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1 first UGREEN Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable Adapter 4K 60Hz Ethernet Audio Return Compatible for GoPro Hero 7 Black Hero 5 4 6, Raspberry Pi 4, Sony A6000 A6300 Camera, Nikon B500, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Yoga 710 6FT UGREEN Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable Adapter 4K 60Hz Ethernet Audio Return Compatible for GoPro Hero 7 Black Hero 5 4 6, Raspberry Pi 4, Sony A6000 A6300 Camera, Nikon B500, Lenovo Yoga 3 Pro, Yoga 710 6FT By UGREEN
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2 UGREEN 4K UHD DP to HDMI Cable Male to Male Displayport to HDMI Video Cable DisplayPort to HDTV Monitor Cable Support Audio for HP EliteBook,HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System and DP Enabled Devices 15FT UGREEN 4K UHD DP to HDMI Cable Male to Male Displayport to HDMI Video Cable DisplayPort to HDTV Monitor Cable Support Audio for HP EliteBook,HTC VIVE Virtual Reality System and DP Enabled Devices 15FT By UGREEN
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3 best Tripp Lite 4-Port HDMI Switch for Video and Audio, 4K x 2K UHD @ 60 Hz (HDMI F/4xF) with Remote Control (B119-004-UHD) Tripp Lite 4-Port HDMI Switch for Video and Audio, 4K x 2K UHD @ 60 Hz (HDMI F/4xF) with Remote Control (B119-004-UHD) By Tripp Lite
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4 AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable - 15 Feet AmazonBasics 3.5mm to 2-Male RCA Adapter Audio Stereo Cable - 15 Feet By AmazonBasics
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5 UGREEN 3.5mm to 2RCA Audio Auxiliary Adapter Stereo Splitter Cable AUX RCA Y Cord for Smartphone Speakers Tablet HDTV MP3 Player(6ft) UGREEN 3.5mm to 2RCA Audio Auxiliary Adapter Stereo Splitter Cable AUX RCA Y Cord for Smartphone Speakers Tablet HDTV MP3 Player(6ft) By UGREEN
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6 UGREEN 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable Gold Plated for Home Theater, HDTV, Gaming Consoles, Hi-Fi Systems,15ft 5m UGREEN 2RCA Male to 2RCA Male Stereo Audio Cable Gold Plated for Home Theater, HDTV, Gaming Consoles, Hi-Fi Systems,15ft 5m By UGREEN
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7 UGREEN 3.5mm to 2RCA Audio Auxiliary Stereo Y Splitter Nylon Braided Cable (6ft) UGREEN 3.5mm to 2RCA Audio Auxiliary Stereo Y Splitter Nylon Braided Cable (6ft) By UGREEN
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8 Tripp Lite HDMI Over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender, Extended Range Receiver for Video and Audio 1920x1200 1080p at 60Hz(B126-1A0) Tripp Lite HDMI Over Cat5 / Cat6 Extender, Extended Range Receiver for Video and Audio 1920x1200 1080p at 60Hz(B126-1A0) By Tripp Lite
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9 KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable, Cord (3 feet Short, Dual 2 x RCA Male to 2 x RCA Male Audio Cable, Digital & Analogue, Double-Shielded, Pro Series) Supports (Amplifiers, AV Receivers, Hi-Fi) KabelDirekt RCA Stereo Cable, Cord (3 feet Short, Dual 2 x RCA Male to 2 x RCA Male Audio Cable, Digital & Analogue, Double-Shielded, Pro Series) Supports (Amplifiers, AV Receivers, Hi-Fi) By KabelDirekt
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10 HDMI Cable 10ft - Syncwire HDMI Cord - 18Gbps High Speed 4K HDMI Cable 2.0 Support Fire TV, Apple TV, Ethernet, Audio Return, Video 4K UHD 2160P, HD 1080P, 3D, Xbox Playstation PS3 PS4 PC - Black HDMI Cable 10ft - Syncwire HDMI Cord - 18Gbps High Speed 4K HDMI Cable 2.0 Support Fire TV, Apple TV, Ethernet, Audio Return, Video 4K UHD 2160P, HD 1080P, 3D, Xbox Playstation PS3 PS4 PC - Black By Syncwire
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Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN Micro HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Latoria
Has update this description because I previously posted that a microUSB the end has not been compatible. It results a description A lot clearly declares that it is the micro HDMI refinadas, no the micro USB! For this am updating my description to 5 stars. It is the fact of good boss . He to good sure reacted - previously has bought one this there has been the faulty microUSB final that is to be send of Cina, and has done a supposition without verifying a place. THANKS TO Kelsey of UGREEN the one who politely to the left know that this was a HDMI boss without calling me very deserved nomination! :)
4 / 5 Brandie
It has bought this to hook on my Kindle Fire to my TV!!! Works like the sleep & now can look all my films and TVs shows of the mine First account. It have annulled my service & of internet of the boss and use my Kindle partorisca download my entertainment. Now I can look in my TV of big screen!!!
5 / 5 Katelynn
I have bought this I so that it can connect my Sony A6000 camera micro HDMI is exited to the mine television HDMI gone in partorisca see pictures directly in a TV. Works well and happy with a quality of a boss also.
5 / 5 Lory
Partorisca A calm prize can not beat this boss. It seats solid and has done well. And partorisca down ten bucks you cant go bad, as I have taken casualidad and if he no oh a lot of very stray mine. More was free and fast nave!!
Took it so only pocola now and plugged he my Sony television HDMI and has connected a micro hdmi the Sony camera 6400 and then boom! Law. Good work UGREEN
4 / 5 January
Some looks of boss partorisca be good quality, this in spite of the have any use at all partorisca he considering could swear them has ordered them the soyicro usb (male) The hdmi (male), included has thought my usual triple control partorisca be sure b4 has situated them an order, had been looking for thru second looks estacas endless partorisca a a the the need that is pictured still description like this read is partorisca the diff boss but pic a micro usb the hdmi... Like this itss bit it hard to believe had looked them on two times in pic and has done sure declare micro usb to hdmi b4 buying still somehow (as magic) after being sure was right and has bought remarked pic of any one a boss had been them looking several times but instead a pic wasnt micro usb anymore, but changed to pic of micro hdmi to included has then chosen to expect the box arrives b4 trying the turn or so only annulling sale altogether, the thought has has had to that b the glitch n goes partorisca take a a has had them has seen n orderly nope the looked long and read on element desc even more, partorisca any reason apparently when being like this im that resists the micro hdmi to hdmi A lot MICRO usb the looks partorisca be boss of the quality done in spite of having any use partorisca he.. And cant really try my history bc included pic of him in a my tab of orders aims a micro hdmi, can have for first time never my bed and the mine has seen a estaca long n simply squandered $ ...Doubtful seeing like this ive has had the 'tick' of bein OCD that insists the account each paper the bed as well as attaching (mentally) a current time-date partorisca each pic the raisin to oh well, ailing the impression was all b4 the cost of now of vendor, this in spite of ive bought of b4 without incident and sells produced of qualities, will continue to do business with in in future also.
4 / 5 Dwain
Works well with my Lenovo the laptop has connected to a Man
4 / 5 Roselia
of television! Left me in the first place mention his service of client is 10/5 stars !! Yes, you have read that right!! They have substituted my boss that has broken unfortunately in a mini hdmi the side BUT a quality of build are still adds! I can finalise partorisca take that A BAD one which spends to everything of knots. I def recommend and buy they again! Oh And they have substituted he partorisca FREE!
4 / 5 Kala
I produce it adds. Experience partorisca use with the DJI Mavic and a DJI Glasses.
5 / 5 Lizette
He no with my TV. I took it partorisca use to operate of Android of mine to a television and he any one anything . All has seen them in a screen has been showing any signal. They are so only he displeased that it has annoyed them included take east!
4 / 5 Mack
I am spent for 3 different HDMI to micro HDMI first bosses to take to the east an and this some looks goes partorisca be my last boss will require. I have had previously the few different bosses that has maintained partorisca break in the mine been due to some odd corners and movement of mine gimbal. Has this HDMI boss in mine Sony A6500 with a Atomos Ninja Llama all trace in the DJI Ronin gimbal. Some other bosses am lasted the moment (read 2 month) first to break because of a constant gimble the movement but this has on resisted a lot well for a past year.

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN 4K UHD DP to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Ha
The prize adds partorisca the exposure port boss that can do it 4K60hz. Not to expect it partorisca be able to of then more bosses that can two times so much and any mentioned in description. Also, it can do HDR but so only 4K30Hz which did not expect it partorisca be able to do neither! This was with my Radeon RX 560 connected to the mine Consent the television that version of uses later of Windows 10. My old HDMI the boss can also 4K60Hz HDR like this the boss also would owe that be able to of my television and the paper of video sustains it. So only you reason it you can it is not reason this boss is not a lot quite quality. Supposition a quality of this DisplayPort the boss is insufficient the reliably sleeve HBR2 (Imposed of Big Bit) accelerates required for 4K60Hz HDR. So much supposition will owe that buy another boss for that.
5 / 5 Cami
I have had the screen dipped for 4k in any 29 or 30Hz, any HDR, 4:4:4 chroma. The picture has begun to the turn was paralizaciones pocolos second roughly month into use. Resemblance more frequent like the time has progressed.

Taking the different boss fixed a subject (the picture is solid in 4k59Hz maintaining) to the equal that am quite sure is a boss and no a diplayport or monitor. Another point of data - in 4k60Hz the screen would do one same but a lot often he like this looks that a boss so only could not sustain a bandwidth of 4k29Hz occasionally.
5 / 5 Laquita
The boss adds that sustains freesync him him a hdmi monitor. I have been surprised that a DP to HDMI the transmission still would spend a freesync function. This boss also 4k60Hz superbly.
5 / 5 Mark
Work. Done the easy to connect pc the TV. I have not known that the port of exposure was how was fraking was when trying begin pc the TV. The amazon saved for having this like this now my questions are on. I have bought two for both pc is and perfects . Or The green is the little better boss that the generic mark. They look fanicer without messing on a connection with uncomfortable jackets. One connects done is not heavy and does not spend in some ports. Ossia Of entity of mine. A key of emission is smooth and very done, at all clumsy, , crude, bulky, or rigid likes another.
5 / 5 Neil
Exactly that has looked for! With this little beauty, can cover my computer to the mine VRR (aka adaptive sync aka Freesync) able TV for video, while simultaneously plugging a HDMI is gone in my Radeon to the mine Atmos auricular! HE - This bad volume a better of both worlds! VRR + Fill HD Atmos (or DTS-X). Supports HDR a same time also - in fact, a Radeon and the accompanying software has not treated this boss or television any different that has has connected a television HDMI the HDMI. THANKS TO some costruttrici of this boss - saved my gaming life!
4 / 5 Julia
Any value a time to return.
The description is too noisy, would have to say
'DP the HDMI, 4K30Hz' and at all more.
Could not take later Intel Mapea DP port to see this like this more than 2K monitor. This be has said, Intel sustain and engine of quality of exposure sks. Any idea Intel is a question, or a boss.

Also, could wants to correct a map that habladurías in GLOD.
5 / 5 Theresa
A bezel around a HDMI the port is too big, and will interfere with basically any device that has the recessed HDMI port.
5 / 5 Neoma
I am not using this in a plenary 4k, but relieve my HDMI monitor correctly. It looks I am taking the plenary 1920x1080 60hz, honradamente has forgotten has used the conversor.

Mine a complain - of the discharges. It is unusually often, I am unable to use an after his discharges in my paper of graphic - has the tight access or another covers a lot afterwards (esp a cord to be able to) could have question. An economic right corner or dongle the connector could be necessary.

Still would recommend it, but a fact that is like this fat that has has had to that included take a coverage of powder in a port prójimo to this in a paper of map is reason are by train of the give so only 4 stars. It is not the question for me now, but wants to add another punctual screen and will have to that substitute this or look for the very short extension in a DP the side
4 / 5 Yessenia
has ordered these to do with my Samsung monitors and my dell docking canal so that I am able to use two monitors to the equal that do. I can not speak to a durability for a term along but like this far like this good. They have arrived quickly and in good condition and is the perfect period to fulfil my needs. If required in a future would order these again.
5 / 5 Jerome
Note of entity that ossia the Port of Exposure the HDMI like this frames sure that is purchasing for a right conversion. An Exposure Port locks to situate really well, but a HDMI has an occasional habit of sliding out of a port is plugged to, which are likely of this connector of final viril having bit it too hanged and when being the little longer that a half HDMI cord.

This is to spend two times during this past two month had it, as it go of the office to seat to be office, as this is likely to join it small question of niche but still one to be conscious of.

In all the chance, a picture has taken has been I adds, and there is enabled once my paper of map to show in the by heart full row (000 - 255) has not looked never better.

Top Customer Reviews: Tripp Lite 4-Port ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Josefa
If pass partorisca be that they use this transmission with the KDLinks player of means comunicacionales (the mine is a HD720), be conscious of a fact that a code GONE of a Tripp Lite far partorisca select entrance 2 in this switcher is a code still has used partorisca turn a power on to a player of means comunicacionales. This drove crazy partorisca the pocolos of then has tried hours partorisca select the different device on gone in 2 that uses my Logitech programmable far, but a KDlinks the turning of player has maintained he on, which has caused a car-way of transmission in this HDMI switcher partorisca go to a KDLinks player in place of another device. (A car-function of transmission in a Tripp Lite change it can not be turned was.)

One fijamente is partorisca dip a KDLinks the on gone in player 2 so that when your Tripp Lite or Logitech IDA FAR sends a mandate partorisca entrance 2, he also gone back in a KDLinks player a same time, as any harm done.
4 / 5 Dean
Works well, this in spite of as the signal was that a documentation has comprised with stipulates that it do not have to that use HDMI bosses on 16' in period, any among a transmission and your television or among a transmission and your HDMI sources. I can testify to this limitation. I have used the 25' boss among a transmission and my television and has had flickering/the static/interference with both my XBOX An and PS4. When I have changed to the 15' boss to a TV, all the subjects have been he was and a signal was utmost. Incidentally, an Amazon Basics HDMI the bosses are utmost and the really good value.
5 / 5 Herma
Work and in Car But no without some subjects. It reads good instructions ! It learns that way of Car can do and can any one ! Practical with him and a control that change among devices to learn that reads more for you. Record your results and calm will not be dissatisfied when his time to change among devices.
5 / 5 Maud
This does really well. I run the player of DVD and he ROKU player for separate to the monitor and this give me an extra HDMI the port has required. There be the far to control which does not use or need of then I only turn in an of some two devices of entrance the time. I have had bad experiences with the pair of 'is shaped multiple HDMI the port devices gone in before I have tried is one. It was like this happy to find one this has done.
5 / 5 Myong
The works add and a far control the very easy fact to use of anywhere. If it can have anything can would be discharges he in for a side Now included is all there is lined up in a backside. Has a device that has the connection lateralmente the one who half I any connections release to do a work or manually discharges and unplug every time loves the use.
5 / 5 Silvana
Works well so that I need stops. If the computers go the way to sleep some looks of units to require to be can cycled sometimes to produce the picture. Some dipping transmissions in the television also requires a unit to be can cycled which is odd mine . Another that that does well!
4 / 5 Ardelia
That can say? It is HDMI A/B the transmission and the work so only likes is supposed to. Included some far works and I a lot they was to know it has come with the far. Has this TV in our chamber and there is so only a HDMI port to the equal that have bought this transmission so that I can change he behind & the advance among our Direct TV Feeds and Netflix Streaming. The law adds. A good compraventa and priced well!
4 / 5 Tamica
Any so only GOES the signals that connects concrete entrance to concrete start; so only toggles resupplied. Other providers of matrix transmission have GONE concrete Lite 4x4 HDMI Matrix Transmission for Video and Audio 1920x1200 in 60Hz / 1080p(B119-4X4)
4 / 5 Lavonda
These works of what exactly to the equal that has announced. A unit (of another company) has substituted no longer answers well to the his GONE far but this new unit is better that my old a never when it was new. 100 recommended.
5 / 5 Danyel
Amazing little unit and the one who the element adds for prize. I so only hooked on a hd TV with all the bosses that career by means of rear of wall. So much it has them it has added unit didnt wants to run anymore the bosses that cause the disorder and unnessary work. The works add and transmissions automatically according to quell'units is powered on which says the company but I would have paid more partorisca east so that it does

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics 3.5mm ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
5 / 5 Bart
I have wanted hook in my new television in my Bose Wave radio to use likes him the soundbar. A Bose is quite old that used it still an old plus RCA jacks of entrance, using this cape to connect he in my headphone was jack of audio in a television in my radio fact like the charm. It opens Duke to look television with glorious Bose stereo sound.
5 / 5 Kiyoko
It was blown totally has been for a quality of this cape, and has purchased a RCA cape of mark of a Walmart of the venue done 2 month and begin the click and that bursts any time has touched a cape and any left wing listen flat, at the end prender to do totally. And it was cautious because of a 'AmazonBasics' but comparing he in a mark of cape of the Monster and has for my television sound in pair equally, the connectors are undertaken , a fittings is polished and metal of big quality, the cape is fat and looks very robust still flexible. To good sure purchase he again, hopefully in the distant future!
1 / 5 Charlott
Hooked This up in of the marks the month. A first time has used was adds. A second time used it 9 July 2018, a left canal has not done. Wiggled The, disconnected the and has cleaned the. Reconnected The Even so doing bad. I disconnected to again and has substituted the w/ my old one more had connected anterior in a basics. Work. Ordered a basics so that I have wanted the cape the long plus in black. It orders another mark in a future.
5 / 5 Charissa
I have bought this to connect the 3 point of gene in my system of audio. The visual quality is well and the sound is excellent. Tip for any one that does a same thing: sure when being to turn a volume to signal up all a road or your amplfier the hard time that achieves an acceptable volume. I have supposed a volume of point-was was in the fixed level---the volume -ut is joined in some parameters in a unit of point. Good cape for the permanent installation.
5 / 5 Leslee
I have required basically one to the jack so many can listen in a Ipod, telephone, etc in my system my old plus that has any one to the. Has the tonne of now basically useless RCA jacks so that it buys this to take a place of one to the cape.

Took it Literally more time to move a system that to limit this in. In second plugged in a ipod and the musician there has been these touches in my gameroom.

For 10 dollars was able to take my old system in a new millenium and listen in musician when want to.

Was the good inversion that does not go to be used all a time but is ready when the precise. A quality of his east only well. I can not say a difference of of the one of the east and my player of CD older. This will do well to update an old system.
5 / 5 Shawanda
Has an old plus Bose Ona, as it is not the tooth of compatible blue. It was able to use some connectors, and covers in my jack of mobile phone (still have an iPhone 6 Plus). Some speakers the still sound add when touching my musician has downloaded. Any insurance that will do when it has to update my telephone, but for now is very pleased with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 Chanell
That is to say the big-quality RCA cape of adapter. One of some better things quite is that it is designed to limit in the jack of tlphonique without that has to take a case. Highly recommend it this product in any one and would buy it again has required another.
5 / 5 Effie
Fact perfectly with my Point of Echo and A/V receiver.
4 / 5 Irena
I use this cape to connect my beginning of computer in my Pioneer of vintage amp. These would have been five stars but a an I taken has some canals of rights and left wing behind. Any one in a factory has to has posed some signals by heart in erroneously. No the problem really, only race some controls of balance by a part in another when tea the hook arrives the and the change is of tower. Otherwise The heavy big quality protects and isolation, a plastic welds is solid and some connectors are hefty and tight. A big improvement in quality of the sound in a lean cape has had.
5 / 5 Arnette
This investigation is the cape of quality, even so, tried to use it the projector with the a lot of snug perimeter around a stereo is exited.

These capes have the coverage of brass that extends out of a white audio and to cover them red, probably to do the surest connection, and a coverage was only quite bulky where does not leave a cape to limit in a projector without enough say.

Looks closely in some proportionate images in a listing can see you a coverage, as it is partly my failure, but the supposition would return it. The amazon has handled a subject hurriedly for me, so always.
4 / 5 Elisa
It is simple quality , sum , & the works instantly❗️ have used covers he in a record/CD/radio player RCA splits the Bose soundbar this has the 3.5 jack & these works of boss fantastically. Now the mamma can touch all his records & it listens with Bose his phenomenal thanks to this boss.
5 / 5 Janay
Liked this boss of adapter the plot because it feels the better plot that a one has had before Phillips. An Amazon Basics feels slightly has to that heavier and can withstand some attractive and tugs partorisca Ail partorisca be doing to a boss. I have bought he partorisca a reason that my vehicle there is not coming with one to the port, so only the RCA port (2008 Infinites G35S) and that that that can connect his my port of audio in my telephone. An only thing that disturbs roughly is that because of my chance of new telephone am spent unable he in, well unless sack of a chance; a sturdy the chance no accident for one covers among, could has to that consider investing in another boss.
5 / 5 Michael
An adapter arrived with a legislation Chanel no-operational.

Any value a question to return it so that it choose an on locally.

Dissapointing Quality with the name of the amazon on that.
5 / 5 Kacey
When My tentativa to use the Bluetooth connection among my projector of video and my stereo the receiver was unsuccessful, has looked for another solution and found this boss. A distance among my projector and a receiver that can our speakers have required the 25 foot boss along, but has been concerned that a quality of sound would be diminished travelling such the distance.

Am pleased to inform that a sound has not been diminished and is both glorious and noise-free. My Epson projector 3.5 mm audio jack the mates with one covers in this boss in an arrival while a two male RCA spent in another end of these discharges of boss directly to an audio to match jacks in mine Yamaha surround-touch stereo auricular.

My woman and I now can enjoy audio of excellent wide spectre that touch as it is coming from our screen of projection.
4 / 5 Issac
Has required the way covers it my PC to an old AV auricular that still fact, but was seeds-has takes . Reason not piping my tunes by means of him and some 10-thumb loudspeakers, has thought I. Reason not having the watts of hundred of the pair of the his in place of the simple 20? For this this boss is coming to game. You take good connectors in each final. An announced 25 feet of boss among them. The electrons flow freely, nay, included joyfully! The surfaces of music! My laws of the heroism of pixel is given volume, depth, and row! I health this valiant boss, partorisca is trace to an occasion! Gilipollas: Flavours the bit like the new radial wheel. Waste for touch fetch. It is emotionally far. But hey, can not have all -- but can have this fine boss!
4 / 5 Sharlene
This to good sure the yard on some economic bosses that typically come with components of the audio and a prize is unbeatable. Some connectors are solidly built, it able look to resist oxidation and look able of years of question free service. It was impressed like this that has decided to substitute all some other bosses in my system with a same boss in a 8 period of feet and in a RCA-to-RCA phono jack formed also.
4 / 5 Minda
Has bought this to hook on my PC to the system of audio of the component. I have it quell'has used long quell'USB of big final DAC but is not sustained by Windows 10 to the equal that have opted for plan B, that runs this jack for the leave was to stereo. The quality of sounds is roughly like this as well as it can expect given a DAC in a onboard paper of his of the PC; no like this well so that it uses a start of USB to the skilled DAC but does not go to buy the new DAC now this in spite of a lot has to that do.

Looks quite very done, the a lot of up in quality of the build of something would take in Walmart but no like this well like something would take of Speltz, Audiolab, Zen, Audioquest, etc. Still for this application any any a lot of difference.

A good value and he will do a work.
5 / 5 Dante
Has bought this to connect my Point to Echo to mine Klipsch soundbar and while the sound adds, a RCA the connectors are not flexible and cause a backside of a soundbar to create on been due to what time is.

A lot sure reason RCA need of connectors to be this longitude or unbendable, but am sure can MacGyver the solution or trade them in.
4 / 5 Alissa
Two do Two this connector a lot of value a compraventa.

Estimativas - AmazonBasics Produced , of course, tends to beat some prizes besides competing produced. But different a lot a Value adds or the club of Sam experiences that very had with the retailers that come from his hand in manufacturing, he no detract of a quality, which directs to the mine second point...

Material - To the-In the connectors often can be finicky, and has swim more annoying that trying yank an out of an electronic device that wish a lot to yield. Especially like this when a product has the plastic frame (p. p.ej., TV, Bose touches system). There it is not sticking with this cord, and a coating in some places of adapter the easy fact to grip and smoothly disconnect.

My principle is to think to your cords when you buy him so that it calms not having never a headache to think roughly the while calm uses them. AmazonBasics That an easy principle to live stops.
4 / 5 Imelda
Has left side of a no exited boss any current. Tried with the multiple devices and a question is to good sure a boss.
5 / 5 Sherice
Once to the time, two houses in sound of war there is battled bitter contention. A prime minister, a tribe, the nomadic race of transitory musics there is poured in sharing songs with any those who would listen him; free and uncaring. A second, a RCA tribe, the one who has thinks that that the music has been meant so only partorisca the royalty and one daunt of his chambers. Some two tribes fulfilled and at the beginning, look to the equal that could any never has spent. Then, it is coming some fray of a Basics monasteries, of an earth of Amazon. This fray have think that that some two worlds would owe that be joined, and one has known so only a way. His masterfully crafted the able boss of such the feat, and do like this, has finalised an age-long contention, and spending peace to some realms.

Remarce: Yup. I have required the way to hook on mine 5 old year Philips sweeps of the his to my PC to the equal that has bought this.
5 / 5 Clyde
Both bosses lose connection in both ends in bases regulate like this fulfilling my self losing the varied canals time weekly. I will not buy of the bosses another terrible time!
5 / 5 Sena
Ossia The basic boss like any one another as it covers him in to any port like him to him those in a Iphone, Android or another device and laws partorisca leave a sound to 2 canals. This fact partorisca some 1.os time used that and has been stored with my crew of audio. Some second times have been partorisca use it one of some canals no . With which troubleshooting my crew and the device there is @@give is a boss . Poor craftsmanship. No the value that shabby.
5 / 5 Holly
Receives interference of any electrical source. Terrible. It averts.
4 / 5 Mari
I fixed on the desktop computer partorisca substitute an old laptop that is to be connect to the soundboard and projector. One to RCA boss of adapter that is to be use partorisca a laptop has been bent in one covers like this have required the boss of substitution.

This a floated to a cup of has the revised bosses have to that way that be partorisca he. Like this far it is doing well and has situated this desk more afterwards to a soundboard so that it does not have any tension in an end. Like this ossia the desk is plugged to are unlikely will move it around and the curve to some discharges likes has done with of another this is to be connect to an old laptop.
4 / 5 Dionna
The product has not done he so that it was returned without any hassle
5 / 5 Latosha
This boss is that I use partorisca connect my bluetooth auricular to Roland KC500 amps in my room of music so that I can wirelessly connect my iPhone and iPad to a amps. Love it!
4 / 5 Cathleen
Has required the simple way to connect my chromecast audio my stereo for boss. Of a chromecast auxiliary of only uses, has opted was partorisca a rca adapter partorisca the boss. The amazon has bosses of the good quality partorisca the prize adds. Everything touches adds that it spends for a chromecast. I do not use it all a time, but when I love music of game in stereo so only that uses my voice, the work adds.
5 / 5 Nathan
Laws when I took it and a day after a window of turn has closed some lateralmente sinister leaves partorisca do
5 / 5 Korey
has Required something 20 ft + to the hook surrounds it tuner of the his until the PC and has imagined this would be less convoluted that taking stirs it of adapters and extenders has involved. This boss has done adds. It is now a lot of plated and I especially like some seeds-closing mechanism in a RCA side. So only it give it that no-tent of dollar-ish feels. Today everything is by train of gone digital, but yes calm finds you in a need partorisca the jack to RCA boss, highly recommends this boss.
5 / 5 Cleopatra
This boss is exactly that have required and resupplies awesome quality of sounds. An insulator in some bosses is the class of hule flexible that was like this easy to pull by means of a wall. A fact that was able to order he in the twenty five feet the period has resupplied wide capacity partorisca achieve my unit of boss. If you are looking for the product partorisca connect your television to the yours surround his and does not have audio out of the the jacks but has the headphone jack this product is perfect.
4 / 5 Milissa
Has the pair of speakers has tried hook until my TV for basses and his best. Has an old TV to the equal that can any one except some of some options of better audio in Walmart. As I have turned where I always - the Amazon. There, I have found this. 25 feet was more than has required, but all some other options were less than. I have required. (When they Are these economic, this in spite of, the one who really cure). I plugged these bad boys arrive and my speakers have done. They are happy that the amazon has not sacrificed quality to do this economic plus.
5 / 5 Dirk
Has dipped on my new projector outside with enormous 120 screen of thumb likes some girls could have nights of films of the summer. The only question has been he has loved a sound to come from a screen and no of a projector. To remedy this, has taken the soundbar to situate under a screen and has purchased THIS a lot of abordable durable stereo boss to connect a soundbar to a projector and this have done a trick. It was to spare long. A quality of sound was perfect. To good sure recommend. I want to AmazonBasic has produced.
5 / 5 Antoinette
This tapered creation of RCA the ends no with everything. It can do with female sockets that clave out of a poster, but my turntable has sockets flush with poster, and while rule RCA the bosses are returned well, this tapered creation simply any one is returned. It gives 3 stars been due to prizes and qualities.
4 / 5 Kandi
Has bought this 25 boss of feet to listen to player of cassette and movement in a room.
A male esd' and 'white' any hook until television a lot very
purchase the 2 female to male (3.5) and the use to hook until television he a work.
Which is the fact so that the sound comes by means of both accident and right earphones.
A sound, that adds a woman (2) to male (3.5) is better.
He (this 25 boss of feet) the starts buy an adapter.
4 / 5 Charla
In the normal RCA connector viril, some the external contacts are flat metal , so that they can return in a RCA female connector although it is inner place of the house of device. In this particular product, some the external contacts are not of the flat discharges, is the piece of fat metal that tapers was measures it of a house of discharges. This means that these connectors so only can be used in protruding RCA connectors, and no inset some. Some connectors were done undoubtedly in this way like this looked sleeker and more modern that the oldest bosses, and his , but the lustrous boss that the can not connect to the mine record player is the useless boss .
4 / 5 Minh
Not going the lie, has has had expectations quite down thus produced to the equal that was amazon generic product. But have a lot of be pleasantly has surprised. A boss is very flexible with the durable looking coating in the and all some connections are plated in any gold colored metal and mark for conclusive connections. A jack is smaller in diameter that very other bosses like this turn by means of the chance of my Mobile phone covers it to a headphone port snugly.
5 / 5 Alfonzo
So that the cord there is prendido to do the week to use it :( súper disturbed bc has wanted it at the beginning. Included revised That and gave it 5 starts. I am expecting there is the way can substitute it w the new a?
5 / 5 Idalia
Has bought this for the party there is every year of mine Bluetooth has maintained disconnecting has loved the hard connection. A sound was horrible. Static A whole time, and the sound was far was. I have thought perhaps it was my port in mine ipad or telephone like this tried other devices And has verified some bosses of speaker to be sure is not this adapter. You are. I have finalised that it has to that I use Bluetooth and so only the connect during an evening.
4 / 5 Elenora
Buys this for a DJ in our pair to touch music of music of apple to dine. This law adds!! Clicked Buys it maintaining has taken 2 and chargered for 2. Included spent with another compraventa of product. Returned both in a container already knows bc the easiest sounds is not or does not take your money behind. The majority of uneventful $ 6 I has not spent never. The positive note has taken my money behind for another element.

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN 3.5mm to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Venessa
I have purchased one to 2RCA Auxiliary of Audio Stereo And Splitter Boss together with a Point of Amazon and plugged his to the pair of vintage of bi-the proton has amplified 300 speakers and I almost spilt the tear. Suddenly, have all the music and radio in mine beckoning. I can create and go down a volume simply to ask. Some speakers of Proton are épico but is virtually state unused for years. They are better way that a crappy little spend Bluetooth the available material today. It is a better of the modern technology fulfils a better of a badass audiophile days.
4 / 5 Jami
Note: All my descriptions begin is gone in 5 stars, I then deduct of there that. It knows also I the “description” of product, like this ossia the one who the people want to know roughly. The any deduct partorisca to to the things likes them-him the packaging, shipping questions or service of client, has other ways to express these subjects and worries. I any deduct neither reason I no my duties and has ordered a wrong part!

Been in a creation of the his and industry of engineering for almost four decades and a thing have learnt is not to squander my time with flimsy cheaply has done produced; some consequences duquel will learn you a lot quickly. PVC Line of the curling assembly in the products can do yes calm install them and leave them so only. This in spite of, feign to really use your crew, spend an extra dollar or two for a longevity and dependability. My general approximation to the product in life is to 'Take a better, for an economic plus.' These has not been an economic plus there but was a better for a prize. These, likes all a Ugreen the look of products to be, is fact very good and look a lot too much. Now he sure all your installations are ordered and cleaned, good produced use, and a result will look well, and well of sound.
5 / 5 Li
It has given initially this a star because I have said a canal has not done. A vendor contacted, offered to substitute it to him was for real defective, has suggested to try it on another device that has done and law perfectly. Really good to have this level of service of client these days. I complain my earlier indication and would add another star for service of client if this was an option . Kudos And thank you.
4 / 5 Hilario
These bosses have solved the hook he on top of the subject has had with streaming Pandora to my system of audio. Now I have Pandora in real big loyalty,almost comparable to CD QUALITY. As the one who these bosses are concerned,is a lot of fact and treat extremely well. The majority of mine others the bosses is cost 10-15 times the one who these , and with a quality of an audio am taking hard to believe is like this economic. All of some connectors am very done and a real boss is spent of big purity . Surpassed my expectations for shot it long.
4 / 5 Billi
I can you do not say it disappointed it it was that my Deep the pilot has not had one covers to help in, excepts in a rear chair where some discharge of television in (to the equal that can use to the console of video game has retreated there). Have @@give Then always can use this class of discharges in to take a same effect. Work! A cord is long enough to extend of a backside of a console to centre to a front of the mine car to the equal that can access my telephone.
5 / 5 Alishia
I have required the to RCA boss to connect the microphone to an entrance of audio of my camera of security of the IP. An entrance jack inner a camera has room a lot small because of the 'wall' plastic afterwards to a jack and a forward (Monoprice) the boss has bought not even approached to return in a space has limited. I have bought this boss and he returns perfect - a lot of main and is not returned. The law adds and has done one covers roughly like this small as it was likely to take. It looks he likes is built well and does not feel like economic junk. With this said, does not have to any idea likes the control until constant plugging / unplugging because of a character of the purpose that does a jack to the equal that returns in of the zones stagnate. They are sure if you do not pull a jack has gone by a boss was a lot.
4 / 5 Shara
I have bought the few different types of bosses here, and honradamente the majority of them is that it feels economic. I am not sure where these are stacked for durability ( will update if any one is curious) but a quality of initial build is a lot impressive. A boss is fat but a lot of pliable, some connectors are heavy and has reinforced. A lot especially, a sound this is to transfer is excellent.

An only downside is would have preferred the a lot of the shortest boss (8' in place of 3') of then am connecting desk crew of audio ossia stacked right on the each one another, but has not listened any interference at all. Compraventa Solid.
4 / 5 Chong
Aim and red RCA grip of finals too closely and will not connect all a way to my receiver that resulted in any sound. And a lot difficult to take of the device is by train of the connect to the which can result in harm. I will be to return.
5 / 5 Eleni
Have At all but good things to say in this product, is the upper quality all a way, was surprised in fact and for a prize this has not beaten can be. A packaging that arrives is also upper quality, this company clearly concerns roughly is products and his reputation. I plugged he in and law immediately, he that says and is solid - there is absolutely a lot flimsy economic parts to this at all. I produce it adds, to good sure will be to buy of this company again.
5 / 5 Maurita
I have purchased recently a Point of Echo. I have purchased this boss to connect a device to an older receiver.

Was simple to do, and now can music of current of my Point of Echo by means of a receiver to my speakers.

A speaker of Point of the Echo are not to add, but Alexa touches a lot better thanks to this connection of boss!

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN 2RCA Male to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Danita
These are well, but of the subjects founds is a plastic around some discharge is quell'has bitten big. Has some vintage stereo crew and a space among a two RCA the ports is quell'has bitten tight. This discharge is too big to return near. I have required the trim for behind a plastic around some discharge to take them to return.
4 / 5 Wilford
Wow These is well. It feels calm like could hang of the holding of of bar these. Celery that sturdy.
Took him to be able to use my new Logitech z623s with the new LG 43' 4k TV. A TV does not have a RCA WAS option. It is so only an optical boss out of these days and because I have not taken a z625s my new speakers no without RCA bosses and a

192kHz DAC Conversor ESYNIC Digital to Control of Volume of the conversor Analog Digital Coaxial Toslink to Analog Stereo L/R RCA Adapter of Audio partorisca Xbox BLUE DVD-ray PS3 PS4 AV Amps Systems of Discharges of Cinemas of EUA

A together integer on the works adds this in spite of and some speakers are surprising. It looks that all RCA the bosses are some same according to which qualities transference but perhaps a film of Wars partorisca Star the newest sounds the little improve? Cuz These RCAs is like this robust and beautiful? Enough possibly.
5 / 5 Earlene
Calm has not joined the majority of thrilling things in some world-wide but is of the quality adds. Any audible hiss or sprain in closing of big levels. Some bosses that is coming with my DAC has created the tonne of hissing in of the moderate levels. Some bosses have ordered is four times like this long in 6 ft and could not listen any hiss at all unless cranking a amp all a way until max which so only would finalise to leave you deaf but was still grieve audible. The boss has the solid weight and no kink at all. The connections are solid and sure. A lot happy with these!
5 / 5 Jenny
Sneaky Snakes..... It thinks and under an impression takes two (2) any one.. If you look in a fund, a last what has said a(1).. A lot misleading announcing. For $ more it can have taken two(2) conjoint of another mark...

There is of then to a side, these are good bosses , so only know takings a(1) any one two(2). I have used this in the car audio installs, the law adds.
4 / 5 Hung
Global good quality. It likes that it is a lot of flexible! The only question am having is some returns of boss bit it loose in both my unit of boss and amp. In fact it avenges free of my unit of boss that caused weaves it to me of the extra work for the attractive was, reconnect and dip the backside in. Any something wants to do each month.
Too bad is not returned better, would give this product 5 stars any question.
4 / 5 Daniella
It likes him-me these bosses is perfect so that it required him to them for my only complaint is could return the little tighter turn tight but has to that move that it is plugged in to do sure at all there is concealed goes him to resist behind any or they will exit slightly yes spend it calm concealed will be necessary to unplug them and reinsert his again these are good bosses so only be conscious any partorisca pull on him .
4 / 5 Sharolyn
UGreen Is fast resulting my preferred interconnect costruttrici (any audiophilia, any hundred to squander on stuffs this goes to better of the speakers and of the treatments of room). They return smoothly and snug, does not have the rough grip when when being take (amazon subwoofer rca the boss sometimes feels the little too hard in this sense, although his material are adds also), and simply laws.
5 / 5 Leanora
I have been concerned after reading other descriptions in these RCA cords that would cut was has spent this in spite of the little extra to ensure a quality would not be sacrificed. This work adds would recommend any to use this has sounds or the musician in a house..
4 / 5 Mila
Ugreen HAS, again and again, resupplied on-and-quality further in his products. These bosses, likes ALL HIS BOSSES, is done with quality and cure. Prenden Attention to the details and I expect his mark results the name of house . (And his prizes are not bad neither!)
4 / 5 Hiedi
Exc Everywhere! Delivery of next day! Good-looking quality , big product packaged a lot attentively! Fully satisfied! Recommended Highly!

Top Customer Reviews: UGREEN 3.5mm to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Nichelle
Any complaint, touches the good
4 / 5 Lashawn
helps that connects Alexa to a centrical house midia
5 / 5 Adam
the Excellent investment
4 / 5 Betty
Was perfect to connect auricular to our TV.
5 / 5 Trang
More in the class that
5 / 5 Enid
Read as it has expected

Top Customer Reviews: Tripp Lite HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
It can not recommend this unit at all. Tried partorisca use with some passive headphones with HDMI has built to boss, has thought this was idea adds , and has been has done .

My supposition is that there I need partorisca be the sure quantity of the power that comes from/comes from a HDMI port of an exposure. The point in chance is that he no AT ALL with my together of television (or two another tried it on), but he BONDADOSO Of work with my projector. I say that the bondadoso in fact reason among /era randomly throughout looking something. This looks compatible with the plot other descriptions on here, I really expected more than this mark.

Has finalised to return this unit together with some passive headphones. I have bought the different unit was Amazon with the mark has not listened never of and has had so only the alone description. This in spite of six one of a bit those that these had the passive receiver and this was the requirement for my system. My surprised this another mark splitter is doing perfectly and could not be happier now. It was also more economic that this mark.
5 / 5
It has not done. One would think that that these are spent and devices of game. They have not done, as I have assumed the professional to oversee a wiring of house of our again built house. They have verified that a Cat5e signal resupplied, but that these conversores has not left a signal to spend. The professional has said that Tripp Lite was the reputable frames that had used many times in a past. 'Any one an economic, any-material of name of Cina' has said. Unfortunate That these have not done.
5 / 5
Fact perfectly well out of a box, any setup, for real discharges and game. I have bought this to extend HDMI of the mine DirecTV auricular to the small HD TV in cookery. Roughly 100' of CAT5e to the no-powered B126-1PO far unit. A venue HDMI the start in this model sold he so that it can avert purchase a HDMI splitter.
- - - - -
June of update 17, 2015 has to that extend my considerations my big plus partorisca Tripp Lite with which resolution of the question, here is some of a dialogue of email:

'B126-004 paired to B126-1A0 thru -100' CAT5e boss. Far HDMI the continuous start in/OUT ON/WAS repeatedly. The audio and the far picture fine qualities when on, so only will not remain on. Equalization The transmission has some effect but no for the fix. Venue HDMI feedthru the works of local TV well. Yellow LEDs in both devices lit when HDMI signal of DirecTV the receiver is on. CAT5e The boss has tried well for a connection of Ethernet. I have it quell'has moved included a far TV temporarily to a local location and has has connected devices together with the cuts CAT6 jumper, the question still arrives but no like this often. Ossia In fact my far second, original B126-1PO done adds for first week then ON/WAS the question has begun. Exchanged passive 1P0 far for active 1A0 far thinking it could be the subject of signal. I am kindof out of troubleshooting ideas, suggestions or questions?'

Estásolucionado, Please next entrance. The cause of root was electrical interference of the 24vac transformative in my house, which would not have guessed never. A substitution B126-1A0 has not solved a subject. Before it give up and return all the Amazon am spent the hours of pair troubleshooting all could think of; supplies to be able to of the transmission in both units, ohm out of a CAT5e installed, tune an ad of adjustment of the bow-nauseam. I have then opened each breaker of circuit in a poster of main power except a two powering some units; sucedidos, the video was solid again! I seat obligated the reimburse calms for a unit of substitution, or return it whichever prefer. In a much less am writing the good description on Amazon. Thank you very much.'
- - - - -
Update again Aug 24, 2015 - after substituting a transformer of suspect has determined an interference was in fact of an electrical fence shocker this has been energised thru the contactor with the 24v coil, no a transformer he. Again kudos to Tripp Lite, company and produced good.
5 / 5
I like this HDMI to CAT 5 Conversor BUT Quality of the picture is not like this As well as I have expected.
This could be due to fact that am using this in a Start/of Final of the 50 Ft CAT 6 Boss. I have not estimated Support of Technology at all reason did not ask It.
Quality of the just build but the looks so only Bit it Fragile. If I need this Conversor to write this an is not bad.
5 / 5
RETURNED him. Required this for the 45' career. His no with 100' CAT-6 solid boss, neither with 50'. I have moved the monitor he after plus to computer to try with bosses more courts; fact with 12' CAT-6, and 5' CAT-5.
4 / 5
I have been an economic street that thinks a distance of mine Extends/Splitter was quite near for passive receiver, he didnt work. It has been and it has bought an active one and works perfectly.
5 / 5
This has not done well with my television to the equal that have had to take the receiver with the power is the swipe or lose with this device. I have had 20ft of a cord of Ethernet and has not gone quite strong to maintain a signal. Perhaps it go it well with the 10 cord of feet.
5 / 5
To picture of costs of interior of installation a prime minister 3me the degradation of quality of the picture to the yellow haze has called a company has said basically am stuck with him.
4 / 5
For some reason a HDMI extend the ports begin to fail with which week of use, and has broken a HDMI port in TVs, this device has the image of quality adds and audio, but a durability is not well.
A service of the client is not well.
Forces to troubleshoot your device to telephone otherwise will not send you a RMA autorization, finally I surrendered and hang.
5 / 5
I think that that this element is feigned for the commercial application. I have tried he to send a video and audio of my PC of office to two HDTVs in other rooms of a house that use 24 AWG solid cat 5.ºt Boss. A TV (in 50 feet) would not read a signal at all and another TV (in 100 feet) has done in 720P but has fallen frames of video of full screen. An audio in a television that has done was perfect. I have tried 3 different video papers of 2 different manufactures; A XFX HD5670, the XFX HD6770 and the Sapphire HD6770 Flex. This splitter resembles a computer like the device of exposure but is trying to resupply the signal to 2 different TVs. Conceal so only it does not look to do. Perhaps if both TVs was a work of same model.

Has finalised to take the pair of different Tripp Lite extenders (ASIN: B001JEPCDQ) this leaves a computer to see each TV like the device of exposure independently. I have had to run more boss like these extenders use 2 bosses each law of May in a 720P the resolution loves. To use a Sapphire Flex paper of video (ASIN: B0056J9JAM) can run until 4 independent exposures. Ossia That would have to has done in a first place.

Update 2/26/12: With which further revise a Tripp Lite B125-150 (ASIN: B001JEPCDQ) extends that it use in 100 feet have fallen mark also. A B125-150 that am using in 50 feet looks to be GOOD. I have loved so only update that has declared of then does in my original description. In fact that has finalised to use in 100 career of feet is the Subjects of Boss HDBaseT extend (ASIN: B005H4Y6TA) that the works perfect.

Top Customer Reviews: KabelDirekt RCA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lien
Measure: 10 Audio of feet the bosses are probably of the more comprised bad and misrepresented segment of an industry of audio. You can pay $ 1 or $ 1000 partorisca the 3 ft RCA boss, has the ready provider partorisca resupply calm with the boss any import that wants to has paid.

So that what PRECISE pay? In the point one has fallen to diminish returns in, and only small volume to any improvement in his for some steps of incremental dollars? That is one something sweet?

So only can answer this question. All the world is needs is different, how is all the world is ears . More, all the world is train is different, as all the world has the estimativa different and different level of train of audio.

::::UPDATE: 4/25/2018
Recently, has moved my Turntable to the something new further of my receiver and was in need of the long more RCA boss to hook he up. I have required the 15ft boss, and with a longer career, has wanted to choose something with a down more capacitance possible. I have been that does the plot to read in a subject - and some Blue Tejanos the bosses have maintained to come up like better election for low capacitance. But they are expensive, possess the little, but always looking for alternative that will not break a bank of alike quality.

Out of curiosity, has purchased it Capacitance measured - specifically a cm of Mould-1555 which have revised here on Amazon. Some Blue Tejanos the bosses can take capacitance like this down like 12pf (pf = picofarads) for feet, which is exceptional. His more common line is 18pf for feet. Ossia Reason the people buy - in a world of audio, audiophiles tries to minimise capacitance of the boss when using analog RCA connections.

After, measured a Kabeldirekt bosses I possessed (I possess stirs it), and guess that? They have measured in 19pf row --- the row that the bosses that goes for Much more has measured. To contrast that further - a UGreen the bosses have sold here on Amazon, which possesses the pocolos insiemi - has measured 53pf for ft!!! Wow, Ossia big. Then, an Amazon Basics the bosses have measured the respectable 29pf for ft. -- No like this as well as Kabeldirekt but no bad. I have then measured some of some Bosses of the oldest monster I own closing - is, these bosses were overcharged for the years done --- well, any one imports that has measured, a capacitance has not been a lot and extremely big - big that any of some bosses has mentioned so only.

In all the chance, which this bad? It is so only another reason to love these Kabeldirekt Bosses for a price.


I personally own and try bosses of different levels I own these Kabeldirekt, also own Monoprice, Blue Tejanos, Monster, and other frames. There is the level of the side will not cross for my estimativa personal own, in fact some Blue Tejanos bosses I own is an upper end for me, and sometimes still feels has paid too much. Again, all the world is needs is different, some spend to plot more in of the bosses that Blue Tejanos, some think that that it is more than precise. After buying and trying Blue Tejanos, has begun to look for another mark to try this was to do well , but more economic. It dip on a HT for my edges' and for mine woodshop, and has required something concealed has attacked a price to estimate proportion amiably. I have not wanted to pay the fortune, but has has wanted to something the little better that an end a lower Monoprice bosses.

For my money, these Kabeldirekt has paste one something amiably. I have purchased variable period of these bosses, and different types. Has a RCA in 3, 6 and 10 feet, configurations more different of some bosses. It likes-me to plot of things in these bosses have an oxygen free copper core, is shielded, and is flexible. They have reinforced also, a lot- it build it final and connectors, and does not return like this tight that calms has to pull them was with excessive force. You so only look and feel like the good boss.

But a real test like this extracted? Well, ossia a subjective part of compraventa of boss, and where all the world has the different opinion. My opinion is this extracted well for a money. My room of main theatre has it Denon 7200wa and he Parasound 2125 amp, with Klipsch RRPP CENTRE, hands and surrounds. My tent has it Denon 4806 with Definite CLR 2002 centre, and SM 450 hands and 350 surrounds. My edges' HT has it Denon 3300W with Def APDO of Technology 8B, CLR 2002 centre. At any rate, and all the configurations, am happy with an action of these bosses. In my main room, these bosses are a connection of mine Turntable to mine Radial J33 phono phase, and on mine Denon 7200 / Parasound Amp. I am satisfied entirely with a sound these rid. Really I can not say a lot if any difference has compared mine Tejanos Blue bosses.

The inferior line is my system (s) / HT setups is of a mid-fi category, and these bosses treat well in my opinion thus level. You could spend less, and you could spend more an election is yours . For me, one $ 10 row for RCA the bosses is a lot enough, and these are the fact of good boss thus price.

Has recommended. It gives the graces to read.
5 / 5 Dale
Measure: 15 Better feet that a lot of 'big-finalise ' bosses, especially partorisca turntables. It has beaten a heck out of some old overrated the bosses of monster have had.

KabelDirekt RCA: ( Has update Ohms because I have forgotten partorisca embezzle a control of line of crew of test)

6 ft = 126 pf / .14 Ohms
15 ft = 258 pf / .35 Ohms

Comparison the Emotional X DRCA 20' paralizacin turntables:

20' = 178 pf / .00 Ohms

has used one 15 ft of the mine mid-level phono preamp (Moving XPS-1), starts of level of the line in the place where has any interference of vibration, to my system of the his of the room familiarised and I could not say a difference among a 6ft and 15ft.

Go to try one 3 ft next to see yes would be the good substitution for an Emotional X DRCA bosses among a TT and preamp so much can move a preamp further out of a TT. I will dip some results of those here when I take him.


KabelDirekt RCA:

3 ft = 82 pf / .02 Ohms (so only has taken these and ossia an average by means of 2 pairs)

One 3' ft is extremely well in these numbers. I will be transmission out of an Emotional X DRCA with these to give me more period to move a preamp out of a TT. :) So only I have had the very low level MC cart has dipped a X DRCA behind in with some 0 ohms.

Attended This helps any one.
5 / 5 Kylee
Measure: 6 feet have done recently the installation of automobile of audio in my vehicle and the quality have looked for RCA bosses that was the main note and could manage signals of audio and volumes of salvation without an overheating of bosses or resultant exposure. After looking in other bosses of companies of audios popular automobiles that cost anywhere of $ 60-$ 100 partorisca alike period cabling, has decided to try these was instead and, partorisca of the money and quality, this could be a together better of the bosses will find. It uses him partorisca the house or the car and calm will save a lot of money and would have to that be happy with his durability.

UPDATE: A bit those that months after installing these bosses have been add! Subjects of zeros, any overheating, any question of any class. To good sure happy with my compraventa still!
5 / 5 Eloy
Measure: 3 feet Like this far like this good. I bought it partorisca cut some arrivals was and joint to the mine harness partorisca wire of the factory to bypass a factory Bose subwoofer amp. Much more insulation that an economic RCA the boss has considered partorisca use. This an in fact has quite copper to crimp also.
5 / 5 Marjory
Measure: 3 feet there is a lot of controversy in a audiophile community in a contributo that bosses of frames to a sound of any system. Some people say that the bosses are crucial and involve in creative prose partorisca describe like this or that the boss affects a sound. Another says that, while some connectors, in this chance a phono spent, is securely semi-detached and some bosses have not suffered oxidation, which of course spends over time and is not the worry with new bosses, all the bosses touch some same; and they quote blind tests where consumers of audio and included the experts could not say a difference among a solid boss and another. Having to that a place last and found these bosses, and a lot another, to do the good work; and no, it can not say some differences, if any, among them. Perhaps this result is caused for my electronic, or my acoustic of room, or my ears, but mine these bosses, as some another has tried, a work has been drawn for, which is to connect a piece of crew of audio to another without any loss of signal or addition of static.
5 / 5 Muoi
Measure: 15 feet Exceptional bosses partorisca a price! They are weighed-has to that ( would say you could run him by means of wall or the ceiling without question), and rid signals perfectly. A gold-plated connectors, in spite of being the characteristic relatively regulate, in fact look a lot of-fact and does not look partorisca like would spend was quickly.

Although some two bosses are 'joined' together, easily can the separate to two bosses for simply pulling some loose ends avert (like the zip), which can be convenient sure applications . Finally, although some bosses are weighed-has to that, his still flex easily and is not 'rigid,' that is the plus when you are looking for to feed his by means of cramped zones.

To good sure recommend!
5 / 5 Jonas
Measure: 3 feet produced Excellent of apparent big quality; works as it has expected. I suppose unless a this connoisseur and/or discriminating, a thought would be a ' the boss is the boss '. Ossia Hardly a chance and a difference in any only apparent in a reproduction of a sound or a boss is feigned purpose.

These bosses are feigned clearly partorisca people those who expect some better results. A craftsmanship is excellent and when being that they are shielded, has verified partorisca do sure has fulfilled that criteria. His , and a lot of handily.

A RCA jacks is the perfect access. I have used mine in the 5.2 AV 4K auricular to power my subwoofer and has not touched never better.

Can find less expensive some? You can always he if any one calms concern. It can you find more expensive one and is any better? Sure you can ( you are listening Bosses of Monster?) ... A price will not be justified - never. Any unless calm uses them like this he skip rope; bosses that conforms with sure levels and is used consistently does not deteriorate with time. One has used, there is not any reason to any to take them never unless necessary likes is resulted other subjects with the system of sound.

I highly recommend these bosses.
4 / 5 Sherice
Measure: 3 feet I courses these bosses of the mine Schiit Ways to the mine Schiit Cost 2. The Works likes them announced and as it have to that (has been using of paralizaciones the week now). Some look of bosses partorisca be of good quality (and is good and thickness) and to to sounds like him some of some subjects that other active posted has been directed. For example, the number of descriptions mentions that it calms can not say the boss is red and that boss is white. Ossia No longer a chance. Calm easily can say which is which reason a red has the red band and an aim has the white band.
4 / 5 Clyde
Measure: 3 feet have all the classes of RCA bosses of several costruttrici, varying of some sper economic bosses that come with a crew all a way until Kimber and another. To be sincere, would dip these up against everything of them. Sinister start in a container that opens. A KabelDirekt is is packaged in enough of hard plastic stock exchanges. When Open on, is fulfilled with the good, a lot clean look RCA boss. Like this far, like this good. After, the hook has left his up. I have bought these to substitute some original bosses of the 70 Garrard Zero 92 turntable. Some bosses am returned like the loose at all. I have not been sper tight neither. My Kimber the bosses are like this freaking tight, is the ache to hook on and take. So much, I give a KabelDirekt two thumbs up in this zone so only! Now, on to like this they do. The common of the people do not go to remark a lot of difference among different bosses. These bosses are not flimsy, neither is hard like RG6 boss. Simply they have the abonos feels, softens in every aspect. They rid the good sound. I conclude that these bosses are a lot well, and the find difficult to find anything better. Oh, And a price is fantastic.
5 / 5 Sena
Measure: 25 feet This boss was the big surprise , has required the boss along partorisca the fourth television connection my Jolida tube of hot cane amp like the secondary start. Has big name, bosses of big dollar partorisca my digital and analog connections that tries to achieve like this pure the experience partorisca listen like this possible. When being the typical audio tweek friki has thinks that would do side for comparisons lateralmente with my analog hook up. Amazing which approach these bosses are gone in respect partorisca detail and depth. And they are five times a period. Desire I new in this product before I have hurt out of a big bucks. They are not the plenaries on substitution but damned prjimo!!! Highly recommend this product.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Jacalyn
Syncwire Has been my goto partorisca HDMI and USB to Micro Bosses of USB partorisca quite some time for two reasons -- are built to last and his so only laws. This cement HDMI look the nylon-the braided sleeve and is súper-often -- look and feel like bosses of qualities, and a test of quality is in a fact that his so only laws, perfectly.

I at present uses Syncwire HDMI bosses to connect to the mine LG TV, Mac Mini (2018), Apple TV 4K, PS4 Slender, and literally any device that use HDMI, comprising diverse portable developer and workstations.

Is looking for The quality HDMI boss, ossia.
5 / 5 Gracie
Wow This HDMI the boss is a better in the quality has not seen never! An organism of braided boss the strong and durable fact. It feels fat and heavy, doing all other bosses have had chair like this flimsy!
A gold plated hdmi the connectors are done fantastically also.
Has used/has tried he for my TV of Apple and Blue-player of Ray, some images are clear and work perfectly.
The one who the prize adds for such boss of quality!! I have paid way more and has taken the bosses not even close to such quality and beauty! Yes in fact it calls this beautiful boss! Calm usually would want to hide all the bosses/wires possible, but this a, loves hook he up in of the places where can the to you sees!! Lol
5 / 5 Roseanna
This law so only adds without subjects! A quality of build is really good and hard. See a photo to see the prójimo on a braided boss. Some connectors am now a lot of platted for contact and better connectivity. The global quality is very good.
Am impressed by a fact that comes with to 1 guarantee of year and yes the calm record adds 2 more years for the total of 3 years of guarantee!! See a photo.
4 / 5 Milo
I in the first place used (and still use) an extremely durable, 3ft Syncwire boss in mine car this attaches to the mine telephone and one uploads adapter in my car. This thing takes the real workout every day and has not failed still.
Like this when I have purchased my new 4K television and decided to upgrade my old HDMI boss, has turned the Syncwire. Has a lot of be happy with this Syncwire HDMI boss.
In some chances, more economic to good sure is not more and when it comes to boss (both for USB and HDMI) has learnt my lesson a hard way. Calm does not require to buy the bosses have dipped in gold <jk>but also recommends a lot that goes for some bosses some economic plus can find. Syncwire The product of quality in the good prize.
4 / 5 Ranae
This Syncwire HDMI the boss are adds! It is fat, heavy, and rugged. A braided shielding the chair adds in my hands. Works perfectly with my Blue-player of ray and 4K TV. Excellent 4K quality of video. To top all was is covered for Syncwire the client and the amazing service have guaranteeed! To good sure will be to buy more Syncwire bosses in a future!!!
4 / 5 Juliet
The element likes described and shipped promptly. Unfortunately, a prime minister an I received has not done for some reason, but a vendor promptly sent the substitution that reads well, which was has appreciated a lot. Sincerely you recommend this vendor, and this boss to any the one who is looking for an extra-along HDMI boss that is for behind compatible but also sustains Ultra HDMI.
4 / 5 Velma
It has received so only my Syncwire HDMI 4K boss today. That the product of quality (as all Syncwire the products are) and the prize adds. You can feel one the quality with a thickness of a boss and can say this boss is built to last. With his nylon-braided coverage this very durable boss and can situate this boss in some uncompromising curves without prpers that has to that worry in any inner boss breakage or harm.

Ossia My prime minister HDMI boss of Syncwire, but will substitute mine other bosses I use with thise boss
4 / 5 Dominic
This HDMI the boss is among a big plus priced some. It is totally value a paid of prize, for a way! A construction is excellent, looks it will survive for long time! It resupplies the speed of transmission adds and ideal for transmission of signal of big quality. The connectors do not look economic and flimsy. Client and has guaranteeed well service! I add compraventa!
4 / 5 Alica
We buy the new house in late April, the new TV in prompt May and the new HDMI boss he 07 May. Supposition how is first useless result? Yep, A HDMI boss. I have been he was for five days in August and has come home to any DirecTV signal to a TV. The simple testing of some components has tried that a HDMI boss that pursues of a receiver of satellite, thru a wall to the TV was useless. Do fault his purpose for less than four . (The quality of picture was order while a boss has done.)
4 / 5 Renaldo
First impression is is the very done cord, thickness and sturdy. Each final has the built in bending to leave cover it he in in the tight space, which is well, reason this cord does not bend easily otherwise. We do not have the 4K television as it can not testify to a quality in 4K, but for 1080p HD are adds. It has attached he among our Blue-ray and our TV. To good sure recommend this HDMI boss.