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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Vilma
Well protected in goleada, comes with a lot of capes, vesa 100 mountains, good measure for desktop, has a lot of adjustments of picture, still has a Dsub entered together with hdmi and dvi, audio mini entrance and beginning, enough light. Trace in my arms to change very hurriedly. He no come with place above manual of operator, has downloaded that of a web of place that really aided to comprise some controls advance and a sequence of so to use them. Has stereo speakers but does not expect a lot of fidelity, well for musician of backdrop of iTunes, any one very better that my old 60s radiates of transistor. There is any adjustment of his for low or offer like a EQ, but this is not the television is the monitor . Probably it attaches the small soundbar he want the good musician these touches. A very acute picture in the good prize.
5 / 5 Rodrick
My model: ViewSonic VX2452MH 24' 1080p
using during ~4 month.

Has required the second monitor to extend the exposure of my laptop. For use of work, uses likes him the second monitor for codifying and browsign internet. For use of house, the uses is to touch games, sports of clock, films/of Netflix/television. That is to say my big to age entertainemnt exposure so that I of the that uses a television that very and that is to say convenient in my room.

Has bought this after the plot of investigation in TN, IP, GOES, etc. Poster. TN The poster has the complaint that has it untrue the colours in the angle the wide plus so more concealed 160 titles. Still although I am not using he in this wide angle, does not see any distortion by heart. The resolution is very good (1920 x 1080) and is very good to have the plot of spatial for multiple windows in planting to change. It IS very easy to total too much; taken quite a lot of 10 minutes.

The monitor attaches in general and estimates a prize ( bought he in $ 120). They recommend for any case of the use since there is the 22' and 27' variable also.
5 / 5 Nannie
I very like this monitor. I have required the monitor with integrated west, so that it does not have external speakers with my computer (and does not want the). As it was preoccupied when read some of some revises concealed has said a sound has not been well. It has not founding that to be a case at all. In fact, I think that that a sound is bit it better that my old monitor. It has discovered that a parameter of factory was only in 50%, but created he until 100% with a button in a fund of a monitor, and of course still can adjust a sound in a normal road with an icon of of the one of the west, as I am happy with a sound. I am also happy with a measure of a monitor and with a clarity of image, etc. And posing it up was sper easy, which are of entity in me, so that I am no techie. Like this the monitor is exiting very well for me. Happy bought the.
4 / 5 Fawn
I have required the substitution for my big-final 4:3 Philip control. A substitution has required to have VESA provisions to locate so many can reuse an adjustable VESA mountain in Philip. I have wanted also reasonable sounding built-in of the speakers.
IS spent the considerable time those uses a VX2452MH is on-adjustments of screen, but a quality of text and fall of low contrast of the action of Philip . My evaluation has not changed after ten days of use. Another that concealed, an image is well and trace and streaming the videos look well.
A sound out of some speakers is VAL, but only that lacking of a fullness likewise small external speakers. Any surprise there, even so a volume of of the one of the west with a PC and the controls of the fully big monitor is the level of the means in better and certainly never strong. Any acceptable plan on when being more than the width of the desktop out of a monitor.
A last thing is that one diagonal this 24-1/2' any one 24' if these imports in you (A dimension of vertical screen is a same like him 19-inch 4:3 monitor, and 1/2' lower that he 21-inch 4:3).
2 / 5 Kristofer
It uses a monitor for academic work, creation of mere map, and gaming. My expectations are relatively modest - while an image is acute and there are some controls in fiddle with, is happy. A quality of the map of this monitor is acceptable in me, for the monitor of low prize. One measures of a monitor is, of course, add - is possible to aim two card-documents sized in 100% side of magnification-for-side, and has some left wing of room on. A quality of his east supremely poor. Another difficulty with a monitor is that an upper surface of the base of a support is sloped in an user. In this way that leaving the tlphonique or the pen in causes these elements in slide have been. A piece of decorative transparent plastic under a logotype to the long of a subordinated verge of a monitor is ugly and unnecessary, and a designer would have to have the leaves was - has painted the on so that it is embarrassingly ugly.
5 / 5 Lurlene
My dad has this monitor for a computer in a house. The groove WANTS TO using his computer on explodes until I have done a compraventa same I. My dad has the very good computer type ($ 140.00/hour). He surprising work, but of course can does not provide. It has Had amazon for years, as it tries to take everything of my elements of Amazon against. Treating the direct person or go in the tent. I have found this those surprises, and a better part was that it was cheaper here that with my type of computer of the dads and with some free ship 2 days. In fact I think it that it was hand-held shipping of 1 days. I want that some buttons to run to era is easy to use. It Likes him that of a continuous light in when gone back a monitor on and goes was when is being has turned has been. A quality of a screen is very good. Highly recommend it this.
5 / 5 Xavier
I have purchased this in of the marks eight months, and has to say was very money-is spent. Some colours are brilliant and some images are acute (any ghosting subject). A picture is crisp, if I am gaming or looking films. An only downside is is a built in of the speakers. I am not that it goes in lie - is quite bad. Even so, it does not think more folks purchase the monitor for some speakers, preferring the auricular use or take external speakers. I thought that it that it attach this, in case that any one has expected to buy this monitor and does not have to buy speakers later. You Bad can calm... But it is very bad. Still, for a point of prize, to well sure would recommend this monitor for general use, gaming, and films.
1 / 5 Tressa
Any well to locate,
A problem is that when was to locate them using a VESA holes of ray, 2 of some rays in a monitor pressed through and is fallen in a monitor, which are sealed. I routed the demand in Viewsonic support of technology to see that the mark excepts is problem . It is spent in 3 of one 4 has and is by train to maintain me to finish my project. Some nuts is only rattling around in a monitor and the calm can not enter to find them so that his the enclosure has sealed. Has some dialogue headed with Viewsonic support of Technology but every time has answered one of his questions only ask me another. At the end left and the jury has instrumented some holes he so that it can take some controls attached in some mountains. Frankly, I am disappointed in Viewsonic. Also you look so that I bought it on 'Amazon' was somehow the negative. Only my opinion but this are the problem has not looked to want allocution. His support was very poor. To good sure to to the note likes him any preoccupy .
5 / 5 Leanne
A problem of entity for me. A picture in this monitor is so acute and that shines this found the slightly distract. As I have to do the few adjustments in a card like dialing down a brilliance and contrast. It do not take Me bad. That is to say the greeting . Usually I take a factory default parameters and lives with them. But this in fact required some smaller changes. In fact, I am by train to use it right now.
A disk that is coming with a unit was useless in me, but does not think you very very require it.
For a road, like me all some adicins/of additions in this model as has a lot of options to limit in of the capes with 3 or 4 cards or same sound. It IS to take to count but think that avenges with west, VGA, DVI capes. It does not take seeing a HDMI the cape but I have abundance of to spare ones.
Says that it is certified for Windows 8, but looks to do only a lot in 10.
Has been useful to take this for sale, but required likes him yesterday to substitute an old dying unit. So far these laws add and is recommended strongly for any one with him desktop filled small likes him mine.
3 / 5 Franklyn
For a prize, a picture is well and has any dead pixel. Even so, a sound is so dismal that went it any one for a soundly the prize discounted has paid, would return it. It IS sad of the says would not be an exaggeration to say a sound is _literally_ very better that the semi-detached series in beat he of beat; (really... Literally). It IS it is _that_ bad. For this reason, decided in not using a HDMI cape of my computer in a screen; (which, when used, give you any election but to use one beats ingresa-system of beat of of the one of the west). Instead, it has attached my Digital DVI cape among my computer and a Viewsonic Exposure, which left me to use an external speaker. Anteriorly Uses mine (20 year) the cup of a Dell to line that it Shows there has been an optional ound sweep' attached in a fund with two small rays. I take a bar of his and he maintaining has it posing by behind this Viewsonic Exposure. It OPENS A quality of a sound matches a quality of a picture.

[Low version]: If you have to use this Viewsonic Exposure (or any Viewsonic model in this field of prize), together with a HDMI cape, when being prepared for _his_ horrible_ _ _ in that my analogy of 'a series and can he of beat' is supremely accurate. A problem with using HDMI is that it does not have any election but to use one beats internal-can sound system.

REMARCE: I have tried the little of a Viewsonic models in this field of prize. Apparently, anything under $ 150 calm take you the series and can he of beat for the system of sound. Truly it is pathetic, and is gone any one for this subject would give an Exposure 5 stars... Especially for a prize.

Top Customer Reviews: ViewSonic ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Paola
This monitor has substituted the 5-6 year 23' LG. So much, I have not gone exactly that substitutes an old relic. It say that a pointed image in this monitor is better, but only slightly better, that a LG. And, my LG old has not been some signals of IP and has been connected via VGA. So much, possibly a slightly better image is attributable in easterly be an IP the road of poster has connected HDMI more than VGA. One 'documentation' for this exposure is totally useless. Even more, a form out of the manual is only slightly more useful. Although has has used computers during 25 years, simply could be the a bit stupid person. I actuate Still to imagine was so to do a OSD that wants the to do. A lot some commentaries in a manual does not look applicable in this exposure notwithstanding a fact that that is to say marks it new exposure. A six few icons in a more right portion down of an exposure is miniscule in measure. But, more importantly, has been unable to take them to do in the to the to this would like him. A keyboard of computer has arrive-low and right-arrows of left/tones. And a ''enter' tone. It IS very earnest and easy to use. Ones 'controls' in this exposure only does not operate so
straightforwardly and simply. Again, perhaps only have still to imagine out of his correct operation, but, after being the user of computer during 25 years, this simply does not have to when being a subject. Felizmente, a defaults produced the quite decent image. Nevertheless, it would like him the be of able to fine to the compatible tune with my personnel tries which have not been still able to do for some reasons signified. Anything. As Mentioned, an image is to good satisfactory insurance. Desire of mine 7 1/2 year card of the map/of old computer was newer so that has the exposure is exited port , but, since he no, does not know that it improves in quality of image--if any one--would result to use it DP connection. Another subject with a manual is that in any one leaves to count that roughly of some elections in an on exhibition of bad screen, e.g. RTS, MOBA, FRS1, FRS2. As you Know to like the calm changes the when it is has counted not even that it is??? The material like this to well sure would have to when being counted in the manual/userguide. Any satisfactory.
4 / 5 Alida
I have bought one 1080p version of this monitor. It IS the monitor adds with the elections of the small odd creation does not want to .

A Sake: A colour is crisp and vibrant and some looks of tiny bezel really utmost (measure in the some place around 1/4' or 1/2 cm.) I classify the desires had bought two in an in the daytime first prize to look them side by side with this small of the bezel. This thing is also very thin. I have seen some images of product in advance, but in the real life is only madman like thin a poster is.

A Bad: Some emphases of the money is not orders. I did not think it preoccupy me, but that games of shiny money to the long of a fund of a poster reflects my keyboard has DIRECTED blue very brilliantly. Also, a cord to be able is no-level. I thought that it that it was able the change only out of my old monitor and covers in an anterior HDMI and capes to be able in, but this monitor has the brick to be able in and cape to be able the special. A support is not able to be the height has adjusted, which any one in fact expects in a prize, but costs to mention.

In general, still would buy another of these, and a lot is considering in of full payment a prize for the second (the mine taken $ 30 has entered First Day).

EDITA: A monitor was for sale for $ 20 was so bought the second unit Even so, this or arrived with the screen has shattered. Conscious when being that a method to ship is the small janky with this element. A box of original monitor is in the box of the main amazon with the only piece of the full paper abused (this is protecting at all). These ways some external boxes probably will be run over if other elements are stacked in the. The substitution has been shipped for free and took 4 days later.
5 / 5 Ammie
Sad has written the book here. For those of us with ATTACHING (how me), in around-up, that is to say a data of excellent monitor a prize.

For all the world-wide this wants to read a long version :-D

would give it two times launches what a lot of can.

Takes my premier ViewSonic controls behind when done of map in a late 90s that has to Windows 98. You are one 18 CRT this took on my integer desktop but was cheaper in $ 1200 that any one another comparable monitor. You are the monitor adds and served me very good.

HAS very had ViewSonics since and will admit my bias. In fact, I am using the 24 a here in my desktop likes him 2 exposure for mine Dell all-in-a (computer of subject of the company).

Bronzed In all the case, the hook wanted in the 2 monitor in my MacBook in housing so much can both shoot tethered and edits photos in the decent screen. I have not required the enormous exposure, only an improvement in the 13 exposure of laptop. I am not doing professional work as having a capacity in exactly aforar is not of entity in me. I have wanted only reasonably the faithful colour that represents, flicker exposure of emission with decent and uniform saturation exposure.

But when looking for an economic monitor has not governed out of any another and has maintained an open alcohol. I have finished with easterly an and has very been pleased with him

First first things: it enters three pieces that posed together with any tool. It bases, riser and exposure. It breaks together, limit in the cord to be able in and cape of your flavour and you are done. It IS cart recognised in Mac and in the moments are facts . I am predominately the user of windows and my experience in that is far more add and that fulfils that current versions of Win7,8, etc also has any subject with these exposures. Has the mac so that it was the present and my old desktop death on me.

So much for a monitor, his one IP the exposure and a colour is excellent and an exposure is uniform through a field of whole exposure. There is the faint bit of hazing in some verges but is a) only perceivable with the colour of backdrop very dark and b) is the characteristic of exposures of IP in general, no the failure.

Is using he for far shoot with my Cannon T6 and some utilities of Cannon, Lightroom and Photoshop CC (that sucks, for a road and I are moving in GIMP). Amur A colour, amour a measure and a clarity.

So much, for enough 15 less time that premier of mine ViewSonic monitor, apresamiento or this weighs almost at all, taking up so little spatial in mine desktop, and has the well bit more seeing zone.
3 / 5 Delmer
I have bought two of these monitors, was excited really to buy these EXCEPT so disappointed that they can any one when being is not to locate. ughhh!!! The screens are utmost and a picture is phenomenal, the sounds are good but is monitors (then , will require the separate speakers want his best), a picture am to add and good law. But sper has disappointed any one has created an adapter can buy that separately to locate these but each adapter are in $ 30 each what so, then , is better bought control that can be is you plan on in his quantity.

Is returning mine but here is nexus in some adapters to locate them
1 / 5 Spencer
Absolute rubbishes. He only the work properly the averages a time ( and is being very generous). The majority of a time takes this lovely fuschia boos in a whole screen that marks unbearable to look in. Sometimes after I restart my computer 5 times or unplug and limit a monitor behind in will return in his normal colour.
5 / 5 Jutta
Which are that it is substituting. I am in the Mac, so users of Windows mileage can vary.

In the first place, time of boot: some boots of monitor like fast like my Mac Pro 2013, if any fast plus. Time to be able up in login the screen is only down 30 bren. For a LG this is substituting, the time was 45-60 bren, sometimes longer when a monitor has not detected a signal of a computer. He the fact has to fill enclosed downs and startups with this monitor so far, never failed to detect a signal of video.

The quality of image is adapted for work of maps. Very clear, image of crisp of screen. My eyes prpers give.

Setup: It covers and game. EVEN SO: you would have to read the instructions of a manual, especially with respecting in some controls, which are not prominently marked. My no come unit with the manual, as I have downloaded he of a ViewSonic place. Apparently it is of entity to turn a monitor on before kicking a computer. I did not know it it conceal. Sack In the to some critics any has them to them legustado leans it. I want theany one wobbles at all.

Gaming: Has parameters for gaming, but since I no very gaming, can not speak with the use of a monitor for this purpose.

Gilipollas: The icons of control are tiny and hard to see. That is to say a lot of very big roads . Once an easy-in-read on-cards of pop of screen up, the calm aim you that button in of the press.

At the end, a reason has chosen ViewSonic like the mark: Each medical practice and the establishment have seen in some last five years use the, comprising for exposure of medical images (X-ray, MRI, CT scanners, etc.) If an image of screen is quite clear for medical diagnostic, some monitors have to be more concealed adapted for my purposes, which comprise applications of map, so much CG and photo.
5 / 5 Lawerence
Awesome Monitor - debated yes to give it 4 or 5 stars, has been to do 4 stars only so that his no VESA compliant (any mountain), and Very desire was so that another that that his perfect - a brilliance and contrast was utmost, esp a brilliance has been impressed by; and seeing the angles obviously are well of his one IP protect, some parameters are abundance and a monitor is TAN CLAR and PRIM!! Sper Easy setup! It was with 5 stars so that prende that classy and lustrous and the sake is, sound the prize adds. My ONLY another mini complains another that a lack of him when being mountable, is ... An excessive 'VIEWSONIC' logotypes throughout it! aka, In a subordinated verge in a front, then in big source directly down in a half of a support of monitor, and last but very less.. In still the source more orders... 'The sonic view' in of the cards of big aim in a backside of him. It Likes him ... It IS the small very! But, sper good monitor, ADDS for gaming, his supremely responsive and has not remarked any motion blurs or lag at all. The flight.
5 / 5 Deanne
State using this screen for the month and I are that they want to it. I used it predominately for work - spreadsheets, documents of Word, the photo that edits, and creation of video all look utmost. I actuate Also the looked the few films in the and was impressed also with as this clear. A sound is quite well, also, considering more very same monitors come with sound. It does not use a sound for films but for the purposes of work are well.

Setup Was breaks it has been recognised immediately. Doing the adjustments are also easy to do. Swipe around with some parameters and he provide abundant options to find a a that is to say more for your eyes. It finds very flicker at all. Also I want not having a big frame around a screen that a lot of the monitors has.

In general, ViewSonic remains a better option for monitors of quality in some better prizes.
5 / 5 Osvaldo
A monitor arrived without harm or of the defects. Work in a right resolution and refresh imposed in some first flavours with Windows 10. A default the parameters were sorely brilliant. Posing brilliance and contrast he for consolation was intuitive. All the colours and the tones looked well with camera of action of video in the daytime sunny. A support of metal has been weighed and easy to pose together. Bending A screen has been by behind good, with just a right quantity of friction. I am very impressed with this monitor. Has the option of acuteness, as I have posed he of 50 down in 0. The text looked clear and please. All has looked for to be big quality. One can has DIRECTED was white and tiny. Some ports of the entrance looked and has done well. An adapter to be able vanamente has two cords like the PC of notebook (probably the cover of different road in of the different countries). His brick to be able in era 105 x 46 x 29 millimetres, or a measure of the big telephone that stack of load. Seeing the angles were excellent. I am happy ViewSonic the poster offered of IP. I can move mine to the hovering of the plot and still voice the barn, equally backlit image. Awesome Monitor.

Law with SVGA exited of a card of Nvidia. Had groups of subtiles diagonal that down when a whole screen was clear blue. I boast a GPU, my unbranded cape of video, and a monitor could not take two megapixels perfectly synchronises sixty times for second. The still images looked well. As he he normal screens of text. I have had to to use parameters of Nvidia of poster of the control to control the points underlined, of a brilliance of monitor and controls of the contrast has not taken drawee of cut of a raw signal. I am happy that 1080p SVGA works and can be it reasonably has aforado well. A computer has HDMI beginning, like the perfection and the stability are easy to achieve. SVGA The entrance is the good characteristic if the card of map fails and has to fall behind in integrated map.

A description will be updated if any problems arise. I have been only using a product for half the day. ViewSonic Has done the first impression adds!
5 / 5 Rocio
Amur This monitor. It has Had he the year and he are lining adds

Top Customer Reviews: ViewSonic ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Fairy
Monitor well. The road has connected HDMI cape. If has the problem with black levels tries this. If has an adapter of Intel of the map enables YCbCr in your parameters by heart (or possibly any card of map is using) . This has done the world of difference in my black levels and has no launch colours. Quan Has connected in the first place a monitor in my laptop has not been well. Any quantity of messing with some controls of the monitor or the controls of laptop will remedy a subject until it enables this. Once enable it a sum of looks of the screen. It forgets a built in of the speakers for his add. Yes, they there is at all more but that is not why tea for the big exposure.
2 / 5 Freda
I have purchased this produces four month ago and only decree to do. It has been a problem after another that comprises his coverage of guarantee. In the first place, included when a monitor has done, was very difficult to adjust a volume. Any only has the button of control of the volume (this could find in all the case.) To adjust a volume, has to navigate very time onscreen aim to use the buttons veiled under a monitor.
Afterwards, a monitor has prendido to do altogether. Quan Has contacted an Amazon SquareTrade has extended service of guarantee, said has to contact a manufacturer. Quan Has contacted a manufacturer, one has insisted that it is one the fault of a HDMI connection. I have said those that had tried the two different HDMI capes that was new and prjimo-new. The tan now is routing me material the road a monitor behind so much can verify a connection. As I will be without the monitor for an extensive period of time. It was so easier and better for both of us if only I issue me the new monitor.

Needless To say, is disappointed w/ this ViewSonic the product and he can not recommend.
4 / 5 Vashti
Quality of looks of quite a lot of sake of picture. His, sake, the beginning of no. IS feeble in better and at all impressive. But a thing that problems a that lives it daylights out of me is that it is not stable. Any one touches, or the the paste of a table is seating on and fail 5 titles left or rights. Yes, any to plot, but enough to be very troubling. Button to be able to is not visible, is in a subordinated immediately adjacent in a button of card of the parameters. It can no any look very only and presses a change, has to listen below a verge to find a change. Sure when being to listen by right vanamente left to do sure takes a button to be able in and person of some another. These are quite smaller , if troubling, characteristic. As it take it 4 stars in general. UPDATE: cloak of Instruction that comes with a monitor is impressive, in 2 tongues of dozen. But this the so small fact that some any one tagged the drawings of instruction are also small to see and very does not provide any a lot of information. To scan and developing, spent that the assembly requires a 'ray' to be insert' in a first monitor and seeds a support of the round broken on. This deletes the majority of one wobbles. Too bad could not provide decent instructions.
5 / 5 Reanna
Bought to do the workstation of dual exposure out of my small laptop. A prize was well, fast delivery, easy together-arrive and the a lot of of the barn this uses my Ray dual monitor splitter in my laptop. There it was emits with other marks not synchronising up. These are solid. If I open a laptop, technically has 3 exposures. My only complaint is that a unit comes with the VGA cape in place of a HDMI cape that was well in some rubbishes. I have had felizmente the little HDMI the capes that fell around.
4 / 5 Emiko
Altogether IS happy with a quality of a monitor - am quite NETTLED with a nave... I am spent to be house while my mandate (two of these monitors and the support of dual monitor) has been rid. I have been alerted in my containers that is rid by the surprisingly strong BANG that comes from/comes from my forward of door that the listened of my room, through a door, in 20 feet have been. I have been immediately in a door and opened it to find a box (that contains a monitor referenced in a picture) in my feet. An engine of the delivery returned in his van that recovers other two boxes. It was immediately clear that a BANG has listened was an engine of delivery that LAUNCHES my fing container, in the haste. Needless To say other two containers were rid carefully in me. Desprs unpackaging All and it taking all has posed has believed up that it was in a clear and had no the fact of clear harm. But the pair of weeks later when the law headed to of house, in a computer for hours the day, has remarked a monitor that has been LAUNCHED has the odd subject with an exposure, which can see calm in a picture. A mere row of B is in Excelling shows that anything is for prender now is aiming crooked, which certainly are much more evident in person that saws picture. I say that I am nettled so that further this smaller (and blatantly unnecessary defect) some works to control exactly so expected, and this subject of logistics is an only reason is not attributing five stars. If you are reading this, unless has the jack$ $ in the person of delivery likes him , probably will be very happy with this product.

But seriously Amazon, has wanted to when being the member of premier for years now and that is to say literally a subject of premier there is has not had never. Please look in your last-logistic of one thousand so that your loyal clients do not have to treat the similar situation. It returns a product for the new one excepts one hassle only would not be worth it.
3 / 5 Lashanda
Good picture
the cheap looks
his Poor, has not expected to fly some later jams, but a sound is too poor still the launch WORDS in the register of the big quality.
Curiously, can very he same uses a headphone jack - in the to to sounds likes them to them to them the the rubbishes.

If it was ViewSonic, I curb a functionality to sound totally and has posed the few extra cents in a case he. If any need a VESA described so mountain or an useless sound, would go with a HP22CWA monitor. Has the very better mountain and is far more 'first' looking for enough a same prize.
3 / 5 Loralee
Only it take it this unit - am sure a video and the audio will be that it is looking for, while we have been satisfied with ViewSonic produced in a past. But to pose a base and be together, looks this unit there is any one to bend or adjustment of height at all. It does not think to have has not had the never the monitor could not adjust that so much for height and angle of curve. Obviously I will require to use shims to bend he to see consolation. If one bases adjustable is something concealed has to be ordered (and paid by) separately, this be as the real ripoff. Some 'instructions' is quite very-for-swimming - the types are too small to read without him magnifier, and some shows of illustration at all on curve or adjustments of height (and is too many blurry to say that show). Any video that could or. Although I can be pleased with a quality to see of this exposure, out of a box was the bit of the disappointment. If this thing in fact curves , there is not any information anywhere to say me that for the do.
5 / 5 Marshall
This monitor is feigned mostly for Windows; it comes with the container of software of the windows; it does not comprise the container of software for MAC YOU, but some basic functions still work in the MAC>

A quality of picture is also, if any better that my iMac monitor, and this is saying the plot.

Has the plot of thin plastic in one that creation any preoccupy me for mass, but for a prize, can see that I am taking that it has paid it prendi.

If your main worry is quality of picture and prize, that is to say a monitor since you.
1 / 5 Rachell
This monitor has not exited of a box even so like this the new mark? We have tried each to do functions and give was the lemon . The May will buy ViewSonic produced. They wasted My time and energy to imagine was to like him just fire!
5 / 5 Aretha
We buy this jointly with the bar of boxes of house of cupboard of upper Arcade. Return perfectly! A HDMI the connection leaves the Raspberry RetroPie in automatically turn a monitor on and has been. There are four rays in a backside of a monitor that robust controls to locate. Also it comes with the support that is easily issues removable 4 rays. Still we are when finalising of a trims in our cupboard here, but could not have found the better television to access in this cupboard.

Top Customer Reviews: ViewSonic VA2855SMH ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Anthony
It opens HAS three of these monitors are trace in my desktop those uses the Mountain-L! Articulating highland Computer of Only Arm of Desktop of Control for Monitors of 27 Inches (ME-751) and the SUPPORT SAW-V002 Monitor Desktop of Dual LCD the highland support Has to has Weighed Fully Adjustable Access 2/Two Screens until 27' (while some mountains are sold low names of different mark, is of a same manufacturer). I have begun with just some controls in hook until my laptop, has decided then the second a would do the better same life, and has completed a together-up with the third monitor as I can have the plough of multiple documents a same time. Some monitors are connected in my laptop those uses a Anker the Universal Dual exposure that Canal of Cradles with DVI/HDMI (until 2048 x 1152), Audio, Gigabit Ethernet, 6 ports of USB (2 USB 3.0 + 4 USB 2.0), 38W Adaptadora, Surface of Supports Pro / 2 / 3 and more, which are brilliant. It was with three of a same monitor besides easily colours of exposure of the party and brilliance with each another. Two of some monitors have been into use looking near for the year and the half, and a third monitor during 6 month, and each sum of still work and without pixel or very others subjects. If no for a date of the tez impresa in a backside of a monitor, could not say which are a new or more old plus . I the plot of work with text and of the documents of spreadsheet as well as the video and the photo that edits, and provides the crisp, clear exposure. Streaming The videos look utmost in these monitors. I not having aforado the since does not edit of the photos in this title and I maintain a low brilliance in all the case (how has three of them affronting me all day), but was so easy to match colour and brilliance while it have expected . It uses the system of the separate audio in a desktop as it can not comment in some speakers ( continued to buy this version of a monitor with speakers only to guarantee colour to protect these parties). He been very pleased with these monitors.
5 / 5 Albertina
I have bought this monitor after doing some investigation in of the controls. He been soyessing' with computers since 1993 and a Viewsonic the mark has been always the solid name in of the controls. This a does not disappoint ... At least in my humble opinion. A screen is acute and that shines ( bit he also that shines, has to turn down a brilliance the bit). Has good side at the side that sees angles( has looked in him of one says the angle and a picture are still acute, brilliant, and fill by heart).
With this 5 ms refresh time and 60 mhz answered, can not be an ideal monitor for gamers. Even so, in some games I game (mostly the strategy and the city in these titles of tez like the the cities Skylines, Planet Coaster, Banished and so advance) records quite well. Viewsonic Some gaming the monitors have oriented, but this a leader my necessities quite well.
In general, would recommend this monitor. Coast each penny of is prize.
5 / 5 Thao
Amur This 27in the monitor has DIRECTED! Working add and looking adds since first plugged in. That is to say my main monitor ...Centre in the 3 variety of monitor..flanked By 2 Viewsonic 23.n Of the monitors. If a small plus ones exit, will substitute with the 27 have taken. Surely buy it again. Substituted is LCD of LG older these covers. (Beaks to aim variety... It has to block a beginning :-)
3 / 5 Burton
This was to be the second monitor to go with a ViewSonic VA2702w has purchased in 2010, these utmost still looks and good works. A monitor a new plus is not for apropar- a quality of a monitor an old plus. Some looks of exposure as you are seeing he through the thin film of slightly of plastic aim sheeting. Tried to adjust he unsuccessfully, still any comparison in a monitor an old plus that side of chairs for the side with a picture still has aimed.

Has moved he in another computer in of the works, a duller the exposure is not perceivable like the support only monitor. But side by side an old monitor has paints more brilliant and crisper the picture and a monitor a new plus could not be adjusted to match.

Some speakers are absolutely horrible, has not feigned to use them but has tried to era, has it tinny to to the sound likes him take one hand-held radio-the transistor has lined is of 1970 is sounded likes him.
5 / 5 Riva
ViewSonic VA2359-SMH 23' IP 1080p HDMI Frameless HAS DIRECTED Monitor
is pleased totally with my new monitor. An exposure is vibrant and acute, and can see he of any angle. My premier ViewSonic the monitor was the monster in of the nicknames of measure and printthis was almost done 25 yearsbut enabled me to do a fine map required for my work. I am happy to see that ViewSonic still offers the product of quality in a prize abordable. I have paid Much more for my premier a, and he no in that has it anywhere apropar- some capacities of exposure of a current model. State using a monitor during 5 month now, without subjects or of the problems.
1 / 5 Kyra
It controls no recognised for 2 different desktop PC (a Dell of new mark XPS running Windows 10 Pro and a system an old more than Windows 7 of races Pro) after the tentativas multiple to upload engine. Image slightly blurry / soft and a colouring was spite entered of my better endeavours in tweak the parameters saw so much a monitor he and one YOU. I gave me the headache. (My old HP 2311x do to control perfectly in both systems.) ViewSonic The support of technology has said that it was my adapter of exposure - is not , this work perfectly with other monitors. Dell Coasts of the technology there has not been any response, and said me 'Only use your old monitor.' Sadly, That is to say that it has to do for now.

The investigation in of the forums has revealed that ViewSonics any always touches well with Windows 10. This in in one to any one liked him to him his Windows 7 or even so. Perhaps only it take it the defective element. Envoy for repayment. Disappointed while it has had good luck with ViewSonics in a past. Also - FYI - this produces only comes with the VGA cape. I Liked him his of a support even so.
5 / 5 Francisco
That is to say for a VA2759-SMH 27'. I order one 23' by deception and reorder one 27'. One 23' has not liked him me and tried to annul one 27' but lose a limit. I have decided to go forward and it tries one 27' inch and flight he. If you are thinking to buy the mark sure takes one 27 '. A better monitor has never has had. Has 3 24' Samsung in my desktop in of the works and 2 Dell 2415 and 1 VA2759-SMH ViewSonic. Also I have data only my threads my ASUS VH238H. Again that is to say that has own in some last 3 years. Has own a lot of some years.
5 / 5 Larisa
That is to say the well quite picture , well and that shines and clear. They take for the temp monitor for the trip, the 'burner'.

For the ports take old school VGA or HDMI - any one DVI or Port of Exposure / mini DP. VGA The cape is comprised, but HDMI is not comprised; that is to say very while it plans advances. If you are using VGA, comprises some type of cape the road a sound, although I did not try it. If using HDMI, can confirm this sound comes through a monitor (supposing your laptop retreated concealed; I am in an old more Macbook Retina)

Some speakers are absurdly tinny, thinks 1970 radii of transistor, and to to the sounds like them is coming from of some road of imprecise point by behind a monitor. Since I am in that use likes him the monitor does not import , but the be only has warned. For any film these looks, plan for other speakers or auricular; the television of informative would be passable.

A monitor is accidents in the leaves to base pvot up and down, that is to say. For they go left and rights, can move a base. And any rotation of road of the portrait in this model of estimativa; it can suggest one of a Dell the control wants to concealed. Although a mountain and the base are 'plastic-and', in a low term that it is in fact very really bad; hurriedly can break one bases on and was No sure has any VESA highland options, I any one very control.

Some looks of decent packaging; I will be to use an original box the house of retreats of the road. Monitors that takes shipped around the plot at the end can prender, as having to buy cheaper ones. This a does not look any worse that another to the respect.
4 / 5 Raeann
Some problems by heart experimented has been related in a default engine for this monitor that is erroneously has configured. Included an engine in a ViewSonic the place is erroneously has configured. These subjects to control used of RGB Limited by default, included after resetting in default using a monitor OSD. This can be it inner fixed Nvidia/AMD/software of Intel of Poster of the Control.
Nvidia Signal of control: Down resolution of Change, beginning of together dynamic field of limited in full
AMD Poster of Control: Down format of Pixel, pose of RGB Limited in Full RGB.
Intel Signal of control: Down field of Quantification, pose in Full Field.

Original description:
If it only wants the cheap monitor and the prize are more than importing that precision to paint then that is to say the definite to buy since you. This monitor is IP but no the good IP. They announce 'ultra-wide' angles to see except some angles to see in fact very narrow. The narrow tan that I have to be chair directly in front of a monitor and at least 3-4 feet of a monitor. Also, the precision by heart is poor and the colours are washes was, especially yellow, oranges, and some red. Last but any less this monitor has horribly brilliant black.
5 / 5 Lessie
It IS the monitor adds . The quality of image is stellar. Also, and enough surprisingly, some speakers are well; they are stronger and clearer that the speakers of my laptop that is is of the premium has attached.

Of course, a gist is that that is to say 27' monitor, with an IP protect (sakes of view of all the angles), two entrances of video (HDMI and VGA), audio 3.5mm in and audio 3.5mm was, and two speakers.

In Sewing it to to him likes him-them it:
Two entrances of audio. If you are using a HDMI has entered of video, can choose a source of audio (audio-on-HDMI or a jack 3.5mm). That is to say well and flexible. Note even so it conceal is using VGA, is only a jack 3.5mm.
Can change among entrances of video with a click of button. Well.
Can attach powerful external speakers require (continuing an audio 3.5mm was).
Can locate he with the VESA mountain (100X100).
Some controls of screen are usable and well.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Aisha
A lot it wants this monitor. State using the VX2770 in fact a lot of years now and this one is very similar.

An only thing is a backlight bleeds is HORRIBLE. All four corners. It IS so perceivable is impossible to ignore. I have decided that it exchange the to try to take the unit without backlight bleeds. Another critical change declared five times to take the good monitor.

Update 12/13/2018:

Recv'd my first substitution of Amazon - this unit is has broken totally. Curiously IT IS has no backlight bleeds, but looks any one has stabbed a monitor with the screwdriver or is fallen he to the point. A whole screen is unworking/broke. Third times are the charm expects?

12/18/2018 Update:

Took my third monitor...And while any broken - has significant backlight bleeds that is not fixable. To arrive to this point gives this unit is not the good election if never the plan has dark fund (the photo or the video that edits, games etc)

An only redeeming the thing in this whole process was facilitated of Amazon of change and police of tower...Still although it takes misinformed me, the amazon has cured of me with credits.

I the just desire there has been the properly working monitor. Probably return it easterly unit
5 / 5 Jamison
It IS the BIG monitor . ENORMOUS. He maxes has entered 1920 x 1020 pixels, as it is HD but any ULD or 4K. But that it is well, so that my old eyes require the big monitor with big pixels. The majority of the enormous monitors do not look very when scaled in 1920 x 1080, but this a good east. He same looks very prende gaming that World-wide of Warcraft.
5 / 5 Lorena
That is to say the monitor sized full adds. With ViewSonic the downloadable software can leave a screen in a lot of, a lot of, seen different. Very thin, easy to install, game and covers only
I , in a future, monitors of compraventa only with two HDMI has entered that it can be controlled with 'in exposed of screen'. Calm give you a lot of options expecially yes operates remotely. If it does not have this special requisites, this monitor am adds.
5 / 5 Dacia
Fast Pro/Gilipollas:
HAS speakers, but any control of volume.
Has entered of multiple video, but any control of rotation.
IS come with HDMI and cape to be able in, the monitor is lustrous, the support is elegant and robust.
The ships of level was very fast.

My implementation is dual-monitors, suspended of a ceiling. (The other way around). The lack of control of ways of rotation: Any ROKU, Any soyelted'. PC is required for video; the beginning has to be able of 180 video of the rotation exited of signal.

Very happy with with quality of tez and packaging. Flawless control of quality.

Highly recommended for regular installation with control of external volume. Perfecto for the monitor consecrated and independent of PC.

5 / 5 Dennis
That is to say to use for documents, any gaming or videos. I have not tried any tests of balance of the colour. Work well for work of dispatch, well of looks and modern. Has 2 matching the units have purchased the few months averts. The brilliance/by heart looks the small different among one 2, while they are side by side in of the different angles, but very that distracts he so that has no turbulent messing with some parameters.
1 / 5 Jermaine
Perhaps you are the bad batch . But one 1 monitor has had extreme backlight bleeds problem, mostly in a left side (situates of voice). I have ordered the substitution but only likes him predicted a second a boss was better. There is slightly better controlled light in a right but a left side was included worse.

And no, does not see was looking something those shines in a screen. And YES voice he with anything dark, as he screenshot of youtube the video has comprised. It IS bad during a day, is included worse at night. Any class of gaming or the dark videos these controls the nightmare.

A thing of only positive in this monitor, well monitor very real, but a packaging is supremely mere and the marks to return breaks it to him relative. That is to say a lot a thing of well only in this product.


Shame on you Viewsonic.
5 / 5 Andre
I WANT this monitor. I want to it went it a box . Has did not have to do very adjustments. Only I am using he for work, any gaming. I took it only so I have not tried anything more. I will update if my changes of opinion. A monitor is very lustrous and has opened up so room in my desktop. I am planning to locate he in a next pair to days. Having a capacity the mountain is a reason has purchased this monitor. Fulfilling that a support is robust and retreated a very good monitor. I have not tried a sound still. I will update my description with this indication once uses it. If calm only is looking for the monitor to use that is to say a compraventa astounding for a prize.
5 / 5 Stasia
During 40 years in computing has enjoyed always a quality of some sonic monitors has seen. I have used that it hang them several years but because of his cost was unable to take them for use of personal house. Quan Has found this model and an exceptional prize in Amazon, has purchased the. It IS wonderful state . Utmost measure, colour, and clarity. I am not thrilled with some buttons of adjustment in a backside, but is adjustable. Some speakers are pertinent but a system of external west is very better.
5 / 5 Leandra
For me that is to say a 'AWESOME MONITOR'!!! A box has entered the small attacked up and was preoccupied that something would be wrong with him but I the unpacked, poses the up, plugged he all the and 'CREATURE of BOOM'! A picture is incredible and some diverse measures of the resolution concealed has had is only adds. I have been always the adherent of ViewSonic but was always the small more than that has wanted to to pay but is very happy was with ViewSonic this time. Like An auxiliary monitor in my HP 4K Spectre he a trick!
5 / 5 Mathilda
An on/was the change is fallen out of my two old year LG, that represents the very-for-swimming. As it Looks in other marks have take had the small more Viewsonic monitor in a past, as I have decided to try easterly unit So far am pleased. An exposure is well, some controls the much more robust look that a LG, and was easy to pose up. With these monitors this big plus takes some time to imagine out of the preferences in of to to the things likes them to them the road of screen, brilliance, blue filter...Etc. But out of a box this one has done enough well. Hopefully, That is to say the very better election for me that a last unit

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Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 Doria
The cost has checked the A lot of EXCEL SPREADSHEETS W/2 27' MONITORS That he The EASIEST FACT that DOES WITH 2 Or MORE WHOLE SPREADSHEETS Or At the same time.

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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have saved the plot of the money with this monitor renewed to add of computer. Usually, his very hard to find the monitor of the big quality without paying well in the $ 100. I have paid only $ 66 comprising nave. My monitor does not have maculas or scrapes . In fact,and it can not find any defects.. I want a 22 screen of inch with his vivid colour and resolution. Like this, it saves some money and purchase the renewed ViewSonic monitor.
5 / 5
I have believed at the beginning that that this was the bad product , BUT was been due to error of operator. Once all a correct picture the parameters are adjusted he has the picture adds and is only a right measure.
2 / 5
I hammer The quality is cual expected, work well for my purpose but a support are not vertically adjustable and too many chairs near in a base. A Dvi the cape does not have room to be plugged in a monitor without tension to be attached in a connection of monitor. Otherwise This monitor is no different of a lot of another where the entrances are very inconveniently situated that to be or too close up joint the doing the challenge for any concealed does not have some hands of the small boy to limit and/or unplug some diverse capes, or too much down - owed the basic low conference - like this not leaving quite clearance for the cape the heavy plus like the hdmi in low trail of a point of connection in a monitor and curve outwards in wherever the require to go to limit in a tram outlet cual so much and the causes have declared already additional tension in the connector of entrance of a monitor. Ive Has had enough sake of luck with ViewSonic the monitors but that grow never more disturbed with an ergonomics of these and other models.
5 / 5
My dad there has been the 20' ViewSonic this bit a powder after ten years. In 91, it was able to substitute an original with east an only to disconnect an old monitor and that connects a walnut one in some same capes. It IS happy with a quality of an exposure while it is also or better what that has.
5 / 5
For a prize has not expected a lot. Some the black levels are decent in the a lot of lite room. Some details were good and crisp. An only thing is a light the bleed of some inferior plus verges down yes is seeing altogether darkness. You can change that up through a parameter with him is proportionate software (Windows of CALM road).
5 / 5
The quality adds, clear-weight, very easy in hook up, and the prize is well!
1 / 5
I in the orderly principle (8) of these monitors. A measure and the prize were right and at the same time (4 month ago) returns a bill. A first month, one of them fatality, after 3 months the second fatality, fact 2 days, the third is died. With a first monitor, contacted Viewsonic and substituted it, has not contacted the still in an another two but punctual.

BUYER BEWARE, this model or batch that has been produced to the time that one (8) has been produced that bought is LEMON! At least a Viewsonic the guarantee done by a premier a, hopefully law for a the prjimo two also. 3 Out of 8 it is not the sign of reliability of good product, be so cautious when buying this model. I expect a rest 5 last longer, but so far is not them expecting do so.
1 / 5
Using a Nvidia GeForce GTX 560 Calm in the Windows 7 boxes and some better DVI-D the capes could find anywhere for these monitors of twin, both phantom of monitors horribly in a point for unusable be. A Dell the controls have substituted was far upper in quality of image. We have tried each pose Nvidia and has re-run some dozens of ClearType of tool to time where each option in this tool is a objectionable election. We contact ViewSonic support of technology and has been said that we have to use a VGA (equivalent?) Connector to be able to adjust a parameter of acuteness, which are road has posed obviously too big. A photo of one of some monitors is published. It opens it Has to buy DVI-in-VGA the conversores and the flavour adjusts equivalents of low parameters. If this no the work is by train to return them.
4 / 5
I have wanted the cheap DVI/VGA monitor with speakers to connect in the laptop that canal of cradles. I have not wanted to listen in musician or of the films of clock - just an occasional that-in the video with any tongue and similar material where quality of the sound is not of entity. I do not want the pair of the external speakers that takes for on room of desktop.
For quality of image, thinks this $ 75 monitor is very well for a prize. For quality of his, VAL for me but would not be to look films or listen in musician - but has other devices for these things.
My anterior version of this monitor lasted of 2006 thru 2018 and still class of works. As I have decided to give ViewSonic another test. His only been the little of the days but everything are well.
Has downloaded engine for Win7 32 bit of a ViewSonic place of the web and has installed without problem.
So for my purpose (speadsheet, occasional Gimp the photo that edits, etc) these acts to control well.
A problem: his support lines a monitor in the fall of gesture and is not adjustable - the mine is at present in the 3' fat book. He also slants sends the small - I has bolstered up with the small wedge. I think that a monitor of adjustable support would be the small better but does not use a computer has semi-detached very and the consolation traded for prize. There is the VESA described so trace so it can enter it a adjustible VESA is has wanted the little more dollars.
5 / 5
Viewsonic, IS, in my opinion, one of some manufacturers of better monitor. This monitor am to add - quite small, has cord-minders in a back and all some ports of right adapter.

An only negative (for me), is that it is quite clear, like the monitors go. Easy to move around, but sometimes paste in him and the attack on.
Undisturbed IS well. Only the adjust advance and behind - any bell and whistles here... But for a prize, is the monitor adds .

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Clementine
Pose in the dispatch of house for my woman, and need the pair of monitors with quality of good picture, time of reasonable response, and vesa mountain. It does not expect these types to be gaming monsters or for map of big intensity. They are designed more for use of basic computer, but cual they , they well. They are trace in a vesa clamp of desktop easily, had more than enough ports to satisfy necessities of entrance of the video, and is clear and brilliant. It IS also very any one to have that treats to imagine out of that to do with a desktop is more the monitors comes with that only no precise . That is to say the BASIC good monitor . Cairo In something the majority of expensive bit wants fast gaming or impressive graphic support.
4 / 5 Tona
It buys 20 of these Monitors now for my dispatch and is to exit well. Paying anywhere of $ 94-$ 114 among the staples and The Amazon are the exposure of decent subject . Well in $ 100 and take the 22 ' , Full HD poster with the displayport entered and built in the speakers and he are VESA the cosy mountain. This was exactly cual looked for to substitute some of a poster of LCD of the aging with this proportion of annoying square appearance. The quality of picture is exactly cual expected of 100 poster, but very well so that use for the. Mostly it does of dispatch and Electronic Medical Records.
5 / 5 Sixta
I have ordered 10 of these to substitute LCD older, smaller in desktops of employee. They have entered 3 different warehouses. All arrived in the condition adds, the installation was the breeze , and they all does perfectly. Any dead pixel, any dead port, all some functions and the characteristics do perfectly.
5 / 5 Simon
Works very well for general use. It has not used for big-final gaming. The bezel IS the fat bit - can not being the ideal is building to wall of video setup. DisplayPort Has entered, but any displayport is exited as it can the very when being pas used by daisychaining.

Attaches to buy for final-control general use.
3 / 5 Shanna
In the first place, it reads some details carefully like these monitors do not have HDMI. Prpers Having said that, some Ports of the exposure in both monitor is died. As have have to conversores and multiple cords only to take these to do. Once I am utmost monitors . Very disappointed with a lack of HDMI but this was my failure any one to do my investigation.
5 / 5 Jona
Only it take it my new together of ViewSonic 24' yesterday. The packaging was excellent, like the small case.
Ray of van very on in my Ergotron support of steel.
Has resulted that these ViewSonics is in fact slightly main (and heavier) that my DELL older 24s.
Has had to only a bit the plastic powder has taken in some clamps, and snug down some hinges grupal.
Has required two 1/2' wrenches.
Ploughed, each sake.
Highly recommends these.
4 / 5 Johnna
One of some monitors looks to have the loose connection in the some inner place. If I the tone, or confrontation my desktop apresamiento, or after the drawer with panache, the black goes. The stays to be able to on, even so. Sometimes seachuta'; sometimes I have to it beat it it was and on. Another that concealed, some screens are well.
5 / 5 Mikki
It uses the system of dual monitor in my dispatch of house. I am an accountant , as any gaming. I do not want disorder with my card of video, which has had DVI-D capes in my old monitors. I have ordered two of these monitors, plugged the in, and has done absolutely at all more. They have done first time. I have not had to adjust the only thing. They are very clear, accesses amiably side by side and a refresh the tax is sum . Any complaint at all. And a prize was adds.
5 / 5 Annis
It is not the exposure of game of big action, so that a time of reaction is slow. But, he the dispatch ADDS and exposure of work.
2 / 5 Floy
This monitor is announced that having the 7ms time of response, but does not have any road that is accurate. Text of the displacement likewise takes blurry fast, and a parameter of time of the response in a monitor only changes a blurs of aim in black.

All want to is the monitor to read web of places and emails on, then is well. But you are looking video or touching anything faster that solitary, give spend it.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lacey
I am spent the weeks to match this look through several monitors before at the end deciding in these. It comprises images of my anterior setup of the 24' LG FOCUSED and 2 LG 22' FOCUSED versus 2 27' ViewSonic VX2757-MHDs. This description will be very time I so that it comprise the TL;Dr. In a fund.

IS an avid gamer and also instructional the laws to design this requires enough the bit to time to do house. My games comprise Fallout 4, Witcher 3, any Civilisation can find, Age of Dragon, a trilogy of Effect of the Mass, and a lot of other heavy games maps. Instructional The creation requires enough the bit of work with photos and of the images as well as requiring be precise in of the creations and of the contrasts. Enough it demands the bit of my instrument and required to update some controls to match. Compared in my anterior setup, could any one when being more pleased in my election of these monitors, included having them prende only 10 hours at the same time of this clave.

HAS my port road connected primary of exposure to take advantage of AMD FreeSync and has seen the enormous improvement in my gaming. I bond my squad specs down. Witcher Games in Ultra graphic with absolutely very lag included when surrounded for enemies in the big fight. I have used to sudden of the screen these tears but that it is now the thing of a past. Running Fallout 4 is how have the game of new mark, especially during a night when some kicks of black stabilisation in and leave me view in some far better shadows that had been able in before. For any one looking for his premier FreeSync able monitor, A lot would recommend to choose this up.

For any-gaming, a monitor has been also the big step up in creation and general entertainment. At present I am looking Ender Game while I write this was and can not think that an image is looking is better that one 60' Vizio 1080p has entered a room. The colours are rich and clear, any ghosting for tongue likewise in a the majority of hectic sequences, and matched with AMD Radeon parameters of the cinema there is any comparison for the film these looks. I actuate Also the connected both monitor in my laptop of work (any question specs, is shameful) with exceptional results. A company written for uses 80' exposures in our rooms and having these two monitors leave me in truly comprise what our students will see when my formation is presented in them. It time spent with so PowerPoint (c soyencima, knows is a lifeblood of companies) and Articulate Plot in these monitors and has the hard time that knows will have to returns in a dispatch the Monday that the uses far instruments worse.

A setup of these monitors was supremely easy. The packaging is well has thought was and had any one of a tug and tension to take some monitors of his packaging that all active experimented in a past. That is to say he 27 ' monitor so that has the small to wobble in the is pounding down in your desktop but this would have to when the be has expected. If you do not want a wobble, spends the bit of plus and take the mountain has ensured. I have had once these cabled up, or with aiming port an another HDMI, both monitor was recognised immediately and a picture has been washed has been. The basic brilliance and contrast was posed supremely big when exited of a box, presses the buttons of the pair and calm this priest of fast. Like the pair other commentaries have declared, some buttons are localised in some last of an exposure in a corner a right plus down. They are the light ache to treat but will take through him. In 20 minutes have had so much some the parameters of the monitors and my parameters of card of the graphic images done and perfect in so many.

Purchase these monitors, period. Without going in a $ 400+ field for exposures, will not find the better mix of response and quality.

Will update in the little of the weeks after more time is spent.

My squad
Win 10
AMD FX-8350 (Vishera)
16GB HyperX DDR3 669MHz
Gigabyte GA-78LMT-USB3
MSI AMD Radeon R9 390
5 / 5 Claris
Out of a box, A ViewSonic VX2757-MHD is posed to look well in the shelf of tent. That way is posed in sear some retinae in 60 no in the domicile of a half User. Even so after downloading an ICC Profile in Displaylag.com and using his parameters and tweaking the tad further on my own. This monitor absolutely is impressive. With Freesync enabled the games are Butter softens in my I7, R9-390 squad. The films and The Videos are gorgeous and rasgar free. The text is crisp and easily readable and in general for a money paid and is ecstatically happy with this monitor. I recommend this awesome little support to control also (included finds a) One 3M MS110MB Easy Adjusts the monitor is. You ARE join better that an original support comprised with a monitor. A a real ding has.
5 / 5 Stephania
Point of good prize in $ 179. I have bought this so that has the displayport and that it is all had left in my card of video. I am running the triple together-up. That is to say a half monitor and has two 24' monitors in the each side. It IS brilliant, crisp, (almost also that shines--but now mine another look of control pallid). My eyes are not some uses of road to be and these helps--quite the plot. Gesture to call-up, my card of video EVGA 1050 research to be able to say that monitor is on and what to use. I touch Devil 3 and is adds. I am assisting University and prefers has 2-4 Word of Microsoft docs has been in a side. It runs a lot, much fresher that any one of my two 24' therefore has to suppose that it is using less energy that a small plus ones.

Has thought to buy the 30' but is pleased that buys the 27' is quite 24% elder that it 24'. This has 311 inches have square versus 252 inches have squared in the 24' monitor-- is quite big and thinks that that he 30 would be on age.

My only complaint is some puts to control up 4' of a table. Mina 24' the monitors seat up 2 1/2'. An upper verge of this monitor is quite 2.5' big that an another and casually quite 2.5' the elder concealed that it was considered ergonomically correct. Your height of eye would have to be quite level with a cup of a monitor. This one has a nonadjustable support and yes can would buy the support that was 2.5' lower.

Has been to buy a Asus has seduced by 'fast substitution,' but has found too many complaints that signify that his service has faltered and if a monitor failed--you will not take the fast substitution. I will trust ViewSonic 3 guarantee of year.
2 / 5 Goldie
I have bought this produces 58 days ago. In the principle the could not take a HDMI port to do, but has not had time in troubleshoot. Quan At the end has taken a time, has discovered that a HDMI the port in a monitor is in fact defective. While Viewsonic is handling these down guaranteeed, has to pay a load to return and expect of 5 in 10 days. I am not very pleased with a service or coverage. It was much happier with the one of alike road sized Dell the control has data in the has sawed-hard-working. Some colours in a Dell looked more brilliant and a plus responsive monitor.
5 / 5 Mora
We buy this for our when being 'television,' so that we do not want to have a real television (and provider of cape, blah) in our house. We buy the $ 40 cord in hook he until our iPad (and/or iPhones), hooked in the $ 20 together of speakers, and is looking Netflix and Prime of Amazon in a big screen! Law like the sleep! This monitor has good resolution, is pleased perfectly with him.
5 / 5 George
The monitor adds, any complaint. The only disappointment is in a essponded question'. This can have come with the DVI cape done 3 years when a question was in the principle has asked, even so he no anymore (Apr 17) - does not blame of a manufacturer, as any star was. The mine is come with VGA and HDMI, which are accurate in a description (that it would have to it has listened in in a first place) : ' Contain of Container: VX2757-mhd monitor, cape to Be able in, cape of Audio, VGA cape, HDMI cape, Guide of Fast Beginning, and ViewSonic CD of Wizard'. It listens in a description and any some descriptions of 3 years. If the use needs a DVI connection, attaches that DVI cape in your cart now, as I do not have to to expect likes him the mark!
5 / 5 Antonette
Sper-Fast delivery - was the tear in a container where one shipping the number in the zone to write opened of a container even so all was very inner because of a cure of the interior taken ensure a monitor. Monitor excellent also and advances of use of look he for the longitude while with the variety of connections. I have not taken the dp/dvi the connector can not take has been supposed in but everything is very had has ordered the port for several connections he so that it was able to use hdmi with laptop and desktop. No the lustrous the screen the calm fashionable more than fashion although I prefer lustrous this one has the beak adds and is very satisfied with purchase of mine on all the appearances to order to take and a wow moment to see begins up and the show was :) Highly recommend for all the types and the prizes are awesome for a measure to add and quality!
4 / 5 Karla
In general I really like a monitor. I am using my laptop and powering a monitor saw HDMI as well as that uses the mouse of Bluetooth and keyboard like my second dispatch. I think that that some colours are well and in general the clear exposure, but listen the tad has washed was. It can be a monitor or could be a laptop...The exposure of the laptop is slightly richer in colour. Tan very want to only attacks it his era 1/2 of the star. Otherwise, IS surprised to discover has the speakers have built in. Any one initially cures and although they are built in... They sound decent and better that my laptop and to use HDMI, any extra cape to spend sound.
5 / 5 Barrie
I want to this so monitor that has ordered the 2 a (7/14/16 and 12/5/16). A current prize is the roads adds in $ ~182...Mina 1 one was bit it more in $ ~220. They seat side-for-the side plugged in mine 2015 MacBook Pro with Retina (or road mini-DisplayPort (aka Ray) adapter in DisplayPort...The another road HDMI in HDMI). One measures of the screen and the quality of picture is sum to touch in the first place-presents shooter games like Battleground 4 as well as normal 'work of dispatch'...Especially for Visio drawings.

Remarks to situate admin: some dimensions have listed in a description of product is bad. According to the web of place of a manufacturer, some dimensions have quoted here in the amazon is for a packaging (in a box to ship). Some dimensions of real product are 25.2'w x 19.3'h (short to subject the crown of monitor...15.8'h unanchored) x 9.8'd, which has verified with the measure of tape.
5 / 5 Otilia
Viewsonic IS the leader in of the controls of computer! I have paid $ 170 therefore VX2757 27 inch, 1920 x 1080p, 75Hz, 2mS monitor. It IS well, it is hurriedly, and does not break a bank!

A 27 measure of inch that of 10- 2018 east to the point of good prize. You can easily turnip' two side of windows for sustains and voices so much clearly with this screen of measure. And the calm will not find the best looking monitor in this period of prize.
Goes forward, Buy it!

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Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
3 / 5 Almeda
A lot it wants like this produced, but several elections the creation leave me that it listens that that is to say a product when any preoccupy concentrates.

The left wing is to take that beginnings of a first road:

1. A poster is good quality and a OSD good law. The text is clear, the colours are well, and any rights of blue glare out of a box, or said of another way,, an image is comfy. The brilliance has Been posed in 100% out of a box. I am fallen he in 50%.

2. One 7.9 under lbs the weight the portable fact, which are that it wants to move he around a house or take in of the clients. Some thin bezels gives it the modern look with the big screen-in-proportion of organism.

3. Also it have it a verge-in-taken of glass of the verge with the alleged Moh level of hardness of 7 - which do not create at all, like scratches of the glass in of the levels 5.5, and hardened glass in around level 6. Only I can expect this screen will resist scuffing (in the protective case) while exposure in a NVH of my trunk.

4. An integrated USB 3.0 hub (version 1) is better that competing products that only has USB 2 or only an upstream nexus for a touchscreen.

5. Touchscreen A lot of laws - any problem.

Opens, the left wing is taking in some subjects:

1. Some coverages of port in both sides of an exposure is not only difficult to take but an already broken tab a day still has taken an exposure . This was in my tentativa 3 to take one of some coverages, and was careful. As it IS this hard supposition does not have any idea.

2. A built-in the speakers are only atrocious. Very I can not say the thing of well only enough the, another that perhaps that has something in place of at all. It imagines the radio of the transistor of one 70 east. No, no the radio of new transistor, but he 50 old year unit that is what bad some speakers are. It IS it likes him an only founds to build the quite big cavity in a case and says 'There!'

3. A supply to be able is positively tiny, as why is that it was not integrated in an exposure to start with with? And would have abundance of spatial consider my next point...

4. It likes him to him another has remarked, all the ports are in a side excepts a the HDMI port, which are in an another side, in a cup of a cavity. Why? That class of corporate laziness has caused this decision to look well? If they have moved a HDMI port in an another side, there abundance of spatial for the built in supply of faculty. As it IS now, if precise use HDMI, the capes that initiates sides of an exposure, as it forgets the container your together capes for the cleanest look. More, of a HDMI the port is in a cup of a cavity, need more probably to pose a monitor atasca down to limit he in, something any one other precise ports since is to sides of affront. Do ViewSonic marks a lot the usability that flavours at all with this exposure? It looks he likes him any one has data the frack.

5. A rubber in a support is stickier and has the patch of the contact the big plus that some feet of rubber in a fund of a poster. Quan Flavour in recline an exposure, is the preference is from now on of slide so opposite in back. That is to say bad like your keyboard is much more probably in-front of a poster. If you want to recline he properly, has to achieve behind and adjust of a support. Again, any one in ViewSonic marks the test of mere usability in easterly? Any one the response is any one or, like the sum of some defects suggests, simply has not given the frack.
3 / 5 Will
Some black is dark grays and some aims are very clear grays, included with 100% contrast, 50% brilliance, and parameters of native video. This would not have to spend for the normal MVA type of exposure (read more in TFTCentral the point has SAWED United Kingdom of point.
Like Another critic (Roy Eduardo Kokoyachukon Leaves 20, 2015) has mentioned two and the marks of half year, has planted a ViewSonic TD2430 monitor, side-for-side with my Toshiba portable of the satellite and a difference are obvious.
A manual of the owner is childish and a datasheet the document is with omissions and of the errors (legend of components and I/Or connectors).
Is estimating a monitor with 3 stars, but that is to say very subjective. If you consider that included the cheap telephone has the better exposure (and has the plot other functions), curve more in the 2 indication of star.
Also, has purchased a guarantee has extended that plan to return beside a monitor for the repayment.
5 / 5 Tyisha
It take this today and is in absolute amour. Has the inability and he can not use the mouse for more than the few minutes. Has this hooked until my Surface Pro 3 and has been at all shy to surprise. He been in my computer for hours with zero ache, and this monitor has remained fresco and a lot responsive a whole time. I will be to purchase this again in a 27' version.

UPDATE: I have purchased one 27' version also for use of house. Also it was on-line screen and found protectors for these two monitors of monster. It can any one when being any happier with purchase of mine. I use or in my room and he run 9 hours the day every day. The May takes It warm and a screen the touch is very accurate and sensitive.
4 / 5 Alona
I have not comprised that the touchscreen the monitor requires SO MUCH the cape of exposure and the usb port, and has been in an industry of computer for almost 40 year. It has supposed that with usb lean so much a monitor and touchscreen with a cape. It IS sadly he deceived. You will require to use two ports in the laptop, the connector for an exposure and the port of USB. It does not think that it is to say obvious of a description. Has the Lenovo Yoga X1 Gene 3 and has capes everywhere.

OTOH, Work perfectly and is very pleased with my compraventa. A Lenovo Thinkpad USB-C UltraDock is in of the mandates and would have to clean in these capes :) I will maintain you it has updated...
4 / 5 Celine
I have bought this monitor for the show of trade in demo an application (had the flipped 90 titles to look the tablet/of tlphonique). Some looks to control really well for purposes of the general exposure and has listened a touch was accurate and has had good sensibility.

An only reason has not given this monitor 5 stars (maintains in the imports is relative to price) is because of glare. That is to say more glare with this monitor that quite any one another monitor has; even so, unless has the window with only direct in a wrong place, this probably will not be that a lot a subject.

Like The side of note by side, has used this jointly with the Raspberry Pi, and has not had any subject with an interface of screen of the touch. I have not had to upload anything extra, was game and covers only .

Is considering Using this monitor for demoing applications, the canal of control or the kiosk, this would have to conform your necessities in the good prize.

To well sure would purchase it again.
3 / 5 Lashawnda
The quality of image is very sensitive to angle of vertical view of a screen. It IS VERY if your expensive is perpendicular in a screen, but move your cape up or down the small, and an image takes the wash has been to dull muddy colours very hurriedly. It expect to use he in a reclined posed like the poster of control or blender of together audio, and has pressed by behind a front of a desktop quite 8 inches, but the terrible looks. You owe behind directly in a screen to see the decent image. Lean Behind at all while it is reclined, and is the wash was and take to read. Of one beats to lean that is fully reclined, has expected the good image in this angle - not even near. It IS very disappointed. I will hang it on a wall of a cookery and the flavours finds the best or for a desktop.
2 / 5 Paul
ViewSonic The web of place alleges that some work to touch with Android. Any one HE NO, has to return it.
Looks ViewSonic is one of these companies in that like him each sper-automotive owners like the levels does not act. Time to open your eyes ViewSonic, is an era of a source opened now, if you any the highly compatible things aim or late go to remain behind.
Has ordered his esmart' version that has an inner Android has built, will see what go but his version of Android is very old as I am fearful the not being compatible with new applications.
5 / 5 Laticia
I want to it. Using 2 screens, is so easy to have the touchscreen for both exposures. I am almost he returned he because of the problems that takes hooked up. Apresamiento Almost 3 weeks to find a right connector (has the clear laptop that only has USB and mini-HDMI connections) and takes a monitor these laws. For a road, this monitor no with the connection of USB. I took it once connected, the second challenge was that a monitor has reflected my clear fixture in a half of a screen as it can the any one really uses he of a built-in the support touches it behind. It takes another week to find the support that could that maintains a vertical monitor. I have found the weighed a so when it uses touchscreen does not move . Happy has any to the left - the second screen to touch the so easy fact to manoeuvre among two protects and me more effective. Ten better times that the regular monitor and estimate an extra money.
2 / 5 Suzi
We purchase two of these for the project of the kiosk and both have terrible outgassing smell which are totally objectionable. In the Total and contracts a manufacture of a lot of thousands of electronic devices every year and these parts have a stronger smell and more dominant of any parts have done with. We are returning some monitors and hopefully takes monitors of another batch without a smell. A smell could be of the poor sald process.
5 / 5 Cleora
It likes him a built-in positionable support, which left you to pose a fund to control when fully retracted or in the low angle for functions of the touch the easy plus. I find it the last small use a screen to touch in a fully vertical gesture.
Likes Expected, ViewSonic provides the characteristic a lot of is, and has done well well out of a box. Has a HDMI port as well as an usual VGA for hook of computer-up.