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Top Customer Reviews: Garmin Foot Pod ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought the Garmin Vivoactive the clock and he do so announced. Even so, it uses motion to arm to count the no. has directed 300 miles in some holidays and was to please to see that while the chair in my cart has been regulated with 11,000 no. has purchased a Pod of Feet of the Garmin to fix a subject of dud register. My easily recognised clock a sensor. My first use has walked the foothills have measured in front of my house, an account of was not accurate. I used it inner in the treadmill and was able to take the accounts of any accurate for a session. Without a pod of feet my clock would not count very if my hands were in some hand-the streaky guides or lining some capes of sensor of the rhythm of heart. If I am not spending my shoes a sensor of motion takes on. Quan Am spending of the shoes a clock recognises when an awake sensor arrives and uses that it counts of no.

IS pleased with a Pod of Feet of the Garmin and recommend he for a Garmin Vivoactive clock.
5 / 5
I have bought Garmin of daughter is my Predecessor 15 of his (up to date), but was sad of the take so near in winter. It opens I Am in a gymnasium of plus and has wanted my Garmin in a treadmill. Felizmente, has discovered in a Garmin Footpod! A prize was to add ($ 20 less than official place) and works surprisingly well. A day has taken posed he in my shoes to run and run out of a door for aforarlo. Because of circumstances, any same the the half mile before it run back house. All aim it very precise at least 1/2 thousands in a lot of aforarlo. Even so, I am gone in a gymnasium a next night and he have done like the charm. It IS easy to use. Calm The the only posed your shoe, goes external, inducts the career and go. To use he in a gymnasium is sper easy also and, included although a documentation is skimpy on that for the pose all up, is quite intuitive so that there it has no the plot to do excepts to situate the on and run what normal. A second career in a gymnasium with a Footpod, has remarked the pair of blips in my cadence, so once does a time, exited and recalibrated he with the career of one thousand and no more blips. That is to say the very fresh addition in my Garmin FR!
1 / 5
It spends the PLOT of time in my Precor so that I need less impact in my poor tired ankles ( has broken so much). My Precor (also old), does not have some extensions of arms, which are well, so that it also has rasgado so much my shoulders multiple time. All this has said, my Garmin wearable does not follow mileage or no in a elliptic. So much, I call Garmin, habladura in the doubt of support, and said 'the pod of Feet is a response ' synchronises your steps of feet with a clock for readings of accurate pedometer. As I peeled out of another $ 60, synchronise'd the in a clock, attached in my shoe, has done sure has been connected, and has begun to 50 session of minute in a Precor. Final of workout, any mile and any step have recorded..... Tried the two times more, same results. These a lot of stinks, so that now manually has to enter he in my application, which totally attacks a purpose.
4 / 5
Produced of typical quality for garmin, is exactly that feigns to be. A fifth star been missing of so that they allege in some materials of packaging and manual that the calibration is not necessary. Background mine to be has been he prende in better 20% before has aforado, sometimes as much as 30%, which are the significant quantity . It says anything less than 5% is perhaps 'any necessary'. Perhaps yours attack/of the stride is no more concealed 5% of the this has decided that an average is, has not been necessary of calm neither, but there is any one mentions of of the this in some manuals. If they pose out of the product of quality, which they , would expect documentation of quality and directions to go with, which for these ways of particular device would have to signify some parameters that is predefined with, so that an user can determine if the calibration is truly 'any necessary'.

Once melts enough for aforarlo in clear quite a lot of external surfaces (GPS OF ROAD), nettled me that mine 310xt did not say me that the time has owed for aforar he - the only toe 'aforando'. I have chosen for aforarlo on he warmup career in front of the race, of other people know said has taken he enmedio the mile for aforar, the mine has taken one and the half miles - much more that it had planned it the the . I am not sure if that is to say the characteristic of my clock or a pod, but has been well to learn that it takes so long/far.

Likes him another has said, wants to aforar he in the some place afterwards in a will not be to run in. I the street has run mostly and guides-in-of the trails, has aforado he in the street, and has run quickly that resulted to be a race of inner trail (has not expected this), which was the 5 k but a change in my stride in a different surface has finished to do 10% was, which was more concealed had expected . So run in of the different surfaces, when being prepared to maintain the list of constant of different calibration ( is an option in your clock) for each surface unless it only is using he for a cadence.

Spends in of the different shoes, but mostly uses for cadence on everything excepts a a pair of the shoes has aforado the on, as I can not speak with this a lot. I can not imagine some the different shoes could affect it so significantly like the things list on, as I am not also preoccupied. Still with location in a shoe, only tries to be compatible relative in my foot for different shoes, and return he in a location of same tip when movements he to shoe to shoe.

Down - the calibration IS REQUIRED wants precision And precision. Any cross otherwise unless train for time in place of distance.
2 / 5
Take my pod in June. The law adds during a month used it until they go has surgery of feet. I have posed he in the drawer and has taken was 2 weeks ago to start with that they use it again. It does not act. I supposed it that/I supposed It it was a stack . I have changed a stack. It does not act. I am forums of trace of Garmin in troubleshoot and followed some suggestions. I have tried another new stack, still does not act. I am disappointed to say a less. Has products of Garmin the multiple and has has not had never this class of subjects. Any one that would expect of the product of Garmin, at all.
4 / 5
If you are looking for an accessory to follow your in detail more the utmost steps then that is to say a perfect accessory since you! These pairs of device perfectly with you device of Garmin main like this leaving you to take the any accounts more accurate when walking or current. It IS quite durable and researches to be the resistant water. It has run with easterly the pair of the times and he continue to do. A life of stack is also quite well and looks in last at least 6 month, according to your level of activity. A reason has data these 4 stars are so that, and this could be the personal hang-up , when tries to ensure this through 2 shoestring extends a device sometimes will burst was if he the fast turn or pause. Quan A device is joined in a cloak does not have any problems. ( It controls my images to see that I bad)
5 / 5
It has Had this pod of feet during the year-and-a-half now. It has been that careers through sand, snow, vase, puddles, and more admirably in me through a lot of hikes, comprising two hikes while train in an Organism Marino, as well as other long hikes (20+ mine) on my own involving hard mix and fat paintbrush, and has not aimed never any signs of budging of my boot (which frankly of an apparently cheap road he clips in his girdle around a tip probably would surprise very enough to use he for a first time, in to the the look likes him would take pulled of of any problem). Work and practically looks a day has taking he of his packaging. Garmin Any one all perfectly (am turbulent with a road is pressing alloy these days) but this outstandingly the pod of robust foot is quite a tarpaulin. It IS the tad expensive but certainly take that decrees of paid; while you very misplace the probably was a last a you never buy. It IS supremely handy in the situations where has the reception or the toneless satellite has interrupted frequently (trees, tunnels, big structures) and still wants accurate distance. Your device of Garmin or can use he in place of GPS (tho then will take any data of GPS) or can fall behind in a pod of feet when disconnected of GPS. At least, that is to say my sympathetic; no very clear on yes always is that it uses a pod of feet in the distance of record when connected in GPS, or using likes him the fallback, but at least is to use sure likes him the fallback. Garmin Alleges a pod of feet is inner '98% precision' for his metric (tho concealed does not mean the whole plot in me IF my Predecessor always is using GPS and like this not using never a pod of feet the record distance). Obviously a pod of feet is supremely handy for interior workouts, as in the treadmill, and probably will remark substantially less lag and the majority of precision adds for the metric likes him any for the case compared with GPS. I have used also the tool of calibration of pod of feet with my Predecessor 910XT to ensure the calibration for each boot/of shoe was so needs like possible, tho has update since in a 920XT cual a footpod is compatible with, but has no really imagined out of the road to do the calibration done to commission still...
5 / 5
This sensor provides the estimativa well of my careers in the treadmill. It finds that it is it has entered the lowest speed and more accurate in 8mph or main. It is closed enough for me.... Has the fenix3 and does not have any problem that chooses it up; only it has to you pose you the up once after this every time select road of career of interior, chooses in a sensor. A fenix3 has a capacity to want to that you ran you to it far but in the first place has to do the few careers that poses of use of GPS so that it can learn it that I change your arms in of the sure steps. For me it is aiming 30segons down what that am running so chosen to slap in this pod of feet for the take the small more afterwards in some real. Fulfilling that garmin done of the good sensors. Also I have the sensor of temperature and the sensor/of speed of the cadence in my bicycle.... They every time providing a stack is well. I recommend sensor of pod of the foot.
4 / 5
I am in my third footpad. That is to say very prendido more than only questionably accurate treadmills. Having to take loafer and fall my cadence when wheel, and that follows my cadence with these helps of pod of the foot. Even so, that substitutes a stack is the annual cry quite difficult, and sometimes he very pair with my clock afterwards.

Thinks that has bought a too footpads, because of that. My premier lasted of marks so long while they have done the until two years ago. My second one has to no synch when substituted his stack for a second time. Quan A third an any synch without resetting my clock, give my error.
5 / 5
I have begun to use this with my careers with my Predecessor 610, which have had for the year now. Usually I have a monitor of rhythm of heart only, but that attaches a pod of feet leaves me to see my cadence. I have not imagined out of the road to aim a cadence in a clock, if any one knows to please response and bond here. Even so, I can see the graph of my cadence of career on Garmin Connects once uploads. The tan now has or more metric to see, while I can accelerate of graph, rhythm of heart, elevation, and now cadence. It does not forget to multiply for 2 although, says '80 spm', these ways 80 no for minute in some feet, as my cadence in 80 spm in fact would be 160.

One another good thing in of the this, yes has lost signal of satellite while crossing the tunnel, some measures of the pod of the foot will be used for speed. You can aforar he with a Predecessor 610 with GPS, or run around the tone to control for aforarlo. It looks quite accurate in of the terms of distance and speed after calibration.

A lot of people buy this for the interior that races in the treadmill, but amours he for external race and following cadence of no.

Top Customer Reviews: Garmin ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Murray
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Controls of heart rate has finalised so only my second career with a new Vivoactive. Although it is not apparently in of the tents still, a cabin of Garmin in a River of Door the Career of expo has had the little last weekend, as I have bought one. It have been limping together with the Nike/TomTom clock of GPS, but a no-replaceable the band has been disintegrating partorisca the months and I had wired the together partorisca take for until some new Vivoactive is exited. Still with small time partorisca take familiar with a Vivoactive, has used he during a 15K a next morning and he have treated perfectly.

In a past ten years or have possessed like this of the clocks of GPS of Timex, Garmin (two times) and Nike (two times). I have been also occasionally that uses my Galaxy S5 telephone coupled with the clock of Pebble and Endomondo partorisca run and biking, as I can do some comparisons.

During a race, had not had still time to pair a Vivoactive to my telephone, as use it simply like the stand-sample of ALONE GPS. It is for far a clock of GPS SMALLER has possessed and is comfortable and light, this in spite of was able to read an exposure without any questions. It likes more than the clocks in this class can customise some exposures of data, but some levels one has done well. An enclosed unit in the some satellites more quickly that any of the mine others the clocks and the accuracy was expected like this that. In an end of a 15K law miles. Ossia Roughly 1.3 big in a distance has measured, and more the corridors know concealed is in legislation been due to any when being pas able to take the subject a shorter (especially in the race with 15,000 corridors) and some small cushioning added by a process of certification. I have spent also my clock of Nike a same time, and record miles.

Speaking of accuracy, am lucky to have an attentive, go it the course has measured that begins in mine go. During this morning workout a sample signaled 1 intervals of interior of thousands 5 feet or like this of one has has measured distances in 1, 2 and 3 miles. For some reason my Nike is usually has gone by roughly 75
feet in a mile, although usually it goes back in clues for 2 or 3 miles. My Nike is also notoriously inaccurate shows no during the career (usually 30 to 45 fast seconds), something causes concealed of the real questions for me. As I have run another mile has measured this morning, that tries to maintain the slow,
no in bylines to verify a Vivoactive the calculation of no. was able to maintain an exposure of any among roughly 8:55 and 9:35, with more than readings among 9:10 and 9:15. After finalising a mile a Vivoactive has aimed the time of 9:09 for that like this attentive as it can expect and the big improvement in a Nike.

I also sometimes run 'Galloway' intervals, and has spent the second clock (Timex Ironman) to measure and show some intervals/of walk of the career. The ones of way that today has been it advance and place on a Vivoactive to manage this has to that also. Law perfectly. I have thought at the beginning that it could it he a lot easily see some intervals
the be timed (of then showed an usual Elapsed given/of Distance/of At all of Screen of Time during a career), but there is @@give then that for simply that attacks an exposure lateralmente could take to a screen of data with an information of interval. So that it was I comfort it it adds. Has not founding still the way to easily turn a timer of interval on and has gone during the course this in spite of.

Now that has a Garmin Connects application doing in my Galaxy S5 telephone, has gone back grieves in a house and elected on my telephone all (and mean ALL) a statistics of my career has been showed in my telephone. This part was effortless. And I have seated you grieve in my computer and logged my account of Garmin was all there also. Absolutely flawless, without the necessary endeavour for my part at all.

Like this according to which an electronic in common mate I really can not think of anything more could ask. All utilisation is there and work well.

Considering other functions, a clock has all a 'tracker of activity' does at present in fashion. If I seat in a computer also long he bugs me partorisca take emotional. Measure my steps and compares it to my daily aim. He the graph that have moved while sleeping last night. They are really a lot of
to all this material, as it can any the real test in this characteristic. Also, I do not have any add-in of the sensors (tampon of feet, monitor of heart, sensor of cadence, etc.) As I can not comment in the very this work. Knowing the long experience of Garmin with these I would expect him everything to do well.
Neither touches golf, as I can a lot of vouch for this function. But it touches like the fresh characteristic.

Like him smartwatch so only can compare to Pebble of mine. Both looks to do the good work to alert you in any incoming notification in a telephone, and would say a Vivoactive exposed more given in a screen of notification. It uses his exposure to paint to some advantage with the too.
Has on dipped Pandora that mine incumplimiento election of music, and would say a Vivoactive control it more reliably that Pebble of mine. Mine a complains that I can not give the 'thumbs on' or 'thumbs down' of a Vivoactive but can with Pebble. Also it has no apparent way to use Endomondo in a Vivoactive, but a Garmin Connects the place is very comparable (although I have not looked to copy historical die among some two half half).

At present a place of Garmin does not have to that it weaves of the available applications, but then of the telephone really is not officially has been for the little more weeks, like this perhaps that will improve. I can very really say that I am looking for any particular application in all the chance. A Pebble
there is more the available applications but pocolas if any one is of any use of the mine so am not sure like that imports any of that is. I see the majority of him like this pleasant gimmicky material to the equal that in, 'Hey, look the one who my clock can do!' How it is really any of entity of mine.

A Vivoactive is noticeably thinner that a Pebble but slightly wider. In general they are quite looked in measure, form and feel while spending. Has big wrists this in spite of, like this neither one could be too big for the smallest wrists during daily wear. And appearance to so only spend a Vivoactive like my daily clock
like opposed to so only dipping it on for the career.

Does not have the good to feel of for life of battery still. A first full day has had am spent roughly 2 hours in way of GPS and he drained a battery down of full load to roughly 75 during these 24 hours. Like appearance yes calm to 2 now run every day would require to recharge each 3 days or so many. Some last 2 days I GPS has USED so only partorisca in an hour and that the period drained a battery of plenary to roughly 70. So much with an hour run each one another day could take 6 days or like this among cariche. (A following sentence has been corrected on 3/19/15:)A magnetic that touches the canal does really well, but a lot prefers a regulate micro port of USB ossia in mine bluetooth earbuds. Has very telephone chargers around a house that can use with those, but lose a Vivoactive is touching the canal will be out of regime. In fact probably it have to that order the one of leftover now.

UPDATES like this of 3/19/15: I last touched a unit done 3 days and has used a GPS for roughly 2 hours during this time. I am aiming 68 load that remain. I will see how long I can go among load and update again the few days.

My only light disappointment with a Vivoactive is that I think that that an exposure is the contrast of has bitten down in dim light. With a backlight, alfresco, and in a sun is very easy to read (probably has optimised he for that the majority of common situations), but indoors looks the turn of has bitten, and in fact thinks that some looks of the slightly better pebble to the respect. (GOOD, are in 60s, eyes like this more the youngsters probably will do better.) But then this mostly will be used external in all the chance, and a Pebble is black-and-white-only and fault of the touchscreen. A backlight law well, although the capacity of a Pebble to 'flick' to turn a backlight on apparently is that it loses of a Garmin. A Vivoactive touchscreen work really well and is the utmost characteristic. Attacking among fields of the data during the career is really useful. Touching icons to take to some the main applications is really convenient but like this with any device this complex, finding a screen of the right settings for a characteristic want to takes the bit of experimentation. I have had this same experience with other clocks of GPS of the Garmin this in spite of, like this yes accustom some papers of settings of the Garmin this will look familiar. Again, to plot of that is due to a long number of options and characteristic.

Has had initially the hard time that takes a Garmin Connects application in mine telephone to connect to a Vivoactive. Have @@give Finally that my application of Pebble has looked for to connect to a Pebble and this apparently interfered with League of Garmin. I have said once my telephone to take that connects to a Pebble all has done perfectly.

A note of entity: PLEASE does not buy any GPS looks concealed does not have the user-replaceable band! For me, these bands never last more than the year (usually breaking so only after a period of guarantee) and I really object to the costruttrici that produced to draw that know to you will have to that to the launch is gone in the year. Nike Was quite good to substitute my unit last year the few weeks after a period to guarantee caducado (mine kudos to them on that bookmark) but generally is out of regime. I am disgusted with costruttrici to draw these products as 'disposables'. An only way to take them out of this habit is still to TAKE buying unit that has to has launched was with which some rots of band was. A Vivoactive looks to have the comfortable, level and easily replaceable band. My thank you!

Had not expected to buy the Vivoactive until I have seen some descriptions for corridors. But when an occasion has come until buying a has decided early take the casualidad. Like this far I do not have any remorse in this decision! I expect that this help roughly another active techno-geeks.

Leaves of UPDATE of LIFE of BATTERY 24, 2015: During a last week has left a battery goes of 100 to 10 to see how long this has taken. I have downloaded the metre of battery widget, has had all telephone the notifications have turned on (generating dozens of alert for day), there has been bluetooth on constantly and has used a backlight like this required that. The sleep that follows has been turned on for 3 nights, and also do at least an update of system during this time.

Finalised it paste 10 mark of battery with which 8 days and 6 hours. I have used in that then a GPS for four careers totaling roughly 5 hours. Garmin Alleges 10 hours of use of GPS or 21 days of any-of use of GPS and these specs has been confirmed. Using of the numbers of Garmin mine 5 hours of GPS like this would owe that it has used roughly 50 of one uploads of battery, and one 8-1/4 days would owe that it has used roughly 39 for the total of 89.Ossia Really near my real reading of 90. Like the full load has to that easily last by means of walking the marathon, or doing the half-ironman. Without using a GPS has to that do one estimated 21 mark of day. Into use 'normal' (at least for me) can expect be touching once for week. Ossia Really quite well in comparison to other clocks there with east beats a lot of. Still VERY HAPPY with a clock.
4 / 5 Lettie
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the heart rate Controls This looks does to plot of things, but really calm can not use any of them a same time, which bondadoso to squander a purpose. For example, some works of clock like the clock of GPS to run, and he also works like the far control for your music, but calm can not use both a same time. That the complete waste!!!!!

Has bought this to substitute the Garmin of 6 years Forerunner that no longer resists the load. Like the clock of GPS, this Vivoactive is the good substitution, of then is near of a prize still that has paid for an old clock that any one anything extra and has taken 3 minutes to find the signal of GPS (the Vivoactive was so only $ 10 more expensive in $ 120 and chooses on the signal immediately). I owe that maintain adapting I of that, of still looks anger every time uses a clock and @give that I can very really use any of some another characteristic when I circulate.

Speaking of a characteristic of music, was excited really to discover that these laws of clock like the far control for your music. This solves my question that has to resist it my telephone in my hand in the long career (or walked), or that it has to constantly attractive out of encircled of mine pouch or yank of my band to arm to change songs (or using my wireless headphones and accidentally pulling them out of my ear). I have read that this characteristic has done well for telephones of Android but has been limited in iPhones, iTunes only of paralización acting but no partorisca to to the applications like to them Spotify. They are happy to inform that it DOES FOR SPOTIFY!!!! In an iPhone. One the big plus has left down this in spite of, is that you are using an of some applications of fitness (likes is in the career, and have an application of career that goes calm so much can see your time, distance and speed), can no any one roll out of a screen to run to change your music (of the entity fails- entirely attack a purpose for me).

In fact, can any one roll out of an application to run (or walking, biking, etc) to do Anything more in a clock. Calm can not see that time is, calm can not change your music, calm can not verify your altitude. At all. You owe that stop of push in an application, which then will aim you to save a data or delete a data, before you can go to another screen. If calm that, and calm then master initiates on an application of career again, is beginning the whole new career.

There is also any application to hike in a clock. You owe that use one 'walking' application, which does not follow your altitude in a screen ( follows it and give you the profit of loss or total altitude in your results in a Garmin connect application, but does not say you that yours the concrete elevation is any time given). East sucks!!! Alive in Colorado, has a lot of mountains and hike them to us all a time. Calm sometimes is that it goes 10,000 feet on level of sea, to 14,000. It can take 4-7 hours, and with small to any tree, is hard to gauge the one who far was a summit of a mountain is without points of reference. Having the clock with a altimeter is essential for gauging the one who far was is and therefore the one who more along will be you walked and to the equal that to any one calm. This vivoactive has a Tent of Application ( Garmin of calls IQ tent or something like this) and can download a altimeter, BUT, likes all more in this clock, calm can not use an application of walk (to maintain clue of your time and mileage) and then continuous in to a altimeter, without annulling your information of walk, that goes to a altimeter application, and then that begins an application to walk throughout again.

This clock was also last to dip up and no like this intuitive as thought that would be. After touching with him for the while I have imagined was, but take me some time, and there is still some settings have used when a clock has on begun, that has not been able to find again. There are settings in an application, has settings in a clock, has settings in a clock that has to that it change of an application, and settings for a clock that can change you in a clock can agree quell'application a setting was down in a first place.

A sample to plot of things and would be my thing preferred absolute, if so only some characteristics could all be used simultaneously. A fact that can any one, a lot some characteristic useless (I supposition can use a characteristic of music when I mow a gram). If it have not required to substitute my clock of OLD GPS, this vivoactive would be to take is returned.

Also, has followed a prize of a clock for 7 month, rests around $ 139 for one the majority of part, but for the week or two is gone down to $ 132-$ 136, and for the few hours a day, goes to $ 120 (as bought quell'asap). A bit those that days later, has seen goes to $ 117, so only remains that prize for the few hours, and now is seating in $ 127, and has been this prize for the week. Like this perhaps a prize is going down. I think that this clock cost in $ 75-$ 80. If one looks all done a same time (and especially add the application to hike where can see my speed, time and altitude in a same screen) would pay $ 200 for this clock.

Are by train of the maintain, But does not love it , and are the little sense of him in fact.
4 / 5 Tomeka
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Control of heart rate there has been Garmin of mine Vivoactive clock for the year, and are still really in the pleasant. It is not a AppleWatch. My woman has a AppleWatch 2.0. That a Garmin Vivoactive a lot that generally is [1] texts of response of his clock, [2] answers an iPhone of his clock. A Vivoactive leave me see texts and see incoming calls and his silence, the more see alert (time, time to leave, Arlo camera of security) and notification of mine iPhone. It integrates quite well with my iPhone has seen a Garmin Connects application, especially to aim my daily activities. It counts my daily steps and calories without any endeavour, and sends soyove' memories (sometimes annoy me these, as when I finalise to finalise swimming). I bought it mainly to count my period in a group ( has dipped a period grupal in setup - the mine is 25 yds). I have not bought a HR (monitor of heart rate) model because HR the monitor no well in of waters he. Probably you buy a HR give forms next time reason also find using he for external walks (although it looks to do an amazing work to estimate same calories without a HR monitor). Utilisation the third application of party for lake kayaking (drains a battery quickly while using GPS). It can it believes me to the week to touch if no utilisation a kayaking application. It has built also-in of the applications for inner and external walking, those careers and biking. Utilisation the third party widget for my face of clock (Flies of Time - an analog exposure) and for time (Big Time). These are available by means of a League (application) IQ tent. This I use is free, how is a Kayaking application. I have used SuperShields the lens of crystal tempered protectors of a start. It has chipped five of them the year. His usually chip to the long of a flange, to press in a tile in a hot group after swimming, or while doing in the tight space with cinder blockade, etc. Buy them for a three-band, and will continue to use his reason want to protect mine Vivoactive lentil. My woman there is lined sweats sapphire AppleWatch lentil a same time-frame. There are a lot of models of clocks of Garmin, as be careful to read some specifications to take a precise functionality in a better prize.
5 / 5 Marianela
Colour: BlackStyle: Without Heart rate Monitor I really liked this clock of fitness when I purchased it, but he no last the same year before inexplicably it die a morning.
The Simply closed goes, and refused when it can retreated on.

Has tried everything of some tips and to the mockery recommended by Support of Garmin and other users, but has died simply without discernible cause.

Has really does like this shows, but so that I have paid for him, for the have not even last to the was simply unacceptable.

And, yes, has tried to spend for Garmin for support of guarantee, and a more could me the offered has been refurbished unit, with the 3 - 4 turn of week-around, or could pay $ 200 on the front like him imposición to have them send me he refurbished unit with the 1 - 2 turn of week-around.

Again, so that it has paid originally, this was simply any value he.

Ossia My second fitness of device of Garmin to die an unexplained death or quality-failed of hardware of the control (the another device when being the Garmin vivoactive 1st gene this has suffered a failure of the good screen known).
Thinks that am done with products of Garmin from now on.
4 / 5 Scott
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the heart rate Controls A sample are adds. It is the little dim inner but a lot the easy to read in a sun. Any subject with a product this in spite of was not real easy to dip up. It takes some skills of computers and the little time. It was unable to upload faces of clock until I have downloaded a new plus firmware. I have been to Garmin Expresses Google of street. I clicked in a first listing of Google and Garmin Expresses opened. Has other products of Garmin and am familiarised with his web of place. I have begun one downloads in mine Mac and has taken a message of error that declares unable to download corrupt Called engine 1-800 anything. I have been to another car of windows and has taken a same pop on, would have to has been my first clue something was amiss. Called a number and they have answered in a first coverage, the second follows something was bad. The short long history was the place of fraud and no a place of Garmin real. Thinking that was Garmin I gave him accesses to my computer, transmission, transmission, transmission. They have said that that has had all bondadoso of the subjects and they could fix he partorisca $ . The finally kicked brain in and I disconnected but any until they had uploaded two programs and those who knows the one who malware. Still trying limpiarprpers all up. Mark sure is in a place of Garmin real. They are once it locates behind a place of Garmin real has downloaded a firmware in the minute and all utmost . Amur A golf application.
5 / 5 Moshe
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Controls of heart rate Ossia my third clock of fitness and like this far a better a.

C to read exposure together with other downloadable applications for faces of different clock.
Waterproof! Raincoat! Raincoat!
Only clock that in fact can register laps of mine with accuracy in a group.
Very functional with mine Iphone - can read texts and also answered or decrease incoming called of cell.
Adds to find your iphone if you misplace the.
Touching the base is magnetic and literally can situate a clock in a cradle to touch in a darkness when the acuesta.
The life of battery is excellent. Only need for the touch once or two times the week according to use.
GPS is very attentive when tried against my computer of bicycle and mine other devices of GPS.
Can also pair other devices with a clock like a monitor of heart rate of the Garmin.

Take awhile the master all some functions. Directions a lot very clear. Error and try a lot has involved.
Cara of clock is main that an I-look which looks big in my lean wrist.
5 / 5 Renetta
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Control of heart rate Well, this clock has substituted Garmin of old mine At all the clock and he was the bit of the disappointment likes to swim the clock. I used it to also follow my sleep, an occasional treadmill workout and my steps (that it was it sorely underestimating). The law adds like the counter of any and tracker of sleep. Súper That Interest to see like my models of sleep looked.
But of then is the $ 120 clock, loved it to help me with mine daily swimming workouts. Ossia Where is problematic taking. An at all the function in these laws of clock, but he glitches he arrests and regulate anything, adding an extra 25 (or period) to the your total. Also it has ANY FUNCTION of hammer, which is annoying. A Garmin at all the sample there has been the still timer hammer where could enter you run. Like this the clock basically thinks am doing at all for some 10-15 minutes to kick the hammer does. I owe that go in and manually enter it every time.
Is the enormous clock . It likes him he hanged in my wrist and takes my wrist during sleep. It has to that it weaves to tug in a group. The desire there was an option for the expensive the small plus, his just giant for the clock to spend the whole day . Especially for the woman, this clock is unisex - which means is tried and fact for the wrist of the man. They are a woman of half measure and found that to take the place for daily wear.
A screen is a lot last to see, as another has mentioned. By means of foggy glasses in the group, almost impossible.
Finally, paralizaciones to do on me with which so only 2 month! A freezing of day and would not answer . As I touched it up and you try it. Then mid workout a next day, so only go black. Never turned behind on. Garmin substituted It but has has had to that the ship behind and attended thus process. My supposition is that no likes them to them a water, included although it is supposition to be the resistant water. I swim laps in the group, no an ocean or the river. Any one submerging or that goes deep down. Shots to like fiancé to swim workouts. Still looking for the clock of perfect swimming!
4 / 5 Cliff
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Control of heart rate In general ossia the product adds . Here it is mine pros and gilipollas ready.

Life of battery: This are adds in general. If no utilisations a GPS, he easily last 2-3 weeks. If it use GPS, attended use 10 battery for 1 now of use of GPS. Life of solid global battery still.
Touching: touching is very fast and one load is magnetic for easy connection
Band: A band is simple but very comfortable to spend the whole day .
Easy to use: A software is easy to use and has delay of minimum touch.
Clock: I love a clock. I have had other ready clocks that so only aim a time when turned your wrist, which does not do a lot well. A Garmin always tip a time and is easy to read.
GPS: I have used a GPS to run and golf. He wonderful for both. You can download golf run to an application and to a clock. Of the hole for distances of the control and he still has the paper of bookmark for you to maintain bookmark on.
Contador of any one: utilisation this newspaper and was part of a reason that have gone with this model.
Notification: force of Good vibration in a wrist. You leave application and notification of text read, alert of calendar, and alert of email.

Connection of blue Tooth: Ossia my main flu with a product. It likes to disconnect of of my telephone frequently when they are a lot afterwards to my telephone. If takings too far out of a telephone he disconnect, which felt. But a disconnection while they are literally thumbs out of a telephone is annoying.
Contador of any one: On all this is the pro no the with. An only with this ossia follow a lot differently that a fitbit which is which was use to. This will not follow any steps until you take 10 no in the row. These helps delete to take the has not counted for movement of normal arm in the office or during daily movement but does not count a lot he so only taken 2-3 and stop.
Notifications: Again, more than the pro that the with. This does the mine with the cast has had of the samsung train 2 which left to take calls of a clock. Ossia Something that has thought I never use but is gone in hand sometimes a lot of, likes to speak in a clock while cooking. Hopefully Ossia Something that will add in 2nd model of gene.

In general:
Ossia the value of the product that buys especially with a declining prize. Lame for $ 209 in August/of July 2015 and saw it on sale in Dicks Sportive Sakes for $ 169 recently (12/17/15). Thus prize, calm can any gone bad love the clock with Activity/of Notification/of the GPS that follows.
4 / 5 Madie
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Control of heart rate has had this the year. It is good experience when I have discovered the pebble has been sold to Fitbit. This thing is light, has life of excellent battery(2weeks), easy to read in alone, and has a good application. Right with which have bought this has received a Seal Connected like the present. The fresh clock but I find always going back to Garmin of mine. Swimming with east, walk, and cycle. All my statistician is in a place and easy to find. With any one another smartwatch could require you another application or two to take a functionality.

So only know that this is not the smartwatch, but the clock of fitness with smarts. You can see incoming messages, music of control, and take the call in your telephone. A last is useful you user speakerphone alot. A resolution of screen could be better but take he to a sun. It calms that can see! For a prize this can not be beat and has situated already an order for a vivoactive 3. Reason is this description 4 stars? A square organism and that to android like him capacitive the keys are kinda dumb of the creation standpoint.

Another that that this thing will last and you happy loves an all tracker of purpose in an economic. It enjoys...
5 / 5 Cristie
Colour: BlackStyle: Without the Control of heart rate loves this clock of fitness. I roughly 10 times some investigations typically would do in the product because I have had some concrete things that has wanted to go to buy any class of tracker of fitness. A factor to decide for me was a tracker of separate cycling. I want to having a data in each external walk and has found a distance that follows to match exactly my computer of bicycle. A map, pause down to accelerate especially and comparative pieces 5 intervals of thousands, and loss of the profit/of the elevation is points of the data adds to have. Still for external walking. I a lot of golf, as it can not speak to this and a lot at all very thick, as it has not tried that out of any one. A gps gone back on automatically when I actuate an external program for any cycling or walking; it has had any question with that.

Sleeping: it likes- one information of sleep. I have thought of then I have not spent the clock in of the years can annoy me to go through the night, but he the no. has had a clock for roughly 3 month and spend it every night. I do not say it when I go to sleep, but has programmed in that my typical sleep to the hours like 10:30-6:00. It looks adequately intuitive unless I have read law for the moment and then to sleep without creating and moving around again. It registers a bedtime like this when I have begun to read. It is easy to modify this in spite of, as any question.

Walking Of inner/cycling: he the really good work that follows no in the treadmill so only the like anywhere more, but a distance is always roughly 30-more 40 down that a pointed distance in a treadmill. Any sure which ossia roughly. It does not translate inner cycling (or external) to no in any logical way. That The cycling will add no, but looks random? ( You locate 20 miles alfresco, will finalise with roughly 2000 no; it has not done the class to transfer still with him.) An elliptical confuses it; account roughly 10 of to some revolutions the like the no. Some inner functions are mainly useful to register a time that spends any horse riding, running, or walking in a gymnasium; not to give you another data.

Battery: like another reviewers, a 3 life of the week of battery has announced is more than taking, but still with any gps horse riding of use and walking, volume at least the week. The the tone when I go to be seating for the moment as I do not lose any one a lot in of the terms to record no. have a lot in fact the timed, but to to look likes fully of load of 15 to 100 in 2-3 hours.

A watchface has looked the little dim at the beginning and was concerned really roughly that, but has regulated his quickly and a backlight the key is abundance of light when it wants to see he in a darkness.

Two times, he no sync well have any idea reason... But it was a lot the pair of hours later. Mark sure to periodically of control for updates.

Would recommend to dip in your period of own stride; it calculates this for you when it lists you of entrance of any in the particular distance. It does for the does not count more attentive. Otherwise, estimate has based on quotes, which am sure is near of attentive, but have the trunk along and of the short legs, as I thought that it could be take more the steps that registered and this has looked to be a chance has dipped once in my information of concrete stride.

An election that the cyclist has to do trying quedarprpers in a $ 200-$ 250 row of prize is yes to go with the separate cycling that follows characteristic like a Vivoactive or it tracker with the built in monitor of heart rate. It can not find the tracker/of clock in this row that has had both. A Vivoactive pair with the monitor of heart rate that spends for separate, but does not have one this is to build in. I prefer to coach using PRE and really has loved a tracker of separate cycling, like this Vivoactive was the no brainer for me.