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Top Customer Reviews: Gesobyte Amplified ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Colour: black This antenna has done sum. This is to be purchase partorisca substitute one this was the piece of junk and was 3 times a prize!
Takes roughly 55 canals and is very pleased! We have cut a boss!!!
5 / 5
Colour: Good and small black. Easy to hide for behind a TV. We order 4 of his because we are cutting a cord.
5 / 5
Colour: black so only bought partorisca my fifth TV in a cochera, and more than satisfied, thinks roughly that substitutes some other 4 boxes with this antenna, a quality of picture is impressive.
Gives the graces for a product of quality.
5 / 5
More the alive of 60 miles of a prójimos more TVs tower and continue receive all my favourite canals. Ossia unbelievable! I plan to purchase 3 more and entirely cut a boss!
5 / 5
Colour: the black has ORDERED SO ONLY 2 unit, and more than satisfied, a picture is cleaned and stable.
A quality of an action is surprising, save me more than $ 1200 for year. I recommend by all the world!
5 / 5
Colour: black An antenna has better seen lately.
Thank you Partorisca Do such the product of quality!
Will buy another partorisca my parents.
4 / 5
Colour: black of excellent product ! It recommends it to my friends and family!
4 / 5
Colour: Black. It was a lot happy to have view of New Age Beverage exited with his Probiotic Water. It has not gone really sure the one who a flavour would be but his only likes drunk the regular quality , big water. It has been that tries to result regulate with Probiotics, and ossia the way adds partorisca me partorisca take them. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Colour: black;. It has not listened the bad thing roughly he still. All the world-wide laughs. I require people partorisca know that it is taking to once in a vicinity of me, and this does so only concealed.
4 / 5
You trace 32” TV in wall of yard.... Asking as it goes partorisca take any canals without paying for another overpriced box of Flange.
Some investigations in of the digital antennas and has gone some data in this model has based on ALL THE POSITIVE CRITIQUES and prizes.
WOW!!!!!! Down 2 installation of small and there is scanned.... Now I have 153 clear canals digital in a yard!!!!! Yes, some are not of the American canals, but WOW I am impressed!!! This motive partorisca annul 1or 2 of our boxes of boss!!!
To good sure will purchase again and HIGHLY recommend!!

Top Customer Reviews: U MUST HAVE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. It dipped it up... Crown with skills of zeros of technology... Súper Easy 1 2 3 setup... The video has resupplied. The clarity ADDS the quality of picture and COSTS of ZEROS of boss. I am taking 29 canals at present. My only remorse is that I have squandered like this money on boss partorisca years... Ossia A sincere description and any die any freebies partorisca do east... I am surprised simply in a awesomeness of this product... 5 stars sure!!
4 / 5
Has looked for the Mohu and this antenna has come up. Has no @to @give my deception until I took it but has thought would try he in all the chance. They are very happy. Volume 40+ canals in clearly and the little emisora irradiate and so only has paid the averages a prize of the Mohu antenna!
4 / 5
This antenna is awesome! Before I have bought this, has not taken any canals. Now I am able to take 20+ canals. My preferred is CBS, NBC, and FOX. They appear in perfectly clear HD. Now I can look very University and NFL games of football. It was easy to dip up and looks well. Totally value of the money!
4 / 5
As the easy was partorisca install. I have bought this antenna partorisca ours room of pause of the engine in the work and his so only love it. Crystal clear Pictures and more canals that an old antenna.
5 / 5
Has been rid a lot quickly. It is very easy to install with has detailed instructions. I took 10 mins partorisca install everything. A quality of picture is awesome in mine 65” LG TV. It sees has has attached images. In general it is the add compraventa, and that saves the plot of money on boss.
4 / 5
Súper Easy to dip up and instantly has taken tonnes of canals. Súper Happy with cost of mine. Absolutely it wants that among aim and blends in with my wall. I am ordering another for mine another room!
4 / 5
Ossia A compraventa has better done the long time, an Amplified HD works of Antenna of the Digital TV perfectly has taken all some canals that precise, can look an informative and football in HD, any to mention a creation, can any one has included the see. To good sure, Or HAVE IT THAT HAS :)
5 / 5
Hooked on my new antenna today and the work adds! It was able the street he by means of my wall and the situate on top of big on a pantry in a cookery. I had it up for the week and my woman there is not it remarked still lol. Has stirs it of the canals that goes in good and clear, highly suggest!
4 / 5
Am surprised that I can take a lot so only all a public emission canal and coverages of entities but the majority of some canal of free boss also. And a quality of a picture is in fact BETTER that a an I has paid paralizaciones with boss! The installation was the breeze and now that knows the law will fix it to a window properly. Really amazing. 30 $ more that has not spent never.
4 / 5
Are spent a lot $ s in several antennas but THIS one has blown my alcohol. As you can see in some pictures, with which escáneres, there is pulled in 126 television canals Digital. I have used an amplifier and in a second the picture can see an antenna situated in a window. I am impressed like this and has surprised. Reception of the big quality and a prize is like this down. Highly recommend it......

Top Customer Reviews: Digital HDTV ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
An add little antenna that takes a work done. Alive in the paving of garden. They are approx 45 miles of some turns of transmitter. I have situated an antenna in the bookshelf roughly 4 feet on level of earth and nowhere approach the window, has run the investigation of canal and has taken 22 canal-- all clear crystal. They are in the direct line with the regional airport occupied and the aircraft has any effect on transmission to the equal that have done with the directional antenna. This little gem well a prize. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
W Or W !!!!! - I has ordered this unit (my second compraventa) the Monday and has received a new unit on Tuesday - only a day!
Has been dipped-arrive and running is roughly 7 or 8 minutes - audios and Utmost reception
has bought also one $ antenna with my first compraventa the earliest week - both do both perfectly
taste a 360 of row of characteristic/terracing of investigation
Better side and more effective that a 'walk' the antennas
5 / 5
Love a tiny measure and he kicked in without me although careers the scanner partorisca local canals
4 / 5
produced Excellent! This compact antenna really done a trick. I have had question taking roughly of some local canals consistently with an old antenna mainly there is a question that maintains some signals. But the question has solved never of then I taken this antenna! I add compraventa!
4 / 5
Desire whomever has drawn this would have thought to the antenna of mine of cord longer no for behind a TV is works in an air partorisca me on a door but am appreciated like this your reason has canal 2
5 / 5
I amour that this antenna is a lot small and light, and a lot easy to install. Unfortunately, alive in an edifice partorisca walk, like this in order partorisca an antenna partorisca do, has to be situated in a window sill. If I move an antenna so only 2 feet out of a window, all the signals are lost. I suppose that partorisca a point of low prize, ossia a calm more can take.
4 / 5
My internet was messing arrive to having decided like this to buy an antenna to look the TV in the chance can a lot of common. It was skeptical in of the this ,but has taken the casualidad. I want this so much are in compraventa active two more and give one my mamma. It is easy to dip near and connect. I do not know roughly any more but I so that it connect it early my canals have come up. The a scanner to take a a missing. My TV the show clears in each canal. It likes-me a fact sticks to a backside of a TV because it is magnetic. I have not had to that antenna in this TV in 5-6 month to the equal that am pleased with east.
4 / 5
I add! The desire of the product there has been more collected😍
5 / 5
Frankly, does not have very expected this product. A reason has decided takes has been that a Hulu the application is a bit unreliable still Hulu Alive, and has loved the backup to take local canals. But I have imagined they could do, of some turns of transmission are abut 15 miles was, a quite big that so only some wall to walk was among an antenna and of the turns. Surprised! 72 digital canals, that all but the little, is gone in a lot well. The installation was simple, and in an only thing has has had to that do is to select a better location to situate an antenna. As expected, has, from time to time some reaction when any one walks near of an antenna, but this has been that spends of some ears of rabbit in a @@@1950s. BTW, has taken a, for each of the ours two TVs.
4 / 5
In the first place they are the user to Launch that has been it he takes awhile. Utilisation AirTV with him to take my local canals. Recently for some reason has had difficulty with taking ABC. I have moved around a plan attenna has had and any regime. As I have decided to give that this tries it and am blown was. I have used to take 19 channrels now am taking 41 canals. Also a force of a reception of canal is stronger. Also I owe that mention have spent the amplifier booster for $ 5 to attach his.
Has to that admit on first scanner has been disappointed to the equal that take 15 canals . In this scanner an antenna was for behind a TV. When I have moved an antenna to a window was when I has taken 41 canals. It maintains to import a boss is not that long. You have done to require the extension.
In general am pleased. Ossia Much better that a flat antenna. Also any one worries of plus of a flat antenna that fallen in a window. Also this amtenna looks a lot better. I highly reccommend.

Top Customer Reviews: Philips Modern Loop ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
After purchasing a lot, a lot of Inner Antennas priced main this in spite of any able to choose on the a lot of Local canals have begun My Investigation. A Question or the difference with some other Antennas was that I have not been UHF-VHF Antennas. I have connected once my Economic UHF-VHF the antenna of Ear of Inner Rabbit of Phillip, Scanned and Situated in a Right Place. It was able to Choose On more the canals that there is Wanted or has Expected. It does not leave a Prize fool you. Ossia A Compraventa has done better. Hopefully Laws for any and all the world-wide this law my Description. Thank you Amazon and Phillips for this Sum of Inner Antenna. A Client has pleased Very Happy.
Judi Jetson
5 / 5
I really like this antenna, is BETTER WAY that this plans some which so only no . With this one can you so only movement around some ears to find qualities of better canal. The law adds. BUT, some ears a lot of swivel so to the equal that has to that, his so only side of together movement, would have to have full row of the motion and am not sure reason has drawn the one of this way, the can not think of the reason. Ossia Enough an only downside, a prize are ADD, and a quality of picture is an absolute more. They are very happy with this antenna.
5 / 5
Was hesitant buying a like this economic
has Received today & bam there is scanned 52 canals with him seating for behind a next TV to the still wall.
Does not have any window near.
Am pleased with this product !
5 / 5
Has bought this for my mother. She easily installed the (so only plugged he in) king-there is scanned some canals and she now receives more than canals with qualities of better picture that before. He exactly that it is supposition to do ! I will say that so only we live less than 10 mins out of some turns of television here. So much, obviously your experience with this antenna will depend in the calm far is out of your turns of local TV and a line of view. One++ of me!
4 / 5
Have fallen my undertaken of the boss done three years and bought an inner antenna to use for my old Sony Bravia. It was the GE and has used to take Fox but no anymore. The Like this spent that my partner is moving and gave his old Sign . And it could not take HD canals because I do not have any boss. As I have found this antenna on Amazon, which is recommended by the amazon and is economic. It could buy one again and substitute an antenna of inner TV in mine Sony Bravia. I have taken pictures using mine Kindle Compressed of Fire.
5 / 5
Has launched was quite the bit of money in worthless antennae, as I have gone back to a tried and true: ears of rabbit. These works of antenna well. Some canals that am not taking clearly is probably more than the subject of location that blames of an antenna. I ask also, if quell'tuner of the television touches the function in the well the canals gone in. For example, a small TV that use this antenna is Sylvania that has bought partorisca around $ 100. My big television that has a better reception is the Sony Bravia which cost roughly 10X more. The quality of a TV has to that factor to an equation to somewhere. In general, I am pleased with this compraventa. The element is small and can easily hide for behind a TV when any into use.
5 / 5
Antenna so only didnt work well for me and with which constantly moving it around and rescanning several times for day one of an antenna is snapped of the canals is not never compatible state and the towers are 30 miles less than my house..
5 / 5
This work of compact antenna adds. Pulled further of canals that the oldest mine Philips model. Alive in the flat zone and he there is pulled in the little more canals and has stabilised the little another. It was initially he has concerned that this antenna is like this small (short antennas also) but work so only well and easier that dip out of place!
4 / 5
Has bought this has thought purchased the NEW element. An element is gone in the box with to sticker that the warehouse “of Amazon has said, to the amazon has renewed” included this in spite of when I have purchased has said that was to sell for Jasco Produced. I am returning. I can buy NEW for a same prize anywhere.
4 / 5
Received like this more canals that the scanner has expected , so only and fact.

Top Customer Reviews: TV Antenna - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 14 ratings
4 / 5
An antenna was easy to install and dipped up. My window is not partorisca close to a TV like long cord is necessary. A period of cord is announced likes 17 ft, is more like 16 ft but still works. There are some canals has has announced concealed is not available like ESPN and HBO. I am located roughly 12 external miles of Washington, D.J.C. And I am able to choose on 55 canals.
5 / 5
A partner said roughly this product and I am soooo pleased with a compraventa. It leaves roughly 45 miles out of the city of entity in EUA. Has A lot powered solutions of antenna before and is not never satisfied state with some results. Lived with boss and TV of satellite signal in fact a lot of years. On done the year, has cut a cord and changed to launch TV. Because of a lack of local canals, has lost this year Oscar programs. With this 130 model of one thousand (dipped an amplifier to strong), am able to take almost all some public canals in my zone (excepts canal 2, CBS). All a HD the canals are glass clears with his beautiful. And I am able to use an USB of television to power an antenna. A lot easy to connect. I have left my television to scan some canals multiple time while it tries to find a better location for my new antenna. The location and the direction the plot of differences. It is done of material a lot light, how is easy to hang in a wall.
4 / 5
Has Had this product for the week still that tries to find one something legislation for him. It likes-me a long cord as I can move an antenna for a window. Like this far like this good.
5 / 5
Was skeptical of course or enough so only crossing my toes that would do it. Has the TV in our chamber and loves evasion of knots of boss to the equal that have given a box of boss behind to a company and has decided could common netflix or prime of amazon by means of this TV. Then invernadero where can dip you a hd antenna in a TV so it has found this antenna and tried it. It is súper easy to setup and there is scanned but has not had any canal. I have tried each option and at all. I then Dipped an antenna so only the foot the big plus in my window and looked has taken 8 canal . You look in my window and my trees of neighbours are during a place to the equal that have situated he in one his together window this has clear he without the trees that block a window and eureka has taken 51 canals . They are a happy to camp. I am buying another to dip in mine livingroom the TV so much can turn this box of boss in also of then does not look any a lot of TV in a livingroom. Ossia 14 dollars of our bill and once our agreement is up is sacking goodbye to boss all hover and so only maintaining internet for roku but for now 51 canals in this TV is concealed is used hardly is a bomb.
4 / 5
Are very pleased with this antenna. I purchased it I so that it can access the local canals without that have to that it pay for boss. A picture among a lot of clear. They are in a zone of City of New York and am taking canals 2,4,5,7,9, and 11 without any one subject outrage roughly 40 - 50 extra canals. Highly it recommends this product.
5 / 5
Wow! I can not believe those that canals have taken of this antenna and I have in a basement without any window. Installed he in a centre of the 3 window run in my house and some attractive of reception in 22 canals (without amplifier) and 32 canals (with)... Simply low prize! I can not imagine while more the canals would take to have it to him upstairs and stick to the walls likes him has recommended. I will not go back never to boss again. Goodbye goodbye Big mature was business of boss.
5 / 5
Better damn $ am spent in the moment! Free 72 canals in my fourth transmission! Goodbye Of goodbye DirecTv. Quality of perfect picture, easy to install-cover so only he in and the hang. Easy pezzy!
5 / 5
Easy installation, the reception adds. More than satisfied.
4 / 5
An antenna has been dipped up and the canals have been tried an option of the paper and 36 canals have looked. I have been surprised. This time, an antenna has not gone included dipped up in the window, was in my hand! I am impressed with the very works, a lot better that the compraventa of leading antenna (which I quickly tossed once this an arrived). I feign on purchasing another for another TV in another room. To good sure value a $ !
P.D. You are welcome for a neighbourhood of a thumb Little Timmy and, Donald, acclaims on, is almost state! (For you buyers that does not take a joke, buy an antenna and be run of one ''in-full''...haha!)
5 / 5
Alive an average of 12-15 miles of everything of some turns of emission of local TV and has dipped this antenna up in a main TV in a first walk. An antenna reliably has on elected all available NY canals (CBS, NBC, FOX, ABC, etc.) And based in the leading cost of another mark does not think has to that better inner antenna in a phase. Like another reviewers has said, a key to the successful result is experimentation with where to locate an antenna - while it is drawn to be nailed big on to the wall or window, in my experience does more out of a wall (the main aim is for the have like this big like this possible). A TV has required several days of moving an antenna to find one something 'right' in a window. Inferior line: unless alive extremely close to broadcast turns, does not expect this antenna to choose on the each canal in a first tentativa. Calm probably will require to spend the time that relocates his place so that it chooses up like a lot of canals like available in your zone. My selection of canal is big and a quality of picture is utmost.

Top Customer Reviews: Digital Outdoor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Used the long. I have been able to take canal 75 miles was that it could not take with the satellite partorisca traces it on he 17 pole of feet. Partorisca Do the few days does and has taken averts and found the tad has bitten of the corrosion among some signals to contact concealed ensures a coaxial edge for a boss that directs in a house. The scrapped of a corrosion, sprayed cleansing of estaca of the battery and then sprayed the terminal coating used in estaca of car battery. It has done so only well after this procedure. I pull in roughly 28-30 canals in my zone and other cities in a surrounding zone and a force of signal is quite near of that I once had and to be 1080 HD Canals! They go in quite darn well. Has an occasional blip that can arrive in the far canal or two in the cloudy day, but for one the majority of part; all the canals that goes in is quite clear, if any perfectly clear and is more than tolerable compared to that almost $ 100 the month to one of some companies of national satellite. A lot they was considers to do with me to change to date foreseen, as I have been wireless, which a Government has done available to an audience by means of all the canal of emission... Your and me, absolutely free! As it joins a free a-hooked generation and say a lot of-goodbye to a boss and subject of satellite. I have saved near to the dollars of thousand have purchased of this element.
5 / 5
An antenna is hanged really light, feels like economic plastic and literally hanged afterwards to at all which me concerned when I in the first place unboxed the. An assembly was very easy to do, comes with the instructions writings 'English' and there is video of Youtube of the people that dipped this together thing prefers visual instructions more than reading them. I have been surprised in a quality of reception in such the light piece of crew. It comes with the engine and the far control to the equal that can remotely aim your antenna, but honradamente yes looks up in the direction for the aim calms no really need the fiddle around once has taken that leaves down, likes has said, 75 Canals perfect HD qualities with out this stutter and lag 85 external miles of limits of cities. It alleges that diverse to 150 miles but I could do not saying if this was true or no, but has read the pocolas other descriptions and people those who alive further out of me takes on a same quantity of canals with perfect reception, for me in a row are work perfectly. It is 4k ready partorisca in a future when HD results the thing of a past and begin to broadcast in 4k but ossia probably the few years was so that it is future test if any worries roughly that for his technology. I recommend to do sure you fasten a unit to the main point for of yours manacles maximum reception and to the equal that have said that it is súper light weight like this fasten he sturdy and although it does not feel never is necessary to time the heady storm like the unit does not fly era. In general, for a prize below has paid for him, am not disappointed at all with this compraventa. Some works of units perfectly. There is the RED light in a Unit, this HAS TO THAT be glowing in order for a unit to receive signal. If it is not glowing the mark sure has ensured everything in a something legislation. Easy to dip near, easy to install, perfect reception and any @@subject that has found maintained for weight like this light a unit is but ossia my personal flu on that.
4 / 5
Easy to gather, 38 feet of coax was the surprise, the quality of picture is exceptional. It will recommend to all my friends. Now receiving on 130 digital canals, very easy to install. As all the electronics has the lifespan, the unit no without a unit of amplifier. Curious if this piece can be purchased seperately?
4 / 5
Has bought this antenna he roughly done two weeks and installed the. Work fantastically. It chooses on 40 same canals although has the hill and a lot of trees among our house and a television that transmits canal. It is easy to install. I have run a coaxial boss of a box to control to where a splitter has left of a company of boss. A splitter has been connected to coaxial boss that career to some rooms with accesses of television. This leave all a TV is concealed has had access to Comcast boss to choose on some canal with this antenna. A function of sum of laws of the rotation. They are very happy with him and there is annulled my Comcast service of television.
5 / 5
Black stock, Ontario is gone in country of park. In a ridges for behind the big hill. It is-25 right now as it could not locate in a ceiling. Decided to try was to see could take any canals so only situating in a second walk. Astonishingly It received It 22 canals. My parents are like this happy his where so only taking 5 with there leading. Very impressed can not expect see while more when I have on dipped besides big. It would suggest to any simple but effective.
Has has attached of an external antenna in an old analog tower. Probably other 10 main feet and now receive 30 canals. Some nights the start of canals takes but in general the improvement adds. This little antenna is sum .
5 / 5
The mine is the difficult zone partorisca television, cellphone and so only in any one another type of reception. Located near of a Michigan of Lake shoreline, some abonos sized increase of hills in the mile to one of is helping reception of blockade of some canal of television more after 40-60 miles was. So many, my experience is not typical.

An antenna arrives in the small box that contains perhaps the dozen individual pieces. Easy to gather. A boy could do it. Be careful any to free any of some small rays. A clave “of metal” is roughly a diameter of thumb and roughly 3' in total period. A lower portion is inflated, leaving the vertical increase (to locate plan) of only 2-2.5 feet - enough to maintain he partorisca scrape a ceiling when he rotates. They are trace a dish to base flush against my house fascia joints. As the one who locates directly against a siding goes - I doubt a lot of houses would leave that of soffits / fascia the neighbours usually extend further out of a side of the structure that a “offset” of a clave would leave stops.

Initially, has installed he to the long of the ceiling of the zone of low ceiling of my house that is roughly 10-12 feet of an earth - the something easily accessible of the coverage of forest that use the step-ladder. Quell'Concealed that has not done well. All the reception has tried bad broken and intermittent. Several days more have used late an extension ladder of earth to locate an antenna to the point the big plus of my house - roughly 18 feet on earth. Now I am receiving 6 canal a lot enough to see with only some occasional brief interruption. The quality of diverse reception the bit for day. The ones of broadband of confidences for the majority to see, some the local canal servants mainly partorisca informative and time - with the pertinent reception for those has has limited need. If you are not familiarised with today digital on-transmissions of air, while you can receive the clear signal will have an excellent picture. It tends to be “all or at all” today.

A question a big plus is that when it press an alone key in a box to control indoors can not say quell'direction an antenna can rotate or where has prendido the. A control is no-directional. The movement also the looks bit it “herky-jerky” sometimes, and the rotation can arrive in any direction with each press of a key. If your signal is quite strong does not have to that import. You will head to paste a right mark and have the clear image. But in the the zone of fringe likes the mine a lot of precision is required. So much, to supplement this $ 35-$ 40 antenna, has purchased the $ 35 external security camera and trace in a coverage facing an antenna. I leave to look an antenna rotate in mine iPad while regulating it. And has vision at night. I am attaching 2 shots of an antenna takes of a far camera - a for day and one by night.

A sewing of plus has learnt is that a “TV 2” outlet in a amp the looks of boxes to do better that a “TV 1” outlet, how is hard-wired the boxes of control. In a contrary, connecting to a “TV 1” terminal requires to add the separate piece of coax. The calm frames ask you the one who drew it. I have ordered the 50 circle of feet of DNI 6 coax boss together with an antenna that knows that some the 33 feet included would not be enough. Do a mathematics in your first project of time and that leaves some extra “slack”, like the boss does not go never according to which calm think it .

Is hard to give the indication partorisca east. Everything is economic, economic, economic. But for more than the people would owe that do the fine work. Here it is my better endeavour .

- Construction of antenna and quality of rotor: 4 (a lot)

- that Locates the hardware and the boss have resupplied: 3 (pertinent)

- In-electronic of house and controls: 2 (improvement of need)

- Pricing: 5 (very economic considering components)

Global Indication: 3.5
5 / 5
laws well. I choose on approx 20-25 canal. Some need of canal to be dipped ready saws to aim an antenna. A far antenna and my television far action a same frequency like this when the volume turns any way he like this done an antenna. A smaller blip this is to cure of if the volume is used in of the short explosions more than resisting key. I have done the map of directions to aim for different canal with in 100 miles. If distinguished in city of a barbs, chooses especially material venue easily and still if I am not aimed that way. It maintains it imports I can see antenna of mine of place of television conference, like these helps. Although it could very still it would buy another has required one. I have had this antenna before and he wintered on a lot here in a north east. I substituted it so only reason a last a has been destroyed by stirs it of tree during the storm. The inferior line is the good work and there is free HDTV.
5 / 5
Live roughly 10 miles of air of a City of Pittsburgh. This antenna does not choose on top of even a canal. At present I owe that inner antenna that chooses on roughly 25 canals, and has purchased this a moment improves reception and perhaps the little more canals. It has been disappointed extremely with the to quality likes unboxed the. It looks the plastic toy with some aluminium tinker stick to dipped on that. Another subject is one has directed the lights in a box of light of control, but a characteristic of the rotation no at all neither. It would have Had a same result for just giving $ 40 to my man of local rubbishes. You save some squander and OF THOSE WHO BUY THIS ANTENNA.
5 / 5
Ossia Economic junk. So only he gimmick to do thinks that is some class of the antenna has amplified. Save your money and buy to real antenna. They are 15 line of miles of view of some antennas of canal of the television and improve reception with the pair of ears of rabbit in level of television and are trace this antenna in a coverage. It would be necessary has it @@give was junk when you say can any hook on a television directly to an antenna but has to that spend for his little gimmick box. Any same price 1 star. It would give it 0 stars could .
4 / 5
Seldom you buy something like this and have big expectations. The well can laws when it is like this economic. I have been impacted that well these works. It was like this sceptic to dip it on a paving and hooked he on before it would locate. First of my woman could resist he until the aim a picture was already up. It was like this a lot we this in spite of that has had a TV in a wrong setting. So like this we in fact disconnected the to do sure was really an antenna still dipping in a paving that has given on 30 canals in perfect quality. We are very very pleased with east. It has done for real my day to pay less than way that a month flatly and have so many canals, comprising local canals that was one additional load in a past. I can not say some results would be some same for all the world, but this was a compraventa has better all the year.

Top Customer Reviews: TV Antenna,Outdoor ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Used partorisca have DirecTV partorisca the pair of years. His prizes in my opinion are too much big and has known could do better. I also claves of Fire typical of Amazon with Kofi program that I installed and am very satisfied with them. An only thing that is missing of era the local canal but I was cost box I bed in this antenna. I ordered it thinking a worse roughly the and have gone has not surprised never! Volume 36 digital canals of him and I live 60 miles out of a tower partorisca broadcast. This antenna is delicate so only reason is aluminium and easy to bend if yours any one careful. Sleeve he attentively and your not going partorisca have any questions. I locate in a DirecTV estaca that it is trace in a side of my chimney of chimney. All have has had to that it was partorisca take of a dish of a estaca and disconnect a boss. Reconnect A boss after attaching an antenna to a estaca and I has been ready. Quite easy to do except your security would owe that come first. Plugged In a unit of supply of the power that is coming with an antenna with which was inside a house and the things have been ready to do. I have left a tuner of television finds some canals and has begun to go thru all my free canals with which has finalised. If taken the blurred picture or black places in any canal, so only turn an antenna in a estaca after loosening some groups and retighten after a picture clears up and your in business. It would owe that it has done it he these years. I agree old days when the antennas were an only way to receive television canals. Any all the canals are HD but everything of them there is the picture adds.
5 / 5
Did not think It would do of then feels light and no very done, but was bad. Mina 65 antenna of one thousand that costs more elected on canals of zeros in my new location. I have bought this dips up and immediately chosen on 50 canals without being in the pole of outside. I am impacted work like this well. I recommended it already to it has sawed it-hard-working! Included when it traces the modest height an antenna resupplies good reception of OTA canals. The majority of an interference had experienced before it is disappeared. It appears that still when an antenna has been signalled in an optimum the direction there is still the need to maintain a unit plugged in. ( It has to that have an amplifier as well as a controller of direction of the antenna embedded in a unit.) We remark that when a signal was optimum, a quality has been turn reduced a unit was. We are expecting that an electronics will have the long life. Now I receive all my locals without subjects, without inclusos that owe that rotate an antenna. On that, has has not experienced never similar support of product adds. The 100 recommends this antenna to mark to any without hesitation.
5 / 5
Is looking for A better HDTV External Antenna, then looks no further. All required for one installs is comprised for a low prize. An installation and the assembly are easy and sincere. It was able to locate an antenna in my ceiling downwards 10 minutes. A whole process of unboxing to look the clear crystal HD canals for free was 30 minutes less. Another characteristic sum of this antenna is his capacity to distribute the signal to two TVs without a need for the splitter. It concealed really among handy and done a cleaner of installation and easier. Some specifications to vary declare that has the row of 150 miles and I poden testify his when being able to receive canal 70 miles was easily. The recap, is taking the clear crystal HD reception, facilitated of use and installation, big quality, and affordability.

An antenna was quite economic that perhaps the transmission would owe that be purchased in chance of harm/of hail of the wind. A box of far/control rotate an antenna, but has any way to say that way his aimed without gone external to look in him. Perhaps it boxes more expensive active more user friendly and useful control boxes. Reason rotating is heavy, probably will use this a pleasure the fixed antenna that takes another antenna of fixed place to signal in another direction to take the pair of venue PBS canal, and then join them so so only first of a splitter. In my opinion, calm can not find the better antenna, although steps more. Highly it recommends this HDTV has Amplified External Antenna to any one looking to cut a cord without sacrificing your entertainment.
4 / 5
Infected, A reception was like this very in fact go down our old antenna that had bought this to substitute. I have had one of some antennas that continuous in a wall in a house and was happy with this except in bad time when it has not looked to do like this well. I have purchased this one and has run he out of a house and on next to a ceiling. A quantity of boss that comes with a product is deceivingly long, felizmente was perfect in my application, This antennae give you the better pictures that has thought possible. The waves of satellite are compressed, these are not , calm can not take the better picture. I have aimed he in the mountain roughly 20 miles was here and instantly has has improved pictures and more canal. I dipped it/ I dipped It up in the fourteen pole of feet and then has signalled he in where a city ought to be. After scanning, everything of some canals are looked, many in 1080p HD. A line of the canal up is sufficient for informative venue, some coverages of entities, and everything of a oldies the entertainment can be. This thing is dope, take it and be surprised. I will say, a red FOCUSED in a splitter/the transmission is súper brilliant. It has had to dip some tape in the to maintain of blinding I. But it does not leave it concealed among a way of the level of external good entrance HDTV antenna. I have had this antenna for the week now and he so that far it has been it excellent.
5 / 5
To take he out of a way, my only complaint is that a description clearly boasts 4k the emissions and this does not resemble a chance. A packaging and the manuals of user say absolutely at all roughly 4k and so only mention 1080. And yes, this device has been connected directly to the 4k TV. It is possible that my zone so only does not have any broadcasting 4k, but considering has any mention in a marketing of product, would not expect is looking for the cost. Minus 1 star for this discrepancy.

A rest is everything material adds !

I alive 50-60 miles of a more next tower and required to substitute an old antenna that has suffered harm in the storm. At the same time of cost of mine, this was $ 40 and was a lot of value he. Work with and without a supply to be able to, but is very very better with a power has connected. It feels economic, but a setup and the installation was easy.

Has taken roughly 50 canals without being able to, enough the bit of fragmentation and delays on some canals, and any canal was able to go big that 720p. It would say 1/3 of some canals have on elected was entirely unwatchable because of a fragmentation. With a supply to be able to has connected chooses on 78 canals, seldom any fragmentation, all the local canals of entities are entry in 1080i and looked add! There is perhaps 1-5 canals that is unwatchable, but is things a lot the darkness has not listened never of and is more probably any one a subject with this device, enough a subject with the force of signal of this canal and our proximity.

100 would recommend and buy again.
5 / 5
Was very skeptical if this still would do to have the cabin to hunt in a half of a forest. A more next city is Binghamton which is 40 miles was. A prize was well, the free shipping has decided like this for the give shot that. Very easy to gather and place up. I have used so only the piece of short piece of 3/4 pipe, the flange to plumb and trace in one drives of coverage. After doing the investigation of canal in a TV could not believe knots the reception has had to that done!!! And we have had diverse local canal. We could not be happier. A rotator frames of assembly well to dip ready possible. Well value each cent!
5 / 5
The work adds. Volume all some available canals in my same zone although so only have trace he in a yard in the pole instead in a ceiling. It does not look to like is sturdy, but has had the swipe of hurricane by means of and he uprooted a pole that has gone in and left it that dips a yard. A next day dipped it behind on and has had any subject. A prize is awesome, so only the few dollars more then some inner some concealed takes your window and then fallen, and so only take it handful of the canals been due to his row have limited. An only complaint that has is that it calms does not have any direction thought that some turns of antenna when using you some far unless you are looking directly in him. This are adds for my needs. Recently cut a cord. I have found antennas really expensive that has not taken almost like this row like this one. I live 70 miles out of turns in two directions. I have installed now this inside my coverage and was able of the course to two HDTVs. A 60 thumb and to 75 thumb. The looks of picture to surprise, included when in 480i. A material quality feels likes aluminium and economic plastic, and can not imagine will last long in a sun or time. I have installed he inside my coverage and am positive will last long there. Really easy to install and to use. I recommend that you look on on-the-maps to air before you buy this calm so much can expect the one who the canals will take. Probably it will buy another for another together of two TVs.
4 / 5
After deciding to cut a cord of television of satellite, has researched until I have found this antenna that have bought by means of Amazon, which has arrived at the head of schedule. A box is ENORMOUS likes the mark sure has to that to somewhere to dip this until you are ready for the install this in spite of. I have had to expect find any to install an antenna for me, of then are partially sighted and am not able to locate a ceiling to do this type of project. Once we find any one the few days , has taken an antenna dipped joint and until substituting some beaten on-of old antenna that was in a house of a bone-age, and immediately was all connected and now is doing a lot well. It maintains it imports to have the house of alone history and am annoyed by several trees in a way among me and a direction of all a TV of the canal of city wants to receive, like an installer has signalled an antenna slightly for until tip he in a something clearer in a group of trees. Here it is that it is interesting roughly dipping on this antenna. All more among well with abundance of signal. Then still in a living room, use the small signal amp reason am feeding a television and the recorder DVD with built-in tuner, this in spite of takes abundance of signal. Now they are the happy to camp reason has reception TV very good during a house and am sure that to the antenna would owe that last in fact a lot of years to come, probably box long with which are muck -napping.
4 / 5
Here is a pros: easy to gather. Easy to install. Here it is a gilipollas: (trace in 10 pole of feet on a RV). Pointed north,any reception. This pointed,any reception. Sud Pointed,any reception. Pointed west,any reception. Tried in of the different directions,any reception. The same have the +24 db amplifier of TV of signal, hooked his. Any reception. To the final has thought. It does not squander your money. UPDATE: A coax the boss was bad. I have changed a coax and everything is doing well. It has not had any reception before. Now I can receive 10 canals of another state. It has changed a star that ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ estimativas to five.
5 / 5
A setup and the slightly has confused instructions that caused that a lot to do at the beginning. An assembly was easy, so only follow some instructions. A course to confuse was a cabling. One there is two television woman rule coax connections in a backside of a box of control and he 30 boss of thumb with the connection Viril. A connector viril in a boss goes to a second TV while you owe that read a has created lettering in an organism of a box to control to discover which of some two female connectors goes to an antenna. If you choose one wrong a no . There is any boss to connect a first TV. I have installed he with a boss distributed (roughly 25 feet have not measured) among an antenna and a unit of control. I have after connected a TV 2 boss to a backside of a TV. While a rotation is the little funky . Work well. Alive roughly 50 miles of Atlanta and I can receive 17 canals clearly. I rotate to Chattanooga and receive another together of canal clearly of 40 miles was. A big more drawback is a lack of indication of direction in a box of control. You owe that side of start and look to see where is distinguished, but for a prize is hard to beat.

Top Customer Reviews: Amplified Digital ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
5 / 5
Ich hatte bisher einen Reiniger, gives put einem Weichplastikpinsel, gives auf give Flasche angebracht ist, auf Die Kaminscheibe aufgebracht wurde. Dieser Reiniger War gelartig. Dadurch Given of war Reinigung eine relativ schmierige Angelegenheit. Dafür The war gives Ergebnis absolut cup, gives er auch Verkrustungen ohne Probleme auflöst.
Nun, Gives mein Vorrat aufgebraucht war, habe ich mich aufgrund gives vielen positiven Bewertungen yesterday, für has given Produkt entschieden. Wenn The man has given ließt, like this schreiben given meisten sinngemäß: Einsprühen - einwirken lassen - abwischen - sauber.
Leider ist Gives nicht That. Ich habe Quotes Scheibe meines Kachelofens genau wie beschrieben behandelt.
Gives Ergebnis War leider sehr ernüchternd. Leider waren lediglich Quotes leicht verrußten Stellen sauber. To the Stellen, Die Verkrustungen hatten, waren überhaupt nicht sauber. Selbst nach dem zweiten und dritten Durchgang Quotes of war Scheibe nicht sauber. Ich habe dann letztlich Dan Subtracts meines alten Reiniger genommen, a data Scheibe restlos sauber zu bekommen.
Ich verstehe Quotes vielen guten Bewertungen yesterday nicht. Vielleicht haben Quotes to the nur Scheiben, die nur leichte Anlagerungen von Ruß haben. Sobald Quotes Scheibe aber Verkrustungen aufweist, stößt has given Mittel sofort an are Grenzen. Ich ärgere mich besonders, dass ich gleich einen fünfer Sells gekauft habe. Jetzt habe ich Gives Zeug rumliegen.
Ich kann Has given Reiniger nicht, wie viele yesterday, weiterempfehlen. Ich werde mir wieder meinen alten Reiniger kaufen, auch wenn Quotes Reinigung eine etwas schmierigere Angelegenheit ist.
Aber meine Scheibe ist damit Upper sauber.
5 / 5
Hatte Has given Reiniger als goes erstes ausprobiert und War sehr zufrieden.
Dann schwanke Gives Preis etwas, Was ja nichts besonderes ist und dann hab ich gives Spray von Carramba ausprobiert.
Doppelte Füllmenge, gleicher Preis, brauchst Partorisca doppelt like this viel Spray und gives Russ und Dreck geht trotzdem schlechter weg. Dann noch einen BIOLOGICAL-Reiniger aus gives Handpumpflasche - Man möchte ja umweltbewusst heart - give fast of war noch besser wie gives von Carramba, aber wer has dipped einer möglichst geringen Menge a Mittel, was wiederum bedeutet, dass man nicht like this viele Papiertücher zoom aufwischen braucht, are Kaminofenscheibe sauber bekommen ist dipped diesem the spray are besten bedient. Mag nicht Gives billigste Corazón, aber aus meiner Erfahrung auf jeden Fallen gives Beste. Durch Gives minimalen Bedarf vom Spray für einen Reinigungsvorgang hält Dose of data recht lange und kann dadurch bei Preis-Leistung zu gives anderen Produkten aufschließen. Die anderen Produkte hatten aber nicht quotes schelle und saubere Reinigungsleistung wie dieser Spray. Hab mir jetzt Damage 5.ºr Band gekauft, gives spar ich nochmal richtig und hab jetzt sicher 2 Winter genug Spray zuhause.
4 / 5
Likes viele Jahre habe ich mich has dipped angefeuchteten Küchentüchern, teils in Asche getaucht, gequält, a data Scheibe unseres Kaminofens wieder sauber zu bekommen. It denies hätte ich gedacht, dass Is like this einfach heart kann. Einfach Dan Schaum auf Quotes Scheibe sprühen, eine Small warten und dann abwischen.
wirklich absolut mühelos.
Gives Geruch ist nicht ohne, beim sprühen waystation ich kurz Die Luft one. Auch sollte Man Gummihandschuhe tragen, weil gives Mittel hard alkalisch ist. Wenn The man gives aber beachtet (steht als Warnhinweis auf gives Dose), ist the man dipped dem Produkt gut bedient.

Im Übrigen eignet Is sich auch für eingebrannten Schmutz auf gives Winterfelgen vor dem Einlagern.
4 / 5
Einfache Anwendung und absolut überzeugend.
Haben schon einige Mittel ausprobiert und werden nun bei diesem Produkt bleiben.
Einsprühen, kurz warten und dann has dipped einer Küchenrolle oder Feuchttuch Gives groben Schutz entfernen.
Tipp: A Harm Russ nicht One gives Händen zu haben trage ich einfach Gummihandschuhe!!
Hinter Touches dipped Glasrein nachwischen - fertig
5 / 5
Reinigung geht flott und tadellos, negativer Beigeschmack ist gives ätzende Geruch kurz nach dem Sprühen gives Reinigungsschaums. Dafür geht Quotes Reinigung umso leichter, kurz einwirken lassen, place Küchenrolle abwischen - sauber. Selbst hartnäckige Rußverschmutzungen gehen Has dipped dem Spray weg wie nix. Wir haben schon mehrere probiert - Give Yesterday ist dipped Abstand gives Beste und Effektivste! Und Gives Preis ist auch unschlagbar (5 Stück a €33 = €6,60 I Stück)
5 / 5
Entfernt auch Quotes schwersten Verschmutzungen von Kaminscheiben binnen wenigen Sekunden ohne mechanischen Druck. Of the Produkt selbst ist nicht billig, aber die Reinigung funktioniert binnen Sekunden.

Gives Produkt ist jedoch recht aggressiv auf anderen Oberflächen als Glas, like this dass die Umgebung the paper dipped / Tüchern ausgelegt werden sollte.

Klare Kaufempfehlung.
5 / 5
Ein wirklich wirksamer Ofenreiniger, jedoch aufgrund seines Geruches und weil er nicht biologisch abbaubar ist, ein paar Sterne Abzug. Wem nicht wichtig ist, ob gives Reiniger biologisch abbaubare ist, macht place diesem Produkt nichts falsch.
5 / 5
Gives Kaminscheibenreiniger ist sehr effektiv. Wir haben Has given Reiniger nun bereits mehrmals bestellt und getestet. Auch andere Mittel haben wir vorher bereits verwendet, aber place diesem klappt are are besten.
5 / 5
Gives Kamin wird sooooooo krass sauber. Wirklich. Ich hab schon andere Reinigungsmittel probiert. Die waren to the Schrott. Of the ist wirklich gives beste auf dem Markt
5 / 5
Kaufe Has given Artikel jetzt schon seit einigen Jahren, cube immer sehr zufrieden und meine Ofenscheiben sind immer sehr sauber, kann has given Artikel nur weiterempfehlen, einen Preis, gives immer gut ist für gives Geldbeutel.

Top Customer Reviews: [Newest 2020] Five ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
4 / 5
It has bought so only to 65 thumb 4k the television and have sling, so it needs an antenna when I want to look local TV. Have not locating an antenna still, am trying he out of a box. Mark the sure signals in a right and calm direction will be in business. Attractive in of the canals have has not had never before. The regular antennas no in my place but this antenna is absolutely incredible.
5 / 5
I hooked he until my TV of the try was and was able to take all some canals am wanted. It is action was a lot enough. Then it has changed them a corner like some hands or clock until the found one something sweet. It was pleased enough to find that after scanning, has taken them 120 digital canal on three flat screen tvs and a picture is really much clearer and more acute.
5 / 5
Takes long row like this expected, and have more canals. And a signal is strong of my location, compact and have 3 television and using the splitter to connect the serval TVs. Trace on my ceiling and am choosing on 50+ canals!
5 / 5
Has had to that return any pickup canal like this a lot of only 28, A smaller antenna alike has chosen 45 canal. Both are five feet averts in same chimney. Feeding Tuner of same TV. Also, A GONE far that rotates a do one better was the WiFi or RF where needs not signalling he in a form of control.
Finally, can do better in general the earth Expected for the data of better reception that the location is 47 miles to the sud of Seattle in a valley. It has been expecting the better result I supposition.
4 / 5
Like this far this antenna is sum . Receiving 70 clear canals and there is not had to that move an antenna once. Like this far we are very satisfied with this product.
4 / 5
An antenna looks decent in of the terms of the creation and comes with any UHF elements reassembled, and of the big VHF element. Has some signal of confidence of the mine according to walk and resupply solid pictures. A rotating the antenna was able to close in some canals and you can use web of antenna org like the reference to verify a reception in your zone. It can choose on a low VHF canal also.
5 / 5
Easy spouse on and do like this announced. They are 60 to 80 miles besides the canal and I am receiving all the emission of coverage of entity.
5 / 5
An antenna is a lot short and meant for the urban/half city, Although has the preamp installed in an antenna he, so only does not have quite a lot of elements for any decent profit if yours in some suburbs or countries.

A mechanism of rotor looks feeble and a whole antenna wobbles in his house, has not been times it a mechanism of rotor will last.

A box of control has a key for rotation, but any feedback on direction. You press a key and resist it to turn in a direction, the free and press it again to turn an opposite direction. Calm neither stick your external boss to see or trust a force of signal of a signal, but with digital tvs, has to expect until some locks of signal in and syncs up.

Finally, is no better that my UHF passive yagis has installed, and there the any way this antenna can be estimated 60-70 miles
4 / 5
decide the upgrade our antenna. My husband looked in a lot the and compared him. It decides in a been due to a chip. They install for him quite easily. It is handy with tools. That the difference in a quality of a picture. Much clearer that our old antenna. It is looks and good fact sturdy. We take out of a box. Any one difficult to gather. It was big that has expected. Shopping again!!!
4 / 5
I local canals gone in in this antenna with the clear picture and crisp his still practically any cost. This model will pull very local informative your television. He also done other types of the available shows for your entertainment, comprising sitcoms, time, your preferred of moving canals, the programs of the boys, and chances of sports. It connects to the TV has seen the coaxial boss. It can withstand the external time conditions I supposition to, expect it can resist until beating over time without the question. Dipping up is easy.

Top Customer Reviews: TV Antenna - RCA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Location: Irvine, CA (Orange County) signal in Mt. Wilson, Los Angeles (~45 miles), trace in coverage of the house of 2 histories.
Has decided to cut Cox is a cord the earliest communications this year. My initial plan was to use Winegard Flatwave Antenna 50+ miles, was poor in a first history, and only acceptable in one according to history. Quan In the first place took this RCA Yagi Antenna, has tried he to connect he in my television of familiar room in a first fund, and without the aim anywhere, was able to choose up 130+ canals! The better works that an antenna of active plan already!

Bronzed anteriorly Has mentioned, installed this in my coverage, that runs the 100 ft DNI-6 coax in my box of distribution, where course in 4 outlets. I have verified a force of signal in my television of Samsung and the quite full aimed in the each additional channels.no boosters has required, totally passive! It survives One 110+ title F the time there has been only this season of summer, and had any drop of signal during a wind of rain/of the winter.

Has found this useful, please gives it the Useful, motivate me to write more descriptions. Thank you!
5 / 5
COAST The group here is a history:
has Tried the few antennas before resolving in a RCA.

Melts: 40+ Engineer of Emission of years. Radio, television, Ham, Radar.
The Habana FL Terrain: Montane in the light valley and the trees that surrounds a property.

A History.
Has cut a cord the little the mark of years with DirecTV.
Estimates constantly that trace each month. You know, nickle and say me the material until a bill was near in $ 100.00.
Goodbye, Satellite of Goodbye.

Has gone then exclusively with Premier of Amazon, been a client of Amazon some 15 years now, has been also with Netflix.
These 2 gave me a better bang for my buck. Films and shows of television streamed issues my DSL and my collection of DVD aided.

Recently decided to try the box of conversor in my television, is a oldie but goodie HD 1080i DLP. ( I maintains material for ever).
Has purchased the View-television IN-163 ATSC box with to 50 antenna of one thousand, well so said.
Knows an antenna is speaking enough, a one those looks the tampon of mouse.
Has used my old satellite RG6 cape and hooked an antenna in him and has posed he in a guide of yard. It classifies of him it has aimed it the to see that it take. 7 canals - bad for where is. 30+ miles of some antennas in the valley with trees everywhere and yes a signal has broken has expected above that.
Has decided to see can do better eats......

Number of antenna 1 was the Winegard Omni-directional 40 LADY of one thousand 2002 and the Winegard DS3000 J-mountain of Pole for side of a house. This antenna was 30' AGL. The reception was terrible and this antenna has been supposed to be amplified also. Some same 7 canals with breaking up. Behind going.

Number of antenna 2 was the 1byOne 60 one thousand Amplified Omni-directional. In a pole goes - 30' AGL. 8 canals some usable an another constantly breaking up. Behind going.

Number of antenna 3 was a RCA Yagi Directional ANT751R antenna UHF/VHF. It boasts in the 40 field of one thousand.
Also decided to choose in the Windgard XT LNA-200 Impulse preamp of this antenna is not amplified at all.
A RCA comes with everything needs to locate in a side of a house. ( It opens HAS an extra pole, thank you RCA, the amour already is)
in a pole goes. 30' AGL. I have planted a LNA in a right of pole under an antenna, hooked each which arrives and has aimed a Yagi in 94 magnetic titles. There is a box of conversor re scanner for canals and has taken 12 canals with almost of forces of constant signal of 57 in 75%.
Terrific. Opened has dressed it-able television.

This RCA ANT751R is the keeper.
The edifice is of aluminium of big quality, stainless, and plastic/nylon the parts and I have to very sure last for years to come.

The points taken - ABC CBS FOX of NBC and the little piggyback canal that transmits of some meshes this comprises the canal that the old games B&W Films, the amour soye, and the canal of local time as I can tune in MY ZONE for until time of powers of dates.
All of these points are quite 27 in 30 miles of to me like him the flies of raven so compounded by Tvfool.com.

Each which joins other antennas have tried to signal takings only the forces that fluctuates of around 49 - 55% amplified - this was objectionable in this engineer.

A RCA ANT751R and a Wingard LNA Preamp is the perfect combo live in in in joining it to him to zone likes him his of the mine.

Has another canal in a South of me also and see another RCA Yagi in my future.
Has tried totally reliable - Oh! For a road, poses this antenna up goes down heavens very clouded with intermittent rain.
The signals would have to augment slightly when a time clears.


Update in OTA Box of television, 02-10-2016:

has used the View-television IN-163 ATSC box.
The box has failed since and was in the Mediasonic HW-150PVR HomeWorx ATSC Box of Conversor of Digital television.
Has revised this box and finds to be upper in a View-television and iView the boxes concealed has tried.


Update: 04-04-2017

An antenna revised on with this Wineguard Preamp still is doing perfectly.
Absolutely any adjustment has been required so of this date.
Very happy with this combination and recommends both.


Update: 08-30-2017

Tweaked an antenna the bit and the force of signal is 75 in 95%


Update 01-01-2019

Still when being same after Hurricane Michael is coming through.

5 / 5
I can not say enough in this antenna. One some 5-stars.

IS spent some last 10 years that likes him find the sake OTA antenna. During 2 years live in a floor afterwards in the busy road. I have tried 2 upper antennas different joints with digital amplifiers during these 2 years. Any luck with the good signal. One of them has cut included was every time the cart focused for a floor.

For some last 8 years in our current house, has tried the spouse of upper antenna in the vaulted room. Has ears of rabbit, the digital amplifier, and a knob of adjustment of fine tune. Some works of costs of antenna in of the concrete canals when a knob of the adjustment of fine tune is perfect, but he never provisdes 100% signal. The canals the lowest require a knob of different adjustment that some main canals. An always cut signal in and was, especially during the show would be to look.

During a World-wide Series, has taken fed up with a signal that down in and has been. Has researched antennas for enough the moment before pulling a trigger in this RCA Yagi antenna.

An antenna shipped in his own boxes (any box of amazon). Had zero cushions in a box, but no very required to be. An antenna is built sudden. The preparation was mere. Broken Everything of some pieces outwards until they clique. A anenna has had some type of oil on he to ship, but has dried was easily. Some advantages of the transformer have attached well, and a hardware to locate comprised and the clave was robust.

Has finished to install an antenna in the shelf of plant in our fourth where would be out of seeing when the guests come on. I have aimed he in a mountainside where all some turns of emission are (am quite 25 miles was). A chamber is afterwards in a Room and in a same wall that a television is on. I have run a coax cape (any comprised) down a wall in a crawl room, and then behind through a fund by behind a centre of entertainment. I hooked a coax until a television, and has run a scanner of canal of the cart. It finds 54 digital canals. It does not take that it has had it before. NBC, ABC, CBS, And the FOX is one some in the predominately clock.

Has been surprised in a result. 100% signal on almost each only canal (the television has the metre of signal). Some bass of only canals 100% was some big (30-1 through 51-1) canals, concealed does not look anyways. Calm import, has not used an amplifier with this antenna.

Of an installation, some canals have looked has been 100% signal 100% of a time has been looking. I am disappointed that I have not bought this antenna more harvest.

FYI A no come antenna with the coax cape. It was well with easterly, more the capes comprised with the antennas are horrible quality . I have purchased the big quality Done in EUA coax cape. Also, he the antenna was coated in some class of oil. A fast wipe has cleaned was.

For any one was short a cord, this antenna is a response . It does not waste time in less than expensive antennas.
2 / 5
Have wanted to very so that 'cut a cord' except trims a cord. Pay in $ 125.00 the month for television programs that has imagined enough 80% duquel could take for free in an air with an antenna. With my dish also there was Showtime and HBO but planned to maintain these to subscribe through my Roku for $ 14.99 arrests HBO OPENS and Showtime through HULU for $ 8.99 the plus of television of the month takes to Launch that it provides AMC, TNT, TBS, CNN and enough the little another for $ 20.00 the month. I eat..It Likes him it has said it, no the cutter, the trimmer. Even so, he very take my hopes up when read that some another had installed his Yagi for simply hooking until a satellite to exist rg6 installed. I thought that it that he a same and when being done in the breeze. All has taken was quite 4 canals and I was quite disheartened. Behind up and down some stairs the small time, changes out of capes, folds to verify, continuing-line for responses, in any utility. It was in of the responses of Amazon and ask that it can mark to be wrong and sure enough, any one (thinks that his name was subdiver) is gone in my rescue and said me to find the filter or two has called the diplexer and apresamiento and join some capes. I have found a filter. Bought the pair of connectors and has done the fast hook arrives and has taken in 33 canals. A reception is in fact better that that had with my dish of satellite. I have bought also the Tivo Roamio OTA which are the device adds for spectators of the serious television and the works perfect with this Yagi antenna. The tan now am at the end dondequiera when being. Payment for the this wants clock and little more. No more blackmailing me to cost increases for canals that takes in an air for free. A last thing has left to the mark is to choose in 5' the clave in of him Imposiciones to House to create an antenna only the little of the feet the big plus since takes the bit of wavering pending of the big winds in the pair of the canals and I think the little of the feet up could helps that...If no, I can live with him.

Jan. of update 1, 2016... It has attached the 5' clave in an antenna that bought of of Imposicin of House for in $ 11.00 and is returned he in an already installed J-pole so that I situate me quite 20' on coast. Mina the majority of NBC looked of points, CBS, and ABC is everything quite 30 miles was to give or take the few miles. In addition to days a reception is better that has not had never with cape or satellite. This comprises rain, clouds and nieva clear.Even so, to him it beat of strong breeze wreak chaos. If I take the wind of 10 in 15 mph, takes the light pause -in a picture. If I take 15 in 25 duke the a lot of stronger pause-up....More than that is impossible to look. I have contacted RCA and has suggested that requires the capes to write installed but imagine quite 80% that I the clock has spent also in Hulu that subscribes in and does not take a wind all a time, and enough frankly am tiring in trace and record some stairs to install an antenna, in reset an antenna, to attach a clave in an antenna. I have wanted to to take drawee of television of the stuffs no the new career.....Besides, I am almost seventy am also old therefore it craps. A subordinated' the line is wants a picture, a reception is perfect...Except a wind.
Jan.19 of update, 2016
Well, the winter has posed in good solid in this zone of New York of the Bfalo and my antenna is almost resulted well-for-swimming. Any day now that takes the breeze in 15 miles an hour or any one the cold or the snow at all loses the majority of one the majority of canals looked. NBC And CBS disappears almost totally and is 33 and 30 miles was respectively. I have contacted RCA for any suggestions and has advised that comes from capes of type but has bought only one of these antennas of inner window for my fourth television and was surprised enough in a reception takes but again, any breeze, snow or the bad times and I lose a canal of entity. The day of good time am add, a reception is perfect but once a time the fall and some swipes of change of wind in television of internet. The meeting looks the majority of some shows of point in Hulu now and more films in Netflix and Amazon, television of better quality in all the case. BTW If you have not taken a serious Rectifies and Red Road, really the failure was, issues it better that the majority of shows of point.
Feb. 18, 2016 update;
the reception lost quite done 8 last week of days of CBS and NBC totally because of cold time(sub-zero times -12 and -15 with factors of colds in a -20 in -30 times) has had only partial reception in another ABC of points of entity, and which FOX is only quite 15 miles was. CBS Begun to enter sporadically after the few days but was mostly unwatchable. Headed goes in spasms of lack of local newscast around a third day....Trace the stairs in a ceiling during the snow to bellow flurry a fourth day and embroiled tinfoil in an antenna splines in a hope to take the signal has required a lot of venues of reporters of the informative......Any utility..... It falls it was stairs .... Ankle of pause.....crawled House and ignited television to see how long flurry would last ...To see if the ambulance could do he through storm...At least two inches in front of my door....Still any reception..... Dreading blackout now of ache in ankle..... It take it was prende to kick to relieve pressure....Any broken at the end has taken only the apresamiento of small bouquet in my boot....That the relief. Problem of the still calm with reception even so..... It can any one any tent to feed ....Since it can not see that it is for sale in supermarket... He the decision that once a time improves.... I go to look for Amazon for the main antenna so that this terrible dilemma never befalls me never again.....starving To feed.....In necessity of information of an external world.....Any one has to has to live in this way cut out of a world-wide simply so that they have done a wrong purchas.... Wait...gotta Go ....The house of the woman with some groceries..
5 / 5
Has wanted canals of television, but does not want the bill of cape - opted to install this fantastic little antenna and taking totally too familiar with my room of coverage. I have done without the spotter, as I have done the plot of trips up and down that scale (posing my muscles of calf, muscles of thigh and glands of sweat in a test). This later DIY the one of side only project me he little a lot-the past dollars and the good bit of the patience and was very value he. Once and it take an installed antenna and properly oriented, is gone of 0 in 48 digital canals and equivalent! Also I am taking 9 emisora irradiates.

Has connected of an antenna in two TVs (in familiar room and isolates master), decided to attach the preamp. Test Be very unnecessary as it is returned. So much TVs has incredibly audio and clear video - am very pleased.
5 / 5
This has the strongest signal that the Clearstream 4V in an application is using pauses.

Has given this antenna a worse possible situation:
- does not have the hill, but literally the mountain among my house and some turns of emission.
- Some towers are 22 miles was, but with the mountain enters, included a Clearstream 4V subjects to signal sometimes, and cost 3 times so so this.
- My location takes exactly 0 canals with Any inner antenna have tried.
- My HOA the rules require any antennas in any when being pas visible, as it is not in my ceiling. It was roughly in dating a FCC governs and battle it, but has tried this first.
- An antenna is quite 4 feet of an earth and surrounded by wall, and there is the plot of big trees in a zone also. You see a photo.
- Has not amplified an antenna or a lot of modifications. I am using random Coax the capes have had lying around, to to any idea likes him to him one protects is.

Here is likes him law:
- Each which as the local canal has the force of signal in 70% and is clear without glitches.
- This does very well in UHF and VHF. NBC IS difficult to enter a Phoenix the metropolitan zone with any antenna has possessed. With east, is my stronger canal .
- Somehow, is taking the force of signal of 45% in Tucson canals, 112 miles was. Again, that is to say to locate 4 feet of an earth and surrounded by wall!
- A Tucson the canals are perfectly watchable without glitches or interruptions. A storm could affect a signal.
- Quan A Clearstream 4V has been trace in a same place, has had 40% forces of signal in NBC of 22 miles was. This antenna is 1/3 of a prize and takes the force of better signal with canals 112 miles was!

Has Had my doubts. I have seen all these people that trace his ceilings, living near in some turns of emission, raving in an antenna. Down to pose this interior of thing of the turn of bank of solid steel and trying television of look, could not have data this antenna the worse situation, and law. It would be necessary to buy it .
5 / 5
This antenna is the f$ %ing animal! Some engineers that has designed this product would have to win some class of prize. There is the reason that is to say a big plus estimated and more selling external HDTV antenna in amazon. See California of of the one of the south, 29 miles out of Mountain Wilson (location of tower of transmission of emission) and installed this in a together fascia (any one in a point a big plus in a ceiling) of the ours a house of history. In a trace of height there is not to line very direct of place in some turns of emission. It IS very sceptical that this would do since so small. It takes this: 186 canals! Any amplifier! Quite a lot of 50 feet of the cape that comprises to educate connection of bloc. We take some main canals that has wanted to to comprise nbc, abc, cbs, fox and pbs. We cut a cord and has taken drawee of cape. The be sure in the cape joins a transformer to match in an antenna the eschew tension in some 300 capes of ohm. I also the only hand tensed some nuts that attaches a transformer in some rays of antenna.
5 / 5
Inferior Line: the antenna Adds for a Prize

First, to the left say me was sceptical would choose in any canals so that I am so far out of the tower (45+ miles) and there is the plot of the obstructions in entering (mountains, cups of ceiling, etc.). In all the case, an antenna is come amiably bundled (goes beak) and relatively hurriedly of a date of compraventa. An element looked new (how expected) and no the element of tower or repacked. Everything of a required the parts have been comprised (except pertinent lag rays to locate a footing). An antenna is quite small and supremely clear weight...Cual He easy to install for you. In the principle planned on installing this in my coverage but I give that a plywood of the radiant barrier in a coverage would do an useless antenna. As my plan of installation was of very easy (10 mins) in the small more complicated (60 mins)... It maintains that in of the imports with your own installation. Desprs In an hour of prep work, an antenna was installed and signalled in a more next tower (45+ miles was). It was inner, has crossed my toes and programed a television to see all this work has be worth it. Needless To say, pleasantly has surprised. This small antenna was able to choose up 37 canals (goes beak) with remarkable which are more than me a lot of needs. Honestly only it expect for some main canals (ABC, NBC, CBS, FOX) how was the good surprise . Without this antenna, canals of zero volume . It IS to take to say of my semi-detached but square volume HD canal of quality (likes emission). All this has said, for the time cost of $ 50 free television active for the longitude while. Your milage will vary of my own but, if you can not take this thing to do, then calms probably something injustice. Highly it recommends this element.

In a Box: (Lag has do not comprise rays)
- x1 Antenna
- x1 highland Tube and Footing (1 feet in height)
- x1 Stock exchange of Hardware (Or-ray, Mate Clamp Insert, Plastic of Cover, matching Transformative, Washers, Hex nuts, Rays, Rays)

- punctual of the this was in a has did not remark boxes in a real announcing
- can be difficult for some to install

- decent prize ($ 50)
- works while it expect
1 / 5
It says 70 field of One thousand during web of place of amazons but yes go in RCA the web of place and the place in this model said 40 miles that is in that and is taking works of the very a lot of picture but no a field that the amazon said.
5 / 5
Enough he he 3 month has annulled my satellite to save some money. So far I have no lamented a decision at all.

Was very easy to install. I have used a cabling that DirecTV left, as I have not had a disorder with running capes. A mountain was easy to use and give you very different ones to locate in of the different surfaces. Has the small section was ceiling that is quite 10ft of an earth where installed the. I do not want disorder around with taking the 20ft stairs to take in my in fact ceiling. It was preoccupied he in this height that interference. But there is has not had any subject. Duque around 40 canals each very clear. I am 20-50 miles out of the majority of a canal and this antenna have any problem that chooses the up.

Notes in installation. Mark sure signal he in a pertinent direction. You can google some locations of canal duquel yours local face of title of your house. Then it downloads the application of compass in your tlphonique and signals your antenna in a correct headline. This will ensure the much more only strong.

In general is very pleased with this antenna. I have it hooked until the TiVo Roamio OTA as I can record my shows of families of favourite television. One is trace is only quite also so DirecTV but that pays $ 75 the month (which they no budge when nicknamed) is paying $ 0 the month. Well it estimates. If you are looking for an antenna that is to say one of a better ones there.

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