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1 Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam, Full HD 1080p/30fps Video Calling, Clear Stereo Audio, HD Light Correction, Works with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet - Black Logitech C920x HD Pro Webcam, Full HD 1080p/30fps Video Calling, Clear Stereo Audio, HD Light Correction, Works with Skype, Zoom, FaceTime, Hangouts, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet - Black Logitech
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2 Logitech C270 HD Webcam, HD 720p, Widescreen HD Video Calling, HD Light Correction, Noise-Reducing Mic, For Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, WebEx, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet - Black Logitech C270 HD Webcam, HD 720p, Widescreen HD Video Calling, HD Light Correction, Noise-Reducing Mic, For Skype, FaceTime, Hangouts, WebEx, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet - Black Logitech
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3 1080P Webcam with Microphone, EMEET C960 Web Camera, 2 Mics Streaming Webcam with Privacy Cover, 90°View Computer Camera, Plug&Play USB Webcam for Calls/Conference, Zoom/Skype/YouTube, Laptop/Desktop 1080P Webcam with Microphone, EMEET C960 Web Camera, 2 Mics Streaming Webcam with Privacy Cover, 90°View Computer Camera, Plug&Play USB Webcam for Calls/Conference, Zoom/Skype/YouTube, Laptop/Desktop EMEET
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4 Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD Video Calling, Noise-Canceling mic, HD Auto Light Correction, Wide Field of View, Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Voice, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet Logitech Brio 4K Webcam, Ultra 4K HD Video Calling, Noise-Canceling mic, HD Auto Light Correction, Wide Field of View, Works with Microsoft Teams, Zoom, Google Voice, PC/Mac/Laptop/Macbook/Tablet Logitech
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5 1080P Webcam,Live Streaming Web Camera with Stereo Microphone, Desktop or Laptop USB Webcam with 110 Degree View Angle, HD N5 Webcam for Video Calling, Recording, Conferencing, Streaming, Gaming 1080P Webcam,Live Streaming Web Camera with Stereo Microphone, Desktop or Laptop USB Webcam with 110 Degree View Angle, HD N5 Webcam for Video Calling, Recording, Conferencing, Streaming, Gaming ZIQIAN
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6 NexiGo N60 1080P Web Camera, HD Webcam with Microphone, Software Control & Privacy Cover, USB Computer Camera, 110-degree FOV, Plug and Play, for Zoom/Skype/Teams, Conferencing and Video Calling NexiGo N60 1080P Web Camera, HD Webcam with Microphone, Software Control & Privacy Cover, USB Computer Camera, 110-degree FOV, Plug and Play, for Zoom/Skype/Teams, Conferencing and Video Calling NexiGo
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7 Logitech C920e HD 1080p Mic-Enabled Webcam, certified for Zoom, Microsoft Teams compatible, TAA Compliant Logitech C920e HD 1080p Mic-Enabled Webcam, certified for Zoom, Microsoft Teams compatible, TAA Compliant Logitech
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8 1080P Webcam - USB Webcam with Microphone & Electronic Privacy Mode, Noise-Canceling Mic, Auto Light Correction, EMEET C950 Ultra Compact FHD Web Cam w/ 70°View for Meeting/Online Classes/Zoom/YouTub 1080P Webcam - USB Webcam with Microphone & Electronic Privacy Mode, Noise-Canceling Mic, Auto Light Correction, EMEET C950 Ultra Compact FHD Web Cam w/ 70°View for Meeting/Online Classes/Zoom/YouTub EMEET
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9 Webcam, HD Webcam 1080P with Privacy Shutter and Tripod Stand, Pro Streaming Web Camera with Microphone, Widescreen USB Computer Camera for PC Mac Laptop Desktop Video Calling Conferencing Recording Webcam, HD Webcam 1080P with Privacy Shutter and Tripod Stand, Pro Streaming Web Camera with Microphone, Widescreen USB Computer Camera for PC Mac Laptop Desktop Video Calling Conferencing Recording XPCAM
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10 Streaming Webcam with Microphone & Ring Light 2K HD Web Cam with Cover,Stand for PC/MAC/Laptop/Desktop, Wide Angle Web Cameras for YouTube,Skype,Zoom,Xbox One,Video Calling,Studying and Conference Streaming Webcam with Microphone & Ring Light 2K HD Web Cam with Cover,Stand for PC/MAC/Laptop/Desktop, Wide Angle Web Cameras for YouTube,Skype,Zoom,Xbox One,Video Calling,Studying and Conference OVIFM
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Top Customer Reviews: Logitech C920x HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Logitech The web of place has the very little "matrix" of Webcam and Dare... That recommends the sure engine, an ONLY engine escommends' partorisca Win 10 64-has bitten.
Breakings of some notes of emission partorisca the engine? "So only Certificate partorisca Windows 8. So only It Installs in of the Windows 8."
Some claims of engine partorisca install, but a computer remember on each boot until " I complete an installation of engine." And any software will recognise that a camera is included plugged in.
Can not recommend this camera unless you are using Windows 8 or older - does not look to have Any Windows have certified 10 Engine, in spite of a time one has be available.

I looks of Sure enough, this in spite of.
4 / 5
The webcam Adds that it takes crisp the clean video have included in 1080p 30fps and 1080p 60fps. You owe that take different software for the take to run in 60fps and your computer has to that be able to manage one load that is situated in a processor. The the few pictures of test and the video and I has been impressed with a quality. The sound is decent but has to that seat prójimo to a webcam to take the clear sound, fact stereo sound. I have bought the economic mic to solve this question. The only thing that loses is the coverage of lentil to protect a glass of powder and impact. You can go to a logitech put web and download his software loves video of record of fast webcam or download another software like OBS which is free.
5 / 5
Absolutely love this webcam. I have been that runs the youtube canal for the long time and has had so only a Logitech C270 to use for him. A difference among east and ossia night and day, enormous difference and im like this happy has done a upgrade. Taking to light perfect and has the very good image quality as well as the good car that focuses.an the image and the video have taken with east for this description of amazon is in room of normal evening that luzca with a light in a corner of a room. Usually for the better quality has an extra light in front of my face but for some purposes to aim he for a half setup has not comprised an extra light. Now to some pros and gilipollas!

-An of a picture of video of/upper quality the available qualities in any webcam
-smooth and fast video in 30fps to all the cost that is broadcasting with or registering with
-more than decent lighting the adjustments have included in of the automatic settings
-Logitech software of the webcam is not like this bad or horrible like quell'internet the fact was to be, that has registered partorisca east has been done that it use that.
-Widescreen With full 1080p support
-Comes with the wounded core in a boss to help with a quality has sent

-Slightly blurry, for a hype thought it would be until pair with camera of modern telephone on clarity but thats my own expectations and no the promise of them at all
-Built in the microphones are not good quality, better to spend $ 30 in the more mic setup, to start with suggest something like a NW-700 which is which has registered a video with and has not modified or modify a sound at all.

In general love this camera, work well, installed automatically, and servants everything of his purposes fantastically.
5 / 5
Has had this webcam for years, and for a prize is hard to beat. Any software required (in mine Mac at least) and a plenary 1080p HD the quality is sum . Utilisation this for all of the mine screencasts when I require record in speaker. Control out of a video for my full description!
5 / 5
Well. In the first place, this webcam all that says that it does. It buys it! This be has said, this in spite of, if you are the no-a lot of-techie 70-to the to something likes are, could discover that he no when of first calm of discharge he to your Mac. And then, when you go to a Logitech put web, find download for software of Windows to run a thing, but at all partorisca Mac. And then when you have read a literature of product, finds that in fact it classifies to say that it will do with the Mac, but when it call a Logitech number for Support, tongues with some type in God-know-where the one who calm to say you that, sadly, a Logitech HD Pro Webcam C920 is not wired to do with the Mac, then , sad to say, calm does not have to that it has bought is one. Like this calm then is faced with to return a camera the Amazon and resuming one looks for the pertinent webcam. Until, ossia, discover a video of Youtube for one write the one who says that calm in fact precise only to go to an application so that it has bought a webcam in a first place -- Skype, in my chance -- gone the Preferences, clicks on Video/of Audio, and select a HD Pro C920, which will look in a drop-down paper. I tried it and, sure enough, work. The good thing has stuck with him for the few days and a lot immediately ship a webcam behind. NOW a furshlugginer the cost of what 5 Stars.
4 / 5
Webcam To notch upper, full 1080p and the clear crystal! They are the streamer and ossia the definite upgrade of the forward 720p webcam. If you are the streamer looking for a upgrade take this cam :)

UPDATE(11/13/2017): Webcam still in strong disposal. Súper Clears has not given any question. It has been a better webcam upgrade could has not done never. 100 recommended :)

Lag In OBS Fixed: Sleeve cam settings the NJPEG. IF using OBS disorder of Studio around with the settings done of commission. :) [Cam Preview & OBS Settings of the studio Added]
4 / 5
This Camera is the one who the expected and whats included better was took it to them on sale for $ 50. It was to buy he for a normal prize aanyways but a fact that has gone on sale when it has bought them is included better. Utilisation to do video for my class of public presentations and also partorisca streaming on .... Has excellent quality and the as one wide view gives. If you are not to some cameras of wide corner then this can not be for you but im sure has some the calm way could regulate it. Im A lot sure this in spite of in that.

Pros: No too cost wise compared to the majority of cameras.
View and Clear wide view
Looks well on my monitor.
Is also able to be place in the stand.

Gilipollas: At all really that it has them any questions with.


Has comprised the picture of my ugly mug so only to aim you the one who the picture in these looks of camera. Also this down is lighting and looks there are them enough the bit of lights in that is well!( Excuse a messiness)
5 / 5
has ordered a 'new' C920s with a hope that has gone a upgraded c920 and could be used together with the C920. In a description aims the screenshot of Logitech the capture that objective a webcam identified like the C920s, and has read another material of marketing that indicates was the esfresco' of a C920, as it has expected was in fact the new product and would identify differently that an old C920. The inaugural a new C920s box, has verified one GOES seal in a device and has a number of same model and P/N number like old C920. A different only thing was a number of serial. Connecting a @@@920s webcam to a computer, identifies identically to a C920 (still in Logitech Capture and in a software of Settings of new Camera). Verifying a firmware version, is some same. So many, I the alive cat with Logitech lean it and has confirmed that a hardware is one same, so only a box and the marketing have changed. And while you could buy the C920 for $ 50 the little month done, a C920s is almost $ 70. So much, a C920s is the utmost webcam, so that a C920 was (of then is some same). But you looked in him it likes him a upgrade to a C920, is not . So much, 5 stars for a camera, 0 stars for deceptive marketing.
5 / 5
Has bought this camera the few days , in $ 99. It is now he duplicates a prize. Jerks Exploding a national crisis.
5 / 5
Has bought this @@@920s in October 2019 of Amazon for $ 69. And now in April 2020 master $ 250? It does not import that he well. Calm only tin a lot this the people.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech C270 HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Why it spends $ 50-75 for the webcam? This $ 19 calm option give you all calm has not wanted never for conferencing of web of the crisp, Skype, etc. Operates perfectly with video very focused clear, seats comfortably atop mine 24' exposure, is infinitely adjustable, and an included mic the clean and clear sounds. You favour and purchase this economic 720P webcam, and save your mass for where some main resolutions really subject; like the good camera or the update of smartphone.
5 / 5
This webcam is better concealed has expected he to be. It was designed initially in a prize, and a fact that pode the only rest in the monitor.


- This cam taken the very good picture and records or common crisp, and without blurring or distortion. Better work that my laptops have built in cam.

- Can plant he in my secondary laptop, or in the different zone of my desktop, to take multiple angles while recording or streaming.

- Sake And portable-sized. Any big and bulky, heavy, or with a necessity to seat in a desktop.

- Lustrous appearance. A webcam has the good appearance, has rounded that it give it the big more final be.

- Like that it accommodates the view of wide screen and can take in HD without problems.

- Use this in my laptop and he rest up. I am able in slide he around until it takes an angle has preferred .


- An only real with this that he way down below too many clamp sake. If accidentally I tug in a cord, an easily fallen webcam was. Sometimes I will leave posed in a cup of my screen of laptop for a hinge (the course these curves) to do it the small more take to the attack was. If it can have only the small more stability, was awesome.

In general even so, is very happy with a compraventa and very like this little cam.
1 / 5
Anterior in some Windows later 10 update, would have given this webcam he 5. It opens, he no in my computer of Windows 10. Do each Logitech say me to do excepts him still no . Logitech Has still to offer the solution. By so, I am by train of the give or stars so that to does not act. It have to buy the webcam of Windows only to do sure has or these works. It does not know that it is more turbulent with, to Microsoft to do likes him take for accessories to maintain work or Logitech for not providing the solution. Any road, this webcam no with my computer of Windows 10,
2 / 5
I have purchased this so that I have to do the proctored flavours in my computer. A proctor has had to to take me a test, which was a lot. Even so, it has to see my licence of engine with my name and beak and DL. It says that it can any one read. I have tried it direct a camera but any subject that, could not see a scripture clearly. If I need this like the fast and easy to use camera that is not sper focused, then is well for a prize. Any type to direct on something smaller that your hand, was the problem . It can not use he for the those pauses of need.
5 / 5
If takings in in to to the on-line classes likes them-him it to them I where is required an external webcam for proctoring, highly recommends this device. It IS a product of better quality in a field of prize. The majority of proctoring the programs require you to line in a GOES card until a webcam to take the picture, and this webcam leaves calm to be able to do that while maintaining the image of crisp.

Even so, be it has warned: THESE VOIDS The GUARANTEE.

Will require to burst of a case (easily done without tools), and then takes three tiny rays that winery a dish. Quan HAS an inner exposure, can see the tiny nub to bond that that control looks the train that surrounds a camera. I have taken the tiny flathead screwdriver in carefully take a glue nub. When being very careful as it marks these voids a guarantee and he are very fragile. You can adjust a house to rotate a train in an in a clockwise direction direction or contadora in an in a clockwise direction direction. When being very careful doing this also--rotating a too much train far was can disassemble a lentil of camera.

HAS two cats, as I have not wanted to risk leaving some coverages was. I screwed some stuffs behind on once there is a house adjusted where would be able to take the prjimo up the picture of mine GOES clearly.
1 / 5
If you are running Windows 10 and does not act, there is the trick for the pose on top of that Logitech does not say you enough. It tries to download a Logitech automotive and saving he in your desktop. With a camera plugged in directly in the USB 2.0 in a computer (any one the hub), reboot issues sure, click in a .exe Lima has saved in your desktop and leaves an installation his thing. Once when finalising, reboot again in regular road. Then he cliques in a Logitech icon of Parameters of the Camera and a camera would have to come on. Thats What I in all the case and when says Logitech interested that the has not thought of that. Some laws of camera very good and has done already some country to cross Skype called to use his microphone without problems.
5 / 5
We are to come the long road of the sleep of In&T of telephones of the picture or a massively required squad in television of conference of video. Quality of picture, clear metering and the houses are something -on in cart. But podes tweek elements of picture to adapt your flavour.
4 / 5
Experience by my Octoprint tez for my CR-10 printer. I am using to to control my works of impression and takes video of lapse of the time. A quality is well , conforms my expectations for a prize and what has wanted to prende. I use the gopro for lapse of time of better quality, but this leave me controls my tez for subjects and ensures that far begun the tez law well. The desire avenges with the better road to locate, but can print parts of thingiverse the mountain of help he in of the different roads, for now, only is using a bit launcher to order to line he in place. It sees low pictures of my trace with a camera in front of a bed.
2 / 5
It does not recommend that it purchases this webcam yes has an election goes in east and a LifeCam 3000. In the first place of the same the webcam is very hard to locate and angles of change without totally messing he up. A webcam also has the very small lentil what half that your video will look for to be much more afterwards, sometimes too close up for consolation.
In comparison, a LifeCam 3000 characteristic the lentil duquel covers of wide angle for the much better picture. You can see a picture has attached.

Would not recommend this webcam at all.
5 / 5
For a money can not beat this camera. 720p widescreen. Has a capacity to bond in Twitter, Facebook and Youtube in a click of the button. You can conference of video and apresamiento HD stills and included edits. Hurriedly Poses up and the prize adds.

Top Customer Reviews: 1080P Webcam with ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
Utmost webcam partorisca a prize. A quality is exceptional. I use it partorisca run my canal of Youtube. An image is very clear. A build-in mic is well, but use an external mic partorisca better quality.
4 / 5
A global quality of a video and the picture is well. I think that that ossia resembled Logitech C920. This webcam has 30 fps in 1080P. Has the stereo register of sound. Has the wide view. A webcam is very stable in a monitor. This can be the webcam partorisca trip reason remains in a monitor with any fixed quantity. Any precise to install and application or engine partorisca do. So only it does like this you cover to the port of USB.(plugin Friendly)
4 / 5
A eMeet CSR the crew is on state and further solve the question has had regarding the functionality of a webcam. Technically, a product there is matched a description on Amazon; I have done so only a unwarranted supposition roughly one of some characteristic. Specifically, I have thought would have the coverage to daunt. In all the chance, a crew contacted and surpassing my expectations in arriving in the solution that will ensure that continuous order they in a future. Like this yes, highly you recommend this webcam partorisca his quality (10x better that a built-in webcam partorisca the Macbook Pro) and partorisca his crew of support of service of client (that communicates diligently for email).
4 / 5
Has taken this partorisca use with my Macbook Pro. Utilisation a macbook pro with the monitor and maintain a macbook pro has closed the majority of a time. As it has required an external webcam. Looked in diverse but some descriptions were iffy partorisca use with a product of apple. I have taken this one and could not be happier. Law well out of a box. Any sowrfare or engine partorisca install and an image is excellent. Highly recommend it.
5 / 5
This was ours first time that use the video of camera and was a lot of apprehensive roughly purchasing it. We have tried initially camera of use in ours portable, but a quality of a picture has not been that well. All have has had to that were spent this webcam to our desk the tower and we were good to go! This webcam there is enabled partorisca have more productive the interactive alive lessons on-line in our desk. Utmost cost.
5 / 5
This webcam feels a lot of-built and has done well out of a box in mine Windows 10 system. Quality of sound and good picture.
5 / 5
Are very happy with this compraventa. You recommend this product.
5 / 5
The camera has connected a lot easily and a quality is better that ours camera of new laptop. To good sure recommend
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Partorisca A prize, ossia the quite decent webcam ! Assuming the amazon does not ruin a quality of a semi-detached video, a quality of video is 'decent,' and would say that a quality of audio is on half. I have it quell'has comprised also the picture that compares a EMEET to a built in webcam of mine Surfacebook 2 to give an idea of what field wider to see a EMEET offered. I do not have any complaint, and feign use this like the secondary camera.
4 / 5
A eMeet CSR the crew is on state and further solve the question has had regarding the functionality of a webcam. Technically, a product there is matched a description on Amazon; I have done so only a unwarranted supposition roughly one of some characteristic. Specifically, I have thought would have the coverage to daunt. In all the chance, a crew contacted and surpassing my expectations in arriving in the solution that will ensure that continuous order they in a future. Like this yes, highly it would recommend this webcam for his quality (10x better that a built-in webcam for the Macbook Pro) and for his crew of support of service of client (that communicates diligently for email).

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech Brio 4K ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
1 / 5
For some fund on that it is like the critic, done for Xbox during to 16 years likes him to them 3D graphic developer (GPU expert), done in a Microsoft Kinect (which are the VAIN + RGB camera of depth), and a Microsoft Hololens.

IS disappointed in this product, and when being as the victim of an old 'bait and change'. This camera boasts scrolling of backdrop, and included clearly has extra sensors that would think means this spends in hardware. Nope. Calm require you to download ChromaCam software that mark a scrolling of backdrop in your PC. Like these works are that a software creates the virtual camera, which has read a current of camera, is algorithm of scrolling of backdrop (recording your system, and presenting lag), and then exited like the new camera. The look of applications sure only to maintain , in that somehow knows to look for a version of software of a camera. For example, he no with a built-in Cambra application for Windows 10. ( It excepts Work for Xsplit and OBS, which are which the majority of amours of people.)

Problem 1: A scrolling of backdrop no very good. It looks to battle with hair, so final to look bald in something, hack of inches of your cape. I have tried all the classes of foreground and lighting of backdrop. (That very do not have to import in a technology GONE of depth.) In time, all the parts of my rind would disappear (any weapon, any collar or access) and looked an empty shirt. It IS very THAT bad.

Problem 2: A scrolling of backdrop really records your system. It takes this for the computer of my threads that is mid-field ($ 800). A better camera in my big-final ($ 2000) PC.

Problem 3: A lag is horrendous. Some roads-breaker. In the computer of my threads, only the mere test that says the fast, 'Wow!', you Can listen my exclamation, and then 1/2 as later my movements of mouth.

Problem 4: there are any parameters of software in tweak an on. Any sensibility in a scrolling of backdrop. Any road in perhaps say, record in 1280x720 (or still 640x480) in place of 4K so that there it has less process to do and like this reducing lag. A Logitech parameters and a ChromaCam the parameters are really dumbed down besides or less at all.

Problem 5: A ChromaCam costs of software $ 30, or more taking the watermark. That is to say a less than my worries.

A thing of well only in this camera is one 4 K quality when not using scrolling of backdrop. But, as my title said, is guessing more the people fly this to do he backdrop scrollings so many can overlay they in a corner while streaming game. In this case, your image is only perhaps 300x200 pixels, likes 4K is irrelevant. It IS a part of depth of a camera that usually would justify one $ 170+ prize. And that the simply is too low quality to be useful, does not recommend this camera.

Although there is beefy system that pode a software, and has the better experience that I, some descriptions for one C922x Pro the current is a same, and that the the camera is the averages a prize. ( It excepts Since also it require he ChromaCam, good luck!)

How the footnote, is spent of the hours fiddling with this thing and the flag of red big was that almost all a content, and descriptions, and the tips for this on-line camera are the old year. It is not mid-2018 technology. It IS early 2017 technology.
4 / 5
Recently buy and installing ALL SOME necessary UPDATES and software, wants to admit that it is the Very good 4K camera. I will not be using a 4K, has wanted only he for one 1080p 60fps appearance of a camera And also which to a large extent have seen-able an angle of camera is. It IS the a lot of very good camera to use and record with once fixed some parameters in so would like him. Has the bit of critic quite he no-the-less.

(For a road I Windows of career 10 edition to House if this information is required of calm)

- the camera is mere to install and uses the type of durable USB C in USB 3.0 cord (which give it a power and speed to transfer to do the record of webcam in 4k 30fps or 1080p in 60fps).
- There is have the port of USB 3.0 in your computer to use one 4k characteristic of the plot of people assembla very supportive like works (and yes is compatible with USB 2.0 ports but everything are of compatible tower, only will not be able to use everything of is can).
- A software is the small wonky, and will attach this part in a section of GILIPOLLAS, but is mere to use, easy in tinker parameters, and having the yours the clear compensation down falls fps recorded so that it leave it that UNCHECKED for full 60fps.
- Comes with the clip of good coverage to attach until afterwards a camera for the intimacy in case perhaps is not the using.
- Cover and game, easy to use, has the good weight to give it the be of premium and looks.
(Goes in his web of place to use parameters of software to customise a camera in yours likes him.)

- An arm is garbo. Sad but the problems of saint cow me. I am sure a support of the arm in of the laws for more than people with fat edged portable or monitors, but for me personally having embroider-less/embroider-less monitors, is sper wobbly and is very difficult to ensure in of the flat monitors. For the monitors the fat plus, PERHAPS was better but has thin monitors as it wobbles likes him madman when trying adjust or after a clip of coverage.
- An arm also has the small notch poking the little in a screen yes has the thin and verge-less/embroider-in in to less than to control like of his do. It is not the ENORMOUS to problem in difference of a iPhoneX having the notch, but is to good sure perceivable and the small bit to problem. Again, it is not enormous or really coating a lot, but to good sure perceivable and the eye that takes from time to time.
- A software, again, is mere and easy to use and adjust but horribly cheap look and the small also simplistic. It IS only the box of tiny place with sliders and that it is very the. I am not queixant, but only looks the program of software of Windows XP.
- Find and installing a harvest out of thing of characteristic of backdrop is not to estimate he. Unless has the studio adds 3 perspective to aim those lights then sure law fantastically since you, but in this point, also could go with the green screen. I need a lot of distance by behind your chair and the calm can not have materials behind you; I need to be the mere wall or the long room and your clothes/of necessities of organism to be the different colour that a fund for him to detect you properly. For me, again, it was terrible in the action since does not have 3 giant lights to be in my left, well, and behind me for me gives it glowing verge how the the camera in fact can saw me. (If any one know that perspective of 3 points that the lights are, look he up. That is to say what the films do his trick of magic to do the films look good and clean)

the camera Adds to be mere to limit and game, use the USB 3.0 in type of USB C, durable fat cape, 1080p 60fps or 4k 30fps ready to go, fantastic in current with or record with, and is surprising in of the faces to follow to Instrument of Face or wants to be an animate character in twitch livestreams or something. Cambra Adds for the decent prize and enters the cute little tiny box lol. Any one very say you to you that to take an arm of a camera, but the tension was, does not twist is. PLEASE DOES not TWIST It WAS or will break it. Attraction he directly down, that is to say. Some only things that it is garbo in a camera is a mere look and ugly software, as it was difficult to find and install a harvest out of the characteristic backdrop And also what any well is, and has thin/verge-less/embroider-less monitors can be wobbly and the small absent-minded.

Edit: Desprs only the year a camera begins in flicker and to to the law up likes him madman. It classifies to disappoint is in decline afterwards only the year.
3 / 5
It compares in a C920 is the best cam with worse software
A coverage of records of intimacy better like the original clip in of the controls with almost very verge.

Be it has warned, can not maintain your parameters after reboot, so that it is the cheap camera .

" I comprise it concealed wants to save some changes done in some parameters of a BRIO 4K Ultra HD webcam with RightLight 3 with HDR, but alas, is our character of software in reset some parameters in default when a camera or the computer have restart"
4 / 5
A Brio is the good addition in Logitech line of cam of the web. Has, in fact a lot of years, produces some cams of excellent web that quality of hands of image that far surpasses the majority of computer and tablet internal cameras. The quality of image is excellent and a built in the microphones have reduction of decent noise with clear audio.

This new camera attaches 4k resolution in 30 frames for second as well as 1080p in 60 frames for second. A thing in note is that it want to take your computer is hurriedly enough to handle a beginning of video of a device. In timing included my quad core i7 the laptop battled when has other things that enters in a backdrop while recording 4k video.

The Also can do like the device of detection of the face in of the Windows 10 for unlocking your computer through Salvation of Windows.

Everything in of the this is the webcam of sake and the good addition in Logitech row, but will pay to premium for a privilege.
1 / 5
I want to Logitech in general. I routinely the compraventa has finished big Logitech keyboards and of mice. Has 3 C922 is and the bouquet of old Orbits - all are surprising. A Brio does not live until other devices. A software is bad, a hardware is bad, a global experience is bad. You have to I use 3 software of party of scrolling of backdrop ( announces this cual the characteristic - and does the bait and change when installs. It looks had software has comprised to do this - but at most the recent update was to take and now has to use ChromaCam). Incredibly disappoint it.

Subject of cement:
1) Very difficult to take ChromaCam software to do with Brio. More, ChromaCam does not do very good and requires a compraventa extra to take watermark. The scrolling of backdrop is listed like the characteristic included now in a page of Amazon for this element.
2) no well with Salvation. Dulcemente And often does not detect your same face with a same lighting and other environmental factors.
3) Quality of the camera is not so crisp while it expects for a prize. A resolution can be main that a C922 - but one has posed one 922 is full resolution , and a Brio until 4k - a optician of one 922 just look better in me. If you do not go to use he in 4k, but low stairs afterwards, then this is not a subject.
4) Why so many pieces of software? A software of the options of the software say the better work to do update of firmware - but then the need downloads the manual firmware updater... Justo odd.
5) That is to say kinda picky, but for $ 180, does not want a cape this clave was 3 inches of a backside of my otherwise slender looking monitor. It looks quite caseous by a part. And that is to say in the big 28' monitor - there is the look of the even more ridiculous laptop.
5 / 5
I have bought two of these for my Youtube / Twitch streaming program. Anteriorly Has been his using a Logitech C920 and the Origin 120-title wide angle. While no another webcam has a wide angle of an Origin, in my opinion, a BRIO is an acute plus, crispest webcam in a piece today (Course 4, 2018)! 'Highly it recommends!
3 / 5
I have written this before, thorough circle for update:

This camera is the step behind in three roads. A mountain is almost unusable and included worse does not have anything aftermarket for the monitor locates those looks the good substitution as I ask that well it is the webcam that will not remain to situate or is very difficult to adjust. I will try and adjust he to be the view and a sucker only will fall. I the arrival will fall teeter controls it that expects an angle has wanted.

The second is a software . Had some Logitech software that very done a trick with a c920, could record of him in 1080, adjusts your light and contrasts and prep in the cape for the use. It opens The no with this camera excepts in 720p with widescreen and another alternative supply therefore or at all for the webcam these controls. A camera will lose autofocus and will have to maintain a cam the controls have opened in reset he. Also a brio and some looks of application to tie up in in to the to camera likes him his is recording with of a software and the test go maintains the base of FB but a apresamiento is at all is necessary run and require the reboot for the fixed.

A creation of cord is so heavy concealed remained with a rubber of trace of rubbish basically pulls it behind for a mere weight of a cape. I have bought this sucker a beginning in the daytime and his state the year and does not have or time for the use that I of who priest if this or better FPS, a software hinder me for the use, and loses a c920. You favour and apresamiento that instead and saves your money. The desire has done.

Since has (re)has purchased the c920 to return and was bad in two appearances. A quality of video is night and day now when downgrading like Brio is to well sure the better road with igniting correction. They are fallen software of new capture what still does not leave 4k but is the most robust road that when has been fallen so they the software is now the very up. An only subject now is that a Brio the cape is still too fat, a mountain is still terrible, and has intermittent subjects with him only cape to perceive of to the working box likes him a Fonz the jukebox in of the Happy Days. In all the case imagined give an update in a subject once the new information is come up.
1 / 5
He no with any one of mine 3.0 usb ports. Tried the in the each only 3.0 usb ports in my system. It IS simply the does not react in any one of some 3.0 ports. It was that it directs of device to try to find he in imaging device but nope, any there at all, is only totally not connecting in 3.0 usb ports. You can think my usb 3.0 ports are all fatality but nope, is doing well with my gaming headset and which no. (He same and is using logitech software of webcam) This webcam the only work when alloy in 2.0 usb port, and can does not spend record 1080 30fps using 2.0 ports, tried to take 60 fps likes him alleged to be but pode the no. am using asus extreme rampage has seen motherboard and read in the some place in logitech nut of support of the client that this brio the webcam is not compatible with "Asus" motherboards 3.0. Like wtf....Why not listing some motherboards that is not compatible with this webcam. It researches a problem up before calm write them buy is using Asus motherboard. "logitech Webcam Not connecting in usb 3.0."
Will be to return the when has time.
1 / 5
I have bought the one of is this expects to surprise resolution, but after an on-line tiring investigation, has discovered one 4k law of resolution really only in of the computers of Windows. In Mac, was no better that the $ 30 webcam. Logitech Really has to pose the disclaimer in the. That the waste of my money and energy in this product.
5 / 5
I am using Windows 10 updated through January 2018, and this webcam has done perfectly. Experience mostly for his esalvation' qualified of recognition of the face, but now is sold while to use he for my primary webcam because of his good image and has advanced capacities. Highly it recommends.

Top Customer Reviews: 1080P Webcam,Live ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
5 / 5
Partorisca The economic camera are adds! Has the little bit of the fisheye his effect but another that that has the wide camera and can look grainy is darkness in a room... But my friends $ 55 a that also. To good sure value of the money needs the economic camera.

Oh! Also the am not too sure of a quality of audio because the use the headset.
5 / 5
Can not think that well this east of economic camera. I am returned one $ 80 webcam because it has not gone quite wide and has not been well in low light.
Has used this camera to do the meeting of zoom where 35 people were in the room and more was in his computers have seen zoom. I am not depended in a camera mic has had those that speak in a meeting uses 'alive' the laptop karaoke/PA system because they were quite the ways out of a webcam mic. It has taken any fiddling with settings of interior of different audio a zoom ap but all has done perfectly.
5 / 5
One has been shipped was & received quickly. A law of camera adds! Highly it recommends to look for a
4 / 5
has had to take to webcam to have a meeting to GO verifications with a IRS considering this year returns of tax. This has done a work so only well! Clear picture, his clear, spent-and-hardware of game, and a prize is well! Probably at all the PRO would love use, but for daily cat this all required it to do in an economic. Sound the hard little unit also, to look you could take of the big drop without the hurt. It comes with the together of tripod-legs that is quite sturdy metal, any roughly cheapo plastic parts. Im Quite satisfied!
5 / 5
To the webcam Adds for work! If you are looking for a taking these some laws to surprise and the quality of picture is súper clear!
4 / 5
Has taken the picture adds with this webcam for a prize. HD Are to add and chooses on light well. It would recommend
4 / 5
Well, this camera is not totally bad (I are by train of the give the 2 out of 5 indication of star. It is not quite horrible to receive stars it and is not quite abysmal to have me ranting and raving that is the z/the zero , but is not that well any and he so only is taking the 2 out of 5 of me).

I plugged he to two Chromebooks (I also possess the very big-spec gaming portable but that the thing already has the utmost big quality cam has attached his, like this the camera has been meant for mine Chromebooks that has a lot of grainy, low quality cam) . One of these Chromebooks is the first generation Acer Chromebook (one of an old plus Chromebooks this is to exit SEVERAL YEARS ). A lot informative is that it DOES with all a Chromebooks, included an old plus Acer Chromebook has (to actuate this cam, discharges in an USB, goes your normal webcam in yours Chromebook and turn that on, then in yours normal Chromebook to the webcam will see the circle in a hand-held corner has left lower (could be in the different location for calm). Click in that and active and changes your new external webcam. Quite fresh... Except the few VERY SIGNIFICANT questions:

1) One lighting is HORRIBLE in this external webcam!!!! Yes, a quality of global picture is very better (well, at least some the calm parts in fact can see) but one lighting is ABSOLUTELY HORRIBLE in comparison to a severely much more brilliant cam this is to build already to a Chromebook (mine inclusa old plus Acer Chromebook is built in cam this there is almost the new years there is far upper lighting). You will require to distribute EXTRA light in your room for this external webcam to match one lighting distributed by yours old Chromebook camera. Without rests of extras of light provider with A lot of darkness to a point where ail you can see your own face the few thumbs out of an external webcam.

2) When you Distribute extra lighting (and go to require the significant quantity of extra lighting. Your plough of windows during a day WITH extra lights), while a quality of looks of camera well at the beginning ( is better that a Chromebook possess cam of then is not like this grainy, that ignores a far upper lighting a Chromebook is built in cam already has) tries to have a house of camera on something concealed requires big definition (like some words in the piece of paper) will remark that it will not be clear and will be blurry / out of house further of chance (which strongly dips to question or no this cam is for real 1080 p).

Because of these two defects of entities, has to give this cam the 2 out of 5.
Can take extra lighting (if by means of dipping several extra lights in your room Or using the PC can use the program of some class that somehow augments one lighting) and slowly only calm on using this cam for general use (EX: calm does not plan on directing on anything like this of the words in the page because yes calm goes to be out of house and hard to read for any one is seeing yours cam) then is well.
But him him of the extra money, to good sure paid on an extra money and take the best cam ossia for real big definition.
This cam is economic and is at present so only in $ 20 for the reason.
Save on money and take the best cam, although you cost more.
Take which pays stops.
Like the result, gives this webcam he 2 out of 5.
4 / 5
This thing is the staple with mine twitch common in xbox I has a seriáis s and I current 3 nights the week and a quality is very good and my resplandor of the currents highly recommend in any xbox streamer

Top Customer Reviews: NexiGo N60 1080P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have decided that believes two video that the joints have jointed. Video a tip a quality of picture by means of my IMac computer and with which 1 minute, will see a quality of picture of a Nexigo webcam. A Nexigo the webcam is like this clearer. That is also well in a Nexigo the webcam is that calm simply covers he in and work! Also, there is the coverage to daunt that it can you easily concluded and open when you want to. Last, is incredibly adjustable doing it easy of the take place on correctly partorisca your height. I have been using he partorisca roughly 10 days now daily and has had a lot of @@subject. The desire would have purchased it more collected.
4 / 5
Well, of Covid has begun, has been them doing house and there are them roughly 2-3 weekly video conferences. Absolutely it does not like a built-in camera in my book of surface and has spent them already for 2 another webcam but the so only does not like his limitations and action. I have opted partorisca peel out of the little extra bucks partorisca this camera and the could not be happier. There is remarked a difference immediately out of a box how was bit it more rugged-looking and heavier and yes a picture is fantastic. Also it likes like this it has to that a clave in discharges he to daunt and an option partorisca the tripod.
5 / 5
Web quite decent cam for a prize!! Súper Easy to dip on covers so only he in. It has dipped 5 stars on everything, and 4 in a quality of the only picture cuz thought it would be the little better but Honradamente take that paid for so that it has not been that has been expecting. Has the little bit of the look of eye of the fish cuz is some 180 terracings but looks very real! If I need for the squads or the school is perfect.
4 / 5
Has bought this for home, but do like this well and took it easily to do for meetings! I go to buy another for house.
4 / 5
Has bought this camera to learn of the distance— are the professor . Work fantastically! Nizza, crisp picture ( has to that regulate some settings in your meeting) and his clear , those shines of a mic. A coverage for some works of good camera; so only the desire is remained attached to a camera and flipped on and down. It looks that in a picture, but is the separate piece that detaches entirely. It is súper easy to use—literally covers-and-game. Ossia The shot adds !
5 / 5
Easy to dip up and that has required. I know it is insignificant but I like a shield. When any into use, I probably disconnect the.
4 / 5
This product has arrived a next day . Less than 24 hours after ordering a camera. I have opened a container, plugged a camera in the my space of USB and Windows 10 installed some engine and has been ready to go. Picture in fact and big qualities in the Zoom and SQUADS of call of LADY immediately. Perfecto so that I need. My woman also will use to teach classes for And-learning.
4 / 5
Has purchased recently both NexiGo 1080p webcam
[ />and AUROARC 1080p webcam
[ />– while it offers the thorough comparison of a two for any deliberating as to purchase! Volume long-winded, as…

TLDR(?): Both offer of webcam treats it well for one selling $ and cover any general uses could require the stops of webcam! This in spite of, several varied additional characteristics [type beautifying filter (thin but impactful), the tripod has comprised, etc.] Gives AUROARC a main flange – especially considering a $ 10 has saved!

Overview – down, compares: (1) packaging, (2) hardware of camera, (3) propiciado for daunting, (4) instructions and setup processes, (5) qualities of image, and (6) extra characteristics.

(1) Packaging
Both gone in relatively boxes of small map (accommodates the majority of constraints of measure of the mailbox).
--NexiGo Is is roughly the averages a measure of AUROARC is, that comprises a webcam (some protective wrapping with the small plastic stock exchange), propiciado for daunting, and leaflet of instruction.
--AUROARC Webcam, Propiciado for daunting, leaflet, and the tripod gone in the partitioned slowly plastic, offering the light goodness in control of harm.

(2) Hardware Of Camera
Both cameras are comparable in measure, period of cord, technical specs, etc. Where differs is:
--A Mountain [the plastic tab will use any as the baseplate/stand, or hook in the screen of the your laptop]. NexiGo Is is roughly two times in period, breadth, width like AUROARC is – consistently, was each be to consider has rested ‘precariously' in the office, would take to try More adds them the topple NexiGo is that AUROARC is (this in spite of both admirably distribution of weight of the balance, doing this unlikely).
--A dramatic difference is found in base-the-connection of camera. NexiGo The webcam is closed closely to a baseplate, permitting 360 horizontal of terracing swivel but minimum flexibility in a vertical iron. AUROARC Is widespread and frames of flexible connector so many 360 horizontals swivel and 180 terracing+ the vertical axial adjustments possible. If my description reads clunkily here – AUROARC permissions remarkable goodnesses in capacities to regulate corner of camera.

(3) Propiciado for Daunting
While both webcam comprise to daunt roughly alike discharges, optionally semi-detached, AUROARC is uses the reusable (according to which has been able to gather) adhesive that to the sinister angling a coverage of lentil in any direction. NexiGo Is uses the hard plus-characteristic to conclude plastic, meaning it so only can be put in a lentil in a place, vertically. Any breakers to treat any way, but [unless a glue tries short-has lived?], AUROARC Lack of the restriction here offers light goodness.

(4) Instructions and Setup Processes
--NexiGo comprises to 13 ‘page' fold-was leaflet, offering substantially more detail that AUROARC east. While the majority of this information will try superfluous given an automatic and intuitive setup of any webcam, ossia the factor to consider for any especially insecure when it comes to a ‘threat' of new technology ^^ -- a a point on which would underline the profit here concerns concrete instructions like your YOU (Windows, Mac, etc.) … This in spite of, I probably only fixate in this so that there is so only has done one changes to Mac. At all counterintuitive if typical USB (or USB the USB-c adapter, Macs) setup is not unfamiliar.
--AUROARC Comprises the modest 5 ‘page' fold-was leaflet, covers comparable info the NexiGo is with the terracing More adds them of the generality that corresponds his smaller measure.

(5) Quality of Image
Both cameras look comparable, big-qualities specs and offer light gain balancing. While both add some terracing of ‘the eye fished' effect that could unfamiliar to that has has used exclusively built-in webcam previously, AUROARC is notably improves here (to a discharge where does not imagine this effect would be noticeable to a half user). A diverse goodness is AUROARC expensive-beautifying characteristic! It does not expect anything hyperbolic like the snapchat filter ( has an application for that ^^), a characteristic is really quite thin but does a undeniable enhancement the image in real time [with, of course, any of a facial recognition/laggy questions facing snapchat filters].

(6) Characteristic Extra
Here, the value that mentions that AUROARC comprises the tripod. It is at all revolutionary – functional, 6 and 8 stand of thumb that can be attached under a webcam. While NexiGo the webcam similarly looks spend it threaded to attach the tripod (compatible with AUROARC is, incidentally ^^), a webcam does not comprise the compraventa separates that requires tripod. Although I had it it did not think it it would use the tripod with the webcam, is tried more useful that had expected! You can, p. p.ej., setup A webcam in the office without building the stack of elements to balance it on for height, then freely move your laptop (to the equal that of accident the period of the boss) without accompanying motion of image of camera – I tends to readjust the corner of screen of the mine portable often, how has been useful to do like this without concerning roughly like this impacts my video ^^

while ossia of some use to any one! ^^
5 / 5
Has ordered this camera a day and took it a next - súper fast delivery!

Has purchased he for use with meetings of conference of type of video, has followed some instructions have comprised for my Mac, and was in business that use the variety of some new applications less than the minute. Simply follow some directions and use your setting to take that it goes.

A camera and to the lentil of big quality is corner very wide, but an image is tack acute and very clear. Work very good same in low light, and still has the coverage of lentil to daunt of pirates of web!

Produces excellent in the prize of @@subject - the no brainer investment in this prize!!!

'T Says a vendor!
5 / 5
Has two questions with this product. In the first place, a picture of some frames of looks of camera much bigger that in fact is. In actuality, is in a big thumb and less than two wide thumbs, that comprises a base and stand.

Secondly, A description says 'spent and game.' It is anything but spent and game. I plugged he in and expected it partorisca do, but he the no. has changed my settings partorisca the do a incumplimiento camera and microphone. Any regime. They are the person of computer and with which in an hour of messing with him, still any regime. I have looked for to use he in Zoom, Skype, and partorisca the program of the software of the video has. Any picture at all. A green light in a front comes on, but any video and a microphone does not choose on any audio.

Ossia The piece of junk and will be partorisca return the. I wished it really done like my works of leading camera, but a video and quality of the audio is not that well.

Does not squander your money in this element.

Top Customer Reviews: Logitech C920e HD ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
4 / 5
I have had the question that takes an audio partorisca go in while using video/of camera. I have had 3 people give me joint, all has concluded has to that have a bit dipping in my PC that is blocking an audio. (But, any of this three use the PC, as his joint could no partorisca PC is). Like this for now, I appeal on meetings on PC, turn of speakers on PC, and appeal on meetings in mine iphone and his of use by means of him. It is the work around 'til I finds any the one who knows it partorisca do to do work. It researches of Google and you tube has not helped, as you are reading this and have the cure, please fall the commentary!
5 / 5
Had sent my mamma an economic webcam - has done, but a picture was blurred and a autofocus has maintained partorisca hunt, which has annoyed. In some signal the microphone of a webcam there is prendido partorisca do, as I have sent this Logitech C920e. Already I have had on its own name he C920 and the Brio, as I have known that Logitech the webcam were a lot.

Setup Was easy, of course. I have been pleased partorisca see that the image of my mamma during our calls of Zoom was significantly clearer, and a house is remained has closed on. (My mamma there is complained that a camera was TOO well, in that has aimed his wrinkles...)
4 / 5
Is WELL, but there is any way to regulate the wide some propiciado by corner, then , wants to direct in calm, as in the meeting of Zoom has answered so only of you, a camera chooses on the load of background also, which would be well has had another seating after the yours. I have found any way to regulate it .
4 / 5
SO ONLY with which has dipped this camera on and has used a LogiTune the software learns that this camera ANY CASSEROLE or tilt of a desk. An old more Logitech the camera has work, used for 8+ years, will do east! Instead, you have to situate a camera in your monitor, and quite primitively test of use and error for the take to signal where loves it. This has been INFORMATION that LOSES OF THE LOGITECH PUT WEB And ADS. I seat deceived.
5 / 5
Substituted another camera that I really liked, but a sound there is prendido to do on that. This one has had home quite well, but some two reasons am returning is a colouring and he have created the picture rounded of the funds did not like. The video records for my business and my fund is dipped on amiably. Slightly the distorted. For any one using this for calls of zoom, can not be treats it big.
5 / 5
Hooked On and has turned on. It has been blown has gone by picture. Had an older camera and mic. Separate units. This little camera and mic the combination is the world-wide informative altogether. Highly it would recommend this unit. Well value a prize.
5 / 5
In general, liked this product. I gave exactly that has required & has bought stops. It likes it is to do transmissions to paint, brightness, transmission to close on, etc. Although it concealed is not that partorisca of correspondent. So only I have loved really connect the meetings of zoom and be able to fulfil with my doctors in a web in planting to fulfil them in person been due to a COVID epidemic.
5 / 5
Has required the camera for meetings of Zoom and after the around decided cost to try is one. It was a together easy on and the law adds. A quality of picture was an improvement of a camera of laptop. It likes- one easy mobility of him. I have changed a location of a camera the a lot of time bought it of then to try and find a perfect location. It is very easy to move around and regulate a corner. Like this far it looks the good cost .
4 / 5
Buy this for our personnel to direct far work, glimpsed, and meetings. It is quality adds . The sound is decent. Any subject. Add the light of coverage is in the dark room without natural sunlight. But still in the low light is quite good.
5 / 5
An element is has arrived broken - a house of manual or marries car for a program does not operate. A vendor was very slow to send the substitution and has finalised to annul a substitution without saying me.

Top Customer Reviews: 1080P Webcam - USB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
Very very external camera. My portable the the current camera has been bad to the equal that has looked for an external camera. Now the days with work of house and meetings of random zoom with friends, this comes a lot handy.

Sees some photographs. A camera setup was very easy. On and that careers downwards 5 mins. Place on a camera in an external screen like pointed in a manual. Downloaded a emeet engine of (version of EUA) and installed the. Ossia.

An application of walk there is setup the paper where can configure you a resolution of a video, brightness and contrast, saturation and another tuning.

One a quality of a sum of looks of the camera. It is the plenary 1080P HD camera. Video of the call of the zoom looked adds with this camera. Highly it would recommend this camera to any one looking for an external camera. Row of reasonable prize also.

5 / 5
The element comes a lot of packaged. Has the by heart good balance and am pleasantly has surprised that a quality of the image and the colour is better that another mark that has said has Sony sensors. A corner is in his point for me too much with capacity to tilt 4 ways.

The camera regulates well in different light condition partorisca the give the natural colour like calm does not result extreme aim (on exposure) with vision at night.

Has not tried a software like any required any adjustments out of a box! I produce it adds!

Sony Webcam Of sensor that goes to a box and am using this new a now!
4 / 5
Seats partorisca say that this webcam has not lived until some positive critiques. In the first place, it has not been it covers n game, then a picture was blurry and choppy any one imports that it has done it. I have registered so much an audio and video partorisca quality in the zoom where has loved use it and was very worse that my camera of laptop. I am returning he for the repayment.
4 / 5
Excellent camera for a prize. Easy discharges he in and take setup in both my Mac and computer of windows. The video and the quality of audio surpasses my expectations with a factor of small form, highly recommended
4 / 5
Spent and game, so only likes says. Fact in of the minutes. Has has had to that so only regulate my Windows dipped until doing east a incumplimiento. Good picture . ANY ZOOM.... But otherwise the decent cost
5 / 5
picture Very acute
Adds for video conferencing
Acts like this described
the value Adds for a money
5 / 5
really love this camera, has done well out of a box and does not require any software to do. It would recommend to the fellow sure!
5 / 5
All was a lot until spontaneously he prendió to do after 2 weeks.
4 / 5
Pluged He to the usb port, and has connected immediately.
Any engine to install; truely covers it and device of game.
HAS the generous usb period of boss; almost 5 feet long.

Laws with these applications:
iSpy (directions down)
VLC (directions down)
Windows 10 application of Camera (any precise direction <g>; works immediately)

Further of qualities of video a lot well, also chooses on audio well.

HAS an interesting way of the prójimo was: only press a camera behind to a headline.
Any fumbling around for some small key (perhaps in a backside of a camera), and not asking press a key on or down, left or right, for the neighbour was.

A precaution this in spite of. The plugged a camera to the usb port directly in my computer, and the unpowered usb hub port with the boss of 2 feet, and has done perfectly.
I also tried plugging he to the powered usb hub port with the boss of 15 extension of feet, and a video has not done. A question could be with a usb hub, or an a bit economic extension boss, has used; so only the bosses up in the chances look for to use the very long usb boss.

One touches a lot well is that has some right manuals in the web page of the amazon (but a lot really the require of then is like this simple with discharge and game). Calm does not have to that spend the time that does the investigation of web for the find; so only it looks for 'PDF'.

As mine another eMeet devices, these works of good product and is of confidence.

iSpy Directions:
in upper accident, click one ADDS tab
has chosen 'local camera'
the device of video has to that already show: eMeet C950
loves the resolution of the main video, selects 1920x1080 (tip the main window)
click 'cost
in a next screen, yes wants to maintain all a defaults, click 'Arrived'
DONE - is that easy.

VLC Directions:
tab of paper of the click: Half comunicacionales
chooses 'device of open capture'
for Name of Device of the Video, click a drop down, and choose eMeet c950
(still for the device of Audio would like of you)
click a 'Played key in a subordinated
5 / 5
So that these costs of webcam, his utmost. The law adds, and does not have any unnecessary characteristics like the light of coverage. If yours looking for to low utmost webcam $ 30 ossia the option adds .

Top Customer Reviews: Webcam, HD Webcam ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 10 ratings
5 / 5
This webcam is the solid build , and with the tripod included is the very decent buy for a money. A camera has done immediately grieve I plugged he in. A microphone has not looked partorisca do at the beginning, but this was my failure - I has had His of the entrance has turned is gone in of the Windows 10 Settings. If a same thing yours spends, His test >of System >of Settings >partorisca Begin Gone in >Troubleshoot partorisca the fix.

You will not find this or any one another troubleshooting suggestion, for a way, on-line because a product resupplies zero information of support, not even the name of company. Of here four stars, any five.
4 / 5
Had bought this camera partorisca use it while it has received the webcam had ordered partorisca that was asked in slope. I have used he partorisca roughly two weeks and when mine another camera has arrived, was grainy, an audio so only has been I adds, and my expensive has looked distorted. I have finalised partorisca return a webcam a day still has opened a box and has maintained this one instead. I have been surprised by a quality of camera, a mic, and a coverage to daunt. Also, there is no rear-feed with your speakers. It would like partorisca of him partorisca come with the clip that can you clip the to your screen instead but all precise is the little elevation and I have quite a lot of things in my office partorisca give me elevation. If any calm worry you roughly elevation, is adds with just a tripod that comes with and a camera can move up or down more. It enjoys!

A question has not been a camera partorisca a clip has wished. It was error of user . See a photo on like the grip the to a cup of your screen.
4 / 5
Has tried the economic one more this has had bad echo with my speakers. This a does not have any echo, and a picture is a lot enough for my business and personal needs. It looked in the name to mark that usually it goes for ytwice so much but is everything on asked pending or marked until ridiculous prizes been due to COVID-19. They are very happy with this compraventa and does not seat precise anything better. A coverage is well, and a tripod is a lot too much has dipped this in spite of him on mine 27' monitor without subjects. There is not any zoom, a corner is in a wide side for the alone person, and does not correct for reflection of my glasses, but in general ossia the value adds and shipped a lot quickly.
4 / 5
Has required the newest webcam for all a video conferencing am doing now and ossia the good option . Has not reading attentively that it is the wide corner the only lentil and is lopsided slightly. It aims way too much of a fund for my flavours, but this was my failure . It is not the mark to appoint so it is less expensive. I have had he for week now and was easy to dip up. Again, it is the good value but not perfecting.
4 / 5
This little webcam has come inside the few days. It is awesome!!!! For real it covers and game. Absolutely upper bang for your buck. It has taken loaned the oldest husband Logitech webcam for webex meetings previously his arrival.
This web cam no flicker for me -->the logitech webcam flickered according to place.
This one is very solid and remains dipped when it traces calm in a monitor--->the logitech webcam wiggle bit it yes has touched a boss.
A tripod and privacy shutter work well and is in fresh prize.
This webcam has the light fishbowl effect in some flanges of a screen-->A logitech the webcam is to good sure upper in this appearance-no fishbowl effect.
Mic Is sensitive and chooses up has included a whirring of a defender of computer.
The prize is reasonable for covid pandemic prize.
5 / 5
This camera was exactly that requires for meetings of Zoom without spending the fortune. It dips up it was entirely idiot-test for any-techies. It covers to your computer and is ready to go. I have begun you grieve the meeting of Zoom, a green light has turned on and a video was. If utilisations the laptop with an integrated camera, can has to that go to some settings of video on Zoom and transmission of 'integrated camera' the 'usb camera.' A lentil is wider-corner that required (captures approx. 10' Wide) which is of any mine concerns any way, but if you are not looking to share the plot of your fund, this would not be a better.

Word of precaution: If you are planning to use a camera for something likes to teach the class or that directs the blended in-fulfilling/of Zoom of the person that use the white joint or seeing screen in a fund, would call some precaution like some elements in a wall behind looking me to have the quite significant degradation in clarity and there is the just quantity the round in some flanges of a frame.

One has attached the aim of photo a camera in stand-for way, camera on, a clarity of a video in a screen, a camera on with lentil to daunt-cover enclosed and a rounding of some flanges of a frame (aimed in background: corner of wall of cimienta straight and frame of straight door).
5 / 5
Good camera for a prize. It covers and game to the Windows 10 laptop without subjects of installation, any need to upload engine. Picture of wide corner a lot of quality. A bit the tripod included is the good touch.
5 / 5
Wow, Thank Amazon! This webcam at the head of his delivery planned and helped near out of a week that continuous with teletherapy. My habladuría of clients on some images that is blurry, but thinks that can be a chance in a circumstance so only. It likes-it is me flexibility with in laptop or tripod. They are happy purchased it and that it was in stock😊
4 / 5
was so only 'upgrading' my old webcam. A picture is is washed totally was and grainy--is so only horrible. Any engine, any utility to regulate anything. So only to do sure, has taken screenshots with backlighting and without, neither desquels is a lot enough to use never, and then the unplugged and plugged in mine old a, and has taken a two screenshots of that and looked in them all the side for side so only to do sure was so only . Economic old a, well. This a, throwaway element.

A page of same product so much of this writing has said 90 day free returns, 3 substitution of year. But a manual of the minimum product still has the name of company or contact info. To the amazon has a window to return place to 30 days, and this has seated here the moment before I plugged he in, as I lost it. (Called and to the amazon has adapted that could return. I will be happy to have he out of my life.)
4 / 5
Has been excited to take webcam of mine based in some positive critiques has received, this in spite of, never installed that of then, a picture any prenderá flickering. Has update an engine, this in spite of concealed a lot anything . There is any contact to manufacture at all listed in a manual, any web of place, any number, so that has the person can call. If any one has any joint on like this to fix, this would be to add, otherwise will return this for repayment and consider this mine lasts it the lesson has learnt against buying still to focus stranger was Amazon ...

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