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Top Customer Reviews: VacLife Portable ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Note: In my semi-detached photo and video some scratches on a compressor are why was quite transmission to dip this to the rovescio in the concrete paving when have pulled out of a hose of air - my bad.

I really like this VacLife compressor. One first what I remarked when have pulled he of a box is that it felt solid and well has done.

Has not tried connecting a cord of power to my car, has used AC conversor instead. The access of discharges of this unit snugly to a conversor.

Pro Is:
1. Calm for the compressor. I any precise to cover them of to ear like him with another compressor Of me possesses.
2. A hose is not rigid, his flexible and easy to manoeuvre.
3. A nozzle is not a ray on type. Has the fast disconnect that reads well. I have not lost any pressure to air when attaching or take a hose of air of a root of wheel. So only the fast 'hiss' except any loss of real air.
4. Easy to use, so only connect a hose:
- Then dipped a unit of the pressure wished (psi or me) with a 'R' key - no sure the one who a 'R' stands for although
- Then dipped a pressure wished with some +/- keys
- beginning of the Next swipe and a unit will close was automatically once achieves a pressure has wished
5. A pressure was very attentive when I have tried he with the gauge with which have finalised to fill a wheel.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Calm exited never to your automobile and found your paving of wheel, or there is remarked that pressure of wheel that warns light on when you go to start with your vehicle these cold days? If this is to spend your so much has to that me on like this occasions, then ossia the bomb that can trust you on!

Took around 10 minutes to pump on the big SUV goes 265/55/18 of 0 psi to 35 psi. See my video for details.

Some of some characteristic that marks this stand of product averts:
1. Digital gauge- dip a pressure wished and leave of the bombs a rest, will turn was once a pressure of the wheel wished has been achieved.
2. A plastic is of good quality, has included a bond around a boss to be able to is drawn opportunely for reusability (sees pictures)
3. Some the additional annexes have comprised to pump elements others those wheels.
4. A light is also handy and resupplies abundance of light start.

Has come of desires with the chance, and has had some additional room for some bosses, but liked that it can it you tuck of some bosses to a device, and a plastic is finalised amiably around some flanges so that has no hard flanges.

The hips would be well has had the version of battery has operated that the has not had to trust an agreement, but at least in this way he a lot never left down.

Is the product adds that he that is to announce to do, think that a specs is true to a real representation of an element based in my experience. If you are looking for the bombs adds, looks no further!
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. No really it was that to expect of this little compressor of air, but to the left say, he the work adds! Has the plot of characteristics is and is a lot of user-friendly. Has a FOCUSED light on he to use at night calms so much can see to inflate your wheel takings stuck is gone in a darkness. One of some things I like a more roughly is that has the digital exposure, as when you have dipped he yours root of the calm valve automatically points that yours the pressure of wheel is, and then calms so only dipped the to anything yours the pressure has wished is and the turn on and automatically will inflate to this pressure closely. To good sure recommends!
P.D. I have uploaded the video of me trying this out of, and has said that it was the little slow to pump, but would have to that add that my pressure of wheel was quite down in the pair, those have taken one the majority of time. In another 2 was around 27psi, and has taken so only perhaps the min in one the majority of to pump to 35psi. Any way, is the product adds and a lot handy to have, quite small to returned in your trunk or in transports to spend wherever precise!
4 / 5
When I have bought this I for real has not expected any a lot of.

This in spite of

Has surpassed my expectations in the pair of different categories.

A period of cord was like any another could cover he AC the lighter he ameno external of the mine car and fill especially four wheels without trying to achieve
has EXTENDED ALSO the pair of the feet further where could do some bicycles near of my nave.


Usually some the small plastic units vibrate and is really annoying

But this a has not vibrated grieves at all.

Some the whole times there is topped was all four wheels could read a digital exposure without him shaking.

An accuracy is inside a pound and ossia perfect for my limited requires

An on-and-was the key is perfect located up and easy to access


Can see a FOCUSED light going in in the pinch at night time.

Would purchase this element throughout again and probably will buy for presents for my daughters.
4 / 5
Laws a lot well. It gives support the speed is quickly. There is s digital exposure of a current pressure. Very easy to use
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Quite easy to the use has read once some instructions and try it was. It dips a pressure. The arrivals that blinks. Press a power. Partorisca For him.

A boss is long. It is it adds. It does not surround a car, but is long enough to easily achieve. Appearance do not have real reason for the external use of interview of pressure. But at least I know work a lot well. Works in the plot of stuffs supposes thanks to some annexes.
4 / 5
Absolutely hate fill my wheels. Everywhere that air of offers where alive the cariche and I always take stressed was while doing it feeling some second tick for and like the money is dulcemente trickling was. Look of mine of wheels to require to be fill each little month (mostly during a winter) and always finalises to be the task postponed while possible, which know is not well for my wheels. Enter this little car. It has taken after going to a place has fill typically my wheels in and the finding has take a bomb of air. Already it had taken the good quantity of energy to do I until going for the do and has decided has not been the value that finds the new bomb. Them it pocola research and after @giving the one who abordable the compressors of air would be decided to buy my own. With which comparison quite widespread has solved in this type. It has taken to good sure the little bit of time for me for the take to do except once was perfect! It was able to take my wheels until pertinent pressure inside the pocolos small. My main suggestion is to do sure to maintain fill each wheel for at least the minute before you decide is not when the be has filled. This was my question , at the beginning left it so only in the each wheel for around 30 second and when I have not seen a transmission of pressure has imagined has not been attached has taken very concerned went it to overfill and a reader has not been attentive. It has looked finally quite attentive. Like the note is very noisy, but thinks that would have to that be expected thus type of car. To good sure would recommend this car is looking for a way abordable to fill your house of wheels!
4 / 5
Has done at the beginning add and used it two times for my Car and highland Bicycle but then again a lot usually have flat wheels and this weekend my highland bicycle has taken the flat wheel then when I used it to inflate my new tube there is remarked that a pressure of piece of digital wheel the exposure begins to the trace has then gone down and the air begins to exit of a hose on where has attached to a car is exited then because of pressure...( It sees Pictures) there is Disappointed reasons I cant is returned the neither exchanged it reason have lost he for 7 box of leaves of days or accept turn.
4 / 5
A unit directly on has not done. This individual VacLife failure in a point where has dipped your pressure wished and then attended for a flashing to take. Some partorisca to flash but a pressure has selected is not retained and looks to go down to a real pressure of a wheel (My control of a pressure of wheel has aimed 30 PSI that requires an inflation to 36 PSI-When a flashing prendido my pressure closely of 36 PSI is gone down to 29.5 PSI). Any sake.
4 / 5
Has purchased this a pleasure the present of anniversary for my brother, which has received the few days does. The reports of brother loves a VacLife compressor of air. It used it immediately to pump on 12 wheels of bicycle in some 6 bicycles, and has taken one 5 of his grandchildren in another hike of bicycle. It informs his 12 old year and the grandson and grandson of 11 years has looked he so that it has taken out of a box and has used a product for a first time in an of some wheels of bicycle. A grandson of 6 years has asked: Where it is of the 'constructions' and was the liitle puzzled like this to his be written in a vacuum.

After looking the full brother-arrive two wheels, a grandson has has wanted to he after taking note of a fact a hose attaches goes it so only like his bomb of bicycle. The grandson has not had any question that use a compressor, and balked when his sister has loved to try it, but relented. A two has fill some remaining wheels to other bicycles without any question. Ossia The one who easy is to use.

A VacLife the compressor has the stable big program; the long hose and quickly attach and root of emission an expensive plus as seen in competitor of television no.

A VacLife surpassed all the expectations!!!

Done perfectly out of a box so only that follows a simple four instructions of any in a compressor -- really easy. It transports to start with; it covers in faculty; pressure of air of the together; setting of pressure to air left to stop blinks it (2seconds) attaches to tire and start. Stops Automatically and does not have to that it resists.

Top Customer Reviews: EPAuto 12V DC ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Has! I want to this characterises small.

Quan Said "little type", I mean that fondly. It has Had the portable wheel inflator since, well, can not take when, but is been at least three carts. It IS measurably main that this one and very almost so impressive.

IS the big adherent to eschew canal of gas to maintain my bloated wheels. Alln Of a clumsiness of some bombs, his effectiveness is sometimes sketchy. It opens, with today of pressure to turn these systems of controls (TPMS), takes a memory has gone far too very time without verifying and which more perfect and convenient time in of the wheels to change that in the cart rested and fresco out of your main own door.

This all would ask of the laptop inflator: it is hurriedly, is effective and is calm. My old inflator has sounded like rasgue in mine when the driveway used the and probably takes two times so long to do.

Has seen some questions in a potential stray air while decoupling a hose to connect and he look some bombs can run the little in a declared PSI so that it protects for this situation. An automatic enclosed-was when achieves a pressure has posed is the enormous boon, while I can noise around in a trunk or work in a car without the pot constantly controls a bomb.

Can not say a lot in a stock exchange to spend, is the beast of small thing that it is probably for rasgar over time, but that it is nonsensical when that pause quite action and value. If there is very quibble at all, was concealed does not look for to be able to close of a light in a bomb. It is not the big roads of the perspective to be able in, only a OCD thing (why has it on a day?).

That is to say the compraventa adds in the terrific prize.
4 / 5
I have purchased this to leave in my trunk for the emergencies and a first time have tried use the, a torch/to be able comes on, poses one PSI want to and a compressor no at all. I have tried to change sources to be able in, has verified my vehicle distributes a correct current, has turned he on and was again, poses a PSI main concealed required and an engine of the compressor still does not come never on. For the product has estimated so highly, can not think did not include once. I have finished with less than air in my wheels after a bleeds to attach and detatching a valve. It does not recommend any one buying this so that it can not be sure will take the working unit

Edits 10/9/2017
nicknamed EPAuto after my subject with a bomb of wheel, but hanged shortly after any when being pas able to achieve his support. I call me behind the few days later and after the fast discussion, offered to the road marks it new unit for free. I did not take it casualidad for the try until only recently to inflate the spare wheel of my woman in his trunk. A recommendation of the manufacturer for this change is 60 PSI. He the fast work in him up until around 45 PSI where delays down dramatically. Still it takes a work has done at the end so that pode no any fault on concealed.

Pro: This compressor of air has one of some systems of the management of the better cape compared in those has used in a past; there it is acodado to line a hose of air around a unit with additional void to line one 12V cape in a base of leg. Also it enter it zip up stock exchange of trip. Posing a pressure of the wheel has wished is also a lot hurriedly like circle of numbers very hurriedly.

With: The delays to bomb down dramatically besides big PSI. A light in a unit neither can be turned has been. Any too negative while this one continues to do!
5 / 5
I am the car type and has dozens of these things. Having to revise material I very amour or really mamma. In C likes him!
IS heavier that half and when being quality, calmer that more bomb - almost too much calm, while it can not say his fact, amour a button of pressure of the car! I can do in other parts of some automobiles while some wheels are inflating. Pause in your pre-selected PSI. The cord embroils on more orderly that more another and has hurriedly clips of alloy to maintain them snug! It comes with the stock exchange of handy storage. (I thinks listened any complained in a quality of a stock exchange) - is more concealed adapted and more importantly accesses easily. Has the nifty spends cape up. Well of period of the cord, the light is the handy characteristic , easy to read exposure. The controls are intuitive and your pre-stays of the pressure of the wheel posed that default til or changes it. Noise very small and vibration when the better operative road that half. The time of bomb is in meso. One the new characteristic for me is a ray in of the annexes in valve. It was sceptical in of the this, but a time still has wanted to to give comes from it. As you Have suspected can loose 1/2 in 1 psi when disconnecting the. Only it attaches 1 psi in selector - is still hurriedly and easy to connect and disconnect. I have paid full prize for this bomb. 5 star.
1 / 5
This anteriorly had been to 5 description of star. Quan Has bought in the first place this has not had any problem with him. 2 month later aided the type stranded in a road. A compressor will not kick in. It is been seating in my car intact of a premier and the only time used it. Focused and work of pressure of gauge, but any compressor.
1 / 5
Update 07.23.17

The unit of the substitution Used and has had identical problem. After 3 it uses a class of hose of interior of the nuts of era was. A metal used for the nuts hurriedly erode and no longer can locate a hose of compressor likes him consequence of valve. Launcher inflator in of the rubbishes. Supremely Displeased. Oh Well, The continuous life in.

Update 04.25.17

The vendor has agreed to the unit of road of the substitution done 5 days but has failed to ship while it promise. According to vendor, the amazon is responsible for a delay.

An interior of nuts of hose of the supremely soft annex and has spent in fact down after quite a lot of 10 uses. The marks that attaches hose to tire the almost impossible root.
1 / 5
The bomb has prendido to do after first use. Shame on me very to return he in time. It looks more the people is satisfied with his, but is unfortunate there also look to be quite the small futility. Only sure when being for the try was immediately and the return hurriedly he to do.
1 / 5
Only it take it this has rid today and has tried he for a first time. It looks he likes him cheaply Chinese junk fact (Load of Port) priced to sell in some masses. Included even so there is not very a lot of to know enough that to use this compressor, some instructions are printed only in a box he. Any one another the manual was comprised and some instructions have printed in a box, is written by any concealed does not know English very good. It IS the fatality giveaway where this has come from/come from. I am not convinced this compressor of portable air goes in last. I suppose that the time will say. Once in the squad of the time has been like this done in some the EUA with materials of craftsmanship and better quality and has been designed to be the quality produces reliable that would last. This compressor of beat of air or can not take a work has done since you but in any case, only very when being cheap

February 25, 2018 update.
Only after possessing this for only three or four days so far, has taken this compressor today for a second time the crown of an air in some wheels in my Civic Deep woman. A compressor was totally fatality. It can not take to do. Died.Died.fatality. It IS the good thing was in our own driveway and has not entered a half of nowhere with the flat wheel. This truly is the piece of Chinese junk as it has suspected. I am returning this POS in Amazon and tent for another compressor. Hopefully The compressor that is to do in last more concealed once. It averts. It does not waste your money in this piece of unreliable Chinese junk.
5 / 5
That is to say a bomb of the better air has not possessed never! My familiar has maintained always bombs to air in case of emergency. My last a trace of discount in the tent and was terrible. This bomb is sum ! I have bought he for my trailer of boat. It pumps on some wheels, with my heavy boat in a trailer, and the fact adds! I want that it can the yours poses in a correct PSI and then the just walk was. I attach purchase!
1 / 5
This has not exited of a box for me. I am returned he for the name of better mark (the data takes). I have posed he until it pumps in 30PSI and begin, then suddenly just decree in 16.5 and does not begin never up again although and has turned he on or has been. It does not recommend this.
1 / 5
The defective product. He no right out of a box. Has followed directions with accuracy,submerges besides light of cigarette with the engine these races. A flashes the light has entered solid-could not turn was. Hooked Until root of valve of the wheel, digital readout is coming on and has posed a pressure has wished. The change looked poses--at all! I am returning in Amazon, thank you advantage for repayments and of the First turns!!!

Top Customer Reviews: AVID POWER Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
It was compraventa for the laptop inflator so that it does not have to go in canal to maintain and treat that clumsy contraption with a long hose, a limit of time of 5 minutes and a load. Desprs Reading a lot of descriptions and learning on some two basic operating systems, (rechargeable stack and one covers-in-the system of the automobile) has decided in a version of wireless stack. It was pleasantly surprised to find this mark that comprises both type of chargers in the reasonable prize. I have touched a unit during four hours in front of my first use.

Has taken only the new Altima and of the experiences are spent, knows that dealerships very troubling verifying pressures of wheel. I am exited my gauge and coverage some wheels with 50 psi, one with 38 psi and an another two with 42 psi. Of a maximum pressure listed in some wheels are 51 psi, decided to pose 40 psi in the each wheel. I have posed a inflator for 40 psi and automatically prendido where has to. Attaching these two lbs. Of the pressure has taken 6-7 bren. I have verified a pressure with my gauge, which are quite accurate. It Liked me to him his a plus of easy clamp-in connector in place of a ray-in type. Air Very small is lost when takes a connector. A digital exposure is easy to read.
A inflator is mere to use, included without reading some directions. I can not speak with his durability after only or use limited, but law while it has to.
5 / 5
It goes enough it adds inflator, so easy to spend in your car, any worry in your wheels in a road, any necessity to look for the canal of gas to pump your wheels! To well sure want this product!
And with a load of portable cart, seriously will want to it
1 / 5
Only it take inflator, looks to do EXCEPT the book of instruction is exited Masterwork 20 V automotive the cold wireless hammer combo box and no for a bomb. I have tried to call a company (any response) and the road an email that clue his instructions and this was unable to be done or. Please fixed for any one to contact me and/or the subject join me book of instruction for this product.
5 / 5
The works add!
This wireless inflator comes with the adapter to be able to car for car use, although some careers of stack was. Works well and save the plot of energies, only pre-has posed a gauge of pressure, then left the only to pump and afterwards was automatically when achieved a pre-the value has posed. I can take in a cart to have the rest and does not require to be in a sun. The light FOCUSED is always on during inflating, convenient mark to take an air of launches of metal at night. The stock exchange of helps of tool me increasing all and he are portable for use of house and car use.
5 / 5
Salvation ...

Has researched in Amazon and found this a besides satisfied product my necessities of internal stack upload (for portability) and compactness (for the storage the easy plus and, premium, comprises the stock exchange to line all the parts), PREVAILS 1: I have tried built-in gauge of pressure and is accurate. It PREVAILS 2: it poses a pressure has wanted and inflator automatically oes a rest!, it PREVAILS 3: service of client on-the-crowd. There is the problem with the part in a unit, a person of service of the client, Elaine, crossed of multiple emails with me and when our workarounds no, well, work, has the complete new unit routed was, N/C.

The experience adds in general use a unit and, then, law with his service of client.
5 / 5
Only it take it his today of Amazon and has taken he in a garage to try. It was easy to use: it Covers he in, attaches in your wheel, gone back he on and select PSI the arrests that press a 'on' button repeatedly. It poses a pressure of air wants with one '+' and '-' buttons, presses a trigger and he attach exactly a psi wants to and has prendido then. These works of element while it announces. I used it to air above the each four of my wheels and a whole process have taken ten minutes less.
3 / 5
Inflator Can no in of the very cold conditions. State storing an interior of device to ensure it will do.
Besides, the pressure has of the aim the big plus that the pressure wished like the real pressure is always go down that his aim for 3psig. ~In a positive side, when races, inflates wheels hurriedly.
5 / 5
At all worse that behaviour in the canal of gas and that finds a machine of air is out of mandate. I am mechanicly uninclined and that is to say easy to use.
5 / 5
The bomb to add portable to air which have the stack can use that without a stack and plugged in your cart or with a stack.
The stack beat it that it is contains touched covers it he in in the socket of wall. Looked in Ryobi but he didnt has each of these characteristic and cost more. The only problem can see is the flange finds this company. To well sure that is to say the Chinese Ryobi knockoff. Or the Chinese company these tez Ryobi. This knows. If the calm does not need never spare parts therefore it do not think you will find the.
1 / 5
Taken a inflator yesterday; it follows instructions to touch stack, the red these loads ignite to upload has prendido to blink after 1-1/2 hours, like the manuals has to have upload for 3 in 5 hours, installed stack in inflator and the unit would not operate . Also lose is a valve of inflation for beds of air and an on for inflatable balloons. Tried to call a company very time -- Any RESPONSE

Top Customer Reviews: TACKLIFE M2 Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Like this ossia an I everywhere adds little compressor of portable air. I used it several times and did not fail me still. Has some quirks which are mentioned down, but in this point of prize will treat him while continuous operate. I have bought two of them, a partorisca me and a partorisca my promise. It is also quite quickly for a measure that's that of prize.

Like quirks is as follows :
1) 1.os the times use it to air on the wheel can look is running far more along that it has to. Has patience he the click was.
2) A digital gauge will not be in sync with a real air in a wheel as it is doing his work.
3) An on/was click of key down when turned in calm so that it owes reset among elements/of wheels, reasons will turn was automatically has paste he once a pressure of air of the aim. Justo am missing could not use the transmission of normal momentary contact. You will see that I bad calms to buy it.

An only real negative I, which explains some 4 stars, has is a digital gauge is has gone by the pair psi which is no biggie reason all have to that do is dipped the to say 30psi run the box for then of control with the known attentive gauge or a vechiles built in TPMS has it to him and regulate consistently. Calm comprises has to that it does not have to that he but calm has to that comprise this thing is not face to the equal that will have trade offs!

In general I but he again.
4 / 5
(+)A Tacklife M2 the compressor is characteristic -packed for a prize.
(+) The speed is decent for a consumption to be able to besides afterwards to 10A that 15A. I fill the 215/55/R17 goes of 0-60PSI in 25 minutes while a Viair 78p he in 15. This in spite of is consumption to be able to is for real 15An and included can blow a 15A fuse occasionally. And almost two times a cost of a Tacklife M2.

(-) A unit is way stronger that a ViAir, as has a unmuffled intake, and like this hot taking the will not be able to pump on enough like this big without taking. 80PSI, Perhaps when cold. But it has more than enough power for any car of passenger to small truck.

(+) A system to cool is very good. It takes the good 40 minutes or like this for him to achieve temperatures of peach. It is hotter in an engine. A boss of compressor and hose of rests of start (a lot) animated this in spite of an engine will take much hotter.

In this note, (-), an On-characteristic to protect of the Temperature is dipped in too big of the temperature. It will burn out of a first engine to be able to cut it thinks.

Has had a compressor in temperature of summit with which roughly 50 minutes of punctually in 30PSI, has odorato a bit.
Has closed was, to the left cools down slightly, has had then bombs until 60PSI. I closed it it was, it turned it then behind on and it could not turn in the has not had a torsion.

In that has it to him prendido, with which roughly 10 according to the smell has begun strong and has known has has had to that the prójimo was reason would not protect .

So that it thinks more need to protect to be additions to ensure it will not burn up. I think that that I have read to somewhere it is in 200F, ossia way too hot.
That can help is to add control of voltage to some followers to cool so much can maintain full RPM while a compressor is pumping.

Conclusion; To the equal that have said that it is characteristic-packed with an attentive presssure gauge, good action for a consumption to be able to, good and only cooling, the prize adds and like this far very of confidence, but effectively has a lot On-protect of Temperature and any control of water. I will update if transmissions of reliabilities.
5 / 5
Any lie has been expecting something main and heavier, but is gone in the small box labeled 5 books. It is tiny and comes with the stock exchange and a connector for wheels. Taken the mainly for the car of my woman of a sensor of wheel is really sensitive and the insiemi was all an engine of lights of control in his car. Has the compressor of air could use but has has wanted to something portable that could covers to a lighter of cigarette. Taken the when it has been on sale and it comparing to all a time has been and filled in the gas canal and has paid 5 bucks quite then attractive a compressor of giant air are entry a cochera was. . . This was a more economic option . Light but no economic feeling, which is odd mine . I add compraventa this in spite of.
4 / 5
Am not sure reason has asked roughly hot? Perhaps it is informing to if a product takes heat when it is on, of then am not sure has left that estimating space. Has thinks that that this was in fact a compressor of air, this was Much bigger that this element is. Ossia My deception for not reading more thorough in a description of products. But it looks exactly like an image, feels sturdy and very done, was simple discharges he in and it beginning that it use, a light was brilliant and very useful, and has taken the little warm but no hot. I had it on for perhaps 10-20 minutes to use a light. It was to return reason want the compressor of real big air for my cochera, but has decided this was the very useful and nifty things to have in some automobiles Incase of a “emergency” or the time can require fill on the wheel like that can maintain or order another alike product. I do really he like this frames this in spite of, tack life.
5 / 5
To the as it likes me in of this element is that it is small and he a work! I have had to substitute my bomb of old air and there is felizmente expósito is one. Prize: his abordable!
4 / 5
Purchased a first edition of this compressor to air mid-2020. I have used that first version in some wheels of three vehicles and airing on the inflatable toys of some boys. All some things disturbed is roughly correct state in a M2 version. Some feet in a fund for sturdier likes control until an into use constant vibration, a stock exchange the worry is done of better cloth, a creation is renewed are so only that the compressor regulates that creation of looks to a ossia more lustrous.
4 / 5
I like a compact and relative measure quietness of a unit. Also it likes that of easy is to use. Unfortunately, it vibrates so that movements around while into use. Besides, a key to be able the taking stuck in a pressed in way. And, finally, it is a bit difficult to take a unit behind in a resupplied pouch. In general, there is more to like quell'aversion in a M2 - if a pair of subjects a unit has been sent has is not orientative of a norm.
4 / 5
Have the band of jump of the battery of tack the life and ossia another product adds. It is a lot I compact to dip in your automobile and love a little stock exchange. It covers he in, connects to a wheel, and the little can comes on, is not sure state if this was a compressor or Press of no. a key to be able to and calm to good sure will know that his on now! It dipped it to a right pressure and was goes! Quite fast to take the mine has sawed-hard-working psi of 30-35. In an end has maintained to compress, and is not sure state yes would close was automatically or no. With which 30 second or the have turned like this was. One of some wheels has continued takes in the minute, and this was an only one of some vehicles TPMS this has said 35 in place of 34. This was probably error of user. It was excited like this to use it there is not reading directions.
4 / 5
Has been of 5psi to 40psi in 4min. Adds to use. Of those who Comprise reasons a chance to spend wasnt bit it big
5 / 5
Ossia the add little compressor, flavour the one who this compact but a weight of him feels likes is to have to that quite heavy , a reason that has bought this on some another is a fact that has has the detachable quickly connect for a wheel that the easy fact to use and inflate another material around my tent, A last what that the fact adds it the small compressor is a fact that comes with the stock exchange of storage that roughly of them a lot, can touch like the pocola what but to good sure the helps have maintained all some parts have organised, in fact buy 2, 1 for each of our cars!

Top Customer Reviews: FORTEM Digital Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
This FORTEM is Faster, Calmer, and has Characteristic Better that my Wagan 3-IN-1. I have bought 2 of these FORTEM is; one east for my Corolla and another east for my woman Camry. We have tried so much Fortem is in a Camry wheels. Each Fortem has inflated 2 wheels. As we inflate 4 wheels in everything. With a car race, plugged in a Fortem in a cart 12V outlet. A FORTEM said a pressure of wheel was at present 36 psi. As we have said a FORTEM (i.et. To press a + sign) to augment a pressure of wheel in 41 psi. NOTE! Once a pressure of wheel is posed in a psi wants to, HAS TO expect until an exposure to blink before change in a change of compressor. This detail is not in some directions. If you try to turn in a change of compressor while an exposure still is blinking, a compressor will not ignite . Once an exposure has prisoner prende to blink, change a FORTEM change of compressor on and looked an increase of pressure of the wheel for 0.5 psi until it achieve 41 psi. Once a FORTEM the exposure has achieved 41 psi, a compressor has run another little bren and has turned then was automatically. This process has taken only a FORTEM enough a minute ; which surprised me so that my Wagan would take at least 2 or 3 min for an exact same thing. A FORTEM was sensibly faster and calmer that my Wagan. Besides, a FORTEM has the digital exposure and the enclosed cart was, but a Wagan does not have these. Also, a FORTEM the digital exposure is the easiest plot to read that one orients of equivalent in my Wagan. So far, I am supremely happy with a FORTEM; it is far upper in a Wagan. In this time, is unable to evaluate a longevity of this product; even so, an excellent guarantee and a responsive service of client in some descriptions, convinced me this was a product to buy . If anything changes in this product, will update my description.
5 / 5
After years of procrastination and lazily behaviour in a canal of gas and paid for air, has decided in the the end goes advance and buy the bomb. After the plot of the investigations has decided in east unit Honestly, all some compressors of the air in the amazon will inflate the wheel and takes a work has done. But that attracted me in this one was a measure , a creation, and this has his stock exchange of own storage. Some descriptions were to sound so that it has also trusted that. Desprs Taking compressor of mine of the air has tried entered my wheel. An operation was mere. Bomb and prendido for his sake. A thing remarked even so, poses a PSI in 32, and after it arrives in 32, expect it has been for him for prender, and an exposure is gone down in 31.5. I unplugged A beak, has verified the sensors of my cart and show 31. It can it has to pose the in 33 PSI in a future to take 32 PSI. I am seriously not going to lose sleeps on that in this field of prize. Desprs Has been done with everything, has tent he under my zone of load and out of view.
5 / 5
Very mere to use, effective, user-cosy drawing. If you are some directions , some works of thing. Reading some of some descriptions, does not think the people are to continuation some very mere directions. A bomb would have to when being in an ERA (Or) posed when limits in in your outlet to be able to car. But know that a torch illuminate. You want to this, but does not want to listen any noise. If you , then it is on, and that is not well. Then, it attaches a tube in a wheel. An exposure then will aim a pressure of current air (also remark concealed is four different units , as you are using psi, the mark sure is posed in psi to press a R until it takes in a right unit of measure. That is to say it mention no in some directions). Afterwards it presses one + or - buttons to take in your inflation have wished. ATTENTIVE for an exposure for PRENDER that BLINKS (this is not in some directions, and could present of trip of the be arrive).Then it turns a change ON (I). And it leaves his thing. A machine will turn was when a pressure of the air of the desire is achieved. Unhook A a-wheeled tube, and is done.
5 / 5
That is to say the 'Day-1' description. It expects the followup descriptions.
-This bomb is accurate. You are tried in two other compressors and everything match.
-Very easy to use, only take in toe a change behind in 'Or' when an element/of wheel is done to inflate.
-A cord is quite very time to achieve some wheels of back of the calm of full measure (situates of voice) and a light is very useful.
-Quan plugged In, a digital exposure reads out of a current pressure and is easy to read.
-A winery of the stock exchange has comprised all amiably.
-A clamp of the valve is very strong.

-A digital exposure is not a same likes picture of product, is only the normal 7 clock of exposure of segment.
-A whole case is the plastic takes , at all the metal or the rubber that pillow in inferior
-A trace to price to plot

Very these the digital compressors in the amazon are quite some same but has chosen this or for a guarantee and prize.
5 / 5
A pressure has aimed is the low pound then 2 another gauges has used to to confirm is readings with. This full bomb hurriedly, and once accommodating for a discrepancy in a pressure has aimed is work . It inflates some wheels in my car in 32, pose in 33 and the pause on is to possess the little bren after achieving a pressure of gesture is contained with that.

Has bought this for my woman for the easy to fill his wheels they in case that has an emergency in a road, does not know so to do things like this and thought it would do it easier for chairs. Has his to use the and look to take one hangs of him hurriedly.

Has contacted Fortem directly after taking it to leave them knows a subject in a inaccuracy of pressure and has answered immediately and routed the substitution. I have not gone to go initially to give 5 beginnings but marks in a awesome service of the client to well sure would recommend this element.
1 / 5
A psi was always 2 big duquel my cart has aimed. Quan Owes the he in fact the work, air of meanings of poses he of 35 psi in 48 psi in the SUV a hose bursted. A subject supposes was a heat that the built through a pressure that cross a hose of rubber. The calm does not want to trust the device like this yes very require it.
1 / 5
I have purchased this last night and has taken rids the little the mark of hours.
A compressor of air has the data was when inflated my back wheel. A psi in my advances of wheel is 33 and good law. A psi in my back wheel is 36. It begins to give it was in the minute after the the principle that the bomb and closed down. A lcd the laws of screen and a work of buttons. An engine has the data only was. Any help?
4 / 5
This does quite well. It selects a PSI with a digital gauge, and turn it on. It gives support until the paste that PSI and low shit.
An only subject with mine is that one PSI ready the small big while running - so pose in 30, run until it read it 30, and then closed has been. But then a pressure will fall the bit and wind in the PSI or two shy or that has been posed in. You can toggle went it and on and flavour again, but can require the small test. I have posed he in 31, and the turn goes arrests quite three bren, and then behind on, and wins up in 30. These works for me and he are not also of the hassle. If it was not for this subject takes five stars.

IS very hurriedly for such the small bomb. It IS noisy, but no so bad like another 12v goes inflators has had. A stock exchange is well, but the desire has the small pocket for some tips of accesoria.
4 / 5
Usually I check my pressure of wheel once or two times the month and require 35 PSI how has posed a inflator in 37 PSI.
Solid 5/5
in the to to records likes them-has to the to him. I have taken measured with the pencil of gauge of regular cape and then with the gauge to have that heavy and all the measures were inner +/- 1 PSI units of 37 PSI. Taken around the minute to pump each wheel on 31 PSI in 37 PSI.
Cairo sake and comes with spends it case. A inflator access snug inner one spends case and there is not any problem zipping retreated up.
Storing a wiring and the hose is in fact better that the majority another inflators with built-in of the compartments of storage so that in my experience, has been always the hassle flavour in cram all some capes behind in the small compartment. This inflator would be necessary to give you any problem that storage of worries of cape.
Can see you a plastic film in an exposure is lined easily in my pictures but he are not the big subject for me (I bad, is buying this to inflate your wheels like the functionality is more importing here).
If it does not return to update this part of a description, these ways my inflator the still works and you would have to consider buy east.
1 / 5
Used a compressor two times. Fact well a first time. In a second it uses, the hole has opened up in a hose, leaving an useless compressor. It have to it.

Top Customer Reviews: AVID POWER Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place, to the left say me that ossia mine 4th bomb in 25 years. I am spent at least 3 hours that bombs of investigation and has seen well on 200 of them but found all but the little of them lacking. I have required: the light, both AC & DC, limit of the main pressure (>120 psi), car-stop, and no prohibitively expensive. Had the Husky concealed attracted me but there is not the light and some descriptions have indicated that has had the tax of the big failure has has received unit. I used it today and it is calm and fast this in spite of has had some quirks no explained in the manual of an owner. Any preset some keys - dipped the all in neutral order before starts, dipped your pressure and then change to AC/DC of big/pressure and big volume or he no run. It is quell'has bitten more expensive that some but, as of this moment, thinks that has taken my cost of money.
4 / 5
Wow, A consolation of modern technology. I love a fact that can dip it to the sure PSI, gone back he in and partorisca when it achieves a wished PSI. No more twisting it was and measuring, again, again and again. I have it quell'utilisations so only the few times and I have to say it has cut of time of inflation of car wheel for at least 75. And it is very any in that has my backache after going down and that stands up several times until it achieves an exact PSI master for each wheel. Highly it recommends to buy east. It saves time, energy, and ache of organism.
4 / 5
This wheel inflator is the mate adds for my car, which could help save a lot your time to find the air when necessary.
Comes with the lighter of discharge of the cigarette that the inflation done simply of wheel he hassle free experience when I drive. Just entrance a PSI precise number and this light inflator will take all 4 wheels done quickly and rights.
Also sustains 120V wife DC like this the also uses in home to inflate the football and the basketball of my edges.
5 / 5
Some characteristic is sum and a creation is comprehensible, this in spite of an on-was the sporadically fact changes when I in the first place tired he to received. To as use (2 month with which receipt), no at all in spite of some lights that beat it of aim. It would be necessary has it gone back immediately!
5 / 5
A lot to like in this unit: AC/DC powered, would have to inflate the big pressures. But a corner to see of a PSI digital readout is limited like this, if it is in a paving to inflate the wheel, crouched together his calms can not read some numbers. Here it is my aversions like this far: ◼︎ AC the cord is quite short, will require a cord of extension. ◼︎ And a hose of inflation is far too short. ◼︎ One spends in a compartment of the accessories is not hinged, when you pry opens it so only falls off. ◼︎ The BIG QUESTION are there is not founding the way to close a hose my wheel of bicycle of the street, with his ready adapter, as it is not fill some wheels, which is my main use partorisca east. While a vendor can was still in me the like this to take concealed to do. I will update this if the things improve. The QUESTION FIXED: it results a question with inflating bicycle of wheels of loans of the street (the air that filter constantly) was the bad schraeder-to-ready adapter. I have bought the 6-band of adapters of another vendor of Amazon, and then a bomb has done sum! I think that that they are remedying that @@subject with all his inflators. SERVICE of CLIENT: it has been point and averts. Had súper-punctual directed emails of Elaine in a vendor MasterWorks, included send me the second unit before I have solved a question (without the mine that asks this), then said to so only maintain he more than the turn, and has included offered to reimburse me partorisca a cost of some other adapters. How it is that for service! A inflator is a lot quickly, and a transport- do of characteristic of the stop perfectly. ◼︎ Like reason so only 4 stars? For the reasons have quoted previously: LCD readout is a lot last to read at most seeing corners; inflating the hose is in a short side. Still, the solution adds my difficulty with inflating wheels to 120psi with my old Topeak bomb of wheel unexpectedly of Joe.
4 / 5
Has bought this compressor to the equal that has required something portable and light weight could inflate Jeep of mine Rubicon wheels with with which was-roading. It was very impressed for a product for a prize. I took so only 2 minutes to inflate of 30 PSI to 39.5 PSI each wheel, and ossia the heavy Jeep with all-wheels of terrain. I want to like having an option to choose among AC and DC. A prize was the very a lot selling the point has compared to another in a phase for a power resupplies. It has had the most economic products available, but was mostly DC ONLY and has not fulfilled maximum of mine PSI need.

A Pros:
-side Very a lot
-Dual clutch engine
-time of Fast inflation
-Comes with adapters for several needs
-Digital max PSI the level ensure never on inflate accidentally the walk was
-hanged Compact and light
-Option among DC (car outlet) or AC (wall outlet). It recommends to use AC for the main wheels

A Gilipollas:
-Overheats easily (but does not cause subject)
-AC boss to be able to could be bit it more along (I has had to use a boss of extension)

In general, would recommend to to this likes him the compressor of of better portable air on Amazon
5 / 5
This little creature does a lot well. Any Pros:

+ Fast inflating and does not vibrate like crazy.
+ Adapter of cigarette 12v
+ 110V AC
+ Multiple uses.

Will update my description is necessary but like this far like this good!
4 / 5
This bomb is small but sum! It was able to pump on wheels of bicycle any time at all. I so only dipped a wished PSI and with in the full hands of second is done. They are very pleased with a product.
5 / 5
Has had diverse goes inflators on some years - has used almost exclusively for bicycles. No longer I have some another (different frames) reasons have spent simply was; one the majority recently one is lasted so only the few years. This Avid company - is new mine. It likes- one creation a lot - chair esmesa' while inflating ( has had another concealed would touch on) - and taste that is of both compact and esubstantial'... So only it feels he bit it more robust that that I earth, which expect translates the longevity. Both a focus of air and tax to fill is very good! The service of client is excellent!! It has been missing the small part and they have control and immediately communiqué and there is remedied a situation. An ONLY reason has dipped 4 star is that has had it so only the month... And it would like to see (and hopefully turn to comment) on as extracted over time. In general I am very pleased.
4 / 5
Has used this to substitute the Black and Decker Canal to Air that has the data finally was. A speed to inflate wheels / of the trailer / of car truck is very fast. Taking roughly 2 minutes to add roughly 5 lbs of pressure each wheel. It likes-me a convenient storage for each of some bosses and hoses, which an easy unit to store and use. I have not used a bomb of big volume still, but is good to have the alone bomb that does both. With a together of car and enclosed was, this compressor is easier for me to fill all four wheels in the vehicle with him vs. Going to a venue WaWa with free air. My only worry is that one pumps does not begin a first time all a time, has to them that that the turn was that behind on for the take that goes. Hopefully Hard.

Top Customer Reviews: TEROMAS Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
They are very satisfied with this compressor of air, mainly partorisca wheel inflator.
1. AC/DC Can dual. It is quite powerful, especially with AC likes to be able to. It is also compress enough.
2. Stop And digital reading in a pressure of aim. I dipped it/ I dipped It to 8psi for a basketball and he give support correctly (otherwise very easy to on-inflate). For the very flat wheel, to be able to dip and has left the career is very convenient, especially a cold time.
3. Any precise to begin a bomb then hook to a wheel to avert that it burns a fuse (in fact can any one with this bomb because precise dipped a pressure of aim and expect a reading to be stable first). I am concerned slightly in this creation this in spite of, hope an electronics he well to limit a current to begin. Law in mine SUV without in of the llamas a fuse this in spite of.
1. A work of low pressure well, a chair of big pressure is slightly was. I do not have the regular pressure gauge, but based in a reading of mine another bomb and experience, I the 'calibration' around 30worse and labeled he in a compressor. I think that that an error is sistémico and repeatable.
2. I expect that it comes with the pair of clamp to directly connect to a car battery in chance in an emergency that you burned a fuse and arrival without any fuse of backup. I plan to have the DIY clamp has done thus compressor because it costs a question.
Has to that one two gilipollas be corrected, is a compressor of definite air , but am very satisfied with him already.
4 / 5
Like this goes of compressor of the air inflator, is very powerful still a lot compact. A period of cord is really long and can achieve all 4 wheels of a location of discharges. It comes with easy to use instructions and all some necessary connectors to use in of the cars, balls, to the bicycles etc. like to of me the transports Was Function ,I so only preset my CRV Deep the factory recommends value of pressure of the wheel, a bomb of the automatically enclosed wheel was when a pre-the pressure dips has been achieved.
5 / 5
This thing is awesome! I have used another concealed was like this dulcemente essentially has not done. Ossia Fast - perhaps 45 seconds for book of pressure. Any time st all to top on all some wheels in mine Mini. Compact, light but feels sturdy enough. Very easy to use, excepts some instructions to attach it to a root of the valve of the wheel is bad writing and any one has illustrated. A “key” to focus is the crowbar , any so only the key. The attractive goes, attaches to a root of valve, then push he in still seal. An add compraventa!
4 / 5
Is the easiest way that has expected. Can dip it up with a delivery while it uses another delivery that resists a camera. After the boss that connects of a car DC and dipping a nozzel to a valve, a unit will aim a current pressure in a wheel. Then press 'R' key and '+' or '-' to dip the pressure has wished. Finally, key to start with like this and was done inside minutes. Also, you can change unit of pressure to press 'R' key multiple time. In a word, is súper easy to use.
5 / 5
Buying this for my fellow car which there is dulcemente filtering @@subject these days ,the wheel of axial advance has left dulcemente has filtered these days ,but does not have time to go to a tent of reparation or costco to change a wheel goes has the control or a wheel ,like this the recommend using this compressor of air like the provisional solution before has the whole control .Also it is a necessory tool for automobile incase of @@subject of emergency
4 / 5
This element is of good quality and well value a prize. It is light and compact, like this can be easily stored in a trunk. With a good creation of entrance of power of duel of AC/DC, is quite versatile and can be used for flat wheels as well as balls. Instrumented with the screen of digital exposure, system to dip of the pressure and a car-was creation, is quite easy to achieve the concrete pressure. Besides, a small light in a front is really convenient for inflation during a night. In general, it is the good product that life of frames very better.
4 / 5
I alive in Illinois, and a time is cold recently. I seat that a pressure of air of some wheels is not enough, as I have bought this Wheel Inflator Compressor of Air. First of all, I seat that a plastic used in this product is very strong. And you can dip the number to automatically stop in the concrete pressure. I think that that his use is so much that the no only can pump your car wheels but also is instrumented with the supply of power of the house. It can be that a pressure of this product is very big, and his sound is the little strong. In general the very good product
5 / 5
So much to say - the investment adds! I require the portable and durable air bombs especially while travelling. No more worry roughly that gives support on or pressure of low wheel. An enclosed car was the characteristic is sincerely the big plus. It is easy to use and operate - just preset a pressure of wheel, and leave a bomb to air a rest for calm - is the no brainer. A FOCUSED lights really helps when inflating some wheels at night. To good sure recommend it.
4 / 5
This sum of laws of the what and his can is using he for wheels of cars but the one who the do is the first impulse a car like some bombs no too many another thing is that I need to do sure a hose is very connected to a to a lot of and a lot also when it listen an air comming was is a right press a valve also a bomb reeds full and stops immidiately like the piece of the joint to everything is so only the one who the so only says really like this diagrams.
5 / 5
This element is quite has drawn well. Be conscious that a hose of bomb of the air is not long very calm so that it require to situate a car a lot afterwards to a wheel. And importantly a DC line that covers them to your lighter is so only long enough for the passenger car/van/SUV/. Has the Toyota Tacoma pickup truck with the slightly widespread taxi. Ossia There is not the second full set of chairs but the chair that bend if one is required. Inferior a DC line of one covers a light plus by means of an open window to a backside tires a DC line has achieved grieves. If has the taxi along full or law longer can not achieve.

Top Customer Reviews: GSPSCN Silver Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
I four turn the plot and these ways to air down some wheels in 20 psi. Mina 31 wheels of crowd of inch of 20 psi in 36 psi besides or 2 minutes less, my old compressor has taken among 8 and 10 minutes. That is to say the portable compressor adds and highly would recommend in my friends.
5 / 5
Inflation very quickly in visit. It have to when being connected in a stack, one covers to be able in apresamiento warm after the minute or two of use,
5 / 5
It attaches small compressor. I have done to any to give that his final these accesses has been designed in of the rights of ray in a wheel inflator studs. Access perfectly, and good works. The fund goes-probes of inflation for tanks to air this does very that the reverse connector for one 1/4' NPT fittings that is to say so common for all another compressor of accessories of air. The All the works, but has to imagine was casually, so that there is not any instruction with a compressor.
5 / 5
It bombs that it was to suppose in. I tried it on the pickup goes, 245 x 70 x 16, big wheel. I have left an air has been besides or 5 pounds less and hooked in a compressor. Taken quite a lot of 23 minutes to come until 80 pounds, which are not too bad. A lot the air has had to when the be has pumped. A hose of air has taken hot in a compressor and a root, but a compressor has not taken also hot. It runs a whole time without problem. There is a smaller subject with an accessory and has contacted a vendor saw the amazon and has been resolved a same day, the service of client adds. It pumps very good to have for mobile backup and quite small in apt by behind a pickup chair.
5 / 5
Amur This wheel inflator. Full in fast and the law adds for of roading. My only complaint would be an extension of the tube was angled/pinched near of a tip and he looked cheap. As it can not find another better quality a locally, begun for the use and work well. I am pleased with that and has paid prendi.
5 / 5
I have been surprised that a lot of laws in my wheels of Truck. I plan on taking another for my Anniversary of dads. Very easy to use.
5 / 5
It have been using this compressor for the year now. It is been sper reliable and inflates wheel sper fast. I used it to inflate my carts and visit of motorcycle in the weekly base only to maintain a pressure in manufactures specs. I have ordered the second a for the fellow sake and the chairs is to declare very too many. It does not doubt that out of some hundreds of these units the few are joined to be defective but will substitute the anyways so that the does not comprise some bad descriptions. It IS it likes him anything more this has electronic or mechanical part, at the end will take a bad apple. Has spend in me also. It opens it Orders another to maintain in my out of Jeep of road for emergencies.
5 / 5
I the plot of investigation and at the end found the product of quality. Still with new wheels my sensor of sensitive internal cabin would aim a necessity to attach air. A lot of times have directed around looking for a compressor of airs and that they have to pay to use very small. No longer. I can cure of this subject in my driveway, in a road, or helps another need . Precisely that has looked for.
5 / 5
It IS sceptical quite everything of this small DC bombs of air, especially when had too many descriptions of radish. Nevertheless I have ordered easterly the roads of unit adds. Only it finish it to use an air pumps several times in my wheels of trailer and wheels of van. Company and strong fact. He a work. I am very happy to have this in my box of tool of the Road. Well it build it. Compact. Strong. And 12 volt DC!
5 / 5
Has some wheel inflators this has used before, and any one could accommodate a fast air intaking process. This perfect and fast unit. Only it wants to it. An only thinks wished has was the 110V accessory of outlet of the power, as I can use he in my house, also - without that has to go in a cart and can on to leave to inflate my bicycle, my balloon of exercise, etc. Aim the elder of Still age has conformed. Well fact, producer.

Top Customer Reviews: Kensun AC/DC Tire ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
3 / 5
Bought this in June. Fact well during 3 month that considers was used hardly during this time. Final of September a DC the component of a system has prendido working doing it very-arrest- at all to have in a cart. I take that anything the mechanic can break down but this was used hardly - perhaps 2 times in a DC road before pause to do.....That is to say BS for something concealed maintains in a car for use of emergency. It does not recommend in any one. Update; I have contacted his service of client any one while any a lot of but has been surprised. They are returned in me immediately. We said me to us that the subjects was the new unit in any one cost. Admitted the does not have to has failed that harvests but a fact that has cured of him immediately am adds...As I am still very sure in a quality of a product but I would be has to give it a profit of an only based doubt in his AWESOME service of client. They were by behind a product and has cured of a subject immediatley. It can not ask more!.... It excepts any one to break in a first place....
1 / 5
Work but of fights of mine of experience in 60psi. It takes this for our vehicles of the company and require to go in 80psi. Also the quite a lot of low fence often, the supposition is the characteristic of security for prender he to take in hot. It begins to fill in around 65psi and law for quite a lot of three minutes and then closed has been. I supposition has owed for him to cool down.
In a half of this description my compressor has begun to smoke. It smells that Some grave trams. I will be to return a product .
5 / 5
That is to say the terrific little compressor to air to inflate wheels/of bicycle/of car truck. The only arrived mine amiably bundled and punctually. I have used he in 2 vehicles and he a work perfectly - less that the minute the crown in the each wheel. Especially it likes me AC the characteristic since is so convenient to run of a outlet of garage. My old compressor was DC only and found he to be the hassle to use a lighter of cigarette/of automobile stack. I also like a ray in connector. That is to say new in me and already prefers in a connection to regulate/cam of type of the crowbar. Some looks of gauge of the pressure to be accurate while it matches two pound the gauges has lined has. It recommends this product for applications to owe light.
5 / 5
My zone of a country is in the cold of chasquea.me of the winter expsito to expect in of the lines LLARGUES for 'free air' this week is spent of longitude one of my wheels. I ordered it and it take in 12/30/17; it avenges hurriedly. Today (12/31/17), the wheels of my threads were down; a critically in 20 psi! One expects for 'free air' was 10 deep carts in some venues WaWa. As we exit my compressor of new air and used it on DC can with his cart. The fantastic law! It step his wheels in a same time while using a 'free air' in a tent of consolation--without a wait! I am ordering another he so that it can have he in his cart. Nice this spends case with all some adapters and works in a/C or DC current. I have posed my pressure of gauge of wheel with him-just to bend control. Some will say that it is strong, but in me the just sounds like the compressor of regular air! :-)
5 / 5
I have chosen this bomb purposefully so that the work by so AC and DC beat. I need for everything to fill mattress of air, beach balls, wheels of bicycle in of the wheels of enormous truck. I know the DC bombs do not fill the wheel of truck in 80psi without in of the llamas has been. I use this for wheels of the bicycle and he have done very good. Desprs Uses it on visits of bond of truck an addendum if he this does not line until a challenge. AC The cord is down so the wait uses a cord of extension. A DC the cord is pertinent. Some rays of full air to annex easily in a root of wheel while it has enough .5 In exposed root. There is the small quantity of loss to air while it takes a tube of crowd. A unit is compact, any bell and whistles. It mean a pressure of an object in that is semi-detached and research to be adequately accurate, as you look a gauge of pressure like full and afterwards went it once that achieves a pressure has wished. Has the cloth of coverages of good quality that protects of powder and humidity and has the cape to spend. Easily stored in trunk, garage, under a tank. Calm like this in last 10 into use light years. I can not speak with longevity or durability.
1 / 5
Plugged He in (120V AC outlet), the immediate smoke and he never done again. I have verified yes to do sure a DC the change has not been ignited before plugging he in in one 120V outlet... Turbulent power to take the substitution so that I have been only in a tent and has bought the different unit A walnut one has been doing adds during the weeks of pair now.
5 / 5
Very compact and clear, adds to leave in a trunk with a box of spare wheel. The piece IS very accurate and barn when attaching air. The law adds for bicycles and of the carts. He very automatically closes was so necessity for the control. A airhose is quite 20' and could be bit it the long plus, but is good quality and does to focus well with a valve. Still with other cords to be able in, could be longer. A Cigarette the cape the clear plus requires calm to be inner quite 5' a-wheeled. Have outlets In a console (front) and in a zone of load (back) as it is not the problem for me. The majority of people with the vehicles the big plus and any outlet in a subject of backside with his rear wheels. He bite it the fast plus in 120AC that 12VDC. It IS relatively calm compared in my compressor of the air the big plus. Apresamiento Warm when races for the little of the minutes and I would think it would take very hot to pump of state in the flat wheel. In general the addition adds in a box of security for my truck and camper.kensun AC/DC Estrave of Swift Action of Compressor to Air Portable Inflator with Equivalent Exposure for House (110V) and Car (12V) - 18/20 Litres/Min
5 / 5
I attach little bomb to air to maintain in your vehicle! ( I have purchased also and recommend the cord of the besides light cigarette of extension). Among handy recently when my dad and I have uploaded forest in my trailer and some wheels have begun in soyushroom' was. I plugged in my little bomb of walnut to air and crowned was all some wheels of 20 PSI in 65 PSI. It takes the moment, but anything - that can expect it tiny small boxes? Taken 15-20mins for wheel. Wheels Of trailer of full measure. Cycle to have that has not been a subject.

I like a good case entered. There have it only he quite soiled in a case to store the 12' cord of the besides light cigarette of extension.

I also like AC option to be able in. Any sure when will use concealed but is better then a stack-powered the air pumps my partner takes of his trunk the months of mark of pair. His era adds excepts it only done for enough 4 mins in front of a stack is died. This was an inspiration for this compraventa.

In general, wants this product and I have Purchased 11 of them for everything of my company and personal vehicles.
5 / 5
The works add. I am surprised in that hurriedly listens my air -the products depended like biketires, balloons, cartires, etc. Researches to be very dependable. Also it use it AC or DC (cart or house), very convenient also. To well sure recommend it this compressor of air.
1 / 5
Today April 30 was my first time and last time those uses the. An end of a hose a course that the rays in a root have broken was and leave 20 p0unds to air to escape. It have to AAA club of engine to take air in my wheel. It does not recommend this in any one. By everything means the big indications take spends it.

Top Customer Reviews: Viair 00088 88P ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
Desprs Purchasing 3-4 covers of lighter of cigarette in compressors and finding them totally unsuitable to air in general wheels, begun to look in embroidering it and laptop 12V compressors of air. Has the 5 hp 220v the compressor in a tent has required only this to air in of the wheels after 4 turning or aiding any one has been with the fund. Leo Revises and priced to vary compressors of $ 800 down in $ 40. I have maintained to see the descriptions and the people have alleged a Viair 88P was a better value in a piece. For $ 58 I imagined could not go injustice. It take a product two days later and exited in a tent in unbox and tries a compressor.

Has been impressed with a creation and the materials have used in this compressor. A hose is heavier concealed expected and a ray of the brass in apt provides to focus positive with a root of valve, prevent evasions and deletes a necessity to line a launcher in a root of valve. Some clips of alligator are very built and provides the solid electrical connection. Some the electrical advantages are quite very time to achieve of a stack in my side of passenger in a compressor these chairs in an earth afterwards in the side of wheel by side of an engine. My Jeep Rubicon has 275/75R/17 wheels and I run the in a road in 36 psi. I have used a gauge of accurate wheel to drain the side of wheel by side of a low engine in 20 psi. I hooked in a Viair 88P and a gauge in a compressor has read 22 psi. With an engine has been timed a compressor that gives support a wheel until 40 psi in a 88P gauge. I have wanted the small past of books 35 psi. A first cycle, of 22 psi in 40 psi with a automotive was has taken only 1 minute 28 bren. I unhooked a compressor and has verified a pressure with my gauge of good wheel and found a wheel has read 38 psi. A compressor was warm but no hot. It was able to plant my hand in a cup of a leader of cylinder of the metal without taking burned. A wiring and the clips of alligator were fresh in a touch.

Was so impressed with a first test that has repeated a whole process again, A second career has taken 1 minute and 29 bren. A level of noise was lower concealed vibration expected and had very small of a compressor. An only negative has remarked was that a light / of indicator of the power of work is in a backside of a unit and a built in the gauge is in a cup. I have not used this at night, but the thinks would be difficult to read a gauge without the torch.

Other critiques have mentioned to line on in a box to ship of the factory for storage of a no come compressor with spends it case. Look around a tent and found the small heavy plastic 'dry boxes' to transport and storing ammunition. I have posed the ray of tent rags in a subordinated to cushion a compressor and a circle of hose up and electrical cord slid right in the the long of sustains a compressor. I have planted another ray of tent rags in a compressor. A short 'dry boxes' has compartments of storage so posed in the box of covers of complete wheel, some cover of change, two spare valve roots, the pressure of wheel of the gauges of pair, the small Magician Lite torch the spare pair EA stacks for a light. These whole boxes only weigh quite 4 pounds and take for on room very small in a zone of storage by behind my back chair.

Opens IS waiting for the mine afterwards was trip of the road where fallen each 4 low wheels in 15 psi. I want to see how long it takes in re-inflate each 4 wheels behind in 35 psi and yes can air up all 4 wheels without overheating a compressor or surpassing 45% cycle to owe. I think unhooking a compressor, that verifies a pressure and that moves a unit in a next wheel probably will be for enough a moment to leave a unit to cool in front of a next inflation.

Does not leave a small measure or a surprisingly down cost of this calm unit maintains you for the consider.
1 / 5
I have purchased this Course of compressor of the air 19, 2016 the crown on some wheels in my vehicles and rv. In July 30 the would not ignite at all. I have contacted a manufacturer for email and is gone back the number of permission of the turn and instructions on shipping an element in them. Some less expensive ships is $ 24. They have comprised a be still in his email:

'load of the load for products has shipped in VIAIR for the worry of guarantee is a responsibility of a person that looks for consideration of guarantee. If a unit is coverage under this Guarantee of Defect of the Manufacturer, any further action is required by a person that looks for inspection of guarantee and/or reparation.

...If after inspection..., The product is found to contain any manufacture or material defects..., A client that the details will be contacted by VIAIR and date an option to have a product is returned he so-east, or when being repaired and returned in the cost of some clients .'

For an element priced under $ 70, his this guarantee is useless, while I am expected to pay for each ship, quantity in $ 50 or more. I am very disappointed with this product that takes less than 4 month and has disgusted that Viair offers the guarantee these quantities in at all.
5 / 5
15% cycle to have east bad you only has to run he that hangs 1.5 minutes and the decrease of fresh left wing during 8.5 minutes. Then it can you begin again.
cfm 0 ps
20 ft Maximum reachi
lighter of adapter of the Cigarette
stock exchange of Boxes
In general is to add it small compressor but to owe light.

40% cycle to have to cual the ways have run during 4 minutes, then low quotas during 6 minutes.

Full until 31' wheels
13 ft the maximum achieves
lighter of adapter of the Cigarette
stock exchange of Boxes
In general another good compressor but will blow calm in in to the fuse likes them to them has any morning unless has the 20 amp lighter of cigarette.
A worse part is one achieves. 13 ft iwill the marks take to achieve wheels for mid carts sized and up.

15% cycle to have of the that is to say 1.5 minutes of. Race of time and 8.5 minutes of the time of low quota
Full until 31'wheels
15ft maximimum achieves
Any lighter of adapter of the cigarette but available if your lighter of uses of cigarette 30 amp fusible
stock exchange of Boxes
In general, time of bad career, bad takes hose of air, the uses also can so that marks. Worse out of them each

88p (Saves a Better In Durable)
45% cycle to have to 4.5 minutes the race of the time and 5.5 minutes cool low time (big plus out of everything of them)
cfm0psi (awesome) more exited of ways to air less time of steps in of the wheels
Full until 33' wheels
20 ft the maximum achieves
Any lighter of adapter of the cigarette but available and could not blow your fuse yes has the 20 amp. Any sure even so so that I have not tried
Any stock exchange to box but go to purchase the cheapo of the tent of big box. It IS probably more durable that some stock exchanges of boxes that comes with other boxes.
In general, a better in a field of prize. The majority of powerful and is still so small likes another. Has the Chevy 2500hd and fill my wheels in fast. One 88p laughs in the field of my woman rover wheels of sport. The May Written the descriptions but I are so impressed with this thing concealed has to.
1 / 5
It does not buy this product. It gives it the indication to line was available. A burn of units through compressors with clear use. I have bought this does several years like the contingency for my truck and has used he less than 2 times of dozen to maintain the wheels in recommended psi when in a road. Enough he he 2 weeks a fuse has blown when tried for the use. It IS to store the new fuses have bought inflated the sum of thought of the wheel is fixed. It goes tried 2 and poof. Another fuse blown. Tried the 3 times for good measure and he 3 fuse souffl. It was on-line and there is all the classes of the descriptions that says a wiring in a compressor is defective and that is to say the common problem . I am thinking that that it marks this company continues to sell an obviously defective product and also why take good indications . My recommendation in any one considering this is to do your duties and revise on-line (any Amazon) before spending your money has won to take. Oh And verify a guarantee Viair the web of place like this can help them decides to maintain your money in your factor or stock exchange!!
5 / 5
I have purchased only this Viair based in revising and revising the web of place of a company, together with the solid very 3 days to revise a lot of compressors. Some descriptions in mark of Amazon aided my decision. I live conversed with Viair on-line and is very responsive. In the first place you are, while I fulfil very probably it has the headache to try to do the elections and that ask that model so that wheel. One 88P the model is ideal for wheels until 31' (until some visas of the main wheels in of the trucks, was road, etc.). Some numbers of the models the more to basses likes them one 85 or 87 is for carts, minivans and one that. It opens, you want to until 31' pension so that it can have you the trailer, ATV, then for everything means, goes for one 88 or 89 models; they are all a same measure units. 88P And up has some connectors of stack against. cig Lighter Of covers in. Still, you read you can take it a cig lighter / 120V cig adapter of outlet for this model. It looks very robust and has tried to enter my Truck with 265/70R17 wheels of measure. Any subject. If voice of mine another revises, has bought the stock exchange of small army here in Amazon to go with him. The access adds with room for a long hose and cord to be able in. Here it is a nexus in a stock exchange in Amazon
has purchased also a Tekton 5941 Estrave Digital Gauge here in Amazon. It matches a gauge in a gauge of dial of a compressor when tried the. So many, recommends a Viair. Utmost measure, portable and durable.
1 / 5
Filtering air directly out of one when the box required to use he for a first time!!! Very disappointed and now precise achieves has been for guarantee.

After some fiddling expsito that an annex of the tube of the air apropa a cape has broken. When being low careful pressing or posing pressure in a cape!

At the end rasgado the eschew (useless guarantee) and fixed the I with clamps of hose. It opens The work adds.
4 / 5
A left wing of low description has been written after this product failed in the very obtrusive moment, direct to cost and considerable tension. Even so, I am updating my indication based in an excellent response apresamiento of some technicians and service of client in Viair after I have counted that some problems have had. Still although a unit has been done purchased 3 years, and had not tried was it when take it in the first place (only when required the harm last month has entered a half of nowhere), has repaired he for free. Have had to pay it to ship in his chair in Irvine Calif., But they have substituted a defective part for free, paid for a nave behind in me, and do very now. Bronzed Some four stars are predominately for his upstanding answered and professionalism. That is to say a earnest undertaken and manager these products to mark very good.
This has said, creates one 88P has not gone enough a right product for my purposes. The while this attentive for a reparation, was to advance and has purchased it Viair 300P, the very beefier go inflator that is to say appropriate more for mine has to weighed And-the wheels of Truck Claro have estimated. Highly it recommends this unit for owners to have to weighed pickup trucks with wheels like these and for another was vehicles of road. It IS two expensive times likes 88P but more robust and powerful, with hose of detachable air and the way of crowbar to have that has weighed the launches of air (in difference of one 88P scrapes-in launcher that initially failed before it was repaired), and comprising the 5-in-1 inflator/deflator in-pressure of gauge of line, and he 150 psi maximum. I seat much more sure with one 300P when is issues it has entered some clave in my truck of 4 wheels camps concealed with one 88P. It IS a right tool for a work. It poses a repaired 88P in my each what so-walk in the daytime-around Subaru Forester, the majority of pertinent place for this unit, as I am coated for both vehicles. Thank you Again in Viair department of service.
While highly recommend his products, expects that another will learn of mine unfortunate experience and will try out of Any product like this immediately in received, before trusting on he untested the years later when could require more. And also you favour you, it spends an extra bucks for the unit to have to heavier (Viair the marks roughly add some) possesses the vehicle to have that heavy with And-visit estimated and is exploring some rough roads of our country. Coast he for a peace of alcohol.
First description:
has used recently mine Viair 88P Portable Compressor for a first time in a situation of emergency when my camp the truck there has been the road of the puncture of the wheel has entered one boondocks, 20 miles in the road of far muck in the National Forest. I have posed one to spare on but have pressure way down below and air required--exactly a class of situation has taken one 88P has prendido. I have pulled you are, and a moment I hooked in a transfer-in touch he of air in the root of one-wheeled valve, the air headed for afanyar- Out of a wheel, through a tube, behind in a compressor. Before it was able to turn a compressor on, the averages an air had exited of an already the bloated low change. Quan Has turned in a compressor, no for deflating a wheel and any re-the inflate. It was bonded there with another flat wheel, in a half of nowhere, now without the one of leftovers and any cell-service of tlphonique.
Me assembla, would have to have some class of one-valve so that it prevent to air to flow out of a wheel when tea the hook in some launches of air in a root of valve, then the beginning arrives when a compressor is ignited to leave air in a wheel. It conceal it does not spend in this situation. It IS this because of error of user, or is the defective unit? If it is error of user , any one pleases to say me that it would have to it has done ( clue some instructions in a manual user). I have bought this compressor in of the marks 2 years, in 2015, safely stored marks it his new in my truck, and has not used never the until this emergency, as I am not sure what amiable of the police of tower would apply here. I am in a process to contact a manufacture, and updates my description of this product if my questions are responses satisfactorily and/or can substitute a unit with reasonable terms.
1 / 5
It shoot Three uses of him had to year, has shot then the up again this year after storing he in a basement and he no on so much of my carts.

Some capes have not been undressed, a basement has the dehumidifier, and has not been has used strongly.

Was very happy with some first uses of year but of any hard literally the year or included the uses of dozen are very unhappy with him.

Buyer beware.
5 / 5
This bomb is surprising. It looks for the compressor of quality, this or to good sure returns a bill. It has Had this compressor for the little the year, uses this compressor the small time the month. I am constantly surprised for an action of this compressor. Full in of the wheels incredibly hurriedly! A whole unit is very well has done. A hose and the clips of alligator are big quality, some apt to connect in a cart is very mere and effective, he only nuts very on without leaks. A compressor has the cycle to owe big, that means that it can fill you the wheel totally without prender a compressor for the leave low quota.

Has used this compressor in of the a lot of carts and pickup trucks, is always long abundance to fill all four wheels with several feet of slack. It can fill wheels of trailer if a trailer is connected in the small plus suv. Quan A hose and the advantages of cape are outstretched, achieves approx 25ft.

This compressor uses the direct connection in a stack, in place of the lighter of adapter of the cigarette. This is being been due to a power of a compressor. It designs too amps to be powered by the lighter of cigarette of the factory, would burn a fuse every time. The mine has designed 18 amps in 35 psi. While this can be less convenient, is not possible in addition to carts, to take a power that this compressor provides with the lighter of adapter of the cigarette.

A pros of this compressor is:

can Attach, full wheels quickly
cycle to owe Big, can fill the very low wheel without prender a bomb
Very very the times achieve 25ft of clamps of alligator to finish of line of air.
Easily can extend the field with use of capes of jumper.
Relatively calm.
Tez Of quality, would have to last the long time!
Built in torch
accurate gauge

the gilipollas of this bomb is:

Weighed for his measure
apresamiento quite hot
connection of necessities of direct stack
any case

absolutely would recommend this compressor for any one concealed wants the compressor of quality that would owe last the long time.
1 / 5
Bought this to seat in a backside of my truck. An only time has used was the any emergency for a tractor of gram, wheels of bicycle etc.

A first time I REALLY REQUIRED has been in New Hampshire of deep north in a forest in the trip to hunt. My dad was behind me and beeps ' has taken the flat wheel in your truck.' Any problem takes a jack under a truck hurriedly to maintain he to go in a rim and taking covered he of wheel in a wheel. It remarks In my dad while it take of my Viair 88 this was happy to have this bomb in place of Campbell cheap Hausfeld $ 10 walmart the substitutes of version.

One has DIRECTED comes on but at all of a bomb. I have tried he in of the numerous vehicles, everything with very stacks. The fuse is well, included tried bypassing a change so that it was 30 miles of anything. At all.

Has nicknamed Viair and agreed to to take it behind as it ship it UPS for $ 20 in them. A month goes for and call and has said founds at all is wrong works. VAL Odd. Hardly return it I hook he until my Tundra with automotive common. At all. It tries my woman SUV, at all. Tried my winch stack, at all. Tried my laboratory 12v distributes to be able in, at all. Exactly a same road routed he in them. The fuse is well, FOCUSED comes on, the bombs does not act.

IS done with this thing, can not trust, no in routing he behind for another $ 20. Only I will buy another $ 10 walmart junker, at least that laws.

Even Has done the video to aim them that I hooked the up and no


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