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Top Customer Reviews: Casio SA-76 44-Key ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Quan Reading this description, please maintain that it imports that I am a pianist has advanced concealed has touched professionally pending of the decades.

Taking notes that that is to say the eighth very reduced keyboard. There is only two eighth fully feasible. It has adapted my good purpose while I use it when is out of my big keyboard in plunk-out of the new tunes generally reads or in a sofa by prejudices he before bedtime. It recommends this for beginners very young only - or for to to the use likes him to him the mine. It does not recommend this for the boys the old plus that learns to touch because of a small plus achieves/field of key location. They can grow use to this and when emigrate in the piano or keyboard that has full-tones sized, can present the subjects as will have the result accustomed in a spacing of key smaller.

The use of stack is excellent. I tinker with a keyboard almost nightly and some last stacks quite 2 month.

The tone is muted - so that it does not take that full-bodied his that in the keyboards the big plus. It finds less than five sounds that is pleasant to touch. It IS very portable; I bond he in the shelf. Always I cover he before storing was. Also - any below a tin until you turned you a level of his in a parameter a low plus. This applies at all the electronic instruments for durable use. A this tone of rooms is mightily has reduced in comparison in an extensive keyboard. Hand-the propagations have lined will leave your inch and the external little toe of a field in consonance.
1 / 5
Bought this for my daughter of 12 years that is a player of avid piano and has wanted in a cart. It do not use it very often and today a keyboard has begun to SMOKE!! It was in his foothills so she only flung was and felizmente has not taken burned. It was apparentlycoming fromthe compartment of stack!! We are so disappointed while it looks for to be the fun product. But it conceal can cause it the serious harm is terrible.
5 / 5
In age 65, is at present the Professor has taking Emeritus of Musician, and has purchased Casio only IS-77 keyboard, no for practice of piano, but to exit a harmonic (and same contrapuntal) details of new compositions that looks for that it writes more frequently now that is taking. This keyboard to well sure will do it easier for me to do so. Some tones are quite big for me, and has the useful variety of sounds and control of good volume. I very rest waiting for using the, more than always exiting everything of some details in my inner ear. I beat although, but a keyboard potentially will attach the level the big plus to interest in my works. Still it uses a computer to write, but now can take this together keyboard with me anywhere go. Any entrance of MIDDAY, covers them for the listened or the adapter is proportionate, any problem there. Only it besieges 6 EA stacks in a keyboard and earphones in my ears. I want this keyboard! Absolutely!
5 / 5
The looks and the utmost sounds...My daughter would have to be able to learn with this keyboard. It has attached some adhesives to help the sound learns faster.
5 / 5
I have read so many descriptions in this before I purchased it behind in front of Navidad 2017. So many people have quotes poor descriptions simply so that it is missing the adapter. It is not very a lot to lose. It IS only that a listing does not have he obvious that would require to buy or want the unit does not come inclusively. So much, arms with this information, has purchased only a keyboard and an adapter. All has posed.

My nephew has wanted to it! And it sounds a lot it adds also! My nephew is 12 years old and has wanted lives keyboard to touch to use. The majority of some keyboards founds was or the toy for the young boy or of the keyboards these only laws with the computer. I know a technology has moved to the long of and probably more the boys is taking computers and has big-train of technology in 12 years. But my nephew is not provided that luxury. Precise or that only can seat and game and listens. The more really the flight to be portable for trips and of the car walks.

This one was a response ! The flight! Highly it recommends this keyboard for any one looking for something concealed is more sophisticated that the toy but any one designed the only work with the computer.
1 / 5
A keyboard is well for beginners, especially boys.

Even so, the mine has prendido to do with less than 2 month of use... You are rid in the October 26, pause to do in the December 15... AmazonS civilises spent of tower for only 1 turn of month...

Comes on, bot same 2 month later a device has prendido already to do, and any possible change!?
Im disappointed...
1 / 5
It Liked him in of me the plot at the beginning but afterwards in the uses of dozen 4 of some tones some lower has prendido to do unless you press really take on the and sometimes takes bonded and stay down. Sper Has Disappointed
4 / 5
It gives it 5 stars but two 1.no of things reverb and 2. You can very blend two sounds,or attaches the harmony, another while this joint of small tone is the gem . Has the work to season these Christmas carols of touches for an organisation with some red kettles. And there it go it only this week and the people are by train to give me the thanks to to touch musician. A volume is properly for a zone is localised in and there a lot of some parameters do well with the Christmass is a music . I can pose he in my foothills and game. I use to to take the laptop of big measure but has has had to rethink of the this can spend these days. Also this will leave me knows wants to order the little of these for some young plus in a musician after the programs of pupil that is to say in small for other instruments a program is using. In this point would give a keyboard 5 stars so that there is not the plot that the very young musician the student could disorder up in this small gem. It say that an adapter would be well for some boys and the musician are these accesses well in the table of measure of tray of television for practice. Now included touched through or situates of cheap stacks already but this was in the weekend that takes to use to some the small tones and 2 six hours turns to touch in cheap stacks. This only can turn in the small house of work.
5 / 5
It has Had our keyboard for quite a lot of 4 years. After our 3 boy, has lost a black tone, because of an abuse of one 3 boy. Our boys all have has wanted to it. They want to touch some tones and some songs of cart. It IS durable and has so easy to use characteristic. Our boy of 7 years now are taking lessons of piano in the a lot of main quality and keyboard of expensive piano. I think that that it is giving our boys an occasion to explore his interests of musical and has entertainment, for the reasonable prize. It is amused to listen in some songs and look some boys dances around. It IS this keyboard for any serious, no, can not imagine. It IS only any one that keyboard.
5 / 5
The piano adds, very clear but robust tones. The utmost sounds! I have bought he for my an and grandson of three years and they want to it! I have ordered some adhesives of monster with some key cards and return perfectly! Highly it recommends this piano!

Top Customer Reviews: Carry-On, 49-Key ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
I think that that this are add partorisca learn. And I will admit that I spend this partorisca do and practise my scales and of the things of game out of boredom.

I really loved the keyboard to upload music in mine portable. Has a HP and when I have tried to connect the no . I am not sure it is reason has taken a smaller version . But you are thinking to buy for this reason. Rethink.

Some speakers are decent. But there any speed to some notes. As it touches odd at the beginning.

I highly recommend this keyboard for people those who only wants to dink around with the keyboard. A portability is unmatched. But you are loving the instrument it the serious plus would look around.
4 / 5
Ossia The keyboard of the travesía adds . Here it is a pros and gilipollas:

hanged Light
tones of Full measure
his Reasonable

precise be careful any to break a hinge as it looks fragile.
Any chance to spend

have the piano and the keyboard of quality. I have loved the keyboard could travel with. This produces so only returns my needs. They are the beginner and try practice at least 30 minutes the day and am doing good progress. If they are out of cities, has loved access to the keyboard to practise so that it could continue my newspaper that practical. When they Are in home utilisation my piano or keyboard more expensive.

To do a light of keyboard and portable, so only one that the small speaker has been comprised. If it love his best, spent-in some a lot of earphones and will improve a sound a lot.
4 / 5
This keyboard is supposition to be the keyboard of midday of full measure of controller.
Ossia Really desirable for those of knots those who keyboards of touch. You take to feel it sure intervals that it can touch you without looking. You have developed memory of agreements of sure muscle, eighth, etc.

This keyboard is not full measure. It is oversize! Some tones are wider (but more courts) that the normal keyboard. Still although it is foldable, when the tones, the notes are in the different distance of an another.
Be foldable, would think that any he main that normal.

I keyboards of use likes him controllers of midday, and would not buy never this for some inner sounds, which are terrible.
But would not advise taking east has any experience of keyboard at all - will be frustrates.
4 / 5
Ossia The practice orders too still for has has fulfilled players. It is very portable and is easy to spend anywhere.
5 / 5
Has looked for the small keyboard, laptop to help me plunk out of notes to practise for heart. This keyboard are adds for that. A quality of his is not to order, and some do any the just quantity of noise if you are not using auricular. This has said, a prize and the measures is unmatched, and he that I require it to do. Ossia The fantastic invention .
4 / 5
Ossia The really orderly instrument . But, it is not the piano. It requires a totally different pressure technician for the good touch, and is studying to be the proficient pianist can hamper it your development. It is something of the digital clavichord. Some tones correspond to some notes in the piano, but is not the sensitive speed and does not travel very remote on and down. They touch a volume still any subject like hard calm press them, the difference of the piano-strong. Personally it would like to see this marketed like a musical instrument totally new and have the people that directed in mastering a technician has required for the touch well. Has several collections of J.S. Bach Music of keyboard, and all of some pieces are written inside a frame of the 49 keyboard key. If it approached properly, this folding raisin in the keyboard could be a response of modern age to a clavichord.
5 / 5
Law as well as the controller of portable midday for working on music in quarantine of hotel of the isolation . The prize is work well with iPad and both can be touched simultaneously that it was the surprise .
4 / 5
Fold well, HAS the magnetic thing to kep some together ends closed that they are add, a folding mechanism are add, a white colour is fresh and loves it.

My only complaint is that some tones feel substantially wider that regular tones. So only I am learning like this this felt more noticeable that it could be learns wrongly. Also.. It could be wrong in of the this.. But I think that that they are well..
5 / 5
All said it would do. What only the has not liked him was when you use accompaniment of launches of rhythm in the melodic accompaniment that it is very love it to him but he any accompaniment of only sinister use of rhythm for him (at least the can not see like this to do he).

Top Customer Reviews: YAMAHA YPT260 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It IS my first experience in touching the keyboard (piano for this subject). This keyboard has the plot of characteristics is to learn. It IS compact and does not take up too much room in my small floor. I can spend auricular while it touch so that it can touch late in a night without troubling my neighbours. It comes with a manual of instruction like his characteristic (a bit small in impression but readable). I be 70 years like this the keyboard is the perfect access for to the mine likes him to him the beginner. I recommend to take the book of beginners to adapt this keyboard, unless already know so to touch.
5 / 5
I am very happy with this instrument, and surprised in a quality of a sound and a prize. It Liked him always me produced of Yamaha, amplifiers/of tuner, electrical guitars, and now of keyboards. It IS state awhile has bought since anything, as it was the small preoccupied if a quality was still there. I am happy to say a quality is sti.ll there!
This device has very diff sounds and options, but everything has very wanted to was the keyboard of type of the piano, and this a full a bill. Some tones are full measure , a touch is well, and the very sound like the piano. I fiddled with the cpl other optional sounds, electrical guitar, voice (choral, very very), supposition the Glorious piano is a default. I am not an expert, can not direct what the qualities do the sake of good piano, but for my necessities of principle and questionable talent this keyboard is properly. It IS quite clear that can move it around, poses it the table of coffee ( has soft tampons, will not line anything) or anything; it covers only he in and game. 61(full Measure) the tones are abundance for me, and does a sake of measure for serious work while the be portable still. The tones gradually the turn maintains some tones have depressed, like the piano, or pause abruptly if creature in your toes. I create to sustain it the pedal is available, more the need of support a (I any one). Has no hooked he until any one other devices, spkrs or anything, but a sound of an instrument is better concealed expected and everything requires for now...And abundance quite strong; I had it only on quite 1/4 volume. I bought it to substitute Casio there was yrs marks, and each thing in this keyboard is better that Casio old, and $ 50 less in prize(Casio there has been the support, and any complaint).
Can not be the piano of tram of professional type, but is def any the toy. I am very happy with this compraventa!
5 / 5
These keyboards line up well in my room of musician. Nursery of education, in the first place and according to graders as I am very pleased with how last these keyboards have tried to be. Any subject with capes to be able in or accessories while it has had with the models the cheap plus. I will be to purchase more!
4 / 5
Desprs Giving my elderly totality the enormous piano which had been converted of the player in the regular keyboard, inverting several dollars of thousand in the new motherboard and annual tuning--has bought a Yamaha of 88 cual the tones was subjects too much for my art or interest. This 61-the key keyboard has his add, returns easily in the desktop in my sunroom with the light of table, and is all a need of help for practice of heart and entertaining I. I have maintained a pedal of an another keyboard, and for my level of art, is a perfect partner . His well, a lot of parameters, pre-the songs have programmed.
5 / 5
I be 70 years and doing on learn to touch a piano. It has been only the pair of the weeks and I are having the explosion. In lesson three in a built in the professor and I are looking advances to try some on-line lessons that is coming with him. A built in the characteristic is incredible. So much value for a money. Friends that knows so to touch coming on all a time and us all very enjoys it. And take up he less soiled that the full orchestra.
4 / 5
A piano of good judge of start for my woman to brush up in his touch. It do not have to the tones of equivalents, as it does not detect presses it by force different in some tones. Only a level of the intensity when presses some keys. Has the tonne of sounds and the different voices and a road to learn is quite fresh. My woman is happy with him.
5 / 5
Works of good keyboard and has been that learns the plot. Of the person that has any fund of musician, his this was a perfect election only appoints to start with touch and learning a keyboard. I reccomend this keyboard in the who is in the estimativa and wants to begin in a keyboard. It see it adds!
5 / 5
I am returned to touch recently and that is to say the add, compact still full-keyboard sized. I have bought also a pedal as it takes a full effect . Highly it recommends.
5 / 5
These words also and a cost is so cheap want to it. It IS quality adds all have to was to buy the support.
3 / 5
I have purchased this Yamaha YPT360 (PSR-E363) to use for practice, that thinks a generation of his of glorious piano
only when being sake. As it Results, this 'level' of Yamaha the product is only or 'click' above the cheek-toy. I interfaced a beginning of piano in the system of audio of big final to evaluate some tonal qualities of Glorious Piano. Quality of his A lot of DISAPPOINTING.
An available EQ things of mark of the worse Parameters. We have to take, it is paying a prize for the good toy. I have purchased as you join 'open boxes' of Warehouse of the amazon and he are arrived in absolute perfect condition. I am happy is not past very money in this object. Conscious when being that Yamaha is the company of the instrument of musician adds for pro is and semi-pro.
And, his quality and of the manufacture of the tez is almost a better in a world. His manuals of service/schematics for the electronic squad is a better in a world. Has had to 3 Stars predominately for a supremely poor sonics.
Considerations, G.S.

Top Customer Reviews: RockJam 61 Key ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I am giving to 3 description partorisca star because a container of keyboard in is partorisca add like this far, but is the plan-was had mentido that an application with a music and that insignia work them is free. Bylines on partorisca he before you discover is so only free partorisca 1 week, calm then is touched $ partorisca one next year; yes, you are touched one $ all immediately a week with which receive a keyboard and sign in in an application.
5 / 5
Has maintained mulling on taking this keyboard because it was some mark I never listened of. But a prize was well, as I have decided to give has shot it to him.

This keyboard a lot included last me the second.

Was elated partorisca find this rid and seating in porch of mine and I could not expect covers it he in and the try was. An instant has paste a key partorisca Be able to, has been flown with feedback. I fiddled with one covers partorisca be able to and a feedback has died down the little, but was still buzzing and would not go era.

This caused partorisca begin to look in a keyboard the little more after and has begun partorisca remark some things could not live without.

Here was my subjects with this keyboard, all discerned in some premiers 2 minutes:

1. A feedback.

2. A LCD Exposed no .

3. Very heavy.

4. A key partorisca be able to is a lot cheaply has done. It felt terrible pressing . Partorisca Give you an idea, this felt likes has pressed an emergency shunt partorisca close was bombs of essence in your tent of local consolation (if it calms has not done never this).

5. Some tones felt like economic plastic.

6. One feels tones was the way was. It has taken too much force partorisca attack the tone.

7. It could see a joint of circuit among tones. This can look insignificant, but east shows that there is the direct street for your drink spilt to fry a circuitry.

Really would owe that it has trusted gut of mine and gone with a mark has established.
4 / 5
Has bought this new product any too he a lot the time done, and one of some so only have broken tones and has while broken has touched. It is there in all the chance can has has substituted? Without this tone is entirely useless. Please answered ASAP. It sees the photo has attached.
5 / 5
My mamma of 85 years is mecer this 61-tone of electrical keyboard. It is a perfect measure for small spaces, and some headphones are the solution adds to community living. If have elders in your life, the musical instruments like electronic keyboards are the ready way to maintain them committed and productive – especially yes already have musical formation. Still for these seniors without the fund in music, a RockJam the frames that touch the accessible piano by means of one 30 demo songs and teaching program.

More importantly, any one @subjects your level of experience, a half promotes fine-generational collaboration and use thanks to all a techno characteristic – rhythms, tones, agreements, vibrated, and demo clues – that boys and grandkids comprise and appreciate. A fun factor is built in, and some occasions for practical application am also available. My mamma already is practising songs for the celebration vacacional in his complex. Perhaps she really wow his audience to dip one of some tunes to the reggae rhythm with the tone of synthesizer.

A value added of a pedal of feet – the tool that sustains a tone of a note attacked – mark a RockJam the serious musical instrument in spite of all his techno bells and whistles. Inferior line: you can be the star of rock or the classical musician with this keyboard. An exceptional all-the instrument of age for a youngster and a youngster in heart.
4 / 5
Has ordered marks it new element, and has taken the second hand a. All was to launch in a boxn frames in an element! So unprofessional! Calm Joined few parts in a sandwitch stock exchange.
5 / 5
STAND: I Seat some works of stand leave well. Calm once have all presionado and a together tone in fact attached his, he all celery a lot of sturdy. I want that it is adjustable in height. I have purchased this for mine 5 yr old, (although it can be used for an adult also), and one the adjustable stand has spent a keyboard down to so only a right height for his. ( It goes quite down the normal height)
SEAT: it is not adjustable, but of one is is, as it does not import . A chair is quell'has bitten small. It is probably well for the very small adult and of the boys. But you are a half to the person to measure big I likes, calm then will want to purchase a piano for separate and take the bank of piano/of the main keyboard.
AURICULAR: No the very good quality. His crackle in time. Utilisation the boy headphone near reason limits a start of volume.
LCD SCREEN: it is well. If you want to know the one who the tone is, calm so only presses a key and looks in some glorious personnel in a screen. But I sticker of commentary of use for my daughter, and calm can see him better. Nizza To have the built in metronome.
WITH: (-1 star) Every time turn a keyboard on, a incumplimiento the volume is max, and have it that rule. I do not see the place where can change this to incumplimiento to the dipping the low plus. Mina casio gone back down extremely down, and when it turns was, some the next time uses it, is still in a volume left it on. Desire ossia like this one was.
TONES: I find these tones are more rigid that Casio tones. I have been concerned in mine 5yr old when being able to use them, but looks to do well with them, as they do not owe that be that rigid.
IN GENERAL: near it adds & the prize adds for the beginner.
5 / 5
Has bought this for my granddaughter of 10 years for Christmass. It had looked in several different keyboards. To the as it likes me in of the of of the east is that has a mic, stool, pedal, auricular. There is also an Application that recommends to learn a keyboard and calm can situate your Ready Telephone or right of pill in a stand and knows that the tones are touching. If you have dipped some headphones in, can touch or practical and calm person around can listen anything and a volume in some headphones is the very comfortable level. Considering all looked has found this to be the subject adds that it considers all this comes with him.
4 / 5
Our edges has loved the keyboard for his 16th anniversary to learn like this to touch piano as well as songs of mark for the games of computers have drawn. We have purchased crew before. It is easier and finally returns more value for a money yes also buys some extras, as it is and bank. It was happy to find such one box abordable, and has surprised that read like this well. 6+ month later, all some pieces are still sturdy and doing like this feigned that. It would buy it again and it would recommend it . This in spite of, a cord partorisca AC the the adapter is not very long. One touches to be able the help of beat (and is probably the good idea in all the chance).
5 / 5
This is to be purchase for my daughter for Navidad. After using he partorisca for two month a right corner subordinated of a screen has begun to disappear. And of course this past AFTER a date of caducity for support of product and turn! It does not buy this..... The waste of money!
4 / 5
Are a student of piano of the adult and ossia the point to start with adds for any piano of just learning. For a point of prize the does not think it can be beaten. Yes it calms it does not take sounds like this sophisticated like calm with the keyboard he expensive plus but for the beginner is fantastic. I have found that an application Youcisian act very better that a an announced with this together, Master Piano.

Top Customer Reviews: Costzon 88-Key ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca Some reason, any one has decided to do a piano emit the very strong and shrill 'BEEP!!!' Each calm time so only presses any of some controls. Ossia Probably one the majority of decision has imported ausento has not seen never in a creation of the musical instrument. 'Oh I need partorisca turn down a volume the little has bitten... BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP BEEP; Very Fresh, now are in the volume the low more than is appropriate more than way that am touching'. Honradamente Is angering. Still it comes by means of any speaker or auricular there is plugged in. A fact that no another reviewer still mentions a beeping the noise think that each one so only five description of star is has paid stops.
4 / 5
My daughter has received this for christmas. It will begin lessons of punctual piano. Some tones of piano real celery - can touch you softly or noisily according to quell'hard attack some tones.
4 / 5
A law of digital piano adds and touches a lot directly out of a box. Hook of knots on speakers of better house to maximizas his potentials but really any one require it . We have run so only to a question that is that one sustains pedal, cord to be able to and the instructions have not arrived with an original container originally like a company has cured of with the fast email.
4 / 5
Has liked him the one who easy was for my daughter to unpack and begin to use. It wants that it can register and the touch behind to control his progress. It was the good compraventa for a prize. An only drawback was some tones have not looked weighted like the piano, which was that there is wanted.
4 / 5
That better way for him habitúe of physically demanding instruments to so only plop this celestial keyboard in his lap, and treat music of one to the rovescio -- perhaps ex-musicians 'physical' those who usually would see instruments of some outsides in. Some people those who probably sees this like this more essential and so only is happy people that esees already exorcised his anguish of adolescent, and so only love the turn to something innocent. It is hard to imagine taking too intense with this keyboard, but is also last to imagine improvising faithful piano without him! They are sure he can be used professionally, but is probably an only true no-frills the replication of one feels of the piano in the prize that beaten all the comparison!
5 / 5
For a prize, a quality of the build and the materials are exceptionally good and some tones have the utmost weighted feel. And I add for the tight spatial -when I touch has dipped he having to that my keyboard of computer in my office.
5 / 5
The piano adds for the new student or a player have experienced any one the keyboard a lot compact for travelling, etc. My boys love it and any subject like this far.
5 / 5
Has not been has opened so only a container and the place in one covers my daughter tries to touch press some laws to swim tones and key to be able to little broken has ordered like this again same element I hope this times to do well my like this sad daughter after the longitude while it resupplies this piano but when I receive is not doing
5 / 5
had excited really to take this. Hardly it opened it to them I plugged he in to touch but a C, b, and tones of g would not touch . It would be cautious roughly buying.
4 / 5
Positive: full Measure 88-tones, does not take on upper of any extra space, the life of battery is well.
Negatives: It does not have quality of his well, especially of a built-in of the speakers ( has attached external speakers). The notes a lot down is almost inaudible. The sound has a touch of echo while touching.
Any one is of music or way to attach one. Has the stand of separate music, which is annoying reason owe that movement so that a stand and an instrument.
In general: Good value for a money. It would not use it in public but it is well to practise.

Top Customer Reviews: Nektar, 49-Key Midi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 13 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought a keyboard with a red down.

Some tones have the tension the hardest that the piano. Ossia Terrible!

The one who the shame! A prize, works and compact measure well with my Windows 10 DAW; all characteristic excellent to be spoilt for tones that is too hard to press. Partorisca Touch he partorisca a long time, after the short time that touches, tires my whole arm.

A lot very partorisca little fingers or delicate , if it calms no stomp down last every time press the key sometimes some notes does not touch at all. Any very partorisca fast careers and been due to an action key can do your sound of touch maquinal and robotic.

Can return but unfortunately there is at all comparable in this diverse prize concealed is compact has taken.

Has on grown touching the Hammond organ, ossia simply the bad keyboard. It is enough, but reason owe that press like this last in some tones is for like this strong and some tones feel like the good quality is so only too darned hard to press.

These tones are way too weighted...

Can do touch somehow more methodical but for fast that touches a methodical character of a simply resulted tension more than an impediment.

Are still any one sure will return this closing. I am not happy with some tones at all. For 60 bucks so only can hang in his.

Please fix this Nektar...

There is remarked all of another Nektar the models have fashionable tones of the piano versus organ styled tones. Ossia Perhaps to mask a ridiculously hard tension in an action of cradle key. Although I am not sure of this reason have not possessed any of them.

I so only know to love organ styled tones any piano styled tones in the synth organ. If you are a player of the organ has experienced calm to consider you can has to that relearn like this to touch on this because of a tension of strong keyboard.
4 / 5
Adds keyboard of midday, perfect for my Maschine software ! The seamless discharges and game, there is well feel and is perfect measure . Súper Easy to use also rid punctual! It can it has not beaten he for a Pri$ and!
4 / 5
Has the 25 key Akai MkII in my office, and he Novation Impulse 61 in my studio, but that directs some tones of eighth to record drums and has included some synths so only results too tedious. I have loved the economic small impression 49 solution key. It was you go in east and a Korg microKey 49, which was two times so much. They are a lot happy with this compraventa, and the one who can contest with a prize? It likes having to that a consecrated mod and wheels of tone again. It feels a lot of (synth tones of action) and access in my office so only well. Integration to Studio One was simple to the equal that has an installer with a profile. It is it has bitten it plasticky, as expected for a prize, but with the reasonable cure am not concerned roughly that.
5 / 5
Surprisingly solid quality. You cover to Logical Pro X without subjects or setup has required, so only plugin and go. Some tones are full sized and feel the better way that has expected. Some two wheels of control are to touch also, and a capacity to change eighth and transpose is really useful. Easily a better controller for a money.
4 / 5
Is the perfect midsize keyboard with 4 eighth whole and can easily is returned any office. It is also light but some tones are good quality and have the pleasant touch. An only question - and is the big question , is a latency. A delay of response is roughly 1 to 2 according to that is the big shot wants to use this keyboard to touch fast or intricate pieces.
4 / 5
Solid build. It does not feel economic. Works to the equal that has expected. The tones are has bitten more rigid... Of then they are the pianist his no a subject, but some synth the players are sure expect aspic soft action,which the mine is the joke . In all the chance, this that.
4 / 5
Has taken this for my edges for Christmass. Going in Feb 1 next week and touches it every day. Cela Says it everything.
5 / 5
Perfects little workstation for production of music. It has interested seamlessly with Logic.
4 / 5
In general a product was to add, but software to find of the difficulty has had to that do with him and has finalised to download the virus to my computer.
4 / 5
Has taken in timing to dip when finalising touches in the song for