presentation.
4 / 5 Miranda
My daughter of creature is enamoured
4 / 5 Terrence
These wrists are like this adorable and realistic that look my daughter the master.

Top Customer Reviews: L.O.L. Surprise! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Moriah
Well, ossia a pleasant wrist . Busy B.B. It looks partorisca declare all the things are possible with toil, and a right attitude. It looks the little country of has bitten with his collect braided and denim overalls, but when his accessories are added she looks more sassy. MGA There is nailed this a perfectly!!! It comes with the stand to the equal that can be showed partorisca those of us those who are collectors of wrist . It is an older sister of a LOL Serious of has surprised 3 Pop of Confetti 'Beat-Do' Babe, which was ours absolute favourite wrist in this series. Absolutely amour!!!!
5 / 5 Laurene
This wrist is very better in person. It can be my serious favourite wrist 2, and is a an I was interested less in. In general a quality looks quite good. His outfit is pleasant and is one of a bit those that that is not the micro mini skirt (the skirts in this series a lot included covers his funds entirely). There is the Rosie a Riveter/daughter of country vibe his. His accessories are less flashy that his counterparts, but any less adorable. This wrist tries that the modest wrists still can be fun and fashionable. It would like to see more OMG wrists that adopts this fashion.

My only complaint is that his eye is lined. With a way these wrists are packaged is impossible to verify quality to paint previously the inaugural. I have decided to maintain lucido simply reason do not have it remarked until after unboxing a side of clothes (I saves a wrist to last). In an end, has not loved to return the wrist with stock exchanges invidentes opened. I ask those that people have maintained these wrists for that a lot of reason.

Has purchased all 4 serious wrists 2 and has found issues with three wrists. I have not had this question with some serious wrists 1.
4 / 5 Ray
Is absolutely good-looking! His expensive is like this sweet! My daughter gave the big kiss! It is our second preferred in this series, his red little under the dress is like this adorable, so only left like this for now, agree me of the 50s creature of beach, totally is mecer that Marilyn Monroe vibe! Highly recommend for your collection! It has bought sold and shipped for Amazon
5 / 5 Rey
loves it. Well value a wait of the a money. I have taken here just in time for my little anniversary of daughters offers
5 / 5 Billye
have each a. Mina 4yr old is obsessed

Like this mamy separates
Always nettling

Obviously maintains them to buy like this LOL
5 / 5 Brinda
has wanted to is Me a very beautiful wrist and the prize me so only.
5 / 5 Veronika
Omg Is a lot on with wrist súper the amour to draw add pleasant the amour loves a lol omg wrist
4 / 5 Karleen
This wrist is a more pleasant thing . Unfortunately his box/playset has suffered harm and unusable. Felizmente A wrist and the accessories were all intact.
4 / 5 Sterling
These wrists are like this pleasant and realistic that look my daughter loves the
5 / 5 Bernie
Could not take dresses on wrist !

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