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1 Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, Warmer & Sterilizer, Includes App With Over 800 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 3 Quart Instant Pot Duo 7-in-1 Electric Pressure Cooker, Slow Cooker, Rice Cooker, Steamer, Sauté, Yogurt Maker, Warmer & Sterilizer, Includes App With Over 800 Recipes, Stainless Steel, 3 Quart Instant Pot
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2 Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Small (Fits 1-3 Quarts), 5 Count Reynolds Kitchens Slow Cooker Liners, Small (Fits 1-3 Quarts), 5 Count Reynolds
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3 Instant Pot 110-0033-01 3Qt Star Wars Duo Mini 3-Qt. Pressure Cooker, White-BB-8 Instant Pot 110-0033-01 3Qt Star Wars Duo Mini 3-Qt. Pressure Cooker, White-BB-8 Instant Pot
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4 Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket for Cooking, Food Steamer Basket with Removable Center Handle for Veggie Seafood Cooking, mobzio Folding Expandable Steamer Basket Fit Various Size Pot Stainless Steel Vegetable Steamer Basket for Cooking, Food Steamer Basket with Removable Center Handle for Veggie Seafood Cooking, mobzio Folding Expandable Steamer Basket Fit Various Size Pot mobzio
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5 Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner, 100PCS Round Air Fryer Paper Liners, 6.3' Natural Parchment Paper for Air Fryer Oil-proof Water-proof, Food Grade Parchment for AirFryer, Steamer, Microwave Etc Air Fryer Disposable Paper Liner, 100PCS Round Air Fryer Paper Liners, 6.3' Natural Parchment Paper for Air Fryer Oil-proof Water-proof, Food Grade Parchment for AirFryer, Steamer, Microwave Etc HFUN
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6 Cuisinart Deep Fryer, 1.1 Quart Cuisinart Deep Fryer, 1.1 Quart Cuisinart
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7 YESLAU Slow Cooker Liners Cooking Bags BPA Free for Oval or Round Pot, Subsize 11 x 16 Inch, Fits 1 to 3 Quarts Crock Pot - 2 count (20 Bags Total) YESLAU Slow Cooker Liners Cooking Bags BPA Free for Oval or Round Pot, Subsize 11 x 16 Inch, Fits 1 to 3 Quarts Crock Pot - 2 count (20 Bags Total) YESLAU
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8 Tovolo Stainless Steel Deep Mixing Kitchen Metal Bowls for Baking & Marinating, Dishwasher-Safe, 1.5 Quart Tovolo Stainless Steel Deep Mixing Kitchen Metal Bowls for Baking & Marinating, Dishwasher-Safe, 1.5 Quart Tovolo
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9 Air Fryer Silicone Pot, 2Pcs Air Fryer Silicone Liners Round Food Safe Non Stick Air Fryer Basket Oven Accessories, Reusable Replacement of Flammable Parchment Liner Paper Fits 3.6 To 6.8QT Air Fryer Air Fryer Silicone Pot, 2Pcs Air Fryer Silicone Liners Round Food Safe Non Stick Air Fryer Basket Oven Accessories, Reusable Replacement of Flammable Parchment Liner Paper Fits 3.6 To 6.8QT Air Fryer XIILSIE
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10 COSORI Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Filter and Inner Lid, 1500W Wide Opening 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle & Hot Water Boiler, LED Indicator Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free, Matte Black COSORI Electric Kettle with Stainless Steel Filter and Inner Lid, 1500W Wide Opening 1.7L Glass Tea Kettle & Hot Water Boiler, LED Indicator Auto Shut-Off & Boil-Dry Protection, BPA Free, Matte Black COSORI
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Top Customer Reviews

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot Duo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 53 ratings
4 / 5
Masters my pot of instant, bragging to everything roughly that. Doing my lunch of dogs was like this easy! It has dipped in an alimentary and a water, cook of the pressure pressed and like this magic was fact so only when he beeped. Taking used to a pressurization has not been last at all. It was not really difficult to use.

Until last week... My pot so only has not turned on! I have tried another outlets and another electronics as you are not a outlet. I have moved a pot to the different outlet, swimming. It was a pot . A manual has explicit data troubleshooting the directions have based in that is bad. Not turning has meant on that a joint of circuit has blown and advise partorisca call support, which have done. When Llamas, a message has automated calm says you partorisca gone in-line and place in the entrance- reason ossia clearly the company that do not want to be annoyed 'that tongue' to his clients. As I this. A day later any response! It likes I email again asking help. This time I email joins him same information. It has not listened they until Friday! I have required my pot fixed on Tuesday.... The Thursday although it have had enough and the amazon called the one who felizmente know like this to treat clients and was able to the repayment one the product and I shipped it behind to them. A pot was less than the year of compraventa and the interior has guaranteeed after all! Even Amazon has tried to take ahold of a company and could not take the response!

Beware Of this mark! Rings another steamer because when it breaks, and he probably , calm will not be taking help for days....

Mina first tentativa to stick this Amazon of the description blocked for a reason ignored. It have to that be posted although the people would owe that know the one who bondadoso of company ossia...
4 / 5
Uses this for everything! That Alive without this attacker???

I alive in the Sprinter devotion excluyente of van and has used a burner of induction to cook, but has taken of this little gem, has not used a burner of induction once!

Ossia Like this easy to use, and is a perfect measure for one or two people. I have been that does the plot of stews, and jump some onions, carrots, and flesh (am using flesh) then add all more, the seal, and place he for 7 minutes in big pressure. I have left libertas of course and have the perfectly cooked, tasty eaten every time. This give enough for 4 or 5 servings.

I also there is drenched quickly grain another day to cover them with water, pressure of paste for 5 min. Then leaving emission of course and to the left feels (any one on maintain warm) for the pair of hours.

I thick dinner to mark well with which I reheat my lunch, and sure mark one maintains the warm function is on. They are able to drive with him in my tank and have the hot lunch, sã , delicious while mine when I am fact driven .

Has baked bread even of banana in him!!! Like this thrilling, reason do not have an oven. Result LIKE THIS GOOD! I have used one of some containers and a lid of mine To-Go Ware container of lunch of stainless steel to bake he in in a racks.

Reason this cooks like this quickly, is a lot easy in my solar system. I can reheat jumps of leftovers in 4 minutes, and is only drawing 67a moment is on.

Has had the VitaClay, that absolutely has wanted to do grain, and especially broth of bone, but taken much more to cook and is heavy more. So much, more drain of battery, more spatial that storage, and more the weight likes compared to a Pot of Instant Mini and a Mini want in the each account!
4 / 5
This pot is drawn to not doing. A zone of surface of a pressure that indicates the valve is too small for a weight of a valve to be lifted for pressure of steam. Result? A valve remains opened and a pot simply boils was a liquid interior and does not build pressure. A esolution' is to use one active of some class to manually pull a valve to indicate until the place sealed once some starts of pot to do steam. If this is not fact, a valve any one promote it and to focus and waters it simply will boil era. It is of entity to remark that this is not because of the soiled valve, the sticky valve, insufficient liquid or any dysfunction. Enough, it is drawn to a pot. Ours will be relegated to owe of pot accionaría as we find it to be totally unusable like the steamer.
5 / 5
Has done so only the year! A light is on but any heat. I have called a service of client and has taken a response was if it is in the guarantee of year that requires to buy the new pot bases like this almost the prize of a whole cookery. A lot disappointed!
4 / 5
UP TO DATE - Like this finally has taken a 6QT and oh. Mina. G... - Like this wonderful! Such the relief! I can cook 5 lbs of the chicken frozen in a CYCLE and pranzare for my dog for one next week! Yay! And last night I have done finally that famous occer mamma espaguetis' (dump the box of paste, a boat in drenching, the stock exchange of the meatballs frozen more bounce it water in a pot then presses the key) and - perfect. I have done this same thing in a 3qt the few times and he am not exited never a lot - first a paste has not cooked, after timing a sauce was too watery, etc. With a 6QT - bakes perfectly! And have FIVE PORTIONS of leftovers in place of one 1-2 I has had with a small plus I.P.

To dip a 3qt vs 6qt in perspective: a 3qt pot a lot in fact cook 3 chambers because I can do not fill all a way to a cup. There is the line ossia oh, a thumb or two under a lip ossia Max Full line, reason a precise steamer extra room to do his thing. Then, you are adding a trivet, is losing another thumb of spatial. Like this really your space of cookery is more like 2 chambers, like the casserole in drenching small.

Imagines is cookery EVERYTHING of your lunches with swimming main that the casserole in drenching.

Then the 6qt pot, which is like some use of big pots to boil paste. Or soup of mark.

Pot of paste vs casserole in drenching. You see that I am saying?

In all the chance, now my question is that I have to that take cooking like this often reason has no more room in mine freezer... :)

IN THE 3 QT DUET --- SO MANY Pots of Instant go, will not reassert that all the majority of said world-wide but has spent that it is the transmission of game , and totally revolutionises your cookery. This in spite of, has some remorses...

3QT Too Petit partorisca to to the Lazy Cooks like To of them --- When I to move to the mine Airstream trailer full time, has decided to take a Pot of Instant as I thought it would help to minimise a quantity to cook the appliances have required. And of course, when being so only (more the dog and cat) has imagined a 3Qt was a better election. With which 7 month with him, am exasperated to trade mine 3Qt for a 6QT. It likes-me the cook, but are lazy and would prefer to do the big batch once and has left overs, that owes cook for each lunch. Reheating The leftovers is far easier that clean on that cooking the fresh lunch. They are lazy in cleaning, also.

Curve to Learn of Pot of instant --- cookery of the pot of the Instant takes some taking used to, and while there is the abundance adds tips and such on-line, which are fabulous, roughly 95 of is for 6QT or main. Finding well, pertinent recipes for a 3QT is frustrating and headed to has failed a lot of lunch, like some more liquid ingredients, cooking time, etc is everything out of proportion.

Where is All Some Accessories for 3QT? --- In a vetoes same like this on, has tonnes and of the tonnes of accessories for a Pot of Instant, May... They are all for 6QT, no the plot for 3QT. I am beginning to see 3 másQT-sized accessories (likes baskets of steam, gaskets, lids, moulds of silicone of bites of egg, etc), but so only of, likes, the costruttore only. Like this opposed to stuff for one 6 qt, where have the baskets of steam of the dozen to choose of.

Marie Eaten of the dog Bakes --- Finally, as I am travelling the city of plot the city, has begun doing eaten for my dog (a 80lb Farmer) to the equal that could any never find a mark of dog kibble to to that liked and of east was well for sound. In this situation, a Pot of Instant has been my saviour , how is soooo easy to so only plop stirs it of raw chicken , frozen or another flesh to a pot, slap on lid, push the key and inside an hour, has tonnes of fall-has been-flesh of bone for the next breakfast to my creature (reason inevitably forget to cook for his some first prejudices, and has to that well in his mealtime). But normal chances when doing the batch of his lunch, again, reason has a 3QT, so only could cook the portion of a flesh, the take was, he quickly thicket of a first pot to cook another portion - while with the 6QT this could be fact with just a cycle.

In short, is thinking roughly taking the 3Qt for your prime minister and Pot of only Instant, no! So only go for a 6Qt and your a lot of easier life.
4 / 5
Has been using a 6 qt IP, but the way there was always too much lunch has left on. I have bought one 3 qt mini for use in ours trailer to camp. This in spite of, have finalised to tug the house and using it there. It is the perfect measure for just a woman and I. The things have taken to a point that my woman has said, 'does not love cook. Appeal out of a little pot (IP mini) and dine of mark (espaguetis, soup, any).' My failure to result proficient with an use of some Pots of Instant. When we have undertaken to dine, use a 6 qt. IP. I love it! Has has had to that so only order the stainless 3 qt. liner Pot for him (with the lid of silicon) in chance I need to dip something in him in a refrigerator ... Or use it to cook something for separate.
5 / 5
Was excited like this to finally be able to purchase pot of mine of instant for my anniversary but has been disappointed when it avenges. One first what I remarked when I have opened a lid was that smells for the pleasure had state used and an inner pot there has been something of water. I emptied a box among and fault everything of some accessories has listed in a box as well as a collector of condensation, which a manual declared has to that be installed before use.
4 / 5
LOVE Pot of mine of Instant! But I will be a prime minister to admit that it can be the little intimidating at the beginning, and can feel likes there is the curve to learn empinada (and are the technology reviewer and lawyer of technology, and one of these people those who generally just jumps in and the things of figures were without reading some manuals ( soyanuals? We do not require a lot of stinkin' manual!'), Like this for me to feel likes are not 'taking' something ..Well, yeah. So you are feeling the little bewildered for your Pot of new Instant, is not so only!) More, a manual does not comprise sure information that I, at least, has looked for. As, that time is each pre-has programmed to cook cycle? Exactly that temperature a heat has jumped diverse of settings to? To to The Things likes them-concealed them.

So many, here is the pocolos play concealed active helped really to finally 'take' he, instructions besides for two things that can do you in your Pot of Instant that will change your life: incredibly easy perfectly poached eggs in 2-3 minutes, and has has baked potatoes in 12 minutes.

In the first place, is almost impossible the disorder up with this thing to the point to be dangerous, like six concerned on some steamers to explode of yore, you needn't be (I says 'almost', does not go paramount the characteristic of security of your pot and then blame me when you poke an eye was). A lid audibly said when it sweats sealed (when calm turn he in a clockwise direction), and a pot any builds included on a lot of pressure has has not closed properly a boss of emission of the steam for the turn, hips, in a clockwise direction. One the majority of the likely point in that the question could arise would be to try open a lid (for the on duty counter-in a clockwise direction) before everything of a pressure has been released and normalised (as it do not conceal). A pot visually leave is when it is sure to open a pot, for a valve of floating (the little estaca of money that explosions on when a pot is pressurized) falling behind down flush with a lid in planting to be burst up. It thinks of a valve to float that reverse of the pop of turkey-arrive key, in a chance of a valve of float is done when some explosions of key in, in place of out.

A jumped the function has three settings of temperature: hot 'Normal' to 320 terracings, soymena' hot to 338 terracings, and 'Less' hot to 221 terracings (all in Fahrenheit)

For cookery of pressure, calm probably the use soyanual' almost all a time (almost each cookbook of the pot of the Instant has read trusts a manual setting almost exclusively). As it does not feel bad for not using everything of these other keys many, if at all ( has has not used never any of a preprogrammed keys).

A preprogrammed settings each have his own timing, and variable pressure, which a pot manipulates to manipulate a temperature of some contents (the big more a temperature, a big more a pressure). Ossia Mainly that he his different fact of manual, which resupplies a compatible pressure (any one big or low). This in spite of generally spend some content the big pressure, fluctuating a temperature the little so that a pressure fluctuates the little too much, for the period closely of time (the main exceptions to this are a key of rice, and a multigrain key). Personally so only the easiest meeting to the use soyanual' and dip a time that loves.

With which you paste soyanual' to start with cooks, calm then dipped a quantity to time loves it cook in pressure, with which that there will be you the 10-according to period of grace (for example to add more time, etc.), Afterwards like an exposure will change to show a word 'on'. Then it was the moment before some transmissions of exposure to an account behind timer. Ossia Normal. A quantity of time enters is for what cook to time with which achieves full pressure (any big pressure or decrease, so that selected), and like that the timer will change on when it achieves full pressure.

A time of the cookery in any recipe is a time in full pressure, no entirely. So I need taken the account some time takes to achieve full pressure (that depends on a lot variable, that comprises that it is in some contents of a pot, which the temperature has begun in, and your altitude), and that time take for a pressure to be liberto and normalised (i.et. For a valve to float to burst in, which of course is really 'falling in', but takings a point ). And this door to some two different types of emission of pressure.

All the recipes of the pot of the Instant will comprise (or would have to that comprise) neither one of these terms: emission of natural pressure (also known like NPR), or emission of fast pressure (QPR or QR). That this bad is simply any 'left a pressure dissipates in his own' (emission of natural pressure), or 'forces a pressure to escape immediately to turn a counter of sleeve of emission of steam-in a clockwise direction to an open place (fast emission). A reason to use fast emission (QR) is not reason are too impacienta to expect for natural emission, but reason your lunch will be in cooked if any one calm take it a heck out of dodge once is done cookery in pressure. A really good example of the feed requiring the fast emission is poached eggs (that is exited perfectly in a Pot of Instant (goes like this to poach eggs in a Pot of Instant down)). In another hand, a lot (if more) the lunches require a natural emission - is part of his process of cookery and accusing time.

Emission of the natural pressure generally takes among 15 and 20 minutes.

Emission of fast pressure apresamiento in the minute, more some hours are spent in a ER he forgets to MAINTAIN YOUR HANDS, TYPE, And ALL OTHER PARTS of ORGANISM OUT OF The VALVE of the STEAM WHEN CALM HE!! A lot of people dipped the towel in a valve before they turn it, to help suppress a steam, which can want to you (I any reason then so only finalised with him scalding hot towel - but also seldom need do QR, and these times that I , are sufficiently respectful of a power and hot of this steam to maintain my distance).

Finally, in my experience, unless you are doing the 'dump everything in immediately and the turn on' recipe, calm to good sure will want to have everything of your ingredients ready to go before starts to cook. For example, for any recipe that comprises sautéing in a pot in the first place, then adding ingredients and then beginning cookery of pressure, to good sure wants to have all there is lined on before starts.

Oh, Attended, ossia in fact a final note: a stainless steel to inner pot can take the real beating, and clean on just a first use or as ( was after my first use) will see little tains' (any one sure that plus to call them) and, if you are anything taste, will think 'Oh any one! Have ruined a beauty of this pot! As I Can I fix it?' It results that ossia a lot normal (at least a estaining', any one sure in my reaction that is normal :-) ). In my chance has had has done grain, and pot of mine now still resists one 'imprints' of grain, included although it is entirely classifies of like this some outlines of chalk of the little murder of scene of grain. ;-) They are in a forum of Pot of the Instant on Facebook where a lot of authors of the cookbook of the IP is members (comprising JL Fields and Jill Nussinow) and have all has said that ossia perfectly normal and so only that raisin (has said in fact he in reply mine 'Oh any, there is ruined mine good-looking pot' estaca).

Well, thinks that that those are roughly everything of some things that had wished that fully it has comprised it my first day with Pot of mine of Instant.

Oh, in fact has a sewing of plus. Any one I fully appreciates, until several days in, so only like that surprises this appearance of a Pot of Instant is: it can begin something cooking in him, and he then the walks was - included to leave a house, and to the arrival to cook so only like him to him instructed, and be fact perfectly, and then maintain it warm for until 10 hours! Not maintaining the cookery, so only the maintain warm. For until 10 hours! It can dip something in there in a morning, leaves for a day, and entrance to the perfectly cooked anything, so only while yours! Booyah! (I thinks that is to say a thing that purists of steamer the one who tries to speak people out of taking a Pot of Instant, more than the stovetop steamer, failure to comprise. You can a lot of he so only walks out of the stovetop to the steamer after a material begins to cook.)

Now, here is some the better accessories (in my opinion) that will love it prendes your Pot of Instant.

To good sure will love this basket of steamer for your Pot of Instant (to the pot of Instant comes with the little steaming trivet, but this basket of steamer is way more useful - in fact is that calm does both poached eggs and has has baked potatoes). Calm in fact will love the basket of steamer, but trust me, ossia a one master, both because of a big boss, a fact that some telescopes of boss, and, a lot especially, can use he with or without some few legs flipped down, and when you toe some few legs down, give you abundance of spatial partorisca of the so much water for steaming to the equal that can never need without concerning in a water that touches of the alimentary ossia in a basket.

Or, in place of, or outrage, an on steamer, can take this basket of steamer and steaming storm / trivet set . Some legs in this trivet is a thumb and the half big (quell'racks concealed comes with your Pot of the instant so only gives 3/4 of a thumb of clearance). And a plan-bottomed to the steamer is a lot versatile.

Personally, has both, as they each one which so servants his own purpose, and a trivet this comes with a neighbour is really useful for pot-in-cookery of pot, in the also can wants to try your hand. Pot-in-pot (or 'PIP') is where has dipped the second, the smallest glass inside the pot dips main of your Pot of Instant. There are different reasons to do is, varying of 'so only wants to cook the small quantity of something likes oatmeal' to ' that wants to cook cheesecake in Pot of mine of Instant' to ' loves cook two different things a same time in Pot of mine of Instant (likes grain of cook, and having the bowl of rice in the trivet (goes reason love the good trivet?) On some grain, cookery of steam a same time).

For pot-in-cookery of pot, recommends any glass of stainless steel that is more adds them in diameter that 7.5 thumbs, and no main that 4 or like this thumbs (to pot dips yours has the diameter of just on 8.5 thumbs and the height of roughly 6 thumbs). A lot of glass of glass of use of people like Pyrex or Corningware, but personally prefers to use stainless steel reason yes calm the calm tombs so only will have the disorder, more than the plus of glass of the disorder broken.

If you are really enthusiastic on doing cheesecakes, steamed puddings, flans, and that classifies of thing in your Pot of Instant, can also loves grab this pot of stainless steel-in-pot 'the dessert inserts/insert' near of casserole , which comprises two stacking casseroles. And rack it to dip them on which has manages that near on on some casseroles to ensure them.

Also will love this lid of separate glass that is sold by some people of Pot of the Instant. These accesses of lid in your pot of inner metal, and in this way when you are using your Pot of Instant for any one-pressurized cookery, as when quell'using like the slow cookery, or with a function has jumped, will be able to see that it is going in in there. Basically, in these uses, can think of your Pot of Instant like the counter-burner of upper stove (albeit one with bells really fresh and whistles) - that can help you to comprise reason love the (goes-by means of!) Lid for this inner pot. More, calm once is done cookery in any way, can use an inner pot to store some leftovers in your refrigerator, and use this lid for the discharge.

In of the terms of cookbooks of Pot of the Instant to take you begun, is the relatively new gender , and to the plot of them is so only available like Kindle or other books of digital format. Personally, it likes to have the physical book when it comes to cookbooks, and like this like this can any gone bad with the cookbooks of Cookery of the Test of Amsterdam, and his cookbook of steamer is any exception :

Perfection of Steamer

also any to be the rigid vegetarian, and for vegetarian Instant and vegan cooks of Pot, this book for J.L. The fields are considered a better book there ( is quite darned well!):

Cooks of vegan Pressure: Delicious Grain, Grains, and Lunches of Some Pots in of the Minutes

And yes also is vegetarian or vegan, will appreciate some recipes is one :

Or M Gee Well! Lunch of Pot of the instant, plants it the oil & Based-free

..And this one:

Vegan Down Pressure: the Perfect Vegan lunches have Done Quickly and Easy in your Steamer

And that recipes of pause - here is like this to do these poached eggs, and has has baked potatoes.

Poached Eggs: Slightly fat 1 to 4 (as it poached the eggs want to) Pyrex custard cups with butter or oil. Dipped the cup of water in a fund of your Pot of Instant, dipped the basket of steamer or trivet in a pot (doing sure that a water does not go in an upper), and dip your Pyrex cups in a basket of steamer or in a trivet. I use mine Oxo basket of steamer partorisca east, and master that when they are done I can so only grab a boss and pull an integer shebang was (agrees a boss will be HOT, be sure to spend an oven mitt). Utilisation place Manual, low pressure, for 2 to 3 minutes. 2 minutes probably will be quite unless you are in the big altitude.

Has has baked Potatoes: it Agrees that calm said could do has has baked potatoes in 12 minutes? And agree like this has said it that some times of recipe are for a time in pressure? ;-) Still, included given a time to come the pressure, and to have a pressure gone back down, can have perfectly steam-has has baked potatoes in of the half basses an hour, and a better part is that it calms can begin him, and he then the walk was! When you Are ready for your potatoes, will be perfectly @fare and while yours, although calm abandoned the partorisca hours! The water dipped so only in a fund of your Pot of Instant, toe some legs down in yours Oxo steamer, dipped a steamer in a pot and then touch your potatoes in up a steamer. Using a Manual setting, dipped a time of cookery for 12 minutes, using big pressure. He then the walk was! Now, reason these are esel instruments baked' (i.et. The whole has baked on steam, but no in of waters he), some skins will not be crisp, but these are otherwise exactly like one has baked the potatoes know and amour - is utmost with butter, sour cream, etc.! These works with new potatoes, and regular potatoes!

Happy instant Potting!
4 / 5
Has bought this cookery for my woman the little more than fact 1 year. We have had good regime with a prime minister an and based in this experience has purchased 4 additional cookeries like this of the presents for members familiarised. Two of some 4 units of compraventas of present decree of working interior of 5 month and a costruttore is not honoring a guarantee. After having you jump by means of hoops receipts to send and the electronic photos attribute the 'number of entry' street an email that also has said any one will be to go back yours. It excepts they any never a lot @@subject that the times are up. It is clear that his strategy is the simply ignore you until of the on and go was. With the pocolos small research it easy to verify that there are hundreds of complaints regarding this company and his negation the guarantees of honour. Agreement on Amazon. Unethical The companies would not owe that remain to continue selling in your place.
4 / 5
Used it two times and leaves to do while it uses it a second time. It has had to finalise to cook my lunch in mine crockpot and the eat a following day. To the amazon notified and is sending the substitution and to focus of turn with free nave in a turn and pot of instant of the substitution. Appearance this a does not leave working. If he , are probably will take my money behind and mine of only use crockpot instead.

Has verified all that a book of instruction has said to verify. All was a lot. Verified a outlet and is a lot too much. Plugged He to the different outlet with a same result. It is such an expensive element to purchase and leaves to do on according to use. We will see that it spends when I take my substitution . So only bummed.

Top Customer Reviews: Reynolds Kitchens ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
I use these liners for my big crockpot and has been excited to find smaller liners for mine 1.5 crockpot that has taken he during the change of present during some holidays. I can not find this small plus liners in some tents and why ordered the ones of Amazon. If you have not used never crockpot liners, has to TRY The!!!! It marks the cleanup so easier. I will buy these again!!
1 / 5
I have bought this product with my mini crock can can say you now although this these the stock exchanges are in fact useless has done only the description in my mini crock can a mini crock can is the order would not recommend using these stock exchanges any one only advanced and use your Crock-to beat and the wash was a lot of after the use Saves one $ 3 would spend calm in these stock exchanges and calm buy the sponge of very well so that the glass to require to clean a burned in material in a mini crock beat so that these stock exchanges will leave is only he hassle the extra laws has the left lunches in some subordinated same with the spoon has to battle exiting all an alimentary and when trying takes a stock exchange has been with an end of interior feeds of him spilt during a half stray place my stew two times and interior of still filters of a Crock-Can these stock exchanges are useless as yes only save some three extra dollars and you buy the good sponge to clean out of your Crock-Beat so that this these stock exchanges at all to help
3 / 5
A small measure ones are to good sure very also as it measure it the big ones. They have not looked to be so strong and a material was different. It takes a work done but owe clean crockpot and usually only dry to era. I will be sure to buy a big plus ones although they are the big bit for my crockpot.
5 / 5
Why it does not discover these before! These liners is sper! A liners is stronger that would think, and any rasga or rasgar so easily while I have thought they . Mark cleanup sper easy, while I can promote was and joins a when the stock exchange done (and fresco) and only the launch road. Minimum if any debugging of a crock-the bowl of pot is necessity.
1 / 5
Some descriptions have said that this accesses the 4 qt slow cookery as I have ordered--he NO--at least very oval shaped ones. There is so of one 4 qts available would be to add if Reynolds has done the 4 qt measured--cual to apt insurance well so much a 3qt and 4 4 qt amiably! Next measure, 6 qt is very on age! It gives 1 star while it is of any one uses mine.
5 / 5
This was a first time to use a small slow cookery liners. It does not know why any one has not invented the more harvest.
5 / 5
Use liners before in my big plus Crockpot. That is to say the good measure for the smallest cookeries. This a lot of help with cleanup, all precise to the mark is attraction out of liner after using and plant of him. It maintains sauces to bond in a cookery especially the cheese has based ones.
5 / 5
I hate to clean my slow cookery especially when things of marks like oatmeal or Mac n cheese. These liners am adds! The only tension was once I is the fact and the launch was! In a prize has paid, was absolutely estimativas!
5 / 5
I live only, as no why need the 6 cooks of slow litre. My venue grocer on has a big a so it appreciates to take some stock exchanges some small plus that accesses in mine 2 litre sized and taking 5 for a prize of 4.
5 / 5
I cook in a crock can all a time, so that it is easy, whats any easy, cleaning up afterwards. These little of sound of law of the creatures, each cooks of thing well, the only attraction was the and launcher. Easy. Any messy clean up. Perfecto!

Top Customer Reviews: Instant Pot ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I love this instapot! I can dip material in him, dipped the and the forget. Has the busy day, can dip some ingredients in, and when I come partorisca have the wonderful lunch ready. Partorisca Chance, I sliced onions and pablano the peppers dipped on a fund. On, has dip thighs of the chicken frozen and legs in a pot. I have after touched in can he of green enchilada sauce. Place partorisca begin in midday a next day. The house taken in 5:30, it was the day along , has covered refried grain, steamed some tortillas and Badda bing, the dinner has been ready in 5 minutes. I have done a same thing with the beef roasts, soup, this thing is AWESOME! Laughed-forget it. It launches everything in, dipped he partorisca laughed and BOOM! Laughed in of the minutes!
5 / 5
Has expected the week partorisca east to open the and has 4 big dents in the, as disappointed with him. A box has come like this of the shows of picture have has had to that the wrap so only around the, with a focuses of container.
4 / 5
Is simple to use . Lovely way more than has paid them. And it is wars of star .
4 / 5
Liked a measure this in spite of the defective pot has arrived . After expecting an hour on resists has been said that a code of error the one who a pot has the data has meant was defective. It could return an element and take another. I have called to the amazon has taken a focus of the allocution of the turn has taken the UPS, a process there is taken on 3 hours.
Has asked the repayment that @gives a lot really need a instantpot. The amazon accommodated.
5 / 5
Has taken an AMAZING SHOT in the product is returned. When I have had the instant of subjects was partorisca ADD and still although he so only asked roughly security and parts of substitution, SEND ME To us Some NEW R2-D2 Pot of Instant. Amazing service.

Has used to generic basic steamer partorisca see have-liked me a method and has loved that. As has transmission to a Mark of Name INSTAPOT partorisca all some characteristics and qualities. It would owe that add a generic has had the subjects and the parts were impossible to find. It is surprising and I add partorisca use. Easy cleaned, amour a stainless steel. The sounds of alert am sum.

Will touch with east partorisca other few months but some big selling the point for are that this model is a DUET to the equal that CAN TAKE an AIR FRYER Lid! There is also a lot of generic air fryer lids partorisca this element. Ossia Very better that having multiple devices around a cookery.
5 / 5
Are like this crazy in me partorisca not taking an of these, more collected. So less flat-cleaning!

Has done my espaguetis and sauce of flesh in of the MINUTES, in place of the leave slow cook partorisca HOURS in mine crockpot. I will say that it is better leaving it simmer in a crockpot partorisca hours, but is still really well in an IP, and leave me partorisca be like this lazier and does not have to that really 'paving' was to the the lunch likes has done usually. A fact that can so only dipped this thing to a escocina low' the setting means can probably only launch out of my crockpot, or at least stores to somewhere until has guests and needs to use both appliances a same time.

Some the only complaints have, is:

1. A Silicon that coverage of focus, is an absolute scent-magnet. I cleaned it 3 times and he still smells like a BBQ the ribs have done 4 nights. I recommend to choose on leftover sealing coverages and using 1 for moky' flat ((as BBQ ribs, etc), the second for esgular' savory plans of type, and perhaps the third plans on doing yoghurts or dessert in him. In the future to iterations would like to see something in that.

2. Perhaps redesign a lid, like this calm so only can launch an integer of upper lid in a dishwasher without that has to that disassemble anything (another that a coverage, perhaps?). It has taken there to be the way to imagine that it was.

Anyways. If you do not have a pot of instant still, NEED to take one. There is abundance of video of Youtube on-line aiming easy recipes that the flavour adds. I have not had the alone lunch still, to to that did not like, out of him. A flesh always exits súper offer and 'falls off it a bone' consistency. A rice (REAL RICE, any rice of instant) always looks to exit perfect, also, and fast. It is surprising.
4 / 5
Opened it SO ONLY and there is to enormous dent, so that disappointing. It was súper excited in a pleasant creation. Not even sure yes it is sure to use with to dent that big, like the supposition will be to return the and try again. I can say that a box was way too big for a product and has not had any stuffing around an extra part to maintain a steamer of sliding around. Perhaps think roughly that when packaging these.
5 / 5
Has purchased this pot of instant to substitute an out of steamer to mark that there was prendido working. I WANT TO this one!!! I use it numerous time the week. I have been in the to purchase an air fryer lid as well as numerous accessories. Living full time in mine RV does not have to that it weaves of room for appliances. This one takes a place of the mine crock pot and air fryer!
5 / 5
Are a Instantpot fanatic, as I am sure you, this reader, has to know one of them…A Instantpot is an extremely useful cookery and populate tool. (Soups, chili. steamed Corazón of chicken, perfect hard has boiled eggs, has dried grain and not drenching required, potatoes, perfect rice, eats frozen…Any one eats of consolation, any old fashioned flat, any vegan cassation…) That is to spend was that I have been in Amazon to buy a new pair a Instantpot for his new paving, and I lucked was and has seen this edition of Wars of the Star!!! My girls have on grown with Yoda, and like this this was perfect. I took it on an attempt of Amazon, thinks, reason saved A lot an original prize that day. I have gone back two days later partorisca buy this same model on its own name, and a prize of then was returned to his usual Instantpot prize. Well one 100 bucks or anything has paid. Way behind, has taken a big plus 8 measure on its own name. As I have paid even more. Some 6 looks partorisca be a measure all the world buys. I want that they this series of Wars of the Star. I think that Instantpot is a way to go when that cost to steamer, reason is like this darn solid and of confidence. It does not have the toxic no-to the pot of clave inserts/inserts. It is solid of stainless steel , and at all any one takes it to him never to. (Calm always has to that use some quantity of water or liquid when using a Instantpot, btw. It is the steamer of pressure .) All owe the washed is a pot inserts/inserts, and a cup. Ossia. It is the appliance of remarkable cookery partorisca possess, and this creature Yoda one is amused really!
4 / 5
Last Christmas has decided to take a Instapot. I have not been disappointed. This in spite of, could not take a one there is wanted. It has been sold was everywhere.

This type Saturday has arrived, and the Monday has done to Carolina of spicy Of the sud BBQ sandwiches of the chicken pulled for a whole office. Still I am taking compliments on him! As it has not been my first IP, was familiarised with regarding the use, and this model does like this as well as my leading IP. It is so only ridiculously pleasant! Still I am taking compliments on that, also!!

A critique so only would do would be some sounds of IP regulate. The really take this product to a next level, would have to add character sounds concretise. Mina R2-IP would have to that do R2-D2 noises, and a BB-8 one would have to that do BB-8 noises. That class of fun noises could a Grogu frames of IP? Already I can imagine a Darth Vader effects of sound! The fresh concealed to be? It would give people more than the reason to collect them everything.

In general, the glorious product. At all I have bought of Instapot has been anything but amazing. Also, if you are nervous roughly joining a Club of IP, has the a lot of supportive coverage of groups of Facebook, creators of content of the Youtube, etc. Any question has, can find some stops of response. These friendly people have been incredibly gentile and useful. Calm will not be never for your account!

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart Deep ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
1 / 5
Deep very little revises by so Cuisinart CDF-200 and bought it mostly in Cuisinart reputation, hopefully my description prevents another to waste money/of endeavour/of the time in this deep fryer.

Has to I (am the mechanical engineer with the fund in of the data aquisition and controls) considers to be the defect of fundamental drawing. There are two sensors of the trace of temperature in an element to heat. One this provides control of feedback of the enclosed loop to regulate temperature and or this provides limits it taking if a temperature of the big limit is surpassed. A thermostat of the big limit in fact touches an element to heat more this listens surrounded why the oil causes the to be hotter that a real oil. I suspect this was to feign to provide the security shutoff in case that a fryer has been ignited without oil, but cause more the problems that fixed.

My unit would heat besides or 340 FMenos (would have to go in 375F) and prendera to do without easily of visible indicator (clear to be able in still on, etc.) And would not achieve a temperature of together. At the end I give that a button of small recessed reset had burst was, and press behind would leave a unit to start with those heats again but no further 340F.

In general, a quality of tez is rubbishes , with a lot of treble verges and very thin sheetmetal, but is coming to accept that all the products of consumer are built in this way and could have looked is spent the for the give 3-4 stars if an in fact done unit.

Although my unit was defective (certainly expect very everything of his fryers is bad of a factory) can signal out of decisions of multiple BAD drawing. Like An engineer, is begging consumers a lot to tolerate these rubbishes.
4 / 5
We buy this fryer for Pasqua Sunday so that we have done the chicken frito and has always does in the frying pan in a stove. It imagines this would be much more effective and mark very less disorder. In fact we pose the up in a backyard as we could maintain a Heat and a smell there and law wonderfully. A chicken exited and brown gold and crispy and no greasy. A temperature taken where necessity to be and has aimed when has been ready and remained hot throughout. In the diverse Batches of chicken so that there is the big group on and each batch is exited perfect. All the world was raving quite which well a chicken was. It remains hot for enough the long time afterwards. We leave it to us there during several hours in front of an oil was quite fresh to transfer in a container of storage. We are very happy with this compraventa. It IS quite big, tent he in the cupboard where maintains a steamer and other elements do not use daily and can not provide to sacrifice room of decrees of cupboard.
5 / 5
This is not the commercial note deep dryer. The calm does not go to take three or four big chicken wings or hearts in these deep fryer the time so that it is only so compact. This fryer does not use the plot of oil that was my main worry when take it in the first place. No the plot of ways of oil that is to say the very easy net up. Only clean a basket to fry, decouples a lid and clean that, has cleaned now the majority of him. Of course it have to expect the moment to touch an oil and cleanup in an interior. No the big roads. I want to one measures so that it take it hot relatively hurriedly, fries my alimentary sake and crisp! I small load against the time, that leaves that situates in totally submerged in a hot oil. This fryer has any problem that has taken with a part frita of any lunch for two, three or four people. If I need more, only turn an oven on in the low title and maintain an alimentary warm and crisp while you fry more. There is the small filter in an upper to cure of any big to locate. Hardly any smell comes through. A better part, no more messy stovetops!!! I do not have to fry anything in my casseroles, leaving feeds unevenly fritos or burned. Only it take, small machine, less oil, fries small portions the time, basket and removable lid for cleanup, and simply touches an oil was afterwards he has cooled down, the sponge washes an interior and rinse he.
5 / 5
If you have read a booklet of instruction - the will wants to it you this element! It IS well it has designed it to it to him. I am not easily impressed with tools or of the appliances that is not created to do the easiest life. This fresh element is perfect for small portions of deep fried lunches.

Here is some signals to take:

suggest you not using a basket if the plan done the densely abused element. Simply it takes a lunch with tongs when ready. If a too much is fat like tempura, your lunch initially will fall in a fund of a basket and a too much will result imbedded in a grille. In this point, has lost the half yours too and the fat will take in anything is cooking. It has to clean the more afterwards.

Is doing Piece s ( is gorgeous!), Mark sure to cook them according to a booklet of recipe. They will be softer in an interior (unless they what calm in giving').

While it is by train to cook you, leaves a esady' light in a front to return on before attaching more lunch. Only it take it the moment, but ensures an oil has recovered in optimum fries temp.

A ready light comes on before a big plus temp is achieved. I have used the deep fries thermometer to verify this. Although an oil is not enough in a level of thermostat, is quite hot for your alimentary to begin cooking more concealed that absorbs the plot of oil. Better of the give another minute after a light comes on initially.

I the amour as it joins access to cover well in a basket and filters a steam as yours eat is cooking. There it is not smoking at all in a big temp with oil of peanut, but I any left wing that it is there in big with at all in him or...

Has READ The BOOKLET! And it does not mean skim the. Account so properly total a basket (does not come returned for use). The account why one covers is magnetic and a fryer would not have to be moved when plugged he - duh, thinks enough it! Account quite any one in the maintain afterwards in a tank where waters can splash in him that is very dangerous. So many things read in some revises concealed was negative would not have been never a subject if the only read people a book.

HAS the small impression. Taken up less soiled that my toaster and when the does not use , is so compact and clean!

Has used oil of peanut and has had utmost results with him. - It ask s, carbass and catfish. So far, I want to it. My problem my big plus is concealed wants to use it more often that I have to. Ask s likes him sake or better that in and has been. It forgets extruded fries of McD is. Down waiting for to use this good appliance in fact a lot of years.
1 / 5
An electrical cord is imports bogglingly stupid. In the first place, it is less than two long feet that it is so down that to the limit will require to pose a deep fryer in an a lot of verge of my counter of cookery that tips in the big risk. Segundo, some magnets that affix a cord in an appliance (the cord any covers in an appliance but 'of the touches he and is lined with magnets) is so feeble that included some mark to paste the era of fall smaller. Third, a cord has the enormous 'DOES not USE A CORD of EXTENSION SEALS so clearly a manufacturer has known that it was functionally too down. I take his aim to shorten a cape to minimise risk of snag and tugging he out of a counter but his solution left a deep fryer in a verge of a counter or oblige you to use a cord of extension. SURPRISINGLY STUPID!

Also would have to mention that a quality is very poor. A casserole of oil is very fire and has acute verges in a lip where chooses it up. In general, it is clear and cheaply has done.

Has expected the very designed, the product has done well of Cuisinart. Has another Cuisinart products that is awesome.

This is returning and taking substituted by the product of another manufacturer!!!
5 / 5
I have posed alot of thought and compraventa before buying another of this deep fryers. This a perfect east for my necessities. 1. Very you very precise /to want to one with the 'any-clave' surface (black) container of the oil like my anterior unit Wants to see an oil clearly to learn when is ready to change.....(How When it is too dark or has too many particles in him). Calm also can any one any thicket concealed 'any-clave' surface like this a where can use wool of steel/. Tampon in a container of the oil when necessary (knows some instructions say to use the 'plastic scrubber' Mays.......). 2. You want to or with so much the 'pode' clear And esady' (the hot oil) clear, otherwise that it is a purpose against. Only that heats the pot of oil on your own and while for a better? A model has bought anterior is or for the substitution there was only or ignite and purportedly when goes was, an oil is quite hot....... But that is not a case. Besides, it was the light of pale blue and could not say be glowing or no in a daylight. This model has one 2 separate (clearly visible) to the lights like them of any the problem with that here. 3. This container of oil is REMOVABLE and has tips he spout/verge to discard an oil has used easily and, again, this container of oil can be scrubbed properly when necessary while it is not 'any-clave'. 4. A cord of magnetic security attaches properly without problem like my anterior model (the substitution for my anterior model has had to fidget and fuss with this cord of magnet for the take to seat properly).

One has seen of only subject before purchasing this fryer was these elements to heat those seats directly in an oil EXCEPTS, in some instructions say that those can be escrubbed' when necessary also.

Perfect measure for me. I am only use and probably only this thing perhaps two times the month but I cook alot and is quite big to prepare my occasional special recipes for chilled this requires deep to fry in advance.

Arrives undamaged with a box of the original packaging packed in the big plus , included with recording/hand 2 ships of the day was $ 7 cheaper that in Walmart included with 10% discount of employee (doing there to complete the title of the Master).
5 / 5
That is to say the add deep fryer for people that amours to try deep frying house. It IS the robust compact model this has done well every time has used the. If you are interested to take in deep fries, strongly recommend this cual the model of premier. With respecting in a basket and security, has the right road and the wrong subjects to fix a cape in place. He the fact a wrong the road will take burned. He the fact a right road, any problem. It takes one extra 30 bren to read some instructions and mark sure you he well. Also a pause was cord of the magnetic power is the enormous security looks this fryer owes the help prevents accidents of cookery.

Some things for conscious when be that it can marks wants the different fryer later yes discover to want deep fries to feed the plot:
- That is to say a house / of the entrance more compress deep fryer. It IS more than quite big to do offers of chicken, mozzarella clave, doughnuts or other regular bites. Even so, the calm does not go to be that he the big quantity in or time.
- Beat when being cleaned manually, but any posed in a dishwasher. It is not never go to be the free oil again after use. The calm does not have to preoccupy that a lot in the security feeds if you do not leave the chair of alimentary bits in an oil among the uses since are heating he until 300+ titles. Even so it likes him your kitchenware a lot clean, or plan to have periods very very time among uses (months), or deep fries eats very sticky, can wants update in something main with the headline of removable oil as it can be it cleaned in the dishwasher.
1 / 5
The tan cheaply does. Any one on was verges of Metal of the acute change. He only the cheap like possible and not falling averts. Yes hot oil. Cuisinart HAS the good name but no for much more.
5 / 5
This was my premier fryer. It Likes him a Cuisinart of marks of products. I live only and that is to say perfect for a person, but any one very yes has the family. I use grapeseed oil for his point of road and smoked main is that oil of vegetable. One 24 boat of ounce will do a trick. It goes to use the oil of the coconut but I have wanted to something concealed has not been solid in temperature of room. The drain After each use and an if some corners have a zone recessed that he he easier to touch. I thought that it that it was necessary to pull an oil, but results while it does not touch a last bit of oil (was the majority of some rests of solids) very very precise to pull. Calm think you can take it 3-4 uses out of an oil before precise substitutes. A big temp is 375, the majority of cooks of materials in 350. I have posed he in big and when posed a lunch in, of course cools the down bit in 350. Mere creation small impression. A better part is a cape in some folds of basket in, so afterwards has drained an oil, an access of basket in a unit neatly without a cape this clave was. A thing with frying is will want to open the door so that it can leave it the light residual smell in your house. At all terrible, but helps of ventilation. It attaches small unit for him only serves.
4 / 5
When being the lover of the each greasy thing and frito, has wanted the basic fryer for my family of 2 and zeroed in in this so that it looks for to be quite convenient. Stain quite oil to start with a pertinent quantity for 2 people in the regular base. A capacity of the recommended oil is quite 1.1 litres that is that usually beginning with and with each use, like the oil results more stale and soiled and a quantity reduced, changes it. Still although a fryer purportedly has an easy mechanism for disposal of oil (read: the notch in or corners that the helps drain an oil has been without spilling he during a place), has found always he to be the heavy bit. Usually it launches an oil was while it is too many to filter the endeavours and that store a resultant oil, any one to mention that data a number of time has been used already, could not recommend the use the far plus. It IS easy to clean an interior of a fryer with the sponge and the soap after an oil has been drained. It can clean an easily too lid although has the small plastic voice through part screwed in a lid what resulted the difficult bit to clean properly. I Like him his of a fact that a cord is magnetic while I left me to limit and unplug a fryer as and when required and provides for a supremely characteristic of good security (troubling or displacing a fryer a long way of one of result of cord in a magnetic cord these beginnings and a fryer prender to heat up, like this shortening potential accidents). I have lost recently a basket of a fryer and in planting to take another, spent the best of the order again because of familiarity and guaranteeed of quality for a product. A walnut one is used for in to the the bites like them to them fries them and cutlets while an old one has the habit of to fry stuff which will be dunked in curries or climbings.

Top Customer Reviews: Tovolo Stainless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
5 / 5
A professional that mixes / whisking the bowl will have the smooth transition at the end flat. These bowls have the domestic inferior section that creates the acute curve in an intersection among a side and funds of a bowl. While this corrugation probably done a strong bowl like heck, the fact worthless like the bowl to mix. It feeds it collects in a seam and a created seam takes a whisk.

Is the harm because they are otherwise amiably done with the abonos retro coverage of thumb that prefers. The coverages of thumb has been substituted for the besides recent bosses that mix bowls. Please fix this Tovolo.
4 / 5
Ossia The bowl adds , has to weighed and looks it will last for the long time. I purchased it mainly to try pot in cookery of pot in my Pot of Instant. It has not had a lot of @@subject with a focuses of costruttore. My only suggestion is the tent around. I have received a bowl has ordered of this vendor in the amazon has shipped directly of Bath partorisca Bed & Further. A box has comprised his slip to pack with 'Give Information of mandate. A real kicker is that a seal of prize is in a subordinated and is $ , more than $ 10 less than has paid. I am kicking for no spent around and using an of one a lot 20 of the coupons send to us to buy this. No the value that returns, but are by train for the consider the lesson learnt and I hopefully no for the repeat .
5 / 5
Ossia The bowl adds partorisca PIP (pot-in-pot) cookery in mine 6-qt steamer of Pot of the Instant. Alive so only, and prefers recently cooked rice to king the rice has heated. With this bowl, easily can do the only do fault of rice in a steamer, as I can have laughed fresco every time. 😀 I have used also this bowl to cook my homemade sauce of cranberry in a steamer. The fact adds for one 12-oz container of cranberries, and was much easier to clean that one 6-qt liner of a Pot of Instant.
5 / 5
Has bought this to returned to mine mini Pot of Instant. If utilisation with a regulate trivet, he no quite returned so that any always take to focus tight when it closes a coverage of Pot of the Instant. This in spite of, turn a trivet on like some legs are doing and has had any question. I have thought a fund of a bowl could be too close up of an element to heat and can overcook but concealed has not been a @@subject at all. It likes- one fashion and form of this bowl and taking max the capacity for alimentary quantities likes laughed in the mini Pot of Instant.
4 / 5
After reading a lot of some descriptions and posting a lot of questions, can not be pleased more. Some lids are opaque Polypropylene, which is among some material any sure and more durable plus for a cookery. They are fat (think Frisbee) and seal better that the majority of lid has has instrumented elements. These are like this good or better that the stainless commercial restaurant. ( I have seen casseroles that is thinner that these) is neither the heavy gauge, or look his in fact the construction of double wall. Some flanges have gone and there is no weld frames or rough flanges at all. Included a coverage is big and heavy; to the measure of half dollar. A value is hard to beat and probably better that dips to cost multiple time more. Slowly to stick some photos later.
4 / 5
Bowl of good quality of Stainless Steel. Experience to use like this pot in interior of pot of my Pot of Instant 6 chamber 7 in 1 steamer.
4 / 5
Wonderful bowls very deep and good to have boys. To the What only does not like is a fund is domestic in of a half. Material to help them to nest, but the does not like a hump in a fund when I am whisking something in him.
4 / 5
Has loved really this bowl to do. A measure is perfect. I have purchased to use like this to pot in pot for mine 3 fourth pot of instant particularly to the steam cooks my oatmeal in a morning; this in spite of, a oatmeal claves really bad was when you go to clean a pot immediately after cooking in him. Also, when I have been to clean a pot with a SOS tampon, has of a pot lines a lot easily. So only it has expected a bowl has been done out of a material of same stainless steel like inner pot that comes with a pot of instant but very so much. So much, I give this he 3-stars for the pot of the perfect instant returned but will continue to look for a right material.

Loves revisit my leading description. There is remarked when it cooks oatmeal using this bowl to the equal that to pot-in-pot inside a pot of precise instant leaves a oatmeal stay in a warm place for roughly 5 additional minutes after cooking for moisture to collect. Once I this, a oatmeal has not stuck in a pot. As my leading description is bad that did not give me time to experience first to write a description.
4 / 5
Any one asked where has taken these today his so that it could but him. It could not believe I had him for on 6 years. Still they look like this very like this new with which probably close to the uses of thousand. Some the plastic lids still owe well snaps. In the world where like this pauses of materials after so only the year, is good to have something these controls on this sake.

The steel is real, and this stainless steel is a real shot . The hand washed for this longitude and everything resists on adds.
4 / 5
I really like this bowl. Has a lot of funds the one who does to mix the liquids the easy plus. It is the good small measure for a lot of tasks partorisca stage. I clean quickly manually and clean well in a dishwasher. The desire is gone in measures it slightly main — would add it my cookery. It looks to go in the main measures but is main that master.

Top Customer Reviews: COSORI Electric ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
4 / 5
Update: ...So much, yes, so only like another has informed, the month or like this after using it, suddenly would not turn on. Any light, any heat. But they are not a partorisca seat idly for, and accept the rovescio like my new reality. No, Sirree! If I go partorisca launch something was, goes partorisca imagine out of a cause of a reverse like that can repair. In this chance, one first coverage around a protruding pin in a centre of a fund of a carafe is the result rusted. A rusts blockades the current among a base and a carafe, that prevents a unit of working effectively. If it situate a pot in the different corner (besieges a pot with your alternate hand, for chance), can do. At any rate, I have used simply the a lot of-sponge of sand of the note and sanded of a rusts. Lana of steel can do, also; but it is the very precise and microscopic work , any way. With which I sanded of a rust, has blown of a rusts residue and has added the thin discharge of coconut oil to prevent further rusting. Like this far, like this good. Has has added pictures to signal out of a rust. Considering a bit something white inside a pot, this goes to spend has hard water. Hey, has not listened in people a 16th century that complains on something in his boiler of water, calm? Of course any one! These lucky people have not had to treat something of water, reason have spent his water in of a brook and has touched he in a kettle of iron. They are sure calm can find a kettle to spend on Amazon. I am not sure where your east of brook more afterwards. Perhaps the maps of Google can aim can buy white vinegar or so only feign some something is not there.

Sweet update: of then they are that it corrects typos that has failed to take sooner, will say like this of today, June 14, 2021 some looks of coconut oil to be that it resists his own. I have added the wee has bitten more, but a kettle does not have prendido or failed to start with has applied of a first thin discharge. 🙂

Informs older: I love it! My last boiler of the water almost has taken my house on fire, filtered and a water sloshed out of a spout. This boiler of water touches a lot of smoothly and boils 1 litre of COLD water in four minutes. I do not have timed warm water, but will confirm goes to be four minutes less.
A blue light is well; no like this spectacular as I thought it would be. But I have not bought this for entertainment.
A spout attractive of advance of strainer, coverage a spout when in bylines a lid. When you Plough a lid, has the cradle that leaves a strainer to be moved down to fill water. It does not remain down, but no the will snap was when you is trying to fill a carafe, which was his purpose has feigned , creates. It is done of metal, like this calm does not have to that concern roughly poisoning your family with seeping plastic chemicals. In fact, at all on or in this pot that among contact with liquid is done of plastic. A boss and outside of a lid is plastic for a purpose of calm insulator of burns. They are from time to time state forced to use to silicone potholder to sustain a base while touching, but would not take points for that.
Does not have the temp CAN look boil and could probably judge of the action and the reaction of a water when it is a temperature for you. Over time, be you the pro and imagining a pertinent tea temp.
I really do like this pot, and would recommend for my own grandmother, if it was bolt for the use .
A prize is well for a product. The creature has been . Calm does not know when a prize will locate.
Has the heat streak. So something goes bad with a pot with which posting this description, will be sure to return to stick some subjects. For now, it is doing I add!
4 / 5
A Cosori Kettle GK172-C0 Well is looking and heats a water in the good quantity of time,But can be Dangerous if he doesnt has closed was, has tried a a the compraventa for my mamma ..First it has fill he with 1.7 quantity of water in a marking in a kettle of glass,A cosori has the saftey look which is supposes for the neighbour was ,the careers dry of water or boiling , But when it tried it to them ,waters has boiled crazy wild before it has closed down,thank god a lid is not down pressure in this kettle,a lot Cosori doesnt the there telephone response because of a crown and says has to that his email, has taken the response of mine email thus question and cosori wants to me to correspondent his the video of a water on boiling,my bill of amazon,dates it the plus experiences that identifies stickers (for there of crew to look to the respect) and a lot others uses has had this question ,And the hope cosori fix this first question of any one taking hurt considering me ...Time to return this to amazon thus produced !!!!! Any company that cant the there telephone response of service of the client during these cups the time would owe that be embarrassed because of today of technologies there the service of client can be in there of own house and be sure in there of own house !
4 / 5
A big question: “if it plans the time for him to heat on that raisin loses Bluetooth connection? He still hot?!

An answered= yes!
I shopped wireless and Bluetooth kettles for weeks (United Kingdom takes him” wireless some, no. of knots.. The ones of way that taking) to the equal that has broken finally down and has bought one to discover. Here it is a situation :
A Bluetooth is well for roughly 25 no of a device. Like this when I go upstairs my room I free connection. THIS In spite of! It concealed NO for the heat has planned! It has dipped a time when they are down for next morning and go upstairs (loses connection) when I touch to lose a next Morning is warm! It likes work although rooms of row.

Downsides: Calm can not dip the “daily” time rule, has to manually dipped to every night. Minor but volume. Also it calms it does not dip the time, has dipped the one who hours of now included calm want it spent in. So it is half night and love tea in 8is dipped a timer for “8 hours of now”. Again, smaller but odd.

Otherwise The law adds and a characteristic of the control of the temperature is well, can be dipped to always 60 min also so that it does not have to that it selects every time.
4 / 5
-The Works likes them announced, quickly boiling of to water
-I amour like those shines a light is, as I leave to say if his fact that boils of by means of a room. I can see some people when be annoyed the one who brilliant is, but is the characteristic for me.

-Like this some other descriptions can have mentioned, these looks of unit especially susceptible to build of football on, any sure reason. Water+of clean vinegar on a buildup quickly, but that annoying that quickly it builds up. Appearance this to depend in that last yours waters is in your house, but his odd the one who stop after the use so only sees football buildup.
4 / 5
While purchasing of Amazon, is likes touch Russian roulette in a sense that your product can 50/50 be it knockoff of china - still like this is in of reward of full payment. Any Cosori does not know the one who a 'glass' the material is, or has been rid the Chinese swipe -was. Any way, am saddened that it does not have the micrometer of glass that is viewable in the construction of this kettle. He also reeks of this smell of bad plastic manufacture when it ploughs it a lid. I ask that the patient would take to drink of this device. It is distant A lot that is to be announce.

Imagines to purchase the house to sleep where attentive alive comfortably with your family, so only to be rid the bad piece of map in a side of a street. While having levels very different lovely monetary, in a surface - ossia like me seat when when being rid such crap.

Had imagined this evening seating for the cup that animates heart of tea, but am stuck instead without tea and the terrible smell that can very easily vanquish by heart.

Commentaries to self: in a future, commanded of a company of manufacture or another put web of confidence. The life is so only simpler that way.
A lot to take this bad smell out of my boss. Joint, any one?
5 / 5
This kettle is good-looking, light, a perfect measure for one or two people, has tonnes of characteristics, and is very calm, especially when management of a beeps. But also it heats water to roughly 10 terracings less than yours selected temp. This does not annoy me reason I so only uses for teas and of the people usually overheat teas. But be conscious that him the the accuracy is of yours entity, this is not a kettle for you. A Bluetooth the characteristic was easy to connect and an application is very intuitive. I maintain kettle of mine unplugged when any into use and he immediately reconnects to my telephone when plugged in without any question. An only characteristic has not tried is planning the future brew, but will try that tomorrow. So that they inform that no longer they take it beep notification when his water achieves temperature, is probably reason calms has turned was. If has a no-bluetooth kettle, so only resists down a 'control temp' key for roughly 5 seconds to turn a beeps on and era.
4 / 5
Took it so only and very excited for the use. Followed some instructions and boiled first batch of water. After touching it was has fill the again with filtered Brita water and to the left boils again. It was a lot enough with some blue lights and of the wine when boiling quickly. It was pleased enough in general in this point. After touching out of a first remaining water to put to bed , created this morning to do tea and there is remarked these something white during a fund. Now literally so only I have boiled a kettle of water of tap and a kettle to water filtered took it of then. A lot disappointed if this already is beginning to form scales. Debating roughly in the now to arrive to this point. Any sure he is crappy material or creation. It would not owe that be having subjects like this a day!
4 / 5
Has bought this Electrical Kettle with control of the temperature done of the few weeks and was excited like this to use it! But he no properly. It has Had the bug to program.. When I dipped It on 200 terracing, has maintained so only boil and not having prendido. It is supposed to automatically has closed was, but he any and has has had to that manually has closed went it!!
Another subject was, when it has boiled, so that the steam exited of everywhere a lid, which bondadoso of the do like this hot and dangerous! A lid has not been sealed properly!. I have contacted Cosori service of client and with which a lot of emails behind and advance, said to us would send me the new one but he takes 3 to 4 weeks!!!! And I have to that go to send an old a backside!! As I have asked to substitute he of Amazon instead and took 2 days for the take!!
But a new a there is had exactly a subject same!!!!

Update: A support of client contacted and has cured of my subject.
5 / 5
After looking in different electrical kettles a lot with minimum plastic part, has solved in a Cosori 1.7 l kettle of glass. Like this far I am very pleased with him. A kettle has the borosilicate organism of the glass and a lid is lined with stainless steel in an interior. Included a point in a spout is stainless steel. A result is clean hot water concealed there is virtually any contact with any plastic parts. A kettle is well has drawn. Has the wide mouth and the lid that opens to leave one to clean an interior manually. One 1.7 l described (he max the level of water is marked clearly) to the kettle is in fact much bigger that 1.7 l in global dimension. Ossia The protect well to prevent boiling water of loss out of a kettle. A water comes to the forceful boil inside the very reasonable time - 5 to 6 minutes in full capacity. Very good to do tea and any one another heat beverage. A blue has DIRECTED the lights are attractive and some automatic closed of works reliably. Any worry roughly rusts or plastic smell.