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1 first uni Lightning Cable Nylon Braided [Apple MFi Certified], iPhone Charger Cable Compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone Xs Max, XR, iPad, iPad Air, iPod - 10ft iPhone Charger uni Lightning Cable Nylon Braided [Apple MFi Certified], iPhone Charger Cable Compatible with iPhone 8, iPhone Xs Max, XR, iPad, iPad Air, iPod - 10ft iPhone Charger By uni
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2 USB C to HDMI Cable 10ft (4K@60Hz), uni USB Type C to HDMI Cable [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2019/2018, Surface Book 2, Samsung S10, and More - Gray USB C to HDMI Cable 10ft (4K@60Hz), uni USB Type C to HDMI Cable [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2019/2018, Surface Book 2, Samsung S10, and More - Gray By uni
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3 best USB C to USB C Cable 100W, uni USB Type-C 5A Fast Charging Nylon Braided Cord Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, iPad Pro 2019/2018, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S10 S9, and More 6ft, Grey USB C to USB C Cable 100W, uni USB Type-C 5A Fast Charging Nylon Braided Cord Compatible with MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, iPad Pro 2019/2018, Samsung Galaxy Note 9 S10 S9, and More 6ft, Grey By uni
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4 USB-C to USB-C Cable (10ft/3m) - uni USB-C Charge Cable [5A] Compatible for MacBook Pro 2019 and Previous Models, MacBook, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2018, Samsung Galaxy S10/S9 Plus, Pixelbook and More USB-C to USB-C Cable (10ft/3m) - uni USB-C Charge Cable [5A] Compatible for MacBook Pro 2019 and Previous Models, MacBook, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2018, Samsung Galaxy S10/S9 Plus, Pixelbook and More By uni
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5 Wilson Electronics 50 ft. Black WILSON-400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable (N-Male to NMale) Wilson Electronics 50 ft. Black WILSON-400 Ultra Low Loss Coax Cable (N-Male to NMale) By weBoost
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6 uni USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz), Thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort Cable Compatible for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air iPad Pro 2019/2018, XPS 15, Surface Book 2 and More-Gray, 3ft uni USB C to DisplayPort Cable (4K@60Hz), Thunderbolt 3 to DisplayPort Cable Compatible for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air iPad Pro 2019/2018, XPS 15, Surface Book 2 and More-Gray, 3ft By uni
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7 USB C to HDMI Cable Adapter, QGeeM 6ft Braided 4K@60Hz Cable Adapter(Thunderbolt 3 Compatible) for iPad Pro,MacBook Pro 2018 iMac, ChromeBook Pixel, Galaxy S9 Note9 S8 Surface Book hdmi USB-c USB C to HDMI Cable Adapter, QGeeM 6ft Braided 4K@60Hz Cable Adapter(Thunderbolt 3 Compatible) for iPad Pro,MacBook Pro 2018 iMac, ChromeBook Pixel, Galaxy S9 Note9 S8 Surface Book hdmi USB-c By QGeeM
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8 AmazonBasics Premium High-Speed 4K Long HDMI Cable with Braided Cord, Gold - 10 Feet AmazonBasics Premium High-Speed 4K Long HDMI Cable with Braided Cord, Gold - 10 Feet By AmazonBasics
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9 DisplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) Display Port Cable Ultra High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable (Grey) DisplayPort Cable,Capshi 4K DP Cable Nylon Braided -(4K@60Hz, 1440p@144Hz) Display Port Cable Ultra High Speed DisplayPort to DisplayPort Cable 6.6ft for Laptop PC TV etc- Gaming Monitor Cable (Grey) By Capshi
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10 USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K 60Hz, uni USB Type C to HDMI Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2019/2018, Samsung S10, Surface Book 2 and More - Gray USB C to HDMI Adapter 4K 60Hz, uni USB Type C to HDMI Adapter [Thunderbolt 3 Compatible] for MacBook Pro 2019/2018/2017, MacBook Air/iPad Pro 2019/2018, Samsung S10, Surface Book 2 and More - Gray By uni
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Top Customer Reviews: uni Lightning Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lisabeth
Some have joined works of boss of the lightning well with my iPhone 6. Previously partorisca possess this boss has had a Anker a, which is hid now is gone in the drawer. I am impressed really for a build, force, and sturdiness. It resists on very compared to a Anker boss (as seen in some photos). Also it likes that a product is coming with of the plastic on partorisca fix frayed bosses. It is the good touch for a company. They are happy with cost of mine and would buy another has joined produced also!
5 / 5 By Deangelo
In the first place when have pulled a boss out of a box, was delightfully surprised partorisca see a velcro fastener. It have not expected one of those, but @give that useful will be it partorisca help the wrap on, especially with 10 feet of boss. And then it avenges with some tubing with that can you to it repair an iPhone shabby old or boss of iPad. Good extras.

But this description is not in extra. Ossia The a lot of-fact and sturdy boss, one that creates will not fray like this quickly like Apple some. It is certified for Apple, work well, and no overheat. A product was packaged well and has arrived quickly.

Am pleased with this compraventa, and a prize was a lot.
5 / 5 By Bethany
In the first place, I left state that a Vendor is surprising partorisca treat has not had any subjects, has achieved was has seen email and was a lot quickly partorisca recognise my responses. Now, in this 10' USB to Light boss, is a better one still. I have it quell'has ordered literally 54 bosses of lightning of then 4/2015. We are the family of 4 and our girls have been thought touching bosses like this the number does not comprise some bosses of iPhone older. A one is a real shot ! It is braided with thickness braiding and very durable. It is weighed when calm resist it and I included pulled in some finals and his no budge. I can not say quite roughly that. A build and a quality are a better after buying 54 bosses in 4 years, trust when I say that ossia a better and one the majority of LEGIT!!! Calm will not feel . A period is not the detriment to this boss. My woman often atasquen in and chairs in a sofa that use his iPhone or iPad plugged to this boss. He also the helps touch a devises súper fast. It connects it to the load of big speed and he a work. My woman is very happy with him also, and is hard (any like this last like some boys) in of the bosses. This one calms does not have to that concern roughly at all!!!
4 / 5 By Mellisa
Abril of UPDATE 21,2019:
has been using this lightning of Apple to boss of USB for some time and has loved the so much that has purchased to to the another boss so only likes to of him. I want to the one who easy is to access my telephone at night because of a period of a boss and when other bosses have failed over time, this boss no tip any sign of wear or taking old. It looks like this new likes first day that bought it. Joined Is a better!

Original description:
are always investigations of the boss of lightning of the quality. It has discovered that anything concealed is the place has gone by Joined will return this description. Joined Compares the upper quality.

A Build:
A build is unparalleled. This boss will resist up under rigorous daily use. It feels heavy, any economic, but the construction of good quality.

A Period of Boss:
A ten period of feet also the comfortable and convenient fact to use when it can he outlet is far was. This to good sure will do in my stock exchange when I travel.

has has tried felizmente this boss with a hardware of Apple later that comprises an iPhone new XR and 2018 iPad. Any one @subjects here.
5 / 5 By Victoria
I really like a quality of a boss, the connectors are the classy aluminium spatial ash that is securely fastened to a boss with the hard plastic colour that solid of looks and maintains a boss in place. The boss is covered with the big quality nylon braiding ossia stagnate it to weave and looks it will last without fraying. The boss can be wrapped up for the travesía uses one semi-detached velcro loop. A heat has comprised shrinks the tube is the good touch . You can save he in calm chance not having never a subject with a boss has joined new (to to look likes will last this in spite of) or the use to repair of your shabby Apple OEM boss and maintain that like the transmission. Ossia My second boss has joined . A prime minister is the USB -C the USB-C with Delivery to Be able to that I use to connect mine MacBook Pro for the power that/touches. It is so better that a OEM boss of Apple.
5 / 5 By Melita
Im Very happy that the expósita has joined produced. Has a lot his products and can declare them that they are of quality very big in the reasonable prize.

Has bought still another has joined to light touching the boss and is done a lot well, has done well out of a box. Has joins he of good boss conceal hangs well in a boss he self.

I almost felt like my telephone has taken has touched faster then mine out of the mark that boss of lights.

Would recommend this boss to light to any and will buy more mine self to maintain around a house.

Thank Joined for utmost products.
5 / 5 By Merrill
I have purchased a 3ft the lightning has joined spatial ash nylon braided [Apple MFi Certified] the USB-A boss to touch so it has required the transmission for travesía. Received the quickly and when I have opened has been surprised the one who durable the looked and felt. A boss he self was the little in a rigid side but is new and will take some work. Plugged He to the mine iPhone and has begun to touch without the subjects have purchased a 3ft the period like this is all have required. This boss looks the boss of quality and better that an Apple OEM boss in the prize he down plus. Also I have an USB joined-C to HDMI boss for my iPad Pro and loves that. Like this far two for two with has joined.
4 / 5 By Mandy
When it Take this boss , was the little disappointed reason looks some of the mine other economic braided bosses - ossia until me unwrapped the. A boss uses the interior has to that be súper heavy gauge reason feels very rigid likes is good quality . I have had the odd question with my telephone not touching sometimes. I have contacted a company and they were quickly to take me the substitution has sent was and that one does to add so it has not been the spent with a prime minister a. In an end, think that this boss will resist on much more then this economic plus some.
5 / 5 By Jody
Ossia Boss of perfect lightning . Has 6 devices of apple (iphone 8s, iphone 6, 2 Ipads, 1 mac pro and 1 mac air) and probably 15 bosses. Bosses of apple r flimsy and soft. They break easily. This boss solves both some questions - his very strong boss and long enough. It is able to fast load. I m in disposal to order little more bosses. Work well with iphones, ipads and mac pro

Update Apr 24, 2019: I love these bosses. I have purchased another boss (10 ft) and the work adds also. The bosses he long the plus is has to that have travesía to plot and require long bosses in of the chambers of hotels
4 / 5 By Rhett
I enough buys a durable boss that spending more money in these bosses of economic useless apple. A boss is significantly fatter that some apples an and also braided. This simple pause the quality and the chair likes them can take of some abuse. You know that well it feels to be able to go in another side of a bed and no prpers that it has to that concern roughly the boss that tears or unplugging? Literally it looks no further, causes this calm boss took. Hell, my fellow short was included able to touch ropes of jump with this sturdy boss.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C to HDMI Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Lyn
I have been struggling partorisca find a pertinent crew partorisca a long exposure partorisca mine 2017 iMac partorisca the year now. It is finally state said for Apple (after several calls partorisca sustain) that a new plus iMac is does not sustain Way of Exposure of the Aim with another Mac is (tried partorisca use my MacBook like an external exposure). As I have broken down and it has bought the new monitor but I still was nervous that the simpl USB-C to HDMI the boss so only would do it all the work... Well, fact. Connected my iMac to the Samsung monitor with this agreement (that it was it more economic that in any tent looked in) has turned a monitor on and looked! Long exposure. The quality of picture is excellent, moving among both monitor is seamless. They are happy!
4 / 5 By Brande
This boss sustains 4k 60Hz perfectly. I have chosen this boss in another for a braided boss. This in spite of, if has the Dell P2715Q, could be better was with the USB-C to DisplayPort adapter. Dell Touches the initial of this monitor sustains only HDMI 1.4, and for this the tax of maximum frame of 30Hz. A new plus some (experiences after Feb 2016) support HDMI 2.0 and 4k 60Hz, but the the in the first place enable the special setting. It was able to do this felizmente, and of then am using a DP port in a monitor to connect the different car, am appreciated to be able the leverage like this ports in 60Hz without that has to that exchange a boss was or use the special adapter. But, so only be conscious that this requires an additional step to configure.

Can enable HDMI 2.0 in your P2415Q or P2715Q exposed of the flat poster has purchased with which February 2016 using some following steps:

Unplugs all the bosses of video of an exposure. ( It leaves so only a power has connected to an exposure.) Unplugging Of your computer is insufficient; you owe that unplug a HDMI boss of a backside of a monitor!
Can in an exposure.
Selects a HDMI (MHL) option of entrance. (A box of floating dialogue will look.)
Press and resist a key associated with a mark of Green control for 6 to 8 seconds.
A box of dialogue looks that states HDMI 1.4 Enables/Disables
Select an option partorisca Disable HDMI 1.4 support and press a key afterwards to a mark of green control to confirm a selection.
Rey-Connect some bosses of the video to an exposure
5 / 5 By Markita
has bought this boss to drive mine 21:9 2560x1080 Ultra-wide LG Monitor to mine 2018 13' MacBook Pro. It can not be happier with some results. Highly recommend.
4 / 5 By Aurora
I have been having the subjects of entities that takes the usb-c ->hdmi boss that reads reliably. TAKE THIS CORD!!! No more plugging and unplugging to take the signal. Works in mine both of mine 4k monitors and he BenQ 1080p any question.
4 / 5 By Mario
An USB-C to HDMI the conversor of the boss has purchased is of confidence and compatible with mine flatscreen TV as well as my monitor that use in way of dual screen—both with mine MacBook Pro (2017). I have used he for a lot of hours with my screen to control as well as with my TV for clock aims available the current in the computer but no by means of the gaming console. A sound and the quality of video is consistently big. Has there is has not had subjects with disconnection or low quality. You recommend this to another looking for the sturdy, boss of confidence to connect the MacBook Pro usb-C port to a HDMI port of another screen (TV, monitor, etc).
4 / 5 By Kris
The pair this with mine 207 MacBook Pro 15. I mainly uses with the 28” Samsung 4K monitor in an office, but has aimed also video in the 65” Sony 4K TV without subjects.

One the only hiccup could be for users with exposures a lot slender and mountains where a HDMI expensive port directly to the walls likes protrudes almost 2of x like far (sees photo) and could arguably add undesired tension in a port. This in spite of, when connecting to the that faces down or side facing port ossia harder that achieve, an extra surface is advantageous to achieve an easier connection.

Material and solid build. Taken the after liking a SD/Micro SD USB-C reader of a same company.

Highly Recommended
5 / 5 By Elvira
DeX has been actuated grieves I plugged a boss to the mine monitor and then my telephone.
He also done to mirror my telephone when I plugged a boss to mine stereo receiver to the equal that has sent a signal was to projector of mine. A boss is the good compraventa .
5 / 5 By Shawn
I wasnt sure the one who would take them when it has purchased them this, but was them pleasantly has surprised! Some material looks very done and sturdy, a hdmi has been to mine hdmi port in my TV a lot of smoothly. A cord is long enough for me to seat in bedding while it resists my telephone, or seating in a couch. A quality of picture was utmost. It has it samsung 9 more, as it uses samsung dex. I give an option to use my TV like the monitor for my screen of telephone and use my telephone like the tampon to touch, or can them image of mirror. Like this friggin awesome! To good sure was to recommend east to my friends and family!
4 / 5 By Latarsha
Mina connected 2019 iMac (Retina 4K, 21.5 thumb) the HP 2159m monitor, and a monitor has actuated immediately. Reason this uses a HDMI connector, has been surprised when my start of music that touches by means of some built-in HP speakers more than one some have connected by means of a headphone jack in mine iMac. An easy fijamente: under Preferences of Sound/of the system so only selects a start wished for sound.
4 / 5 By Julian
It take this reason have required to be able to quickly connect my laptop of work (macbook pro 2017) my house of big monitor for when I am doing far, and has not loved to treat a dongles option (Apple of graces..).

Happy to inform, this awesome little adapter has done without subjects like this far. A quality of the global build and that the packaging is prize very good & and does not seat at all that I cheaped was or has taken rasgado is gone in his margin of current prize neither.

Has joined Looks to be the mark that cured in a quality and build of his product and he certainly shows in his current craftsmanship of his product. Def Would recommend and compraventa of them again.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C to USB C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Olga
I have purchased a 10 version of feet of this boss on 6/18/2019. Specifically you look for bosses that has been estimated at least 80 watts so that that can use to touch my MacBook Pro. According to a “application of battery” of the coconut the one who calm give you easy access to some capacities of some bosses according to which a system is concerned this boss will transfer a plenary 85 watts of an adapter of trace and stock power to 87 watts when I use the separate 90 power of watt distributes.

Has not tried die throughput as so only am using this partorisca a connection partorisca be able to when not seating in my office as it can not speak to this. A construction looks good and does not feel obviously economic or problematic. Has has had so only he partorisca the quite a lot of hours partorisca try one can throughput so that it can not be sure roughly reliability. If I give any question in a future will add to a description. Partorisca A moment are quite happy.
4 / 5 By Anabel
I am using this like this my daily engine to touch my MacBook Pro. I never really liked one feels or look of a stock MacBook Pro Boss that hule to touch soft only layers like this quickly. This boss of Joined has been faultless, constantly in and was if my stock exchange unwrapped / rewrapped and has tugged around for one displaced few weeks - the looks close the new factory!

A boss is sturdy, reinforced in both ends, and slightly fatter that would expect and is nylon has reinforced. A colour is to complement to a spatial ash MacBook Pro. A micro Velcro the orderly boss maintains everything near.

TL:Dr. - Awesome Produced in the value adds for money. Five incident - the work Adds Joined
5 / 5 By Tiffany
is like this last to say a true specs of a lot of some bosses in a phase, but a web page thus produced has listed everything of one of entity specs. This boss EXCELS in a touching spec of USB-C. You can touch almost any device that USB of supports-C touching.

Max characteristic tram: 100 watts, 20 volts, 5 amps. The majority of the devices do not sustain 20 volts, as you will take less wattage because of that. In a DC world of electricity, volts = of watts x amps. So much, if your device is estimated for 17 volts, will see the maximum of 17 x 5 = 85 watts. A circuit to touch for several laptops the of looks of vendor to be all different, varying of 12 volts to 19 volts.

Has found that it is difficult to find the quality 2 boss of metre that sustains like this PD2 (touching) and big USB-C taxes of data.

These supports of boss so only an USB 2.0 tax of data (480 Mbps) but concealed is not reason has bought and like this boss.

2 period of metre
rugged construction
versatile PD2 support to touch for fast touching of almost any device

Ossia where this boss excels and is exactly reason has bought the.
4 / 5 By Thurman
I have been buying produced of Joined for the while now, and has has wanted to all of them. While I have not had this boss for very long, already know of a quality to build that will last it. It have to that be the substitution adds for my boss of pill of the aging.
At present have an USB-C the HDMI, DP, SD-reader, and now USB-C the USB-C boss. Some bosses some plus along coming with the abonos reusable velcro the bond help it maintain has organised. Some small adapters (like a SD reader of paper) coming with the small stock exchange to maintain them has protected.
Joined Clearly cured in his base of user, and always answers quickly when has questions. It does not scare to contact them, will take the real person and useful joint.

Modifies October 2019:
can confirm that this boss no tip any sign of failure. The law adds to touch and scrolling of data... It can it has to that buy another.
4 / 5 By Windy
USB joined-C to USB-C access of boss correctly to the mine Samsung Galaxy S9+ smartphone as well as one load(s) that has connected to the recharge a battery. This can look trivial but when I have tried another costruttore, would take the message that says that a connection was poor and that would be necessary uses it another boss. In all the chance, has does not have to that a lot to to subjects like that with of a boss has JOINED. One 6.6 period of law of feet of the boss well is trying maintains some bosses have organised. Utilisation this boss every night to recharge my telephone. A boss has the good access in my devices of Android. Highly recommended.
4 / 5 By Simonne
All can say is Wow! They are súper impressed with quality of this cord. I have bought he for my new Galaxy S10 5g that use a súper fast 25watt that the touches and the work adds and now can achieve by means of my bed requires it to him to. I have had multiple frames of cords of Monster, Anker, Belkin but any of them approached to a quality and feel of this Cord has joined.
5 / 5 By Dawna
Some looks of boss to have the quality of utmost build. I have tried with my Pixel of Google 2XL, Chromebook Pixel, and MacBook Pro. Work with all some devices.

HAS the good braided arrival and chairs securely to a Type-C port.
5 / 5 By Rosalva
The connectivity and the robust build adds when I received it in the first place.
Update 8/7: Shortly after a window of the turn of the Amazon is spent, an end of an USB-C boss has taken free in a connector, and a function to touch resulted unstable. Spoken to service of client that asks can take the substitution, and there is rid an interior a week. Answered a lot quickly the times and any question have asked, and are thoroughly impressed by him. For like this, one 5-stars to estimate stays, and ossia more than the note to me/future buyers: be careful any to bend a boss in a connector too much, reason conceal a lot can be a cause of mine free connector. A portion of connector is longer and more rigid that a boss of Apple, as bending present more torsion.
5 / 5 By Isidra
So only like another Joined-produced of accessories I own, a quality is like this amazing. Calm can any never gone bad with using better material and having your braided bosses and metal. A durability of this boss is the solid 5 out of 5.

When Trying touching in my promise 2018 Mac to 13 touches of thumb likes him an apple 87w USB c boss. His both touch a MacBook in a same tax and take a same quantity to time to touch to plenary. How it is estimated to good sure in 5an and to good sure can manage a 87brick of watt. At present they are when using in mine Xps 15 and behind uploading bc I need 120cape of watt and has any 120power of the brick of watt knows this exists still. In general, I need the boss the economic and durable plus that will beat an apple some, looks no further.
4 / 5 By Sheri
I have tried a lot touching bosses, but an USB Joined-C to USB-C boss is in a cup of my cast. It looks the 6 foot period along, durable build, the chair adds in a hand, perfect connection, quickly touching capacity and more. The amour that use this boss more than a boss of regular Apple. Calm will not be disappointed in a quality!!!

Top Customer Reviews: USB-C to USB-C ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Retha
I have purchased this usb c to usb c boss partorisca use for Mark iPad New Pro 12.9 pill of thumb. I have required something bit it more longer that a small 2 FT boss Apple of the directly out of a box but is also like this of confidence, Like this Far this boss here in the amazon has been the saver of life , Some 6 feet is abundance long enough to achieve your comfy chair/couch this in spite of achieves a outlet to touch. This boss is much fatter too as the half is going to last more along, can say them. Also he scrolling of file of the good data and his only usb c 2.0 and any usb c 3.0 like im not going for the use to touch on my macbook or anything but touches on an iPad New Pro so only well!
Hope I was useful?!
5 / 5 By Hang
Of an emission of one 15-thumb MacBook Pro and 13-thumb MacBook Pro last year, the alternative has looked for thrid-USB of party-C boss that reads with USB of Apple-C Adapter to Be able to. Bought the pair of them and this have joined the law of boss adds on touching all the models for 15-thumb MacBook Pro(late 2016) and 13-thumb MacBook Pro(late 2016). Tried has been with 15-thumb MacBook Pro, 13-ich MacBook Pro W/ TouchBar, and 13-thumb Macbook Pro W/or TouchBar, see results down:

15-thumb MacBook Pro (late 2016) - with Apple 87W USB-C Adapter to Be able to:
In 16 Battery (the load that remain=1061mAh): touching Common = , touching Voltage = , touching Wattage(max) =

13-thumb MacBook Pro W/ TouchBar (late 2016) - with Apple 61W USB-C Adapter to Be able to:
In 41 Battery (the load that remain=1793mAh): touching Common = , touching Voltage = , touching Wattage(max) =

13-thumb MacBook Pro W/or TouchBar (late 2016) - with Apple 61W USB-C Adapter to Be able to:
In 40.0 Battery (the load that remain=1833mAh): touching Common = , touching Voltage = , touching Wattage(max) =

Note: One touching wattage is so only to touch a battery, not representing a total touching exited of an USB-C Adapter to Be able the

Some twist to touch for all three MacBooks is resembled my results of test of USB of Apple-C Boss, agreed to to be quite solid on touching.
More, a boss is fat, white TPE material(with the soft touch feels), 2m the period a lot to time still likes them the apple.

In general, boss of good quality, fully compatible to touch for all three MacBook Pro
5 / 5 By Jackelyn
felt ossia he 5 element to star still, reason think that that an element can have defects this in spite of being 5 stars them that that has expected, etc.

here is a thing, is fatter that a boss of apple, and does not think it has to that be, thinks another that when being generic and/or 3rd celebrates also can be to to a width still likes him the boss of Apple and here is a reason a lot of entity reason.

In the MacBook Air and perhaps the Pro an USB-C put you are a lot near like this when a boss of the load of the Apple is in port 1 in an Air, another USB-C boss can covers to port 2, has room although the the 'element' concealed is bulkier that has to that be.

Uses this boss, calm then is limited to that covers you in port 2, the bulky elements will not return and tend to blame these elements more than this boss, but to the equal that have said if it was a same mm likes boss of load of the Apple then does not have to that worry in that.

Has measured ossia 12.3 mm.

An Apple is mm.

Is visible of a picture also but is the good boss but can see reason the apple touches more, there is not founding the good quality 3rd celebrates like lean likes Apple, but could not use this boss and quell'USB-C the USB-A conversor, reason this adapter was setup so only to go in port 2 with a boss of Apple in port 1 and still then he almost touches.

Thinks that is obvious in a picture but if I can not say just look in an USB-C piece of the metal and you can see a hule plastic/extra around a boss that is unnecessary.

How is value a prize, sure, to good sure, for me is an extra boss I still have my Apple, but has lost an Apple would substitute with an Apple of then is always applicable and like an extra boss, backup, of the leaves in home, anything, is mostly applicable reason while it is the width More adds them , on >2mm is still small and excellent work.
5 / 5 By Margarette
An USB Joined-C boss impressed of a moment has takes he of his packaging. It is to good sure more robust that more UCB bosses which can not be more he ultra-the compact form is that it is looking for. I think that that they have found a right balance for more than applications. It likes that it is enough of flexible without being prone the tangling, durable without being too bulky, and coils on neatly like the cowboy term.
Has added the picture to aim his comfortable bending the radio has compared to a boss of Apple. If has minimum clearance, this can not be for you, but taste that is relatively of light and a lot of droop. I have wished so only that a costruttore has done he in the 3' the Yes calm period
4 / 5 By Doris
so only is requiring the USB-C the USB-C boss to connect or touching your Macbook, this boss probably does well.
Has ordered so much a joined and 10ft versions. Both do both well with mine 15' Macbook Pro 2018.
My studio requires the boss that is more along that 10ft, as I have bought a Faracent usb-c boss of extension and look to do very together. By means of an exposure of information of the system, can run in 86W.
Like this far like this good.

joined usb-c to usb-c boss - 10ft:
joined usb-c to usb-c boss - :
faracent usb-c boss of extension - :
4 / 5 By Candyce
Good bosses, flexible boss well with just a right quantity by heart. It comes with the good velcro strap. PS 5W confirmed fast touching in the RAVPOWER sale of battery and full communications with other accessories. I have found JOINED to look for the USB more abordable-C the HDMI for my Lenovo. A Lenovo the product is well, so only two times so much. Of I have had there an Ethernet to C and now this C to C. All utmost products. Esperanza this one in cord of cloth like a good money and black hdmi adapter and ethernet conversor.
4 / 5 By Florance
Ossia Really súper look of the fat boss in some pictures has attached am surprised really for a quality. So only for the reference has added a boss of iPhone for the like this dipped aim. It is touching quite device to the equal that has expected a good thing in a boss touches a laptop or telephone is quite well manage both and 5A. Value of the money is spent on he
4 / 5 By Donny
Thumbs up in this sturdy touching boss. The substitution adds for Macbook pro touching purpose.

A thing maintains to annoy me the boss of his apple always kink approach a relief of tension. Ossia That loves the point underlined in this boss - seat a lot sturdy a lot of grip manually. First of all, a boss OD is obviously fatter that boss of apple, and uses soft TPE material more than an economic PVC like jacket of boss. A house of the boss of the boss is also TPE in molded, can look more economic compared to the product of the apple, but would not expect a Sr has broken/has fallen averts anytime a coming year. Also it comes with well looking boss bundler to help organising a boss, thumbs up! In general you recommend to take this sturdy boss like the substitution for a boss of original apple.
4 / 5 By Kristian
I have purchased this reason have loved the 6 feet that boss of touch for when I am dipping law. Required the C to C boss like this is that it avenges to regulate with my pixel 2 telephone. This has joined the boss touches one same likes boss that is coming with my telephone (checked with application of Ampere) but is the little has bitten fatter both in boss and some finals. I am using the Ringke chance of Fusion in mine telephone and a port to the touch is cut was quite partorisca east to return.
4 / 5 By Arnold
Soft boss , fat , durable, his work on touching my new 12inch macbook. (Plus along that another 6ft bosses), same period as USB of Apple-C boss, has tried was, the fact adds, shows my video of description for detailed info.

Top Customer Reviews: Wilson Electronics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By
Has 4 or more Wilson-400 coax bosses of 2 ft to 100 ft, and all have treated well. One 100 ft partorisca ask is alfresco be the extreme time bought it of then around 2006. I have bought it is a pleasure run of the plan the street the new boss for the shortest street my booster, one 100 ft a closing is going strong, but has decided his time partorisca new and the majority of direct street.
5 / 5 By
Súper Fat and heavy boss! It was hesitant because of prize, but well each penny. Finally my WeBoost booster works! I am using he in mine RV where career of a booster inner to Wilson cellphone the external antenna. This one will give to sustain an a lot of setups and take downs while in a street.
5 / 5 By
Usually it uses a boss of mark of the name for my control to scan. I have bought the piece for the new radio in the 800Mhz yagi receiving listening to the system of far trunk. Works to the equal that has expected.
5 / 5 By
Very heavy, a lot of fact, the ends aim any loss of signal. I have used this type of coax when you use my CB Irradiate wife in Apple Remachar. The good prize and I recommend this to any that loves the Product adds.
4 / 5 By
This law adds with a weboost cradle and adapter. They are able to pull in the better signal in a rv.
4 / 5 By
Fact well for my application that extends an antenna in a ceiling.
4 / 5 By
It has to that a lot well the boss
5 / 5 By
Used for Ham radio Antenna
4 / 5 By
Fantastic shot on some boss of antenna adds. Bought two careers to do with the verizon jetpack and some external antennas. Perfecto. It has not had Never any one questions with him at all.
5 / 5 By
Boss of quality. I am using he for my dish of external satellite in a RV. I owe adapters to purchase to hook he to a regulate cabling. They are by train to use it So that like this long have cut to a dish of satellite, does not degrade a signal.

Top Customer Reviews: uni USB C to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Dwana
It is the simple product . It connects an USB-C final to the yours Macbook Pro and connect a Displayport to the yours according to monitor and he so only works. If you are using HDMI partorisca yours second monitor, he casualidad is is experiencing low refresh imposed (12-30HZ). I am taking 4K resolution in 60HZ using this boss. The quality of build is good and ossia defiantly value a prize.
5 / 5 By Olene
Work so that it announce.

Has an old plus DELL U2713HM widescreen controls concealed has support for both HDMI and DisplayPort. It have been using a DisplayPort to connect to the mine Mac Mini 2009 but when I upgraded to a Mac Mini 2018 version there is remarked that he Ray there was so only (i.et. USB-C, which is a same thing btw.) Ports and that mine in existent DisplayPort the boss did not go it to cut. It take this creature , plugged he to the mine old DELL and work like the charm.

Remarce: A subject with using a HDMI port in mine DELL with a HDMI port in a new Mac Mini 2018, is that a resolution is limited to 1080p like opposed to a 2560x1440 that an USB/of Ray-C supports.
4 / 5 By Anisha
Works with my new 15inch MacBook Pro 2017, has connected the Dell P2415Q monitor, support 4K60Hz. A period of boss is long enough to move around.

So much USB-C final and Displayport the end is done of material of aluminium, looks and feels good quality. A black and braided ash nylon the part of boss is quite solid, to the looks like is going to of last for the long time. A course of hule black in an USB-C final is the new creation , easily underlines among others produced. The difference of another free USB-C connector, returns sungly to an USB-C port in mine MacBook Pro. The works add like this far.
4 / 5 By Mauricio
You are probably here trying imaginarprpers was reason your Macbook the terrible looks in an external exposure, well, a good informative is that you are in a right place, has the solution, but first of all to the left initiate with some devices am using:

- Portable: Macbook pro 13'' (2017)
- Monitor: Asus VP28UQG 28' 4K/UHD monitor
- Boss: USB C to DisplayPort Boss (4K60Hz), Ray has joined 3 to DisplayPort Boss of Joined (this can be obvious but by means of time, the link of the signal of Amazon was in different products)

was frustrated entirely after trying different HDMI adapters, has included to use an official 4K adapter of Apple of ray 3 the HDMI, and has had 2 types of subjects: 1) the text was blurry or no quite acute and 2) brightness and the colours were terrible and Mac a lot properly recognise my monitor, as it can very properly configure a start, like this scaling sources

For 1, will require to begin to look for on Internet for soyac fix subpixel antialiasing', the fast configuration will help with that, concealed is not the subject physicist but a configuration of Apple. Now, for 2, and for a health of you eyes, calm To GOOD SURE RAY of NEED 3 to SHOW PORT, does not ask me reason, are not engineer of Apple, but recognises perfectly monitors ( has tried some Viewsonic and HP is also), calm leave to configure more the things and he uploads a profile by heart concretise for a monitor. It say of another way,, clear and acute text again, and full 4K resolution.

Does not go to feign has tried multiple bosses, I no, ossia a prime minister and so only one, but the laws perfect for me like this far, as any reason to try another, am happy with east a. But seriously, if you are the macbook user, to stop that money of waste in HDMI adapters, the port of Exposure is a response .
4 / 5 By Wen
Rings the new boss for projector of mine of then has new Mac pro. I have then found this boss has joined. Ossia To good sure more than wait. The boss is quite long I so that it can move my laptop anywhere, also pretry strong. Also he enough with projector of mine. First quality of image of the class. To good sure recommend to any one!!!
4 / 5 By Aldo
Update later: A vendor sent an up to date creation thus boss directs of Cina. I have tried a new creation in a same configuration like original test - MacBook Pro 13" and Dell 4K monitor 60Hz. Some works of new boss well. WiFi Does to all the speed - any interference there is remarked. A vendor has said that the new shielding the method has been used.

Update: I have contacted vendor roughly gone back and substitution for his joint that is the defective element .

Original description of some stars: after connecting a boss of mine MacBook Pro to an outside Dell 2415 4K monitor, An image was good ( 4K 60 Hz). MAY: there is remarked the enormous reduction in W-FI action and several Wi-Fi disconnects. I have suspected a boss was insufficiently shielded because of this small diameter . I have bought it dongle adapter of type and has used a DisplayPort boss that is coming with a monitor. A monitor has done adds and Wi-Fi of mine has been of tower the normal (60 Mbps download, 5 Mbps uploads) i.et. Identical the action without external monitor. Clearly, this implicates to to a boss likes him the way of the maps is identical in both chances.
5 / 5 By Jonna
Boss of quality a lot well with braided cord. That more can say? Works instantly when plugged in,any hassle tangle of boss

will update on Durability
5 / 5 By Tyler
Dell G5 serious of gaming portable active Thunderport 3/USB-C put you. They have not measured full DP space. Dell Implementation of USB-C in a G5 the serious does not comprise accepting can in of an USB-C port for the laptop that touches. So that you cover directly to the USB-C monitor, will take the BIOS error 'the power that is distributed to port concealed does not accept can' together with the opinion of Windows.. A solution is this boss . It is USB -C in an end and regulate DP in another. Any one can is sent of a monitor by means of a DP the boss like an error has gone. There is another Thunderport the adapters can take concealed adds to put you of USB and the tonne of another material. The error the beloved connection so only free to the monitor.
5 / 5 By Hildegard
I recently chosen on the CalDigit T3 More for mine MacBook Pro to substitute a 2x Apple HDMI dongles that used to power of mine 4K exposures. Of HDMI has run so only in 30Hz, this was the perfect occasion to any so only take touched of of a dongles but also move to DisplayPort to take full advantage of 60Hz. A subject with a T3 the more is, this in spite of, that the only resupplies the only DisplayPort port -- a upside is that it resupplies the true Ray 3 port, for this an investigation has begun for the USB-C to DisplayPort boss.

A boss has joined plugged right to mine according to 4K exposure and was chosen immediately up without any subjects. Both now run in 60Hz without any subjects and I no longer owe worry in a forward HDMI bosses. If you are in a fence, goes advance and buy a boss. It acts a lot of ( is enough along) and is to anything the taste, will be of able covers it he in and forget it (the way has to that be).
4 / 5 By Mildred
So only the one who has required them, has tried HDMI which would give me 4k60 but no with a scaling I required (2560x1440) in the LG 27UK650. I give a scaling opted I need and the work adds

Top Customer Reviews: USB C to HDMI Cable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5 By Rosita
It enter the sake resealable stock exchange, both finals of connector have had cover of protective plastic in the to protect he of transport, the velcro the bond has lined a cape. I have known immediately this was the product of quality . I want braided capes, at the end wants to go each braided, and is very happy with this braided cape, done to install the breeze. I have comprised the beak of Samsung DEX race of my telephone, through this cape, Controls of PC. As you Can see it looks well. Very I can not find anything negative to say, included avenges the early week of Amazon.
5 / 5 By Rufus
I have purchased this cape to use Samsung Dex in my S10+. An USB-C the end does not go full in a device but has the connection in firm. Plugged In both end and is running fantastically! A braided the cape has the be very solid in and is abundance quite very time in connet in your television or monitor even so has the easy access in calm telephones. 10 For 10 recomend in the partner
5 / 5 By Buddy
I actuate Only the used the two times so far but so far so good! Easy to use so that it does not require any adapter, sake to cover only in and does his thing. I any one need he for anything that which are why I was with this cheaper option and his perfect for me! Only it wants the be able in the clock has downloaded films in my television without has to copy the in anything. I have not estimated a quality of picture so that while his no so strong like my computer (which has not expected anyways - Mac the quality is amazing), my television is quite old like the quality is already the bit iffy. But it is still quite clear and does not distort anything. The looks of cape to be of good quality.
5 / 5 By Man
I took this in hook my telephone until a television. The law adds. A cord is durable thanks to a double braiding. An USB-C and HDMI the ends come with protectors, so that when you are storing it was, any powder or other particles can break the. In general that is to say the product adds , exactly cual necessities to do. Any frills, any outrageous prize. Properly. (BTW: Your quality of picture is based of your USB-C connection. If it is the small blurry at the beginning, give it the second. Taken up.)
5 / 5 By Misha
This product has done exactly that has required he in. I saved me to purchase the docking canal
5 / 5 By Terica
These works of adapter well. I used it to look films that has saved in my telephone, as well as films of current of Netflix and Hulu. Trip for work, and raisin 2-4 nights for week, weekly, in of the hotels, and this leave me to limit in and look anything wants to. And, the averages a prize of a one in Compraventa Better! Five Stars.

Telephone: Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 8
5 / 5 By Fausto
I have bought only the new 2019 iMac 27' and has required the Ray 3 in HDMI cape to connect the new 27' monitor in him. After an extensive investigation, spent this one and he are come very hurriedly. Desprs plugging He in and turn in a computer and the steel controls a connection was immediate in very clear and brilliant definition. Honestly it can not testify in a longevity or durability of a braided cape to arrive to this early point but research to be of big quality and very well has done. I am impressed with a lifetime guaranteeed.
5 / 5 By Coreen
dulcemente Am substituting old USB-Some capes for USB-C capes to do with mine 2018 MacBook Pro. It has seen only an USB-C in HDMI cape in Amazon, as I thought that it would give it shot it.

- Esteem very (in $ 18, but had the $ 2 when the coupon purchased)
- Impressive quality. Braided cape, finals to cover heavy, snug access (any loose).
- Good period. 6' it was very when you travel to connect my MacBook in television of hotel.

Plugged He in a MacBook (very snug access) and then in a HDMI port in my external monitor, and the law adds. Quality of looks of video very very - am using he to do right now, any video or gaming. In general, very happy with purchase of mine.
5 / 5 By Victor
Habladura In big quality. This cape is SPER sake. Some habladura of beaks for them. He no the picture is a plastic end -cover that it is coming with a cape. I have taken they went it to them before taking a beak, but the global fantastic quality and he come with the velcro stay of cape. That is to say a a flight .
5 / 5 By Anh
Amur That well this cape is done. It connects perfectly in my LG Stylo 4 and left me to connect my telephone in my television as it can aim it pictures and video out of my telephone.
Sounds the very robust cord.
5 / 5 By Sonya
Awesome Time of ship, the law of order adds highly recommends will buy again thanks
5 / 5 By Lorraine
has used it so only two times like this far but like this far like this good! Easy to use so that it does not require any adapter, spent so only well in and does his thing. I any one need he partorisca the anything the pleasure which is reason I has been with this more economic option and his perfect partorisca me! So only it wants to be able to the clock has downloaded films in my TV without has to copy them to anything. I have not estimated a quality of picture because while his no like this strong like my computer (which have not expected anyways - Mac the quality is amazing), my TV is quite old like the quality is already the bit iffy. But it is still quite clear and does not distort anything. The looks of boss to be of good quality.
4 / 5 By Sylvester
Has been surprised of adds a quality of picture among Galaxy of mine S10 More and TV. It was skeptical in a boss of then has taken one for Galaxy of mine S5 this has required to be plugged in the the source of power to power a connection among my telephone and TV. Ossia Is discharges and only game directly. No other connections have required. He same ameno out of a Samsung DEX application. Very happy with him.
5 / 5 By Amee
The connector was the snug access to an USB-C and has the quality adds of HDMI image in another screen. The works add. Sturdy Construction. I am not concerned will spend it era.

4 / 5 By Inga
has required something for mine cottage to be able to look television! This cord a trick! Like this excited, and now can look TV for free! Fast delivery also! I am using to galaxy 8s telephone to my TV of loan!
4 / 5 By Pamula
Took the good while to find that I have required for mine mini projector reason has the micro and mini HDMI the connector has comprised is original packaging but has required it HDMI with the usb-C connection for mine Samsung commentaries 8 telephone. Law like the charm and I can not believe a quality of picture. Also I LOVE a period of a HDMI boss because I leave to seat with my telephone manually and control a projector. A phot projector of mine of the show and projecting it on some paper of computer of the piece against my cookery backsplash. But when into use real, is better that my theatre of projector of old bulky house of 2003.
5 / 5 By Celena
Thicc The cord thought it would do well I stead the has not done in the longest TV that 2 minutes. I use it on my note of galaxy 9. I tried it on multiple TVs and everything of them so only done for the minute or two point on my telephone that would have to do it sure a hdmi the port is plugged in that is. Has-liked me an idea of him, but sadly he didnt work.
4 / 5 By Maybell
This cord has done well for the month but then paralizaciones only to do. Can unplug it to take it to do again temporarily but then so only to do. It is also very hot. I owe that bend verified to do sure is compatible. I think that that it was so only the bad product. I achieved it it was to sustain and has said will not be able to help. It says lifetime the guarantee but I guess concealed is so only for show.
5 / 5 By Delphine
This product has done exactly of the to. I saved to purchase it docking canal
5 / 5 By Haley
Rings the way to launch my screen of telephone my TV in big resolution in 60fps of my note 9 without latency, this product returns a bill and has been doing adds. A velcro comes with these really good hips to have.
5 / 5 By Bertram
The boss was looks very durable likes, which was the good signal . Has the Samsung Note9, and thought it would do except him no. the paralización wants to say some premiers 10 minutes perhaps ? With which conceal, a screen has been blue aiming 'any signal'. The unplugged And plugged he behind to a television and was looked again on screen so only to just disconnect. That there is remarked was that a HDMI the side of a boss was really really hot. To the left cool down for the pocolos small but still has not done. IF HAS A SAMSUNG NOTE9, CAN any LAW.
5 / 5 By Johanne
This boss has not done at all. An USB-C Connector was very free in two different types of computers (MacBook Pro and Dell).

Has ordered three bosses of this company, all different classes, any one has done.

Also of the interest was that it comprise the business paper that says to take the paper of present of the amazon has had to that leave 5 description of star, upload the picture, and NOT MENTIONING The PAPER AT ALL.
4 / 5 By Romana
Has expected the pair of month to write this description. Utilisation a boss long the week when doing of house and has wanted to give it the real gone before I have known cost a $ $ . I am pleased really with a compraventa. It likes-me a design of braided boss how is súper flexible in my office and leave me covers he in any side of the mine MacBook Pro. A connection is instant and an image is excellent. At present, I am connecting to the 27' LG the monitor and that owes the extra screen has been súper useful. I think that that this was the really good bang for a buck and would purchase again.
5 / 5 By Leandro
Like the boss is announced like this, braided boss well, would have been happy with just that, but that has surprised was that well a packaging was. Among the plastic stock exchange sealed well with branded velcro wrapping a boss and plastic of discharge in both of some discharge. Really happy with this element like this far and now can look my VR in a TV!
5 / 5 By Hobert
A law of boss adds with our projection has a place of external film in our yard!
5 / 5 By Nicki
Has bought this to do with a LG G8 smartphone as well as the Samsung Galaxy S10+. I have tried this in both telephone and a G8 has not looked for the pleasure too much. This in spite of, a G8 neither has done in my boss of backup as it does not think this boss was to blame. In a side besides, a S10+ looks to like the better plot. Law when plugged my paper of capture (for game streaming), but has to that run he by means of OBS because of some stupid restrictions. In any case, work well. So only it is giving 4 stars because a company sends the little paper that calm say you that it send a paper of present of the Amazon partorisca to 5 description of the star and that classifies of manipulation of the description is not to cool.

1. Fact in my Galaxy S10+ and LG G8, although my G8 looks to have the question with all HDMI bosses.
2. Fact in both my television and my paper to capture quell'use for game streaming.
3. A boss of cloth feels well. The cloth is always better that a hule usual or plastic.
4. Economic and serviceable.

1. A company sends offered for $ 15 papers of presents instead for 5 descriptions of star. I mean, my works of units well without the questions have it like this data the good indication in all the chance, but am concerned that some another can have finalised with the bad boss and has said still is the good boss for a money release.

In any case, recommends it. Works of mine so only well and to the look likes for a foreseeable future. This in spite of, was not that of confidence this boss really is and ossia the shame .
4 / 5 By Marcy
Has wanted to using this in place of this bulky adapter that always shorts was. This has been I add covers it to mine monitors and TVs. You love it!
4 / 5 By Bernardina
I recieved an USB-C the HDMI sooner has then expected, can say that this cord is a lot of fact and will last awhile. But unfortunately I owe that it send behind reason have ordered a wrong cord. If I have had the need for him would maintain it. I have ordered of a wrong one can not revise a quality of picture.
4 / 5 By Arianne
It is gone in the good resealable stock exchange, both ends of connector have had the protective plastic discharge on the partorisca protect he of transport, the velcro the bond has resisted a boss. I have known immediately this was the product of quality . I love braided bosses, finally wants to go all braided, and am very happy with this braided boss, has done to install the breeze. I have comprised the pic of Samsung DEX that careers of my telephone, by means of this boss, to my PC Monitor. As you can see it looks well. Really I can not find anything negative to say, included avenges the early week of Amazon.
5 / 5 By Kandy
Has taken this to hook my telephone until a TV. The law adds. A cord is durable thanks to a double braiding. An USB-C and HDMI the ends come with protectors, so that when you are by train of the tent was, any powder or other particles can break him. In general ossia the product adds , exactly that need to do. Any frills, any outrageous prize. Correctly. (BTW: Your quality of picture is based of your USB-C connection. If it is the little blurry at the beginning, give it the second. Taking up.)
4 / 5 By Jacinto
These works of adapter well. I used it to the look films that has saved in my telephone, as well as film of current of Netflix and Hulu. Travesía For work, and spend 2-4 nights for week, weekly, in of the hotels, and this leave covers he in and look anything wants to. And, the averages a prize of a one in Compraventa Better! Five Stars.

Telephone: Samsung commentaries of Galaxy 8
5 / 5 By Anne
Amur that well this boss is done. It connects perfectly to mine LG Stylo 4 and left to connect my telephone to my TV so much could aim pictures and video out of my telephone.
Sound the a lot of sturdy cord.
5 / 5 By Ian
This cord left to touch Netflix by means of my Epson projector easily. He no quite fill a view discovers-able space but was still wide screen. (If my projector has aimed the zone of screen, said in 36'h x 60'w row, a Netflix fill in 30'h x 50'w zone.) Also tip your exposure/of pill of the telephone exaclty. It covers and Game, any neighbour up.
4 / 5 By Mireya
The boss are add, stongly connects to computer and TV, any wiggly like a last an I has had, which would fall out of television. The picture adds on computer. Long enough to control computer of comfy chair and look big screen.
4 / 5 By Lamar
Has bought so only the new 2019 iMac 27' and has required the Ray 3 to HDMI boss to connect the new 27' his monitor. After a long investigation, has found this one and he have come a lot quickly. With which plugging he in and turning in a computer and Acer control a connection was immediate in a lot of clear and brilliant definition. Honradamente Can not testify to a longevity or durability of a braided boss in this prompt point but looks to be of big quality and a lot well has done. I am impressed with a lifetime has guaranteeed.
5 / 5 By Claud
Has purchased this boss to use Samsung Dex in mine S10+. An USB-C final does not go full to a device but has the connection in bylines. Plugged In both ends and is running fantastically! A braided boss has the good solid feels to and is abundance long enough the connet to the yours television or monitor this in spite of has your telephone of easy access. 10 For 10 recomend to the fellow
5 / 5 By Arla
dulcemente am substituting old USB-Some bosses for USB-C bosses to do with mine 2018 MacBook Pro. I have seen so only an USB-C to HDMI boss on Amazon, as I thought that it would give it shot it.

- Estimate a lot (in $ 18, but has had the $ 2 coupon when I have purchased)
- Impressive quality. Braided boss, finals to cover heavy, snug returned (any free).
- Good period. 6' it was a lot when travesía to connect my MacBook to the TV of hotel.

Plugged He to a MacBook (a lot of snug apt) and then to a HDMI port in mine external monitor, and the law adds. The quality of video looks very a lot of - I am using he to do right now, any video or gaming. In general, very happy with cost of mine.
5 / 5 By Kylie
I have ordered a QGeeM 6ft Braided USB C to HDMI adapter of boss partorisca maintain in my rucksack/of travesía of the work like an auxiliary boss partorisca when I love clock Netflix or Prime of Amazon when travelling. I have used partorisca take my Firestick in of the travesías, but now that has a Samsung Tab of Galaxy s5e this looked redundant, has required so only the boss partorisca sustain streaming to the TV in my room has seen HDMI.

So much, partorisca $ on Amazon, has chosen on this QGeeM the boss and he have arrived two days later.

Needless Partorisca Say a boss is big quality and very built with the braided cord and connectors to notch upper. A 6ft. The period is in his point and a quality of some looks to signal to be on means, with machineries or small noise. After receiving a boss, I immediately come from partorisca the try is gone in my TV of chamber with a Tab of the galaxy and all have done like this expected after changing an entrance to a pertinent HDMI.

Of the perspective of durability, are not while any subjects been due to a quality of build, but of course the durability is something the test concealed was over time like this yes has any anomaly or negatives will be sure partorisca take behind and update this description.

@In rodeo, spending $ 17 for the solution that no good only works, but save me to stuff my Firestick in my luggage all a time when I already am spending the pill all a sense in a world-wide mine. Considering a build and quality of signal, thinks that ossia the very modest prize to pay thus boss and well value an investment. The to good sure control out of QGeeM for my future boss or of the needs of accesoria.
4 / 5 By Corinne
Has a Note of Galaxy 9 and has has wanted to something concealed to leave me to look film of my telephone in my TV. This was a lot spend he simple and option of game. It looks done very good and has done exactly as it has described.
5 / 5 By Carli
My photo sucks because of my camera, but am able to enjoy looking all my favourite films of my telephone.
Thank you!!!
5 / 5 By Lia
This boss is exactly that has looked for. They are the truck driver and now can cover my telephone to the mine television and of the films of clock. Awesome Boss in a awesome prize
5 / 5 By Lavone
has bought is done some time. He no at all in mine MacBook Pro but has done for awhile in mine iPad Pro. With which roughly perhaps 15 uses takes to do in mine iPad. Needless To say, is in some rubbishes.
5 / 5 By Dannette
Has received punctually and to the left say ossia a one of a better boss possesses them like this far. Fact of the a lot of goid material strong and closely is returned. I hooked on mine 55 TV of thumb with my Note 9 without questions. Súper Qualities of acute image. Also done like the charm with my projector. Full HD playback. Shopping again awesome thank you.
4 / 5 By Keren
Ties at the beginning and then systematically blinks in and era. I messed with him for an hour so only that tries to see if a hdmi the connection was a question or my telephone. His neither.
5 / 5 By Shawnna
Solid. Plugged He in and work. Well looking, quality of good build. If I need to telephone of mirror the TV, this work adds. Highly recommend. Shopping again.
4 / 5 By Liberty
A cord has maintained to take heat & a video would leave working! I have found felizmente another cord on Amazon that in fact does not leave doing like this one.
5 / 5 By Gaye
....His almost likes has known this POS doesnt of work.... EF Your bribery!!!! Ossia To possess the edition of TAB of the GALAXY together with the STYLO the cord is rubbishes
5 / 5 By Alexandra
I have bought this product in good faith and with confidence of some descriptions.
When I plugged a cord in the mine telephone and a TV, a connection is entrance and era. I have tried three different TVs and a telephone is less than the old month how is at all in a side of electronic. A wiring inside a cord is clearly shotty and some connections to some port any good. They are a lot disappointed and has frustrated that has squandered my money in the product that was faulty of one taking goes. No annoying buying these products
4 / 5 By Marty
Laws well with mine 2012 Toyota system of entertainment of Sienna
5 / 5 By Greta
In the first place was, was really in that likes so that of invernadero and with which took it. An alike element and looked solid and very built, but has taken quite disappointed with which has it has tried was. I took hours to do on he to take a screen in my mobile the TV, has not been like this easy as the normal HDMI work of boss in spite of quell'credit his fact or like sturdy and look of solid quality to be. To good sure has some type of subjects with as connect and configure with a boss. I am not like this sure it has any more having this type of subjects to the equal that do. Appearance a vendor perhaps courteously mine of response after reading this description of product and could contact me with any class of resolution.
4 / 5 By Cira
Can now contained of web of the current by means of ours projector. My Galaxy S9 automatically regulated for a HDMI signal. Any application or dipping the transmissions have required.
5 / 5 By Carmelina
I braided bosses are some better. This produces the law adds with my mobile phone
4 / 5 By Tish
Habladuría in big quality. This boss is SÚPER well. A pics speak for them. Any pictured is a fine plastic-cover that it is coming with a boss. I took him it go before taking a pic, but the global fantastic quality and comes with the velcro stay of boss. Ossia A one master.
4 / 5 By Fumiko
This left to connect my OnePlus 7 Pro to a TV of chamber of the hotel whilst was in Vega on Navidad. Unplug A hotel HDMI boss, inserts is one, league to telephone then can on telephone.
A quality of picture is well for some films have spent, but I also animal-his encoded for the max has bitten tax of 4000 mbps. It do not have any video glitches or macro errors of blockade in playback; a telephone is quite powerful to manage this tax of data for 1080p has contained.
I levels of audio were harder that direct... A TV has touched for behind a stereo the the low audio that a signal of emission, and included in max volume in VLC, was lower that has been expecting. Less bad, but no the precise control.
Can not say if this was the subject of boss or the subject of television of the hotel, but a boss has done well one very first time and during a week. I will touch with him more in different TVs house and see that it does.
4 / 5 By Rashida
So only has taken the new MacBook Pro, which there is so only USB-C put you, for this my old exposure-port-to-HDMI the boss is useless result. I have considered to buy the USB-C-to-HDMI adapter and mine of use in existent HDMI boss with him, but this means will have to that spend both an adapter and a HDMI boss with me when I travel. If it forgets any of them, will not be able to look my films in big screens abonos in of the chambers of hotels. I have decided finally buy this boss.

A boss was packaged in the resealable stock exchange (sees semi-detached picture). Both ends of a boss has been protected with covering them plastic and has been resisted with the velcro bond. (For a way, a way a boss is joined in a picture is not that it was joined originally in a container. Ossia Like me usually join my bosses.) Of a way a boss is packaged, know a costruttore is a lot thoughtful. I love a class of velcro the bond has comprised with a boss. It is very better that those wire you generally can see used in other products.

Really love braided bosses reasons hey looks like this good. This in spite of, any all the braided bosses celery some same. A material used for the braids of a boss is very soft and feels like real cloth, which a boss he soft and flexible. Some other braided bosses have bought use nylon of something for some braids, and some bosses celery quite rigid, but this one is very better.

A gold-plated the connectors am a lot amiably crafted and feel really solid. It forms a picture has attached, can see like this is fantastically has built. I plugged a boss to the mine portable and my HDTV, and he so only done wonderfully. A picture is stable and the quality is sum . I do not have the 4K TV, as it was not that well treat on 4K, but like this far returns my need a lot well!
4 / 5 By Hwa
Has used an USB-C the HDMI to take signal directly of the 2018 MacBook Pro to a LG UHD the monitor and he have done perfectly. It was relieved automatically and there is rid the signal that is equivalent to another boss has purchased a time still & a LG HDMI bosses that is coming with a monitor & run by means of the $ 50 hub (with HDMI was, ports of multiple USB, fine-empty of reader of the paper, etc.). A HDMI connector (that goes to a monitor) for a QGeeM was a warm plus of three bosses has tried, but so only the little warmer that another USB-C to HDMI boss; it does not look to be quite hot to import.
5 / 5 By Denver
Highly recommended - likes is, there is exactly says that describes.
BUT - after using it, an only downside is concealed is your telephone can not be touched one same time you that it looks the video , are by train for the use to video/of mirror of the current , of the mine telephone to some boys in a backside of a minivan, while driving, the long walk can use to plot of battery.
Recommends -

QGeeM USB C to HDMI 4K Boss 6FT Braided Boss with 15W Uploads Type c to HDMI the Compatible adapter with MacBook 2018 iPad Pro,iMac,ChromeBook Pixel,Galaxy S9 Note9 S10 Book to Surface Pro,HDMI the USB C

would be It the better call, is trying use that for the long time.

Top Customer Reviews: AmazonBasics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Deeann
So only it likes always, when I see of the boss of computer, element of computer, or an electronic element, am almost sure my husband will love it. Still it take this one without saying. That finds was that ossia the fact of good boss with moldings to cover oval and the durable braided jacket. We use it to us on our AppleTV (4k), two laptops the different, and the Transmission of Nintendo and extracted one same as ours another 4k HDMI bosses. This in spite of, different the majority of HDMI the bosses have used, a tension-reliefs in this one has the smooth to paste of a molding of discharges down to a braid, with the good look and feel. A trade-was here is that these tapered reliefs of tension a lot flex so much the one who bad could require you the legislation-corner HDMI adapter if your device HDMI jack is perpendicular to a wall and calm does not have any a lot of clearance. In general, ossia the very good boss . Highly recommend!
5 / 5 By Tessie
As have think having the one of leftover HDMI the boss was the good idea , but there is pulled then this out of a box. It is so only 3 feet! I mean. I have known six 3 feet , but the supposition there is no @to @give that when it was now of taking a boss that goes, would have quite period. So I need something connected for the cablebox/streaming console/of device, then this is not for you. Instead I will be to use this with my Nintendo Classical, and my portable TV. Ossia An only way this goes to do for me. A quality of video is well, as any one @subjects there. They are not the enormous defender of braided bosses, reasons overtime spend a more the use. Calm finally will be forced to cut the cloth was, and so only is the disorder.

Estimativas Well, but more used for portable situations.
4 / 5 By Sadye
HDMI Cord, Work so only well. A flexible cord is well, bit it more flexibility that included a cord regulates softer. Our stand of television is the darkest forest , all our cords are black reasons our soundbar, TVs box, and some accessories are all black - as having some cords a same colour blends he all more can. Ossia The very light, almost brilliant money - for any with lighter that the pieces of furniture/walls/anything that a cord would be against this would look very compared to an usual cord. It is too brilliant and light to blend in well in our situation, a quite obvious cord, so that it is something to maintain in alcohol. Reason to to the works like to of him has to that, has the flexible cord, and is useful colour sure situations, recommends.
5 / 5 By Edythe
An Amazon Basics Big Accelerates Braided HDMI the boss has the red brilliant braiding with matching covers him red has done mostly was aluminium with some hard red plastic. Some connectors are money in colour with possibly inner of pins of the gold. Of then at the same time of a description. To the amazon has had little available information, is difficult to value a HDMI the action of the boss, but while done a connection, a picture does not freeze and be any anomaly of audio, am satisfied. A highly visible colour of this boss the fact adds for coding by heart, doing disconnections/of connections of the easy concrete device. While some discharge does not have any relief of external tension, a boss looks quite durable without being rigid, he doing easy to the snake by means of pieces of furniture and storm of instrument. This boss does not have a typical rigid nylon braiding, instead is like the cloth of polyester. An Amazon Basics HDMI the boss comes packaged in the box of recyclable map.
4 / 5 By Ursula
This boss really underlines in mine pack massive of bosses - I am using among a sound-system and a TV. It is rigid, but no too still to edge by means of beginning and wind around obstacles. It is also difficult to kink, which is well. My alone complaint is that a zone around the discharge is enormous. 2' to touch to touch. Assuming some discharge of boss directly to some backsides of yours electronic, when plugged will require the minimum of three thumbs for behind your device. Ossia A period to cover remaining and a curve of boss.
5 / 5 By Estela
This can touch bobo, but ossia the beautiful boss . It is the quite a lot of shadow of red this has a braided sheath. It feels he likes quality and of the good works. Some finals are the fat of has bitten , but concealed is not to treat he-breaker.
Desires more the companies would consider to do bosses like east in of the different colours. I do in him, and often it has to that try to speak the users remotely to troubleshoot his subjects. Having bosses by heart of the codes would be amazing and life to mark so easier.
5 / 5 By Lorrie
This are to add and spent to the usb outlet or a usb the side can be plugged to the box of mobile phone “rule” that atasquemos to a wall outlet. It is gold and braided. It likes reason out of some four cords plugged in in my bedside, can find this one same in a darkness, so only for a texture. It is long enough to use in the bed and ossia to prize! It touches fast and returns my kindle fire and mophie touching if utilisation in mine iPhone also! Any complaint! It is solid quality and extracted well. Exactly to the equal that has described.
4 / 5 By Virginia
An Amazon Basics the line tends to cover an earth of boss that Monoprice used to possess. This boss is another example of as to the amazon is was to run over folks likes Monoprice with the decent sakes in the decent prize there is rid almost instantly.

Has tried this boss was with a HP Omen low latency gaming monitor and MacBook Pro to look some salvation-def film and demo video. All was adds. Neither there are the subjects with the applications of normal office likes him Word, Excel, etc. A relief of the tension and the coverage of boss is all súper has to that - which have tried for flexing his with my hands. You can see a thickness of an armour of boss in a photo with mine had wrapped around a bundled boss. For reference, spend the measure 9 mentions glove.

If durability and precise force on hanged and thinness, ossia your boss
5 / 5 By Alvera
has purchased so only the help of new monitor to use with my laptop and he have come with the 6' HDMI boss that left with the plot of excess boss for the distance the scarce required in my office. This was exactly that has required A quality of build is excellent and the law adds! And highly I recommend it.

Has found this description to be useful at all, please take the moment and click a key down to leave to the amazon knows. Thank you So much 😊
4 / 5 By Tomika
I has the Mac Pro has connected to the 4K the monitor reason has has thought was the very good HDMI boss, but for a time a long more a monitor has been saying me '[Resolution] Any Sustained' a lot a time when I agree a computer out of the sleep. I owe that pode of cycle in a monitor or transmission to another entrance and then behind. A question always would correct after the little fiddling, but in some wait that that was boss -has related has ordered this AmazonBasics boss.

And yay, a question has gone now. Had state that thinks that that a question was probably in a monitor -- happy has tried a first boss!

Top Customer Reviews: DisplayPort ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Daina
That is to say the add looking cape and research to be very very done, this be has said, and can not take more concealed 75hz in 1080p. Screen flickers besides there useable in anything main that 75hz. Very disappointed.

Edita: they achieved it it was and it is routing the substitution. Update after or taken here but and is impressed with his service of client so far.

Edits 2: cape of the substitution routed out of free of the load and he utmost. Thank you!!
2 / 5 By Errol
Running 2560x1440x144Hz. First cape done by quite a lot of 2 months begun to experience a flickering another has informed. Capshi Routed Me Two substitutions and they flickered of a beginning and has not done never. Behind in an also-low OEM cape that is coming with my monitor until I can find the better unit Too bad so that with a braided the cape and the connectors of metal have wanted like this cape.

EDITA: At least his service of client is punctual and useful - offered to substitute or good repayment after I have published this description.

EDITS 2 (3/12/19): A continuous company the road me the emails that ask me to change my description am satisfied with a substitution. It suffices to say will not change my description - only will attach in him (like this update). Obviously they are very conscious of his image of description and while has the pleasant experience with his service of client, has not had never the cape of them concealed has done properly, as I will not be changing my description.
5 / 5 By Sharon
I have bought recently he for my new dual monitor setup. Pluggged In the subjects have had already with one of some capes. Any one a cape has a monitor to direct of the subject, or only some problems of cape. Contacted a manufacturer in a subject. Although a primary response has taken some time, otherwise after it was hurriedly. They have required some evidence in a subject, once objective. Hurriedly They routed the relacement, any question has asked. A new substitution has done well and doing adds.
1 / 5 By Lara
As it use it this cape for the few weeks and seeds all a sudden a screen flicker nonstop each which how 1 in 2 minutes. Revoked some connections, crossed all my parameters, at all would fix it. I have finished to buy the generic 1.2 DP Port cape of one 99c tent and wa the, impulse-fixed. The majority of some descriptions was well in of the this and liked me one issues a cape was clean and elegant look . Compared in other marks in a signal to price this cape by far looks some better, some connections look clean, sleeving is perfect, but a quality is rubbishes evidentially. Justo odd takes time in operation of just decree. Taking it casualidad and see that it spends. It goes to order another DP 1.4 cape but for now one 99c the special tent is doing a trick.
5 / 5 By Leonora
I have had only this for the few days like the can not say how long lines up in a long career, but research to be quality very big and the laws add with my dual 1080p monitor setup. I have not used he for anything more but is although it retreat 4K if never decide use he in a future.

A braided the cape is worth it. Any rigid cord to enter a road covers it he in in of the odd angles. Less tension in some cords and easier to guide through slope of the places up.

Some connectors also look for to be very has done. Some low quality ones have used in a past listens likes him is to ail streaky together and can leave opened easily. Also they have a troubling tab that attaches the volume and he takes them to limit in. This a does not look to have any one of these subjects. Value 5 stars.
5 / 5 By Rivka
Only it take it the cape of the substitution and he are doing utmost. No more interference of Bluetooth, and mine 4k the monitor is running with the 60 Hz refresh tax.

Anterior description: Some works of cape well with mine 4k monitor and research to be the flexible cape very done. An only problem has is that while a cape is using everything of my Bluetooth the devices lose his connections. Quan Unplugs A cape, everything of my Bluetooth the devices restore his connections. It substitutes a cape with the different mark and everything are doing he so has to. I suspect that my cape is bad has protected.
5 / 5 By Prince
The cross or no, finding the cape of port of the exposure that can do 144hz 1080P gaming is quite cry it. Each cape so far aimed in stuttering of game in my gaming monitor. Once this cape was plugged in, has uploaded the game.. And . Any stuttering.
Has taken issues also long to find a solution in this cape.
Will update some months as I flavour me further and abuses this cape.
1 / 5 By Katrina
This cape that am add, robust and reliable. Alas it is not any a lot of things.

Took it more or he less done 2 month and begun to have problems the week.

Has built my computer mid-December and has the double monitor setup. My card of map has 1 port for HDMI and 1 port for Displayport. I have had already a HDMI cape and has bought this Displayport cape. All was very at the beginning until a day, mid-games my screen was black. I thought it could be it a card of map and the he so raisin that requires an update in an engine but a problem have persisted included after an update. I have changed a HDMI and a Displayport capes in some monitors and he are spent to do. A problem has persisted for weeks now and always in a monitor that has a Displayport the cape has connected.

A shame that a cape is very unreliable so that it look it very good and when being adds also. I go it to exchange today and see that it spends with a nine unit will update if a problem persists.
5 / 5 By Twana
The quality of a braided the cape is excellent, with some finals this research to be the gold plated. Some finals is come with well to cover protective, and a quality of finals was on way and apt snugly when plugged in some sockets of port of the exposure. He experimented any static or another interference in my new exposure when using a cape. It considers the to be the good purchase.
5 / 5 By Glennis
Well Solid DisplayPort cape v1.4 For 4K monitors. A braided the cape is flexible and easy to use. The connectors are carried basic and properly in (not closing ). The mine is doing fantastically to connect a NVidea GTX 1070 card in the BenQ 3270 4K monitor.
4 / 5 By Sherice
Solid a lot DisplayPort v1.4 boss partorisca 4K monitors. A braided boss is flexible and easy to use. The connectors am spent basic and correctly in (not closing). The mine is doing fantastically partorisca connect a NVidea GTX 1070 paper to the BenQ 3270 4K monitor.
5 / 5 By Clyde
This economic boss (economic is an insult) is a lot good-looking looking, slender and any chunky and he that says that it does. Pressing of sound 4k in mine monitor so only well. Any @@subject to inform. To good sure prefers some bosses some help of thin plus with agent my nest of boss for behind my pc.
4 / 5 By Sena
The work adds,at present am using the 4K monitor and this DisplayPort law exactly to the equal that has described. I am taking 60 frames by second with a 4K setting, having any subject with questions of black screen and any subjects of connection.
4 / 5 By Holly
Has purchased one of these reasons has thinks that that a braided metal would be ultra strony and do the work adds. With which roughly two weeks a boss has begun partorisca fail. If it was touched included slightly a picture flicker in mine monitor. I have contacted a vendor and they have excusado and has sent the substitution. A substitution immediately, of day a, has had to a question still likes first. A vendor asked the troubleshoot partorisca do sure a question has not been with my computer or monitor reason say a possibility partorisca take two defective bosses was almost impossible. I have done he like this asks, the question has shot to use two separate computers and three separate monitors and all have had a subject same exact.

A vendor a right thing and gave the repayment and I tossed both bosses in some rubbishes. I have purchased the boss of mark of Subjects of Boss that cost less money and has not had the question. While a vendor has done a right thing, this product is junk and would be necessary to avert it.
4 / 5 By Mari
Has ordered two bosses. A boss was immediately defective. A second boss causes a screen to flash.

YOU: it Wins 10
Paper of Map: MSI 1070YOU
Monitors: 2 x Dell D2716G

has Tried both bosses that put you of use and of the multiple monitors. When Using the no-DP Boss for Capshi? Any question has been experienced.

1st Capshi Boss: Monitor has relieved of you. Any picture. GSYNC There is enabled.
2nd Capshi Boss: Picture with the intermittent screen that flashes. GSYNC There is enabled.

PROS: Good colour. Like a bond of boss.
GILIPOLLAS: Defective.

Recommendation? A boss that is defective is well. 2 bosses in a same order? Bad batch or simply take that I have paid stops. Avert these bosses.
5 / 5 By Dionna
So only build the beast gaming rigs with the 49'' wry monitor. Monitor is able of 144hz but the used HDMI and was capped in 120hz. I have taken this in a topmast 2 days later and there is remarked a quality of build was glorious and my favourite colour in that: Grey. It has taken some 2 minutes to install and immediately my monitor has recognised 144hz. Gaming Is like this buttery soften now. So only the buy!!!
4 / 5 By Earnestine
Are pairing these bosses with the pair of 32' acer 1440p has has twisted exposures of some mates hdmi the bosses will not sustain the 144hz refresh tax in this resolution. As I have mentioned, some the braided bosses are the good touch , although they are still quite rigid and has required the bit of coaxing when it avenges the management of boss.

In general, is doing the good work like this far. I have been with the more inconspicuous ash of colour, but there is also red brilliant and of the blue options for the people that goes for bit it more dazzle and clave.
5 / 5 By Evalyn
This description is for a 15ft Exposure port Boss.

Has tried a first boss in mine Sceptre 4k the monitor and he have done well, has tried the second an I experience in mine Dell 27 thumb 2k 144hz the monitor and I have taken a black screen that has maintained to aim the picture and in black disposal that another has mentioned. Had state that does the plot of emotional and has assumed is a monitor or a paper of map in mine new build. With which troubleshooting I swapped a flickering boss to the mine Sceptre and rests on but there is the odd blinking that it looks is wrapping a right side of a picture to a sinister side of a monitor.

Has tried to do 2k 144hz in a second looks to do an and a monitor so only flashes until some settings revert automatically.

Judging other descriptions will be to send this backside and that finds another mark.

In my experience these bosses celery well, the good look, but no good . Esperanza helps any one.
5 / 5 By Ema
Has bought this specifically to run my new Acer Predator 144Hz wry monitor to the mine new gaming pc has built so only. I cranked a Hz until 144. For around 3 days all looked well but then there is headed touch of the games with him. An exposure flickers each one that 10 to 20 minutes.

My woman also touches mobile games in an emulator of android in a same PC and exposure. Also I comment it flickers but only no like this often.

Has tried with the different boss and has not had this question. Any sure if his reason his no shielded correctly but is in accordance with some other negative critics. This thing would not owe that be used yes calm wants to do it with the 144hz monitor.
4 / 5 By Yanira
These cords, like this far, is so only quality very better that a basic some concealed is coming with my new monitor. It likes a nylon braid, of a creation of plastic boss of a cord, and a gold plating. Works a lot well with my neighbours up.

Would recommend.

There is remarked that some commentary of people in flickering, and am not sure like technology savvy these people are, but has had a same question with my monitor and GPU upgrade.

Has been of the 60 Hz monitor to the 144 Hz monitor and has experienced that imports flickering. My PC does not transport-regulate for a upgraded refresh tax of a new monitor, which has caused a GPU to down-of clock and produce a flicker.

MY SOLUTION: I have solved this @subject to go to mine PLACE of EXPOSURE and regulating both monitor (dual setup) to a max lean die refresh tax, and now all the work perfectly. If has this subject I then expects these works of solution for you.
Look On top of ettings of exposure refresh rule' stops more than the details in a fix
5 / 5 By Erica
Running 2560x1440x144Hz. First do first partorisca roughly 2 month has then begun to experience a flickering another has informed. Capshi Sent two substitutions and his flickered of a start and has not done never. Behind to a too-short OEM boss that is coming with my monitor until I can find the best a. Too bad because with a braided boss and the connectors of metal am wanted like this boss.

MODIFICATION: At least his service of client is punctual and useful - has offered to substitute or good repayment with which I posted this description.

MODIFICATION 2 (3/12/19): A continuous company send the emails that ask to change my description am satisfied with a substitution. It suffices to say will not change my description - only will add his (like this update). Obviously I am very conscious of his image of description and while I have had the pleasant experience with his service of client, has not had never the boss of them concealed has done properly, as I will not be changing my description.
4 / 5 By Ashton
Ossia The add looking boss and looks to be facts a lot well, this be has said, the can not take more than 75hz in 1080p. Screen flickers to besides useable in anything main that 75hz. A lot disappointed.

Modification: they achieved it it was and it is sending the substitution. You update with which one takes here but am them impressed with his service of client like this far.

Modification 2: boss of the substitution sent out of free of the load and utmost. Thank you!!
4 / 5 By Earlean
This chair of boss adds, sturdy and of confidence. Unfortunately it is not a lot of these things.

Took it he roughly done 2 month and has begun having questions inside the week.

Has built my computer mid-December and have the monitor bend setup. My paper of map has 1 port for HDMI and 1 port for Displayport. I have had already a HDMI boss and has bought this Displayport boss. All was a lot at the beginning until a day, mid-touch my screen has been black. I thought it that that can be a paper of map and the like this spent that requires an update to some engine but a question have persisted included after an update. I have changed a HDMI and a Displayport bosses in some monitors and he am spent to do. A question has persisted for weeks now and always in a monitor that has a Displayport the boss has connected.

A shame that a boss is a lot of unreliable because it looks really good and feels adds also. I go it to exchange today and see that it spends with a new a. You update if a question persists.
5 / 5 By Tena
To the equal that has used this boss for the few weeks and then all some sudden a screen flicker nonstop each one that 1 to 2 minutes. Revoked some connections, is gone through all my settings, at all would fix it. I have finalised to buy the generic 1.2 DP Port boss of a 99c tent and wa the, llama-fix. The majority of some descriptions was a lot is and liked a way a boss was cleaned and elegant looking. Compared to some other frames in a prize signal this boss for far looks a good plus, some connections look clean, sleeving is perfect, but a quality is rubbishes evidentially. Justo odd takes time the operation of just stop. Take the casualidad and see that it spends. Going to order another DP 1.4 boss but for now a 99c the special tent is doing a trick.
4 / 5 By Jacquline
Has bought recently he for my new dual monitor setup. Pluggged He in @@subject there was already with one of some bosses. Any one a boss has a monitor of behaviour of the subject, or so only some questions of boss. Contacted a costruttore in a subject. Although a primary response has taken some time, otherwise with which was quickly. They have required some evidence in a subject, once distinct. They have sent quickly the relacement, any question has asked. A new substitution has done well and doing adds.
4 / 5 By Debrah
Has had so only this for the few days as it can not say how long resists up in a long career, but looks to be quality very big and the law adds with my dual 1080p monitor setup. I have not used he for anything more but is a lot that sustains 4K if it does not decide never uses he in a future.

A braided boss is worth it. Any rigid cord to go in a way of plugging he in in some odd corners. Less estréses in some cords and easier that drive by means of slope of the places up.

Some connectors also look to be a lot has done. Some low quality some have used in a past feels likes is resisted grieves together and can leave opened easily. Also they have an annoying tab that adds bulk and last them covers he in. This a does not look to have any of these subjects. Value 5 stars.
4 / 5 By Noemi
Has received so only the boss of substitution and is doing utmost. No more Bluetooth interference, and mine 4k the monitor is running with the 60 Hz refresh tax.

Leading description: Some works of boss well with mine 4k monitor and looks to be the flexible boss very done. An only question has is that while a boss is to use all of the mine Bluetooth the devices lose his connections. When I unplug A boss, all of the mine Bluetooth the devices restore his connections. I have substituted a boss with the different mark and everything is doing he like this has to that. It suspects that my boss is bad shielded.
5 / 5 By Mikaela
Believes or no, finding the exposure port boss that can do it 144hz 1080P gaming is quite cry it. Each boss like this far aimed in stuttering of game in mine gaming monitor. Once this boss was plugged in, has uploaded the game.. And . Any stuttering.
Has taken way too long to find a solution to this boss.
Will update in to him some months likes him-me further tries and abuse this boss.
4 / 5 By Lewis
The quality of a braided boss is excellent, with some finals that look to be gold plated. Some finals have come with covering protective abonos, and a quality of finals was on meso and apt snugly when plugged to an exposure port sockets. I have experienced any one static or another interference in my new exposure when using a boss. It considers him to be the good cost.
5 / 5 By Shiloh
Was able to use this DisplayPort boss in a ASUS VG248QE 1080p 144Hz and do really well for FPS games until randomly it takes partorisca show an image in mine monitor. Has read descriptions that the people have experienced a same thing. I have not contacted support of client or vendor, but I clicked the repayment and he gave me an option to take the boss of substitution. I am going with the substitution, and will update this description with as these bosses goes.

Modification: WOW. As it take a boss of substitution and has connected he of the mine monitor to the mine thought of PC this would solve my question, but STILL does not act . I have maintained to take 'DisplayPort - Any Signal', and I the little more investigation and found the solution! Simply it is that it take a source to be able to both a PC and Monitor and reconnecting the. So much, they are by train to assume it has not been never lacking of a boss at all. The description has changed to 5 stars.

Follows these directions:
Recognition of a PC.
Disconnect A PC of his source to be able to.
Disconnect All control
Unplug a monitor is having subject with of his source to be able to.
Expects roughly 1 minute.
Reconnect SO ONLY a monitor was having subject with to a power, and to a PC.
Reconnect A PC to a source to be able to.
Recognition in a PC.
5 / 5 By Chu
Used in the triple monitor setup partorisca a monitor a far plus was. Has three identical 32” HP Omen 2550x1440 75hz the monitors have configured so that of the big 7680x1440 the poster that use Nvidia surround. Required roughly 13' of to boss likes 15' was perfect. Tried that extends a distance with two bosses in serious but the monitor no . I have had it concerns my need could not be fulfilled likes a bit descriptions by means of some varied options of boss have has had failures. But this one looked partorisca quote a better specs and good descriptions. Like this far a boss is exited well. Someday Could go 4K like this the boss can protect me in future monitor upgrades.
5 / 5 By Cari
This boss does not come with clip, as it is not really lock-in securely with computer and monitor.
This could not be a subject, if you do not move a monitor.
For people with mountain of arm / of the monitor, a boss could result free when I change an arm.

Also, 1 of my bosses for my second morning is beginning to take black screen or flickering, changes them behind to my old boss, question wen was. Clearly, something wrong with a boss. And looking in another description, has discovered them the has not gone so only. The Supposition is some class of QC subject.

Am looking for another mark for now.
4 / 5 By Gabriela
Has had this DP boss for the year now and there is wanted to so only leave the fast description to share my experience. I have said the service of client would leave description when I have been treated like this here is! I seat it is to declare like this long! Well, like the quality of build is surprising. It is not flexible like the hule coated the boss would be, but he flexibility of still offer to the terracing, more probably sufficient for all the world-wide and the transmission is built for real like the tank. Honradamente Can not see this degrading at all pending is lifetime of use. When I installed It one looks of boss to do well, but shortly after logging to the windows would be presented with graphic machineries such of the like the defective map the paper would produce. The emailed sustain of client and was answered IMMEDIATELY to, which am very appreciated partorisca, and the state had has sent the entirely free substitution of load. A second boss arrived inside the week and ossia that at present am using now, again when be used for the year now. At the beginning it was disturbed enough reason have been presented with flickering now, but finally has been entirely was? I assume the defective boss any behave likes that, as I think that can summer having subject of compatibility with windows and the places of current settings in mine BIOS. It is faint memory now, but agree find the on-line edge of any with a subject same and suggested to change something in a BIOS, as I have done. Cela, together with the windows updates finally resulted in the perfect boss as I can not complain. In general, highly it recommends his port of exposure a lot so only reason a the boss he, but how has been treated. Any a lot of companies are like this responsive and has had to that take out of his pocket to try on and on again with the client. Also maintain import that a subject can not be a boss he, but some class of @@subject of compatibility with your operating system or BIOS, etc. Think that a first boss was for real defective, but a second a has been doing perfectly never has done of these transmissions to my PC. The company adds!

COMMENTARIES - JUST wants to add that I use this in mine Acer XFA240 to achieve a plenary 144hz and work so only well! 0 flickers Or machineries..
4 / 5 By Cinderella
Finally he DP boss that works!! I have been by means of 4 and his all neither fails inside the months of pair or no at all. I thought that it that it was mine GPU ports of exposure, as I have substituted mine ageing GTX980 with one , still not doing . Starts to think has required the new monitor but he have done with some of one cut them while, as I have tried a last boss, and this one east a charm ! They are like this happy, that this product takes 5+stars ! Everything is flowing in 144Hz (limits of tax in mine monitor); Overwatch, GoW5, all running amiably!
4 / 5 By Candace
This does not feel plasticy touches it and like you will break it like this discharges you he in. The quality of image is sum and any sprain to signal like this far. Some frames of the look of braided boss likes would survive the pets that chews in the improve that a upbraided one. This in spite of die quite time this will be to chew by means of.

Has had to that take the boss of Exposure to unlock a true FPS of mine 1440p IPS 144Hz monitor like HDMI 2.0 boss avenges with him has not left a continuous exposure in 75Hz for some odd reason. So I need the boss of Exposure takes this mark . Also go for the boss he long more the calm think you in you need or in fact measure a distance a cord will travel to use another rope/of boss.
4 / 5 By Kiley
Unfortunately a boss could not manage 144hz. There is remarked odd tuttering' in spite of my be of the tax of the frame there is nailed. I have opened my monitors config and looked Hz the indication jumped during a place... 144 Down to 30 until 87 down to 72. I swapped behind to a OEM boss that is coming with a monitor and immediately a stuttering / choppiness disappeared and my monitor config the paper was once again nailed in 144Hz without divings.

Can maintain a boss like the transmission for some a lot of-gaming monitors, but unfortunately would owe that it has read some descriptions in the first place and found the one who another has run also to subjects of compatibility with 144Hz 1440p resolution.
4 / 5 By Carlos
Has bought a the while behind, has gone back again to buy another. These works of boss immediately, and has not had any subject with him. Capshi Offers the 24 month (2 year) has guaranteeed also, which is solid.

So that active flicker subject, the mark sure updates your software of Engine for your monitors and paper of map. My HP Flag 27q has had the bit of the flicker, but the fast update to an engine fixed that. Finding an Engine was the bit of the ache in an ass this in spite of (ossia in HP and no Capshi).
4 / 5 By Trina
A quality of a product at the beginning the gaze is fantastic, and a prize was very reasonable. This in spite of, with which 4 month of use, a boss there is prendido to do. You are installed in the desk PC, is not never state moved, and so only used perhaps 12 hours the week. Really that has not had the reason that a boss would owe that there is prendido acting. I have installed the new boss (of the costruttore different) and my PC is of tower in business. Some indications would suggest that my experience is an anomaly , but has imagined still would owe that add my voice to a conversation.
5 / 5 By Alena
Update (3/14/19):

has received the boss of substitution of Capshi. This one looks to be working. I can run my exposure that G of uses-Sync in 1440p144hz.


Has looked for to use this in the new Dell S2719GF monitor. One first bounces a screen of computer is remained black. I then turned of a computer and restarted it and a class of screen of has done....

Was fearful my monitor has been broken, but has tried a HDMI boss and an Exposure an old more the port boss and those have done well (minus some limitations of bandwidth).

Probably will buy the boss of the main quality in Better Buy when I take the casualidad .
5 / 5 By Evelynn
To the equal that has built the new gaming PC with a ASUS 1440p 165hz monitor and for the moment has had subjects with intermittent black screen flickering, a lot annoying. It is gone through the a lot of frustrating test and process of error to try to imagine out of that was to any avail. It has tried finally it turns refresh estimate all a way down to 60hz and rapes! Cela Fixed the. Experience more expensive VESA has certified 1.4 exposure port boss and now can take at least 144hz refresh a lot of @@subject. Too bad reason otherwise a quality of picture is utmost, a quality of some looks of boss well but could not manage a 1440p monitor (not even 4K) in anything on 60hz.
4 / 5 By Terisa
It looks sound it random draw if yours that goes partorisca take the good or bad boss.

My regime has had to that be take the boss that could any 1440p in 144hz,120hz,85hz, or 60 hz. So only 1440p in 24hz has done. Anything resulted main in constant flickering as seen in another reviewers. First time has not had never the boss of video 'bad' (VGA, DVI, S Video, HDMl, Port of Exposure, RCA).

A quality of build of the boss and the material looked utmost, so only a internals looks busted. They have had perhaps the bad batch that is exited. Returned a boss and has gone my tent of local electronics and elected on the exposure port boss that done in 144hz in 1440p.
5 / 5 By Ernie
Has bought this to substitute the flickering boss DVI the DVI still desk HP. Flickering Has begun. Planting tried, has looked for to add clip on filter of noise of the ferrite. Alas, I decided it that it has to that be an only DVI port of the entrance no . A type of press DVI bosses are hard to direct in a low rear flange of screen. It does not concern thus type of discharges for the monitor that remain stationary. I am not sure it was a boss . As I have bought an Amazon basics DVI the HMDI. Using a HDMI port in a monitor. Any flickering to arrive to this point. Any jiggling to go in right place. Good regime....
4 / 5 By Dovie
For some reason, my company maintains to purchase DVI the DP adapters reason feel likes is saving something for reusing old DVI cords. In fact, it is more economic, easier that install and more than confidence to simply buy the DP boss. It purchases these bosses out of my money suitable for showing a difference, but can not take spent a fact that already have DVI bosses and adapters, like reasons buys these cords. An answered -- some adapters are active, has done cheaply and has begun already to fail. I will be to buy more these.
5 / 5 By Tiffani
Begins to fail with which some 1.os 2 months. Any value he.
Update: A vendor contacted, offering the substitution or it repayment, as I have changed my description of 1 to 2 stars. It looks to be this is resulting the regular practice, while I give the bad indication, the volume contacted for a vendor, suggesting me to change my description. Still, I create it it was better if a vendor done the better product, more than confidence, reason in an end was too expensive that tries to contact each person the one who gives the bad description.
In another hand has purchased another mark and any @@subject at all.
5 / 5 By Cheri
Has bought two of these Displayport bosses so that it can connect my laptop to do/docking canal to a two big quality the monitors have in my office of house. Both bosses are 100 unable to spend the signal of video of a laptop to some monitors. With which exchange everywhere long, and experimenting with other devices and of the bosses have achieved a conclusion that an only point of the failure in this mix is these bosses. Some do any well with each another boss has launched in them, is powered thus portable or for my personal computer.

Are sure are not an only a the one who is trying the quickly acclimate to do of house during this time to try. As such I am leaving this description to leave all the world knows that these bosses are hot rubbishes , and while they are just bosses , have seriously inconvenienced me. Now it has to that attended for another cycle of delivery to take the pertinent in the middle of work of the house bootstrapped.

Has bought a boss and he was defective would not be leaving this description, but a fact that 2 out of 2 is the complete uselessness create me that the big percentage(perhaps has included everything?) Of these products are defective, and that some costruttrici are banking in the people that is too lazy the persue reward. Well, they are not one of these people, no this time.

I rests was.
5 / 5 By Arlie
A boss does not look for having spent of any process of control of the quality because while it looks well is unreliable in better. I am using a boss to connect the laptop to an external monitor and a picture without warning disappear and a boss will not transmit video or his until the unplug and discharges he behind in. I have tried a same laptop and monitor with a HDMI boss and has had subjects of zeros. I achieved it it was to a vendor to ask another boss in light of these subjects and has received any response for this a 1 description of star. If they had resupplied the substitution would be chalk has this until an occasional lemon but date a lack of the communication of a vendor am forced to conclude is selling subpar displayport bosses. Buyer be warned.
4 / 5 By Robbyn
Has begun to do without the question in asus 144hz 1080p monitor, with which roughly 5 minutes of me installing with my new 2070 gpu begin flickering like other people have said in his descriptions! This boss is new mark has expected them more and has wanted to take the boss very so much can them games in my computer. A lot pissed and there is disappointed. It DOES not BUY THIS BOSS

the cord of Substitution is gone in today after an hour for the use begun flickering no SPENT OF THIS COMPANY! I am done with this company and will order of another source!
5 / 5 By Jeane
For me, no right of a start. My screen flicker (like the dimly has lit strobe light) has used some multiple ports in mine monitor and GPU all the possible combinations, to any avail. Has has updated windows, my BIOS motherboard and GPU engine, this neither has done. I have used the different DP and the fact ( another DP can any 1440p 144hz) has finalised to return the the Amazon and taking the repayment to go to a “upgraded” version. In a positive side... My PC is updated now in all the orders :-)
4 / 5 By Vanna
has bought this boss because I have had has purchased so only he 120hz ultrawide to go with my setup and has wanted to have the boss the long plus for my second monitor. When I in the first place plugged he in with my second monitor dipped the way of portrait, an available big plus refresh the tax was 85hz like me initially chocked until being in way of portrait.

When I have finalised that it has to that return a ultrawide because of him when being defective arrive it, has been to dip mine 2560x1440p the phase of monitor has retreated to centre that uses this boss. Oddly Enough was dipped still in 85hz like this main possible refresh has imposed.

Now have confused, as I go to some settings of windows and poster to control that tries to see that it has been it bad, so only to @give that at all it look to do. Finally it take an idea that me think ' there is not any way. ANY WAY is a boss a subject.' Sure enough, when I swapped out of this exposure port boss for a one this is to go in a box with my monitor, he automatically dipped behind to 144hz.

Like this in better has received accidentally the faulty boss that for some limit to reason refresh tax. In worse, a company that sells this product is blatantly lying in a refresh the imposed attainable by means of this boss.

Any way, am more sad that anything that this boss that has thought initially was so only a thing has required finalised when being the compraventa regrettable.
4 / 5 By Juan
Has offered in the prize adds, this boss is solid and well-has done.
Down $ 10, is the far less expensive troubleshooting measured
that the paper of video of computer of substitution.
Unfortunately, is confirmed for me that my paper of video
in fact needs to substitute. :(

For bypassing the DVI-D connection to mine monitors
with this DisplayPort boss, a colour-sell tatic' invernadero
has been deleted. Confirmed with both of mine monitors,
this confirmation that a paper DVI-D start is faulty.
Can not use two DP bosses owed to the start of my current paper
connections, like the paper has to that be substituted.

This was a simpler way and more economic that confirm my doubts
in my paper of video, and like my Dell monitors have so only DVI-D,
DisplayPort or VGA in without HDMI, is to be the paper of new video
for me to clear on subjects of video. I am pleased I has taken the pair of these,
so the newest papers now resupply 2 or more DP begin.
4 / 5 By Carmel
I hooked this boss until the new computer (HP Pavillion) and monitor (AOC 144hz 1080p). It can it do not take to do. I have tried reinstalling engine of exposure, settings of different graphic paper, engine of graphic paper, rebooting a computer, the turning was and unplugging a computer. I have tried ALL

sent it behind and has ordered the DisplayPort the cord has certified. Low and behold covers he in, any question at all.
Is a lot disappoints it that the amazon would leave the cord with obviously of levels or of low quality controls to be listings like an option like this highly.

Spent this left it be known looks to be the toe to coin does or no.
4 / 5 By Roxie
Ossia the low quality boss , everything roughly feels economic. This felt reason was economic and would have been well with east has done reliably. Alas, no, I lose connection with my monitor of PC (the screen goes black) each hour or so much. It goes back I disconnect and reconnect one covers so only for the lose again the short time later. It is the pair of the feet the plus along that my old boss that reads well, has required so only an extra foot of period.
4 / 5 By Duane
Has to that it has bought the defective boss, reason does not show anything on 24hz any @@subject that the resolution has chosen. Partorisca Do the things the odd plus, no at all unless I have had my another controls plugged in street hdmi. Has an old boss that used first of fights partorisca maintain the solid connection to the equal that will return to this boss like continuous my exasperated look for the boss that in fact laws with my monitor. Perhaps this boss is meaning partorisca the UHD monitor, and ossia where I messed on, all can say is partorisca 1440p this was the a lot of gone.

MODIFICATION: we ship me the same substitution after there is refunded this compraventa and sent it behind the amazon. I do not have remarked Never has left the response of mine two days after this description, as I will regulate my indication to 5 stars partorisca reflect service of good client.
5 / 5 By Danna
I recently has taken the new monitor. A Dell 1440p 144Hz gaming exposure. A DP the boss used first of the must has not been estimated partorisca this resolution spec, likes the cut was partorisca roughly 1s occasionally, but go back so only well. Decided partorisca substitute a DP boss, and has to that it has done. No more the monitor cut outs, and this boss fully sustains 2560 x 1440 144Hz with G-Sync (Still although this is not the native G-Sync monitor, there is Freesync, which perfectly)
5 / 5 By Bud
Wow, has purchased one of the compraventa better roughly done two month and fail on me already. I have decided to buy a here instead this time and am happy has done! This thing is almost two fat times likes piece of junk More Buy sell and is also the averages a prize. Like this far everything is running adds 1440 144hz. It can not be happier with cost of mine!
5 / 5 By Fransisca
Has bought a red version of this boss as it looks enough and has not been disappointed. A boss has done properly to extend my Surface of Microsoft Pro 4 to two outside Dell U2415 monitors. They are a lot happy with some results.
5 / 5 By Ollie
I at present have the Predator Ultrawide Monitor which can run until 120hz when overclocked remained with the 1080YOU GPU and when using this boss. There is remarked constant screen flickering this in spite of any gaming, so only doing typical exploring. I thought that it that it was my settings and when the changed to 60hz has not had a lot of @@subject. This in spite of, this is not acceptable to the equal that have purchased another boss of Microcenter and fix it .
4 / 5 By Annett
Bought this to use in the gaming pc to the monitor of dual entrance. A boss is doing well in a level of resolution has expected. Some materials of boss celery and look of the good quality and I expect this to last the long time without @@subject.
5 / 5 By Evelyne
Invernadero Of the descriptions adds here and is for this that ordered it, this in spite of is them spent 2 days that tries to configure settings to fix a black screen flickering it thinking was the software has related, but has used to grieve a factory has resupplied DP boss a flickering has been gone! It has loved like this produced, but so only no for me. :(
4 / 5 By Shirley
Feels big quality , but this looks to be all has go for him. It take this boss to hopefully substitute my amazon basic boss and be able to spend for main 120 hz refresh tax, but this boss could boss very same 80hz without my monitor freaking was. It is not the value that returns, but imagined Goes description and hopefully saves 11 $ more is one. Any value he at all. The pleasant thing is, has changed behind my Amazon basic boss, and im was able to go to 144 hz without any glitches. It looks the so only required to reissue a boss. It was so only too lazy of the of then is all boss focused until has has had to that. Strikes of laziness again!

Top Customer Reviews: USB C to HDMI ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5 By Maudie
Big quality braided cape. Well He that is connecting devices with the solid connection. Calm like you can see in of my pictures have it law with another adapter in a MBP through 3 screens.
5 / 5 By Vernita
An adapter is so small, light and easy to spend around. Work perfectly with my new macbook pro and easily can connect in my Dell U2414H monitor (4K60Hz!!). Been using it well out of a box and has have any glitches! I have used this together with a black adapter has bought the while he he () for my use regulates - is doing perfectly I very together when connect in two monitors!
5 / 5 By Tawanda
It was able to connect my MacBook Pro in my flatscreen without subjects!
Also, any one gives would come with the small pouch for organisation!
5 / 5 By Karine
The works add. MacBook Pro 15. 3 USB-C in HDMI, only 1920 for 1080 screens so that it does not know that well it handles 4k but has any problem with these so far.
5 / 5 By Yan
The excellent works. An in the first place HDMI the adapter has bought constantly cut with my monitor and was just rubbishes. It IS so relieved when connected my Macbook Pro in my monitor without subjects to use this adapter.
5 / 5 By Rodolfo
I am a The Specialist for the national company, an avid user of technology, and the musician. Often I joke that my life revolves around capes and adapters. Any one has left typically descriptions for products in Amazon unless my expectations are surpassed. This has said, this USB-C in HDMI adapter of Joined thoroughly impressed me when opened he of a packaging. Some materials used and a quality of tez is excellent - especially for this point of prize! To well sure it recommends this in an a lot of other adapters there.
5 / 5 By Diana
I have wanted mirror my MacBook pro in mine 4K television. I have connected a HDMI cape with television and has used this adapter to connect in my MacBook Pro. Law amiably. There is no lag and a quality in a screen is sum. Some looks of adapter to be big quality
5 / 5 By Earleen
I have bought initially this element behind in February to aim my laptop in my television. I have seen one surprising the prize and the big quality perceived in a picture and has to buy it. At the beginning take it the defective unit, but with my experience is subject has thought the plus to contact the support joined to see that it can offer. They have answered in my worry in 24 hours that give me the free substitution. Some works of substitution like the charm and for 20 dollars a quality of tez of this element could not be better. The element adds and I better supports same, thank you so much for everything!
5 / 5 By Teri
I have purchased this element when seen my coworker using he without any subjects.
At present uses this adapter with the 13' MacBook Pro, and has been doing adds for all some monitors and the projectors in work.
A quality of the tez of this adapter is quite amazing when compares in another type c dongles in a piece.
5 / 5 By Mittie
A lot of details in other so left descriptions just cape directly in a Pros and Gilipollas.

+ The quality of tez is excellent, shell of metal, braided cape, relief of good tension - is very well has done.
+ Subtle marks, any tacky announce. A Joined the mark is in a cup of an adapter but in a same colour like final as it ails shows. That is to say tasteful and works a lot of house or in the professional dispatch.
+ Carried he in and he only works! It tries numerous USB-C in HDMI the adapters but this are a PREMIER a that the only does sake. Anterior ones have not done at all, or the video done but any audio, or only backed the lowest resolution that my monitor, etc. These some just works, full resolution and full audio without lag. Happy day!
+ A braided the cape is very flexible.
+ USB C access of connector closely in an USB C port, any one falls was or wabbling.
+ HDMI Access of connector closely in a monitor HDMI port, not falling ours or wabbling
+ Comes with the troubleshooting card, but did not require it.
+ Comes with the stock exchange of cloth to maintain an adapter those looks well after he the trip around in your stock exchange of laptop for awhile.

- Very a lot of for tongue of in fact.
- Can not turn in my television with this adapter, any sure is my telephone , this adapter or my television. With the Chromecast in a same television, launching the mould will turn a television on. It conceal it does not look to do with this adapter, any sure why. Thing very small to take up, only a FYI.
- An adapter takes the small warm during extensive use, but no hot.
- Low cape

Around-up: it takes it, work, is very done and durable. The coast ails more than other options but he probably last longer and mention concealed the work only?
5 / 5 By Valeri
It begins out of working well, but after the pair of weeks is intermittent result. It can not take the signal in mine external monitor when fallen my iMac without cycling a power of time of diverse monitor or unplugging/replugging a HDMI boss of an adapter. I have substituted he with a Belkin version how has been flawless like this far.
4 / 5 By Spring
Already have a port partorisca a HDMI boss in a hub that has purchased takes usb and a sd paper. Like better place partorisca that an east in my office with my hard walks outsides, etc. does not want to unplug all that he take my laptop to connect my TV in another room.

This boss is perfect. Work perfectly and instantly. A picture is good and stable, and is quite portable. Still it avenges with to prize that spends pouch.

Good value!
5 / 5 By Marge
Has used to have one for my old telephone (Notes 4). This has required a supply of additional power to do do. Ossia Like this simple likes plugging the directly to the yours telephone and your TV. Ossia Everything . Excellent device. Mainly it uses then when those remain in of the hotels. I upload film to telephone and can look anything master. So that far there is it so only has tried it this was. I will see it there are any hiccups while looking the plenaries 2 films of now.
5 / 5 By Eladia
For those in the half mine the one who has been affected for a DisplayLink disaster with MacOS , unfortunately there more than likely will not be for the fix coming likes the apple there is prendido a capacity for an engine to do in a source.

2 month later of while when fixing, has bought these. In the first place, one can buy a colour of the yours MacBook is the good touch. I have bought an ash some and is returned a bill almost perfectly. A connection to the your laptop is perfect. The chairs of mine in the stand and a tension to resist on a wait of a HDMI the boss is managed for a cord, no a connection.

Obviously these are game and covers simple , as any that has to that treat any engine is the good experience . After using them, personally am seeing also the bit of the impulse in quality of image to mine monitors.

Has purchased three some same time and everything do perfectly. To good sure recommend.
4 / 5 By Birdie
So only has taken this for my Note8. Telephone connected and then HDMI of television and notification of telephone has behind jumped and advances in the connection of new USB that comes and final. Any image in television. Then I hooked a power up. The exposed TV there was now that asks to use DEX or screen mirroring. Have So only he mirroring like any interested in DEX this time, so only loves the films of clock have seen to telephone the TV. The work adds. I have shot on the video has seen my PLEX the application for film has had in my server upstairs. The picture was perfect. The sound was adds. I have seen also a message that dictate it is was in way of fast upload which surprised. As I have looked film my battery augmented like any question with uploading maintaining up. The device adds for Note8 sure.
4 / 5 By Anya
This boss a work with 4K video. They are by train to use it to connect the MacBook Pro (15-thumb, 2017) Retina 2880 x 1800 exposure that use a Intel HD Map 630 and Radeon Pro 560 maps, to the 4K-resolution Asus PB287 monitor of computer (any one a HDTV) street a HDMI MHL port in a Asus. A 60Hz refresh the limit of tax is so only noticeable when tugging windows quickly by means of a screen. You can see the momentary flicker trail that is simply a limitation of HDMI version 2.0. (Version 2.1 augments this to 240Hz, but a hardware in both ends has to that rid refresh has imposed on 60Hz for the sustain.)

A boss is well has thought was. A braided boss is both flexible and sturdy. I have not looked enough near in some photos when I have bought this, but in an USB-C final, has to done touches of grip embedded in of the flanges of a house. Good touch. In a HDMI well, everything of this USB-to-HDMI the adapters have the quite bulky house. Some are short and squat, another is elongated. Material Joined takes it well with a sleeker, elongated way. Together with an arrival of metal of the satin, games of grip, and the thin plot normalised in a braided boss, is an unexpectedly device that the elegant looks that considers his quite mundane function.
4 / 5 By Mattie
The quality adds can see and listen all, has required really this for my laptop is coming here quickly. Wine with the pouch a the interior of paper, good measure to travel so only in general the product adds thank you(っ'-')╮=͟͟͟͟͞͞͞͞🧡
4 / 5 By Mimi
have the big plus hub that reads with my iPad Pro (2018 12.9). I have bought this to have the compact adapter can use to mirror my screen of iPad in the TV of big screen. While it buy the product like this, there there is always the question if he a same thing like an Apple branded one for the third of a cost. Like this far, with my Sony HDTV, now diverse work of old years. A does not know never when some iOS the update will change concealed. But like this far like this good.

The buyers owe that be conscious, this in spite of, that uses only USB of iPad-C port, and his only task is the drain of significant battery . So you are planning to binge Game of clock of Thrones in a weekend, will have to recharge your iPad the few hours in. Ossia An appearance that gives Apple $ 79 adapter the light flange; has the USB-C port to resupply can passthru. But although steps $ 50-$ 60 more for a solution of Apple, does not expect flawless action.

Can not comment on 4K or compatibility of mark for another TVs or monitors; so only my Sony and my iPad newer Pro. For more than connections, reader of paper, and upload connection, has a Anker hub that quell'was one of a bit those that these facts (B071JV4NPS). Although now it looks for to be listing like incompatible.
4 / 5 By Joanne
I really, has loved really love this adapter, reason is drawn like this well and is a factor of perfect form. This in spite of, horrible volume flickering and snowy effects while it covers to the monitor that use this adapter. I have tried multiple monitors, multiple HDMI bosses, and different USB-C put you in mine MacBook, but at all is able to take a flickering and constant of white snow-something to flash in a screen. It is not súper noticeable when an image on-the screen is white or light in colour, but grieve the looks of the darkest image, results incredibly apparent. It has attached the video to explain a @@subject that spends, hopefully any in Joined sees this and is able to diagnose a question.

Am returning he for the substitution, and will update if a substitution solves this subject.

-- Update on 1/22/2018 --

am returned mine faulty device for the repayment and decided to give it to like this casualidad to order the new a. Happy has done. Some works of device perfectly, and no longer suffers flickering or nieva-the something flashes it in a screen. State very compatible, and works perfectly with mine HyperDrive. You recommend.
4 / 5 By Van
The work adds. MacBook Pro 15. 3 USB-C to HDMI, so only 1920 for 1080 screens so that it was not that well it manages 4k but has any question with these like this far.
5 / 5 By Janey
Up to date indication
This company has achieved was mine partorisca fix some subjects have had with an adapter. They have sent another very fast and free. Work perfectly! I tried it on all my TV is with my Samsung Galaxy S9+ and is clear, any delay, and any flickering! They are very happy in a level of service of client this is to be extend partorisca fix a subject. Thank you So much One!
Original description
Unfortunately some the big descriptions did not save me on this one. I have connected this with my Galaxy S9+ and he so only maintained flickering. Utilisation the big quality HDMI boss and has tried another and he have done any difference. Work partorisca the pocolos small and then flickers. Perhaps it take the faulty a.
5 / 5 By Eleonor
The one who an excellent product. A prize is well, work exactly like this feigned, and is not bulky. This will be partorisca come with me on my upcoming travesía so that I can cover my telephone to a TV in a hotel, and can touch mine the favourite shows of small one in television of Sling. It do not have to that it never concerns roughly yes or no the hotel takes some canals love clock. A picture in my television house where has tried avenges by means of the clear crystal. A gf has asked that it was partorisca use he partorisca, but when I have said, this was an end of this conversation - can not contest with a logic. Highly recommend!
4 / 5 By Nicolle
Has bought this product to shows of current in my TV with my telephone. In the first place it was, a product looks decent quality quite to the prime minister that opens it, this in spite of does not return to a hdmi cord a lot well. Secondly, A picture in a TV of Samsung screen mirroring does not take on upper of a screen of course and whole TV of some flanges of a picture. Thirdly, A picture is very poor with contrasting it bad that does dark scenes almost impossible to look. Finally, (and a lot especially) any @@subject that has tried the fiddle with a connection, each minute or like starts of picture entirely so only to go back on with which have lost 10 seconds of any one can be you look. Have unsuccessfully Tried to use this product the averages the time of dozen previously to this description and will be to the launch went it.
5 / 5 By Emelina
Has chosen this until video of current of mine telephone directly to a TV when they are was for work. Also I take the first gene Firestik with me, but some hotels throttle he down to the crawl (still with my state of elite). This does perfectly for streaming and leave me to use a storage of the mine telephone to download film and serious whole same.

Using this with the OnePlus 7T and Monster 4k HDMI 2.1 boss. It is the fantastic combo that reads in the each TV the ees has used he with. The quality of picture is excellent, touch it are also adds, and any subjects of connectivities. Taking slightly warm to a touch but a metal that the helps of houses for the frescos. It have to that it has taken it an adapter that leave to touch a telephone a same time, but with a 7T charge of warp and on two days of battery, volume for just well.

In general the good addition my rucksack/of travesía of the work.
4 / 5 By Wally
Has received this adapter yesterday and opened to a box to see the product of quality to notch upper. An adapter is fact very good and a lot of sturdy, an USB C discharges has grips in some outsides that is really as well as of the more control when plugging he to your device, then my surprise there was the stock exchange of good storage has comprised to dip an adapter in when calm is not quell'using and has to that dip quell'has been or travelling with him. In general this produced are add, súper easy to use he so that it is game and covers true , covers an adapter to your device and covers a HDMI boss to another end and the boom am connected and ready to go. It have looked throughout for an adapter that would do for me to leave multiple monitors to connect to the mine portable (HP Envies x360) and found this one and am happy I any only law is súper easy to use and easily can take he with me to do and use it there also. If you are looking for the adapter I highly recommend is a like this calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 By Karlyn
Update: After several weeks to use it there is downgraded to 1 star. Mainly utilisations in the concrete room, and has thought a room has had so only bad WifI, but results that this calm adapter the WiFi signal. Unplug This adapter and WiFi the works add. It covers this adapter in and WiFi is almost immediately disconnected and any reconnect. If he reconnect is unusable (the majority ping the time of questions was the fate/ is unreachable). They are highly fallido, particularly reasons this adapter is quite expensive. It DOES not BUY THIS ADAPTER!

Uses this with the 2018 MacBook Pro and the work adds (update: if any precise WiFi). A quality of picture is utmost, and feels like the quality adaptadora fact, any this will fall averts after several uses. It comes with the very little soft stock exchange to spend he in (as it does not line your computer if you do not have the separate pocket to spend he in). Pulling a male HDMI the boss out of an adapter is the little rigid. It give 4.5 tin of stars - minus mediates the star because one $ 20 I paid partorisca feels the little on priced.
4 / 5 By Fidel
Has update 3/25/19: I have contacted Amazon for the substitution and has received he inside the pair of days. It has joined contacted Me also and has said fact with Samsung to solve a subject. Tried a new unit and took it finally to do with a Samsung s9+. There is the message that explosions up in a s9 roughly using Samsung DeX. I have had Samsung telephone for years and never listened of or has seen this, as I clicked the. Of my telephone was now in a TV. I can not say enough service of good things has joined on client. They have included offered to repayment my money after exchanging unit. It does not think anything was bad with an original unit, as it has declined his offer bondadosa.

In the first place few times have tried, at all is spent. Contacts joined and has recommended I disconnect all and discharges he all behind in. Finally taken some class of connection, but was more than the screenshot (this in spite of no the mirror of my screen). Samsung S9+ Asked yes has loved to use my telephone like the tampon of clue. Still it can not take anything to spend. Tried to take the video to in a telephone but no a TV. Pictures, video, at all. Used some settings of correct entrance, has tried two different HDMI bosses, and three different HDMI ports. Returning for the substitution reason the mine could be defective? You update this description with the positive one more if work. They are quite technology savvy and the screen taken mirroring in a TV of loan (without using this device) but a lot always have access to loan TV. It wins it take this to do.
5 / 5 By Gertrude
Has paid an extra little bucks thus produced reason look was the main quality that some of another some have listed on here. Law well a first day but never has been of then having some subjects. It does not maintain a iMac/handshake to control so that has some flickering but that they are more annoying is a static turn signal-and or snowy effect. I know it is an adapted reason spends with the different pair HDMI bosses and when it is spending can try and the clear up for wiggling an adapter or a braided part. It looks better that some other adapters but unfortunately a quality is probably one same like other more economic adapters.
5 / 5 By Thora
To judge an action of an USB JOINED-C to HDMI adapter, compared it boss-to-boss against a HDMI port in an USB of Apple-C Digital AV Multiport Adapter (the this has 1 port of USB, 1 USB-C port, & 1 HDMI port). Changing behind and advances among some two adapters, has compared an exposure of still photos, has registered personally video, and has downloaded films. To my eyes and of the ears, has not had any difference in a colour rendition, quality of picture, or quality of audio among some two adapters.

A quality of build of a JOINED the adapter are adds: A house of the aluminium will not take shattered in a fund of your stock exchange of laptop like the plastic one has beaten. A braided nylon the looks of boss to be fact very good and would have to that resist-on well the chafing. It likes-me a fact that a HDMI the port has resisted my HDMI boss a lot snuggly so that any accidentally pull free. A record and the arrival of an adapter is excellent - has no the acute flanges and he looks sum. A measure of an adapter is also good - calm so much can see in my picture, is not any much bigger that the pen of point of the ball. Speaking of measure, a lot prefers a period of a boss in a JOINED the adapter has compared to an adapter of Apple - the boss of an adapter of Apple is like this short it podes any really included situate an adapter in 90 terracings to a laptop. Finally, a JOINED the adapter comes with the small nylon stock exchange of storage, which is the good touch .

If you do not require some ports of USB of an Apple Multiport Adapter, then a JOINED the adapter will give you a same picture and quality of his and will take on upper of the plot less space. Any to mention that an adapter of Apple will dip you behind almost $ 70 - like this ONE the adapter would be necessary to save you some considerable cash!
4 / 5 By Cara
This USB-C to HDMI the adapter has been I adds like this far. Im Really impressed with a quality of build of all some have joined the products have purchased a last year. I have purchased this to leave connection of mine Samsung sweeps of his to my telephone. Unfortunately there is not any a lot of clearance around a HDMI port in mine soundbar, like the typical HDMI the USB-C boss no , reason a HDMI the end of some bosses is too long to returned to hdmi port. But this little adapter there is remedied that question. It was able to connect regulate it hdmi boss to a soundbar Gone in and then use an adapter to connect to my telephone. The question has solved! The works add!

Now, so only to try out of one has announced specs of this boss, has connected also an USB-C final to mine RTX GPU and has connected a HDMI boss of the mine his monitor, and the able era to dip my resolution to 4k60hz and game some games in this resolution without any hiccups!

Like this far like this good! Ailing update my description in a future yes is necessary.
4 / 5 By Filiberto
They are a The SPECIALIST partorisca the national company, an avid user of technology, and the musician. I often joke that my life mixes around bosses and adapters. Any I typically leaves descriptions partorisca produced on Amazon unless my expectations are surpassed. This has said, this USB-C to HDMI adapter of has joined thoroughly impressed when I have opened he of a packaging. Some materials used and a quality of build is excellent - especially partorisca this point of prize! To good sure recommends this in an a lot of other adapters there.
4 / 5 By Anneliese
A lot of details in other like this sinister descriptions just boss directly to a Pros and Gilipollas.

+ The quality of build is excellent, shell of metal, braided boss, relief of good tension - is a lot well has done.
+ Marcos thin, any tacky announcing. A Joined the mark is in a cup of an adapter but in to the a colour still likes him the arrival so it grieves shows. Ossia tasteful And acts a lot of house or in the professional office.
+ Discharges he in and he so only works! I have tried numerous USB-C to HDMI the adapters but ossia a PRIME MINISTER a that the so only does well. Forward some have not done at all, or the video done but any audio, or so only has sustained the lowest resolution that my monitor, etc. These some just works, full resolution and full audio without lag. Happy day!
+ A braided boss is very flexible.
+ USB C access of connector closely in an USB C port, any one falling was or wabbling.
+ HDMI Access of connector closely in a monitor HDMI port, not falling ours or wabbling
+ Comes with the troubleshooting paper, but did not require it.
+ Comes with the stock exchange of cloth partorisca maintain an adapter that looks well with which travelled around in your stock exchange of laptop partorisca awhile.

- A lot of a lot of to speak of in fact.
- I can not turn in my TV with this adapter, any sure he is my telephone , this adapter or my TV. With the Chromecast in a same TV, launching the mould will turn a television on. It conceal it does not look partorisca do with this adapter, any sure reason. What very small to spend on, so only a FYI.
- An adapter takes the little warm during use along, but no hot.
- Short boss

Rodeo: it takes it, work, is a lot of fact and durable. I cost it it grieves more than other options but he probably last more along and mention that calm the just works?
4 / 5 By Desirae
Big quality braided boss. It feels a lot of connecting devices with the solid connection. As you can see in my pictures have it doing with another adapter in a MBP by means of 3 screens.
4 / 5 By Buffy
Has loved mirror my MacBook pro to mine 4K TV. I have connected a HDMI boss with television and has used this adapter to connect to the mine MacBook Pro. Law amiably. There is no lag and a quality in a screen is sum. Some looks of adapter to be big quality
5 / 5 By Herta
the work adds with my macbook pro and Dell monitor hdmi port.
4 / 5 By Carmela
Has bought initially this element behind in February to show my laptop in my TV. I have seen an amazing prize and the big quality perceived in a picture and has has had to that the buy. At the beginning it take the defective unit, but with my experience are subject thought it more to contact the support has joined to see that it can offer. They have answered to my interior of worry 24 hours that give the free substitution. Some works of substitution like the charm and for 20 dollars a quality of build of this element could not be better. The element adds and I better supports was, thank you so much for everything!
4 / 5 By Demetra
Operates excellent. A prime minister HDMI the adapter has bought constantly cut with my monitor and was just rubbishes. It was relieved like this when I have connected my Macbook Pro to the mine monitor without subjects to use this adapter.
4 / 5 By Aide
Works with my new 15inch MacBook Pro 2017, has connected the Dell P2415Q monitor, support 4K60Hz. Petit, light, easy to spend around for presentation. It comes with the free black pouch, thoughtful packaging.

An adapter is done of material of aluminium, looks and feels good quality. A black and braided ash nylon part of boss is quite solid, to the looks like is going to of last for the long time. A course of hule black in an USB-C final is the new creation , easily underlines among others produced. The difference of another free USB-C connector, returns correctly to an USB-C port in mine MacBook Pro. The fact adds partorisca for the half the year now.
5 / 5 By Mariela
Was able to connect my MacBook Pro to the mine flatscreen without subjects!
Also, any have @@give avenges with the little pouch for organisation!
4 / 5 By Gussie
Has bought this adapter for hook my new mark 2018 MacBook Pro to an external monitor. With which hours of investigation, I finally discovered because mine wi-fi the signal has indicated was 'connected' but not doing in mine previously a lot workstation (previously powered peel 2013 MacBook Air). When The source is connected invernadero this adapter, an USB-C to HDMI process of conversion emits electromagnetic interference in roughly , enough to spend mine 2018 MBP to the complete standstill with respecting his connection of internet. It takes an USB-C to HDMI adapter and that spends? My connection of internet is restored almost instantly. With which disparaging Apple for the poor product, has discovered is this adapter and no my MBP at all (which is insanely fast in comparison to my leading computer). Another recommended wrapping this adapter (and to the others to adapters like) in foil of of aluminium, which reduces but a lot entirely take an electromagnetic interference. In planting to convert a signal with an adapter, has purchased the USB-C to Displayport boss for mine 1440p external monitor, which fantastically (this cord has been been and big quality in a backside of his box that a the cord is housed with aluminium so as to soyinimize electromagnetic interference'). A connection of internet of the mine MBP works excellently now that it does not have any interference in a part of this adapter. For USB-C to anything more adapters, recommend the own adapters of Apple (is housed properly so as to reduce electromagnetic interference) or other adapters of the main quality.
4 / 5 By Charolette
Amur A fact that USB-C side is quite tightened that it can connect you another boss together with him (in Macbook Pro 2016). The short boss is braided and the chair adds. 4K To the equal that has announced.
4 / 5 By Tomoko
Using with Mac Mini 2018, to drive the 4K monitor in 60Hz. Considerations some commentaries that a hot short connector; this is not the negative. Ossia An ACTIVE adapter , translating of Ray the HDMI is more than simply rerouting bosses; there is active conversion of a signal, this requires electronic components. A boss of an adapter this where an electronics is housed this is manipulating a signal. This would be true of any mark of TB the HDMI adapter. If it find another mark that does not have the alike house, is not an active adapter, which means it can not be fully HDMI 20 compatible and a signal can burst in and era. It is better, IMO, to buy a the short adapter (like this a) that final to finalise TB3 the HDMI boss; one the main reason is with finalising to finalise boss an electronic will be in an end of a boss (usually a HDMI fines), where he atascamos to control. I have read it comments that this can do an end of a like this weighed boss that fallen out of a connection of monitor or hangs down. It considers those complaining not taking 60Hz; in any canal, is so only like this as well as it links feebler. Each component in a canal has to that be able of 60Hz, and still then, has to components of use of quality. A lot ubject' HDMI the bosses that alleges to be 2.0 compliant, I look in them and is way too thin, which is sign of unsuitable insulation and shielding. 60Hz Requires sufficient shielding to protect against interference. When you Tie a HDMI boss, each final extracted several diagnostics and of the surgeries of another end, to determine capacity, if a line does not try was well, some components will fall to 30Hz.

JULIO of UPDATE 2019: Any subject, this adapter has been running constantly of then December 2018, so only roughly 24/7. Warm But no hot. The image is solid of rock . Happy has bought one with reinforced braiding in a boss. I move monitors around often, and adapter to another macs. With MacMini 2018, the connectors are in a backside like this little boss takes has turned/bent in all the directions.
4 / 5 By Jake
Has bought this to dip on mine XPS 13 in my TV. This adapter does not resemble felizmente transmit audio by means of HDMI. It has been announced as 'spent-and-touch' and 'any engine of necessary additional software', but concealed is not a chance. I am using a to the boss to bypass this subject, but do a lot of deception, these products does not sustain his out of a box in the new XPS 13.

Modification: As you can see of a commentary in this description of a vendor, this company felizmente will issue you the new and calm part can try again. Really it is not hard to go in touch to take the substitution, a company looks a lot of expert to issue substitutions.

Would like a HDMI to OF USB C these starts of a box in a XPS 13 with audio, this product has done like this announced in the first place try, any necessary substitution:
4 / 5 By Dulcie
Without any one a lot of startup drives, has to be comfortable with touching around with your telephone to find some keys and right papers to do this work, but imagined it to you once was, wow. A wireless option would be included better, calm of then will require the longitude HDMI boss to be able to seat in your sofa and see your big screen. A longitude HDMI the boss will require the female to adaptadora woman to connect to this artilugio. The screens of different TV will require to be configured thru some settings of television. The photos have saved to your telephone can look the little grainy or pixelated, according to your TV. The instructions warn roughly telephones to heat on, but has not touched with this quite long to discover. Hot of the telephones on probably means drainage of fast battery also, and unfortunately can not use yours upload boss while this device is plugged in. One the wireless load could win this question, but has not tried to be still.
5 / 5 By Eugenie
Has bought this for the Note of Galaxy 8 and has had results very mixed.

1. In fact it reflect a screen.
2. The relatively fresh stays.
3. Creation quite minimum.

1. I have had to jump subjects with mine playback. Law smoothly for the pocolos second and then skip stirs it of frames. I can not be a telephone, operating in a telephone is flawless. It can not be mine setup reason can mirror a LG V10 with aplomb. I have tried to change it stirs it of settings and such in my computer and my telephone, but to any avail. Simply I can any right east of work.
5 / 5 By Willard
I amour to write the description that says: 'so only it acts'! Well this dongle just works and does exactly that it is supposition to do . Has the MacBook Pro (2018 15') and covers this dongle to the USB C port and covers a HDMI boss to a device, he connecting to the projector and to the equal that have said, he so only works. As that Can be better concealed it?

Downgraded To 4 stars. A continuous device do well in every respect , but the draws so much can that mine 2018 MacBook Pro that usually takes 9 to 11 hours to exit of the load of battery is swipe entirely with this device in this I am lucky to take 2 hours of operation on battery. Some heats of adapter on while doing and obviously is eating has beaten. I have contacted support of the technology and the information asked in current consumption. They have promised to have 'engineering' contact with an information. Still they are while.

Plans on using this device without an adapter of power for your laptop, your car can fail because of the battery drained. It is it has called strongly that use this SO ONLY with your adapter to be able to/upload.
4 / 5 By Bobbi
Does not act. It does not remain connected in USB-C port - access a lot of flimsy and any light movement around or has included to touch an adapter disconnect. I do not have any question with my another numerous (Apple of thank you) USB-C adapters but this one is really he a lot has bad has manufactured. Thanks to Amazon - gone back for repayment.

UPDATE 09/09/19
has taken the new version of a product like the substitution for a an I is returned. This version does a lot well. One the majority of subject significant with an USB-C connectivity is solved and there is at all more to complain roughly. I have been using this adapter for the month and the half now without any subjects. A picture is stable by means of different types of HDMI devices of some regular monitors to television and to 4K monitors. In general ossia the solid product and highly would recommend it.

+ Laws (video and audio) right in a connection (television or 4k the monitor does not import )
+ quality of Excellent build: metal shel (the helps dissipate a heat)l, braided boss
+ For me the a short boss is the big plus - very all have enough other adapters that estaca out of a Mac Pro?
+ A braided boss is very flexible.
+ USB C connector now has the snug access without falling was or wobbling.

- No like this far after a long use for the month and the half.
5 / 5 By Yasmin
Update: A boss has taken heat. When I have asked the repayment, a vendor contacted and has offered the substitution. One receives the substitution and has taken the few days to ensure is doing well. A new unit is doing utmost with MacBook Pro 2018 and Dell XPS 13 and Book of Surface of the Microsoft. Taking bit it warm, and like the vendor has explained that a conversion of USB to HDMI is the resource-accuse intense, as some heat is expected, but is under control. I seat a leading unit was simply defective. Like this happy to the equal that are with a unit, am equally happy with a support some offers of vendor. Changed of any recommended to highly recommended.

Leading description: I have not seen never a HDMI the boss that takes heat. Utilisations with a new MacBook Pro 15 and Dell 4K the monitor but this adapter takes VERY HOT and a screen goes spatial. ANY RECOMMENDED.
5 / 5 By Opal
Has UPDATE 6/27/2019
Like this after posting my initial description, has @to @give there has not been given his service of client tries it. As I achieved it it was, it has explained my subjects and send me to knots the new adapter. A week or two in and has not had the blackout only or drop of his with a new adapter. Assuming these controls on, has mine of update 3 star to 5 star how is now entirely that pound that need in the prize he far economic plus that OEM.

Leaving original description down for clarity.

Of a bat, uses this with the Samsung S9+ and used it regularly for some last 10 months.

Run he by means of the Denon AVR-S540BT auricular and until the LG MCR6490 TV.

A good:
is the resolution of video is well. Any one @subjects there another it scaling Proportions not matching up. But this is to be due to a telephone mirroring like any subject in a department of adapter.
Bombs of his by means of just a lot also.

A bad:
is looks of connection to be a lot of temperamental. Calm does not know never when it goes to decide to have @@subject of connection.

Has cleaned my put you. Checked different cabling. Tried that cabling in other products. It is an adapter . I will be in a half of the show when suddenly a sound will exit for the pocolos second. Gone on down a whole picture that goes black. Something is skip a sound that short was and in black disposal all immediately. Of there that, if ignored, sometimes bursts behind in but then repeat this on progressively intervals more courts until it goes black and connection of drops all together.

Is had this @@subject of then day 1. And there is casualidad the well spends anytime I use he for any longer period that an hour.

Has looked for to stress try it as well as the time to imagine was had the trigger directed but at all is coming up.

A bit bummed of then is unlikely to return he thus point but like any the one who felizmente uses his telephone for 9/10 of his needs to see. I am going to shelf this and order a much more expensive Samsung adapter. It is a lot you know you go to use so only he for the short time and can accept your shows and similar be has interrupted regularly. But seeing so many to that really does not see I moving was has connected mirroring with my telephone, taking this has not been value of the money has thinks that would save. Any that is the bad product . It is so only any one a subject can tolerate any long plus.
5 / 5 By Cristina
Is adaptadora the work adds with my Google Pixelbook. An exposure any jitter and he reliably wake a monitor when a chromebook awake of sleep. I have tried the pocolos different adapters and ossia of the only one has found that has done reliably with mine chromebook in both of these functions.
4 / 5 By Reynaldo
When I have taken he out of a box looks used and a product has suffered harm. I tried it on to 27 thumb iMac with RX 580 and the laptop with the GTX 1060 and neither of could take a dongle partorisca press 4K 60Hz. Before any one says that it was the question with a boss or my monitor is the new mark HDMI 2.0 boss and HDMI 2.0 monitor enabled.

Supposes that it is the fault partorisca press 4K 60Hz could be due to a fact that is damaged .

Right with which I posted my description a touch of the company gone in and everything in his can to do a legislation of situation. I can you do not say that that surprises his service of client has been. They are on state and further partorisca take me the substitution like this quickly like this possible and followed until doing sure a fact of new adapter and that was to satisfy entirely. Some works of new adapter perfectly and maintains in of the perfect conditions. Produced of amazing prize and same service of better client. I will be the client partorisca return for years partorisca come.
4 / 5 By Winfred
Originally has purchased the recommended USB-C multiport Dongle in Compraventa Better that has had HDMI connector and has had More Buy the substitute that assumes a prime minister one was defective likes the monitor of external computer would aim interference after the pocolos small and was unusable partorisca my PC, but has included a More Buy substitution multiport Dongle gave a same question in my PC, as I have bought this concrete adapter by means of Amazon (so only has a HDMI port partorisca an USB-C) and law like the charm in my PC, any interference and the productivity have augmented substantially with monitor of the main computer.
5 / 5 By Joaquina
Update on 2/21: A vendor contacted and sent another piece. I have tried he among multiple TVs and with working multiple HDMI bosses. Some works of adapter well with some bosses but no with some light/thin HDMI boss (Redmere) that maintains partorisca travelling. I am creating my bookmark of description to indicate that an adapter could be useful partorisca folks the one who has a right boss - I still need a partorisca travelling with the light/thin HDMI boss. Also, I want to give credit to a vendor of then was a lot of responsive and really tried hard. Kudos For that!

Original: I have read some good descriptions and thought that it would have to that do well. It has done with the pair of TVs but with the majority of them (I uses it when travelling), has the common question. A Macbrook Pro (2018) or a Pixelbook has said that a TV is connected - his both leave me to us reflected or extend some exposures. This in spite of, a TV no tip a start. I have tried he for the few months now with Samsung, Consent and LG TVs - so many has to that look for another adapter.
4 / 5 By Annelle
Has begun to use this with my iPad Pro 12 thumb and has done at all but rid a perfect picture. Some time used it and has had a subject with a picture but I think has has had to that really do with my iPad more than an adapter. I so only unplugged and reconnected and his summer that does well of then. For a prize is in good sure values he ,(paid $ 12 in the sale of special Amazon) a version of leaves of Apple to touch (For the $ 69 seal of prize) while seeing. This would be a so only drawback to the this adapter otherwise, highly would recommend it also comes with the very pouch so much can maintain he with your iPad or any device partorisca travelling.
5 / 5 By Colette
Has bought this for mine 2017 MacBook Pro. I have tried this out of a box in an old plus 42' LCD television and has not done; it has given a product a profit of a doubt that thinks was reason a TV was in a side an old plus. It has tried later it has it DIRECT projectors, newer CONCENTRATED TVs, etc. And has not done a time. In one the majority of recent example, my computer has recognised that is to be connect to an external source, but a television any mirror my screen in any resolution or refresh imposed. Unfortunately I am spent a window to return like this has to that eat a cost of a product.

UPDATE: A company contacted the promptly resupplied me with the adapter of substitution, which perfectly well. One first unit that has been mine has sent has that has been defective.
5 / 5 By Darrick
Has bought this for the presentation. I am using the presentation of Slides of the Google in mine Samsung Galaxy S9 and presenting in 65' the television that use a HDMI port. I plugged this adapter to the mine telephone and then a boss to a TV. My telephone instantly has recognised an adapter and TV. I have selected screen mirroring and was some the races. The works add with the very clear picture and sound. I am not sure that the time will use this but like this USB C and HDMI is now levels of industry, chair that will be able to use this long in a future. One has JOINED undertaken in the amazon contacted long to do sure that a container arrived and that is to be satisfy with a product. To good sure recommend this device to any neither presenting or so only that loves video of action of the telephone or portable.
4 / 5 By Jorge
Ossia A better H DMI adapter that has has not had never. I have had the projector for 2 years and bought a lot of HDMI to usb c adapters to connect mine his telephone. A lot the so only do not have then fact have found some this fact but would lose a connection, all of the sudden, included if I have not touched my telephone, an agreement, or an adapter. Which are really annoying when you are trying to enjoy dine calm then has to that believe and beginning fiddling with a connection, then for some time goes back your lunch is cold! Like this calm then has to that believe to microwave your lunch! Lol
These works of adapter perfectly and included can resist my telephone in my hand and move it around with a boss and the adapter that takes a lot the movement and a connection is solid a whole time. Amur That... The desire had bought this adapter done long and any squandered like this money in this another crummy adapters. This thing is to good sure value each dollar..
4 / 5 By Samantha
Has tried plot of adapters/of bosses of then changing on to some new MacBook Pro with his USB-C put you. This adapter there is quickly result one of mine favourite and I maintain it on me at all times. I alot of presentations and trip the locations of client, like maintenances HDMI and VGA adapters on me at all times.

The packaging is wonderful - easy to open box and stock exchange of velvet that contains adapter
the quality is upper notch - a feels of an adapter is a lot up there with products of Apple and a closure of the boss of wise braided will prevent harm to use
Function - estada trying he for the week now and has not had the alone question, much easier to spend around that an Apple A/V dongle

A lot of - honradamente, any downside like this of still like this
5 / 5 By Shavonda
Moves anything once is plugged in and need to reset a whole process. It covers and works of the calm game once bequeaths but if anything moves at all:telephone, boss, the box has connected to boss; the signal is stray and any one resume unless you unplug, attended the pocolos second, replug.

Was well for film but looking the contained more runs this is not to value of the money. The mine has to that be defective reason do not see reason he behave in this way unless an interior of boss was defective.

The desire used it before this longitude but there is has not had casualidad up to now.
4 / 5 By Natisha
Have the mid 2017 MacBook pro 13' with a i5, 8gb of 2133mhz LPDDR3 memory, 256gb nvme pci-and has based ssd, and iris 650 map more ( the memory shared in macos and 4gb by heart of the video shared in of the windows), with 4 ray 3 put you.
Some works of good adapter with the majority of my accessories, in mine HP the monitor no any flawless question and in mine consent TV but is so only 1080p 60hz, but tried it on a epson projector where no a first time I plugged he in me plugged has to that the way that has had to that take was and discharges he behind in but then my laptop has begun partorisca flash among my desk and the black screen the little time quickly until him finally done with which 5-10 second and he so only that every time the plugged he behind in. He also for some reason relieves a source of audio when plugging to the projector without his but a lot that in mine monitor.
In general I like a quality of build of a boss, feels good and sturdy with a braded boss that has a metal in a hdmi portion and the metal with the grip of hule in a hdmi side.
Like this far I cant complains in a quality of picture because have has used so only he partorisca 1080p to the equal that means that I havent able state of the try was.
BUT one the big lie exists in a product this has been annoying me and ossia his claim of 4k60hz which is the lie , usb-c supports so only 4k30hz reasons has a hdmi 1.4 interior of connection, if the the macbook pro or another ray 3 device enabled then would owe that go to buy the ray has consecrated 3 to 2 port of exposure 1.4 connectors (equivalen of hdmi 2.0) which means that it can sustain 2 4k monitors in 60hx, a 4k monitor in 120hz, or 1 5k monitor in 60hz. So I need this for the 4k the control could do except would recommend that it spend $ 70-$ 100 to buy a better ray 3 some paralizaciones big exposed king. If I need this partorisca 4k so only recommends for film or TVs shows in the TV where some taxes of frame are lower that a refresh prices in all the chance.

The sum on an only reason has not given this 5 star is been due to a slightly deceptive ad of the capacities does not have considering more the clients are unaware but otherwise he all the usb-c to hdmi the adapter can do.