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Top Customer Reviews: Tycka Professional ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Marcelene
A no-disposable the elements in this box are surprisingly big quality partorisca a prize. A pen of lentil has a lot of sturdy spent partorisca final of paintbrush and final of pen, another paintbrush is retractable and also has covers it, a blower is better creation that another in this prize. But partorisca me a better part is one holding of if everything. It is the rigid clamshell and quite sturdy with the closely meshed zip. At all it take run over and maintain some happy cleaned.
5 / 5 By Nathalie
Loves all some things of cleaners in this little container. I have used recently a asp-c cleansing swabs on in a sensor and am happy with some results have taken with him. A blower well of law and some paintbrushes and the cleaners of lentil are well. Would have like see more asp-c swabs and the reversible tip with the triangle in a pen of lentil but another that those for basses $ 20 this are adds for any serious photographer that loves it maintain his clean material.
5 / 5 By Warner
Has the Cannon T6i camera that is used in external photograph, often in dusty zones. Over time you choose on powder in a sensor of image to change lenses in a field. I tired me to take some something dark in my photographs in Photoshop. It was particularly tedious when I have shot period of time. This Tyca Box of more Cleaned of the Professional camera was a perfect solution . With just one cleaning, no longer have a lot something in my photographs. And it likes that it go in of the his own spending chance and resupplies quite a lot of cleaners of sensor of the image for diverse cleansing plus.
4 / 5 By Kesha
A paintbrush of camera is well, but one 'lint-released cloth of the lint of lentil has left during mine lenses, and was a lot of difficult to take clean been due to of the this. I ask in the universe this is to consider 'lint-released still thinks a microfiber the cloth has left particles of lint on that. It looks mine lenses can be be include abraded for a carbon 'pen of lentil' in this box. There is not any way will trust a sensor that clean swabs in this box after seeing a quality of some other elements.
4 / 5 By Lorette
An element I recieved has not comprised a cleaner of sensor swabs, and has had the different soft chance in the place of a hard chance has announced. A sensor swabs was a whole reason has bought an element, and alive 60 miles of a prójimos more UPS the drop was location , as this really nettled me. I have behind envoy one, and a substitution was one same likes first. Now it was not yes for the send behind again and hope for a correct product, or so only ask the repayment and buy of the different company.
5 / 5 By Coy
Box of excellent cleaner that has all a essentials. Has house of clean supplies but foolishly has been in the 2 holidays of week in Alaska with only the micro lines of edge of some other elements 'has taken on too spatial'. A big deception. It take some small debris in a camera as well as in any lenses. ( It is easy to do considering a half and elements.) I have finalised to spend the way also times to clean my crew and that the worries were cleaned really. It has had it it has had this little beauty, is much more simple state, faster and less worrisome. Well value a small quantity of spatial apresamiento up.
5 / 5 By Jenna
Has looked for my first box of more cleaned for mine dslr this was good quality and abordable (in a 20 row of dollar) and a lot especially, of confidence to use in an expensive camera. I have decided to go with east an after read some positive critiques. They are happy I , has everything would require to clean a camera! Some tools are very done and easy to use. Highly it recommends.
4 / 5 By Velva
For a prize, this are adds. Some supplies of wet cleaners is pocolos , but has been able to save enough the few sessions of photos with them without subject a lot of. And an air puffer work a lot also. If precise takes powder/of muck of your sensor, and is in the estimativa, this does so only well! Also it helps well with cleaning a camera in general, also.
5 / 5 By Abram
Option of excellent wet cleaner for sensors, if has any oil of muck or the powder stuck in a sensor surfaces it impulse he on and leave to the surfaces likes the new mark, something and streak less. And calm also take some elements of prize see in some pictures. Without any doubt, this vendor has produced of wonderful photograph that comprises cameras and lenses, this coupled with the service adds, simply has not beaten can be.
5 / 5 By Shantay
Measured of the chance is smaller has found but with a lot of tools. An only disappointment is a microfiber cloth. It is thin and rasgado to the equal that clean the filter of lentil. I marvel me if a cloth is meant to be used so only once.

Top Customer Reviews: OP/TECH USA Dual ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Karey
These shows of video he with two camera on that. I recommend it, it feels partorisca add and some straps sure celery. I spent it on the work already and treat well, and a prize is quite good... I have purchased a one this is coming automatically and has not been given the measure chooses but, work so only well.
PS Please, give me the thumbs on if this video was useful yours in yours compraventa wether is purchasing or no... Thank you.
Also, some video owe that be very short on here or would have retarded down...
4 / 5 By Min
To to The Works likes them-needs them but, has had to take some loops of Adapter of the Unit (rule) for the do a period has required. I remark, when I use with mine 80D and mine 60D and he 24- 70 lentils on one and he 35mm lentil in another, dips the tension in mine behind my low plus after the moment. I seat it is sure although it has dipped a velcro the straps in some fast connects for peace added of the alcohol but is strong and insurances. Has other STRAPS of PROFESSIONAL WORKER of TECHNOLOGY and his all are strong and insurances. This League that need in a prize abordable. The a too fat the half for some hangers of cameras of type of the tape and I have 'The group and grips of years of battery Monfrotto Tripod mounds in my Like this precise cameras some subordinated free as I can go quickly to the mine tripod yes has required. On everything, I like a product but any sure that will use it to it really. It is one of these things all purchase reasons think that that we will use and is part of my collection of things that the fresh and useful look but can not be used so to the equal that thinks. I will have to attended and see.
4 / 5 By Lili
I push some chances and has used straps of with the regular. Has twin APS-C organism that use with overlapping zooms, an18-105 and he 70-300 equivalent to 105-450. Each lentil hanged more than an organism, especially a big 70-300 in 2 pounds. Altogether Hanged roughly 5 pounds with all a weight in mine with the, more tangling, littering, that attacks each one another, and sometimes that loses the shot reason can not take a camera unlimbered quickly enough.

Has read descriptions. I especially read one 1 and 2 descriptions to star in the first place to see the one who folks thinks is bad in the product. The the planned diligence and am burned seldom.

Loves this product! It has posted photo of me with a harness and my cameras. I have bought a measure to regulate even this in spite of me m big in 6-feet. It is perfect. I have regulated all like this some cameras locate roughly level of waist. I see complaints roughly a lot when being pas able to move fast with a rig, but has aimed the picture with me so only capturing some sinister and right straps a-there is rid. Of then I have some cameras that traces quite big does not swing or bang when moving. The any career , but can walk quite fast.

I amour that quickly can hang so only a camera of a rig without tension of with the. I can any never use the strap regulates again.

I no quite comprise folks complaining roughly the discomfort that chairs (probably with protecting he). I have driven around and to and of the work without discomfort. For the behaviour of long distance has taken some cameras were.

Does not have any question that takes any camera to my eye, and can stimulate the camera in my boss. Now, I have shortened a rig like this now has included an alto achieves is limited by some straps unless I unhook something. I like this seldom concealed does not see likes the question, and has been was solved easily to lengthen some straps, or so only unsnapping one. I prefer to maintain some atenga courts to control any in amazing of organism and lenses near, but a thing in east rigs is his flexibility.

Has chosen one 3/8 reason likes-join me security of having some straps by means of a lugs in some cameras. I have refused Anything using a socket of tripod---the spectre of the camera that comes to unscrew and falls off it so only has created my hair. I think that that ossia the rig adds, adds compraventa, pro quality.
4 / 5 By Esmeralda
Had been using a Op/Technology Dual Harness for 3 years with mixed feelings roughly that. But I have done recently some upgrades his concealed the fact the harness adds to spend one or two cameras.

Likes raisin two cameras while doing photograph of character that involves butterflies, birds, wildflowers and another fauna and flora. Typically it uses a Cannon 7D Mark II with 100-400mm f/ II THIS lentil and the Cannon 7D with a 100mm THIS MACRO or Cannon 24-105 f/4L THIS lentil. Often it uses the tripod with the gimbal or ball for any fauna and flora or macro likes all mine lenses is instrumented with strong Box-locate fashionable Swiss. A strong Box-the calm Swiss mountains leave you to quickly highland and camera of balance your setup in a boss of tripod, and can also you partorisca balance to the rovescio in the strap of camera..

A Op/the system of Technology give a capacity to quickly the transmission among straps has based in a situation to shoot, as each camera I own has a basic Op/Technology 3/8' the connector of system has attached, which when not using servants like the boss to spend a camera. I have been using am fixed of the mountain regulates with a Dual Harness, with mixed feelings. Using some connectors of the strap of camera regulate is trace in a cup of a camera is uncomfortable when it has it telephoto lentil or the macro lentil with the flash semi-detached. When Walking or go down, hangs down and transmission around wildly, as I owe that be careful has to that to the heavy crew likes. An arrangement also requires that some straps among a camera and a harness owe that be long quite calm so much can pull a camera until level of eye, roughly 4' longer that a strap is trace in a fund of a camera.

On done the month, has begun to think roughly like this to improve mine setup. I have possessed already the strap of security of photo of Kirk that has comprised a strong Box-Swiss clamp to that have to him legustado the use when I have spent so only some lentils. A strap leaves a camera to hang to the rovescio approaches my waste, balanced so that it does not swing so when career and is much more comfortable to spend. But he no when I have tried to spend to like this the camera has attached to the second strap. My solution was to take a clamp of Kirk strap and use some connectors of system that is coming with a Op/Technology Dual Harness to do the small strap that control Kirk the Swiss strong box clamp. Now I can attach any of mine lenses or cameras that has had already strong Box-locate Swiss to a harness, and a harness can be easily moved lateralmente-to-side. Requiring the second strong Box-Swiss strap clamp, has bought the 'Neewer® @@@Knob of Ray of the Aluminium Clamp the Compatible strong box Swiss Mini Fast Emission Clamp with Mountain of Hot Shoe for QR Flat (38mm)' partorisca low $ 20 of Amazon; as included better that a a to have to that another on commanded.

I also decided to use the small S-biner in a setup so that I can easily clip a strap/clamp my tape or loop of tape so that when double on, some cameras do not swing advance. To the long of a way, has learnt that a Dual Harness is much more comfortable he shabby loosely. With which loosing the on, am able slip he on quickly in my boss without unbuckling the and comfortably can spend he with any or two cameras. Finally, if prismatic steps, taste , highly recommends to use a Op/Technology Bino/Cam Harness (Elastic Version). The law adds and access in a Dual Harness while maintaining your binoculars close to the your @@@cofre.

A semi-detached photo some straps have built with Kirk Photos (upper) and a Neewer strong Box Swiss Way clamps. Use and location of a S-biner is optional..
5 / 5 By Zetta
Are like this happy that has bought this harness, more than a Fast Black, or one of some another this attaches has seen a stuffs of tripod. For ever it was fearful that avenges unscrewed, sending hundreds of $ $ of the crew that clash to an earth. Also, this leaves a stuff of the tripod opens for use with a real tripod, without that has to that take a strap. An only thing I desire had done of the different way is to take a regular measure, more than an extra long. I am not big, for any half, but are some lbs main that would have to be. Using his suggestions that considers measured of @@@cofre, would have to has required an extra-long. It results that I have to that it ordered it a regular. Has some atenga cinched on like this short as I can take him, but mine 70D with the lentils still hangs the little too down. It is not quite bad of the send behind, and this thing takes to plot of weight out of your with the and of the shoulders. Like the birder, uses a second connector to mine binocular, but with a together extra of connectors, easily would change was the extra camera. I can not imagine taking anything any better thus prize, especially if any one calms master he harder that burst yours camera to a tripod. It has surpassed my expectations to this point.
5 / 5 By Russel
Is has saved already my train two times. Has the big dog and the pair of time is tried to take was after the cat/of squirrel and has there was felizmente my camera has attached to this. I have not used he for shoots still. Just personal use and like the precaution. He doesnt feel that annoying in my shoulders. Desire that some cameras didnt has to that dangle like this far out of an organism when bending or kneeling. But any harness is perfect I supposes. When Shooting for the leisure maintains my organism of camera stowed in the stock exchange of shoulder while clipped. They do very together. A stock exchange of shoulder I use: Qcute Waterproof Fines-shoulder of the tactical military messenger functional slr rucksack of band of stock exchange of camera saint cow that the name is long. In all the chance, the controls was. I stick he pic later if they are not lazy :)
4 / 5 By Providencia
was compraventa around for the good way to spend two cameras. They are quite new to dual shooting and the has not gone really sure goes to do for me like this the didnt wants to spend too much.

Some 3 candidates for me were RS Dres.-1 Double Strap, Cameraslingers CF-FS or the Carrier of Cotton. I have begun to read roughly the and looking in of the pictures, video and all more could them find. They are really the defender of the point of connection so only to a camera and the often tripods of mine of the use like this the didnt loves anything concealed would block a connection of fast emission in a base of a camera. (Any to mention that one of my cameras is the new Pentax K-5 with the grip of battery, like an idea of dangling a camera to the rovescio of a grip did not appeal ).

Has been the defender of a Technology of Strap/of professional worker of camera so only for enough some time like this was them very happy to see that has the dual harness and was them floored when the saws that in expensive was compared to some another.

My experience:

In the first place was, having two camera that the transmission in your sides is so only scary. If you are still he is well but when it walk, stoop, crouch, turn or quite anything another that is still to your transmissions of train like toys of game. I have tried to maintain some very short straps so that some cameras didnt dangle too far. Cela The Most comfortable when you are moving around but if some straps are regulated to be too short takes hard to resist in front of you, especially in orientation of portrait. It takes some touching to find the feasible period that didnt leave a camera that paste an earth when the take the knee. (Also, and obviously, a situation is related to what time a lentil is.)

After exiting the pair of time and not feeling quite well the decided to try something different. I have connected some bows to a op/technology dual harness, and dip another around the mine with the tourist way. These looks to be of the magic combo for me. Still with modest sized lenses in some organism feels very better only having a camera to swing in my side to concern roughly. They are the big defender of this orientation.

In the separate note, shooting with two organism has like this far be wonderful for me. I am not clinically ADD but the have the quite sporadic alcohol and when it was them am shooting the constantly see things that loves them broten and to have two different types of lenses trace and ready to shoot everything of a time so only is that it surprises, like this far are them the enormous defender.
4 / 5 By Shenika
Ossia The very practical product , and adds for any the one who use precise two cameras/ or camera/bino.
I use he mainly for birding, with the bino and the longitude-the lentils bet up.

A winning characteristic is a sliding loop that enable you to impulse on a camera or bino without tugging in a webbing. This leaves the very quickly and smooth operation - of practical weight in a field.

A product can be improved yes comes with female/buckles viril additional to attach an original camera and bino straps. Sometimes, so only I want to grab mine binos or my camera, and no in that has the simple in a sling of shoulder is drawback,

has written to Optech in of the this, and was quite bondadoso to send me additional buckles. At least two pairs would owe that be comprised, one for each element to be semi-detached. And more it have to that be available fact for mandate, so that all your additional cameras/lenses/binos can be dipped up for use with a same harness.

Has tried an another harness, and looked in much more, but thinks a Optech is a product has drawn technically better. They are not it adds in looks, but is the product adds that you act well.
4 / 5 By Adria
Like a photographer of chance, this harness is the must for the dual camera that spends -- but works well when only calm some hips. Has another Op/accessories of photograph of the Technology and do not am missing never to rid; always comfortable and the quality has built. Like this when I have required the dual harness, has looked for out of a Op/line of Technology again. And it is a creation that me sure with a compraventa. If properly dipped on, yours the camera can very accidentally disengage of a harness, as it can spend with other frames that clips of use, etc. A lot especially, does not use a ray of tripod likes point of annex-as I 'permanently' flat of affix of the mine of fast emission to - so that it has not been an option for me. It likes-me that has the strap of sternum -- that reduces a pressure to spend two professional cameras with fast glass. The harness Adds!
5 / 5 By Reina
Has a system of professional/worker of Technology setup for my two main cameras, typically a DSLR camera with the 70-200mm 2.8 lentils, and another DSLR with any he 17-50mm 2.8 lentils or he 28-75mm 2.8 lentils. Utilisation this dual harness for each chance that photograph together with the think system of tape of the Tank with pouches. I love a fast emission Op/Technology setup, more can spend this has uploaded down with my cameras and be comfortable for one all day brotáis. Op/The technology done of the terrific products that it is done a lot well , and highly functional. Also I have two another Op/straps of Technology for when so only am doing random shooting with an organism of camera. A system of fast emission leave to quickly of transmission among them. I have been using this setup to go in three years with absolutely any question. Highly it recommends this system.

Top Customer Reviews: OP/TECH USA 1501372 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Well of strap of wide shoulder partorisca heavy cameras. If yours the camera is not weighed like this, be sure partorisca consider a Op the Classical technology, which prefers partorisca more everything of my train.

A difference among a TECHNOLOGY of professional/worker SÚPER Classical Strap Pro Loop, and some EUA of professional/worker of TECHNOLOGY 1001062 Súper Classical Strap-has joined the loop for camera and binoculars is very sincere once buy both, as I have done: a Pro the loop has two connectors well in some sides of a shoulder of neoprene (or with the, as that has called he) tampon, and a no. of Loop has joined Ossia probably like the Pro can use a leading strap to take a lunar strap of shoulder to use with other accessories of professional/workers of Technology.

A threading loop that goes to a camera/binocular arches of metal of the strap, and some clips approach these threading loops, and an adjustable side black nylon straps, and has included a shoulder pad of neoprene, is identical in these two models.

So many, one has to that decide want to paid five dollars more (the prize can vary with time) for some two in plastic buckles--the in the each one of of a shoulder pad of neoprene--or yes will not use them never or require them. They are in a group last.

Remarce: A Súper Pro model of the strap of the Loop looks all one same like Pro Loop, but has the shoulder pad of the widest neoprene that is cut in the light arch, or curve, to go around a profile of with the. Also, a Súper Pro model of Strap of the Loop among colours for a neoprene (but, as any camera maven knows, the only black will not aim muck). For me, it is unnecessary to have such the wide tampon, included when I am spending, says, mine 4 book 4 ounce 15x56mm prismatic; I prefer a thin plus and shoulder pad any twisted of some Classical versions. Your preferences can vary. I have found these joins a lot of confusing, included when looking thye Op Technology official Video, until I have bought one of the each one on its own name. Calm expect you can buy a a concealed you do lacking more. :-)
5 / 5 By
Has found a width (distribution of weight) and ergonomic form of this strap to be notably more comfortable that a esuper Correa Classical' for a same company. Unfortunately, the difference of a esuper Correa Classical,' some connectors that attaches a Pro Correa of Loop to a camera does not separate of some 'extensions.' Then , when it love camera your place in the tripod, or simply resists in your hand without a strap, still calm two 12 thumb straps flopping around with which disconnecting a strap of with the. ( You can snap some together ends, but ossia so only marginally better.) A work around is to buy the separate neighbour of extensions (EUA of PROFESSIONAL/WORKERS of TECHNOLOGY 1301052) and connectors (EUA of PROFESSIONAL/WORKER of TECHNOLOGY 1301062 Joined-Loop - System). Odd that a company does not sell a portion cushioned of a strap for separate so that I can mix and has left in this way, and save the little money, and space in yours 'useful in some parallel universe' junk drawer. Note: a width and denisty of some Joined-connectors of the loop can not return by means of some camera eyelets. I have attached him the Panasonic and Sony organism without a lot of difficulty. Finally, it add that has complete confidence in a strengh and durability of this system.
5 / 5 By
Are not the professional photographer for trade, but I photo of shoot likes him part of my work that sometimes take to a field for days. I thought that it that it can take for with a strap accionaría that is coming with my Nikon D7000. But with which am spent three days that spends it around in the show of trade with one 18-140mm to the lentil of zoom has attached, has known has required something better. A strap accionaría has done my with the and ache of shoulders. More, when you try to take some relief to spend a camera in my shoulder, constantly the slips was.

Am spent extracted adds to time to research a lot of first different options to solve in some EUA of professional/worker of TECHNOLOGY PRO Correa. It can not be happier with my selection. A neoprene that the works of cushions likes them announced, more comfortably and more equally distributing of the weight of a camera. Some first calm times try was, will feel it noticeable difference. Some swipes of embrague of the hule in a fund of one touches of the neoprene maintains a camera of sliding around in mine with the and the help maintain it on my shoulder when I spend it there.

Are six big feet and has had any question that regulates a strap to exactly where has has loved that. I prefer to spend my low camera with the longest strap that enable me for the spend bandolier-way from time to time. I have it that there is remarked also that a strap of professional/worker of TECHNOLOGY a lot constantly takes twisted a way a stock Nikon the strap done.

A critique has seen in a creation of the professional/worker of TECHNOLOGY is an use of clips of fast emission. Have Still to read the description or commentary for any the one who has said that some clips have released accidentally, that causes his camera to fall. Honradamente, Some clips are like this rigid and solids that is difficult for me to envision this not spending never. You can buy Velcro band to protect and further reinforce some clips, but unless you are using yours camera under extreme conditions, looks unnecessary.

Know $ 20 could look expensive for the bows of cameras concealed is not flashy and does not have extra characteristics, but yes consolation of estimativa, consolation and quality in the fashion and calm requires to spend your DSLR for has has extended periods of time, will not complain that it spends the little extra in a TECHNOLOGY of professional/worker PRO Correa. Well each penny.

A final tip: the control out of one links down for a professional worker/TEC video in of the different ways to attach a strap to your camera. A final method of reverse double/loop is orderly and solid.

4 / 5 By
Has purchased recently a Op/strap of the technology drawn for smaller, mirrorless camera, and found the to be incredibly very drawn and comfortable.

To the equal that has purchased another Op/produced of Technology, a Pro Correa, for my heavy Nikon dSLR, so only to be quite disappointed. Typically it spends my camera launched in a shoulder and find a section cushioned of a Pro the strap does not remain dipped. Enough, constantly it tugs in a direction of disaster, requiring constant adjustment to maintain some semblance of security. It is downright annoying and uncomfortable. It has tried he with shirts of different cloth, with some same results.

There looks to be the defect in a 'any-slip ' appearance of his creation. A hule underside is quite slick, and a protruding the @@clashes/of @knob have drawn partorisca grip further, is even more so much.

Has compared to a stock nylon Nikon strap, a width Op/to the shoulder pad of Technology can distribute upload more effectively, but considering a poor no-action of slip, can do not estimating very better that an original Nikon.
5 / 5 By
Will be to return east. I have bought the different strap of this company the few years done and was decent quality . This an is not . Although it looks quite strong a tampon looks economic and unfinished. Further of a lack of quality, is WAY TOO SHORT, included for the short person (I follows 5'2'.) It has to that have a bit few extra straps to buy for separate. I can not imagine any serious photographer that uses it so it is. Perhaps the tourist this loves a camera that his slaps in a @@@cofre all a time. Any thank you. A lot disappointed, and now has to that spend for a hassle of the turn.
5 / 5 By
My first travesía with east was around Australia and Singapore for two weeks and he the fine work. They are sure that resists on, and that the will not leave my train in a pavement. They are not that it spends the heavy load, so only the Sony A6000 and Zeiss 16-70mm f/4 lentils, as it feels overkill. But I hope to buy the Sony 70-200mm f/4 lentils in a future, and so much was futureproofing. Also, a Sony 6xxx the series has very small eyelets, and these flexible loops were the definite access .

Has attacked clashes was reason sturdiness comes with the deficit of small consolation. A strap in my old camera was the soft plus, Neoprene more flexible that was more comfortable.
5 / 5 By
This strap is pricey, but a lot pros look to recommend it. I bought it with which a book to photograph read spoke it on something fierce, and has not been disappointed.

A strap is almost two wide thumbs in a centre, with cushioning and the no-coating of slip. A big zone distributes weight a lot well, and mine (relatively) small Cannon T3 with the 55-250 lentils celery to like at all at all in my shoulder. Easily it can see the main organism and lenses dangling like this felizmente.

Like spend my camera simply in my right shoulder with some fully long straps ( will take 20-24 thumbs of droop in this way), cupping a camera with my right hand for the stabilise like this career. Some works of element perfectly partorisca east.

Has tried that dips a band around the mine with the with a camera that remain in my stomach, but a no-material of the slip has done this quite uncomfortable when I did not have it collared shirt on. Easily I can comprise some of some complaints in of the ladies' inform roughly discomfort with blouses of low neckline. Ossia Something to maintain the import is bent to love to hang this of a unclothed portion of your organism -- specifically, does not want to possess under these conditions.

For me this in spite of, is fantastic.
4 / 5 By
This strap is a awesome upgrade of a incumplimiento Nikon strap that is coming with my camera! Now I seat comfortable that spends to big lentil and that walked in a forest! Some clips are awesome to dip my camera up in the tripod, or connecting them hover and doing the strap of small door.

An only downside to this product was a measure of a pro-loop. Has the Nikon d5600, and to take some loops by means of mountains of the strap in a camera has had to take the paperclip and shove his by means of. This was the small frustrating has like this state concerned could snap some mountains been due to a measure of some loops. I took him once by means of, they have done perfectly!

In general the product adds! You recommend 100, but a subject of strap is the small thing to consider first to purchase!

Will update this with which had it the months of pair!
5 / 5 By
I own two of these, he handful of additional Op/accessories of Technology, and am considering buying the 3rd an of these to cover everything of my main cameras. It does not use mine 3rd camera a lot, mainly reason still have a lot upgraded a strap accionaría.

PROS: Comfortable distribution , ergonomic , sum of a weight of pro train, done in some the EUA, the quality of construction adds; it can bend on two - an in each shoulder. Ossia The little weighed for an inferior strap and camera, but do a lot quite that the double harness is not necessary.

WITH: A second (inferior) point partorisca annex to the camera is not the gimme. For mine Nikons, use he Manfrotto bases (Manfrotto 323 RC2 or alike) partorisca tripods of mine, but no very thick. With these straps, so only leaves some bases in mine Nikon at all times and loop a strap by means of a D coverage in a fund of a Manfrotto. He my camera has bitten bulky, but good works.
5 / 5 By
Has been buying and using a Op/system of strap of the Technology for 25 years. They are like this very like this never. This the strap cushioned is on some the majority of comfortable straps can buy. It remarks that a Op/Technologies, different some alike straps, has the connector viril in a side and woman in another, which leaves to mix and matching parts; this can not be done with quell'have identical (and for like this incompatible) connectors in both sides. One will export the connectors of rucksack are sum; there it has any one the majority of comfortable way to resist included the heavy camera.

Top Customer Reviews: X-Rite ColorMunki ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Lynsey
Functions of product after the MASSIVE quantity partorisca jump by means of hoops.

1. Tried partorisca download a software partorisca east of a Xrite put web that failed partorisca download more than the time of dozen. Every time it take to some portion done and stop without not continuing never.
2. Finally it was able to take download of an application how has been listed partorisca Win10. Installed, restarted, has run an application and he have clashed.
3. It restarts, it has run an application, has clashed.
4. Found the newest version of an application, has take an old, installed a new, restarted, has run an application, has clashed.
5. Found a message of same error in the page of support in a Xrite place that describes some condition like this arrives and was corrected at all; the solution has not done in all the chance.
6. Found another Xrite place that has had another version of a software (note, all has been listed like this of support Win10). Downloads, takes old, installed new, has run an application and he have done.
7. Now a question was that an application has not gone properly drawn partorisca the 4K to the monitor likes the resolution was ridiculously small with half a content that loses pages. It was able to use a Override big DPI option in some properties of application partorisca cure of this question.
8. Once all these hoops has been jumped by means of has begun a process of profiling only to find that a device has not been relieved by a same application although tip like the device of USB has connected. It restarts once again and try again and finally laws.

Any produced that has to spend you reason partorisca is not the value that has. Xrite Need to take the good hard look in a Munkis has writes code partorisca they.
4 / 5 By Nanci
Are the professional photographer and has to that way that be arrest 20 years more. My Spyder 3 Expresses was obsolete, requiring some crazy workarounds partorisca take it partorisca do and be actuated in of the Windows 10 to the equal that have purchased this in some recommendations on Amazon and some other places of web of the photograph. It is easy and the confidence that inspires partorisca dip up but finally WORSE that USELESS! After careful calibration, and a lot of hours of googling in that put to tweak some colours in Macbook Pro, MacMini, and Windows 10 modifying the canal does not match at all. My main modifying diagram (Macbook Pro) give goofy whacked was in colours of saturated cartoon and at all looks natural. When I See some same photos in mine Windows 10 look of pale system and has washed was, with the bluish tinge. Have extremely he hesitant to included modify big impressions now to the equal that is touching the roulette with an end was put and my reputation partorisca fast tower around and images of big quality. The bear says that a UNCALIBRATED exited of both mine Windows and mac the computers is more attentive that this. The desire had not sold never of the mine Spyder Expresses. Has raisin of enormous remorse so much in that I now considers the piece of junk.

Is tried partorisca buy one, tries to try it first or live in some the USA where easily can return the Amazon. Alive in Asia, where returning is nowhere approaches like this simple. Our coin is only value 1/4 of a the USD where alive and our chargeable the coincident professional taxes with east, like the comparative quantity of money are spent in this really the hard bites.
4 / 5 By Linette
Has had has bought so only the Win10 portable, my Win7 the laptop in that has been to destroy for the company of reparation of professional computer, and was having real questions with balancing by heart - a Win10 the colour of the laptop was entirely different of an old a, much yellower (reason?). In all the chance, with which a lot of soulsearching (like this is not the economic piece of boxes), has taken one submerges and bought it. That the disappointment. A software is spent for all some motions were supposed to, but a result of final was very worse that had achieved of eye. Very dark this in spite of with the by heart strong mould. I can have been miserable as there is the plot of positive critiques, but my experience was very disappointing and is returned.
4 / 5 By Hannah
Can not say are really the professional - I thinks this in spite of has the clue like this acts. This has said, my description at all questions of response in a i1/software of X Rites. I have not used he - I instead used DispcalGui paired with ArgyllCMS. This combo deletes Any of some restrictions X-the rite can try impose - to beat dipped you any what gamma want to, any temperature by heart, brightness and like this on. Calm then can verify a calibration and recalibrate he easily to another temperature by heart, brightness, environmental lighting and like this advance. If it calms it has not used never DispcalGUI in past and found overwhelms it he - a UI has been redone. It is QUITE the simplest plot to use.

On to a ColorMunki: it is it adds. I took it to substitute my Spyder 4 Expresses had been using. A Spyder is downright terrible for comparison - aforáis and then verify a calibration , my error of half delta would be &62; included that approaches a nominal value dispcalgui master, which is 2 iirc. Also, a Spyder 4 was slow. Very slow. Each verification of the slide has taken 10 second or more. A slow calibration has taken in surplus of 5 hours.

With a ColorMunki, is the fastest plot - each slide taken 2-3 seconds for aforar, that heads to Long of the fastest calibration in general. Also it is much more attentive, has found. It is compatible and the law adds - I can aforar and verify and be margin of interior of error. Aforando Two monitors that use a Spyder (a U2312hm and U2715h) as looked very different without the calibration now looks very alike, besides one 2312 AG the coating that is too aggressive.

- Use dispcalgui. I can write on few clues if any one is interested. It is really better that any basic software that will take with these more economic colorimeters.
- Lean A screen to control behind 30-40 terracings like Colormunki rests solidly in a screen.
- Leave your discharges of monitor for the pocolos small. Mark takes your environmental lighting is compatible during calibration - does not turn the light of office on and era. He the difference.
- Similarly, outside with one lighting use more. If calm always laws with alone, outside with sun. If works with the light of office, has it on.
- Experience with temperatures by heart - I likes 6500k. To the to Some like 5000of k - depends in your use - the photographers will have strong opinions here, obviously.
- Using Dispcal, begins was that it tries aforar using some settings to paint fact of commission in a monitor (RGB canals) - be like this attentive as I can here. It does not take impacienta, is the balance of brightness and colours. Pay is gone in your colour temp later.
4 / 5 By Cyrus
Has read some other recent descriptions -- and a Q&A section. You will find the compatible questions that installs this device on anything concealed has been produced of an administration of Shrub. Included his updates 'later' is too outmoded to do in mine roughly 2016-17 MacPro. Ossia An old product that it is second very sustained looks. Reason is when be has sold?
4 / 5 By Hector
A box has said 2010. It conceal probably a year was drawn. I have not used a CD has comprised. Instead, I have downloaded a current version of software ( for mac) of web of place of X Rites. I am using three mac computer. (1) Taking-2013 iMac; (2) Taking-2015 iMac (any 4K retina); and (3) 2015 model of 13' Macbook Pro (exposure of retina). All are running with mac Invernadero. A colormunki the only works in some Take-2013 model. In some other two computers, looks to be normal in a start. When it Is a step to save a profile, a message of error says something wrong with a measure. Has has had to that then repeat a calibration of 5 minutes accuses again, but he never taken by means of. I have tried to touch with a preference the plot and has tried both Easy calibration and Advanced. At all helps. For a way, a colormunki can not be recognised for unpowered USB hubs. Still it looks for having in the first place connected, he fallen a lot prompt. So that it calm has to use it, discharges he directly to the port of USB of a computer.

When it operates, the work adds. I always printed dull photo of my Cannon Pro-100 printers. With which aforar my iMac, has found that a picture was to dull. A uncalibrated the monitor falsely had showed vivid colour. I have not tried printing still, but expect take has has improved impressions.
5 / 5 By Jacquie
First impressions: A device is amiably packaged and light, but a lot that feels economic. It is plastic of good quality . This in spite of, a boss of USB is anaemic , something would expect of the no-produced to appoint quell'USB of only uses to be able to. No of the $ 120 instrument that dangles of a same boss during use. This be has said, am sure a flexibility helps a device to dip walk in a monitor. Of note, is not replaceable.

A ColorMunki works of software of the Exposure well, although it is quite basic in the calibration and that information can exit of him. If you want to undermine at all, I suggest skip the and go with DisplayCAL instead. An only downside is that X-the software of the rite directly can regulate the settings of a monitor (RGB profit, for white point, and brightness) while DisplayCAL/ArgyllCMS the no. Typically will use A software of X Rites to take a legislation of white point, and then king-aforar with DisplayCAL. Against X-the web of place of the rite, both softwares can has sawed-exist. Mark so only sure calms the only one of a profile loaders that careers the time, or will struggle. If you are going so only for DisplayCAL, any precise to install any engine at all of X-Rite, as it uses generic has HID engine that coming with Windows. In Mac, can require install Device of X Services of Rites.

UPDATE: I have contacted X-Rite and has been sent to an engineer of upper level. It was surprised enough, but imagine was that my device somehow has lost a licence/of signal for X-the software of the rite. I am returned he by means of the amazon and some laws of substitution of sound. I have left an information down, in chance any more has a subject.

Can not take this device to do with a software of X Rites in any program. I have tried two different cars that Windows of career 10, the MacBook Pro, and my telephone of Android by means of the USB OTG adapter. All maintain according to X-Rite, but a PC and Mac waste of software to see a calibrator at all. A device of Android sees it, but give me the message that say that a device is not sustained and this 'OEM the tools of calibration can very at present maintain.' Doing some investigation, has found that X-the rite sells his tools by means of OEM canals, in that house a device no with his software. This in spite of, have purchased directly of Amazon and would have to that it has received the device that details.
Was able to take third-the open party-source DisplayCAL to recognise a device, but a calibration does not look quite right. I go to contact X-Rite in of the this, but unfortunately is the weekend vacacional and is closed. To good sure modify a description when this raisin.

Would give a star, but at least looks to do with DisplayCAL.
5 / 5 By Lorine
Dipping this on and using a software of the calibration could not be easier. This in spite of, found it to yield inconsistent results. Some first time have aforado for the screen looked dark and the little amber. Some second time are not like this dark and no like this amber, but still warmer that has to that be. There is remarked that browns aimed much more red that they would have to have. So many, has it aforado the 3rd time with everything of some options has turned was and this gave the very better calibration that thinks is corrected. I this for my exposure of Ray in mine Mac Pro, but I also he in mine MacBook Pro and has taken similarly odd result a first time. So much, the calm supposition so only has to that maintain touching with him until it give the results concealed the looks correct.

UPDATE: has almost be 4 month of then I last aforado my exposure. I tried it several times but once again is giving me crazy results. East times some colours, mainly blue and the red is WAY , WAY in saturated. I can it do not take to give me is realistic result, as I am reverting behind to a profile done behind in February that equally quite good. This was an only profile there is has not generated never to be included remotely near to correct.
4 / 5 By Edmund
Has bought this on Amazon to substitute my X-Rite Huey Pro. I asked at the beginning he properly, but when I have aforado my monitor & has begun king-modifying my photos, is coming alive & looked better that never! It was hard to intially conjoint on, but after going in his place to sustain that & follows & instructions so that Windows any disorder on it ColorMunki the exposure there has been accomlished, was very pleased. There is given 5 stars if his software would have cured of this question of Windows. Any have to Him legustado an adjustment of car of risarcimento light environmental, as I have turned that the characteristic was.

Pros: The works add! I have verified my king-has modified the pictures in the different computer & looked quite near of some colours have seen in my computer. One some have modified to use Huey Pro gaze of terrible mine.

Gilipollas: It was a lot if his software was extended more than curing questions of operating system. Now I have the big task at the head of me king-modifying mine 1000 east of the photos has modified to use Huey Pro.
5 / 5 By Lakenya
Has been using a ColorMunki Exposed for the few years now and absolutely loves it. Recently I actuate moved, and has bought the new monitor, all 3 of mine monitors were vastly contrast different/brightness/boo of colours and while it is possible to manually take in the alike ball estaciona his time that eats and inaccurate.

Enter a ColorMunki Exposure, this creature with a software comprised (although it was necessary to download a later version of a web of place) can have your monitors aforados and ready to go in the subject of minutes. A onscreen the instructions are quite easy for the novice to use, meaning any precise to be the professional monitor calibrator to achieve professional results of this device (this in spite of the helps of knowledge).

Facilitated to use
Unlimited profiling by means of devices (meaning you only need 1 device for the house)
Excellent profiling tool (hardware)

thinks that a software takes updates but no quite regularly and any enough of entities the warrant it listing like the Pro. Ossia So only the minor with like this included once a software is outdated a lot of years down a street, has solutions of free software that still can use a hardware for aforar (perhaps included better that a stock software, although has has not tried never this still.

WHO This device is stops :
is the professional the one who the precise reproduction by heart attentive for impression/to draw/of photo/of laws of art.
Fine it to it monitor setup, perhaps monitors of different frames (the different monitors will come with different vastly different calibrations and to have the things look uniformly will require this tool).

This device is not a lot of stops:
A half person that no with impression/to draw/of photo/of laws of art.
Presents the one who has 1 monitor (the reason is, if has 1 monitor your eyes will adapt to do a sense of mark of the colours, included if they are not attentive reproduction)

the picture has attached shows some 3 monitors, variances read objective. Monitor in a far left is the 10+ old year TN poster, another two in a legislation is both IPS, all duquel according to those times have been on they can show variable brightness, this in spite of a temperature by heart is almost exactly one same by means of all the poster. Ossia More evident when seating directly in front of some monitors.

Top Customer Reviews: Spider Holster ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 4 ratings
5 / 5 By Margareta
I have taken this partorisca my Nikon D610. I have required something could use to launch in my tape. In the first place I take a full Spider Holster SpiderPro System of Camera So only (SCS) Spider holster - bad movement. It was so only too bulky - felt likes to spend the strait jacket! The desire had bought this first. He my second deception that buys this, but no a small dish (thought so only would use a one this is coming with a SpiderPro - but a SpiderPro an enormous east), as I have had to that go back in and buy a smaller dish SpiderHolster SpiderLight Holster Flat with Pin and has finalised to pay more. But now that I have it, this was a product has loved in a start. The calm supposition can very fully judge the product so only of a page of Amazon (could do not returning of then are all a way in Africa).

Please a lot this in spite of, that this SpiderLight is estimated for Mirrorless and the compact camera is - no DSLR to camera likes him a D610. It does not trust any holster this in spite of, as I have had has bought already the cross-strap of shoulder Fomito Quickly Tape of Sling of Fast Shoulder Correa of With the & 2pcs Mountain of Ray for Camera DSLR SLR DV Black. I have taken one 2 pcs mountain of ray out of a strap, and has inserted a Op-the technology Joined-Loop short strap EUA of PROFESSIONAL/WORKER of TECHNOLOGY 1301062 Joined-Loop - Connectors of System so that it can use a hole of ray of inferior stand for a SpiderLight. Works perfectly. Using so now bad tin holster a camera in hip of mine, but quickly the emission and the transmission up ensure to my eye. Although it was for the fall I like this do like this, still was perfectly sure of falling to an earth.
5 / 5 By Barrett
Perfecto. It take this for my Cannon Eos M6 together with the fast detach mountain of tripod. Mostly it does not use this for very long the time, as they are not really the professional photographer, but is good to have the way of without accidents that closes my hip of mine of the camera requires my hands free for the time. It feels a lot sure and will not go anywhere. Unfortunate For me, but lucky to try of product, has had my camera has attached hip of mine has seen a spiderlight holster during the accident of cycling that has finalised to break my hand. A spiderlight closing the mechanism has maintained a camera securely situate of the whole times conceal to say you anything. Utmost cost.
5 / 5 By Armando
When I a better product in his class can ask anything loves for him. They are up for me. I love it. If it was more economic.... It goes Own two more.
5 / 5 By Rolland
Ossia A genuine thing , has been concerned that a picture has not aimed any Spider Holster identification and without descriptions. The worry was paralizaciones at all, returns a Spider perfect flat Light.

Top Customer Reviews: OP/TECH USA 1301012 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Octavio
I have bought two of these partorisca my city mini gt bend stroller partorisca do feels on better. Has the light recline and my always pulled twins until seating on legislations. These maintain a chair directly his so that it can seat on better. Can undo it the recline a chair when required.
5 / 5 By Kaley
Has found these by means of the stroller group when that looks for the way to do some chairs in mine CMGTD more whole. Orderly two regular period (a partorisca each chair) and law perfectly. Easy to attach and take of frame, easy the buckle, highly recommend seat me on straps.
5 / 5 By Bennie
Ossia The system adds - use this system partorisca attach binoculars to our rucksacks. Has three measures of band for Deuter, and these return everything with ease - before frames of compraventas sure yours can accommodate these straps - see has has attached photo.
Compraventas Quite a lot of adapters partorisca leave to quickly connect each one that like this of ours two binoculars to any band interchangeably.
Very especially - take of one uploads of some binoculars of the ours with the, and is distributed equally by means of a consolation of a harness of rucksack. I have saved also a need to buy the special binocular harness that would not have added any profit, and would have left does not join use of the z/of the rucksack and some binoculars simultaneously.
Is a lot of fact in some the EUA partorisca the very reasonable prize
4 / 5 By Harrison
Another me, also, love this company. His train is durable, interchangeable, and versatile. I made a mistake partorisca buy another mark of record 'detachable' with loop/of with the one of the shoulder and has been disappointed reason once you disconnected a portion of shoulder, is partorisca remain with two a-mateable connectors.

Optech The train can be fixed so that when you disconnect a strap of shoulder, the the male and the female connector in the short loop. This are add partorisca connect your band partorisca maintain the handy things, or so only that takes a strap of a camera that otherwise swipe around in a wind when using a camera in a tripod. In fact, this particular component - a has joined Loop of Adapter - can form the short loop for him.

Partorisca Extra security, I clip my eshort strap' (p. p.ej. One has joined loop of adapter) to my rucksack while it spends my camera that is attached to the tripod of him. It has not had Never any hang-ups with OpTech train.

Can add his touch It lame takes more security (that calms no precise ), but a Sound Sure can do fault another purpose, also... It is velcro... As you can slap the light things to a bow of security concealed has a matching velcro. And it calms that can use like this velcro strap.

Commentaries, this in spite of, that one of my pieces was a lot of hard to edge a bow of Sure thru. This averts, the material adds.
5 / 5 By Augustus
Has a Strap of professional/worker of Utility of EUA of TECHNOLOGY - Sling (Black) partorisca my cameras. It comes with two short joined-loop that is exited perfectly partorisca spend my Samsung NX30 or my Cannon 40D; a loop partorisca each. But when I have purchased my Cannon 5D Mark III, has has wanted to something surer. There is to good sure that one of a joined-the loops would have resisted a camera in a sling, but likes to say goes, if one is well, two is better. For this this compraventa. Two adjustable longitude joined-loop, a partorisca each side of a camera. With some loops have extended fully can resist a camera in any place.

Some connectors that snaps to the each one which another is informed to like this quickly connects, but with a pressure has required to disconnect his, is distant a lot quickly. I say this in the good way. I know my cameras will be in a sling until it decides to take.
4 / 5 By Brett
A Op/line of the product of the Technology is imposed before . I have been using his products partorisca years partorisca suspend my lentil of heavy/camera of my organism or my band according to that has configured some adapters and has not had never the question neither the fear that something would leave partorisca go and fall my expensive train to an earth, to a Glorious Canyon, down a side of the reef, etc. Because of his still brilliant idea simple to use matching final/viril woman, when not having the habit of attaches train to some straps, some finals of some adapters snap together doing the convenient boss.

But am looking for consolation and functionality. A sale of offers of with the cushioned the glorious work that takes a tension of lentil of organism + of the camera and it extending. A strap dipped for the use with to the z/to the rucksack leave to clip my chance of camera or camera (like the needs could be) my band for the little transport of has bitten easier, everything a moment a lot prpers that has to concern it roughly loss of train or his harm.
5 / 5 By Nathaniel
Has bought a product so that it can use some finals with some loops in the bridge superzoom Coolpix P530. Some bars of metal that the estaca was to run the strap by means of this too thin for some finals of mine older DSLR straps to return by means of. This turn so only well, but A connector is viril and one is female. I require two female connectors for mine Tamrac ties to do do. A quality is excellent, and the value adds for people those who can use this setup.
5 / 5 By Georgianne
Has taken a TECHNOLOGY of professional/worker 1501372 Pro Correa of Loop partorisca Crew of Camera (Black) and is not wanted to to be joined with having some long straps dangling in any side of my cameras when any connected to some bows of with the .
These extensions come each one that like this with the joined-loop that leaves to limit to some minima a period of a appendage, and the mark with some EUA of professional/worker of TECHNOLOGY SLR Strap of Wrist (Black) in a legislation (male) side.
Another (female) side I use to connect a line of security to my cameras when using the harness like a Opteka MCH-25 Fine Camera Carrier Harness Holster System for DSLR Camera.
In general the worthy cost when used like this splits of the system, duquel so only a Connector of professional/worker of System of EUA of TECHNOLOGY ADAPTADORA of the strap of the Sling finds sub pair.
Note: I have not tried or seen a Strap of professional/worker of Utility of EUA of TECHNOLOGY - Sling (Black) but curiously a description of this element not even mentions to spend the camera although a picture done.
4 / 5 By Josie
Loves this line of connectors! Originally I have bought a strap of shoulder and has loved a fast emission so much that are to go back on and ordered like the quota of one adds ons to the equal that can find. Now my strap of shoulder, cameras of strap of the hand, stock exchanges of lentil, and rucksacks all have some clips was on him. This leave to disconnect a camera of my strap of shoulder and clip he to my rucksack partorisca to hike more along, or so only grab the hand-held strap for the moment quickly, everything without changing anything in my configuration of camera. Highly you recommend especially for any the one who shoots with multiple cameras with different configurations.
5 / 5 By Wendie
Has used Optech material felizmente for enough some time. Still I am using a that has bought in a prompt 80 is. These turn the neckstrap to the strap of shoulder for the Nikon 810 with A Sigma 60-600 lentil of Sport a lot comfortably and securely.

Top Customer Reviews: Godox Flash ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Winnifred
I have had the few weeks with a AK-R1 now and has had an occasion partorisca try out of the each one modifies. They are mostly very pleased with each element. A barndoors laws exactly like this wanted to and is angled in the way to leave some control a lot stagnate in a light. A flag is also quite versatile (and packs very amiably); I have not had an occasion for the try was but revoking a flag for the subtractive modification also is in interesting. A dome of the diffuser and the grille are probably my big gone-to the elements and both treat admirably. A dish of looks of diffuser to be resembled a built-in diffuser of wide corner besides speedlights and looks to be equally like this well like those, but confess that seldom I am sure am using that it modifies right and usually so only skip the. Some filters by heart are done amiably and cover my more has used helar (CTO). I have listened external that some colours are not quite perfect and tend to adapt that they are slightly was but no, in my opinion, enough to import too much for a half user ( is certainly to spare near for me). There is two clear inserts/inserts, as I cut it your own Roscoe the helar would owe that be quite easy (grieves the mine arrives, will know more). In the Then avenged to an only real disappointment in a box discovers - a snoot. A comprised snoot is simply a lot quite tight to be very useful at all for him. I have it remarked when being the little gain on a grille, but no like this reduction to the equal that would like to see. They are experimenting with adding any 3D has printed tubes to extend a snoot but stay packable.

On this (and more than entity of mine, of any still have a H200R or V1 emphasis in STILL) has a S-R1 adapter. Ossia One odd little artilugio to describe, is simultaneously the moment of originality and also the quite basic thing. On it is surface , a S-R1 is so only some groups of adapter - the bit of plastic to leave connect a AK-R1 modifiers when regulating speedlight. Ossia In fact also a part of character. Hate carting around modifiers that reads so only in a thing, almost can listen Alton Brown complains it on joined-taskers. Like an idea that my boss of round modifiers for a H200R or V1 the situation can be adapted to regulate speedlights (and for this my fresnel sends a AD200) is the a lot of appealing idea.

Would owe that remark that a S-R1 has had the apt question very light. Never in fact it fall off, but it seats for it likes it you can. Have Of then down to a paste of a boss of the mine Nikon SB-800 more than the question with an adapter ( turn well in a fresnel boss of a AD200, for chance). Appearance there to be any question in mine incoming Godox speedlight (a V350).

Rest waiting for the future AK-R2 with different modifiers (perhaps helar different, of the improved snoot, perhaps has included the mini softbox) or has included the plus a-the situation of the map where can choose you on alone pieces more than the whole box. This around the ecosystem headed has the plot of potential.
5 / 5 By Twanna
Ordered this box because I require something small to spend around in my stock exchange, love a fact that all is magnetic and he so only claves in good and easy. There is squared partorisca flash bosses and has had an adapter in this box that was perfect. I have tried each different accessory and those are some photos I posted on. These were all has taken in 128th power. Directed flash in a car. A boot the paper has had in 45 terracings. Highly recommend!!

1st photo- diffusing of dome
2nd photo - 4 diffuser of wing with dish of diffuser
3rd photo - flat of diffuser
4th photo- comb of honey and snoot
5th photo- bounce paper
6th photo - filter by heart orange
5 / 5 By Lakeshia
I have seen this on-line and has thought a snoot so only would be the sweet addition partorisca my AD200. Researching has to that give further can be used partorisca the Speedlite also with a universal adapter (comprised). Some magnetic connectors he simple to exchange among accessories, he nighttime the shoot that alternating among a gel, snoot and grille of honeycomb. A snoot was something on and has taken 30 seconds to add. This little box is my new must -have in my stock exchange to light. Only orderly (2) more than these for both a AD200 and 3 TT600.
5 / 5 By Jame
I have received this dips yesterday and took it directly to a studio partorisca try and wow, the one who an amazing addition my flash. I love a barn doors, a dome and the majority of all an ease of use. All the elements are magnetic and attach easily and securely. You can combine several elements for stacking his and take really creative likes concealed. Almost it say this neighbour is the must has, goes to buy it! :-)
5 / 5 By Thersa
I have bought this and a MagMod the magnetic mark defuser. A Godox one this better way! It attaches to the mine external flashes better, is more durable, and tents and bands in the smallest impression. The desire has had still my images of test, but when have has compared portraits in some same flash settings indoors using a godox vs a magmod was some same partorisca brightness, sweetness, and shadows. I am returned a magmod and has maintained a godox!
3 / 5 By Cyril
This has all could require. I have struggled the little with each element of then am new in lighting and has had no real instructions partorisca break down a purpose of an element.
4 / 5 By Ella
Because they the produced like this very this in spite of when it comes to a snoot ray on like this bad. Any magnet here and doesnt really apt that well. If no partorisca this I would give it the 5
5 / 5 By Jeni
Amur One hit it different can fulfil with this box, a lot compact and easy access in any stock exchange of camera. I add for real held also.
5 / 5 By Travis
Absolutely love this element when paired with a ad200 flashes!
5 / 5 By Huong
Looking partorisca take a godox ad200 and already have the flash. This is surprising partorisca light manipulation. Highly recommend it.