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1 first VAVA Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Phone Holder for Car, Car Phone Mount, Cell Phone Magnet, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro XS Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 5G S10+ S10e S9, Note 10, LG G8 ThinQ, Pixel 3 XL VAVA Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Phone Holder for Car, Car Phone Mount, Cell Phone Magnet, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro XS Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 5G S10+ S10e S9, Note 10, LG G8 ThinQ, Pixel 3 XL By NoBrand
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2 VAVA Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder for Car Magnetic, Magnet Car Mount, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro XS Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 5G S10+ S10e S9, Note 10, LG G8 Thinq, Pixel 3 XL VAVA Magnetic Phone Car Mount, Cell Phone Holder for Car Magnetic, Magnet Car Mount, Compatible with iPhone 11 Pro XS Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 5G S10+ S10e S9, Note 10, LG G8 Thinq, Pixel 3 XL By VAVA
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3 best Magnetic Phone Holder for Car, Humixx 360° Adjustable Dashboard Phone Car Mount Compatible with iPhone XS Max iPhone XS X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus, Samsung S9 S8, Huawei, HTC, LG, ZTE [Easy Series] - Black Magnetic Phone Holder for Car, Humixx 360° Adjustable Dashboard Phone Car Mount Compatible with iPhone XS Max iPhone XS X 8 8 Plus 7 7 Plus, Samsung S9 S8, Huawei, HTC, LG, ZTE [Easy Series] - Black By Humixx
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4 The Richest Replacement Pack for Any Magnetic Car Mount - PopSocket Compatible Metal Phone Plates (Discs) and 3M Adhesive Stickers in Unique Adhesives Life Extending Packaging The Richest Replacement Pack for Any Magnetic Car Mount - PopSocket Compatible Metal Phone Plates (Discs) and 3M Adhesive Stickers in Unique Adhesives Life Extending Packaging By CAW.CAR Accessories
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5 Mount Metal Plates Replacement Kits with 3M Adhensive for magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder 4 Pack (2 Rectangle 2 Round) Mount Metal Plates Replacement Kits with 3M Adhensive for magnetic Car Mount Phone Holder 4 Pack (2 Rectangle 2 Round) By Yianerm
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6 Dash Cam Mount Holder - Mirror Mount, Come with 15+ Different Joints, Suitable for AUKEY, APEMAN, Rexing V1P, YI 2.7", Peztio, Roav, VaVa, KDLINKS X1 and Most Other Dash Cameras Dash Cam/GPS Dash Cam Mount Holder - Mirror Mount, Come with 15+ Different Joints, Suitable for AUKEY, APEMAN, Rexing V1P, YI 2.7", Peztio, Roav, VaVa, KDLINKS X1 and Most Other Dash Cameras Dash Cam/GPS By SoeKoa
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7 VAVA VA-SH022 US Phone Holder for Car Air Vent, Car Phone Mount Cradle Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 Plus Note 9 8 and More, Black VAVA VA-SH022 US Phone Holder for Car Air Vent, Car Phone Mount Cradle Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 Plus Note 9 8 and More, Black By VAVA
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8 Magnetic Phone Car Mount, VAVA Phone Holder for Car, Phone Mount, Cell Phone Holder for Car, Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Plus Note 9 8 Google LG HTC and More Magnetic Phone Car Mount, VAVA Phone Holder for Car, Phone Mount, Cell Phone Holder for Car, Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S10 S9 S8 Plus Note 9 8 Google LG HTC and More By VAVA
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9 VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder for Car, Electric Auto Lock Car Phone Mount for Dashboard & Windshield Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 Plus Note 9 8 and More VAVA E-Touch Phone Holder for Car, Electric Auto Lock Car Phone Mount for Dashboard & Windshield Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR X 8 7 Plus Galaxy S9 S8 Plus Note 9 8 and More By VAVA
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10 Universal Metal Plate 8 Pack for Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Cradle with Adhesive (Compatible with Magnetic Mounts) - 4 Rectangle and 4 Round, Black Universal Metal Plate 8 Pack for Magnetic Phone Car Mount Holder Cradle with Adhesive (Compatible with Magnetic Mounts) - 4 Rectangle and 4 Round, Black By DSTELIN
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Top Customer Reviews: VAVA Magnetic Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ardelle
Ossia A better neighbour until maintaining your cellphone visible in a car. A magnet is súper strong, there is not any way your telephone goes partorisca fall. That is very he is that it calms does not have to that open something or the use to two hands like to of them would owe with another cellphone has titled. A quality and feel is the upper notch, looks this will last the long time.
5 / 5 Alvaro
The solution adds to that it wants to it to it maintain my iPhone in a right level to the equal that can maintain a map in a corner of my eye while it remains with eyes in a street. Any cord. Any boss. Any what plastic bulky that maintains to fall off my windshield. So only the simple (quite strong to go thru my chance without having to that be 'glued in a backside') that amours to maintain my telephone in place. More his so only the fast grab when I am exiting of a car. Cela The fact a awesome solution.

A description / of indication has asked the esuction can indication. Well, it does not have one, like this the element does not use suction, felizmente! As those that do, suck - imho. But I have used this indication for a force of magnet instead, which could have been the strongest fraction to be the perfect 5! But, this has said, has has not had never the question with my telephone falls off it at all.
4 / 5 Amira
This Vava Car highland telephone Magnetic the headline was súper easy to install.

Has followed some enclosed instructions and was able to install a car mountain in of the minutes.

A thing I that has helped has been has attached a car mountain to the mine first telephone and has then found one something perfects in dashboard of mine to situate a mountain.

This Vava the car mountain there is súper suction that are adds for sometimes bumpy walks.

Highly recommend.
5 / 5 Giselle
Please the control was video . Inside quickly that it liked me and a subject has run to when that dipping up.
Could have remarked that this headline of telephone is quell'has bitten pricey when compared to another but I think his value each cent.
5 / 5 Emely
I LOVE this thing! A magnet is like this strong that could leave go of the mine telephone before it is attached even and he latch on! It is like this small, also! The majority of these headlines of telephone is enormous but this one this pleasant and stylish. The any lie, wishes a piece this has to that go in a backside of your telephone was bit it smaller, but, am not like this sure is like this sure. In general I am satisfied extremely with this product and are súper impressed for as powerful a magnet is. Highly you recommend this product to any one looking for such the device!

P.D. The vendor adds also!! The element was like this pictured and has described! I appreciate an honesty when it comes the compraventa on-line! Thank you!!
5 / 5 Brittani
Amur That will stick he in dashboard of mine and no in an air downloads like this he a lot of disorder with my battery of telephones. Some looks of magnet to be that it does well too much.
5 / 5 Consuelo
This has done perfectly! Strong Magnetic grip.
4 / 5 Craig
Sturdy Title of telephone for Automobile
Read to title of telephone for the automobile looks a lot well has done. Some magnets are stronger that would imagine. A lot of stylish. Everything are adds.
4 / 5 Mamie
A VAVA the mountain has his substantial weight. I am not sure it was for creation or the necessity, but feels well has done. A glue is 3M for a mountain to car, with the magnet to have that has weighed that it use a dish of adhesive metal to attach to your telephone. A manufacture consulting to stick a mountain in the flat surface but a corner of ball is limited and surrender an useless mountain when you attach yours his telephone are mine like this trace behind in the vertical surface. My vehicle does not have the vertical surface big tray, as I have found the location that reads for me and expected for a better. It was pleasantly surprised, but a 3M adhesive is strong and resists a mountain and when a telephone is semi-detached, any budge. An element comes with two adhesives for a mountain to the equal that can use the relocate two times and also resupplies calm with two telephone of dishes of metal so that it can be used for two telephones. Has a iphone 6 with the protective chance and still with an adapter of car power has attached his, a magnet and highland controls. Admitted his summer so only the week has installed of a mountain, but stick an update during some months of state to see like him withstands until a heat. In general, I am happy with a compraventa.
4 / 5 Latesha
This my second averts of Vava titled of magnetic telephone, first near was glorious, loves him, hule of amorous add washer was ticky' except this new one turns my car a movement with some centrifugal forces are not like this in bylines and 'grippy' as the oldest generations and I attribute that the two things of hule of entity washer is slightly less ticky' and logo of round of the black centre is almost flush with a hule washer like this diminshing a embrague that a hule has to that it has to that prevent slippage while yours gone back your car. So that it calm wants to do it properly take a logo of black round and do like this feigned but will see an interior of metal any quite anymore, is the defect in a part of a crew to draw. The magnet is strong. I will not buy him again neither I recommend it.

Top Customer Reviews: VAVA Magnetic Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Eden
Rings the solution that would leave to 90 mountain of the terracing like my telephone could be has situated vertically. Ossia The very solid mountain that has done this raisin. There is in fact 2 joints with the short connector in a half. It have read a lot of descriptions of of the this and other mountains not adhering to a pinch. All has involved partorisca use a mountain too pocola after pasting in a pinch. I have expected 2 days, but believe a VAVA the instructions say 72 hours. The mine is solidly semi-detached and done a good work.
4 / 5 Ginette
Really calm can any gone bad with this mountain of telephone. It is like this small and can return in any vehicle. It comes with two magnetic dishes people like this multiple can use it. A dish can attach directly to the yours telephone or your chance of telephone. If has the telephone that that can be touched partorisca the situate in a plan chargers then will want to dip a dish in your chance like your telephone will not touch with him on there. To good sure the necessity partorisca hands free behaviour.
5 / 5 Marylou
Ossia A response to yours prayers is looking for the very small, very discreet and functional headline. I have purchased mine for my iPhone X. Work perfectly with nary the jiggle, included when driving in gross street. A headline is in fact fantastically done in the lustrous, titanium black shadow. An impression of this headline is which this a compraventa perfect for me. It do not go to stick anything in an interior of the mine car this was a) visible b) this has had to stick anywhere in an arrival or c) dipped in front of AC ventilation to the equal that lose that airflow anytime a telephone has been taken to the. This in spite of, have required also something to resist my telephone securely and in a corner where easily would access it. An inferior circumference of a unit is very small (so only under a thumb) and affices with súper sticky 3M tape. A unit is hinged with the a lot of wheel freely the emotional joint concealed to leave you to swivel a headline in any place. The mine situated in a far corner of my headline of cup cubby and a better thing is that I still have full use of a headline of adjacent cup (this unit is entirely out of a way when I toe he whole). A packaging is very good and has resupplied extra sets of adhesive and fond. I think that that ossia the product a lot very executed partorisca around $ 21.
4 / 5 Robbin
This looks a lot well in a car. I have not had to question it is qualified to stick still is first month . He a work adds. It resists a telephone in holes of pot of snowy zone and fast turns in a car. They are very impressed with this $ 16 headline of telephone. As to the prize can be used partorisca to to the things like to his GPS is, and possibly iPads!

When I Exit of a car attach a boss to touch to this Vava mountain. He the easy fact the grab every time gone back in a car.
5 / 5 Branda
Tried all of the Ram Claw mountain, CD traces of empty, mountains of different pinch, mountain of Ventilation, included a concealed stuck out of a headline of cup of rest of arm. Any has not resisted a telephone properly, is gone in a way, hard to take telephone, or so only has stuck was like the sore thumb in a pinch. It has tried finally this VAVA Magnetic mountain, resists a telephone well, a hand inserts/inserts/scrolling, construction of metal, and returns a general aesthetics of my interior perfectly. A woman and I likes him look Joe Kenda Hunter of Homicide or Forensic Files while we drive (I knows, does not hate), and some telephone chairs perfectly centre on a screen of pinch without blocker an exposure. Also it can twist a telephone in any direction prefers facing an engine (resists my big 6s solid of rock of the Plus), and leave me the easily attach my GoPro for the fast and easy dashcam facing out of a windshield. If in a phase for the highland solution, this one east doing really well for us.
4 / 5 Augusta
Ossia The product adds solid and promise that is better that all a rest there! I have bought 2 other frames for my iPhone 7+ I has had it mophie chance of external battery that has added the little hanged to a telephone. A mark would not resist a telephone in situating where is always tilting down and another has had the flimsy with the that has broken 2x and has shaken to the each swipe in a street that gps difficult to look while driving or impossible to read messages. All some frames have had the solid magnet that has resisted a telephone to a unit but this one has the promised is built well and will last for ever
4 / 5 Devon
Dang ossia the strong magnet !

Been using he for the month and my Motorcycle Z Force Droid is still to fall off in traffic.

Done of the sure tests was where calm go it to locate and that a swiveling the corners are sufficient partorisca sees your telephone without glare or questions of reflection, or subjects with some flanges of telephone that paste other things. Sounds quite obvious, but based in an outline of yours pinch, can be surprised to discover the one who works and that no.

Update: Sea 2018
anchors it resisted telephone tight as never to a mountain -- still to fall off.
Installed in the warmish day of winter. A glue in the looks to pinch well.
Will update in state.
5 / 5 Ashlee
Headline of mobile phone that in fact works! Omg. Work a lot well. An only thing does not know is does well the attractive was pinch of mine and dip the in another pinch in another car. Any way, work well. Amazing. Now I can study while driving. When you Situate this, be sure for the situate more after your to a left (likes a half of a pinch, perhaps 6 thumbs to some lefts).
5 / 5 Kirsten
This any if it stick to a pinch of mine 2014 Tundra. I have followed some directions, has cleaned a pinch with IPA first. Tried both tampons have comprised... It do not remain adhered.
4 / 5 Bettye
These weights to title to plot more than any another has had in a past. So only it seats solid.

A whole mountain is in the magnetic ball. It can move around and place where calm require it to. Like this it calms it can locate slowly or in the 40deg corner or anywhere go in-.

A mountain he self comes with all precise . Toallitas Humid of alcohol to clean a surface goes it to stick to , and the pre the sticky tampon fixed. Also it comes with an extra of sticky tampon incase you disorder on and wants to dip the to somewhere more. Justo cleaned and press, calm then is good to go!

First impressions. My telephone feels sure and in place. I seat sure his not going to budge. Included in bumpy the streets resists in place and is solid. His grandson and futuristic looking. I think that that it looks well in mine pinch. With or without a telephone on that. It looks he like to last still of years, included in a heat of a southwest of desert.

Title of telephone adds, looks any further wants to securely locate your telephone yours pinch.

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic Phone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Magaret
This pocola what is quite fresh!! I have bought my husband and I a for each of our cars and after possessing he for the month can testify that it is durable, functional, and aesthetically pleasing. Has has wanted to something concealed would not be a eyesore and draw a lot of attention in our vehicles while any compromising the quality and ossia! A magnet is very strong, has an iPhone X and my husband a 8+ and is perfect for any one. It has dipped a piece that attaches to a telephone for behind our chances of iPhone (where is not visible) and he still attached perfectly. Such add it compraventa!
4 / 5 Gayle
I have used this mountain for roughly two or three weeks before some glues in a mountain is free result, and a day when I have situated my telephone in a mountain he disconnected of a car and was no longer sticky. They are happy a costruttore has not loved to break a vehicle, but also would have liked me the best glue as it do not require to try and find a automotive-sure adhesive for a mountain or be required to find the new mountain for my telephone.

MODIFICATION This in spite of, a crew of the service of the client is wonderful. We contact me to us immediately when I have had this @@subject and promptly has done with me to solve this subject. They have taken my feedback and is doing with a costruttore to ensure the product of quality.
5 / 5 Sunni
Like this far like this good. The time will say yes or does not have it is remained adhered my joint of pinch, perhaps the heat will affect that overtime. I think that that it is of entity for the have trace or situated in the a bit horizontal surface and perhaps smoother that rough. I think that prepping a surface is a lot of entity also, there is masked of a zone to the to the equal that has has wanted to prep a surface and then used isopropyl alcohol for the cleaned on really good.
( isopropyl The alcohol can discolor plastic darker, so he calm of any one any harm of the discoloration in your calm car could wants to comes from is gone in a inconspicuous place, chair a dry more cleaned this comes with a highland box is quite useless).
A telephone am using is weighed enough is the iPhone 8 more with a OtterBox chance of defender. I have tried to dip a disk of metal in an interior of a hule but was too fat for him to magnetise properly. I have finalised to cut the hole in a hule the little elder of bit then a disk of metal that adheres to a backside of a plastic chance, and this law adds. Also reason was paranoid at the beginning yes go to the law has finalised to use the piece of still the cord related around a telephone while it was in a mountain in chance perhaps the leaves goes that of the telephone no only in firm to attack to a paving. I had it down some sweet bumpy streets of the muck and I have not had any questions.
4 / 5 Kary
So only it likes probably of all the world more here, has has tried dozens of these soyagnet titled of telephone' and there is still to find one with a depth has required to clear my stereo console and a force of magnet to resist the heavy telephone like an iPhone 8 More. Finally I can say that with which dozens of has failed compraventas, has found finally a a.

This magnet is the BEAST and has to that it weaves of his weight. I have taken you grieve he out of a box can say that this was to be the different experience that that had grown habituado to with alike products. A container comprises 3 different type of magnets. I have opted to go with a thin circulates a reason was exactly one same diamater like my socket of pop and blended in perfectly. It can more it has impressed! 10/10!
5 / 5 Jaleesa
The stand Adds for your telephone to use in your car! Easy to gather and the estacas adds! Included driving in bumpy streets your telephone is sure to remain on. I have used very different some before but this one taking a cake! 10/10 it would recommend it to it.
5 / 5 Antoine
It has Had he in my car for the month now so that it resist it far up in closing is that it sticks to Pinch of mine especially with one 80 to 90 times of terracing. Modification: Discovered yes is really hot in your car 80+ a glue will melt but calms that can stick behind the on will spend was over time could require substitute.
4 / 5 Jonah
Has has had questions with him sticking initially and a awesome service of the client of this subject was there still to walk me by means of solutions. I have required to clean my better dashboard and reposition to a zone that has not taken like this alone. A magnet is very strong and this little type does not take on upper of spatial neither looks out of place in yours dashboard. Good product.
4 / 5 Milan
If I check my history of order of the amazon now, chair to the equal that have waisted my time and money on all these other car mountains. This Humixx 360 mountain is a definite one would have to that has has had to that an a lot of start. Enough take that never, took it finally and extracted wonderfully. A measure is compact, his literally an easy plus to use. His in bylines and sturdy and is the difference of any one another chance has used box now. As it leaves jump to a specifics

1. Thanks to 4 magnets of neodymium some telephone rests in bylines and be has operated easily.
2. Easy to regulate corners of telephone to take one the majority of out a same screen with a telephone has attached. There is the ball of good metal for a flexibility.
3. A strong 3M adhesive comes with him on a base as well as with a dish of metal. This ensures mountain on dashboard and leaves any residue. A word consulting, sure mark a surface is cleaned and free of liquid. Also put in describing where will have less temperature. Any place he in a windshield.
4. Compatible with more than telephones, has used he with my iPhone 7 more. Good works. It has dipped on a magnet in a backside of a chance, so that the course is not visible.
5. An add 180 guarantee to be the free stress.
6. Value for money for a prize.

In general, my finals of the investigation and he am resulted for real the pity. Like this simple, goes advance and buy it and you wont be disappointed.
5 / 5 Tim
I have been concerned of not going to like this of product because any have to him legustado an idea of gluing something Dashboard of mine. Originally I have had the telephone trace concealed goes to a ventilation of air, which, never done well because ventilations of mine to air rotate 360. But I have bought a Humixx title of the coverage and he have said concealed is was magnetic and decide take this, also.

Is quite darn durable. Has thinks that that it go to be súper economic but has some his weight and also has 3M tape. Both elements have bought come with 2-3 tape of substitution backings and a mountain has come also with the small, thin magnetic dish that to beat to you takes your telephone if any calm already have something magnetic taken the backside. It is quite thin that would be you able to stick it inner a Otterbox chance (probably) and a magnet is more than quite strong to resist to a mountain that way.

In general, with a quantity of extra/of the transmissions there are for both these elements and thus prize, am pleased entirely with this compraventa!
5 / 5 Derrick
Work very like this far. A magnet is strong and works by means of mine cellphone chance without question. I plan on that buys the second headline for the car of my woman.

Disclosure: I am writing this description, partly, to receive discount it in mine second order.

Top Customer Reviews: The Richest ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Regine
An original mountain with magnets and sticky behind was wonderful --the wheel this left wineries of flexible positioning of gps. The iPhone of magnet has lined 7 amiably. Until a whole thing only fallen of my pinch in the pair of month, likes I inverted in this esplacement group' to bond a orignial basic to locate behind in a pinch, but this has lasted only 24 hours, lasted in a card all some instructions in of the better practices to adhere mountain to pinch. I am launching a whole thing was and beginning on with another highland class altogether.
5 / 5 Dexter
I want a magnetic mountain! An adhesive left wing vain after the months of pair, but issues the changes and I have ordered more changes to have he so that it is sure will spend again with changes at the same time. A disk of sound in a backside of my tlphonique and is calm so that it melts that it ails to remark it! ( Can see you a picture - obviously has to take my telephone has been to take a picture.) Pose adhesives on he in a past to change a creation, but has wanted the show here while it is of a box. Also they have the mountain of clip those uses some same magnets, although I like him his of a mountain of balloon.
5 / 5 Salvador
Amur My Caw Car mountain for my cart. And these are some magnets of adhesives and better substitution for him. I bond he in a picture of mandate and has easy access to take my telephone was and on when required. The May Loses my telephone in my cart or has to dig around in my stock exchange requires it to him hurriedly while in a cart. There is plugged in the load while his trace also so much is always has taken the full stack when achieves to somewhere. Highly it recommends!
5 / 5 Avery
A lot it appreciates all some different measures and the forms of the magnets have comprised. They comprise and it appreciates a fact that the flavour of consumers and different products. The options are provided in apt almost anything in almost anywhere I please. And I have to say that I am very pleased. Thank you!
5 / 5 Evie
The additional disks are always utmost to have to pose in of the additional devices. If you can find a highland group of original cart with a support and balloon of roller, and highly recommends to take. Better Magnetic mountains (and there is or for gps the device in pinches and or for the pinches of the mobile phone only declines afterwards in radio)
5 / 5 Katie
I have not been sure in this element but I bonded with him. And he bonds with me...Or it has to say my telephone. Seriously even so, he to bonds like them...Well, er, glue. Has measures and of the different forms to conform almost very necessity. That is not in that?
5 / 5 Lavette
A Group of the substitution the Rich plus for Cart is Any Mountain Magntic - PopSocket Dishes of Tlphonique of Compatible Metal (Disks) and 3M Adhesive Adhesives in Only Adhesives the life that Extends Bundling

pieces of Extra metal to line your telephone in of the magnetic mountains. The multiple measures are well.
5 / 5 Meghan
I have wanted that it wants to he of look of the sake for a backside of my new iphone. I do not want to it inserts/insert inner a case, and perhaps affects an integrity of a protect of my case. I bonded a magnet of big round in a backside of a case. It IS strong, convenient, and a motive of looks of acute bird. State using he for the pair of weeks now, and there is not any scratch in a magnet. It does not interfere with my tampon in load. I can not remark in durability that of still.
5 / 5 Bradly
Telephones of change! That is to say a system of car of highland better mobile phone in a piece. And I have tried the everything. That has been thought when tried to purchase the 'big powered' magnet of substitution in the tent of improvement of the house. Any troubling!!!! He very LAW! The desire would have saved me a time and money and returned in this company in Amazon for parts of FIRST SUBSTITUTION! Final of happy history...... Bought some magnets of correct substitution of Amazon. Work fantastically! They have been rid hurriedly! Yay Caw.Car! Yay Amazon!

PS.... That is to say the mine goes to give for new young engine and anniversary!
5 / 5 Luz
I want my headline of the tlphonique but has used up all my disks. As it was bummed when can not take an old disk of my old telephone. As I have bought a group of the disk and I are very pleased. There is so now have the lifetime supply for a whole family. And there are new rectangular forms I amour! Very practical and the just prize for the that is to say has comprised.

Top Customer Reviews: Mount Metal Plates ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
These have done utmost when has taken the new telephone and has wanted to to maintain that it uses my mountain of pinch of old magnet. It does not have any idea why would require four of them, but salvation?

This times around left an adhesive that backwards in place and has slipped only among my tlphonique and his case and still laws like the charm.

NOTES In of the USERS OF TELEPHONES WITH WIRELESS LOADS: This class to locate system (in my experience) the causes wirelessly touching very to do. A metal interferes with a tampon in load. Only something to maintain in alcohol.
5 / 5
The project adds and does a work. I have had anteriorly the experience the magnetic mountain for my car but has taken the wireless to upload so has to pry of a magnetic dish that is coming with him. Experience this product to substitute it and has mountain in my case of tlphonique instead. Some the rectangular launchers has found to be more useful while he layers more zone and prevent sliding that one circulates ones. It wanted to have a lot these around in case perhaps have the tendency in case of tlphonique of the change.
5 / 5
I add for magnetic mountains, work well with my iPhone and case of boxes of nourished it. You have to pose some magnets in some outsides of a case as has direct contact with a magnet in a mountain but I has had to do a same with some magnets that is coming with a mountain. In the each a lot of satisfied
5 / 5
The hands liberate is a road to go
5 / 5
Place in my iphone the case the help maintains in a picture of order of my car while driven. The works add.
4 / 5
The product is mere and easy to install. The magnet will last longer that tape in another side even so! The mine is fallen out of tlphonique in 2 weeks.
5 / 5
Good works
5 / 5
Doing so feigned, these classes of things any work or of who and these ones do. Any complaint.
5 / 5
It produces very good
5 / 5
Any sure what attributes to revise in of the dishes of metal. They adhere well in my case of tlphonique and work with a magnetic field in my headline of tlphonique.

Top Customer Reviews: Dash Cam Mount ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Tama
I have bought three of these for three Yi cameras that use. It has installed two so far and a main flu is that they return inconsistently. Obviously, it is done to be 'universal', but has used a same type of clip in both cameras and one was looser that an another. Even so, it is the small margin of difference. In a final, they so much apt and work.
Has taken only the he so return if the durability is a subject . But so far all tensed up well and controls in place.
IS all the plastic pieces except some rays and rays (and a rubber gasket). Some of some joints of balloon are not even 'full' (idk a word for him, but is semi-empty). Still they could do while it feign. Also, the calm remain you on with the bouquet of pieces.
In general, any bad is looking for a cheaper option. To well sure recommend it his in the cup of suction or adhesive.
NOTE: If has the shadow of access of the habit of only rigid, this can not be compatible with him.
4 / 5 Lindy
Tan predominately took It this so that it take it the new cart and has moved my Roav C1 cam of pinch. Alas one 3M the mountain marred when tried to take he of my old cart and I had used already a second dish to locate that a Roav comes with. I have taken it casualidad with this so that an image aims that it retreat it a Roav C1 like the highland option.

HAS an attaches that law with a Roav C1, but is the small shaky. I am not preoccupied in a cam to pinch that fallen was, and of some images have verified, does not shake quite when behaviour to cause any subjects of video. Desprs In the leader around the small bit, only sure when being, I bulked in a clip of annex with the small bit of electrical tape for the do the small surer.

Likes him that it attaches in a mirror of back view as I do not have to preoccupy in moving a cam of pinch in another car need in.

For explanation, has this mountain in the 2016 Deep Civic EX-T and access perfectly. It IS the small preoccupied how C1 is supposition to seat more horizontally in a windshield, but because of this adjustable a mountain is, was easily able to take a camera in a right angle. It IS the small bit to problem to take in some controls and protect while his in a fund of a cam of pinch, but any a lot of impact some functions of a camera while I can access a vids of the smartphone.

In general, in spite of some smaller defects, is happy with this mountain for a prize.
3 / 5 Rita
It take my container the little the mark of weeks and installed the same day..
Pros: Easy in the ready picture and the mere instructions on use.
A lot of parts the blend and change to trace elements..
Gilipollas: The instructions were in small or one measures a smaller knows to classify of man.
Required to use my glasses and the glass to augment to read them..
With Sounding a lot interchangable the parts was still unable to install my cam of pinch with out using an original of highland component.
On all a highland box was the device has built solid . I have had little in any one locates emits another then a measure of the small source and that has Sound a lot of elements vanamente choose of... Still I have to use an original grupal highland to fix my pinch is come properly.. It recommends this element in any one requiring fixed third cam in the mountain of plus of way of permission..
5 / 5 Eugenia
In in My woman to any one liked him his of a bit of the circles left in a window of a cup of suction for cams of regular pinch. Probably I will buy another for ours another vehicle. An only subject that career in era that connector for a APEMAN C450 was the small tight. It can any one any slide he fully in place. Nevertheless, research to be working.
5 / 5 Les
I am for cameras to pinch and think it would have to when being in the each cute his cart that his time saved me, some one has cut was and swipes up and everything is point in him and the behaviour was but can the very when being very when the falls turn the corner and swinging ram of battle in a window. This although his supremely universal and has only quite 30 pieces in a quite easy stock exchange to find your adapter and the hang. It maintains in a witch of mirror is well and in fact maintains out of my better road that a short of suction a mine is come with. Taking quite 15 minutes to pose up and your in your road
2 / 5 Twila
My adapter of the suction of the window broken for my Old Shark dashcam so that it takes is one that his client takes suggested. The installation has not been very pleasant yes has a mirror of electronics of rear view with wiring attached in him. A problem with this headline of the mountain was a fact that in place of just having 1 goes- together like an adapter of cup of the suction, this has 2 balloon-sections of joint, of an adapter of mirror of back view in a 'rotating piece' and then an adapter for a dashcam he. It can not look a lot the change, even so, once begins to direct had to give that each light rumbling of a road any one which subject small looks, a dashcam would shake. In a road, yes goes in any tiny imperfection, desert, or anything concealed is not to soften was totally, a dashcam would shake, bad. It opens, this has not spent in my cup of suction of anterior window the adapter and I are not only saying the basic in visual of a car but had taken a time to see some clips of video of a walk to see that stable was. I have verified to see all have been tense up properly before they see in this conclusion. It IS simply any one the very compared creation in a 1 goes- together only. I return this and only take or similar in that had before.
5 / 5 Carley
I have not taken this produces still, but has purchased he for my CR300 cam of pinch, which a manufacturer of this highland system says it will return. It IS it has estacionado entered a sun in a south, likes to take very hot during a summer/of cradle. To to Any I likes him His of an idea to enter a cart and finding a camera in a fund, or dangling. It does not like him to pose any adhesive, comprising of window and adhesives of bumper in my car, as I have purchased this system in clamp in my mirror of the description where will be it more stable. I gave it 5 stars of one of the system sufficed for my necessities in spite of a suction and adhesive worries.
5 / 5 Cheyenne
Bought this to locate the camera in my motorcycle to visit. I add together of adapters, would have to be able to locate any mobile element that has the highland point. This would perfect to substitute lose or the mountains have broken. Decently Has done, researches to be as well as more OEM mountains.
3 / 5 Clemencia
A mountain is well in better. It continues in easily and has the plot of adapters. It loses to line one that alloy of arm in an adapter of camera. If you locate a camera vertically of a mirror can be it better was, but this obstructs mass of your view. Has among a side the more far possible to goes it one camera by behind a mirror, but after the weeks of the pair to behaviour has to readjust a camera and tense down a ray again. I am sure he can loctite the, but has to does not have to .
5 / 5 Gracia
Has the annex of cup before maintained to the fall was when a temperature is trace. I have tried also to bond a cup in a windshield unsuccessfully. An attaches for my application, in a container, the fact adds without problems.

Top Customer Reviews: VAVA VA-SH022 US ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Ezequiel
I have purchased this mountain of car telephone partorisca use with my car for hire partorisca the travesía in a west cost because of a prize adds and because I abhor a concept and creation behind magnet the car ventilation based-mountains.

A mechanism of key of the fast emission easily can be operated with a delivery and a mountain is easy to regulate and sure, and snugly takes ventilation to air while resupplying the comfortable thickness for behind my Samsung Galaxy S9 (with Diztronic chance) for my hand the directions of entrance, type, and open applications while it is trace .

The difference of the plot of alike solutions, this mountain easily leaves me to opportunely orient my device horizontally and a sliding tray flexibility subordinated of adjustable leaves to upload it boss and/or headphone jack covers he in without issuing to all the cost of model of telephone or chance of use.

A creation is a lot of solid, easy to pack and spend, and does exactly that I require it to. Has-liked me this element so much that has purchased the second a to use regulate in my car house. Highly it recommends this product!
4 / 5 Rodger
So only it take two (one for each automobile) in a topmast and a quality is the better way that has expected. A gripping the piece in a backside is durable and closes in tight. A mountain is excellent quality and is A lot EASY to use.

100 Recommends this product !
4 / 5 Boris
Shipped quickly. Packaged Well with instructions inside a box. Easy to gather. The mine controls 6' telephone in the place in any corner has wished. It produces really well for a prize.
5 / 5 Clarinda
I have purchased this one to substitute the telephone the mountain of expensive plus has taken of the Better cost does years that has broken accidentally recently. It can not be happier with this compraventa, the difference of my mountain of old telephone, this one resists my Pixel 2 XL telephones really a lot was with the chance on, and while driving in bumpy street. An attaches to a ventilation is sturdy and a mountain does not move around loosely.

Has taken was a star because in spite of him that resists my telephone really well. The desire there was two tabs in a fund in place of one. I seat a product would last more along if a weight of a telephone can be equally distributed in both tabs.
4 / 5 Mercy
It weaves it to them of the daily behaviour and I have had another telephone trace concealed has not done well
5 / 5 Avril
has used this same unit for several years and found bear it be of the best for prize and value. I have it that has not contacted never his support of client but recently contact me with which my last compraventa. I have explained to be having a subject with a device that remain in my ventilation and has excusado and sent the new unit. A lot professional and a unit of substitution has done so only like all mine another some. It recommends highly!
4 / 5 Yi
Bought this after seeing and trying my coworker mountain. Has the very big telephone with the chance (LG Stylo 3 Plus) to the equal that has had question that finds the mountain of ventilation of the quality. Only downside is resemble before slide with vibrations but in the sport-suspesnsion the transports so only has to that regulate each one another week with daily behaviour.
4 / 5 Isreal
—-If this calm description helped, please the useful “click—-

This accessory is like this useful! See a video for more. It is perfect to clip your telephone to a pinch. There is any cup of suction that like this well reason those a lot usually - or if they , no for long. I will be to order more!

—-Stops more than descriptions of product of the amazon, follows CassandraMercedes in Instagram—-
4 / 5 Easter
I like this the headline has two sides and part of third(subordinated) and an emission lateralmente of the push
does not like me that the clips are not of quite long to maintain the good grip
And after the fall for the moment out of
Mixed description mixed feelings
Of rests clipped to a ventilation
Then has to that say that you are not the value
5 / 5 Yadira
adds wise experience so only that has required loves it

Top Customer Reviews: Magnetic Phone Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Sybil
It take this mountain partorisca my wifes the new car and absolutely loves it. It is like this small and easy in some eyes, different the majority of mountains of telephone. I have read the few descriptions says that a mountain there be not stuck to his joints of pinch. These reviewers obviously there is not reading some directions. Be sure to heat on a 3M adhesive sticker in front of a heater and he will do perfectly. Also I have one for my Samsung commentaries 8 and some the highland bosses to the big telephone likes that so only well. Taken the consideration that with this mountain, calm can not use the wireless touching tampon.
4 / 5 Nikki
I am impressed like this with a quality and creation of this cellphone title. Justo perfects!
5 / 5 Gerry
These produced is useless mine reason is not quite strong to resist my iphone 8 more. A force of looks of magnet to be well, but a piece that calm leave you the pívot your telephone is not quite strong to resist the telephone of measure of the plus. Each one which as calm clashes paste, turn more and more down until a telephone fall off because then it is doing contact with a pinch of a car. They are like this fallido that has not maintained a box that went in it, therefore it has not tried for the turn.
4 / 5 Keena
Very pleased with this mountain of magnetic telephone. It looks well, and a magnet is strong and maintain my Samsung Galaxy S8+ of sliding. Has a magnet of telephone trace inside the Spigen chance, and do a lot well. He , this in spite of, affect a quality of wireless touching - one uploads no at all, and another load now touches a lot of dulcemente, taking more along that at night for the full load. This is not the question for me, like the chance is takes easily for normal touching. Highly recommended!
5 / 5 Solange
Absolutely it loves this!! The magnet is strong!! Amur To the equal that can be rotated once locates behind and is a lot of sturdy.
5 / 5 Ossie
I love a simplicity of this mountain of telephone. It is really amiably drawn and works well, and although a sticky material in a fund has spent was after the moment, was happy to see that has had an extra of sticky tampon in an original packaging that had saved.
A magnet is really strong and a stand is quite versatile. I can turn a telephone in any of a lot of directions. It is a stand of telephone has better taken like this far.
5 / 5 Fallon
It can not say enough in of the this! It was always fumbling with my telephone with a clip in of the headlines and then has finalised so only launch the in my pinch and he would fall- the easy magnetic grip is character !
5 / 5 Nickie
I drive the 2007 Toyota Corolla. I have required the car mountain that would take to the bumpy the dashboard and I have loved the magnetic a so that it can easily mountain and dismount my telephone.

This returns everything of some qualities has looked for! A piece of metal was quite thin that I can very in fact remark a bulge and does not interfere with a fingerprint scanner in a backside of my Pixel 2 XL with a chance of cloth.

Regarding the well resists, my telephone has not fallen off still. I have driven mainly in traffic of city without significant bumpy streets, this in spite of. Although it drive in the tomb would not concern me very a lot, looks to resist a lot well.

An only thing I 'does not like ' is that my telephone is quite big that chairs in an inferior flange of a pinch in planting to be has elevated. This finally the fact the control the strong plus, of then is sustained for to a like this a lot of pinch likes them the unit he, which suspects is like this can resist 6 lbs, for a manual.

Left the place took it: it likes so that it has bought of the second a for my promise!
5 / 5 Demetria
It liked Really of a mountain but a @@subject a big plus is a wheel is not quite tight. Like this when it is it resists a telephone in place and then in roughly 5mins driving a the telephone has moved down or out of place. How it is pointless for me. The service of client contacted and has substituted a mountain with the joint of the strongest ball. Now all the work adds!!!
5 / 5 Keira
While it is situated in the place for some instructions, operates excellent. His tiny, but extremely has done well. Powerful magnet. Better work calm does not dip a magnet for behind your chance of telephone but concealed has done too much.

Top Customer Reviews: VAVA E-Touch Phone ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 2 ratings
5 / 5 Murray
Utmost and easy suction partorisca install. Like this far an electronics is doing very partorisca involve and disengage my big Galaxy S8 more. I will purchase another partorisca the car of my woman.
5 / 5 Lettie
The work adds

Top Customer Reviews: Universal Metal ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Winnie
Some years of the mark of pair has bought a car magnet setup for my use of GPS of the telephone. Quan Has changed the telephones take a dish of metal of my case of old telephone and tried in reapply in my May of new unit could take it to remain on after it conceal and tried to use several classes of sper glue but in any utility. I have finished to pose a dish of metal in my case of tlphonique loosely and lines a magnet but always the slide has been.

Has bought some pieces of metal of the substitution and each dish of metal has is pertinent 3M duplicated the the sticky tape constant which will be to add /when takes the case of different telephone , as I any one has preoccupy enough try the reuse an old dish. For me it is quite consolation. Has a iphone XR and stain very firmly! On that, same book the Sunday after ordering the Friday... Very satisfied!
5 / 5 Marcia
It IS the metallic piece of metal
5 / 5 Assunta
SURPRISING! Mark plants sure where amours The first TIME so that an adhesive am ADDS! Once it poses in his prjimo in impossible to leave (has to use tweezers to take down the and then the cutter for the take was as it can move he in another something in my water in the paper towel with A lot of scrubbing has taken an adhesive residue was afterwards quite 5-10 minutes). Even so, it is a awesome the product and I highly recommend it all over the world that looks for the road to use your hand of free telephone in a car!
5 / 5 Nerissa
Exactly that has required. The tight clave in my new case and a car mountain.
5 / 5 Idell
The work adds and is some perfect dimensions.
Personally has the subjects of commitment like him any bond these in anything but they return only well in a room among my tlphonique and case and does not move .
5 / 5 Dixie
The law adds to line my telephone with coverage, pouch and 3 cards crediticias in a magnetic base in my cart.
5 / 5 Hilda
Work with my iPad mini and iPhone 8 more for when walk-and-studio jointly with easterly:
5 / 5 Deloras
This work adds. I find a rectangular ones to be the tad big and takes on alot of spatial in your case. They well bond and a work of magnetic function very good.
5 / 5 Linn
Quite thin to pose under a case of back take of my tlphonique even so it uses a coverage for my popsockets. Quite strong to maintain my telephone where is supposed to be.
5 / 5 Sharron
So far they do. I have used the to hang the cane of curtain. Quite strong to line. So far they are still up, it is been 2 week .