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Top Customer Reviews: TRIL GEAR 2 Ton ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia A description has modified , changed to 3 starts so only because a company has offered full repayment.
A crane has been missing the parts and I am @@to give real quickly when I have tried the hoist it 600lb outboard that some rays of the crane has not been right and has broken instantly. I have had to that move other rays of part of a frame a low plus (substituted those with a cotter things to nail that is coming with him) and dip these have done on, for n Some directions were non-existent. You take a piece of paper with the harm has exploded to draw in a side and in another east all some the free parts have numbered. Now some free part, rays, pieces of the metal has not been numbered so that it looks for to imagine out of scrape it has been where was the real ache in a with the. I have had to that move other rays of part of a frame a low plus (substituted those with a cotter things to nail that is coming with him) and dip these have done on, for now. Contacted a manufacture and they are offering the full repayment.
5 / 5
Does not squander your time and money his really thin metal junk ossia dangerous just to have around the bent and has bent well on on me with aprox 500 lbs on to be esatti was the 5.0 efi Ford complete engine so only this seated in a paving of cochera has bent a legislation of main beam in a base of a hydraulic jack cylinder
5 / 5
This was an easy assembly . But 2 dice and the rays were of a wrong measure. It was able to gather any way. Do like a product. Has a lot of be useful. Thank you.
5 / 5
Looks to be facts well, but has not had any hardware with him... As they are the bit there is disappointed right now. Hopefully Cela Can be solved?

Top Customer Reviews: XtremepowerUS 500Lb ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
My boys (11 and 12) was able to use this in impulse 5 cubes of chevron to jump sloppy clay out of 5 feet deep trench that there was caved in. Some cubes were so heavy could any slide the on he cimenta once goes them up. Has data only these 4 stars because of three building subject that will count down:
Pros: it is build quite weighed to handle a load of 500 lbs
A ram is estimated by 2 tonne, and a winch is estimated by 1000 lbs.
A winch the cape is very time quite (thinks 25 feet) this was able in winch some arce of piece of big money in the empinado embankment and in my truck.
A lower unit has the holding has pressed that provides the effortless the when it changes uploaded.
Some two active pulleys bearings, some big one in a backside has two bearings.
Some pulleys have deep quite a lot of grooves where some stays of the clue of good cape.
Has the big zert in an inferior accommodation to maintain a whole section that the well greased turns.
Gilipollas: Some instructions of assembly have been missing or any come with him. With a help of the proportionate pictures by the users and some list of parts was able to pose it together without too many deceptions.
A bearings in a pulley of big behind maintains to slip caused a cape to slip among a group and a pulley. Once this raisin has to dissemble some two pieces so that there is not he quite soiled to take a cape was. I have finished to use some 3/4 trams driven to do some spacers to maintain them in place. Of course only after time of diverse raisin.
A big zert has to has taken the swipe during shipping so that the accident was has attached hardly a pistol of fat. A zert would have to be insert by an user.
Has the defect in a road a back pulley is attached. Any one there is too little or too much room so that any maintenance your hand in a cape this guide he in a pulley while takings in a slack, a cape jumps a pulley and blockades among a group and the pulley without road for the taking has been excepts to take a unit averts. I fulfil it is not the big roads to guide a cape but once is shabby duel to take that the steel bonded in your toes.
A leg to stabilise will not take both pins while in some full on top of plants he so that has any place for the tent.
Goes to take a leg to stabilise was and substitute he with the tongue of jack of trailer so always touches an earth when begins cranking and two, once poses weight in a backside of a truck and a truck ettles' a leg is bonded plant so that a truck is resting in the. It opens it Has to take another jack in an impulse in an impulse as I can shorten a leg.
4 / 5
I add hoist, has modified the quite the bit to use to upload pieces of big measure of forest in my trailer. Two problems with a hoist, in the first place does not have holding very upper in a fixture of base and second if books spool your cape can jump a back pulley. Calm constantly has to control both pulleys to do sure a cape has not jumped out of a groove. Otherwise, the sound adds it hoist. I have me aixecat some has weighed quite a lot of debits without signing to angle, breaking, etc. very done and built, another that some two deficiencies have remarked earlier. It attaches a tram winch in a unit to the free help in the hand to guide a load while debit and download. Ones the shows of picture attached a back pulley, has attached the piece of bloc of forest to measure to return in a hole on some which looks of the pulley has fixed a problem. In a second the picture is the piece of the forest that is to upload in a trailer. As it Can see it it has modified it a hoist to attach in my trailer, and as declared, has attached a tram winch. So far it is doing well. I actuate Also the used a hoist to tug registers out of a forest where could not enter quite near of in only chooses them up, work well in both zones.
3 / 5
I have not used this crane still for the load, as I will update this description when mark.

The assembly has taken in a therefore mechanical hour experimented highly, but would have to have instructions and very only the schematic parts.

A creation and the looks to manufacture reasonably well for the Chinese product, but has at least three significant defects that has required additional work to correct.

An Or-group in a cup of a weapon of low crane this takes a ray for a pulley of back cape and that also to to the laws like them to them the hinge for an upper arm, is arrived significantly out of square such this has had to to use the clamp to tube to compress some sides of a group to be able to install a plan and fence washer in a ray/of pulley of the hinge, and included then could tense some nuts only in half road in some nuts of ray.

One the fault to design main is that there is at all to prevents a winch cape to jump a tread (surca) of a big backside (in a hinge of boom) pulley sheave. A front a small plus (final of boom) pulley sheave is protected by the second ray that cross an extension of boom but at all is provided by a more back pulley of entity.

How has drilled two 5/16' holes 3/4' of some last of a boom and only above a pulley to insert another ray like the cape keeper (situates of voice 1).

Beware That how fallen a boom with a hydraulic jack of horizontal in a gesture of downward storage, one of the tense cape in a winch, as it is of entity to fall a dog of ratchet while down and then reset the to maintain a tight cape.

Also beware that a winch will arrive with a loose and bad cape spooled in a winch drum. It IS imperative in unspool a whole cape and rewind he in a winch with the upload against a hook or the rind-gloved hand in a cape and wind he carefully so that he spools equally to prevent kinking.

My cape is coming with the leaf broken of the capes to bond was, as it does not handle yours without gloves of rind and cure.

One 1' jack the alloy of piston in the interior of ray with a longitude of the 1-5/8' Or-group, and there is at all to maintain a piston centred in an upper boom. As I have cut two pieces of the 3/4' PEX tube to form spacers (situates of voice 2).

A third problem of significant was that a race to line in a fund of a mountain of receiver of the crane, to match a tapered the roller these wineries in a fund of the cylindrical frame of a crane, tends to the fall was if a mountain is inverted during installation or storage. A bit I have fixed this for the pair of embroils of electrical tape around a race so that it is less probably to the fall was, but still requires cured in assembly, disassembly and storage.

Opens Maintains an assembly of the increase of upper crane in a lower hitch section of auricular (and closed with a hand-the streaky ray) and take and install he cual the unit, using an extensive foot like the pvot. It IS more weighed in this way (70 lbs total) but surer and does not need the preoccupy quite maintaining a roller these wineries clean.

Besides, unnecessary look to exit tools to take and substitute a ray of extension of the boom, as I have substituted that with the hitch pin of receiver and keeper (situates of voice 3).

IS the shame that such the potentially useful crane has these a lot of defects to draw.

P.D. It has attached also the fixed takes hook in an end of a boom, using some holes of ray for a 'keeper' in a pulley of small final (situates of voice 4), for aixecant- the load for canal without using a cape winch.
5 / 5
This crane said that it is very only for 250lbs when fully extended even so that has to the when being the soiled understatement. I go us aixecar half of our raft that is probably quite 350-400lbs without a support of feet the be only backed by a reciever hitch while directing dulcemente. Has the pairs subject small a cape has required to be re-spooled and a bearings has separated of one covers among a hitch mountain and a real crane so now only chair up. He still swivels sake. I plan to cut it it was part of a reciever the portion of that is his point his feeble plus. Since it does not possess the pickup any precise one extra clearance for the pickups to rear hatch. The inferior line yes has the hitch has estimated by 800-1000 lbs of weight of tongue this crane can handle more then is has estimated prendi.
2 / 5
That is to say a handy setup! I have shortened an arm that goes in a receiver and done some group to run straps of debit of my bond downs in a bed of truck in a clave of centre. He maintaining road of the impulse more has extended fully that one 250 recommended the capacity and I do not require to use a leg in an earth. Also I use it extended to go down and promote heavy elements like transmissions and engines in a basement
UPDATE: a holding in a fund of a boom has failed totally in the subject of the few same weeks although we grease so -1 Accident
UPDATE2 Well, after less than 6 month a hydraulic ram has failed. It uses this 5-6 times now and research to be self destructing. Line like inferior is buying some welded the together tills these tubes these necessities each a mechanicals has substituted
5 / 5
It was easy to pose together. If you were the boy and legustado Erector Puts then that is to say the accident . Calm no PRECISE INSTRUCTIONS!!! I seat lucky in reading other descriptions. All some parts were here and a unit has been together posed properly.
Any Harm in a unit like another person goes to complain enough. I have posed he in a receiver hitch and totalled from here that. I have posed the additional wheel that fat of wineries in a roller bearings. There is the grandson is mine to help me the pair to time when required a streaky element while I have posed in some rays. This thing weighs at least 100 lbs. I am 77 as it listens it likes him 200 lbs. I will have to take any one the help attaches this in mine 4X4 and take was. I think that it that it can direct calm in your location to use and direct it behind housing to decouple. With the 4x4 would not have to have any problem.
3 / 5
That expected, good but a extention of the boom through hole was in an inch out of a side of a tube in another and routed the ray of the smallest diameter for this location and he still wont cross... It looks the tentativa poor fixing it screwup. And The slide has had to a tube in mark of place and totally drill the gesture of new hole to do functions... Easy to pose together, totally obvious where each which go. Any necessity for instructions unless you are the complete idiot . Coating Well and has taken here hurriedly! It have to that and the require to do.
3 / 5
Used once. Quan Greased An element a zirk the access exited of a tube. No very very threaded. It can have retread for the access the big plus. Any instruction in the assembly has comprised. The order IS the hardest part of assembly. Probably I have to a bit few modifications for the do more usable. Coverage the new zirk contingent. For the information is 6mm nuts.

Would like me take another jack cape. A unit has any place to attach a jack cape so maintaining he with hoist is difficult.
1 / 5
It does not promote my void duquel the cover weighs 415 pounds and now wants return, can not return so that a cost to return he to ship is more than that paid for him and I can not take a response on taking the prepaid focus of tower
5 / 5
I am very happy with this product. I locate this in my receiver and I have used he in impulse all of the 40 hp automotive to bounce of the mercury in my truck in the 300 lb crate with a hoist and place he in my trailer.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVOHOME Heavy Duty ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
4 / 5
An element has done so described, even so only taking small pieces to canal that the no for v-8 is is the problem. I have to go in a tent of hardware and spends another 0 to do functions. Any dishes of pieces of adapter of just canal, really?? Some transfers of sleeve have entered some means of an adjustment, has designed bad. VAL Ailing and no in a clock. But I have to again, it go with the better product ...
5 / 5
He the change of engine in the dodge ram 1500 this was adds in aiding to stabilise an engine and bend the in slide in a trasmission and mountain of engine. I have changed some canals have been he prende longer ones in better ensure an engine. A necessity of canals to be longer then one ones have provided
4 / 5
Positive - I hoisted he 401 Nailhead with him. Easy to adjust place. Has changed canals with stronger ones.
Negative - Any adapter has comprised only mere canal
1 / 5
A product taken while trying adjusts angle of engine during installation of engine and would not adjust in any direction. It has to fall an engine in a bay of engine (was centrical) and apresamiento leveler to complete installation. Returned for repayment.
5 / 5
The element adds. Well engendered for ease of use and security.
5 / 5
The fact adds. Any problem at all. The fact that installs an engine the breeze to vary
5 / 5
It poses he of good work in the 7.3 idi automotive of diesel
5 / 5
Undressed A first time used it. Bought this to substitute Tool of Action W4103 this has walked was. Beware Has very rebadged versions in this way. Other 50 dollars more have bought late a Tool of Action W4103 again.
4 / 5
These produced are done economic parts . Levelling I edges there is lined easily under weights of an engine. Well for engines very light, no for v8s.
1 / 5
A product taken while it tries to regulate corner of engine during installation of engine and would not regulate in any direction. It has had to that fall an engine in a bay of engine (was centre) and take leveler to complete installation. Returned for repayment.

Top Customer Reviews: Dragway Tools 12 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
It has not used the closing! But it will be partorisca use next week hopefully will do very real partorisca me.

Top Customer Reviews: MaxxHaul 70238 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
It IS the good idea to pose the jack of the boat goes down a hitch of your truck before the loads, or can find concealed has the problem that takes this disconnected when some tanks of suspension of the low truck of a weight of a load against a bed.
3 / 5
This has looked for to be a perfect solution for the places where turned dollies would sink in soft earth. An impulse is very built and built, bundled well; as each some accidents -pins. Alas, a boom is ISSUE too down to be effective (my skis are 4'-wide, and this could not achieve in a centre of my skiing), down 2'-achieves in an impulse a lower-described (situates of voice), and road-worse for the objects the heavy plus. A worse-the part for me is my skis is 840-free... The hydraulic ram of an impulse would download to try in impulse a skiing in a 500-field, and could not achieve far-enough in a 1000-field. Some necessities of boom to be two times so long to be effective for aixecant- almost anything in a bed. Concept of 5 stars, execution of 1 stars. I have finished that it has to use my engine-crane in all the case.
5 / 5
Problem: Generac 8000I generator possesses is necessity in a plot for estacionar of the church in of the lights of power for the 'trunk or treat' activity. It weighs 255 lbs. I need the road to upload it on my DW GMC has Seen 2500 HD to transport he in church, then the download. Solution: MaxxHaul 70238 Receiver Hitch is Trace Crane with 1000 lb can of aixecar-in firm in hydraulic jack, 500 lb in all the case of crane. Ordered of Amazon, and arrives UPS in two days. Taking in an hour to unpack of a beatup box to ship and total. The directions were scarce but the illustrations were sufficient to the help takes it each what together. Any part that loses, had or extra hitch pin and pin of lock. After the assembly has instrumented the pair of straps of axial in a frame of a generator and chosen he up with a then the crane has posed a low generator in a door of row of a truck. Gone a genny in a bed, has joined he down, has broken a MaxxHaul low crane in some three pieces and has situated the in a bed of a truck. Direct in church, reassembled a crane besides or two minutes less, and has downloaded a genny of a truck. After a case, two young men have uploaded a genny in a truck for me. I took it house and reassembled a crane (plus or less a minute this time, helps of practice) , has downloaded a genny of a then broken truck down a crane in his three main parts and has tent he in a garage, ready for a work of next lifting. This also will be useful to upload a pressure washer, and a 5 sliding wheel hitch that is two weighed by this old man to upload, download for me. Having this crane opens above a lot of possibilities.
5 / 5
Very happy with this hitch desires as, work perfectly and totals in a place of work in of the minutes! Bought this for forest of aixecar- in my F250 that is to say typically in heavy for me to do with manual work. This crane done like the charm and without subject.... Can say you that it goes aixecar the oak has cut recently gone in 3 feet in diameter without subject. A bit those that things to remark based in other commentaries. Has a F250 and a hitch the height was perfect. Even so, it has remarked that some legs are adjustable for height, as I do not see it when being a subject for the trucks the low plus. Disassembly Of a truck when fully loaded, was easy and any race in a subject of any when being pas able to disassemble like another mentioned. An action of the bomb of an impulse the fact the small slow but as mentioned, goes aixecar some quite heavy rounds.... Also, the edifice has looked for to be quite strong also, with good welds, so at all flexed, included with a heavy plus of load.

Opens For first assembly, some instructions were absolutely horrible... Like an example, has four total rays with three different measures but some instructions loans only 'ray' in some instructions, as it takes some supposition for apropiar- assembly. Still, it do not take very time the total but something wishes a manufacture would fix. Even so, again, once an initial assembly is cured of, this trace of thing inside minutes in a place of work.
3 / 5
I need to have the receiver hitch that is to say at least 18-19' of an earth or this no . My receiver is 15 1/2' of an earth and is too down to connect this product. They would have to say people this. I have bought an adapter ($ 40) those runs a receiver 4' as now works of mine.
3 / 5
This unit is robust but is weighed to create and does not achieve a long way in a pickup bed. Further the does not have the winch that bad unless it can take you well in your load has to notarise in of the straps to use a crane to tug a charge under a winch then re-instruments the strap to choose a load up. Some instructions declare that final assembly (planting a boom in his mountain) is to 2 work of person. Heck Has 2 people around only would choose in a load! ( It can be totalled by 1 person but a boom are heavy and the bit unwieldy.) In all the case, he what the said but would not purchase it again because of a limited achieves in a pickup.
5 / 5
I give this 5 stars so that he the work perfectly for me. It sees semi-detached picture. An arm does not achieve too far, as have had to to move my generator closes in an impulse in an outside, jack he up, and then poses the in a tailgate to take in a bed of a truck. No the big roads for me, so more than crawling in and has been to attach/decouple, is everything in a tailgate with easy access for me.
All is arrived well, pair of dents in a box, but a product was each sake .
Took me quite 20 minutes the total (and the figure was) a first time, but now that it is each together and in 3 pieces, only take me 1-2 minutes in setup and descend.
Laws perfectly for me to do all precise for me, more than trusting in any come to help. ;)
4 / 5
Work and is built well.
An only desire has is that it can be allocution inserted in a hitch like the crane is inline with a centre of a truck.
5 / 5
This hoist is the helps adds for aixecant-object weighed in the truck. Some components were bundled well to prevents harm. The assembly was easy using a cloak of instruction. All some apt together parts easily. A sweetness of a boom was impressive. One bases of a boom has two big bearings. Quan totalled, Can swing a boom with a toe. A cylinder of hydraulic impulse operates well, aixecant- a boom besides or 7 less ft above an earth. Quan IS by train to finish you, Some pauses of low crane hurriedly in the pair of main parts, with building velcro straps to line joint for storage and easy cape.
2 / 5
It looks good but no with normal RWD 1/2 tonne Silverado... The truck does not have impulse of suspension or that down, only height of normal walk with receiver hitch. On coast of level (concrete tampon) without Uploading against a bed to weigh down some cradles, could very included attach some outriggers / of feet, would have has had to jack in a backside of a truck to use them. Also, while another has said in these types of impulses, a esach' am not adds. I have known in a esach' the appearance that enters, and has done probably add if a back end of my truck has seated up in another 6'.

Top Customer Reviews: JEGS Hydraulic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 2 ratings
4 / 5
The packaging was excellent. Sturdy Build, Almost too sturdy.. The instructions hurts it / any quite detailed.

The @@subject the big plus is a cylinder fracasado (has frozen in place) my first time to use in only 300 load.
4 / 5
An ease to plant on once results familiarised to a tool. The impulse 500-800 ponds registers to my truck so only all a time...

Top Customer Reviews: Omega Lift 44980 8 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5
It marks an engine hoist very like this new! Emission and smooth impulse.
5 / 5
Jack reads add and was the substitution directed partorisca a one this has broken.

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