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1 Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands Commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, Radio, and Marine Transmissions Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands Commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, Radio, and Marine Transmissions Uniden
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2 Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock & Tram 1089-BNC Scanner Mini-Magnet Antenna VHF/UHF/800MHz-1, 300MHz with BNC-Male Connector Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock & Tram 1089-BNC Scanner Mini-Magnet Antenna VHF/UHF/800MHz-1, 300MHz with BNC-Male Connector Uniden
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3 Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Clock/FM Radio Scanner with Weather Alert & BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner, Close Call RF Capture, Black Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Clock/FM Radio Scanner with Weather Alert & BC355N 800 MHz 300-Channel Base/Mobile Scanner, Close Call RF Capture, Black Uniden
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4 Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands & Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner. 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands & Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner. 500 Alpha-Tagged Channels Uniden
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5 Uniden SR30C Bearcat, 500-Channel Compact Handheld Scanner, Close Call® RF Capture Technology, Turbo Search, PC Programming & BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze Uniden SR30C Bearcat, 500-Channel Compact Handheld Scanner, Close Call® RF Capture Technology, Turbo Search, PC Programming & BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze Uniden
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6 Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands Commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, and Radio transmissions (Renewed) Uniden BC365CRS 500 Channel Scanner and Alarm Clock with Snooze, Sleep, and FM Radio with Weather Alert, Search Bands Commonly used for Police, Fire/EMS, Aircraft, and Radio transmissions (Renewed) Uniden
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7 Uniden 500 Channel Clock/Radio Scanner with Weather Alert (BC345CRS) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Renewed) Uniden 500 Channel Clock/Radio Scanner with Weather Alert (BC345CRS) (Discontinued by Manufacturer) (Renewed) Uniden
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8 Uniden BC340CRS 100-Channel Clock Radio Scanner (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Uniden BC340CRS 100-Channel Clock Radio Scanner (Discontinued by Manufacturer) Uniden
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9 Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner, 500-Alpha-Tagged Channels, Close Call Technology, PC Programable, Aviation, Marine, Railroad, NASCAR, Racing, and Non-Digital Police/Fire/Public Safety. Uniden Bearcat BC125AT Handheld Scanner, 500-Alpha-Tagged Channels, Close Call Technology, PC Programable, Aviation, Marine, Railroad, NASCAR, Racing, and Non-Digital Police/Fire/Public Safety. Uniden
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10 Uniden UM385BK 25 Watt Fixed Mount Marine Vhf Radio, Waterproof IPX4 W/ Triple Watch, Dsc, Emergency/Noaa Weather Alert, All Usa/International/Canadian Marine Channels, Memory Channel Scan, Black Uniden UM385BK 25 Watt Fixed Mount Marine Vhf Radio, Waterproof IPX4 W/ Triple Watch, Dsc, Emergency/Noaa Weather Alert, All Usa/International/Canadian Marine Channels, Memory Channel Scan, Black Uniden
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Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BC365CRS 500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has verified has to that chuckle the bit in some reviewers saying ossia too many hard to program. If you can enter it number and press a key, ossia all a skill has required partorisca program the frequency to a scanner. A main question with the plot of some unhappy people is does not go the RadioReference and verify some types of radio systems have used in his zones. Some zones have gone to trunked systems, digital transmissions, and some are encrypted, which any escneres can control. Calm still can control more trunked or digital unencrypted transmissions but no with this scanner. If your zone has analog trunked systems or digital trunked systems, so only be poised partorisca pay anywhere of $ 200 to $ 600, a price a big plus partorisca some the majority of escneres digital able. An easy way to see if this scanner will do partorisca east to take the look in partorisca some frequencies have used in your zone. If the majority is in the row of 700 to 900 MHz, this is not a radio partorisca you.

This radio is the combination of the radio of clock, commercial FM auricular of emission, canals of time, and equivalent VHF/UHF scanner. It takes mine in a special Amazon partorisca $ reason was the turn for one of these people those who can not read the simple manual. His loss, my profit. All was in a box, and some of some components have been sealed still in a plastic of factory. Like this usual, an Amazon econds' is the add compraventa.

A radio is quite light but the looks well has built. It is the good-looking black plastic and looks more like this he bedside radio of clock that the scanner. It does not leave some look fool calms this in spite of. Ossia The very able radio that will control any analog frequency of 25 to 512 MHz. Still it comprises a VHF and UHF airband, the rarity in the scanner in this row of price. A telescopic antenna has comprised is discreet and is sufficient for local control. It is quite the sensitive radio and, although I have not attached an external antenna, I the suspect can take overburdened in an urban area. You can look for all some frequencies in a row of scanner and easily save the new frequencies have found.

A downsides like this strictly the scanner is any tone and any seal. The tones can dip the mandate obtains multiple in a same frequency like calm so only listen a one master. The seal leaves to apply an alphanumeric seal to the canal. If calm so only want monitor 20 or 30 canals can memorise some frequencies. Any one can do that with 500 canals. You can organise frequencies in 10 banks of 50 to help for only that there is so only an agency for bank, but ossia really any one a scanner wants to go to be listening the hundreds of frequencies.

A FM section of some radio works well. Abundance of sensibility and a sound of a built-in the speaker is decent. Any hifi, but good for the radio of clock. And abundance of volume. There is the jack in a rear master uses the better speaker. I have tried he with the pair of powered speakers of computers. A tone and the loyalty is in fact quite good.

A section of time is quite basic. Some canals are preprogrammed and use some tones of arrow to spend them stops. It excepts In of the scarce chances, a clearer canal covers your zone. Be any one has has complicated tones to dip for an alert. When A radio is in way of the clock constantly is controlling all some canals of time. An opinion of a NWS conjoint of the strong tone. A downside is a radio is quite sensitive can choose on an alert in the canal ossia quite far go. I choose on canal 50 miles were with a regular antenna. It has not had calm a lot the alert have sent still so that it was not that realistic the question that can be. A main thing is this radio will wake you up there be the opinion, and ossia one of some reasons has bought this radio. Alive in a zone with the just number of tornadoes, and the plot come at night.[Modification - 1/3/2018. After reading further in a manual, an alert to time so only controls a last frequency of time has listened to. Mark sure to use a frequency that has spent yours before it go back to a scanner or FM radio. A scanner then so only controls a frequency of local time. There is not a lot of subject with choosing on a besides far alert era.]

Ossia The scanner adds for a price yes bolt in a zone that still has canals of equivalents of conventional public security, but is also irradiate add is an enthusiast of aviation or railfan. Calm included can listen the CB chatter, a lot of buddy. :-)
5 / 5
The cost has verified Like this far like this a lot- I has taken this today and dip the up with a venue EMS / Time and programmed in mine favourite FM emisora irradiates.

Two things that impressed really was a force of signal- partorisca an antenna ossia smaller that more car antennae, this chooses on way more than my car has not done never. A second thing is a speaker . WOW- This little type can dip was some serious sound. So only I have it the twists halfway on and can listen it throughout a whole house. Headphone jack For him wants to cover he until something main.

A backside-light is a lot well, and to the to some few things like to them the sleep with which 60 minutes, the lock scanned, one 500 (!!) It banks by heart to store frequencies, and a car-EMS/Air/of Time/of the function/to Shoot/still to scan of the police of Marina is really fresh also is unsure of your local codes.

This has all some characteristics want to out of the good scanner to fall the hundred bucks. Have Always like Uniden ( has telephones in fact of house of good quality and another electronics) Ossia of a same type of big quality- some keys, knob, all looks a lot of sturdy. This can be a last scanner I never need!
4 / 5
The cost verified has bought this expecting it would have the quality of better audio that a small hand-held baefeng that also have. I have not been dissapointed. Among good and clear and he also stays in a longer canal as you can listen a whole conversation while a baofeng skip to next canal a second to the pause there is prendido in conversation. Has the blacklight exposure that can you toggle on or was and he telescoping antenna. Alive in the small city populated in an east cost and I take glass clear reception of some police and the fire without that has to that included dipped an antenna up. For some people that says this no for them does not think to comprise like this acts. In the first place go the google and discover the one who canals exactly yours police and the etc broadcast shoots on. Calm once know that the canals use you to you can program him to a unit and he then scanner among these canals nonstop. You can any scanner of only press without entering some canals want monitor and expect take anything. It is not to like your car radio. He als has the backup of battery and the clock and FM radio which also touches well.
5 / 5
The cost has checked was very pleased with a reception in a zone in that I alive (seeds-rural) using so only a resupplied telescoping antenna. I especially like a characteristic of Investigation of the Limit of this radio. This scanner is resembled a Whistler WS1025 which does not have an Investigation of looks of Limit to the equal that has determined that the scanner has purchased finally.
Opinion: Unneeded characteristic in this clock of alarm of the scanner and FM radio.
5 / 5
Spent the scanner has checked adds! Really like a characteristic to scan of the time. The programming is easy but requires some extra steps. Once dipped on laws so that it announce. I listen his mostly at night when an activity is more active. I am using a scanner of car and am scanning roughly ten freq,s or more and could take conversation of only partial/transmission. In general I like this scanner.
5 / 5
The cost checked after reading roughly descriptions here, has not been sure like partorisca expect. I have received my Uniden BC365CRS yesterday, and is a lot easily programmable. I took roughly 10 minutes the entrance my codes partorisca scan and he then scans fantastically. Highly it recommends this unit by all the world.
4 / 5
The cost has verified am not able to listen to a scanner because of any in that has the frequency is, has been said that where purchases them this scanner has to that of resupplied with the mllist of s of then is not can resupply me with the cast or I would have to that the turn can listen his..

Thank you
Lorraine Lopez
4 / 5
The cost has checked Purchased like the present. A favourite part partorisca my husband is that that come from the duplicated the number does not leave it . As his 300 canals have turned to the 150 paralizaciones our zone. A sound is clear and a static minimum.
4 / 5
The cost checked has Bought this like the substitution partorisca the fail (after the decades of service) Bearcat BC-300 (the undisputed Rey of some Escneres his day). It comprises this is not the digital scanner, as alive in the middle of metre of big arrival where a 'prime minister responders' run expensive digital train - no, this no partorisca you. A lot of smaller cities and urban/rural zones still the careers of analog radios, this in spite of, and in these zones this scanner will do so only well. There is qualified of narrow band (p. p.ej., Any only but delineation), together with capacity of time (that comprises a capacity to announce alert of time) and the clock with alarm and snooze also. No like this easy to program like this some other escneres, like beds a manual! Quality of his decent east, but better with an external speaker (easily attached has seen a backside 3mm jack). Any complaint at all in a service-action of bands, and included an air-the reception of bands is quite good. IMHO - The quite doggoned-good bang for your $ $ .
4 / 5
The cost has verified My husband has this all hooked or in his room of computer. Raisin extracted adds of time in there. It is by train partorisca imagine it Was more each day. It likes to of him the plot.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BC365CRS 500 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I have purchased this scanner like the present navideño partorisca my daughter ( has has had a partorisca on 45 yrs). It loves it.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden BC340CRS ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 45 ratings
4 / 5
I have ordered this scanner partorisca substitute one this there was on 10 years.
Uniden Is one of some worlds better bands partorisca escáneres, and this unit
is cut at all of that. It is compact and easy to use.
If your use to programing the escáneres will not have any subject with sympathetic regarding the take up and running, Partorisca another no like this skilled, Read all some instructions ! A subject in flipping bands, and flipping partorisca program bands, like this
well like this flipping some bands / of big low investigation, Could be confuse, But if you
read some instructions dulcemente will see to like a work, so only apply that knollage
to all a band of scanner that settings of scanner.
Has had the mine on run in 30 mins, and fully uploaded with all my venue freq

The majority of Freq is found can be on-line, listed for state here [...]
4 / 5
Has bought this scanner partorisca an employee to to which likes to listen to radio traffic. I have paid $ 89 by means of the amazon and see is the few dollars less today.. Uniden Done of the good products.. I have had some questions on programming and has answered mine a lot of promptly and professionally. It is not complicated too much partorisca program or operate, if you have possessed the scanner before.. If you are new to scanner, calm probably will owe that read an a lot of manual. It likes me quell'has said, there the support of technology is really good. This scanner of model covers a basics.. He any 800 MHZ this in spite of.. This can be of entity in your zone.. 800 mhz is taking more and more populate with all the lines of radii of two ways.. Also, this any one Digital formatting of radio.. You will spend $ 400 to $ 500 partorisca one of these escáneres.. Some departments are running digital.. My better joint is partorisca verify your zone partorisca see that it is used before you buy the scanner.. An internet is the good place partorisca look for radio info.. FCC HAS the web of place partorisca radio licence, but no the friendly user.. I create a scanner so only on this one in prize ( + $ 40 ) 800 mhz. Ossia He 100 scanner of canal , which would have to be more than pertinent partorisca a half auditor.. I have bought the scanner 20 years ago this was the 10 ch and has paid a still retreated prize then like this one is now.. It is also one are-fm radii, as well as a clock of alarm.. Certainly it would recommend this model if any one precise 800 mhz coverage.
4 / 5
Has had a Uniden 100 scanner of canal the month and the half. It has been my first scanner . Mainly I have dipped he partorisca the police emissions of my city and listen his while I am reading or doing other projects. It has been informative partorisca have this information and entertaining also. I have not had any one questions with him a time that has had this scanner. An only thing was the little disappointed roughly was that I have not looked partorisca be able to choose on other types of escáneres besides police traffic when I have tried to leave the the scanner partorisca things likes traffic of air, medical helicopter, etc. This in spite of, am not governing was that this day and age perhaps these canals are blocked or perhaps a zone I alive in does not have reception, but has not had any regime that finds other types partorisca scan partorisca listen to. Although have enjoyed when being able to take a police scanning in this scanner and I feel surer that owes the accessible information.
4 / 5
There is not founding a scanner like hard to program like this some of some descriptions suggested and are at all technology savvy. But it was because of these descriptions that approached a process a lot attentively and methodically, which am contributed sure to my success .... As it thanks all the world! Ossia The simple scanner that use for services of local emergency so only (fire, police, doctor) like any one all the canals are used. A squelch a lot eslabio' how was a chance with mine leading scanner, the clarity is perfect, and a volume can achieve me throughout a house when they are so only he so that servants my needs exactly. In general, I think that that this little type is the add to buy for a prize. Any remorse.
5 / 5
A squelch the control in this scanner has after failed the year of property, rendering the useless. Without squelch, will not scan , and is too noisy to leave on for any purpose. Any one annoy contacting Uniden for the service yes is out of guarantee. It would cost more to repair it that for the substitute. Buy your scanner of some another costruttore.
5 / 5
Has taken this scanner like the Xmas present and reading some descriptions have said that it is the simple setup and easy to use. Well, I have to disagree with these statements. In the first place it was any pickup a lot of signals for any police or fire. Besides, a manual is not sincere. For any the one who has has not had never the scanner and knows a lot a lot little roughly the is not easy to setup or using the cause has not taken never he casualidad. Now you look in of the commentaries of people those who has said that ossia easy is his 2nd an or substitution, or an additional well has had one and probably any basics of setting this on any question. But for any the one who has has not possessed never one or included dipped one was. Any one easy the thing that has done a music are/fm a never chosen scanner on the thing. Spent one the easy plus to use was.

Also, would like me mention that when it has taken this element of a vendor has been missing the components and I has had to that take them substituted to try a car was. Buyer Beware.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my husband. A scanner is well. It was able to program some frequencies. A question is, expected it to be new. It has not been it was obvious was the turn . It has had to that write in a manual and a box was opened. I will add I Amazon to the left knows that has spent could does not substitute but gave the full repayment. Yeah Amazon!!
5 / 5
These works of good unit for knots. If any one loves the much more highly produces sophisticated likes those of Radio Shack, this can no for them but utmost for the knots and the knots are a lot happy with him. We use so only basic 10 scanning canals as well as a canal of local time that is a lot useful and useful particularly now that it is winter . Very shabby !
4 / 5
Has bought for local frequencies the police fire and he has the canal of time. It likes more the escáneres of precise programed for the local frequencies and a manual is the must in programing. I have had other escáneres and they all am time consumming to program and regulate. As this are to add and was my in the first place buy in amazon and has taken discount it. It has been of confidence has had for 2 or 3 years now. I have expected to do the description.
Gives the graces for all some clients those who are situating descriptions-- is the helps adds .
4 / 5
Like the agent of the application of law takes after 30 years, Uniden is the a lot of well appoints known mine. Requiring the new scanner, could not believe a prize of $ still the canal of hundred uniden scanner. Taken a unit before it was promished, hooked the on and now have the clear scanner, need for fire, police and time again. Thank you Again Amazon. Calm does not fail never.

Top Customer Reviews: Uniden Bearcat ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
2 / 5
I have bought this scanner so that, like the quoted data in Radioreference.com, my department of local police is accessible with this scanner. TIP for a unconscious: it does not think the thing that Radioreference.com calm said you. I have taken only finished to speak with any one in a department of communications of my venue PS and has changed on in the digital communications TWO YEARS ago!

Of lives in the small po-dunk city, can sure when being that your departments of local emergency have all has changed on in digital also. An only chatter this scanner chooses up is a company of local taxi. If you download an available software, this scanner is easy to program. But that is to say the irrelevant point when can not tune in in any one of some canals of entity that emission in your zone.

Be sure to remark a date of any positive critic for this product. The times have moved on. Because of advances in technology, this radio is useful only yes concretely wants to listen in NOAA reports of the times and some converse pedantic to give local support of radio operators. It do not take Me bad, that is to say it good scanner . But it is the total waste of money if your intention is to listen in your services of local emergency.

PURCHASES One DIGITAL SCANNER. These some east SUBJECTS by behind a time.
4 / 5
There is the 25 old year Radio Shack Scanner 10 canal (any ten bank) the scanner and was arrests to time to update. Alive in a rural zone of Northerner of California, and when being a fireman of ex volunteer, my woman and I depend in our scanner to maintain alerted in case of emergency local.

Has decided in a Uniden BC125AT after aiding the partner of programs of the sound. Had the number of the things has found that I aided decide me:


his Well. A filter in this scanner was able to filter out of a static noise of a diverse electronic in our house.
Compact and comfortable measure in a hand.
Alphas Of program of seal and Numerical canal. A capacity to attach focus in the each canal while it looks in a screen during the transmission he easier to know that in fact it is spending. Instantly I Can know that centre of dispatch is transmitting.
A software of available free Windows of a Uniden website (nexus in a manual of owners) left me in hurriedly and easily entered some frequencies have wanted together with the name for each canal, saves in the file in my computer, then uploads a file in a scanner. With ten banks have separated 505 canals each, was the mere subject to create the banks have separated for Fire, Police, Air Firefighting Resources, and the included banks separated for resources of emergency of local city. Desprs Has programmed the unit of a mine of the partner taken quite a lot of two days later and taken only the little bren to upload a data in my BC125AT.
A capacity in prjimo out of banks. It IS very easy to close out of any one of some banks so, for example, can close all was except or stacks where resources of programs of local fire.
Scanners all the banks, scanner a bank, or choose in canal to scan. In an emergency is good to be able in only listen in a canal of dispatch of the main fire and he are easy to select this function.
An a lot of-work 'knob of volume.' A knob periodic has a lot of works to comprise pose a volume, adjusting a squelch, the displacement through some canals has saved in of the banks.
Brilliance in consonance And adjustable screen

The BAD (or at least, any also)
An included rechargeable the stacks is decent but a load in a Uniden is posed to time only in of the hours. It inserts/ it inserts the fully touched pair of cells and limit a Uniden in and if a load is posed to touch during six hours, baked for this period of time. This overheats a bit that stacks can shorten his life. Your Apresamiento quite animated in a touch, but so far very treacherously so much. I suggest to maintain the spare joint of the stacks touched and change them was while precise.
Uploads through a cape of USB, and only touches some stacks when a unit is turned has been. If a BC125AT is on, some stacks will not take the load. Quan Turned of a load restarts and will run a full period to time you selected in a system of card.
Quan Has purchased this, a nexus of Amazon in an information of guarantee was in a page of old PDF of 2010 of Uniden this has declared a unit there has been the three (3) guaranteeed of year. THAT IS TO SAY BAD. A manual has printed that is coming with a scanner (2012) declares has the (1) guaranteeed of year. I have called Uniden today (8/6/2018) and that the information has been confirmed.
A manual of the owners could be better. That is to say the powerful unit and can do the plot of things. To access a lot a system of card takes presses he of multiple button. A manual describes these are a bit text more complicated that it is necessary. Maps of the flow for each functions would have been Very better. It IS- it write it manual of the owners and the maps of the flows created for function and of the systems of similar programming.

give this unit 4 stars in place of 5 only because of a outdated the stack that system of load. Another that concealed, that is to say the very good scanner for low $ 100. I suggest to purchase an extensive guarantee so that has more than the protect of a year.

REMARCE: A file of guarantee of PDF LINKED in a page of sales of the when the amazon purchased this scanner has declared that a guarantee was three (3) years. It IS not ! This file of PDF was of 2010. Some 2012 manual owners that comes with a scanner declares that a period of guarantee is a (1) year. I have verified this with Uniden Service of Client.
4 / 5
This investigation is the very good scanner , but there is enough the curve to know empinada. Any only turn he on and scanner to start with. A radio requires the extensive together arrives and programming before use which are quite difficult to comprise for to the novice likes him. Everything of some frequencies and another specifics for the this wants to listen to have to when being entered in the memory of a device, which bad has to know you these things before you begin. Felizmente A lot these is available on-line. The manual of an owner is not terribly very written and a bit confuse. Tom: they go in a Uniden place of web and downloads an engine of USB and programming software. It IS vastly easier that programming a scanner directly. I have bought a scanner predominately to control traffic of the aircraft and he surprisingly well. I can listen a control of traffic of tower of the local air of mine that marries is in 15 miles was!
Yours research before buy. Mark sure that it wants to listen is included accessible. For example, a lot of local police, the fire and other frequencies are encrypted now or spent in of the proprietary points that is not accessible in a public.
5 / 5
That is to say the fantastic scanner . It possesses the little on some last 25 years, and this one east by far one the majority of user-cosy. It do not take Me bad...Mina PRO-43 was legendary. But, it can not limit he in my laptop and the program. This Bearcat (my second bearcat) has been purchased by VHF and UHF groups of air. Any a lot of another reason. Please any complaint in any one 800mhz or anything. It conceal it is not that this the the scanner is for, and is not announced that when being so much. In stock the form, has 3 subjects with him. Omission of 380-400 MHz, life of stack of poor stock, and he crappy antenna. So much, of a scanner was so economic, has purchased the set of Eneloop stacks with uploading, the Diamond RH77CA antenna, and said 'oh a lot of' in some 3 frequencies can not take in 380 in milair. The problems have resolved. And now, this thing is phenomenal. Read a manual, downloads a software of free programming, updates one firmware in V1.03, And it attaches some updates mentioned on, and will be happy.
2 / 5
Bobo Me. I tune of flange in at all here in my City. This radio was very expensive(for me). It IS my failure . I fulfil it looks im annual to be but truly im no. I only flange gives this 5-Stars when Ive has paid the full prize but I flange uses it. His totally useless in me. I have it it was necessary the my investigation. I of the that knows that it is likes him enjoy this product like this a reason Im the giving such the low indication. Again, BEFORE you PURCHASE THIS, Yours Research LOCAL of Canal to see yes included can use this. I can not use! It is not one The fault of Vendors. It IS Mina ! A Vendor and the sender takes 10 stars of me, but a Product Takes LOW stars of me so that I can not Use AT ALL. It tries to Comprise my Description podes. Thank you
5 / 5
A BC125AT is in fact the very good scanner for a prize. The majority of some negative critiques has been written by idiots that has any subject with the scanner. A person goes to complain has not been digital like the can not take police and canals of fire. This person would have to has read a specs. That is to say the conventional scanner for reception of voice of equivalent. If you do not comprise what this half, would not have to buy any scanner! This scanner is to take conventional systems only, which ways the will not take trunked systems. This scanner is to take voice of equivalent only, which ways the can not take digital voice. If precise trunking or qualified of the digital voice then buys a type of pertinent scanner. There is still some police and of the departments to sack that it uses conventional systems and broadcast in voices of equivalents, and this scanner an excellent work to take those, and he an excellent work that takes canals of road, frequencies of commercial aircraft, and very other conventional systems that equivalen visas of the use. It does not blame a scanner for your ignorance of radio communications! And BTW, the frequencies of aircraft use one IS road , no a FM subjects, so that it is why or stupid could not listen aircraft. It IS difficult to program for a way layperson? Yes! The radios require the just quantity to learn program. If you can it do not imagine it was regarding the do then is a problem , no a scanner. A BC125AT is not the CB or an EAST/FM preprogrammed radiates. You are designed for radio enthusists this knows so to program and the use. If it conceal calm to describe you, then recommends this conventional system with scanning of voice of equivalent.
5 / 5
I am very pleased with a BC125AT scanner for my application that is to control traffic of air in Seattle/Tacoma zone. Like this far, it has surpassed my expectations. I found it directly-advance to program local frequencies (CTAF, Tierra, etc.) With the partner of descriptive text saw my laptop those uses a proportionate software in a Uniden website. There is very instructive videos in Youtube in a subject. A scanner takes transmissions of Arlington in a North, Olympia in a South, Norma Grier in an East and Bremerton in a Speaker (together with Approximation of Seattle, FAA, and zones of Practice). I am using a rubber ducky antenna that is coming with a unit. I have purchased four additional rechargeable stacks locally while only take quite five hours of continual use in the full load. I use an external to upload (which already had) and has not tried in re-stacks of the load saw an interface of USB.
5 / 5
I attach little scanner, very characteristic, audio very clear. Well of reception with the antenna comprised but can take economic 20 ' extendable antenna for probably same better reception. Place in easy. Programming each canal a bit times to consume but once the fact is each gesture . Necessity To take the frequencies for venues broadcast which are available in radioreference.com. A lot of questions on scanning and the programming is response in the available videos on tube.
5 / 5
Since everything is by train of gone digital (P25) my Uniden 436hp is scanning occupied these so many the canals have required the scanner of decent equivalent.
Has wanted the alpha that etiquette so this was my election .
Attaches the program of small scanner of EASY PC or his easy doing it manual only takes the bit to time to do a tagging in this way.
Any complaint here.
5 / 5
PROS: It IS the plot to scan for a money. The life of stack is quite 7-8 hours before he the precise recharged. The quality of the sake of audio is considering a measure of a speaker. Sensibility of the signal with an antenna has distributed is well. A seal of alpha is awesome. An apt and the arrival is excellent. An exposure is excellent.

GILIPOLLAS: The manual of an owner any one pertinent work to take a new owner in a hump to know initial required in setup a scanner. I am the ham radio operator with abundance of experiences to pose in of the new radios, still took me like this well in an hour before it result competent to program canals and tagging them. Once you learn although it is easy fatality.

Tones to program: Any canal concealed has not been attributed the results of frequency, for default, in firm era. New out of a box a scanner will aim the 'all the enclosed canals was' message so that has has not attributed still the frequency in the canal. There is at all bad with your scanner.

A 'control' laws of button a bit a same like the soyanual' button in another scanner in that for a scanner in the only canal when is scanning. Once prende in this canal, uses a knob of volume to go through some canals. In this road. It presses a button to control to access a canal wants to attach a frequency in. It hastens 'Func' followed immediately for a 'PrgE' tone. I use a knob of volume to go enter ' frequency'. Press a 'PrgE' tone again. It enters a freq using some numbers of keypad. It hastens 'PrgE' again. It opens A radio receiver has the frequency to scan.

Has any soyenu' button. A card of available actions is extended has been among these tones that has secondary red lettering. To access this portion of a card expsita in a esd lettering' the tones have to press a 'Func' immediately anterior in pressing a esd lettering' tones. Then it uses a knob of volume to go through some available actions, gone down a 'PrgE' tones to access this portion of a desire of card in access.

That clunky like My tones to program is is clearer that a manual.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 17 ratings
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Installed the but never radio verified until the few months later, so only would transmit in dipping of low power but was too late partorisca return? It has been the Marine West and purchase same radio king-branded with the West Marine name and utmost. Perhaps so only it take the Friday has built radio Lol? Mark sure controls you radio he well when you install partorisca transmit and recieve!
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I have purchased this unit 3 month ago partorisca mine 14' coffin. I paired he with touches he 5' Fiberglas antenna.
-I can receive transmissions of 50 or so the miles was. San Diego Catalina.
-The speaker is strong abundance .

-automatically looks for to send was signal of affliction on canal 16 after the pocolos small partorisca be on, unless I paste clear key when begin beeping. My GPS does not sustain DSC. Like this perhaps it is for this that a radio this.
-The mountain of recess is the defiant DIY project.
-An original picture in a listing was the model with keys in a mic. One 380 so only has a PTT key. Wrong picture.
-When Changing canals some numbers take very small and hard to read.
-I would not recommend this unit. If it do not plan on hooking he until your unit of GPS. A beeping and constantly that it has to that press a clear key is annoying to a point I so only has closed went it sometimes.

UPDATE: A unit no that the year. I have asked the radio control last weekend without responses. The canal has checked 27 free call has retreated radio control in San Diego so only to listen besiege it was and is a lot of faint. It transmit in a big power any 1 setting of Watt. I am substituting he with the Lowrance Link-8 for AIS security added.
3 / 5
Has no quite be able to use this closing. They are trace he in mine '71 Catalina 22. The, also, has a mic subject of clip as I have been to the mine bounce to do on some material so only to remark a mic dangling in planting to hang of a hangar. It looks that Uniden is out of stock in this part as I am opting so only to fabricate my own clip out of the metal a taken of an old radio that this one has substituted. I guess it is the small price to pay to save $ 50-100, but Uniden is supposition to be the mark to appoint so it is disappointing to see a lack of quality has trusted historically in of the frames these days.
3 / 5
A radio has a lot of figure that I never use. I so only uses in chance of an emergency and listen time and of the reports of tide. Like this far he well. With which some come from was able to link with my Humminbird Finder/of GPS (the instructions have not been a lot good) thanks to an information resupplied for Humminbird. A UNIDEN answered of the support of the Technology was a lot of confusing.

A very bad thing is that a Mic the hanger in one there is broken for behind a first day how is done of plastic of poor quality . A course of metal where a mic is situated is also of poor drawing to the equal that resists a mic a lot tight and was a main cause of a question. Now they are that it uses the fixed house done to resist a mic in a base. It do not have to that spend in the new device.

Will allege a costruttore for the new mic but with expecting very small.
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This Uniden irradiates that I sent to to you likes him the substitution is so only like one first irradiate that you the mine has sent.
Can not use he in my marine application and wants to return it.
Please regulate my account by means of my paper crediticia has used to purchase an original
am returning so much an original radio and a radio of substitution.
Thank you For advanced.
Michael Tilly
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I have purchased and installed a radio. He powered on, has scanned canals, and all are supposition partorisca except receive and transmit the signal. I king-has done a connection of antenna 3 times and has tried another antenna, but still does not transmit . I have sold a boot before I did not take it never partorisca do.
1 / 5
Installed the to substitute the very old radio in mine 17' fish and ski. It chooses especially a weathe canals, easy to install. Finally it has been it is gone in some local canals and has had an occasion partorisca use it partorisca communicate with some step barges, and work well without complaints. Some the only subjects foresee is a mic clip. In a backside of a mic is the plastic clip to slide to a headline of metal, easily could break was, but the time will say. In general it looks to be the very good product. Definetly Needs an antenna with him the plan buys this
5 / 5
Mina 6 old year Uniden VHF the finally died radio when a cord of microphone has broken in a radio. I have bought this radio because it is a same measure of an old one and access to a same hole (permanently locates behind in console of mine of centre).

A radio is meant obviously to have tall trace because a connection of the microphone in a radio is signalled down and CAN not BE MOVED. Ossia Where/because my old one has failed. It is trace near of a helm in console of mine of the centre and I pull UP in a mic when transmitting. Desire that a mic cord swivel in a radio or at least leave me partorisca change his place has based on as/where is trace. Calm import... My last a lasted partorisca 6 years so many partorisca a price... I imagine it take my cost of money and this one looks partorisca be at least like this hard.

I installed a radio and, that follows a isntructions and those have comprised with my GPS of Garmin Chartplotter has not been able to take some units the 'habladura' to an another using NMEA so that a DSC would do.

Has called my mechanic that, using some same instructions, hooked the all up in roughly 20 minutes partorisca just the little bucks. A question was apprently DEFECT of the USER more than anything has related to a product or a manual.

Now that it is all hooked up was able to try he with a USCG the one who immediately answered to the mine soyessage of Test.' DSC Resupplies some real peace of alcohol partorisca security and some really fresh options partorisca call another.

Has tried a voice that call them and all the world have spoken to commented in those that it touch clearer have compared my old radio (same antenna) and his all touch the mine of whole plot clearer!

An exposure is the little hard to read but once again... Conceal so only it can be my old trifocal spending eyes.

While it is not 'perfect' am pleased with this radio partorisca a price!
4 / 5
Decent product. It take this like the backup of mine Horn of Boss. This does not have an integrated gps but can be connected to the external devices partorisca take reading. Easy install and setup
4 / 5
It was reluctant to purchase this unit been due to other descriptions, but a prize the value that tries, and the amazon has civilises of the excellent turn does not act. I loosened an action of cradle in a mike group because of reports of the plásticoes toneless mike returning. I seat to fix it the must has been done and has not seen any weakness with a mike. I have installed a radio and he 42' antenna in mine bounce of pontoon, launched in a St Johns Remachar, 26 miles of me, has asked the radio control, and has received the clear response in ch 16. Several miles my travesía has asked RR the bridge that opens in ch 09 and has been said has been listened strong and clear. I have received several wx canal clearly. Any like him To Him a method of selection of the canal, but can live with that. Happy with my election.