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1 Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub, Ultra-Slim Data USB Hub with 2 ft Extended Cable [Charging Not Supported], for MacBook, Mac… Anker 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub, Ultra-Slim Data USB Hub with 2 ft Extended Cable [Charging Not Supported], for MacBook, Mac… Anker
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2 Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual LED Power Switches | 2 Ft Cable | Slim & Portable | for Mac & PC (HB-UM43) Sabrent 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with Individual LED Power Switches | 2 Ft Cable | Slim & Portable | for Mac & PC (HB-UM43) Sabrent
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3 USB C Hub, Hiearcool MacBook Pro Adapter USB C Dongle, 7 in 1 USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter Compatible for USB C… USB C Hub, Hiearcool MacBook Pro Adapter USB C Dongle, 7 in 1 USB C to HDMI Multiport Adapter Compatible for USB C… USB
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4 USB C Hub Multiport Adapter - 7 in 1 Portable Space Aluminum Dongle with 4K HDMI Output, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/Micro SD… USB C Hub Multiport Adapter - 7 in 1 Portable Space Aluminum Dongle with 4K HDMI Output, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/Micro SD… USB
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5 Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB C Hub Adapter, with 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery, USB-C and 2 USB-A 5Gbps Data… Anker USB C Hub, PowerExpand+ 7-in-1 USB C Hub Adapter, with 4K HDMI, 100W Power Delivery, USB-C and 2 USB-A 5Gbps Data… Anker
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6 Powered USB Hub, atolla 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Data Ports and 1 USB Smart Charging Port, USB Splitter with… Powered USB Hub, atolla 4-Port USB 3.0 Hub with 4 USB 3.0 Data Ports and 1 USB Smart Charging Port, USB Splitter with… Powered
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7 Powered USB Hub 3.0, Atolla 7-Port USB Data Hub Splitter with One Smart Charging Port and Individual On/Off Switches and… Powered USB Hub 3.0, Atolla 7-Port USB Data Hub Splitter with One Smart Charging Port and Individual On/Off Switches and… Powered
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8 VAVA USB C Hub, 7-in-1 USB C Adapter for MacBook/Pro/Air (Thunderbolt 3), with 4K USB-C to HDMI, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/TF… VAVA USB C Hub, 7-in-1 USB C Adapter for MacBook/Pro/Air (Thunderbolt 3), with 4K USB-C to HDMI, 3 USB 3.0 Ports, SD/TF… VAVA
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9 USB 3.0 Hub Splitter - USB Extender 4 Port USB Ultra Slim Data Hub with Individual Power Switch and LED USB 3.0 Hub Splitter - USB Extender 4 Port USB Ultra Slim Data Hub with Individual Power Switch and LED USB
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10 USB C Adapter for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro 2020 2019 2018 13' 15' 16', 6 in 1 USB-C Hub with 3 USB 3.0 Ports, USB C to SD… USB C Adapter for MacBook Air/MacBook Pro 2020 2019 2018 13' 15' 16', 6 in 1 USB-C Hub with 3 USB 3.0 Ports, USB C to SD… USB
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Top Customer Reviews: Anker 4-Port USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
Disappeared in the place of web is some instructions in a box:
to ensure stable connections, has connected the devices would not have to surpass the current combined of 900 mine. The devices are estimated usually as follows:
Smiled IOO my
Cambra 300my
Keyboard 500 my
External Hard Walk 900 my
has required 2 external HD
will take the model the pertinent plus. Has another Anker produced in the to the to this likes him, as I am sure has to something. Also it has to verify an USB of computer 3 specs
5 / 5
It travels the plot for work, as I have decided to buy an earlier version of of the this with the cape the low plus. Exactly a same hub, connector of identical USB, only the cape the long plus. I have bought this longer version for the dispatch of house setup.

Only have positive things to say in this hub. It IS to limit -and-the game with each computer has tried, comprising so Mac and machines of Windows. It looks and when being very built, and purchase of mine earlier of version of cape a low plus has lined up against uncountable trip setups. Anker Continues to impress with his quality, and would not doubt to buy another finds a necessity.
5 / 5
I am overjoyed with this compraventa. Only it take it the new machine and he have been missing all some ports has had the habit of. I use an additional monitor, an external walk, the wireless and auricular mouse all a same time. With only 2 ports of USB in a HP Pavilion, the extra ports required. While my laptop converts easily in the tablet and uses the pen or my toes, still required to direct the subject when is not when being 'elegant'. At present I have my wireless mouse and my headsets has attached. All the work adds! A port of data is very slender (as sexy) and a cord is quite very time to plant some data of next port for but down in any when being pas weighed. I attach purchase!
5 / 5
Attaching two laptop more HDD in my system that has required 3.0 ports more then my system could provide. This has tried to be a better election. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5
I want this product!! Once again, Anker has done an exceptional product!! My laptop has three ports of USB. In my desktop, has four things that there is plugged in through the USB. In the first place, has my wireless mouse, which are in fact plugged in directly in my laptop. A rest three things are plugged in a hub of USB, which are obviously plugged in directly in a laptop. Only I give that all concealed has plugged in a data of hub of USB is in fact chargers. Has load he for my stack powered adherent, Anker portable west, and my telephone. While I am unsure in my follower and west, chair like my loads of tlphonique slower that marks when was plugged in directly in a laptop. I am not disappointed in this so that it is not the surprise that when three electronic is plugged in the data of hub of USB, at least one of can not touch so fast. I do not go to take of the star so that any only is this any one of entity and everything of my load of things, some data of hub of USB is more probably any meaning to be the canal in load. While probably it have to it has purchased it to it to him something different for some uses are using this hub of USB for, work for concealed it the precise to do for and a prize is so economic. This was the good roads and is happy purchased the. It recommends this product 100% and would buy it again has to .

Also, Anker has one of some squads of service of better client there!! Anker Routed Join me email that says that they have expected that it enjoy my product and had any subjects, please contact them!! While some Anker products, predominately chargers and wall to upload blocs, can be the bit pricey, some products are supremely durable, reliable, and reliable. That is to say why Anker is one of a bit those that companies that will purchase chargers and another electronics of. One of my Android chargers has suffered harm. I have contacted Anker and after giving them some details, was routed the substitution uploads for free so that my guarantee was still valid. A thing that wish Anker has provided is the guaranteed lifetime guarantee. Anyways, I amour Anker!!
5 / 5
Weight very clear, hurriedly, and the laws add. Longer that period of half cape. The hub HAS the blue activity lights very small, improved of my anterior Anker hub...No longer too brilliant and distract.

Quite slender to launch in my stock exchange of laptop, and when is using my desktop, has attached the in my support of monitor with the piece of velcro. Awesome Anker Has comprised the small velcro band. It has not tried to pull drain to be able in. It has run 2 hard walks laptops, it USB and smile/of Keyboard dongle without problem.
5 / 5
Laptop cram all of an USB and HDMI the together ports that marks almost impossible to limit besides that a thing the time! Well this Anker hub of USB is a perfect partner , and wants to it. A cord is only a right period, some covers is robust, stable and tight, a product is very done and a speed of USB is incredible. I used it this morning to copy files of the video of my walk takes in 4 separate inch walks for the clients and he have done perfectly. Highly it recommends this hub of USB for laptop or desktop, life of marks of technology the easiest PLOT! THANKS TO Anker for another solid product in the prize adds.
5 / 5
A lot of marks there in Amazon, and is to take to distinguish the fly for trader at night that the cheap mark to paste-offs of the genuine manufacturer. Anker Clearly is the respectable and reliable manufacturer of accessories of PC. That is to say my second compraventa , except this model has the longest cord. The product is big quality , reliable, and in a right prize. Anker IS now the mine goes-to mark while I am looking for accessories of PC, to comprise chargers, cords, groups of stack, and solar poster. For in six years, Ankers many times has tried to be the respectable marks.
5 / 5
That more can ask? Regularly Available down (or only on) $ 10 for the 4 port USB-3 hub of the reliable vendor. A connector is upper quality , and still after regular use (and launch in the stock exchange), a cape is not aiming any signs of use.

In my Lenovo X1 Yoga, some laws of hub perfectly, active has not had never any device disconnects, and has not seen never anything goes down that a maximum speed a plugged in the device is has estimated prendi.

In general, only the hub to notch upper of a a-mark by name.
5 / 5
I have trusted Anker Produced in of the pasts and this a better investigation when being that another hubs of USB. External HDD, reader of card of the USB, mouse and keyboard all look for to be working while it expect. It was conscious of 900 mine can the those that the estimates is distributed of PC in the port of USB (port to be able in of the USB and USB 3.1 would distribute more can concealed 900 mine), and these works of product with same capacity while it is connected in PC usb port directly. Thank you Anker For utmost products.

Top Customer Reviews: Sabrent 4-Port USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
As I have bought this to limit my keyboard and smile in. A keyboard illuminates but no at all with this device. Tried plugging my USB in cord of Ethernet in him... It does not act.

Said can withstand the consumption of 900mine but my keyboard IS only 500mine. The consumption of mouse is only 100mine, as or has taken the futility or this hub is in fact USB that 2.0 only can cape until 500mine. Any road there is some dishonesty in an announcing here.

Which well is the hub of USB that it pode the cover only calms a device in. Apresamientos Which pays since I supposition. Routing This back asap.
5 / 5
It revises this description:
the cut is exited of his road in hurriedly substitute an original Hub with the nine unit
A walnut a work adds and some changes leave me to change among entrances of USB even so it uses the no powered hub.
An USB 3.0 speed is fantastic.
Has to commend Cut for his service of exceptional client in this subject.
Also finds this product to be of quality adds.
Always have roughly futility in the career of product but his that is resolved for a client.
Thank you Court.
My old description is down.........

Causes the conflict in of the Windows, blue screen, for some reason.
I hooked he up with the USB 3.0 cape of extension like the cape in this hub is subjects down.
Ploughed For a subject. A computer was well in front of this hub was hooked up. Once hooked in late in a product in the daytime 2 blue screens, that is to say the message of error of the critical windows that requires the reboot. A next day he a same thing early on. I disconnected a hub and his declare very now 3 days later. Obviously something in a hub is causing a subject with a system and a blue screen.
Opens That is to say with at all connected in him.
In some sideways positive leaves for speeds very quickly in backing up 8 actions of files in my external hard walk with his own PS. Like the work and some changes would have been well in that could it to it have left that walk hooked up and has changed only has been the box has required.

An only thing can imagine is that something in a hub was defective and that causes the sporadic low forcing a blue screen.
Ploughed With that say only relegate this hub in a box of storage of parts of computer while I do not want to risk breaking my computer.
Experience with him when the time takes .
Also uses USB 2.0 hubs in both of my computers without subjects. His only very odd.
For me only does not exit .
4 / 5
It researches to be the quite solid USB 3 hub. It wanted to have buttons that of powers of service on or is gone in each port.
Be conscious sometimes plugging in the new big power or the device of data can prender another port in brief. For example, when I plugged the laptop to walk that it takes in, a moment has pressed a button of power in this port, my interface of the audio plugged in the different port disconnected in brief, before reconnecting. Then both have been connected and looked to do well. But it can have a subject with devices to be able the big concealed affects other ports.
Another that that it is the solid unit with abundance of ports.
1 / 5
Like Another critic has remarked, this hub has the critical defect: moving a cord still a slightest the bit interrupts a flow to be able to/data, that causes other devices to be disconnected. But it is in fact worse that concealed. There are four changes to be able in, or for each port -- but improve you not daring uses them, unless caiste with all your usb the devices connected and all change to be able up, and things of leaves that subjects. Otherwise, Pressing a lot of some buttons of the power the road can in another device disconnects devices that is already powered -- in a same road as you have clashed a cape to be able in. If they Cut it it has had any included some changes to be able in, this hub at least could be usable for me.

Still, although some changes had done properly, the doubt would have done for longitude. Some looks to build supremely cheap. As Have taking he of a box, has been adapted of one junk give was so freebies in a state fair, or a surprise of toy that used to come with Crackerjack -- this hub was certainly the surprise.

To be fair: although that is to say one hub of the poorest quality has not possessed never out of probably the dozen, is also a less expensive. And like other descriptions suggest, can do for some users. If you do not plan to use some changes and never clash a cape, can the luck was.

But of course, some changes are why I bought it: wait to eschew messing with physically connect and disconnecting mine usb walks, but to select that the walks have been required saws some changes. I concealed quite efficiently in two other computers with two another hubs that also has changes. I have taken it casualidad in this one because of his low prize, and for the this has paid, any problem for the return. But it is entering some rubbishes hardly finishes this description, since does not dare confidence he with my data.
1 / 5
Junk, Hub The behaviour of causes in the esmo the low plus.

Has taken this to connect external hard walks (the walks have his supplies to be able to possess) in my SFF PC when codifies video. I connected it, it has begun a codifies, and quite a lot of 20 minutes in a codify, has listened a hardware of Windows disconnects the tone has continued down a tone of error of a next room. Quan IS gone in a room, a software to codify had launched Lima I/Or error and has frozen. Desprs Race of the bulls to oblige and restarting a software, has discovered a partner the files had been corrupted. The thought was the subject of the software moved in a next file and has restart a codifies. This time done in a same room and has taken a moment when an external hard walk disappeared of 'Computer' and a hardware disconnects the tone has touched again, has followed again for same Lima I/Or Error. A later reappeared walk, once again some files have been corrupted. I take a hub and only plugged a a walk required to arrive to this point in a PC and has begun an afterwards codifies, codifies has been that careers during an hour now without subject. There is has not had any subjects before installing a hub, and any subject since takes a hub. Exploring Some descriptions find that is to say the common subject with this hub, usually guilty in moving a hub but the mine has not been touched anytime near when some subjects are arrived. I am returning this, Any CONFIDENCE THIS OF SCROLLINGS of DATA!
5 / 5
My initial indication was 1 star - why? So that I plugged my Ipad in and my iphone to touch. I have been excited. 24 hours later, one dead.howver Of hub,
this was MY FAILURE . I have done to any to give that this was the hub and no for the upload. I have contacted Derek Cut concealed excusado (still although it was not his failure, and is an ignorant consumer bobo) and educated me quite some different options to touch. I said me quite one Short Multiport upload and was able to offer that in me in the tax has discounted. I routed an original hub behind in amazon, but was thoroughly impressed to Cut relations of Consumer and his diligence that took a very-techy consumer. I will choose they Cut produced in a future because of his service of client.
Is looking for The hub - takes one 4 port hub
is looking to touch multiple devices - apresamiento one short low device.

Cut 60 Watt (12 Amp) 10-Port Familiar-Desktop Sized Uploads of Fast USB. Ports of punctual USB with Cart Detects Technology [Negre] (PIKE-TPCS)
1 / 5
I left me begin this description to say that I want to give this product five stars. It IS truly an excellent little Hub of USB and is impressed further for his action and speed for a prize.

Has, even so, a critical defect in my individual hub concealed based in other descriptions are the quite common problem , and that it is if some movements of cord included a slightest bit, momentarily interrupts a flow to be able to/data, that causes each devices to be disconnected. Like The producer that expected to use this hub in my studio of house and for alive actions, that is to say absolutely objectionable while it can not have my controllers of midday, interface of audio, and the hard walk disconnected in a half to write or, worse still, in a half of the conjoint lives!

The May HAS has had subjects of connection of the USB with my laptop before, as I am truly result thwarted with this subject of connectivity. It Likes him it has said it, of east FOR EVERYTHING MEANS would have to be the product of 5 Stars, but a defect of connectivity has represented this totally useless hub for me.

Supposes that a side of only brilliant is that I am now in necessity besides concealed four ports, and has been looking to update in the hub powered anyways, but because of this defect, seriously is questioning or any one to buy he of Cut.

EXCEPTS disconnects when Moved included slightly.
A lot of people have had subjects of zeros. It IS your bet .
5 / 5
In the principle took it 2 of this 6 mark of month for me and the laptops to develop of my woman an USB to exist ports of 3 in 7 (A HP Pavilion DVT8-1200 and the Dell XPS Studio 1747) for wifi dongles, smiled, keyboard and walks of normal flash (A bit of the ports in some Laptops are USB 2.0). When being happy with some results of an original 2 arrival to buy 4 more for 3 of our Laptop (2 of them when being new) and 1 desktop (also new). Some new Laptops with only having 2 Ports of USB are lucky many the helps take a productivity of our Laptop.

- 4 ports of USB
- Each which as the individual port can be ignite or
5 / 5
Different USB 3.0 hubs has tried in a past, this one does very good. I have bought 2 of these hubs, and have a plugged in another, effectively giving me an additional 7 hand of USB 3.0 ports. In my surprise, looks that a tax of scrolling of the data is not impacted by this configuration. The scrollings are fast and reliable. Copy very terabytes of an external walk in another, so much duquel has been connected saws one Short hubs of USB, without the only hiccup. I have tried also the case of the test where had 3 big file the separate copies in progresses, a same time, among 3 external walks different, and each did! Of course, a tax of the scrolling for each individual copy was more dulcemente, but, in a set, an USB 3.0 tax of data has been maintained.

I really, really like some individual buttons for each entrance of port USB that left me in selectively enables/deactivate gone in - some buttons were the key reason was with this model of Court. So much, for example, has 4 external walks hooked until one Short hub, but only wants to 'take on-semence' a particular walk(s) which necessity inner a moment. I am using WD 8TB MyBook external walks that automatically can down when does not detect any connection in a port of USB 3.0, as it excepts to be able in (and wear and tear) in some walks are not actively using, and eschews a clutter and confusion to locate unneeded walks.

A final note in my configuration: As I have mentioned, has one of these hubs (calls it a eslave hub') plugged in the second hub (calls it a soyaster hub'). Plugged In a hub of slave, has 4 self-powered WD 8TB MyBook external walks that selectively enable/the deactivate according to my necessities inner a moment. (BTW, Work very enable each what 4 a same time!) In a master hub, this leave me 3 hand of USB 3.0 ports (taking that some uses of hub of the slave in a 4 port). In all the case, for good measure, is using supply of Cut 2.5an of power to provide pot in a master hub, in case perhaps wants to carried in of the devices that is not self-powered. It have to hasten to attach that, included without the power distributed in a master hub, trying shows that felizmente can limit in at least a WD portable (any-self-powered) 4TB walk. Even so, I have decided to go with the hub powered in case that does not want never carried in multiple no-self-devices powered of USB. Note that can order you one Short 4-port USB 3.0 hub with and without a bit supply to be able in.

In general, is supremely pleased with this product. Amiably fact, very attractive and down-profile, and, more than everything, work very good. I will be to purchase an additional one of these for my another portable.
1 / 5
The device of worse USB has purchased to date in 25 years.

Although it connect it devices of USB a powered' buttons of BUSES' looks the idea adds to exchange out of walks in a push of the button. A problem is that any subject where in a device if that has to the or by behind another connection in a canal, can was' the button, fences in a distribution to be able vanamente gone in everything in a line for the owner micro the second that cause any computer or Mac to record yours other devices that expelled or unplugged' inappropriately. Terrible circuit and would not recommend this produces at all. Work to be able to at all the ports; but it does not touch Any one of an individual power' buttons like this wreaks chaos and is at all more than the very-for-swimming gimmick! It forgets to try to use the walk of backup of Machine of Time in this device while it only interrupt each only to begin on. Honestly, This device sucks worse that any USB fines the port has not bought never...

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Hub, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
If it use your MacBook partorisca personnel or work, ossia the must ! MacBook Pros So only come with 4 USB-C put you now and yes plan use the second monitor, uploads your keyboard/of mouse/of the telephone or so only wants to have the port of old USB a lot of (Type A), will require this! This hub the management done also of boss much easier and emissions on some of some ports of available USB limited in your MacBook. It is also he adds that it sustains an USB to accelerate big 3.0 in place of an older USB, slower 2.0.

Comes with an USB-C hub and instructions (although some instructions are not required really how is quite self explanatory). The connections seat solid and sure and is to good sure the big quality, the device has built well. Highly it recommends!
4 / 5
This Hub is perfect so that I need. I have used to look the fool with the multiple of adapters that estaca out of my computer but now so only have one and he all I need. If you are mobile this adapter is hanged also small and light but feels a lot well with an arrival of metal. In general quell'USB adds C hub!
5 / 5
Has been looking for an adapter for the moment. This USBC Hub is so only that has looked for.
A better part, averts of a functionality, is an aesthetics. This Hub matches my Space Grey MacBook Pro. Also I resupply the USBC port, two put you of USB and a HDMI port. The addition adds my rucksack! Value a prize!
5 / 5
This USB C Hub comes with the quality adds for the prize adds. To good sure value my money. It is light weighted and small measure, how is easy for travelling. With this hub, can connect my mouse and keyboard with my Macbook pro without that has to that buy expensive some of tent of Apple. Still it sustains HDMI, which help me connect my macbook pro with my screen and projector! The desire can take this sooner. This hub is the quite fresh creation! Highly you recommend this the people those who require the hub like this and does not want to spend the plot of money.
4 / 5
I recently upgraded my macbook has required this type yes adapter reason all more in my house has used still a rule usb.

To the equal that has taken the risk and has bought this product. Well I am happy has taken that it risk reason this product resupplies more than that I need.

To the equal that can see of a picture is slightly more along and slightly thinner that a altoids chance.

HAS three USB3.0 put you a HDMI, sd reader of paper, USB C female touching port and a ethernet connector.

A quality has built is also adds to feel sturdy and some materials are not plastic.

In general the investment adds if you upgraded the computer but a lot yours another air of devices marries
4 / 5
has been looking for around for the USB a lot C hub for my Dell XPS 13 (which does not have any USB 3 put you). The majority takes the place, and this has taken my eye because of a factor of small form. Has all some essential ports that requires. Like this far, work quite well, and looks quite durable. Five stars.
5 / 5
Inner any one last few weeks have tried several USB C docs with my Samsung Tab of Galaxy S6tablet. I have been looking for the doc that can touch a pill and use usb devices a same time. I finally paste a jackpot. To good sure flies he in this prize. I have called Samsung directly and said to us there is has wanted to $ 89 for his branded cradle. Ossia The better shot !
5 / 5
Loves this element a lot.
Is the perfect party for the mac book, lustrous and compress like this mac book.
Can connect my SD paper to my PC and have it has transferred immediately, Easy to project of the mine Mac my TV.
This a perfect measure, some materials of perfect construction (aluminium) and both a creation and an apt/arrival are during a cup in this reasonable the point of prize.

Recommends this element.
5 / 5
Really love this hub! It is very easy to use! So only it covers my HDMI cord in and then covers a boss of C types in the my iPad 12.9 pro and am connected! I can see anything is in mine iPad in a TV now. If you are looking for the hub with several different options, ossia yours all in a device to have!
4 / 5
My leading USB C Hub has had so only five elections of connection, this one has six. A name of the product said '7 in 1', but a ready description are. (A seventh is a connector viril that connects to your computer).

Has dipped this USB C Hub by means of his steps. I have transferred 5 to 10 gigabytes of data to the TF the paper and has connected I also two USB 3.0 connections, the cord and the thumbdrive. A speed of scrolling of computer to TF the paper was significantly faster that a speed of scrolling of my computer to the USB 3.0 Zealot torch/of speaker.

After transferring these gigabytes of data, a hub was to warm to a touch, but no hot. I have little finalised after transferring date it, a hub has been of tower the temperature of room.

To That really likes roughly using of an USB C Hub is that I leave movement my two permanent USB 3.0 connections to a backside of my computer (reason my two USB C put you are in some back). These emissions on some easy-the-USB of access 3.0 put you in some sinister sides and of the legislations of my computer for devices that can easily discharges in and unplug.

In general, am very happy with this USB C Hub. To good sure prefer it to a one that has bought sooner a year.

Has discovered so only an annoying detail, but a lot enough to cut down to four stars. When Touching my Pixel of Google XL (Gene 1) smartphone, an USB C cord could not touch when calm in the first place insert/insert a cord. If like this, rotate one finalises connector 180° and reconnect. Copper. There is remarked this same thing with other devices to touch, as you consider this to be normal with my smartphone. So only be conscious that is necessary, rotate some arrivals.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Hub Multiport ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
4 / 5
The cost has checked Useful, compact dongle. Utilisations this with my iPad Pro with an USB-C port. Street of simple connection HDMI to the monitor the current of an iPad without a device of television of the Apple. Game and functionality to cover easy with the Logitech keyboard partorisca leave to write in an iPad. And last but any fewer discharges in the walk of USB, SD, or Micro SD partorisca see, load or photo of download. In general, useful when I need to do the little more with your iPad the usual or when you are partorisca the fix and require the fast alternative partorisca take the things done.
4 / 5
The cost has verified there is not the plot of options in this USB-Hub, but there is triplica some ports of USB. His all has done really well. I have used a microSD and SD space of paper more than then I pictures of scrolling and files the plot. His both have done amiably. An USB-Hub access perfectly to a box without being able to break a Hub when that taking was. I have seen those that apt too closely and me does not want to dip the backside never again. Has has had to that also rasgar a box for the take was. It likes that I have not had to that download of an application for the use, which is spent mine before. There is 1 HDMI port, but a lot really have the use for him like this of now. I have used 2 put you of USB this in spite of. 1 For my mouse and another for my keyboard. It can not think of anything more for one 3rd port of USB of then does not use of the walks of thumb anymore. A double exploitation is overkill for me... Mainly reason do not have another screen. Reason using this hub was like this easy, there is not had to that use a manual. I so only skimmed by means of him to see yes is missing anything or does not know something with which have tried a hub for my account. Has has not felt to take fast heat neither. Material because of an aluminium and depends in that is has used. It has not had the his economic chair, but the quality adds one. This hub is small, as it was able of the take on travesa with me. And! It was able to maintain he in a box for the protect too much. A box is not that big of the difference to a hub, like this yay! Take this hub in your travesa next. It is worth it with all these ports and spaces. ;)
4 / 5
The cost has verified taste that of east is compatible with a MACBOOK. You can use a SD paper and the micro SD. Some the multiple ports are useful especially reasons use an external keyboard. Ossia The tool adds partorisca students.
4 / 5
The cost has checked I amour he
is very useful and easy to use and do a lot well.
Even can connect to my mobile phone partorisca see some contents of the mine USB

I totally recommend it
5 / 5
The cost has verified In the first place, has taken this hub sper quickly. He 1 day partorisca the receive (awesome in my book).

A dongle scrollings quite quickly. I am taking speed on 40mbs that uses my class 10 (3) MicroSD papers. It weaves it to them of files to transfer that his YT vids, and anything to transfer faster is always better. I want that I can easily hook my MicroSD his this in spite of uses the walk of USB, this in spite of has spatial.

One the majority of what amazing in this hub, is that it is like this small. I have had an old plus hub, and this on is the averages a measure, feels a lot of sturdy, and likes is in seat likes is fact of the metal. I do not want to line a quite a lot of surface and discover, but perhaps has the casualidad is the chromed plastic, but I like a fresh metal feels, the d crazy arrival. If I fall/to line it, will update with a material has used.

For a price, can any gone bad. Work perfectly with my laptop!
4 / 5
The cost has verified This hub is very functional because of a variety of offers of ports. It is it adds for me also although the travesa business because it is small and compact, and also my laptop has put you very limited but this hub will leave me to connect with another technology in of the hotels, rooms of conference, etc.
5 / 5
The context of Compraventa has checked: rings the solution of connectivity adds partorisca develop a functionality of my devices with USB-C connections.

Resuman: This has solved to good sure that question partorisca me and addition so more functionality that any I still anticipates.

+A lot of ports of extras! (A 4K HDMI port, 2 SD exited of reader, 1 USB C touching connector, and 3 USB 3.0 put you)
+Portable the with the small
+Discharges- and- Game!
+Lustrous creation that the fresh stays and does not take sper hot
+Easy connectivity to almost any device
+taxes of Scrolling of 5Gbps in USB 3.0 empty
+ Some 4k video in 30hz

- A lot of

Conclusion: If you are looking for the solution of connectivity for your device, ossia a perfect solution . I wouln't buy anything more. The third is perfect and exactly the one who precise. Highly it recommends these products so it solves everything of my questions
5 / 5
The shabby use checked this in an office. Has a plan of open office, as I take my computer and find the different place partorisca do frequently. I need it covers he in mine headset and keyboard dongle repeatedly, so only leave them plugged in the one of the east so much can attach all my USB write Some devices and a HDMI monitor all immediately my USB of laptop C connection. It saves wear and tear in an USB dongles, and does not break never an out in my computer more. These looks of facts of good device and feels very solid (any 'transfer') and to the look likes will last quite of the moment.
5 / 5
Works of Device partorisca Purchase verified intermittently in MacBook Pro 2018 with mouse of USB and Wacom digitizing tampon. It smiles multiple and dongles has been tried with a same result of the mouse partorisca jump cursor by means of a screen. New Logitech smile them has not been faulty have done like this perfectly with other laptops the with ports of USB. Taking support of the guarantee has not been simple Amazon , the support required of client partorisca almost an hour to take contact of turn info, and will update this description once the things am solved. A fashion is sum , but does not act. Really I want to give this praise of the device yes does like this announced. In short, this compraventa failed in light other 5 descriptions of star of this product.
Update, A Miracle has done things well to send out of the substitution. (To the equal that have answered down). Thank you A-Miracle.
4 / 5
The cost has verified This product was surprisingly main quality that has expected. Has the organism of aluminium spatial ash with the boss of hule short. I have been using this product partorisca roughly two weeks and everything is doing perfectly well. Although when I things of discharges in as my telephone there is the bit of lag among a time of insertion to recognition in my computer. I have thought at the beginning that it was broken, but I so only required to expect the pair of first according to first of my starts of telephone to touch and be recognised by my computer. Utilisation the 2017 MacBook as so only have usb type C port in my computer and these things of frames of the useful product. Although the desire has had the usb type C in a Hub reason prpers has liked him the touch while having accessories plugged to my computer. The battery of my computer is a lot so that it is not any a lot of the worry on its own name, but has had the different computer with the smallest battery or a consumption is more utmost I probably would not recommend yes only calm a port. If has the Macbook or Macbook Air or any another portable would recommend this Hub to use. I have tried also this in mine Lenovo the spectre and has any question here also. Has not using this in of the products like this of the pills with the type of USB C port, as it was not that one do one and can not give a sincere description roughly that. In general, the product of quality that is both function and portable.

Top Customer Reviews: Anker USB C Hub, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
Utilisation this adapter with Anker 60W 2-Port USB C Load. Although some claims of adapter to so only eat 15W hub consumption partorisca be able to, would have to have around 45W of delivery partorisca be able to the the computer by means of a hub USB-C port. A XPS9360 connects to a hub there is showed the opinion less than 45W has received. Also, 15W of hub consumption partorisca be able the looks partorisca be big partorisca me. Any sure that the chip on board takes that a lot it can.
5 / 5
Up to date description -

Shortly after I posted my description down, Anker has achieved was mine directly partorisca help troubleshoot. They have finalised partorisca send me another hub partorisca try was. A new hub there is has not had subjects with a wattage is exited as I have done with my forward one and am able to take a HDMI 2.0 start. Thank you Anker!

+ appreciates a quality of build
+ Comes with the good pouch
+ HAS all some ports that precise
+ Plugged this to the mine portable of PC and he have done well.

- Has said sustains until 100W. Any one sure has had the defect but he was 60-65W at most
- HDMI Exposed in Mac is 2.0 this in spite of, falls a refresh prices down to so only when being able to sustain 50hz (does not have this question on PC, this in spite of so only will locate to 60hz in mine 144hz exposure)

that Goes partorisca return this and look for another adapter. Usually have the regime adds with Anker in a past but no this time.
5 / 5
(Ossia An up to date description )

quality of Solid build - partorisca such the dinky hub, has some heft. It has to that any slide around in an office also the difference of one all-plastic hub I use in work.

HDMI Out of works in both MacBook Air and Samsung Chromebook More V2 (core m3). Speed of decent scrolling on USB.

Power rids is well, but well remarks that when in the first place it has taken this, I plugged in mine 30W uploads and there is rid so only 15W. With which messaging Anker, his promptly answered and informed that one load has the 15W tall, and has suggested tentativa the 45 or 60W load. I have ordered one and tried it so only was and my MacBook relieves 45W partorisca be able to, as all is well.

While the fact felt that the hub would eat some can, 15W looks big, but looks partorisca do well now. It said him that it would be it useful to have this clearly indicated in a product that ready this in spite of.

In general, in spite of the dud start, am pleased with this hub, and with Anker service of excellent client. Changing of 1 to 5 stars.

Update after using this partorisca the week in my office of house: it is treating perfectly, without lag when you change among laptops. HDMI Was to the 34' ultra widescreen 2440x1080 the monitor are add, although he atascamos a refresh in 60hz of the mine Chromebook, and oddly, a Mac says is , but ossia to spare well for basic productivity. Logitech Has unified the receiver is chosen on promptly for both devices once plugged in. It has not tried an USB-C port of data still, but are by train for assumes it will do well.

A hub takes only slighty soul even when using to touch devices and data of scrolling, which is better that has expected, of alike products' the descriptions there is complained roughly hot. It likes so much, probably I will buy of the second a punctual for travesía.
5 / 5
To direct my initial description down, a costruttore ensured that in spite of a number of same product and wrong manual, this 'upgraded' the model in fact uses the maximum of 15 W tin vs one 20 W of an original product. I do not have USB C able power metres and was unable to verify this, as so only can trust that I have not been sent a model an old plus.

Besides a misprint considering can, some the following reasons have influenced negatively my indication:
1) This hub is so only convenient for devices/of laptops with USB C put you in a sinister side. In a Surface Pro 7, an USB C port is in a legislation, like a HDMI claves of the boss directly has been to an user in place of behind where belonging. It has included it goes for a PS port. Mina any-the solution was to use a hub to the rovescio, which is inconvenient he.
2) Possibly so only to a Surface Pro 7, an USB C port is located unusually big on a table, such the a short boss of 6 thumbs of this hub the cause to dangle partway more than walking of lie in a table. There is probably technical reasons for his short period, but is in spite of the question.

That can be unfair for me to penalise this product so that it is essentially elections to draw, but reasons not producing the version with opposite port configurations for a rest of us? Without the a lot of options can not influence tent via purchasing decisions, as I will complain in of the public descriptions.

Original description:
has bought this has update hub and a leading model () the days averts for comparison but has received two identical products. Numbers of same product in backside of devices (1H2C2A1S1M) and the same manuals that declares 20 W uses to be able to (this would have to that be 15 W according to description in this page). It has done Anker simply not annoying printing the new manual or using the number of new model for this review of product? Or it was a wrong element has sent mine? It will update description to the equal that learn more and with which has has tried fully a product.
4 / 5
Possesses the tonne of Anker the products and I have to that say that this hub is mine less favourite. It is still to build a lot of solid and all the plugged in mine macbook pro has done .... Except a real touching. I am not sure if I overdid he with all some ports but when plugging an USB/C load to a PS port, my Mac would not see a tin unless there are them pulled a tin was and plugged he behind in. It has not been the breaker to treat but mine 7 another Anker the accessories do perfectly. A smaller inconvenience but for a prize, will direct
5 / 5
Ossia the add mini cradle. Has USB-C PS spend to be able to-thru, hdmi video, 2x usb-A, 1x usb-C (the only data). It leaves it on your office and so only has to that it covers is a device to be ready for work.

Really The like that has the USB-C port of data to the equal that obtain the port which is especially of entity for 2-port MacBooks. Other devices looked typically have Ethernet in place of this port. But that uses it ethernet in the laptop can be troublesome calm 'choose up and go' the meetings during a day - yours connection toggle go in Ethernet and Wi-Fi that cause of the connections of persistent server to break. A lot it prefers the just stay on Wi-Fi.

This looks to run quite fresh also.

Go to begin to purchase these to go with the new computers deploy to my users. The combination adds the ports and I very better estimate that Apple HDMI dongle.

My only critique-
I really think SD the ports of paper would owe that be deleted on everything of these devices. Ossia Something concealed would have to that be in the standalone usb device. Any need to integrate it here. Waste of spatial.
5 / 5
Has been using this with my new MacBook Pro 16. The power of mine MacBook directly of an adapter of power of the Apple and then uses this for more other connections. I drive the 4K the monitor has seen HDMI and attach disks of backup (LaCie 4TB) by means of a Anker 7-in-1 USB C Adapter with USB 3 bosses. Some diverse past days of constant use, all has done simply as it has expected. A monitor connects quickly and some the hard walks do exactly to the equal that has expected. A clave by heart of the USB also just works to the equal that has expected.

An USB C Adapter is sold and a lot of fact with the good arrival. Any one exactly matches Grey Spatial Mac, but does not allege to, neither is necessary. You grieve warm taking in my application.

Has recommended.
4 / 5
To the Laws like to regulate the hub all a lot there, but no with USB-C monitors, the supposition concealed is the one who bad when they say does not sustain half comunicacionales-game, master anker produced, with which some investigation sees that ossia in fact one of a bit those that hubs with the port of data of the USB, as it looks his difficult to included achieve that, as I owe that cut his a lot of slack, will buy a next version of this hub when they add support for my USB-C screen, in a moment will maintain to use a still an I has had at present.
4 / 5
Has connected to the MacBook Pro 2018 model and he can not give the decent connection. An USB C connector am a lot free. I grieve the key and almost comes immediately. Any one sure he faulty the unit but are by train of the turn. Mina old plus Anker model 2017 USB C hub does the better work that this.
5 / 5
Has taken this for mine 2020 Apple MacBook Air after reading a lot of descriptions and comparing with other alike devices (and has had good experiences with Anker produced in some pasts). Early as you plough a container, can say is an appeal that looks the produced and I have loved a way his solid feels and hanged. All has done well, until me hooked the to my external monitor (1900x1200 that careers in 60Hz). First time has done well, and then according to timing a monitor has not chosen on a signal of a laptop. As I have tried hooking and unhooking and has restart a laptop and he have done well. Pair of days later this in spite of, while looking Netflix, a subtitles would aim, but a video would not touch . Unhooked He again to touch again directly in a laptop and he have aimed without subjects. Rehooked And rebooted again, and would look again in an external monitor, but this colour of time would change each five second and content flicker. Changed to another HDMI the boss and he have had a subject same. I have read that another buyer there has been a subject with HDMI and like this now are asking if ossia an isolated chance or a product has some class to issue in general. It will be to return a product and perhaps look for another hub.

Top Customer Reviews: Powered USB Hub, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Have has wanted the USB 3.0 hub partorisca my Surface Pro. A Surface is the portable unit very good but so only has a port of USB. The things can take a lot tight accesses precise more than a device of USB. A atolla comes a lot of packaged in the sturdy box of map. When the ploughed Calm is presented with a hub. Down it is one 3 amp supply partorisca be able to. In the, 'Founded of a hub an USB permanently has attached the boss is afterwards to a receptacle partorisca a boss of supply of the power. A boss of USB, excluyente of one covers, is 23 thumbs long.
I setup my Surface Pro with a hub has attached to the selection of hard walks outsides. Of accident to even there is an old Samsung SSD SATA 1TB walk in an USB 3.0 chance, a hub, the My USB of Passport 3.0 500 GB hard walk, the Memorex 1 TB USB 3.0 hard walk, and he 250 GB SATA hard walk in the generic USB 2.0 chance.
Has tried some varied walks partorisca copy the file of big film to and of a walk to a SSD walk of a Surfave Pro. A Samsung SSD, any surprisingly, has yielded read and write speed of roughly 290 MB/s. A WD My USB of Passport 3.0 was slower in 69 MB/s read and 68 MB/s writes. A Memorex USB 3.0 was quite quickly in 80 MB/s read and in a same writes. Surprisingly, an USB 2.0 250 GB the hard walk has not gone initially recognised when connected to port 3 or 4 (counted of the, 'Founded). It has been recognised when connected to any of some 2 put you lower and has yielded 30 MB/s read and write speed. Some other walks have done in any ports.
In a cup of a hub is the 2.4 Amp port of load of the USB. Have hooked He until the wireless cellphone upload and can declare concealed is looks to do well. A port of load is always on when a supply to be able to is plugged in.
Some transmissions of key of the turn to press on with an immediate press but require the 2 second long press to turn was. Each one which so it actuated it port shows the illumination FOCUSED blue brilliant with some bleed by means of the adjoining ports. No the subject of entity.
I like this hub the plot. It is the version more compresses of one 7 port model that has been using with my PC of tower and extracted also. Highly recommended!
4 / 5
Has required the powered hub to maintain up with a multitude of devices that constantly require be recharged in the daily base & this one does well. Flavour be able to maintain all some cords plugged in & stops to be able to turn in & ports, especially external walks. Each device I own uses some class of boss of USB that it is different of a prójimo one & having 5 different connections save me a question to go room in room plugging in adapters of faculty.
Some keys are easy to press & some ports light when on. The mine that touches of the devices has been simplified & they all touch faster that the levels plugin adapter to be able to. I have not felt any heat that comes from/comes from a hub or any cords when down cariche.
4 / 5
Has Had something alike and overheat and finally died of a overheat, he in fact melted down. With this hub, does not have this question at all. Included when has all 4 put you plugged to the device and touching them, any overheat or take warm. All the devices touch quite quickly too much. All have has had to that do to dip this up was spent he in and this has been. I have used this with my laptop to help files of movement of diverse flash walks more than plugging a one the time. This he so easier and faster also. According to a type to flash the walk is that determines that quickly some files will transfer to the each one like this another. This in spite of, was able to move files around 3 separate flash walks down an hour and this was reason have had to open and verify the good quantity of them. I add little hub to have, hardly takes on upper of any space.
5 / 5
Has begun to use atolla USB 3.0 hubs of then 2017. Always enjoyed the one who solidly built and of confidence is.

Has taken is a because door an outside AC adapter, and reason was free after a sincere description has been rid for him.

An outside AC the adapter resupplies an USB 3.0 hub with 5VDC and 3Amps! This left to power to cover his hungry devices, likes any powered hard walks outsides and readers of paper of the memory. His all has done perfectly!

Some transmissions to be able to divísalas afterwards to the each USB 3.0 put you go in handy! Press and control to turn on or era.

And has the fast touching port in a front, opportunely located to touch my telephone he has required.

Very happy with him and that looks forward to a lot of years of use!

Update! Today it is May 16th 2020 and continuous do like the field!
4 / 5
Ossia The add little USB hub. It is small and portable. You can turn put you calm very precise .

Has tried a unit with my wireless mouse , boss of iPhone and Bluetooth adapter.

All has treated perfectly, and my iPhone has touched perfectly.

A port to touch in this model is for use with being able to devices of hungry USB, and recommends to use an adapter to be able to help for anything requiring .

The packaging was a lot of very also.

Highly recommend this unit.
5 / 5
A HUB has been relieved immediately the plugging he to my computer all the devices like webcam, walks of thumb, and the external walks have done well. Having a capacity to turn on and of the devices is the prize to leave things to be used when required. A small compact measure also leaves for the take on travesías.
4 / 5
Has bought this 'Atolla 4port+1, USB3.0, powered hub' Reason is the USB 3.0 hub, but mostly reason alleges to sustain hot-transmission. From now on simply I will inform to this Atolla Hub as 'hub'.

Spoiler Alerts; in my chance, a hub A lot always sustain hot transmission...

...At least any with the majority of my devices that has tried like this Hot -transmission with a device; work well with my Samsung S8 Cellphone, but like this far a S8 is an ONLY device that hot-transmission. As I am not happy.

Reason a S8 works, are unsure of has the question of hardware with a hub, or no, but does not recognise my 'Western Digital Elements 2520 USB 3.0, 5GB external HDD'. Neither it recognises my mark new USB 3.0, 64GB clave by heart, --although it covers a walk(s) to the port this is to change already on. A Hub resupplied (switchable) 5 power of Volt to a HDD, some transfers to Walk on, and is own start , but a HUB any never one covers-n-the start of game has required to connect the street of data to a Walk, neither to a 64GB USB 3.0 clave by heart.

Unless I unplug a hub USB 3.0 gone in viril port, and then reconnect the to my PC.

Then can see all 3 devices. But the hot transmission still no for a HDD or a clave of USB, so only for a S8 telephone.

Like looks of question to be in a start the insertion of device, (or port turn on).

A hub has had a externally accessible 'hub-transmission of reset' to force it to reinitialize he so that it could king- one covers-n-material of game, almost could live with a hub.

But he no, like this suspicious can be gone back a hub. Also it would like me one of of these keys of reset in my PC, but I digress...

In all the chance because a S8 Cellphone work with a Hub, and hot transmission as announced, has not been if this question is fixable or the no. expects that a vendor can help me was, will see.

I hope that ossia he fixable configuration, or question of software, reason enough would solve a question, and maintain a hub, that leaves this class of description.

5 / 5
has purchased this powered hub has based in descriptions and prizes. I will buy the second a to travel with based in an action am seeing. Has two 5TB HDD connected together with him Serato DJ controller. Highly recommend!
4 / 5
Like this has bought them this not knowing would do for mine ps4. Have Of then has had them multiple usb 3.0 empty And a source of external power like this the said the one who a hell. A bit those that look had bought them a Seagate 2tb ps4 harddrive and the the wireless rock TB stealth 500p for the headset that mine usbs has been taken up. With a Atolla powered usb hub can connect mine hardrive to a ps4 and then a band to another isb port and have mine headset plugged to one extends together with both controllers chraging and two telephones that touch- not losing never connection in a headset. Works like the charm, highly recommend!
5 / 5
This powered USB hub has done well with mine Lenovo cradle for just short of five month, but now three of some four put you have died (was although they are turned 'on' as some lights). This headed to the plot to time squandered to the equal that has tried imagines has gone by that my keyboard there is prendido to do and my iPhone has not been recognised by a computer.

Am going the tent for another hub and solves this one. It has done WELL while it is lasted, but in an end is really junk.

UPDATE: I have ordered a Anker USB hub that attended be more than confidence, based in good experiences with another Anker has produced.

In a moment, am unable to contact a vendor (Atolla) by means of Amazon. With which a lot of discussion, to the amazon is refunding a prize of this unit. It is too late for me to leave negative feedback in this vendor; otherwise would do like this. It is inappropriate partorisca third-vendors of party on Amazon any to facilitate contacting them.

Top Customer Reviews: Powered USB Hub ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this to substitute my outdated USB of hub of Amazon so that I have required something with On/Of changes. These changes are handy likes him-him them calm touches the plot of electronics but does not want to overburden this hub, has an option in tower of sure ports without unplugging a cape. This hub comes with 7 ports of USB and 1 additional fast that port of load in a fund. Only it tries his all and they are doing perfectly. Also this Atolla has feet of rubber in a underside(in difference of a hub of Amazon), as he very slide around a table every time accidentally paste in the cape. Before right and easy to use, any complaint.
5 / 5
That is to say a third Atolla the hub has possessed and is each which adds. They are Resulted my mark of hub of primary USB of election. Mina in the first place one is used in my cart and not having never has had subjects of connection. My bren some powers my woman is diverse electronic in his nightstand and has said never has given his problems. This one has substituted only my Amazon Basic USB 3.0 that hub at the end (after 2 years) has begun to give me problems of connection. A tez and material all listen quality what big. That poses this averts of another hubs of the big quality is one on/of buttons that the calm leaves in 'disconnect' things without leaves to take of a hub -- is the characteristic of murderous that is surprised other manufacturers has not copied still. It can any gone bad with this compraventa.
5 / 5
Has one 7 port USB 3.0 connected in the USB 3.1 Gene 1 port. He able state to connect two WD Passports a he 2TB and another he 4TB. I have transferred the 100GB conjoint blended of files of one 2TB in a 4TB While this scrolling entered in USB 3.0/Walk Takes the speeds have had also the Samsung 850 Pro 1 TB in a HDE USB Claro 3.0 Gene 1 external case those runs the full crystaldiskmark6 benchmark tries to run. Any hiccup at all a benchmark was so expected Big 400 Read and Down 400 writing. It does not have any idea that time this will last looks very done for your basic 7 port USB 3.0. That is to say cual looked for in 7 port hub. So much only lock in just having a two walk takes external hook up very less transferring 100GB of files.
A built-in the cape is heavy USB 3.1 Gene 2 cape to write be so conscious of this if any precise to use for scrollings of big data
supposition an only with would be a brilliance of a blue FOCUSED this and bleed on in a port after in them but only in a side after in him so that it can say that a port is turned has been.
Revisit This description has to anything changes in a prjimo little month.
5 / 5
This hub is mine 3 USB 3.0 hub of Atolla. Has abundance to be able of prender all my devices, has touch the port but the majority of all can ignite/of any one of some ports of USB. My stays of computer on at night for backup in a cloud and some devices of USB that the use does not have a out of change. As I use an on/was change for port to turn them was. A Atolla USB 3 hubs has tried fast and reliable like this far.
5 / 5
There is certainly the plot of the ports but he also comprise some Loans to the load transfers which are perfect for a current of iPhone. I use another individually controlled on-of ports to touch my headphones, iPad and my old iPhones. So far, work well and can buy another for a dispatch.
5 / 5
A device am add, work so expected, can ignite and of some need of ports, so far any complaint. It purchase again. I recommend it.
5 / 5
Purchased this for my husband so that I need more usb connectors that his computer has built in. It IS very happy with him and likes him a creation with a blue backlights.
5 / 5
Has a lot of capes go in a CPU in the computer of desktop
using a hub to clean in a clutters.
Was very if a clear which are now blue could be different colours so that his purpose yes
1 / 5
I have chosen this so that him me like his has to an individual change. I need in reboot a Mac only once for the take to do except after at length tried in of the a lot of different elements. I am surprised to find that any one always laws with all et.et. He no with my old USB 3.0 Verbatim walk of so inch a 16GB and 32GB. He no with my CF reader of card. Work at most of my external USB 2.0 HDD excepts unit After the week of test, has decided concealed goes for the return so that I can not accept this partial compatibility. I have finished order Satechi instead, that or is doing perfectly with everything but he are also more expensive and has any individual change.
5 / 5
The good quality compared in another so far, an only bad thing is that I bought it when a prize was very big compared to maintain. But the very good hub, uses it to connect my peripherals of hardware and two hard walks.

Top Customer Reviews: VAVA USB C Hub, ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
The works add with mine Of the XPS 13 2-in-1 laptop. I leave partorisca connect to my desk monitor, USB 3 hard walk outside and one goes through half to be able to maintains a computer touched while they are acting wife . It is also easier that insert the micro SD paper by heart to a reader of paper that a one in a computer. I am using the bluetooth smiled and keyboard as it can not comment in the usb the mouse and the keyboard but I imagine would do so only a lot also. It is also the reasonable measure partorisca travesía. I can consider buy another partorisca leave me partorisca connect to the TV of hotel is when I begins partorisca travel for business again.

In general the product adds in the reasonable prize. Highly recommended based in my initial use.
5 / 5
Has looked for the way to take extra USB and a SD paper in mine MacBook and this has finalised partorisca be perfect. It is the smallest plot that has been expecting but returns perfectly in a bit pouch with a cord partorisca touch. Exactly that has required takes in a gone. Any I same commentaries an element has added my stock exchange.
4 / 5
Has been long the consecrated and loyal Anker user, this in spite of a past small cost resulted in unexpected quality and/or technical subjects. So many, when I have required an expansion hub partorisca my Mac Mini (running Catalina), is in the first place be the Anker. A Anker has caused like this interference with my keyboard of Apple and Logitech trackball, that could not use any with a hub plugged-in. The amazon has suggested a VAVA hub and has given to try it.

These works of what perfectly and does not present any interference with any of my wireless devices. It spends the data according to fast of looks (has not measured the, but my gut say is not retarding anything down). It is compact and feels very built - an organism is solid; almost like an outside SSD hard walk.

Is looking for The stable, USB of confidence , competent expansion hub, looks no further. Yes, it is more pricey that a Anker, but is the money is very displaced. Calm will not complain purchasing east.
5 / 5
Has bought this to use like the usb hub as well as a sd reader of paper. It does not use a hdmi, but is good to have if I any never. Speed of scrolling (for a usb walks) is roughly one same like usb port in mine portable. The quality of build feels really good. It does not feel economic or fragile. In general ossia to a lot of quality usb hub and one of an economic plus some I expósitas with everything of this characteristic. The only thing would change, and ossia an extremely smaller nitpick, would be a lot if the a short boss was the little less rigid. Another that that, loves all like this far.
5 / 5
Am using this hub with the 2020 Macbook Air M1. A Macbook is coming with the 30W USB-C touching brick, which is a small more powered offered of Apple of the brick, as I have required the hub that would not use the plot to be able to on he, and would spend -by means of a majority of a power to touch. I have had a hub plugged to the mine Macbook, a 30W cord to be able the plugged to a hub, a HDMI Dell exposed plugged to a hub, the keyboard wired plugged to a hub, And my iPhone plugged to a hub and touching. It has said of another way,, a hub was uploaded quite (so as I never the need in one times) and was still able to touch my Macbook of 70 - 100 in roughly 2 hours. While ossia slower of a 30W the brick was plugged directly to a Macbook, am happy does not have to that worry with 'Battery not touching ' subject, included with a brick to be able of smaller that Apple. This hub uses the modest quantity to be able to, work like this a lot of VAVA. Also, it has taken slightly warm, like a temperature of the yours telephone with which have been using he for the moment - no hot at all, so only warm. When A Macbook has been touched, has cooled in environmental room temp. (Note: elements like my iPhone plugged to an USB-Some ports in a hub will not touch unless a hub is plugged to a Macbook... It has said of another way,, has looked for to use a hub like the canal of power with a 30W brick plugged to a DC In port and a hub ANY plugged to the mine Macbook, but would not touch other devices in a configuration. Ossia Well, is feigned to be the hub for USB-C port expansion, no like the power hub, but ossia so only the little free byte of info. Extracted his function has feigned fully.)
Quality of looks of build in pair with prize... $ 22 Calm take you the plastic organism that it is 4' longitude and 1.5' wide, USB + of boss-C connector adds 6.5' for global period 10.5'. The colour of an organism is a lot of neighbour the Apple Grey Spatial with black emphases, any visible light (graces!) A boss is quite beefy with good boots , fat in final of connector, am sure will resist on well with light use. An USB-C boss that connects to your device is slightly wider that the boss of Apple, but with the strongest boot and room of leaves stop for the wide USB-C after his connector, any @@subject there.
In general, am very pleased with this VAVA device, the point of prize adds, work well, sufficient power partorisca raisin-by means of touching for the 2020 Macbook Air M1 with 30W brick to be able to, can not comment on longevity still. 5 stars.
5 / 5
Are súper happy with east. An old adapter has had has comprised so only 1 usb One something. It was constantly that it has to that it exchanges in and out of some things have required when I require to use the flash walk. This one has 3 more a HDMI port and a SD and MicroSD reader of paper. I will not owe that maintain unplugging things now. I have not used all some ports immediately, but does not remark any subjects with him overheating. This has done my experience to do so more effective of then does not have to that it change in and was to flash walks in mine old adapter.
4 / 5
In the first place would owe that mention a regular prize is $ 25, has had the 'click a box for 20 was' special at the same time. In any prize is one of this time adds where a sentence ' takings to the equal that pay for', does not do to describe a compraventa.... IMO, the much more cost volume the one who that paid.

A lot of ultrathin, ultralight the notebooks there is relatively of the little peripheral of discharge. Has the 14' Lenovo thinkpad Carbon X1 this goes in in 2.4 pounds, and tapers to the equal that moves to one in front of approx 1/4 of a thumb. Of then it begins in approx 0.5 thumbs (enclosed), does not have any a lot of room for a lot of ports of USB or another covers peripheral-ins. In home, no the question because has the Ray 3 docking canal that all atascamos to. No a chance when in a gone... I require the 2nd monitor (I has the laptop HD monitor and often require more ports that needs. These products are so only adds and love a fact that covers my USB-C source to be able to to the east, and then covers this my notebook, which resupplies power to some additional ports like this calm in fact can touch your mobile phone, Bluetooth earbuds, etc.

Looked in a lot of these is almost difficult the tent on Amazon in time. But after looking in some varied options, attentively reading capacities, limitations, and descriptions, has landed is one... And highly it recommends. I have it quell'has sent already some links to this element to the few people and I have purchased so only the few days does! So only the buy!
5 / 5
Has ordered other frames of usb c hubs. They have not done. They were also twice expensive . I have had to return that another mark because it has not done as it has announced. I have begun to do investigation and found this usb c hub. After reading the descriptions was still the pocola skeptical roughly purchasing east. I have situated he in my cart. I have doubted for roughly 2-3 month. They are like this sad there is doubted. A second I plugged this hub in and all some others his elements, was blown simply was. This economic more very national mark of hub, better fact that a national mark more expensive. I have been always a type of person that creates volume that stops of has paid. I am beginning to shy out of this faith. This VAVA hub is the saver of life and fully leave me to use my iPad Pro like the laptop that maintains it touched and using the keyboard and smile a same time!!!
4 / 5
Can have comprised bad the one who these are used partorisca, but has learnt unfortunately that connect a walk of external USB, will do for the little moment, and then disconnect, corrrupting a walk, which then has to that be repaired.

Laws well for plugging in the usb smiled and keyboard. So only it has looked for something to connect my walks of external USB, and this has not been the.
5 / 5
Has been using a Vava GOES-UC017 USB -C hub with an Air of iPad 4 for the pair of month now. The applications comprise to connect a HDMI monitor in the air of iPad 4, using keyboard of USB, smiled, and clave by heart of the USB. Everything does without subjects. USB-C has been the game that imports to change for an iPad Pro and serious of Air, leaving an iPad to approach some capacities of the laptop when used with the USB-C hub. USB-C is the interface of powerful big action, but can be devilishly the complex and the apple is known to be less 'flexible' quell'another in of the external devices to sustain so much were concerned initially in subjects of possible compatibility. It has a lot of state pleased, this in spite of, with a compatibility of this device. Be conscious, this in spite of, your mileage can vary for compatibility according to some devices that is used, but like this far my experience has been well.

Has has underlined Goodness of a Vava Hub:
- 3 big speed USB 3.0 leaves of ports partorisca to plot of flexibilities in attaching accesorias. I have been surprised in just like easy ossia to connect a lot of different classes of devices. It likes my plenary sized keyboard of USB - any battery to concern roughly - and bluetooth always looks to have the 'lag'. Be conscious, that some USB of more adapters 'exotic', likes ANT+ ADAPTADORA WIRELESS, can no unless a vendor of an adapter of USB resupplies a iOS application to enable sustain on iPad. Material over time will have better support and of the better casts of the like laws of devices and the one who any in iPads of an USB-C support on iPad and iPadOS with the support of the richest device is still quite new.
- HDMI Port works without subject - just connects to control and an exposure is mirrored. Very fresh. Yes, will have black bars in a monitor of an iPad is not the 16:9 exposure of screen - the limitation is in device of Apple, any hub, and this has not been the big question for me. (FYI - Another caveat roughly attaching external monitors the iPad Pro and Air - will lose you an use of speaker of iPad local while the monitor is connected. Some settings sustain only data, once the monitor is connected, is for an iPad to send audio the USB hub or to bluetooth, as if your monitor has not integrated support of audio, calm will not have any audio. This is not the limitation of an USB hub, but in as the apple has actuated support of audio in AirPlay. The alternative is to use outside Bluetooth speakers of audio, or adapters of audio in a hub to connect to an outside powered speaker, but has any support of speaker of iPad local once a HDMI the port is connected to the monitor in an USB-C hub. This version of Vava USB-C hub does not have a port of integrated audio.)
- The consumption of low power has compared to a lot of another USB-C hubs. It does not fall to deceive to take too many hub ports for use of iPad that you will not require . One reasons has chosen this hub was specifically reason there has not been it Gigabit port of Ethernet. Gigabit Ports of ethernet is can hogs, included when any connected, and has not required never to connect the port of Ethernet wired to an iPad. If used or no, the ports consume can, hot=to be able to=the reliability reduced or main measure.
Also, these hub the devices can take warm when fully uploaded up and your level 18W/20W distributes to be able to of the iPad can very always be quite big to power the fully loaded hub with iPad that runs applications to have that has weighed. A lot of subjects with these hubs arise of the unsuitable power distributes to be used, especially when connecting hard walks outsides. A supply of the power of the level of iPad is well to use a HDMI port and the pair of USB of low power has has attached devices. A Vava hub is labelled in a device with his consumption to be able to and limits, which is very useful. An USB 3.0 put you are limited to distribute it max of power to external devices without his supplies of own power (that it would have to be it abundance ), but be conscious can require takings the supply to be able the elder begins to upload these hubs on - the laptops typically will have the 40W to 60W distribute to be able to. Again, this Vava hub is labelled clearly with an information to be able to - probably of experience with clients having @@subject to be able to.
- Hub Is small and compact and the looks well has done. Easy to grab and quickly put on the monitor, keyboard, and smiled for an iPad in the compact space.
- Good value for this port configuration.
- USB Integrated-C boss to connect the iPad. Deleting spent he-in connector in a hub resupplies the connection of confidence and robust. The boss and the solid of look of the connector.

Improvements/of limitations:
- USB Integrated-C boss ideally could be the pair of the thumbs he long plus for use of iPad. The majority of this USB-C hubs has been drawn for laptop/MacBook devices of type with an USB-C put you in a side of a laptop in the horizontal configuration where the short boss and the orientation of connector is any @@subject and a hub dips slowly next to a MacBook. For iPad, this in spite of, calm more probably will have an iPad in the tilted on orientation of landscape (to use external monitor) where an USB-C port is of a surface of an office the few thumbs and a connector is oriented vertically. This leaves a hub to 'dangle' the bit in an odd bloated orientation unless you also have some class of headline or tall support for a hub. A bit those that more the thumbs of the period of boss would be useful partorisca east.
- Like have a port of start of integrated audio for wire fence earbuds or outside powered speaker. Has no the found hub version with just this a port of extra audio without also taking stirs it other ports have not required, likes Ethernet, or when be limited to just two USB 3.0 put you. It likes-I one three USB 3.0 put you.

In general, a Vava GOES-UC017 is treating better that has expected, looks robust, and represents the value adds for the USB of quality-C hub.

Top Customer Reviews: USB 3.0 Hub ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A hub would not leave any one transferring of data by means of him, included although a discription has said that has the tax of big scrolling.. I plugged he to the mine portable and then plugged my telephone. Interior 10 seconds the mine kicked that transfers was and has taken the opinion in a hub. Tried the diverse time, but the a lot of avail.
On Date: 1/15/19 client adds service - Atolla is sending out of the substitution - will update after trying a substitution hub.
On Date: 1/21/19 substitution has received hub - Works as it has to that. Service of excellent client.
4 / 5
When Have has had to that do the far class that has required the USB headset, this was problematic reason my laptop of Surface, likes a lot of modern cars, so only has an USB and I use partorisca my Rollerball smiled (goes before, the judge was - will expect).

Has taken the risk in this hub reason was economic, fiancé partorisca solve my questions, and could take it a next day. They are happy has done. It has done perfectly without need partorisca setup or lag in action. To good sure would recommend has this need.
5 / 5
Pros: Amur A flexibility with the Laptop partorisca develop put you of USB , USB of Supports 3.0, easy to use and is the simple discharge in and it beginning that it use your devices.

With: If using in the desk PC a cord of main USB is very short and need to be that they seat near or in a desk PC. Hard to locate for fixed applications

In general, would recommend this product. It has not failed still a month or two I had it. Continuous do perfectly. (Five Stars)
5 / 5
uses partorisca touch mine the telephone, ipad and my earphones a same time. It is the very practical , small, well looking usb the port extends
5 / 5
This was so only that has required. I do not want to bog down my desktop computer with all the classes partorisca stuff so that has the hard walk outside partorisca store all my documents and pictures. Of then I have a hard walk that left without ports of USB partorisca use walks of thumb or anything more. This little USB hub is absolutely perfect so that it has required. Has 4 put you different with on and of transmissions partorisca when they are not into use. Now I can have my keyboard, hard walk outside and an USB hub all plugged my desk this in spite of uses the wireless mouse and 3 put you available partorisca use.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought this during treating he of Lightning reason already possesses the product looked for Cut and has had good experience with him. I love a fact that each one that like this, the port of individual USB can be turned on and has used the key of transmission/has consecrated.


[+] 4 port USB 3.0 interface
[+] the Individual port can be easily turned on and has used the transmission has designated
[+] there is microUSB port to resupply the additional power is using this hub partorisca touch devices
[+] like that each one of port is spaced was more than Cut so that has quite clearance for walks of thumb of bulky USB

to THAT that DOES not LIKE :

[-] A boss is too short in my opinion. They have cut The current model now has 2 ft boss
[-] A slider the transmission is not like this convenient to the equal that have cut toggle key (but Cut toggle the key can be pressed for incident vs slider the transmission is more intentional)
[-] Prize. Still in prize to Treat of the Lightning, Cut hub is more economic.


4 out of 5 stars. It does not think a slider the transmission is that big of the I extracted of then some people can prefer this more than toggle the key but I wish a boss was longer. If any calm worry you in a slider and a period of a boss then ossia to good sure the add hub and would recommend it but personally prefers and to the equal that have cut hub better.
Expects This was useful... And it was , please click in an useful key down. Thank you!
5 / 5
These works like the charm. FINALLY I can cover all my devices in a something and use so only a port of USB in my portable company issued (in the so only have a port to use so that it was constantly plugging devices in and out of him all day) This has solved my question and the law adds! I can included it can down the concrete port loves - each one that like this of some 4 spaces has is adapted on/was transmission. I recommend this product!
4 / 5
I frames sure have the usb upload to use this, and connect your by heart first papers to turn in your pc or portable. Once done, turn of your pc, and then disconnect this product. Also, it does not use more than 2 papers by heart simultaneously.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. This USB Hub laws well with my computer and portable. It is relieved quickly and some files transfer quickly. A measure is sum for travesía or included can be used with your desktop computer. Amur A characteristic to be able to maintain something plugged in, but the turn was for use.
4 / 5
Has launched this was after trying for the use a lot of different ways. At the beginning I plugged he to the box of double scrolling and tried to touch my telephone and my pods of air. My telephone has been touched so only 18 of a night before and my pods of air was 26. Walked I backward of a time has in the first place immersed he in a night before. I any one anything wrong, but each one one deserves to like this casualidad. I plugged he in another outlet and sinister rests 2 hours, has had has touched so only 3. Have take a AirPods and has left a telephone plugged in and was has touched so only mais4%. I have done sure you have joined other lines have been turned is gone in one load took it the other spend and and has fill each one that like this of a four a chargers and has done sure was all has turned on and so only 2 of them have done. It was like this patient of him has launched so only he in some rubbishes.

Top Customer Reviews: USB C Adapter for ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought so only this produces two days ago and was surprised honradamente for a measure. It is very small which are partorisca add reasons has does not love anything big and bulky. Has the plot of different ports that absolutely is in amazing. It would recommend this product to any that looks for this class of the ports especially of then is very light and slender. 10/10 it would recommend it to it!!
4 / 5
This element returns my MacBook Air perfectly. They are happy the shipped and arrived like this punctual. A model of him is really lustrous and adds so more potential to the mine MacBook. Has come included with the pleasant little stock exchange.
5 / 5
Are the costruttore of video , has update so only my Mac. This produced helped really on uploading all my photos and video, also my printers. It connects my type C really tight. Really recommend this product! Thumbs on
5 / 5
An adapter has done adds. That his supposition to do. So only be conscious that has the chance of protective shell in your MacBook, an adapter will not return until you take a chance. But some laws of adapter without subjects.
5 / 5
This has done perfectly and looks really well, goes flush with a laptop that was the question with a protective chance the have on that. So only I require it from time to time like this wasnt the breaker of extracted.
5 / 5
Has been use he for 2 days. Produced very good. Some ports are tight in mine MacBook Pro, as any worry in a disconnect question. Some looks to accelerate a lot of mine like this far. In fact currency of the money
5 / 5
has loved that, has looked for an adapter for my new MacBook the air and I have found is one, which is the product adds . I can change my Computer, has mine partorisca flash walk, my telephone, and the mine flashes paper a same time. It looks to add and a party by heart is with my telephone. A prize is a lot so that taking you. They are very pleased roughly that.
5 / 5
I need to transfer some pictures in mine telephone to a MacBook. This one help scrolling some pictures quickly. It is convenient and easy to use and connects my type C quite closely. It has done perfectly.
5 / 5
No SHABBY!'nnI Never write descriptions for elements but for this one has has had to that. It has not been that is going in with this adapter but he entirely mine of ruin MacBook. Mina MacBook overheats now, A battery run slower, and in general is a lot slow now. I will be to return and am a lot unbalanced. I have it that there is had not included a laptop for the year now. Now they are that it pays some repercussions to buy this terrible product. It does not finalise in my shoes.
5 / 5
While I want to more things roughly Apple, is likes there is a bit different distribution the one who mangos anything that covers you in the the Mac. They are in 3rd Mac in 15+ years, and always is changing connections. Also, Mac uses a lousiest cords so that it will substitute a supply to be able to so only reason some cracks of cord (but I digress.) It is ridiculous has to that buy this adds in calm so much can spent in all a crew of calm USB already bought to the yours new MacBook. In all the chance, unless it plan to do like this Apple (I boast) calm want to you to, and substitute all yours peripheral crew with his material - will require you one of these. And my experience with an adapter has been well. Has 3 put you of USB, the spaces of pair for a HE papers, and can covers an adapter of power in a same time. Honradamente, the apple so only would owe that give one of these when for the out of the thousands of pair for the new Mac - but of course concealed is not his business model. So it love the very done adapter, concealed will leave you things of discharges in easily to the yours portable - this will fill a bill.

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