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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Giuseppe

Are very pleased with my New Vortex 2016 8x42 prismatic. Compared to a Bushnell Naturview 8x42 prismatic that has been using partorisca some last 3 years a Vortex is very better. They are more brilliant, clearer, lighter, the better house, the better boss and have an incredible Vortex Warrantee.

Has taken partorisca experience the vortex sustains the few months does when I have fallen my Knife of Vortex Spotting Spent in the acute rock that shatters a piece of optical eye. When I have called the vortex has done clear to be my failure , but said to us 'any one dreads a cure of cause of tea. I have paid a cost partorisca ship a propiciada Vortex. They have substituted a piece of eye has tried an action of a piece of new eye with a rest of a discharge partorisca ensure a past combination like new action. The vortex has then shipped a discharge has repaired behind mine without load.

That the experience there has been to plot partorisca do with a reason has chosen Vortex when I have purchased my new binoculars.

4 / 5 By Daisey
Last year had purchased the pair of Redfield Rebel 10x50 partorisca in $ 135 all says and fact, and partorisca a prize, will say that those are a together excellent of Bino is, and I always taken compliments. This year this in spite of, has has wanted to really something the little hanged lighter, likes raisin to plot of time in my feet, as any one the weight could spill in mine with the/behind was more welcome. I have had the hard time that chooses among a Leupold BX-2 Acadias and these. And possessing Leupold Spent, and finders to vary originally have sustained that direction, but sadly(or no?), that Hunts the season was here! And to the amazon has not offered Prize in 10x42 is in a BX-2, as I have decided to bite a Ball in this new 2016 Model Diamondbacks. Like this far absolutely I love him! They are light, but no the light of feeling 'economic'. They are extremely comfortable manually, and qualities of glass very acute, that surpasses my Redfields(the note is the Leupold Undertaken now) for the small margin! A thing that really underlined in comparison to my old pair is a quality to light , a lot clear and brilliant! Especially in of the conditions read go down! It has been it has impressed further. A chance to spend comes with this awesome, and the good transmission on a lot another 'pouch way' spending the chances form other costruttrici. In general they are súper satisfied with this together of the binoculars especially data a seal of prize! Really it would have liked him it has liked a BX-2 & side of Diamante retreated for side, this in spite of our venue Cabelas was out of stock in both in a 10x42 measured, how is that it is! But I can say I strongly recommends these! This weekend spent was was with mine 2 Brother in of the laws & my father in law, and has been impacted the one who brilliant and clear an image was. It says enough for me!
UPDATE 11/3/2016
is Gone in to Cabelas today now that has both a Vortex Diamondbacks & Leupold BX2 is in stock in a 10x42. Comparing side for side, the quality of glass was with the and with the , but almost favour a Diamondbacks in sheer 'crisp factor of image. But honradamente to close the really of call, especially in tent. A thing sure can say is that a 10x42 Leupold BX-2 is was the substantial quantity heavier, which the mine is the with, also far feeling bulkier in general. One feels a Diamondbacks manually is far more comfortable that that of a BX-2 east. All while a Diamondbacks is $ 30-$ 40 more economic according to value of current phase. That The vortex takes is my call is one !
Update: 5/26/2019
Recently chosen on the pair of Leupold BX-4 Pro Drive HD is for the prize to good to spend up. While it embroiders the clarity of flange, and the decreases of conditions read are noticeably better, a Diamondbacks is still the crazy good pair of binocular is, especially given a seal of prize. It was also able to use the pair of Viper of Vortex HD is this past 2018 main season, also has been noticeable improvement in a Diamondbacks. In general this probably will be a last time I update this description. A Diamondback is is probably a better bang for your dollar binocular in a plain of phase and simple, and really is not that far for behind a curve has compared to a $ 600-1000 near is. If podes any felizmente animal of something in a field with a Vortex Diamondbacks, is by train of the bad .
5 / 5 By Herschel
Full disclosure. I have not maintained these binoculars, but in his defence dipped them in a coverage with the almost $ 800 pair of Leupold BX - 4 Pro drive HD. In light plenary these two active binoculars almost indistinguishable Optical qualities. They are both extremely comfortable to hang on to and the houses with one rid. A Vortex possibly Embroiders out of a Leupold because of a bloodletting adds for your thumb that always leave is exactly where to take . My woman and I a A B tries with a pair for almost two hours that begins in an hour before dusk. And to be perfectly sincere was so only on loan to send a Leupold behind, included this in spite of in my eyes a Leupold is a lot sexy in Creation. You are not until it begins to take almost too dark to hunt that a Leupold has begun to aim his force. In EXTREMELY the low light conditions a Leupold has some class of magic this resembles almost amplify a very little light that is to remain in a heaven! Now it is that value an extra$ 400? Ossia For you to decide. You could take three pairs of these and be entirely happy with having the pair for your chance of bond, hunting stock exchange, and box of glove.
Another value of comparisons that comment, some discharge of the lentil in a vortex is much easier to dip on and take out of both arrivals as I am a lot disappointed to be that they are by train to return them for a slightly better Optics of a Leupold. A clamshell the chance for a vortex is the little oversized for one 8 x 42 leaving them to slop around the little bit when enclosed but also leaving the little more room in a chance to the equal that could be ideal for people with the sling or harness.
Considering a reviewer that alleges that they are fakes . You look in my box and has thought sure has had feigns also. Nowhere in a box or some binoculars or some vortex of chances have said. But in a last page of a manual under a VIP guaranteeed gives an information for the optics of Vortex has called one 1-800 number and spoken to the very good lady in Wisconsin this has been in his room of census and grabbed a pair still that has purchased in the amazon and has compared everything. An outside of a box, a chance, some contents Inside a Box and some binoculars his and ensured that these are to good sure a real shot.
In short, if it was in 200 estimativa would not doubt to purchase a Diamondback 8 x 42 binoculars.
4 / 5 By Phylis
For the decade now, has been habituado partorisca top of some binoculars of vortex of the line ( $ 900) and Kowa 80mm ( $ 2000) and has has wanted to him both with zeros complain in the each level.. Also I have bought recently this 8x42 diamondback and a new 2016 10x42 diamondback to try was face to face... In the first place to the left say me that the taste to him an old creation 8x42 a lot for a money ( can find this for $ 134 to $ 180)... But , A new 2016 Vortex 10x42 diamondback in ( $ 229 is so only fantastic for this extra $ 50 to $ 70) .. Improvements of sound in weights , ergonomic feels, extra brightness, also the slightly more refined @@@knob of house. Calm probably will be very happy with any model , but really recommends to go for one 2016 diamondback 10x42 considering you among a two. Honradamente, neither extracted exactly like a vortex of upper line , but is surprisingly near and a lot much less $ $ $
5 / 5 By Dalila
These are an amazing value and my preferred bino to hunt. A 10x magnification is perfect in that gives quite magnification without being difficult to maintain closes manually. I am surprised always in how much light these binos left in. They are much more brilliant the one who can see it with an eye in of the skins and of the plot to hunt is done so only after dawning and so only before dusk, ossia the big shot . I really remarked the one who big of the difference was the few nights does. It was with some boys sledding in the hill approaches our house in Utah in around 9:00 at night when the neighbour says ' Is that the coyote in a paintbrush in a fund of a hill?'. Of then always I maintain these binos in my truck, has run to grab him. It was darkness was and an only light was of the street lights concealed has not been that near of that looked in. When I Have been to use a Vortex Binos, has been surprised in a brightness and clarity. It was able to clearly see that it was the dog and any the coyote. With which one looks by means of these, my neighbour has said to be necessary to take the pair.

Clarity: If have a lot disposable shows, take a Knife of Vortex HD (Knife of Optical of the Vortex HD 10x42 Prism of Ceiling Binocular ). Yes, I am crisper. They are value of the extra money, the mine is not . If it was the bird watcher or that goes in the once in the lifetime safari in Africa, then perhaps would jump for an extra clarity. For my use has feigned, this work adds and is quite darn close in optical clarity. I can identify deer, in front of, turkey, etc. Without question. I tried him side for side in Cabelas and these were a right election for me.

Service: WELL, they are not that it goes the lie, are the defender of Vortex. Have At least seven of his discharges of rifle further of these binos. A big part of that is a guarantee of Vortex. If comparisons spent or binos and all more was equal, would choose Vortex for a guarantee so only. A good informative is that a quality of Vortex and pricing is almost always better also, like an election is usually easy.

Pro Tip: Take these few shields lateralmente for your binoculars (Investigations of Optical of the Field Triple Band Retail Packaging Assy EyeShield, Camo ). They are easy to install and give you partorisca focus good around your eyes that maintains out of unwanted light that will affect your view by means of a binos. Also they will bend behind to leave you to substitute some coverages when any into use. I use him and they help to plot.

Confidences of the descriptions when I purchase to having dipped like this to plot partorisca time to reviewing all purchase on Amazon for personnel and my subject. Please aim your recognition for clicking one 'he' down when it asks if a description is useful!!!
4 / 5 By Loise
I to plot of investigation (almost two years) of a lot of sources and has then created the cast of 5 cubes that has loved to explore. Has has visited tents and would try some in my cast, more another 8x42 is. Still although I have not tried never one some in mine ready ide for side' (any tent has spent all five in my cast, was lucky has had two in my cast), but when I have tried a Vortex Diamondback 8x42 have known was in a a. I have not been disappointed. My eyes are sensitive to light and some cups of expandable eye are to touch to maintain light to enter for a part. Some turns of focal dial smoothly and is very clear. Probably my favourite characteristic is a neighbour on home of 4.5 feet. The to plot of sighting of birds of inside my house and with the fall that is not on the dot to be take, a neighbour arrive helps of the house with some details some small plus. My husband has purchased the pair of 8x42 of another mark that was in my cast and when it looks by means of mine, can not believe a difference.
4 / 5 By Larue
Crisp Optical centrally, if the the so only used wal-mart 7x35 prismatic these will surprise you. All the world there is rid these to stops the fast look in something has behind looked in me with awe after the pocolos second of impressive brightness and clarity. A lot of fashionable life of the image.
Is not to perfect, but for a point of prize, thinks that one would have to that expect this.
1).When panning While seeing, has the a lot of noticeable 'fished-bowl' effect, with some flanges of a visual field that the most next looks that a centre. If one is glassing for game in several hours, this would be to disturb it .
2). Some flanges of a visual field is not like this crisp like centre. Have @@give This was the weakness when comparing to the big plus-put of arrival of Leupold binocs, also 10x42. When These Diamondbacks is trace in the tripod, is trying looks for game, yours 'functional' the visual field would be restricto detrimentally(Note: I experimented with distance of vertex to see if this would improve some flanges of a field of viewing--he no.). But you are that it looks bird , where goes to be that it resists a binocs in your hands, is scanning for the bird, calm once the relieve, calm quickly can centre an animal in a field to see, like this the weakness is not the significant question in this phase.
3). Chromatic aberrations. They are there, I am noticeable, but a half user probably does not complain in of the this. If you enjoy a richness of the colours that comprises the plumage of the bird, this could be little has bitten of the nuisance. If your viewing is more objective-oriented (spotting game and discerning characteristic of the same) this probably does not annoy you .
In a whole, these are a together excellent of binoculars for the reasonable cost. Highly I recommend him, and you recommend him to friends. Some of these weaknesses leave me wishing for better, and I probably upgrade in a future, but ossia the place adds to start with .
4 / 5 By Dionne
Has bought these to use to hunt of deer in a fall. Alive Los Angeles as really I can a lot of vouch for his second the one who hunting, but verifying out of some daughters jogging down my street, really does well. It can you verify him it was form at least four blockades was and no suspects never the thing. Had some daughters that has thought the forms of gaze quite a lot far was, but when it look in them by means of these binoculars, was likes....' Looked better of far was!' In all the chance, will look for to update when in fact I use him so that I purchased him . Or[Dates 11/24/19- used him the paralizaciones has feigned has done to add and really helped in low light (first of sunrise and with which decadence) situations.
5 / 5 By Patricia
Has taken these binos to Alaska for animal/of whale that looks. Compared the to mine 10x42 Orion (that the left to my grandson) and has not compared. Love in twilight. So much lighter and clarity in a morning and evening. A field a wide plus of view and a weight were really well in some long hikes and that try to take view of a boat.

Was bit it pricey but liked him to them really. Spending them that hunts this fall and giving them Orions like the present....
4 / 5 By Jenifer
I sighting of birds and hunting and binoculars to use to plot. I have had the pair of 8x40 Zeiss binoculars of the recently attacked victory out of my car, as I have bought this pair of Vortex Diamondback binoculars to fill in for a upcoming travesía. It thinks my value in this description is to say you like these compare with one of some better binoculars can buy. For roughly $ 200 for a Vortex Diamondback here is which takings. One surround it executive is: the fantastically good $ 200 binocular, can do not imagining could do better, and that the vortex has the súper has guaranteeed. A detail is: clarity of image, Zeiss 10, Vortex (which is well, like this Zeiss is so only of a well of map), ergonomics, Zeiss 10, Vortex 9-9.5, hanged and measures well, Zeiss 10, Vortex 10. I complain it it has had to lose the pair of Zeiss prismatic to do this report, but expect that it is to help yours. They are very impressed with the Votrex has fulfilled in the $ 200 point of prize, his quite amazing.

Top Customer Reviews: Vortex Optics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Talisha
I have researched partorisca hours before I have bought these. Finally decided in a Vortex Crossfire. You love him! A 10x42 are add, and no shaky at all like some people say roughly 10x. They look awesome and feel likes is done a lot well. I think that that a measure is perfect partorisca too big. It comes with the soft chance well, the strap of with the cushioned, manual and coverages of lentil partorisca both sides. Some coverages of objective lentil am attached but can be takes would want to .
4 / 5 By Elsa
Of a moment I unboxed and begin to use these binoculars have been impressed with one feels of a binos in my hand, is very balanced, the hand has attached spent in of the ends, and cups of the relief of eye adds that I scrape on and down partorisca glasses/any glass. They have arrived with spending it stock exchange and strap of with the. And the Lifetime, transferrable has guaranteeed! It breaks him, he his tomb, while you can send an element behind, will fix.

There is wanted absolutely in a cost and really for $ 130-ish the dollars celery like the Much more expensive neighbours of vortex binos. So only GOOD CELERY to look by means of, and minimum regulating. A view is more in brilliant light, mid light of day and in the dusk still can see the good five to six hundred course, but beginning to exit that it loses in of the fine details after the low sun that it is to be expected with 8x32 zoom. I can easily it marks out of a gloss of the rack in the buck or hone in in some different shadows of discharge and colour of hair in a fact and bucks against the field of the grain chosen, field of corn and red prairie herb. Has a lot of hills and of the draws, and loves scanner and strategizing where to dip my invidente for season of rifle, and look forward to inaugural morning, grieves is quite light, scanning for my deer.

Inferior line, buy this Vortex binos! They have beaten Bushnell, Leupold (in general zoom also!) You will marvel in like this it take like this lucky to have an incredible pair of binos in the prize abordable, and the crowns Yes are looking for something for your husband or fiancé, these binoculars will blow his alcohol. And they will not break your account to bank
4 / 5 By Debi
Im seriously impressed with these. I have possessed some of your means 'of a rack' binos on some years but ossia my first fine main pair. Im Surprised in a clarity of a glass. They keep well and a creation is very easy to resist in bylines. I near of the river and while trying these was was able to follow bounced well while they have accelerated stops. Im More impressed with a clarity these binos resupplies. They are easily adjustable and for relief of eye and both wheels of home is in the very natural place. I know these arent one the majority of expensive in a phase but is quite utmost for the distance to see of 300-500 course when regarding big game. Probably more afterwards for the smallest animals such the bird.
4 / 5 By Luella
These binoculars are like this as well as all have seen more than vortex. It is scarce for the costruttore to surpass your expectations as much as the vortex has. After purchasing two other binoculars in row of alike prize so only to be disappointed, these were breathe he of fresh air. Like this far Some three elements have purchased of the vortex has been full stop. I have seen at all in his row of the same prize approached.
5 / 5 By Tyesha
Has not possessed never binoculars of big quality before, as my description is purely of the point of view of the novice. Some binoculars are qualities very big . I want like a glass of eye protectors is semi-detached (still easily detachable he wishes). A manual of instructions is easy to read. A chance and the strap are both comfortable and big qualities. Some images are clear glass . These binoculars add the new level of fun to everything of our external activities.
5 / 5 By Imogene
Has purchased these binos in September , while to the deer of Alabama seasons which has begun today Nov. 17 2018. These are some worse binos has has not possessed never. A relief of eye is way too touchy. A right side wont house, a house of centre is too touchy. And they are hard to resist. My time owes the turn was nov. 19 which have known no. Now they are out of $ 182 and I have to that buy another together of binos. It does not recommend produst to any one. Save your money and take some Nikons. An only reason has given 1 incident is reason there is not any zero.
4 / 5 By Edna
Has bought these after trying out of stopping them different types of binoculars. These are for far a clear and easy plus to regulate. First time that uses them was in an interior archery row with light a lot down partorisca 3d joins. They have done to surprise compared to other binoculars.

The prize is the rovescio light but a fact that these are probably some last binoculars does not have to that never buy because of his guarantee and the craftsmanship have not imported. If a prize is too empinado suggests to save awhile more along and not squandering your money in the most economic pair of binoculars.
5 / 5 By King
Has read the plot of descriptions is and another and was the little surprised in some descriptions is. They are in fact be to the tent to look in these before ordering has known like this that has taken. All can say is WOW! I do not have any idea like calm could not give these 5 stars. If that can have there would be it given 6. An image is like this incredibly clear his like having eyes of eagle. They are comfortable, easy to use, and could not be happier. Calm can not beat a cost in these. They have arrived a business day , a day at the head of the delivery has expected First uses nave. I tried him last to to the evening likes him to him the sun has gone down and could see clearly all a time until a sun had dipped. I included taken this morning before a sun was to arrive and could see with light of moon of a snow. Some discharge of law of utmost lentil, attached to a optic and can attach an objective lentil to a strap so as to any to lose them never. I am impressed extremely with Vortex and will buy more produced of Vortex in a future.

Has come new in of the boxes still with shrinking wraps in a box. Calm will not be disappointed, again, does not comprise like this can give anything less than 5 stars.
5 / 5 By Julieann
The glass adds for a money. Used all the parks of deer this year and has to that say that they are the a lot of big upgrade of the mine economic plus Barska spotting scope. So only with having like this far is in the cold 0 morning of terracing hunts. I have begun to take the little fogging that looks to be inside a lentil. I have been maintaining an eye on he this in spite of. I do not have it remarked spending anymore this in spite of.
5 / 5 By Jim
Has bought these for my husband for his anniversary. Really it likes him, but it is like this of width. They are one 12 x50 has measured. My expensive has to that be small reason can a lot comfortably take the good view, included when a lenses is in his next plus. Still it says has to press him all a together way and his pupillary distance is significantly wider that mine. So has the distance of eye/of narrow face, does not take these. Any sure a 10x40 is would be better, but his look is concerned has the face the small plus. I can it has to that take the smallest pair on its own name finally, which is class of disappointing reason expect that they would be quite well for one both of us. Otherwise, Is clear, sturdy, and quality to look very big, but again, too wide.

Top Customer Reviews: Vortex Optics Solo ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By
I will give it 5 stars concidering that takes partorisca a prize. I have loved a x36 but in two times a prize has been with this little type. Quality of looks to build well. Coverage of smooth house, any free and no too rigid. The glass is clear but the very light blurs is noticeable around some flanges so that it is not súper clear flange on board (expected in this row of prize). There is quite good light transmitting with a 8x25. A chance comprised of past reviewers say sense has not been meant for him and any one am returned the properly but the mine has come with those looks to be the chance of the newest version. Perhaps the vortex has listened to his clients and now comprise the chance ossia better apt and there is has closed fully sides. Also it avenges with the lanyard to spend around the yours with the.

My main purpose in purchasing was partorisca better viewing for an outside pageant date with a woman but I mostly will be to use this to see aims in a row. I think that he so only well with a 8x. Mina has purchased of Planet of Optical/praise for Amazon. The pictures have added was the little hard to take the acute still picture that resists my IPHONE 7+ and a monocular a same time so much in a picture does not look like this clear as in person.
5 / 5 By
Very happy with this Vortex (So only, 10x25). I have considered to pay two times so much for a main lentil (36mm) but am happy I no. A brightness in this device are adds. Magnification Is crazy a lot also. I can see fauna and flora in a water in 150 perfect course (the pair of nourished has moved to a lake for behind our house). I do not have the question that stabilises he with a book. An adjustment of the coverage of the house does a lot well. It is quite resistant to prevent he to be jostled out of house but no too tight to regulate. The relief of eye are also adds, a eyepiece has two settings, closed or extended with the 'click' positive that resists any selection in place. The quality of build feels upper notch this in spite of like this is surprisingly light in a hand. I have comprised soft sided spend chance with velcro closure, cleaning cloth and with the lanyard.
5 / 5 By
This monocular well of the money, with optical clarity that it is impressive in this point of prize and with an objective lentil of this measure.
Uses prismatic very expensive and spent of telescopic rifle, but has situations when I require something light, small, and fast that I can tug by means of a vase without worry. This unit is perfect for such occasions.
This pocola spent has a question - but is the biggie. A coverage of home is both too tightened and situated too much closely to a piece of adjustable eye, that causes interference with both parts, and some difficulty in using a coverage of house. This characteristic of poor drawing is reason I has fallen the pair of stars out of an indication.
4 / 5 By
There is wanted really has taken. I am spent of the hours that researches all the first possibility to go with an Alone of Vortex Monocular. Received a product so only today and there is enjoyed he of our balcony in a beach. Then a gilipollas has come to light.

1. A piece of the eye of the hule is exited a first day of sweet (house and porch) use.
2. A chance is the bad Chinese fact koozie more than one very bondadoso of durable a (against a manual of same instruction, which has aimed the a lot of spending chance).
A gilipollas is enough for me to wish to return this element and avert compraventa further of Vortex.

Thing that is almost gilipollas: a) any coverage of piece of the eye (how is resulted the treat main because of a poor chance) and b) any long distance that directs.

The quality adds of view. I mean it adds.

Again has has wanted to really like this but when it has fallen averts in your house, with sweet use, then has said enough.

UPDATE: Day two, a wheel to direct there is prendido to do. Now it requires excessive force to turn.

UPDATE: Fijamente one on subjects with the little know that. Spectator of big quality but questions also.
4 / 5 By
Has bought both a 8x25 and 10x25 for comparison. It was the next call . A 8x25 the image is slightly more brilliant and (of course) wider. I have preferred a More adds them magnification of a 10x25 to see pistol objective downrange.

Has not had any question with resisting any monocular in bylines. I have found that bracing a side of my indication of toe against my eyebrow shaken has deleted virtually.

A coverage of home has been just right; no too tight and any I too free.

Minor gilipollas
- I desire a unit has come with discharge of lentils. I have tried the Butler Brook Tini-Bikini, but he no returned.
- I would prefer the snugger, if more I compress that entirely it closes a monocular.
4 / 5 By
Does not have anything for the compare to, but think that ossia the add monocular. It is a prime minister has not possessed never and, although it was unsure roughly investing in 10x versus a 8x (which is supposition to be easier to maintain parco), looks to the equal that can resist this monocular so only well. They are any surgeon , but a bit shakiness that arrived while it resists a-there is rid has not gone really that big of the shot. While I have maintained an object in question generally in a centre of view, has not had any subject with some small movements has caused of me. I also found that using two hands or of support I and/or a monocular with the stationary the object has reduced considerably a shakiness has associated with a more powerful zoom. I appreciate a capacity to regulate a relief of eye, and a @@@knob of home, although slightly I stagnate during one-the operation rid, is quite easy to manipulate. To good sure does not fall out of directing easily. It was also unsure of a smaller lentil (25mm) has compared to some of a big plus some common with this measure of monocular (regarding low-conditions read). This in spite of, was able to see relatively well before this morning it is sunrise with just an environmental light this was present first of a sun crested a horizon.
5 / 5 By
Eye and Movement of good clarity of the adjustment of the piece is quell'has bitten a lot with an eye like this sustaining against the estaca or of the helps of tree stabilise a view. 8 that Can is better for brightness and movement. One 10 was too active and slightly dimmer. Solid construction, qualified of good house, and adjustment for glasses. It returns amiably in some waters of boat pouch in my band to hunt. Green and black coverage blends amiably the trees. The option adds to the binoculars yes want to reduce bulk this in spite of takes the good look in something in a distance.
4 / 5 By
Absolutely can not beat a factor of form, form, weight, and consolation to spend. I can imagine easily spending on with the or tape. This in spite of, some stinks of relief of the eye (this means is very particular roughly which approach calm to resist to your eye before you take the black coverage distorted in your line of view). Like this while it is the fast thing to just movement until your face without fiddling with discharge of lentils and two coverages of house and anything, will find you fiddling to find one something sweet and spending extra time to resist a 10x25 in firm (like opposed to binoculars that is quickly to the respect). Consuelo of the “fast “ “ “ little element” results the bit of the wash when you factor these things in. I prefer the binoculars takes more situations unless when being ultra compact is the factor. Objects in mine Pentax 8x25 the binoculars looks identical to a 10x25 is here. I have read some revises to declare the lousy chance and the hard to use coverage of house. The mine has not had this subject. If and the smooth coverage adds (short of toe, open zones to some upper).

Am maintaining these reasons like him to him the variety of optics, but I needs to buy another optic for something and I will look elsewhere. These are not ideal for all the situations.
4 / 5 By
Has purchased this element to spend with me every day in my stock exchange of computers to have for fast viewing of fauna and flora or elements that is too far has been to see with an eye in of the skins. Works a lot well and to to the my grandchildren really like to of him also.

A subject only has found (and an only reason did not give it 5 stars) is a relief of eye to the equal that are the glasses wearer, but for a prize and the measure does a lot well. It can do face with the coverage of light blackout around an outside because of wear of glasses and relief of short eye. Movement of coverage of good house and very easy to purchase a subject. Optical very brilliant pleasure all the elements of Vortex have tried. A lot compact and light. It is quite rugged also. This has to that it is resulted the level in optical of better quality, one moves on hoards of eye and work well and of the stays in place.

Would recommend this for any concealed is not the glasses wearer this loves compact, optical clear and brilliant in the monocular. If you are the fellow glasses wearer and to the equal that have learnt to do, tolerates relief of short eye, is not too bad for us neither. It can not find another product that was this compact optics and the good quality concealed has long quite relief of eye for glasses wearers.
5 / 5 By
My father stray vision in his right eye that baseball of touches like the boy, the suffer detached retina. For a past ten years, dulcemente is losing vision in another eye. It looks for something to help prolong his vision, try glasses of work, but apparently, a lenses the work has jointed, so that I gave an idea to try to find the monocular. It was like this happy to be able to find the monocular that can use concealed was abordable and light. It is like this happy! They say it that has not been able to see the calendar in a wall, brotas in of the trees, any definition at all for such the long time. They say now it can see colours! Has no @to @give can not see colours. It is surprising a bit monocular could spend like this joy.

Top Customer Reviews: Vortex Optics ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 By Laila
Near exceptional of glass partorisca of the money. Probably a value has better found to date. It spends the plot of time glassing. These have substituted a need partorisca the spotting obtain when hunting deer of mule out of the west. Ironically enough I think that that these are probably a better value that the vortex has to that offered. I have looked by means of knife HD is for a lot of hours and in fact have less embroiders the clarity of flange that these Vultures in twice a prize. It repeats a flange the clarity of the flange and the chromatic aberration is far upper in these $ 500 vultures that one $ 1200 knife HD serious. These are not Swaro is or Zeus is but can say you that Swaros is not five better times that these.... They could be two good times likes these but is five times a prize. Unless has money falling out of your calm pockets think you would be crazy any to buy these or pay to prize for a Kaibabs. So only a together exceptional of glass for a money. These have substituted a need for the spotting obtain when hunting deer of mule out of the west. Ironically enough I think that that these are probably a better value that the vortex has to that offered. I have looked by means of knife HD‘s for a lot of hours and in fact have less embroiders the clarity of flange that these vultures in twice a prize. A flange to the clarity of flange is exceptional in these and am seeing minimum chromatic aberration. These are not Swaro is but can say you that swaros is not five better times that these could be two good times likes these but is five times a prize. Unless has money falling out of your pockets youd be you doing the disservice for not trying this prime minister or included that extra pay for a Kaibabs. The looks of vortex to be glass of marketing of low end to some people that so only love a logo because they pour them on flesh eater, and look to be marketing hign the glass of arrivals priced like a razorHD serious the people that loves a logo and has seen a train on flesh eater, one something sweet with this company goes to be mid optical to vary like this where a value is enormous this in spite of lame a guarantee. These are like this as well as any $ 1200 places the knife HDs or Kaibabs and is not that it pays a prize .
5 / 5 By Shalon
I enough like these binoculars in general, although they do not feel quite a lot of like this good quality like my old Nikon the monarch is. A resemblance spec the monarch is looks to be more visually colour and have the two dimensional image less than these.... I remark that the most economic binoculars some map of look of the images cutouts... Any that these are that it would call economic binoculars...! I have been surprised that by heart, a Monarch is looked to have like this well to the light increasing capacity like them to them these in low light, in spite of being 50mm more than 56mm.... Although, as I do not have him anymore, can very directly compare now.. To be just, a Monarch is cost also half so much again like this Vortex this.

One a big thing I really does not like in this Vortex is is a stock eyepiece hules. Any @subject to the equal that has tried, could not take the clean image without messing around with a place once against my eyes. I finally fixed this to take some hules accionarías and using these instead.... AmScope EG-SM Microscope Eyepiece Eyeshields Or Guard of Eye
With which attentively that takes a lip in a fund of these with the acute knife, is returned a Vortex is perfectly.... Taken with the little goop. Note.... Now it does not use a swivel characteristic of relief of the eye like these eyepieces the space was more than a lentil.... Cela, and reason are angled partorisca take light going in in some sides, any these the good election for users with glasses.

Has found that I can use a Vortex freehand without a lot of question, but also uses the ape-pod for has extended to see quell'work adds. Good chance. In general, enough the good binocular for a money, clean visuals, but unfortunately, am not blown was.... His the shame, has has wanted to really be....

There is So only change a eyepiece hules again to these: Eyepiece Eyeshields or Guard of Eye for AmScope SE300 SE400 Serious Stereo Microscope
is more rigid that a EG-SM is, has more socket of eye clearance and returns perfectly and more securely in some Vultures without any modification. They require to be used with a swivels was how is more courts. Again, no the good election for eyeglass wearers, but for me, the far better law that some hules accionarías.
5 / 5 By Huey
These simply are in amazing. I have been dipping in my investigation for some big plus powered but still optical priced reasonably for deer and hunting to direct. Has the pair of 8x42 binos ossia quite well for spotting in of the most next zones, but has required something concealed would leave me to dip horns in some animals further was, in low light or foggy conditions. These binos is perfect for that! I can scan the clear cut several hills was and the mark was all on that. They operate also in low light like my discharge, and choose on details in fog that another binos would not be able to. His hips any fog up in an interior as mine another binos do. They are quite light for as powerful is, and a prize is much more reasonable that some another binos in this row of quality.
5 / 5 By Valeria
Recently buy the house that has the view of the extension of water of roughly 3 miles to almost 15 miles to ship routes. We purchase these binoculars, thinking finally would require the telescope also. These binoculars are point and averts. A light meeting is sum and a clarity far surpasses that it can have imagined. Later we purchase the Celestron C5 Spotting Spent to see further ... But a power so only has not gone enough to impress. A clarity and brightness of an image in a Vortex has done a C5 image less desirable. We return it to knots and probably not trying another telescope. Some Binoculars of Vortex are really that good. It is quell'has bitten heavy, but a lot enough to attack the star of some indications on.
5 / 5 By Emma
A lot prismatic. Solid, has weighed. Very heavy. For an aggregated FOV in the 10x42 am not sure a 10x56 cost his weight (literally!).
My forward birding bino is is Leupold Wind Remachar Waterfalls 10x42. A lot well, and really withstanding a test of time, but has found when I am exited with another that has spent to plot to time to share a binos around. A FOV the advantage has touched to appeal, all a habladuría of the light meeting improved has touched to appeal, as I have decided to upgrade and do these Vultures my new primary bino and of the old 10x42s mine 'loaners'.
Has listened to the plot of things adds roughly the vortex like verified went in him the brick-and-put to coach to hunt of mortar and has ordered these on Amazon.

So many, as it has mentioned; heavy! According to my stairs of cookery in the heaviest pound (a fraction of an ounce down 1.5 books vs the fraction on 2.5 books, likes 66 heavy more!).
FOV Are more adds that 10x42, but in the real practice does not find that he the a lot of difference.
Light gathering; no like this dramatic to the equal that have thought that would be. It can not say the significant difference, although any one a lot down light seeing like this YMMV.

My main flu: Record and arrival. One of some cups of eye has the noticeably tiffer' row of extension, but no extracted big. An adjustment of dioptre is that it closes any (like opposed to the mine old Leopold Rivers of Wind) and tends to take on and movement with a @@@knob of house (each way!!), And, more unforgivably, some two barrels do not look to be for real in-line.

A subject of dioptre was my first worry . Once a dioptre has been regulated the so only looked to maintain exiting of adjustment. There is remarked finally to to that likes @it @@knob of in of the house has been to regulate would take it slightly in a @@@knob of adjustment of the dioptre and the movement slightly every time a house has been moved. I imagined it it was that I pried in a the empty among an adjustment of dioptre and a @@@knob of home to separate them that this would not spend anymore, but a process has had to be has repeated periodically. Also, a dioptre rule the @@@knob is 'before' of a @@@knob of home, as it can have confused easily when you are trying to regulate home while looking by means of a binos and no in any @@@knob.

One @subjects a big plus for me; every time it take a finally regulated dioptre and directed in and the past time that control out of the subject, there is pulled once of a binos there would be the mini-episode of vertigo. As you have tried in some glasses of recipe of the fellow and your eyes have regulated to a point where calm felt in fact could see well, but when you have taken some glasses were had the period of king-adjustment where your eyes have gone back his normal house . Very unpleasant, and am sure that spending has extended periods doing your eyes regulate for bino to the misalignment is not well for them.

Spends afterwards; description of a vaunted guaranteeed of Vortex.

MODIFY: (Mina aplogies to Vortex to take like this long!)
So that it had dipped a binos in the cupboard after my initial description and has to that admit I class of forgot them arrests the year. You find him a day and decided to send them in. Very impressed for a service! Taken his backside a lot quickly; like this quickly it looks hard to believe they in fact repaired and is returned my original binos in that then. My supposition is that a estágirado' binos was any new or refurbs. Any way, was in well-so much-new condition like any complaint any chance.
- A misalignment of barrel after a turn of looks of service to be entirely gone.
- A @@@knob of adjustment of the dioptre no longer takes in a @@@knob of house.
An only less than subject perfect, albeit the minor a, is that I can not take perfect house in both eyes. It is thin and easy to live with, but any @@subject that I fuss with a dioptre there is not the perfect party., As I go a @@@knob of home behind and before has the point where an eye is perfect, then where another perfect east, but never both are perfect.
Oh, Well; if perfect master I supposition will require to fork me out of the glorious or two. So that these am side will say that they are the together good of binos and the very good value.
5 / 5 By Noella
For some prizes some vultures are well. My main complaint is does the a lot of very the line goes in house and out of house. Calm also has to that constantly regulate an eye relieves. This characteristic does not look to remain place among uses. Calm to good sure will require the tripod for these binos
5 / 5 By Josphine
the product adds. The unexpected clarity in a lot of conditions to comprise low light. Shooting to vary used in cloudy day in 300-500 run and was able to choose on impacts of ball in armouring plate objective painted air 500 plan easily. Also used glassing for deer out of truck in first low light of dark and exceptional clarity and brightness. A quality of the glass in this row of prize is staggering.

downside: Very heavy. It does not win to pack around with the, but this can more probably be used for stationary glassing in all the chance.
4 / 5 By Rayford
The vortex is for far my mark of optics preferred, and has in the first place compared his Diamondback model to the Nikon of a point of same prize and found a clarity of glass to be very better in both daylight and decreases of conditions read in a Vortex. After upgrading to some Vultures, a HD the glass remained with a 7mm to the pupil of start there is once convinced more than an optical quality of these Vultures and that the vortex in general is better that other frames in of the points of the main prizes. The colours are vibrant and the clarity is surprising.
4 / 5 By Blanche
A Vulture of Vortex 10x56 Bino sold for Opitcal Planet and praise for Amazon. Point out of the this is a HD same model although it does not declare such on-line. Ossia An element spent for big of some importance in my opinion. This look to be a lot well has done binoculars. I am substituting the pair of Zeiss 10x56 this is to be fly the few years done. My second pair of Zeis to be flown. At present I have the pair of Swarovski also. (Any flown still). A 10x56 that the vortex is the small and more light plus optic that a Zeiss. They look to be a lot of facts with some thoughtful engineering. A glass is very good. Like this as well as mine Zeiss or Swarovski am not sure and will require to to do some side to try lateralmente. In the base lateralmente? Exceptional glass. Probably you buy another product of Vortex has based to that has seen like this far. 10x56 Is the glass adds for decreases of conditions read. I suggest that that has something to stabilise them also.
4 / 5 By Brent
Every time dipped these down pardon besiege it there was

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 By Daryl
It is not súper clear in of the longest rows. But taking five stars partorisca a value.
In $ 100, ossia he súper value, esp wth a MRAD the reticle has comprised.
Uses this to the something paste in the long row tactical shoot, and could say swipes and loses, and sometimes where a swipe was in clean steel, in of the distances until 900 courses. Very better that an eye in of the skins.

Will not substitute the decent spotting spent, but then again, ossia the discharge can spend everywhere as you move around, while it regulate it spotting has spent that it does not go partorisca spend.

FoV Quite decent, also.

UPDATE: after taking he out of his pouch, yesterday while it coach, all the classes of parts have fallen out of a pouch during an earth. It likes him something is result unfastened or unscrewed, and all a eyepiece lenses has fallen out of that has resisted gathered him.

Optic Useless, and with using very small and managing in general. I have taken so only he out of a pouch for initial description and once or two times in a row. As it was not if this element is súper flimsy, or has had so only a outlier the unit has gathered bad, but to arrive to this point, caveat emptor. I guess volume that stops of has paid.

Has left is to see the one who standup support of technology of the optics of Vortex is.
5 / 5 By Norah
Wow. This pocola what is fresh likes hell. Súper Brilliant and clear measure , compact, perfect one thousand reticle of stairs this is marked number in the each one 5 mils for easy reading, and included has 4 fast reference inner of silhouettes for fast varying of silhouettes of human measure in 300, 400, 500 and 600 metres. EXCELLENT for a money. Value each penny. To good sure buy again has lost this one or something....
4 / 5 By Raul
Has had the 10x So only of Vortex for the few years and have any complaint. I have loved to take the second a for my stock exchange to vary like this thought quell'a RT the model would do amiably... Any so much. A build is looked to the mine Only but a house in a RT is terrible, is very rigid and can listen some tube grinds it against each another. It is like this bad that are by train to ask me yes for some casualidades odd I so only has taken the bad unit. I have behind envoy to Amazon... So only I can take another Alone.
4 / 5 By Teofila
During my investigation for him monocular I repeatably has been confused has had he reticule marking estimativas of row (Mrad) or no.
This does.


Very solid. Ossia In no way cheaply has built it. It conforms to a hand amiably too much.

takes two controls, house of image and reticule house.
The house of image is obvious but a reticule the house is for some class of past complaint that a reticule would be blurry.
Basically - dip the so much is perfect and any touch never again.
Spends chance:

This me laugh when I saw it. It is 'habit' well. It does not mean it is well. nudge The L bit and your optic could fall was. Nizza Something open big to leave of the half lines a lentil.
A loop of tape is the snap on loop. Any sturdy for the heavy pound monocular. If you are trace and falls free, your consolidation is is in a chance like falling supposes.

My joint?
Sews a loop how is permanent.
Turns a chance to the rovescio and sew patches of cloth in both sides that after some empty. I have had some skin lying around (black skin) and sewed it on. Looks 10x better and 100x more sturdy. The beaten that buys the new one and after all, is 'habit' done for him. Too bad has not spent an extra 20c in lines for each a but oh well.

Uses Mrad measure. Calm basically need know a height in of the courses and the one who mrads apresamiento. TargetHeightx1000/mrads.
Very attentive. Tried went it on some houses (using 10ft for the history) and cross referenced with Earth of Google - correct distance.
The mathematical hate, goes for an economic more a lot reticule sponsoring monocular. I think that that they are $ 90.

Very clear. It is harder that say that I am looking in like this quickly like this prismatic and harder that see with at night vs prismatic.
But agree is using 1 eye vs 2.
With that in alcohol, These are optical flawless perfect . It reflects a lot little of a sun that is to add so it reduces glare and reflected brilliant.

Pro Is
For prizes - a lot well has done.

Unconditional, transferable lifetime has guaranteeed.

Measured of attentive distance.


Spend the chance is economic and work of need.

For a prize, is looking for utmost optical, this are adds in each way that @@subject. Shopping the new an if this has not broken never.
Which I not having also, because of a guarantee.
5 / 5 By Cletus
I really like this monocular, feels substantial in your hands and build of knots. An image is clear and brilliant and a reticle to good sure will be handy. My only complaint is a coverage of home is a lot last to turn. Appearance this loosens up over time, reason the turns of the pair and your toes have hurt. Also, my chance is neoprene and has any loop of tape. It have been a lot they have comprised it molle pouch for him instead.

Update 4/25/17 House the coverage has done a stiffness was, as I clashed it the star and everything is perfect.
4 / 5 By Lena
Has all has used prismatic, but he monocular is the different can of worms. They offer any drawbacks and the advantages will not find with his big plus sibling. Monoculars Tends to be more economic for relatively a same level of technology, of then does not have two near of optical to concern roughly. They are lighter and far smaller that binoculars also, the meaning is easier that store and tote around with you. It enters a Vortex!

Has discovered this element after using the number of his products in some sports to shoot. Marcos of vortex some seen A lot WELL in of the competitive prizes. When it Avenges time for me to buy the monocular, thought that it would give him the casualidad, and does not complain it . As any product, need to identify your need, or will buy one wrong a. I have bought mine mainly to coach purpose. Have has wanted a optic could hang around the mine with which quickly could access to look in of the aims after dipping some advantage down row, and the law adds.


Is sturdy and well has done. I love a house. It resupplies to protect and excellent grip. To the ergonomics is glorious, and with the bit of practice, can use this and regulate home one there is rid.

Comes with the lanyard and soft chance, as well as it clip of utility to attach a unit to the tape, band, etc.

Another characteristic that is really fresh is a reticle he, and some silhouettes well in a reticle that can use you to estimate rows. Some instructions have comprised included say you exactly regarding the do. Very fresh.

Quality of the image and the clarity is fantastic. A partner of the mine there has been one $ 300 version of this line of product and to be sincere, could not see the vast improvement, at least any for three times of the money.


Although it avenges with the soft chance, which are adds for field-use, I generally like the option of hard chance for my optical. This there is not coming with one, and will be to look for an after-chance to stage that attended will fulfil my needs. This would be forgivable YES avenges with discharge of lentils for the protect, but he no, unfortunately.

Eye-relieves: Any the one who has used the monocular knows that eye-relief, which is a distance your needs of eye to be of a optic, can be delicate. A soft eye-the cup would OWE THAT help dipped a legislation of unit in a correct distance of your face, but has found that he no enough the , and I need to 'hunt' around for one something sweet sometimes. The any Vortex of failure partorisca east, reason is in no way the defect of concrete drawing to this product, is so only a game you gotta game with monoculars. With the pocola practical, was able to purchase much more quickly.

Ossia The product adds . If I need to add it optic of the company of confidence, can think of abundance of worse places to start with it Vortex. This can not have all some bells and whistles that I have loved, but date a big quality and seal of the value of prize has packed, considers this the subject in the product adds.
4 / 5 By Zachery
Wow. Impressed. The glass is clear and brilliant. Excellent reticle. Variable is very attentive and easy to use.
Has been concerned that 8 beats was the little low, but having has tried was- is the good for magnification and easy to resist in firm.
Is main and more weighed that has expected to good sure very built and rugged. It comes with the sleeve of neoprene that is not good and the strap of with the. I will require to find the new pouch thus monocular.
Very easy to direct and has 2 coverages of house.
A clip of tape is enormous but any one prevents a grip or managing.
Has of the discharges of lentil of the vortex, record and function. Not perfecting, but works to protect a lentil.
5 / 5 By Azucena
Ossia The solid , robust discharge with utmost optics for a prize. A MRAD is easy to use and constantly take in a park of ball for row. A type of cheat is both blessing it the curse. When Using soley to vary take in a row without doing a mathematics with 10 margin of error in of the reasonable distances, which consider very very good. This in spite of when using he any to vary applications, likes in a wild or birding, a visual variable is very very busy (especially with a lil man.)

Also, this could be attach me to him, but for some reason with this cement optic has them some question in leader. With my glasses, without them of the variables reticule go in and out of house. I am not sure reason, if his one a house (common in the ape is) or some subject odd my eye has on elected... But the has not taken any points was as it can be my subject .

A subject big has is this incredibly crappy sheath. It has been it adds... For something concealed has not had glass and any discharges of lentil of any class. I have it almost I date 3 launchings was them sooooo unhappy with this election to draw. His just terrible. Sand (and am sure other things) has taken everywhere a last time has taken them was to somewhere with final partially airborne particulates. Coming on Vortex. That have to that cost to do a holster shut? Perhaps add covers it or two? A pair bucks upper. So you will be to use this trace of discharge in the band or tape or waistcoat, finds another holster to use with him or you will be one unhappy to camp.
5 / 5 By Concetta
That has not experienced, (to clear on other descriptions have read before I have bought this.

-Has not fallen averts..?
-I has not gone too feeble of the regulate...

A picture is to clear a hair of cross is crisp. Not to have it lenses the coverage but I spend these stock exchanges to frame that has all the classes of bad material in them and I have not had any one @subjects spoils it a lenses. I have taken of a clip and like it better that way.

Can see if any the one who is his golden years has bought this to use while golfing or sighting of birds Etc any @@@knob of adjustment could has to that a lot of control him. For me if any @@@knob has not been like this rigid to the equal that are then I would be disturbed every time has taken was has them has had to that really fool with some adjustments many, movement like the heavy and smooth sliding door, has to forces of use but slip.

Uses this while looking for and aiming Point to Signal radio antennae, a one thousand the point is attentive and can determine rssi with the gaze.
4 / 5 By Jarrett
My husband and I have been to our game of football of institute of edges. Another dad has used one of these things of discharge to see players in a field. My husband has seen this glorious element and looked to have visions to possess one and has spoken roughly that adds would be he for when hes in a forest to look in material . I take it. I see the purse of Bus in another arm of mammas and daydream roughly when being able to fall $ 800 to have one of the mine own . I ask, buy it? It has been the present , It is real? Perhaps so only it has 1 boy? It inherits the small fortune? The ones of the that knows. His so only the mystery. Then BOOM! Suspenders of need of the girls or I wheels of needs in mine minivan, then @give that need of purse bobo to expect. Lucky for my husband, this quota little spotting the discharge has not approached to a cost of purse of mine of Bus of the sleep. I have bought he for him like the present of anniversary and loves it. I ask now, as we begin to season of clue of the institute, the one who dad my influence of husband to buy this element? I mean seriously, it can be a flu? Thats The legislation of what?