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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Telephone adds yes calms so only love a basics partorisca do fulfilled daily (email, half comunicacionales social, selfies, take pictures of random material, Youtube, streaming video, compraventa on-line, etc) without some bells and whistles.

$ 350 Is an excellent prize so that it can do it especially is in the estimativa.

The difference of the prize $ 800+ telephone does not have

1. Water, Control of Powder. It has to that stock exchange of the handy rice in chance that, and did not fall it around constantly in sand of dry/muck

2. Active flange. The difference of a past few telephones of pixels, can not express telephone partorisca Assistant of Google

3. Facial recognition. Has the a lot of responsive fingerprint reader in backside.

4. 4K Screen. Has 1080p exposure of SMELL, 60hz refresh. If your eyes have the habit of 4k screens with big refresh has imposed then this can feel like the downgrade, if no, is manageable. Able fine it-fulfilled without any lag (unless your eyes are coached partorisca do that)

5. Wireless touching. The fast wire fence that touches so only.

6. Aluminium or organism of glass: the external telephone has the plastic of the draws of organism have joined. Sturdy And fingerprint that resists

7. Support 5G. There is the 5model of g that comes punctual (to the equal that of this description)

--That has/cast of characteristics:

Excellent camera: front of camera So only and behind (12MP). Any wide corner. Software of past of estaca excellent. One of some better cameras in a phase (as of this description) still when compared to $ 1000+ telephones especially in photographs of star. That The camera forward is the creation of punch discovers in place of integrated to the bezel.

The life of Battery adds: 10 screen of now punctually. It can last 1 to 1.5 days according to use

there is headphone jack so that the still use wired auricular

Stereo the speakers are basic. Able to listen another by means of telephone of speaker. The decent bass want to listen the music without headphones

128gb storage

And-he option. Any need partorisca physicist he if I do not love use

HAS alive Caption way (basically subtitles partorisca your telephone partorisca means comunicacionales and of the calls of telephone), and Now touching (say that the music is touching without going to an application)

HAS 3 software of year and updates of security. Any bloutwear in telephone

In general, excellent prize so that volume especially when it love a telephone to do fulfilled basic newspapers
5 / 5
Himself wants to buy a smartphone of Android of the the USA that has the minimum was-of-the-cashiers bloatware, the headphone jack, fingerprint sensor, that the camera adds, and a unlockable bootloader, there is so only some telephones in a phase that fulfils that criteria, a Pixel 4a. Personally it wishes this characteristic in my smartphone, but the costruttrici have been takes of his flagship smartphone of sometime. I have used to so only buy smartphone flagships and was excited always the upgrade. I have purchased a Pixel of prime minister of Google XL in launch day behind in 2016 and has been a telephone I better there is never has used. I have loved my Pixel XL so that it has tried to substitute the two times but has finalised to sell some telephones some new plus as I considered him to be inferior. My Pixel XL there is prendido to receive updates of software of Google the while behind, but has been able to extend his lifespan to upload LineageOS on that.

Subsequent pixel flagships Has take several characteristics love in mine telephone or has added the characteristic there is not wanted. A Pixel 2 serious have take a headphone jack, a Pixel 3XL has had an ugly notch mimicking an iPhone X, and a Pixel 4 (any) the series does not have fingerprint sensors.

The Really has not felt that a Pixel 4a, the offering of estimativa, has more characteristic that a Pixel 4, but ossia of the lives of realities in. It would like to quickly run over of some things I amour in this first device to begin for rasgar to with critic. I want to that has the headphone jack. I do not have any question with wireless technology, but Bluetooth in 2020 still resupplies quality of his subordinated when compared to the connection wired. When they Are in mine car or listening to headphones, love the connection wired for a possible better quality. It wired The headphones neither require the batteries that bad is much more environmentally friendly and never require substitution of battery.

I also loves that this telephone has a unlockable bootloader. If you want to maintain this past of telephone a 3 window of year of offers of Google of support of software, can upload a aftermarket ROM in your device like LineageOS. It is also the plus want to root your device. A lot of manufacturers of smartphones (Samsung, Huawei, Motorola, Motorola, to appoint the small) neither does not leave this or limit a functionality to sure models that considers unacceptable. It can images has bought the computer with Windows 7 but has been forbidden to upload Windows 8 or Ubuntu on that? Calm does not have to that imagine , ossia essentially the one who the majority of the costruttrici of smartphones do. Google Any and appreciate concealed.

While a unlockable bootloader is well, would say that to the majority of people would like them use his new telephones with out-of-software of boxes while possible. The version of Google of the android is a more next thing to pure/bloatware-free that can take. There is no duplicate applications (excepts Music/of Youtube of the Youtube/of Youtube), and almost all can be uninstalled or disabled out of a box. The mine has come with the T-Mobile application that I saw odd of then is a unlocked telephone, but was able the uninstall that. Ossia That likes me see. The Another mark likes him Samsung has gone according to which to create of tents of whole duplicate application, calendars, applications of topmast, assistants, and browsers of internets that is not removable of his telephones. Another, likes OnePlus, Facebook dips now services in of the telephones out of a box. They are happy that Google has not embraced these practices and election of application of leaves stop until an owner of a telephone.

A camera, likes on all the telephones of Pixels, is fantastic. It adds action down light and amazing detail, contrast, and colour. No another smartphone in a phase can compare with a series of Pixel of telephones when it comes the cameras. Both a front and behind shooters take utmost shots, but for the reasons will take of later, hate an advance of camera.

So that it is some committed ? This thing is economic, gross, fingerprint-plastic appeal. With all honesty, hate all plastic. Plastic is the one who disposable the products are done of. I do not love the plastic telephone. Mark out of aluminium, steel, glass, anything. But the plastic is not acceptable in any smartphone in 2020, included the estimativa a. Immediately when I have taken this telephone out of a box has hated that felt in my hand. It feels like the boy tox, reminiscent of an iPhone 5c. You can think that that ossia to coach to be hard in the $ 350 telephone but an iPhone 2 is done of aluminium and is a same prize. An aesthetic creation of a telephone is not too bad, if it has been done of the aluminium would be the a lot of looking telephone, ossia, if it has not been so that it will take to prójimo.

A screen is horrible. It is so only 1080p-equivalent (my Pixel XL of 2016 this 1440p, is not quite wide for my flavour, and more than having it bezel in a cup of a telephone likes in a Pixel 4, Google instead decided to embrace a punch of hole-draw-of the camera in front of the fashion popularised for Samsung. While you look in this telephone, goes to see this camera. It sticks it was like the sore thumb, the giant of black mark in a screen. It is included worse when you are looking video in way of portrait, like this upper of an exposure darkens to simulate an artificial bezel. If a video is looking is dark then more than seeing some perfect black scenes good-looking can achieve with a screen of SMELL, sees a camera. It is also the distraction when you are seeing the wide photo or video in way of landscape, is to giant blackhead in a side like the fly landed in a screen. Step to plot to time to look video in mine telephone and this is not acceptable. When in dim rooms a hole of camera is also a lot reflective and will shine light right to your eyes, adding distraction further. An only thing can compliment is that at least a hole is was to a side and no in a centre. It is still terrible.

Am not happy with a fingerprint sensor. It is plastic to the equal that feels terrible, but neither looks to read fingerprints well. To his credit reads quickly, much more quickly that my Pixel XL, but find me that it has to that read my printed three or four times so only for the take to unlock. I prefer optical down-screen fingerprint sensors like these expósitos in a OnePlus serious telephones but can accept the backside fingerprint the sensor yes is attentive and quickly. A sensor in a 4one does not look to be attentive.

A battery is too small in 3140mah. There is Indian of estimativa and Chinese telephones that is packing 4000mah+ battery to smartphone of alike measure, Google is lagging for behind a competition. They have announced this like this in that has it “adaptive” optimisation of battery and while it looks to treat quite well out of a box, that very extracted after several updates of entities and the pocola load of cycles of hundred? One of mine last works have been spent doing with battery and one of some things has learnt is that when it comes to lithium-cells of ion, the main depth + qualified to download lower = more along lifespan. Although this telephone can take calm by means of morning the night with the 10-15 capacity has left of the 3,140mah battery, will remain with the hard battery less long that it has had you the 4000mah the battery that has arrived a day in 30 first to go back in one load. Lithium-cells Of the ion also degrades so that it is cycled. With which 100 cycles the battery of Lithium can lose so as 5-10 of his capacity. If starts with the main cell while the degradation will be less than a subject like insiemi of age in. Needless To say, Google fumbled on measured of battery.

Thinks that ossia a telephone of better new Android in a phase, but in a breathes included, thinks that reflects bad in a phase of smartphone of the Android. You could think that that my critics are hard considering a low prize of a telephone, but has not bought this telephone reason was economic. I bought it reason has some characteristic master. If I have had an option to buy it flagship smartphone with the headphone jack, fingerprint sensor, organism/of glass of the metal, excellent camera, big battery, any glue of hole, and a lot of bloatware, would buy concealed. I can not buy the new flagship to to the smartphone likes that that of east is a more next thing afterwards . Not even I am asking characteristic of luxury like wireless touching. Basically, I seat a lot of guilt be critical to the defects of a device because my desires like the consumer is not when be fulfilled by some companies am purchasing of. It would recommend this need of device some characteristic has.
5 / 5
I finally changed of Samsung and Motorola telephones to the Pixel. It had read to plot of web of places extolling that well of the prize has been based in some characteristic and decided for the give the casualidad.

In general, would say that well of the money, but, having he for the few days now, has some obvious pros and gilipollas.

To good sure a prize
3 years of support of software/upgrades
any plenary of bloatware

A camera takes utmost pictures, but a software is being missing of like this every time that takes the picture and loves it see, precise attended 5 first second of a telephone accuses it.

Has no wireless touching.

Has no facial visit.

A sound was the real letdown. It is not almost like this strong and clear like this similarly telephones of prizes.

A screen is quell'has bitten small and a real organism of a phon does not look like this solid to the equal that am coming to expect telephone alike.

To good sure think is in an on the half row based in a quantity that is paying. But, maintain these gilipollas in alcohols and add in that Google punctual will be to release some 5versions of g that this an is not .
4 / 5
The on-line people has said that a build is less first . All the world situates the chance and protective screen in his telephones so that those that that really @@subject?

-Experience of pure Android - ossia the big selling point
-works awesome
-abonos sized device, feels directly
- the camera adds
- the prize is awesome, has paid more smartphone of paralizaciones and has not taken the device of this calibur
- together a bar for Smartphone

Goes to buy this Pixel 4a!!!
4 / 5
This telephone has been purchased after long and first investigation experience hand-held positive with a Pixel 3a. After several weeks of while to a new telephone to ship with which has been released, am very pleased with a functionality of this new Pixel 4a.

One of a big plus that sells points for this telephone is a prize . Have has not wanted the fund another $ 800 telephone of Verizon to the equal that has opted for a unlocked telephone that could and connect his coverage. This telephone was the subject in $ 349, but there is at all economic in this telephone except a prize.

A Good: Besides winning on prize, this telephone was the breeze to dip up. A HE the easily inserted paper to a telephone and he quickly connected to a Verizon coverage without @@subject. A neighbour on the instructions was easy to follow to take a telephone to arrive and running quickly. A Pixel 4an also transferred all the data, applications, and pictures of mine old Galaxy S7. It has used the boss of USB to connect and download everything. Even Texts, voicemails, and all more transferred on way that has not felt never stray. Google Chrome And Gmail is my primary browser and email like this exploring history and has saved the hips has transferred signals on. The applications have required to be logged to again and has had some subjects of the signal forgotten, but at all concealed could not be fixed.

Has connected once this telephone operates smoothly and is easy to cruised. It is quell'has bitten different that th 3an and other telephones of Android so that has no the rear key and everything is controlled by means of swipes. It takes some taking used to but works smoothly once the take down. A camera is exceptional and surpasses any telephone has used previously. Another prize with this telephone is a life of battery that big rows in my cast of characteristics of entities. This hard battery all day time very same with regular use. A battery in a 3one are to add and a battery in a 4one is awesome! Also it touches a lot quickly with a resupplied upload and estimate the full load that takes roughly an hour.

A Bad: A bad really is not all this bad when taken in pertinent context. There is the reason this telephone is half some prizes other models of then is missing some characteristic of luxury. Apparently this telephone is not waterproof, which comes like the surprise of the mine of then has known no never very telephone to be waterproof and am always careful with my telephones around waters. Wireless that touches the capacity also is that it loses of this telephone to the equal that can lose this characteristic wireless touching is your thing. Really it is not the big shot this in spite of of a hard battery like this long this telephone is seldom in one uploads in all the chance.

This telephone takes the USC-C boss as it is not compatible with some bosses of Android older and Kindle devices, which use Micros Bosses of USB. It comes with an USB-C boss but calm can wants to purchase another like extra some around a house or in a car. Again, no the enormous shot because of a life of battery.

Resumid: Ossia An exceptional telephone and would have to that do well for a vast majority of users. Work and looks far more expensive that really is, doing me @give the one who some companies of telephone are rasgando sold overpriced telephones. It wins in value, setup, camera, operating speed and life of battery. The smallest points are lost for missing some of some more elegant characteristic as wireless touching and when being the different touching boss that more the people already have, but those do not weigh strongly in my opinion of this Pixel of Google 4a so much am giving is the strong four stars.
5 / 5
Was very excited in this telephone. I have multiple bed glowing descriptions. The telephone has arrived yesterday and am spent several hours with him. I am coming from the 3-the old year Samsung Galaxy S8. There is at all really bad with this telephone. It is so only not taking updates anymore and liked some have thought of the telephone of pure Android. A S8 has had a bit quirks like the big delay be able to take the picture while the maps of Google was active (bad for travesías of street).

Here is some findings/of thoughts in a 4a vs a S8:
1. In a 4an I finds it the bit to frustrate to any when being pas able to close applications like this easily like this in a S8
2. A S8 the camera has more than comprises options to pro way. I think it still it takes marginally better pictures that a 4a
3. A Gboard has the spatial and down key in a subordinated that it is impossible to take. Gboard In S8 does not have this
4. I find it very easy to paste a gesture of rear key for deception in a he 4an and then has to that open an application again
5. I immediately installed the chance and protective screen in a 4a, but still feels likes easily could fall
6. A life of the battery is not that I add in 4a - in a same likes 3 year S8 would say
7. Stereo Speakers in a 4one is a lot of - but calms that has to that resist roughly the foot out of your face to take an effect
8. 128 GB Of the storage comprised in a 4one is a lot of (vs 64 GB in a S8), but also have the 200 GB SDCard in a S8
9. 4A heat taking! There is complained roughly a lot when being pas able to do the few things (transcribes for example) reasons was too hot

the jury is still was will substitute a S8 or no. And substitutes it to him, that spends to an old telephone? It is only value $ 100 or less.

Would say looked for the telephone add for a money, and is better concealed the one who calm at present the, to good sure take a 4a he so that it is the good prize and has to that the plot of characteristics is. This in spite of, attentively compare it against which calm at present has to that way that can very really be that very better.
4 / 5
Went it the long wait, as my old Pixel has continued to deteriorate, but happy that was able to upgrade to now my telephone of Android preferred. A Pixel 4an east amazing, some colours are the little different has bitten that my old Pixel, but knows has had a same situation when it has moved of mine Nexus 5x. This telephone is beautiful and with the open multiple applications, is fast and smooth. I am using a eSim with T-Cellular and this work adds. I am spent the hours of pair that uses it and really any complain, is light, but no flimsy and mine Spigen the Hybrid chance does not add any one a lot his.
5 / 5
Although has has had so only this Pixel 4a the few days, has been adds like this far. A telephone is coming roughly 60 touched and, as the one who can see, has not required any updates of security immediately. It was able to open a box and neighbour of start-on immediately without while to perceive. Some instructions for places-up was a lot. A box has a cord thingy like this easily can transfer everything of your telephone of old Pixel to a new one in roughly 15 minutes or less. Also it has comprised the little tool thingy to help take a HE the paper was. This was in good and unexpected prize that has saved to plot of ache. A scrolling of everything of an old Pixel to a 4one was smooth and has not taken the tonne of time; a more than frustrates the part is that it has to that agree your google signal, and other signals for applications have had in a leading telephone. Also some settings have required to be readjusted. As of now, it does not look for prpers having lost anything, this in spite of 8 of my contacts have transferred without some names. To clear: some numbers were there in the recent texts without the name have attached to them but I was able to read some leading texts and determine those who ready was so that it could add him like the new contact to use one 3 little vertical point thingys in the each text. I have loved mine flagship Pixel but has known has required the new a reason an old a has not maintained anymore and the action has taken slower. I have chosen a Pixel 4a to a large extent because of a fact that some Pixels do not have all a bloatware this comes with Samsung and other frames. It does not use FB or Twitter or to plot of these other applications that takes on upper of spatial and no in that has these unneeded the applications in my telephone was the enormous shot for me. It likes to have be it ours election if to dip an application in my telephone more than having this forced on . I also like a Google maintains for notes and a Calendar of Google has had of then these in the leading telephones and all have transferred to this Pixel 4a smoothly. Another good factor is a prize of a 4a (this was significant in our decision), particularly because it looks to have all I need and does not stir it of stuffs no precise or master. One the additional plus is a screen a big plus (any bezel) while still maintaining a small measure of a telephone. Some looks of screen classy and is quite small to not being the question that goes in and out of the pocket or purse. Everything is faster and smoother that an old Pixel. A plastic hardware is not the treat big mine because utilisation the solid stock exchange-chance for my telephones so that the protect is has resupplied & the people do not see some outsides of a telephone in all the chance. There is the little well, new 'bells and whistle' to learn is going of an older Pixel but is good things and swimming to cause to the frustration adds like this far. Still I am struggling the little with a gesture thingy - and to the equal that to bend-touch to take has used recently applications to come up in the so many can close him all was. Has-liked me a way he in a better old Pixel - but am regulating. Also they are that it remarks that some looks of new camera to be saving 2 of the each cameral shot (purportedly one east to modify) and this is annoying reason take on upper of the extra space and the knots seldom modify our photos, as we have to that delete some have duplicated almost every time. Sure appearance the photos of Google fix this subject punctual. I am expecting that this description could help another the one who is considering a upgrade to a Pixel 4a. In general, a upgrade of a flagship Pixel (or Pixel A, or anything calls it now) resembles has been the good movement.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So only it has taken a pixel 4a the day of Friday of emission when all some unit of Amazon have begun to arrive, 3 days ago and has loved that. Life of battery the utmost gaze and a telephone was snappy. But with which one 2nd day there is remarked a 4an any prendería rebooting and could does not imagine was as it has not run any new applications. After lining my boss and touching around with him, looks to be the subject of quality of physical build where a source of the power of the battery is interrupted. See a video of me touching a telephone in my office and he so only turning was, repeatable every time. With which have filmed this video a telephone would not turn behind on. I posted this @@subject to Reddit and any one has confirmed more has had a subject same exact. It has to that have a bit @@subject of control of quality of entity.
5 / 5
Any manual of user, no in a box, any on-line. It looks an only available information is in the web page of Help of Telephone of Pixel of Google and in a telephone he. Both assume was quite in that I does not know for the look for. According to a estaca, a rationale for information of the limiting user the on-line help is a fast step of transmission. Ossia The one who versioning is stops: new emission, new version of a manual. It is no more difficult that updating on-line help. Both formats are useful; each one which so servants the different purpose.

Can be bad, but suspect the negation to produce of a company the manual of user is evidence of a disdain with those engineers of Google sees his community of user. An attitude is not uncommon among developers of software. I know that that tongue; they are the developer of software , although no for Google.

And, yes, am returned a telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: Apple iPhone XS, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
It was very hesitant roughly buying an iPhone out of Amazon, but I he and has not been disappointed. Wine with 100 life of battery, like this basically was the new mark . Wine with uploading it and cube (spent), but ossia. Sad to disappoint that to this airpod life.

Any scratch and shipped enough quickly. An only complaint has for an iPhone XS, in general, is that have to him legustado really a fingerprint scanner, sometimes a recognition of the face no when you are looking down. But that am missing of in this characteristic, an iPhone rids in a way of camera of the portrait, seriously am enamoured with a blurs characteristic.

A very satisfied Amazon client
5 / 5
A - among the odd box
Two there has been more scuffs and the scratches that would like me partorisca of a prize
3 - I has had to return he due to the fact that on all the volume has come and how is looked the battery/ was beautiful to warn/the scratches/ and I have not taken a awesome feeling of unboxing the..
5 / 5
A telephone is has on frozen and unable to use. It produces very poor
Edits interior five minutes to speak with the technology of Amazon sustains a begun acting so only very
5 / 5
absolutely love my iPhone new XS! It has arrived punctually and practically the new mark. A health of battery is in 95 how is practically marks it new battery in here. It is the very beautiful looking telephone and is a lot responsive especially with a recognition of type. This does very good same in basses of light settings, or there is sunglasses and the hat on. I have been surprised in as I attack this was. A hard battery all day easily and has has had hardly any subjects with the applications that clash or to the to anything likes concealed.

A telephone was flawless and wine with the protective film on that. Not being any semence or signs of wear or anything to be found in a telephone which have thought was adds especially of then is an element of Amazon has renewed!

To good sure would recommend this for any concealed is looking to upgrade his telephone. A an I taken is fully unlocked to GSM and CDMA coverages so many can use he for any provider of mobile phone while has the HE paper that the does not come with. It comes with the HE tool as well as the generic upload and short boss that so only there is tucked was like this of the transmissions.
4 / 5
The telephone has maintained in of the perfect conditions and reads it add but wine without EarPods and a the lightning to earphone jack adapter that is pictured with “that is in a box”. If you owe that substitute these, one $ 20 box has opened discount it is not to value he. If any already there is Bluetooth auricular, and discount of View of Amazon has received aim, would be returned.
4 / 5
Suddenly Wifi is not doing properly and could see them the telephone feels heat with call them that fallen abruptly . They are really very sure that to do .
5 / 5
In the first place go to say was that I recieved and iPhone xs MAX, no a regulate xs likes is announced. I do not treat it big mine, but could be to some people. Also like other states of description, comes with the upload but any one some receiver or a headphone adapter.
Another that that looks new mark and is coming a lot quickly! In general very satisfied. Honradamente This in spite of, of of the this is a same prize like the new xs, probably would recommend so only that buys the new mark one instead.
5 / 5
Thank you , the feeling satisfaction a lot well with the new cellphone. It looks the new mark .
5 / 5
The element arrived with the screen has broken, any subject of repayment still.
5 / 5
The telephone has not been in so much of well partorisca form like this the expected in this point of prize. A life of the battery consistently has worsened until a point can no longer uploads of control. Esees Has Contacted in the turn and there is still to offer any support

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S21 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
It is this a decrease of Samsung? Probably the no. But he is the slow decrease of my loyalty and admiration partorisca Samsung. As he techie enthusiastic and the general user, likes a lot another, am mad about every year in a perspective of a thing adds after it will help me to it alive my life and direct my day. Samsung Has been the part of this centre. But, IMHO, Samsung has declined dulcemente of a S10 More. 'Calm neither die the hero, or live long enough to see resulted a rancher.' Harvey Dent, Christopher Nolan is A Dark Knight . Samsung Embodies this. Originally touting likes anti-Apple and of that tongue to the to to types like to of them. My report with Samsung headed with a S3. But have transmission to a LG G3 after and skipped a S4 & S5, as it felt Samsung has not had all have required. LG Was one rebels underdog had acclaimed partorisca. I have admired LG for these intrepid creative ideas and innovative every year, but so only has not executed and rid -- a prize of LG was one the fault to be practical. So much, I dulcemente gravitated to Samsung Galaxy, with which a LG G3, (remarkable is a LG G3 was absolutely a better and legendary telephone), has possessed Samsung in this advance: it Notes 3, S3, Remarks 4, S6 Flange, Remarks 5, S7 Flange, S8, Remarks 8, S9, Remarks 9, S10 More, Remarks 10 More, S20 More, Remarks 20 Ultra, and now a S20 Ultra. Samsung Was a company that has trusted the every year to counter of delivery-Apple' characteristic that the consumers asked and has wanted, and the place averts with Android customization, Headphone Jack, Expandable Storage, IDA Blaster, Sensor of Heart rate, and MST Payments, so only the little I BELOVED in Samsung. Besides, a perk of Samsung has been calm knew always would take some absolute better poster. That I anxiety was Samsung to fix his shell of software, which have done with A UI. Then it has had it has wanted the partorisca fix his game of speaker that has done with AKG tuning. It was life of battery , that UI helped with and optimisation as well as the main battery. It looked well.
A S10 the more was a summit of Samsung and a slow decrease of then. A S10 the plus there is still be a headphone jack, MST payments, sensor of heart rate. With which a S10, had expected of for life of better battery, big refresh tax, planting of better key, the scanner improved of impression of toe of screen and maintain all more, earphone jack, MST payments, sensor of heart rate. Knots thrived in mocking the apple in that took it touched of of a headphone jack then. But then a slow decrease of Samsung identity, and a turn.
Note10Plus - A telephone of boss jack is disappeared. MST Is disappeared.
S20 Commentaries/besides 120 More - a sensor of heart rate is missing
S21 Ultra - an expandable storage has gone and also one load and auricular.
All these few things that has done Samsung so only has gone now. They were resulted one peasant .
Is a S21 Ultra the telephone adds, compared to some competitors, absolutely yes, but in a cost of like this identifiable so only Samsung the figure concealed to leave me no longer loyal to Samsung. Ossia He 180 strategic navigation of Samsung concealed to leave me opened to other companies now. This in spite of, with a competition that thins, hated to listen LG is no longer in a game. So much, it leaves Apple, Motorola, OPPO, Xaomi, A Plus, and so only the short cast. I am looking to change to Apple, can does not believe.
Has to that buy a Samsung Ultra, upgrade, etc?
If already the S10, S10 More, Remarks 10 More, S20 serious, a response is No. Saves your money, and consider your telephone to still be very able. In fact, it can take a S10 More, S20 More, or Note 20 Ultra,
has maintained still mine S10 More and S20 More and will continue to use the. I will maintain mine S21 Ultra, but so only like the backside up. Ossia Well! A new mark flagship, like the backup. A S21 Ultra is too big, bulky, and does not rid quite compared to any one my S10 More or S20 more. My daily engine is a S20 More. Step 2 telephones, a S20 More and a Note 20 Ultra. Although has dramatic nostalgia on that it could have it been, anxiety some days of a S10 more and sleep of Samsung edifice on that. Included a S20 has lost a sensor of heart rate and headphone jack, but has been negotiated with the poster adds and big refresh imposed in 120hz with the action of battery adds, that the camera well dips on, a hand-held usability, 120hz poster, etc.. A S21 Ultra so only does not rid enough, a life of battery is sum, but an usability a lot outpace a S20 More. Too much Prague of sacrifices a S21 Serious. Going back to 2020, that a heck was up with a Note 20 basic model. And btw, does not concern me on a S-compatibility of pen in a S21 Ultra. Ossia The one who a serious of the note is partorisca and btw, listens Samsung could annul a series of Note, looks Samsung is spending for strategic tower his foldables and other factors of form of innovative screen. To the left it is to see the one who some future controls. For a year 2021, is the disappointing January like this far, and does not recommend a S21 Ultra. My better joint is one takes a S10 More or S20 More. A S20 Ultra was and is still it fiasco.
5 / 5
Has received a telephone today and the inaugural the, comprise a C boss but does not give you one walls the load covers it he in. My old telephone has not used to the C boss likes one uploads no with a new boss. A telephone was in $ 1200 and can do not giving the uploads Maintaining has had to pay an additional $ 17 for one and I can not use a telephone has has expected weeks for until one load arrives next week. A lot of goodbye Samsung, nickel and say me more cause this will be my last compraventa .
4 / 5
Has had mine s7 flange partorisca like this long and required to buy the new telephone and am them happy the expected for one 21 ultra mine his god for far the ENORMOUS jump of teachnolgy and cameras this ossia the amazing telephone Molly saint
5 / 5
Buyer beware: eSIM and dual HE is not sustained in any versions of EUA of a S21 same although Samsung has said there went it And was useable. So much, so only for a record, each version of EUA of SAMSUNG telephones this has been emissions after a Note 10 does not sustain eSIM or dual yes, which is to good sure the a lot of gone so that look for to use a same telephone for work and of the personal activities.
4 / 5
Beautiful telephone, scrolling of easy information of telephones, and that the camera was excellent. BUT I have had he for less than the first day has taken the opinion of security in a software and he have closed a telephone. In a process of the turn. For a prize, would have to coming with the upload and Bluetooth earbuds (of then has any to the port).
4 / 5
Has changed of the Samsung Galaxy S8+ that has possessed of then 2017, and the boy can appreciate a upgrade! A telephone is súper fast, with adding visuals and an abundance of characteristics. Some of the mine characteristic favourite comprise a Wireless power that accione, DeX (turning your telephone to the computer with the TV or pc monitor), alive caption (especially when it has to that maintain my telephone in silent and wants to look something) and some amazing cameras, so only to appoint the little. In of the considerations to some cameras, a selfie the camera is cleaned with the quality adds and a 100x the characteristic of zoom is in join he of the his own. I will admit that going all a way to 100x zoom for pics will not give you better quality, but included in 20x zoom, is surprising like this the camera can behave that prismatic and choose on objects without any subjects and maintain good clarity. A life of battery is also quite amazing! I have had to touch mine s8+ 2-3 times the day with heavy use, but easily can go the day and the half with this bad boy. A negative will say is that a telephone does not come with the upload, which can be annoying if any already take any one existing cariche manually. In my opinion, to preserve a quality of a battery, Samsung would owe that it has comprised the upload that is to be do for a telephone, to prevent people of possibly sourcing 3rd party chargers that can not be a better thus particular telephone. In another note, knows some character is unhappy in an expandable storage any when being no the characteristic anymore, but like a S8+ user I expandable storage never used and will not lose it . With storage of cloud and other ways to upload and store your data, is not that big of the shot in my opinion. I can go in and on in this telephone but so only will conclude to say that I am extremely happy with cost of mine. The work adds Samsung!
5 / 5
I luv he, my favourite cell like this far and has had a lot of!
4 / 5
Is neither state has sent the used the telephone masquerading like new or this telephone has been fallen or severely abused during a process of manufacture . It suffers harm with clear scratches , readable in an inferior right corner and sinister corners, compatible stain with a be of telephone has fallen. With a lot it likes me he will resupply more than the pictures has asked . This is not acceptable for the soyarcas new telephone' of any prize, much less one the majority of expensive telephone in a phase.
5 / 5
In general, it is the telephone adds . Because learn iphone has not given partorisca the upload.
Is not environmentally friendly in an extra upload-1star.
4 / 5
Does not comprise because the people complain roughly 21or, is the telephone adds

Top Customer Reviews: Moto G Power | 2021 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
Description for 43 year viril American. I have required the new mobile phone that has the little characteristic cement. Life of long battery, the current barebones Android YOU, and water resistancy. A life of the battery in a Motorcycle Can of G is besides excellent... It goes and it goes partorisca days. It is exited of a box undamaged and well packaged with all has required the accessories have comprised. Has basic Android 10 (with an update of May that the perfect careers) and without any extras crapps installed besides the little Motorola necessities that operation of simple mark. I do not have the car... But I trace Harley-Davidson everywhere, another day has had a Power of G of the Motorcycle is trace to handlebars of mine during the rainstorm and some the telephone still laws perfect. I have installed any upgrades - 1) T-mobile simm paper 2) UAG coverage of chance/of the mark (retails $ 30+) that has purchased on-line of Better Buy partorisca in $ 15... Code of coupon of the use '20percentoff' during checkout partorisca discount it good. 3) Patriot 256gb Micro SD paper partorisca video of photo/of storage/of extra file - has purchased on Amazon. 4) [3 band] Janmitta protective screen HD clears anti-line any bubbles film of glass revenido - has purchased on Amazon. All upgrades returned and work as it has feigned.
4 / 5
LOVES THIS TELEPHONE. They are 69 years . So only I love the telephone that is easy for me to manage. My last telephone was junk. I usually fights with technology but a telephone of MOTORCYCLE of the POWER of the G is like this easy for me. There is a lot of support and of the tips in this telephone. Some characteristic and the keyboard are BIG EASY to SEE and to READ The SCREEN, GOOD-LOOKING COLOUR, life of long battery, the SOUND ADDS/CAN BE STRONG NEED . A camera takes wonderful pictures. I am not using a fingerprint characteristic reason with all a DYI and work of yard I , I any one active fingerprints. So that I that TAKES WITH THIS TELEPHONE The PRIZE Is A lot of RIGHT. Highly it recommends this telephone. Pleasant
5 / 5
are not even the random cel user of telephone and my last telephone was in Galaxy S3, as I am bad for behind a time. I have required the new telephone for my work and I have dipped out of some criteria that was after - the life of massive battery, 1080p HD screen, an Android later YOU (10 in this chance), he fingerprint reader, a capacity of camera of excellent quality, and a capacity to game has emulated games that would comprise one 'hard plus to run' Roms still Playstation Portable emu. I have required also a telephone to be carrier USA unlocked and be ready to use Mobile of Mint like my provider.

After looking in an hour of descriptions for different telephones, has ordered is one. Motorola Has attacked he out of a park with this telephone specs vs a point of prize. It is farkin' amazing. I tried it it was, and he absolutely all that has been after, comprising in common God of War in a thrilled that usually it spoils the majority of telephones of estimativa. There is not coming with stirs it of junkware (averts of Goggle Discover) and a bit those that the pieces has had, was able to take or disable immediately. They are very pleased, and will finalise to use this thing for the loooong time.
5 / 5
UPDATE: the telephone was inadvertently subjected to a water of basin submersion benchmark. It is spent. Some speakers have touched odd for the few hours but now is well.

Really likes to of me. I have been using mine for several weeks. An appeal of entity is certainty that a battery will not die during the day given of use, any @@subject that strongly the utilisation. Incidentally, also it resembles 'go them' much better that my old s7 flange; if it remains in my pocket the majority of a day, can put to bed me with 85 load!

An interface, screen, cameras, and to the build is also acceptable. I am surprised really that I like him to him a bit Gestures of Motorcycle, and (the difference of an android 10 navigation of gesture, to the as it does not like ) of a Motorcycle the gestures are compatible with third launchers of party likes them New. In general, it looks to upload applications like this of the Maps and Amazon to the fastest plot that my old telephone, included this in spite of benchmarks is alike. A main camera takes utmost basic pictures. A width and macro lenses is the really odd election (the European version has it telephoto lentil, which would be more be useful) but is in fun prize. Against my better test, has taken also he in a shower the little time (place in a backside in the shelf, exposure so only the minor splashes) and is survived.

Also, he 5ghz WiFi, the difference of a European version, which was the point of some complaints for a European model.

There looks to be some bugs of the smallest software. Esmart Composition' seldom works (based in descriptions of other devices of Motorcycle, literally has not done never in any of them), has had occasionally drop of calls of the telephone (unsure if ossia telephone lack ), and a Dolby punctual audio - which certainly touches better in the each setting has tried - risks of looks of overdriving some speakers in max volume and potentially blowing them was. The applications of stock android are awesome but drawn for telephones without sd support of paper and occasionally fights with sd the paper has left.

In short, very pleased.
4 / 5
So only has taken an iPhone XR around Dec 2019. It has taken the moment to take use to. I have begun the turn but has maintained he in all the chance. One the plus along there has been a more he no quell'I has required. I have found a Motorcycle Can of G when it has not looked . Expandable storage, tone of the half comunicacionales local, does not have to that it has connected constantly to do perfect, Bluetooth connected to everything and all my old applications have expected to be used again. Also it can them do the look loves it to look. All takes less than half that have paid for a XR.
4 / 5
Some questions of hardware for 90 of some people of tasks use his telephones for this quite down. I have been buying telephones in a 'presupposed tier' in fact a lot of years now. I require some time of plus with him, but a Motorcycle Can of G is probably a better one has used.
4 / 5
Has received so only this yesterday. I have had a S10e for my personal cell that has not used a lot like this generally has used my cell of work + I use MySMS for texting in my personnel that has done of my PC. Decided this in spite of that was to use my personal telephone more, as has has wanted to something main. It does not touch of the games or anything CPU/GPU intense in my telephone, as it has imagined this has to that it is returned a bill quite amiably.

-Setup Was easy. Utilisation New Prime of Launcher, as it can customise measures of icon, creation, etc to mine in pleasant.
-Read some revises that in colours of screen and pics has not been a More adds them. It looks a lot the mine when compared my iPhone XR. Perhaps a lot quite one same, but close enough for me.
-The life of battery is a strong dress of this telephone.
-I kinda like a sensor of impression of the toe in a backside. Easy to take with any of my toes of indicator.
-The telephone does not have facial unlock looks. No the enormous shot, but is convenient in mine iPhone, especially when I can use he for applications like my bank, etc to register in.
-The applications upload quickly, has had a lot @@subject there.
-Has done the pocolas called and they were clear
-has Used my noise that annuls auricular street bluetooth to listen to some music. It has Had some jumbled lag the pair of time, but a lot well could have been some headphones. It will see if this continues.
-Something has read more in the descriptions was one looks 'economic' of a plastic , uses the chance, like this the one who concerns ??
- NFC And/or wireless touching is critical yours, then this is not a telephone for you (Again, maintains to import a point of prize) to the equal that has neither. Really it does not use NFC and I , uses my clock of apple or iPhone for him. The wireless flavour that touches, but does not treat it big for me that can any one with this telephone of then has to that take of a chance bc of a stuffs of metal I use for mountain of magnet in a car. Also, of a hard battery like this long, touching is not like this critical the majority of a time.

Inferior line, for $ 250 (More has used mine citicard, like this widespread was on 6 monthly payments without interest) can any gone bad here. Flagship Telephones this look of days to be total overkill for 90 of some users there. If I go to spend $ 1000 or more for the telephone, loves that to cook lunch, wash and bend my cloths litter and walk my dog - any to give me the little extra fps for the game goes to touch not even.
5 / 5
Sinister start with gilipollas. Breaker to treat is camera rattle. He rattle.. A zone of looks of camera to have the unusual light rattle his. When Calm the tones or if the telephone vibrates, calms that can listen. Ossia The question of first order . Segundo... Far 2nd... A location of camera of the front done a screen around he discolor bit it.. It is not to clean. A bit of the plague of eye... Also that comes from/comes from other Androids is is a location of notification usually. Any well to have the enormous hole there. Fingerprint Scanner in a rear side are not to add, so only well. The screen is good and big, but requires two hand-held operation if any one calms that wants to fall. A incumplimiento a lot the keys of navigation CAN BE CHANGE To 3 KEY ships. Any key is so only terrible to do. In an end is the decent telephone excepts a camera RATTLE, sending this one has retreated to try another... Perhaps a camera is so only defective perhaps no.
4 / 5
Has come from/come from an iPhone 7, and has not used android of then 2013. Wow, HAS the android matured in that then. If you are in a iOS ecosystem and is considering going Android, ossia the telephone adds to try . For $ 250 I has been expecting the sluggish telephone, but has been peppy with all spear in him. Fingerprint The law of reader adds, included with the chance, that the camera is like this as well as my iPhone was. The factor of form is like this as well as my iPhone. The battery is surprising. I touched it yesterday in midday to 100 and is on state receiving calls, texts, and notifications of the application for 24 hours unplugged. It is in 90 battery.

Wants to be picky, can complain that a rear chance is plastic. But for $ 250, I quite his skimp in a rear chance and maintain some guts that well like this telephone is. It does not use the tonne of applications, likes 64 GB is well for me. If you are an application -aholic, take the look in a G of Motorcycle Stylus. Better camera and 128 gb storage. Also, Motorola goes to sustain so only he until Android 11, as if maintenances your telephone for years and of the calm years then will fall behind in of the updates. But heck, for a prize, so only could buy the new an every year and exit better was that buying the flagship telephone.

Has dipped the 32 GB microSD paper in him when I began it ( has had the transmission lying around). It has recognised and formatted he without question. An only question is that it does not develop a 64GB inner storage for applications, so only stores half comunicacionales there. Again, it does not use the tonne of applications, as it acts well for me.

Connected it to mine Ubuntu 20 laptop that use KDE Connect. Any question there, tongue to the each one which as another just well. As mentioned before it has taken Wrist for SMS to the equal that can send and receive all my messages of SMS in my car of Linux (the difference of an iPhone concealed so only would aim iMessages). Dropbox Maintains my photos sync'and among devices.

I supposition yes launches this against the common gene flagship Samsung or telephone of Apple, could remark the difference. Has come from/come from the iPhone of 4 years and this telephone is a upgrade. I can it does not recommend enough, especially for a prize. In 1/4 a prize of an iPhone, could buy the new an every year and equal start. But with a quality of the hardware of this telephone, concealed will not be necessary.
5 / 5
He Has the habit of Samsung graphic of telephone, characteristic, options and precision, will be quite disappointed with this telephone. There is the significant lack of him here. Although takings the mid-vary Samsung telephones, is more intuitive and better structured that this telephone. Start with map of icon of the notification to dip on your diagram of the his, screen brightness and cleaning yours hides memory of data, these produced is not very thought by means of at all.
Has to that the plot of things to be has wished stops. A screen brightness is dark same in a dipping a big plus, which the very difficult fact to see in a sun. If you are looking the film and accidentally touch fingerprint sensor in a backside of a telephone, freezings of video. This class of things is unacceptable.
And a cast of gilipollas is much more that pros.
Can not recommend this product.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S9, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
🔫Note: This description will be numerous time updated like some ages of telephone. And be jealous of my gun of green laser.

Provider of service: CONVERGED STRAIGHT
Apple only user (7 years)

DEEP: My iPhone 5s has been the poo 💩(Partorisca some second times in 7 years have lost an iPhone). Every time a "geniuses" I said my telephone has not been repairable and has had to that buy the new telephone. And both times was a connector to upload that has gone so only entirely crap a day. I add. Looking behind I supposition was part of one a lot brainwashed sheep with a an alcohol of clue has thought the apple directs everything. But in reality, they are stuck in neutral. They have lost of then Steve Jobs, any one has stepped until being that Willy Wonka of ideas of cutting flange and showmanship. And his blatantly obvious mine now. Oh And guess that? Now his a bit the headphones use a same failure prone adapter on all new iPhones (meaning you can not wire load and listen to headphones), as I finally decided to take eating the decayed apple. And I have decided to Hitchhike the Walk in the Galaxy S9. Now I know it it will say the 5s is older and his apples to compare and orange (this pun was involuntary🤮...Mina apoligies), but my partner has an iPhone X and to the left try it me. It has not been that very different of an experience of Apple. And it was 400 more than this telephone. (I excuse for mine overt digressions, but the telephones are the enormous investment and tentativa my thorough descriptions and anything a perfect opposite of boring hope.)

Day 1: they are really $ %!$ & Nervous. The one right decision? They are the textbook overthinker. I have been without the telephone for 9 days that tries to decide. And here they are. While in the refurbished Galaxy S9. There is Rid Finally. First box is a box of Amazon smaller typical . According to the interior is the small white box . Worry very simple-free packaging. Inside this box was a telephone , A/C adapter, cord of load, and the paper with quickstart and APN help. Also the paper to say of the amazon contacts a first vendor with the question blah blah voice of professor of Brown of Charlie blah blah blah. As I have done the little certificate refurbished compraventa electronic in some pasts and is exited utmost, as I have not been like this apprehensive as perhaps the refurb greenhorn could be. But listen. The telephone is manually now. And this telephone is stunning. Immaculate. I have been in the and the looks ENTIRELY new mark. A screen is perfect. It is not fearful. Jump in a water. Compraventa refurbished. Here it is mine negative prime minister , but his insignificant really. I have bought a "lilac" colored telephone reason love light colored purple like lilac and lavender. So only this is not really neither. It would call this more than the pinkest colour with the clue of lived, but his lustrous and good closing and can be covered up with the chance yes has required. Well condition Like this physicist out of a box would give the solid note A+ Now for a HE paper. Again they are the user of Habladuría Right (looooove the strong years that maintains). My iPhone has been tanked and has gone for roughly 9 days. I have burst out of a HE paper of a decayed telephone, burst out of a Samsung HE walks and fallen in a HE, that presses a tray for behind flush. Powered A telephone on. Without spending peel each alone step, a setup was like this easy and seamless. He automatically found my provider of service, as it would say that ossia quite like this near covers it and game as you can take. Like this awesome. I am falling hard likes Pete still Ariana thus telephone...

Esees Been touching with a telephone for the few hours now. I can it has not dipped down. So many things are infinitely better that Apple. I go to list the small and take a description for Day 1. And yes it calms to do this far, peace and neighbour of amour. Hunting of happy telephone. You are beautiful🌞🌜⛱🌚🌟
1. Customization: SUBJECTS! I can not taking trying these was. They change some sounds and wallpapers and icons of Application and probably another fresh material no @to give all immediately. They are like this fresh. Messages of look of different text. And a wallpapers can be animated. The screens of lock can be video . They are certainly geeking the little. The systems of android have left transmission soooooooo a lot. And they are the customization freak. Any so only can choose hundreds of free and has paid subjects in a tent of Game of the Google, but can choose of sources like this different also (and can choose tonnes for free and money a same way). You can dip an order of like this things, is so only a fresh plus. Oh And here it is it adds it one. For a OCD to to the users like to of them, those who hated when it could not delete an application of apple, calm still has those on that the android can not delete also. BUT calm CAN HIDE HIM!

2. Some clicks of key are adictivos. It feels you likes is pressing the key when his some coffins screen. Has the protective screen on And and chance of telephone and is still extremely responsive.

3. Some motions to the strike is not that different of Apple. I am navigating like the pro. They are sure he has to that-to video I need to look to learn everything of some shortcuts, but am doing so only well.

Well. Enough for now. I am jonesing to touch with a telephone waaaaaay more. Ask any questions want. I will answer all have beaten. I will update this description to the equal that see a need.
Paz and Amur,
A Muffin Man
5 / 5
will be adds sincere here. Ossia My first description of device . It was hesitant to order the Certificate Refurbished telephone. Especially he of then telephone . A flesh and bone comunicacional and daily life. This in spite of, to receive a telephone, all was inside the uniform box targets. Nothing special and at all it has broken at all. Simplistic And effective packaging. A telephone law adds and any one can say is not 'the new mark'. Absolutely any semence or the sign has been touched for another human. 10/10 element and calm save $100 in a process to take refurbished! I am changing of an iPhone 6 to this S9 in ATnT. Simply pull a HE was and insert to s9 and is ready to go.
4 / 5
A telephone has done really well and was the new mark and has any semence. Unfortunately the has not gone for real unlocked and connected to a sprinit coverage and has not been able to change on to verizon. I have had to that send behind but again so only reason has not been unlocked. A telephone was a lot.
4 / 5
Does not have writes never the description but has thought this would be useful with which have read some descriptions and was the little wary of a unlocked characteristic. Some have has has had questions when dipping a HE paper in of the different carrier. I have had a same question and felt helpless when a logo of the sprint launched in my telephone when I turned it on. Like this after a lot of looking for has found plant to send me unlocked codes for the cost of in $ 50 and has thought roughly that. (One 'unlock' the characteristic can apply to international carriers but still can be 'closed' to the sure carrier). Sprint unlock a telephone for free a leading bill and a telephone has been paid as well as of the telephone that is to use for at least 50 days. As I have called Sprint to take a code and has discovered that a telephone was unlocked in his system. I have not required to dip in the new code. I then called ATT and after dipping on some papers, was well to go. An only hassle there is now is the notification that a telephone can not connect to a coverage of Sprint. Feel it an upper bar when step for some other notifications but is not intrusive. Like this external to do an on legwork, am happy with a telephone (4 days in). So only it would owe that be fact clearer in a telephone for real when being unlocked of a carrier and the one who need to be done to locate the another coverage. It feels the little deceptive in an announcing without this information
4 / 5
was bondadoso of nervous buying the refurbish device. After taking the casualidad and receiving a device, am appreciated has taken that casualidad. As I am posting this description to relieve any one is reservation can have. My fiancé loves it!
5 / 5
The telephone has not been unlocked and has had the defective screen, which has maintained to change colours (as if a blue light filter was on).
4 / 5
The month after a window of turn has closed, a telephone has begun to randomly closed down and restart. The to reset of factory that expects that it would fix it, but unfortunately, he the no. Has Have the light improvement (i.et., less restart), but still are having questions. I will be to take he to a tent of Sprint to see has anything can do, but my now included joint would be to pay of the extra money for the no-refurbished telephone.

A lot disappointed.
5 / 5
Would owe that it has read some other descriptions. This is not the one of truth unlocked telephone. Work with mine ATT simcard but take an annoying notification that the can not connect to the sprint and I can not access visual voicemail. A boss to touch the looks resupplied has come from/come from the gas canal and that the probably would hurt a telephone. Although they said it that that can be the generic load, has expected them an a bit in a same neighbourhood of quality likes the factory uploads.
5 / 5
Unlocked Does not mean any telephone any provider. After reading some descriptions that has @@subject with a unlocked the telephone loves the help explains. First control with your provider. A box of the description here has said his compatible with GSM carriers. In some the EUA concealed is AT&T , T-moblie & other frames another smaller is GSM as Converged Directly.

Sprint, Verizon, USA Cellular uses CDMA. These typically can not be crossed included with a unlocked telephone. Calm neither uses GSM or CDMA.
Just control with your provider (I Googled he) then the cross checks a box of description.
Note : it is easier to telephones of transmission in GSM coverages. GSM I carriers owe that accept Any GSM compliant telephone.
Does not know any one a lot in a CDMA but has read on-line 'CDMA mean you can so only transmission with your permission of the carriers & do not owe that accept any telephone his coverage.'

This merit of vendor 5 stars in my opinion or at least would not owe that be given the bad description/down stars bc a telephone is not compatible. This there is at all to do with a product this in spite of effects a vendor.

Is @@subject to read a box of description that & compares & with your carrier. One produces is thru a ceiling that has surprised!

Again a lot of GSM telephone and GSM provider absolutely laws without the doubt.

Has had to that take a time and give this product the description. It was extremely sceptic roughly ordering it refurbished anything but I have not wanted to spend $ 1k. Now I am like this appreciated has given this shot it. It comes with the guarantee that does to feel me better. It felt he taste would know in of this term to time yes is cost maintaining.
Mina Samsung Galaxy 9 mark of looks spanking new. A hard battery for ever. A camera is surprising. All the work perfectly. It could not be happier. This was prime minister of mine electroic the compraventa on-line & been due to like that surprises this experience are to give me more confidence roughly ordering other devices in a future. Literally there is not even lines. Have Directly the tongue & has been with his a lot of years. In fact it has taken with them when so only they have begun. Anywho, has purchased to spend it your own telephone he paper of the amazon and my telephone fact in @@subject of minutes.
Has had to that Galaxy 6 and included transferring mine info of some telephones to some new one was seamless. To some vendors have obliged!!! I love my telephone like this like this so much!
4 / 5
Has arrived súper prompt, first to follow included could inform is movements
Looks to be perfect; scratches of the smallest hair in a screen, looks to have the coverage of screen on he already, the minor that touches port scratches, glass behind, for real he gorgeous paint although I go to dip so only the coverage on he

Very sure if ossia a s9 thing or no, relatively the heavy pressure has required to involve a screen to touch (likes to write or moving tiles). Changed a sensibility to escreen protective' setting, Very better.

Is gone in the simple white plastic envelope with the bubble-pack USPS slowly-estimate envelope inner that with the simple white box inside that. Wrapped in the discharge of bubble inside a box. Very protected!

No one original load.

UPDATE: One load is craps quality - I use of consultor literally any another load. It has done one alarming electrical buzz when I plugged he in and is come from to blow on a battery of test has had to that save.
UPDATE: protective Screen this was on he has caused a heavy pressure - the protective new screen is the sleep .
UPDATE: Woohoo! Work with AT&T.
UPDATE: it can confirm it is unlocked internationally, are in Giappone with the Japanese HE paper :)

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy S20 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Coming from the pixel 2 I has expected more.
The camera forward is slow and a lot blurry down-light
the intensity of vibration is pathetic, the maintenances lose calls.
Is obnoxiously big
fingerprint the scanner is inconsistent in better, included without any protect of screen (if any there has been one in stock)
Samsung the version of android is rubbishes, I in fact downgraded of Android 11 to 10

the life of battery is better that my ancient telephone.
wifi6 Is quickly, roughly 300Mbps tried
Wifi6 Statistician:
Canal 40 (11axe)
Signal 94 (-53 dBm)
Rx Prices 960 Mbps
Tx Prices 648 Mbps
the power Excepts Skill

5G is decent (LTE+ indicated in 100Mbps down, 4Mbps on, AT&T in Raleigh, NC)

likes to of you Samsung twist in the android and the east of big screens is the telephone adds partorisca you.
4 / 5
Action = 9 / 10 - fast Snapdragon cpu but so only so only 6gb ram

Exposure = 8.7 / 10 - 120ghz are partorisca add but the screen is has washed compared to s10/s20

Batttery = 8.8 / 10 - all day battery

Draw = 8.7 / 10 - flat screen but bezels could be smaller

Camera = 9 /10 - utmost main cameras - selfie the camera is MEH and pics can be blurry in of the moving objects

Looks = 9/10 - three years of plot of software of options by heart .. ip68 .. Wireless touching .. dex
5 / 5
This telephone is the better plot that has expected. Coming from a s10+, has been concerned that it would be has disappointed entirely. A s20fe feels prize in spite of having the plastic behind. This owes his thickness and weight. A plastic feels prize and a mint of the cloud does not leave visible fingerprints. A telephone has a Qualcomm Snapdragon 865; a telephone feels very smooth. A 120hz refresh the tax also adds to a smoothness of an experience. 6gb Of the ram is sufficient partorisca a vast majority of users. My s10+ the plus there has been 8gb and felt likes could have an endless quantity of applications opens. An even could be said with this telephone. Some cameras are quite good but would recommend to try out of a telephone in person. Yes... A 1080p looks of good exposure. Calm will not be able to say a difference unless taken the glass to augment or dip your legislation of eye until an exposure. If you are coming from a s8 or and telephones older, these telephone costs to choose up.

Update, am satisfied really with an action of a telephone. Life of battery with a 120hz the screen is acceptable and can still last a whole day with moderate use. One the rear camera is good but a front that expensive the camera leaves more to be wished. An action is to good sure there with a Snapdragon 865 and 6gb of ram. I have used to use the telephone with 8gb of the ram and I do not remark the difference (I always have the open multiple applications). My original opinion still stands. It has had also reports of touchscreen subject. This did not affect me. Samsung Has sent out of an update to correct this @@subject so that they had it.
5 / 5
Has bought this telephone reason have not been has had to that spend the glorious in a S20/ or note. More in the amazon saved an extra 100. Have tmobile. And I have changed my he out of my S9. Calls of telephone and texting has done immediately but took the hours of pair to take a mobile data that careers. But after having restart a coverage are now on 5G.
Has not received mine headset. I achieved it it was to the amazon and I will see that says. If I will not achieve it it was to Samsung. This telephone is main that mine S9 but love a measure of same screen although it is not easy to resist for me with a delivery. It is the beautiful telephone . The screen has amazing colour. And it is quite fast. Downer Is a life of battery. They are on be he for the hours of the pair and I am down to 62 but has touched really fast. That has seen of a camera in low light a picture is exited well to be at night. 3 different settings are in the inaugural the. Zoom Behind, rule and zoom in. I will see the one who any look of pictures a day. In general I am happy with cost of mine. Just hope that a life of battery takes fixed. It is the good alternative to take the new telephone in the I does not estimate to seal like this big.
4 / 5
So only has taken Mine Samsung Galaxy S20 FAITH yesterday and I open and tried it if it is the good is the a lot of looking telephone, but a question is heated up and drained a battery to 4/5 hrs of time of use in fully of load!
5 / 5
When I have purchased this is to be list likes 8gb of the ram but a model have received is 6gb. Cela Feel me deceived to something has not expected .

A telephone is the global telephone solid with action of prize for a prize because of sacrificing a quality to build to do a rear plastic and a glass of gorilla of the screen 3 in place of 6.

Does not import the mine has so it has wanted a unused device (battery) with the processor to notch upper for a point of the smallest prize.

Are still slightly disturbed roughly not taking 8gb to the equal that has been listing when I have purchased that it is reason has not estimated 5/5.
4 / 5
Never again buys another Samsung telephones. Galaxy of mine S8+ is upper in the each way excepts 5G. This telephone reeks concurrido of inner drawing for 1.os inner of year. Goodbye Samsung.
5 / 5
So only has taken this yesterday, a day is exited. It has taken a Navy Blue, which look adds. I took it to substitute mine 1st Pixel of generation XL. Reason the battery of a Pixel was Google old has prendido updates of security of support, has decided to upgrade. I have thought to the Pixel 4a, but when I have seen this telephone in of the on-line and his comparisons 120hz screen, enormous battery, and upper-of-the-processor of line for $ 600, this looked likes too well of the shot. While one is gussied on has bitten it that it is in a line of Pixel, is not hard to imagine out of some differences and adds to the light prize feels.

A so only negatives in comparison to a Pixel is a software of the camera is not like this well, and a prize are more adds: $ 250 more than a 4an and $ 100 more than a 4a 5G. I have had to look hard in my criteria to justify an extra cost, but chair that a software of the pixel does not add enough to some photos and that an extra cost gave the telephone with some classes of characteristics that feel dizzy me on an additional year that some telephones of Pixels--with his feebler processors--likely no. anything more, would have to have decent trade-in valuing the year or two.
4 / 5
Has decided in a Samsung Galaxy S20 FAITH for smartphone of mine upgrade partorisca to plot of reasons. One, and more obviously, was a prize. In $ 599 ( a prize on Amazon when I have purchased he), was an unbeatable shot . Another was a specs: Snapdragon 865 and 6gb of RAM was perfect for my needs. Mina old Galaxy S7 looked practically primitive when dipped against a S20 FAITH. And like this, I have decided to give it midrange the telephone try it.

At the beginning looked, a S20 the FAITH looked too good to be true. A screen, while any 4K, he still the look adds with a 120Hz refresh the tax there is enabled. Some the rear cameras look incredibly well, good and crisp. I have done everything of the web that explores and gaming to step of word and photograph, everything with subject minimum. The life of battery is solid, but no a better in a phase right now. Calm still will be able to take the pair of days out of a S20 FAITH on 120Hz. Also, calm can not beat a customizability of Android. With an option to install launchers/widgets more the wealth of storage (and SD support of paper), takes to plot of election with a S20 FAITH. A measure, while much bigger that has had the habit of, still access in a hand really well. It would recommend to take the chance and protective screen partorisca east an although, as I have seen the people shatter a screen with the alone drop.

But, yes has been reading up in a S20 FAITH at all, then know that there are questions. In the first place it was, a virtual proximity the sensor in a telephone is spotty in better. Trying it was, has had to be right on a sensor for him to relieve my face. And for calls of telephone, concealed means the little more accidentel muted/has finalised llama that usual. A recognition of face and fingerprint the scanner is also I does not add . It would say that he roughly 85 of a time, but when he no, calm not to feel it never. Adding on, a camera that the front of types is quite lackluster. Any bad, but is not flagship levels for any piece. You will require to be in absolutely optimum lighting to take the decent picture out of him. So you are looking for the telephone to take selfies indoors with, would look elsewhere.

That it has seen it, a standout complained with a S20 the FAITH is a touchscreen. And yes, my telephone (ordered in prompt November) has one @subjects also. Enough horrendous ghosting when trying he in a touchscreen application of test. There have it undeniably the subject of hardware with a S20 FAITH. Has Has the updates of a telephone has released, but any fixed that totally; simply the band-help in the bloody gash. A real question is: it affects daily use? Calm remarks it each moment uses a S20 FAITH? A response to both is no, at least for me. While I am sure he affects sure tasks (the majority notably those that involve fast touches or 3+ toes), really there is not remarked he into use real. Pinching/zooming With your toes close together will cause a screen to jitter, but ossia roughly all has seen. If it concealed calm concern to you enough to spend in a S20 FAITH, does not blame you .

The really is the shame that can not give a S20 FAITH the perfect 5 stars, because merit he in some appearances. But with these subjects of hardware, there there is always a worry that the time will do them worse. It is the genuine worry , the volume concealed . But still with some questions, a Samsung Galaxy S20 the FAITH is the quite telephone adds. Really it feels like this he flagship telephone, but with the yard of massive prize and the little downgrades. The only time will say if some questions a telephone has will worsen, but for right now, are more than happy with him.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This was a perfect telephone until I have begun to ask me that it was bad with my screen. Your touchs will be misread that cause random entrances and jitter. Ossia The register of as telephone is recognising my entrances when using two toes in succession alternated as well as when it strike with two toes. This effects daily use in thin but frustrating ways. Of the taps that is read like this scrolling to unplayable multitouch games, a screen lose galaxy of mine of 3 years S8. One the majority of update of recent software to fix a subject has not done any difference. If it buy this he the telephone will have this question. It was originally in a group that the mine hired has not been struck, but hard result to ignore some signs after the week.

Top Customer Reviews: Samsung Galaxy A10S ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 55 ratings
5 / 5
The looks Of mine have used, no the new mark. Like this obvious, a lot of impressions of toe already both front and behind.
4 / 5
Ossia The a lot of looking telephone exposure very easy to use with the storage and the good map have taken this in spite of a telephone to some three carriers of entities and any of them was able of the actuate included although it was labeled like this unlocked. In a box and in a booklet of information has indicated that a telephone so only would accept the HE paper in Indian. Reason are by train of the sell here in some states is confusing but was able to take the repayment in the promt way.
5 / 5
Has had has purchased already this telephone and was very happy with him and there would be it given 4 stars (the camera is so only GOOD) but fell it and a glass has been shattered. I clicked in a 'the buy again' key in my page partorisca order while it takes a same telephone. The no. looked one same but has had differences of entities. One first clue that something was bad was some adapters in a box which has not been compatible with any tram outlet have. After, after transferring all my data there is remarked diverse unusual things. Any application that has spoken has had the british emphasis (which have not imported, but odd appearance). My application of time is dipped to 24 times of now and any @@subject that often the transmission to 12 now, he always reverts behind to 24 now. Some dates in mine email are listed like this year/of month/of the day so that it leaves 20th would read 20/3/20. I have then discovered one inserts in some instructions that inform that a telephone was of Indian and would have to that be actuated with the he the paper issued in Indian. If I have used the he has issued of another region a telephone could no properly. Alive in Pennsylvania and ossia where my he the paper has been issued. I have called service of client, has explained a situation and send me to us the new telephone, in that ensure me that my experience was the deception that would not spend again. Mina 2nd has come telephone new, again with some odd adapters and sure enough, the paper that has said that a telephone was an Indian telephone partorisca be actuated with the he the paper issued in Indian. This telephones also is going back and has ordered the entirely different telephone. Read a description of telephone attentively first to purchase. If it says International telephone, does not order it !
5 / 5
Partorisca A prize is an excellent device . I have bought he partorisca my father and he am wanted to so only. A fact that is DS mark even more own for a reality of some countries abroad. It is also unlocked. A capacity more a paper by heart gives abundance of spatial to have pictures, conversations and everything of some things can love tent.

A recognition of type dips up is a thing that has found difficult. It has done a lot well in my face but for some reason in the face of my father no . It has given so only up in that. But we were able to add an impression of toe and calm can add more than one.
5 / 5
For a box, this telephone has been manufactured for Indian. Alive in a HIM HIM /Him them United States. An only signal could receive was a coverage of Flange. It grieves done in wifi, has fallen llama, slow connection...
Reason sell the telephone if you are not 100 will of sure he in a zone in that is sold? It is returned and has paid the little extra for the sure thing of my mobile provider
5 / 5
This use of telephone for only Indian need this telephone of use of EUA this is not my deception
5 / 5
Misleading description. It is not compatible with Verizon or able to be used. It uploads 20 turn feee for his misleading the estaca and the frames ship behind his error. It does not buy this product.
5 / 5
Is for use for Indian so only!! It concealed it is not in a description at all. Now I have any present navideño to give. Thank you!
4 / 5
Economic, but wimpy. Fallen the once with the chance, and a glass has broken.
4 / 5
Has paid full prize for the new product, and a tamper to the focus has been cut and taped on. I know it quell'has been first fact to ship reason has sticker in a tape in a side.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
I estimate L the cost has asked was the dual YES, answered that if, but the reality are not has taken. A less than the compatible sea and can obtain the tray for two sin. And Any for that asks has given option.

Top Customer Reviews: BLU Advance L5 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 18 ratings
5 / 5
The be that it buys this mark for the moment. And it likes partorisca of international. I have bought partorisca my family in Caribbean.
5 / 5
After so only 1 day actuated in a MVNO has decided to return a telephone. The battery drains like this quickly. The telephone is a lot slow and thought that it could manage expect the pocolos second partorisca applications partorisca upload but sometimes so only takes partorisca always. Also it thinks that a telephone rids poor action in reception. It has used a MVNO HE and a reception that hangs call them was low quality in better but incoming call them was worse, present'd has called 20 more time to topmast of first voice of the mine telephone in fact row and another unlocked GSM the telephones do perfectly in a same paving in a same MVNO HE.
4 / 5
ENORMOUS WASTE OF TIME And MONEY! I am SPENT of the HOURS with TMobile technical service partorisca verify that it was bad with this mobile phone that any neither receives calls. A HE the PAPER is doing in another unlocked telephone. This mobile phone is an insult to any intelligence. It does not operate ..I can not do or receive calls. It says that it is compatible with TMobile but a does not have any service, likes connection with a TMobile the turns does not recognise this type of mobile phone. I bought it partorisca do calls of just simple telephone, and any I volume still a satisfaction partorisca be able to do like this. WASTE Of MONEY
4 / 5
Petit 4 screen of the thumb and this telephone is almost unusable for an internet. The bad sounds and the service of internet comes and goes and is slow. No shabby.
4 / 5
A telephone is terrible honradamente. Echo in the each call, the service so only falls randomly import where is. Very small and so only very up to date
5 / 5
Poor connection. Unreadable instructions. His terrible. Ossia Chance of 'calm so only take that paid partorisca'.
4 / 5
Too slow at all open fast and he still spatial taking often
5 / 5
A touchscreen there is prendido partorisca do a same day, has been touched. Unable in complete order even up.
4 / 5
Still did not use it still, as not having much more partorisca say; so only that is coming punctually. Also, to to that like him to him a prize a lot.
4 / 5
That I a telephone has been flown of the public bath?? I will contact amazon partorisca instructions.

Top Customer Reviews: BLU Studio Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini I really liked as it was such the treat well partorisca a price. It is the a lot good substitution telephone partorisca me and possibly you
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini honradamente does not know why these are not more popular. To the left it is partorisca be real here, ossia the a lot, a lot very 'economy' telephones that rivals midgrade telephones. Sure your telephones of main finals has metal casings, test of control/of the water, fingerprint scanner, but partorisca which can do without east the very crazy flies. Seriously. $ 65. The new mark. Unlocked. You can not to beat it. Included a low $ 100 models are not same better, spec wise. It comes with the chance and protective screen, which is easily the $ 20 value. If on the dot, these are utmost for boy of basic/employee/main telephones. You can buy 15 of these for a same quantity like any new $ 1000 telephone, not being concluded to the carrier, and no the his he calm lose it or taking flown. The desire has had aftermarket chances this in spite of, has.
5 / 5
Way: Studio Mini has used always telephones of estimativa and a last Blue the telephone has had was a HD R1 this is lasted on 16 month like my box of Daily telephone fell it a wrong way, with the chance, and there is shattered a screen. It take an email of Blue in this model and was intrigued for some characteristic and spec. Everything of Blue is other telephones of finals go down to suck because of the his specs but this one would return a bill. It take this telephone for my edges of 9 years. Unfortunately it is still in some synchronises to learn of like this to be responsible for things and has broken a last iPhone Older has while given the roller that skates external. I call this type to telephone the disposable causes of telephone of a cost. If it breaks, it was so only $ 60, it substitutes with another. The quality of build is quite well, a 3000mah the life of battery is awesome and hard for days. My edges there is Roblox and the few games in the, does not complain that it is slow. Also we add the application of link of the father to where control his screen times which is fresh. It remembers some people of prices !! It does not give the bad description that tries to compare this to the flagship cause of telephone is not !! Some complain roughly any in that have the selection of chance, duh !! It is Blue and has included other companies of mark of the small name does not offer the chance but be lucky Blue give you release it one in a box with a telephone !! For now it is doing well. So only I can buy the pair more and have them the cause of census is like this economic and if a pause, the substitute. It thanks Blue to do the substitution adds for a HD R1. It is the good creation with a lot of specs.
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini Estupefaciente the device has all or that the offered am sending the description of the telephone, is fast and a compraventa excellent for the price has offered partorisca expand recommended and would go back to buy it this model of BLUE
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini has taken this telephone partorisca my daughter of 12 years and has has wanted to something basic without him that costs the plot. It was easy to dip up and has included arrived with 60 load of battery. It was happy that avenges with the protective screen and the clear chance because a an I has ordered no returned. An only reason gave it 4 star is because I can not look to find another chance!
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini Any one explains why in the hell has bought the telephone that absolutely can not find the chance partorisca buy for him?! BLUE, when it Sees to the his freaking put web, and click HOP' you amenos smack dab right behind here the amazon! This in spite of AMAZON FREAKING the INVESTIGATION does not have the chance only partorisca the telephone SELLS! There is ANY NUMBER of MODEL the reference! Only tudio Mini 5.5' but AT ALL AT ALL MATCHES when investigations the BLUE Studio Mini Chance! AT ALL! No a hole of camera, No a hole of key of the power, No a hole of key of the volume. ABSOLUTELY AT ALL AT ALL! You are trying a say THERE there is ABSOLUTELY ANY DAMN MARIE Anything another that that is to go in a damn box?! If it wants to protect your telephone any COMPRAVENTA Is ONE ! AS there is DISGUSTED!
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini creation very good. The telephone feels quite sturdy. Always BLUE cost studios like this the TV of clock or so much. This telephone is surprising. My woman is quite happy with his present. A lot of inner space and interface of easy user. Very easy to dip up. Opened to all the coverages(unlocked telephone) My woman is enjoying games on he right now!! haha
5 / 5
Way: Studio Mini feels like this he 00 telephone. The glass is good and comes with all partorisca the protect! The battery is a lot good last almost 2 days 8-10 full hours youtube video all day low settings mesos brightness a lot quickly for 2gb of ram
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini after taking a telephone and that goes to my provider partorisca the nano yes.... You owe that run an update of android partorisca take everything of some characteristic. My telephone would not leave tone of call, alarm, or transmissions of notifications until after an update has completed. Another that that it is the BLUE telephone. It is quickly enough to take a work done, relatively good reception in a house and 5 bars was to to side likes 4Of G LTE. Wifi I looks bit it intermittent, but an update can have fixed that also. It is the substitution adds for my BLUE death Studio X+ has had for years.
4 / 5
Way: Studio Mini was the product adds but looked for take touching? That can send behind and receive the new a?

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