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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
5 / 5 By Jarred
I have had this telephone partorisca roughly 24 hours now and does not see me never going back to the mine full sized smartphone. This can do literally all the plenary sized has beaten of smartphone. But, you can a lot always it wants to, and ossia class of a point. These telephones leave me to maintain all some things I class of 'need' in my life. The walk that applications of actions, google maps, mobile hotspot, email, etc. And these applications are really quite easy to use inclusos in this factor of small form. Calm will not be composing big responses in yours emails, or that does the tonne to explore by means of half comunicacionales social, and for some of knots, ossia the positive thing . But, it is not fooled. A telephone is entirely able to face all some tasks that maintained joined to your smartphone in a first place. Here it is a pros, gilipollas, and some tips.

First what there is remarked immediately is that this cures absent-minded behaviour 100. Calm will not be tried to try for the use while driving, reason is class of impossible.
Loves some returns of way in my pocket. Yes, it returns in a pocket to coin perfectly! You are grieve elder that the key fob. Any rectangle lines whiter that fray in mine tejanos.
Is amiably weighted.
A ram of the processor/of the telephone is quickly quite and has abundance of storage for anything that you really would have to that be that it loves to do with him.
A torch is brilliant, and some cameras are not terrible.
Full android, tent of game and everything.
FM The radio is in fact the application really adds that calm included leave you songs records of in a airwaves to save for later. And it uses ANY DATA.
A key of house is a FOCUSED that I can presses different colours to leave knows has lost roughly called or of the texts.
Expandable storage and removable battery.
Headphone jack.
Has on built-parleur that is not terrible.

The resolution of screen is down. It was well to have so only the little more PPI to avert a blurry or jagged papers in a tiny screen.
Life of the battery is not quite the low full day moderate use. This an also could be considered the pro likes part of a digital integer detox strategy. Calm will find you that it wants to save a battery of telephones for tasks more than entities.
The writing is more difficult that has the habit of . I am finding ways around the, entrance of voice, keyboards of gesture, but is even more difficult that was in my telephone mine big plus.
Some flanges of a screen of touch can be inaccurate.

Installs the keyboard like Gboard, or Swiftkey and entrance of gesture of the use. It helps the tonne to swirl around to find your word more than pinpointing a paper. I also found that Gboard has done adds in landscape. Ossia One of a bit those that telephone that in fact can write a rid in landscape. Swiftkey Some odd things in landscape with east.
Installs the launch like new launch that calm give you gestures of a screen of house. Utilisation some gestures in New to launch several applications and he save me that it has to that it prints. Can launch him without looking.
Goes to settings, roughly telephone, number of build, and number of build of the click repeatedly until ameno on the options of developer. Options of the developer of the interior enables estactos that visual'. This will help to know where is registering your touches when you are in a flange of a screen and having difficulty.
Goes to settings, accessibility, and enable magnification. This among handy. A triple tap anywhere will augment a screen and left calmer easily link of tap or other keys.

Highly recommend this telephone. It is something calms will not comprise until calm give comes from it!
4 / 5 By Inge
Has tried diverse mini mobile phones, and this one is a plus like this far! He in fact all a telephone of android can do. Really It likes Me one has directed notification, downloading music and enough have all some applications am using. Quality of his this a lot of clear. The battery is not that I add, as I have purchased an additional battery. But in general, the action and the compact measure is glorious!
5 / 5 By Lakiesha
The device adds global if any one calm really go in an internet to plot or to to use likes him the backup. Mark so only sure checks a life of battery all a time because still with a battery that saves characteristic, he still last the day without use.
5 / 5 By Kathline
Better that a one for $ 125.
4 / 5 By Dorie
Has has wanted to very like this Aspic Pro, but a screen is too small.
5 / 5 By Maren
One adds mini telephone of backup and possible Smartwatch alternative.
4 / 5 By Tad
Is as well as the secondary telephone and for international use. Alive among some the EUA and Spagna, and use for cellular hotspot to my main telephone to the equal that does easily among some countries. It is surprising for this use. Has an extremely bad battery life this in spite of, but yes calms mainly uses for cellular hotspot then does not use that a lot of battery. In combination with the second calm telephone hardly ever be telephone-less.

Again, has the really bad battery life. I think it that it was better there is the less powerful processor that quell'was more the effective energy.

Top Customer Reviews: Unihertz Atom, The ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
Partorisca On two decades, my career has directed in software of cutting flange and mobile hardware.

As I am like this critical as they come when it comes to mobile phones.

An Atom is not the novelty.
Is an exceptional telephone .

Is the rugged creation is in pair with some of some better in a phase.

Packs Some fantastic specs also, concealed the for real powerful fact.

A screen is much better that it could expect you of the telephone this measure.

And is the world-wide telephone adds pause a lot.

My subject only with a telephone is all a bloatware that can you a lot easily take.

Mostly Google material stock but also other things that is unnecessary like zello.

While it is unlocked, is not opened fully and not being any root partorisca he still.

But ossia something those the majority of people a lot really cured roughly.

Reason to the final of a day is the telephone adds !

Unihertz The while it has done for behind the very decent telephone has called an Aspic that was a lot populate.

An Atom is advanced much more and vastly more powerful.

Has considered an Aspic more than the novelty, but an Atom partorisca a lot in fact can result your day partorisca telephone of day.

Is not really partorisca surfing a web but he can do this and really well.

But yes direct in an idea of voice, these telephone results súper useful.

Are not simply that the roughly called pause of telephone.

Am speaking roughly recognition of voice.

Google And another have given really an a lot of on on voice and when you hook on the decent Bluetooth headset to an Atom, finalised with the perfect tool partorisca when you are exiting to to the doors like to them the cycling.
Easily accessing GPS, your application of formation, question partorisca read your emails, songs of game on Spotify and so more.

This is not your business telephone.

Ossia Yours all but business telephone.

With a HE the tool comes with, I easily transmission among my iPhone XS Atom of mine of Max and vice versa.

Takes five seconds to do and prefer an Atom when it is was are character or cycling or travelling.

Especially considering mine $ 1400 iPhone is so only very built for my adventures.

Wants to aventurar for real adds telephone, takes an Atom.
5 / 5 By
This telephone is upper notch partorisca to any one like him of the that only need the mapea and music and fast calls.

Has loved for real this telephone and is measured a lot compact.

This in spite of, interior 24 hours of use, a telephone has fallen roughly 3 feet and has broken a screen, in an upper right corner. I achieved it it was to the service of client has seen the email and they were responsive and useful and was has had to that to fix a device, has has had to that the so only send was that it was to do in a weekend. Then a definite thing is spent, the telephone has fallen again like paths to a gymnasium and BOOM The WHOLE SCREEN there is SHATTERED! Mina ruined vibe, mine workout and my whole evening.

Has walked well behind out of a gymnasium and to the amazon has called. Accusing a turn now.

Will say, if it can take spent a screen that shatters, this telephone would be an only device would not use never again.
5 / 5 By
Has loved the fresh toy! They are 55 and love this material! These works of telephone perfectly. He everything. It is the mid telephone of row, ossia tiny. Real Tiny. I owe that spend cheaters for the career, except calls. You can any text to crap. You owe that testo of habladuría. Included the stylist is too big! It is amused. It breaks a gel in of the conversations. All the world is surprised. It does not buy he for a camera. Or anything that you need the screen he big plus. It is rugged, is the chunk. It is test of ball . You call them they are surprising! It agrees to turn a volume down. I have bought the clock for music in a gymnasium. Ache in a butt to upload. This launch in mine shorts pocket and sweat and have any worry because it is waterproof. And calm does not need the protective telephone. It is the beast so only a way is. It comes with the protective screen. Which is well. But it is glass of gorilla . And a protective screen was unnecessary. I have thought when I bought it, you verify it it was and the turn. But they are by train of the maintain. He all would expect! Valued the 90,000 in antu benchmark. How it is quickly enough. When I Require my telephone mine big plus, I just slide out of mine prepay HE of Verizon and begins well up. Also, bought reason locate motorcycles, and rain used to be the worry, no more! And quality of habladuría is perfect. I have bought this of the amazon and are a client of Joe of the average. Has some entertainment! Spent one.
4 / 5 By
So only has taken a telephone and like this far really me like 90 of a telephone. A subject real only has is that a bluetooth resembles disconnect with any device (at least all the world has tried) this is to connect his once closes / goes the way of sleep. I have tried messing with different settings but can not look to find any combination of settings to do better work. I have looked around on-line and expósito that has abundance of the people that experience this subject.

Heres While he firmware the starts to update that can that to him fixed. If you arent that connects in bluetooth was the 5 /5 but for now will go with 3/5 I of uses bluetooth to plot.
4 / 5 By
Has been looking for the smartphone that is not massive to like all a mainstream behemoths. Ossia A better one can find like this far. To be sincere, is not my ideal telephone, but is near. Has an Aspic pro, and would stick with that, but a life of the battery in this telephone is abysmal. It is it adds to be able to exchange he easily, but are transmission because he no last more than few hours, ossia any good. An Atom has more than double a capacity, and ossia enough. Still I like him be able to exchange a battery was easily, but comprise that an Atom is drawn like the rugged/waterproof telephone, like the fact felt that it can you no.

the life of battery is well, last all day for me YMMV. Compared to an Aspic pro, this telephone is quite fat and heavy. It assumes the just quantity of this spatial and the weight is due to a main battery.

Be that it surprises if a screen has on taken almost all a face of a device like mainstream tendency, but ossia the committed are has had to that to live with. I want to as small is, but in fact would prefer the slightly main screen.

A precision of an interface to touch is incredible for the screen this measure. Has big toes, and seldom selects something am not aiming paralizaciones. An only question has found with a measure of the screen and the precision to touch is when using the swype fashionable keyboard, so only does not have he quite soiled to read some swipes with accuracy. If I write out of the papers individually does not have any question with accuracy. Considering a fact that the averages the fall of tones of the dozen under my toe when I write, am blown was with this described to the equal that knows that I am going paralizaciones.

Of then is like this small has turned in a 'touch all audio like pleasant', and work so only well. I have not seen a point of stereo audio when some speakers are only thumbs averts. It is quite strong that can use likes an alarm.

Bluetooth Has connected perfectly anytime used it like this far. I have had any one random disconnects or a lot another issues anything.

My Project Fi he the paper done without any question, but read the like this T-Cellular so only.

Desires a SD space of paper, but with 64gb of inner storage, this is not to treat it big.

A camera is usable quality , but has taken so only two pictures like this far, as I can any one really judge. A photo was a level 16mp 4:3 without HDR, another was 8mp 4:3 with HDR. A HDR was clearer/better. Any volume to plot of pictures in all the chance, as they are not a More adds them to estimate quality.

A fingerprint the reader does not choose on my toe every time, but does at least 50 of a time. I think that that it is more calm reason so only can have recognise the small part of your impression been due to is small measure. To help with east, has dipped in mine form of thumb like some separate impressions, so only of different corners.

A processor and RAM are certainly enough. I did not have it freezing or lag on me still. The any one game, and would not suggest gaming in such the small device, but work well for video, exploring reddit etc.

Altogether, The telephone adds, and appearance Unihertz maintains on a good work. To good sure will be to look for his model his evening more a next time am looking to upgrade. Any telephone is perfect, but this one comes quite near.
4 / 5 By
Has taken so only of the star because a camera could be better. It tends partorisca blur the bit when one lighting is compromised. Texting Is much easier that would imagine, but still requires patient. It is perfect calms is trying discourages to be intoxicated to half comunicacionales social all day.

Some points for to sell are durability and small measure. I maintain my stock exchange in my pocket forward, like the small telephone is ideal for me. And I have it quell'has closed accidentally to attack this telephone down last in a concrete earth. It has not left the mark! In fact, I in fact tried partorisca line on a screen with my knife of pocket and could a lot of he.

Thinks that the majority of the telephones today are drawn for women and his purses. They are big and brittle and jewels of look. I have loved to go another way! It is my opinion that ossia a perfect telephone for the doubt. It is like this undetectable in my pocket that any chairs included with my stock exchange!

Update 10 month later: If you are a type that likes use a To The entrance in your automobile to touch music of your telephone, forget this telephone. For your song every second, and any quantity of continuingly the game to press will help you. Unihertz In fact dipped out of an update that fixed this, then dipped out of another update that screwed he on again two month later. Like this although this fixes it again, the consider the provisional fijamente.

Also, a camera is like this bad that almost has not taken never pictures of mine few boys. I admit that it was also in rejection and founds to avert one camera all near. The subjects look much more has had to be and a photo looks a lot a lot dark. I guess I have taken always it takes has has admitted having the decent camera in a past.

Also, some hule is beginning paralizaciones to peel, although I do not comprise reason.
5 / 5 By
I wantd the like this of telephone, but is been the total disappointment .
Some accidents of application of the Telephone in the another call of telephone. A lot another built in the applications also clash frequently.
Yes turns on 'Automatic Timezone' ALWAYS changes to centrical time any subject where is.
Bluetooth No with a lot of devices, sometimes is syncs on but then fails, or incidents.
The life of battery is poor, if no utilisations calm a lot could he 12 .
A screen is too small (resolution) how is useless with a lot of applications. Application of the American airline can not say fly it of door is in reason he stacks number to chair on door. Uber Is useless because full screen with warning messages, etc. Like this calm can not see map, etc.
Update 9 is was, but judging for some complaints has more questions that some originals firmware. Unihertz HAS the history of not sustaining the old telephones when new some am exited, Titán @ will be was punctual calm so much can expect the one who little sustain they at present the offer will not be available punctual.
5 / 5 By
Good product while it swim pause and precise support. Yes, a tiny keyboard is the hassle but value some other profits the small formfactor ameno. Speaker of mine of external load has failed with which 6 month. After the pocolos emails to unihertz the service has received finally instructions to send of the telephone to the Gentleman Hou in the ridiculously allocution of Shanghai of Hong Kong along, any zip and in my own cost with following has required. It was obvious mine that the service of client has looked for to do the guarantee returns the big plus hassle that a telephone cost - and work. Without guaranteeing that a reparation would be covered down guaranteeed and assuming also has to that nave of turn of the paid, a cost to receive the service is by train to approach a price of compraventa of a telephone... Like this quite this spends more, a telephone will seat in to the the drawer likes the one of leftover or until it decides to the yours of him.
4 / 5 By
Initial impressions with which roughly 1 now with a device. This telephone is almost identical in measuring to the telephone of toe has closed in fact 10 years. A screen is so only in identical in measuring to that would locate an interior of telephone of the toe says also. For a prize, think it would be so only of the compare the mobile hotspots... You except you can also it marks and receive calls with east. It is also the dual HE device. With him SAR indication in 2.0, is in an upper limit the legal acceptibility, but this looks to be look for a course among some the majority of popular smartphones in some the EUA (Apple or Android) and is at all unusual for mobile hotspots. The writing is the bit of the challenge, but ossia to be expected in this factor of form.

Trying gone back a screen further of virtual keyboard is exited to a zone of surface of the keypad of telephone of the toe means the committed in the big can do you a virtual keyboard. This in spite of, a form to exist the factor is ALMOST QUITE SMALL that can do likes the telephone of toe, which would direct a subject of spatial for entrance of the user and I would be thrilled to see something like this in the future iteration (as well as reducing SAR levels). In a moment, I am happy to sustain Unihertz endeavours and his bucking a phablet tendency.
5 / 5 By
Ossia A second Atom has ordered, so only reason an application of the music would not touch files of mine of the music in a telephone of prime minister has bought in December. Some laws of application erratic, showing titles and artists endlessly with which play of paste for the song -- but does not touch never that song or a lot another. It has installed VLC application of music and files of mine of touch of music perfectly with this application. The support of technology loved initially to reset a telephone behind to condition of original factory, with which so only a week. I have said enough it comes from another of the amazon and has said to be well. A second telephone of Amazon was no different that a telephone prime minister -- have sent like this for behind a second and am maintaining a first telephone. I have it quell'has had always the telephone of the toe and ossia smartphone of mine of prime minister. I leave to do all could any one with a telephone of toe and not having a weight and bulk of the main smartphone. A lot happy, but look another of an application of problematic music that comes preinstalled. Otherwise Add little telephone! Update: Unihertz contacted today regarding an application of music accionaría. They have confirmed the atom can not sustain .wma Files of music because Unihertz does not have the licence of Microsoft. Files of mine are .wma Formed, but a VLC application will touch them such files in an Atom. Still a lot happy with a telephone and service of technology.