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Top Customer Reviews: Oh My Goth! ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 By Mariana
I can not believe the person has revised this closing. I love the music of Voltaire (in Projekt) and this short little graphic novel belonging in any goths shelf of book or table of caffè together with elements looked like tim burton is soyeloncholy died of boy of oyster', brandon neil ragan is 'the ash of garden', and a 'lenore' books ny Romans dirge. Pleasant and spooky

Top Customer Reviews: Oh My Goth! Version ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
It likes-me Voltaire way of art, but the desire has gone with the comic of plus-lettering-source partorisca write when updating all a lettering, an old English source is the little jarring has compared to some surrounding illustrations. Also the desire has maintained some balls of dialogue so much-is more than overlay his with amorphous whitespace partorisca a text partorisca live in. Another that that, love a content he. A dark humour although permeates his music is exhibited here.

-- Ben
5 / 5 By
This was the present . A daughter the one who has taken likes this, but has not listened the sound revises it.
5 / 5 By
Enjoys the plot of the works of Voltaire, that comprises his music and books. It was any surprise that there is enjoyed this comic, also. Highly I recommend it to any the one who enjoys patient or dark humour. There is the plot of him.
4 / 5 By
I amour that Voltaire does not take never too seriously, but also remains a lot true to a goth scene. This graphic novel is witty and original. A definite has to that buy for goths and a goth in heart.
4 / 5 By
Graphic novel poking entertainment in him and a subculture in that bolt Voltaire is Oh My Goth had sucedido in doing me grin & giggle like the looney. And it conceal never it can be the bad thing .
5 / 5 By
Has thought could any gone bad with the comic for Voltaire, as they are the enormous defender of his music. But this was the letdown.
The Illustration Is a lot poor and for this a line of history is hard to follow. The humour of Voltaire inside these looks of book overdone, has found besides a satire partorisca be unoriginal, and that dips era. It is not that I can not take the joke, but these jokes are ineffective.
5 / 5 By
To all the cost of him is the goth, the desire could be one or the just amour that reads some comics that looks for partorisca be found in some hands of goth defenders of comic, will enjoy this book. Created for goth music Voltaire, give his own humorous transfer in an integer goth what of satire. And he he quite well.

Directing around a self alien absorto Heironymous Posch, a comic quickly begins on is feigned purpose - to exhibit a good, bad & ugly side of a goth culture. You see so only in the each alone version of goth & in so much doing you in fact see some same stereotypes that exists in any subculture!

Now does not begin that it thinks that Voltaire is not able of poking entertainment in him neither- is like this probably to take it potshot in his real life self like this so it simulates any of some random characters in this book. Some people can a lot like this serious, but then those are some people those who only does not comprise that any way of life can be entertainment done of!
5 / 5 By
So only when I have been engreído that all my fellow goths was claves-in-the-vase, to the long of comes Voltaire to liven things up. This book of comic looks an extra-terrestrial appointed Heironymous Posch (the one who the strangely identical looks to Voltaire), the one who, during human history, has been trying do friends with Earthlings. Unfortunately, his tentativas has been failures , the resulted in of the superstitious faiths in of the monsters, and another chaos. Posch Spends his free time that relaxes in his aircraft, in the orbit of the earth, quite happy with his lazy occupation. Then a day, his bosses decide that the earth goes to be destroyed. His plan when being the threat his laziness, Posch ships in the mission to save Earth. To the long of a way, offends a minions of Hell, those results in of the demons as well as the aliens that pursues down. Hiding is gone in a scene of Goth, Posch befriends the group of surly adolescent Gothic, the one who finalises to be tugged to the long of in his outrageous escapades. Entertainment for Everything!
5 / 5 By
First what would have to that know roughly me, a lowly reviewer, is are them the comic friki and the (a bit leading, so only does not have an energy anymore) goth. But still although there is essentailly launched of mine gothic the ways still adores this book.

Our boy Voltaire has loved is not fearful of poking entertainment in many respects of a too serious goth lifestyle that really need the poking.

Is hilarious, obsured and in general so only the a lot of very read. It is printed in paper of the big quality and my copy has on resisted a lot well a past three or four that is been in mine proud possesion. Although eye to have, tragically, misplaced he during the recent movement am crying them inner is a lot quite that would consider to buy the again.

An only thing could say against him (and is the light one in this) is that it tends to ramble the bit in a last subject, although done the joke in just doing a last subject up in the aim so that a lot well could be the one who happend.

One a lot the laughs read , well everywhere and a lot entertaining, included if you are not the goth.

Oh, And I recomend verifying was Voltaire music aswell, a lot pleasant, my personnel favs is 'the calm person want to you when you are bad ', soyy future ex-promised' and 'Dead daughters'.

Happy reading :)
5 / 5 By
has chosen this book on grieves to exit the few years behind. I have left mine Gothness of then but still enjoyed the work of Voltaire. Has the sense of humour and is not fearful to do entertainment of everything. And I mean everything. It is a enjoyable diversion of the reality and he any transmissions. Hmm, Something uncommon.

Top Customer Reviews: The Book Of Deady ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5 By Will
I have not been never a partorisca read books of comic. But when I have seen it is an I has has had to that the so only buy. I have it quell'has fulfilled personally a man the one who wrote it. It is the very pleasant type . I have seen partorisca treat alive two times and have your ribs that hurt by an end of a show. If you are still one of these people those who think that is the sin partorisca smile or laugh while you are in the club of Goth, if Voltaire is calm there so only can do not helping. Ossia A sin that will be you guilty of.

Ossia The graphic novel very good . Has the new Deady graphic novel exiting punctual and plans in those took that some hips.
5 / 5 By Tyisha
A product arrived in good time, a book the mark looked new and I just plain has loved a book, thank you so many!!!!
4 / 5 By Alona
Absolutely awesome! Voltaire is the artist adds , writer, music... He he everything!! It can not expect take my hands in a next book!!
5 / 5 By Celine
Voltaire is not just creator of comic Oh the Gothic mine!, the author of books likes Produced the Black: One Drives to Gothic Homemaking, and the musician with black hair the one who spends to be a wet sleep of goths during a world.

Is also a creator of Deady a Bad Teddy; the pleasant small teddy dare ossia result possessed by a harm More adds them this galaxy of ours has to that offered: Urkor Malravenus of planet Necronus, the one who stranded on Tierra in a disguise of this pleasant little teddy decides to wreak havoc on humanity.

A Book of Deady looks of three prime minister Deady comics, and guesses a better way to describe is to appoint it an orgy to laugh. But it is not so only pleasant, is satirical also, and things like Hellraiser, Wars of Estrella, A Raven, and more is all looked in a way or another in some adventures of Deady. A satire is uncompromising still never disrespectful, and Voltaire sure knows like this to twist and things of tower.

For example, each defender of a Hellraiser to the mythology will laugh or she stupid in 'Deady in Hellrazor', the history that justifies a compraventa of this volume, in Deady and his meeting with a Stenobites, directed for Paperclip Boss and his Bocca of Keyboard of the mates and Estaca-Do It, in the ski-fi agreement. If you know your Hellraiser probably will spend out of laughing - like this I almost - when you discover Estaca- expensive to try to be menacing to say: ' have such can-of the presentations to signal to aim you...'

Clive Barker, A creator of a Hellraiser saga, obviously does not import a whole thing, of then is one of some collaborators to a volume. But Barker is not an only collaborator this in spite of, and a cast along other collaborators hopefully give A Book of Deady all a merit of attention.

But like this with more other anthologies of comic, no each alone part of him is equally well, but a majority adds of some results to content to be masterpieces of comedy and satire.

So that it is while to? It goes to take it immediately or Deady could look in your house, barbequing your kitten and seducing your sister...
4 / 5 By Lashawnda
Which more can say, I amour Deady! Always they are that it looks forward to new subject, included when I have bought so only a late plus. Cleverly it is writing, ape, and very pleasant in the drak, gothy class of way. Voltaire, is the character !


Top Customer Reviews: Serial Killers: 10 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Taunya
Excellent book partorisca read if yours to killers and of the killers of serial . I read mine thru kindle . Thank you

Top Customer Reviews: Deady Volume 4: Big ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 By Lizabeth
When I have begun partorisca look to a Deady Serious at the beginning looks no only that interest, but something different.

Does not want to say that ossia a worse comic can take your hands on. But seriously it depends if yours to preverted and odd humour which can be seen in everything of a Deady Books. A fashion of art is very different that you normaly see besides traditional americanized comics.

Top Customer Reviews: True Crime ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 By Merideth
When being American, am not familiarised with some English authors for this can not appreciate. American crime for the Brit.

Top Customer Reviews: Serial Killers: 6 ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5 By Bernard
Some histories are short and easy to read. They resist your interest. The gladly read more for this author.