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Top Customer Reviews: ZINGYOU Condenser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I have seen the plot of mixed descriptions here and was sceptical quite buying this element until I have imagined was what a subject is. Some sounds of microphone very well, BUT use a mic jack-the adapter of presents of USB to plot of noise in your register. If you limit -in a microphone directly in your computer and it beginning these records will sound it a lot of crisp. Probably it wants to have the direct connection if possible. If you are using the new macbook, then probably is that it goes of one mic covers, in USB, in USB-C and anytime has noise of present of additional connections. Felizmente, still uses a computer an old plus with the mic has entered.
4 / 5
As I have bought this mic a lot for some accessories. I am beginning the new podcast and all a condenser mics possesses chairs quite six inches in a desktop like my guest tends to back down in a mic which are uncomfortable during an hour or two long emissions a lot to mention that every time way down below poses the glass or coffee mug sounds what Godzilla is attacking a studio. I have begun prende to price it was all some components and found a BM 800 of ZingYou, has everything has wanted to more the new mic to kick. Look around the stops of Youtube revise and expsito that enough in the little in to the the people liked them the and has been priced well where would not listen slighted of him spends to be an epic fails. Some tills arrived and look sper daunting, but a lot is quite mere and directly advance to pose up. A mountain of table is the C clamp that you slide in a table a scissor inner of access of the arm of him and some highland nuts of the accident in an another end. Calm once find the house for Pop is a filter and slide a mic in your loan of mecer. All some components except a card of his is built well. A Mic is connected with a XLR in jack 3.5mm. It can limit directly in a mic port in your computer, or if it does not have the separate entrance for the mic (likes him in the laptop) will require to use a card to sound that is to say has comprised. This was an only macula in a device. I take the feedback every time uses a card of sound. I can move a mic further out of my laptop and help but still take the light hum. A quality of the audio for a register is very is the small further sounded and the echo of bit-and but a lot on the way that is to say insuperable. Have had to tweak my compression and parameters of normalisation much more there that use for my another mics to maintain he to sound distorted. In general a Mic is the condenser of sake sideways under mic. A armature these controls are very crafted and an only subject there has been was with a card of sound. All the things have considered to think that this was to well sure the compraventa well.
5 / 5
I possess an infamous Audio Technica AT2020 for enough some time even so, was in necessity of another microphone since is part of the musical group. A Zingyou the microphone was $ 30 at the same time of the purchase and he are the subject since comes with everything possibly could require take the audio adds. A BM-800 has looked the robust the arrival and that it is in that a lot likes him enough it. Regarding a quality of his, sounds very afterwards in my AT2020 around 90% prjimo, for enough 1/4 a prize. Has thinks that that this would be the compraventa of the joke but I have seen some descriptions of Youtube and I have had to the in me flavour; I found me daunted when I replayed some registers of audio have done. I bond the demo of video duquel these in the to to sounds like them to them the in comparison in my AT2020. I have used this for podcasting and registers of lives of instrument, thinks with just some minor tweaking, to well sure can take this to sound very near in a AT2020. Besides a BM-800, some tills come with the arms of boom of the cual helps negate some unnecessary audio and also comes with an Accident Locates that it absorbs roughly unnecessary audio also. Some helps of Filter of the Pop with some of this 'Pop' as the name involves. If you are thinking enough take in audio but does not have a estimativa to provide a material of main mark, then that is to say the option adds for just 1/4 a prize of an Audio Technica AT2020.
4 / 5
Val How has bought this with a phantom but yes go to connect in your laptop for streaming or recording the audio then forgets an adapter of phantom to be able in and take this:

2x2 interface of audio of the USB to instruments and of the record microphones
Audiophile 48 kHz resolution for quality of professional audio
Compatible with software of popular register that comprises Avid Pro Tools, Ableton Saw, Steinberg Cubase, etc.
Currents 2 entrances / 2 beginning with ultra-low latency in your computer, backing Mac CALMS X and Windows XP or main
Modern, +48 V-powered XENYX Mic Preamp comparable to be-only tent preamps

has been said that this only he without a phantom, has not tried this was still but will be morning and will see if I still necessity a supply of phantom to be able in if I am not returning a supply of phantom to be able in.
1 / 5
Experience three of these microphones so many can pose in the register of three room of people for podcasting. An audio was able in the record was wildly inconsistent: one of would sound us only sake, another east the vocal quality was mediocre, while in a third sound of the person as it was the mile has entered a camera of echo.

In the first place any one: it verifies each what three mics is doing. Control.
According to raisin: it verifies each profits of the levels / of the entrance are compatible. Control.
Tercero any one: the mark sure is not the subject of cape (recorded the sample of the each three mics that uses an entrance of same / cape in a joint). Control.

No final: it Record the sample of an exact same gesture, exact same person, the exact included joint to arrive -- basically only unplug and change out of a mic so that no other variables are present but what mic is being has used...


Mic 1: Crisp, clear Audio. Any inherent echo. Recording vocal with the summit besides or 10 -less in -8db.
Mic 2: Well audio. Light echo. Recording vocal with the summit besides or 12 -less in -18db.
Mic 3: Tinny, Echo-his of camera. Recording vocal with the summit besides or 22 -less in-25db.

AT ALL changed but a mic. Same place in a room, same distance of of the one of the west, the same semi-detached cape in mic, profit of levels of same / entrance.

That is to say clearly the subject of control of the quality. It imagines that is to say why some revises of the same mic is during a place. If you are lucky, takes the decent unit If no, well...

Also, like the side of note by side: a fence to tense in an arm of change (to attach he in the desktop or whatnot) is such toneless material these curves with just a slightest pressure.

IS spent in $ 100 for A good microphone, An ails acceptable microphone, and A piece of microphone of absolute rubbishes.

No happy at all, and strongly would recommend to go with another mark.
4 / 5
You will require the supply of phantom to be able in. A connection of USB the big key ringing and although calm only covers he in your headphones listen a ringing constantly.
A filter of the pop does not remain up where he the precise, pose to situate and then he the slides until a filter are under a mic. Found could not use in all the case so that I need to be right up in a mic in all the case.
A clamp of the arm is good but have pose up in the bookshelf but very time when tries to adjust an arm a slide of clamp immediately a shelf any subject that apresamiento the tense.
A mic is well, but has to have my mouth very up in a foam, to take habladura and mutter, with a supply of phantom to be able in. With the basic adjustments have done in in the audio as it augments the bass and the results of triple audio add.
5 / 5
Purchase quite the little BM800 microphones in a bit those that the past years and I are come to give no each BM800 the microphone is done a same. As you Can see this or uses a big plus 16mm capsule of the microphone like opposite in a BM800 units with a headline of capsule duquel use of yellow microphone a small plus 10mm capsules of microphone.

A card of the audio of the USB is decent. At all elegant but do very well in a Mac so that a MacBook does not have the entrance of the isolated microphone. His shared with a headphone exited so that it tries use the microphone like this takes delicate. A card bundled of the audio of the USB resolves that problem.

These laws of microphone more race was 48V phantom, but one 5v can of bias of an adapter of USB is well. An arm of the boom of the cradle is the averages, at all sper expensive or professional, but is buying the $ 35 ray of podcast, takes a work has done to take you begun in a world of podcasting. It was also very having a pop included-filter. This a lot the help takes professional audio .

In general: totally it recommends this in any begin and wants to take his feet have put in a world of the house that recorded for podcast.
5 / 5
I have purchased this microphone out of impulse. A lot I have any necessity for the condenser mic. Some the only time in fact uses my mic is when touch Overwatch.

EVEN SO, this does not mean a compraventa was the waste . I have tried a new mic with my teammates and has said that we listen me to us to better plot now, and a mic does not choose up so noise of backdrop so before.
Condenser mics IS directional, as it marks sure a 'front' of a mic is affronting your expensive. Mina first tentativa in this setup was the failure: there is a mic upper 'aimed' in me. All this was to choose up all the classes of sounds of backdrop.

IS the very compraventa . A mechanism to hang could be it tighter, but at all can not resolve substitute the ray or the nuts.
5 / 5
Highly it recommends this product for this vendor. Has initial subjects because of my trace, for my laptop has required more can. A vendor was very attentive and gave me some good suggestions, regulated and has had to included the changes was and a vendor was more than willing to remedy a situation. It results, only required to take can he of phantom and the card of his external. I think according to your configurations of computer or will not REQUIRE Can he of Phantom (InnoGear 1 Canal 48V Supply of Phantom to Be able in) and card more powerful of external Or yours sounds will require or according to your configurations of computer in that software/of hardware like Win10. An era of vendor has to help to do sure has taken to do and sure enough once take my phantom and usb card of his (Audio of Cut of USB Stero Adapter of His) and was perfect in recording voice overs a main reason why purchasing this product. A computer that is to the use is the HP PC with Wins 10, where has to update some parameters to do sure are selecting some right mic/headphone has posed up and yes down or his static in a fund, then update in usb card of his + 48v can phantom and will be churns. I want the and this vendor proportionate service of STELLAR client, thank you Fiona! :) I will be to take me other aims for my podcast.
5 / 5
It avenges carefully bundled is own box with all a necessary squad. I have been excited to try it. Very sensitive and takes low noise while it describe. To well sure a compraventa better and has done in Amazon A mic the road arrived in front of a date and has taken, which are the big roads for me! -Bundling Very very -XLR the cape comprised -the filter of the pop comprised -Deatailed mountain of Manual Accident -card of audio of the USB -Mic support. I am totally satisfied with a mic and his services. A microphone any one when being any that the $ 39 product, his all the metal and sounds like the $ 80+ mic! Excellent quality! 100% it recommends it this product!

Top Customer Reviews: Blue Snowball iCE ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
I WANT this microphone. And still although I have wanted already the, volume 200% better when has taken the arm to explode these clamps a desktop and poses a Snowball mic afterwards in my face. Taken the filter to burst also. Opened Can record it sper his clear... Still it sound it quite well with my adherent of laptop these races and AC that run a fund (takes noise of backdrop with Audacity). Also... In a register of video has the cold of entity. Sad. Earamble Microphone of Condenser of Boom of professional Studio of Suspension Scissor Mic Support of Arm with Subjects to Locate the clamp has Adapted for Blue Yeti Snowball and Earamble the filter of the pop of Microphone of Forms of Studio of Around Mic Screen of Shield of Mask of Wind
5 / 5
That is to say the legitimate description of the product bought with my own money. Only posing this there.

That is to say honestly a microphone of better PCs can buy in the estimativa. It has not founding any microphones of better condenser for the prize the cheap plus that in fact does well with the PC.

- Cristal His clear
- limits in your PCs and type of a box, any setup required
- Only $ 40 - better mic in a field of prize

- Choose stops on some noise of backdrop, but literally only adjust a sensibility of microphone in your computer and calm is well.

To good sure look in this mic yes is trying taking to do Youtube or streaming. There is obviously better options there, but is in the estimativa, that is to say to good sure that it wants to be taking. This microphone also does well with all the games of PC that touch (CSGO, PUBG, Overwatch), as if enough it does not have the headset mic when touching games, these acts well.

To well sure would recommend this microphone!
5 / 5
(My video is this description but spoken with this mic as it can listen you a quality.) There is did not have it never the microphone chooses in my voice properly. Quan Converses down, the turn was, when gone big, down was. This microphone quite contrary takes all say without choosing in odd backdrop humming! I am not in how, some bonafide sper special feller this knows that duquel habladuras of when go in mic quality, but fulfilling these instruments one of a more has messed around with while dabbling. It IS heavy! A core of balloon is what aixecant- the puppy. A support that comes need attached a ray in a subordinated tensed to maintain a bit mostly stable legs.

Has chosen to totally ignore each which joins other descriptions that security of accounts and controls of insurances desktop, and only clave a dang thing anywhere. In the table, in my keyboard, shoved among the stack of pillows. Cairo, is not that professional when the people are not looking and my desktop is literally my bed. It does not fall on, and it chooses in my noises any subject where posed him. (Oh Any active gendered the. Afterwards avenge it to appoint the, and that is when he knows want to too many things.) Been singing karaoke as crazy, and my fianc of poor long field that has the subjects at the end can listen my real voice, clearly and properly.

Has bought the filter of pop, has not arrived still, but probably will require it, but for now, a pop of pop of the pop is not unreasonable.One the red light in a front is obnoxiously that shines, has posed only the small tape in the. Mere. I need the calm room to use this, but any too much of unit My heater that goes was does not record for case, or does my computer. I am going in crunch some fresh snow of external as it can listen you what crisp is even so, with the metric can calm in fact copies, probably. [I final to take nieva everywhere, in my keyboard, and my mouse, as I am moving and falling them here.]

Wants the, was a lot to estimate a money ( paid $ 30 or so thanks to repackaging and used, but value a $ 50 or so much.) And already I can say this little cutie (and is cute, my mother the age saw it and has begun giggling and has wanted to to line he) goes to be the fine part of my vocal life.

Edita: it does not have any idea why a description is a long hour . It IS only he 2 clip of minute in my computer. I have to' it see it his has been the 1 on debit.
4 / 5
That is to say without the doubt a better and more amused to use the microphone has not used never. Quan Took this, tried it on a Skype sew these covers listen your own mic, and for some sound to reason very better that informs on here and Youtube direct me to think. I very like this mic, but has the defects to draw of the pair that is only a lot of problem.

A support is very good. It sees some revise to give a support the bad taking, but that it is class of..Change. It IS the support , work, has rubberized feet so that it does not line in your table. That more wants the to do, preform back toes or manipulate time and spatial? Some legs are done of the steel and an organism are launched of the very good plastic and thickness. It is not fact of the solid and calm gold only is that they pay $ 50.

A snowball can be has disassembled easily. You can very easily it sell a snowball in the clave of boom if so much you choose it. I Like him his of a fact that only can unplug very easily after I am done the using. I am the small paranoid and listen surer when does not have a mic on and very potentially listens in me.so concealed to be able in easily take a cape to be able in and again, easily, poses the backside in when required for the use, is wonderful.

A device is gorgeous. It opts to pay $ 10 more for a black version ( his to like was scalped, even so) was the election adds since easily access in with all more in my desktop.

A quality of audio is quite gosh darn adds. Has very happy opted for east in planting to take one of these XxxM0nTaInD3wxxX pro elite mlg gaming headsets, whereas Razer marks, where the poor headphones that take and the quite poor mic for $ 100. Recommend my road and apresamiento auricular utmost and this microphone. I plan on doing voice overs at the end for mods so that this goes to be well for a lot of things. But for a be of uses of time for informant with fellow when touching games.

A red has DIRECTED. It looks terrible and is very intrusive. Yes, I left me it know that it is on. You know that more it have left me it has this information? Any program that is using pauses. Or, included, a section of microphone down recording Devices when you clique well in an icon of of the one of the west is using Windows. I guess to pose the electrical tape in a light would do, or only not posing a clear there in a first place would be included better.

A cord to be able in. A cape entered a box in faculty a snowball parties very same a device. In my case, has taken the brown cape . Marr. Cape. It does not match the only thing, has matched mine desktop he but is such an odd and ugly tone that any one included the party concealed.

In general, really does like this produced. If it does not die never, it was to use the to touch take with my friends.
5 / 5
State using this microphone for the hours and all can say is was quite to estimate each penny. I am going in basically do east the Pros subjective and description of Gilipollas.

In the first place was, a Pros, really is the microphone of professional quality that calm give you the clear and sound crisps seen (the evident majority when doing voice/of podcasts-overs/livestreams etc.). A microphone only has a Cardiod voice pickup master, meaning only would choose above his forward a microphone (taking that is to say a Snowball Gel, yes wants additional voice pickup master like a omnidirectional master, suggests concealed purchases a regulate Snowball or a Blue Yeti). It opens, in a mark; it is tez is in fact quite robust, an external shell of a microphone is done on owes the very weighed type of plastic which give you to you some vain in last the feeling of long time. For 40 bucks this a lot is a better microphone can take consider a prize, can peel in the bit more included could take a Blue Yetis but preferably yes is beginning livestreaming so me, a blue snowballs is the microphone of adds judge of start. Oh, And another thing, that is to say supremely easy in setup, is literally only what a box said: it covers and marks to touch only sure that a device of entrance is posed in Snowball is a microphone of the Blue.

And now for some Gilipollas, a mic is comes with...oh The gentleman has wanted, everything can say is that it is quite rubbishes, give you the adjustment limited and maintains sliding, impeding you to obtain an optimum gesture for your microphone; it dies this would suggest also that buys the mountain of arm of boom of microphone for your desktop. Another thing wants to was of the signal is a fact that this beats of microphone pickup plosives (those that burst/to distort microphones of sounds usually pickup when one pronounces P is or other strong consonants) very easily, as it can suggest take the filter to burst also.

Around-up: in general, this microphone enough can float your boat in almost any appearance, is the cheap prize does not have to very fool so much is the quality to well sure does not reflect a low prize. Highly recommended!
5 / 5
I very want to this small microphone! It IS perfect for podcasting - easy to pose up, cover in a port of USB, and has his well , clean. You are the lazy bit in my show in a principle, record in my internal laptop mic, but all some aims listened in sounded so much better and only has to take one submerges. My cohost has listened a drastic change in my audio and decided to take his own punctual after.

So much, is easy to pose up. Well ol' Carried-n-technology of game. The works add to record in Audacity or anything your software of election is. A cute creation, a sound am add, and wants a handy tripod - perfect to balance in the desktop. For the hobbyist, that is to say only everywhere fantastic.

Mina a complaint is so smaller as not losing any stars - a red light in a front of a mic the signify is on is the brilliant bit, and since tends to take each which up in my mic subject while recording it can be the lil problem. I wish a light was in a side or behind in place of there still in a cup. I am planning on taking some electrical tape to treat this subject, even so, as anything. Only something to take note of.

Also remarks this gel a does not have a small thing of the change announced in a regulate Snowball. I have decided in cheap was and take this version, which are happy with, but that or the looks leaves the small more flexibility. That elect depends in your estimativa and whim.

Only adds it mic. I am very happy with this compraventa, and is done my sound of show uploads better.
1 / 5
That is to say an until it informs of date , while my trip with this horrible thing does not have prendido. Quan Has bought in the first place this in 2017, a mic has done adds during 2 weeks. Desprs These 2 weeks, all my audio has sounded likes him was in the bowl of fish. In the first place and second time has to it return: the amazon was wonderful quite that substitutes a defective mics. Third time, has to contact a company of Blue Microphone they, this has taken 3 month to return in me. They have answered only in mine when routed the email follows it up the email that question after it has not had the response. It was in the able end the road retreated a mic directly in a company. Desprs Quite ten month of intermittently flavour to contact a company to demand the repayment, appealed to to inform in an Agency of Better Subject. To arrive to this point, has concluded that this mic is only the stray cause and one to right thing the mark is in only give me my money behind has been only in literally ignore he pending month after already routed he behind. The while this that, has learnt that Blue Microphone this the plot. It was not where all these positive critics come from/come from, so that they are the terrible company . The blue microphone has not answered in BBB, but instead the new mic has been shipped in me. Any one included wants to use so that I am in the and only go to suppose this new mic is the piece of rubbish also. Based in some experiences with an anterior mics, why does not think that? That take me is that it was would not have taken any response of them if I have not informed the in BBB. It thinks in that: this company has sold defective mics, the road of clients he behind, and then any one when never being of them again unless it press it. Blue microphone, is not the good company.

Buys of Blue Microphone in your own risk. Cairo In other descriptions quite the one of BBB. It does not recommend anything of this company in any one.
3 / 5
A big subject with this thing is movement he around a lot, an USB takes really loose over time. An interior of angles of pins very easily, and one educating the bits can take dislodged. A grace to save is can fix this with some a help of any thin prodding objects what flathead screwdrivers or whathaveyou in unbend some pins and movement some internal bits around. Justo Cairo around in youtube.

HAS has not had any subject with him further concealed. A quality of his this quite well, but can be very thwarting use it to him on one goes the plot. Basically you want the use tries to have a mic in the compatible motionless location like the fragility does not import so much. I am thinking perhaps only so, recording a cape of USB in a base could help with this also.
4 / 5
That is to say enough a better place to start with so far like mics is disturbed. That is to say probably it rids drop one of a better 'usb' mics for a money. A lot of people queixen in a noise of backdrop, but this takes quite 2 mins to correct in clave. It recommends support of the boom like the current support is not quite big for my like..The more will want to take he of your desktop in case that is writing or gaming while it records. A knob of control of the volume and the mic the jack would have been well, but with a quality that takes for this prize, is understandable. In general you are looking for the mere easy solution for audio of quality, this will do only well
5 / 5
Amur, amour, the flight!!! I have purchased this microphone when updated of the laptop in the desktop gaming console (that no in that has the built in microphone like my laptop ). I have required this microphone for gaming and the video that edits purpose. My main worry other descriptions was that no the visas of the clear glass unless it was very near in a microphone. This is not true. I seat comfortably in my chair, the sake two feet out of a mic and the on-line people say my glass of sounds of the clear voice!!! I have tried included musician of touch in a backdrop while the habladura and my partner could not listen any noise of backdrop! Surprising! For $ 49 it can it the has not beaten the! It maintains in importing that is to say a version of GEL like this the microphone only has 1 parameter, the difference of his big brother that has 3 mic parameters (except costs some additional $ 20).

UPDATE 5/20 still am enamoured with this microphone! I have bought recently the filter to burst to enhance my voice when editing and only attaches in a beauty of the same mic. Everything of my fellow on-line amour a tone of crisp that this mic the poses was. It does not line behind, it buys this thing!!!!

Top Customer Reviews: Condenser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
I love it. It was perfect partorisca me because I so only video of Youtube. I have expected the hissing sound but has not had a lot, but this could be a phantom can am using. Be conscious that ossia the microphone of condenser and like such require phantom powe partorisca operate. I recommend a neewer 48v phantom box partorisca be able to because it perfects partorisca me and I have the audio adds. If it love the economic mic partorisca video this are adds.
4 / 5
All the settings of volume in 100 and the person can listen me. This mic is hardly can choose on touching unless you ceba deep he. The maintaining has to it band all back on and turn I supposition
5 / 5
has been that it wants to begin the youtube blog for the while now and has been looking for the economic beginner a lot of mic. This one has surpassed in fact my expectations: a neighbour up was painless and has taken so only roughly 10 minutes. A quality of a mic in some video so many has been remote quite a lot of (better that my MacBook mic). Orders of compraventas in general is looking the so only take to record or the video that does.
5 / 5
Has purchased this container of microphone for my daughter to use. It is the vocal and student of Technology of the Music in colegiala. I have loved to be able to setup microphone for his to practise his vocals and also practical, use for (house) register of studio and possibly doing Podcasts. It was easy to dip up. It has dipped his room up with a laptop to record and dip an adjustable arm in a table with a laptop. All has been I near and was able to install an adapter of the his of the USB without question. That is adds in a microphone is is sensitive and directional, as it does not choose on any surrounding sounds except that it is in front of him. For a point of prize, is the product adds . If you are looking to take to broadcast/podcasting or register, ossia the way adds to start with the studio if yours in the estimativa has limited.
5 / 5
Quality of his excellent and construction. 1st box of tax. It has not registered with him still but trying in studio and like sounds in of the monitors and of Beat him are very pleased with this compraventa.
5 / 5
These works of good microphone. Be warned that all an extra material comprises like the ā€œpresent ā€œ ā€œā€ no well and is a lot of flimsy and economic.
4 / 5
Has bought this for my edges, likes. It is registering material, looking in his prize and revising it. I thought it that it would be it more for the beginner and results to be true. It likes record with east. @In rodeo, is fences in quality for beginners.
5 / 5
Has thought this was to spend n game for my computer. It is not .
Apparently need the preamp, he eshadow supply to be able to' and possibly the mixer partorisca east to do. Any one exactly 'right to exit of a box'. But the one who really knows, as 'of the instructions ' is four sentences, all grammatically bad, comprising a which is 'follow some instructions'. That ... One.... Well, this class of begs a question, a lot that? I have fulfilled third graders the one who could much more comprehensible and coherent instructions.

Well, has gone to buy it reputable frames of microphone for my computer! Focus of mine impresa of interior of turn 20 minutes to receive! Clearly too economic the product to continue that it squanders my time with.
4 / 5
Well, mine 14 yr old taken this for his Xbox. I tried it it was and it has taken to say that his total cost with tax in $ 54 was a lot of value that has taken and that has taken with him. A lot a lot a lot it has to that fact and heavy. Has 3 big monitors and this have attached to an arm along and clamped to beat it virtually dipped a mic with his pro looks the pro DJ seating there running on my electrical bill ;)
4 / 5
It has taken this MIC the month or like this fact and has not had an urgent need of the open. With being quarantined has decided to powder of the mine portable and give it the gone. Directly out of a box has been disappointed partorisca see scratches and frames partorisca indicate that the one of fact had been used. Another subject of hardware is a ray this is to suppose to securely maintain a microphone is place is undressed and rusted. A subject main this in spite of, has not done partorisca me. I have tried he with my DJ conjoint. I have tried then he with my DAW. At all any time. Perhaps a person the one who sent it initially behind there is had a same question. It likes me the transmission this a partorisca the NEW-NEW one and give a company another test. Has has listened things of sound in his products. It is for this that has taken in a first place.

Top Customer Reviews: Neewer NW-700 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
5 / 5
That is to say an excellent, quite economic, mic for those looking to start with register. Has the very intuitive together above that and is quite easily transported also. Singer Be conscious even so, will require to turn down is the volume in a computer wants to do very real belting, but that it is some for quite all the microphones. Work with my Macbook the air has purchased once the Short cheap adapter External USB Stereo Adapter of His for Windows and Mac. It limits and it touches Any engine has Required. (BIRD-MMSA)

A semi-detached video is the register of me that sings a song 'Burned' of Hamilton. Any additional filter another that the very clear echo has been road applied GarageBand to do up for a fact that my room of the register at the same time was acoustically fatality.
5 / 5
I have bought this for my threads like the present. It likes him- it mark it to him the electronic musician, register he touching piano and electrical guitar, and pleases the video games and the blogs of on-line video. It IS very happy with this compraventa and was in my estimativa and was compatible with a Windows 10 that is to say in his laptop. UPDATE: 6 month later and work and still looks what new. After hours of the daily use every day is adds! You wont vain injustice with easterly!

UPDATE: 7 later his month had in 400 hours on he (for the 16 old year gamer) even so it sounds what new. Law without subject.
4 / 5
Bought this, easy setup...Melted with my comp setup sake and was able to take some specifications want to and has adjusted some level bit it! Has the canal of Youtube and has to record my face and the audio and he are perfect for east. Hot level in an upper and a lack of white noise of the same mic is in fact impressive, seldom has to returns in audio and edit to suppress and the static backdrop etc. better Decision I and fact for the mic. 100% recfomend for any one in the estimativa and looking to start with fresco in creation of content! Also all was bundled amiably and has done sure at all was busted and has done the control takes on all a squad, was solid and was very pleased.

-Only with the era has not known that the side was a front of a mic as it was to calm and took me like 15 min a there has been a mic has turned one another road in a mountain! Lol. Which are my own failure .
5 / 5
I am not an expert in of the microphones or all this support of audio tuff' but of the point of view of the new person here is my thoughts in this product that bought very only once, but two times.

Quite easy to pose up like both orders are come with instructions.
Sounds better that my old desktop fashionable microphone.
You Hook he up 'the right road' with the card of the sound and so on improves to sound and control. But still without it is not bad on my own.
Cheap, the totality is trace by just what any another end under the microphones has cost.
The sounds returns offensive' does not know that I am doing still with him, but included can say any one goes to sound like the professional quality anything although I have known exactly that has done.
With the usb jack of audio this mic the trace is able to run 2 full together ups easy without any crazy feedback or echo or other bad effects with both of these no more concealed 6 feet averts.

HAS ORDERED 2, and has taken 2 slightly different mics. Both say that one says the thing impresa in the and sounds similar but has the smallest differences.
2 different boxes, or has entered that looked the 'cashier of product info and the map like the majority would recognise. Even so, another (an I in fact like the small better) has entered only the joint of brown box launched airily.
2 Different foam toppers (am sure has the better name for these) one one in a brown box was subject more uniform and any one 'look' as the waste of Chinese factory like a one in a level of boxes has designed.
An anchor aims the piece is not exactly strong, but after some quite rough acting is gone in a conclusion that any one would require to have experience with road better products already, or would require to treat this squad quite bad in only accident a thing.

Any one goes to do like the piece of big final of squad of audio, but if a estimativa is tight, that is to say in fact quite well.
5 / 5
A microphone of better condenser there! It ensures clear register that it is faithful in an original source as well as free of unwanted colouring of some sounds and distortion in a fund. The estimativa cosy but does not leave concealed and a look of the calm stray vintage out of thinking this microphone is not the quality has done. A supply of phantom to be able in very joins it each joint to be able to limit a xlr line of cape in a phantom and in my computer and reliably can the each set. A mountain of the accident of the metal lines a microphone protectively and firmly in a the scissor arm. A support suspends and the folds was neatly when is not the using. An access of filter of the pop in a front of a microphone and in a scissor arm. A clamp trace each what together, can pose he in my table, desktop, support at night, shelves, appoints it. Professional and productive together.
5 / 5
I have bought this launch was prize to think the probably wont his very better that my anterior headset mic. I have read to attribute in an internet before and has purchased he and decided for the give shot the. I have ordered also the BEHRINGER Or-PHORIA UMC22 to use for one can of Phantom and to have the profit and direct monitor. As and it has not tried one can of Phantom this is coming with him. These sounds of sum of thing for a prize. If you are in the estimativa or calm only does not want to spend 200 more for the mic when all are game or the small streaming that is to say a mic. I will say you that an arm am to add has posed where the flight and no the disorder with him attributes. For me and he has to update an arm in Rhode arm so that and moves a mic when and is not the using.
5 / 5
The estimativa adds mic, but yes can return I skip in an integer bundled treats and purchase a microphone and an interface of audio. This microphone is raspy and any a lot of work that add while I have thought. Have had to even so me so that I have forgotten it spent only 0 in this thing and he me to us appreciate it more. Which are why I gave it 5 stars, a lot can any gone bad with these roads.
4 / 5
It can not take too far it was (a subject of an inch) more does not choose in my voice, that looks the profit will choose in of the tonnes of noise of backdrop. My only real complaint enough is a lack of capacity of volume that the difficult real fact to sing with, but the normal tongue is utmost prey . And The current and the people fly my new mic quality after update of the cheap headset, and that only is enough to do me happy in a compraventa. A box is quite cheap and reasonable and'd says, and and has had already the preamp to limit a mic in, as and was allocated basically to arrive to this point to try out of the condenser mic has taken. And can see me reusing a squad avenges with, but ail practical and'll probably be updating a microphone.
5 / 5
It uses the Lapel Mic of Neewer before but alas data, as I decided me treats with something better and has taken this . State using he for half the month and so far can say a NW-700 is one of some better cheap microphones in a piece right now, will list some pros and gilipollas |
- his supremely cheap and any $ h1t
- isolation of noise to add backdrop
- his very cheaply done (arm of boom of solid metal and a mountain of accident am to add)
- truly his amazing!
- His XLR so it can use he with an interface of audio to take very the the clearest audio (but has been using he without him and he sound to surprise
- comprises the mic carried of foam and the filter of pop

- his no this strong but with the +20db in your parameter of sounds of audio to surprise
- an arm of boom is down but that the has not been an inconvenience

And at all more... That is to say a truly incredible product for the reward of plus concealed abordable, as it does not waste your money in these $ 10 mics, saves in the small more and could be a next proud owner to the Neewer NW-700 | 100% recommended

- Earnest Informs for Luis Solis

~~ HAS the day adds!
4 / 5
It comes with all precise in essentially of limit and of game. I doubt you stun any one with a quality of his of a mic, even so it is more concealed has adapted, especially in this field of prize; Any glaring subject, although have had to groups of rubber in an arm to locate the other way around.

Top Customer Reviews: Condenser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 36 ratings
5 / 5
I have resolved in this box after I like him to imagine out of that need to do registers of tutorials, voices-overs, and some pieces of occasional piano.
Has not known enough in that all some pieces would require and these looks of box have quite a lot of parts to take me has begun. So that it is componentized, can ask-a-the update to eat when a time comes.
A whole box is decently priced.
A quality of his this very well for my case of use. A mic is very sensitive. It was preoccupied that a cradle and the arms of change would present noise and explosions if a table was movements of a table, but that is not a case.
Is using he with a screen of the wind to help controls a noise of backdrop - as the room is using tends to take an occasional sound. For this work adds.
The appearance of a piece of squad like serious of squad, piqued my interest of boys in the use to record his verge, and actions of piano.

Some covers and the game of USB is the more since marks setup easy. It covers he in and the magic spends, any configuration. Just use. If never I need to update a microphone ( can not think of the reason in), then is the mere subject to unscrew of a mountain of accident and ray in the plus $ $ $ mic.

In general, this does more than that required the, and the bargin prize, with a flexibility to update yes never that it is a case .
5 / 5
Like The DJ and the Host of Radio Show, can say you that is to say the Box of the microphone adds . That the value, takes a Microphone (USB), Support, Mountain of Accident, the filter of the pop, Screen of Wind and Cape of USB. All was Upper Quality , but a quality of the sound of a Microphone was excellent, especially for the Microphone of USB. Only take quite 4 minutes the totals and 1 of these minutes was to read a manual. That is to say a perfect Box , for a person this wants Register of mark of His Professional, Podcasts and/for Youtube Voiceovers. This comes with to 2 Guarantee of year, the in a quality of tez. Included a box was big quality , which are well for which want to store it , when any one into use.
5 / 5
This microphone is also! It looks so professional and is sper easy to pose up and use with the connection of USB! The sound adds, and records very amiably and softly! A lot it likes him his in of me!
5 / 5
Today we will take the look in a Tonor TC-2030 Condenser of Boxes of USB of Studio of the Microphone!

Are the big defender of a reinforced scissor arm as has an extra piece of metal partorisca the give some more sturdiness and rigidities.

A mountain of accident is built-on, but ossia to good sure the good thing in this chance. It gives an abundance of microphone of the game in chance clashes your office or table.

Will take:

- Microphone of USB
- Mountain of Incident
- Scissor Stand w/ Vice Clamp Mountain
- Coverage of Average of Wind of Foam
- the pop of 2 Spent Filter
- 10 foot (3 metre) Boss of USB

All listen in this video has been recorded in a Tonor TC-2030 Condenser of Boxes of USB of Studio of the Microphone and any of an audio has been modified of an original register with an exception partorisca regulate volume partorisca better listening. It do not have any compression or anything more added in production of estaca.

Is sĆŗper easy the setup and touches like this as well as my Audio-Technica AT2020 microphone / Behringer Or-Phoria UM2 setup partorisca the side the low plus!
4 / 5
Here is the description of a Tonor TC-2030, complete with a unboxing, spec overview, analysis of polar model, managers of use, the audio spoken and the samples sung, and some rainbows and explosions to round it was. Esperanza takes something out of him.
5 / 5
Has solved in this box after trying to imagine out of quell'I need to do registers of tutorials, voices-overs, and some pieces of occasional piano.
Has not known enough in that all some pieces would require and this box looks it has had enough separates to take me has begun. Reason is componentized, can ask-a-eat upgrade when a time comes.
A whole box is decently priced.
A quality of his this a lot of well for my chance of use. A mic is a lot sensitive. I have been concerned that a cradle and the arms of transmission would present noise and explosions if a table was movements of a table, but concealed has not been a chance.
Am using he with a screen of wind to help controls a background noise - like this soiled am using tends to take an occasional sound. For this work adds.
The appearance of some rigs like serious piece of crew, piqued my interest of boys in the use to register his flange, and actions of piano.

Of the discharges and the game of USB is the more than then do setup easy. It covers he in and the magic spends, any configuration. Just use. If I any one need never to upgrade a microphone ( can not think of the reason to), then is the subject simple to unscrew of a mountain of accident and ray in the plus $ $ $ mic.

In general, this does more than that I required it, and the bargin prize, with a flexibility the upgrade he never ossia a chance .
4 / 5
My daughter & has begun so only the podcast & has been doing all some compraventa necessary has required to take ours looks & to run, as when we begin a gruelling process to try to find mic setups for one 2 of us I widespread looking for in an internet for abordable but big quality mics. They are usually real big on reading the descriptions that & base my compraventa out of other experiences of villages with products but in this particular market felt further to read the descriptions have required to also take the time that looks in some descriptions of product quite then souly that it bases my decision out of descriptions & has to that say that I am happy has done that decision.
Some details & of the description of some characteristics has comprised is something on, so only to read them know exactly that is taking.
Came it packaged in the really durable box duquel paving to save in a chance I need to take it on a street. Inside a box all was sure & has had is something possesses that it was a lot. The assembly was quite easy & has taken time a lot small. It was in fact pleasantly surprised by a quality of a material used to do a mic. The sound was clear & crisp.
Oh & Has the 30 turn of day by means of amazon and also offer the 2 year with which guaranteeed available of a company directly.
Is the add & abordable mic for any the one who is beginning was.
5 / 5
Love these microphonesā€”already possess one, like reasons not taking another? Occasionally I need to do a bit voiceovers to some work of video and has loved to have the mic conjoint-up in both my workshop and my office. This one east exiting to a tent. The preliminary tests aim ossia quite appropriate for my far betterā€”needs that a consumer-remark junk has used previously. While I used it on mine MacBook Pro street a port of USB, also connects it my iPhone and iPad. To do is, has purchased the USB to adapter of Lightning, and the work adds!

A box comes with the stand that opportunely clamps my table, and an arm to articulate the helps get along it until my mouth. It comes with the filter of pop, but finds a windscreen to foam to be sufficient.

Are happy with a mountain of accidentā€” maintains a 'explosion' to ruin a register when a table is clashed. They use flexible cording to suspend a microphone inside a cage. ( It sees my description pics). The tampons of hule are glued strategically in a stand the help absorbs the vibrationā€”has thought well go.

A quality of build is a lot big and matches the one who shows in his Amazon that photographs of loan. Sometimes, a reality does not match some photos/of marketing of the sales, but a lot in this chance.

Highly recommended!
5 / 5
This element was the SWIPE . So much, it dip this up like the surprise for my fiancƩ. It is the DJ and has produced the little music here and there, as has thinks that that this dips up would have been the really pleasant surprise.

Has dipped like this on I and leave my walk of fiancƩ in to find this integer mic the neighbour dips up in our table and he have loved that!!! But before volume to a mic he - sinister the habladurƭa dips up! There is some map in a manual calm that wants to imagine was, which really is not too hard to imagine was. I took roughly 5 minutes or so many. A clamps and all done like this far quite good! There is no budged of a table or has fallen, like props to this company for that.

Honradamente Has bought this together because of that a boss that so only goes of a mic right to USB. According to a fiancƩ is quite sincere! It uses the Mac and say to dip the on would not owe that take too much time, just game with a setting of system of the sound in mac.

Sinister quality of habladurƭa!! I am not too big of an expert is, but my fiancƩ is - and gives it two thumbs up! Arrival that has to that fix my neighbour on reason have dipped a filter of pop in a backside in place of forward. But with which fixed that, good to go! They say there it has you grieve any background noise at all, which are adds!! If your partner is to the field that uses these - to good sure would recommend to surprise the with east!! It is the neighbour on top of the east is to good sure manageable and a present is quality really well like this he! You recommend this sure.
5 / 5
Was sĆŗper excited to find this Mic. I have been looking for some paralizaciones awhile for podcast of mine and youtube the canal and all was like this expensive. It was a lot happy to read some descriptions and decided to give try it.

A quality of audio this microphone gives is to good sure one the majority of impressive part roughly that. It chooses on all some surrounding noises so many is of entity to maintain wherever goes a lot calm. Work with my Mac any question. Have Of then does with an iPhone to the equal that will be to use he for my mobile youtube canal alive video also. A fact that is like this simple to use, and covers only calm he in the yours the computer and the game marks this mic the election adds for any without experience in software of audio.

Are not well with dipping material like this on at all, like manual of the owner detailed was a lot of gain in the dipped up. Also I am happy has to that 2 guarantee of year, in chance perhaps! I can not recommend this enough! They are also the musician and will be to try this prĆ³jimo!

Top Customer Reviews: AKG P120 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
5 / 5
Really like this mic. It has done long investigation before ordering of the sound registered in this point of prize is in fact impressive. I hgave the 4-stars because a sound is the barren bit partorisca like this clarity, but require a heat partorisca my voice and has not wanted to add another artilugio to a canal of signal. It is the add compraventa.
4 / 5
Ossia Such the good mic. The utilisation to sing and does a sound of voice adds.
5 / 5
Strong A$ $ hissing the sound has to that look my door of noise cuz a paving of noise is strong and this mic hissed like the snake.
5 / 5
Has taken this mic to substitute AKG Divisado 200 witch is already he has not done. A sound was so only a lot there. The inferior end was feeble and has had any, well, fund. Substituted with P420 and loves that like this far.
5 / 5
In my studio has another, more expensive mics, but these are the most diverse plot . I have registered whole albums with these, of the simple stereo mic'and the drum dipped the stereo electrical guitar (both acoustic and electrical), horns, and vocals.

Has used to try to use this alive, but in of the small settings do not exit too well. For applications of law of alive instrument, especially if a amp is involved, but voice very so much.
4 / 5
Buys the record voice, has good quality and is quite sensitivo and for the prize any better hay opcion, recommends it. The Probe with an Air of interface of M Audios 192|4
5 / 5
undermines this mic like this far, he using to register vocals, electrical guitars. Like this far like this a lot of
5 / 5
I add mic,as expected of AKG. Ideal partorisca has given in the estimativa.
4 / 5
This mic is my jam! The law adds. Fantastic quality.
5 / 5
Has known this was a mike that there is wanted like any commentary there. But it has said that a mike would come with the chance and mountain of the incident and ossia the lie. So only it comes with boxes. Disappointed.

Top Customer Reviews: XLR Condenser ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 15 ratings
4 / 5
I have received this mic punctual in a morning, really excited partorisca the try was ^^

A mic has been finalised with black-the metal kills that it gives a comfortable to a touch

Really easy of the place on, could be conscious that requires the supply to be able to partorisca he. I recommend the phantom could give it quite a lot of quantity of electricity to do properly.

Has comprised 2 types to burst filter which is really useful reason buy one calm, can cost you $ 60-100 for 2 of them. A quality of some filters to pop also really impressed me. It gives to try it and it calms that will want to.

This description will be updated more in the near future ^^ Hopefully, this will be the good informative.
4 / 5
Has done my action of podcasting and YouTubing some diverse past years. In that then, my trusty Blue Snowball did not leave me never down. But when COVID-19 swipe and I have found I spending even more time for behind the office, registering and modifying, decided it has been now from above my game and purchase the condenser mic. (More, I have it quell'has loved always a way these things look when hooked until an adjustable arm).

So much, has ordered this Maono XLR box of microphone, complete with almost all have required to start with. An only another the necessary piece to a puzzle was the to XLR cord and he phantom supply to be able to ( has chosen on a Neewer NW-100 that does perfectly and costs less than $ 30).

A mic (together with an arm of adjustable boom, filter of pop, windscreen, and XLR to XLR boss) has been packed in the lustrous, box that the contemporary looks. It felt the little like morning navideƱa as I opened it up and spent it for, piece for piece. All was extraordinarily a lot-fact, especially for a prize. And an only real complains has had with a mechanics of is that one of some adjustable sections of an arm of boom was the little release. It is remained quite wherever moved it but has had the very light give concealed can frustrate some people. Another that that one something this in spite of, remains exactly where calm dipped that.

Dipping it up was like this simple like sliding a mic to a mainstay, attaching it to an arm of boom, and that uses a mountain to attach it to your office. Then, career a XLR boss of a mic to a phantom supply to be able to and another boss of a phantom supply of power to your computer. It was able of the connect directly to a mic jack in my PC as well as with a help of the paper of his of the USB. A paper of his of the USB looked to do better, but this could be because my computer mic and headphone jacks is notoriously finicky.

In general, a sound is good and a windscreen and the filter of pop deletes environmental noise well. It does not go to substitute the big dollar Neumann or Trace even but will take a work is that it wants to begin with Youtube, podcasting, or streaming in Twitch.

In fact, would say that it is a perfect election for the broadcaster to start with the one who is dipping near a studio abordable. It will fulfil your needs, paste a high point, and is really photogenic. If you are looking for your condenser of prime minister mic, could do to worse whole plot that a MAONO To the-PM320S.
5 / 5
Has taken this for podcasting and voice-overs. Of then it is prime minister of mine dabble with podcasting has loved the decent mic without breaking a bank. This one there is rid. It was pleasantly pleased with a quality of build and quality of sound. I have not used any test that notarise of measures but so only my ears to determine a quality of his May has compared to mine another microphone a sound was cleaned and crisp and some filters of pops has done an excellent work to maintain these pesky 'p' & d is' on-line.
A Microphone was build of the solid metal that comprises a XLR connector and a has comprised XLR the boss was quality a lot very also.
A swingarm the stand was a feebler link in this integer setup and while any bad was slightly less than a rest of some components in qualities of build.
This type of need of microphone to be powered so much can very simply covers he directly to the computer. Neither I need to be plugged to the phantom adapter to be able to or he soundboard that then you cover to your PC. This piece and one has associated the bosses are not distributed. It comprises a XLR boss to connect to the soundboard, some big plus-arrived recorders like this it Zoom H1N recorder, or the twenty-dollar phantom supply to be able to. It maintains that the import when calm purchases it.

Is now my gone to microphone to coach video and voiceovers.
5 / 5
Has touched with this long already and am them pleased enough with a quality of sound. It does not possess another mic for mine youtubing except the mini rhode mic for a camera. After modifying a vocals sounds a lot of mine -- maintain import are them any engineer of the his, modified it to them so only to touch crisp, the very included know if this touches a lot of yours, but touch a lot of mine.

The neighbour on has not been like this easy like thought it to them would be -- a manual of the user is not a lot of gain has ZERO MATERIAL KNOWLEDGE of technology. There is not any name for some parts and of the components, is so only has numbered. Another that that, dipped on would not take too long.

Any static noise, does not choose background noise that is really well for me.

Any microphone has some his hanged, feels a lot well has done. Good quality.

The only thing the note is that this mic need the phantom supply to be able to of the leave resplandor. Mark sure taken a xlr boss that has the usb. Ossia An only reason to take a star was -- reason there is any xlr boss with usb has comprised.

Another that that, ossia the very a lot of mic.

Control out of mine youtube description where the show the one who the dipped the up.
5 / 5
Has been that uses my voice like an instrument for on 30 years now. I have been in that then it vocalist in the few bands of dozen, has done voice in laws, has been in radio, and moulds of the pod done.
A good mic is one very basic of the good register. You can have a voice more orders in a world, but the junk mic will leave it touching that junk.
Cela Is not one @subjects here.
This whole box is big quality . It comprises everything of some precise things adds the very mic yours mix.
In the first place was, is the a lot of XLR the condenser has based mic. Ossia awesome For any register or broadcasting of your voice. I have been using he in podcast of mine, as well as to register narration and voice in laws. I have been also doing in my album of only newer and is taking utmost results.
Cover them well my joint and gives extremely his professional. I have not had any question with noise or lining. It is it adds it mic.
An arm is very too much. It is sturdy, and has it beefy office clamp. One saves of wind of the foam, and a screen really helps to isolate my voice, and taking a possible better sound.
Really adds it setup. He to good sure the helps spend out of mine the game.
5 / 5
I mine of career podcast of university newspapers and have the estimativa tight. This Maono the microphone was perfect to turn my office to the recording studio in the a lot of down side. A rigid arm is very convenient likes quota desk mics force one to slouch down to speak to a mic, which can be troublesome. With this together calm up can spend a mic yours and a filter of the utmost pop and stays in place. A hardware and mic when being the metal seats him very very built and prize. As the one who a sound of microphones goes, a mic offer the very rich and crisp touch which is perfect for podcasting. On everything highly would recommend this in any podcaster in any one levels the one who is looking to upgrade of the desk mic for the prize adds!
5 / 5
Has bought this for my edges and is enamoured reason is exactly that has required the current his video game that touches. It has been that loves to begin his canal suitable for years, and this was a last piece of a puzzle to do this raisin. It has said that everything has has had to that was spent he to a computer and has been ready to go. We purchase a connector of ghost seperately. It annuls it was all the background noise and so only chooses up in your voice. A sound in his video is clear and touched very professional. Has a happy adolescent because of this microphone. It will help to explore his hobby and action with another.
4 / 5
An audio with this product is clear and strong. Also it has reduced a background noise has compared to another microphone has them. So you are enmedio that it is strong with alot of cars or buses or the people that strolls or driving for then this would have to that it calms of help with clearing on a noise resembled when you are in the enclosed room without another noise of distraction. In of the considerations to a setup, his quite easy, having the usb spent is really useful to the equal that can so only simply covers he to the your laptop or desktop computer or any device that has a start of USB.

In general the really good product that calm resupply you all need to setup your register of studio of podcast or own audio. The value that buys/ to invest in a
5 / 5
Ossia the utmost beginners has dipped. It comes with everything needs to record audio. Utilisation this for the podcasts and is very easy to use, covers so only in and select, and ossia. It produces quality of his add and some works of filter of the good pop. A clamp in the mountain is very good to have, as I do not take any unwanted sound chooses on emotional in a table. Good prize for a container also, very pleased with east.
5 / 5
Has been surprised in quality like this big ALL is thus prize! I am spent this a lot in just the microphone so only, and these microphones have not touched like this very like this microphone of Maono, more volume another train has comprised with east! Ossia That the condenser adds XLR microphone that comes with all precise . I add for beginners - but I, the one who has been in audio for the long time, also really enjoyed using this and plan to continue for the use regularly.

Top Customer Reviews: Neewer NW-800 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 20 ratings
4 / 5
It have purchased a NW-700 for 0 in eBay anteriorly. That is to say very better. So much, afterwards the year, a nw-700 XLR the cape has broken, (Why buys a totally new microphone? So that at the same time it think it his that a mic has been broken.) Then , I have bought this. It was the fight in of the this and a NW-1500. I have chosen these causes had it (at the same time to write) has the most half star and was the election of the amazon. A sound is more Crisp and clears that a NW-700, and the sounds in less Walkie-talkie likes him. (Also, I take a right angle , raisin like an audio-technica.) A new cup has the big plus that takes master, and is FLIPPING GOLD!! ( It celebrates of rabies lol ) has required 48v distributes of Phantom to Be able in, which do not think quite a lot of tension. Without the phantom can, is basically the 0 paperweights that will listen you if cries. I do not want to run over your Audiophile sounds or anything, but the interior is the frame of small metal , and the together barter printed. Anyways, That is to say the sake mic (Notes that says 'Very') but, is the $ 20 mic, and does not deserve five stars. (This is reserved by Behringer and Shure mic is.)

Nice, Robust, creation very built.

Crisp-ish Sound.

Classifies of light.

FLIPPING GOLD!! ( It celebrates of rabies lol )


has the good quantity of static, crackling yes visits a past of profit 16.

Classifies of heavy.

A cape, joint of circuit, is generic.

A cord in a mountain of accidents of accident easily.


HAS split with the Pyle pro mic tripod and filter of Japanese pop
PYLE-PRO PMKSDT25 Support of Adjustable Desktop of Microphone of the Tripod
the filter of the pop of the Microphone with Flexible Metal GooseNeck Headline, Screen of Wind of the Microphone with Double of Nylon Suau-Clean Filter for Studio, KTV and recording Room


Pictures, the cause does not know that to do with me.
5 / 5
So there is this microphone for now in 3 month and I want to sure when being that my description is quite real in perhaps the help decides to take this or the no. Have an on-line only video now included to aim calm as very hard a microphone in law is more for the microphone of estimativa. There is not enough guides there aiming to calm likes him to him the hook this up or regarding the pose up for your podcast or youtube has contained. I am travelling with this microphone in a road and still has in his box but inner the pelican case to protect he of an element of a time. Some uses of road can differ of your experience. My video that is linked in this will aim you that well a microphone can be but maintain that it imports that that is to say the microphone to want to and has possessed the professional microphone of Shure. It maintains this also imports concealed wants to take you some better parameters of the same (shows a video) so that 50% mark up for an audience has yours look podcast or videos .
5 / 5
I have to say that I am very happy and surprised with this quality of microphones and his especially for a prize of around $ 26. It has had much more microphones of expensive condenser that does not sound nowhere apropa also like this or is very clear also very strong and products very utmost sounding vocal recommends to take the filter of pop. This microphone has characteristic of cardioid - directional chosen-up, big-exited of sensibility. There is down noise, width of dynamic field, more generally used for register of studio of the vowels and he still will record some instruments well. Also it does for action of alive phase, and production of film and house and television games pc register, and emission. It comprises Only unit Sper-microphone of condenser of the Cardioid. One Impacts the test is that it is done in absord impact and is done to locate in the mic is rays on in almost a lot mic the support comes witb smallet the piece of nuts can connect in an accident absorder for the besides small trace mic is. It comes with the wind of spit of the black/foam has taken of test. Manuel , card of guarantee, certified to spend 1pc each what so, xlr in 1/8' mic the capes/of cord as it can hook he until the pc. But you can require the cheap usb card of his for your pc if your pc the card of his east down 5v cual the majority of the computers he the new plus is 5v or main but a voltage of a card of the sound of the computers he the old plus is generally 3v. Those still laws but will sound down. Also this microphone is used more with 48v the phantom beat when quality to record vocal studio. But if it do not have to blender or interface/of engraver with phantom can can buy the 48v box of phantom to be able of prender around $ 20 in Amazon. I use the Zoom R16 controller/of interface/of engraver to record musician on and has the phantom beat it and the laws add so fae also, active only haf the the low time if the turn of quality will update mine reveiw. But highly it recommends this mic in any one in the estimativa this wants quality of studio of vocal record for musician, or to broadcast exp: videos of Youtube, the film that mark you go and it wastes your money in the $ 200 microphone of the condenser highly recommends to give of is the flavour for only $ 26 can has done did not beat it has been in an industry of production of musician for in the decade and this microphone are to well sure the value that buys and sounds excellent. If any one has any questions please to listen free to ask me and will be happy the calm help in any subjects that it pode.
5 / 5
Perfect microphone. I need the supply to be able in sake. I recommend to install that the software likes one 'Paz' software of bond in perfectly adjust a microphone and to find the parameters have adapted by yours likes him. Also, I recommend to take a soyicrophone Stimulates' the parameter has been found in your microphone these parameters of Records through an application of Control of the Volume (Windows of use).

In general, PERFECT microphone for a purpose. I thought it that it break it accidentally when unscrew and adjusting a fund of a microphone, but research to be robust and well-has built. Perfectly functional while it feign. Only careful be - is the microphone of cardioid , but chooses for on SOME feedback. It maintains in importing that is to say the cardioid of low final (and'd recommends perhaps trying the sake hypercardioid the microphone yes wants totally deletes feedback of of the one of the west, or noise of backdrop) but in general, perfect bang for your buck. I to well sure tend Neweer once again in a future. This did not leave me down.

IS in a calm side, but is at all that the software could not fix. The desire recommended to install software even so, could not find anything like this in some commentaries. Justo youtube soyicrophone of bond of the Peace' and adjust some parameters you to take a perfect sound. This microphone is not for any covers of meso-and-game. You will have to do a bit adjusting unless has a Blender of real Audio to go with him.
5 / 5
So far this thing is awesome. I have posed down two tones for an acoustic song have been doing on and he an exceptional work! That is to say absolutely one of some pieces some cheap plus of train has in my studio of house, but can not say. Clean arrival, looks quite durable, and has recorded with him and I are blowings has been!

There has only 1 With that has remarked but he easily fixable. A microphone has some noise in him. I have used the door of noise to take an unwanted noise.

Recommends: Curb a xlr In the the cape to nail this comes with him and run right xlr in xlr, in an interface that pode of phantom of the supplies, out of an interface and in your comp. There it can attach your door of the noise or another have preferred methods, and will be quite happy with likes him era.

In general, would buy again in the heartbeat. Very you it can not go injustice. I have thought also other things this wine with era of quality very well also.
5 / 5
This mic law surprisingly well, especially for a prize. I have bought this with the support and a poden of phantom all prende down $ 60. Of my testing, sounds very well, included to compare or beating a blue yeti microphone. If it configures properly, the majority, if any one all, of a noise of backdrop is to take. One of some reasons decided to update my mic is so that it choose it on my changes of blue strong of my mechanical keyboard. I have taken the few minutes to configure a mics volume and profit to take a noise of backdrop and only aim my voice. After configuration, a mic only chooses in my voice and any noise of backdrop, not even my strong keyboard, all while maintaining my strong quite voice where the people have to turn my low volume in conversing so that I am so strong. In general, that is to say an excellent microphone , especially for a very low prize around $ 20.
5 / 5
This mic works like the field. I have purchased he with a support of boom of the suspension and I use it quite often when gives on-line conferences etc. The quality of His east orders for the microphone of consumer (or same prosumer), not even in a same planet compared in a cheap mics ship of PC with or after microphones of subject of the piece. The note has to have the phantom beat to do this resplandor of microphone! You can take the box of cheap phantom to be able in in stops of Amazon in $ 16 bucks. I use this or with this microphone ' likes him/dp/b00kapglqc/ref=cm_cr_ryp_prd_ttl_only_23'. I am very happy with a microphone and a support of suspension. Before posing up for the on-line conferences have used to be the hassle, now I only paste a button in my supply of phantom to be able in and change a mic around and is churns. The dollar for dollar has won that is to say probably one of my more invested to date!
4 / 5
That is to say the very good microphone of entrance of level. I have been tired of low quality 'gaming' headsets with terrible engine and tinny mics. As I have decided to take the real mic and left he with my Sennheiser HD280s. My partners of guilds have remarked a difference immediately. I have sounded clearer and has had the a lot of richer voice in them. I no in that has it alot of noise of backdrop like this mic does not choose up all the sounds like the cheap headset mic .

Looks very well in his scissor the support to arm trace in my desktop. Even so you require you the supply of phantom of power to go with this mic, so still with a supply to be able in does not have the good field in the. Usually I plant it quite 8-10 inches out of me when using. If you alot comunicacional of voice while gaming and has the decent together of headphones, that is to say the very better the option has compared to buy the 'gaming' headset.
5 / 5
Yes, I work in pro audio, but has bought this mic for my radio of ham pastime. I have had already the supply of phantom to be able in InnoGear 1- Canal 48V Supply of Phantom of Power with Adapter and XLR Cape for Any Register of Musician of Microphone of Squad of Condenser so that it was cured of. A packaging was very good and an inclusion of a mountain of accident is the good touch. A booklet that is coming with a mic is poor and the small deceives: it describes a mic like "Sper-Cardioid" and then ready directivity so "Omni-Directional." It is not to clear in me to read a booklet what an appropriate operative voltage (the phantom beats) is. It says one 5V of the modern PC soundcard is quite - does not know since is using 48V and a mic law well with this voltage.
So, likes sound? For my sounds of ham of sum of radio application! Very clear and calm. A low final (down 150 Hz) is not so strong like my another mics (lists of voices of another mics low) but for the voice in radiates of ham that is not critical. I have compared a Neewer NW-800 with my another mics:
MXL990, Heil PR781, Neumann TLM193 and for radio, a Neewer to to the sounds likes them-them to the sake likes him any one of them. To the point of prize of $ 22 is the real subject .
4 / 5
It can or ppl help me plz .. I am the beginner in production of the musician and I have bought this mic and BEHRINGER Interface of the audio but he no idk why. Quan Connects my headphones with an Interface of Audio can listen my voice of a mic but when test to the record does not do to the help write me

Top Customer Reviews: Neewer USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
The calm can not take anything more like this for a prize. I use with my videos of Youtube and he look very professional. A quality of register is well and with minimum clave-the process am adds. It can not recommend enough for those in the sper estimativa tight.
5 / 5
Work well. It avenges with all some parts say, is the sake mic, although it can not compare in another bc this was my premier . A usb the cord is only long quite if your computer is there included with you, but if your mic/soiled of his setup is averts of your computer, then will require the long more usb cord,although it imagines in this tax, only the regulate Mic the support and everything concealed.
P.D. My husband has rid only his first on-line voice the acting audition those uses this and think that the better sound that the bouquet other auditions.
5 / 5
He 't does in my laptop, and I 't know why. It can be the problem with a microphone, or a blue cape has been broken. In all the case, has consulted a service of client cuz can not find a reason. They have said also that has not founding this problem before. This process lasted by two days (in my opinion, that is to say already very hurriedly, at least much more positive that another afterwards-services of sales...) At the end it is returned that the together broken and issue me he nine a, and this one does very good. It IS it excited it still.
5 / 5
It IS the microphone adds , but some dimensions in a period of a cord is subject was. It IS much lower. I have had of the cord has separated to do functions. Another that concealed, is the microphone adds .
4 / 5
The quality adds for a prize. Surprised that clean sounds. I prefer it on these Shure hand mics. Cute audio only but I only use he for cat of voice and the little register of instrument. With the support and of the filters for less than $ 30 is the value adds .
5 / 5
We use these products for gaming and has done perfectly in record
5 / 5
I add mic for pc gaming! It takes some configuration, but good product for a prize
5 / 5
after comparing some microphones of estimativa has decided to buy easterly the unit had concluded that this has sounded better in me when compared in a FiFine K669 after looking some descriptions in Youtube. This together integer is not very much more expensive that a FiFine K669 he without any accessories, unless it comprises a tiny crappy is that it comes with a FiFine. Even so, THIS Neewer the box comes with all precise have the full microphone setup. If you were to buy some accessories in this box separately, cost almost $ 30 WITHOUT any microphone. So much, this box is a same exceptional value if you do not consider a microphone.
A microphone comprised with this box is in fact very good! As Declared earlier, the better sound in mine when has compared ears in a FiFine K669, the very popular microphone here in Amazon. It finds a built in the interface of USB to be adds. The noise is quite down in 60-80% profit and I have remarked any yard at all. In fact, it was surprised to listen that this microphone contains an interface of audio of USB even so Blue more expensive Snowball Gel. (CM6327A) Sounds very good and is totally usable. This is not the throwaway microphone, included even so Neewer has these insane roads in the! More probably it recommends this microphone in a Snowball Blau Gel simply so that it is so easy to locate, and the similar or better sounds. Needless To say, is not the adherent of Blue at all!
This box truly comprises all precise to have the good experience with the microphone. The calm does not require in fiddle with the crappy support of tripod of small desktop, any precise to buy the mountain to clash to go with him, does not have to preoccupy quite buying the filter of pop. These things are comprised. It looks that each appearance 'bad' to buy the microphone is handled with this box. Into use, it is enjoyable to use. Having the complete setup for $ 35 is an amazing experience. No more fumbling with the tiny desktop is that it chooses in the each small vibration in your desktop! A support of microphone is incredibly convenient and can plant a microphone exactly where the flight, for my mouth.
Finally, is supremely satisfied with this set. This box is an AMAZING value and truly comes with the complete, any one admits, setup. If the calm does not want never update in the new microphone, can use some same parts that was to comprise in this box. This comprises each a different Neewer pieces of microphone that is extended quite a lot of Amazon for the a lot of lower price. If you are looking for the complete, any frills, surprising value, microphone to estimate setup, is in a right place!
5 / 5
There is at all partorisca disturb in this container of condenser. Any one. Zero. Zip. A first commentary of what when unpacking a box is the one who sturdy and well has done some components are. Any of them is economic. A clamp, stand, mountain of incident, and the filter of pop is everything notches upper . In fact, it is almost he likes to buy so only so only a mountain of accident or filter of pop of Neewer and launch in all more for free. Of course, any of this subject of things if a microphone was sub-pair. It is not . When being USB, which has connected easily with my Windows 10 laptop, a signal of audio bypasses the audio typical of a computer amps/pre-amps for the clean noise, low half. To be sure, this mic is any Neumann, is Trace or AKG, as it does not touch like this smooth or full-bodied likes those, but so that cost, a can not complain.
5 / 5
Ossia The microphone of USB a lot of that that could be useful for the number of tasks. A quality of some accessories is well, does not add , but better that expected for a prize. A sound of a microphone looks natural, any hard. It is the little lacking in some low frequencies, but totally well for register of voice. It produces the small quantity of hiss, but was able to take it easily in estaca without affecting a quality of audio.

Ossia The microphone of condenser , as he no excel isolates background noise. If your half of the register does not have isolation of the his, then can choose on noises of outsides a room. Also, if you do not have any acoustic treatment, chooses on an echo of a room. Been due to of the this, would not recommend he for gaming unless the the calm keyboard and the room have treated. If the isolation is the priority , look for the dynamic more than microphone of condenser.

Top Customer Reviews: Shure MV88+ Video ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 40 ratings
4 / 5
Like this here it is an inferior line . You are paying partorisca a mic he, which are adds. This in spite of a clip of telephone is incredibly economic (is why has lost the star) and probably will break with which few uses. Because I have been to a question partorisca the add mic and mini tripod and then skimped is gone in a clip of telephone is the scratch of enormous boss . Now it is this value $ 250? The calm no. can build you own system partorisca much more economic with a MV88 or another mic likes one is Trace or a BUOY mics and take some alike results. Hopefully Will update a mic clip to the metal a. Then, so only then, perhaps, this will cost of the money.
4 / 5
Has taken this mic has registered this summer with some reasonable results. As another there is remarked, is the vast improvement in an iPhone is built-imitate mic. It is not a calm plus mic in a world, but partorisca the register of iPhone has improved without falling thousands in DPA is - returns a bill.

This in spite of, could any never takes partorisca do reliably with a connection of lightning. Using a comprised micro-USB to boss of lightning, a mic often will lose the connectivity that resulted in the red or light orange - sometimes blinking. Unplugging it And plugging the backside in seldom solves a subject. Still it has registers without touching at all reasons looks a mic stray connectivity. It is not partorisca clear mine if ossia a subject with a boss or a mic, but frankly partorisca $ 250 has to that it does not have to that question a quality of a boss has comprised.

A hack partorisca take this mic partorisca do for me has used a lightning to usb box of connection of apple partorisca another $ 40. Connecting a mic to an iPhone by means of a box yields compatible results, although you wont be able to regulate a mic settings.
4 / 5
So only the fast note partorisca say that a lot this box of of the east of Sure microphone... While suitable, a headline of telephone could be better, has found the solution. Manfrotto To ā€œproā€ version of the title of telephone, is very better especially for me when I use my iPhone with a Otterbox Defender. Disney has directed of later in May, cants attended take some video adds!
4 / 5
Has used is Video Trace Mic in my Micro Four camera of Tercero, the Panasonic GX8. This in spite of, have been frustrated by a sound a lot presiona window, and lack of stereo his, and has not gone to travel exactly friendly neither.

Also uses my telephone when there it is quite light. As have has wanted to something concealed done with everything. It is resulted that a MV88+ law well with Telephones, Cameras, and Portable the.

Like the telephone mic does astonishingly well. You can change a stereo wide, dipped the to the narrow ape, canal lateralmente, appoint it. A video and applications of audio of Shure laws well. A mic also works with any one another application in a telephone without subjects. A dynamic row is sum , chooses on sounds some small plus, and thunder stronger without clipping. When Dipped to width stereo has the sense adds of presence when you listen behind to an audio in headphones.

Can use this like the SLR/Mirror-less microphone of video also. All have has had to that it was aforar a level of entrance in my camera and a headphone the start until some levels were corrected. With some bosses of right adapters, he same works in stereo in a Panasonic GX8. A microphone saves his same setting when any connected to the telephone. And a headphone works of start, included when a microphone has connected so only to the band of power of battery of USB. There is not any latency in a headphone is exited.

The hips does well in laptops and desktops like the microphone of USB. Calm still has to that connect to the telephone to change any settings. It remarks work with the normal USB-A to Micro Boss in of the Windows, any needs for USB-C if any calm the the.

Some tents of whole box in wrapping it concealed develops to the together plan of five pockets. There is also elastic straps in some outsides that read to resist a mini-tripod. When warped On, taken on roughly like this spatial like caffĆØ big mug. It is very portable and easy the setup.

A box of telephone looks of the Manfrotto frames clamp and tripod. A telephone clamp is well, but there is any action of cradle, like your telephone is resisted so only for like this tight can take you a @@@knob. A good informative is a short is the cold-shoe, and a fund is the 1 /4-20 edge, as you can substitute an integer clamp with something better master.

A tripod is big quality . Has the key of easy emission, and the stays when calm dipped that. You can attach a directly his microphone, without a telephone clamp, to do he to the traditional desk microphone.

An arm that resists a microphone is the simple clamp, but resists a microphone a lot closely. Has the 1/4-20 edge in a base, and the annex of cold shoe that the works add in the SLR/Mirroless camera. An organism of looks of microphone to be compatible with other grips of traditional microphone.

A ball of foam in an end of a mic can be pulled was, doing a same profile smaller where the wind is not the worry. It is still quite small same with the Movement WS-G10 Furry the windscreen has added.

A global construction of a microphone, and the accessories have comprised is the upper notch . Some looks of microphone to be all the metal. Some bosses have comprised is sturdy, this in spite of short sound. You can use the USB-Micro Boss of extension to take more distance, included when using a boss of Lightning.
5 / 5
Has bought this he roughly done 8 month. AMUR A microphone. It is exceptional and easy to use. The utilisation to film the short video of vehicles am trying to sell. Has the application adds that it is easy to use.
A mountain this in spite of is horrible in better. I am not sure yes it is done my Manfrotto or Shure like the tripod is the Manfrotto this in spite of is branded like the Shure tripod. Has the lock to transfer for presionar a telephone to a mountain. HORRIBLE! If calm in fact purchase a Manfrotto the tripod taken the cradle loaded mountain that reads very better. I can not take my telephone to remain sure in this mountain anymore. It has to that do sure resist my telephone until I am ready for the use. Reason any Shure clave with a Manfrotto mountain?
Once again a microphone is exceptional is a mountain that mark this compraventa questionable.
4 / 5
Will update this description when I listen of a vendor, but create my mic lacking the piece key of hardware. A mic mountains to a tripod for screwing in, and this work adds. Take a mic, ray in a headline of mobile phone and mobile phone to plant to title- another do another sake. But, when I go to attach a mic to a cup of a headline of mobile phone, does not have any piece has comprised to slide a mic his mountain, is unhelpful. I have tried to unscrew a fund of a mic mountain, but ossia quite solid. For now, it can use it likes the mic tripod or as it tripod of of mobile phone, but no near . Bummer.
4 / 5
In the first place of a Microphone is excellent. The only desire sold it for separate.

Shure HAS an amazing microphone but paired he with the very economic clamp, which spends down a global quality of a together. It would have paid more for the best clamp. Another subject is period of cord . They would owe that it has comprised it 4 cords with east. Some 2 cords that at present comprise 2 more other cords that is shorter in period. Mina, a current some am too a lot the time that considers a setup that the majority of people will use. He an aesthetics looks the little economic with an extra cord that hangs out of him. I agree companies to shoe that extra to mark long shoelaces when an extra period is not required and is not useful further of situations.

Also thinks is quell'has bitten caseous to have a shure focus in a stand of tripod when it is clearly he Manfrotto stand. One is is solid of rock.
5 / 5
Follows iPhone XS Max user. I have bought this box for my practices of electrical guitar of the girl. It is a lot so only better that iPhone. I can not justify 270 $ partorisca east . He So only audio that the record has improved so only the results but I have bought this one to use inbuilt application of the video where has not fulfilled my expectation . Also I am concerned his response of band of the frequency . They have mentioned 20 hz. Hardly it listens some bass when I register songs of stereo. In another hand with incumplimiento iPhone XS Max that produced better bass and mids. It can be this more own box for register of voice or interview no for the instruments that records.
4 / 5
This microphone is awesome. Works to the equal that has expected. Mina the only beef with this product is an application of the video does not save some files in the format that has required and has had to use the application of conversor for the fix. This information would have been good to know in planting that has to look for it. A technician of support in Shure has known exactly as required to take place. For this are Shure knows a subject.

But another that that does really really well.
5 / 5
Look the very good product, the solid feels. But it can no with my Sony Zv-1. I need the telephone or the computer that resupplies supply to be able to. I tried it on mine MacBook pro. A sound is well , but not perfecting. I have used to have another Shure mic telephone. You can say a difference among Shure and another . Hardly I can say a difference of this mic and with my Sony Zv-1 built in mic 't believes is the Shure has produced. As it will return it.

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