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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have been debating among a Hydro Flask and an Iron Flask, I finally decided in an Iron Flask for three reasons. One first reason has chosen an Iron Flask in a Hydro Flask, is that it comes with three lids in place of one. I know that you can purchase additional lids for a Hydro Flask, but is in an additional cost, while with an Iron Flask some lids are has comprised. Secondly, I have purchased an Iron Flask because of a lustrous creation, has changed a logo in a flask of has painted the engraved, which would have to last longer that an original creation of an Iron Flask bounced, besides, an Iron Flask is more contemporary, in my opinion that a Hydro Flask (according to which logos). This is not really a subject when it comes to a function of a flask, but yes go to be spending around the 40 oz flask, love a boat the blend in and professional of look. Finally, prize, was unaware on until recently that Hydro Flask offers the guarantee for his products, am unsure of some details of this guarantee, but a prize of this flask is unbeatable for a quality and of the accessories. More if a flask has fallen or dented, does not go to be like this disappointed to the equal that would be have fallen the $ 50 flask. There is a lot benefits to remain hydrated during a day and a quantity of waters would owe that be drink depends in our weight of organism, but am almost positive that investing in this flask will augment your daily water intake for having freezing of the cold water (or hot, if ossia your preference ) easily available to drink in a gone, especially in an extreme heat of a Mohave Empty. Feeling better, in that has more supple skin, an increase in memory, loss of weight, and an increase in immune health is all the profits to remain hydrated. Like reason not investing in the product that is has had to that to help calm so only concealed?
5 / 5
When Looking for the waters of boot, is initially state tried to take the Hydroflask, but found this Ironflask was more economic. That has sold a Ironflask for me was that while it maintains water immensely cold in long periods of time, like a Hydroflask, a Ironflask comes with 2 additional lids and an extra straw all near. It likes-me the use some waters of boat where does not go never, and when fill with gel light, has maintained a cold of gel of the water for until 6+ hours. Hydroflask Sells additional lids for separate, any all together. Something more than a Ironflask has is the option of guarantee, which have not been conscious of when buying. So you are nervous in scratches or dings in a boat, is necessary option of the guarantee. I have run my boat the things for incident, and has on resisted well. I have it it attacked it also on and it left it on it is side when driving, and has not had any evasions. In general, you are looking for an alternative to a Hydroflask without breaking a bank, a Ironflask is more abordable, and better of the which have experienced.
4 / 5
Has received recently my Iron Flask and am thrilled with a quality! I dipped it/ I dipped It to a test immediately, fill up halfway with gel and then to a cup with water, dipped the outside in the 90 day of terracing and expected, and expected, and has expected.... 6 hours later he gel had still in him. I have spent he in a house and place in in some hours after spending he in a house is has had still some. 12 total of hours. I this come from together with the waters of boat of regular metal. A gel in bounce it had melted inside an hour and a water was inner a lot warm two. He to condensation there was also in an outside like an iron flask has has not had. I have seen other descriptions that declares that a lid odorata and the experience concealed. A water has tried fresh a next morning and although any icy has been cold still 24 hours later. Amur Some three options of lid. One another thing that can be the recent transmission is that a logo is embossed more than has painted on way that would not owe that rub was. They are very happy in this compraventa! A picture attached tip an Iron Flask and my waters of boat to regulate afterwards in an hour and the half.
5 / 5
Update: they achieved it it was mine with stirs of excuses .. I give on on taking the warrantied lid all asks them was the cause of lid of straw of filter of substitution. 5.ºmails With them really? It has taken the bad batch of the lid is that hard to correspondent out of the lid. Lols The guarantee is out of a no annoying window .. 1star for guarantee.

Ive Has treated other companies any question has asked hassle-free guarantee..

Like his quite good flask controls temp in his level .
Only downfall is is some sports spouts lid that to to the leaks like drainpipe when it sweats to dip down in of my filter of car chair .
Has contacted a vendor has asked the pic or video has sent them so only the pic and has asked then the video.
tsk Has Given on that tries to take the solution in this crappy the lid has resupplied with .

Based in other descriptions that is a subject is this lid has resupplied with filter and his whose flush inside the empty of boat . It is so only a lot me whos having a subject with him.

Would say CONTROL of QUALITY? That spends to this supply of question and just supply .
All 3 lids a lot flushed with a boat..

For a sound of prize the boot that would use likes you of the month and then only arrivals in the cupboard and collect powder.

5 / 5
Arrived quickly and was has surprised felizmente of work like this utmost so that it has promised. We have had other classes of bounced and these big uncomfortable thermo cups but this one is has been our preferred like this far. The investment adds. We love some pocolos alleged different that come with him too much. One of some factors of decisións is that they come with him in planting that has to buy it for separate likes a lot another there. Having few boys and using it on ours travesías car, the law adds to maintain our cold of water and is quite big for our familiar to share without loss (I hate when this raisin). When we Require more water, the paralización in the place feeds quickly, takes water refilled and is good to go without any accidents of loss of cup of paper. It loves it and recommend it. We will be to take another sure .
5 / 5
Like this far this produced are ADD, and any to mention GORGEOUS! I have bought these waters of boat and am already very happy with him. Wine with 3 different lids, 2 straws, and packaging very good. So only looking in a box, has known has taken the product of big quality so much when it has taken all was, was has impressed already.

Comes with the lifetime guaranteeed, which are adds. An only negative thing would say, is that it has looked had the little, teeny, tiny, pieces of the powder in a boot when I opened it in the first place, all duquel easily has dried was.

Has bought also a boss for a boat, which I already amour. Another bounced that I have had in a spent any has not had the boss, or, if he , was very rigid and has not conformed to a good hand. This paracord the boss is light weight , has the carabiner clip, compass, and built in mini whistles, which is surprisingly strong. A lot of sturdy and can not expect try has been!
4 / 5
While in a phase partorisca bounce it water, I stumbled by means of this product. They are immediately state drawn to the his slick creation, some the extra lids/have has added elements, and his prize. In general, I am very satisfied with him:

- maintains the fresh liquids reasonably cool for the decent quantity of time (24+ hours of mine estimativas rough). I have it quell'has used so only he for cold drinks.
- Some grips/of bosses (in some lids with them) looks sturdy quite like this far. This was the big thing for me like this concealed of mine bounce leading (different mark) has broken. A consolation to spend these bounced fatter for a boss can not be understated.

I football of game and start regularly and is always the massive relief to know that your beverage is cold still when I take a boat to all the cost of environmental temperature. Like this yeah, loves that.

A one together would give - and this is not any indictment of a product - is to do sure presionar a lid securely. A picture attached tip my favourite lid and, while in the haste, has failed to fully presionarlo, that directs my water partorisca spill. So only be careful in this front.
4 / 5
WANTS this boat. They owe that it has changed it something reason the leading descriptions have said that a logo rubs was, but a boat has received has it ENGRAVED his. It looks like this good and classy. A black is crazy and textured so much is easy to resist and does not slip out of your hands. It was the little concerned roughly ordering such the big boat, but is really easy to resist and access in a big plus of the headlines of cup of my car! I am coaching for the marathon and tend to take headaches after my weekend the long careers and I have bought is boot to remain better hydrated during a week to do to help prevent this. It looks to be doing like this far! And an Iron Flask professional of looks, does not underline like the sore thumb that spends it around my office.

A vacuum insulation works as well as my RTIC tumbler and waters remains cold and a no known boot any or drip at all. Ossia Especially well that bolt in Florida and having the accessible cold water of my car. Some three cups that is coming with these very convenient hips. I have it quell'has used so only a main a like this far, but good to have some options. It has compared diverse bounced different and very happy has been with east a!
4 / 5
In the first place, has not been compensated at all for this description. But have think that that it is of entity to share when the company takes it well. Iron Flask the service of client is upper notch . A boat is a lot of fact, maintains a cold liquid for a time extended & has not annoyed to add gel & a water is remained fries at night.
Has been using the water bounced of the metal for years in work, but has not been insulated.
Has ordered a flask & arrived it quickly. To dip one covers that has some cups of the toe & to sobresalto there is remarked waters to come around a fund of him. I have taken one covers has been missing was one Or coverage, WELL a lot of biggie. I have verified some another two spent Or the coverage was there. The emailed support to Spend Flask. It has taken the response in 23 hours. Really I have it has not wanted the turn a flask for one changes no for the simple Or coverage. Iron Flask has excusado & fiancé to do it well. In planting to send out of just one Or coverage one substitutes one covers whole. Also it has sent one covers extra & the 14 oz Iron Flask well. It is it has impacted & impressed. Extracted in service of client for the enormous company that & does sure some clients are happy is paramount happy master & returning clients. Of some time contacted him & has taken of the discharges of substitution was 5 days less. Now ossia the fast turn around. Once this pandemic are on & is of the tower in an office will be to order another Flask to do of then typically have two I use in rotation. Like the trainer, will be to recommend this to my clients also to help them hydrate to remain thru his workouts & daily life.

Thank you Iron Flask partorisca prioritise the clients that & ensures the things am done well.
5 / 5
6 UPDATE of month: still I love my Iron Flask. This in spite of, the subject small is arisen. I have begun to take the small leak of a cup of straw. I sent him an email that asks can buy parts of substitution or, if no, the new coverage. A next day has received an email of them that asks my direction and saying me is by train to send me the substitution. I produce it adds, the company Adds has not beaten can be!
UPDATE: I have been using mine flask for the month and like it even more. Have @@give That requires less than ¼ plenary of gel to maintain beverages cold all night. I also overfilled mine flask with iced caffè,2 leaving room for only 8 gel slender cubes. A gel has melted before I have finalised a caffè. This in spite of a caffè cold of gel remained for a lot of hours, giving me abundance partorisca time to finalise it. It spends the majority of my time reads because of the condition of chronic ache. I have required the container that could drink was and would maintain mine beverage cold. It had been using a 52 oz Bubba mug but so only has not maintained my cold of drink. I have verified some descriptions of a insulated containers and decided in 64 oz Iron Flask. They are happy has done. Less than the entity is a colour , is beautiful. It comes with 3 cups, all seal well and one 2 can drink you of this downloaded like beverage flow easily & silently. One 64 oz the container is the little heavy when full, but with a carabiner hoards is easy to impulse. Originally I have fill a full ½ boat of gel and then to a cup with iced tea. When A tea has gone down I so only refilled a tea because he the abundance there was further of this gel. A cold tea of gel remained all night and to a 24 mark of now. It could not ask more and could not be happier with cost of mine. A last what. To the amazon has shipped this in his box without repacking the. Any one can see that it is. If you do not go to be home when it arrives, suggests that has band of Amazon he in his own box. In this way it will be less likely to be take of your doorstep. If you are looking for the versatile container that can maintain more beverages hot or cold, ossia.

Top Customer Reviews: BlenderBottle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Calm a, these are an original and calm Blender better Bounced there.
There is never has not had never a subject with these bounced that pause, breaking or the anything likes concealed and are of clumsy as they come. I possess a lot these bounced so only has not had never he in this measure that is a lot convenient partorisca me 😁
there is blended everything of sobresaltos of fat protein to partorisca go bands of flavour and his all blended súper all is súper easy to clean


Another while these bounced is the grandslam❗️
4 / 5
has think that purchased one 20 oz. shaker, But there is remarked the one who small was when it took it. A shaker has said 12 oz. On that. A picture also tip 12 oz., But it is it is announced like him 20 oz. Boot. Some other pictures are not attentive neither. Some people have said fill the to a cup is 20. Any true. If it is the 20 oz. shaker Would owe that say 20 oz. In a boat. A 2 cup that has measured the cup has said 2 cups on that. That is a difference ? I have tried two times and both times have been sent the 12 oz. shaker.
5 / 5
Boot adds! Ossia Prime minister of mine bounces of blender and are pleasantly has surprised that a wheel of blender scraped all a powder of a subordinated and incorporated it perfectly to a water. Other descriptions say that it is hard to open but am happy partorisca that like this some casualidad of him that loss or that the flies have opened while shaking is almost impossible. Neither it would call it hard to open, so only sure. I have known no to like a part of loop but, when it does not use folds down like his not even there! It is all expected it would be. It will update meeting any defects.
4 / 5
Has been using BlenderBottles for years now, and is boot is a perfect to take mixes of drink in a gone. I have required something to take mine 8oz of pre-workout with me to a gymnasium, but dirtying the plenary 28oz BlenderBottle excessive appearance. This boat is a perfect measure , and some frames of loops he súper convenient to grab and spend.

A metal shaker are adds to mix. One touches has learnt is that calm always would owe that add some first first liquid of your powders. In this way any of a powder takes stuck in a fund of a boat.
5 / 5
Update. Month later (embarrassed to say how much month). So much, apparently it has no missing piece my cup, is all has built to a lid and I have not pressed down in a quite hard lid (ossia that has said) and my leading 3 description of star was misleading. Here it is my history of recovery?
Of this product there has been such big descriptions have decided to buy another.... It has not gone until then that it had it @@give me them d been an idiot for all these months... Moral Of a history. Now I have two working cups in of the different measures ;p

has debated to write the description for this element because has such big indications. It likes all the world-wide more, has taken my cup and has begun to touch with an upper mouthpiece; remarked was strong and the little hard to open and near. Fill he with water and has tried is quality and has launched he in an upper section of a dishwasher for in the first place is washing. I never taken to listen that strong clicking again because a focuses is disappeared. I have looked everywhere and it is nowhere to be found. Needless To say, has not taken never a casualidad to use my leak-hoard-of test. The quality adds otherwise this in spite of uses it like this leaving three stars.
5 / 5
Very happy with this shaker hoards/of boat, especially for a prize ( has paid $ for a smoke-ash a). One covers to a spout in bylines with one authoritative nap.' Some rays of enclosed lid securely. A measure is in a small side (the 20 oz. The measure has declared would owe that be the liquid of paralizaciones has fill to an absolute cup), but no the sobresaltos main that 10-12 ounces in all the chance. When being a bit smaller has a profit to do an easier cup to clean, reason calms does not have to that achieve too far his. He also done a compact cup and ideal for travelling/toting. The depth more the scarce also the easiest fact the spoon out of a last of one east shaken . :)
5 / 5
This has to that be one of one the majority of difficult to open and bounced near has has not treated never ...
Has given 'boat of Blender' another try, of mine 'Purium' bounced spent them was (mark of boat of the blender with logo on he)
So much these lids have done a cracky what, that sees another reviewers writing on.
Is test of the leak with the lid has taken ... But Look Your Toes! (Box of test of the cracks of leak)
Also having a subject with my drunk green that takes stuck in some inferior corners of a boat, a ball of the metal is not doing a trick anymore, has had to use the knife to take a rest of a green powder to mix.
Will be to try the different mark afterwards...
Some premiers bounced was lasted the year or like this each one that like this, with the daily use before some lids has begun to break.

After the months of pair of use, still takes the stupid quantity to try to open and close a lid is. Updating this to the 1 star after cleaning on drunk green of my office and documentation ...
Also that wheels to scrape some last bits of the type of drunk green out of some corners each day ...
And shakes a heck out of this thing .... .. . . . . . . . . . . . ...
5 / 5
Has a lot of BlenderBottles in our house and wants to him! They are utmost to mix drunk, ensuring smoothies or simply so only doing sure volume quite a lot of waters during a day. An ONLY reason am giving four star is reason is smaller that looks. A regular measure is 28 oz. This shorter boat is 20 oz. When Comparing a two, has thinks that would be in a thumb a big plus or so much. It looks he does more than 8 oz differentiates among some bounced (although, probably there is not ). In all the chance - I expected for him to be the hair he big plus that is, but use them all one same and are still the enormous defender!
4 / 5
Can not imagine out of the to to those people do not like on these. They try like this it chunk of chocolate. They are the YUUUGE defender of chocolate, as it does not like waxy chocolate or tasteless chocolate, or a lot so only any chocolate. These bars of protein are absolutely fantastic. It has not been that people those who give the bad descriptions are expecting. Perhaps it calms it would not owe that have expectations and simply eat one and the value on is to possess to merit likes opposed when comparing to the 500 calorie brownie the one of your mamma, woman, husband, or frames of grandmother. It is the bar of protein , any he 500 dessert of calorie. If you want the dessert, spent that instead. It likes him-me these same better that a fitcrunch fences in, and is wonderful also. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it so only in a record these are incredible.
4 / 5
Bounces is durable, fell it accidentally two times now and a lot still has the scratch. Quite easy to clean- I usually launcher in some hot water and soap flatly and shake, then go in a to sponge. Be careful while closing like this sometimes does not seal all a way and will filter while shaking but typically just need to open and king-next. BEWARE Not washing in the timely way-will absorb smells and needs to be drenched to take.

Top Customer Reviews: BlenderBottle ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Amur My BlenderBottle partorisca mix on drunk of energy. I used it it was mark / GNC mark and honradamente, a BlenderBottle is a better. Big capacity, easy to spend around with me, and a 1 reason that dips BlenderBottle mark especially another (slightly) the versions the economic plus is does not resist to any smell or of the flavours of any mixes in him. It has dipped all the classes of powders of different energy, pre-workout stick, stick of protein in mine bounce and after running by means of a dishwasher, has has not had never the question with a plastic that absorbs to the to anything likes there is with another bounced.
Please click YES my description has been useful yours, will promote me partorisca continue writing and updating my descriptions, and leave the commentary has any one questions, will be more than happy to the response can be of help.
5 / 5
Is partorisca bounce it . It resists liquid and has not filtered on me. The sobresaltos of protein try more proteiny and waters tries more watery. Going partorisca see if he alcohol more alcoholic.... It will update.
4 / 5
Has purchased 21 of these bounced so that it could have 3 shakes by day and not stressing in plans more than a swipe for week.

Has done well for the moment, but some lids maintain partorisca break. There is the fine line among any for presionarles quite and having them leak everywhere when you go to shake them, or presionándoles too and that causes a plastic to leave in an upper -in filter it of chance everywhere.

Knows few things am done to last the lifetime, but the volume has cured really well of mine all my things, and am disappointed reason quickly these have broken. Also it can be quite inconvenient or unpleasant calm of the one who look and then spill the sobresalto of protein down a front of your cloths.
4 / 5
Has received my powder of protein the day has received before a shaker bounces. So much, on it prejudices one, has tried to mix my sobresalto of protein to touch the excluyente to powder to the plastic cup, adding tins, and mixing he with the spoon. It has not been my decision more order, and result in súper-clumpy, shake of protein that tries mediocre.

Flashes Advances the day, and mix a powder and the milk that use a shaker bounces. I TOUCH to CHANGE. Using a same process and ingredients and a shaker bounces, has done the smooth, tasty shake of protein without all a clumps of powder in a fund. A boat is easy to open and after, quickly the rinse or wash, and a ball in a fund is both useful and extremely amused to touch with (external of a boat, of course). Highly it recommends this shaker is in a phase for one.
4 / 5
Would owe that begin to say that I estimate my time and tend to go a street less than commitment to time when it comes to eat. Enter a BlenderBottle Hoards of Classical Loop Shaker. It is not an easier lid to burst concluded, like sure mark you really push down until it is closed. Otherwise Will be to clean on the big ol' disorder. Assuming you can do this legislation of part, he a work of blending drunk of protein perfectly. Cela Door the parts two and three; Chocolate-flavoured Molk of Jocko and Four Sigmatic with the hair of the lion. I have had the careers of pair (13+ miles) where has capped has been with a powder of protein coupled with a caffè of instant in waters. That the perfect combo! I have tried a powder of protein for him with waters he and has been missing something. I have not loved to go with tins, like this instead I grabbed a caffè out of a pantry. Usually you pursue of this distance in July and August will leave me drained for hours and in needs of the nap but grabbing some fast protein and the smidge of the caffeine cast apresamiento was all a estaca usual-tug run. If you are looking for the way the liven on your estaca-run-evenings/of morning, ossia a way to go .
5 / 5
Update: it has Fallen of my hand, has broken to two pieces. Now, I complain to write this excessively long description.

So much, probably is comparing this boat at least expensive boat that the looks bit it more elegant. This in spite of, here is calm reason so only would owe that buy a (black or whichever is an economic plus) 28-Ounce BlenderBottle Classical Shaker Boat:

1. Calm will not require never bounce it big for your supplements, as any needs to go any big plus/more elegant.
2. BlenderBottle Has been in a subject for enough some time and a quality of his bounced is trustable. All the world-wide the one who buys him there is at all partorisca complain roughly... There it has any one a lot roughly his, mixes your supplements perfectly, is more To good sure leak-try, the sure dishwasher, and have the gain spends Loop.
3. It finds a lot another shaker bounce in the amazon and you will see that at least the little of his descriptions complain roughly qualities, leaks, or a whisking inner of ball. This in spite of, with a BlenderBottle, is hard to complain in any of these. So many, is comparing a BlenderBottle with bouncing it concealed is so only the pair of the dollars the economic plus, calm to good sure will be to save money to buy a BlenderBottle. A reason is concealed is spent another bottles this finalises to filter, when being of bad quality, or any when being pas able to mix your shaken well, calm so only will buy the BlenderBottle with which.

So much, is trying saves time and money, calm probably would owe that buy a BlenderBottle.
4 / 5
Has bought is boot on May 1st.

2 Weeks to use it and already has the foul smell and his flavour.
Always the washes was well after exiting and when I have finalised my sobresaltos of protein.
Has has ordered instead his SportMixer which is supposition to be more resistant to this question.
A lot so only that, but some upper leaks when shaking, little driplets everywhere.

Has not been that the people are mixing is boat that the mark no odora and try horrible, but horrible waste of money to mix my powder of protein. Tried washing it was with soap, like the final centre has sinister chairs in prejudices in soap and has washed was with hot water afterwards.
Now some odora partorisca bounce like the mix of powder of protein and soap, yes try drunk anything out of him will try to like powder of soapy protein.

Any one happy, has had microwaved tubberware ossia declares more resistant that this thing.

Modification: Had a SportMixer bounces, which is done by a SAME COMPANY, for 2 weeks now and looks to be that it resists on well. Any bad smell or flavour. Well an extra $ 3 paid for him. Still it has the measure for fluent oz in a side and focus much tighter.
4 / 5
Really love this shaker bounces, included although I so only begun for the use yesterday.

Has been exiting for around 20 years. I have used several shaker cups to mix my workout supplements, of Gatorade bounced to GNC powered mixers. I finally settled down to 2 GNC shaker short 3-done 4 years, which mix a lot of some supplements and is easy to clean. This in spite of, can not mix a powder of protein ( Cellucor Colour-Whey of the fast-acting that Digests 100 Protein of Whey 26 Servings, Red Velvet, 2 Book ). It is a first time compraventa and try this powder of protein. Any subject like hard has shaken my shaker short, always see undissolved powder in a drink, which has done a flavour of horrible drink. With which have received my BlenderBottle shaker boat yesterday, has given tries he with a powder of protein. A result was fantastic! A shaker the cup mixed a protein powders like this very that does a test drunk a lot smooth. It would not believe I beginning to like a powder of protein that has hated so much before.

Considers this shaker hoards to be a better among quell'I has used. It is very drawn and has manufactured. I have had little worry when I have read in responses/of questions and has learnt a bottled is manufactured in Cina before I have situated my mandate. With which one 'career of test', I really like my new BlenderBottle shaker the cup and all my worries have gone. I have ordered another, which will be to use in my office.
4 / 5
+ The durability is well.
+ The boot looks lustrous.
+ Spending the boss is well.
- An absolute nightmare to open, already knows, a BASICS of the boat. Sincerely I hate the one who hard is to open.
- Slender And long, but rig to buy the paintbrush partorisca bounce to clean it. Using your hand, especially when has main delivery, is class of painful trying jam the down his sponge.
- A blender is well but absolutely A lot entirely pause on a powder of protein. In fact: it is for the half in that terribly acts for some another bounced has possessed.

A lot of Look. If you are had to here to one 'technology of boat of the blender' then find another boat. Mix in better adequately and more often bad. It is also a lot so only the ache to clean but, SOMEHOW, the complete ache to open a mouthpiece of. At least it does like this the boots and a bit shook...
4 / 5
Has some powders of protein ossia like this very can not be mixed with the spoon; fleet in liquid. I use Life-blender to mix when it adds the bananas or the fruit frozen but sometimes so only wants to mix a powder and tins. Ossia Reason has loved to try a BlenderBottle. It was a lot of sceptic due to the fact that I so only mentioned but can do not saying that pleased are. After the dozen shakes that the powder is mixed entirely without the trace of clumping; so only the smooth drink, creamy. Fantastic element.

A 20 ounce is appropriate for my purposes but he can be the little small for some. A measure can impact you when ploughed a box.

Top Customer Reviews: Simple Modern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought an all black version and is beautiful. Any only that, but some interchangeable cup and 2 plastic straws!!! I am excited like this partorisca be saving some whales and looking that they surprise in a process. It would owe that ask commission in some sales of this reason all of the mine coworkers love a now. Another part adds that it does not think a description mentions, there is not ANY CONDENSATION AT ALL. Also I have left accidentally the averages a iced caffè WITH CUBES in here partorisca 9 hours and when I am coming marries some cubes were still there and a caffè has been cold still . ALSO, has tiny hands that sometimes does partorisca resist the difficult things. But a 16oz the measure is big and slender and easy to spend/returned in of the small stock exchanges. 20/10.
5 / 5
Has bought this tumbler so that it could begin take iced caffè with me partorisca do in a morning, and also partorisca general water intake of then I gel of the amour waters it and boat of mine of the blender so only did not cut it . A packaging was quite and easy to open, and a tumbler has the colour adds, almost exactly that has been expecting. I want like this it comes with two straws in place of just a, as well as another lid to turn he to the to-go mug for hot drinks!
Has washed the mine immediately has had of the pleasant smell (hand-held wash so only, but some lids are upper-rack the sure dishwasher) and has been was any question . I have had gel in him for 3 hours now and a gel has not melted at all! In general I am very pleased with this product, especially of a point of the prize down is considering is insulated. Highly it would recommend!
4 / 5
Has 5 of these tumblers. Absolutely I love him. I have used to use Starbucks tumblers but has maintained to break. It has looked for the new one and has found these. They are like this happy has done! They are smaller that a twenty sized tumblers but control of interior exactly a same quantity (I measured).
Maintains heat the caffè hot for hours and caffè cold with cold of gel for hours. I have had gel in a fund of my cup with which 10+ hours.
I of the that in fact uses some straws that come with them have has had straws of law and stainless steel perfectly with these cups.
Highly would recommend these tumblers. Mainly I use him for the caffè but law for anything.
4 / 5
Has loved absolutely this cup and taken like this compliments when I used it. A creation is lustrous and pleasant, a cup is insulated, and is easy to clean. This in spite of, with which so only having a cup for the week, I screwed a lid on, and has taken has stuck. When I have tried to unscrew the, a whole lid has broken to two pieces! I can very included open a cup anymore to use without the lid, reason the averages of a lid is jammed to a cup. Some needs of costruttore to direct a lid stiffness, like the short is not to value a prize with the lid that is like this difficult to unscrew!
4 / 5
I really like this tumblr! Has the pleasant creation, is a lot of sturdy and durable, and is quite small to take to campus with me. Also I want like this it comes with interchangeable lids for both hot and cold drinks, has impressed really!
5 / 5
AMUR!!! Ossia Exactly that has has loved--a cup that for real maintains cold of cold drinks, with geles. The last 24 hours+. We have tried, in of the recommendations of friends, Tervis, Yeti, & frames of generic tent & his--was Yeti!!!-- It was failure has compared to this Simple Modern. Some states of description has lines it copper. Of the discharges has to that be of the extras-special insulation that some another lacking of.
All roughly is exceptional: a colour (his seeds-gloss in a Navy (ocean?) We have chosen, vs crazy, which have thinks that that a description was-- but like them!, A measure, access, feels, any spill or questions, & ICE & Cold retention, (the characteristic majority of entity). It comes with the estraw lid' & 2 straws as well as a lid of toe. (In the does not try it on hot but of then is like this of confidence in cold, is sure keeps hot HOT, also.
4 / 5
To the signal was, he a bit the cups require some work in drawing like this for falling averts. Celery the light of has bitten. It thanks well have an option for substitution. Any that the mine has fallen averts. But if he , the wait there is the sturdier lid in some works.
Has taken one 16 oz, an organism is fantastic, is moves it to close in a lid. It maintains contained such or hot for the good while and will not burn your hands. I love a black cup on all some models. Lustrous. And a punch of straw is seamless which is also good-looking. A 16oz access down a ploughing for the Keurig mini. Perfecto.
5 / 5
Very sure reason would pay for this overpriced beverage title it when it can buy this one of the company that gives behind to help another.

Has been presented to this mark when the fellow gifted bounce it the roughly done mine the year. It was roughly 16 oz and perfect for travelling, keeping hot beverages hot and cold water cold. He never filtered and returns perfectly in my stock exchange of work. Unfortunately the few weeks has left my waters of the boat loved in the house of friends by means of a country - his profit!

Has begun to look on amazon thus mark and could not take anything but a eslm' logo. I easily found this mark and has been surprised by a resupplied of options. Black master and know that I drink more waters it when has the straw, as I have ordered one 24 oz hoards with straw. I have been surprised when it has arrived with 2 straws, and the toe upper lid! It was adapted quickly reason has loved to join other waters of boat - maintains my cold of water and looks well!

My favourite characteristic is is a hule gasket where a straw goes. I have been skiing and amour to take boot waters in rucksack of mine so that I do not take dehydrated. Have @@give has not spent a lid of toe and has expected a lid of cup of the water would not spill any a lot of. Have @@give has taken a straw was, a cup was test of leak ! Still with a straw in, he still so only left out of the few drops! I have taken a straw was, has launched a boat in a main compartment of rucksack of mine and called it the day!

My only desire is that it was sure dishwasher , but will take handwash for the cup of this quality and way! I have bought also a toddle sippy boat (also tries of leak!) For my niece and plan to take my sister and husband the version of my waters of boat reasons maintain to try to fly it!
5 / 5
This travels mug is one of mine favourite. I love a gradient by heart. He the fact the only mug. I am coming with 2 cups. A partorisca sipping cold drunk by means of the straw and one for sipping drunk hot. An upper this comprises that the straw is a lot of sturdy. It is not so only the cup with the hole for the straw. A hole is like the thing of suction that maintains a straw in place. I can take he with me and I do not owe worry on loss. A short for some hot drinks do really very too much. It maintains my cold of drinks or hot for the long period of time. Having to that drink mine iced quite drunk quickly but that stays of geles in there for the long time. I recommend this mug to all the world.
4 / 5
I really like this hoards - some measures is perfect and a creation is a lot lustrous and modern. He mine has arrived in fact with still dent in a lid to the equal that have contacted a costruttore directly and send me to knots the new lid, any question has asked. The experience adds with his crew of service of the client. The mine so only complains is that a lid can be extremely hard and frustrating to take was. It is almost as there it is some class by force of suction that prevents to unscrew. My partner has a same cup and he experiences a subject same.

Top Customer Reviews: Simple Modern ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
AMUR THIS BOOT WATERS! I can dip gel in him half way on, and take four transmissions that use a gel same! As that drunk of water, this could last all day or more. Personally it drinks roughly 8 of of the this the day, as that fill up with gel only two times, is the transmission of game! He a bit those that weeks, has think that lost that, but has forgotten so only he in a backseat of my car of sisters. Calm import, was there partorisca five days, in 90 terracings(+) and there was geles still in him!

Has used to not being the drinker of enormous water, so only taste to him waters it when it is FREEZING cold! May? With which that there is VSG surgery, and when be limited the quite a lot of only water, this has been the saver of life . Before it would dip you it bounced plásticoes in a freezer but I spent for like this quickly, included refilling his, could not justify this class to break to a planet.

My partner said roughly his hydro flask and has been sold.... Until I have seen a seal of prize! These do like this well, so only does not have a logo (like these subjects lol). I take it everywhere with me and I do not think never will go back plastic bounced!

FAST TIP goes to be dipping gel in him, taste to him ; please be careful when it ploughing! Reason is tight air , like the gel deep, a molocules develops (graces 7th science of class of note). Been due to of the this, if it attended too long after closing he with gel fresh, will shoot waters went in! So much, if you are a wicked witch of one west, highly would recommend you not using is waters of boot. For all the world-wide more, is the definite must ! Calm will not complain it !
5 / 5
Has ordered two 64 oz bounced Modern Simple to use for our travesías car long. Usually we take the fresh plus with our lunch sã own and like take water together with us (and our two dogs those who travel with us). Has the smallest version of of the this boot and loves that. These two big some are perfect to ensure that has quite a lot of waters for all the world in a car.

One first what was to try a tension of water of some lids. It has not had any one escapes (but is of entity to ray a lid on closely. A characteristic of straw has done A lot WELL. A pop on piece of the mouth in a lid has to that be open all a way for a straw of interior to do. Felizmente, my water (with gel in him) is remained a lot a lot cold for hours. A gel has melted, but a water was still fry a next morning. I think that that a gel melts bit it faster in these bounced really big he then done in the smallest boat so only be conscious of that. It has not had any condensation of any class in an outside of any bounce included with all an interior of gel.

Some colours are gorgeous, and look to be fact very good and is the fraction of a prize of the Hydro Flask of a same measure. It would expect for these and a lot another you bounced has done material to dent yes the hard paste in some outsides. As be careful there.

Has bought the Wild Wolf Outfitters spending stock exchange for both of the mine bounced so that they One: it will remain cleansing in an outside, B: it will remain colder in an interior, and C : so that I can fling a boat in my shoulder (with a strap of the shoulder comprised). One 64 oz access of Simple Modern boat perfectly in a Wild Wolf Outfitters that worries pouch.
4 / 5
Could no to take me to spend still on $ 50 in the Hydroflask like this looked on alternative and found is one. It has taken one 40 oz bounces in powdering blue and honradamente could not be thrilled more with him! It is perfect to maintain in my office during a day. Of then it is 40 oz, any one precise to fill it on like this often. Drunk -2 of this day/of creatures and calm is gilded.

Will say, one 40 oz any one returned in the headline of car cup. So I need a concealed , be sure to take the smallest measure. Otherwise, Is still súper portable - I raisin in a pocket of drink of my rucksack and returns utmost.

In general, ossia the compraventa ADDS for a prize. It is durable, portable, and maintains drunk súper cold. Also it comes with an extra straw that is in prize!

P.D. Has experience using a Camelbak the waters bounced with some straws, ossia a lot better. I have used to hate that a Camelbak the straws would fall was during a day and I would have to that constantly it maintains to regulate. A straw is waters of boot is closed in airtight to a zone of suction. Still it can be take to clean but will not fall was easily!
5 / 5
Has purchased so only two of these bounced, one in a 22oz measured with a lid of straw, and one in a 40oz has measured. A black one in a photo is a 22oz. I have loved a lid of straw mainly for a 40oz measured, and was happy to see that a boat with a lid of straw is coming with two straws, as I can cut one of them to measure want to use he with a 22oz boot. Of they bounced them so much quality to look a lot big and everything of some lids are returned adds. I have tried out of a lid of straw immediately with a 40oz bounce and experimented that resists a boot to the rovescio and such and has not had any evasion anything with a lid. A lid of straw is coming with instructions to the equal that to those measured to cut a straw down to still each boat of measure. Some straws have received was already 8' and 8 1/4' as I have not had to cut a one for a 40oz (the instructions have said to cut to 8 3/4' for a 40oz but a straw was already shorter concealed it.. It has said courts to 8 1/4' for the 64oz boot.. Perhaps they have taken some measure mixed up writing some instructions?). A lid of the straw done and can drink out of him comfortably. Now so only I will see if some bounced to maintain cold of drinks for the long time, which looks likes will not have the question that does! I will update if anything changes, but like this far am very satisfied with my compraventa!
Also, each one boot has come with the coupon for the lid of free Summit (the buyer has paid so only to ship), so that it was the good surprise !!
4 / 5
Ossia, thinks, an eighth an of this water bounced has purchased. It concealed it is not reason break or the wear was - is reason have to him legustado the mine so much that has taken one for my woman, then one for my edges and one for his woman, two for my daughter, etc., Etc. Is a lot almost leakproof, and law like the charm. A prime minister an I bought (40 ounce in unpainted stainless) still is going strong. It is been countless time fallen , bounced of a concrete paving of a cochera, and has tugged everywhere for three years. Yes, has some dings and dents and scrapes, but still maintains cold of water for days. It is surprising. I have bought this last a so that would have something concealed looked the little better to spend to do with me. A colour is that called 'Carrara Marble.' It is a lot amiably finalising, and really quite attractive looking. Have So only a smaller beef - all some bounced come with the coupon for the lid of free substitution, but they all have a same code, like this calm so only can use a prime minister some takings. When I have looked for to use some coupons that is coming with ones bounced subsequent, says that I used it already. A coupon of for life a lot @@subject that shabby bounced? Any that will not buy more than them. They are the fraction of a cost of his competitors of the famous mark and they so only some same. I will pay cash I need the lid of substitution.
5 / 5
Loves that it fries this maintains my water - the so only has to that dip the averages a quantity of gel in that usually do in mine another boat, which means more water. I LOVE a texture and a colour of a boat! ( I have dipped the sticker of my subject small on does not come with this sticker!)

There is so only the subjects of pair have had with him - an east with a lid. It does not spend often, but each one once in the moment, will filter games on in mine car or my stock exchange.. And while a boot does not produce condensation in an outside, a lid to good sure fact. This so only could be a subject with any one my individual lid, or with some lids in ones bounced big (those that any one returned in of the headlines of cup). My woman has a besides small some (the big plus of some measure that is to return in of the headlines of cup) and does not have to them dread with his. It would owe that it has exchanged it mine immediately but has expected too much long :(

And a second @subject is that I seat dents too easily. I took it shortly after, the fallen the and dented a fund. While I know ossia my failure , has fallen so only the feet of pair down to my paving of cookery, as surprised dented it like this easily. Usually it would not import , especially of a dent is like this small (sees last picture), but a dent is to the long of a subordinated and now does not seat a lot well in of the flat surfaces. If it wobbles the plot, doing it really easy to attack on :(

In general, is to bounce it fantastic water . Hopefully These are not of the subjects that a lot of another folks has experienced!
4 / 5
That bounces it fantastic water!! Spent to bounce waters it would not owe that be hard but there is like this different some there is hard to decide that it goes to do and I felizmente chosen a legislation a!! I love it so much that so only after half the day has decided that that requires to order another on its own name, one for my hubby and one for my daughter. These waters of the boat does not filter even the little. It can really it maintains cold of drinks? Absolutely!! I have left he in a car while we have walked around a zoo. With which 4 hrs in full sun inside a car a lot so only was my cold of water of the lemon but a gel has there was not melting at all. I will say that a boat was bit it heat to a touch but of the expects it after seating inner during 100 times of terracing. Some people believe of something is more expensive (hydraflask, yeti) has to that be better quality , has to laugh in these people. It could not be happier with my Waters of Boat of the Summit. Really I can not think of anything this company could do to improve this product, really is perfect. And for you the sceptics there have not taken produced paid or free die for my description, I promise.
The update has had is boot paralización while now and honradamente use it every day, all day and he still rocks!! I take it everywhere with me and my stays to water icy cold all a time. So only I owe that add gel once the day, sometimes so only each one another day has put alot in a boat. It tries that he an excellent work to maintain cold of things. I have purchased so only 2 more this week, one for my hubby & another for me. These times have purchased the 40 oz on its own name. My daughter is quite jealous & is begging for some hips. Needless To say will be to order I he a & probably the little extra.
4 / 5
Are the connoisseur to bounce water . Here that need to know in 22 boat of ounce.

Returns in the headline of cup. It returns in mine purse. It maintains your cold of drunk- for ever. It is easy to drink out of, any tilting your boss behind. It is easy to clean. It does not filter at all. It is also pleasant.

An only down the side is a volume can resist in report to return in the headline of cup. To the left explain me- some main measures very returned in the headline of cup. I usually like my water bounced to be 1,000ml so that it does not have to them fill on like this often. The women require roughly 2.7 litres the day (need of men ). So much need of women to fill it on 4 times the day and need of men to fill it on 5.6 times the day. If you are the busy person , slightly is annoying.

Reason is the boot waters that returns in the headline of cup like this of entity of mine? Reason he no returned in a headline of cup, then has to that go to a chair of passenger. It goes to a pause of paving . If any one is seating in this chair, then is the hard time that finds the something new. Also- it titled of waters of boat of bicycle. Headlines of waters of boat of rucksack.

Like this anyways, loves this boot waters. They are roughly to take another!
4 / 5
Has bought is to bounce for my fiancé, as I already have my own 40 oz. Simple modern boot.
Has enamoured absolutely with this mark. Any one only is much more abordable that HydroFlasks, work like this well. My fiancé has loved my bounce so it has taken his own, in general a lot of measures (84 oz) reasons the external work and I have loved to remain hydrated and does not have to that the sound of transmission bounces constantly.
Unfortunately, said is the hardest plot to drink out of a straw with his boat. They are quite sad roughly that, but still loves his boat! It maintains your cold of water or hot for literally of days. Still it has it gel in his bounce after working outside for hours in 100+ heat of terracing!
Another dips behind that there is remarked with my own boat also is, with an annex of straw, is -test of beautiful water, but is fill all a way on, will dribble the light has bitten. If it is at least 1/5 empty, he no this at all . I do not have any idea if my fiancé is having this subject same with his 84 oz, yes has did not mention it, but beware, ossia something concealed can spend. I can have taken the lid of defective straw, am not sure.
Maintains import a 84 oz bounces is very heavy when full, of course.
In general, ossia still bounce add, and the recommend. It has estimated an easy to drink of portion 3/5 stars because a measure of a boot the difficult fact to drink of. For any smaller measures is not difficult at all.
5 / 5
Has purchased four of this water bounced in of the different measures reasons have has wanted to something functional and appeal for my boys to use. It finds an assembly of straw in these quite easy to clean, but has purchased also the separate container of different lids for them to try was reason always finalise to lose some straws and then the majority of result to water bounced leaky and nonfunctional. My daughter wants to use a lid that is more as the fashion of draws of caffè so that it can feign is drinking the caffè when has his water. My edges found another strawless one to that likes. Some the alternative lids are also much easier to clean of calm no precise the special paintbrush to clean a straw. In general these are the investment adds and master that so only can order more lids if those take lost.

Top Customer Reviews: Fidus 32oz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A boat waters better . It was surprised honradamente with a quality. Has some class of coating in a boat that the frames feels really good. There the clip in a boss that use to slide my tones to while I am exiting. There have it also the strap to help calm to resist it. I did not have it long enough to see if a lettering can take etched was, but like this far like this good.

Update: has has this for roughly 6 month and he is still in conditions really good!
4 / 5
A boat is done of plastic of decent quality with the inner straw that goes down to a subordinated different a lot bounced. A better characteristic is one any touch that drunk spout. You can open and close he without touching the one who calm go in you mouth.
Is easy to clean. At all to take avert, toallita humid so only with soapy water, rinse and dry. There is the device to close that will prevent a loaded cradle spout coverage of inaugural for deception. Very characteristic.
Is very pleased with east bounce and would buy one again.
5 / 5
After receiving is to bounce and cleaning it, has has wanted to do sure would have any chemical flavour. I fill and sinister chairs in a refrigerator for almost 24 hours. It has not had any flavour or chemical smell. Also, a boot in fact will resist roughly 38 oz, been due to where one 32 oz the mark is. It is plastic as it will not maintain your cold of water for the long time. It is test to filter when a lid is closed. I dipped it/ I dipped It down while it was full, and any leak. An only thing is I desire would have taken a pleasant sloth boat in place of a plain a!
5 / 5
Ossia The boot adds to adapt you to drink and transmission by means of a day. It loves it!

Word of precaution. It has found that the transmissions of the pressure of the air likes them fly or driving in the mountains affects to bounce and will cause water to shoot out of straw when lifted to drink (the poor type in the plan has seated I front of me, and my husband when prendemos in some mountains.)
Fixed: when using when you change of pressure of the air, unscrews upper to release pressure, ray behind, then straw to run to drink.
4 / 5
I work in the hospital- in some two weeks have had is waters of boot, is resulted an essential element. Tones, stock exchange, telephone, dish, bounces water. Some times in a side are easy to read and have the good to feel in a hand, and is easy to translate to turns at night when I do evenings.

Some waters of boat is sturdy and has several points in that to attach, that comprises the band of wrist and the carabeaner. A straw means can drink of him while still spending the mask (!!!). More, a slender creation and ‘changed the memory bad volume some profits of having an of a ‘goleada of milk' the water bounced without that has to that lug an around.
5 / 5
I ees Never written the description for anything the ees has bought on here but has them has had to that this time. This boat is LIKE THIS GOOD. A quality is fantastic, is like this easy to drink of and has dipped a gel the cold drunk in him, HE DOESNT SWEAT. THERES ANY CONDENSATION in the OUTSIDE OF THE BOAT.

I Work in the daycare and so much is the state has on beaten last few days but he is still in pristine condition. Also it has the little lock for a key so that any of these pocolos kiddos can take it open!
5 / 5
My boat waters favourite never. It launches this thing in my stock exchange of laptop daily and there is has not had never the subject of leak. A reason for 4 star in place of 5 is had to so only to a lack of insulation in a cup. If I have dipped gel in, is melted inside an hour, but also live in fl. It is insulation would do it more weighed like his probably more. Amur A clear external ice cream. He the easy fact any to concern roughly hiding mould or anything and ohmygosh a strap!!!! A strap of arm is like this perfect and easy to slip in ur wrist. Used this in all some parks @subject this month and was like this happy to having spent the. A straw was the little odd to take used to (fat tip, shorter spout) but thinks them better work that a long more leaner has had in the different a
5 / 5
Ossia the value adds . This boat is leak -try, and durable to the equal that have has fallen already the pair to time when almost I fill this in spite of any leak. Amur A colour and bookmark to time to help maintain me on clues. I have not dipped he in a dishwasher, but to the chair likes could manage of this class of the wash.
5 / 5
Waters of boot looked for to maintain me on clues with drinking quite a lot of waters during a day, especially when I am occupied in work. Ossia Perfect for that! A colour is wonderful, very vibrant and some two colours add the little something different with the light freezing look to an outside. An appearance that there is enjoyed one the majority of any condensation around some waters of boat or coverages to water left where seated. I have gone back and advances roughly taking a with the straw or no, but in reality a straw was a way to go reason can be occupied in a telephone or writing this in spite of takes the minute to grab the drink. A lid to close the characteristic is so only a prize added.
5 / 5
Absolutely loves this boat. I am buying two more reason my boys maintain to try to take mine!! I have been to drink 0 ounces to water the day (unless accounts of caffè) to downing 45 to 65 ounces the day! And taking easier and easier that finalise a daily boat!

Top Customer Reviews: Hydro Flask Water ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The FAKE . As there is disappointed. It does not have the lip partorisca the paracord the boss and a mouth is too many widths partorisca one. Also a fund, the name and the logos do not have some usual frames. Pics Partorisca Comparison. A green a real east. It would not owe that be in of reward of the full payment partorisca the swipe was.
5 / 5
These waters of boat are adds. I have lost the small and substituted him every time. One produces is not the fake, has verified Hydro Flask partorisca a specs. There is redone a creation the little partorisca a lid. There is also another revises down declaring it was fake been due to a logo missing in a boat. This person there was not taking a sticker.
5 / 5
There is not coming with to the to straw likes said it .
5 / 5
The look Attentively Reads descriptions other vendors ! All the retailers do not sell Some Hydro Flask produced.
Ossia Mine like Hydro Flask compraventa. I have done the terrible deception when I have bought my prime minister 32 oz the wide mouth Blanca Hydro Flask of the retail of DIFFERENT Amazon. It is resulted to be expensive junk! I am embarrassed to admit that there is not reading some descriptions of this prime minister produced and has paid for my deception. Too expensive to return I so that I am stuck with him.
I really loved the a lot of Hydro Flask, as I have decided to read some descriptions for a retailer that sells Some Hydro Flask produced. Based in a positive feedback, has bought this Beautiful, Wonderful, Highly Grey Work them 40 oz Bocca Long HYDRO FLASK with a lid of straw! It is surprising. A lid of straw any a lot annoying noise, asks of plastic straw any disconnect of a lid and has the little manage which is the good characteristic . They are very happy with Grey New Hydro Flask with a lid of straw.
4 / 5
The law of product adds. Functional and water of controls but shipped with the dent or dented during shipping.:-/
4 / 5
Does not maintain gel. I have dipped gel in my cup 1 hr done and a gel there is almost there is entirely has melted. It is 10 terracings where are in him so that there is at all to do with being too warm.
4 / 5
A boat arrived without imperfections and do like this announced, but a lid of straw is coming with the scratch in the, which has begun takes to peel. I have assumed at the beginning it was the protective discharge but does not look it and now his result quite conspicuous. Thus prize, has expected control of better quality.
5 / 5
Im Giving some stars a lot of reason he no well but the mine has come with the mark of the informative small dent literally of a container... This is not to cool especially if his in disposal to cost almost 60 bucks...
4 / 5
Has had a lot Hydro Flasks first, but ossia my preferred . The wide mouth can be annoy when drinking, but a characteristic of straw maintained to spill when drinking.
5 / 5
Loves a colour - I has ordered he in hibiscus. I have used he for cold drinks, waters is to fry of gel still after the day and the half. Perfecto!!

Top Customer Reviews: Nalgene Tritan Wide ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It has taken it is partorisca bounce when the planned to do it tentativa of summit to Trace Rainer. I have had already one which I sparingly used, but partorisca this travesía has required 2 32oz some. As it has taken this additional a. Partorisca Purpose of mountaineering I need that follows:-
- Big mouth so that although it freezes the little , calm still leaves you partorisca drink of him. Also easier that clean.
- Use to maintain warm inside a stock exchange partorisca sleep after fill with hot water.
- BPA Free partorisca obvious.
- Any one filters of then I need partorisca dip this inside my rucksack.

In general has fulfilled all some criteria is down. In summit, 50 of a water has been frozen but was still able to use he without any subjects. This boat is durable, has maintained included these in my control in rucksack while taking a flight. Any @@subject that like this never. One marking can be useful calm that wants to break down. We take 5 pauses to camp Muir to the summit and I was able to direct a intake considering 64 oz and tried to drink a pertinent quantity that use a markings. Neither I have felt any difference in trying maintains a water for the longest period. I will inform behind I remark more characteristic or failures with east.

Finds my useful description then pleases click one 'He' in gain. I maintain motivated to share more experiences with some community
4 / 5
has used my width mouthed Nalgene for EIGHT YEARS, every day in the each work has had. We were inseparable. All some lunches have had neighbouring, some late nights, early morning, fears of bosses, laughing in some joys have had together. Any I same treats it that well, he falling in concrete, down stairs, launching he in my car, and no the alone leak. Some times have launched he in my car without a lid on all a way, and agreed softly with watering spilt that has required for presionar a lid. I left it behind almost everywhere, but we always found each one which so another. Until a work to fulfil, has left he in a room of conference. I am guessing any one has grown quite jealous of our condition, and attacked it! NOO! For real an end of one was. Really it has had the connection here. Well 8 years of the daily use later is the very enough informs for me to go back and buy of the waters of boat still. :)
4 / 5
Has bought roughly 7 different water bounced on some years of past pair: Rubbermaid, well, With you, living Solutions, so that! My preferred for a time a long plus was this $ boat of Duane Reade has called some Living Solutions Tritan boat. It was the good-looking measure , has resisted around 26oz, and has loved a built-in loop. Well, there is prendido to sell them all of the sudden and any one is remained has been in clearance for half prize. At the same time, it was naive and is so only be with to the a colour liked more, not knowing would not have seen again never. But in some words of Dres. Seuss, would have to be happy is spent in a first place.

Like this when a loop in bounce it has broken in the freak the accident that involves to pray it if, has bought roughly three different classes of bounced of Amazon in a has turned of 2 month. A next plus I found to my leading amour was one With you Tranquil boat, but was like this puny for comparison and has had this odd half-inaugural, what of sleeve of the silicon that me so only sad.

Then, of the swimming, my dad has asked to use Prime of mine to order bounces waters it could take to do. It is the doctor with long turns and the lack of sources of pertinent water in his work of devotion excluyente, as it has required something with the big capacity. We look for the minutes of pair and decided in the Nalgene. Well, have has loved a boat more than him has done and took it a lot casualidad has taken, particularly in some weekends when it has been to a part-hospital of time with free water and has had any need to spend water of house. After the week or two of mine debauchery, has ordered my own, and LOVES THAT.

Sure, pee 2-3 times more than you usually the day. Sure, drinking two of of the this the day is an equivalent of the half-chevron of fluid. Sure, it is easy to spill some water in calm when it takes the little too excited. But it is taste and of amour to be hydrated during a day and usually waters of loss in calm daily in all the chance a lot @@subject that use of boats, HIGHLY recommends this mark.
5 / 5
A main reason has bought this was reason I really like things that glow in a darkness. I have loved also drink more the water marries filtered in planting that has to that buy waters has bottled all a time. Like this glow in a darkness Nalgene the waters of boat help me save money and saves a half a same time.

Has comprised the pair of pictures for more than details. I have used to regulate it sized Funko Pop for comparison of measure. First right to take a picture that objective a glow in a dark effect, has touched both objects to use mine 100 FOCUSED uv torch. Please touch a key down if this was useful. It thanks!
5 / 5
Will begin was to say that I have been using mine Nalgene boot daily for roughly 3 month. It has dipped the only waters is boot , and I so only handwash the. They are too of the defender of a oz/ml focus to launch he in a dishwasher. I imagine it it would exit easily, and it likes to see that in fact I am drinking during a day.

Have fallen this bad boy in concrete the little time, likes yeah will take some easy stain-peasy. But any one breaks like this far, neither is there be many the leaks. Also, a wide mouth is very still when I want to hiela place in my water.

A thing of the entity in this boat is one covers apego. It likes like this of one covers plastic is attached the another piece of plastic that on around a 'with the' of a boot to maintain one covers to go was, but that that the loop is to good sure ANY ONE The place to resist he of. I have used to hang on to a loop while doing my daily activities, but there is remarked is free result. Have prendido of then, and all is remained in shape. I know other people have taken to a point of this breaking was.

Another that that, I really like this boat for a prize. It is quite big to where I any precise to be refilling the constantly, but also in a right measure to return in my stock exchange when they are in a gone. His marvels of works of simple presence to adapt me to drink waters he of a blue colour has taken somehow looks of water... Apetecible?

IN ALL THE CHANCE... Mina yours suggestion, potential buyer of this individual Nalgene boat, is to prepare you to transport this BPA free container for an organism and handwash the as well as your annoyance of germs goes. But a lot especially, stay hydrated.
4 / 5
If you already have Nalgene, is that it is taking.

IF you do not possess the Nalgene, the boy is in still the treat. They are some bounced better . Calm once use it boot he of wide mouth, there is not going back. These are calm seriously bounced hard. For example, you can:
1. Walk in his (big Suburbial). It waters it it has resisted still.
2. He his tomb out of 15 edifice of history. Shhh Probably very real legal.
3. Acid of tent in them. Eh. It does not ask . ANY pee. Also any one drug. Chemist, people.
4. They can resist pee also, does not ask .

Besides, Nalgene bounced them have the magic capacity to cause stickers to adhere as it bug in the windshield in 80 miles an hour the day of hot summer.

Goes to buy one.
4 / 5
Roughly Characteristic of Glow:
The one who does not love the glow in a dark boat and for those of you that asks if these glows of what in a darkness, leave me to offer an episode: it could it does not imagine it it was where has had misplaced the mine bounces and has been disturbed. One prejudices my friends and I decide to go in 3am to take pictures of the each one another in the good part of campus because a party has died. As I have seated in a darkness of a backseat there is remarked the green glow out of a corner of my eye. They are boot is not in torch, but is a lot recognizable if you are disorganized and lose things easily (PRIZE: Easy to find when you are half asleep and that tries to find water in a dark reason are the disorder that any hydrate properly).

Roughly Measures:
A last what is that this boat (the 1000ml) are adds to measure water intake he sucks in maintaining you that drinks the quantity sã of water. One of these 1000ml bounced them is roughly 1/4th of the chevron (in the chance no longer feels like googling this). This boat is also very easy to spend around, although in the gaze can not look like this, especially because of a plastic linking a boat to one covers that it is like this easy and comfortable to hook your toes to.

Roughly Durability:
This mark in incredibly durable and are a heck of the person like this of course is the boot is really be tried for my lack of organisation and coordinamento. When I dipped it it was to find bounce it one the majority of what of the entity for me was durability reason constantly falls everything in my hands 100 times the day and almost has broken each boat has has not possessed never. This boat is hard and has deserved seriously 5 stars on durability.

In mine 5 Stars:
All-in-all are not the pretentious homie the one who sincerely thinks that ossia some waters of boat of my sleeps. 100 the can not live without and does not love . Also 100 not exaggerating . This line to water bounced in fantastic (he this informs to an any glow in ones bounced dark) and my absolute favourite for having easy access to copious quantity of fluids.
100 recommends. 100 calm amour bounced them of this mark.
5 / 5
Has used mason bounced to store dry sakes for years but to the equal that do the preparations to travesía has had to find another way. Mason Bounced is heavy and pause. These bounced can be a response . It had been storing eaten of dog and granola waters bounced of wide mouth to camp and has done well.
4 / 5
Ossia My preferred of waters of the boat . Has two, leaves one with some water in him in a freezer while I drink of another, and rotate the all day like this always have cold water. I have bought the quota koozie for him here on amazon that access perfectly which so only the better fact. Utmost measure, any odd smell or flavour, súper durable against some drops.

has added it pic of some bounced with a koozie if any one is interested. These koozies is PERFECTO possesses one of these bounced. Investigation “Koverz”, is available in of the Cousins in a lot of colours and of the models.
4 / 5
Look sturdy and leak-test. It will update with which before walked with mine bounce new! More, a colour of Glow is apparently glow-in-the-dark, which is an unexpected prize .

Update: it has Taken for the short (3-4 now) and down-excursion to impact to the long of a Alafia River. Any leak in or out of a rucksack, and a water has tried fresh and remained quite fresh! This boat are adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Fidus Large Half ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
These waters of boot was quite adds. I have loved that I have not been that has to that it exchanges constantly or that spends for so many chances of water have bottled. A lid is not gone in my way at all when drinking. It likes-me a mechanism to close that explosions to open one upper calm once presses a key. Also it has the strap of good cloth for the spend. I have not had any subjects with him filtering. Only gilipollas is that it is the little that annoying that it resists a boot of then is like this wide and also he no really apt in my refrigerator that is the whole been due to some leave lateralmente that is in a way, but neither with this that a lot the question that can no around.

Update: a plus uses them this, a plus loves them that. A measure a lot really annoy me anymore. Mainly it resists for a strap or so only sustain on he in a table to drink of a straw. Having this boat there is helped me to good sure augment my water intake. Some days has included them drunk 2 whole bounced!
5 / 5
Recommends this product for breastfeeding the mammas that fight to maintain clue of the his hydration! (Reason all knows that of the entity is to maintain good supply)

1. Wide mouth and very easy to clean.
2. Double closure for a lid.
3. Easy to resist in spite of being in a big side (sees photo for reference).
4. You can drink of him 2 ways - with straw or so only chug he down.

Really can not signal was a lot of GILIPOLLAS like acting adds so that I he require it. I can not comment on how it is with juices and materials like the utilisation exclusively for water.

Stay hydrated!
5 / 5
Has not known this boat was like this big how was, but was the pleasant surprise ! It weaves it to them of activity during a day, included with current pandemic that goes in, as I kindof fights with drinking quite a lot of waters if I do not have his easy access. This boat has been helps it the plot with him and some pocolos the marked lines are quite pleasant!

A thing will say in the creation of this boat that can be a subject is that sometimes it is almost too leak-test? A short can be an endeavour to twist was to wash and transmission, as has wrists or of the feeble arms, can require some help to take opens a prime minister little time, but honradamente prefers concealed his when being I too free and possibly falls off it.
4 / 5
LOVES THIS BOAT. Seriously. My partner has ordered a measure of chevron and has sung his praises. I any one need the chevron to the equal that has taken this one and man, has the reason this daughter is my friend !! This boat is a more find. I have tried like each another class to bounce and this one east my preferred . He no a flavour of odd water, resists four bounced' value of water (my newspaper of minimum aim), is easy to drink of, love an action of straw, a markings is just entertainment (I follows usually done with a whole boat long before 9pm), and a strap to spend is fantastic. They are boot does not filter while a lid is on correctly lol has to that regulate a straw sometimes and press a white tip to a straw because yes free volume, is not the smooth drink. It drinks like the broken fast alimentary straw. Ossia The very small prize to pay for such the wonderful water boot and I never the alcohol that has to that fix.
Thank you Fidus To spend is waters of boot to a world!!!
5 / 5
I really required to properly hydrate to be more is. This in spite of, when be directed in just roughly all but my health, would forget to drink a quantity has required to be properly hydrated. I have found then this. I leave it knows in the positively motivational way where are in in my investigation to take my daily quota of water. Also it helps to drink water equally during a day like opposed to drink the whole litre the 6pm reason have forgotten to drink any of a pint has drunk in 8am. A spout is a perfect measure. One covers that the toes up is my favourite type. During this time, maintaining hands out of a portion that drunk of this especially of entity. A boss feels a lot of sturdy and strong. And of course I seat a need to mention that a colour is my fashion . Really like this I water to bottle the plot. I recommend it if you are that it wants to take compatible with your 2L/day waters intake.
5 / 5
Looked this up like the joke, he thinking would be transmission. But the HONEY left to say you, This is not A JOKE! WOW! That the man of wonderful idea, the never never never drink quite a lot of water and im quite sure im dehydrated with all some sodas the day, and says them a lot the chink on boat of 20 oz waters the day im well. OMG This thing is ENORMOUS and his only a Half Chevron a, LOL... They are like this happy took it to them, wants to take them this like this seriously and the . I thought it that it would be it some economic crap of the china that the falls avert all ugly, AGAIN NOPE, Is BEAUTIFUL, very DONE And I AMOUR of AMUR LOVES The LATCH! SERIOUSLY YALL, a nave was súper quickly, took it next day, and now the hope the ones of the that explodes to drink so much water the day, but fewer sure sodas. I give this element 10 stars could them, and are them the a lot of PICKY buyer, writes like this well, hopefully objective will be them more hydrated and in better health thanks to of the this boot waters Motivational, and moving until a 1 jug of punctual chevron the toes crossed) lol.... Just desire could have them thought to do soomething like this sooner, man would be them rich.. LMAO.. jk... It takes it wont complains it!!!! HAPPY DRINKING ALREADY'LL
5 / 5
has been surprised in like this big of the waters of boot is. I have been using the 30 oz partorisca to the long of the year so that it has to that well sure the big different in measure.
Love a colour and some motivational words that is written in some sides. I need to take used to a straw of mine another boat has the spout has attached directly to a lid and this was as it would open some waters of boat, where this one has the removable straw and the little clasp that control an enclosed lid together with the key that need to be pressed to open a lid. While it will take some taking used to I think will like me of then have an almost 11 of month that amour to grab my waters of boat and on waters everywhere.

Desires a material was fatter but so only does not use never my interior of bounced like any biggie.
4 / 5
Loves this boot waters! When I received It in the first place, I didnt knows that the bug was to be. The average of the chevron is in plot ! I thought that it it would not be able to drink that a lot of water, but a time in a side (together with some words to promote) has done he súper easy to stick to it . To good sure am drinking more water now and chair well! Highly it recommends this, although it think calm already is taking quite a lot of water, this are adds to follow exactly how much.

A boat is a lot of fact and I like some looks of way and feels. In spite of his measure, find it easy to spend around. A cup is quite wide that it is the breeze to clean .

In general, highly recommends!
4 / 5
After my doctor have advised to up my water intake, has been to look for bounce waters that controls a precise quantity of waters has recommended that drunk every day.

I really like this boat. It is enormous, as I appreciate both a indented sides and spend strap. Of then I am doing of home, taking spent of chamber to my office behind to my fourth again, every day. Probably I me pathetic, but of then am closed down so only is like my side-has fallen.

Yeah, This looks more pathetic writes was that in my boss. But I am fond of a bit type.

Perhaps I just need extra alcohol reason the life is like this ridiculous right now, but some the positive memories have printed in some help lateralmente when I seat likes am flooding in of waters he.

My only complaint, and will be big he wind on breaking, is a nails in a press of key to do a lid unlock already is beginning to do his way was. Ossia Very disappointing. Once that the pauses still can use a kick but will filter during a place. Sigh.

But is pleasant, relatively easy to resist, and me gustanuno comfy feel of him. More a fact is quite my fellow better right now. Tom Hanks has had the football. Has bounce it water.

Can be odder. Perhaps.
5 / 5
I amour that can sure that am taking my daily required water intake and agree you each one that two hours where yours water intake would owe that be. If you drink more than one 64 oz to to the recommendations like to of them , calm then can always exchanges to do to 2nd averts. It finds that when I wake up in 8 in a morning, would take the drink and I immediately take to a 11am bondadoso. It is for this that owe that do mine 2.os fill. My daughter has seen this and has has wanted to one for his I so that it follows to order the 2nd a.

Top Customer Reviews: Giotto 32oz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
REALLY I want to drink more water! REALLY I do. So much, I have bought a clear boat in a boat has the coverage maintains misplacing! I have bought a second a (rose) thinking it has had the spout on that. NO, it has had the very wide mouth that was difficult to control one east drinking flow. Finally, I have found a third a (lived)...A Giotto Bounces Big Water with Leakproof cup of toe! It is perfect! Literally any one escapes and ANY DISCHARGES!!! It is easy to drink of and a mark of straw is easy to control guzzle big quantities of water. I have bought all three of these on Amazon. It would have saved the plot of money had purchased Giotto, partorisca begin with. I highly, highly the recommend!
5 / 5
Alive an arrival in a boat! I hate to resist you it bounced wet water and this ANY KNOWN no! Also it resists two bounced full of 16.9 oz. It waters he of containers bottles so much is very easy to take my full water intake in a gone! Easy to spend, access in my headlines of cup of the cars perfectly (any big at all like some water bounced). It has taken a ombré purple the teal and is very true to paint. Easy to clean, quite wide for paintbrushes of boat, and some stays of straw have dipped. Also I want to so only it presses a bit key for a mouthpiece and the only explosions have opened quickly for easy drinking (is driving and does not require to be messing around bounced inaugural😉). Highly recommend is waters of boot. For a prize, is surprising! It maintains my water cools for hours also.
4 / 5
Likes that this boat has the soft touch feels and is labeled in a side that promote to drink during a day. It is slightly main that of the waters of boot am substituting. It likes that it can take it of a boss to tie yes calm whose use he. Also a valve of bite is protected of muck for the coverage when any into use the difference of mine bounce leading. Calm of the that owes the worry in the losses when calm the in bylines all a way because theres the latch that slips on and in a transmission of emission to prevent of fully involving it.
5 / 5
Was hesitant roughly using plastic to store my water. I have ordered it bounces he of first glass. But that one is to the smallest plot and filters easily. More it does not have the straw. My fiancé has ordered one of these, and has maintained to fly his water. As I have imagined I better take one of the mine own. They are happy that has done. Some measures help me the drink waters more frequently. As it is not it is dehydrated likes era. They are not really a type of person the one who is thirsty to plot, as it forgets to drink water. Ossia Quite big as while I drink one the day am doing well, And can drink two the day ossia included better. My fiancé has been to not drinking the water hardly at all thinks that is until roughly three of of the this the day. A water has a same excellent flavour when it seats for the long time. Has the system to debug of professional water. A flavour of waters adds days inclusos later, with which is been seating the moment in a container. In fact we order the pair of used to have in several parts of some houses. In this way always we are drinking water. We order some for some boys also. I recommend this. For knots, has been test of leak . Included when turned to the rovescio. Also there it has it never the interior of smell a boat. There have it really any need of the wash frequently. The rinse was occasionally, but there is remarked that there it has it never an interior of smell a boat. In all the chance, ossia class of a epically long description. I am spent to plot to time to research this and so only wants to take time to share my experience. Esperanza helps more and does more life the little easier do the decision.
5 / 5
Has ordered this element and received it a very next morning. I love this boat so much. They are not one to drink water when they are thirsty, but has decided that has required to begin to drink more and this to good sure is that I help that. A boat is súper pleasant, and I AMOUR like calm leave you to follow your water intake during concrete time of a day (the fun fact). It was the little hard to imagine was like this to drink out of a boot at the beginning. It was in fact in a process to contact a vendor for the substitution reason have thinks that has been deserted, but while doing have like this @@give calm Any one the a turn a boot on while drinking of a boot so only chooses it up likes is sipping by means of the straw. Thank you So many!
4 / 5
This already are helping the felizmente achieve my aims of water for a day. I am not sure that this boat is more special that another concealed is in a phase, but for my needs, like that a boot has to that two insiemi of markings. In a side can see some marked ounces and in another sees some hours. Having is seating in a counter or in my office remember that I require to complete some boats before 1:00 PM and another for 7:00 PM. It is not hard of the choose up and swipe behind 8 ounces quickly. I have bought a blue, and taste so that it is of brilliant and does not aim fingerprints. It is easy to clean with the small OXO paintbrush that has purchased for separate. I wash it manually every night to the equal that will be ready for a next day.
4 / 5
Is looking for waters of Boot to help drink your newspaper much more there! Ossia A BETTER! Before it has taken them this the ones of truth struggled to drink my daily quantity (in fact, some days has forgotten them to same of water of drink!) And now, I am doing awesome thanks to of the these waters of boot! A straw he really easy to drink more water for drink. Some works of mechanism of the conclude perfectly and is entirely tries of leak! A plastic of a boat is fat and solid, feels of quality a lot well, any economic and thin. Included a wristlet the one who has thought them the would not require is gone in such handy, am like this happy his there! They are the professor so when the walk to do my hands are FULL and is like this convenient to have to that wristlet! I go to be purchasing more. Inferior line- is thinking roughly taking an of these reasons want to drink a quantity has to that- . It is 100 value he!
4 / 5
Am loving this so much! I did not think it it would concern me for a strap in the but loves it especially when it has to that it weaves of things in my hands. I love a colour. It is more beautiful in person. It returns in my headline of cup perfectly without @@subject. It resists 2 you bounced to water exactly. Some frames of time in a help lateralmente to maintain me on clues with my daily water intake. It is the fat plastic and no flimsy. I usually launches in purse of mine in a morning, plenary, and does not filter . I wish that a straw you sip was was the little has bitten more along but is not the breaker of extracted. In fact, I will be to order another so that I can exchange the mine bounced was. To good sure recommends this one.
4 / 5
Has tried the water bounced a lot to try and help me drunk of more than to the water likes. This boat is for far my preferred! It breaks down that it would have to be it drunk by an hour and partorisca to the pause down likes , really is not very a lot at all and is like this easy to dip aims and fulfil them! I love a hule spout, how is easy to drink was and easy to maintain clean! It is to good sure tries of leak, which is also it enormous plus for me I so that they are always in a gone and sometimes has to that dipped he in rucksack of mine. Highly it recommends that it is to bounce are looking for bounces it good water! Oh, And a colour is something on and even more beautiful that looked in a photo. To good sure value a prize!!!!
4 / 5
Has to that the plot of characteristics is to the east bounces water. Easy to take avert and cleaned, the strap of wrist is utmost when your hands are full with other things, can see a level to water clearly to the equal that seats in an office. Any sure if ossia one same for all the world, but when I twist in one covers a piece of rows of mouth perfectly with some levels to water imprinted in a side. A straw is soft and pliable (feels well in your mouth) and is long enough to achieve a fund of a container like calm in fact empty a boat, a plenary to the level is in another side of a boat, finally loves some pocolos dye.

Update: Remarked yesterday that a nail that has resisted a mechanism to close there has been has done slightly is the way was. All have has had to that it was push he behind to plant with my nail of thumb. Happy has taken that, as to the lock is characteristic sum to have when I owe that dipped some waters of boat in my stock exchange of messenger. So only maintain an eye in yours bounced.