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The cost checked (Please see my update in an end of this first description to consider a compraventa of this adapter)

has been using a Keyspan EUA-19HS partorisca years. A prime minister one has been purchased after reading recommendations of several experts of system of the control, and has not been disappointed. Rockwell The automation sells his own version of the adapter of port seriis of the USB (PN 9300-USBS), but is in $ 130. Any one annoying . A Keyspan is economic and has looked for to be 100 compatible with all have required partorisca connect the street the boss of serial.

Has used he with laptops and desktops running Windows 98, Windows XP and Windows 7. I used it on SLC 5/xx processors of serious, ControlLogix 5000 processors, Siemens/YOU 505 processors of serious, Keyence instruments of measure of the laser, modem, printers of serial, barcode escneres, Reliance and Rockwell/Allen-Bradley walks, and so only roughly all more. Never the question. Work with bosses of right serial, null bosses of modems, and each type of the adapter of serial has launched in him. A Keyspan EUA-19HS is a more economic piece of hardware comunicacional of system partorisca control that possesses, and is probably one the majority of-has used. Not to leave me never down.

Of then has in the first place begun to use a Keyspan adapter, has bought in the dozen more partorisca technologies of service, has sawed-hard-working and has included the pair of bosses. A Keyspan is extremely configurable, quickly, of confidence, durable and easy to use. A Keyspan the adapter comes with the engine CD and the boss of USB and taken so only the pocolos small partorisca dip up. I maintain one in my stock exchange of laptop at all times.

UPDATE 4/5/12: it looks that Tripp-Lite has done the pocolos change have taken of then in a Keyspan line. Among some transmissions was the decision to use the socket of USB more economic. Of an outside, looks almost one same. An only remarkable difference is the lack of molded numbers (1, 2, 3 and 4) in an end of a plastic tab in a half of a port. Unfortunately, a socket of USB more economic does not retain a connector of boss as well as an old plus some have done. Some managers to jump feebler to leave a boss to be pulled the majority of a way out of a socket, those results in the stray connection and possibly the BSOD (blue screen of death).

Has taken the pair of an old more Keyspan adapters (any Tripp-Lite logo in a house) and the pair of a new more Keyspan adapters (with a Tripp-Lite logo in a house), has opened some houses and compared him. Some differences have seen among old and new was smaller: notably the different PCB the logo of the manufacturer and the pair of chip that has had has changed mark. And a type of USB B port. An old has the partial rear shell ( can see a white plastic in a backside of a port), while a new has the full rear shell (can not see a plastic in backside).

A bit those that cents that Tripp-Lite saved to use the most economic socket is not to value he. While an old Keyspans easily would sustain a weight of an adapter + he 10 ft. Coiled-Arrive boss of serial, a new Keyspans can no. A new some can not sustain a weight and leave a boss of USB partorisca pull partway out of a port. I have tried 3 of a new Keyspan adapters and his all has treated one same: almost any capacity that resists load at all.

Of some adapters still do well except a port of USB, I simply desoldered an economic-or port of the each one of some new adapters and has substituted he with a FCI port (FCI PN 61729-1011BLF -- 54 cents each). No more questions. The majority of the users probably will not be able to substitute a port, like the fast (if any uncomfortable and/or ugly) fijamente is in any glue a boss of USB to a port or tape of use or the band of hule heavy partorisca retain a boss.

Tripp-Lite, Shame in calm to ruin the perfectly good adapter to save the pocolos pence. I have reduced to 5 star of an adapter that the estimates to 2 star has based in a poor quality of a port of new USB. Like an old Baskin-Robbins the saying goes, ' there is hardly anything in a world-wide that any one can any the little worse and sell the little more economic, and some people those who consider the price so only is that the apresamiento lawful of the man.'

UPDATE 10/11/12: A coworker has bought the informative half dozen Keyspan EUA-19HS adapters today, as I have not squandered any time in trying them was to see an USB the port question has been fixed. I have tried all 6 of some adapters and was happy to see that any one has has suffered ports of free USB. Some ports do not have any numbers (1, 2, 3 and 4) molded in an end of a plastic tab in a half of a port, as I am guessing is not anything special, but look to resist to a boss of USB quite well. So only appearance Tripp-Lite has learnt the lesson roughly trusting another to adhere to the levels of big quality have based on faith so only. Has update the indication of an adapter of 2 stars to 4 star have based on sell and trying this batch of adapters.
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The cost has checked Loves the half of confidence to connect to devices of industrial automation that use RS-232 port without paying a 'Allen-Bradley markup' for the 9300-USBS? Read on!

Has purchased this element for an only purpose of retrofitting Allen-Bradley MicroLogix 1400 to the car although the careers in the 1980 is- was SLC 150. (Please... It does not ask .) I basically required partorisca pull a program of a venerable 150 and transliterate some instructions the RSLogix for one 1400. I have not resisted calm with one 'joy' that is reverse-engineering the line of program for laborious line in the utility written for TWO. XD That will say is that when it has configured properly in Manager of Device of the Windows ( Attributed to COM1), an elderly PCIS the software has recognised some the USA-19HS like the esal' RS-232 port to the equal that has done perfectly in baud in DOSBox, which was the small miracle in and of him considering this individual PLC was like this overdue to retreat that the 'has forgotten' his program and faulted an a lot of minute I of-energised a car and has treated LOTO. -.- I follows also pleased to inform that this particular USB the works of conversor of the Serial equally well with a MicroLogix 1400 and autoconfigures like the sleep in RSLinx, although a a-B hardware/of limit of software of the practical speeds to maximum of baud.

An adapter is the extraordinarily light piece of boxes that easily can slip your stock exchange of laptop or pocket, likes PCB is housed in the translucent smoke-colored plastic that the desire was the little sturdier, but will elaborate more on that later. A tapered the side of an adapter has the snug-returning USB B female connector that is more than pertinent to resist a weight of an adapter he, while a side a wide plus contains a obligatory Viril of 9 pins RS-232 port with securely has attached sticks that have still to see come unscrewed into use. A clamshell the container also comes with the disk of installation of the software that HAS TO THAT run you before plugging some the USA-19HS to the your laptop or PC further of the USB A to B cord of quality and decent period. This in spite of, highly recommends that you take the coiled one instead (which, felizmente, Tripp-Lite also frames) calm ballast that has done and accidentally extend a cord to a point where some attractive of adapter free, falls to the concrete paving, and shoes/skitters quite the few feet were. X.X I can not imagine this adapter not breaking never into use 'normal', but in an industrial application, calm to good sure wants to be more careful with him. In spite of one housing the be so only has resisted near for wishful thought after my certainly careless managing (like the pocolos tabs have broken was inside a unit), continuous do without any subject anything. It say that this was quite impressive for an economic piece of crew that calms would not expect to survive such treatment.

A brilliant side to this history is this Tripp-Lite is the service of client was extremely useful and accommodating when called bear explain that it have spent, and that used for my work. Without any further questions much less hassle, said so only would send the new unit directly my workplace free of load. Although his precaution me a lot to do the habit to rid claims of future guarantee, am still very pleased that is for his products so many for commercial/industrial users.

Has gone any for a plastic Tripp-Lite uses in the house of a unit, would have given some the USA-19HS five stars easily. Admitted, an aforesaid 9300-USBS is much more ruggedized and like this better adapted for industrial use, but also uses a FTDI chipset more than Knitting Instruments chipset of some forwards and comes with the far more hefty seal to price to kick. Everything says and fact, enough would save my money and so only treat one $ 25 Keyspan with gloves of boy. The flus of durability averts, is a indispensible tool that always will reside in my stock exchange of laptop together with mine 1747-UIC and one 1745-PCC convertor that I (hopefully) any need never again. XD
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The cost verified has bought two of these with which having diverse old more a lot of-the prolific name has based the paralizacin of devices partorisca do with an emission of Windows 10. I have found this law adds partorisca do with the computer, or other devices that has his negative side of his supply partorisca be able to has joined to AC neutral. Each device has tried to connect some lines of the serial to this was battery powered has not done. I then grabbed an out of device of the mark and he have done well. So one the earth of boss of signal, pin 5 is not in a same potential like this like this port of date of the USB gnd, this unit any two I has has not done. So you are planning on connection the battery powered devices, finds another. Otherwise Probably does not have to that to to a subject likes more than people.
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The cost has checked Effortless connection partorisca my old Serial/Parallel port vinyl plotter. Has the 2000 year of model the vinyl Expresses 32' cutter of vinyl that this there has been so only the connection of port seriis. With this adapter, was able to upgrade my car the connection of USB in the Windows 10 laptop. It is a lot simple has update once my old wins 2000 software, a Vinyl Expresses software and has then added this conversor port as they could speak. I have not required anything more, has included a CD has been comprised with the engine that has done perfectly. It does not give up in crew of port seriis old if it still does well. Ossia The solution of confidence and economic . A connector takes the connection of the boss of USB rule so only like your printer has. One 3' the boss is comprised but of an adapter is independent of a boss, any molded beside a piece, can use any boss of USB rule partorisca achieve a precise period. Highly Recommend!
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The cost has verified partorisca have the cutter of vinyl that is to be draw partorisca do with Win98 has seen the port seriis. With which a lot of years partorisca use a hard walk is gone down in mine portable old. Has update a software partorisca take the latest version of Windows partorisca see a tone of security of the USB that unlocked a software of vinyl. I have had to that adapt a port seriis in a cutter of Vinyl to the port of USB reason my new Laptop does not sustain the port seriis. After reading a lot of descriptions in several adapters have decided to go with a Keyspan - Tripp Lite EUA-19HS. I have installed a software has attached then an adapter to a port of USB of the computer as for instructions. The windows expsitas and installed a software. I have after used a Keyspan that has taken of Serial (located under a paper to start with with which installation) to identify one with port to the how has been attributed (with 4 in my chance). I have then begun my program dipped one with port to match Keyspan the adapter and work perfectly. My cutter of vinyl there is roughly 15 years and I can not imagine a Keyspan adapter not doing perfectly with the newest technology also.
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Happy checked cost partorisca find the USB to adapter of serial that reads with some old Audio and train of Video without subject. Desire was bit it more the streaky current like another USB to the adapters of Serial have (has used that before it was so only he 36 in USB wired A Male to ray of thumb DB9 Male) A casing of of the east out of a box require partorisca use an additional DB9 boss partorisca connect to a device. Have take a threaded hex rays and cut a plastic surrounds behind me so that it can use to the to this likes has done with of my leading boss (less than has rays of thumb to ray to a device and that requires partorisca maintain the boss of USB with him) Then , law partorisca my applications of provisional connection.
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The cost verified has used several more economic adapters different that use a common Prolific chip and engine. Everything of has had spotty results, subjects of compatibilities with several versions of Windows and MacOS. This in spite of a Keyspan EUA-19HS has done always perfectly partorisca me, that requires any installation of engine in of the Windows XP, 7, 8 and 8.1. Still although this unit is the little more expensive that some another, highly recommend it.

One of some more economic adapters has purchased only laws with engine that is to be draw partorisca the windows Seen, and was although it was able of the work partorisca install the engine in mine Wins 7 box, grieve the unplugged and plugged he in again, a View the engine was automatically on-written for one Wins 7 engine, and an adapter there is prendido partorisca do.

A device of serial I own (a controller of alarm of the security) is coming with a recommendation partorisca use this Keyspan adapter partorisca connections of USB, and has found that ossia entirely true. No other works of adapter with this device.

An additional profit of a Keyspan the device is that a boss of USB unplugs of an adapter he - using the boss of USB rule that can be obtained in a lot of different period. This can be the big help in agent cabling go in an adapter and a computer.
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Adapters of USB partorisca Purchase checked is frustrating. Some work, some any, and some so only some of a time.

Has had the variety of USB-adapters of Serial, and a mixed stock exchange of results, this a the refreshing transmission. It avenges with software, but did not require it. It covers so only to a port of USB, and downloads a pertinent engine directly of Update of Windows. So only it acts!

Is the sturdy construction, and comes with a boss of USB. A boss is not incredibly long, as I need achieves, could spend another partorisca the longest distances. There is the light in the to leave know when it is connected, which is a lot handy, and a port this is to create in a computer aims a Keyspan, as any precise to choose test and error until has a correct port. Ossia powered For a port of USB, as any precise any class of additional battery.

Very happy with east, and strongly recommends this to any the one who has the need partorisca the USB to adapter of Port seriis.
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The cost has checked are an astronomer and use these Keyspans partorisca link diverse train to my computer. They have not failed never and quietly treat a lot of dependably. You recommend this adapter of serial to all the world-wide the one who needs one. These have the habit of link has seen boss of coverage and boss of USB. When Some connections are all good, a unit constantly shows the flashing green light partorisca indicate the good connection. Have Roughly 4 of these. All are doing perfectly.
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The cost has verified Yes, has the million different USB-to-adapters of port seriis there. But ossia an only one has found that always works, everything of a time, any subject that are plugging he to.

A lot an old plus (subject) the adapters there have question or no at all with 64-has bitten versions of Windows. Some the USA-19HS always works.

A software that KeySpan available fact partorisca configure and controlling the traffic is also a lot handy partorisca troubleshooting connections. You can see exactly that is spending -- the one who the data is transmitted and receipts, and the one who a diverse handshaking the lines are doing. I have not seen any another produced that will do that.

That can be the few dollars more than other adapters, but in my opinion is totally currency he partorisca his reliability and of the capacities of diagnostics. I have very purchased these partorisca those a lot of reasons.

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The cost has checked the master the thi good works