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Top Customer Reviews: The Games Lovers ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
I owe that be sincere: Crown Laurens is not one of mine favourite of historical romance authors, but taste partorisca verify in in a Cynsters and of his connections have resupplied occasionally reasons have enjoyed some of some books. This has not been one of them.
Is not bad at all, but is neither adds how is a question . At all a lot of raisin. Devlin And Therese muddle together with any besides social communication chatter and the hot time law. When it Decides (with which five years) that it is now of partorisca leave his real feelings was, is like this cautious and conniving that does not look real (at least mine). Therese Is not very very better. It is supposed partorisca be like this strong-willed but the perfectly has contained looks with having the husband that does not want to .
A better part of a book was Chico, like this perhaps I grab his idyll when regime. My indication in this book is on me, partly because it finds the writing of an author overblown and repetitious. This in spite of the continuous read the reasons a Cynster the family can be like this interesting. So only I not having expósito Therese and Devlin obliging.
4 / 5
Thoroughly There Is enjoyed this history, which there has been one transfers still to bring together the pair the one who is married already to the each one like this another! Devlin Has Had his reasons for any openly admitting to his amour partorisca Therese before they have married, but already his any one satisfies . Now I need to discover like this to develop this amour to the his without breaking a report already has. That the tangled web! Have has wanted the take some glimpses to some things have amused the family with young girls could do in Londra in that then. Some boys, the boy and his long stray brother were all the adicións/wonderful additions to a history.

An is not engrossing and a tone is uncertain still alentador. A storyline is the character oriented with some vaporous scenes and the very different action scene. Some characters are vibrant and endearing. You are by train to call them Both to come to a correct conclusion to his question/of @@subject. Ossia The a lot of that satisfies read and wants to take the peek in that is coming afterwards. I can not expect see that it will spend afterwards! Read at least these serious in order, but to take a full picture, calm really precise to begin a Cynster serious, goes to a Cynster Trilogy of Sisters, then a Cynster Duet of Twin, then a Cavanaugh serious and finally a Cynster books of Next Generation. To the long of a way, will enjoy a Club of Adventurers, Bastian Club, a Casebook of Barnaby Adair, Lady Osbaldestone intrigues navideñas and quartet of Black Touches! If you have not experienced these, calm then is in still the treat! It enjoys!
5 / 5
Therese Is enamoured with his husband of five years but feels is so only fond of sound. The decrease is feet the enamoured boss with Therese but has neglected to never left his know this. Therese Is an only daughter of Vain Cubs the and of course Cubs lucido so only marry for amour. Devlin Has decided to be thin in his aim to leave the sound knows is enamoured with his but he all blows up in his face and with which almost lose have the along planned say everything. Afterwards in a view of the costruttrici of the party is Boy of friends , some second edges of the duke and the partner of infancy of the region.
4 / 5
Omg Like this lovely!!! There are 3 things to adore in east a... 1. Of course.... An absolutely heartwarming history of amour of Therese and Devlin-that arrives 5 pair of years! 2. Any spoilers but a turn of the “character” forgotten (the brilliant writing that it creates a backstory and the reasons have been forgotten) —the master already and can not expect read his history 3. Greyson... He so only roamed in and there is taken on a place. Really we want to know the one who a mystery is is hiding right now. I am thrilled will take a response in the pair of month!!! This was to feel he-good history that owe amour.
5 / 5
Laurens Is one of mine all time favourite authors and I anxiously expected thus novel to exit. I am not sure reason this subject of a series looked to maintain changing house. It has taken days for me to almost complete read the, I so only maintained while his the grab like me each one another Laurens the novel has. I am disappointed in this delivery.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed for real this book. They liked him some few characters and a plot of this book. As that looks forward to that it reads a next delivery of this series.
4 / 5
Never fails to love the Cynster novel. Eye advances impatiently for a next emission. My only question am taking like this engrossed that has read to an exclusion of all more and way of arrival too much quickly. Thank you Stephanie to be my pleasure blamed and the evasion more has wanted.
4 / 5
Has loved always Stephanie Laurens' books. Has a prime minister a to a last a; hard copies, paperbacks and now Kindle books. They are my preferred . It is not never there is it disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: A Night Like ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
Have Recently king-read this book in preparation partorisca a late plus, A Sum of all the Kisses, and now agree reasons had forgotten the. I have been disappointed at the same time because so only does not seat like a writer is usually wonderful writing. It is hard to dip my toe on exactly that it is wrong but the supposition is a slightly sad tone to a book in general.

Is not never an easy thing partorisca go back of a base of a h in that lost that his virtue carelessly in 16 to an unworthy man, the one who then continuous in partorisca result our villain. It is the quite so only, this in spite of regretful premise. A fact that a H returns after being the way in a continent for the years owed to the duel have struggled the years in a past is also slightly sad. A thing that really no for me is like a H the enamoured falls with a h and is has had to that to marry like this quickly, in spite of his lack to appoint etc. Is an Earl and the doubt would have had like this few obstacles. I know it is so only the history and am not doing the very good work to describe reason has not loved a book, another it saying is a tone .

An end was a lot of this in spite of, and has saved a book to be really mediocre.
5 / 5
A second book in a Smythe-the quartet of Smith says a history of Daniel Smythe-Smith, an Earl of Winstead and Anne Wynter.

Daniel is returned in Inghilterra three years after having there is wounded seriously his partner Hugh Prentice in the duel. The father of Hugh has hunted Daniel around Europe in revenge for the harm of Hugh. Hugh, The one who blame for a unfortunate duel, done the treat his father that leaves Daniel to return in Londra. Daniel now is trying the reclaim his life. This in spite of, dreads that the father of Hugh still feigns on looking for revenge.

A night of the turn of Daniel in an annual Smythe-Smith musical. (His arrival is said in a first book to join it to him to serious SO ONLY LIKES THEM the HEAVEN). There it fulfils Anne, the one who is governess to some of the cousins of Daniel. Anne has the tragic past reason was seduced for the neighbour and then launched out of his house for his parents. It is hiding of his past, but of course, in this book, his past gone back to face.

Liked this book, and to the I Daniel liked really. Unfortunately, I never Anne really liked all the a lot. It seats I add it disconnect among his actions in some pasts and his current behaviour. I have comprised intellectually his transmissions, but has not felt never that it was explained enough in his characterisation.

That when be said, there is enjoyed a book and would recommend it.
5 / 5
Does not comprise some hard descriptions thus book. I have read many the works of Julia Quinn, is the preferred of mine, and this was the wonderful example that I attentive of the his. It was the sweet , witty history, full of poignant and humorous moments. That I amour roughly the writing of Quinn is that it is eternally lighthearted, included when facing weighty subjects, without being inappropriate. And his way with writing the dialogue is brilliant. A hero was swoon worthy, and has had no trite misunderstandings, the plague in a historical romance gender. The writing of Quinn is effortless to read, and a history was enjoyable. I have decided to write the description because a lot of some negative critiques dissuaded bear me read this book for enough the moment. If you enjoy the books of Julia Quinn, would have to think you would enjoy this an a lot. I give it 4.5 stars because it can do not dipping down, has a lot of moments that me smiled/swoon/tears on, and the fashion to write of I supposition Quinn is my cup of tea.
4 / 5
Some adventures of a Smythe-familiar of Smith is one the majority of fun reading of an infamous Bridgerton serious familiar. A Smythe-the smiths were first presented in a Bridgerton serious. Every year some presents familiarised the musical has treated of four ladies of a big group of cousins. Each action is memorable because of a fact that a Smythe-familiar of Smith has no musical talent- but does not say him !
In a Night Like this, Daniel arrives house of abroad in a eve of an annual musical. It discovers the new face in a quartet. Anne Wynter, governess of his cousins, has been required to be in still his ailing prime minister. It is attracted immediately to Anne, but Anne has the force concealed secret to struggle his desire for Daniel. It can Daniel finds the way to convince Anne can be trusted with both his secret and his heart?
5 / 5
Books of Quinn of Julia is fun, humorous and a lot particularly deep. It does not mean I am not a lot of enjoyable!

Has read Julia Quinn has not published never and would have to that say , ossia a better of Romancing Gentleman Bridgerton (which is one of mine all the favourites of time) some have spent few books (enough the little now!) It write it it has been it lacklustre, a light and frothy bubbled in the downright without importance, but felt likes Julia took it behind with this book.

Some characters were good and fun and fleshed was. Daniel was swoon worthy, any one intense brooding in the JQ book! Still in a final confrontation among a 'goodies' and a 'baddies' was giggling to me. Ossia A power of JQ ... It is just entertainment ! It can not expect for a prójimo Smythe-Smith (and has loved a dialogue roughly where a name has come from/come from!). Julia does well :)
5 / 5
One Prejudices like this

Oh my advantage. This one has been funny. Eye to take a prime minister one was humorous also, but this was adds.
This Smythe-the series of Smith is resulting to be quite the a lot of one. I can not expect for number 3 to exit.

Takes on upper of legislation in an end of a first book, directly after a concert. Daniel Anna returned again has fulfilled a governess and player of piano of the substitute in a room for behind a room of music, Marcus beaten then to the pulp when it finds to kiss Honoria.

Anna has been launched out of his family after an accident with the vile neighbour when you are 16. A neighbour discovers his whereabouts and is trying to take his revenge in his.

A lot of value a bed, his no too long, so only the few hours. A lot entertaining, ape, as I have mentioned already. The one who a bad type was, was bit it obvious but one a lot paced history more than frames up for him. Grab The, will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
A Smythe-Smith marks again. This was so only in Daniel Smythe-Smith is a hero in place of his sister or one of the his a lot of first woman. Of course it was not the novel for Lady Quinn if it has not had the plenary familiarised arguing in the fun way. As to the prize dipped the unicorn in this book.
4 / 5
The web of Quinn of histories all are interrelated like the families often are. Some characters are likeable and a hero loveable. There is some fun dialogue with some characters familiarised that me laugh. I can not expect until I have read a prójimo a.
5 / 5
Ossia The pleasant little storyline this slow law. I have read two other books while read is one. I have maintained to go back and finally finalising but has not had the plot of action to maintain me that law for any period of time. I enjoy a current storyline of some daughters and his musical recitals that is like this terrible, this in spite of any looks to import. Some of some daughters want to him while another @gives does not have the lick of talent and illness to feign to exit to treat.
This has bitten of the humour is fun reading .
This kindle the adaptation there has been few errors to print that I expósita refreshing.
5 / 5
Absolutely adores the work of Julia Quinn and ossia any different. Estuary like this last with a part of unicorn that a time my husband me read a part aloud that founds like this pleasant. The romance flows of Daniel and Anne by means of a whole novel and you celery like this calm in fact is experiencing he in real life a way surrounds for our families. A history takes your heart without only a history of amour but also an amour, support and crazy musicals of a Smythe-familiar of Smith.
5 / 5
Any mine preferred Quinn for far. A dialogue in this book is mundane. It can it does not love some few characters. Except a prime minister of 10 years, each one which so only one of then was dimm.
5 / 5
Absolutely it adores the work of Julia Quinn and ossia any different. Estuary like this last with a part of unicorn that a time my husband me read a part aloud that founds like this pleasant. The romance flows of Daniel and Anne by means of a whole novel and you celery like this calm in fact is experiencing he in real life a way surrounds for our families. A history takes your heart without only a history of amour but also an amour, support and crazy musicals of a Smythe-familiar of Smith.
4 / 5
Has given these reservations to four indication partorisca star because lack of the complete epilogue, this in spite of recommend this book to all the romantic readers reasons there are the majority of some elements of the abonos has read.
4 / 5
Ossia The one of romantic truth and delicious new addition to a Smythe-serious of Smith that really has to that I look forward to hand future, where, dares I hope, this develops besides so only a Smythe the smith has based in some characters of fantastic support of this book. Although there is the pocolas refinados loose that would have liked me has seen has on wrapped, ossia one of mine favourite of Lady Quinn is in the moment, with a right quantity of romance, tension, and colgante.

Daniel Smythe-Smith has been that careers of the terrible deception of his youth and in hard is returned. After involving in the drunken duel with his partner, Hugh, and accidentally shoot, has been partorisca hide of the angry father of Hugh the one who has sworn partorisca kill partorisca on three years, but Hugh has recovered follows down and spends house. His arrival could not be better timed that partorisca a night of an infamous Smythe-Smith musical where Daniel fulfils his prime minister stunningly good-looking governess, Anne Wynter. Daniel is at all less than attacked and although it was necessary to be spend the time that takes up with his property and of the subjects familiarised, arrivals partorisca launch the personal campaign partorisca learn all poden in an elusive Lady Wynter the one who clearly is that it runs of deceptions of his own.

Has a lot of entertainment, laugh, heartache, and touching moments during a history to the equal that see these two wonderful people that fallen partorisca an another among treachery and the clan of energetic youngster and endearing boys, but the danger is lurking around a corner and we am not exactly sure where is coming from. An end was quickly paced and the action has packed, but would have enjoyed learning more in that spends after a H/h the together arrival. It has been it adds to see familiar and the friends pull together to maintain an another sure, but there has been attended main to see the interactions familiarised of Anne and especially his triumph, but that disappointingly has not spent. Still, it is the history adds for the writer adds and calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5
Wants to all of the books of Lady Quinn, but this one was probably my preferred.! I love an interaction among his characters. It is like this natural this in spite of often extremely amusing and light hearted also! Which is scarce to find in this gender. I have laughed out of strong of like this time during this lovely history! To good sure the must read yes enjoys historical idyll.
5 / 5
There is enjoyed the idylls of Julia Quinn because of a wonderfully terrible Smythe-Smith musicals. Calm so only has to that read at least one of them to comprise reasons will do smiled!
4 / 5
This was in entertainment , romantic history in the governess and group of daughters very musical. The starts were with the musical recital that has to that it has touched as it stirs it of the cats that fights. A Hero finally takes to go back house in Inghilterra after the years abroad averting soyen of attack'. The enamoured falls with a governess and a fun and the continuous emotion in of there that.

A lot of Bed, the history goes fast and will be to take some histories on some lives of amour of the 2 better friends of our Hero.
5 / 5
Has loved for real this history, enjoys some bows of way in with a Bridgerton Serious, once again have some have dreaded Smythe-the late musical smith, which of course a history surrounds. This storyline is both ape and entertaining. Julia Quinn is the wonderful storyteller, and is engrossed of an extreme to the another, highly recommend like the good bed!
4 / 5
With which 'So only Likes Heaven' has not thought would read Quinn rid although I have loved his Bridgerton serious. I have bought esome Prejudices Like this' reason was on sale and has thought of his leading books were like this utmost owed it his to try a time of plus. Like this happy has done reason the one who the turn-around! Ido was some pages and the pages of boring dialogue likes him in 'so only Likes Heaven', in fact, a dialogue was delicious to the equal that was some characters and a prize of a mystery: The one who was Anne , really? I have Concerned me the bit during a time of the conversation eaten with some main characters and some boys. It bore fearful result to the equal that was quite long and really a lot that of entity to a history, but no the prolong and was happy to go back to a soyaterial a lot'.

Has read so only the pocolos capitulate every night in bedtime, and ossia one of these books that have really does to look forward to bedtime so much could read more than this intriguing history.

Can any never deny to skill to write of Julia, is perfect. I have read each book has like this remote writing and so only a does not have on measured in mine estimativa, but ossia still the record of good clue. It has dipped Julia behind in a cup of my cast of favourite writers. Happy is of tower! Highly it recommends 'A Prejudice has Taken.'
5 / 5
Like this with some other books in this series, and contrast to some of Lady Quinn is other novels, this was really quite pleasant and thrilling. Some characters of support are so only wonderful. 3 stars or 4 romance stars.
5 / 5
Has reserves novels a lot small especially romance, which tend more the tension that humour - concealed me laugh out of strong. This one has done. In several places. I recently king-read the, and included that knows that it avenges to have me still does to laugh. Included better, is not estupid situational' humour (which usually meeting very pleasant), but a lot a lot of crafted, witty dialogue.

The ballast Thinks that that a big indication is so only partorisca witty dialogue, to the left say me that some characters and a plot also are involving. Some advantages viriles and the woman is defective, but a lot so much that lacking of substance or is not likeable. You both aim to plot of growth in a course of a history (and backstory). Still although has both have had any unfortunate circumstances to treat, has moved on and has done one the majority of him. Any wallowing and not taking of life that often looks to be the passage regulates like this of the devices of plot in a lot of novels. Kudos To Quinn to avert quell'atrocity and that creates an interesting history with warm and involving characters.

Some the secondary characters am also a lot-developed and enhance a plot, but no like this dominant that dilutes or detract. There are good types and of the bad types, and any of them is two-dimensional caricatures, but in fact quite believable.

Has read other novels of Quinn of Julia, and mostly like them a lot, but think that ossia probably one of the his better.
4 / 5
So only it adores the idylls of Julia Quinn. Have Still partorisca finalise a concealed did not leave me with the smile in mine expensive as I have closed a last page. One Prejudices Like this is no different. Daniel Smythe-Smith has been in the self-imposed exile to a Continent partorisca three years with which accidentally shooting his friends well, spoiling him of for life, and that causes the father partorisca threaten of his fellow his life. But after his partner, Hugh (the one who will be a hero in a next book to these serious), finds partorisca leave know that Daniel is no longer in danger, Daniel returns in his house in one prejudices one infamous Smythe-Smith musical. It sees his prime' governess, Anne, fumbling is gone in a piano and is attacked immediately. Anne is to governess with the mysterious past, one that does not wish partorisca share. It has had his own eight exile of year, but this was an exile that is to be force in his for his familiar and a family of his neighbour after the horrible chance when you are sixteen. What follows with which Daniel and Anne fulfil that the night is the súper sweet idyll where the friendship is formed and some demons of a past are exorcised.

That there is wanted:

Daniel and Anne. I have loved these two characters. Daniel was like this astonishingly perceptive, comprising when Anne has required to speak and comprising when precise maintains interior of things. It was patient and has had to that expect for his to be ready to share his history and his fights with him. It can remark some moments that unnerved his in some way, and was always careful to protect his in any way that can, physically and emotionally. Anne there was on grown like the little spoilt and egotistical daughter, has directed in that taken any one master. It was the good-looking daughter has used to take attention, but after a tragedy of the his sixteenth year grows and changed to the woman to concern with charm and talent. I have loved his interactions with the cousins of Daniel. But a better part of these two characters was his interactions with each another. Had an ease to his conversations that has done his friendship to grow obvious. Still although a two of them was physically beautiful, this report has has not looked founded on purely attractive physical. It was clear that they were fellow prime minister , and has has wanted to that.

That has attacked this down the star:

are not the enormous defender of melodrama in mine historical idylls. And this history there has been the enormous dose of melodrama in an end. George was so only like this ridiculous like the rancher. Sure, I comprise like his scarring would have disturbed him. It has included I can see like this it can resist an eternal grudge against Anne because of him. Every day that the looks in a mirror was adapted that has done ... Still although it was his own failure that spent it. But (without spoiling anything) his elections in an end of this novel was absolutely in a cup. Any precise to be like this melodramatically villainous. It have been the villain much more interesting has not been enough like this maniacal. If it have been given included an ounce to cover his personality and a lot simply portrays likes 100 bad type would have has wanted to see like Daniel and work of Anne to win some questions have associated with him. As it writes, it was so only so only another map cutout of the villain, dipped in a history simply like the half to exhibit an amour adds a hero and the hero have for an another.

But, in that said the one who, ossia still another idyll of Quinn of Julia adds. It is the fast law concealed left me happy in an end. I can not expect read the history of Hugh. He fascinates eat me the character. Four stars for east a!
5 / 5
Are the defender of Quinn of Julia enormous and could not expect take my hands in this novel. And it is the a lot of one. Them them cariche young of Anne enjoyed especially and some references of unicorn; hopefully an author is considering wriring histories for each of his hips. The boys add such the fun dimension to books because they will say and anything . An idyll go in Anne and Daniel was sweet also.
5 / 5
Another pleasant but light book of JQ World. Now that all a Bridgertons is married was, is to continuation a destinies of a Smith-Smythes, up to now known mainly for his execrable musical.

Daniel Smith-Smythe, Conde of Winstead, returns of three years in a Continent and is immediately gob-smacked for his prime' governess Anne Wynter. Daniel is quite adorable, and his obsession to grow with Anne is funny and touching a same time. Anne has the secret past and is entirely unsuitable to result the woman of an earl.

Some plots of revenge (yes, has two of them) is quite on-the-upper, but Quinn rid humour-he inside-does (or perhaps -inner-humour) when Daniel and his compadres, Hugh and Marcus, the load was to succour a hero. Has has had already the history of Marcus in a first book, but was quite intrigued for Hugh and hope Quinn plans to write a roughly lucido.
5 / 5
I amour Julia Quinn and pre-has ordered a book of Amazon. I can say that I have been satisfied. You are the good book with ups and downs, love his humour and sarcasm. The part of a novel was bit it slow (well took it lil boring) in a half-ish. This in spite of six the wonderful idyll and always enjoy read his novels. Neither of some main characters disappoint me to knots and has been satisfied by a quantity of romance;sexual currents;plot. :)
4 / 5
A fun book, good to see a Smith-Smythes taking his histories was. A hero is endearing, and a hero is charming. There it has no quite like this depth like this had in a Bridgerton serious, and lose a knife devises acute of a Lady Whistledown histories, but this was the good bed for the travesía business.
5 / 5
There is almost had it DNF for east a. A last 25 has saved he with action and humour. Quinn would owe that have more the interaction with characters has spent of both series for the that has bitten more entertaining. Well read.
4 / 5
Has read another book (So only Like Heaven) which have thought was COST as you do not expect that a lot. But this book is very better!! Really I can comprise some better characters and to plot of the line of/history adds. You recommend to read So only Like first Heaven this in spite of calm so that it comprises the few things in a book in other characters.
5 / 5
I really enjoyed this book. Down waiting for a next history in this series. Julia Quinn is one of my favourite authors.
4 / 5
I Amour JQ Smyth-histories of Smith. A fact that a musicals look in of the so many histories are amused, feels almost like my tradition familiarised own, and was súper excited when I have seen another book! I have bought he without reading any descriptions to the equal that have loved some histories displaced.

That I can say is that still Babe Ruth any bat 1000. This book is not even the transmission and lose it, is so only he estood there with a bat in my hand like perfect baseball has cruised has spent.' It was allegro and pleasant. Some boys were adorable! Unfortunately I can not suspend mine disbelief enough to think that the professor and the polite woman could enamorar with the man the one who could very serious the sentence jointed by means of half a book. It is pleasant, but any brilliant. It is charming at the beginning, May ... oh Sad, have gone to derives era...

In all the chance, is the pleasant bed has an evening to kill but he will not be added to a JQ ready of favourites and is really an after thought in a smyth-familiar of smith of fun.
5 / 5
Masters that! In the first place, I have read several books for Lady Quinn and expósito that this one east for far my preferred. Especially I love a dialogue among characters. It flows like this of course, especially among some main characters and some of some characters some young plus. It was the entertainment , witty, emotionally involving read. Now it possesses this book in both his paperback and kindle forms. It is one of mine favourite and the gone-to the rainy day. Highly recommended.
5 / 5
Associates Julia Quinn with being witty and lighthearted. Ossia Where shines a plus. While these frames are evident in this book, has found he no quite paste some big notes a way another of his books does. It seats the little less polished, and left there is disappointed.
4 / 5
An usual solid action for an author.
Like this heroin and the hero is extremely likable, a history is has developed amiably. For me you are not 5 stars as (obviously predictable happy) the end has been tugged out of the bit and of the wine after a overused phase.
5 / 5
Ossia Better that a first book in a Smythe-serious of Smith. Have enjoyed a tension of some second looks untenable situation a protagonist finds in. I have hated to Dip it down!
5 / 5
Although this second delivery was better that a prime minister, still is that it loses that esomething' Quinn' early books and the majority of a Bridgertons has had. An idyll has been rushed too much, and an end was a lot of anticlimactic.

Although Julia Quinn is always be for me, Jane Austen of my generation, his leading books, with some wonderful idylls among a hero and hero, has had always, if no the plot of hot, but the tension and some scenes of amour have had some sensuality. This has been that lacking of of some last few books.

Although we have me to them legustado Daniel and Anne, there was so only any one builds up; appeal of just instant that turned to amour of instant. And the plot of exposure. This in spite of, am expecting that a next delivery will be better. Julia Quinn a lot of angsty too often, there is so only the little, but a prójimo one can begin to this category. And of then I fall to a category of when I begin the series, has to finalise it, I probably read everything of some books in a Smythe-serious of Smith, unless they are egregiously bad.

But sure lose his sooner, richly layered characters that was like this present in a prime minister five Bridgertons, Splended, Minx, All and a Moon, and more Brilliant that a Sun, to appoint the little.
4 / 5
Has laughed, has cried happy tears!
Can not expect for his next book!
5 / 5
A strong hero and flowers quickly and does not struggle it a lot of sympathetic moments of real and the family adds strong. Julia Quinn he again.
4 / 5
Has bought a quartet. Historical idyll with outspoken strong women
4 / 5
A delicious sense of careers of humour by means of everything of the books of Julia! I know to have to that be like this spunky like his heroes!
5 / 5
Has no closing to find the history for this author that there is not wanted. It is able to write his histories in such the way that a reader is pulled to the his world-wide entirely and calm does not want to leave .
5 / 5
Has read two of a Smythe-books of Smith and while it has had the few moments when I have to to the purpose involves a esuspension of disbelief,' has found these books to be that they entertain and the discharges of good way he of the busy day.
4 / 5
Liked some few characters. A hero and the hero have done real deceptions, but has loved some daughters, especially Frances and Harriet. A writing was excellent, and there has been quite suspended to maintain me has interested.
4 / 5
Loves a second book in a Smythe serious of Smith. A history of Anne and Daniel is sum. I love an underlying history of Anne self the discovery mixed with work, adventure, mystery, and of course Romance.
5 / 5
Quite unsurprising plot but a lot of writing and involving. A plot begins dulcemente but builds well and like this always some the secondary characters anchor a history.
4 / 5
This book is like this good and likes Julia Quinn. I do not have enjoyed his books of A Bridgerton Serious. But a Smythe-serious of Smith is like this enjoyable. Them me laugh and loves cry. I can hardly attended until a next book in this series!
4 / 5
Are the defender of Quinn of Julia ! Amur His books. They are utmost, quickly law, this will resist your attention! Always I am anxious for his new books. Calm will not be disappointed with this book has read and liked other histories!
4 / 5
Another book writes well for Julia Quinn. Romance, Humour and some tension, which more can one asks?

Top Customer Reviews: Just Like Heaven ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
When I Have in the first place begun to read idylls, Julia Quinn was one of my favourite authors and I have fallen absolutely enamoured with his Bridgerton serious, like six very other romance readers have done also. A past few years, his books have been uneven partorisca me, how was the little nervous roughly choosing east an up. A Smythe-the smiths were famous (or infamous is probably more attentive) but be that it attended them of Quinn rid - the fun and light romance - or be as past pocola uselessness?

Was pleasantly surprised and a bit has relieved that has finalised partorisca enjoy the. Has-liked me a simplicity of a book and a hero and the hero are a lot of likable; a thing I amour roughly books of Quinn of Julia is that his heroes are always women that thinks would be good to have like this fellow. This in spite of a lack of any real spark does a lot a lot of the keeper partorisca me. When really I love the idyll, finalises a book with the ridiculously stupid grin in my face that does not go was partorisca hours; here, quell'concealed that has not spent.

Has Had some strong appearances, while also that loses those that - or at least I - often bemoan in romance book:
— had created a lot subplot - mystery, it murderous mass or otherwise
— does not have lust of instant; they have known each one which as another of then infancy and has considered an another practical brother and sister
— does not have any interests of the amour launched in partorisca an only purpose partorisca tug a plot was and doing you squirm in your chair - or couch or read - and has had no the Big misunderstandings have hated
— A book was directed really in some two main characters, Honoria and Marcus
— A really takes a sense that would do the lovely pair and have the plot of the as it has joined other needs

Like reasons some 3 stars? It was in fact rasgado among 3 and 3.5, but any way thinks that that this book can have has suffered in that has been to read the day has after finalised two I absolutely adds HRs that has given 4.5 and 5 stars. It was the perfect light , simple idyll , has amused read and sometimes ossia that requires. Quinn Rid in a dialogue and behind and advances repartee, has used like this to like this wonderfully in a Bridgerton books.

Has thought also Marcus was the wonderful hero . The majority of romance heroine is rakes or pray of some class, but Marcus is in fact calms, shy, serious (but no stuffy) class of man. We are to say that the people often considers formidable and that imposes, but is not never really aimed this, of then mostly see a softer side that feigns Honoria. I have loved that it yearned it it was the familiar and any to want to the one who would love the transmission. One of some things that draws more Honoria is his fond, carefree the way and a value situates on another, in familiar, and on tradition. In this sense, a history was for real lovely and the marvel of Marcus in an Epilogue in a family has begun to the form is touching and sweet.

My main critiques that has maintained he to receive the indication the big plus is a following:

(1) Marcus takes deathly ailing and Honoria hastes with his mother his bedside to nurses lucido. This part resembled really tug on and a section of his looks of illness partorisca take on upper of half a book. Other idylls have this device of plot and does not suffer it , but here think that it has tugged on too long and of then Marcus is insensitive for the majority of him, a does not feel that it develops his a lot of report.

(2) While a course of his illness has looked has tugged was, a rest looked a lot, a lot hasty. It enjoys it it is a process of them falling enamoured, doing them his feelings was and doing them, and then a happy conclusion. This part of a history is not explored enough for me and besides for the brief little kiss when improvement, an only another the romance scene among them is in an end. The books of Quinn is not never heavy state in a vaporous appearance, but I to good sure expected more than of the this.

So only Like the heaven is perfect for the light, the work of fun evening and would recommend to take he of a library, but he no the read when you are loving the romance that sells the punch and affect you emotionally.

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4 / 5
So only Like the heaven is a first book in a Smythe-quartet of Smith. The defenders of Julia Quinn could recognise a Smythe-will forge like familiar the one who the musical annual hosts that looks infamously the terrible daughters that do the injustice adds the classical music. A trick of some interpreters has changed on some last twenty years, like the members marry and resign his place in phases in favour of the youngest or first twins.

Honoria Smythe-Smith is one of some daughters at present in a group. The hate Because it knows is terrible, but is loyal to his familiar and his traditions. It is enjoying his time with his friends and familiar before some starts of Season, and maintains to run to partner Marcus of his brother Holroyd.

Marcus always thought of to Honoria likes Daniel better partner pesky little sister, but this was a lot of years . It has on grown, and Daniel has asked Marcus to maintain an eye in his and the fright was very unsuitable suitors.

When Marcus wounded because of something that Honoria , feels an obligation to help recovers. It likes help to recover, his both @give that there is something more than friendship among them.

I amour nineteenth Inghilterra of century- of a period of Regency to one was Victorian, want it everything. There is something on some principles of commitment, a glamur of an aristocracy, and an obsession with doing the good party. Honoria And Marcus are the delicious pair , and I really enjoyed like his feelings for each another developed in a course of a history. While Marcus was happy to the fright was suitors, never has arrived his that was enamorar with Honoria.

Absolutely would recommend So only Like Heaven. Ossia A first book in the series, how is the good place to start with if you are not familiarised with the books of Julia Quinn. I also point out of that has some romantic scenes in a book. There is at all particularly graphic or explicit, but a book is feigned to good sure for the mature audience. Certainly they are that it looks forward to to result reacquainted with the books of Julia Quinn before his book his regime again more next month!
5 / 5
Has LOVED ABSOLUTELY this book! A hero and the hero are GOOD people! A hero is not the flirt, or rake, or pray. It is in fact shy! But still it has quality of alpha when they are required so only without a brooding and meanness of a majority of alphas. I want a trope of falling for him sibling fellow better. Ossia My favourite book never! I read it at least the time of dozen and will continue to read the when I require my faith in of the romance novels has restored. A audiobook is also stellar. Two enthusiastic thumbs up!
5 / 5
Can not believe is taken me this long to read the book of Quinn of Julia! It is been the while of then have submerged I in the Idyll of Regency, and So only Like the heaven agreed all some things I amour in a gender. Some centres of history in a developing idyll among Lady Honoria Smythe-Smith (Is that the name adds, or that?) And Marcus Holroyd, an Earl of Chatteris. They have known each one which as another of then infancy (Marcus was fellow better with the brother he old plus of Honoria, Daniel), and now so the adults are friendly, but a lot particularly near. Ossia Until Honoria has his first season in Londra, and suddenly Marcus is lurking in ballrooms during a city, creasing the front in his so that it tries to find the pertinent husband. Oddly, Each one which suitor the one who pays yard to his resembles suddenly lose interest. Honoria Desesperanzas of not finding never the man the one who will offer for his hand, and his state so only the half continued has to that they rape of game (very bad) in his musical annual family. (A Smyth-the daughters of Smith are relieved of this has to that once his wed.) A recognition in the house of the partner in a country exposes Honoria to an eligible gentleman and also directs the diverse career-ins with Marcus the one who live near. That time takes Honoria to @give that a perfect mate is to be looking for has been I under his nose all to the long of? And when Marcus to think of Honoria like the boy and embrace a beautiful, feisty the woman is resulted?

Ossia An incredibly charming history , with likable direct the one who there is well of chemist of the his a lot of first meeting. I have loved Honoria and Marcus sparring sessions and all a comedic early bit in a book. I will not be never able to see some words soyole pierced again with chuckling. They are to sucker for histories of amour where some two people have known each one which as another for ever and his feelings for each another sneak on on him. I also the enjoyed when the report of the potential pair deepens and results more intimate reason one is nursing another by means of the harm of serious/illness. A cup of phase has pressed like this of the good part of a half section of a book and these chapters are quite obliging. I think it that it would be it hard no for enamorar with any down some circumstances in Honoria and Marcus find. Of course, they are separate and there are misunderstandings that favours to them questioning each another is motives and true feelings. But everything is solved in the satisfactory way and a book have finalised felizmente with a turn of the character the one who will look prominently in a next book to a series.

For me, this book was a perfect blend of comedy, idyll, and work. Witty The dialogue there is enhanced a history, and has thought there was so only a right quantity of steam in some scenes of amour. Highly it would recommend this book to defenders of a Historical Romance gender. I am looking forward to reading some other books in this series!
5 / 5
Sometimes forgets so only that loves a writing of Julia Quinn. A Bridgertons the series is my absolute romance series preferred historical, a concealed I king-read from time to time while they are in a way partorisca to entertainment, witty, idyll of romantic period. I do not know reason have expected like this long to start with this pause-of the series that centre in a family of (any)musicians that has hosted some atrocious Smythe-musical Smith like this wonderfully found during a Bridgerton books. They are like this happy to having read this reserves this time. It was to like it the glass of fresh water for me, something perfects for the lazy autumnn weekend to maintain me swooning and chuckling and sighing with some wonderful characters and talk it expósito during this book.

Thinks that will do this the brief description. Ossia The like this looked history the reservation of Quinn of Julia has read, but does not resemble tired premise. It feels fresh and sweet, and has loved that.

To to Some things liked:

Marcus. Calm, a bit brooding, but the fellow wonderful to Honoria for the majority of his life. It is an eligible bachelor the one who never really looks an eligible bachelor for any part of a book. He shies out of society, and, if @it gives he still or no, so only really has eyes partorisca Honoria. A hero adds for this history.

Honoria. Yes, it is the terrible music . But it embraces his lack of skill. Ella revels in a tradition is launched to, and spends joy to like this of some pages in that looks. His cure partorisca Marcus how is in the door of the death was good-looking.

The friends win in an end. I WANT idylls where the good friends finalise neighbouring in an end. These two is not so only near reason find each one which as another appeal. They are together reasons want to be around the each one another. Some conversations are sweet and pleasant and real. It has wanted to that!

The talent of Julia Quinn. I LOVE a way Julia Quinn writes his idylls. Like the reader can feel a joy has like this writing . Really tip in a page. If his books are my absolute favourites or so only a bit that I moderately enjoyed, always loves read him. This one east one of mine favourite, he doing all a wonderful plus to read.

Some amazing romantic scenes when Honoria and Marcus in the first place give that they want each one which so another. This has to that be bit it jarring -- that @gives that you are enamoured with a person has thought of as he sibling this in spite of of your life. These scenes are so only good-looking and heartwarming and swoon worthy. It has wanted to him!

If you are the defender of Quinn of Julia , would have to love this (any that) new series. If there is not reading Quinn books, beginning with a Bridgerton serious and then begin is one. There are characters add that cross on to this history (Hake -- want to him!, And Lady Danbury, to appoint the small). A highly enjoyable historical idyll. Four stars!
5 / 5
Has read this quite awhile fact, but are so only so only now agreeing for the revise. (He the sufficed to say that promptness is not my strong dress!)

Have @@give Never while reading the book that the majority of some things is enjoying abut that will be some very same things that many of your friends bookworms aversion?! And ossia that I amour in places like these: it is like this entertainment to see like all have pet and of the different preferences peeves in spite of sharing the basic amour to read. As I will try the sum on reason this rids really done for me with one that comprises that these can be some reasons esatte reasons a book has not done for another :)

1) A consequence to devour like this a lot of romance novels how is that calm---(or at least I)---take it tad tired with 'Alpha' traditional sure hero: angry, snarling and vaguely controlling men those who have slept with means some women in a first continent to be 'tamed' for our never hero like this special. Some are amusing, obliging and sexy. Another just start to look is in desperate need of a workshop of management of the anger. Marcus was the delightfully charming transmission for me: the sincerely bondadoso, shy and ready man. Any closing another 'rake' the one who has slept with zillions of women or the dissolute, destructive lush those who need to be estáformado.' In the place of an usual arrogance takes heroines, Marcus I gives endearing, quietly witty self-deprecation (this in spite of the other has ensured that it is not he neurotically insecure disorder!) It is a lot sincerely it would adore and gravitate to in esal life', which is certainly any one the data for me. If you are among mine rid very fellow junkies the one who tends to find the betas dull, this in spite of, probably will not be pleased like this with any heroine or a global book to the equal that was!

2) is looking for the ardent, sensual, dramatic , calm probably would owe that continue looking :) Oddly enough, this in spite of, ossia the big part of reason has liked him me really is one. ( Calm warned that has odd flavour, well?!) It has felt tired of intense (melo)work and endless roller coaster-and conflicts and was instead craving exactly an entertainment, lighthearted feels that this book resupplies. And they are not the big defender of longitude, frequent and detailed sex scenes, like this for marries it to me of a book in a H/h to the rapport more than his physical connection was a goodness. So that they prefer his idylls to be a lot vaporous, this in spite of, be forewarned that this book there is far less sex (and still foreplay) that more current romance novels.

3) To the equal that alludes on, some characters in this book are , is really good and likable. And they are not , for romance levels, especially tormented or uploaded by conflict and anguish. And, fittingly, a storyline does not have any a lot of anguish or conflict neither. We take a hero nursing a hero behind the health, which is trope confess are class of the sucker for, but there has suspended any one a lot like this to a result. I can very easily see like this could do for the dull, concealed that?!' Book for a lot, but for me has done for the charming, enjoyable read. Sometimes they are in a way for the rich, layered idyll with abundance of substance and conflict, and if ossia that it is at present craving, would remain out of him to Justo likes the heaven. But you are feeling it likes him he master takes of your summer with frothy, amusing sweetness and banter-to the entertainment has fill, would recommend to give this one the casualidad.

Julia Quinn is the talented writer, but his books are quite swipe and lose for me. Any I still enjoys the majority of a Bridgerton serious almost like this like this more. (Blasphemy, Knows!) Objectively, you are this probably is not a book Julia Quinn 'better' has written, but was so beloved stumble by means of the hero of charming Beta and the light, ape and charming read that it is in fact among my personal favourites. Happy reading!
5 / 5
Thinks that taken my attention was a sweetness of like this some two characters fulfilled and has developed his report in the young age. It was endearing. Both are wholesome without the deceptive bone only in his organism (I continuous to look in you Duque Hastings). It would have enjoyed to have Honoria and visas of Marcus interact the little more together versus a snapshot an author gives. It felt that some separates tugged and then all of the sudden is in a last chapter that thinks well this was quickly... 3 stars because it was pleasant (Honoria is really the comical sweetheart), amour a bond of cousins, and partorisca cameos of characters of a Bridgerton Serious.
5 / 5
After the weeks, same month, to read weighed a lot-fiction and literary novels, has been ready for something light that could do me forget so only for the few hours some horrible informative of this week (bombing he in a marathon of Boston). Julia Quinn is ' So only Likes Heaven' was the pleasant evasion of some worries of a world. I owe state that Cups Quinn is not never be the regular beds for me, and are totally unfamilar with a Bridgerton Serious, where apparently a Smythe/sisters of Smith and the cousins are at least the smallest characters (two Bridgertons looks in brief in these novel). And perhaps ossia the good thing , as some readers can have state suffering it Bridgerton overburden when they read 'So only Like Heaven.' ANY SPOILERS.

A premise is not all this unusual in of the romance novels -- the man and woman the one who has known each one which so another for years, and consider them more like brother and sister or cousins, suddenly @give there is the strong appeal. That to do? Honoria Smythe/The brother he old plus Daniel of the smith was the boyhood partner of Marcus Holroyd, an Earl of Chatteris. Honoria Was a pesky twins more youngster the one who always directed to attach it to a pair as they have gone roughly in his adventures. We take his backstory in a prologue, and for a Chapter partorisca time One arrives Daniel has been in exile in a continent for three years been due to the dispute with another heat-boss, and Honoria there is now 21 years, to Marcus 28. Neither it is married, although Honoria is exasperated to result like this, and Marcus is looking for to avert a parson cheat of mouse. One of some things Marcus admires in the sister of his fellow old is that for a past few years had touched in the annual musical recital with his prime, any that has the lick of musical talent. A history takes place some weeks that surrounds a recital of 1824, and involves Honoria and his mother that saves a leg, and, possibly, a life of Marcus when the yard in his results of leg have infected. It is during his illness that a two of them begins to @give his true feelings.

A history is mainly that called the esweet idyll' (any explicit sex) on until an a lot of very when his passion wins his reluctance to recognise his feelings. This is not the 'hot idyll' novel and there is a bit the one who will not be happy with east , but the chair is more in tune with a period of time and some lives of well-spent on alone women. In timing some looks of history to tug on -- has several scenes of a Smythe/first of Smith rehersing for an annual recital, or that plans the party of house, this looked to go in for ever, included although a dialogue was witty. I have not had any objection to a prolonged scene in the property of Marcus where Honoria and his mother ministered to Marcus very ailing, but in some point felt likes ship of jump when Marcus has thought ONCE AGAIN roughly Honoria that lovely was resulted (an almost could do the game the drink comes on that often). An idea of the group of youngster and untalented the women that resists the recital every year was more than the little unlikely, but was a time although it amuses. While some cousins and fellow all looked interchangeable, Marcus main add it the aunt adds was quite amusing and has given so only a right touch of harmless sour to the book that could have been too sweet. As I have declared, 'so only it likes him the heaven' is of the pleasant diversion that will not register you unduly, but neither will persist on in your memory for more than the day or two, and sometimes ossia so only the one who a doctor has ordered!
5 / 5
Has been cries it to do it the page 265, and there is so only reason despise a lot when finalising the book. Ossia An absolutely bored book without development of plot. There is more habladuría of a quartet and members familiarised that of a main pair in a book. I have squandered My money and the time is one.
5 / 5
SO ONLY LIKE the HEAVEN is a first book in a Smythe-Quartet of Smith. It says a history of Marcus Holroyd, an Earl of Chatteris,

Marcus was an extremely solitary boy until it has fulfilled Daniel Smythe-Smith, a future Earl of Winstead. Marcus begins to spend time with the family of Daniel. There it fulfils, Honoria, the youngest sister of Daniel. Honoria, Be five young years that some boys, is a bit of the plague. Marcus, enjoy to be with a Smythe-Smiths, those who are the fond family , the difference of the his own. Marcus' filled in a bosom of a Smythe-familiar of Smith, this in spite of, is shattered for the duel struggled among his two friends Daniel and Hugh Prentice. Like the result of a duel, Daniel is forced to escape Inghilterra and a happy Smythe-familiar of Smith suffers harm.

During some three years of the exile of Daniel, Marcus has taken an authorship to look Honoria and warning of any 'inappropriate' suitors. Honoria has dipped his seen on Gregory Bridgerton. To fulfil this, she concocts the diagram where will twist his ankle and the need that rescues. Instead, Marcus twist his ankle and finally results very ailing. Honoria Cure for him while it is ailing and finally comes to concern for him in the romantic fashion.

There is enjoyed this history. It is funny and heartwarming, and has loved Marcus. It is such an honourable man the one who is deeply state hurt for his family. It comes to concern for Honoria deeply. It was very good to have a Bridgertons marks an appearance here.

Recommends this book.
5 / 5
The one who would not think never would want to take to know a Smythe-Smiths after giving support his annual musicals reservation with which book? It thanks the goodness has does not have to that never in fact listen to a music! Julia Quinn has directed partorisca take background characters and result the wonderful history of the his own, seeing these poor daughters of another side of a phase. And ossia part of an entertainment. Of cousins the one who in fact wants to treat to that enough would press a piano out of a window - and almost do, on fun and funnny family. Has this one in paper but has has had to that simply have more than a version of him. A delicious idyll that begin with a two - in fact a three, the, the and his brother - boys like this young and me laugh out of strong. My husband said in a signal, concealed, something has had there grace?'

My favourite part was also one the majority of suspenseful, and ossia Marcus ' fever. Surprising that easy was for people to die behind then, and the one who the small things have done a difference among life and death. Lady Winstead the deep condition for this young man has seen like other edges, as last she and Honoria so that done to maintain alive - animadamente fact. It does not think anything possibly could have done this better.

And so that the plus, also have cameo appearances of Hake and Gregory Bridgerton, Lady Danbury, and the governness whose book will owe that find and reread. In general, the book to maintain and enjoy on and on again.
4 / 5
Is come from apon this book after finalising a Bridgerton serious that it is a refernce for me.
This continuous book in a same way with fun writing, humour and history of good amour.
Is practicly one same, then , he loves more than a same can the to you finds here. If it did not like a Bridgertons of any one annoying to try this book.
5 / 5
Has loved a Smythe-Smiths in a Bridgerton books so that it was with exciting while to this history. Unfortunately, it has not fulfilled my expectations.

A hero and the hero are well, but is the little has bitten to bore. It likes quota another reviewers has signalled was, a sudden idyll among his starts of nowhere. Have At all against a plot of friends of infancy that discovers that they want each one which as another - the alike storyline was among Penélope and Hake, after all, which is one of a cup 3 JQ books in my opinion. But in this book discovers things in the each one another, and when they begin to see each one which so another with different eyes can see reason. Here, the calm no. There is not any conflict, any spark, any passion. Everything is so only... lukewarm. It feels he likes Marcus in fact loves more Honoria familiar or an idea to belong the such the familiar that master. Considering Honoria, well... So only it could not see like his amour for Marcus appears. It is simply of the swimming.

A line of the plot of the convalescence is very long and a lot really enhance his report.

Loves when fly of sparks among heroines and heroine, and calm really can see his chemistry. I love the when passion and lust and master all celery likes strikes of thunder. I love the when they contest and really show that has depth and the inner force and that are not to perfect. It Likes him to him raisin with Anthony/Kate of A Viscount that has wanted to Me, or with Hake/Penélope of Romancing Mister Bridgerton. It does not spend in this book.

Some separates some the pleasant plus is in fact those when Cups Danbury done an appearance, although they feel likes is insert so only reason all the world loves a Bridgertons.

Some interactions of some members of the quartet is not like this pleasant to the equal that would expect. Of then they are all dipped until being some next heroes (probably), Iris and Sarah are WELL, but Daisy simply is annoying! A whole history of like this maintains to do a bit musical so only reason is the tradition familiarised although they know is horrible, feels forced and unbelievable and any really movement in any way.

This is not an ugly book, is so only too superficial. These are not some characters have expected of JQ. They are like this sad...
4 / 5
The JQ better that any one another romance author has found, excepting perhaps Lisa Kleypas, is a sense of community. JQ Familiar and friendship so that delightfully, and is reason his heroes and heroes a lot, as in of the so many novels, there is in isolation. It is built really on the tonne of the his own -- has the cohesive universe, which is something concealed to attract me a lot. Everything to some histories likes them more is of those with real worlds , complexes, concealed looks to extend external of an immediate history. It is not something takings with to plot of romance novels, besides some generic historical world-wide -- but JQ is an author that does his society feels real and developed, because of all some interconnections.

A Smythe-the smiths have been the joke to run in his books for, which, the decade now? But always in some shadows, always characters lateralmente, never has included to take first names of his own -- boxes now. Finally we fulfil some notorious Smythe-daughters of Smith. JQ, wisely, Thinks, starts with a 1824 crowd, the one who is a neighbour has looked the majority of prominently in other books -- ossia, creates, a together of Romancing Gentleman Bridgerton, where Cups Danbury like this wisely keyed in in a misery of a cello player.

Honoria Smythe-Smith is not a miserable cello player. It is the cheerfully atrocious violin player. Against popular faith, is conscious that some musical is insults to some composers and painful to any with ears. But it does not import . Average with good alcohol reason is tradition familiarised . It is really sweet of his, and the good indication of just like the family of entity is his. And that, really, is that it is driving Honoria in this book -- a need for familiar. It is a young plus of five, all that is married and out of a house, and is finding his life the little too calm and solitary lately. So much, it is determined to marry , in his thirds parcos am gone in a phase. Little it knows that Marcus Holroyd, the partner of his brother is (the one who at present is hiding is gone in Italy with which a unfortunate duel), is 'those clocks' his in his absence -- which there is like this has meant the far fright was all of the his suitors. They have known each one which as another of then has had are years , when it has visited his brother in vacacional school. Suddenly, this in spite of, is beginning to feel something another for his that has to that, and is by train to see in the no-the precisely fraternal way.

Has not been if it is reason am older and more jaded these days or as, but has begun to result slightly annoyed for a Fourth Pair to Date trope. As have enjoyed really that Marcus and Honoria have known each one which as another for ever. It likes that of a report is something concealed is grown over time, any something concealed self-evident in a space of the weekend. A friendship-to-the romance history is the calmest class of history, and in 'so only Likes Heaven', is quite lovely. JQ Is always in his plus when it takes to write quickly, witty dialogue, and Marcus and Honoria take abundance of him. His banter with such one relieves that is not hard to imagine his continual married bliss, cheerfully teasing each one which so another for decades to come.

My only complaint in this book is that I seat like a half section, where Marcus is ailing, tugs in has bitten it too much long. It would have liked him it has seen more they behind Londra, among other people -- of JQ that like this well. I have loved more than Honoria with his prime, has has wanted to more out of a conflict with the brother of Marcus and Honoria, has loved does to surround Hugh and Ramsgate (perhaps will be of tower in another book?). Instead we take a terrible plot of sickbed inaction/of the consolation hurt, and ossia so only a lot so much my thing. Also it could do with it bit it hotter. JQ Primary weakness, thinks, like the romance author is that his books are not always like this vaporous to the equal that could be. It would love it has begun it to take the little more risks when it comes to a consummation.

A HEA is adorable in fact, especially likes Honoria seats to the next year musical . His amour for his family is so only like this palpable in the moment. I seat quite sure that Iris and Sarah will be to take books of his own, but am not sure in a frothiest and more deluded member of this year quartet, Daisy. I order to ask one 4th will be a governess that has to that fill in when Sarah 'takes to ail' in a last now, Miss Wynter; JQ spent that looks a inordinate quantity of time in his, and that the class of what tends to be the clue for upcoming importance.

In general, 'So only Likes Heaven' is frothy the well has read. It is not to attack- was-of-the-parcos to surprise, but is solid and quite charming. This is not the book is looking for plot of epic, sweeping dramatics, or dark psychological complexity, but yes that it is afterwards is the warm, that receives read, something to take to a beach with you, or to crimps up with while you are drinking the good cup of tea, 'So only Likes Heaven' is so only a thing.
5 / 5
Enjoys everything of the books of Lady Quinn. But this one me laugh. I have read this reserves several times and always find me laughing like this last in some separates that I can not breathe. Utmost characters, will want him everything. Good history, no a same old thing.
Gives to treat it, will love this book.
4 / 5
Spoiler Alert... Has has LOVED the majority of of the this was witty, pleasant characters , utmost and history, like regencies of mine to be more wholesome histories. A first real kiss and they jump to bed? Really? Dang, Expected to binge read all these books. No more. It is very I call old fashioned. I am not old, but are picky.
4 / 5
Like this I so only finalised 'So only Likes Heaven' for Julia Quinn, and has to that say according to which the historical idylls go, this one was quite good. It would give it 4.5 out of 5 stars, any reasons has had anything wrong with him, so only reason has not had to weaves of whole that spends. I have loved his surround introductory, but second that emotion, was so only the little lacking. It does not take Me bad, a book has surprised, and has loved that, and to good sure read to again, but in comparison to other novels have read, some for his, some any, so only has not had like this laws that the majority of idylls thrive on.

On everything, a history was very developed, very detailed, and fantastically writing. I have loved a main character is (Honoria) humour, and his sense of familiar, and tradition. An author has done really that the labour pairing adds his hero and hero in this book, and according to which a work that DID arrives, was really nerve wracking to see or no a hero Marcus would pull by means of. An end especially was to add, has has wanted as it has presented the brother of Honoria, Daniel, although it has been mentioned during a history, was the pleasure to finally fulfil a man that has imported so much to some main characters, and has to that admit, are kinda interested to know yes goes to have his own history, reason certainly would buy it.

Has had to choose the favourite part, would have to say that looking Honoria undermines the hole for his fall of fake would have been a better, was hilarious, and a fact that Marcus, his 'guardian' saw he all so only added to a humour. His tentativa to be that it calculates DID kinda fallen behind in his, but amused much less.

Amado a red shoe has bitten also

I highly recommended this history, one all-around add read, in spite of a smaller work.
4 / 5
Liked this book. It was that I investigation in the novels of Julia Quinn--allegro, entertainment, and romantic. It has not been until some levels of the his prompt more Bridgerton serious, but has not been like this bad likes Duke of Wyndham duet. The reading prendió almost Julia Quinn with which these two novels, which would have to has been a novel along, and whose line of plot boggled an alcohol.

Has had this novel in my cast to wish for the moment, while to read other' first descriptions to purchase. Honradamente, A seal of prize would be that it dips was to any but of the defenders of Quinn of Julia. I have decided finally that has been ready for some humour of Quinn of Julia and fluff. It is true (like another reviewers has signalled was) that Marcus, a hero, is unconscious for the portion of a book, but no for while some reviewers has involved. Besides, it is in and out of consciousness, and is to give idea to his sleeps and of the thoughts. While, His deathly the leaves of illness Honoria to @give that it loves. This device of the plot would not have done if a two had not known each one which as another of then was boys .

While no the better work of Julia Quinn, looks to be more than the turn his earlier form. I have decided that Julia Quinn bad (with an exception of a Stray Duke of Wyndham pair of novels) is better that to plot of a regency tripe that has found.
5 / 5
Ossia My book of Quinn of Julia of favourite .
One 'falling-master-in this history is a lot of believable. A H and h is both likable the people and you will feel that they deserve the happy end.
There is also humour in a book, which is the mark of the idyll of Quinn of Julia.
Will give this reserves a definite compliment. I love it so as my preferred Georgette Heyer rid.
4 / 5
Oh My goodness. Any the one who has read Julia Quinn Bridgerton books (which highly recommends and amour) has in the first place assisted-rid some horrors of some annual Smythe-Smith musical. But reason persists, every year? Reason is like this horrible? And reason do the people maintain to look?!

Everything of of the this and more is answered, as well as an absolutely adorable history among Honoria and Marcus. There is twisted of chocolate. It is necessary extends he-ailing-and-for like this-helpless-hero-the one who-until-concealed-moment-was-unreachable-and-unassailable. There are considerations of fusion his out of a window more than game in a musical. A prose takes the pocola purple , a hero the little loopy, but is really to sweet, the ape read with two lovely characters to that misfortune befalls the little time.

Oh, And there there is also some Miss Butterworth, like this really. Calm can any gone bad. Pecked The death for pigeons!

Has read a prójimo two books in these serious and enjoyed them even more, like this ossia the solid dipped a lot -until a Smythe-Smiths.
4 / 5
Justo surfing partorisca upcoming books partorisca order and has of one of mine favourite of this summer was has revised unfairly. Because we read regency romance novels?!?!? PARTORISCA The IDYLL, The LIGHT COMEDY, PARTORISCA ENTERTAINMENT!!! This pound has it everything. A Hero and the hero are ready, ape, and real. No material have enjoyed the scene more than a big S-S musical in this book. His wonderfully writing and a lot of witty. This author so only knows his characters - his obvious that bolt with them and knows all his little foibles. I enjoy a pause of some mundane books, a horror that almost all the world is fill some pages with now. His add to know that this author and another likes him Samantha James, Eloisa James, Teresa Medeiros, Mary Balough, Madeline Hunter, (and the much more that I will not list ) still is writing a WONDEFULE IDYLL of REGENCY. Please, please no partorisca!! It does not change !! I require my R&R of daily corporate life. Thank you For all an entertainment spends.
4 / 5
The paraphrase one adds Rogers, has has not fulfilled never the history of Quinn of to Julia did not like. Crown Quinn is goring, amusing, romantic without being cloying, and writing of the characters that is like this appealing the desires was real and that is remained his company . A street to the pair can not be fraught with peril (any dragon that breathes fire, or the aliens that fly a fiancée), but is fill instead with expensive realistic questions of daily lovers. In Marcus and Honoria, Quinn once has given more people to concern roughly to the equal that win self-doubt, pre-has has conceived ideas, and meddling relative.
5 / 5
Another that satisfies historical idyll of Julia Quinn! One of some things loves more in his histories is that there is no convoluted obstacles to an amour among a hero and hero, this in spite of directs to maintain the readers that on duty pages so only to enjoy some developing reports. His secondary characters are also always the hoot. In this book fulfils Honoria Smythe-Smith (the name of my daughter is Honoria, how was automatically predisposed to like this of heroine!), Of an infamous Smythe-Smith musical familiar that has found in Quinn leading novels. It is it adds to finally have a insider Smythe-perspective of Smith in these notorious concerts. Honoria Fulfils up with Marcus old partner of his brother and after being launched near for an accident, coming to @give is enamoured. Ossia. Simple plot, but the lovely history with realistic characters, charming dialogue and a lot of humour.
4 / 5
Ossia Another history of amour of Quinn wonderful with a lot of a lot of-has has developed characters. A continuity with some secondary characters is thoughtful and flows seamlessly to the long of, is to be among them everything. Some the main characters are full of good humour and lifelike. Has the amour to satisfy history that develops like this movement too quickly to an end. I will be to read the again.
5 / 5
This was the charming read. Like this often when the authors result popular is bent to the churn was 'boilers of pot' the walks of format like opposed to the character driven. Honoria And Marcus are the gorgeous pair. That has loved roughly Marcus that the has not been a male of alpha. Marcus is quite charming witty and shy, likes so many men. I agreed characters that Georgette Heyer to the equal that has enjoyed to write on like Calm Gentleman and a Door of Toll. Honoria Is of course an exact opposite to the equal that have to us our yin and yang. A staging of a hole of the tope and the leaves was to the entertainment adds more a sweet witty rapport among some protagonists. It was also entertainment adds to visit a Smythe-Smith Musicale of the Smythe -point of view of Smith, has done to read adds.
Seats a lot of insurances that Cups Quinn has some advances of wonderful adventures for us with a vaguely familiar Miss Wynter and a turn of Daniel Smythe-Smith. Take your Cups of time Quinn to maintain on a quality.
5 / 5
Julia Quinn always hands. Ossia The fun and enjoyable read with likable characters and good plotting. It likes that it has had to any device of plot when being in a way of a pair, so only the realistic misunderstanding of another east intent.
5 / 5
To That likes roughly of the novels of Julia Quinn is that they are not never depressing, is alway so only simple entertainment to read. It does not begin his reservation that expects some earth shattering melodrama. His characters are likeable, an idyll is sweet. It can be predictable, but in the way enjoys that also. It is class of as the delectable chocolate. The like reasons know that to expect and enjoy a flavour. Also, so only I will be sincere, is a lot scarce for me to be surprised when I have read the book of this gender.

This rids there is not disappointed. I have read everything of the novels of Lady Quinn. I admit a last pair is not until state his usual levels, but there is enjoyed this one to plot. If it love an easy, enjoyable read to spend the few hours, this book is for you.
5 / 5
A Bridgerton the series is probably one of one the majority of entertainment and entertaining HR serious around. JQ Books of those complete a series left there is disappointed. This book, while slow during (spoiler) the illness of Marcus and rushed with which takes well, much more entertained that some last novels of pair. It has not been like this wonderful likes some of a Bridgerton books, but SIGNIFICANTLY BETTER that a last pair some. I in fact found I laughing out of strong and that smiled throughout like this usually do in JQ novel. I am excited again for a first time the years of pair for the new JQ. Down waiting for to read a rest Smythe-prime of Smith antics. I have it that there is enjoyed always his musicals, and is to the entertainment adds to see he of his perspective.
5 / 5
Has read probably so only roughly Julia Quinn has written, but in of the recent years, has moved out of the historical idylls bit it in favour of contemporary idyll. I have not bought this book immediately, precisely for this reason, but in an end, has tried the sample, enjoyed it, and decided for the buy reason, generally, there is enjoyed really the fashion of Quinn. I owe that say, was pleasantly surprised for to Justo likes him the heaven. Any that thought it that it would be it BAD, has believed so only that my flavours had changed and perhaps would not maintain my attention. But once again, Quinn rids the wonderfully simple history. In fact, this could be one of mine favourite of the his. Had a lot little of a typical melodrama that accompanies more idylls. Some the main characters have shared the friendship that is long (of classes), has grown more afterwards out of necessity, and there is @@give that has loved each one which so another. My description any one the justice, but has found a lack of melodrama refreshing. Any villain to slay, any ridiculous misunderstanding, a lot few insignificant jealousies. Instead, ossia the sincere history in sliding to amour. And in spite of a fact that has been missing he of a type of the scenes of vaporous amour have come to expect in mine idylls preferred, has found to sweet of history of the amour of Marcus and Honoria and endearing. When finally they consummate his amour (they , thank God! LOL), so only flows of course, without anguish or of the recriminations or remorses or scandal. So only two people finally giving to his feelings.

Ossia One first description not having never writes on Amazon, as I excuse me for rambling. It has felt simply obliged to give Crown Quinn the cry was for the fact to act well, and to thank his to write that it thinks is the historical idyll quite atypical. A refreshing transmission of any one, in fact...
4 / 5
Has discovered Julia Quinn this year spent and has fallen enamoured with a lot of his books and his witty way to write. I want that I can laugh out of strong in his books! They like him to him some another has mentioned, there is doubted to purchase this reason his last few books have not been that am coming to expect. This in spite of, have to say that So only Like the heaven does not disappoint . It is the fun book , there is chemical sum, and any of an unnecessary melodrama that the majority of the novels of regency have. This in spite of, although a premise of a report was well, has not had a lot the storyline. Have enjoyed an adventure and fast paced happenings of his leading books much more. In general, no the bad bed. It is much better that to plot of another material there!
4 / 5
I can not explain why love this history, so only do. Really They like Me some main characters. They are people would be proud to call friends, if I am existed really.
4 / 5
Are the big defender of Quinn Bridgerton books, and the find a Smythe-Smith fill so only marginally second. This series has a polish of a Bridgertons, this in spite of a talent, while acute, is not like this centrical to some reports and dialogue. It is an only portion of this series that the short falls partorisca me. If have there was not reading a Bridgertons first, thinks them So only How the heaven would be more afterwards to the 5 partorisca me.
5 / 5
I quickly king-read this book because have has bought so only a late plus; One Orders All the Kisses (Smythe-Quartet of Smith) and has has wanted to me characters of suit. That the travesía that likes was in king-alive an idyll. Ossia Quite simply one of my favourite books for this author, the desire would write like this again. It liked a slow to wake and realisation of an amour shared for a H and h, the one who has known each one which so another of boys. I have adored a H and has loved that it was secretly quite shy. Honradamente Do not comprise some bad descriptions of this book and highly can recommends.
4 / 5
Has to that be in accordance with description. It likes the 'net' romance but still loves a bit weaves and tension among a hero and hero. Like another reviewer said, this was so only 'also pleasant.' I think a British term 'twee,' that means affectedly or excessively dainty, delicate, pleasant, or picturesque, describes no only this book but his other recent books. I will reread I books of Julia Quinn, which are keepers.
4 / 5
I thoroughly there is enjoyed this book. A hero and the hero interested and his chemical has done. I have thought to spend in the serious wound was an unusual transfer , especially of a hero rid it. Scenes a lot romantic, good dialogue. That more can ask of our literature? Sure the has not been like this tight likes some of the novels of Lady Quinn but was better way that the majority of his gender. It would recommend Julia Quinn in any romance defender to good sure. Included his 3 star has estimated the books are still a lot, a lot good. It suspects some bookmarks/marcadors goes in lower so only in comparison to his for real exceptional entrances.
4 / 5
Enjoys all the novels of Quinn of Julia. When they Are in a way for the light idyll ossia a lot-writing, with likable characters - I chooses up on his books.
4 / 5
Has been intoxicated to a Bridgerton serious novels and now are hooked in a Smythe-familiar of Smith. I so only the books of desire Julia were in Kindle Unlimited! ! Better books!!!
4 / 5
Like an avid reader and writer of all idyll of things, has not been that it has directed it to lose Julia Quinn up to now. I have chosen this up in a bookshop, the thought would give test he - and am like this happy has done! This was an absolute delight to read - I was hooked of one a lot before page. There is abundance of descriptions that describes a history as I will not take to that, but can say the use of Lady Quinn of the dialogue is some of one much more there is not reading never (and this is saying the plot). Some main characters grabbed me and would not leave to go, some characters of support were hilarious ( want to Iris history!), And a plot has involved. A big part of a book spends while a hero is basically unconscious, but in my opinion, this section of a history has developed more in both a hero and the hero that some do any with action. There is abundance of UST among some main characters, so that when a scene of the sex finally arrives prójimo an end, is a lot punctually and correctly.

Dipped the one of in this way: there are some books (for me) ossia a-the bed of time, some ossia a lot enough to read perhaps two times, and some that will choose on again and again. So only Like the heaven is firmly in a last category.

Loves the good idyll, full of quirky, intelligent, witty dialogue with main characters that is believable, then will enjoy this book!
5 / 5
Has the formula for idylls of Regency and this one follows that it formulates with an exception: neither of some characters is seriously defective or has broken. There is humour, the little colgante, the appeal suddenly @@give, that understands bad short lived and the scene of charming amour. Some main is the sweet , spunky daughter and the shy man, honourable the one who is surprised for the find enamoured with a sister of his prójimo lifelong fellow better. In general, calm think will find it to be light, fluffy, heartwarming entertainment.
4 / 5
So only Like Heaven A Very Apt Name Thus Book.....
One Of Julia Quinn is More Like this far & Loves Everything is Written

A Smythe & Smithe
the series Follows On his Bridgeton the series & Is Equally Like this Well If any one Better
A lot Pleasant, Sweet With A bit Of the work Launched In.......
Runs All Love In some Romance Historians & All Attentive Of Julia Quinn & More
5 / 5
The one who could does does not want to Honoria and Marcus; they look like this present the one who deserves the . A whole mould of the characters in this idyll elevate of charming to laugh it the entertainment was strong, regularly too much.
5 / 5
Was very enough to spend a time but has lost my interest more than a swipe. Really it likes-me Julia Quinn
4 / 5
left beginning to say, are the defender of Julia Quinn, and in spite of a last little less than stellar offerings, maintains to give lucido a profit of a doubt. So only Like the heaven is the pleasant, if light bed. Sometimes ossia so only a thing am looking for. This in spite of, has had a glaring error that maintained really to give this book 4 stars.

Are no prude. I enjoy the racy scene of amour as well as next person, but a one in Justo Likes the heaven so only feels ridiculously created, out of context, and just simple shoe-horned to plant. It is as if a whole book was complete, and then some have said, ' know, really has to that have pre-scene of marital sex. Soyaybe Reason has looked such the no-sequitur, a scene has found like this brief and devoid of emotion.

Can not imagine the one who difficult is to write even a romance novel really well, has left so only one 20 more Crown Quinn is resulted. And while I have been thrilled with seeing the Smythe-hero of Smith, wounds on disappointed with his treatment.

While any terrible, is to good sure one wants to choose on a library as it is unlikely calm never will concern you for the bed two times.
5 / 5
Has a hard copy, an Audible copy, and a Kindle version. He this he simple like charming this book is? With which years to be in a fringe of JQ novels, a Smythe-will forge them finally take phase of centre (any pun feigned), and so only is that it returns that Honoria would owe that begin of a series. It is a quintessential Smythe-Smith that Cups Danbury always answers some musical stops; it knows a family is touching is terrible, but is for familiar that touches year after year.
4 / 5
Likes Julia Quinn. Has the wicked sense of humour. It is the brilliant dialogue -ist. Has a envidiable report with his own romantic hero, his husband Paul, the one who, like a Bridgertons/Smythe-Smiths, looks (if so only fleetingly) in the each novel, in a page of devotion. It looks to be one very opposite that would imagine to like husband of the romantic fiction novel writer, but is quite clear is 'absolutely besotted' - to echo one of his characters of own regency.

JLH Is sweet and flossy, likes candy of cotton (the class of the State/Just carnival real!), Without the drop of anguish in sight.

A lot of brooding, anguished heroes; no the alone, deep, darkness, shatters it secret earth in sight (read When it Was Wicked for all this).

That absolutely lovely! The as there be enjoyed to take the lighthearted holidays of all some agonies of common idylls. Recollect, The regency is is the slow plus, was calmer , sweeter that a helter-skelter the alive chaos these days.

Takes the pause of him everything. Sip Something sweet and bubbly of the big glass, thin. Nibble In the wafer or two, preferably chocolate, and perhaps - the strawberry or two goes in. It will be an absolutely perfect party thus novel. I smiled everywhere.
5 / 5
Has loved this book. This history resonated with me. A fellow to lovers trope is the preferred. Honoria Is one of my heroes of Quinn of the favourite. It can not expect read more than Julia Quinn.
4 / 5
Julia quinn is my absolute gone-to take HR. It is surprising! They are like this happy that has covered finally a Smith-Smythe daughters because each one which so one is more astounding that a prójimo. I have been such the fixture in his reservation that found quell'incredibly that it interest to learn that he his fact tick. I add compraventa.
5 / 5
Honoria And Marcus have known each one which as another of then infancy. Both have has has felt excluded but not having never got obsessed with a feeling long enough for the solve. Both also share the sweet tooth and the connection have forced to them for his brother. Has all a hallmarks of the good history with this two transition of old familiar friends to the pair. Unfortunately the inability to write of Julia Quinn the credible secondary plot this idyll like superficial likes icing without a cake.

HAS his highmarks. A representation of Marcus that pay attention Honoria when they were girls endears you. Honoria Meeting Marcus again like an adult and sheltering of a rain in his transport of the one spark that these two would do an ideal pair still before they consider an idea. A point underlined of a history comes when Honoria rushes to tend Marcus with which takes the word is ailing. Shows of Quinn of Julia of his historical investigation when portrait like him festering the wound is treated and like some people of a day would manage such the situation.

I low frames are Honoria that ineffective is to treat a sickbed. This does his look to less worthy plot like the heroine. Also a way she quickly slinks of rear to Londra has determined to refuse all this is spent simply be due to the card of his brother. It finds like this childish and immature, certainly any one the woman the one who is ready for pair or a world of adult. ( It compares Quinn is Like this to Take the days of Marked. Honoria Smythe-Smith is Elizabeth Hotchkiss. Elizabeth there has been spunk, maturity and the realisation of as world-wide has done. Honoria Feels more like his immature little sister.)

Unfortunately a rest of a history is in ways of boring Society where any a lot of the importance spends (to the long of a same level of all the novels of Quinn after When it Was Wicked). Using a Symthe-Smith marries Musical like the backdrop fulfilling like this annoying and disingenuous. I have not required to see his next test-arrive or know like some daughters have thought of a chance. He the look bobo and insignificant. Surely there was more pressing the subjects that goes in in some world-wide at the same time. Any woman of this day would consider pair so only to escape touching in the concert once the year.

Am giving is one 3/5 reason has potential to be add. He setup some bones of the history of good trilogy that involves the brother of Honoria and his youthful rival of duel. The critics say that Julia Quinn is like the modern day Jane Austen. Has the mandate of fluff of era of the Regency but would expect a day discovers some appearances of the social commentary fleshier of the writing of Austen. Then all his novels would be keepers.
4 / 5
There is not reading never Julia Quinn before now, which means that now I have the new favourite author with an along backlist to lose me in. I have loved this history has bought so much the paperback version of him, as well as a prójimo in some serious (as having to that do with my favourite books). Ossia The sweet idyll among two people those who have known each one which so another for the majority of his lives, and a way in that discover that they love an another is perfect.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
A plot tugged and a mystery has not been difficult to solve. It looked obvious mine long before they have imagined was, the one who the motivation of a murderous was. It has taken it likes anxiety a duke partorisca imagine was the one who the father of Susan was when he is was like this painfully obvious. A supposed hero was, in my opinion, quite pathetic. It began it it was like this brave and then he all has evaporated. It has maintained lying, this in spite of taking unbalanced wth a duke! Worse, has maintained fault for everything! I like this annoying! This in spite of, a work in an end was unexpected and has moved quickly, more a hero bravery has reappeared. Good end. Any cliffhanger!
Has found that enough the few bits of Charlaine the history is woven to the east an and yes steps to read is a before 'As to turn the frog to the prince', will spoil this history for you. Yes, this book has all some details of his history, but will have read a result of final in this book. As be conscious of that. More to read that a prime minister.
5 / 5
That is your reaction to the panicky moment? You escape like this quickly like podes? Or calm remain you and fight? You are the father ? It Period goes to to spare your ache of boy or suffering? Well, Emma has loved his daughter so much that would do anything to maintain his insurance. And almost anything to succour his of some harps of a Gentleman of bad Amhurst comprising in that faces again any subject like aghast was. It has had to discover where had taken the when there is kidnapped his daughter, Susan. It could not help but think of a date for Gentleman Walter Scott, ‘Or the one who the plot of tangled web, When in the first place we practise to deceive!' And Gentleman Amhurst has practised certainly an art of deception. And Lady Bree Wolf the masterful does of tangling a web in this history. It has maintained my eyes glued to these pages until a web has been untangled. Felizmente Tops the wolf has written the wonderful HEA! A dreamy HEA! A multiple HEA sure characters in of the leading books in these serious also! I have fallen enamoured with to the Ash likes them Emma has had! I have loved these characters-all of them. That has done diligently and like this a lot last to untangle a web to succour Susan and spend Gentleman Amhurst guilt to light for was it blamed of a lot of atrocity. This book is a lot of value a time and side to read. Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Ossia An interesting history and has complicated loosely has based in Cinderella. An idea is very alike. A daughter neglected and abused is succoured for an honourable hero. Emma is governess to Gentleman Markham ward Daphne. Ash, An Agent of a Crown, is gone in Inghilterra to research a murder of the parents of Daphne. The investigation and the friendship of the ash with Markham leaves to spend the plot of time in a Markham marries and for like this with Emma. There is an attractive, but Emma is uncertain. There is abundance of the work is one . A villain is arrogant, deceptive, and a bit insane. Some other characters are bondadosos, useful, comprising, and that worry . Felizmente Never with which? Ossia The history of fairy ; the ash included finds his slipper. Ossia The sweet history , with huggable characters (all but the pair of them), and the wonderful epilogue.

Has received an ARC of this book of an editor has seen NetGalley. My description is voluntary.
5 / 5
When All has looked stray and his ailing small daughter, Emma is succoured for Pierce Byrne, Baron Markham, the one who takes him in his house. It has resisted fear to the equal that has sustained his name but he was bondadoso and has offered the work like the governess to his youngster ward.

Emma there has been so many fears that hardly could believe his good fortune be succoured for Markham and was so only while to bad to spend. It has then fulfilled Ash, Markham fellow better, the one who could remark his fear. It could ossia a man to help ?

Inside a history of Emma, another is going in in the investigation of murder for the ash and maintains to your interest like him the turn and the advances..

The history adds, there is enjoyed and like this always love the writing of this author!
4 / 5
4 1/2 stars. Ossia A last book in a series, and enjoyed it. A mystery was very interesting, and was the way to satisfy to do a book the page turner. Each book could be read so only, but his overlap slightly and is read more in mandate. Some premiers two books in a series are some better, in my opinion, and a second has to that be read immediately after a prime minister. At least, it could it does not help me! In this final book, has the crime to solve and two unlikely people to bring together. An Earl and the look of impossible servant, but Emma and Ash have fallen enamoured .

Like some other books, this an also has the fairytale feels his. Cela excusaría Some incongruences in realism. Emma there was poor state and so only when it is resulted the servant in the house adds. It does not think his tongue would have spent muster in society, but this is not never has mentioned. And it is result proficient in a piano less than two years? It was the fairytale that had found the sure place for his and his small daughter, and that is to be give the fast education to be the governess. It is all quite impossible, but there is enjoyed a history in spite of everything of that.
4 / 5
Bolt of Glass of Emma in of the insecurities and fear. She fearful and his daughter will lose to touch a security, a house of Gentleman Markham, a man the one who saved him. His deeper fear, is discovered by a peer the one who there is seduced. Ashhaven Is looking for some killers of the doctor and his woman done several years. His daughter has been succoured for Gentleman Markham and is his ward. Ashhaven Knows Gentleman Amherst and his friends are involved in some killers, but does not know reason. As it finds more clues, discovers the piece of a puzzle has not expected. When The life of Emma is endangered, Ashhaven admits want to Emma. She be quite strong to leave go insecurities for amour?
A sweet idyll with an interesting the one who the. Connecting the characters in some look of leading books is one.
4 1/2STARS
I voluntarily read and has revised a copy advanced of this book.
5 / 5
A coverage of this book is good-looking, and a line of history is sum. Ossia The captivating historical idyll, mystery to murder that will maintain calm to dip a book down. Glass of Emma of the Miss is walking in the snowstorm, spending his patient little daughter, when the solitary man exits a darkness, to offer his help. Fearful Of the men does not know would have to that take his offer. But an offer of the doctor for his boy, can not refuse. A light of morning finds hired likes governess for Gentleman Markham young daughter. It finds it enjoys this function, likes two young daughters grow on together and the life results peaceful. It concealed punctual transmissions, likes Duke of Ashhaven, Hugh Lawrence, returns of service to a crown, like the favour to Gentleman Markham. I have enjoyed some characters, a plot and found a history that interest.
4 / 5
A history adds to read!! Has Glass of Emma of the Miss, Hugh Lawrence, Duque of Ashhaven, Ladies and Lady Markham, Pierce and Carolyn.
Emma has the daughter, Susan that it is fearful partorisca, due to the fact that Emma is spent stops. Has question trusting a lot of peer.
Arrived to the equal that to governess to Daphne, Gentleman Markam daughter!
I real parents of Daphne were murdered and the man has been taken in guard.
Ashhaven Is doing to discover that it spends.
Would recommend this book!
4 / 5
Another book adds for Bree Wolf. I am loving this series, and think that ossia rid five in a series. Like The amour of the mother can authorise the woman has scared to result anything needs to be to protect his boy. Also, enamorando to the long of a way. Calm any prenderá reading until you achieve an end, could any the fact dipped, read in a seating.
4 / 5
Bree Wolf he again. It rids six of a series learns a rear history behind, Emma shy and fearful. I want like his history unfolds and his Charming Prince, the ash of Ladies has won a harm ossia threaded by means of several books. By means of an amour of his adoptive family, Emma once again finds security, acceptance and a capacity to leave his confidence of heart again and be has wanted!

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
A lot entertaining history in general. Part of the series, but can be read like the stand-only. Highly it recommends to read at least “So only Like first” Heaven this in spite of. Hugh Is the hero adds . They are the sucker partorisca the grumpy man, wounded. His mathematical alcohol so only adds his appeal. It is also charmingly clueless when it comes the women. Sarah Was the decent heroine although it begins of the bit judgmental and unlikable. It was wonderful to see Marcus and Honoria again partorisca his pair. It is mine all the time Quinn favourite hero. It was the little bit has surprised that any in fact marry until you are months with which have taken committed. There was intimate state; it can have of the has had consequences. This be has said, a line of the plot has moved to the long of well until around 80 point where some melodrama has been launched to a mix. These looks partorisca be something that Quinn done in everything of his books. It is the pocolos too overblown in my opinion, but everything is well that well well.
4 / 5
I really desires that could give it this reserves the indication the big plus. It was súper excited partorisca take a casualidad partorisca read the history of Hugh. Hugh has done the very stupid deception that headed to permanent harm in his leg, effectively spoiling him of for life. But his deception a lot so only cost him. Daniel Smythe-the also suffered smith when the father of Hugh has decided to dip the order unexpectedly was on the, sending Daniel to a Continent partorisca save he. We have seen in book two that Hugh was able to finally exit some class partorisca treat this has left Daniel partorisca come house, and in this history takes partorisca see exactly the one who that extracted entailed. As I have been excited partorisca see this man takes his Felizmente Never With which. It is the suffering of man partorisca a misdeeds of his past, the man has judged severely of society, this in spite of like this the man the one who looked partorisca have the bit of magnitude his personality ... The magnitude that the person more has taken really a time partorisca remark. It deserves the Felizmente Never With which. I have wanted to see it it conceal ... Bad. Like gift that can not give his history more stars.

Here is reason:

there is wanted more than the history of Hugh. Well ... It weaves to have of Hugh in this book, but think that his development like the character would owe that it has taken more than the centrical part of a plot. You are the man broken ... Strong, but broken. It think that that it was probably not going never to find amour. It does not think the merit. It seats that any society of punishment offered was very justified for his leading sins. Once it begins to feel the strong feelings to Sarah begins to face to real inner fights likes them to them @give that it can not be one his force that thinks that the man would owe that be. It seats like less than the man. These feelings were fascinating mine. It have loved the most detailed examination of some changes that takes place in him concealed leaves to want to Sarah and finally feel worthy of his amour. Sadly, This so only never there has been really put, and for this reason seat as if this book has lost the real occasion to paste he out of a ballpark like the history. Has-me Hugh liked like the character ... To good sure my preferred of a book.

A lot really Taste Sarah a lot at all at the beginning. His anger has been rooted in the good cause, but is like this in a cup that resulted it entirely irrational. When I can not feel a need for such emotion has the hard time like the reader that finds a capacity to feel real empathy for the character. This was my question with Sarah. Has not founding his pleasant or witty or ape or that worries at all for a first half of a book. This in spite of, once begins to dip avert his anger irrational and for real see Hugh for a person has been he found in that likes much more like this of the character. His compassion for him and the real comprising of exactly that the need in the different situations has done the perfect party for him. Still, no ready like the hero of upper book in any cast. His reaction to learn in Hugh had promised that his father looked the enormous overreaction has compared to a real situation manually. In planting to feel to the empathy for his I was annoyed highly with his, and has included his eventual function saves Hugh in some final chapters of a book has not gone enough to succour my opinion of his. Bummer.

Still, with everything of these subjects still have begun to give this to four indication of launches. Ossia Julia Quinn , after all, and can write idylls that is intelligent and witty and swoon worthy. Unfortunately it has had to that fall the star been due to an incredibly ridiculous history the line that involves the father of Hugh. The father of Hugh was the horrible villain, horrible for this history. It is like this bad, and his plans were like this horrible, that ceases to be that it interests like the character. In planting to add the work and the depth to a history turns a whole thing to the giant melodramatic soap opera. His plan to ensure that has had an heir was entirely RIDICULOUS. I have had to that dip that in all cover reasons the word of drop of discharge could not take so only that ridiculous this plot was. In planting to feel any real fear or apprehension so that Hugh and Sarah have faced, found me going my eyes, thinking that damage this book had been plotted was. It conceal it is not never the good thing when reading the book, and although there is regularly felt that way with other idylls of regency, ossia a first time that has has not felt never that way in the book of Quinn of Julia.

In that said that all this ... This is not the bad book. Have enjoyed reading he for one the majority of part. But this is not in the pair with Julia Quinn reserves that I have read. Still it thinks that it is a better regency romance writer there. This rids so only has not fulfilled my expectations. Three stars. It liked.
4 / 5
Time for another recognition with a hilarious Smythe-Smiths in all his tone deaf glory! Julia Quinn has been one transports -buy author for me of then has in the first place begun read the historical idylls and I always trust his for a engrossing romance filler of well-has developed-characters and abundance of humour. The readers have fulfilled already Lady Sarah and Gentleman Hugh in of the earliest books of this series to the equal that interests to see these two opposites finds amour with each another.

To That it liked him to it

---Of Gentleman Hugh Prentice is a type of romance hero that always draw me in. It is the character of mathematician the one who goes all like this of the models/of numbers and is less than comfortable in of the social situations. His life takes the drastic turn when among him drunken argue with the partner (Daniel Smythe-Smith of A Night Like this) that resulted in the harm of significant leg. They are always intrigued when an author forces the character to rethink his whole existence after a harm or the illness and I have thought JQ has done the fabulous does here. Hugh Is the hero complicated the one who is struggling with a fact that thinks that is less than the man because of his feeble leg this in spite of like this wants to find filled in some way.

---I will admit this Lady Sarah Pleinsworth no endear she my punctual in this book. I have found it it bit it too melodramatic and strong for my personal flavour. More it does not help that it was like this horrible to Hugh that the already had fallen partorisca. But, like this always, Julia Quinn has aimed a development of the character of Sarah in such the way that has covered his and rooted for his to find his HEA.

---Been due to a past, the starts of the report of Hugh and Sarah was quite rocky and could be defined like an example of a hate-to-@@subject of amour. And it finds this type of history like this entertaining! I love the when the characters are launched the uncomfortable situations that he his force to see things of another side and discover that perhaps his arch nemesis is not like this bad after all. More is amused always to read a snarky commentaries and banter among such characters and Hugh and Sarah did not disappoint me.

---Familiar is the big part of this series been due to a fact that centre around this big band of untalented musicians. In a Sum of All the Kisses, the readers take to see two different types of familiar with Sarah soul (and often embarrassing) crew and Hugh demented father. I have wanted personally each scene that has involved the few sisters of Sarah especially Frances and his obsession of unicorn. And this continuous book exhibit a next bond among a Smythe-first of Smith (Honoria, Sarah, and Iris).

To That that did not like

---Of has thought a 'peasant' of A Sum of All the Kisses was too many on-the-upper thus type of history. I comprise a need for external work to maintain an interest that goes, but a section of danger felt sudden and out of place. In spite of mine misgivings, has to admit that have to him legustado a fact that a hero has taken to save a hero. You are the good transmission of any in this gender that is full of damsels in affliction.

My Conclusion

While this rids will not be agreed likes one of Julia Quinn the better reservations has read, found bear it be enjoyable and value my time. A Smythe-the smiths are so only like this entertainment to read roughly and a characterisation is something -on. I can not expect see the one who takes his history after although I am expecting lame stoic Iris or Daisy vibrant.
5 / 5
This book was exactly that has required after reading the pair of books with the a lot of darker history previously his. It was light and witty without being without sense and bobo.

Hugh Has been mentioned in some other books like this almost to to the the rancher likes him the character - understandably then , that considers his function in 'the duel'. But this history aims that there is always two sides each history, tip that the good people can do horrific, the life that deceive of transmissions without bad intent. Tip an importance of withholding tries without knowing all some facts - a lot of abonos and of the bad. Tip some period any one will go to to try and fix a unfixable deception. And tip a power to cure of forgiveness.

Hugh Is the man has tortured , so physically and emotionally. Has all but die on any hope of the happy life. Sarah Is the woman the one who resists the grudge - she (likes the majority of knots) judges Hugh without knowing all some facts - hate so that do and basically uses like this he scapegoat still all concealed gone bad in his life of a duel.

One two is launched near in the pair of Marcus and Honoria. Dulcemente Sarah begins to @give that Hugh is not a man of him bad thinks. When finally it looks spent his preconceived ideas - go the one who the wonderful man Hugh this and starts for enamorar.

But while done a street of the true amour never smooth course? No in this book, ossia sure! I have thought personally the reaction of Sarah to the subject of Hugh with his father was in an upper and childish. But exenta .

When All is said and fact, has loved a book and I look forward to Iris' the history but I think it will be hard to beat this history!!
5 / 5
Has loved this book with the grumpy, wounded H and the hero the one who was in other books in this series, and for me precise grows up. It is not self conscious, the bit of the spoiled, mouthy the princess and she have hated a H. His character and to the obvious immaturity initially annoyed, then this book launches him near. A fly of sparks, and a punctual dialogue tip his able to resist his own likes fight for his man. His father is disgusting, but any party for sound. It is the powerhouse and has wanted to 'listening' to a H' inner thoughts in his. Dulce.
5 / 5
Is always be the defender of the romance books of Julia Quinn! I have been that looks forward to this book for some time and has not been disappointed! True to form his characters are strong, very developed, apes, determined and the people would enjoy to know in real life. We have known of a Smythe-Quartets of Smith other books of Quinn of Julia. This book is Lady Sarah Pleinworths' history. It is the prize of a Smythe-Smith is and touches a piano in a quartet. It has been fostering the aversion of Gentleman Hugh Prentice partorisca ruin his life, but is unaware of active this. Gentleman Hugh is struggling the so only take by means of life after the very bad and drunken decision.

Is forced to spend the together time during a two pair of a familiar- an Earl of chatteris is marrying Honoria Smythe-Smith and then a pair of Daniel Smythe-Smith to Lose Anne Wynter- an ex-governess of the sisters of Lady Sarah. Lady Sarah and Gentleman Hugh agree to the truce for a period of some pairs. During this truce takes to know each one which so another, time of together action, secrets of action and grow to like, included want each one which so another. His so much fight with his own doubts and of the inner demons. They find that sharing his subjects spends him more afterwards.

One of mine favourite of secondary characters is Sarah twins younger, Frances, has aged 11 years. It is wonderfully precocious, has the strong conviction that the unicorns are real and twisted of amours. It has it run over on Gentleman Hugh and thinks is brilliant. Master that does not speak to his likes is the boy and maintain each one which as another company during part of some festivities of pair of the pair of Honoria. Door out of the side of Gentleman Hugh that the looks have surprised for and is admired by Lady Sarah.

Ossia The wonderful book that does not disappoint . Crown Sarah finds his interior to rastras personal and defends Gentleman Hugh to his father and declares HIS TERMS for a way a future will be. It has acclaimed and shouted for his when it say some men in his life, Gentleman Hugh, Daniel and Ladies the father of Hugh, Gentleman Ramsgate, “ am ailing of you (all) that tries to solve things. You are useless a lot you….” It was fabulous! You will enjoy each page.

Has received a copy of the reader advanced of this book instead for my sincere description.
5 / 5
UTMOST OF ALL I KISSES for bestselling author Julia Quinn, is a third book in a Smythe-serious of Quartet of the Smith and a twelfth history dipped in a world-wide in the first place created for his highly populate Bridgerton serious familiar of books and novellas. This time around is one of a musically defied Smythe-Lady Sarah of prime minister of Smith Pleinsworth the one who takes the centre stages—one something to return for the queen of work of the 19th century.

Are the ENORMOUS defender of Julia Quinn, in particularly a Bridgertons the serious and I am equally state charmed for a forward two histories in this transfer-of serious, but although Hugh and Tops the history of Sarah has all some same elements that has done everything of these other histories adds, there so only looked to be something that never quite clicked for me east times around.

A question—and a reason that I almost decided to skip writing the description at all in this one—is that I found it like this last to define that it was in this history that any quite a lot of laws for me.

Some characters of Hugh and Sarah are interesting and reports that always begins was with some future lovers in the spades drawn is always be the preferred of mine. Abundance of beloved and familiar faces of some earlier books spotlight appearances inside a history and a villain of a piece is delightfully demented. As I have said, all some elements are there and while have enjoyed for real this book and still would recommend it to another, for me there was so only that entirely undefinable something that so only has not inspired the big plus that estimates this time around.

Felizmente, with to the to author likes him Julia Quinn, included the one of somehow less than the perfect history is still the a lot of one, which says to plot in the talent of a lady.

Continuous look forward to each title with the name of this author in the and hope that you also.

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4 / 5
(Original description in doingsomereading)

has been moment to this history for like this long think totally forgot it! They are súper happy is finally here and has taken to revisit some characters spent this in spite of more; other characters other books! (Well, class of) taking to see, much more like informed to, Eloisa Jame Hero and Lady of his later Once To the Tower in the very pleasant scene. One more than a unmarried Bridgerton the boys have done an appearance!!!

But good backside to subject...

Hugh Some second edges of some Marked of Ramsgate was a secondary character has been moment to of then in the first place fulfil rids two in a Night Like this and informed to reserve one, So only Like Heaven. And knots Sarah have fulfilled in the first place reserve one and two.

But man, Hugh. I gave the enormous impression in ANLT although we so only took to know his personality or character for the simple as from time to time understand and more to good sure to an end of this book, was hook . I can say Julia did not disappoint me in his history and gosh, has to way that goes for him that has has had to that one all nighter so only to finalise this book! Has like this depth and character a lot included know if it was a man still has fulfilled in book two. I am not sure I have been disappointed is but has loved any way. So only I want like this it thinks and come up with responses and of the classes!

A history in his fund familiarised touched so only. His amour for his big brother Freddie and a memory of his mother was so only like this touching mine that so only could not help but master more to know more in his brother and hope for a lot of things to spend light to his questions. They are súper happy that develops during a book and has solved the mysteries for behind a way is and so more but has has wanted to really more. Really I love the history for his brother. This was one of one a lot before what that took to have opened like this on this book.

Sarah. I am not sure regarding the dipped but liked really his in of some two leading books. I have done really. Has humour and spunk. But it is one , is not that it has thought to be. Any that the did not like me . Absolutely I do. I saw in his like this she bantered with Hugh, although his actions were questionable, never the tactic has launched his way, each surgery Hugh has launched in his I saw countering it and that the smiles in each response give and has behind launched in him. It was so only like this entertainment. And his sisters. Absolutely it adores his sisters! They were like this entertainment to read and was one some to drive a forward of history for me. Everything a bit tactical ape and banters, some pleasant childish complaints and likes Francis and Enormous is so only like this adorable hover- Oh I master a plus!

Gilipollas: An end has looked hasty. Especially his romance and quickly to discover amour for an another. It was so only.... Any that there is wanted. I have been disappointed is. I also a lot quite enjoy was to the leg of Hugh was the question for him. Master but all has come always down to his leg wounded. It is understandable but always informing behind to era so only to a lot of the repetition for me. And then there it was Sarah transmission of character to an end of a book. It was quite sure I have not found to to mine him liking then. It was, it has annoyed? Sure it is dramatic in a start and I was well with that but never has gone even more dramatic and egoistic, irrational to an end. It was furiously crazy in his still not comprising the reason of Hugh saves the life of his prime minister. Raging! It do not have to that the brains! I have thought. I mean you hated him it is enamoured then and has expected his to only launch yours all of its own first prime minister to some dogs to save in such the way unimaginable! Agh- And Freddie, was the sad knots so only took to see few bits of him. Perhaps included disappointed to an end? Trying very still to spoil it but has not gone there. But yes, an end has been hasty. It was a lot but súper rushed. And appearances for his report to having developed more but concealed has not spent.

On everything, I like this history and enjoyed it a lot. It is fun, hilarious, touching, angry crazy, and just sweet. Lovers of Quinn of Julia would love it not importing to to quell'I Justo likes, but has has wanted to more. We know Iris takes is after on-line for his history, more probably, with the new hero, but really wants to see Freddie has his history has said also. Hopefully Take that a lot of readers write to the his wink of wink

gives this 4 out of 5
4 / 5
And here expected for the history to be of Sara and Hugh very better that Daniel and Anna is. It was so only an opposite--while the history of Daniel and Anna has been hasty too--too much of 'called-master' and any development of character, with Sarah and had spent for three fourths of a book before we take to the his first kiss! That is to spend to Julia wets? Too much 20th century vernacular SENTENCES, like esckon' and 'is kidding me' has taken me directly out of some scenes.

Some sisters that argues nettled me, reason does not add to a report, or burgeoning an among Sarah and Hugh; and some scenes with Iris has to do fault so only any purpose, unless Julia is dipping on future histories for his and his sisters. And it does not like to compare, but when a bar is dipped of big, and gave such wonderful histories with a Bridgertons, some histories of a Smyth-first of pale Smith and is not like this interesting, or like this layered or has developed.

We never took to esee' Marcus again after his pair to Honoria. So only it take that a glimpses of him in a prologue, which so only resupplied a reader with some details of as and reasons Hugh has defied Daniel to the duel and because indictment to deceive.

And sadly, with his next book, More the probably be taking of a library.
5 / 5
Are biased. I LOVE books of Quinn of Julia. It is in my cup 3 authors and concealed has not changed in of the years. (Judith McNaught always will be 1) Lady Quinn and Eloisa James are constantly 2 & 3 according to which has a next book was!

This has said: this has not been one of his better books.

A good: it Wins all some characters, has loved an inclusion of past beloved pairs. (Although I have expected Edie to have the real scene!) Has has wanted a quirks and vulnerability of Hugh. Amado a premise, and an interaction familiarised. Julia Quinn always rids the humorous and witty book. I always laugh out of strong while reading an of his histories.

A bad: This book was too chatty. A backside and advances with siblings was besides the comfortable level. They are sure he has been meant to portray a hectic any, but was hard to follow and detracted of a history of a pair.

Also, one of some questions has developed near an end was smaller compared to Sarah enormous in his reaction. It do not have to that it has been it an obstacle was done was to be. A villain in this history is too much cartoonishly insane. A scene of whole inn is really where was the majority there is disappointed. It was not until the usual levels of Julia.

In general: still he 3 book of star. For any one another writer, would give it the indication he big plus perhaps. It is substantial history and enough well, but is Julia Quinn is better that this endeavour.

Would recommend this author to any one looking for the historical idyll adds, but would not suggest this particular book to start with.
5 / 5
Hugh Prentice can not give laws of support. His logical brain so only can not calculate a need partorisca complications and of the big emotions. This perspective so much explains and is complicated by his report with his family. Also it explains why absolutely it can not be Crown Sarah Pleinsworth.

Tops Sarah, for his part, hates Hugh well behind. Simply it can not spend she partorisca forgive partorisca ruin his familiar and compromising his happiness, although a rest of his familiar looks partorisca be ready partorisca leave bygones be bygones. Now it is stuck with him partorisca two value of weeks of pairs and celebrations.

While no my preferred of a series, this book has done precisely that it had expected the . Tip some complexities of the personality of Hugh besides his proficiency partorisca numbers and his capacity like the crack has shot.

Has found some of a work far achieving, and could any partorisca a life of me comprises reason Daniel has taken like this angry in Hugh with which Sarah has learnt of an agreement. This averts, an idyll among them was good place, and liked that there was finally of an explanation further drinks like this to reason Hugh has shot Daniel when it have not feigned to.
5 / 5
A main hurdle in a plot is annoyingly small, which some reactions of some his main characters quite absurd.
Liked a hero and hero a lot enough. A villain was obvious and some the small histories have said by means of out a book that would have to create are will have he of bad absolute is random and no quite fulfil his aim.
Another annoying point was one transfers of plot in a brother and a subsequent normality in that a rest of some characters accepted it.
That the part of a history is so only wishful thought and would not spend NEVER in that then (@@@1800s).
Still, the quite enjoyable book. If you are looking for something easy ro read, and does not import a lack of historical accuracy, ossia so only a thing.
4 / 5
Enjoys books of Quinn of Julia. This one has contained his hallmark witty dialogue among Gentleman Hugh and Lady Sarah. Has-liked me the lady Danbury brief entree to a book; this scene was particularly hilarious. The sisters of lady Sarah were also quite priceless, and a representation of fraternity was a lot of something-on (having sisters, is).

A Gentleman of way Hugh and Crown Sarah is the enamoured fall was sweet, but without some of an usual chamber shenanigans. It was the very innocent approximation to a history of amour and a same time, is very genuine. A dialogue among a two was very realistic, and build on dulcemente in the very good way.

Here is to that that did not like. Of the has not had fourth shenanigans, and of then has not had 'ruining' this forced one two near, Quinn has looked for clearly some another way to infuse a history with work, and a way chooses was cruddy. So only I have not bought a premise that present, and the father of Gentleman Hugh was besides atrocious - a lot of caricature he more than the real character. A work has added simply has not been necessary and the chairs have forced. Besides, it does not help a history of amour because for a time a work is entrance , Gentleman Hugh and Crown Sarah were enamoured.

Is because of this portion that gives this 3 stars (and the basses 3 stars in this).
5 / 5
TSOAK Was a autobuy and Julia Quinn there is not disappointed. Vastly Entertaining And oar this to be a better of Smythe-serious of Quartet of the Smiths like this far of then are the defender of HR fluff with development & of character of the anguish. Hugh, A mathematical character was a reason (leaving out of ANLT). Like the male of beta, fiercely independent complex , & mysterious like his character was, has been drawn his. It does not feel a need to say a lot of and 'notes all and forgets at all'. When being paired was with queen, Sarah augments my curiosity further. Sarah Is quell'has bitten egoistic but the take. This in spite of, is fiercely look loyal things & , cast also ..Especially when being observant to that is sneaky (that has admired them a way JQ signals this was in his 'eyes partorisca narrow'). In the first place, in ANLT: Sarah felt reason his prime minister Daniel was anxious to see his young cousins, to verify out of a gorgeous governess, Ann Wynter! As, in TSOAK, when being deeply attuned with his sisters: Frances & Harriet, indirectly matchmaking his w/ Hugh. As Hugh & Sarah Has in the first place fulfilled was the laugh out of strong moment. They are both quite vocal in his strong aversion partorisca Sarah. Be in the another company during some two pairs, the time finally transforms his mutual aversion the lust/ of attractive then amour.
Some characters of support: Pleinsworth the sisters were the enormous extracted! Very real, likes sisters that annoying you can be but wants to him all one same. My only complaint was Hugh & Sarah the amour expósito new could be more be elaborate to an end. This in spite of, kudos the JQ to create these two that involves characters for each another. It can not expect for one 4th S-SQ to be released!
Of TSOAK: ' it was some looks of way in the person, unwavering and sometimes unnerving. It leaves an air of intensity that was difficult to ignore. And his mouth---he seldom smiled, or enough seldom smiled in his , but has had something quite twisted roughly that. It supposes some people could not find that attractive, May .' Heck, has done! Ossia Hot & his scenes for now when they are falling for each respite of mine was.
5 / 5
Has read Julia Quinn reserves to write, as I have not been surprised that his reserve his new plus is another will be to maintain in my collection to king-read in a future! When Hugh And Sarah are forced neighbours during season of pair, his mutual aversion quickly gives way the witty banter and a formation of the friendship. In spite of the rocky start, as Sarah is not never able state to forgive Hugh to send his prime to exile, the aim come to know each one which so another in the level the deep plus. This in spite of, to find his happy final, has to win Hugh INSANE (I bad INSANE) father and his manipulative interventions.

Ossia One of my favourite reports in a Smythe-quartet of Smith like this far. Literally estuary out of strong in the conversations of Sarah and Hugh, and has the scene of dance under a moonlit heaven that sigh. A report among some main characters has very deep and believable, progressing so only to the romantic level with which come to for real know and appreciate an another. His report looks like this real and sweet, can not expect the delve behind to the his world-wide another rainy day.
4 / 5
Gentleman Hugh Prentice and Daniel, Conde of Chatteris was fellow and had been for years. In a law of drunken cholera and stupidity Hugh has defied Daniel to the duel. Daniel has been shot in a shoulder and when his gun has downloaded Hugh has been shot in a leg and is almost has died. Hugh' S Father, some Marked Ramsgate, was like this angry threatens to kill Daniel, any reason loves his edges but reasons Hugh needs to father an heir. Three years Hugh later has done to treat it his father and Daniel was able to return in Inghilterra. Crown Sarah Pleinsworth has not liked him Hugh but when his prime minister has asked to maintain Hugh undertaken in his pair Sarah could not say no, as I have been launched together for a pair. Of his harm of leg Hugh could no longer walk and a day after a pair finds in the transport with Sarah and his sisters his young plus. A two has found they that spends the time to treat adds near.
Has not had the normal commitment.

This history is said with the capacity and usual talent of Julia Quinn to draw calm to his world.
5 / 5
Has read multiple books for this author. It attack it like this typical for this author is that it does not trust these fantastical convoluted the history lines that it marks a history unbelievable. Some look of characters to come alive in some pages, and like the chair has been transported his time.
This history is roughly Hugh, some second edges of the deranged Marked, and of Sarah those who is one of a Smythe-first of Smith.
Hugh quell'has broken casualidad of Sarah of matrimony during his first Season by means of some careless actions that almost destroy both families. The circumstances dipped these two neighbours in the party of house, and an animosity as well as fly of sparks among them. A banter was enjoyable, and that looks a report develops equally natural and a lot in satisfactory.
Has purchased some other books in this series and plan to read them everything. Highly you recommend this book.
5 / 5
Has directed to finalise this in two days and write two papers. (Any a lot of sleep!) Amur Julia Quinn and Hugh and Sarah have wanted. I have not felt anything has been forced, takes the moment to start with perking to the long of but once chooses up accelerates is magic. I created a harvest of now this morning and read tlll the alarm of my husband has been he was, Exited of bed and has taken my daughter ready for pupil, has driven and has come home and has behind jumped in. It have sworn quell'was to finalise my duties ,but had left Hugh and Sarah the crucial time. I have known the could not concentrate, as I have finalised.
Sarah Is the most unusual hero and Hugh a lot your half hero. The confrontation of Sarah with some Marked of Ramsgate was priceless. I do not want to it spoil, but trust me will have the hard time that dips it down calms once Understood the of paste Sixteen. I promise that it chooses-arrive steam before it conceal! Highly I recommend it.
4 / 5
Has something like this personable in the novel of Quinn of Julia. Some characters have the realism, is not to perfect. A banter, good humour and included grumpiness endear his yours. It has had sections that had laughing out of strong with some descriptions in some characters' points of view in some musical. Lovely history.
5 / 5
Has read each one another novel of Quinn of Julia and count like this on my favourite authors (together with Lisa Kelypas) but has to that be in accordance with a lot another reviewers this says this is not his better work. It was so that it looks forward to this novel reason any so only take it casualidad to see the new idyll but you take to see like the pairs of past books are doing. It seats as if this history has taken for ever to take that it goes. To the I Sarah liked always in of other serious (Daniel/Anne, Marcus/Honoria) but found me in that likes bit it less with which of this novel. It was annoyingly dramatic and in my opinion any one very pleasant. For me, one first half of a book was to dull and walk. Sarah And Hugh so much felt bit it whiny and the way there was also interacting with other cousins of random/characters in a book. A second half was very better like the characters finally took around partorisca interact with each another and that takes a history that goes but included still was so only well. A big dramatic chance for me was way too dramatic (Hugh that whips to kill he?..) And I found going my eyes bit it. In all was so only good but concealed is a lot of reason Julia Quinn is still a better author when it comes the romance novels. I suppose when you owe that a lot of amazing histories remain to leave one slips. It can not expect for a next history!
5 / 5
Idyll Of regency with sex (this in spite of any a lot of).

I really enjoyed is one! It is not to calm often see the character in the romance novel says a hero ' calm want to you, but is really egoistic'. Of course a hero is not a one that says this, but still! A hero & of hero is to good sure human in this history. It takes the moment for them to cover to the each one like this another. Some the secondary characters are like this always in the JQ, one the majority of interesting part of a history. The sisters of Sarah especially. Has the history of the feeling Iris is afterwards.

Point of interest : a female Smythe-prime of Smith is seen regarding Gareth St the row of pony of Clare in the ball. ' Expensive to look the pirate, or look as it TRIES look the pirate?'
4 / 5
Ossia One 3rd book in a Smythe-Quartet of Smith and is Hugh Prentice and Sarah Pleinsworth history. It was very excited to finally FINALLY see a game of infamous paper and subsequent duel go in Hugh and Daniel Smythe-Smith that is to be mention in a forward two books. It was to add and really paid of a colgante that direct until him.

I really liked this book, comprising some tentativas uncomfortable in of the conversations among Hugh and Sarah in a start of a history and then a natural plus banter concealed developed goes in has left like this to go of the his preconceived ideas of the each one another.

Did not like Me one odd and creepy scene with the father of Hugh. I comprise it is portrait like crazy, but so only finds like this controlling and sadistic. No an usual character finds in the JQ book.

An epilogue gives to comprise that a next book and to the final will be Iris rids and apparently Sarah (and assumes Hugh) will touch the function. The the other waiting for!
5 / 5
Julia Quinn is mine all time favourite author, and still although it enjoys everything of his books, this one is among my preferred of the his. They are the sucker for some enemies with sexual tension that gone back to genuine condition. I have read this reserves several times, and every time can do not dipping down. It does not take never old!
4 / 5
I wouldnt says this was a better of Julia Qinns rid reason have read more. A hero there has been the odd reason to continue his aversion of a hero. I have loved a hero this in spite of. Calm really has finalised to have harm for him, which the ones of the one who know yes thats a better thing.
5 / 5
Drat The, Has has had things to do and found me instead quite unwilling to dip this book down until it have finalised. Yes, doing like this required the Kleenex, but laughed also bobo in of the points. JQ I characters are always like this sincere, likes, as , constantly is learning of new ways to treat a world-wide like the launches of life, well, life in them. The dialogue is an absolute more, like this usual, sparkling with humour. It is scarce that JQ rids the lemon, and this reserves certainly does not fall to this category. Instead it is the lovely and quite decadent piece of cake of pair. Will Iris be a next S-S to win the book? (In fact, it prefer to see like a young plus two sisters here arrival.)
4 / 5
julia quinn Is the author of has to that read for me, and still although a smythe-will forge never quite be a bridgertons, am growing them quite fond of them.

In this book, hugh has not forgiven partorisca instigating the duel with his partner daniel smythe-smith, a result duquel was the permanent harm the hugh leg and he 3 exile of year to a continent partorisca daniel.

sarah Is daniel first and has not forgiven never for a duel, in spite of a fact that both daniel and his sister has.

When they Take launched together in the pair, sarah is initially quite waspish but early begins to @give that perhaps she ought to forgive hugh...
5 / 5
External of one to our hero of anger initial nurtures regarding a gentleman, for an unrealistic period of time, a continuous plot draw his reader to the long of. Prpers Having has followed novels of Quinn of Julia by means of a lot of episodes with entertainment, can truthfully says will not be esemotivo this of my device'.
5 / 5
Good writing, development of character, and sense of humour. They like him to him all his books has premarital explicit sex among hero and hero in spite of a fact that while a man of upper class could use adolescent prostitutes or married women without losing his peers' respect, for him to have sex with a virgin sister of the peer would do vile scum and ruin his self respect and value in pair. It was the foul lack of self control, especially of then so only has to that expect the few days for pair. His in disposal in his chamber, for some levels of a time would not be romantic, but sluttish behaviour. His levels are not of the modern levels.
5 / 5
Love a Smythe-serious of Smith and A Sum of All the Kisses is a plus like this far. We fulfil Sarah in an of some first books when it refuses to look for an annual Smythe-Smith musical and Hugh there was habladuría in a duel among him and Daniel. Now they have his own history.

So much is characters really utmost and is a lot well has developed. Sarah Is very vocal and Hugh is a lot take was but when they take fly of together sparks . Both think that another east the terrible person but once is forced joint a type of transmission of sparks. His is the travesía adds to the HEA.

Chooses this an up for late adds to read.
4 / 5
Absolutely adores Julia Quinn--an of mine all time favourite authors. Unfortunately, it seats it likes him he has to that haste to finalise this book. Some characters are traditional JQ heroes (incident/of the question in his background leaves there is wounded emotionally/physically) and hero (pert, acute, witty, given to speak out of place). But his report looked to develop in the whirlwind no with any of a long burn, slowly that marks an author is other absolutely delicious books . Almost you look the novel. You will enjoy a book, to good sure, but is not enough until JQ usually gives.
4 / 5
There is the lighthearted, joyful, alcohol in the work of Julia Quinn, a lot needs that, is heartening in today of world-wide. Cela My author dipped behind the years of the hundred of the pair is a world enjoys to visit in the each book. A necessary anguish partorisca the good history is always very touched and to the equal that have read all his books are able to follow characters to the equal that grow. A true sign of the good author. Witty The conversation is key, yes each idyll has to that have sensual scenes, but again have the history partorisca read. If no respecto on some characters is not my book. Sarah And Hugh, the pair has meant partorisca be. Recommended.
4 / 5
Julia Quinn always will receive to 5 indication of star of me because I always love his books. I have been king-that law the plot of my favourite authors and was very happy to find one of the books of Julia that the had not seen the long time.
5 / 5
There is WANTED TO this a. A Smith-Smythe the ladies are to treat it always, but a hero in this a mine really appealed. It is the mathematician nerd, the grumpy plot, and very noble. Highly, highly recommend.
5 / 5
Almost has read everything of Julia Quinn is the little surprised to fine the error of the line of the time is one... It begins where Sarah fulfils Hugh in Honria pair. Also, after this pair a group is gone in to Daniel is and the pair of Anne... That annoying is that in an end of 'So only Like heaven' that says a history of Honoria and Marcus.... It is the year after his pair and Sarah still has not married still is touching in a Smyth-Quartet of Smith. It can any one pleases to explain this on-line error of time!?!?!?!?
4 / 5
4.5 Steam | Moderated Launch

This superbly novel writing and absolutely lovely was pure bliss to read. Hugh And Sarah are the pair of fuel . His strong, opposing personality spar and banter with bite and delicious talent. His hearts have varied is the seismic swoon-worthy revelation.

Has adored Hugh and Sarah rocky the history of romantic amour. It is like this classy, ready and sexy devoured it simply, those smiled and floating a whole time.
4 / 5
Very better that Rids 2, the humour adds and likeable characters. Almost I have prendido to read these serious with which 2, but has had has bought already this one the have given like this the casualidad. Finalising he in 24 hours. I know it is hard to come up with clue and of the new plots after a like this- interesting family of Bridgerton is, but this Smythe-the quartet of Smith has had similar promise. This satisfied entrance, as I recommend it.
5 / 5
Has given these reservations to five indication to star reason has all and elements further of the abonos has read. You recommend this book to all the romantic readers.
5 / 5
I always amour Julia the book of Quinn but a Smythe-serious of Smith is a better. There is always the course some mark you laught until you cry( usually around a musical) and the part that really attractive in you and this book there is not disappointed. The character of Hugh was developed as well as it was Sarah is, an interaction among characters especially some sisters some young plus has been funny and for those of of the this with the sisters the young plus was like the walk down walks by heart. Ossia To good sure the read again book
5 / 5
Julia Quinn he again! I do not comprise reason lucido no-Bridgerton the books do not have more stars. One Orders All the Kisses was another five history of star in my book! A humour of way is blended with a rest of a history is a better thing roughly Julia Quinn and this novel there is not disappointed!
5 / 5
This book is joined now with my preferred Julia Quinn, A Viscount The one who has wanted to Me.

Joy the books of Quinn, but my subject with his characters (in other novels) is that they are missing developers. They are (for one the majority of part) a lot of likable, friendly, and witty. Reason both protagonists are loved like this--the reader can not help but like them--the so only felt for some romantic advantages to instantly develop the friendship and then the romantic report. While it is amused to read a playful banter, does not have any a lot of conflict or development. While to a reader likes him a bit characters, a does not feel vested in a result. It is almost like romance-lite.

This in spite of, A Sum of All the present Kisses two defective characters that any instantly establish the friendly rapport. Sarah Is the bit of the queen of work (although in Quinn some way his defect exits like this adorable) and bit it egoistic. Hugh Is unforgiving and bit it too serious. His animosity is real, and his conversations are biting more than playful. His budding friendship blossoms so only with which discover some uncomfortable truths roughly they. And it is while they try to leave go of past hurts that enamoran.

Has loved this novel and read he in four hours!
4 / 5
A premise and the characters have had the potential adds but unfortunately a has not been quite slow. Still it was the line of plot and sweet history. Perhaps I am old fashioned, but has been far better to use one spatial left for plot and development of character, resupplying better idea to reason some characters had done or sure decisions, and leaving readers to develop the best comprising of a line of history in general. This in spite of, this was the writing of good book for the wonderful author and lovely reading.
4 / 5
A wonderful history, like this far my preferred in a Smythe-serious of Smith. I want that the writer there is interwoven details in another prime minister two Smythe-novels of Smith in this history. Has a classical plot of the majority of the books of Quinn the hero has broken that a hero transforms. I have loved an evolution of this romance which has begun with some two protagonists for real disturbing each another so only of enamorar has included with all his defects.
5 / 5
Are the big defender , but this book has not lived until his expectations. It was very excited after the history to discover of Daniel and Anne more roughly Hugh, but has been disappointed. It take the moment for Sarah and Hugh the paste was.... And frankly Sarah is exited also... oblivious. Any to the equal that has expected paralizaciones. Look for the a lot of witty pair with amusing quirks and a lot of passion, but instead has taken the trite SLOW paced 'idyll.'
4 / 5
Has loved this book. A reservation of Quinn of Julia left in fact bit it so only is not returned with that has had them come to expect or love books. But, oh this one has done!! Has has wanted to all an interaction and conference - agreed the bit of the like raisin in Londra. I have loved a backside and interactions of advances among Sarah and Hugh as well as a romance and an honesty has given each one which so another. Thank you Julia! Ossia Another knows will read again and again.
5 / 5
I Sarah really enjoyed and the history of Hugh. I love a start of hate of the amour of a history and pleasure some characters with which in fact taking to know each one which as another start to fall. Also REALLY it likes like this of a harm Hugh has suffered is propiciado a history. An underlying history of his self the acceptance is sum and really marries swipes for any those who has the inability. That the history adds. I can not expect read a final book in a series.
5 / 5
The boy fulfils daughter. Chico of hates of the daughter. The daughter said of the trite bad things. The boy thinks that that the daughter is nutty reign of work. A year and the average of daughter later that takes stuck babysitting uncomfortable boy in party of house. Well, you know that it spends calm?
4 / 5
Has read each one which of a book in a series. Highly recommend this series. Amur So only likes Julia Quinn has join all some families and the together histories.
5 / 5
Julia Quinn there is rid another enjoyable book. It liked! It liked In fact one beginning a plus of slow among Hugh and Sarah and I has liked him that takes to see Sarah @gives that calm sometimes has to that change your alcohol and all the world-wide does deceptions... All go through this so it was a lot of of the see describe like this fantastically in the character of book and his interactions.

Looking forward to a prójimo a!!
5 / 5
There is doubted in my indication of this book. There is the add storyline that has has thought deserved more than pages of Smythe-humour of Smith.

A start of a book, the history of Hugh, was very interesting and one coming near some two characters was humorous, and touching in time, but there was really the history adds that attended be said down all a Smythe-Smith happenings.

The history of Hugh was tragic and heroic. It feels it that has not been given quite a lot of attention. A real history is not exited box near of an end of a book and then the really chosen things up and was glued his.

So much, in general is the good book , but loses a mark of his usual 5 stars for me, and think that is the harm reason.. gosh, there was really the history that looked to take sacrificed for humour.

Basically has had the start adds and refinadas good with to plot of have-hum goes in. Still you like him to him Julia Quinn costs a bed. A book of Quinn of Julia of just is still lovely reading .
4 / 5
A history of a Smythe-Smithes continuous with this excellent addition. I have read so much of Julia Quinn to the equal that can find and has completed a Smythe-serious of Smith. Continuous try to find more books for Julia Quinn.

Top Customer Reviews: The Secrets of Sir ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
This hero has the question familiarised that requires his immediate pair. It appears during a season that looks for the future promise. Based in the recommendation of the fellow a hero creates the cast of desperate women partorisca marry. It answers an infamous musical, and selects an only one of some eligible musicians partorisca marry. Has his presents of partners to Iris and based in 10 conversation of small, decides is a woman partorisca pursue . It is in 20 east, any conventionally enough, intelligent and outspoken. Therefore a lot particularly populate, neither unpopular. Although some looks of hero to like, after pursuing his for a week, proposes pair. When it Asks time, deliberately has involved his forcing the betrothal. It insists on when be married inside a week and he taken is gone in Inghilterra North. One asks has insist in additional time to know better, has walked was the committed another? Although to the to hero likes that it knows of him, in fact does not know a lot well. It refuses to consummate a pair. It is not until it has been in his new house for a week, still with a unconsumated pair, fulfils his sisters his young plus and learns reason has married. It has had a lot of occasions to explain one his situation, but, maintains the secrets until a hero has any election but to adapt his decisions. Really any like him To them the books was a hero is forced the situations, no of his own doing, then forced to live with some consequences of more decision. It falls enamoured with any the one who as it has neglected, to spear was his honour and his honour also. I can comprise a lot actively hate, reason the divorce was like this very difficult and expensive during this period, but can not imagine trusting again.
5 / 5
Gentleman Richard Kenworthy need to find the woman, and need he less than the month. Although it expects to find any one can have the decent life with, Richard knows can not be too picky. Then he something Iris Smythe-Smith that tries to hide for behind his cello in his musical family and knows is found a perfect woman to adapt his plans. Now if so only it can take to marry quickly without asking too many questions…

Iris Smythe-Smith is no fool. It knows Richard is hiding something, but for has fulfilled once the man that no only sees, resembles in fact like and comprise. Still, after the lifetime to be is spent for big she no quite confidence his motives. Then Richard his force to the compromising dipped, and Iris does not have any election but to marry. Although it does not comprise his actions, Iris for real believes has the occasion in happiness with his new husband. Then the true reason of Richard to require the woman comes to light, threatening to break his fragile bond for ever…

Julia Quinn knows like the histories of pen that is fun, charming, and impossible to dip down. Some Secrets of Gentleman Richard Kenworthy is not quite the usual passage of Lady Quinn, but thanks to the talent of an author, some pages of a fly of history stops.

Iris Smythe-Smith is the gem . It is the ready woman , calm with the fast talent the one who generally blends to a fund. You want to see his resplandor and take an attention such the heroine to oblige would have to that take. Simply place, Iris is easy to love. It is no saint, but that so only does a better same heroine and is impossible any to root for his to take a merit of amour. When Richard in the first place courts them, included although it knows is reason is by train to use, a two of them is like this delicious near is easy to be the scanning has gone by his banter.

This in spite of, some of a resplandor punctual raisin out of Some Secrets of Gentleman Richard Kenworthy, and this is to be due to a hero . All an interior flagellation in a world-wide any up for a fact that closes on Iris of a start to use. Some finals can justify some means in his alcohol, but he no more is. His secret – a reason for him marrying Iris – look quite obvious of a start, and if this plotline had not tugged on partorisca like this long, could have me Richard legustado the plot more. Crown Quinn the good work to aim that it is not the bad man, but concealed no the hero adds. And Iris has deserved really the hero adds. They are fearful can not say more roughly Richard without spoiling a history, as the sufficed for says it would have been very had has had bit it more his that that could have latched on to so that his negative qualities (lying and manipulation) has not been like this hard.

Is wins it to the skill of Lady Quinn like the writer that included although I have had subjects with Richard I has been entertained for Some Secrets of Gentleman Richard Kenworthy. Crown Quinn does included one the majority of serious of his books light celery in his feet and I have devoured this history a day. Still although ossia a final book in a Smythe-quartet of Smith, expects that this Lady Quinn returns to some characters to sustain a day, reason with which one all-too many-expect brief of a comical Winston Bevelstoke and a unicorn-Frances obsessed Pleinsworth, desperately am expecting these two takes books of his own.

This book has been revised for Shayna for Joyfully Revised (JR), and has been resupplied by an author/of editor in any side the JR for a purpose to be has revised.
5 / 5
This reservation has had the good end, but a rest of a book wasnt very good. It has taken for ever to say that it is gone in with a hero of a history and he have looked really like the monster. I personally couldnt has forgiven like this easy like the hero has done...
5 / 5
Are not that it goes the summarise this so that has external abundance that . That will say is that it is scarce to find an author the one who can combine excellent writing, the empathy of one was has taken pen to paper to entertain and a uncanny comedic character that has given this reader the good half an hour with tears streaming down my face and hurting sides to laugh like this. No quell'will spoil , owe read he for calm, but any the one who has treated the game familiarised will recognise it immediately. This a scene for me is cost five stars so only. Regarding a rest of a history, was good writing, those interest and a lot orientative of some questions have faced of young women of a period.
Amur Of the amour loves it!
4 / 5
Gorgeous Rid with an unlikely plot in an intense H and a underestimated h. I require house quickly and he engineers the meeting and although he bungles the, felizmente proposes to a h. It is the young woman quite unusual , observer and the plot the more loans that looks. He all too quickly hurts bad to dip to the terrible situation. It is some women in this book that show his force of character. I have loved absolutely this book in spite of the plot quite boba, a writing is wonderful and some characters are intense and like this very real.
4 / 5
Has loved that. Such the book adds and he hreat history. When Have this big secret in the calm book so only wishes it will not fall like the excuse takes for a line of history. A secret in this book was glorious. You maintain to guess and calm can not explain that it is going in and reason he behaves likes .
I realy felt for them and this means his portrait was the a lot of one.
One solving of a question is coming quite quickly, but looking behind, thinks that is well, of in this way a no prolonged history too much.
4 / 5
Had disappointed really with this book, a first time are not me concerned for the book for Julia Quinn. Like this build until this immense secret, and was total uselessness . Some characters were oddly that lacking of developing. The no really cured a way or another roughly any of them, excepts Gentleman Richard the one who did not annoy me any end. Whiny, self-Do fault, egoistic, bleh.
5 / 5
Has loved this book! I began it estuary out of strong in a hilarious Smythe-Smith scenes familiarised. Crown Quinn then deftly drew to some deeper emotions of his characters and I felt my breaking of heart for them. Gentleman Richard is the man a lot the one who owe that appeal the desperate measures to protect his family. A history explores a wrenching the conflict feels tomb like this enamoured with Iris, the wonderfully ready hero , strong, that has deceived to marry. As Iris discovers a discharge of the secrets of Gentleman Richard, battle with how much is has had to that do for a man loves and his family. I have flown by means of this book, enjoying each bit of witty dialogue and gut-tugging emotion. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Another adds historian of Julia Quinn. Ossia A history of the man with the secret ... The secret that really does not take developed until a book is 2/3 fact . In a moment, it knows that I need house, and need he quickly. It arrives in an infamous Smythe-Smith musical, and once Gentleman Richard dips eyes on Iris that hides for behind his cello knows that it is a one will marry. Unfortunately, in place of just when be open and sincere with Iris, leaving his know his predicament and leave to choose for his is interested to mediate in his pair of consolation, he orchestrates the circumstance where he and Iris are taken in the compromising dipped. A subject is forced, and Iris finds suddenly married to Richard. It could be the horrible situation , but is not . It results that Iris and Richard in fact adapt each one which as another quite well. Iris is intelligent and witty, and has the sense of humour that breaking Richard is well. Everything looks to be going wonderfully. It looks as if these two are begun to amour ... But there is this secret that Richard is resisting. Obviously, something big goes to be developed that will change to like Iris feels, perhaps for good.

And this secret? Well ... It is the doozy. It is quite horrible. I will not develop he in this description to avert that it spoils one plot, but will say this ... Richard was the scorching idiot when it is coming up with his plan to marry. A scorching idiot. For real it is a terrible secret . In today of world-wide almost is disgusting to think that any one would come up with such the plan. Included considering an alive of a period of time of one novel a plan is horrible. A plan is wildly inappropriate, but a fact that Richard there is pulled Iris to this diagram without his knowledge is more reprehensible. They are sure that a lot of readers will have the hard time that spends for big so only that horrible this plan is. Richard looks an insensitive dolt, to say a less. The things result infinitely more horrible reasons Richard has fallen in fact enamoured with Iris, and Iris loves also. It was heart wrenching to see these two in such agony, and fallido to know that so much heartbreak could have been Richard averted there has been has thought only things by means of the small and finishings to be opened with Iris of a start. But, then again, desperation has directed Richard to choose Iris, the person has not looked never in before. The in fact done stupidity his well in the odd way.

This book contains a fun and talent that has the habit of in the novel of Quinn of Julia. I have loved Iris. It was a right mix by force and vulnerability. Has-liked me a strong hand that has exhibited in his report with Richard strong willed sisters. I have loved that she giggle in one the majority of obtrusive time. I have loved that it was quite strong to stand up for his and quite strong to finally forgive. Outside of the his boneheaded movements regarding his pair and a big secret, has loved Richard also. It was the man that tries to do a right thing in all some wrong ways. I have loved his realisation that he Iris has loved for real, and I really, has loved really his humble statement of this amour in some pages of closes of a novel.

To entertainment of a reader of this history probably will boil down to like this reacts to the secret of Gentleman Richard. Some will find his absolutely unforgivable actions, included when visas in a context of a time, and concealed surely will do this hard history to stomach. It was able to see a definite tragedy of a history and love a transformation of Richard in an end of a history to the equal that recognise his amour adds for Iris. I have finalised to like this history for this reason. Four stars.
5 / 5
A start is lighthearted, a half frustrating, and a last of a history he all interesting! I do like this it enjoys to read each one like this of the books of Julia Quinn

Top Customer Reviews: Seducing a ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Absolutely I want to read historical idyll and Kerrigan Byrne has written some of mine very preferred. A Dark Knight and Racked there is not disappointed and gave the happy buzz partorisca read the fantastic history. It could see some characters and of the settings, feel his emotions, and has been drawn to the his world-wide filled with murder, intrigue, and passion. An only question with reading the history adds like this one, are has left always wants to more.

Has known Morley for years and in that then, has resisted the something exerts for a conclusive, rigid and sexy man. Have @@give That Inspector of Boss Carlton Morley has known some better streets that so that the lawman, and now knowing reason takes his work like this seriously, comprise reason resulted a Knight of Shadows. Morley Would require any special to distract of his very serious work to spend justice in some streets. This special woman would owe that take his attention to have the occasion in resisting his heart while also that accepts that his work is the part of him. Imagine my surprise when his special woman so only loves for the night…in some shadows.

When I Prudence has fulfilled in the first place Goode, could not believe would solve for the loveless pair. Yes, I have known that these days, has been expected to marry to take advance, but has known also has deserved better. I have hated His familiar so that it has expected to dip up with and has thought his sister an absolute cow. When it Has come up with a crazy-capped diagram to find fill once before house, I in fact a lot begrudge him. Imagine my surprise when his happiness headed by falling in a lap of the man in some shadows.

With the start like Morley is and the prudence is, was gobsmacked when some the next time pours them near, the prudence is for resulted Morley next chance. The things have been to good sure the pocolos crazy of there that and Morley will have that uses all his skills to maintain this sure special woman and his. The prudence expects that this will be a start of something well while Morley is engreído is roughly to result his main weakness. Near, it will have to learn to trust the each one which so another and hope that his attractive initial would grow to the happy never with which.

While A Dark Knight and Racked was the very easy history to read, has to admit that it is remained the little unsatisfied. Had the few things that looked unfinished and an end was bit it sudden. It was also the little there is disappointed that I have not taken more time with a Victorian Rebels. The ore Was in the city and I a lot they was took to take up with his or his sexy, brutish Highlander. A Duke is coming to visit numerous time but Lorelei is remained house. Yes, I have taken to see Millie and Money for the moment, and Farah and Dorian was around, but has required to see and take up with them everything. This can not be an end…I NEED less!!

WELL, admits, there is enjoyed really A Dark Knight and Racked and are the bit of the brat with mine on complaints. So only it felt that it has been too much quickly. I have wanted to see Morley and the prudence jointed for longer. I have loved a Victorian rebels and his women to be together, hangs it was, having the drink or two. I have wanted also know the spent to the family of the prudence. Oooh…Perhaps Tops Byrne has ideas for a Goode daughters???

Is looking for The historical idyll ossia the little rough around some flanges, has characters that is ardent, original and determinate, with the storyline that will maintain you enthralled, highly recommends to give A Dark Knight and Racked the try.

Stacey Is Sassy, has received a copy advanced of this history. A copy resupplied is not a final copy and can be @@@subject to modify and transmissions.
4 / 5
Has been while the Morley the book of a Victorian prime minister rebels book. And this book is absolutely value a wait! Kerrigan The heroes are of a darker class, but some women that he his balance was is always writes fantastically. These are in good sure hero of alpha and a lot protective of his women.

Carlton Has has fulfilled certainly his party with Prudencia Goode. Hardly it knows that to do with sound! An excellent opposites attracts romance.

Some of my favourite Heroes and the heroes do an appearance and like the reader have so only does to smile. These pocolos peeks behind to his lives, in that leave know the one who happy his all still are.

Has like this transfer and of the turns in this book to the equal that have tried and the figure was the one who is for behind the multitude of misdeeds. You will be to guess until next right an end. I have had the hard time that dips this book down, which is the clear indication that this good !

' Is an epitome of the each desire of sleep has conceived of of then before I can agree, and ossia the very concrete class of torment. A unparalleled beauty, the glorious lover, the woman of grace and goodness and intellect that can so only respect and admire. A fantasy in a flesh, here in my house. With my name.'
4 / 5
Wants to begin this description to say that Kerrigan Byrne is the talented the character and his plenary writing my heart. Honradamente Have been moment Carlton Morley history for years and now is finally here and are so only like this darn happy roughly that. Also I owe that say it Kerrigan the editor of Byrne has has fallen really a ball in this particular book that is directly in his Victorian Rebels serious. Gentleman Carlton Morley has has deserved always his own history. It has been an integral course of a menagerie with some dark secrets that required to come to light. As I say the big bravo the Kerrigan Byrne to go advance with A Dark Knight and Racked, Morley history. Thank you To do me the happy reader!

A pertinent right and upstanding Inspector of Boss Carlton Morley is after a murderous of prostitutes viriles plaguing Londra. Everything of his time to spare am spent in a roaming some darkness and dangerous streets that looks for clues in his task. A loner, Morley stalks these streets with an urgency so only the little possibly could comprise.

After an emotional left down to discover that his fiancé is a unfaithful prays, Penélope Goode decides to take a night of passion for his first being launched to some constraints of pair to a unscrupulous lout. It wants to give his virginity to the man of the his own choosing. To achieve this, finds in the school of Miss Henrietta for Youngsters of Cultured Ladies, where has been given the signal to obtain entrance to a garden of pleasures that attended.

Inspector of boss Morley, disguised, is goodness to Lose the school of Henrietta for Youngsters of Cultured Ladies with his agenda typical of the crime that arrest, but when the stunning young woman literally stumbles on the, fly of sparks and both of his worlds will be still has changed always.

Prefers to take here with my details of this history. This history has to that be experienced individually and strongly insists that you do. An anticipation of Carlton Morley finally fulfilling his party is pure exhilaration. Kerrigan Byrne Utilizza his masterful comprising of an English tongue to spellbind his readers, and a reader is so only too happy to be place under his wave. A Dark Knight and Racked for Kerrigan Byrne is like this value a wait!
4 / 5
Yes, has really does so only that. And Shakespeare can come and hunt me down like a unrepentant the present are. And reason can not swear in the description on Amazon, will say esaint $ paste'. A prologue of this book shaken. Yes, all has known Caroline had died when it was but the boy, but to have rigid-upper-lip Morley that feels an ache of his discovery, although one dips a tone for a whole history for me.

In 22, Carlton and Prudencia have acclaimed on, while when be amused in an identity has deceived. In 40 I has been surprised that Carlton has gone down like this quickly, and without life preserver. In 65, I have loved a book to never of final. And a rest of a book? Have has loved that read the.

Carlton Morley Was always a 'different' an of one stirs. It would read some other books in some serious - of A Highwayman all a way by means of the Like this to Love the Duke in Ten Days. By means of him Carlton Morley has not been one same to like all a rest. A rest was been born the lives of crime, and Morley has had also, but had chosen to grab a pendulum as it swung a way, while some another has chosen some opposite. And in spite of Morley incomplete confidence in his friends, knows that it is done of. A question? Carlton Morley does not know that it is done of ... Still.

A book is different that some premiers seven books because Carlton is different. It has not been the pirate, or the Blackheart. It was instead, the police inspector the one who had decided a lot the time done that some courses could not be complete in a ridding out of justice. It is clashed because of some two hats spends - a pleasure Inspector of Boss and a Cavalier pleasure of Shadows. When The prudence arrives in his life, results obvious that Carlton is going down - hard, quickly, and for ever. I love the when an alpha finally takes his ... And yes, I mean that further of ways that one.

Has been to this book with an open alcohol, that knows that Carlton Morley the history has Had to that be different. It has had to that be manage the different way. No never it has married, and of some sounds of him, was remained celibate for the long time. When I approximations of prudence, thinks that that it is his transmission -ego answering his, when in fact, is everything poor Morley, when being hooked, enough well, in the peach lines no of sounds to do.

Can comprise reason some readers can think that that this has less passion that Byrne is other books in this series. Also I can comprise reason some readers can feel that there is less action. This book is gone in more than anything more. Some scenes that has read as we spend for a book is fashioned for personality that is different some leading characters have fulfilled. I have adored a two of his neighbours. Poor Morley no in that has the clue that paste the, and Prudencia, firmly has convinced concealed no only does not like , has believed of his culprit (and he , for the moment - reason Carlton is way I too ready any to see a truth).

Has the complaint is that an end has not been drawn was quite to satisfy my craving still Carlton and Prudencia. I have celebrated that they were having twins, but has finalised then. If this was to be a last book, would have expected that has had the 'now of cocktail' with everything of his presents. But this has thought is egoistic, reason are not a one that writes a book.

Has has wanted to that has seen Dorian and Ash again, as well as Farah (my preferred of some women), and glimpses of Millie with Money, of course. I am saddened for a fact that thinks that Crown Byrne has run out of characters in this series. I have found this his series more obliging, but will continue to read the, while expecting finds another group of friends, Alphas all, this will take his toes to twitching in these tones. Kerrigan Byrne Scritto to heat and to the emotion likes there is the Bunsen Burner of low a keyboard. An emotion is believed, a heat is flaming and vaporous, so only to to a way likes. Here it is that it looks forward to a prójimo!
5 / 5
I really there is wanted really adore this book. Has has wanted to want to likes A Highwayman and Of A Hunter. A start was so only which am coming to expect of Lady Byrne. But then it has died so only the painful death. Dorian, Farah, the ash And I Money have touched the small part. Honradamente Have thought that would discover reason Morley was a Knight of Shadows, thought would see in action. No, no. of knots has thinks that would see his brilliance together with Money is to solve a murder. No, knots the no. And I lost it perhaps, but an end has been rushed. I know Lady Byrne has varied serious different in some works and perhaps is for this that rushed is one. Dorian, the money Was there in an end, and purportedly Ash. But the ash has to that it has been hide, is not never state mentioned again after the money has said that it was to take. Any time has been spent with the family of the prudence, except choppy paragraphs. Morley Deserved more and am disappointed did not take it.
4 / 5
The darkness and the knight Racked is one 7th book in Kerrigan Byrne Victorian rebels serious. If you are this series , these centres to reserve on Gentleman Carlton Morley. In this history is to present Prudencia Goode, the one who learns is engaged. Feeling in new cloud, comes his sister and “fellow better” the one who is speaking on sound. It learns that his fiancé is not like this poured in his so that it thinks. Devastated, Loves to finalise a commitment but his family his any one will leave . Of then it does not have the election on the one who can marry, decides to give his virginity to the man of sounds to choose. It finalises to go to this place of garden- whose speciality is Prostitutes viriles . It finalises have an unforgettable meeting with one of some Prostitutes “viriles” there. Little it knows that a man has slept with him has not been the Prostitute at all , but the sure detective the one who will finalise to change his life.

Kerrigan Bryne Is one of mine favourite of romance authors. Each book has read of his so much I far there is always has finalised to enjoy and this book is any exception . I have been thrilled when Kerrrigan Bryne has offered amiably a copy for advanced of of the this to read. Like this big thanks to his and his editor Gnarly to wool that public to resupply me with him Kindle copy of of the this. It was bondadoso of tired in this book, reason Carlton Morley is not really my favourite character of this series. Perhaps reason has gone with which some of my favourite characters in a past series. But Kerrigan certainly does up for that in this book. I have wanted and it has been amused by some of his interactions with characters have spent in this series. More, learning roughly Carlton and his backstory does more relatable and likeable. Have has loved a pairing of Prudencia and Carlton. Material to know his backstories loves me root thus pair. In general I owe that think that that a history was really, are really that looks forward to a prójimo three books in this series. If there is not reading “A Victorian Rebels the serious” then pleases to do like this. I think that that this is to require reading is to idyll.
5 / 5
Morley Is an enigmatic, stalwart, sympathetic, and totally charming hero. Pru Is the self-sufficient, ready, relatable hero. An interpersonal conflict is understandable and never tiresome (Ladies, please to spare me of dramatic miscommunication this time 😬), and a sex is vaporous 🔥 As with a rest of a series, be prepared for some dark subjects. ⁣

Has @to @give while reading this book that one of some things loves more in Kerrigan the writing is an iconography . “But it has boiled an amalgamation of his wariness, mysteriousness, and protectiveness down to the reduction like fat likes anointing in drenching wonderful his paste, was sure would find to dread a main ingredient.” I mean, COMING ON! This type of iconography is peppered throughout and are here for him 🙌⁣

A dialogue among some men in this book, the one who is all the leading heroes in a series, is incredibly enjoyable. While a book can be so only, highly recommends to read some earlier books to appreciate Morley history and reports with some characters to return. ⁣

For any those who has been waiting for Morley history, A Dark Knight and Racked will not disappoint ! There is idyll like this delicious tropes throughout, sustained for two really likable characters and Kerrigan glorious prose. I recommend to any the one who is the defender of historical idyll with the pocola intrigue in a side ♥️
4 / 5
This book was exactly that has required to escape a reality of 2020 and has devoured he in two days has gone back then for the bed again more dulcemente to savor. And now I will be king-that law a whole series reason these books are THAT GOOD.

Will not go to details of a history like other descriptions has covered that well. I have fallen enamoured with Cutter/Carlton (to the equal that has done with all some men in these serious) and think the prudence is a perfect soulmate for him. My only disappointment was that, although a reader takes the fascinating look to some thoughts of the each character, really has not looked to have quite a lot of direct interaction. Especially in an end that is coming on on me almost unexpectedly (I literally said out of strong “Wait, no! I can not be fact!”). And it has expected for the glimpse of as another “rebels” was faring. Farah And Millie has done expect him brief and I has been thrilled to see Dorian, Money and Ash. But I admit it, they are the greedy reader . And totally it blames Lady Byrne to do me amour all some characters so many that can any never take enough.

And now that wait that convinced that your life will be entirely without sense until you have read this book will close and go back to a start and reacquaint I with this mould of sexy, fantastic, defective and perfect men and women. For real the appearance has not seen an end of this wonderful group and remain waiting for the next book to Lady Byrne. I have not been the still dissatisfaction with anything is writing.
5 / 5
Has has wanted to all in this book! I have been intrigued for Morley of a start of A Victorian rebels serious. I have known always there it has been it the rough start, but that the prologue of his infancy has packed to attack! Have has wanted a literal “bang” this reserves begun with. The boy was that H-Or-T. I will not spoil the thing, but the time had fanned me.

Gah, A Victorian rebels! I have wanted to see all some types, and a banter & talent among them.

“If I am sincere, Morley, the bit to kidnap is no insuperable impediment,” Ash shrugged. “ Tip the man in this room the one who there is not had to that close his lady-amour in some form of prison before it would consent to be his woman.”

Cue Some giggles 🤭 absolutely love the pair of consolation, especially some these starts with the murder. This book was shorter (20 chapters), but still rids all a chair, passion, lust and fire that KB is known stops. Morley Is in the each alone book in this series, especially A Duke with A Tattoo of Dragon. I have not had any idea that Inspector of Boss Morley slay my heart a way he , but ossia exactly that is to spend!
4 / 5
“ Is an epitome of the each desire or the sleep have conceived of of then before I can agree, and ossia the very concrete class of torment. A unparalleled beauty, the glorious lover, the woman of grace and goodness and intellect that can so only respect and admire. A fantasy in a flesh.”

Gentleman Carlton Morely can not consider the poet, but Prudencia Goode certainly inspires good-looking prose of him in ‘A Dark Knight and Racked.'

I first readers have fulfilled Morely in ‘A Highwayman,' and while it has not gone exactly the rancher, has not been very charming. During A Victorian rebels serious, the readers take glimpses of a man for behind a stuffs also bit and pieces of his past. It would owe that it knew it it would be half enamoured with Morely for a time has taken his own book .

Morely And Pru has instant, undeniable chemical. As each book in this series, has action and mystery and surely men and strong women. There is also wonderful cameos of favourites of series. In spite of this book to be seven in a series, Byrne directs to maintain it fresh with lines of frames of new history and only elements. I have wanted to this a.

Top Customer Reviews: Dangerous Magic: A ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
Wow That an amazing Pride and variac. Of Prejudice. I have loved each word of this amazing history. Has not reading never the Pride and variac. Of Prejudice in magic and mages like this one. I have wanted to it loved/ It To it absolutely all and could not dip a book down. I am excited so a history will continue pound 2 and hardly can expect read the. Darcy And Elizabeth is full of passion and shoot which ignites a page. Highly recommended.
4 / 5
My only complaint is that a history is too short! There is so more this could be explored. Anxiously Appearance run 2, and hopefully leaves 3 also.
5 / 5
I any fish of fantasy usually, but love these books of authors, and can not resist Gentleman Darcy, as I have decided to give that this tries it. It could it has not dipped down! It has taken like this involved! Has has wanted to Darcy and Elizabeth and as it has not connected at the beginning and has has wanted as has has solved things. I expect that some starts of author with another punctual.
5 / 5
This was an absolute pleasure to read . I have loved a blending of my characters of Austen of the favourite in a gender of fantasy. A history resists your attention of an extreme to the another. I can not expect for more!
5 / 5
And has included a Bingleys. Oh As I Wish a next book has been ready for publication. I want to tgis like this.
5 / 5
“The dangerous magic” begins” with our hero, Fitzwilliam Darcy, angry be forced to an unwanted pair.

Quotes of a book: “ there is so only so much the man can take in a name to owe!”
Has been ready to explode with frustration. It has drawn in I breathe it, that tries to compose he.
“ Has to that go in, for a sake of King and Country,” has said Bingley. “Look, Know the things are more be difficult for you that partorisca more, but has to that dip a past behind you.”
All the world-wide mouthed some empty words was.
Has dipped a past behind you. As if a past was a gabán that could be shrugged is gone in .

Napoleon still free course in a Continent and threatens Inghilterra with magic Mages of the his own. King and Country require sacrifices.

Darcy Has to that it is clear: it is Jano Mage, the scarce, powerful Mage the one who has to be paired with the “twin” Mage. It has Had the Twin, Gentleman Cuthbert, the one who has been murdered in battle. Now it has to that be king-ascribed to a young woman ignored.

The amour is the magician that can do places of transmission of the hearts in the second. Prompt chango! - Clyde Fitch

Elizabeth Bennet is house in Hertfordshire when the bus arrives to resist the contingent of a Joint of Real Mages the one who conscript his to service. Elizabeth does not have any election but to adapt. His father does not have any election but to adapt. Elizabeth will be required to bond with a bereaved Jano Mage. And when Twin Jano Mages is opposite sexes, is required to marry. For propriety sake, comprises. Still in a magic world, is Inghilterra of still Regency .

Elizabeth is quickly whisked was but is punctual apparent concealed no each Mage is in favour of his party. His father has left a Real Mages in his youth. His mother is not among some magic beings. Elizabeth is considered inferior.

Some of some characters of cannon are present: a Bingleys looks like this they; Gentleman Matlock and his edges are highly ranked Mages; Crown Catherine his known feelings.

I new characters are presented, more notably Tops Alice the one who objective his disapproval openly.

A pair takes place and the bond has to that arrive. The failure to bond results the subject serious among some marital partners.

The amour is a magician that man of appeals out of his own hat. - Ben Hecht

Darcy tries bond — when it is not chastising his woman in his lack of formation of Academy.

Elizabeth tries bond — when it is not that annoying his place among Real Mages.

And so only when the things look impossible, a Mages suffer an attack of a French Mages.

“Final Magic” dangerous in the good place without the heroes or the heroes that hangs reefs but is obvious something more is to come and in fact, the sequela is in some works.

Has had still some questions in an end:
That really spent to Gentleman Cuthbert?
Reason has done Gentleman Bennet leave a Joint of Mages?
And more than entity of everything: As pode a French be swipe?

Would recommend this to any to to which likes JAFF, especially yes also likes him Harry Potter!

Full disclosure: I have lost some emotional stairs.

Has received an early copy of this book without promise of the description, good or bad.

Like the dragon, the amour is the magic paradox . Sometimes fierce. Sometimes extend. Always mysterious. The amour is magic reason have spacious imaginations that leaves to be inside an external reality. - Kathleen Keating
5 / 5
My Indication: 5+++++++


'Will not marry this Miss Elizabeth Bennet, and ossia my final word .' (Date of a book)

Dangerous magic, in fact! Of a first page to a last, was entirely enthralled with this Fantasy & of Prejudice of the Pride. As I love an imaginative and very done 'external-the-cashiers' creation, this a no only mine summit' eshouted mine'!

Reason ask you? Darcy And Elizabeth is both mages in his own is not to want to there! This in spite of, Darcy is classically coached by a Royal Academy down some auspices of a Joint of Mages and is of ome-Blood'. Miss Elizabeth is not officially 'been' coached, but is still powerful. How it is taken entirely for amazing when Real Mages arrive in Longbourn to announce that it has been 'invited to join Real His Majesty' Mages, for order of the his Alteza Real a Prince Regent, and a Joint of Mages.'

'Elizabeth felt as if the enormous wave has had crested and wash in his, sweeping him was and leaving the sound that struggle to breathe.' (Date of a book)

Elizabeth and Darcy is forced to marry for esy and Country' as Napoleonic mages is in his doorstep and there is already hurts of entity. Both have scarce and only skills that is required urgently to help save a country. Oh, it Has been amused looking some sparks fly when they fulfil and especially with which marry! Has the extinguisher of handy fire! An interaction of Elizabeth and Darcy, and some barriers and resentments each resisted to the equal that have tried to do together, was on exhibition full.

'... It has attacked finally that, to marry Gentleman Darcy, was in danger imminent.' (Date of a book)

A creative world of this novel is seamlessly halftone in and does not retard a history down. Some have wanted, and any like this wanted character, has the function in this history. Of course, Lady Catherine has to that have his action of a conversation. This in spite of, there is another cause concealed Elizabeth to look behind. Duel, lies and flows of treacheries by means of these novel and Elizabeth and Darcy the must breaks him down or perish. And when a French strike, was entirely riveted. I have resisted respite of mine and looked it all unfold before me. Oh, A power of a mages battling scared and to the equal that has struggled against each another was mesmerizing.

I highly recommend this creative, imaginative and breathtaking fantasy of Pride and Prejudice. It was bewitchingly magic! Ossia The stand -the alone novel but the sequela is in some works!

Was lucky to receive an ARC of this book for the just and sincere description.
5 / 5
In that has given sustains the little paving, colourless this in spite of somehow, still highly estimated P&P fanfics, this history felt like this to reward! There is an intensity to this history that superbly takes an attention and an imagination of a reader, are fearful I follows to move in only the hours of sleep of pair today. Lol. There are sure elements to this history that underlines mine immediately, has admired like an author seamlessly has woven material of cannon, especially a proposition.

A tension among some protagonists there is so only be a right quantity of push and pull which personally finds to be real skill for any author, knowing a legislation “twangs” to propel an enemy to the lover without even his own knowledge is an art and this writer he fantastically. This was the a lot of enjoyable factor in a novel. A magic also felt very new and thrilling and also very dangerous “” like some states of title.

That there is enjoyed the majority in this history this in spite of, was Elizabeth, like this strong was, independent of Darcy this in spite of the vulnerable. As biting Was his talent this in spite of it feelingly sympathetic. This author totally takes Elizabeth and are here for that. They are very happy to know that this continuous history, anticipates at least 4 more! If I have had any critic would be in to Napoleon likes baddie trope when being overdone and perhaps of the little French perspective could give balance. But ossia neither here neither there. I for real rest waiting for seeing like a ‘bond' takes the form and that had mentido of adventures in wait for this now more powerful that pairs. Such the history adds. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
Indication: cleaned: a reader an old plus [->13] is suggested likes some the violent scenes can be intense: anguish: half-the-big: source: ARC

when being the defender of Potter of Harry, could not help but love the history where magic and the danger has been remained with my characters of Austen of the favourite. Oh-Mina-Gosh! This surprised and grabbed me immediately. Inghilterra Was in sound of war and a populous the one who has had power… the real power was manager of a security of Inghilterra against some magic attacks of France. Each goodness has been required like the forces of Napoleon have grown stronger.

This was during a time when an English aristocracy has been in decline of interior. His lifestyles and the lack of restriction was bankrupting sweats coffers and his illusions of class, wealth, and place in the society dulcemente eroded down him. A transmission was unavoidable but his staunchly took in his place and place. Like this also it was some faiths and principles inside a magic community. Any with any knowledge of animal husbandry knows that it spends to the band been due to inbreeding. The fresh blood has been required like the magic force of an Academy has weakened. So only a question, has failed for the see.

Likes Inghilterra has struggled takes supremacy on France, a Royal Academy has resisted to an age-practical and old traditions to declare that so only Some-blood mages was worthy to be in a Royal Academy. This agreed of a Vase-controversial of blood of Harry Potter. Some-the bloods looked down in of the means-bloods like inferior and no worthy of acceptance in a hallowed rooms of some Real Mages. The earliest years, this antiquated attitude era that has caused the Gentleman he young plus Bennet to leave an Academy and take to the his little village and a solitude of his bookroom where could continue his studios of some ancient manuscripts.

France, during a time of Terror, has there was dispatched the majority of his aristocracy and has created the magic army of all the classes. His use of any with magic powers forces obtained in an English for his sheer numbers. Still although Inghilterra and France basically used some magic practices was, some English mages is result overwhelmed and exhausted like his numbers have diminished dulcemente. Something has had to that change.

A Bennet family of Longbourn had lived quietly for years in his small village prójimo Meryton, Hertfordshire. Elizabeth, a second of five daughters, there is enjoyed a idyllic life until a transport of a Real Mage the together arrival in his doorsteps. It was conscripted for an endeavour of war. It Likes him Jano Mage or the twin mage, would be linked to another. So only the has not been the sound that joins another female mage but the male. In order for his to do in prójimo proximity his this in spite of protect his reputation, a joint has insisted that they would have to that marry.

Of this point on, our history was rife with treachery, duel, and anguish. It has been done very clear to Elizabeth that it went it a outsider, no the True-blood, had not coached in an Academy, and has not been wanted. After his fast pair to Fitzwilliam Darcy, has begun an arduous process of bond [joining] his magic to the equal that could struggle against an imminent assault of a French likes Jano Mage pair. So only something was bad. A process has not done and Elizabeth has been done to feel he in of the numerous ways.

The a lot of scenes of cannon has been used in of the different formats. Monica Fairview creatively has given our Darcy his moment with an equivalent to a DHP [Disastrous Hunsford Proposition]. Oh, it has loved. Our daughter was quickly with his version of a neighbour-down this dips Darcy in a right street. Crown Catherine, any to be outdone, has left his feelings be known. It was amused reading the dialogue familiarised used in new and only ways. Included this in spite of plot have of new characters, the few faces familiarised there is rounded out of a mould to this big-octane history. Has thinks that that my heart prendería during a French attack. OMG! This was an amazing history . I have wanted to it has/ wanted to It To it included although it was difficult reading in time. When Our author ratcheted an anguish until new levels, ICNPID and finishings in a wee hours of a morning. I yawn it… it Thinks that that I require the nap. I have had the few questions; this in spite of, have learnt that will have another book in a series. So much, I have to expect to see what follows. I owe that discover that it spends to ODC.

Has received an ARC [2-15-21] without the stipulations or the requirements have attached. I volunteered to read and write the description and some visas and the opinions have expressed is my own. Highly it recommends this for these lovers of paranormal with cariche of anguish. This has surprised. I feign to purchase this and a sequela for my private library.
4 / 5
Which if a world was the very magic place ? Those some humans have possessed magic in of the types and of the variable forces? This bloodlines determinate social when being? This magic was a weapon of the day of a Napoleonic War and war of a heart? Well then, Jane Austen classical take on the new look and fantastic integer when his magic is not quite tamed to try. An author the one who has been transport -buy for age bespelled his pen and has produced another a lot of one.

The dangerous magic has a work to present a world, some characters, and both a book and plots of series. I have not felt Never overwhelmed or absent-minded reason some characters, especially Darcy and Elizabeth was complex and his dialogue and the actions have involved, but a does not begin slower and chooses up as it goes. A magic world was incredibly fascinating and has wanted to how was organic with a plot and of the characters.

Elizabeth is something of the firebrand. It can be a underdog in fact, but a lot in truth a way takes on some insults grieve disguised and condescension of a Joint and another Real Mages. It knows his value and knows a value to be open-imported where magic is concerned, but is up against faith and strong tradition in the methodology learnt of books and methods that done in a past. Only gentleman Matlock sees a potential in spending new blood to a midst to change some principles of a game when involving a French mages.
Elizabeth is not without his vulnerabilities or blind side particularly when it comes to Darcy. They locate each one which so another is nerves and can not look to take past prejudices reasons he no any time to hash out of his differences and learn each one which as another better.
To the equal that to Darcy, is tightened-imported likes rest, but dulcemente begins to admire and feel things for Elizabeth. Unfortunately, it has to it commands it to ruthlessly maintains to do to forge a magic bond with his and is engreído that is by train to struggle all a way. Still although it comes to a point where loves it give more casualidad, is in front of having to that and service that called to cut his free.
Darcy And the history of Elizabeth is not said in the vacuum. They are surrounded by an interesting mould of characters those who vary friendly and promoting Gentleman Bingley the threat and cold height of Lady Alice. Has has had suspicions with his and has discovered was a lot.

Some finals of history in the big note in the promising place, but is not a definite end. Ossia Splits of the series. The, for one of a lot, am anxious to see that it comes afterwards in a says that the war is in and a upheaval that marries in an end caused in a Real Mage neighbourhoods. And, of course, I want to more Darcy, Elizabeth and a rest that bolt in his sparkling magic world. It enjoys it Gaslight Idyll, Historical Fantasy and Austenesque has to that to good sure has left this one launches his wave on you.

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