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Top Customer Reviews: Dash DMSW002AQ Mini ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 39 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The add little combo. We can do waffles and fry an egg in same time without doing the disorder. Very easy to clean to dry them was after each use. Amur That does not take the plot partorisca counter upper space.
Comes with Griddle, Waffle manufacturer, Grill and drives of Recipe .

Does not take the plot of spatial
Easy to use
Easy to clean

Any like this far
5 / 5
are in Keto and love these costruttrici of Pinch.
A Grill is surprising partorisca Easy In Eggs
A Waffle the iron is really well partorisca Chaffles, which is if you are in the KETO the diet will help calm to the long of a way.
Recommends that calm buy them is to 1 cookery of person partorisca calm and that it wants to lose hanged
5 / 5
has purchased these products before like the present for my granddaughter. Also I have a mini Pinch waffle costruttore. My husband and I am in a Keto the diet and these pocolos appliances are perfect to help stay on control of portion as well as s fast way to do the lunch, want to him!
5 / 5
Has not used this closing! I a bit to the equal that has thought a dish was interchangeable and a lot that would take three separate units! Any to that likes that @@subject of of extra storage. Enough sure I go to be returning these. Any that have anticipated
5 / 5
Ossia a second set has bought. A prime minister my granddaughter of 9 years absconded with reasons liked so much.
Is perfect to use for one or two people. Also well to teach security of this type of appliances to youngsters some.
5 / 5
A 3 piece mini is announced like this aqua, aim and red. My cookery is decorated in red and aqua so that it was very pleased to see this dips announced in these colours. When My neighbour has arrived, is gone in yellow, purple and navy! Now a neighbour is unavailable to the equal that prefers any for the send behind been due to fear of not taking another but am really unhappy with some colours have received. As the one who some produced are concerned, loves it and the law adds like this described. It would have estimated 5 stars would have come as it has announced.
5 / 5
These are awesome.. I have done eggs, prepackaged circles of cinnamon, hashbrown and bacon.. Like this fast and easy net up.. They are curious to see how long has had to with regular use... Has has had so only these the few days like this far.. But it used him at least once it follows it up it revises later.. Like this far like this very this in spite of!!
4 / 5
Easy to use. Any arrival of clave does to cook & that clean the breeze.
5 / 5
I amour waffles, as I have had to take my hands in an of these. When I have seen a three container, was still has excited more! Some few books of instruction contain some recipes, has followed his basic waffle recipe and finalising with an amazing and fast breakfast! It does not have control of temperature or on/was key, but has the light to sign when it is on and heating. It is the little annoying to clean when a spray of the cookery of some spills of upper portion to a piece of joint but is something also can learn to apply less. In general it is the product adds , is quite small to be business in the drawer, and is quickly and easy to use.
4 / 5
Like this originally has ordered the product of a vendor and there is annulled he without the notification and I have lost an anniversary has looked for to give he partorisca ( was the heart shaped waffle bookmark) then when I have been to reorder the has not been available and neither was any only waffle bookmark of his same round some. As I have been with a next better option (of then has promised already this product to mine 80yr old mother for his 80th anniversary) has bought a box dipped of mini waffle manufacturer and mini griddle for two times a cost... It has not been shaped like the heart and side two times a quantity (this in spite of other companies for a same measure and side by heart 3-4 times so much for just a) as compared to them was still an amazing shot. Anycase A costruttore of the pancake of the prize has been to treat it very happy with this element. I do not know any a lot of details regarding an operation of a wafflemaker.

Top Customer Reviews: Oster Belgian ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 30 ratings
5 / 5
As I Write this description, only took my third Oster fashioning of waffle. 2 still it is doing but is very used and was in of the sales of Lightning today for $ 14.

That is to say the very basic unit with the bit of the curve to learn. There is very ON/WAS button, any timer, is a bit superficial and any toe. A clear material used for some dishes (guessing aluminium and Teflon) any some utmost plus waffles likes compared the launch dishes of dish. A thermostat is cheap with proximal sensors only.

Even so, is cheap, can be tent vertically and does the decent work (learns so to do he).
Has the few tricks that will direct in better waffles:

1. It ignores a READY light. Preheat This Oster so that some dishes take fully hot before using it. I usually of service the mine in BIG, expects the moment, tries a distal verge with the small drop of water and clock for the sizzle. Any sizzle, expects some plus. Quan These dishes are fully hot, touches an also (in the first place verges, the hard average) then reduced a temp in your parameter has wished. I can not stress - it TAKE It HOT- quite.

2. I oil some dishes only once before touching a premier also (any forward preheat or the oil can burn). Only before I touch a too much, gives both stuffs the spray of good fast of any-clave. Some waffles will be less probably in the clave and the help give some external the very better crisp. I treat my Oster like me has launched stuffs of dish -- but of east is only my preference so that they that me external very crispy and soft interiors.

3. I use the mix of real waffle or done your own. Waffle The mixes have the fat the big plus and the content duquel texture of mark of the sugar of better waffle. Combo Waffle/Of pancake the mixes or the mixes of just mere pancake go to be more cual waffle pancakes shaped.

4. Cooks of too many colds differently that room temp too much. Cold taken longer for some fats to break down and for some sugars in caramelize. So many, will require to adjust your time and heats.

5. It does not pose an upper dish down immediately. I have left the small evasion of the steam then under a cup. If your oiled steam of cheat of the dishes, your ways will be the different texture that some verges. So that a too down a temp of an inferior dish and no an upper dish, an upper dish will be hotter and paste too hotter. So much, some waffles still will cook equally. May The time that the time expects but is perhaps 10 or so second.

6. If your first pair of the batches are not utmost,
be ailing. You will require to experience and practical. I took me the moment in front of my waffle and cornbread the results have been perfected for my preference. For example, when my waffles has not gone fully cooked in a half and some outsides have not been crisping, changed of 2% cold milk in 4% room temp milk, the content reduced to milk and substituted with room temp sour cream, attached more sugar, changed in salty, room temp butter and has substituted a whole egg with whole egg powdered. I have maintained the notes that weighs of uses and of the exact measures with changes ( facts in the bakery during 5 years).

Has update Of 4 stars in 5. Anything device that give me years of good service and only costs $ 15 merits 5 stars.
2/23/19 Units 2 and 3 still work well, both are very seasoned and one very-the clave is fully intact in so much.
5 / 5
1. I have read some descriptions in this manufacturer of waffle and clearly the plot of people that writes the instructions of no. of the descriptions Read is coated with the teflon and at all bond in him in providing eseason' he anterior in some first uses of time - so has to marks with each Teflon coated casseroles, etc.
2. You are buying the Teflon coated produces so anything cooked in will have the texture of typical type that the teflon provides. If you want the a lot of crisp the external texture then needs to spend the dollars of hundred of the pair for the unit of dish of the mould. Some waffles have a texture to write while you would see with these manufacturers of waffle in of the hotels that provides the with his breakfasts of continental types have.
3. A green light is not the light of timer. It IS some lights of indicator to leave knows to achieve is chosen temperature . 'You' necessity to decide in that hot wants the and which time to cook he in your desire. As Any oven of type or cooks a light of indicator will close was and on like the elements of heater maintain a temperature has selected.
4. A coverage is designed clearly to be lose and any one so that they go it to the fall averts. The main hinges with the small axis through him leaves room for a cord of power to cross in an upper section economically for a manufacturer. Some wiggle in a coverage also leave you included out of some mixes of waffle if you puddled the roughly - just wiggling an upper has been included. Also it leave it a waffle to develop some so much trace during cooking. If you want the fat plus waffle small the decree those down presses in a cup.
5. My unit cooked equally and browned more a left wing longer he in. The wise times are no longer to cook that the pancake. If it is not cooking equally the be sure is preheated quite yearn a heat to distribute equally during a surface of cookery. Left the heat in the small longer after a light of green indicator comes on has required .
6. For $ 20 I has taken the artilugio those heats up, any bond and looks the waffle - is not that that it is supposes to do?
5 / 5
It IS the small hesitant on buying this just so that the era a cheap plus, but has very be happy with him. There is no the characteristic elegant real and does not say you when a waffle is fact, but he no very required in. If calm only like waffles sometimes and has the general idea of how long takes to cook, this will be adds since you!
5 / 5
I want this manufacturer of waffle! It has done such or improve in a consolation to prepare have lunch before he , which are something thinks the majority of can appreciate us. It likes him eat Kodiak Cakes for desayunar so that they are AWESOME for a calorie-conscious. BUT that does pancakes each morning has taken old, and that it has to wash a casserole among the turbulent uses. As I have purchased this manufacturer of waffle attentive that he modernises a process, which the to good sure! I limit in and heats to heat means in less than the minute (the light of green indicator illuminates afterwards in a esady' focus). I combine 1/2 cup blend, 1/2 hoards waters, and he tablespoon of oil of olive and extended in a dish of waffle (the yes full helps of some external premiers). Mina waffle the mix said that some waffles is ready when one waffle the covers to stuff that steam, likes wait for that (typically quite 4 mins) and then gives it another 30-60 bren to do sure mine waffle is crisp. I take one waffle, unplugs a dish, and the left wing that is opened until it is fresh. Any one cleanup of one stuffs is necessary! It IS so EASY, and leave me to do is, delicious Kodiak Cakes in less than 10 minutes!

Does sure to follow some directions in a dish and big in front of first use. Use consistently for quite a lot of two weeks and has does not have to animal-grease still.
1 / 5
Taken this dish of waffle in July of 2017 and when fix eat for familiar a day after swipe navideo up. Quan Ploughing a lid some capes have touched because of the defect to design and the llamas unexpectedly go a backside! Any compraventa. Quan The email routed in Oster has data the regular response that has had too much volume to contact us. In the Then call some 800 numbers and has been said in a lot of volume and please call behind. This element has not been used that a lot to blow out of the llamas that causes the peril of fire. Has the data has an accident of the zeros but that is not left!
5 / 5
I want to waffles and requiring goes Gluten-the Free meaning has had to to give in a consolation of waffles frozen. This was a second manufacturer of waffle this was to recommend in me in the Discussions of Amazon. Quan Asks that it was the sake fashioning of waffle for the beginner to try. An in the first place was a Oster CKSTWF 1502- Echo. That unbalanced so that one Takes -the dishes of Ceramics have data of the smell of flavour and strong chemical. Desprs Very the flavour has taken drawee of him

Among a terrible smell and a rubbery waffles. I have not been impressed with an idea to do house of waffles. I have not been very optimistic when avenges to try this manufacturer of waffle. Even so, the partner sworn for his so that it gives to try it.

Surprised it truly my grandmother and I that Oster so manufacturers of manufacturers of waffle flavour While they are that it considers night and day differences. One of them a worse possible experience and another marks an absolutely crispy Belgian waffle perfect. Only like a one is has had in of the restaurants.

- A left wing of ready light is to know when a waffle the manufacturer is pre-heated in your level wished of crispy waffle consistently

- the calm of leaves of the dial in easily select several levels of crispy in waffles of soft offer . The grandmother is my preference for the crispy plus waffle in a more extend waffle like me. It is not the hassle to change some parameters . We heat a manufacturer in a level a big plus in the first place then, visits a dial behind. My evaluation is among 1 in 2 minutes are down in a lower temperature and ready to do the waffle.

Some dishes- find some easy dishes in prep, as well as cleanup. For our first use attaches the small corn oil in some dishes. A smell of the burned new appliance has been afterwards some premier 2 waffles, which do not recommend to use. Into use I clean the Ocello no-sponge of scratch and the drop of Ajax Flat soap.

Desires - is my opinion that the timer in a unit would have been well.

Not having a lot with for me with this manufacturer of waffle. It IS to good sure purchase he of amour and, although there are a lot of things that would consider upper 5 star has estimated. They are not necessarily something concealed is that it wants an experience. In this case an experience has been far besides our expectations. As I Am able to have some exact waffles has expected prendi. My grandmother that has very never very be the adherent of waffles a lot is enjoying these. A result could not being better.

Gluten-rid to live can less when being this wished in time because of some lunches to sacrifice totally, or can take use to the new flavour or texture. It finds that to use Bisquick Gluten-Free Pancake and baking mix. Together with this manufacturer of waffle is possible for me to have the waffle of perfect Belgium with syrup or like the sandwich of waffle. Without sacrificing anything.

Waffles Of the desserts are also easy to do. Here it is our favourites to use for waffles of desserts. Bisquick Gluten-Free Pancake and baking Mix toppin some waffles with ours filling of favourite cake. Or Gluten of Mass of the Election-cookies of piece of mix of Free Chocolate or his Brownie mix.

Is using this manufacturer of waffle at least two times the week if no more among sweet and savory waffles.

Dara this more ours the big recommendation in another.
4 / 5
Well I will begin this description to say has wanted always schemes he of waffle, as when the amazon there has been his big available day orderly unit... I have done waffles today and has to say that I am alittle has confused.....The instructions look very directly sends so raw that goes to be smooth navigation in an earth of waffles...hmmm..... I cleaned it and preseasoned likes him a bit of the instructions have said....Ready to do them so turned in a machine....Well so that a button to be able in and the ready button was on (red and green) that is to say where a confusion entered....It can not say when a machine has been ready, 2 times a green light would go was (3 bren) then come right behind on. As I have seated there for the this looked likes him for ever while to start with afterwards so long has thought only that is to say stupid only done the.... It has resulted enough sake and in the some to to a lot of grandchildren liked them the one of him so that it was happy...The waffles was quite fluffy in an interior and only crunchy enough in an outside. And they were the very good measure ...I any to have mark 3 the piece, one was abundance !!!! As I guess it it maintain it and only take some lights no according to some instructions. I gave it 4 stars so that has utmost result and more importantly some grandchildren have said that would have the again.
5 / 5
This waffle the dish is cheap, the work adds of equally cooking some waffles and can do hundreds of waffles without any problems. I have used this dish of waffle to write the keto cookbook of cosy waffle. During the months on finish done waffles every day and for each lunch with this very small beast. Cookery consistently through the each a greats and included the, 'A lot of golly that is to say terrible' waffles. An adjustable temp is not 100% accurate but or is a burner in the stove. It IS a awesome characteristic to adjust in the low plus temp to cook in three phase fudge brownie waffle, cranking until full heat for the waffle of ranch of jack of pepper or resolve in the some place in a half for the bacon of arce waffle. Sure, you can be look in this dish of waffle for basic waffles., But know that it is lined he until some tests of the plot of crazy and creative waffles without any subjects. 10/10 purchase to Him again!
(In fact possess 3 of them maintaining and they all does fantastically)
This book?

Where has
has One Waffle
4 / 5
I left me only say- this work of thing exelently.
Took it very quickly after order- literaly next day, although only used to ship two days. Even so, conceal it can be been due to one in the daytime first chaos.
Dried it down with soapy water, for some instructions, has heated he up, and seasoned some dishes with the bit of canola oil. It marks this accuses concealed has discovered a reason is not leaving the description of five stars. Concretely, A stainless-the armour plate the cup takes quite hot to give or first-the burns for headline touched the accidentally. A cape the fresh rests, even so, like these only subjects are clumsy. Obviously I am, while I am writing this description with two burned yolks.

Has uploaded the up with Alton mass of waffle Marr (the recipe of Well Eats), and begun to churn out of deliciousness. It was later, after the banquet of waffle, this has discovered one another thing adds in this machine- some waffles of the leftovers return only neatly in the fourth stock exchange of freezer.
5 / 5
I have bought the very expensive waffle dish in Kohl is but decided before using it would try easterly unit..alot Cheaper! That is to say the picture of a premier waffle fact in him...His crispy...That has wanted but for the maintain that the road thinks that that I will pose the in the cooling of cookie racks during the minute after sack of a dish so that it take it soft of his own steam in a dish. It thinks Im go to be happy with him!

Top Customer Reviews: Presto 03510 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
A lot of entity: it does not use Any oil in this waffle iron. It does not add oil of Any type the beat. This will maintain no-quality- of clave.

Has used the plot of frames of waffle irons in my life - I follows 52. This simplistic waffle produced partorisca spend equally cooked waffles that easily emission of an iron, negotiate like minima of spatial, and is light-hanged.

Has the waffle recipe that has improved to on some years and the resupply here partorisca one that is a lot of clients of Amazon. It enjoys!

3 Eggs
2 tbsp Extracted of Vanilla
2 Tins of cups
1/4 tsp Exited
1 tbsp Sugar
2 tbsp NonDiastatic Powder of Malta (mark of Arthur of Rey has seen Amazon)
1/2 hoards of the FLOUR of Corn (the mark of the Red mill of Bob has seen Amazon)
3 cups Buttermilk (recommends mark of Organic Valley)
4 short All-the Purpose White Flour
1 tsp Baking soda
3 tsp Baking powder

In bowl of half, add Eggs, Extract, Tins, Rooms, Sugar, Powder of Malta, and FLOUR of Corn. It mixes these a lot well.
After adding Buttermilk and White Flour. Mix well.
If necessary, adds of the flour or tins partorisca achieve the light to meso-often beat. A too thin beat will cause partorisca stick.
Finally, add a Baking soda and Baking powder. Mix very partorisca roughly 15 seconds.

Now game in this preheated waffle iron and place partorisca 3minutes that time of cook. Marcos roughly 8-10 waffles.
Partorisca PANCAKES, uses an additional 1/2 cup of tins.

Please share this recipe. If it likes, has of the little more to the recipes could like him. To the left know me! DC.
4 / 5
Left me preface my description partorisca declare has been doing waffles of then was the young boy more than fact 60 years. During this time, has used diverse different waffle manufacturers of materials and different creation. Comprising my longtime preferred (a heavy heirloom Toastmaster of one 1960 is which finally succumbed to the electrical failure roughly done 10 years). During my estaca-Toastmaster was has purchased several waffle the costruttrici but any one had matched my Toastmaster partorisca control of compatible heat, cooking uniformity and quality of material - ossia, until I have purchased this prompt 3510. Of the very first time have used one early produces the gilded-brown waffle (sees picture on in accident) which, although visually pleasing, has required some tweaks to a recipe (slightly more oil of vegetable and tins to a beat) partorisca achieve the crisper external while retaining a chewy texture of interior that prefers (sees picture on in a legislation). Further to do consistently perfect waffles, a diameter of a waffle access perfectly in the mid-stuff partorisca measure while a model of deep grille retains some ideal complementary proportions of butter and syrup partorisca the fully that satisfies partorisca do fault. Perhaps one of some the majority of practical characteristics of this prompt is a durability of some ceramic grilles and an ease of granddaughter-up with the humid cloth once cools. And more than all - no more messy on-flow like the good reservoir drawn around an external flange takes any surplus beat of some on jealous games! Although I have purchased mine early so only the little month , his action of confidence gave already promised and like enormous partorisca continue to rid quality partorisca a lot of more the years that has experienced with my cherished Toastmaster.
5 / 5
Súper There is Disappointed! The new mark, out of a law of boxes. Do probably, 7 waffles. He then paralizaciones. Any heat, any waffles. Has one feeling this element was returned already once. It was not in the original packaging and a box was taped (harm). It have to that prpers have known then.
Am returning this and that comes from another mark.
5 / 5
I have maintained partorisca think behind in this hotel Belgain waffles and has not been excited in this compraventa, but my fiancé has has wanted to one, as I have imagined would take the highly estimated model. But has some abonos beat, and no an economic material the uses of hotels, this does the I really adds waffle. Mark sure partorisca choose on some whipped cream and frames some compote of cranberry!

Oh, A thing that displeased was a Timer does not have the second key likes aimed in a picture. It is also any 'built-in' to a device. It is the removable timer that requires partorisca substitute Battery over time?? It does not agree reading in this anywhere, as I owe that go with 4-stars.
4 / 5
I have been partorisca excite in this Belgian waffle iron. It is whole requiring less countertop or space of cupboard. Initially he well. Luz of indicator partorisca signal when ready partorisca beat, timer (work independently has seen the small battery), a lot nonstick surfaces and upper and inferior heating same.
Update. Two month later? Everything adds except one the majority of crucial function of the waffle iron. An inferior dish no longer hot. At all. Zippo. The guarantee was. Elections? Hot waffle iron until light of regime of indicator. It touches for the half usual quantity to beat. Cookeries left partorisca 17 minutes. Open lid. Toe waffle. Next lid until cooked. Or? It beat of rubbish and curses the ATROCIOUS prompt Belgian waffle iron.
5 / 5
Amur A look and feel of this waffle manufacturer, but taken 6 min partorisca do the light golden brown waffle. If calm so only is doing it waffle partorisca a person, this product are add, but yes calms has to do them for familiar or friends, recommends that it buy one with the setting of temperature. I have sent mine behind and has bought one with the temp setting. The familiar now can enjoy waffles near.
4 / 5
I have it that there is wanted always he belgian waffle manufacturer but thought it would be one of these artilugios that shabby and never use. (I are talkin' yours, instapot!)
Has done waffles for a first time last night to dine. MORE WAFFLES HAS has not HAD NEVER!!! His LIKE THIS EASY to use. The any oil he before a first use, I just class of the dried was with the paper towel and has gone the city with him. Highly it recommends to look the description of video of A Professor of Art. It is everything will require to know like this to use this thing. Also highly it recommends to buy some Golden Coals malted waffle mix, which is súper easy to use and delicious test!
Have know, the full cup to beat frames some perfect waffle. I can not expect do savory waffles with this thing! I will maintain you posted roughly like this acts. 'Until next time...
4 / 5
One prompt 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle the costruttore is resulted to be to add it small car. I have done waffles roughly 10 times of that spent a car, and a waffles is result quite one same every time. We have found that the better sure mixes that another, but ossia to expected. Some to two things like to them the majority is 1) a timer, and 2) a relatively easy grandson-up.

1. Easy net on
2. Light, but sturdy/durable
3. Has the timer that count down during cooking
4. The excellent frames waffles
5. The lights and the sounds indicate when waffles is fact
6. It stands up for storage

1. The battery required for timer
2. Precise turn a baker on halfway by means of cooking
3. Upper and the sides result too hot to touch during baking
4. The cup taken on of the plot of room in a counter

has had the much more expensive waffle iron previously this was ridiculously hard to maintain and cleaned. One prompt 03510 FlipSide Belgian Waffle the costruttore is to good sure the product will recommend. For a prize, really can not be has beaten. If any one has any questions, the commentary in this description would be happy to help you was.
4 / 5
I really researched Belgian waffles after curing net and has used one and they were delicious. My question with one the majority of common class is a quantity of spatial taking up in your cupboard. After finding is one and reading all some descriptions have decided that this was a an I would take. There is remarked that has had the few descriptions that declares the pair of any of positive things.
1. Cela A waffles required to be used the little first time to take better results and 2. Cela A timer was the waste of time.
My experience has been that a waffles perfect fact waffles out of a door and I love a Timer! They are the multitasker and follows. Cookery very occupied a lot of things immediately been due to the big groups of people I cook for as that the timer is essential for me. I have found the fully loaded waffle has taken 3 minutes for perfection..
Also in of the considerations to write of mix would say that of the simple old krusteez the mix of pancake was where I feels to take a better test waffles. I have tried a Belgian waffle mixes and has determined likes a mix of simple pancake more. Light airy and there is not had to that add to egg and of to the the oils like has owed with a waffle of mixes. I have tried the. Kodiak Mix but he entirely claves and of then can not use Pam in a surface will not use that again unless I find some information of plus on like this to maintain he to stick..
This waffler works as well as some giants of concealed them has some enormous stands. A waffles is roughly 2 fat thumbs, good-looking golden, crisp in some outsides and offer in a half, MORE take on like this he little litter in pantry of mine! Ossia One . Winning all a way around!
5 / 5
I have used this waffle costruttore at least 20 times and think are add, especially for a prize. Some revise habladuría roughly sticking questions, but is the few calm tips will not have any questions.
1) sure is using quite fat in yours beat. Pancake beat does not have quite a lot of fat, suggests to bend the. Utilisation 2 tbl. Of oil or butter for batch of 2 waffles. If utilisations less than that will stick it to it.
2) Never, never, oil a ceramic waffle iron. If calm , then will not restore never is any surface of clave
3) any one annoy to wash this with soap and of the water. After the use wets the paper towel and inner place after unplugging. He the clean steam then the dry was and tent.

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart WMR-CA ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Any I have given one of the these to 12 years likes him to him the present of pair. Used the each one another weekend partorisca all this time, and, likes a lot of appliances that hot of product, an element to heat has spent so only was over time. To good sure take our money cost out of him, and when he lacking, decides to take to another only likes to of him because it have been like this good. This one LOOKS one same like our old a, but to good sure does not have a build of action or same quality of the ours old a. The hinge was free and wobbly out of a box, a precision of lacks of the thermostat (any difference among 3 and 5 settings), an element to heat burns a centre of a waffle while leaving an outside soggy and undercooked, he overflowed included with less than a 1/4 cup to beat recommended by a recipe, and a waffles invariably clave! We send for behind a prime minister an order with which shows these substandard characteristic, he thinking was so only defective, and has ordered another. You are not the defect -- a second a there is had one same shortcomings: flimsy build, useless thermo adjustment, uneven cookery, and superficial waffle flat. It is too bad. This has used to be the product adds, but Cuisinart there is cheaped was -- recommend look elsewhere for the waffle costruttore.
5 / 5
Like this ossia mine 4th or 5th test in the waffle iron!
Has had to return a last 3-4 reason although they have declared that they were does not stick is not spent a test after the pocolos use.

This waffle the iron is coming today. A stainless steel is well. A hinge (likes another has mentioned) is quite wobbly but partorisca 20ish the dollars are not deducting for that while it maintains to do well!

Has done the batch of roughly 5 waffles today and his ALL is exited adds.
An iron has treated like this expected and to the equal that has declared.

Has spent: FAST
time of Cook: FAST
Light functionality + doneness: ATTENTIVE

that Finds the pertinent quantity to beat to go in the not doing the disorder will require the little learning to the equal that can a lot of deduct anything there.

In general if this waffle the iron maintains to produce waffles concealed exited cleanly are the HAPPY to camp!

For a prize thinks that that he well. Admitted ossia day a but think that has the 2 yr guaranteeed to the equal that have to that be aok he has any subjects.

If necessary will go back partorisca amend this.
For now
Thank you Or has read this far.

Has recommended: YES!
4 / 5
It adds waffles quickly. Had state concerned because of another revises as it has aimed rasgado waffles that sticks to some dishes. I think that that you are reason: a light of indicator (which is supposition to turn green when your waffle is ready) is in attentive. Your waffle will stick if a surface is not baked enough and a light of the indicator consistently has said your waffle is ready too prompt. A trick is to a lot softly try open a waffle iron for the pocolos second. If you fulfil it control, your waffle is not on the dot and rasgará if the open forces. If a waffle the iron opens with the second or two by force sweet, is good to go.
4 / 5
I have bought an economic waffle purpose. But I have not had to any idea likes the cockroach the really was. So many descriptions have declared a hinge was bondadoso of 'free.' Have also writes the one who sloppy a @@@knob of the control of the temperature was. Surely a an I ordered could not be that bad legislation?
'Free?' The mine arrived without the pin of hinge in a side! And a side that has had the pin of the hinge in place has to that be near of a point to break. A control of slide of the temperature? Well, the photograph will not aim that sloppy the one of truth is but of a row of whole slide, perhaps the averages of this in fact in to the the game likes him the slide is incredibly sloppy.
Have three another older (on 5 years) Cuisinart small appliances -- any ossia some type to the strike was or his quality has taken the dive of nose. Appearance for a forward.
Steer Claro - I follows to the turn is a ASAP!
5 / 5
I want to do waffles, is my element of favourite breakfast . My old waffle iron (a Oster) has broken recently, as it has had to take the new a. There is multiple characteristic of of the east a ossia excellent. An electronic is everything in a base, as I cut does not have to that have any cords that spends for a hinge. Some lights are useful and the settings cover the good row of slightly/little browning to dark/a lot of browning. A cord on and to the lock is the good characteristic also, of then takes on less space when the whole has stored.

So only drawback would say is probably of the mine own doing, as not going to attack Cuisinart for him, and ossia that a waffle the grille is smaller that would like me. It prefers some deep and big pockets in a waffles (belgian way?) - But this has not been announced like him belgian waffle costruttore, like this again, probably my error. If you are looking for that deep and big pockets, this is not your waffle iron.
4 / 5
Very disappointing waffle costruttore. We complain in that has purchased the. A crowbar of control has like this game in him that dipping he with any accuracy is not possible. It does not heat sufficiently to produce the crispy/creamy waffle (crispy in an outside with tender interior), to all the cost of what time is preheated. If we bake the waffle until it is browned, is crunchy throughout. A finishing waffles have the very dark (almost burned) surrounds on indicating them where an element to heat is. Has has not taken never an equally browned waffle. Some lights & of the red green indicator is not useful, like green light (indicating when a waffle is fact) will come on when a waffles is so only grieve browned in the pocolos put. In an on side, is easy to clean and has the impression of small storage. We have struggled with this waffle costruttore for the few years and has not done never well. Has has not produced never an equally-browned waffle. We have had three waffle costruttrici that you can, and ossia a prime minister a ossia the disappointment . Perhaps we take the defective a. But we have launched in a towel and so only will buy another waffle costruttore. We can not recommend this waffle costruttore.
4 / 5
This was the present for my woman. Last three uses and then a boss is fallen off and some rays are inside a coverage. Cuisinart The client is TERRIBLE. Included so only a month so only would resupply the new one for $ 10 more has to that ship this a backside in our COST! Cela Would cost $ 20 at least for the $ 23 compraventa! Obviously they are downloading these terrible products of Cina and Cuisinart could concern less in a ridiculous quality. Based in this experience, is the not considering never Cuisinart the products and my woman will mention this in his cookery and blog of nutrition to resupply them with press like this bad like possible. It would have been well with the simple substitution, with shipping has paid stops. It can it is simply be the question of control of the quality, but shame in Cuisinart and his agents of service of disrespectful client(minions) stationed in some warehouse in another side of a planet. It spends a word, Cuisinart is not for behind his products and is has had to that to lose clients in the product that probably costs him roughly $ 5 to do. Too bad, Cuisinart was once the decent company with service adds, but is going a way of Sears now.
4 / 5
This sound listens is a heart of Ángel when I finally seated to golden crisp waffles. It have been craving the partorisca months - any to Belgio fat some, but of the antiquated, round, thin crispy some.
Easy to use, delicious fact waffles. I have used the setting among 3-4, and is exited perfect. Later, I have done corn waffles with the box of Jiffy mix. The any never cornbread any one another way again. A corn muffin waffles was crisp in an outside and perfectly moist (the only times can use this word) in an interior. I have used a lot-spray of clave, and resprayed with which roughly 3 uses. They are so that it looks forward to much more waffle-shaped goodies.
4 / 5
I have loved the classical (any Belgian) waffle car. This one returns a bill. I used it two times and like this far has not had any of one sticking described in other descriptions. Some reviewers has said an upper lid is free or wobbly. Has some harm. I so only discarded the 50 old year waffle costruttore that has had a same characteristic but is not never be the question and has not fallen never averts.
This car has a sliding dial to select doneness. There is also the red light indicating heating and green light when it is ready . It Attentive look. Crispy flavour in an outside to the equal that have dipped among 4 and 5. Waffles Is perfectly result cooked up and fund. These heats of car and cooks quickly. I have not experienced any one sticking of a waffle to an iron.
A course a feebler of a car is a bar of slide. Work well but looks very free and flimsy.
5 / 5
STOP!,,,,,,,,, it does not repeat it does not buy this waffle costruttore, big deception, this is not Cuisinart quality, Done In Cina, junk. An upper dosent returns perfectly in an inferior half, hard to clean, beat, included the pushes of small quantity out of a side, no the very good side to lip likes one beat so only continuous exit, very poor workmanship in this product, shame in cuisinart ossia the black eye for them. I have tried gone back the and the cost roughly so as it costs to take the substitution. JUNK, Raisin more and take the better mark, sad cuisinart ,

Top Customer Reviews: Cuisinart WAF-F20 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 19 ratings
5 / 5
Bought this like the present of Anniversary partorisca my woman. Absolutely you love it. Sturdy Construction, easy to use, easy to clean.

A lot Like this honradamente am ailing of waffles partorisca arrive to this point. Buttermilk waffles Partorisca desayunar? Yep. Loaded potato waffles partorisca lunch? You betcha. Chicken and waffles partorisca dine? Bet your britches. Bun Of cinnamon waffles way of wing partorisca dessert, ungh, yeah. If you can do he to the waffle has and this car has done perfectly each alone time. It include directed partorisca do cod fritter waffles. Yeah. Cod. Fritter. Waffles. Left that tank in partorisca the minute. Have odorato To big heaven but has been alcohol blowing the delicious. I blame this car.

Goes partorisca die eating waffles of this thing is like this easy to use and like this robust. Any help.

4 / 5
It liked really of this waffle costruttore after the receive. It feels it the be be draw well and is highly functional and easy to use.

I mark 2 waffles two times each weekend with this Cusinart WAF-F20 and has been doing so much partorisca some last 10 months with successes add. It liked really.

Then, a weekend after cleanup, looked in a estaca of rear support and stared partorisca awhile and asked 'That an I that looks in?'

Was dumbfound. A whole house of the estaca of the rear support of this unit is done of economic plastic. Plastic!

A section of centre, which has two insiemi of coils, a partorisca an upper and a partorisca a plus under griddle the portion takes extremely hot and is inner 1 thumb of this estaca rear.

The heat and the economic plastic so only do not leave . Economic plastic easily warps, swells, and weakens with heat. Now add to this a never-like this-'torsion' light the east is applied every time calm turns a unit in his pívot and paste a stop.

This heat in plastic, more a torsion, 10 month more than use, and a estaca of leaves of integer of rear support wide open, that exposes a gearing mechanism and a wiring (sees a description of Clark of Michael and pictures).

With the frustration adds, has been in contact with Conair numerous time partorisca the substitution of guarantee, and almost the month later, still does not have a unit of substitution. His service of the looks of client to require have fallen to regulate in some trousers to take moving.

Like being conscious, this unit requires use 'gloves of boy' when quell'operative. Any one cleaned a unit until it is entirely fresh and a plastic there is firmed behind up, and resist that it applies torsion when pivoting a unit, especially when hot.
4 / 5
2/23/17it has Taken today and we disappear it to us up. All can say is-
Buys he

5/19/17 Uh-Oh
Update - less than 3 month. Used roughly 6 times. Used the these prejudices and a hinge has broken and has flown was. It sees some photos. It have registered the in a Cuisinart the on shabby place. As I have sent service of client an email with a pics. You update when they answer.

In a moment, changing an indication of 5 to 2 'the cause adds waffles but this exploding thing of hinge.......

5/31/17 has taken a substitution waffle manufacturer today. To take there is has had to that:
1- Pay Cuisinart $ 10 to ship a substitution
2- Send one broken one rear that in a USPS the most economic tax was $

will have to that think roughly the before it buys another Cuisinart produced ( has a lot of).
4 / 5
On first use, a dish and coating of the teflon melted and attached to a waffle, creating the noxious, toxic smell.
4 / 5
We take waffles seriously in our family. My ONE THOUSAND has perfected the beat and have you that marries to discover a recipe. We buy this to substitute the Kitchenaid double belgian waffle manufacturer that has taken wet and there is prendido to do. That the disappointment. This feels like this plastic and cheaply has done. Used he for a first time today and does not expect it to last long. A waffle the iron is smaller in diameter and depth that a kitchenaid, a beat constantly spilt out of some sides. A waffles to not exiting crispy. We have tried oil of spray, butter and has extended to cook time, but a waffles was any flexible or burned. Not being any timer - seriously?? I have decided to give the two stars in place of a reason @give that we are extra picky aout waffle manufacturers but this oe was to walk so only out of disappointing. A sad thing are has researched and researched and this was a better option could well. @I give that small applianes is meant to be disposable these days, but at least would owe that do well while they do. This a no.
4 / 5
has Purchased this element on August 4 2017.
Paralizaciones To do on can 19th 2018.
9 service of month out of 3 yr has guaranteeed.
Of course the called in immediately reason ... Well it is an a lot of cuisinart all the quality any quell'last never and all this jazz. It has Been said would ship it is gone in the pocolos so that it call days behind and take a number to follow and calm will know when it arrives. This was in the saturday, like this the all behind in thursday. Any action still but has been said would contact a cuisinart of the and expedite.
Another week any action and has been said one same. 3 weeks go by and at all. Then so only thursday june 14th the new one arrives. It has Expected box saturday evening of june 16 paralizaciones to unpack and place until mark waffles in sunday the day of one 17 father. waffles For me and my boys!
Has BOUGHT whipped cream and strawberries included. A waffle the iron is plugged in and has a light to be able to and light loans on.
Does not have ANY HEAT! He no pre hot!!
Ossia Like this disappointing and rediculous!!!
The feeling robbed and any relief!
5 / 5
A good: Some frames of car waffles, which are crisp, in some outsides, while soft and fluffy, in an interior.

A bad:
1) a waffle the dishes are not removable, to clean and, like this far, with only an use, concealed is not the question; some dishes have dried easily clean,
2) a unit takes roughly 5 minutes, to preheat, the operative temperature,
3) an electrical cord resupplied is short and need an extension, unless it calms that can take interior roughly 2 feet of the socket of wall,
4) an outside of a waffle-doing the zone takes very hot and
5) a unit takes almost the half hour, to cool, after the be has used.
5 / 5
Shipped well. Box of product seams the wine averts to ship, but was inner protected well . This is doing well and maintains up with feeding our family of five. While you spray some first grilles of the each one full, waffles stimulates was easily. A comprised that has measured the cup has the boss that he the convenient fact to hang in a side of a beat bowl among uses. Very happy with this compraventa.
4 / 5
Paid $ 75 and orderly saws Prime minister.
This deep -pocketed waffles, any to thin Belgio waffles that the majority of waffle produced of irons. A consistency is very of confidence, for both sides of a costruttore and to all the cost of him is a prime minister or a chamber of a morning. Perhaps a better characteristic (mostly reason almost any one other costruttrici have this partorisca low $ 100) is that has BOTH the orange/light green to signal readiness but he also beeps!.. Priceless wants to be doing other things in a cookery more than staring in a light as it do not burn a waffle.

Like another there is remarked, is being missing of the removable tray under a costruttore like this drips will land in a counter.

Has possessed these 10 years does and with which roughly 5 years to use weighed a dead Teflon and has has had to that toss the. I have tried 3-4 another fold waffle the costruttrici and any one were like this well in the so much turn to this trusty a. I have been surprised to read in a hinge to explode. You look in this new an attentively and there is remarked that a rear hinge articulates, ossia, there is some game or looseness that would leave it to develop has touched too much mixes to a car (that I 50 of a time!). I do not have remarked any one subjects that relates to a hinge or to the full on.... Perhaps a creation has been updated to give a hinge some flexibility again?

Oh, Yes has dipped extra ingredients in your mix (fruit, chocolate, yoghourt, pecans... Everything!) HIGHLY you recommend the nonstick spray of cookery. Highly.
5 / 5
A chicken and waffles the photo is of the class of cookery has taken with the quite sad waffle iron. Has control of poor temperature and does quite sad soggy waffles. A half eaten waffle with the chips of cherry is prime minister of mine waffle has done in this iron. Ossia The legit diagrams that can he crisp exteriors with fluffy inner soft. A waffles exited cleanly but yes add melty inner of elements, will want to give it to good wipe. I have wrapped the @@@chopstick up in the small piece of humid paper towel and easily cleaned up among some grooves. I am pleased extremely with this waffle iron.

Top Customer Reviews: BLACK+DECKER Flip ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Some waffle the manufacturers do not take quite hot and you wind up with waffles steamed that taken for ever in cook. These heats of manufacturer in fast, fast of cooks and crispy big fact waffles. Totally it can trust some lights of indicator also. Quan His ready his loan. One very-the cover of the clave is very well also. The calm will not require a disorder of any-sprays of clave. Calm very wants this machine. Quite easy to clean mass with cradle or has dried the mass that drought immediately some surfaces. A tray of the overflow in a fund would be likely to be the small main of the also can still drool in a cup of contadora. I have posed paper towel down for each cleanup.
1 / 5
NEGRE+DECKER WM1404S Fashioning Of Waffle of the Toe, Money
ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE. The only broken cape has entered one 3 use!
1 / 5
I thought it that it was amused to follow a proportionate recipe for bun of waffles of cinnamon; a recipe is in an interior of a box. Yea, This was the deception . There is so much big in a dish of waffle these impossible looks to clean. I have bought only this machine and probably launch the. Thank you, Negre and Decker. It does not buy these products - spends a money and take something with removable dishes.
5 / 5
I want to this! It have been eying this for the moment and at the end has taken he -and is not sad! Some waffles the utmost start! The small crispy in an outside and soft in an interior. Each waffle taken quite a lot of 4 minutes (in a while and has posed another ones in an oven in low heat as they do not take cold) And like the more has learnt that it can freeze the and the only explosion joins them toaster later! That is to say a recipe and use:

(mark 3 waffles)

1 short all the flour of purpose
1/4 hoards sugar
1 tbsp baking powder
1 cup of milk
1 egg
1 tbsp to the butter has melted
5 / 5
It has Had this dish of waffle for the little the year now. For a prize was a lot to estimate a inversion! This some better waffles! Has the sake, slightly crispy outsides and the delicious fluffy inner. That with any new waffle the dish there was the bit of the curve to learn to take only a right quantity to abuse and imagine out of just that a mass would have to enter . After the plot of test and error has discovered that only ail less than the cup of mass is perfect and after tip he in his best of the extend around way that achieves some verges equally. We use this to do waffles 3 batches the time as we can freeze some leftovers. There is any key to signify doneness, but has found that a clear turning in marking quite only of an audible click that you easily can go in yours another subject of cookery while it expects for them to cook. Although I lose a light this ignites does surprisingly never has baked in the waffle! In fact I am contemplating the 2 a just to ask our process of cookery. It IS to well sure it estimates a money that considers what this economic!

My only complaint with my concrete machine is that a green illuminate does not do and not having never. I comprise that manufacturer in the errors always will arrive even so and since some light the still works subordinated never found the quite annoying the road he behind for the substitution.
5 / 5
Absolutely I am satisfied with this product! My amours of waffles of the threads and a first time try one of these, my woman has smiled real big and has launched of a frozen some buy all a time. Opened HAS more room in our freezer! No, really, my threads absolutely wants the and so I. The May is returning in waffles frozen again! Quan Takes our threads in the centre for the holidays recently fly some waffles in a bar in a morning. I want a fact that can do you another type of waffles another that a traditional breakfast ones.
5 / 5
That can say? He been craving waffles, and maintained eyeballing some manufacturers of waffle varied in our local tents for the while. I have bought this one has based on all some positive critics and a prize. In my haste, has selected this or in the believer that was the manufacturer of Belgian waffle. It is not . My deception. But oh my advantage... These waffles is the perfect measure. The Belgian waffles have the possession to be obnoxiously big. These even so they attack the lovely balance.

Following some instructions of a Manufacturer of Waffle, and Jemima waffle of Aunt mere recipe of boxes, my first batch was ridiculously well. Each waffle would have to when being done with enough 3/4 cup of mass of waffle, in just shy of 1 cup. It can trust some indicators of light in my experience so far. State using canola oil, has applied directly in a manufacturer of waffle with the paintbrush, and cook perfectly compatible, without bond or in of the llamas.

Does not see any technical defects with a cape like some another has suggested. It IS seriously any one the device has complicated. It buys this manufacturer of waffle! You will want to it. Only it follows some instructions.

1. Any one spray, oil of use and it paintbrush. I trust me.
2. Game with some proportions to concentrate to take the perfectly complete waffle without rough verges. It IS quite 3/4 in 7/8 cup of mass.
3. A light of looks of indicator to be very something on in of the terms of completeness of waffle. I give it one extra 15 bren or so for the slightly more the texture has done well.

5 / 5
My mother in law has the elegant one of these this costs almost three so much time. I can not say a difference in some results among a two. This waffle the marks of manufacturer very deep waffles these uniformly have done beginnings only quite every time. There is not bell very elegant and whistles another that the loans that light he calm looks it and clue some directions say you when in toe and when is done. It finds a clear to be accurate and seldom has has had to a bit waffles the small longer and so seldom is there any sign of them when being overdone.

Afterwards or flavours the race was able to determine a correct quantity and consistency to concentrate to attach to produce very waffles. I used it now at least once the since Natal week 2014. If yours looking for the no frills fashioning these products the compatible results then based in my experience that is to say your manufacturer of waffle.
1 / 5
This waffle the manufacturer is decent, some waffles is well, included if no so fat likes some other manufacturers of waffle. My main flu with this thing is, that when has opened a lid up, does not take any a lot of of the attack was balance and then said of whole thing in some rights, which the to less entertainment of plot when is doing waffles and a waffle the dish is sper hot. In general, I think that that it is the defect to draw of entity, and has has had manufacturers of waffle of better toe in a past.
1 / 5
So much, as disappointed with this product. All was a lot of until in a third waffle. I have followed some instructions in the T, has done sure any one to overburden a manufacturer of waffle, even so when flavour to touch in a mass a lock of the security in a side broken and a whole thing has touched, that spill (graces the god has posed a dish in to take a mass, but was still the complete disorder). Also any one closure fully, included of a premier waffle. Only in general the ridiculous experience. Has big hopes for the this, and still is lining was hope that is gone only the defect of the manufacturer.

Top Customer Reviews: Dash DMW001HR ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I have not had any idea what the small waffle the manufacturer could do for my life. LOL.

This has only a big defect. A cape this clave has entered a front is or any quite big or only very designed well, as it can burn you flavour in impulse he. Or it uses the fork to attack he for up after cookery (so that the tent to bond the bit) or use the mitten.

This bobo little thing is perfect. It IS so mere this does almost only because of that. An a lot of-surface of the clave a lot is nonstick. It classifies of critic with the manufacturer of waffle, as some waffles the clean start without scraping and scrubbing. He the waffle besides or two minutes less. At the same time it takes to do my coffee.

Some waffles look a eggo, but is oh so that better. To good sure, likes him mass, also or better that any one in the tent of pancake.

Limits in, covers and a vain light era. You have opened the, spoon besides or two less tablespoons of mass, and after the. A light comes on and when go was, a waffle these beginnings are wonderful.

Wants to this. I posed it up and a day there has been more waffles this has had the year. It opens HAS the all a time. I add with tea, breakfast, coffee, dessert (freezing, butter of peanut, syrup of arce....).

Opens, in this weight .
5 / 5
To well sure one of a compraventa has done better in amazon so far. So described, is the mini waffle-manufacturer. A mini the part is any joke , a whole thing is quite small in the impulse in a delivery. If you are powering to eat in the whole family of five or more then this can not be since you. Even so, because of his measure, the fastest work that the normal sized a so still although I only can do a small waffle the time, each waffle would have to be done in in the minute or two. An interior is also a lot-clave as it is very easy to clean that it was to enormous premium for me. On that, it comes with the small instruction panphlet that say you that to use and and also comprises recipes and ideas of recipe! Personally, I want the, is that it has wanted it and more.
1 / 5
In the first place you are, it has wanted this product. I am allergic in of the so that it decide eggs to do mine in waffles in planting to buy them. So much cheaper. It can do the enormous batch and freeze the. Each what so waffle cooked during 8 minutes and is exited the good golden brown.

Very hurriedly advance the month and the half. I have posed too much of waffle in, expects 8 minutes and go to take it was, a cup is believed! A window of tower is closed and is pissed. I want to order another but does not know if he very wants to take one casualidad this spends again.
1 / 5
It was it adds until an upper half decree to heat up after 2 month. A window of the turn closed afterwards only 30.urt That is to say defective would have to take the substitution !,
5 / 5
At the beginning, laugh think it has been too small in a lot of anything. It IS so bad, is an amazing manufacturer of small waffle!! It can cook almost anything in the! Has the eggs cooked, waffles, and French toast.
5 / 5
I have purchased a Pinch Mini Manufacturer of Waffle and a Pinch Mini Griddle.
A Waffle the manufacturer is easy to use. It covers in, wait for light to go was, oil of sprays and attaches mass.
Waffles In 2 1/2 and in 3 minutes were some better. Waffles In 3 1/2 minutes have begun to dry was.
While with a Griddle, use, tongs, fork or spoon to open. Escaping the steam is hot.
These units are small. Exactly that has wanted.
Has verified some watts with the 'kill Or Metre of Watt. Waffle The draws of manufacturer 368 watts and a griddle 352 watts.
5 / 5
I want this manufacturer of waffle. I am an only one this eats waffles in a house, like the measure is perfect for me. For a recipe of Belgian waffle has used only required to use perhaps 2-3 tablespoons to concentrate to do the waffle. Anymore That 2-3 tablespoons and a mass is slime out of the to to some sides like them to them the cookery. Three waffles and is full. It suggests to cook some waffles very where some means is not soggy is to expect until a light comes and has posed your mass in, then expects until 3 clear cycles and rapes tasty waffles.
5 / 5
The works add and especially well so that the does not take on the plot of room to store. Some waffles does not take very time to do and they brown equally and only a right quantity. An only downside is that it takes the long time to do the plot so that the only fact one the time, and is a measure of Eggos, but know when the buy. They recommend for the only or pair or any one with the room of the storage has limited, but has the family, probably would want the level-manufacturer of waffle of the measure that the waffles of big or diverse marks attraction-eschews waffles immediately.
1 / 5
My element is coming and a box has been opened, an element was soiled and has used.
HAS traces of mass of waffle in some corners, interior of big, and a cup is loose in general at all that has expected.
1 / 5
The desire could share in an extraneous enthusiasm, but can no. After several minutes to cook a waffle was still inner crude, although it look well in an outside. The waffle For waffle has maintained to augment a time, until 12 minutes for cake., Before it was at the end cooked through.

12 minutes to cook the four waffle of inch - that it is only ridiculous!

Top Customer Reviews: Dash DEWM8100AQ ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 51 ratings
5 / 5
I love a aqua the colour of a Pinch Expresses Waffle Manufacturer. A measure is perfect, in some photos dipped it afterwards to a costruttore of sandwich of the pinch partorisca comparison. It is easy to store, but quite pleasant to leave in a counter, because it is taking the tonne of use among me, my husband, and the oldest boy. It is súper easy to clean you so only has to that dry he with the humid cloth when it cools down. It heats on a dish of cookery quickly and a waffles cook in roughly 2-3 minutes or less as those that beat has dipped you in and like browned or crisped love an outside of a waffle. Really it likes that it can you to it do well of Belgian waffles crisp in an outside but still light and fluffy in an interior. Ship very fast and has not had any question with a vendor a prize was adds. As the one who gilipollas gone really does not have anything can complain roughly or something would change in a way some works of product.

I the plot of the descriptions and am always sincere and the fair with an information resupplies. Some opinions here are mine and resupplied freely without risarcimento.
5 / 5
I took on the year to find the waffle manufacturer that has not been cheaply together place. Originally I have not loved the Belgin. It has given finally in and has of a PINCH was a more estimated for people. I have been with him. They are like this happy has done. When I have opened a container, has been disappointed immediately for a lack of control of heat. Tried me bad! I have followed some directions explicitly when it avenges to prepping a surface to heat. Of then they are vegan, has not used any oil or eggs in mine waffle recipe. I have done my beat, like this do for pancakes. I have touched a beat in a heated a my timer for 4 WAFFLES. ...EVERY TIME!!! Easy -peezy! Amur This waffle manufacturer. Afterwards it is shredded courgette and then shredded potatoes for waffle vegs.
4 / 5
A waffles in this thing is exited in perfect every time. You owe that look closely for when some light starts and has used the spray of cookery for each waffle to prevent sticking. Fact like the charm!
THIS In spite of - some dishes of metal are written around some flanges and a costruttore is quite light that when you come from the unclip the to recover the bake waffle tries slide in a countertop. You will want to grab a side to resist he in bylines. 'T. Any enough.
5 / 5
I have bought this waffle manufacturer quite reason was economic and was having the craving for some waffles in a weekend. Honradamente, Reason a prize is like this down, any I really anticipates it doing a lot well? I have followed some instructions to clean it first and plugging he in to heat. No really I have a esmoking' to to question likes of some other users. Fact really well and a waffles paste one something :) Mine so only A COMPLAINT is that no really there is any indication when a waffle is fact or the timer, but can spend for big that for a prize.
4 / 5
As it has excited that has bought this !!! It is exited exactly a way the master and like this quickly easy & to use. Smoke like crazy, but at all burned. 😉 First time that use for my chicken & waffle the dinner that & the rests that & expect the morning of desayunar. Yeeeeeeees
5 / 5
A waffle the costruttore has done adds and was easy to clean. The meeting of only question is that it does not have the strong quite ringer to such you when a waffle is done. I have had to seat there and clock and listen to say when it is done . Enough steps my time that gathers on the elements have required to eat a waffles that to seat and look them cook.
4 / 5
Cooks the Belgian waffle quickly! Cooks the Belgian waffle faster that I can eat the Belgian waffle! Dang!
4 / 5
Perfect measure
Visually appealing
are the defender of products of Pinch!!
4 / 5
In general, it is the a lot of waffle costruttore - economic and spatial effective.
This in spite of, has to to 2 things did not like roughly.

One is does a bit soggy waffles in place of crunchy waffles.
Of course, this depends in several factors like a condition to beat, any so only a waffle manufacturer he.
But can accept that as it is not totally it breaker of extracted for me while it is cooked fully without in of the llamas.

A second an east that lame 2 star was; it is súper hard to clean.
A overflowing rim of the prevention is not quite deep that The almost always overflows.
Overflowing Is not a worse question but when he , beat penetrates to an empty in a side.
For grandson this, has to disassemble a grill to unscrew 2 rays in a hinge and 1 in a fund.
Ossia So only I too annoying.

So only will maintain it so that it is not very expensive, but will look for a some did not conceal any overflow or does not have the empty in a side when I buy a prójimo a.
4 / 5
I love a aqua the colour of a Pinch Expresses Waffle Manufacturer. A measure is perfect, in some photos dipped it afterwards to a costruttore of sandwich of the pinch partorisca comparison. It is easy to store, but quite pleasant to leave in a counter, because it is taking the tonne of use among me, my husband, and the oldest boy. It is súper easy to clean you so only has to that dry he with the humid cloth when it cools down. It heats on a dish of cookery quickly and a waffles cook in roughly 2-3 minutes or less as those that beat has dipped you in and like browned or crisped love an outside of a waffle. Really it likes that it can you to it do well of Belgian waffles crisp in an outside but still light and fluffy in an interior. It has shipped very fast and has not had any question with a vendor a prize was adds. As the one who gilipollas gone really does not have anything can complain roughly or something would change in a way some works of product.

I the plot of the descriptions and am always sincere and the fair with an information resupplies. Some opinions here are mine and resupplied freely without risarcimento.

Top Customer Reviews: Black+Decker 3-in-1 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
5 / 5
Rings the dish of fast sandwich partorisca do ham or sandwiches and grilled cheese of cheese. I have seen this element and ordered it. Here it is that it has found:

1. There is A lot was or on transmission in this unit! Ossia The real ache and can be dangerous of like this which where yours covers is located. There is also ANY adjustment partorisca temperature. So much, you will have to treat that of the to you. This means partorisca look your time A lot attentively.

2. Ossia The A lot of inexpensively the element done. Some parts are very thin and read. Be careful of some flanges of some stuffs so it is quite acute to cut. I have taken the piece of emery cloth to some flanges and this have cured of a question.

3. It does not expect this to be fast!! It takes time to heat up and then takes time for him to cook.

4. No attended to do the sandwich good fat in this unit! It was not drawn to manage more than two thicknesses of cheese that is pre-sliced. So much, it loves to add ham to this, thinks pieces very thin.

5. This unit is not drawn to cook raw flesh!!!!!!!! So only fully the cooked flesh is to be used in this unit according to some instructions.

6. It does not use cooking oil of the spray in him will burn his. Utilisation the oil rule the spent some dishes or butter of use.

7. Some stuffs exited easily and calm can dip him in a dishwasher for easy net up.

8. Ossia The very small unit . Two pieces of regular bread grieve apt side for side in this unit.

In general, ossia a good element , but any that would recommend.
5 / 5
I have it quell'has used mainly a waffle flat and occasionally use a griddle. It has not used a sandwich/bocadillos stuffs still. My subject only is that doing waffles same with big-fat content in a beat, a waffles still clave and has to that be coaxed and pulled of a waffle flat. It does not use cooking spray to the equal that has directed. I know that cooking the sprays can spend a coating of some dishes, like search to use like this directed that.
4 / 5
is small,and the little smell of has bitten when it has used them
4 / 5
My edges has done waffles and grilled cheese and his where good and easy
4 / 5
No too thrilled with this waffle manufacturer. He the good waffle, if not to impose you a wait. Any @@subject that time I preheat the, still takes for on 5-8 minutes to do the waffle. Happy there is so only 2 of us.
4 / 5
When I Use a waffle flat, can any never take a waffle to release. He always twenty on the disorder that has to that drench was and launch in some rubbishes. Terrible waffle manufacturer!
4 / 5
Some trays are really hard to clean. Also, it takes some time to do a sandwich, no really the saver to time when those hastes to do in a morning.
5 / 5
I used it to do the breakfast of sandwich this morning, and is very easy and quickly to take a breakfast done. A good product
5 / 5
It has looked for the dish of fast sandwich partorisca do ham or sandwiches and grilled cheese of cheese. I have seen this element and ordered it. Here it is that it has found:

1. There is A lot was or on transmission in this unit! Ossia The real ache and can be dangerous of like this which where yours covers is located. There is also ANY adjustment partorisca temperature. So much, you will have to treat that of the to you. This means partorisca look your time A lot attentively.

2. Ossia The A lot of inexpensively the element done. Some parts are very thin and read. Be careful of some flanges of some stuffs so it is quite acute to cut. I have taken the piece of emery cloth to some flanges and this have cured of a question.

3. It does not expect this to be fast!! It takes time to heat up and then takes time for him to cook.

4. No attended to do the sandwich good fat in this unit! It has not been drawn to manage more than two thicknesses of cheese that is pre-sliced. So much, it loves to add ham to this, thinks pieces very thin.

5. This unit is not drawn to cook raw flesh!!!!!!!! So only fully the cooked flesh is to be used in this unit according to some instructions.

6. It does not use cooking oil of the spray in him will burn his. Utilisation the oil rule the spent some dishes or butter of use.

7. Some stuffs exited easily and calm can dip him in a dishwasher for easy net up.

8. Ossia The very small unit . Two pieces of regular bread grieve apt side for side in this unit.

In general, ossia a good element , but any that would recommend.
4 / 5
Has known took it casualidad in this waffle manufacturer after seeing a bad rewiews. It has expected it would be one of a lucky some. I love a Oster Waffle the costruttore has, but has loved more versatility. Has thinks that would give this tries it. Down $ 30 reason any one?!

A lot of nope! With which plugging he in and while for ever for him to heat on, has odorato something concealed odorato like the chemicals that burn. Has had smoked that comes from/comes from a car. Not smoking of oils or anything cooking reason have there was not dipping anything on he still. It was plugging in to do sure has done. It has smoked internally. My house odorata like the chemical plant. Yuck And any way was my familiar in disposal to eat anything of this toxic fire hazard.

Another gilipollas...

-The look of removable plans to have to that nonstick coating that is exited over time. Cockroach of chemical yucky nonstick coating this goes to be in your lunch. You know that I am speaking in

-A lot of dipping of temperature and taken for ever to heat up. It forgets consolation.


-Flat removable

-Snap closures


This in spite of abordable like six to good sure take that already paid partorisca with east. Any value he. I add for some people to to those who liked them, but has bet if of them an update would have the different opinion. Any way is this thing in disposal to last already long with a way is done. If he well when calm in the first place the take, does not think it will be good for longitude.

Shame on you Black and Decker! Appearance bit it better of such the big name undertaken! Returned for repayment


Top Customer Reviews: KRUPS Belgian ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
Dishes of spray, knob of low service in posing the lowest lid , near, THEN unit of covers in. Taken 5 min in preheat. When being warned, the green esady' the light is dim, but a 'beep' is more than quite strong. In spite of that, 8 mins in max temp '5' the perfection produced in his trip of maiden those uses Krusteaz Belgian. This has said, the few tones....
1) hurriedly HAS SHOT of nonstick the spray in some stuffs only once in a principle of the each session, no for each load of waffles
2) has to CLIQUE a fully low lid after uploading
3) ANY ONE 'CONTROL' in the, 8 min in 5, any peeking
4) reload, enjoys
My a lot of first bake was AWESOMENESS, so for now if any subject arises.
5 / 5
This waffle the dish substitutes the 5+yr old AllClad, which has thought was the very good product. Even so a AllClad at the end only has not done and has looked for the substitution. This Krups am ADDS!! It produces equally waffles cooked, crispy and is by far the dish of better waffle that my old AllClad. Usually we have waffles once each pair of weeks, and only is cooking for 2 people.

Has found that a more bakes comes from/comes from to use a big plus to pose of '5' and using quite 1/2 cup of mass for section. (Also, that is to say a premier one has had concealed 'low latches and since in the to to my husband likes him when being a cook for of these, has to take in latch the. Otherwise, Only the less crispy and a short bit does not bake also.)

The cleanup IS EASY with some removable dishes. One of some things has wanted to more in the new waffler, was removable dishes--to relieve a process to debug. And these works.

Everything of of the one of the east and only costs the fraction that paid for a AllClad. So far, we are a lot of, very happy with a Krups and highly would recommend it.
4 / 5
Cookery roughly waffles well except an alarm is the too strong bit. It arouses a hungry to sleep Zombies that prepared to eat for, before has everything of some defensive materials very manually.
1 / 5
I have wanted absolutely this manufacturer of waffle and has been ready to write to 5 description of star. And then, after three uses, has remarked that a nonstick the coating has begun flaking out of an upper waffle inserts/inserts. (I am very careful with my possessions and at all that causes a flaking.) He preoccupied quite ingesting this coating, contacted Krups, and has been said that this was to consider tear and normal wear , and this could purchase the new upper waffle insert for $ 20 + nave.

Totally comprise this tear and the normal wear would not be eligible to be substituted, but also thinks is outrageous that would not be by behind his product when begins to fail after three uses. If they consider failure after three uses to be tear and normal wear, will go broken to repurchase a waffle inserts/inserts.

Has answered in them asking if the failure after three uses is truly tear and normal wear, and if that is to say an experience another has had, but there is has not listened still the response. I will update this description listens behind they.

IS so disappointed so in front of a coating has begun flaking, has wanted this product. It IS raving quite the all over the world knows and recommending compraventa. Alas, I am returned and retracted this recommendation :(
2 / 5
Desprs Only 3 month a beep that is to say supposition to alert you that a waffle is ready headed beeping all a time, the very big launched (and terribly troubling) sound- the now sounds like the alarm of detector of the smoke. There are not subjects very apparent in prjimos has been and use a dish without him. My last Krups waffle the dish has lasted 14 years without problem that is why decided to buy the Krups again. Terribly Disappoint. This waffle the be of dish flimsy and no very done, like evidenced for an alarm in his of failure. I give it 2 stars so that I like him his of a depth and the measure of any waffles marks and is convenient to be able to take some casseroles to wash them.
4 / 5
Concretely Has chosen this dish of waffle so that (1) the enclosed rests and (2) has removable dishes to clean. That is to say the big unit with some weight in him. It see FT In a RV and spatial is the premium so that it is the bit of the problem for me. Some tents of cord under a unit; even so, it was not designed for one covers to pose plan and he only dangles there which can be a subject for storage. The calm does not require to season some dishes. I have found that to do so, cross far too steam and soggy waffles and has has not had any subject with some waffles bond. I Like him his of the crispy mine and one poses it big has been required to achieve concealed. Some waffles is quite big and relatively fat. I so that it find it far easy to maintain clean. For the consolation can do these ahead of time, leaving them to cool in a whole gesture to leave all a steam in version. I store the in my fridge until the precise. To camp (or FT RV living) can be reheated in the dish of mussel griddle casserole quite easily and crisp up amiably that subjects. I have paid more than the basic unit would cost for some characteristic has wanted and is expecting a Krups quality of name of still equals. If taking, has be worth it.
5 / 5
The May Takes the hankerin' for something and he no left to go?
That is to say that spent last week, 'the demand of the waffles ! Where it conceals to come from/come from, asked me. Has no active waffles since... That? One 1980 east?
Every day, 'Waffles!' WELL, VAL, VAL, leaves.

A Krups GQ502D is an Amazon fave, the left wing is to go with that.

A pair of days later, here is. It have taken some proportionate fruit while a GQ502D was trucking is road in my door, and at the end here is.

Has taking some dishes of a machine to give soye the fast soao-and-thicket of water, then after drying, brushed in the bit of oil to help a no-stickey coating the bit, whipped up some Snoqualmie mixes of pancake of the Falls while one schemes pre-has heated... Enough 1 mix of cup with 1 water of cup was only in right the cover a dish a lower, beep beep beep beep, has said a machine- in era a too much, closed a low lid and expected by a together second of beeps.

Has posed a brownness dial in a 1 On the dot place, and quite a lot of 7 minutes later, is time for a big Looked!

Will leave a picture finishes a history-
4 / 5
Wow That the manufacturer of waffle. This that is to say 'UGE, is very impressive. It IS 4 it regulate waffles in or has shot. It take some experience to take a right quantity of mass, but was in almost 2 whole cup to fill a thing.
A removable and dishwasher the sure dishes are awesome.
My only flu, and this is not the small a, is a knob of the parameter and the alarm have done is so very-for-swimming. Basically it turns in 5 and it leave the, will not move it never, really need the 8 or 9. And it means an alarm will go was subject too punctual. I am basically fallen until he beeps (plus or 4 minutes less), has posed then he 3 timer of minute in in fact pull some waffles has been. This would do it a manufacturer of waffle more dulcemente has not used never, is gone any one for a fact is doing 4 the time.
1 / 5
Cooked 1 waffle during 20 minutes in a parameter a big plus and he still has not been brown. My bombs of old waffle of manufacturer out of waffles each which how 2 min. Looked to change in the square dish of our around one but a trade was is not to estimate he. Also an inferior dish could not be take to clean.
1 / 5
Plans of spray, @@@knob partorisca turn down partorisca dip the lowest lid , after, THEN unit of discharges in. Taken 5 min the preheat. Be warned, the green esady' the light is dim, but a 'beep' is more than quite strong. In spite of that, 8 mins in max temp '5' the PERFECTION produced in his travesía maiden that use Krusteaz Belgian. This has said, the few clues....
1) Quickly shot of nonstick the spray to some stuffs so only once in a start of the each session, no for each load of waffles
2) has to that CLICK a lid fully down after uploading
3) ANY 'controlled in his, 8 min on 5, any peeking
4) reload, enjoys
My very first bake was AWESOMENESS, like this ★★★★★ for now if any subject arises.

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