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1 first TOPGO [Upgraded] Cup Holder Phone Mount Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount for Cell Phone iPhone Xs/XS Max/X/8/7 Plus/Galaxy TOPGO [Upgraded] Cup Holder Phone Mount Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Cup Holder Cradle Car Mount for Cell Phone iPhone Xs/XS Max/X/8/7 Plus/Galaxy By TOPGO
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2 [Upgraded] Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Smart Phone Cradle Car Mount for iPhone 11 Pro/XR/XS Max/X/8/7 Plus/6s/Samsung S10+/Note 9/S8 Plus/S7 Edge(Black) [Upgraded] Car Cup Holder Phone Mount Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Smart Phone Cradle Car Mount for iPhone 11 Pro/XR/XS Max/X/8/7 Plus/6s/Samsung S10+/Note 9/S8 Plus/S7 Edge(Black) By TOPGO
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3 best Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount with A Long Flexible Neck for Cell Phones iPhone XS/Max/X/8/7 Plus/Galaxy Lorima Car Cup Holder Phone Mount with A Long Flexible Neck for Cell Phones iPhone XS/Max/X/8/7 Plus/Galaxy By Lorima
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4 Macally Car Cup Holder Phone Mount with Longer Neck and 360 Rotatable Cradle for iPhone X XS Max XR 8 Plus 7 7Plus 6s 6 Se, Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 Edge S6 Note 5, Smartphones, GPS etc.(MCUPXL) Macally Car Cup Holder Phone Mount with Longer Neck and 360 Rotatable Cradle for iPhone X XS Max XR 8 Plus 7 7Plus 6s 6 Se, Samsung Galaxy S8 S7 Edge S6 Note 5, Smartphones, GPS etc.(MCUPXL) By Macally
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5 WeatherTech Cupfone with Solid Billet Aluminum Knobs 8ACF1B WeatherTech Cupfone with Solid Billet Aluminum Knobs 8ACF1B By WeatherTech
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6 Cup Phone Holder for car Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Portable Cup Holder Car Mount for iPhone X / 8/8+ / 7/7 Plus / 6/6+, Samsung Cup Phone Holder for car Universal Adjustable Gooseneck Portable Cup Holder Car Mount for iPhone X / 8/8+ / 7/7 Plus / 6/6+, Samsung By IOVECT
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7 Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount for iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 8+ 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s SE Samsung Galaxy S10 S10E S9 S9+ S8 S7 Edge S6 Note 5, Xperia, iPod, Smartphone, GPS (MCUPMP) Macally Adjustable Automobile Cup Holder Phone Mount for iPhone Xs XS Max XR X 8 8+ 7 7 Plus 6s Plus 6s SE Samsung Galaxy S10 S10E S9 S9+ S8 S7 Edge S6 Note 5, Xperia, iPod, Smartphone, GPS (MCUPMP) By Macally
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8 Cellet PH650 Car Cup Holder Mount, Smart Phone Cradle Compatible for iPhone 11 Pro max Xs Max Xr X 8 Plus Samsung Note 10+ 9 8 5 Galaxy A50 A6 S10 S10+ S9 Plus S8+ Active J7 V J3 V Extra Long Neck Cellet PH650 Car Cup Holder Mount, Smart Phone Cradle Compatible for iPhone 11 Pro max Xs Max Xr X 8 Plus Samsung Note 10+ 9 8 5 Galaxy A50 A6 S10 S10+ S9 Plus S8+ Active J7 V J3 V Extra Long Neck By Cellet
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9 Car Holder Cup Phone Mount MIRACASE Adjustable Universal Car Mount Cradle for Cell Phone with Extension Support Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR 8 Plus 7 6 Galaxy S10 9 8 7 Edge 7 6 Note 9 10 (Black) Car Holder Cup Phone Mount MIRACASE Adjustable Universal Car Mount Cradle for Cell Phone with Extension Support Compatible with iPhone Xs Max XR 8 Plus 7 6 Galaxy S10 9 8 7 Edge 7 6 Note 9 10 (Black) By Miracase
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10 Cup Phone Holder For Car, Cup Holder Phone Mount, Cell Phone Cup Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone Xs,XS MAX,XR,X,8,8Plus,7,7Plus,6,6Plus, Galaxy S7,8,9,10, Google and all smartphones by Bestrix Cup Phone Holder For Car, Cup Holder Phone Mount, Cell Phone Cup Holder for Car Compatible with iPhone Xs,XS MAX,XR,X,8,8Plus,7,7Plus,6,6Plus, Galaxy S7,8,9,10, Google and all smartphones by Bestrix By Bestrix
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Top Customer Reviews: TOPGO [Upgraded] ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Taren
I gotta said you, a lot he usually done to estimate the descriptions but I are so happy asked my opinion. Have Almost bought a telephone of cup of Technology/of title of Time but after seeing a prize was more this bent and some descriptions have not been well, done more investigation and found your product. It IS all has said that it was and more. Has a iphone 7 with boxes of nourished and that access of tlphonique in to him likes him the glove. His adjustable and totally robust in a headline of cup. Absolutely it wants to it!
Thank you-You,
Tammy Jean Oberley
5 / 5 Deandrea
Creation very innovative. Easy to install, easy to use. I have posed my mobile phone in him when uses a function of GPS (Waze). I very cual a flexible mountain these covers have seen different require, as when a paste of sun the, reflections, etc. Excellent in his simplicity!
5 / 5 Thomas
Only I have purchased recently this product so that the does not like me using of a headline of tlphonique this connects in a windshield since bounces and has the taking wants to change anything in a telephone. Another titulars of tlphonique this connects ones the ventilations no for me because of my ventilations is well above my screen of exposure.
Quite quite why and to the left say enough a product. Easy the total and install. I want to what these chairs in my headline of cup and as has the good height as I can see anything in a telephone. I do not have to achieve or movement around in a chair to change anything in a telephone. Quan Am directing some stays of tlphonique stabilise in a headline of tlphonique, likes him is lining he in my hand. I produce to add and recommend in the partner.
5 / 5 Bertie
Active HAS almost had the pair of the accidents that the flavour read Waze in my telephone. With this telephone in title of the mountains of cup that is no longer the problem. Return well in the mine Wins title of the cup and I was able of the adjust a lot of snugly. A collar of long goose leave me to see a telephone without taking my eyes of a road.
5 / 5 Roselle
Very easy to adjust to return my cart and titles of cup of the truck. Has an I-tlphonique 6 more than is the relatively heavy device and he the line firmly in place.
5 / 5 Dimple
While this is not the element of the big technology, has been impressed this does so announced. The installation is the no brainer. A headline of scratches tlphonique some tlphonique firmly without shaking. It can plant a telephone in any place. One bases adjustable would have to return any cupholder and is in firm and shake free. Pleasantly Surprised and would recommend in any one requiring such the device.
5 / 5 Kena
Easy to use, very robust!
5 / 5 Cecelia
I took this punctually. A headline adjusts well at all title of cup and my iPhone 7s More access like the glove. One issues a telephone is lined also adjusts so that it does not have to have the problem with any telephone. It can look in of the directions very easily. Amur This element!
5 / 5 Jacqualine
This was easy to install (scrapes an upper to return in a headline of cup) and works perfectly. It IS a right height to leave me to see the map, if necessary, but any one to distract me while I am directing. I want to it!!!
1 / 5 Dinah
Too much Petit any access in titling of cup, the controls tlphonique utmost but not even afterwards to return in a headline of cup. Saying me after a fact that the probably will not return and can return further is troubling. If calm fulfil it very apt some carts have posed that in a description when mandate.

Top Customer Reviews: [Upgraded] Car Cup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Fredrick
Has an iPhone 8 More. I love a big screen, but a device is too big to prop the headline of cup of mine car or a dashboard. I have seen an ad of Technology of the Time and planned in it compraventa that produced, then found this favorably has estimated alternative. It is very easy to install and access perfectly to my headline of cup. My telephone remains stable once is inserted to a device. An adjustable arm is easy to move. Highly it recommends this product.
4 / 5 Lahoma
Ossia Really the add little artilugio. It resists my telephone in place and does not shake or vibrate while I am trying to read a screen. In my car, a placing of a cupholders is not ideal thus (probably too close up of an engine, meaning you has to that look down to see your telephone in planting to look straight ahead. They are very impressed with as solidly has built this device is, and value a prize. Now I have the place to locate my telephone when I am using Maps of Google. They are happy has bought this.
5 / 5 Joane
Burst in and resisted tight. Plop Telephone in headline and arms to express the company. A rear key offers the fast emission.
5 / 5 Linnie
Bought this without expectations very big like my talent to experience this class of the product has not been adds in a past. This in spite of, this little gem does exactly that says and resists your mobile phone a lot of securely. Bought the specifically reason there is not the goose-to to with the likes never really of laws well and tend to move around way too much.
4 / 5 Lenna
Man I amour this thing! It was like this tired of any in that has my telephone easily he in console of mine of centre. Travesía For work and spending 10 hours the day in the car that has to that fiddle and find your telephone all this time was that the import hassle. This solves all my subjects. It maintains my telephone in a loan and visible for all my calls, does not clutter my pinch (other headlines of telephone trace on or approach a pinch but my telephone always would bake in a sun of hot summer and overheat). Seriously I produced adds.... Spent this loves the durable, access-a lot of-headline of telephone of cup of measure. Finally, I amour like these grips to title your telephone. With maquinal-as the train resists and free your telephone with cushioning for the grab-and-go phase every time. I produce it adds. It buys quality of estimate and efficiency with that shabby this will surpass your expectations.
4 / 5 Carlo
It produces a lot well, easily adjustable to a car cupholder. Easy to ensure a telephone, and key of emission really good. It is a lot handy, especially when using Maps in of the travesías. It gives the graces for the product abordable well!
4 / 5 Johnny
The headline of the cup of my car was much bigger that a measure has resupplied. Like the result some movements to title of the cup throughout and can not maintain a stable of telephone. Have been well to have some first dimensions to purchase this 'headline of universal adjustable cup' for my telephone!
5 / 5 Luna
It has stuck he in mine UTV to resist my telephone to read of map. Perfecto.
4 / 5 Laurel
They are very pleased with this cradle to title of the car of trace of the cup. Has the Toyoto Tundra with the 3 7/8' space of cup of the diameter. I have been concerned that this could not return but was very happy to find that it return and then some. Easy to install and has resisted a telephone ensures in every respect . A slip of hule in of the tampons adds additional security to maintain he in place. A joint of ball leaves a telephone to be situated for a yours line of perfect corner of view. Now my woman loves some hips.
5 / 5 Phebe
I produce it adds the d has done well.

Top Customer Reviews: Lorima Car Cup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Chi
Creation very well, adjustable to return my headline of cup of caffè car. My telephone remain stabilised while it insert/inserts in a device and easily recommend!!!
4 / 5 Vance
Finally the company the one who in fact done the grip to resist the telephone with the heavy chance until 3.5 wide thumbs. It has squandered in $ total on trying another that alleges to return. A with the one of goose is sturdy and a base to title of the cup regulates snuggly. Hopefully A mountain of a headline to the hard telephone with scrolling has repeated. Like this far I am very pleased.
5 / 5 Peg
It is easy to dip up in mine camry. It returns with both iphone 7 and 8(plus). It can resist a firmly pending telephone but has to that take a chance of telephone was.
5 / 5 Thora
It is very practical, is rid a lot quickly, is rid in two days and was very very protected
5 / 5 Cara
According to an I has ordered. One for my private car and one for my car of work. Sturdy And the work adds.
4 / 5 Monte
I can not be cups of suction obsticles in a windshield. Felizmente You this headline of cup- trace of telephone . It develops to remain snug & a gooseneck is quite strong like telephone no flop on. Some grips of adjustable telephone resist of the telephone closely. It does.T Blocks a ventilation or a radio like a telephone of CD traces to do. A handy element that the works add for my needs.
4 / 5 Corrin
With which have used he for the week, found that more cost-effective that that had bought before, but will compare for the moment and look in him before it decides to buy more reason I really the precise.
5 / 5 Rachal
This headline of telephone has the very innovative creation. It is convenient to install and easy to use. I really like a flexible mountain and reasonable prize. I will recommend to my fellow
4 / 5 Lauren
No like this described.
This has been supposition to have the goose significantly the with the longest.

Tightened clamp is unusable with telephones or of the Big telephones in the chance.

He no.

Too short for far
4 / 5 Kristle
Unit the good work that regulates to mine car cupholder (a bit shaky because of cupholder creation, but ossia A lot). My Galaxy S9 in Speck questions of chances almost full limit of capacity to title of the telephone. The controls and the emissions telephone well, this in spite of. A compraventa well, would recommend any question.

Top Customer Reviews: Macally Car Cup ...

Rating: 3 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Taylor
Purchased this for the trip of road in mine 08 Ford Order like the access the easy plus in my Mobile phone for musician while directing 14 hours. Still although my titulars of the cup was in of the ways what deep like your headline of traditional cup this company of the small type lined with small in any wiggling. There is the pop-socket in my case to telephone that a clave of tlphonique was also far for some grips in properly clasp a telephone has taken only go during a trip and reattached he afterwards.

Even so mine 08 Hyundai Tucson titulars of the cup and this only rebuffed device to touch very together. A Tucson has three cradle has to upload of the pieces that the pop has been to adjust according to a way to drink situates in him. Alas they enter a road and maintains a device to do to focus pertinent and a device is not to ensure at all and just failures around. In general I am very happy with a device and would recommend in any one with titulars of regular cup.
1 / 5 Raye
As you Can see in a video has published, does not remain plant at all. Quan Turning a vehicle, some movements of whole telephone so that it is heavy and causes a ac ventilation to move. Crappy Idea.
1 / 5 Sebrina
I have read some descriptions of client of the same telescoping mountain of tlphonique, and has been engredo that this was a one has looked for. It postpones to buy the mountain of car telephone so that has thinks that they all looked very cheap, and no this very he. It have to it listened it he in me!

Was at the beginning really impressed that a mountain of the cup of the suction was really sticky, in addition to being designed to use suction to ensure a telephone. I have cleaned an interior of my windshield, takes an adhesive this has maintained a sticky surface of a cup of intact suction, and is trace he in my glass. It can not take a mountain to remain for any longer that quite 12 minutes before fall out of a glass, of a weight of my telephone (iPhone 8+). This was disheartening so that a box has listed he so when being designed to handle the telephones the big plus.

Has decided to try the again. I left it locate without a telephone in my windshield, has expected 30 minutes and same without a weight of a telephone, returned in my cart in sight that it fall it he out of a glass. Included a very sticky surface, in addition to a cup of suction could very included maintain only an empty mountain in a glass.

During some 12 minutes a mountain has directed to remain bonded in a glass, an arm constantly drooped down under a weight of my telephone. I have imagined that the has not tensed a knob of adjustment of the quite arm, like the tensed as much as before it can undress, even so, can not line my telephone in place.

Also a box took an element in the era opened already, and each what so of some pieces was out of his stock exchanges of plsticoes is supposing has been shipped in. A box has been creased as if any one had tried ploughs it. It looks this was the model of show or something.

Anyways, HAS had big hopes for this mountain of tlphonique, and perhaps records for the telephones the small plus, but this mountain could not remain attached in my windshield still without my telephone has attached. A magnet was quite strong to line a telephone, but really, that well is that you can not locate? Calm call you to look elsewhere for the solution. This was a unfortunate waste of time and money.

+ Amorous Strong
+ surface of cup of Sticky Suction

- does not attach in glass very a lot
- the arm is not quite strong to back the telephones the big plus (iPhone 8+)
- adjustment of the arm does not tie up enough before nude
- the box of Element was opened anterior in delivery
- Very expensive for a quality of an element
- owe bond the metallic dish in your tlphonique
- IS potentially dangerous if your falls of tlphonique was a windshield while driven.
4 / 5 Dalene

would give these 5 stars easily, but for three fixed:

1. It IS among the perfect fixed in my iPhone 8more, except my cave of the box of nourished prevent he to do the tight and snug access. Simply I will go in Staples, but some feet of earthquake of the rubber, cut to fix in some sides, (preferably 2 in the each side, will do well. Otherwise, So that the pressure is required, that or could crack a screen, or cause another harm. A company would have to has thought of the same workaround, in any cost, to guarantee the no-the apt slips with SNY cases.

2. Some the carts the new plus has has developed cups, which will use another workaround , and simply uses Saran Embroil to take the snug access in his oversized cups, but would have to have line he of thin rubber, but again, would have to be insert and has adjusted EVERY TIME - Any Sake.

3. My headline of the most car cup small has 3 cradles of metal, (similar in the lighter of cigarette), good idea, but almost impossible to access closely at all. Perhaps any one has the workaround could share with clients that experiences this problem.

A possible precaution, is my friends have dates, to use produced, and without deserving that he very felt. Perhaps control with your codes of state vehicle, to see if this applies in you.

Opens, in the POSITIVE SIDE, has tried a lot other marks, and any one has conformed my necessities. EASILY IT GIVES THIS VERY BUILT And the product has DESIGNED REVISES UPPER, if these subjects are directed, with minimum cost in a company.

Inferior line........BETTER PRODUCT AVAILABE IN this time. I will maintain this or and if my work-arounds a trick, will buy extra ones for my others carts. I expect that these helps your decision.
4 / 5 Lesia
I direct 120 around miles the daily trip and my musician are an essential part of this daily experience. I use a bluetooth connectivity in my cart and try me maintain what tame-rid what possible when that directs. This headline of tlphonique is an element of the essential security in this world has connected.

Lines my Galaxy of Samsung S7 perfectly. It adjusts firmly in a cupholder and maintains a telephone in place with ease. It is back-finished by another engine (this was texting) while it feels in the sign of decree. My telephone ails budged, in spite of my leader these pauses of a wheel of a force of an accident. This thing is robust!

Has attacked only the star so that he rattles like madman if it does not have very tlphonique in him.

Was so happy with has purchased the second a for my another vehicle. Utmost purchase!
5 / 5 Junie
Desprs Trying several mountains have failed of car telephone for my I7 more; ventilation of air, magic mountain, etc. IS happy to say found the perfect one with this Macally version in title of the cup. Im Using he in the Origin 4.0 Calm and does not obstruct my exposures or controls. The flight!
2 / 5 Darius
Order three of these titulars of mobile phone for three different carts. An in the first place one has been used with an IPHONE XMax with the moderate case. A telephone would not remain in or plant and continued to bend . Some rays resulted in of the skins and at the end has broken. It IS it returned. A second a has been used by an iPhone 8more with the soft case very slender in the. A telephone would not remain whole with a telephone in a headline. Then after the few uses, a ray that control a plant of streaky adjustable wheel and has broken. It IS now useless and no returnable since is been far too very time. It opens I am using a third a with an iPhone included XMax and has some same subjects. It IS difficult to maintain a whole telephone while driven. I am also fearful to adjust a too tight end to dread some rays will be undressed again and to arrive to this point a device is not returnable.
5 / 5 Beula
Having the Toyota Prius 2010 all other similar products that any one uses the cup of suction or connected in the port to be able in has not been good access therefore cart. With seating this in the headline of the short the very better fact returned. When being provided with 2 can additional ports and 2 usb touching the ports this the very better the yes calm election any in that has it enough of any unit

An only downside has been that a short in title of the looks of tlphonique in the necessity this substitutes already. Some some looks endwise to be in of the skins, and he disengage in odd time. Otherwise Wants to it.

Additional: a lot wish concealed would sell titulars of tlphonique of the substitution in place of a whole assembly. My headline of tlphonique broken yesterday, and need to purchase the new assembly again.
4 / 5 Meta
It Likes him. An adjustment is rigid, but this was that has expected prendido. That is to say to install in 2015 Ford SuperDuty, like the walk is rigid and this boot around the small, but any enough for me to leave the using. I use this in cradle my tlphonique while it is by train of touch Pandora or another musician saw Bluetooth. It IS very easy to install and use. It remains it situates firmly. Has no dislodged he of a cupholder still and does not expect it mass. I recommend!
5 / 5 Carrol
It looks to do adds substituted one that plugged directly in one covers a clear plus and bonded up, but think posed too much tension in a socket of cover and in an end one covers a clear plus he, (maintained coming the eschew was a fuse was) I like this or very better, is the most robust plot although an arm is bit it more bouncy that an old one has had, but is enough in firm for my necessities and likes me some extra of cover. (Mostly use it to line my S5 (maintaining S8) in the otterbox case, when use likes him the GPS).

Top Customer Reviews: WeatherTech Cupfone ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Marcelene
In a simpler definition ossia the piece of junk. Some materials are economic and an arrival of some pieces looks greasy. Some @@@knob has acute of unfinished flanges on him. When being the UAW has employed I strive partorisca buy American while I can with pricing secondary. Ossia A shame the American industry.
5 / 5 Nathalie
No gone back of the big telephones with boxes of type of nourished it or covers it will not open wide enought.
4 / 5 Warner
I have asked partorisca return this product two times because it seats to down in my headline of cup to be able to see a screen. I have listened at all of a company. Like this beware if you are not 100 sold in a product otherwise will be stuck with him. :(
5 / 5 Kesha
The device was difficult to separate a sizing cups. A headline of mobile phone is adjustable widthwise but is tightened too much for the chance of regular telephone. Everytime Tries to take a device a regime to title integer of a console. I have expected the best out of experience of boxes of this mfr.
4 / 5 Lorette
A Galaxy 7 and a Otterbox the chance of Defender is both quite a lot of industry regular elements, but a headline will not open one last eighth precise thumb resists a telephone, and an empty to the rest is the too narrow hair . It looks the a lot of-engineered element, but c soyencima, does not return one of some the majority of common telephones in an of some the majority of common chances? Weathertech- The offer needs an additional headline or this a so only the elder of tiny bit
4 / 5 Coy
A disappointment of entity. Some cups no . They are not returned any headlines of cup have tried mine 4 vehicles. They are loose. I have gone back to an adjustable base.
4 / 5 Jenna
Already in of the pieces. Cockroach of plastic construction.
4 / 5 Velva
Looked the good idea at the same time, but when I that opens a box, some instructions are really unhelpful, and the lack of piece key - any way to attach a rear ray to ensure adjustable rear mountain. The remorse that buys it.
5 / 5 Abram
These produced is very economic. One of some rays busted was while it tries presionar. Like the travesía to a tent of hardware has been required. For a prize, is was it of total tears.
4 / 5 Shantay
It looks technology of the time would have the optional annex for adjustments of height or he telescopic to the equal that can do adjustments of heights on or down. The majority of the people do not want to has to that look 👀 down in his telephone to see the one who is calling, swipe a purpose to do free delivery been due to some new hands free laws in the majority of if any all the states!!! Perhaps in a future can upgrade a product and offer it the people that has purchased him already. Thank you 🙏

Top Customer Reviews: Cup Phone Holder ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Natacha
Frequently I trip for automobile for work, this very entered thing handy for walk of long cart. Has the ford f-150 Raptor and returns perfectly in a headline of the cup when adjusted. We are a lot he adds to have perfect line of place in a nav applications, calls, emails, etc. A collar is adjustable and conclusive, rests in place. There is the button in a backside a headline to telephone these emissions a gearing as it can take you your telephone when room of a cart. Work very well for a Iphone + (the big a). For several fewer dollars that a competition, that is to say a same thing . It is not shy, the buy. I have done.
5 / 5 Minna
I use this in the Chevrolet Expresses 2500 van. It returns some titulars of cup and stays snug. It lines the Motorola Z2 telephone of Game with the case, but the looks concealed is everything can handle wide-wise. It lines a telephone in just a right angle and of height for me. Has the small to wobble and flexes in of the rough roads, but that it is probably because of a long collar. Even so, it remains in place and lines a telephone in a same gesture by everything means. I how he better that a Time of big dollar-Technology so that the line a telephone in the place the big plus and is more adjustable.
5 / 5 Genevieve
That is to say the a lot of built and easy the total mountain. Calm easily can return your mobile phone in a headline that is adjustable to return the variety of different mobile phones, installs second of inner when title of cup of your cart and can take your fast of tlphonique and easy when exiting your vehicle. A mountain is flexible that the calm left you to plant your telephone in a the majority of convenient viewing something in your cart. Good piece, would recommend this headline in another.
5 / 5 Melaine
The works add and any subject.
5 / 5 Leisha
These products is perfect. It returns a headline of cup snug and my telephone does not vibrate . I have recommended already this in several employees.
5 / 5 Carlee
The lining telephones very stable through rough roads
Chairs snug in titling of the cup and the rests of tlphonique place
Good work!
Is buying two more for my others vehicles
5 / 5 Betsey
I use my tlphonique the plot while directing long distances my extra time, that is to say exactly cual required to help me navigate through odder routs. That finds even so it is that, any apt all headline of car cup , since he any one controls expandable with yours, Also serve you better if your headline of the car cup is in a side at the head of your turn of train. Another that concealed, that is to say the product adds , dependable, robust, and sure to use. It controls a tlphonique very better that very another has used before. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 Bethann
Robust edifice, the product has done well, good prize. Easy to use. Tlphonique Of controls in planting very better that a type of clip.
4 / 5 Emanuel
Response to ask the complete instructions was condescending commentaries quite that a measure of a headline of tlphonique was only so big....Quan concretely Has declared that it can not take a headline of tlphonique to remain attached in a gooseneck basic.
A page of instruction routed has listened of the mark aided of the this was obviously left out of some have comprised small instructions.
Forces of has to two pieces to click. It is not an easy for all the world-wide to do when you think you could be break the. Besides, it shows an arrow that bad movement around a base of a gooseneck to signify so to do a big quite basic but informed in to him likes him the button... It presses a button...In planting to twist a base cual aimed for arrow.
5 / 5 Art
I very cual a headline of tlphonique of the cup. Cape in my headline of cup perfectly and the laws add with my telephone.

Top Customer Reviews: Macally Adjustable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
1 / 5
I am sure another has ordered this and has liked him the. Perhaps only it take it the bad a, but a one has ordered here in the amazon there has been the defect of significant drawing. A 'grips' has not lined a tlphonique firmly. That is to say class of of entity when is directing. In a headline took, some grips have lined some tlphonique loosely. (An iPhone - no this unusual!) You expressed really, very hard, tense around a tlphonique but listen likes him very the grip or a telephone could break. Perhaps this unit was defective.

Has tried a Macally against the different title of another company - a with the lowest mountain. In that a, some grips have done only sake. As I have finished to return a Macally. Have wanted to very this to do, but one to the fault of some grips knows - - the grip was the breaker of roads for me.
5 / 5
This headline of tlphonique is exactly cual required for my new cart. It looks and when being as the big-final, piece of upper quality of train, and is surprisingly economic. Has the cart where a creation of a pinch and covers of interior almost any room for another type of mountains of tlphonique (Mercedes GLC). I have seen the version of this mountain in a place of Technology of the Time, has almost bought the, but decided $ 45 was also for the device to line my telephone in a cart. Yikes! This mountain is similar, but the very better value. It adjusts easily in my headline of cup, taking only the few transfers that develops some bases in only a right measure. It IS robust and easily lines my iPhone 8 in place (with case). It can line the very tlphonique main, people so calm of the telephone of the plus could use it, also. It can not be happier with this compraventa. Less than $ 20! Utmost work, Macally.
1 / 5
Experience 3 of a MCUPMP, for 3 vehicles. First 2 installed perfectly. Third unit broken in the initial installs. Quan Developing it to return the LEVEL sized title of cup, the strong turnip' the sound has been listened and does not develop further, doing for the loose access. The amazon immediately routed the new element. Piece of the ALSO broken substitution on in the first place installs, in a very same road! While, some premier 2 necessity of units constant resorting, while they result loose in his titulars of cup. According to the element has broken yesterday, of an identical symptom. Each what 3 look of pieces so flimsy, is fearful to trust my telephone to be planted in the! Any one very value in the product if you are fearful to use it. Each what three will be moved in my recycle cube!!
5 / 5
It surpasses expectations! The mountain is easy and very sure. Drop in cupholder and twist a knob until his tight--the verges of the rubber prevents scuffs and scratches. The cradle of tlphonique is also very sure. It looks rubber of test of slip of neoprene in a back and sides--again, the connection a lot of taking while impeding scuffs and scratches in your telephone. It besieges your telephone in a headline and squeezes some clips of bars/of the measure until tight...To fall simply presses a button in back and loose. Easily it adjusts in so iphone 5 and 6s, but is the positive will accommodate the main telephones. These works to title with telephones in cases (some any one, has discovered one issues to take.) Also, has case of stack in mine that marks tlphonique he considerably main and heavier (plus or 1 less/4' in the each side and an upper and enough 3/8' in a back and inferior) but lines my telephone with ease! Sper Happy with this headline and to well sure would recommend in familiar and friends.
5 / 5
Has the Subaru with the attraction-was to title of cup in a pinch in the good location for the telephone, but has not been sure any cup-the unit to title would be quite barn. I gambled in the and a result is very quite -- does not go to the cape was-roading, but for the normal behaviour is well. It sees photo.

A thing in note is an adjustable base extends outwards in two directions, any four (as it result he more than an oval that the circle). These begins well in my headline of the cup since can extend in a full width of a headline, and then slide a title backwards in until it is reasonably snug. (Word of precaution: it is careful any one to extend a past of the base where only begin to take snug, so easily could see to break my very clear cup headline.)

Also, can confirm some arms paste a telephone under a volume rocker in the Motorbike X 2 gene, which are the problem with some another titulars. Concretely, A cup of some arms contacts a tlphonique quite 6.5 cm above a fund of a telephone, as while your controls are main above that concealed would be necessary to be you well.

Because of a road is by train to use it, crane a cup rotates relative in a base, but is no assembla; but mostly it can win this with some combination that man of capes a collar in a right angle and rotating a dish of face.

At the end, for a motorbike x is finding the clicks of normal squeeze some arms in the posed those controls an a lot of quite tlphonique to maintain he to fall go with some feet was, but very snuggly. That is to say well for me -- can in fact it stimulates only a telephone out of an upper and the fall behind in these more subjects that fussing with a button of emission. A squeeze a plus in firm apresamiento or more the click and he then is streaky snuggly if that is to say that prefers, but takes the bit of the squeeze and I question how long a unit will line until this newspaper.

Aesthetically, is quite clean and discreet. For a prize (at present around jumps bucks here) is to well sure the five star.
4 / 5
Ordered this Has to of 2012 for my Prius and after almost 4 years, this headline of the mobile phone still is doing is work . Very impressed after some years of use.
4 / 5
Very robust and very done, like me that it is adjustable as it can when being in fact to return more closely in a headline of cup, also a fund of a telephone is clear covers it the cape of lightning in. I access my iPhone 7 (with case) perfectly, but a headline of tlphonique is adjustable and looks it easily would accommodate the telephones the big plus. For me, a better use is that it maintains my telephone of sliding during a place. To well sure it does not want an east bonded in a windshield or a ventilation, like this acts well for me. It enters one issues the little, but is well to maintain your handy. It conceal to be said, would advise any one PAY ATTENTION in the road and no in your telephone.
5 / 5
These perfect laws for me. I have required the headline of mobile phone that would plant a tlphonique only out of low some signals of upper pinch of my cart. With there when being a headline of cup in this zone that was in fact an uncomfortable takes the headline of cup, this was the perfect solution .
Has installed easily ... Just place he in a headline of cup and unscrews some nuts to develop a base until the tight leader. Once installed, is easy to adjust a flexible arm where need he to be. A thing, this one has the LOW flexible arm. If calm the precise to move more than the pair of inches, also one with the arm the flexible plus very time. A telephone is attached easily by means of expressing a side for grouping sideways cushioned and is fallen with the mere push of a button in a back side. It remains to situate and does not vibrate so in fact can read a map while you direct. (I knows is not texting and directing, at the end.) And I move precise he in another cart, just ray some back of low nuts to fall a grip of one bases in a headline of cup.
Highly recommends this.
5 / 5
The quality of tez is sum. When being robust. Only it develops an inferior part to adjust for a perfect access. It poses sum for my f150. Any one very have a necessity for both titulars of cup of the centres so this am adds. It does not enter a road of shifter. Perhaps in second cup if the tlphonique rotated but returns big roads. Highly recommend it. To Very it liked me his of a location of each one other mountains of mobile phone have posed there
5 / 5
Work well in my F150. Still I can return the drink in an another title of cub without subject. My telephone has the case of Boxes of Nourished it. A width of a clamp in a headline is a lot of (opens wide), but a clamp the arm could be the main scope . A section of tampon these grips a telephone is not so big when the telephone has the case. A title still wineries a tlphonique well.

Top Customer Reviews: Cellet PH650 Car ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Whitney
I am doing the description so that before I have purchased this has wanted to to know that look and to the to to access likes him in the 2013 Ford Of F-150 Fx4. It sees the pictures have published with this description. It looks decent and access snuggly. Has my iPad mini in him with the OtterBox Case of the defender and the look likes him is each which gone to do well.
2 / 5 Michel
While a headline of tlphonique is solid and very built, is being missing of useful hinge. An arm has only a joint of hinge - these ways that is impossible to angle an upper arm in you, and be able still to see a screen. That is to say problematic if yours cut it titulars is near of a pinch, likes him mine.

I angle an upper arm out of a pinch, a screen or affronts for down or out of me, which are totally useless. I can no any angle he out of me, so that the paste a pinch. Like this I have to you maintain totally directly up, which amiable to attack a purpose to have together. :(

An inclusion of the joint of hinge up for a telephone would have done this adds it title. As it IS now, it is useless. It IS to find something more to use.
4 / 5 Eusebia
Like this a lot of product! It estimates it big, but since I never confidence five descriptions of star, never read the. I have read 2, 3, and 4 descriptions to star mostly, so that each product has the few problems. I want to know a truth. The majority of 1 descriptions of star are writings by people without a talent to read directions, as I discount those. This is doing like the field! He cradles my telephone, and is easy in disengage. It IS basic is adjustable, and accesses my F-150 floor of empty ash very amiably.
5 / 5 Maisha
Amur,Amour this headline of cup!!!! I have taken behind at least 3 another type in another very fulfilled tent ( the window one with to focus sticky that bought in Amazon, another collar of goose with suction of window, and a way in title of ventilation of air) - hated the all for several reasons. Taken to find the headline of cup an and yes, loses a headline of cup when using...........BUT, only it has wanted to to use Maps of Google and when uses that application, poses my mobile phone in a headline of cup in all the case and choosing arrive when required to look at most next map. That I amour in this headline of cup an east a profile is down, an inferior part that goes to title of the cup is totally adjustable with move he of the part of him while in a headline of cup so easily can take the perfect apt. Also like a button that opens a part in title of the mobile phone- no the open only accident but go open while yes it is electronically fact, very orderly. All the world is cart is different and some sections of different half as I can any one vouch for him law in all the carts. My turn the automatic cape is in a half and also a cape of brake of the emergency, more some 2 titulars of cup and good works.
5 / 5 Chasity
That is to say the product that he totally satisfied some promises of advertising. There some concern more or has lost less the headline of cup, but an utility of this mountain has been aimed in the recent trip. A mountain has lined a mobile phone very snugly, and a telephone has been lined in an angle and height for tlphonique and selections of easy manipulation, And a screen was in the distance for easy readability. A creation and the location in my cart is better that another mountain has tried regarding distractions and movement of eye out of a forward of road.
5 / 5 Sondra
This perfect work in my Toyota RAV4 XLE for an iPhone 7more. A course these chairs in a headline of the cup is adjustable for the tight access. One dates of the arm is also adjustable like the does not block anything in a console, included with a telephone a big plus. It seats in a something perfects to see cartography or mark only, hand of hands (new law) roams also!
5 / 5 Saundra
It IS easy to pose up and lines my telephone with the case of factor of the rind! Has some cards in my case and I have to bend a main flap to pose he in a headline but returns. Although it listen it to his likes him is not stable the has not fallen never included when go swipes . It thinks a friction of a case with a headline is which marks stays in place. It IS perfect for my CRV - I like his height. It IS only under my car screen and in the comfortable level to see without blocker anything. I have tried another headline this has been supposed to be in a picture of the mandate but he would have blocked my windshield has seen.
5 / 5 Lise
I have used to the bolster my telephone in my cupholder but was to take in my iphone uploads cord ( can all adapt these flimsly the cords are one of the subjects of worse product of Apple) and was difficult to see a whole screen, always moved around, and has had to always digs has been to change songs in my Spotify. The mine uploads/to the the cord would not extend far enough to leave me use the headline of tlphonique of the ventilation, or. This cupholder the title of tlphonique was a perfect remedy , has soft grips , adjustable to line my telephone, the place down for one uploads cord in easily returned through, and adjusts in a measure of a cupholder as it remain it gesture. I want that it can angle and turn to plant, while I direct the 6-speed sportscar and necessity to move but have less room that some another, less entertainment, carts with more than room of elbow :) Thank you, that is to say perfect!
5 / 5 Sally
State using this support for some last two weeks iny company semi truck... He been very surprised in that well handles all some swipe in a road. Also the cape very well in a headline of cup... Easy to install and the law adds.
3 / 5 Julee
It IS the small bit jiggly when a telephone is trace in him and a cart is moving. Has the 2016 BMW calm.
Would be happy to pay for one of these in aluminium if any one the unit done
Also, some side of the grips by side is also deep while they extend very alln of a face of a telephone when a telephone is trace in him, he doing difficult to touch a left verge or right of a face of your screen.
In all the case, this will do, but could be better.

Top Customer Reviews: Car Holder Cup ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5 Karey
It was partorisca see pleasantly surprised by this artilugio. They are always in a lookout partorisca the Mountain of good telephone partorisca a car and has tried a lot of different classes. To the as it likes me in east of one is a sturdiness of a headline. Has the Jeep and my headline of cup was the tad has bitten main that a mountain but he have come with the hule extra cushions this adheres to a base and now returns perfectly. It does not touch when have my telephone of promise in him. A headline of telephone is adjustable and is easy to use. Has @@@knob in an end of a cradle like your telephone any slide by means of and has the coating of hule as well as it do not line your telephone. Still it can manage the telephone chance a lot fat. Also it has the adjustment of height like this easily can create and the go down. He clicas in calm once dipped that to a right height. Also it has to that 360 rotation. I want it like this far!!!
4 / 5 Min
Utilisation my navigation All the time in my car. I need to be able to have my telephone where can see a screen and still walk without taking to an accident. This was súper easy to dip up in mine car and is adjustable which is a lot of reason according to a light can have the glare in my screen of telephone. I can dip my telephone to this headline while it is plugged in that is the UTMOST characteristic . MORE is easy to take. I will be to take another for my minivan.
4 / 5 Lili
It likes that I do not owe that estaca of anything to my car. I can take this was without and the frames have left on. Accesses well in my headline of cup. And it does not go the flight was
4 / 5 Esmeralda
I like a fashion to title of the highland cup of better telephone that window, ventilation, or mountains of pinch. It is more afterwards to some 12V receptacles so that it do not have to that cords of serious throughout, has any cup of suction to fail, and a place to see is excellent, neither distracts it or obstructing the view of an engine. It develops to return snugly in a headline of cup of the console of mine Toyota Camry and is easy to attach and detach a telephone, in the resistant snugly in place. Sure it beats to dip my telephone in my lap, free in a console, or in the chair of a passenger -- or fishing for him in my pocket when he the coverages and I marvel yes is a call of entity . The majority of the newest cars leaves bluetooth pairing with a system of the his of the vehicle, like this hands-free calling the works add with some telephone perched in a console. The accessory adds for those of us the one who requires to be available to achieve to telephone while driving.
4 / 5 Zetta
I have been surprised by this mountain of telephone. My car has pleasant ventilations like the traditional headline has not done and has tried a lot of different classes. So many things or amour. It avenges with the hule extra cushions this adheres to boss he like this turn snug and does not touch while it drives
A headline of telephone is adjustable and is easy to use. Has @@@knob in an end of a cradle like your telephone any slide by means of and is easy to touch. Has the coating of hule as well as it do not line your telephone. Still it can manage the telephone chance very fat. Also it has the adjustment of height like this easily can create and the go down. He clicas in calm once dipped that to a right height. Also it has to that 360 rotation. It is surprising. Absolutely I want it like this far.
4 / 5 Russel
It is very easy to dip near and returns an iPhone 8 and/or the Pixel of Google 2. Calm for real leave you to turn in 360 rotation but I would recommend any for presionar entirely in a “ball and joint” for ease. You recommend for any any one is hands free while driving.
4 / 5 Providencia
Amur This artilugio! It can not think that well it is the fact and some characteristic has for twenty bucks! It is it adds. If you are thinking roughly taking it, he! Calm will not be disappointed. I enthusiastically the recommend to any one.
4 / 5 Shenika
Easy to install and also easy to give a navigation for engine and of the chairs of guests. All some people in a car can share a telephone. He a happy time for any one an engine during an hour of whole behaviour.
4 / 5 Adria
I possess the Jeep and does not have any place to suction or attach groups he of telephone. This headline is a width of has beaten he of sofa and access perfectly in your zone of drink. It is the good height to be able to see and use without taking it. Simple to snap near and use. It can be taken of automobile to the automobile yes has required.
4 / 5 Reina
It takes a telephone up out of a console, where is seen easily. Some the extra tampons leave it to return headlines of big cup. It is a lot of sturdy when it has to that touch a screen. A pegs in a subordinated that it control a telephone is adjustable to accommodate a boss of load.

Top Customer Reviews: Cup Phone Holder ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5 Walker
If you are reading this description, is partorisca like me probably, with some bad history with these car mountains. It have tried like this, like this before buying is one, has read some descriptions. Has has had to that do sure this will return my needs.

To the equal that will begin partorisca say that I have not had to that take my coverage of telephone for any magnets, has has not used cups of suction, or the glue and I in fact could take that it uses a car navigation when clearly it prefers an application.

Was easy to install and is a lot priced and has drawn. Some horizontals and vertical keys in a backside of a movement of device to regulate some sides and inferior rest of a cradle to achieve the good access for my telephone. Has the Pixel 3 and resists it securely with movement very small.

Also, an inferior part of some leaves of cradle for the boss to touch yes has required.

These works like the charm. Has the 2017 Deep Pilot.
5 / 5 Carlena
I do not have to any idea likes any one has thought roughly he before! Ossia Brilliant.

I walk the mini and have any available space to dip the mountain on. All more than me tried is not exited reason blocks material or could not take quite tight, has been ready to exit and install a full speaker setup in the tent and he would be me cost the fortune, but has been desperate.

My neighbour has suggested that will try a mountain to title of the cup and at the beginning a lot really wants to go for him, a whole idea has touched unpractical, like the mountain that chairs like this down possibly can helps, but the boy has been bad, has finalised to order this one in an of this day of deals and is like this fresh!

A box was the bit has on attacked, but ossia usually likes to take the majority of mine pack lately, as not to resist it against him.

One installs was easy and all have has had to that was dipped so only he in a headline of cup and regulate a height and corner to the equal that was in a level of same eye to the equal that have used for any one another headline, but a fresher thing is that any in fact blocks anything, so only love the more.

Has iPhone 8 more, is the big telephone and to the left say, turn well in, included with my chance, as I am totally happy with east a.
4 / 5 Alisa
My woman has bought this headline for me because I have been in a street the lately concealed plot require to use my telephone for waze (so better that a GPS regulate btw), and has been leaving he in my headline of cup, which have me almost took in the accident cuz has maintained to look down to see like this to take some turns (oops).

Are the little picky in that I installs in mine car and have the wry pinch to the equal that can very really attach anything his and some other options would block my radio or other controls like this this looked the good committed but the result has does not have to that in fact give anything on reason a mountain to title of the cup maintains my very big telephone and a swivel the cradle leave to do portrait or landscape with ease.

An adjustable grip around a telephone is very easy to use. Not to recommend it to any with the hard chance, but the mine is thin to the equal that can use this without questions. Also, a better thing is that reason in fact seats inside a headline of cup is dinner in firm, as any swipe or the curves takes he rattled, which have been concerned roughly at the beginning.

Like this yeah, am very happy with this compraventa (graces Susan!)
4 / 5 Rosaura
Ossia A artilugio each need of engine. Clips Of ventilation, will heat on your telephone. The headlines of suction will distract your view. This headline of telephone of the cup will not distract your windshield seen. His adjustable and resupply tampons of extra expansion if yours the headline of cup is big. Good works for me. It resists my S8 more with the chance a lot of sturdy. One presses unlock the. I can touch a telephone without the boss that careers on my joint of pinch. Highly it recommends Bestrix title of car telephone.
4 / 5 Suzie
I have been pleasantly surprised by a quality and simplicity of this product.

Has bought this headline because I have not wanted to attach anything to a windshield or dashboard (and does not have any way am giving on AC for this air downloads some). And The really works.

My unit the good work that regulates to mine car cupholder (which is quell'has bitten big that the level a, as I have been said, as I am using some tampons and he is so only like this snug, loves it!), it Is so better that so only situating a telephone he in a headline of cup, which is that I first and is not sure and easily can slip is gone in of the turns and material.

Has the Galaxy S9 and some controls of cradle and free a telephone so only well.

Thinks that my subject only would be that it does not touch my telephone also, but has found that I can attach the boss in a subordinated and has it has dipped commanded also.
4 / 5 Domitila
It is spent for roughly 6 telephone headlines different. Everything there has been some class of @@subject of falling or breaking. Still I have one inserts of a last a still stuck in CD player and have any idea as to exit.. The desire has found this a fact the year. Perfectly situated for vision and sure planting yes need the fiddle real quickly tries to do with to the Maps or Pandora likes them .
4 / 5 Elke
These produced is perfect partorisca to to my car likes them the curve empinada of a pinch can not accommodate more types of headlines of telephone and my cupholder is situated perfectly like an alternative. A headline of telephone of the cup is very very built and easily regulated to return to a headline of big cup firmly. A cradle easily widens partorisca accommodate my telephone in his protective chance, also. It recommends this to any the one who has the headline of cup that is in the good place to resist your telephone.
5 / 5 Bette
Ossia Exactly that has required to declutter my car. Look so messy having the headline of telephone in a pinch, a creation to title of the cup done my car maintain his clean look. Turn perfectly and controls on my good telephone.
4 / 5 Stanton
Unless there is $ 60 for the Mountains of RAM, the Bestrix title of telephone (version of cup) is the solution of estimativa well. It installs in 10 second and maintains he out of a sun, out of ventilations of hot/air of cold air, and has aimed directly in calm for better visibility. It leaves your telephone takes each word speaks so that assistants of cell of the use. Push of the key in a backside and bursts your cell was yours delivery like this Parkings of paste.

CAVEAT: If has the protective fat telephone, with the flange rounded, a Bestrix grippers can no for you.
4 / 5 Shaunta
I really like this this car mountain. It is adjustable and comes with grips for extra control, although I have not required to use them. The controls almost telephone a lot still with a chance on. Calm also can use yours upload while in a headline. And less expensive of other frames. A lot of sturdy! Shopping again. Fast nave