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Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5 Deedee
Utmost speakers. Strong taking and love a fact thats his very durable to enough anything. It can survive rain, vase, powder. Very well everywhere. Battery last easily on 10 hours on 100 volume. Some bass is thumping. Sometimes it has had to them reduce records because it was like this well that it can it you he gives to feel of headache lolz, any sprain at all. The sound is remained has stabilised all the time. One 360 sound is really useful when has people everywhere you. It has loved that. Pricewise, For the $ 129 hard speaker all day, you cant bad with east. HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT
5 / 5 Deedra
New and has improved to touch. It can touch a speaker for plugging he in like this some models some old plus or with optional touching the calm base so only dipped the until touch. This was the by heart special model for T-mobile. So much to purchase this colour and then buying a renewed that touches the base separates has saved $ $ $ .
4 / 5 Maryanne
Has been looking to take the good bluetooth speaker for the moment and then this particular model was and is discounted has taken it like this and did not complain it. It touches it adds for the rooms and a life of battery is surprisingly long all the things have considered. If you are looking to take the Megaboom 3 taking this model because apparently his discounted because of a diagram by heart.
5 / 5 Oren
Has bought two, so only has used a, and not even in quickly. A neighbour has called a cops. It is quite strong and clear.
5 / 5 Rochelle
Has Had this speaker for roughly 3 month. This speaker is strong, clear and add it compraventa. The tomb is solid also. The sound does not take blurry or distorted when you crank a volume up. This speaker has been marked down the averages of just because of one has ascended camo colour! Sounds like this as well as you regulate hard for hours in the hours and a connection is solid of room in room. And listening his is gone in our cul-de-sac. Mainly it listens to this in my office while acting house and in a cochera while exiting.
5 / 5 Danelle
In $ 70 less than a better looking (blue, red, etc) versions, his that extracted very good. The sound is a lot when that uses an application to tweak a bow based in a spatial sound in. AMUR A capacity to be able to on/has been with an application. Desire that could 'party' with my Wonderboom but sadly so only does that way with a Boom and Megaboom.
5 / 5 Larita
In fact can spend grave, included this in spite of relatively small and easy to move; also saved almost $ 100 reason the mine there has been the rose has shot, in the place of some paints some plus populate. Quality of his well; free application to regulate levels; life and convenient keys of good battery.
5 / 5 Helene
The good speakers have seen this element in brandsmart and felt enamoured with him has loved has ordered on Amazon. I took it today and his awesome. A sound is surprising.
4 / 5 Frida
Loves that they link together with another ue speakers!!! AMUR!!!
4 / 5 Micheline
Has bought this on discount, is gone in original packaging unopened, 70 bucks more economic that some by heart Solid variants. Extracted so only like a rest of the mine Megabooms. The works add in a Party On way and looks different. The nave was quickly without hassles.
5 / 5 Leora
Some the main things have looked for was his to add with heavy bass def and the long durable battery. I do in the warehouse without any control of climate, the time is 50 or lower. A sound, included in 70-80 volume is fantastic. I touched it last night, it spent it to do, and has taken almost 5 hours of playtime, quite more courts that a touted 20 hours. It is so only be a cold time in my work? It is a defective battery ? I go to try a playback in room temp, 68 or on with which receives the full load tonight. Oh, there be the enormous to fall off in a life of battery of 80 to 10 in an hour. Again, I will try it tonight and modify this description. Like this far, impressed with a sound, the battery is meh in better.
Modification: has almost be two weeks of then I posted this and has is returned of a product the Amazon. There it looks to be questions a lot so only with a life of battery, but also an indicator of battery. In temperature of room a battery has treated one same load, fill the empty battery less than 5 hours in 75 volume. Perhaps it is the refurb, or so only the model of tax of the yard marketed to T-Mobile for the time has limited. Any way, dodge east a. I am going Bose now, and compraventa direct also.
4 / 5 Karina
Does not operate. It will not touch . I finally found the hack when I googled the. If not touching, discharges and unplug 25-30 times! When Touching light starts pulsing is touching and would have to that connect to the mine telephone and update firmware. Well Guess that? It has begun pulsing but stops every time. I have resisted he in my hand and looked it wrist for awhile but still will not remain on. When Tentativa and the turn on says me is touching and to expect then to touch. If it is pulsing and test and connect my telephone thru Bluetooth to touch when the connection is looking for to be done. That the piece to crap. I have had he for a day and I want to return it and wants to say a costruttore that multiple Bluetooth speakers that has purchased for $ 5 to $ 10 work every time and when it spends them $ 100 I attack a same thing. And his 'helped so only accepts email for support of technology. If he no without that has to that look on the hacks then are selling the defective product and require to repair a defect Before they sell more. They are fallido and entirely disappointed with this product.
4 / 5 Tracey
A lot rugged, more for small meetings. Quite strong and more is waterproof and concern free to break if tomb of hands or table. So only a clarity of the voice is not like this good comparing with other products. Global good product
5 / 5 Marylin
has Chosen these on bc has been priced lower that other colours. His plus of the purplish pink especially a plus n minus keys. The quality of build is press of the good key and the connectivity is well. Calm does not need an application to fines calm pair only paste a plus and BT in an after connecting then double tap BT key in a 2nd speaker. It finds that useful, paste an useful key.

Uses an application his simple and resupplies a EQ like the difference. The difference other applications of speaker this a does not ask the whole plot of intrusive permissions. 👍

Quality of his good east but does not add . Some bass is the basses thumpy bass any the deep booming tomb. A highs n mids is good but no like this brilliant likes another. These speakers are good but for a money there is better speakers to be had.

These are not to value $ 200 has been was paralización awhile and this colour goes in in $ 97 but still in this prize would take another concealed is better for a money. They Like him but the desire was more vibrant with more than of clarity and has had the richest bass deep. They touch like the film is on some speakers or something. Slightly muffled with sprain of low. A latency is ridiculous when looking video.

Two of them his quite decent. A EQ in his helps of application and a life of battery is very good. Stereo The way touches better to the equal that go to require 2 of these. Those touch better? 3 Of these. Those marks touches more immersive? Taking 4 of these. But thats almost $ 400. Take the JBL Boombox. These speakers are so only WELL. Well takings more than one and use a EQ but is not utmost speakers. There is better touching speakers for less. They are the defender of EU and has bought 4 of these to take the satisfactory sound out of these. 😐
5 / 5 Breana
Has purchased this speaker to agree mine another Boom 3 speaker. He look well with things and can be paired with another Boom 3 speakers. An only question with pairing more than a neighbour is that I need an application in yours telephone and he so only the pair joints him using your application of telephone. Has devices that the multiple pair bluetooth the elements but these speakers require an application to the together pair. Neither it has the jack where could cover another
no-bluetooth his elements.
4 / 5 Ouida
EU The boom done some better portable speakers. It has thought to purchase a JBL model but
EU 3 quality of his, life of battery, and celebrates on (link to another SPEAKER of EU) there is sealed a shot for me.
A lot on think he partorisca low $ 100 ossia an I extracted better in city. Better that Costco tries of the Ue mega 2.
Will not complain it . Also I like a rose in a darkness/of ash of black cloth. The person will fly it and also
can not forget where calm left it (visually).
4 / 5 Dayle
Are very happy has bought this reconditioned. I have begun buying my electronic in this way and there is still for the remorse. If you are concerned, take a three coverage of year and calm still will save money. A speaker is good and strong, with good quality. Syncs To Bluetooth really easily. The value adds for money.
4 / 5 Brice
Has taken this megaboom3 on sale, has a megaboom2 and there is him enjoyed really! I have had a megaboom3 touching for the solid 2 days and so only down 50! I love a colour and when you regulate the voice in an application to house podcasts of mine and the sound of currents to SURPRISE!!
4 / 5 Marcos
In the first place, is very beautiful with amazing colours. And a battery is good and long enough to use. A pairing is easy and very easy to use.

This in spite of, his sound is not like this good. A fashion is dulls. The voice of a subscriptor is not to clear compared to a background sound. So only that pause roughly action of his, the apple of my fellow homepod is far better. Right now, a prize of apple homepod has reduced to in $ 200. Although all more is well, an action of his has disappointed me so much.
5 / 5 Terrell
Can take this on sale unit, then would recommend it. It would not recommend he in full retail prize. There quality of his better east that half, but does not add . The functionality is well. Has good volume and is a lot has built.
5 / 5 Jo
Speaker of good measure, paste all the same frequencies some abonos lows. The ease of use is there with a help of an application and a hard battery partorisca always, weeks the time partorisca me. The subject only is inside a first week or two some finals of hule have begun partorisca deteriorate and create these something odd aim. Global good speaker partorisca a prize and I would recommend this Ue has produced.
4 / 5 Sherilyn
I like this speaker but a key partorisca change and prendiendo the songs has leaves partorisca do... Still I can use a speaker this in spite of that uses an application but still is in disappointing. (Ossia After so only having he partorisca three month) neither looks partorisca be that it takes to a life of battery likes has done when I took it in the first place
4 / 5 Elba
is strong to take these to pair up with the fellow but could not be 1 feet more out of the each one another without a connection that pauses up. We change him to us partorisca the megablast and has had the very better connection when pairing with other speakers .
5 / 5 Christene
Is lasted 11 days besides one 30 turn of window of day in Amazon. Used the ? Perhaps 7 times. Used telephone to touch music. It is quite distorted now. Stored he in a box plugged in. Any one sure as to do.
4 / 5 Nedra
For far a better bang for a buck. It does not import of the diagrams of colour how is reason is like this economic. Sounds so only some same like another Megaboom is.
5 / 5 Marie
I paddle near and was are that it hikes to plot. This speaker has quality of his astounding for our whole group and a life of battery is surprising. Also I love a colour!
5 / 5 Amy
The excellent product has bought this colour of then is more economic that some another. It does not come with wireless touching the cradle but is the prize adds for a quality had it running 8 hours directly the volume the big plus and he have treated fantastically. An application has to that install to run a do one to use the a lot of convenient and has had the bow.
4 / 5 Kiersten
Loves these laws of speaker adds for parties to house bachelor the party of the parties of boat is etc...
4 / 5 Rosaria
Has purchased this like the substitution, the law adds. The better sounds that a prize. The better hard battery is one that a prime minister a. Good row, chooses on bluetooth easy. To good sure value to C note.
5 / 5 Edelmira
I have purchased this like the substitution, the law adds. The better sounds that a prize. The better hard battery is one that a prime minister a. Good row, chooses on bluetooth easy. To good sure value to C note.
5 / 5 Garret
Has done adds partorisca the week or like this then all of the sudden has begun partorisca cut was while touching. The email a vendor to the along in fact the week this in spite of any response. Probably that goes partorisca return punctual.
4 / 5 Iluminada
This for far is a better product according to which the quality and the most economic way then other places are selling this element 10 out of 10 partorisca produced and vendor... Thank you... Happy happy client 😊
4 / 5 Lorina
bought it and has discovered them so only that this white product... It knows his cheeper that another colour but the sae some revises concealed has had bad container and has taken them this question partorisca paint. It can not be take. Im Not going partorisca the buy anymore. Like the korean these countries have to do fault the system sucks
5 / 5 Trena
Boom of the 3, is entirely the waste of money upgrade to this partorisca just the little improve down and battery
4 / 5 Ashely
Amour that can connect he in any boom n that it is test of water ! It has taken it it liked on 2nd day n still
5 / 5 Wayne
A battery any last long. With which perhaps the hour or he like this tomb of 100 to 80 percent.
4 / 5 Garnet
Has looked for the speaker that paste all the frames in qualities of his and material. This paste these frames, the sound is really good and full; and qualified partorisca turn speaker on by means of my telephone is very very appreciated.
5 / 5 Bernard
But has not known has done until one 4 turn of week the period was up. Felizmente To the amazon is by train partorisca leave me gone back he but while it has done, used it two times, has touched adds and is lasted the long time
5 / 5 Debroah
This element can be the refurb or something more but will not upload against all stuck in 10 light flashes but not touching . Asked the day of repayment 1
5 / 5 Samella
Ossia a speaker PERFECTO partorisca have in a cochera or poolside! Súper Strong, waterproof ( fleet) and a life of battery is fantastic!
4 / 5 Buck
Big difference when I take a real thing .. That The speaker adds .. His impressive sound
5 / 5 Vergie
has looked for this element was partorisca a quality of grave had read roughly in of the descriptions, duquel has found partorisca be for the half, but no upper to JBL comparable models. Quality of his global is well.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultmate Ears ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Mikaela
Amazing. Literally a better element partorisca anything his add and easy to connect. And more economic that any one other better options. If yours looking in something 150 to 250 dollars then take this and save you a bit money

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech UE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
5 / 5 Tod
It had listened in Wonderboom of the fellow familiarised whose daughter bought one. I have had previously the dinky little bluetooth speaker that has not had a quality of his utmost plus. This thing is awesome this in spite of! It takes súper strong and a sound has his depth. Turned went by with which the pocolos small when calm is not touching anything, which are add partorisca save life of battery. An only thing I desire has had in a speaker is pause /of game and foward/backward controls partorisca a music he, but otherwise is perfect.
4 / 5 Evelin
Has announced partorisca have the life of long battery and grieve hard two hours. With which like this taken roughly 6-7 partorisca touch. One uploads spent in also has the penuria and have has had so only he partorisca perhaps the month. Only use he partorisca do at all more. A lot of dissatisfaction with this compraventa.
5 / 5 Alesia
Has a model an old plus of this exact speaker, like six regarding the use and that add a speaker is! In fact, master quell'so that it has purchased this one of Amazon partorisca my dad. I take a new speaker and spent is so that when I give it to my dad, will be all the place partorisca go. With my speaker my old plus, once cover he in partorisca touch, the aim that blinks the light looks. This light there is not coming never on when I plugged in a new a. I have verified a connection and has tried another load. Any light has come on. I have left it seats in one uploads partorisca on 5 hours that thinks perhaps times required so only. Any light there is not coming never one. Any sound is done when I presses a key partorisca be able to. I have tried an option of reset of the factory that has found on-line. Nope. It is so only the USELESSNESS. I will change my description with which take my substitution of a vendor but like this far am a lot disappointed with a model a new plus of this speaker.
5 / 5 Randolph
Has purchased this partorisca substitute an old 2nd EU of SPEAKER of gene of Boom that has had partorisca 3+ years that has begun partorisca die on me. This speaker is really pleasant. Petit, but has his amazing. Partorisci Easily and I as a bit strap there is on that. I can hook the to the appeal of cupboard partorisca maintain he out of a way. Really I love it!
4 / 5 Janna
A wonderboom has done adds but used it while jetskiing and an elastic sale has finalised partorisca break that I cause partorisca lose my speaker. Unfortunately it is hard to take the substitution of a speaker could not be exchanged
5 / 5 Lewis
Hands down better speaker this measure and prize. All the world is blown always has gone by a when I pair the and situate them in opposing corners of a room. He also done the perfect present. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 Terence
Ossia One 3rd an I has bought. It has taken in the prize adds-his a lot well, easy to use, portable, sturdy and waterproof. It would purchase again. Bought a partorisca my screened in porch, and a partorisca each school I work in partorisca my offices. I love him.
4 / 5 Brittni
This little type is a lot of vw, and fill the room with the crisp still his robust. Abundance of low for film or music.
4 / 5 Felisha
A better Bluetooth speaker. It uploads last all day in a beach. Utilisation this kayaking too and has has not had never the question with watering on that. Súper Sound of basses, strong, loves it!
5 / 5 Andre
Has a main version of this speaker and both are excellent! A smaller version is included easier that spend around and travesía with.
5 / 5 Rikki
A lot disappointed with this compraventa, has been expecting the new speaker in the bulk the box likes described but any gentleman, a speaker is coming with has been used and a sound has been distorted. A usb the port in a speaker has aimed byline of has abused partorisca mean is used! If it think roughly buying here brothers of good regime.
5 / 5 Ty
The quality of sound was utmost, life of the battery is not described like this, he so only lasted roughly 3 hours of lfe while touching.
5 / 5 Layla
Has two of these and wants to him. Utilisation one in my car like my radio does not do and is add, a battery in a one in my car does not look to add but attribute that to a heat.
5 / 5 Gretchen
Has taken this and tried for the touch that use two different cords, two different discharge and 2 different 12 periods of now of the time and we could not take this turn on. We are returning and ordering the new a - hopefully can update this with something better.
5 / 5 Dee
Has purchased this for the holidays of beach. A sound is excellent and is lasted the first long time to require the load. I recommend this speaker.
5 / 5 Ardith
Our partner has had one of these. We think that that it has had to that surround sound!!! I have taken one and loves that!
5 / 5 Kendra
Ossia My Gone to box of boom! It is one first what I turn on in a morning. Produced excellent!
5 / 5 Taylor
Really small and strong but bases very small and so only roughly 3-4 now max life of the highly addicted battery on volume a syncing the characteristic is quite sweet to love the system of the his fast but that life of battery of the same faster drains
5 / 5 Bella
Want a portability. Use in our room of screen. So only it loves that.
Taken anywhere master quell'good speaker.
5 / 5 Raye
Excellent does well touches for real that has surprised gpod quailty very simple and easy to use connect any question better speaker has spent them thank amazon partorisca excellent service and quailty
5 / 5 Taylor
Ossia an amazing speaker partorisca of the money. I touch it they are partorisca add and very durable.
5 / 5 Virginia
A sound is strong and . Of then I took it so only or it can not estimate a battery. It would recommend it to buyers
4 / 5 Mindi
Perfect bang partorisca you buck! It is quite strong and looks well in mine counter, no too bulky is perfect!
4 / 5 Kendal
Portable, the sound adds and any worry of the ruin. Bought one on its own name, my granddaughters and my edges.
5 / 5 Graig
Favourite speaker - swipes hella strong!! Utilisation for my walks of bicycle - but a hard battery the time the short plus when it hear the music with hella basic! Planning on buying the likely to upload still east.
5 / 5 Soila
The sound does not lose quality, the hard battery more than that expected and the fact that can quell'GENIAL
4 / 5 Delicia
has used around a partner grupal saw it and has bought an immediately
5 / 5 Marian
has purchased 2 of these speakers and wants to him to us. Extremely durable and a sound is surprising for the device that is like this small.
5 / 5 Aletha
Amur Excepts has taken so only roughly 2 hours of life of battery before we have to that recharge. That could be wrong?
5 / 5 Jeannie
Perfect measure partorisca music in a gone. Strong, crisp, his clear. There is not any indication of the battery that dies as it would be adds partorisca future models.
4 / 5 Temple
The work adds! Easy to connect to my telephone. The speaker is strong!

Top Customer Reviews: UE Roll Volcano ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
My first Ue the boom there is prendido partorisca do after roughly 9 month - the would not touch a battery anymore. I have looked for on-line and has tried a diverse fixed like resetting, changing outlets, and like this on. Any gone. Service of the client has not answered. As I have tried this one and, yes, calm took it, no longer will touch with which are month. I have contacted the amazon is esupport of product' and has said of a window of turn had closed could do at all partorisca me. (Graces, Amazon!) EU Once has answered more any mine asks partorisca guarantee retreated up. It will not buy NEVER of this company again.
5 / 5
Really that loves this product. Bought the roughly done 6 month and is now one of the mine gone to bluetooth speakers. He generally hands in a boss of shower in my shower and of the works perfectly for that. Now it is resulted my travesía favourite bluetooth speak reason is small and a battery will last the long weekend with normal use. Amur That is test of water . It dips out of his add for such the small and calm speaker can link he with another that is the characteristic WONDERFUL . There is the reason wirecutter ranked this like his upper choose for waterproof speaker.
5 / 5
Wants to this! Simple in a better class of way: easy to use, easy to comprise, easy to listen to. Ossia My second Ue has produced, a prime minister is a main BOOM , cylindrical, which produces the sound the full plus, richer ( was also $ 200 value of the his rich , full!). This light plus little 'canteen' is waterproof, which partorisca me has not been the need. Has has wanted to something easy the tote around that has there was also the sound adds and the just prize -- ossia. As I can not comment in a waterproof characteristic in a less. But one load is lasted the long time a lot of (statistical control for time). And it is to declare very easy to pair with my devices of Apple, so only like a BOOM he (for one the majority of part). Logitech Has done the work adds to do this Ue circulate it compact and elegant, with touching that more than satisfied in this point of prize. It does not think any one will be disappointed (well, these days, concealed is not never true!).
4 / 5
All in this speaker is the I adds except a strap. His claims of web of place is very still biking, and aims included has joined to a side of the bmx frame of bicycle. But in reality, if calm this will undo with which paste any swipes in a street. Ossia That has spent the mine, and a speaker has gone immediately under a wheel of calm. Astonishingly A speaker never there is prendido music inclusa of touch and of the still works perfectly today more than 6 months later... So only it has it a bit scrape and a centre among some keys is the little indented of when it has taken run over. Of course still it would be like this new a damn the strap would remain in has bitten it better. It Likes him a bungee of cord, so only need the hook he deep plus (or clasp would be better) for a bungee to connect to.
4 / 5
These speakers can pump was some sound. In the big in spatial closed a lot of taste still be afterwards to them in full volume. My friends that has him there is remarked the tendency that some the different colours do so that never the looks to reason to import. A charcoal black to to the do not like to link up with of some other units. Three of bought a charcoal and a blue. A blue does not look never to give and not issuing but a charcoal is a boy of question for everything of knots.

Pairing His can be the real ache . Some lives of application until enough the little of some other descriptions have seen probably in that crash or does not aim a right speaker like calm can not select stereo and pleasant sound.
4 / 5
Has bought this partorisca travelling how is lighter, the resistant and more easy water to pack that mine Bose Soundlink Mini. Of a Soundlink is bell of mine-time, here is a comparison: Soundlink 4 times a prize. Soundlink Sounds Very better, especially answered of basses. EU Probably takes stronger that a Soundlink without sprain, which honradamente is impressive. An application for a Ue very a lot . I lose a Soundlink when travelling? Yeah, But I travesía with a Ue in all the chance because when it uses in the chamber of hotel in the lowest volume, is WELL for an application. A highs and mids is A lot of - I generally listen to the softest music in the, any cut he partorisca Focused Zepplin.
5 / 5
Has ordered this the year and the half fact, and has a lot of be happy with him. It likes to listen to books on tape, and has has wanted the waterproof speaker to the equal that could listen to them while it was in a shower without concerning roughly breaking a speaker. A bungee boss in a Ue circulate it opportunely leaves me to join to a bar to rain so you can better to listen an audio, and regulate a volume without leaving a shower. Like a prize added, can join a speaker to rucksack of mine to the equal that can listen to books while I bicycle (leave to still listen that it is going in around me). A quality of his in this speaker is quite a lot of orders , with the amazing row by means of a hertz spectre and crispness. Also it takes quite strong. A battery tends to last roughly 8 hours, perhaps the little less. Mina a main complaint, another that that wishes a battery was the little more robust, is that some the only controls in a speaker are volume on/down. It would be really good to have the game/of pause and skip the functionality of backs of the advance. In general, very happy, and a speaker was a lot of value of the money (especially reason bought it on sale).
5 / 5
Wow. It has taken this speaker in the February and is May at the same time of this description. I have touched a speaker when I took it in the first place and did not touch it again until today. This blows my alcohol. Utilisation in a bath for music while I am raining and rigging in a morning... Probably 20 to 40 minutes for day for around 60 days of use. I maintain my telephone in another room while they are by train to use it which is around 20 feet was or so much. I have it that has not had never the question with reception. It is also strong abundance. There is any way to say that volume has in (any ui) but would assume to listen his in around 50.

Are by train of the give 5 starts but there is the little nit picky things that could improve. There are any keys of control in the like this calm can not taking or advance to a next clue. Ossia Well for my chance to use reason can control this material of my clock. A key to be able to is uncomfortable to press reason an opposite surface is also the key. Generally I do not press it correctly 1 there is it rid... So only it could be terrible in him this in spite of, YMMV.
5 / 5
In the first place was, a quality of his decent east. Any very grave as no attended for the listen. This in spite of, mids and highs is cleaned. A sound is not muddy. One linking to another speaker to create stereo the easy sound but constantly looses connection, included when next legislation to the each one like this another and a telephone!

For a prize, want a durability, a bung to clip in calm and a compact measure. The life of battery is still pending but looks quite decent. Very easy to pair with my IPHONE 7 and music of game. It is it likes to hang the soap in the rope, this touches your tunes preferred!
4 / 5
Touches the good rugged speaker. The same uses it when volume to rain that listens to podcasts. A subject only has seen is has pairing of questions with some devices. He partorisci easily with my old Motorcycle E2 the telephone but is real swipe or lose when that tries to connect with my Motorcycle G5+. Perhaps it has a subject with a new plus G5? But he the pairs/connects with another Bluetooth devices easily. We use when it is it is gone in a yard and the neighbours come on to see that we are is using. An audio is well. It does not expect it to be salvation-fi. But, I seat it has taken my money cost out of him. They are still very happy these devices do not leave you to change out of some batteries in them. A Ue the circle has substituted my old Bluetooth speaker when a battery has died. Sound the very compraventa.
5 / 5
A sound is wonderful and strong. It likes- one strap partorisca hang in of the random objects, as well as some keys of big volume.
Has had two what found partorisca annoy:
1) a bluetooth was having subject of connectivity with both some initials setup as well as subsequent pairings. The paired multiple devices and his all has taken really long partorisca find a CAREER of EU in a bluetooth frame. While in a subject of a bluetooth, a connection has been spotty in the distance of 25 feet in the different room.
2) When being waterproof, a port to the touch is protected peels flap of hule big. A Circle comes with the boss of touch has drawn to withstand the pressure of a flap of hule. I misplaced a boss once and has used the boss regulates that use partorisca my telephone. A flap has caused a boss partorisca touch to bend. This past in another occasion when in the fellow that takes loaned to house his upload...
4 / 5
Loves this speaker!!! It is ridiculously strong and rich, while also remaining portable and quite light to spend everywhere. A lot seldom it has it it has experienced it subjects of battery, and grieve I still agrees to touch the. I hang in a shower in a showerhead with a strap of regular bracelet, but has the clip for the tightest connections and surer.

Has bought so many first portable speakers, some waterproof and some any, and a quality of this speaker is unparalleled. Comparatively, I will use a Harman Kardon 3, and that cost in $ 250.

Amazing functionally, aesthetically and auditorily. I add compraventa!
5 / 5
The speaker adds! I have possessed alot of speakers of blue tooth, bose, Harmon kardon, Still and more! I have bought this one for my dad hes active and kayaks and walked alot remains it to everything!! I want to see a joy takes (man of 70 years) regime of this speaker.

A sound is really surprisingly well, looks durable and a creation is out of this world.
5 / 5
Has has squandered hours and hours of my time, that tries to take 2 of these devices to pair on together in a double on way, for a purpose of having SOME STEREO the SOUND EXITED OF THE TWO SPEAKERS. They are sometimes state achieved (once was in stereo way for 3 days directly)..... But ALMOST ALWAYS I WILL SPEND 30 minutes to an hour before so only GIVES UP!!!!! These things are a lot of unreliable wants to use a DOUBLE ARRIVE-STEREO HIS with two devices....... BESIDES, I am SPENT SEVERAL HOURS in the TELEPHONE (And on CONTROL) WITH TECHNICAL SUPPORT IN EU, to TRY And TROUBLESHOOT The QUESTION. SO ONLY A TIME DID I TAKING A TECHNICIAN That has SPOKEN FLUENT ENGLISH. A rest of a time has taken reps this has spoken very broken English and was zero help.
To THE EQUAL THAT are, SAD..... But I DO not HAVE An EXTRA HOUR EVERY TIME THAT I WANT TO LISTEN To THESE THINGS IN STEREO. I have tried everything in his web of place in his section of support, in his Q & A section...... I actuate Included found the things written in his web of place that contradicts that it will say you on a telephone..... Like this today, I have had so only my last conversation téléphonique with these people. Finally, When I have asked they have had any reps this has spoken fluent ENGLISH, has said Any, does not have good service for some the EUA. So many, Im boxing these two devices on and sending them behind to Amazon for the repayment...... And yes, I stand for mine 1 description of star..... If these things a lot consistently pair up in stereo way, then would not owe that announce that ossia a characteristic main that me purchase them. And considering quality of sound? Honradamente Has not been that all the world is speaking roughly. At least for 'the Circles', so only does not touch that utmost. Hardly final a lot down at all. Yeah, can take Him quite strong (for the little speaker) without them distorting many, but has many, many BT speakers there that the better sound...... Although yes it calms you can any the never take to a true stereo way (and a lot so only a double on, which is so only imitates the sound that exited of both speakers) then touch better- like this he stereo pair..... But I arrival to squander way too much time in this project. Has the good pair of the speakers of Acoustic Boston wired' and Im so only that goes to run boss by means of a ceiling and locate an Acoustics of Boston and be fact with him....... (Some 2 speakers of Circle, and now Boston Acoustic speakers, is exiting behind in my yard)

is So only ridiculous state......

Like this if any of you there is having any regime that takes the pair of this Ue BT SPEAKERS to pair up in stereo way, would like me listen of you.
And am speaking roughly taking them to pair in stereo, inside the minute or two in the compatible base. I am running a late plus firmware in my telephone, has tried all the resets...... Tried all and are only fact. It would have estimated him 4 stars if so only this a figure has had to that consistently has done. It would not give him never 5 stars, so only reasons do not touch like this he 5 speaker of star..(STILL IN STEREO) .......

How is behind to wired speakers for me...... At least when they touch, always they will be in stereo...... And because of that, (and as well as when being wired and any Bluetooth), an Acoustics of Boston will touch very better..... So only it has looked for to avert a work of coverage......
4 / 5
Ossia The excellent producr had bought them the used one and wouldnt take the load as it has had to return... But new these are utmost!
4 / 5
Has taken this for use in a shower and has been blown has gone by a quality of his and the volume dates the one who small and compress a unit is. Partorisci With bluetooth for easy use with telephones or Echo of point of Amazon. Quite durable to survive the place of construction and a lot of showers while so only looking fresh. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought several Bluetooth speakers in a pair spent of years, and think Logitech has done the very good work with a CAREER of EU. It touches it adds for a measure, is light, resists the load for the long time, partorisci quickly/easily, and has another characteristic convenient likes some builds cord to hang. While each one another Bluetooth that the speaker has bought to the date has finalised in the shelf after the few days, find me using east an on almost the daily base, with small fear of the pause or it spending was.

If this returns your estimativa, highly recommends to purchase the.
5 / 5
Could not ask the better speaker in the better prize. Strong, test of water and a life of battery is of sound! It Likes me the fall has slept to the music and usually is touching still when I wake up! Engreído Mina roommate to take a boom of EU and, while an interface is not to perfect, loves to connect our speakers and listening to a same music during a house.
5 / 5
Has received this and tried out of container with which touched it. Directly to a hot tub while touching and resisted it down two feet to a water dunk while it has touched. Of course any sound under a water for 5 minutes there is pulled on and has continued to touch without tried and the law adds. Used the hips some months of snow after while snow skiing down time, any question still... So many thumbs until career of EU and another produced add.
5 / 5
This thing rids his of quality with utmost bass. It was saviour of mine when that renews the house roams for 2 month. It snaps it My tape or place in in a paving, the quality adds and easy to use. Beat Is terrible. With which 2 years now, will not resist the load and has any hope of the use, covers better he in a day before. So only it goes died over time without even when being on. Quality=A+ Endurance=F-
5 / 5
I have used a partorisca years with utmost results, the sound adds.
Has purchased then he 2nd and paired he up with an application in mine iPhone.
Play partorisca change! Rico, full stereo his - Thank you!
4 / 5
Ossia The product adds . We use it to us on a boat - was much more economic and easier that that buys the marine radio with the bluetooth interface. All have has wanted to was that it runs of an iPhone and this have done perfectly. It can in fact it marks two of them the together work but does not have to that .

The subject only is that sometimes iPhone of my woman 6 any sync in Bluetooth but this is scarce state. Buying another partorisca use for a group.

These are waterproof sure - I left it external partorisca two weeks for the accident and he have done like the field.
5 / 5
Good portable speaker. Raincoat, hopefully does not have to that never try that it was. A quality of his east amazing. The life of battery is around 8 hours I supposition. Syncs To Iphone immediately. It gives the indicator of sound and low battery. Nizza bungee Cord partorisca rid a speaker of. The fund of speaker is hule hard so as to any slide around in the table or something.
4 / 5
Has bought this speaker partorisca substitute a two I has bought last year partorisca my walks of bicycle. They were much more economic that this a, and to an end, some the inner batteries grieve lengths long enough for me to finalise the 1 1/2-2 walk of now that listens the music in moderately big volume. Gotta HAS my jams to maintain me motivated, and earbuds is the no-no when you are sharing a street with engine the one who come to close dangerously yours.

Touched it up out of a box and has used he for a first time yesterday while doing in my cars for 2 hours. It took it it was for his inaugural 1 1/2 now strolls of bicycle this morning, and has been using he for a past 4+ hours while putzing around a house - all in one same load! An only time an audio is result distorted was when I have looked for to use my telephone while my Sony mp3 walkman has been connected invernadero bluetooth.

A sound is surprising! Included in prójimo-max volume, is clear crystal. I am impressed already in what time one initial load is lasting. They are not the techie, but connecting street bluetooth is súper easy. Recognition he on, the look for in your league & of device. Like this simple, the boy could do he - and a lot included has to that pay one to aim me that!

Some instructions are not terribly clear, but there is so only 3 keys, like this calm easily can imagines era. Power (in a backside), volume on and volume down (in a front). A has comprised bungee the easy fact to hang in the doorknob, or wrap around a stock exchange/of handlebar of accessory of telephone in my bicycle (sees picture).

One a thing can is not clues for advanced with him. No the biggie believes playlists this has the good musical flow. To good sure value a prize!
4 / 5
Has had has bought previously the alike speaker and has had the good experience and planned to but another. Although my second experience has not been like this successful as first a. For the chance has expected sync both speakers but has had the difficulty adds to do like this. To the long of any one able to sync his, a speaker would not touch . I have tried to touch a whole day and was still not touching .
5 / 5
Has received this like the present and was impressed like this with a sound, has bought one for my husband. Easy to sync but the little delicate when that goes to connect the laptop to telephone but the service of client helps the figure is gone in any time. A sound are adds for the relatively small speaker. It is portability are adds. You can pair two speakers and connect to a device for stereo touch it but I am still for the try. Global adds compraventa.
4 / 5
Has bought so only two of these speakers to rid presentations for work. These speakers are SURPRISING! Claro crisp sound and they pair until ridding stereo sound. I have situated a speaker in a front of a room and another in a backside and has been surrounded by his rich. Has the Bose speaker and the JBL the speaker and this Circle of EUA is attacks him both out of a water!
4 / 5
Loves this speaker! 360 sound and waterproof. Ossia All precise . I plan to take another of these bad boys to link on while there on sale . It imagines taken 2. It surrounds his (2 circles of EU) for $ mini $ . I have loved to take a Bose. I have said nevermind after doing investigation. To to 1 commentary did not like on a Bose was that of some tomb stifles a music. There is remarked that also when I have listened my friends Bose mini. A Bose soundlink 2 sounds distorted when flown. I want to Bose too much but is not waterproof and can a lot really launch the around like a ue circle. I possess the Bose L1 and ossia my creature . An inferior line is. A Ue circulate it will not disappoint you .
4 / 5
Has tried out of diverse sub$ 50 raincoat BT speakers, and this a book down was a better ( has purchased he partorisca $ , knows does the new version for $ 99 but has seen this one on sale the little time partorisca $ of then).

Is not the box. I love a unconventional creation. Travesía Thick and a flat form the easy fact to pack still in the tight chance.
Quality of sound. It is it adds. Any the one who says that they can take his comparable for him less $ is kidding (or does not have discerning ears). A fact that signal skyward the easiest fact to fill the room in big volume.
Can The To you hangs. One turn it elastic done this speaker súper versatile. I hang mine in the hook of cup of the suction in my shower, and hook he my bicycle when it locates with friends. It is an innovative creation ... They are by train to ask me Reason other frames a lot he.
Expandability. Knowing that I can pair this with another Ue the circle or The Boom is utmost. I do not have it he still, but is good to know is an option .
The control of Water adds. Have Basically inadvertently left the down the running water and has not been the question.

Does not have any clue skipping or key of pause. I know it is the big shot to some, but no the breaker of extracted for me.
5 / 5
The good sound has a Ue BOMM2 has 4 of them and has chosen a CAREER of EU until active around the start or hangs it was side in a house. Can hang him quite easy no strong like a Ue BOOM2 but will be good to have touching in a fund still will be able to speak and listen a music. Easy to pair 2 with an application.
4 / 5
Life of the battery is not almost like this as well as it says that it is. I drive an hour to do and a thing has died with which roughly 3 days. It does not take like this strong as I love it to, and light sprain in full volume. An on/was the key is paste or lose, calm sometimes presses it and work, another time are by train to press it multiple time so only for the turn was.
5 / 5
Is fantastic. It has taken two and when calm links him sound awesome ( is delicate to link them if both pair to your telephone, so only one would have to that be paired).
I amour that is waterproof which mean can use he in a shower and one uploads of hard battery the long time.
A sum of laws of the application, can turn a speaker on/out of an application and tweak some settings of speaker, but is entirely optional.
An only defect is that they do not have the key to skip the song.
5 / 5
A battery is absolutely pathetic and EU there is prendido to sustain an application to control a speaker of your ready device to the along in fact the year! It does not squander your money.....
5 / 5
This is coming fully touched on arrived, which is awesome! Have enjoyed really a quality of his of of the this. Another has said that it was well, and is really good. It has taken this reason have loved the a lot of touching bluetooth speaker that can anywhere. It is everything is looking for in the bluetooth speaker.
5 / 5
Is like this strong!! Usually it touches really strong inside a house and when the salts is not like this strong but this one are to add And really is waterproof! Bought is like the present and a person loves it! 5 stars!!!
5 / 5
If you have not tried EU still, a construction is built to last, and a quality of his and the clarity is in the Bose level.. In prójimo half his seal of prize. Also we have a Ue Megaboom, and loves that.

This has done the present of the day of the Father adds, and looks the strong abundance. This was the worry of mine, that considers a measure of him. Of then purchasing it, has seen he in some retail tents for $ 20 more than took on it Amazon.

Considering buying another or two of these Circles of EU for our living room. You can his pair up with a Megaboom (and each one which as another), and connect to the SmartTV. It would do for a game of football of the épico.
5 / 5
That can say in this device. His add of the small container. A law of EU of application slick like this snot and a bungee the cord in a band is extremely useful. The pairing in time can be the bit finicky, but at all calms can not win. If it love the rugged, portable, and add touching mini-Bluetooth speaker, calm glielo is due to to him calm to verify out of a CAREER of EU!
5 / 5
Has done well at the beginning, May... After the few weeks so only begins to randomly music of game REALLY STRONG partorisca like any apparent reason. At the beginning, I thought it so only spent when another has connected bluetooth the device was near, but nope. So only randomly it results possessed now and flies my really strong music and has to that be in the descendant down a lot often -_-

is the good speaker , but a glitches am too annoying.
5 / 5
Hunting and fish, as it has looked for something durable and dependable. The to good sure found he in a Course of EU. His bungee the leaves of tie he to be hanged or joined to so only roughly anything, which is perfect to take on the side-for-side/four wheeler while tending the alimentary plot, or in slope of a backside of your chair while it seats and attended for the lunker to take a throat. It would recommend a Circle in any external enthusiast or any the one who appreciates his of big quality of his speakers thus subject. Control out of a Boom also. Having a capacity to 'pair' up with another Ue the his speakers done utmost for settings of party and take togethers.
5 / 5
AMUR Of AMUR LOVES this speaker. It is fantastic. I use it almost daily. Some controls to upload on well and his add. Volume compliments in the all a time. I love a boss. I hang it on @@@knob of door, @@@knob of cupboard etc.. Speaker abordable has found better. I have purchased the little in a past and ossia to good sure a better a.
5 / 5
I have bought two of these partorisca my fiancé and the daughter and wants to him. The daughter spends it around in his purse and uses has included in a shower. The promised joins it on his bicycle with a cord in a backside and does not have to that it never concerns roughly that. His amazing, can not believe is like this strong. Besides, can esliebre' these speakers with any those who has an application in his telephone to the equal that can have more than a person that chooses music, speakers add!
4 / 5
Speaker very decent, of some descriptions expected it would be the tad stronger, and sometimes some controls are the pocolos annoying,but ossia reasons are all rubberized to be waterproof,as it can not imagine was calm pressed him or no. But another the concealed for a prize, the chair likes calm to give you to plot - very versatile and a life of battery is decent.
4 / 5
Has bought this legislation of first speaker of my Travesía of Mission of the Messico last year and I was very satisfied. This speaker has his well and is very easy to control. It likes that some keys of volume are well in an exposure as well as that this laptop and like a bungee the cord leaves it to attach to the plot! The to good sure reccomend this speaker. Also, if has the few extra dollars, I really reccomend a Boom of EU in a Circle. A Boom has his amazing and is like this portable! EU Is the mark adds and has some very of confidence and in satisfactory products
5 / 5
This is surprising, the law adds, takes all the classes to abuse while snowboarding in of the storms or in the group or hot tub, súper strong battery , adds life, cant say quite a lot of things add roughly that. And the connection is súper easy and fast, amour this produced, EU of amour and will buy produced more punctual like this the take a casualidades to
5 / 5
battery and his Utmost life for a measure. They Like him to him all the speakers of small does not pack a main punch in of the terms of basses, but still rids his strong , clears that it is has balanced relatively. I have been still to tube in the local river for 3.5 hours that touch on 75 volume (more he strong impossible to spend in the conversation) for a period of one fleet and has finalised with 70 load that remain and has taken multiple splashes of some energised boys with subjects of zeros. A strap in a backside is far more useful that has imagined - joined it to knots the beach cruisers and gone for walks, and leave you the instantly hang it anywhere. My only desire is that the floated - is in good sure raincoat to some depths announced (resupplied ensures some ports of accesses are snapped closed) but will sink like the rock in of waters he.
4 / 5
Awesome. I have bought another for my brother and my sister like presents. My mine of edges liked so much of that is exited and has bought a a ossia shaped like the tower and there is same quality of his better but ossia the a lot of one and I like. I have included dipped he in briefcase of mine in business.
5 / 5
The league easily has his well and compress enough to take again in disposal of excursion, fishing or for a group.
5 / 5
Has taken this used and law perfectly, these speakers have taken roughly his well and is surprising when you his pair to another. These are some speakers of better flat round around, but would recommend them take has used the ones of then is to have to that really heavy and is like this very like this new, if not to impose you used.
5 / 5
Has not been able of the take to do a year had it. I maintain to think the only is not connecting to my devices, included when I dipped him to Bluetooth. I know any with one of these and his law adds with his bluetooth portable. I do not have the bluetooth portable, still, and has maintained to think can do he with this when and take one . Perhaps I am doing something wrong or need to download an application of some class?
5 / 5
This speaker are really adds. It has been postponed initially for an odd form, but calm once use it, an utility of him results immediately clear. I have bought this that a upgrade my Ue Mini Boom, which had been doing some time like quell'speaker of shower, but that one has had to be kept well clear of any wet zones, which has not been ideal. This one touches very better and can take wetted all day long, as I hanged it on the hook in a shower. Some keys of big volume are the ones of entities pro also. It remains the big defender of this company.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
4 / 5 Leandro
The vendor has shipped quickly. I protect of good packaging.
A boomer is genial. The colour is vibrant
5 / 5 Elijah
pleasing in the each way had anticipated. I have used partorisca have the smallest version but ran it on with my car and has loved a never of then. It would recommend this to the partner.
5 / 5 Romana
Global product well, so only any quite a lot of bass like sure competitors
4 / 5 Denae
his Well, that surprises life of battery. It can be súper strong, also has the connectivity adds.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears BLAST ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5 Marlin
Bought this the months of mark of pair. Used the the meso the time of dozen and was very happy with him. Then on he the the month has tried to turn the on and does not change on. I thought that it that it can die a stack, as I plugged he until a load... All some light illuminated likes touch properly. After the costs in the daytime to touch tried to turn the on... Any luck. It was not if it is the subject of change or cual, but is fatality and will not revive .
1 / 5 Lynell
Quan The work is sum but had a lot of problems. Unless has premium of Spotify can not use Spotify in this device in Wi-Final only Bluetooth. Alexa can not say what a stack is in and necessity to have to way that Alexa application and an application of EU that it is troubling to maintain change among so much. But for me one subjects one the big plus there has been was not even the full day that possesses this device was in an endless loop of unresponsive resets. Desprs Looking for the road in troubleshoot an only option has been found in a ue the web of place and he have had the opinion of permanently breaking a device. It Likes him it has said it when of the work is orders a sound for a prize is very well, but to have the device that only can be reset for the hurt, is not to estimate he.

UPDATE 6-2-18
After the month to use a speaker has had to the take substituted so that the does not ignite at all. Desprs Having a new speaker for the little of the weeks can say that this speaker is riddled with subjects. A speaker requires first services of the byline paid to be used affectively in WiFi and still then he any one meaning will do. Desprs Using some characteristic of Spotify of the new premium for 3 days does sum and now suddenly he skips each only song. It IS a thing to have to preoccupy quite possibly having the speaker with defective hardware, but when has to be wary of updates of the software there is the problem.
4 / 5 Sommer
It have been looking to take in a tongue-yours-game of of the one of the west in the order of moment but was unsure of the concealed would like me to go with but at the end when an occasion is come to take an Explosion of EU with Alexa has jumped in a casualidad. The moment there has been some experience with emitting the orders in my Xbox has known an experience to use Alexa was very better since have posed to arrive the so many presents for relatives in a past. Quan Took an Explosion of EU was almost fully touched and has had minimum packaging. It is ready to exit of a box but I have had to to download and configures an application that was quite easy. Desprs Linking he in my account in Amazon and establishing the bluetooth and wifi the connection has been ready for the try was.

A speaker is quite similar to design in another speaker that my woman and I had been using for the pair of years now, that is to say a EU Explodes. It IS main and has his best. I have known that our experience with a EU the boom had been the positive a, a speaker has lined the load the long time, was easy to match and has had his excellent as I have lined big hopes for an Explosion of EU. Once all has been configured a EU the explosion was very easy to use for emitting Alexa mandates. A course a harder is to take a better road to direct some orders, although it has to when being remarked that Alexa does not require rotate, concrete type of mandates (how Xbox ) but through practising my woman and I have discovered these responses in sure phrasings better that another. Also it have to learn to attach the light pause after saying 'Alexa' and any just beginning yelling out of the orders but these results according to character in of the practices.

Had disappointed highly to see that Alexa could not control Spotify and this Spotify only would do when using the Bluetooth order, similar in the character in a EU Explodes. Spotify IS my source of primary musician and does not like me that looks of Amazon to want to steer of calm in his direction of Amazon of first Musician. Even so, it has to when being remarked that the calm does not have to when being the subscriber in a service of musician of the Amazon to use Alexa in this device, but open arrives more musician, comprising your own has the byline in him.

Has used a speaker two times now in the long sessions and a first session has taken quite a lot of 7 hours out of moderating that they listen level that was, in my opinion, that disappoints to consider some promises to put 'until 12 hours . Us All know 'until' is one key there but still, enough the half of a quantity has promised is not that it consider the career of house. A second time that listens of the full load has taken quite a lot of 9 hours and this are listening in moderate listening levels so that it was bit it better. Honestly I marvels Me if a premier has not entered the complete load. It has to when being remarked here that an only road to learn a level of the load of a speaker is through an application and calm only will know two levels of loads, full load or the partial load and that it is the earnest lack of information in my opinion that the necessities up to date with the fixed future for an application.

A quality of a sound of a speaker is very big for the big room and a speaker will fill a room with sound. Any big that the big room even so and one of west battle but for more than volume of people or clarity of a musician will not be any subject anything. It disappoints that it was unable to join my Explosion of EU in my EU Explodes to create the stereo, or mirror, effect of a source. I have done on this for the best in an hour before looking on-line and in the determinant simply is not possible.

So word in a wise, if already possess the product of EU and is considering buying this to attach on like the estereo' effect or included only a lot he-room, a solution of source will be out of luck. It remains to be seen if this will be fixed in the future update but I sincerely doubt that spends to him based in my investigation.

At the end recommends this device, is very clear, very strong, integrates Alexa commands perfectly and has life of decent stack. Be conscious only even so it conceal wins does not control Spotify saw Alexa, a life of the stack is not that it is promised (but still global sake) and he very pair with another device of EU.
Another downside of course is a prize. I am not totally sure that is to say the value adds for more the people but I will say has a money a device will not disappoint . For more than people in the estimativa this would be the compraventa of for sale better value or in the tax has discounted perhaps in Friday Negre. There is certainly more reasonably priced devices that will do a lot cual these offers of of the one of the west. But you want to I add it all-in-a solution, is conscious of some of some limitations of a device and his application and is has to pay a money can not beat an Explosion of EU.
1 / 5 Louanne
I am Alexa enormous adopts, Alexa has enabled devices and of the devices of EU independently. Quan HAS since EU the explosion was Alexa described was hurriedly in mandate.
Took anterior in headlining has been in Fla. Holidays and sadly at the beginning use a unit has failed. It begins in cycle to be able up and was constantly until I fount a sequence of reset. Desprs Doing a reset a unit any one when being pas able up at all. Desprs Viewing Some descriptions some late plus looks a unit has some subjects that has not been exited. I am returning a unit and probably will order another 2 Echo of generation. Can reconsider it again when a kinks is exited and offered in me in a prize has discounted.
4 / 5 Sheron
Although it can have it the road to pose 'Alexa' up with an older Boom and Mega applications of Boom that has calm in your tlphonique or tablet; it does not try. BEGINNING to find some application of Definite Ears of BLUE PLACE in your tent of application. If has annoy 'updating' a speaker, tries the sleepy hour. Works very then. It looks a EU the server has stunned .

Has found 2 snags so far that he he no that likes him the 'Elegant ECHO'--

1) has to touch to arouse Alexa up after the time was period , like the sleep of the night. Calm only the flange says, 'Alexa that the time is?'

2) looks Sirius XM is not backed. I have deleted included an association of nexus of my Echo and reconnected and can not be chosen up. EVEN SO I still can link he with an EXPLOSION through Bluetooth and my telephone. Only any one 'Alexa, game Sirius XM'
control of voice. Desprs Calms Bluetooth has to take to cut a connection of Bluetooth to take Alexa behind
4 / 5 Edwardo
Only it take it this yesterday after a estupefaciente a sale in the daytime for $ 99. A packaging is very sure and professional. A together-arrives to use an application was seamless and each which has described the functions have done perfectly. Any problem with a wi-fine in my big house. A time of response in the orders of voices are slightly more dulcemente that an Echo, but is taking spoiled. Has an Echo Alexa, which enjoy, but a quality of the sound in an Explosion is
far upper, very rounded and very warm. An only subject has to Alexa changes when wants to use an Explosion in a same room. If an Explosion goes for sale again, taking for a portability and sound.

Changing my description of 5 in 2 stars. No longer it maintain it the wi-fine connection for more concealed 2 minutes. An Echo very afterwards in doing well.

Update: A firmware the looks of update has fixed a wi-subject of end of connection. I actuate Also the addition the Spotify the direct game. Like firmware Of the product is being constantly until date, a lot of descriptions are was-dates-.
2 / 5 Pansy
If you want a surprise, west of Bluetooth of the raincoat then that is to say since you! It IS only the letdown for Alexa produced.

IS sad that I very like this or... I have wanted but it has not been so flawless likes point of Echo. Desprs Quite 2 or 3 songs a WiFi would begin to cut in and has been. I updated it and it has tried other points but at all but change in Bluetooth. Alexa Sustains is the sum but has to very yell in him to be listened in difference of a point. Has the EU explodes concealed has had from the beginning and a sound is comparable.

Has not tried a waterproof appearance of him. It recommends a base to touch even so so that for the touch has to take an inferior cual ways to take of a caribeaner hook and it ploughing up. I have not had a base but can use hostel without preoccupying quite draining a stack for when the take external then this would be adds!
3 / 5 Jina
A speaker he, adds. A rest -meh.

Alexa Piece of of the this is poor functionally. A mic to choose envelope works without the musician these touches, but same in the volume of the half can not choose up is voice unless you go well until him.

Neither has imagined out of a WiFi piece of of the this. I will touch musician, through Alexa, yetbit still looks to touch of my telephone saw Bluetooth. If I walk far mass some pieces of music was so Bluetooth typically .

Would recommend to take one regulates ua west while they are utmost, for just the speaker.
1 / 5 Xochitl
It SAVES YOUR MONEY.... It sounds VAL like the bluetooth west but likes Alexa speaker, constantly falls a wi-fine and calm of leaves with the deaf, change of impostor of Alexa and change. Oh, And it do not retreat Spotify and is unconscious of Alexa devices in your account. That is to say real POS and desperately in necessity of the update of firmware in at least direct a flakey Wi-final but is guessing this is no longer backed for logitech of the has not been already directed to weigh numerous negative critics. JUNK
5 / 5 Forest
It looks for the speaker of Bluetooth that could do in a shower, in a beach, in a dispatch, and everywhere more. That is to say a perfect speaker for almost any occasion. Not having quite a power of the Bose or other expensive marks but for a prize, has action very incredible. With a built-in Alexa, literally can not go injustice.

Alexa Functionality is class of the premium for this device. It IS the add all-around the west of blue tooth, but with Alexa has built in him does not have to use he with your device what chairs very awesome. Since it uses Audible constantly for the reservation read the this is a speaker of perfect shower. Only I say, ' I touch my book in audible' and chooses in right where to the left has been without any fuss.

The life of stack is sum and these loads of device a lot hurriedly also. Also mecer this with my Surface Pro 4. It has built-in blue-tooth and of the terrible speakers. As it only turns this creature on and connect in my surface to look the films and the television when is in any go. It IS the enormous improvement in a Surface Pro Speakers. If you are looking for a THE MAJORITY OF VERSATILE WEST that is to say. The purchase!
4 / 5 Amiee
I have had big hopes partorisca this speaker. Has a Boom of EU, and has thought Alexa integration would be sum . In the first place, it is the portable speaker adds . Has the rich sound and of the utmost tones. Any orders of sound of the music on that. There is the pocolos @@subject has them:

In the first place, Alexa integration is paste or lose. It has dipped my house up with adding WiFi signal. Utilisations this in my chamber, where also have a point of Echo. A law of point adds, every time. A Ue the looks of explosion partorisca have the very feeble antenna. Some songs will turn in and was, and calm will listen it drop and then connect (like Bluetooth is connecting his) and a song entirely will turn was, calm partorisca the pocolos second, then he reconnects. It is not a WiFi, as has the súper legislation of strong signal where this is spending. It can be directly down one of mine 3 WiFi points of accesses, this in spite of falls era. If so only it uses it likes the Bluetooth speaker, of the law adds. Also, reason can a lot has them some of a function have with other devices of Echo? It does not like using to Alexa likes to appoint used partorisca enable of my echo is and change each one which as partorisca answer to 'echo' instead. You can a lot of that with an Explosion of EU. You are stuck with Alexa. Also, if you are in a real spotty WiFi zone, reason any so only ask you himself calm so only loves the use like the Bluetooth speaker so only? Need some work on experience of user. Our expectations of ready devices are big.
4 / 5 Waldo
Has surprised enough of everything of some negative critiques.
Has purchased this speaker during one $ 99 sale. I know a Ue the products are more expensive and have his of the quality adds. Like this $ 99 with Alexa characteristic was to fly it. With this be has said, is of entity to know the one who the characteristic is more than first yours entity to purchase the portable speaker vs Alexa stationary produced...

To start with, has to be remarked that in the first place, this is to feign like the portable quality, big speaker. It is waterproof, leaving for functionality virtually anywhere. It comes with the boss to touch, likes almost all the speakers, and resists the load for longer that I personally need.

With this be has said, Alexa characteristic is more than the secondary function or perk. Unless has the first account, one first music will be pointless. This in spite of, can use other applications of music, or only synce has seen Bluetooth to your telephone. I have not had any questions that connects it to the mine wifi, and Alexa acts well for me. This in spite of, do not buy this for an only intention to use Alexa. I possess Alexa Echo that's that of Echo. All 3 has his own profits.

All near, ossia the speaker adds . It touches to surprise and fulfils my needs for the portable speaker. Alexa function is the good addition , but would recommend a Boom of EU if this has not been on sale and Alexa function is not of yours entity.
If it do not plan on using it as the portable speaker, and Alexa is a characteristic more than yours entity, would recommend a regular Echo.

Otherwise, Love this speaker!!
5 / 5 Nora
Is always be extremely happy w produced of EU. We have loved a speaker of Explosion until takes to do. It is experience like the present of Day of the Mother for my woman (which have given to his early) but with which less than 1 month for the use no longer can on. Now it is so only the very expensive paper hanged. Hopefully Is covered down has guaranteeed.
5 / 5 Guy
Adds to touch speaker. Although I have had the question that connects with Windows 7 bluetooth, workaround will be to connect the IOS or first Android. The excellent works with Windows 10, IOS, and android. The life of battery was a lot. In low volume, was able of the touch constantly for 7-8 hours with the abundance of juice has left. For $ 99 on sale, has fallen mine 5 old year JBLs bluetooth ass of speakers!
Update 6/12/18:
will not turn on and will not touch all of the sudden.
2nd update 6/12/18:
has has had to that do the hard reset
that WARNS This procedure permanently can break your speaker and SO ONLY would owe that be used if a speaker will not turn ON. Frequent use of a procedure of the reset is not recommended.

1. In brief Press a “-“ (volume down), “+” (volume on) and small action/Bluetooth keys a same time (Sees picture down).

2. After, press a key of big power in a speaker and he will turn behind ON.

Remarce: It can take the few moments for a speaker to reconnect Alexa or reparation to your mobile device.

3. With which resetting a speaker, is RECOMMENDED highly that use an application of Definite Ears (available of some tents of application for iOS and Android) to verify for available firmware updates for your speaker. To do is, launch an application &62; tap in an icon of settings &62; roll to a fund of a screen and Control “of press for Updates.” (According to a version of an application can require disable Automatic Updates before I can manually control for updates. If distinguished, follows some instructions to update your speaker firmware.
5 / 5 Eliz
Has ordered in April 2018 and has expected the few months before writing this he so that it can give like this attack the description like possible.

PROS: It was happy with a sound and the volume resupplies, how is sufficiently quite strong for me to listen during mine 1 paving of fourth and quite portable for me to take to my gymnasium (which often owe that me), beach, basketball court, clue, etc. A life of the also hard battery the moment and is easy to touch music or podcasts while touching too much. I have not used too many of Alexa characteristic, but look to do, albeit the slow in time.

GILIPOLLAS: One the majority of significant drawback has faced is a fact that a bluetooth connection among an EXPLOSION and my telephone randomly disconnect. Have Still to determine the cause and some of some updates have helped to improve a frequency of of the this, but is incredibly inconvenient am trying listens the music in a shower or while doing other things where can very immediately take my telephone the reconnect that. Any to mention, sometimes this reconnection can be delicate, requiring me to turn my bluetooth in my telephone was and on.

After all of of the this, the desire had gone with a Boom of EU of then I no really use Alexa and has better global indications, which assume is to separate reason his bluetooth connection among a telephone and the no short speaker was.
4 / 5 Clayton
A sound is not too bad that gives a measure of a speaker. Has like better with a slightly better bass. Also a box has said 12hr of time of game and no alive until him. It was so only in 100 and I have been the using in full volume for the lil less than the 1/2 now and a battery drained to 60 already. If they can give an update this'll fixed these things have mentioned so only gladly give it 5 stars.
5 / 5 Timika
A quality of his VERY just east. It does not look to import like change a bow, some sounds of speaker as if it is in has beaten he of has beaten. Has the sound like an old speaker this is to be look too strong. Also, one his only advantage when being the Bluetooth the speaker is a portability . The difference of a forward, tap of Amazon, Some the only options can control of a speaker, our volume on and down. For me, a main reason has loved a Bluetooth the speaker was for his portability, qualified to connect Alexa, and a manual capacity to control game behind. The amazon no longer does the, Tap. Attack a purpose to have the Bluetooth speaker, if a mobile device that is connected has to that always be with you. Ossia Another reason has has wanted to Bluetooth qualified. You owe that maintain your mobile device with calm for game of control for behind a speaker. Of course, you can speak Alexa, but is the music is strong, has to shout on a music for voice of control playback. If I can find another option, will be to return this speaker . Characteristic sure failures
4 / 5 Mathilde
Love a speaker. His add, pairing of easy blue tooth, the simple mobile application and easy to use. This in spite of, have bought this speaker mainly for 'Amazon Alexa' uses. WIFI The way of looks of the feeblest connection that the speaker of REGULAR ECHO. While I touch the music saws 'Alexa', any music of Amazon, Pandora, Sirius, stops of music and starts or looses common of music all near. I dipped him side for side in ECHO and games of same room easily a lot-stop, a continuous EXPLOSION touch for the pocolos second, then stops. It has loved really a portability of a Music of Amazon and Sirius, as that can take external and touch that I active plating in a house. This speaker does not look to fulfil these requirements. Bluetooth Has connected is add, but so only no well has seen wifi streaming.
4 / 5 Fernanda
UPDATE- With which 3 days of emails and 4 calls of telephone, finally has taken Logitech to substitute this element. Have that sends the box to return this element to them before we ship me to us my new a, are unsure the one who confidences he, considering they AT ALL with my claim, take my patient and persistence to finally take this far.
Will update when I see the one who Logitech will do with my device of defective Explosion. Used less than 5 times, had for the month. Easy to connect to my telephone, but there is remarked that has horrible wi-fi row. Where Alexa Was able to connect to mine wifi, this speaker could no. Without wifi, Alexa characteristic does not act. How it is an expensive 'waterproof' BLUETOOTH speaker. The speaker randomly would turn was or disconnect of Bluetooth, which has had to note you with your telephone. I have loved to use this speaker like the device approaches my group but because of this wifi row, has to uses Bluetooth for even use it, or would have to that dip the wifi-extend in a flange of a house. So much to use this, has had to arrive my plan of data in my telephone. With which in a 5th time to use this device, paralizaciones to touch all together. Plugging On does not give any one lights to the aim is touching state. Used a tool of EU of diagnostic and he a lot they was to find a speaker. I have called Logitech (costruttrici of EU) and places in the claim of guarantee for a speaker. When I See that process, will update my description. I have loved so that bad to really use it!!
5 / 5 Daphine
Update: I have changed my indication of 1 to 4 stars. EU has RELEASED SO ONLY an update that leaves paring, woohoo! Like this happy, has been for to try sell it. Also it has imagined them it was like this to disable Alexa characteristic. Mina so only another complaint is still kinda big. A sound is súper mediocre. Literally it touches the same to a built in of the speakers in mine iMac...

How is quite simple for me. My main complaint to Alexa characteristic always is that it interrupts a music, súper annoying. (I has the thing against the nomination that service Alexa to start with with, as has the partner has wanted to has appointed one same). It is the ache to pair with mine other devices. It was unaware when I bought it that the he also lack of one a figure concealed drawn me to PRODUCTS of EU in a first place, which is a capacity to pair with other SPEAKERS of EU. A quality of his and the volume is hardly better that a built in iMac speakers and is no better at all that speakers of mine of television. Oh, And he a lot of pair with a television neither. The desire was returned prevails it of my time to do so it was up. It does not squander your money.
4 / 5 Shela
Undressed Down version of a BOOM of EU.
Has a BOOM of EU, loves it, this thing is the joke .
Any way of party?? Any 1/8' spent of analog boss?
Oh, yeah, Volume Alexa !!

Possesses one, dipped on wireless, , any Bluetooth, and update a firmware, does not say
join you firmware installed in these is defective. Bluetooth Will not remain the box connected takings some @@@lash FW.

Is there the model that Alexa And way of party???
4 / 5 Arletha
Has purchased my Explosion in an attempt of Amazon for $ 99. I see that now it is that it goes for $ 93 without any shot, and am not surprised. Some sounds of Explosion to write home roughly, but entirely decent. I think that that the regular Boom touches better, and saves calm of a lot of a hassle an Explosion amena yours life.

In theory, the raincoat Alexa that the decent sounds-connected WiFi sounds of the speaker like the idea adds. It results an opposite when a speaker in question insists on constantly losing connection to both yours WiFi coverage and then, when, out of exasperation, test bluetooth, that also. I have loved the speaker that could take to a shower and does not have to that futz with, controlling everything by means of Alexa. Hopping In and out of a shower that tries to fix subjects of connectivities in any one my idea of the good time.

Still top it all was, while podes explosion of pair to fly and boom the boom, a two will not mix the ballast creates the new member of a family of EU with some better appearances of the each (A Flower? An Impulse? A Blam?). The joke, but is not that kinda the one who an Explosion has been supposed to be in a first place? Everything of some qualities that marks a Boom the decent speaker so only with Wifi the connectivity and Alexa have built-in? If ossia a chance , reason can does not connect it to the Boom? EU Says is reason some pairs of explosion via Wifi for the better connection. If I can not take a speaker to maintain the simple Wifi connection, he no bode well to connect other speakers a same way. More importantly, if EU has known goes to do the speaker that take to other speakers of him is ilk using Wifi, and that one do one pairing with the preexisting and wildly popular speaker he already had in a phase, reason any so only comprise both methods of pairing?? As well as if I can not use Wifi to pair and listen to the mix of Explosions and am interested more in pairing my speakers for music that to listen Alexa that go in of all less would be able listens the music on everything of them simultaneously. Already I have it you can the a lot of this be easy?
5 / 5 Margorie
Would want to listen the music without him turning of the each one 10-20 minutes. It is not relaxing when I have to adapt it to maintain touching! I have used an application to be sure is not something in some settings like the timer. Nope, Has to do properly but any and unfortunately can do not returning or I !! Bought in April and this begun in the June and was in a half of emotional and has not been able to take this managed, now is too late and am stuck with babysitting a speaker! I touch it they are it adds it has wished so only attack longer that 10-20 minutes the times and I am not had to that maintain the saying to continue to touch.
5 / 5 Bonita
Has chosen on a Bluetooth speaker in a sale of Amazon and is really be happy with a quality of his, ruggedness, and facilitated of use. Mainly we use to take was to a yard, in a yard, or down to a river..... Like this far. No respecto roughly falling it on or taking wetted/dirty, how is hard and fact for this class of use. It can not expect take the to a lake!

Has been surprised that reads like an Echo of Amazon 'Alexa' and extracted so only like our real Alexas, as prime for us. It is the little shorter and leaner that some Echos of big Amazon, but looked in shape and measure. It likes to spend around the 16oz can of the your favourite beverage.

One touching is easy to do and can be setup in a cord to run anywhere has can, but some battery look last and last too. We could the to us ran the averages a day this in spite of has can of the battery has left, as any sure the one who the calm times in fact can go with tunes cranking was. They are volume sure would do the difference and is constant use . Usually it covers he in at night and is ready to go in being able to fill a next morning, but guessing the few hours would have you behind and that goes with tunes. All and everything, very happy with this product.
4 / 5 Chantay
A speaker has his I really adds when equally all a way. It is really strong and can listen a base. An only question with speakers this measure is that it calms can not feel a base. Ossia Like the majority of speakers this measure is this in spite of. In fact really I love this speaker my main question with him is that has subject of horrible connectivity. I will be to listen my music and roughly 3 or 4 songs in him decides to disconnect. It is really annoying and neither has to that gone back in my speaker again or try and reconnect his. It is really aggravating when paid like this for the speaker that is supposition to be the no on a leading version but I would have to that say that a line of the boom of speakers is better.
4 / 5 Randal
Unless it prevails it to it listened, calm will not believe a quality to touch you can exit of such the humble looking, little speaker.


- Quality of his east for real orders, until it press a volume to 10, where a sound results pulled and bit it tinny. A so only another unit that can that can achieve this sound for less $ , is a Boom of EU 2, which this unit basically is, so only minus Alexa integration.

- A rechargeable would beat last quite the moment. They are also serviceable user. So much, when they require to substitute, can do one in calm substitute.

- Bluetooth Take Easily with each class of device has tried: Amazon Firetv Clave (any retards on audio, neither falls at all of the distance of approx. 12 feet), Galaxy S9, and the Laptop of Windows. That is more, there is not had to that say any of my devices to forget a speaker, as another could pair another with him. Admitted, is so only be 2 weeks, but has possessed to plot of electronics and have the good feeling.

- Waterproof/laptop (anything an indication can treat take wet). Meaning you that can take to a beach (which I probably any , but are the klutz and spills it freshen it has spent from time to time).


- That begs a question; that an integration to take of Amazon, which trusts strongly in Wi-Fi of big speed, to a beach?
That door on a real 'with', which is that this company of the terrific speaker can not have thought was all some implications that involves integration of Amazon like this thoroughly to the equal that would owe that have. Reason an integration is mediocre in better. When The music is touching in the strong volume, frequently does not listen 'Alexa' dictate calm, forcing you to yell in a music. Also I have a Point of Echo, and a lot of some available services in a Point is not available in an Explosion of EU. Sometimes Alexa says 'any one stopped, or 'coming punctual', but if the desires have has had wings, likes Gramma has used to say. Works of Spotify, although they are the subscriber . I have read that for any-of subscribers, does not act. It was not if ossia old informative, or yes is still a chance. I know that I subscribe the music of Apple also and concealed is not available has seen an Explosion of EU. There is to available skill by means of a point of echo for music of Apple, but no an Explosion.

- I upgraded to an Explosion of a Boom 2. And I have been disappointed to learn that has had any entrance of audio like a Boom2 has had. My TV has a lot of Bluetooth Wi-Fi is exited so only Directed, and has been well to be able to run an audio was directly to a speaker. But alas, they have not maintained this characteristic.

Ossia Roughly all that I can think of. I am writing this just first of new Year 2019. And a ready speaker that sells better is some Sleeps One. I listen a sound is a lot well, although I can a lot of vouch for him personally. I have read also that integrates any, but everything of some ready services (Google, Amazon, Siri, and can do independently, meaning you can control so only your account of Spotify or other accounts, without being signed in any big three), and that an integration has been done a lot well.

Some Sleeps One looks to be selling paralizaciones among $ 150-$ 200. I have bought an Explosion, fully conscious of his deficits, for $ 75. They are at all dissatisfaction with a compraventa.

5 / 5 Lavonne
Has any key of pause. You can ask Alexa partorisca take music that is touching by means of an internet, but there is any way to touch/pause while on bluetooth excepts to use your device for the do manually. The quality of music adds! But for a prize, would expect characteristic basic, like the key/of pause of the game, and before/backward keys, or at least integrate alexa to do with the devices have connected via bluetooth. If this device crowning the jewel is is Alexa connectivity with orders of voices, then Alexa would owe that be able to take music in bluetooth like any one another transmission of speaker.
5 / 5 Tommie
Has purchased the pair of these he roughly done 18 month. Endowed an aim an and has maintained a black a. Any very negative, but has had to that share an observation was a periodic drop of wi-fi to the amazon of different signal has situated similarly branded alexa devices. An Explosion connects well throughout marries but planting of the cochera is not like this of confidence. It has dipped an additional wi-fi knot of point in cochera today and will value. I have wanted mainly a stronger link for external cameras, no an Explosion. This in spite of my point of Gene to Echo one east there in cochera and does not fall signal. A Bluetooth the characteristic is solid. An only another shortcoming is a mediocre sensibility of some microphones but takes a work done, albeit with some frustration. In a positive front is that the mine is loyalty a lot well with strong bass and impressive volume. And I have discovered today a durability of an Explosion. By means of error of operator (me) has fallen was motorcycle of mine in 35 mph to blacktop. Launcher for a sinister part and I have seen boat in my mirror lateralmente. I have gone back and it founds to dip he in a footpath go to a legislation. The boots/gone roughly forty feet. Another that some scuffing (sees photo) has not lost beats it of then. The works perfect. It is used mainly for external audio when I am doing external. It is quite strong to project his quite well still by means of a street, as I maintain a volume throttled has retreated bit it.
5 / 5 Brandi
So only has taken this today and touch up. I am not while a lot for this small device, to to the the same measure likes them the tap of amazon, but of these ROCKS! It is to good worthy insurance of his name! I have been stunned in that his regime! I tried it afterwards in a group, have fallen he in there. At the beginning I can it see that it flies but then it takes to touch. Press an on key again and work! He the question to resume the music and he have done! I tried it again east times so only half way in a water, he this work adds! Still I am using now still with which roughly 30 minutes of the submerge low waters. I produce it adds! If these Rocks of things, then a main version of this must be booming!
5 / 5 Jayna
Has has wanted to really like this speaker. It was the idea adds with execution very poor. In the first place it was, Alexa the portable speakers is basically pointless of a can not be used portably with Alexa. And masters use Alexa in your house WiFi the good regime that takes it to connect of the row is ridiculously poor compared to that would take with your telephone. Calm say you finally take a speaker has connected to WiFi and touching some music, Now can do at all more with a speaker unless you interact by means of your telephone reason a mics no longer will be able to listen you on a music if his on -40 volume ( can be able to listen you cry ). A flap in a fund is a lot of flimsy and after the the quite touched the time bondadoso of seesaws back and advance and would not trust it to maintain was water. Besides one to flap, calm more probably so only be able to use a boss of USB has comprised of then more all another will be too wide to access in a tiny square hole. To add to this has found that my unit is experiencing cycles of the random power where will turn it behind on immediately after the be turned was.

+ Good sounds for a measure of a device (could use graver)
+ Look a lot
+ the material of Speaker feels rugged (minus flap)
+ the battery is a lot quite

- No Alexa without WiFi
- Poor WiFi connection
- Alexa can do not listening on 40 volume
- Any way to take/skip audio of device
- Bad drawn usb flap
- Can so only the boss of USB has comprised used
- the speaker would owe that save last used EQ setting.
- Cycles of random power (YMMV)

expected to use this shower and in a beach/of park. If you have wanted to be able to use controls of voices in a shower, can any one of a mics will not choose on your voice. And Yes it calms master that the external use of your house, will be still to interact with the telephones of then has no another way to control a device.
5 / 5 Tawana
Have h.To G likes the EXPLOSION of EU partorisca a month and seven days, 7 past of days a date of turn has authorised. On like this extreme a 3rd lame June powering up. I have looked for to ensure that it was touched I 3 different outlets which are sources partorisca be able to very known , this in spite of refuse to be able to. I h.ad of g the Boom of EU partorisca 3 years and h.Bird of G has not had never a subject. It likes t h.G and scv ound. All want to calló or do is the transmission was. I have seen other commentaries of client regarding a subject same. That is a question here. It does not recommend buying an until this subject is solved.
5 / 5 Kassandra
Flashes Sale in amazon, has taken for $ 80.
Well For a prize but yes plan the sync the speakers of multiple has stuck with a boom once an explosion a lot he.
To Alexa does not like any device of Alexa of the amazon, has to yell for mandates, any compatible with the plot of applications, especially Spotify.
Conclusion: if that plans to pay the full prize takes a boom 2, is buying because of Alexa does not buy this speaker, arrival to connect my echo of amazon my explosion and way of better works that way.
5 / 5 Caleb
The speaker has taken rid and am gone through a setup no. The difficulty has had to that takes it to connect the Wifi, but finally has imagined was has had to that be in the to same room likes them the modem for the take to connect. Asked the to touch the song, begins and then prendido inside the pocolos second. In this point a speaker would not answer . The the reset of factory and has tried again, so only to have a same question. I have then turned a speaker was and now can not take a speaker to turn on. They are by train to send it Behind reason ossia too difficult to treat legislation out of a box. I have read other descriptions that has had alike questions but has thought those were isolated incidents . It likes-me a concept of a speaker, but if it does not act, then a concept is worthless.
4 / 5 Lucie
Súper Happy with a sound has produced, with Alexa his like this easy to so only say something and touches directly first musics. It is the improvement adds of another has them in this has had to them that press a key so that Alexa can listen mine. I have not tried a test of water and more probably any except the believe them lol.

Marcos on on bluetooth very simple, that uses an application is good but does not see me that it uses that a lot another that to see his level of battery. It compares he with a HomePod would owe them that say that when being portable frames the this like this better. Both a HomePod and a game of Explosion that surprised and seamlessly with his pertinent service of course. A HomePod is quell'has bitten stronger but any complains for some Definite Ears Fly especially for his comparison of prize.

In general, if yours has thought duquel one to take. You ask one or music of Amazon? This would have to that decide he for you. Personally I see that it uses an Explosion of Definite Ear 10x more often. In a park, beach, fellow anywhere can go them the difference of a HomePod that his just seating house.
4 / 5 Josiah
Done for the week then everything of the sudden leaves to do. Not being able to on. At all. Tried touching it on a base that has purchased for separate, touched it directly. Still at all. Has any one has thought that spent that he no at all. You are the present and now can do not returning reason his summer the month. There is disappointed extremely.
5 / 5 Roma
The explosion of league of definite Ears the WiFi with Alexa music built in, or bluetooth of your telephone. Raincoat, And extreme durability. It can use a Tin-Arrive touching cradle for Grab-N-Aller, or one direct load of a cord of USB. It comes with a blockade to Touch also. Clarity of his and loudness is upper for the small 360 speaker of sound. NOW these can be paired the stereo with 2, or to the equal that celebrates he @in on group of speakers with EXPLOSION of EU or Megablast. Powder, Water, and test of Accident. EU Also has service of excellent client with the good warrantee. Calm NOW can regulate a EQ with an Application of free Explosion, or Alexa changes mic easily. Very Pleased. For the sound the big plus with volume has developed tries pairing 2 the Stereo, or a Ue Megablast if your estimativa is main.
4 / 5 Latoria
Experience because it was an Amazon treats of special lightning. A speaker is strong and paired without too much of question, but is compatibility of Alexa of the Amazon has has not done never. Ossia A whole reason there is pulled a trigger, to take control of voice, but Alexa pairing is the bust . It have not bought it it has had it the known better. Tried contacting service of client of the manufacturer, but this was the nightmare also.

I hate when volume suckered to Treat he of the lightning in the Product Takes.
5 / 5 Pablo
Has bought two of these on front in treating he -of-the-day. Both have questions falling wi-fi the force and that loses a current of audio. So only they look the susceptible the wi-fi interference. My works of telephone very better. Has a same question sometimes with Alexa -- the only chairs quietly sometimes that tries to take the connection and he then fails too often.

Laws as well as the bluetooth speaker, but a wi-fi the weakness is the breaker of extracted in full prize. Lucky has bought he in the big discount.
4 / 5 Toya
Has taken this when it was on sale for more economic that a Boom of EU 2. Has the few questions, but in an end He exaclty the one who a boom done for a same prize.
Quality of his this quite good. Comparable to my dads Bose Soundlink Colour. It is a lot strong for his measure, and easily can be listened everywhere a zone grupal or my room.
No, Alexa is not to perfect. Calm now CAN use Spotify with controls of voices, this in spite of. Outside, was them yelling by means of a group, with the music that touches and can no to listen me. Interior, if I am not touching the music usually can me listen are in a same room. When Touching music, is paste or lose, unless you are inner 5 feet of an Explosion. But they are a shower , is listened always and comprised, included with the music that touches. But I have known all this for advanced of commentaries, and considered it to them so only the characteristic of fresh prize bc of a prize added.
The so that only does not like that a cradle is like this expensive and enough of necessary, driving on a prize.
5 / 5 Gidget
Has had this speaker for almost the year and has has had questions of connection of a start. Lately any look of questions to be that they take worse. It is an only Bluetooth device that has to that constantly it loses connection. A WiFi the connection was much more of confidence but today is also intermittent. The times want to launch it against a wall. When you touch to Act well, but is not to value a hassle. A prime minister and last product I but of this company. Also it finds one stupid conga sound when turning on/was a lot of annoying. Calm can do not turning was. Avert this product like a plague. Simply the hate!
4 / 5 Rina
Out of a box, a presence was the little overbearing. After the few hours of the volume the big plus that touches, some speakers are broken in and a presence is very on. I am enjoying all some a lot of attributes of this unit. A definite keeper, especially in $ 99.
A fact that my Explosion is the stereo was the pleasant surprise. Of course a selection is not dramatic as with the linear system. In spite of, a fullness that stereo resupplies is there. Partorisca Be sure in fact is the stereo unit, has touched Dueling Banjos of Deliverance. 'Tis...
Would recommend to the partner in a $ 99 point of prize - a prize partorisca go is quell'has bitten presumptuous.
5 / 5 Cecille
Has taken this product behind in April and I has liked him a product of sound. I used it so only perhaps the dozen or so that the time and was a lot.
Yesterday, Seven. 9/18 I listened and a start was choppy in of the sound of intervals regulates like the skipping record
or small pause. Then a red light has been in and touched while listening. Hours later when I have tried to turn in a device does not turn on at all. I have thought that it has used perhaps the boss partorisca touch this has to that a lot amperage, but a white light approaches a port to the touch is solid, not blinking, as it looks that a battery is touched. He so only wont gone back on.
4 / 5 Chery
Has had this speaker partorisca the little the year and there is is not lasted never 12 hours or anywhere glielo approaches to him. A sad part are has not thought anything of him because I have seen life of unit of estaca of costruttrici and the be bit it shorter. You are not until it has seen that has thought wew far subordinated/ heaper the speakers that have had to by means of our 2 hr community walks while it struggles of mine halfway by means of the every time with this 'uh moan partorisca upload down done that has thought goes partorisca say something. The desire only had lost window of turn. I have wanted so that bad partorisca east to be better reason consider a wundedboom but any if ossia one Me it.
4 / 5 Forrest
A quality of his with EU has impressed me always. I want that this speaker is light and easy to take on vacacional. His portability and waterproofing are adds for a bath/of shower or beach. I took it recently in the travesía of street because the van of my partner does not have audio hookups and was perfect to clash for until 4 hours in his of means. Utilisation Alexa characteristic of a speaker in home while I am cooking to dine. An only thing that sucks with this speaker is a life of battery . If it forget to leave a speaker on and leave for the few hours, is in critical battery. Always I chair to like am touching this speaker like door the boss to touch where calm does not go never. I want to one feels of a speaker also. It is lustrous and easy to use while you are familiarised with Alexa has enabled produced.

There is not wanted never the speaker of Alexa of full time to the equal that feels likes listens to your conversations. It likes that easily I can turn a speaker was and know that it is not of able to listen to my daily conversations.
4 / 5 Guillermo
Has bought an Explosion because we have loved the laptops WiFi player of music the current Pandora. A waterproof appearance was the good prize . Amado a factor of the form and a sound was utmost. Alexa has not been. A player any prendería a music when Alexa was active. It do not have any music but go back later in a song or a prójimo a. With which resuming he prendió once would go back to a start or a leading song. He randomly the cut was and sometimes not choosing on again. Substituted a unit and a substitution was exactly one same. The service of client was also a lot of unhelpful. They have maintained to ask me the one who the devices used but could not comprise that it was SO ONLY The EXPLOSION. UA So only comprises Bluetooth. We are going with Alexa different player that hopefully better work.
5 / 5 Meg
Now included this takes to 2 description of star . The sound is well, does not expect the plot in of the main volumes or the plot of base, but a sound is a lot strong in mid-levels. This in spite of Alexa integration is spotty from now on and ask it to do the call of telephone or music of game of the source another quell'Amazon. I have looked for to link my pandora account but all other sources of music besides the music of Amazon is grayed was (any one surprised). I have wanted so that bad for this awesome speaker to have qualified of Echo of the Amazon but is so only a lot there still.
5 / 5 Tamela
Would be better state was while to do this legislation. Alexa integration is the total failure . Mina has bought of the T-Mobile sale reason have thinks that has sold produced decent. Then more it has had it late of the subjects with Alexa that touches the full song without constant pauses. That is a point of digital music yes to to sounds like is of the streaky CD !? overpriced Bluetooth Speaker to arrive to this point. It touches well... But it sucks.
4 / 5 Adrien
Debated among a Boom of EU and EU the explosion and are like this disappointed has been with an Explosion. I owe that say that a quality of his east there, as expected of EU. A subject big has with this speaker is that he randomly disconnect of the mine telephone or a music so only prenderá touch. And raisin frequently. Really I expect that EU can fix this question by means of updates of software, but had it the few months now and one @subjects still persists. Sometimes I same have the difficulty that connects to a speaker altogether. Some subjects of connection are honradamente like this inconvenient and difficult.

A speaker is the little elder of a Ue the boom and a life of the battery is not quite like this good. Alexa Is well, this in spite of, any one I really uses and can not control a music to touch that/it takes/next song that has thought perhaps was able to.

Inferior line: I have been with an Explosion because it was more economic during Amazon first day but I really active desire has paid so only an extra $ 40 or anything is to go with a Boom of EU.
4 / 5 Joellen
The one who the shame. I have wanted absolutely this speaker! The course has purchased 17, 2019. Run DIED 20, 2020. So only he no . It looks to touch, will turn on, absolutely zero answered. A year out of a speaker is not enough. A lot disappointed. I have used my points of Amazon further of rooms, this was an extra in my chamber, as it do not take any a lot of use. The contacts of amazon have said a vendor. With all that goes in in this world, I so only for real does not have a now same energy. Honradamente, These just stinks. :(
5 / 5 Palmer
This the very bluetooth the speaker yes is the defender adds of low. His has the sound adds but quality of his of the lack. Also it comes with amazon alexa integrated but impress me. A recognition of voice is a lot poor and does not shoot up. If a volume is too big, because of start of the his big extracted a lot bad. Besides, it seats this speaker to be be has bitten weighed compares to his competitors in a phase.
In general a product is good but does not impress me with his drawbacks
4 / 5 Clemmie
Bought this the months of the pair done. Used the the meso the time of dozen and was very happy with him. Then on done the month has tried to turn the on and does not change on. Has thinks that that a battery can be died, as I plugged he until one load... All some lights have lit for the pleasure on touched correctly. After the day cost to the touch has tried to turn the on... Any regime. It was not if it is the subject of transmission or as, but has died and will not revive .
5 / 5 Antwan
When it Operates are to add but has had a lot of drawbacks. Unless has prize of Spotify can not use Spotify in this device on Wi-Fi only Bluetooth. Alexa can do not saying the one who a battery is in and precise has Alexa application and an application of EU that is annoying to maintain changing among both. But for me one @subjects one the big plus has had was not even the full day that possesses this device was in an endless loop of unresponsive resets. After looking for the way to troubleshoot an only option has been found in a ue the web of place and he have had the opinion of permanently breaking a device. It likes me quell'has said when it operates is adds a sound for a prize is a lot well, but to have the device that so only can be reset for the hurt, is not to value he.

UPDATE 6-2-18
After the month to use a speaker has has had to that the take substituted reason does not turn on at all. With which having a new speaker for the few weeks can say that this speaker is riddled with subjects. A speaker requires first services of the byline have paid to be used affectively in WiFi and still then he any one meaning will do. After using some characteristic of Spotify of the new prize for 3 law of days adds and now suddenly he skips each alone song. It is a thing to have that worry roughly possibly having the speaker with faulty hardware, but when it has to that be wary of updates of the software there is the question.
5 / 5 Rochelle
Are the enormous to adopt of Alexa, Alexa has enabled devices and DEVICES of EU independently. When there is of then EU the explosion was Alexa there is enabled was quickly to order.
Has received he previously to start with was to Fla. Holidays and sadly to first use a unit has failed. It begins to cycle to be able to on and was constantly until me fount a sequence of reset. After treating a reset a unit not being able to on at all. After seeing some descriptions plus very late looks a unit has some issues concealed has not been exited. I am returning a unit and probably will order another 2nd Echo of generation. Can reconsider it again when a kinks is exited and the mine offered in a prize has discounted.
4 / 5 Jannet
Although it can have the way to dip 'Alexa' up with an older Boom and Mega applications of Booms that has in yours telephone or pill; it does not try. BEGINNING to find some Definite Ears BLUE SQUARE application in your tent of application. If has hamper 'updating' a speaker, try it sleepy now. Works a lot then. It looks a Ue the server there is stunned.

Has found 2 snags like this far concealed to to the fact no him liking the 'ELEGANT ECHO'--

1) has to that touch to wake Alexa up after the time was period , like the sleep of the night. Calm only cant say, 'Alexa which time is?'

2) Looks Sirius XM is not sustained. I have deleted included an association of link of my Echo and reconnected and can not be chosen up. THIS In spite of still can link he with an EXPLOSION by means of Bluetooth and my telephone. So only any 'Alexa, game Sirius XM'
control of voice. After calm Bluetooth has to that agree to cut a Bluetooth connection to take Alexa behind
4 / 5 Jolene
had been looking to take to one speaks it yours-game of speaker of the mandate for the moment but was unsure of the to that would like me go with but finally when an occasion has come to take an Explosion of EU with Alexa I jumped in a casualidad. While I have had some experience with issuing commanded to mine Xbox has known an experience to use Alexa was very better of then have dipped his on like this present for relative in a past. When I have received an Explosion of EU was almost fully touched and has had minimum packaging. It is ready to exit of a box but I have had to downloads and configure an application that was quite easy. After linking my account on Amazon and establishing the bluetooth and wifi the connection has been ready to try it was.

A speaker is quite looked to draw to another speaker that my woman and I had been using for the pair of years now, ossia a Boom of EU . It is main and has his best. I have known that our experience with a Ue the boom had been the positive a, a speaker has resisted the load the long time, was easy to pair and has had his excellent to the equal that have resisted big hopes for an Explosion of EU. Once all has been configured a Ue the explosion was very easy to use to issue Alexa commanded. A course a harder is agreeing a better way to direct some mandates, although it was necessary to be remarked that Alexa does not require rote, concrete type of mandates (eat Xbox ) but by means of practising my woman and I have discovered that answered to sure phrasings better that another. Calm also has to that learn to add the light pause after saying 'Alexa' and no just beginning yelling out of the mandates but these results according to character in practical.

Had disappointed highly to see that Alexa could not control Spotify and this Spotify so only would do when using the Bluetooth order, looked in character to a Boom of EU. Spotify Is my source of primary music and does not like me these looks of Amazon to love steer you the one of his direction of Amazon of First Music. This in spite of, have to that be remarked that calms does not have to that be the subscriber to a service of music of the Amazon to use Alexa in this device, but plough on more music, comprising yours to possess has his byline.

Has used a speaker two times now in of the long sessions and one first session have taken roughly 7 hours out of moderate that listens level that was, in my opinion, disappoints it to consider some promises of speaker until 12 hours'. All know 'until' this a key there but still, roughly the averages of a quantity have promised is not that it consider the career of house. A second time that listens of the full load goring roughly 9 hours and concealed is listening in moderate listening levels so that it was bit it better. Honradamente I marvels Me a prime minister has not been in the complete load. It have to that be remarked here that an only way to know a level of the load of a speaker is by means of an application and calm so only will know two levels of cariche, full load or the partial load and ossia the sincere lack of information in my opinion that the needs have update with the fixed future for an application.

A quality of a sound of a speaker is very big for the big room and a speaker will fill a room with sound. Any big plus that the big room this in spite of and a speaker will struggle but for more than volume of people or clarity of a music will not be any one @subjects anything. It disappoint that it was unable the band my Explosion of Boom of mine of the Ue of EU to create the stereo, or mirror, effect of a source. I have done on this for well in a first hour to look on-line and in the determinant simply is not possible.

Like this word to a wise, if you already possess the Ue produced and is considering buying this to add on like this quell'estereo' effect or included so only he fine-room, a solution of source will be out of regime. It remains to be seen if this will be to fix in the future update but I sincerely doubt that spends based my investigation.

Finally recommends this device, is very clear, very strong, integrates Alexa commands perfectly and has life of decent battery. So only be conscious this in spite of that the will not control Spotify via Alexa, a life of the battery is not that it is promised (but less bad global) and he a lot of pair with another DEVICE of EU.
Another downside of course is a prize. I am not entirely sure ossia the value adds for more the people but I will say has of the money a device will not disappoint . For more than people in the estimativa this would be the compraventa lovely better on sale or in the tax has discounted perhaps in Black Friday. There is certainly more reasonably priced devices that will do a lot of the one who these offers of speaker. But you want to I add it all-in-a solution, is conscious of some of some limitations of a device and his application and is has had to that to pay of the calm money can not beat an Explosion of EU.
4 / 5 Elana
He Love an amazing, raincoat Bluetooth speaker then ossia for you! It is so only the letdown partorisca Alexa has produced.

Are sad that I a lot like this one... I have loved but no six like this flawless likes point of Echo. With which roughly 2 or 3 songs a WiFi would begin to cut in and era. I updated it and it has tried other coverages but at all but changing to Bluetooth. Alexa sustains is sum but has has had to that really yell in him to be listened the difference of a point. Has the boom of EU that has had of the start and a sound is comparable.

Has not tried a waterproof appearance of him. You recommend a base to touch this in spite of reason for the touch has to that take a subordinated that half to take of a caribeaner hook and it opening up. I have not had a base but can use he home without concerning roughly draining a battery for when I take it outside then this would be adds!
5 / 5 Samuel
Has received so only this yesterday with which a estupefaciente a sale of day for $ 99. A packaging is a lot sure and professional. A neighbour-on those use an application was seamless and all one has described the functions have done perfectly. Any question with a wi-fi in my big house. A time of response to the orders of voices is slightly more lens of an Echo, but is taking spoiled. Has an Echo Alexa, which joy, but a quality of his in an Explosion is
far upper, a lot rounded and a lot warm. An only in the subject has to that Alexa transmissions when I want to use an Explosion in a same room. If an Explosion goes on sale again, grab he for a portability and sound.

Changing my description of 5 to 2 stars. No longer it maintains the wi-fi connection for more than 2 minutes. An Echo a lot afterwards his work well.

Update: A firmware the update looks for having fixed a wi-fi subject of connection. Has has added also the game of Spotify directed. As it produces firmware is constantly up to date descriptions , a lot of are was -dates-.
5 / 5 Carmina
A speaker he, adds. A rest -meh.

Alexa piece of of the this is poor functionally. A mic to choose on works without the music that touches, but was in the volume of half can not choose calm up is voice unless you go well until him.

Neither has imagined out of a WiFi piece of of the this. I will touch music, by means of Alexa, yetbit still looks to touch of my telephone has seen Bluetooth. If path too far some courses of music was like this Bluetooth typically .

Would recommend to take a rule ua the speaker how is utmost, for just the speaker.
4 / 5 Sabra
SAVES YOUR SOUNDS COST like this it bluetooth speaker but likes Alexa speaker, constantly falls a wi-fi and calm leaves with the deaf, transmission of impostor of Alexa and has moved. Oh, And it does not sustain Spotify and is unaware of Alexa devices in your account. Ossia Real POS and desperately in need of the firmware update to at least direct a flakey Wi-fi but am guessing this is no longer sustained for logitech of the is not already direct state to hanged of numerous negative critiques. JUNK
5 / 5 Veta
Looked for it Bluetooth speaker that could in a shower, in a beach, in an office, and everywhere more. Ossia A perfect speaker for almost any occasion. He not having enough a power of the Bose or other expensive frames but for a prize, has action really incredible. With a built-in Alexa, literally calms can any gone bad.

Alexa functionality is class of the prize for this device. It is the add all-around speaker of blue tooth, but with Alexa has built in calm does not have to that use he with your device the one who his really awesome. Of then Audible utilisation constantly for the fish of reservation is is a speaker of perfect shower. So only I say, ' I touch my book in audible' and chooses on legislation where has to that the left has been without any fuss.

The life of battery is sum and this device touches a lot quickly also. Also mecer this with my Surface Pro 4. It has built-in blue-tooth and of the terrible speakers. As so only it turns this creature on and connect my surface to look film and TV when they are in a gone. It is the enormous improvement in a Surface Pro Speakers. If you are looking for one The majority of VERSATILE SPEAKER ossia. It buys it!

Top Customer Reviews: UE MegaBlast ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5 Tara
If you are the connectivity with Alexa - this thing is partorisca you. Connection of amazon of the instant, take the wireless to upload and the fact súper súper simple. It is stylish and ergonomic, the quality builds very big and water resistant!
This in spite of if a sound is your number a priority will recommend JBL Extreme 2 to the equal that has considerably grave deeper, his clear plus but does not have ALEXA connection and could not be like this slic look
5 / 5 Lonna
Refuebished looks the rubbishes have come with the upload that the will not return in a hole. Wine with the verizon telephone usb wall partorisca upload square hole. It covers oval. 🤔
5 / 5 Roseann
Could any never take this partorisca connect the WiFi - neither could him help of the technology has assumed. Unfortunately, because of the subjects of health there is no @to @give this until too late for the turn. It is of absolutely any use - so that the money has squandered.
4 / 5 Richard
Sends the demo device that maintains disconnecting of the mine telephone and will not connect to an internet. Again, they did not send me the waterproof version that has declared.
4 / 5 Cristine
The product was defective. Because of Alexa has described, yours suppose to be able to locate a wifi. When being the forward megablast owner has known my way around a speaker and prob is spent some first two hours after opening a box that tries to connect the WiFi without hope. With which so only leaving the product has connected to telephone, has seen he the time randomly pal and disconnect of telephone. I have to listened to my instincts and any one have bought refurbished.
4 / 5 Abby
Has done well for the pair of month until there is prendido entirely law. The some research and this is to spend to the plot of the on-line people.
5 / 5 Emerson
He a lot of pair with another UR proudcuts. Life of the battery is not a lot at all. No the speaker would buy again.
4 / 5 Sirena
Very portable, his well. Has has had only subjects of occasional connectivity. Rebooting Has solved always a subject. I love an integration with Spotify.
4 / 5 Giuseppina
No like this strong to the equal that would like, or of some bass have wished. I produce add global this in spite of. I take the mine was to a group and river this in spite of and are a source of a party. I can not expect join the to my float this summer when floating down a river with the cold brew in my hand and a sun in my backside.
5 / 5 Jimmy
Likes that it can connect you multiple speaker with application of CALM EU
5 / 5 Moses
One produces are add, but a refurbished the element there is prendido acting likes some leading notes. Fact very partorisca are weeks and there is prendido partorisca do.
5 / 5 Lydia
The sound is excellent the hard battery 8 hours have kept well produced
5 / 5 Tracy
A sound is perfect and a speaker is gone in almost prefect conditions! Unworthy is, a cradle of touch was there!
5 / 5 Donya
Easy to use works well, any subject. It gives the graces for one load, prize.
Perhaps the boss on EU?
4 / 5 Deon
The sound adds. This in spite of, require to speak a lot noisily for Alexa to answer

Top Customer Reviews: WONDERBOOM ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 Alvaro
Really I enjoyed these few speakers. It has taken 2 and paired his up in my fourth partorisca stereo the sound listens the music in my pill or looking the film. I listen mostly to classical or musics of rock. For this a deep base is not of entity of mine. In spite of, you can listen a base with an explosion in a film so only does not bed rattling effect (my family in a next room has appreciated this). I have taken he to the long of the small meeting, and everything really enjoys a music of him. Partorisca A prize, small container, and a quality of a sound, can very free with these Wonderboom.
4 / 5 Sharita
Has had one of these speakers and gave it my sister when I have been partorisca visit. I have ordered another reason I really like a quality of his dips out of such the small measure. Has Very other speakers of the main of blue tooth partorisca my room but I love this speaker partorisca travel reason returns like this easily in my rucksack or luggage. EU the wonderful product.
5 / 5 Colin
His of the quality adds and a Bluetooth the leaves of connection partorisca the good distance of a speaker. So only the desire returned in a headline of the cup of a boot the little better, but some works of the loop of cord has attached well to hang a speaker in a boat.
5 / 5 Isobel
The sound adds and life of long battery! Value of the money.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5 Latrisha
I have had the Ue Megaboom partorisca years and loves that. The battery of sounds adds , long life, and is hard like some nails. It has tried this in spite of door in the pocolos travel and was so only too big, and too heavy so that it has required in fact.

Has looked for a ultra portable mini the speaker could clip to my rucksack, especially while it hikes. Cela Headed to a Ue WONDERBOOM and a JBL Clip. His both have his forces. A JBL is the little more portable likes clips amiably to of some straps of shoulder of a rucksack and no flop around too much. A Ue and would require to be clipped to a backside of the z/of the rucksack or in a pocket lateralmente usually reserved for drinks. THIS In spite of, a sound in a Ue blows anything more is gone in his category that comprises the decently touching JBL. The sound is like this strong (if calm want the partorisca be), balanced, and often forget im using mini speaker because his that well. Taken an edition has limited black one the on sale for $ 40 around Black Friday. Other colours of funky are more the money but calm take the portable speaker for him is consolation, any one the be in as his art. 100 it recommends.
5 / 5 Randa
.. For more the needs of the people. This in spite of, there is the limit is looking for some decibel of real power- wise. Also, be stree that there is so only a micro port of USB to touch. Any space of paper for audio of touch in portable storage, neither is there the auxiliary port to listen to without BT.
Supposition to cut it was after like this small of any of use(15-20 min., Think) This in spite of, he quite often the no. that Cause a battery to drain. It closes down when I want to when calm is not listening his. It looks to have the alcohol of the his own in this consideration.
For forty bucks marked down of on fifty, almost sixty dollars, the supposition can call this treats it.
To to An only good thing likes on this speaker is that it can be used of together with another simultaneously, which would be necessary plan that @in has to that I look he with another want to a bit wall to shatter his to break of the window.
Would not dare compraventa this for a now asking prize of $ 52-60...
Unless already the one of this response esatta that is looking to hook until another, would suggest to do more first investigations to solve is one.
Can improve for a prize, or an equivalent for the half a prize.
4 / 5 Valencia
Has ordered this speaker based in the recommendation, of the partner, for the good, the speaker reasonably priced. A Wonderboom has been on sale for $ 60 was is normal prize , which have thought was the shot adds! They are very happy I so only paid $ for this speaker this in spite of, reason a quality of his east meso in better. Some voices are clear, although occasionally I take the 'tunnel' the smallest sound, and there is afterwards to any tomb. Flavour the one who portable is, and the one who calm easily can turn a speaker was/on, this in spite of the desire has had a control an easy plus for a volume... More than me that has to that turn a volume on and down in an element is paired with. In general... It is WELL.
4 / 5 Alma
Ossia Our 8th wonderboom shabby. One 1st 6 spent like this prs thru Costco such the prize adds. Unfortunately no longer they sell like this A last 2 has been purchased each one that like this for separated on Amazon for a prize of a pair. The life of battery is sum. It has surprised whenever these few speakers are able of a quality of sound. His capacity to the together pair his fact that very better.
4 / 5 Zelma
Has bought this for use with the Bluetooth transmissive for my television and having the portable speaker for audio of television has been in amazing.

Mina a small flu is that each one once in the small while, will fall audio totally which is mitigated to press one + or - minus yours in a speaker.

In the full load, take the bit more than the week to listen the TV in an evening partorisca in an hour or two every night of week.
4 / 5 Dung
Has bought this speaker like the christmas present and there has been extracted adds a first week - $ 37 - was excited like this after reading some descriptions

Well the arrived and my edges were excited like this - the touch and tried to touch music

WHERE Is The TOMB?!?!?!?!?

Has touched like the $ 7 speaker - very grave or oomph.

Of course the amazon is curing of a @@subject but after reading some other descriptions again are by train to ask me has done this Edition has limited one specifically to dip there with the smallest quality and hopefully the people will not remark that it is to crap - included for the prize has discounted.

Oh A lot of
4 / 5 Stacey
has taken this like the present for my sister. The I own 2 Megaboom speakers, as I have known already so only the one who good Definite Ears bluetooth the speakers are. To turn a unit on this in spite of, has been impacted in just like prójimo to the megaboom the touched in 1/4 of a measure! It has surprised, and although I still will maintain my Megabooms because of battery and life of global volume, these few types are seriously impressive.
4 / 5 Gabriel
Awesome Sound. Calm alcohol this is not the Harmon Kardon touching speaker, but is a lot well for a row of prize. The life of battery is excellent. It uses majority of mine of a day hooked until my laptop of work, and so only touches it perhaps once the week.

I slowly on buying another, and synching joints him for more surround sound. Amur A durability, life of battery, and 360 speakers.
4 / 5 Serafina
Quality of his this like this expected. It does not expect this thing to blow you was to accustom big Bluetooth speakers. It is physical so only . It is used like the speaker of backup, in chance I need to have something portable concealed does not take a lot of room up. A JBL Toe 5 kills ossia far like this quality of his, but is also on two expensive times.
4 / 5 Emile
A wonderboom EU is an exceptional product . I have bought this speaker 3 years ago and during this time has fallen literally in of the rocks, has gone downhill in a forest and has fallen even to a water and tugged by a current of river, among very other accidents. Some stays of the speaker like a first day has taken he out of a box. Now I have bought so only one for my dad, reason loves it too much. His excellent indoors and alfresco.
4 / 5 Rhoda
This speaker is not the friendly user ... Very hard covers it one uploads to and wants to connect to everything excepts the one who the love the to connect to... Still that has not imagined it was like this to use with the call of audio... A lot aggravating... HAS a lot bluetooth the speaker is, this one east a worse
4 / 5 Emory
EU some better portable speakers, the so only wish a wonderboom sustained more than 2 synced devices like a rest of a Ue the line done. But the guess his an economic model so that felt of frames. Having two of these in stereo has been mine desk speakers for bit it now and im enjoying a sound especially for a prize
5 / 5 Kasey
This could touch crazy, but this touches better that my plenary sized Boom of EU!! Honradamente Can any gone bad with the speaker of EU. To only REAL macula in the quality of audio is that highs sometimes have the hard time that comes by means of, especially when a music is listening to has a lot grave (which Wonderboom bosses fantastically). If you are listening to capture, calm could find difficult to listen a salvation-hats sometimes. Another that that, can recommend this speaker enough.
5 / 5 Genoveva
So only have a disappointment. In some external zones, alive in the 50+ boxes of acrid so that it could be used in the barn, roundpen or in an open. Some time touches the bit 'tinny'.
That the be has said that are stillvery pleased in any one so only a prize but measure, his and a facr can take it on walks of trail while my telephone is without accidents in the saddlebag . Amur This
5 / 5 Alexis
love this speaker!!! Step with me when they are backpacking on mountains. It gives his add. Utilisation likes him the speaker in of my car and in my room to dine table and in mine nightstand in my chamber. I take it to do with me is awesome would be necessary to take you this!
5 / 5 Adella
His and utmost quality in the small container! Everything of my music touches really acute. The deep bass touches utmost. I have had several portable speakers and ossia already my preferred and less expensive one has has not bought never.
4 / 5 Tran
Loves these have bought one for each of my boys and like so much has had to take one in of proper name! A quality of his east orders, his durable, and the hard battery for the long time. The better characteristic is can connect him each one which as another
4 / 5 Kent
Can not say enough in this little speaker, the sound is terrific, Bluetooth is quickly, the work was smartphone , knots hooked two arrives and oh mine gosh! It gives the graces for a fresh product. It comes with USB uploads. Highly Recommend.
5 / 5 Noe
Possesses the number of speakers of Definite Ears in our house. This one is utmost measure , sum . I maintain this one in work. A hard battery for ever. A sound is clear. I will continue to purchase this mark in a future, has to any to leave me down still.
4 / 5 Angle
This little sound of type adds. I have attached it to the stock exchange of work and his attacked around all day. It has not had any one subject with him taking broken still. For a prize and a measure his the option adds for his laptop.
4 / 5 Gretta
This little sound of type adds. I have attached it to the stock exchange of work and his attacked around all day. It has not had any one subject with him taking broken still. Partorisca A prize and a measure his the option adds partorisca his laptop.
5 / 5 Karrie
Awesome Little speaker with a no directional characteristic be is strong point . No in the qualified he of the call of the telephone is in my opinion, to prize! I any one need my calls have projected partorisca more partorisca listen! At all more required partorisca me!
4 / 5 Maribeth
This thing touches really good and is súper portable. Like this far I have not had a data of battery in mine in any situation. It takes the strong abundance and is easy to pair with devices.
4 / 5 Chrissy
Has used this all state and I any does not exit never in a lake without him. Well he he. Highly recommend. If you are in a fence, does not expect - the buy.
4 / 5 Annemarie
A sound that these pocolos produced of what is noticeably chard that any speaker has has not had never. It does not buy an elegant material reason is usually like this expensive. Ossia Elegant and economic!
5 / 5 Jacquiline
Ossia One of a better Bluetooth calm speakers never getI would want to buy more in a future a music that is gone in this help and Rehab thank you partorisca help me
5 / 5 Charlene
connects quickly the bluetooh, but in of the different devices can vary the pair of as or like this, guarantee the whole day of battery in the 65-70 of a volume and 6 hours approx with 100
5 / 5 Claire
This was my second compraventa of speaker . I have bought 2 to pair partorisca surround sound. An only drawback is that you have to that I look his every time listen . Otherwise Measure and his utmost partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Violette
gives this 5 stars been due to that have paid. I have bought 2 in the piece. Perfecto for our new boat BUT any value a retail prize other colours .
5 / 5 Lucilla
Almost each one which as one in my family has has bought one and all the world have listened one was all surprised the one who his east lil dynamo can give. Good bass, life of good battery, and that love the majority is his portability --- take it almost everywhere can calm especially can connect UEs together for an experience of better same sound!
4 / 5 Bernardina
Almost each one which as one in my family has has bought one and all the world have listened one was all surprised the one who his east lil dynamo can give. Good bass, life of good battery, and that love the majority is his portability --- take it almost everywhere can calm especially can connect UEs near for an experience of better same sound!
5 / 5 Tillie
The tomb is awesome battery of sounds and clear crystal last long time , cant has beaten that. An only downside to this element is that it calms can not connect to an application.
5 / 5 Marcy
Possesses the speaker the big plus for EU that the works add. This speaker is lasted so only two month without use in of waters he and a lot little general use at all. I touched it a day he and never turned on again. I have followed everything of a consultor in a web of place of EU for resetting a speaker and concealed has not done also. I will not substitute this and would not recommend purchasing this particular device. It was very disappointing, especially for a prize.
4 / 5 Hui
This has quality of his add!
Has used attributes other small speakers and ossia for far one of a better if no The BEST. Also, you can pair two of this neighbour to surround sound.
4 / 5 Lindsey
Loves this thing! Utilisation in a lot of different places during a course of a week - my greenhouse while doing daily cry, in my golf cart (maintains the base of an island) or is gone in a coverage for caffè of morning. The same take it on vacacional sometimes, as it does for his of the personal use adds (any too strong in of the places like a beach). More - is waterproof, which are to add and last long when it has touched fully. The amour that careers Pandora was is, wirelessly of course.
4 / 5 Hobert
Absolutely love this speaker! A life of battery is without final. A speaker I better there is never has purchased. A sound is like this as well as it surrounds.
5 / 5 Twyla
There is this in my camp, and fill a space with sound. Any súper strong, but quite strong for me (perhaps any one the party grupal...).
5 / 5 Catharine
I like a unit but there does not look to be any way to say like this touched up is or although it is touching I really does not like that
5 / 5 Major
Yes is looking for the speaker presupposed of association of the blue tooth then goes for him.. The The sound was a lot of but the ones of some way felt one touching any last and a disadvantage a big plus has been he does not come with one uploads the boss has to that buy that for separate.

Top Customer Reviews: Ultimate Ears ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5 Marshall
Life of battery like this far are add, the sound is quite strong and clear enough for the small speaker. Laptop during a house and yard.

Julio of update 20, 2018
the speaker will not touch or turn on unless plugged in. Worthless Now like the portable speaker. It was used only indoors and any exposure of water. Looking for a web develops a lot of people with this question.

Julio of update 31, 2018
Emailed the SUPPORTS of EU have seen his web page on July 29, 2018. Any answered still.

August of update 2, 2018
the supports of EU have called. They have asked the number of serial. His then immediately offered to substitute a unit via RMA and UPS focus of nave. It looks he likes to know some of these units are defective. Shipped a unit behind this in spite of while in RMA process to complete.
5 / 5 Margie
Ossia My third speaker of EU !! I have spent a prime minister a to the new house of my daughter to the equal that could listen the music as we unpack. Needless To say, has fallen enamoured with him and he suddenly am resulted the housewarming present. A second an I propiciado the long of still recognition of weekend extended in the house of my edges. I forgot it when I have left. It has continued it uses the and ‘needless to say, has fallen enamoured with him' and now is sound. This third has purchased one is mine ! Felizmente Have So only two boys!!
5 / 5 Sima
5 Incident
Ossia the wonderful speaker ! An outside is rigid and versatile for any external and inner chances. Some bass is the bit to be missing of but in general has his add. A sound of a Megaboom is good but is not enough for me there is like this bought another.

A prime minister Megaboom that has bought has had the question with a cup of a speaker as it substituted it.
has been using an on characteristic of an application and are having subject frequent with an application that fallen so much megabooms. I owe always restart both speakers to do properly again.
- Will change mine my indication of 5 to 4 because of an application.
- One uploads of battery resembles last more careers each use. Also it looks to exhaust included if they are not by train for the use. It has not been that a reason is. Changing of 4 to 3 stars.
4 / 5 Domenic
Has purchased this like the present for my husband. It is the artilugio type and snob of music. Always it is looking in of the speakers, complaining in a quality of sound. Recently we take an Echo of Amazon Alexa, one $ 99 a, and has liked him but has listened once a quality of his of this Megaboom, has not touched Alexa. Nizza His rich, smooth deep base, sounds like good like our Bose, if any better. Life of impressive battery also.
5 / 5 Jaymie
Ossia Now mine 4th Megaboom in 4 years. I have it quell'has had so only one that has has had subjects with him not touching after having he for the moment and when I have contacted EU has substituted he for me. My another 3 where ash and blue and has chosen on this a cause has required one in my cochera and he there is matched my dewalt tools! Like this far like this good... Sounds like this utmost like my another and the like this rugged. I have decided to go with a first gene, the cause honradamente has has not listened the things add in a second gene, except a location the touch is easier that take to. Another while, personally thinks a first gene is better. For any one looking to travel with these, can say is some better. This was a concrete reason has bought my prime minister two was for travelling and is so only quite small to slip to the mine Tumi titled to Bounce waters it and had him everywhere of a beach to Groups, etc.... Never a @@subject and a quality of sounds is like this good. Highly it would recommend that this speaker is looking for something concealed is test of water and durable. And it would not remain it it was negative of critical cause roughly he not touching after the year of use. As I have said, so only I have it raisin concealed to one of them and they have substituted he with subjects of zeros. His totally currency he.
4 / 5 Shu
Amur He - take an application to configure a bow and calm can express was more! Thus prize, find it so only, of course, is had to to spend $ 300-500, can improve quality of audio.

Considering a measure (relatively small organism), quality of offers of his well. Add a portability and a control of water - is my election after researching for speakers around $ 150.
4 / 5 Flossie
Buy this speaker after our friends recommended ours - has had two joint up in his car to surround the sound and has surprised. My husband was stoked to buy it and try it was and in that convince me that it is it to it cost to him a prize. When we take it to Us in the first place, a quality of sound was quite good and was a lot of that was bluetooth and wireless found a lot gilipollas which hate me this product and remorse any when buying never.
A battery dies like this quickly in this thing, while we have loved to take he with us partorisca to hike or touch the film in ours portable he always looked to die inside one first now. We have tried to leave the plugged in at night to touch to leave it enough time to fully the load but does not look NEVER to resist load. Finally, it has given so only up in the and there is prendido to use the (sad, for the $ 300 speaker has estimated the only chair around useless). I have tried different chargers, resetting the, updating it, factory resetting the, everything in some forums in a Logitech the web of place and any one do. A speaker there is neither be any response to a key to be able to or will flash red and say 'critical battery'.Apparently to plot other users has a same question reason there are tonnes of forums of help thus he calms of Google looks for it. Entirely useless. Waste of money, not buying never again.
4 / 5 Isaias
5 / 5 Cristi
Is spent $ in this speaker, has had he less than 1 year and he there is prendido only law. Listening the music a day and he so only have closed was. No the question of battery. Has 50 battery, but will not take any one uploads further. Tried down reset/of key of power of volume-any help. It researches of Google aims that to the plot of people is having the same/alike questions & have little had to Any help of costruttore. Thus calm prize would not expect this type of question. Another that this subjects quite serious, WAS the speaker adds . I will call Logitech when it can take the time was work to call - of then is so only open M-F.
4 / 5 Keena
When the law of Work adds. It took it my work and the defect that the import has presented he. In of the lowest temperatures a battery dies a lot quickly. As in 5 hours in place of 20 hours. Another wise sound was to add and partorisci quickly to all my device, can be synced to use alexa and when paired with an application of the really offered mate to plot. But a loss of the battery in of the cold temperatures is annoying and disappointing. The desire was bit it stronger. The sound is not to 360 terracings likes him declared, but speaker of an effective work that has spent the quite big zone with his sufficient. The bass has not been weighed, but was a lot of quite like I any felt has been missing was.
5 / 5 Desire
I have bought this after atrocious in a better election after the days, perhaps weeks partorisca read descriptions and comparisons. But sinister yard to a persecution. Has has wanted to he partorisca touch music in the little volume partorisca upload while they are in a group. I used it the pair of time out of a zone grupal and has thought was incredible. They are not kidding on some bass.

Took it then to a group and has floated around in the raft that loans to this incredible speaker. One is spent. Song the scarce with some quite hefty the bass have done finally this speaker distorts. I have thought, well, anything will distort in this SONG. But it does not have I decree it that it distorts. A next song there has been the course of a basic line of the mill and a sprain have continued. It has continued to distort in a next song.

Has decided that I do not have a time or inclination to experience further with east. I can not have the speaker that that, although he a lot he all a time. I dipped it/ I dipped It behind in a box and sent it behind. I am saving for the Bose.
5 / 5 Adrienne
Has received once this element was to dine has excited roughly of then has fellow that has him. Touched he for a recommended time and used it while doing external. The dead battery with which roughly 8 hours to use which have not imported. It was when I has been for the use a next weekend so only would do when plugged in, which attack a purpose of the wireless speaker. EU has contacted sustains of client and there was to knots to reset of factory still same question. The vendor has contacted said the all some subjects that has had and SERVICE of EU of client walk by means of any to solve a subject. A vendor immediately emailed focus of turn and excusarse for an inconvenience. It has shipped once it was so only he was two days of a product. They are very happy with this product extracted exponentially and recommend this product to any one.
4 / 5 Karole
Has received this in the Cyber treats of Monday, in the fly. I add, sturdy component and works wonderfully. Only complaint - & ossia common of the which have read on-line - concealed so only could use an application once to turn in a unit. With which concealed, an application has not done again, as I owe manually can on a speaker. Also, that the android of my woman has same questions that download an application.
4 / 5 Tuan
Has had this speaker for 6 month now, and loved it of then day 1. The sound is far better that anything has had, and a life of battery is fantastic. Perfecto to spend in of the travesías! Decided to write this description specifically been due to some chances that unfoleded my day. This speaker is indestructible. Any only falls of a cup of the 15 coverage of feet to the go, but was also unknowingly backed on Ram of peel SuperDuty. The sound was affected a lot at all, an only harm is slightly cosmetic like the upper plastic coverage has burst was and has bent one touching port slightly. But it was at all he concealed 5 seconds of the endeavour could not fix. Extremely, extremely, extremely pleased with this speaker. The god blesses EU
4 / 5 Elli
He prendió touching. Bought he less than fact the year. It loved it really and it has listened the music in the newspaper and has cured of him alot did not fall it never or anything but he prendió today touching. One touching light doesnt light when it covers them he and his decree that touches. Paid almost 200 bucks but no of confidence at all. It was in fact really satisfied with him a quality of his east amazing but global quality any reason there is prendido to touch. Youre Better bought the bose or some another portable speaker.
4 / 5 Moira
Ossia A second an I has bought so only reason want to one 1st quite and a prize was adds. Sounds awesome and has taken he with me while tubing in a river without any questions. Linking 2 speakers to a telephone was difficult and the time that eats but adds has done once.
4 / 5 Ellsworth
Ossia A better touching portable Bluetooth the speaker has listened. The life of battery is well, has to any to run them down still. There was running while we were raking leaves, looked so that it could listen it throughout a yard. It has been he announces an hour without subjects in strong volume without sprain. It has to that the big plot and a sound have spent a lot well.
5 / 5 Somer
Has loved a sound. And a portability and facilitated of use. Ive Has possessed 3 mega boom and 2 boom 2s. In the each chance some speakers have 'blown' after roughly 6 months to the year. Forcing me to touch in the volume he down plus. And 2 out of 3 active has had neither subjects of touch or life of subject @of battery. I have loved really love these speakers but my experience has not been an utmost plus. Support of client didnt looks the friendly user when I have tried has given like this on
4 / 5 Eldora
Ossia a second Mega that the boom has bought. An edition of the panther does not want to operate with a far power on/was characteristic. The utmost sounds otherwise.
4 / 5 Margit
Better friggin bluetooth available. The ones of the one who concerns that any one says that this thing is awesome! His test of life, his strong, his clear, and has the life of long battery! You can also pair other speakers of BOOMS with him.
4 / 5 Palmira
It surpasses my expectations.. A subject only has is a micro port of load of the USB. I have substituted 2 low speakers warranted because of a unreliable port to upload

These speakers are utmost
4 / 5 Elden
Still one of some compraventa better has has not done never. The utmost sounds, the hard load the long time, easy to spend with you — durable like calm does not have to that concern roughly he throw attacked up or wet.
5 / 5 Christia
Any compraventa is a bad investment
I days of premiers all a lot of but despues begins to fail are a lot of annoying me side a lot of Money and something that the days of premiers has done well and has after presented a lot fail and each day this worse and the penalties have a month that buys it.!! Cured Any harm spends his money in this filth of the only of the speaker has a month and already the failure seat estafado
4 / 5 Naomi
Do really well. I use it roughly 30-40 minutes the time while driving, my automobile stereo has died. I have not required to touch he in 2 mnoths. ...But they are not quell'using every day neither. It will inform behind anything changes drastically.
4 / 5 Rocky
The speaker adds of the good line... I have expected the little more answered of grave data an increase of measure of a Boom 2. If you are looking to upgrade, any one annoying . If you are looking for the pertinent portable speaker to camp, calm can any gone bad with east. Produced of quality, the characteristic is, a sound has better listened of the Bluetooth speaker ossia [a lot] smaller that the shoe-boxes.
4 / 5 Reagan
Has purchased to the use has gone by our group during a summer, but work like the field indoors also. I took it on black friday to fly it. Has a Anker Soundcore 2 which is to the most economic plot but also nowhere approaches like this strong and clear. For a prize has paid in this I am satisfied entirely.
5 / 5 Jenifer
I like my basses and this speaker can any the boss.
When A first song with low heavy is gone in has jumped of my chair. Not even down of noise of result of big volume with MegaBoom!
Unless speaker of mine is defective strongly would recommend any to the touch is one .
4 / 5 Talia
Really was specking a quality of his and can, but is incredible, ‘‘tis all roughly prize and quality, speakers very good
4 / 5 Regenia

5 / 5 Russell
My third because it maintains them to give was like this of the presents. It loves him.
5 / 5 Eliza
I have had this speaker less than the year and my third substitution partorisca guarantee the speaker has has died already. Any of some speakers has suffered harm, there is prendido only law.
5 / 5 Jessi
Has purchased in an end of November 2017. Used occasionally home. Now he no king-charge. No longer doing . Support of the product done has contacted 5 days and any response. It has Had the good sound and the enjoyed to us but a fact that is not doing with which 6-7 month is ridiculous partorisca the product of this prize.
5 / 5 Granville
A sound is are adds. It remains touched partorisca the very long time and can remain in a yard how is test of water . It would buy it again sure.
4 / 5 Vinnie
A quality of his impressive east and am taking additional speakers partorisca a rest of a house. Easy to use, portable, durable, well looking. Ossia The fun product .
5 / 5 Earnest
The sound adds, surprised for what basic and clarity.
Delicate spouse on partorisca multiple units for ENTIRELY LOVELY a haste. Has 8 units simultaneously touching around a house - want to him!!!
5 / 5 Claretha
His amazing. It has Bought this speaker and sold it recently that knows that it would buy them another shortly after that.. Absolutely love this speaker. Access perfectly in my headline of cup in my bicycle. Strong af
5 / 5 Sherita
His taken to spare volume for more than rooms. His taken the clear sound and lustrous look.
4 / 5 Shonda
+ The sound adds, fill a house
+ adds for film and music
+ portable the
- seeds-easy to dent
4 / 5 Kaleigh
Very good touching portable speaker with customizable eq application. Received quickly and his all have expected. Utmost bass, row of frames and the clear music for the present adds. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Levi
Ossia Ours fifth Boom of EU/Megaboom in a familiar and a second that fails before touch an anniversary of year.
This one does so only when connected to one load; the battery or anything have given on with which 8 months of quite light, inner use.
Trying discovers like this to take support of guarantee. No too easy...
4 / 5 Rowena
Disappointed in a relative of action my Boom of EU smaller. It breaks up during heavy base the one who stop a Ue smaller the boom can manage of the mine ipod.
4 / 5 Carolynn
The speaker adds with the bass have improved far and the response has compared to a boom of EU rule. A Megaboom the frames that hears to a Ue rule the boom feels like this of the speakers of economic computer!
5 / 5 Lecia
Buys this second a to pair with our prime minister a. Easy to dip up. His excellent.
4 / 5 Susie
Better piece of the audio has not purchased never partorisca of the money.
5 / 5 Jamila
His is a awesome speaker. A volume takes strong abundance partorisca be listened clearly anywhere in my house, a hard battery the long time, and is relatively compress so that it is easy to spend with you wherever the precise. That more could want to?
5 / 5 Horacio
This was the present navideño for my fiancé! It is the product adds and a volume is strong
5 / 5 Melida
My roommate has had the boom of EU, and use it all a time. It moved it it was recently, like this the decided to buy my own. It is always in my stock exchange, or in my cookery, or has gone by a group of then is splash test!

Highly would recommend is looking for the rugged strong speaker adds!
4 / 5 Alfreda
This speaker connects easily street Bluetooth and touches fantastic. It offers clear mids and highs and decent bass. The placing Of a speaker approaches the helps of wall with projecting a low end. A real entertainment has come when I has linked this speaker with mine another mega boom and touched in stereo. You both connect quickly and in stereo the way adds another dimension to an experience to listen. Highly it recommends these speakers.
4 / 5 Margo
Bluetooth A lot always connect a first time. Any quite a lot of bases
5 / 5 Season
the looks of battery to last for ever and a quality of his clean and powerful east. It can not say anything roughly durability reason have not had a fortune of the fall but am sure would not import . I love mine

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