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1 first VIVO Floating Wall Mount Tempered Glass Shelf for DVD Player, Audio, Gaming System, Streaming Devices (MOUNT-SF011) VIVO Floating Wall Mount Tempered Glass Shelf for DVD Player, Audio, Gaming System, Streaming Devices (MOUNT-SF011) By VIVO
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2 VIVO Under Above VESA Back of TV Wall Mount Shelving Bracket | DVD Player, Cable Box, Stereo, and AV Component Glass Storage Shelf (MOUNT-SF004) VIVO Under Above VESA Back of TV Wall Mount Shelving Bracket | DVD Player, Cable Box, Stereo, and AV Component Glass Storage Shelf (MOUNT-SF004) By VIVO
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3 best New XRT136 Remote Control Works for Vizio D24f-F1 D43f-F1 D50f-F1 E43-E2 E60-E3 E75-E1 M65-E0 M75-E1 P55-E1 P65-E1 P75-E1 and More New XRT136 Remote Control Works for Vizio D24f-F1 D43f-F1 D50f-F1 E43-E2 E60-E3 E75-E1 M65-E0 M75-E1 P55-E1 P65-E1 P75-E1 and More By Smartby
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4 TV Anti-Tip Heavy Duty Dual Cable | Non Tipping Safety Strap Kit for Flat Screen and Furniture Mounting -- 2-Pack -- (STAND-SK02P) TV Anti-Tip Heavy Duty Dual Cable | Non Tipping Safety Strap Kit for Flat Screen and Furniture Mounting -- 2-Pack -- (STAND-SK02P) By VIVO
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5 New XRT500 QWERTY Keyboard with Back Light Remote fit for VIZIO M43-C1 M49-C1 M50-C1 M55-C2 M60-C3 M65-C1 M70-C3 M75-C1 M80-C3 M322I-B1 M422I-B1 M492I-B2 M502I-B1 M552I-B2 M602I-B3 M652I-B2 M702I-B3 New XRT500 QWERTY Keyboard with Back Light Remote fit for VIZIO M43-C1 M49-C1 M50-C1 M55-C2 M60-C3 M65-C1 M70-C3 M75-C1 M80-C3 M322I-B1 M422I-B1 M492I-B2 M502I-B1 M552I-B2 M602I-B3 M652I-B2 M702I-B3 By VINABTY
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6 VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top VESA Mount Stand Black | Base fits 22" to 65" (STAND-TV00Y) VIVO Universal LCD Flat Screen TV Table Top VESA Mount Stand Black | Base fits 22" to 65" (STAND-TV00Y) By VIVO
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7 VIVO Steel 32 to 65 inch TV Mounting Bracket (Bracket Only) for Mobile TV Cart STAND-TV03E | LCD LED Plasma Flat Screen Mount (PT-ST-VA03E) VIVO Steel 32 to 65 inch TV Mounting Bracket (Bracket Only) for Mobile TV Cart STAND-TV03E | LCD LED Plasma Flat Screen Mount (PT-ST-VA03E) By VIVO
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8 VIVO Mobile TV Cart for 23 to 55 inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Screen Panel | Trolley Floor Stand with Locking Wheels (STAND-TV04M) VIVO Mobile TV Cart for 23 to 55 inch LCD LED Plasma Flat Screen Panel | Trolley Floor Stand with Locking Wheels (STAND-TV04M) By VIVO
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9 VIVO Swivel Bolt-Down TV Stand for 32 to 55 inch Screens | Desktop VESA Mount | Sturdy Tabletop TV Display (STAND-TV00M4) VIVO Swivel Bolt-Down TV Stand for 32 to 55 inch Screens | Desktop VESA Mount | Sturdy Tabletop TV Display (STAND-TV00M4) By VIVO
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10 New XRT136 Remote Control fit for VIZIO TV D24F-F1 D32FF1 D43F-F1 E55U-D0 E55UD2 E55-D0 E55E1 M65-D0 M65E0 P65-E1 P75C1 P75E1 M70-E3 M75E1 New XRT136 Remote Control fit for VIZIO TV D24F-F1 D32FF1 D43F-F1 E55U-D0 E55UD2 E55-D0 E55E1 M65-D0 M65E0 P65-E1 P75C1 P75E1 M70-E3 M75E1 By AIDITIYMI
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Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Floating Wall ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Wilton
First of all, an installed unit looks a lot well in the wall because of a slender creation and the minimum measure of one groups of support. This in spite of, has the suggestion. Some anchor that is to comprise to insert to a wall is for use with cement or brick, any drywall (yes, this is to be signal is gone in an on-line description). Some instructions declare that there is you drywall, as to to the a lot of clients like to of them probably do, would have to take the stud finder to locate the stud in a wall and sure mark a half of three ancore is in a centre of a stud. Well, enough frankly, more to to the clients like to of them probably wants to situate a shelf wherever desire, any only where the stud spends for still be located. Also, any one buys the stud finder if any already have an only to dip on this shelf? So much, it has had to that run it was to the tent of hardware and buy three 5/16” diameter anchor specifically for use with drywall. My suggestion for a costruttore is that ancore for BOTH CONCRETE and drywall would have to that be comprised, although it shout a prize the pocolos pence.
4 / 5 Sherill
An idea of the floating shelf is the does not sell hardware of trace. If it situate this in level of eye or main can see you some pocolos fulmine and everything in increasing holes. There is no faceplate. Looks Quite terrible on wall. I do not comprise reasons so many people are well with east.
5 / 5 Mireille
Shelf Very good. Wine with all necessary to install. Perfect measure for the small gaming fixes it am using he for my Xbox A look adds.
4 / 5 Rosina
A hardware to mount comprises in a container is terrible. A drywall the ancore pull well out of a wall, and is not the good party for some rays. I have had felizmente the number of different types of ancore to wall own drought manually, and I mine has used so only instead. More to use drywall still that the spike was for behind a wall for the sure grip. To good sure recommend choose on roughly another drywall anchors before beginning to install this, reason my supposition is that yes it calms no, so only will finalise that it has to that go to take them later in all the chance. Some looks of shelf well, although it does not like having to that a form of logo in a glass that way. But my version is different of a a pointed in some photos in a place. On mine, a logo is all a way for a rear flange of a glass near of a group highland, like this calm can do not seeing there.
5 / 5 Lilliam
This are to add and access I a lot down my television trace.
Easy to dip on, especially yes have the hammer. I suggest to do sure install to the stud (has used it to them stud finder). They are happy the found a studs before the locate my TV, has had the any one, this would be to be situate was centre of my TV. A quality of a glass is upper notch. It resists my player of DVD and TV of apple. Shopping again!
5 / 5 Jeff
I love this little table of trace of wall. I locate well afterwards to my film that chairs. I maintain mine remotes, coasters, etc on there. Very convenient while enjoying your favourite film or show. I will say I have not tried that that can resist. It is glass , as it was ready 'any' to try these limits. It has Thought it would like me to them an alive the logo that is visible but ailing say his no bad at all..
5 / 5 Kortney
As it has feigned. Precise use different rays for dry wall this in spite of.
5 / 5 Merry
I have purchased produced Alive for years. Raisin to plot of hats in my company, a when being I.T. And when we have moved the years of the pair done, space planner. I have purchased Alive mountains of dual monitor for 32 offices, and has had similar success with his product, that has bought some takes wife also. This shelf, mountain of dual monitor, the headline of highland laptop of office and three mountains of TV of wall.
This shelf has been purchased for our room of house of guest where one of a tvs is. To the shelf is trace on TV, looks well, photo to stick later.
5 / 5 Shella
Highland hardware of the rubbishes. A drywall the plásticoes was main that some rays. It is missing a 4 pocolos fulminas blacks also. So only stud locate this thing and use yours own rays with model of the widest edge. My wall is full of holes the needs to patch on now. Piece of good glass although he doesnt is returned an integer ps4 any that another reviewers has said.
4 / 5 Rima
Upper is well, the fund could be better. The whole fund is exposed and mounding the hardware has distributed was money. It have to that it has been it black likes some groups. Or, the coverage in a face of one groups for the give the most finalised look.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Under Above ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Lacie
The cost has checked well, this was the add little add on partorisca my TV and a location is hanging. Now you are odly quite the giant ache in an ass to dip joint. A whole thing there is taken on 2 hours to dip this little critter near. Some holes of ray in some plsticoes that control a glass in the place has not gone properly threaded with some holes to hammer to a metal. Some rays, washers and the dice are like this small is almost impossible to imagine was that some wholes are disalighed before almost of the up. With which shave some flanges of some plsticoes down so that we could vary some edges to take some rays, washers and dice in, was slightly easier. These rays and the dice are like this small precise 'to take the preditors' childrens hands. It seats it likes it has had to have the camera has hid to the look litigate with east. Lucky for me I of the that knows one meaning fothe words 'Give on' as we didnt. It is now the lovely surdy mine of addition in mountain of TV of the slope. Has has had to that the zip joins a box of boss and dvd player because it is in the slant, but thinks thats reason his any trace behind in the wall, is trace of the in TV of slope. In general, I buy it again? Absolutely. As it gags you announce present for the partner, but also on its own name. For real it was the good compraventa , so only annoying to dip near .
5 / 5 Joel
The cost has verified A Mountain of Mur of the DVD looked like this showed, but has had some defects of serious drawing. First of all, a program of glass is supposed the clamp to some group of metal. I have had the shot adds of the difficulty that takes a glass partorisca remain place. A glass has maintained partorisca slip out of a clamps. Once I took it finally near and semi-detached to the mine television to exist mountain of wall, my DVR has maintained partorisca slip out of a glass because a TV is angled down slightly, which means this group was also skewed down. I have looked for to attach a DVR to some vertical group with bonds of zip, but my DVR has seated uneven. Partorisca Improve this device, a program of glass would owe that coming with adjustable group that can be regulated partorisca a pertinent corner and this come permanently attached to a way, a glass will not slip was and would be able to compensate for a corner of a TV.
5 / 5 Kaci
The cost has checked has taken this partorisca situate my Xbox in a shelf under a television and take the piece of furniture and clutter. It was quite easy to locate, but like another had mentioned some clips of shelf are a degradation . There is remarked some corners in a clip does not match well with that of a groups like this calm can not line on a short rays to ensure some group. With which a lot of test totally bypassed some clips and the curves of gorilla have used sided tape to foam to ensure a glass. It has to that well sure it will not take never a glass of a group, without breaking a glass.

Regarding a measure my Xbox hangs in a flange and with a TV tilted has done sure that some tampons of the hule in a console is in a glass to prevent he of sliding was. It can add in the tampon of hule to ensure I any slide was. So only maintain quell'import chooses this up. But global works as announced with modifications.

has THOUGHT would add the pair of photo. As you can see his tilted with a television and no sliding was because of a double sided tape that has used to resist a glass. Controls some originals xbox with any overhang. A xbox a s access very better.
4 / 5 Roger
The cost has verified Ossia the a lot of looking shelf, but a creation and the installation is terrible. They are in fact lucky that has not broken a shelf during installation. According to some instructions, has to dip a joint of what whole and then install this unit in a to the rovescio television. Calm then precise chooses up and toe a television on partorisca take it behind in his mountain of wall. A whole unit is wobbly when that tries to resist and attach a unit together with a rule Vesa mountains in a backside of a TV. With which also wobbling a the shelf will burst out of some clips and paste a paving. I have finalised partorisca install some group and then wedging a shelf to some clips once was partorisca look in a wall. Ossia Probably more than the two work of person partorisca install. The no for this again.
4 / 5 Charlene
The cost verified has used this jointly with the mountain of ceiling of the television VideoSecu LCD Reflects Ceiling of television of Flat Poster highland Group partorisca the majority of 37-60' TV of Exposed Plasma of Flat Poster, some until 75' the television CONCENTRATED with VESA 200x200 400x400 600x400 680x460mm MPC53B 1S5 and work well. A shelf of glass is good and a whole thing is quite sturdy once take all a allen the rays have presionado down. It maintains to import using this in the mountain with the tilt that a shelf will be to dip down in a corner, in the chance can require dipped some stops of hule to maintain crew of sliding was. A lot easy to gather and use with highland hardware of the TV.
5 / 5 Albina
The cost has checked Omg the one who the ache in an ass. The rays are way too small undress like this easy and the directions are printed in such small impression has included the pictures are is hard to comprise. You owe that on duty TV to the rovescio partorisca locate.
5 / 5 Jazmine
The cost has verified Some holes partorisca accommodate some rays are neither any one a pertinent measure or too much filled with painting to return rays. After being unable to fully run rays and breaking his bosses with some tiny hex the tone has been forced to retap some edges partorisca do some rays are returned. With which finally taking some rays partorisca do give you that does not resist a shelf a lot of securely. A shelf that is resisted simply for clamps that can he easily slip went. That have to that it has taken it 10 minutes to out took joint several hours been due to a poor creation and control of quality
5 / 5 Oliva
The cost has checked has found them this element partorisca be reasonably very built although, as another has mentioned, one has resupplied the rays are very soft and easy to undress some bosses -- resupply the pair fulmine extra. This in spite of, this element is not returned my mountain - some vertical arms have the portion that the turns and he then goes that it was front partorisca back like this installed. Partorisca My mountain this part of a mountain was too much fat and any place against a mountain w/or when being a mountain of with thickness washers or to something likes concealed of the as no partorisca me.
4 / 5 Kellie
The cost has checked has the skill partorisca dip the together things, will be able to gather this with your eyes has closed. But you are instructions , some drawings here leave something partorisca be wished. I have used finally a picture in a front of a box partorisca give me the guidance has required.

Another that a smaller glitch I so only described, a product is a lot of fact, a work so that it is feigned and am happy with him.
5 / 5 Andreas
The cost has verified can a lot of vouch partorisca characteristic of security or facilitated of installation because in spite of a description that would return he in a TV with a VESA characterises in the mine there was any place partorisca me partorisca attach it. Mina 22 TV is in Mur partorisca articulate Mountain. Has another TV of big plus this has put partorisca attach some group but I have not required this partorisca this TV. I have been disappointed reasons an idea looked partorisca be the a lot of one. I have finalised that it has to that use the highland shelf of the wall.

Top Customer Reviews: New XRT136 Remote ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5 Jessica
Work initially, but after has during the week and the half he prendi totally to do. Changed some stacks two sure times when being, but does not answer unless calm almost is touching a television with a far. Useless.
5 / 5 Chad
Works perfectly after my toddler has launched our premier a through a room. There is the big adhesive acorss a subordinated this says esmote' in of the enormous cards, which are class of hilarious. I do not know that it is not sure that is to say the far, but anything. Oh, Vizio Gods, please marks the rubber casing or more robust far so that my boy is to spawn of demon the majority of days and I very does not want to has to buy or every time does not take to look Peppa Pig.
1 / 5 Sade
As this isnt a same far while ad.... ot Works but his no a same thing like pictured! Sound that loses a row thT has a button of Amazon.... In a picture of a show to purchase the...But this a doesnt has it!
4 / 5 Meredith
My Vizio is coming with this far, but has to substitute because of my puppy taking the control of him and veiling a backside of a far in the some place.

My ONLY complaint is a creation of a backside. Usually it can it finishes to pose the piece of duct tape in a backside of a far to protect a zone of stack, but so that a far coverage is one behind integer of a far, a far uncomfortable to line and therefore I directed me to buy to nine unit...hmm.

Another that concealed, work exactly what original. It Likes him!
5 / 5 Anastacia
Only that has required. Bought this to substitute my far fraction. I have wanted particularly a far with an Amazon prepares more button that a newer version with a Hulu button as it was happy to find this in such the reasonable prize. A far creation is so that if he the tomb, a coverage of stack of the integer behind will exit with the stacks that the fly was. It conceal to be said, my far original has taken beats it and has lasted much more that I thought it . I have decided to buy the protective rind for the one of is a so hopefully last much more.
5 / 5 Rae
These far laws perfect with my Visio ready television. A very-for-swimming a this is coming with my television would not take up all some applications that is to come installed in the. A bit those that months after the purchase has taken the saying of message would have to update my far to have access at all my TVs functions. That the tear. In all the case takes it this one and has been the using all day without problems.
1 / 5 Lillian
I have bought recently a television of open box of Compraventa Better in that the no come with the far. Some roads in a television was also good to spend up. Some roads in a television was also good to spend up. It knows it does not avenge with the far is trace in Amazon to purchase unit One says is compatible with a model of my television. A far takes here posed in some stacks tries to control a television and at all spends. I use the far Harmony and my room as having this far has not been imperative. It IS very only to have the far with a television has to require it. Well, this is not a far that necessity does not act. As He only cost the pair bucks any routing of problem he behind. Still I have it it look he in on-line likes him troubleshoot a far, but at all records. It has attached only he in a box in my cupboard that has numerous another far concealed no precise
5 / 5 Felecia
A far fact attaches immediately without programming in my Vizio E60-E3 television. The only subject there has been was would not control my Vizio soundbar. Desprs I the reset of factor (bluetooth button and button of low volume during 5 bren) in my soundbar a far principle that laws immediately without other subjects. To well sure recommend it this far.
5 / 5 Paris
Recently purchase it the Vizio E65 -E1 television this is coming with the far very-for-swimming. I have bought a Smartby New Substituted Vizio XRT136 Far Control. You are rid quickly a second day to order on Prepares of Amazon. Some far works perfectly, the little pricy in $ 18 but in fact works. Well! Well It Can I tune all the appearances of picture and audio, the far sake. An automatically matched volume with my Denon amp also, pleasant suprise. Happy trails!
5 / 5 Coletta
Always we are missing far. I have been surprised that it was easy to order another. I do not have to the program and he is quite cheap to buy the backside up. Also a Vizio ( television of loan) to beat far that is used with any television of model so if I can not take your numbers of model some far still laws ..Included a preprogrammed ( Amazon / of Netflix ect) work of buttons

Top Customer Reviews: New XRT500 QWERTY ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
This far is in fact better that a one this is coming with my TV. A QWERTY the keyboard is the welcome addition and a prize is excellent. An external plastic is to take and some batteries are inserted in of the odd locations, but the supposition is partorisca be expected partorisca do room partorisca a keyboard in another side.

An only question with east is that an external plastic around a far that takes partorisca change some batteries can suffer hurt a lot easily. One the wrong drop and an external plastic very thin is broken.

Ossia In fact a far second of this fashion that has ordered. A prime minister one has suffered harm for the drop (I has the girl) and hardly can blame any partorisca break this far. It is something concealed can easily has to that any one. A good informative is that this far is economic. One same better informative is that they are obviously any one an only person with this question with this far of then has any third manufacture-celebrates the chance partorisca he (sees some pictures). With this chance a far has survived A lot of DROPS and is in fact more comfortable that resist.

4-stars partorisca abonos far in the prize a lot ossia the little too easy to break.

5-The stars after a chance is added reasons these far more a chance the perfect fact.
4 / 5
The this in spite of in a-boxing my new Consent TV and could listen some keys in some far rubbishes jumping was and smacking some sides of a container. Literally, some keys are fallen off of the old a when you look in him. A more sad piece of the engineering of 21st century there is never first beheld. Ossia, unless it was drawn partorisca fail. If ossia a chance then a far original was an engineering if it marvels to to one likes duquel will not have seen again never. It is everything in as calm see it. Unfortunately, it do not see any very because mine 'can,' 'canal on', 'volume down,' and 'gone in' the keys am missing faster that Brittany Spears' virginities.

Is the few months in and these new some looks partorisca be that it resists on adds. Better that some hours that some original Consent far he. You recommend that calm buy it. Aghh, As I write this my woman has said that that is losing the key in a new a.


Dang You CONSENT!!!!
5 / 5
UPDATE: Some down signals (under a good key) is lasted exactly 14 days. It is now entirely nonresponsive, rendering an useless far integer. Very other keys now are that they follow a same street. We are behind to use a Consent application in our telephones like the far - which is the 'P. I. T. One.' And quickly it drains our batteries of telephone. If the amazon is to have send the substitution, will update my description.

Original description: When a far finally arrived, has dipped some batteries in and at all is spent. After verifying some batteries and his placing, has assumed was the uselessness . But thanks to the description of the client of fellow Amazon, has used the pair of tweezers to release a cradle in a positive side of the each one of some compartments of battery, and work! (A rear keyboard is on duty-lit, how is easy to say has can.)

Has had this far for the week now and is soyeh.' We are by train to use it For now, but are in an investigation something better. You owe that press some keys down a lot hard for them to do, and a down the key is virtually be a lot of responsive of then day a. He technically works, but expect take hand-held accidents he raisins a lot the time that looks for canals. Seriously, mine very normal (any particularly feeble-thumbed) the boys can not move for down with these far. I can not imagine a down key, or any of some keys, will last long with this class of the pressure that is applied regularly to them, as I am expecting to find an alternative far punctual!

If you are in a fence among east an and the universal, would sustain to the better universal fact more than this bad mark done. If ossia he legit Consent far, extremely is in disappointing.
4 / 5
I have bought this far for the Visio E60-E3. This TV has come with the really basic far. I have bought this not knowing does or no. The works add. You control still mine old plus d TV of series. Some lights of keyboard when the key is pressed. The frames that looks for programs in Netflix and prime of Amazon like this easier. It feels like the far better quality that that has come with any of another 3 consent tvs have. Very happy with this compraventa. It recommends it to any one.
5 / 5
A XRT500 the far works are with Mina P602ui-B3. A defect is a thin plastic shell for a backside around a keyboard. (Which is very useful) A plastic easily breaks calm so need to be sweet. One the new plus finds for THIS FAR SUBSTITUTION, is that calm the ONLY works with Consent AAA battery! Absurd, knows. Now, I am writing this reason have read revises concealed says my far was DOArrival. Has thinks so also, until I have dipped in these Consent AAA is. Another reason am writing is reason, calm can not find these batteries, not even of Consent! For real frustrating, as unless has extra AAA Consent battery, so only return this far for the new a. It is in fact the very remote for the economic prize. I expect that this helps any one.
4 / 5
I add far. Work in a D ready series the TV is. Has the D65 and he D24 consent television that has bought in 2016 these far works. Any one has lost a far to mine 65' and is one same likes 24'. It was to order another of these. CLUE: it Controls a ALT yours to use one east.
5 / 5
It was STEAMED when mine 8 month puppy has eaten my far TV. But it was stoked when I have found this substitution for $ 11 and work without questions. Hopefully Will not require to, but I but again.
5 / 5
Although so only it take this today is the aims of bits for the description. Like this far tho - are to add - is like this more comfortable with mine arthritic the hands and I love a keyboard. It is one same likes one this is coming with one Consent TV (I has it D32 serious) but it easy plus to resist and does not slip out of my hand all a be of the time is fatter. Included tho some numbers and the symbols are a same measure, looks easier to find some keys, esp. One CHANGES buttom. They are the big defender of a transmission of key! It has put flourescent pink nail polish in an old one for the find quickly. I love this far and a flexibility. Terrific idea with a keyboard in another side and like this handy. It thanks any one has invented is one! Kudos!
4 / 5
It likes that of this quell'has backlit alpha-keypad in a backside. Also it likes that of some tones in a front are smaller that a far leading fashion, leaving the easiest selection of some tones. An only downside is a good key in a half. It is not domestic to the equal that was in a far old fashion. It is one , is flush with some tones of arrow, doing it harder that select WELL without accidentally pressing an of some tones of arrow.

Am using this far with an old plus E390i-A1 Consent Ready TV. Work with everything of mine Consent the TV is (E320i-A0, E320i-B2, E28H-C1).
4 / 5
Experience for mine D65u-D2 the work does not fine any programming has required. Works of keyboard further of applications. A rear light is in a side of keyboard the only lights are brilliant in a side dim in a half. It does not know if ossia normal.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Universal LCD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Treva
These legs have entered sper handy. We buy the new 55" Vizio television this there has been some legs have planted in some corners of a television. This has meant that a television no longer is in our support of the television like old television substitutes had the base of head office pedestal and a new TVs the legs were also wide to be in our support of old television. This mountain of legs in a vesa holes in a backside of a television, where usually pose the group of wall. These ways some feet are much more afterwards together that some original feet that is coming with a new Vizio. This have enabled to use our television to exist support. A television when being sper robust still with these legs have attached. Has 2 boys down 10 and the dog and I do not listen like a television has more casualidad to fall on that does with some original legs. Creature a television in the few main inches that some original legs, but in our case and has liked him that. It can import in another already the have the big television is tho. It IS very happy to be able to resolve our problem for 20 bucks in planting to buy an integer of support of new television. It takes everything of 10 minutes to attach in a television. Highly recommend it this product in another in a same situation.
5 / 5 Agustin
The works add for my LG 55' (model 55LF6090). I have required to create it the few inches as it clears a bar to sound that blocked a receiver for a far in a television. It IS the Ready television , as we would have to be until using some Applications. The assembly is easy and the instructions are well. Another has mentioned that one paints in some marks of thread take cranking down some nuts. I have finished to use the wrench of socket in place of a proportionate wrench. A tagged the plastic container was the big help , but two parts have been changed (A3 and B3 in a semi-detached image). It was easy to recognise, as it do not retard me down a lot. It IS very stable. Only I have the pair of quibbles. One east or the portion of the forward of some feet is main this has expected. Understandable So that it can be it strong, but arrival to rest a bar to sound on some feet so that they will not return down it. Also, it is it adds it conceal to come with material of rubber to protect some pieces of furniture to be has lined. My only worry is that it is rubber , and lives in the warm climate that could disintegrate it a material over time and cause to the bond in a console is seating on. I am thinking to pose some tampons of the feet have listened down to prevents concealed to spend. In general, even so, happy with a compraventa.
5 / 5 Ashleigh
This support of television was PERFECTO. Has the 32 in television of flat screen that was to locate in the wall of my anterior house. The decrease of long history has wanted to to pose he in a spare room in our new house and has be in him the lean television.... It results lost a base that is coming with a television during a movement. This was a perfect alternative and is in fact the most robust plot that one bases that the in the principle is coming with. It was sper easy to pose together also.
5 / 5 Celsa
It does years, trace had the 32' Samsung television 'change' with an idea only would take once given in the so many chips a pedestal. He a month, a television looked to have fatality. DH Said has verified all some connections (enough the little so that has the box of the semi-detached sling in him as well as the box of cape), and the connections have not been a problem. We order the new television ( esmart' a, now), and is gone to disconnect everything. Doing so much, has discovered a cord to be able in looked very loose. I have substituted he with another and, bam! , Some works of television again. Any problem while I can pose this or in another room except a thing---very pedestal. I have been thrilled to find something what economic. That is to say a robust headline , barn. At the beginning, we install a main television up, but was too big as it move further down. You can see that it is still very so down while it can go. Also it can you go much bigger, if that is to say what necessity. In the principle, there went it enough the half of route up in a VESA 400x400 points of connection. It was incredibly stable. It was also the accident to readjust a height. Once it poses in a cofre of drawers, coverage that a front of some feet could move the small (perhaps 1'-2') in/out to conform your necessities. A support arrived with the note that has ensured buyers that would do in 22' the television is same although a box signified the main units.
5 / 5 Jonelle
Considering a prize, was hesitant to purchase for mine 65' television. But after reading some descriptions have decided to purchase. Some instructions could have been the small better but everything and everything has not been concealed taken to pose together. I am happy with purchase of mine like this far. A television any one to bend, (like other descriptions declared) and look of legs to be quite robust to line mine 65' without any problems. Down, that is to say the support of the substitution adds for a prize. It recommends.
5 / 5 Alene
The threads has given to add it nine more 55' Sony Bravia TVs but no a support. Desprs Looking for ordered this or it thinking substantial but not costing the fortune. This was easy the total, access perfectly and is very stable. Some boxes has been missing some so that it look instructions in another description where a buyer has published the photo of some pages of booklet. The help of instructions! A flat base is the plus and was able to pose a television above our bar to sound that fund of chairs in a base. A lot of television the supports are sloped...For creation and purpose of appearance I supposition. A television did not retreat advance and can be adjusted to do that with washers. It recommends this support in any concealed does not want trace in the wall. The tents only do not look to spend supports anymore, mountains of just wall. We look at all big retailers in our zone and could not find one is.
5 / 5 Molly
These leaves grupal highland for the smallest surface to pose your television of new big screen on. Some the regular legs in some television experiences is almost in some finals of a screen and he are the 65 model of inch. I need the big surface for that to do; but with this easy the total the group leaves my television to return in the support of normal television that used to to have my old equivalent 32 television of inch those seats on. A new television is totally stable because of a oversize 'feet' in this highland set. I have bought this set so that they have been said to handle until to 65 television of inch. The majority of an another ones there say you 60 inches; well you it does not spend this class of money in your television and expects a work of the group the cheap plus.
4 / 5 Shannan
Sper Easy to pose together. Bundled Adds with supplies to accommodate different TVs is. Excellent prize. The only subject is that some coverages for some legs (pieces A3 and B3) any one really chair on very (if it was for the touch can come loose), this has said that it is very enough to be maintains them on has situated once. If it can have my list of desire, was that this could bend or swivel although only the few inches. By everything means, is strong, sure, easy to pose together, amd abordable. I recomend this. Some pictures aim the 40' Samsung television of LCD has DIRECTED.
5 / 5 Octavio
I have used this support to substitute a support that is coming with mine 60' Panasonic model VT60 television of plasma, which weigh 88 pounds without any support. One LIVES the support leaves two heights, and some races of the main height a subordinated verge of my television in exactly 7' above a surface a television is planted on. That is to say enough for me in slide the centrical-west of canal under a television, which was my motivation for this compraventa. A support does not have any problem at all with a weight of my relatively heavy television. At all it is eshaky.' A support is very-fashioned, and well-has finished; it is probably so attractive like the pair clearly-the black legs can be. An amazing subject in this low prize.
5 / 5 Kaley
I have been pleased to order this fulfilling it was revised highly, pleased to listen a weight of a small box among, then very sceptical when opened a box.

That is to say easy the total and could be confuse when considers that it comes with 16x a quantity of the rays has required by any television. Even so, everything will require is some 4 nuts, 8 small allen rays of cape and 4 nuts of the acorn and you can total he in 5-10 minutes that reuse some original rays in a backside of your television.

After fast assembly, is trace the in my new 70' Vizio E70 that weighs around 70 pounds and crudes that some legs could not be quite robust. Desprs Planting a television in my smallish support of television, some legs somehow listen to like scrollings a weight of a television in an inferior centre and a television listen very stable.

That is to say to 5 indication to star so that it can be it the permanent solution for any there these necessities to locate the big television in the small support, gradient so little, and when being very sure!

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Mobile TV Cart ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 Britt
Quan In the principle has bought this element has been to write a description has detailed incredible, even so it is been quite two month has had of this element and I have forgotten that has been to write. All are now is that this has been lining mine 49' LG 49UJ6300, which weigh probably quite 30 pounds, with zero endeavour. Has think that so that it is only a pole was less robust that some versions of two pulses of these supports, but has clashed in this cart of plus that the small time (maintains it literally next right in my bed) and he the slides back the small so that maintenances some wheels unlocked, but has any same wobbled. It does not use a table of the tray on explodes so that he the a setup the ugly look in my opinion. Without a table of tray takes a exceptionally net of look, that the television of two poles the cart can not compete with. An only thing that it can attach is that an a lot of first step of some instructions this comes with negligences to mention that you would have to take of a plastic end-carried in a X-wheelbase shaped and attaches an interior hex nuts in a ray, then tense some tight low nuts, only sure be extra. You are the tight access to take a wrench in there to tense it down, but only take to line a wrench of the vertical angle in place of the horizontal angle. A television is coming with a four extra hex nuts (and the wrench!) Precise take this fact. All others were not sper easy to follow. I have done sure a television affronted before in planting sideways by side to turn a front of a cart of television against a wall with a trace of television (the yours television will be the affront a wall), then using the ruler to do sure some verges of rights and the left wing of a television was equally distant of a wall. Then fully I tensed a television low mountain. This will do more felt when in fact builds a cart. It was easier that more Ikea pieces of furniture to pose together and took me perhaps 25 minutes. If I can trust 400 television in this while sleeping soundly at night, then can do mass!
5 / 5 Shakia
I took me quite 2hores to pose joint. Taking a pole in a base was the same tight access with WD40. The May took It a bit of the holes have varied very enough to return some two rays. But it is in there so tight that is not preoccupied quite the fall was when movement he around. Abundance of rays and washers has comprised so it buys the different television a highland hardware. The instructions are photograph any one scripture. This support is very done and a shelf is quite big for west of mine, player of DVD and streaming device. Well he he Vivio.
4 / 5 Clint
It IS the good product , quite easy the total, and, (with mine 32' the semi-detached television), wheel softly in of the hard surfaces. ( It can be less stable with the main television.) An only thing would ask the be different is a mechanism to close for an adjustable height of television is trace. Only it operates to use one of one 2 allen the wrenches have provided. It was better had the knob in prjimo and unlock a place more easily. ( It has to the so English tones, fence in the plastic stock exchange, recorded in a that arm by behind my t.V.........., in case perhaps wants to change a height in a future.) A quantity of rays and rays took was the bit to daunt, but use very only the fraction of them for installation. The majority is for some variable measures could require highland televisions in the different fashion. (This, some rays, could have been tagged better.) It buys it again.
5 / 5 Shelley
I want that this support is in of the wheels, my television is weighed and this he the very easy fact to move around. I Like him his of him for my room of health, any preoccupy me for a look of this support for a room but I to good sure how he for a workout room. It IS very very done, to sure heavy metal well coated. You can opt to leave a shelf has been during a process of assembly wants . It wishes a hole of the management of the cape was directly by behind a television is trace so that it does not see the at all but my capes are black and mix in sake well with a support of television. Perhaps yours television is fifty inches or the elder could layer he some few capes, anything smaller you still can see. Some those next wheels are useful and can adjust a height of a television. Only conscious when be that it see it a pole by behind a television go down it to him too down. If you want your television big envelope except without holes of paste in a wall, that is to say a road to go !
5 / 5 Nisha
It IS very felizmente surprised for a quality of a unit in general. A metal is very significant, any flimsy at all and a measure of a shelf is perfect for the box of television with spare room. It was preoccupied in a sturdiness with how weighed my television is, but some legs are planted to provide the robust counterweight with exactly that in of the imports. My husband posed it together and said some directions were earnest, taking him only quite 1/2 hour or so much. That is to say truly the cart of television of big quality for such the reasonable prize. To well sure recommend it his.
5 / 5 Rosalee
Truly I do not comprise that they have taken to spare 20-30 mins to total unless had the defective part. For me, all was very bundled, easy to follow directions and truly very built, all a low road in a casters with balloon bearings. There is a emits with a column of the main support but has been substituted by a vendor quickly. The sound bronzed the prize adds, easy the total, arrival and good access, better quality that the client expected and the support adds...It was not that more it can ask. To well sure buy it again and to well sure consider it ALIVE products in a afterlife.
4 / 5 Bao
It do not go sure this would do, but is almost perfect! Has the workout zone in my basement. Has the bus of bicycle and the treadmill. I have required the support that would leave me to take a more next television in the each piece of squad but also adjusts a height like my line of the view for each different east. I use a hex yours that is coming with him in loosen some nuts in a pole and then I slide a television (32 Samsung of inch) arrive or low and then re-tense some nuts. It IS it bit he ganadera uncomfortable and that goes down a television, but is doable. I have posed a bar of of the one of the west and the player of means comunicacionales in a shelf. Dry power to like it will touch it on like the base is robust. Very pleased!
5 / 5 Armandina
I very seldom write the description unless a product is point and averts or very bad, in this case can not say quite a lot of good things in this cart, is very very designed/built, fashioned in of the very next tolerances (said of another way, some pieces each apt together as feigned), is to have that heavy and would have to last during the years and some instructions of assembly are clear and complete and is easy the total. A prize is surprisingly down for the product of this quality.
Considering some gilipollas has tried to think of something except me can any one, is probably not perfecting but is very near.
5 / 5 Mckenzie
Absolutely it produces wonderful, built with fashionable aeroplane of the precision out of surprisingly of strong steel , has weighed. On that, some rays, rays, and washers is everything individually bundled for the measure and the type in of the segments have separated of the plastic band, and some directions of assembly are probably some clearer and has illustrated-more never has seen for any product. Included some wrenches included is robust, easy to handle, and the value that maintains for your toolbox after a cart is totalled, especially a allen English tones. A shelf is also very handy, perfect for my bluray player. At the same time of this description, the amazon is out of stock in this element, and calls the in restock, since will purchase the second a for the television in another room hardly arrives.
5 / 5 Candie
This thing is awesome. The desire found it more harvest. It spends a better part of 2 years that mark ugly annexes so that it can have it a television of easy access to touch games in a sofa. This and an arm to control done my give support of look of anterior inventions. The flight!
5 / 5 Era
When originally I have bought this element was partorisca write a description detailed estupefaciente, this in spite of is been roughly two month has had of this element and I have forgotten that it was partorisca write. All was now is that this has been that resists mine 49' LG 49UJ6300, which hanged probably roughly 30 pounds, with zero endeavour. Has think that reason is so only a pole was less sturdy that some versions of two poles of these stands, but has clashed to this cart more than the little time (I maintains it literally after well my read) and he the slides back the little because maintenances some wheels unlocked, but has a lot included wobbled. It does not use a table of tray on mine because done a setup the ugly look in my opinion. Without a table to plan takings a exceptionally net of look, that the TV of two poles the cart can not compete with. An only thing that I can add is that a very first any of some instructions this comes with negligences partorisca mention that you would have to that take of a fine plastic-spent in a X-shaped wheelbase and add an interior hex die to a ray, then presionar a down tight die, so only partorisca be extra sure. It was the tight access partorisca take a wrench in there partorisca presionarlo down, but so only agree to resist a wrench of the vertical corner in place of the horizontal corner. A TV is coming with a four extra hex dice (and the wrench!) Precise take this fact. All some another has not been súper easy to follow. I have done sure a TV has faced advances in place of lateralmente for wheeling a front of a cart of TV against a wall with a trace of TV (yours TV will be facing a wall), then using the ruler partorisca do sure some legislations and the sinister flanges of a TV was equally far of a wall. Then I have presionado fully a mountain of TV down. This will do more felt when calm in fact has built a cart. It was easier that more Ikea mobiles partorisca dip together and took perhaps 25 minutes. If I can trust 400 TV in this while sleeping soundly at night, then can he too much!
5 / 5 Marcus
Took roughly 2hrs partorisca dip joint. Taking a pole to a base was the same tight access with WD40. It do not take never some holes there is lined on a lot enough to return some two rays. But it is in there like this I stagnate that am not concerned roughly falling it was when I move it around. Abundance of rays and washers has comprised so it buys the different TV will have a highland hardware. The instructions are pictures any writing. This stand is a lot of fact and a shelf is quite big for speaker of mine, DVD PLAYER and streaming device. Well he Vivio.
4 / 5 Mellie
This thing is awesome. The desire found it more collected. I am spent a better part of 2 years that do alleged ugly so that it can have a TV of easy access to touch games in a couch. This and an arm of monitor has done my give support of look of leading inventions. You love it!
5 / 5 Victorina
Loves that this stand is in of the wheels, my TV is weighed and this he the very easy fact to move around. It likes partorisca of my room of fitness, does not concern me for one looks of this stand for a living room but to good sure taste for a workout of room. It is done a lot well , to good insurance coated heavy metal. You can opt to leave a shelf was during a process of the assembly yes loves. It wishes a hole of the management of the boss was directly for behind a television trace like calm does not see him at all but my bosses are black and blend in beautiful well with one is of television. Perhaps your television is fifty thumbs or main could cover it some few bosses, anything smaller you still can him see. Some wheels close how is useful and can regulate a height of a TV. So only be conscious that will see a pole for behind a yes calm TV the down too down. If it love your TV on big but without holes of paste in a wall, ossia a way to go !
4 / 5 Kiana
Is the good product , quite easy to gather, and, (with mine 32' the semi-detached TV), wheel smoothly in of the hard surfaces. ( It can be less stable with the main TV.) An only thing would ask to be different is a mechanism to close for an adjustable height of television trace. So only it acts to use one of one 2 allen the wrenches have resupplied. It was better had it @@@knob to close and unlock a place more easily. (I has both wrenches, closed in the plastic stock exchange, taped arms it as it sustains my t.V.........., In the chance wants to change a height in a future.) A quantity of rays and rays has received was the bit to daunt, but you really so only use the fraction of them for installation. The majority is for some variable measures could require to locate different fashionable TVs. (This, some rays, could have been labeled better.) It buys it again.
4 / 5 Loren
Was a lot of felizmente surprised for a quality of a unit in general. A metal is very significant, any flimsy at all and a measure of a shelf is perfect for the box of television with spare room. I have been concerned in a sturdiness with as weighed my TV is, but some legs are situated to resupply it sturdy counterweight with exactly that in alcohol. My husband dipped it near and has said some directions were sincere, take so only roughly 1/2 hr or so much. Ossia For real the cart of television of big quality for such the reasonable prize. To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5 Donnetta
Is not sure state this would do, but is almost perfect! It has it workout zone in basement of mine. Has the trainer of bicycle and he treadmill. I have required the stand that would leave me to take a more next TV to the each piece of crew but also regulate a height like my line of view for each different east. Utilisation a hex yours that is coming with him to loosen a die in a pole and then I slide a TV (32 thumb Samsung) arrive or down and then king-presionar a die. It is quell'has bitten the uncomfortable creation and goes down it a TV, but is doable. It has dipped a bar of speaker and the player of means comunicacionales in a shelf. I do not seat never it likes it it will touch on like the base is sturdy. Very pleased!
4 / 5 Maryalice
For real does not comprise that they have taken more than roughly 20-30 mins to gather unless it has had the defective part. For me, all was a lot of packaged, easy to follow directions and for real very built, all a way down to a casters with ball bearings. I have had some subjects with a column of main support but has been substituted by a vendor promptly. As it touches the prize adds, easy to gather, very returned and arrival, the better quality that the client expected and adds does not know that more it can ask. To good sure buy again and to good sure consider ALIVE products in a far plus.
5 / 5 Jo
I recently found I in need of the place to dip the new TV and this cart/of stand has finalised to be a perfect solution. I am using he with him Samsung 49-thumb Q60R television, which returns in a stand perfectly. A tray sustains mine Xbox One and Blue-player of Ray without question (would not feel any hesitation to add a device of the plus yes has required to, although I no more than concealed) and a TV feels particularly ensure in his mountain.

One of some reasons has opted for this class of stand is that I need to be able to move some television small distances I so that it can do around that. Still although this stand has wheels, has been concerned to be difficult to go a television around in mine carpeted walk. This in spite of, I needn't has been concerned. This in spite of of course he no also on hides likes in of the hard paving, still have any sliding question all the feet of pair to a side when I need to and a television and some elements in a look of shelf sure.

An assembly and process of the installation is not terribly difficult, but some instructions could be more clear state in the steps of pair and the pocolos a lot of an assembly any really leaves to the project of only. If has any to help you things of control, calm will not have any question; if you are by train of the do so only, be prepared to wrestle with the pair of some parts. Although I think that that an assembly could be be do the little easier, am still happy to give this the description of five stars of then dipping it together is so only the-project to time while one is to do fault for the long time to come.

Think this class of stand would adapt your purposes, this model will not disappoint .
5 / 5 Ula
My disabled daughter wants to look his films reads. We rent like this it can not locate a TV, and our leading stand has taken the place, any easily moved, and in a way of his crew and monitors. This stand to go is returned well in a foot of his bed and is a perfect height for his for the see clearly. When it Is up in his chair easily can move to where is, which is awesome. I am thrilled like this with this compraventa! I took roughly an hour to dip the joint and I has had to look a video in a web of place for the imagine was like manual of the instruction is - esque. Still, value each minute! A complaint of entity, any @@@knob to tilt a TV on and down is inaccessible without taking a mountain of whole TV, and one of some cords is closely wedged among a group highland because a groups partially covers it. Another that that, is quite perfect and would buy it again.
4 / 5 Ha
The assembly was bit it late. A stand is strong and really good. It resists mine 43” LG good TV. A date of a stand is also well. It was the good cost .
4 / 5 Cami
I very seldom write the description unless a product is exceptional or really bad, in this chance can not say quite a lot of good things in this cart, is very very drawn/engineered, has manufactured the very next tolerances (dictate of another way, some pieces all apt together as feigned), is partorisca have that heavy and would have to that last partorisca the years and some instructions of assembly are clear and complete and is easy to gather. A prize is surprisingly down partorisca the product of this quality.
Regarding a gilipollas has tried to think of something but I can any one, is probably not perfecting but is very together.
5 / 5 Laquita
Buys this stand partorisca situate the 40' flat screen in the corner more than slowly in a wall. It is perfect partorisca a purpose, and am very pleased with a construction of this stand; it is all the metal except a coverage of heavy plastic base. It seats near of a corner where requires it to us, and wheel easily but locks in situating well.

Had pleased much less with an assembly.

In the first place, some a lot of tiny parts in his teeny the plastic stock exchanges are not labeled like this to those parts are which , neither during spend it of an assembly is required. It is work of supposition and interpreting some very tiny pictures to the equal that to those bits return where.

As, any two part of a whole ray together with the double head office-given threaded (? Half bit). Some connections are A lot closely threaded (too like this really) and require to use both fats of elbow and the smear of Vaseline (and the PLOT of patience) partorisca take them partorisca connect entirely without breaking some edges.

Tercero, of some 8 long rays that control some legs of together base (the part with wheels) 3 of the ours was cross -milled in a container - some edges of ray seamed to has been cut two times in two different directions. This has meant that, while some rays have seated far enough to resist firmly, some bosses of estaca of ray on roughly 1/8' of a base. With a plastic coverage situates this is not the question, but was difficult to take them in.

In general gives it 4 stars because, while it was a bit difficult to dip near, has finalised once is the stand adds that it have to that last in fact a lot of years.
4 / 5 Mark
Daría 5 stars, except a plastic coverage that continuous in a connection of base was bad has broken. I have used he in all the chance, has decided any to ask new part bc would owe that disassemble too much to install new part. Ossia Heavy quality , adds black metal, portable, swivel closing stand of wheel. I have not used a shelf & the still looks & work perfectly. It likes that some legs in of rear extends so only -4” lateralmente behind vertical pole. Very stable! Drawn well! Easy to move. Wide row to regulate the TV quotes. A tilt the mechanism is drawn so that it bite it to him difficult to access a hand-presionar given of wing. I have had for the month, any question with tilt the level that the rests situate has found once better way to return my hand in a zone for presionar given enough. Cast of desire: an adjustment of the height for TV was easier/not requiring tool, perhaps the mechanism the height of lock of the click in 1” intervals?? But engineering that could more difficult that looks. In general very happy with substantial quality (prettt has to that heavy), instructions of good assembly, looks a lot well, any worry at all roughly in the impactante/touching on, big quality casters & mechanism of lock, easily moved on walk of forest and launch coverages, with the little arrive to assist to take to the fattest coverage or in doorway sole. Shopping this again. Ossia Option very a lot drilling big holes to studs a lot possible for wall-stands of TV of the trace. It likes that I can rearrange mobile without of that has to that treat the fixed place for TV. Utilisation mostly in bdrm and movement to live rm for games of football or film with just for me, lol! And this description is of just the regular person, any profit except a good karma to contribute to the system of descriptions that use all a time (just trying my just action, lol)
4 / 5 Neil
Absolutely produces wonderful, built with fashionable aeroplane of the precision out of surprisingly of strong steel , has weighed. On that, some rays, rays, and washers is everything individually packaged for measure and type in of the separate segments of the plastic band, and some directions of assembly are probably a clear plus and has illustrated-the More never has seen for any product. Included some wrenches included are sturdy, easy to manage, and the value that maintains for your toolbox after a cart is gathered, especially a allen English tones. A shelf is also really handy, perfect for mine bluray player. At the same time of this description, to the amazon is out of stock in this element, and calls him to restock, of then will purchase the second a for the TV in another room hardly arrives.
5 / 5 Julia
When Have in the first place begun to gather this stand, was impressed enough for a creation and engineering for behind the. It can say so only for increasing the base of one is that this element would resist until to plot of wear and tear.

An only (minor) complained that has had with a unit was a quite tiny measure of some illustrations in some instructions of assembly. For a sake to age folks, PLEASE do a step-for-pictures of any main. Like the result, pay really needs calm careful attention when that follows each step. Consistently, you recommend no more than 2 beers previously to and/or during assembly - unless you enjoy retracing some of your steps of assembly.

Also, a VESA instructions to mount leave the bit to an imagination. There is not any manager on yes to locate some group 'big' or 'low' in a backside of a monitor. Some group is quite simple to reinstall, like this after some experimentation would owe that be all has dipped.

A sewing of plus - does not forget a bit tampon of hule when that locates a connector of the square dish to a pole has gathered. If it calms a lot something he in a drawing of tiny assembly, quickly will discover that a ray of the fixation is not quite long enough to fix a connector firmly against a pole.

In general, am satisfied extremely with this compraventa like this far!
4 / 5 Theresa
Dipping it near is an only thing that me prendió of the give 5 stars. Calm have that interests to open a thing and seeing all some parts, reasons his no only places some of him near and so only use the main box. Perhaps the type would not see it that the way but are not the type. I have directed, after an hour, to take it together place and a television situated where has has loved that. A together extra of hands could have been useful for some of some annexes (and is heavy) but if you persevere, can be done with two hands.
5 / 5 Neoma
Are really happy with this compraventa. I have read the little of some descriptions that has said was difficult to dip near but disagree. All some pieces come packaged for separate and yes are some directions spend to any and dip everything out of a way comes, is in fact very simple. You will require to have the Phillips screwdriver of the boss but all more comes with a container.

When you Are together place , was able to locate my television easily. I have not required a together extra of hands. You owe that it pierce of row in the few pieces so that some rays are returned correctly but calm can not see by means of a whole hole, likes I threaded the with @@@chopstick to do sure all was to situate first has dipped a ray in. Some parts are very manufactured like this all is returned neatly a first time and when I have presionado all up there was any wobbles or imbalance.

For the years had been using the office for my together television and always had wanted to dip the on the mountain but I did not love it on a wall. This mobile unit is exactly that has required. It suggest that it purchase it takes a legislation one for your TV of measure and not assuming that a big plus one will do for the smallest TV reason a difference of the measure in a stand is in fact considerable.

So only follow some directions and have patience and in roughly 45 minutes will have a awesome mobile unit that leaves your TV goes anywhere required to.
5 / 5 Yessenia
Is mine of trace 37' (-20lbs) TV to this stand/grupal. A system adds done with all the parts of critical metal.

Has two things would recommend to a costruttore that would do this product the product of six stars. I recommend the big plus or two rays more (total of four rays) among a connection among pole to some legs. According to I chair would owe that have the cotter pin or the ray of fixation to measure big that locks some groups to a TV.

Create to be 15-more 20 conservative that the specification of the manufacture. I possess the 55' TV and a lot personally locate the TV that measured to this stand. A TV of big plus as today to build the mountain is in 43' TV plan to go around with him.
5 / 5 Jerome
Like this, so only has taken this posture and everything in this stand is so only the waste. Really, there it is so only to 0 star that estimativas here in Amazon, concealed would have been his indication . It is like this I last to gather and the worse part is a manual is not even clear. It is to good sure very EASY to gather, and an useless manual together with his collection of rays only crews' all up! Any to mention, some rays are missing, and likes has said, a manual is so only useless, any calm included know that failures until calm @give you that it could have you has used a wrong ray or something. Had like this washers that has had not even any notes in some manual when where calm would be necessary to install it. When Calm finally done some progress, of course, then take stuck. Now a 'Ray of fixation' in this thing that basically scrape your TV is too small. According to manual, calm simply has to that use a tool for presionar and any @@subject that the turn of time is so only a lot that resists , has then found that a estripulación' is like this small likes pebble. That this thing expects to resist the TV when it can very included be my hand? Again, it does not buy this stand of television. SAVE YOUR TIME And ENERGY!
5 / 5 Dorotha
Perfection! My bedridden the dad moved in with us. East enables partorisca look TV on prójimo and personal. It is sturdy. A lot of sturdy, this in spite of like this is easy to move around once you unlock some wheels. It is always he has bitten to defy when ordering something the underlying view of an internet. I have been concerned that some feet in a fund could pose the question of traffic, but there is any @subject anything. It was also he has concerned that a stand would owe that be the little elder that is able to like this his organism would not interfere with a far use, but any question a lot there, neither. As to prize, am able to prop the photo of the his little dog up. The dad there is complained that his with the hurts the little when it is in the particular place and has to that turn his head to see a TV. Any question! I have gone simply a television on partorisca enable him partorisca have the more streamlined view. Has not running a cord up inside a tube of metal, but has chosen to run some bosses under a carpet and then attach attach them to a pole with bonds of black boss. I am not noticeable. Ossia Quite possibly one of some compraventa some the plus refinadas there is on does Amazon, and has a lot of fact.
5 / 5 Deloise
Has loved the stand partorisca alfresco in mine lanai. Florida can be gone of external year :-). I have researched everything of them and this have finalised partorisca be one of a TV lateralmente drop is available. I have not been sure like partorisca expect at the beginning but has surpassed all my expectations. A lot well build and extremely sturdy. This stand leave a flexibility partorisca move my TV around a coverage partorisca group so it can look some games of football while floating in a group.

Very easy to dip joint. A tray that is included is metal and very strong. I have not finalised the using reason do not have the need. Some group partorisca hang mountain to a backside of a TV. When I Am ready partorisca move a television alfresco to a stand, so only the choose up and the hang in a stand. Some wheels are sturdy and leave for easy movement in my brick pavers.

A lot the commentaries concealed rests habladuría roughly that difficult is partorisca gather. This is not a chance. I think that that a confusion is ALIVE reason partorisca comprise all the classes partorisca locate measures of ray and calm only need 4 concealed split your TV.

This stand has been external in a humidity of Florida, rain, sun, and the heat and still looks the new mark. Ossia The product of perfect quality and resupply me with exactly that has looked for.
5 / 5 Kip
Ossia An excellent product and very built , which highly recommends. It is extremely sturdy and very easy to gather - take time very small. This is to be purchase partorisca my father-in-law that recently moved to the community of retreat, as he tucks amiably to the corner, but some wheels leave it partorisca be easily moved has required . His 50' the television tried partorisca be any challenge partorisca this cart a lot abordable, and especially appreciate that a height is adjustable partorisca optimum viewing. Speaking of a view, compared partorisca have seen more, ossia for far, one the majority of simple, still visually pleasing a there, reason can say is the product of quality . Besides, a shelf at present is having the habit partorisca control his extra-big exposure digital clock that SWEARS 'this shelf has been done precisely partorisca this clock.' LOL (Although I am quite sure is meant partorisca something more to the long of some lines partorisca like, the player of DVD or the box/of satellite of the boss, etc.) 😉 Then , if you are in need of the sturdy, a lot-built, abordable cart of TV that in fact is not dreadfully unappealing, ossia frames partorisca you.
4 / 5 Quentin
Has changed measure of television and has thought would owe that return this, but my Samsung 55' TV (37 pounds) the returns adds. Although there is the light wobbles on carpet, moves well by means of a carpet and I have any worry roughly touching it. I have taken some stars was reason an opinion in a manual that would be necessary utilisations a anti-strap of tip or attach it to the wall is not mentioned in a description and attack a point of having the mobile cart. It take the relative 25 minutes partorisca dip near without a stand, comprising a time am spent partorisca decide that date has loved.
4 / 5 Alisa
Has purchased the 50.ºn TV partorisca my mother and has required the very big stand partorisca dip it up in his chamber.

Ossia Really the add, sturdy stand, partorisca this TV ( hanged 25LBs and a capacity is partorisca 50LBs. One the majority of defiant part was that some rays have not gone clearly marked. I have sent it almost behind reason has thinks that some rays that looked to the access has not been adapted partorisca dip on feet of a stand. I imagined it once it was properly, YES this stand is terrific.

Another thing adds in a stand is that there is the way to hide some cords in a pole of a stand.
Are very happy with a stand. If it love a ossia big, this one is roughly 5 big Feet and once a TV is in the half of a TV will seat in this big.

A creation of the pole so only well is cleaned.
4 / 5 Helena
Am using this with the 2007 40' Samsung LCD, which is heavy quite compared of the newest TV is. I use it on the coverage partorisca group partorisca coach diving. It is stable but would not characterise it like this very stable. It have to that do well with TV lighter this but with mine, wobbles the bit gives it to him the nudge. Some legs do not extend was very remote, which is something has looked for. It was quite easy to dip near but has had the little bit of question threading some two together poles. Neither I have annoyed never dipped to to a tray on like him to him very precise to partorisca arrive to this point. Some do any well but with which dipped it near has tried movement the in the carpet and his have not done that well. Like this far, ossia the good product partorisca of the money. I have not been interested partorisca spend in $ 100 and there is a lot in this prize signals that ossia more probably more stable and very built, concealed is the one who precise.
4 / 5 Suzette
Easy to dip up. The only desire was faster that take the TV was partorisca move upstairs and down. If you will be partorisca move he of the calm pavings do not want steps like a piece. Adding the cord of extension is very partorisca distance but hard to contain he out of view in a pole. They would owe that it has resupplied it the spatial to hook a little wrench this is to require partorisca take a TV was and place behind on. It has put Velcro tape in a backside partorisca be partorisca resist it. TV tilts On and down but a stand can not be gone down or has created.
5 / 5 Jeanene
Likes -you the metal of light weight and small parts and increasing things, ossia the add movable TV, game console, dvd, or a stand of peripheral device. The assembly has taken 1 hr with the tools have comprised, the base is sturdy and yes is returned your 50-65 TV of thumb in the, imagines it will not be weighed too much. Marcos partorisca easy placing of the monitor if works of house or stand of TV that comfortably seats 5-10 ft out of the yours the majority of favourite that seats something. This the like this calm fact does not have to that fix a TV to the mountain of wall, this in spite of likes of looks in a place of screen is is a stand loves. It calms that can want to partorisca avert glare, can tilt on or down the little cm. And it is easy to the transport has the presentation or the multimedia material love project whirl present you. If it was the professor of substitute and has had the day partorisca film this would be an up to date version of a cart of TV that used partorisca fall in careless students the one who would locate, with this stand all would suffer would be lack of special awareness to the equal that can move like a queen in the joint of failures once you unlocked all a casters.
4 / 5 Svetlana
A lot of freak was when you plough a box and see a jillion leaves. They are the 57 -yr old woman with few skills maquinales, and I so only dipped this thing jointed in roughly 45 minutes. So only agree, the legs the scarce of a stand goes to a backside. Also, it loves to do this much easier in calm, leaves of a shelf. So only it take this work where am doing of home, but the rear questions maintain me partorisca seat in the office. As have hanged so only he 32' monitor of computer in this stand, and can go this puppy up in front of the mine barcalounger, attach my laptop, and am productive as well as comfortable. When it Prejudices of the Friday takes here, goes partorisca go so only this thing to a rear chamber, out of a way. Shining!!
5 / 5 Merri
I really like this what! I call it my TV IV. We recently moved and in planting to buy multiple tvs immediately has taken this cart and the economic plus 40' and now so only goes a TV to any room while the wait partorisca treat adds. Finally this will do is way to my office but has some fresh use. If some boys love games of game with his friends in a same room, babam, mobile TV. The woman is looking something calm to of to the that likes but wants to spend of time 'hover', shazam, mobile TV. Of any one loses a game of sport while I took partorisca rain, poof, mobile TV. BBQ External tV , mobile. Hot Cuba, group. Anything really.
Costs of works in carpets but thrives in of the hard pavings.
5 / 5 Veda
This spatial saver was easy to gather and there is has changed entirely my living space. Has the small paving with wall of ceilings and exposed brick very big. This has done partorisca locate my TV in a wall or of a ceiling an impossible task. I have then listened roughly all mountains included partorisca walk and decided is one. My fiancé has loved the TV in a fourth (Any way! Now finally we have the separate chamber in place of the tiny studio and I love ours sleeping spatial to be juries) but the moveable the stand is the good committed. Reason for this occasional time are out of the city or loves to spend the rainy night in beds to look the flick, is like this easy to so only go a TV in a chamber. This stand has solved also a dilemma of where to dip his new Xbox One and a lot of tidily stores all of our cords in a pole of stainless steel. This element is a lot strong and sure. I gathered it so only and purely thanks to movements of yogas and using my feet and hands. It is to good sure easier that do with two people. But you are versatile with part of organism and flexible, is not hard to gather so only. A course a harder spent some ships of uncomfortable box in up three flights of stairs.
4 / 5 Magda
Am obsessed with this thing! My TV is a model an old plus 43” plasma Samsung, has substituted my TV of living room and decided to dip this one in a chamber. A question has been he has had absolutely nowhere to locate there is like this looked for and found this. It likes like this of an inferior base is not enormous but is still a lot stable. A lock of wheels and movements around easily in my paving of forest. Has not dipping a shelf on reason was bit it big so only for mine roku device. In general it was easy to dip near took roughly the half hour and I am really bad in reading the directions but these directions were a lot of good and before right. They are like this happy with this compraventa and highly the recommend.
5 / 5 Luis
I like this cart in general. It looks a lot of sturdy. I found it easy to gather. Some parts and fasteners is very organised and some instructions are sufficiently clear for any those who has done this class of what before. My suggestions for improvement:

1. Power management. Reason not resupplying game he to be able to partorisca at least 2 devices with the slow cord in propiciadas a wall?
2. Manoeuvrability. Some the small wheels are not of sound in carpets.
3. Adjustments. It was a lot a tray could slide on and down a pole in a same way like television. Also it was a lot of can be situated on a point where some two sections of pole join.
4 / 5 Jeana
Has looked for the smallest stand and ossia exactly that has taken, but am not convinced roughly using he with my new 49 TV of thumb. The descriptions of one are is attentive, but some legs, particularly some rear legs, is a lot short and with which have gathered one is was so only too easy of the game on behind. They are improvement of the stability takes once the TV is attached, but a one has bought he thus too expensive to take this risk.
5 / 5 Kristi
Has received punctually and any one give. The assembly has not been difficult. It notes that has gathered with mine hubby, that looks a video on Youtube (assembly of Bolt), and informing to the instructions of assembly have comprised in container. It has not received still TV that will be it to attach, but instructions to attach/highland television looks to be directly-advances. It writes description if that attaches/the mountain is not directly-advances. Like this far, happy with compraventa. Note that always read first descriptions to buy anything of Amazon (like gain!), As any one surprised but always happy when the compraventa is expected like this. :) THANKS TO all the buyers those who write descriptions - I appreciates it.
4 / 5 Arleen
Are the minimalist, and does not like me to plot of mobiles or junk. My fourth is small, and has required something to resist mine 32 thumb t.V. Without taking on cup of the massive quantity of room. This t.V. It was it was perfect, and has not been hard to dip near. It was able of the together place all for me. And, you have dipped once a racks in a backside of a t.V., it calms that can dip on a t.V The mountain has attached to a backside of a t.V. Everything for your self too- is to 32 thumb t.V. Or less. And, one is also has the reasonably big table in a front of him to resist your far and t.V. Auricular-And is a lot sturdy metal. Some arms of wheel of the front in a base of one is is longer that some arms of wheel of rear base, as one is will not touch on. One is is not wobbly neither. A t.V. It was has the modern futuristic look, but can returned with traditional decorates. And, a t.V. The mountain in a stand is adjustable as it can move it up or down like this calm does not have to that pull your with the to look in a t.V. Screen. It is also súper easy to move around, reason has wheels on that. And, some wheels close to situate when one is is not mobile. I produce it adds!
4 / 5 Arline
My first description of product. Highly it recommends that this is like this of today. The meaning has dipped joint yesterday and really think that is adds. That The packaging was very organised and easy to follow directions. Joint dipped deliberately with some tools distributes in a box. I took roughly an hour for dipped that joint. I have been impressed with a way was drawn with the majority of a unit when being threaded connections not using dice but threaded to a unit, So only having 4 dice in a whole assembly and this was to attach a shelf. A lot of after all said solid and fact.
5 / 5 Shaquita
Once take one the stand near is good and sturdy. I took an hour to dip joint. I am using he for the monitor of the computer and a semi-detached shelf is utmost for a laptop that is connected to. Some holes to feed some bosses by means of these handy hips. This is all require it to do. You can regulate a height of a group/of TV of the monitor and also situate a shelf to a height loves via multiple holes for some rays to attach. To good sure recommends this stand.
4 / 5 Ricarda
Be easy to gather. Has has had to that the redo the time of pair (the base and attaching a TV with a movability). Just pay next attention to a manual of instruction and youll have stirs it of rays, dice and the one who any one sinister. There I have Been subjects buying two leading mountains that come from the returned my TV and attaching them to my wall, but this start adds with a base. So only it has to that attach to a TV and hook in a backside. They are like this thankful! I want a movability. Now I can exert with spatial in front of my bed! The seen this in the work and I looked on here. Such add it compraventa! Some wrenches do well. Initially the didnt know two has been comprised. A precise only thing is the screwdriver that some instructions say you roughly!
5 / 5 Sacha
Have a smaller version for the 43' TV in our office and decided to take the 55' TV for our room of conference. Of one is has had has not gone really big enough to manage this, has decided to look in some options. Not to take me long to go back to ALIVE. I have not been it it has had to that spend the tonne of money for the stand of basic TV and honradamente the majority has not gone, has taken.

Like this to that likes....
Global easy to dip up. When you Plough a box and see a quantity of rays, is initially has impacted. Quickly prpers give that the majority of them is also sustain all some different levels to locate the television and any to dip this up. It has taken roughly 30 minutes of unboxing to dip the television on that.

Some instructions were easy to follow.

Quite sturdy. It has not been 100 insurance, when I purchased it. This in spite of, after dipping it near was easy of the say was sturdy.

To That that does not like me ...
Ossia nit Choosing, but is the bit scary that traces a television a first time. Of some rear legs are like this short, calm easily can attack on. This in spite of was won easily. Once a TV has been trace was stable.

Top Customer Reviews: VIVO Swivel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Adrianna
The stand was a lot of packaged. It has to that weighed and sturdy. It likes- one way he swivels. Included All the hardware has required partorisca locate my Samsung TV partorisca be and stand to my centre of entertainment. Required partorisca create my main TV like my bar of his and the TV is returned everything on my centre of entertainment. Exited amiably. It has not taken long at all the setup.
5 / 5 Gearldine
This was a perfect option partorisca we partorisca locate our 55” television to a chimney mantel without that has to that treat an uneven stacked bone veneer wall!
4 / 5 Raelene
So only that looked for with a wall of cimienta old mantle , narrow and wide legs in new TVs this mountain was a perfect option partorisca take the TV on my chimney. It installs it it has not gone too hard and looks really solid.
4 / 5 Christena
When we have moved, we decide we have not wanted to attach our TVs to a wall. This ray down stands of television leaves to maintain our pieces of furniture to exist in planting that they have to that purchase new. I NEVER tent for the pieces of furniture of stand of the television again because I know that I can use this to convert to to some pieces of furniture like to the stand of of television.
5 / 5 Laree
He no returned at the beginning, but can purchase the strap to have that weighed in Imposición to House for the customise and turn of mark. You can also later regulate a horizontal for simply regulating some rays in a backside. We are very happy with him.
5 / 5 Stefania
Built hard and looks well. Easily it locates behind to finalise of bed and pleasure that he swivels.
5 / 5 Jay
Television trace in mantel on has walked. It does not love ray for mecer. The works add and swivels. Perfecto.
5 / 5 Brenna
A mountain was solid but has has purchased the rays have separated the best ensures it our surface has compared to a stand of television
4 / 5 Owen
of the rays have comprised is exited to add so that it has required.
4 / 5 Onita
Amur This stand. It is exactly that has required for my TV for my mantle of chimney.

Top Customer Reviews: New XRT136 Remote ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Lindy
A Consent far this is coming with our TV has jumped out of our lap and has broken in a hardwood walks it that the leaves have opened more than the time of dozen. Apparently it results scared when it stands up to us and of the jumps. Of our keys of lacks of the TV in a TV he partorisca the turn on and canals of transmission --- this could be the big question some far earths in the bad way a time to a lot of and the falls averts. I have decided to buy the backside-arrive before I found that I need to unplug a TV of the turn was. This a perfect east. The fact has installed partorisca grieve battery and has everything of a functionality of an original --- minus some loose bits some originals now has when it causes of sobresalto calm for his a lot of jumps to a hardwood walk. Very happy with a compraventa. There is remarked this Amazon also sells the chance of silicone partorisca this far. It looks the brilliant idea and can very also invest in the hips I to suspect my far is not an only a concealed finds it catapulting by means of an air to the hard surface when it have to that no.
5 / 5 Rita
This thing really NEED to be bought has consent it TV and he didnt' come with a far SO ONLY TRUST, and THANK ME LATER, his add, and all this application of stupid telephone , but of the normal far.
4 / 5 Eugenia
So only it take the refurbished consent TV and avenges with the basic far (the small plus one in pics). I have had to that use an Application for the control/work full. I have found felizmente this remote with all some keys have required, directional, numbers, entrance, paper etc. Very very contained with him! And it is like this lustrous
4 / 5 Les
is exactly that it has to that be. Real Simple. At all to program. So only it does not come with the battery have had to that have my own places he in. And it beginning that it presses keys. And he all has done. It has taken the pocola test. To take used to my TV I supposition. But it is exactly like a far to the equal that is coming with a TV so only can do not finding. Like this tired of the look for lol. How it is taste can buy anything in a legislation of internet. As I bought it so only. If a far original does not look never so only will maintain east a. As all my TV is has two remotes in all the chance encase release you another lol. You have taken the backup . In all the chance @in the rodeo is so only the far at all more at all less any trick any neighbour on any works to program immediately.
4 / 5 Twila
They are súper happy with this far. Mina Consent the TV is at least 10 years now & in some point has lost some far. It had been using our company of far old boss & a key of the volume no correctly (hastens 5x for him to move on/down ). As I have been in the amazon & found this Consent far for economic. I took it hardly, I opened it on, burst in the batteries & have turned in a TV with him. Ossia! Any setup, so only ready to go. I I estimativa & add adds. Has extra keys for him has the television loans newer. I can not testify to a function of these keys, but still is the add far.
4 / 5 Carley
I have purchased so only this remote, like the extra a. At all it is bad with a an I has there is wanted to so only an extra, so only incase. Another that a Hulu key, is a substitution esatta . My original has Amazon a new one there is Hulu in a cup of a far. Another that that, is a substitution esatta for mine Consent E65-F1 TV. The ones of way that there is far has tried all some keys and law exactly like original far. My TV there is so only 4 month but, are am pleased extremely with cost of mine. I will maintain you updated if anything changes.
5 / 5 Cheyenne
I have been that substitutes a far for mine Consent TV because any one some boys the pardon or a square navigation toggle raisin was. I have decided that this time to buy is one , in place of a one this says that it is compatible with my TV, to see if work. And surprised, fact! It likes-I one 4 key of way (on, down, together side) in east a more, and to the chair likes will not give was like this quickly the like another has done.
5 / 5 Clemencia
Has two toddlers like this remotes take lost a lot easily around here. Like this happy has found this substitution - is economic and works perfectly. An only downside is that these remotes does not have a key of Amazon (my boys look the few shows on Amazon). A bit disappointing, but so only takes the pocolos a lot extra to take to an application as not to treat it enormous. All some other keys are in the in exact same order likes remotes of east is coming with our TVs. To good sure maintaining these links manually for some next time loses the far.
5 / 5 Archie
Work! I do not owe that press each key numerous time for something to perhaps spend fifteen second later. It have to that see like this resists on, if some the rear stays attached and some keys maintain to do they like this has to that. As many another has signalled was, any focus of battery in a compartment of battery is behind /to the rovescio, does not concern , my levels have fallen like this am appreciated so only when something does like this has to that anymore.
5 / 5 Candi
The works add!! I have lost entirely my far - I follows quite sure has launched was during the cleaner of speed. This remote fact in the first place shot in my right TV afterwards has to dip battery in. Amazing! More has the Hulu key that my old far has not had and is the big plus for me. They are like this happy!