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Top Customer Reviews: LEKATO 5.8 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 52 ratings
5 / 5
When Request partorisca revise a WS-50 electrical guitar wireless system partorisca Lekato was very skeptical in a possible 6ms time of delay and a global quality partorisca this type of product in this row of prize. They are happy to say that my suppositions have been tried totally bad. A construction of a product is very solid. Some points of hinge maquinal leave you to easily is returned a device in any electrical guitar or amplifier and is appropriate by force partorisca avert when being easily broken. I have been travelling partorisca two weeks with these and has experienced interference of zeros other same devices while it remains in of the hotels with numerous wifi, microwaves, far controls and wireless cameras during some edifices. When those remain in motel uses the together of headphones partorisca practise with. I have been concerned that a 6ms the delay would look for to be a lot of noticeable when practising but this has not been a chance. There is remarked any time partorisca retard at all and am very sensitive to this class of what. I owe that say that I am very pleased with these devices and easily would recommend him to any the one who is tired partorisca stage partorisca clutter and the movement restricted while treating. A Lekato WS-50 east, in my opinion, the very good value partorisca the system of wireless electrical guitar.
4 / 5
Had pleased extremely with a quality of his has read some of some descriptions where have expressed that a sound was different using the wireless unit likes compared to the boss of the electrical guitar and I have found any difference anything
All of an expression that pursues partorisca transmit by means of cubes and alternative choosing is coming by means of wonderfully a distance of a reception was excellent I I active experimented and has touched 150 feet was absolutely quality of his add am not sure reason any of some other wireless devices there are sold when being partorisca twice so as a LEKATO unit a one thing that would like me see on everything of these Wireless units is a capacity to substitute some batteries and does not have to that turn around and buy the new wireless device partorisca 1 does not look partorisca like concealed is a lot of earth-friendly reason know where these units go partorisca finalise and go to have corrosiva battery in them and go to take so only launched in some rubbishes once a rechargeable the battery spend was so only to the looks like is Of Earth friendlier to be able to continue to use these devices and transmission some batteries and and does not have to that turn around and buy the new wireless device partorisca 1 does not look partorisca like concealed is a lot the friendly earth reason know where these units go partorisca finalise and go to have corrosiva battery in them and go to take so only launched in some rubbishes once a rechargeable the batteries are was so only to the looks like is Of Earth friendlier to be able to continue to use these devices and transmission some batteries and be able to properly situate shabby battery two companies those who is business is partorisca see that some batteries AIR treated and does not finalise in an earth partorisca destroy that it does produced and so only launching them was looks partorisca be an American way of life and this is to take to the paralización is due to partorisca keep well of our Earth and the efficiency say me that reusing a goodbye of product that installs the new batteries is an echo -friendly and just plain out of way of common Sense partorisca manage this produces one a test has not been able to run yeah is by train partorisca use them on phase during the action when there it is all the classes of the Wireless signals that fly around I like this wants to quotes this revises Once concealed takes place up to now are having any interference while I am touching compraventa with confidence
5 / 5
Members of Salvation First fellow, has Wanted to give the description in value adds on 5.8 GHz the fact of wireless system for Lekato is his WS - 50 that am using for my gutiar and keyboard to rid I of all these cords that always finalise to trip on.

Found it also useful in Familiar reunions and campfire take-togethers where has the musicians of pair in a group but have any cord goes wireless with the row adds on 100ft. With 4 canals behind to a amps with a supply to be able to. Touching until 5 hours.

Is big-signal of the quality does not interfere with system of old House of cordless phone that emissions he 2.4 gigahertz. A WS-50 is súper the value with the point of prize can has not beaten! It have to that know; it look this more has come up with east.... Lekato WS-50 Compared to another 5.8 GHz wireless gutiar systems, is to fly it more has fresh form and UBS touch of cord so much unit.

Agrees, your no limited the gutiars. Utilisation my Lekato WS-50 in my musical keyboard also. Supposition any musical with the phono jack has transmitted the amp will do.
Prepares was and Rock on!
5 / 5
Has had previously rig it wireless much more expensive (Xvive U2). The static electricity has fried a Xvive auricular.

Has used a Lekato two times now in our church. This unit has coverage during the 600 auditorium of chair. Quality of his this a lot of well with ZERO latency. It is the little more brilliant that using the boss. But a lot little and really in someways the better tone. It likes him-me these to plot. They are solider/sturdy. I have touched these when I took him and has then used he for just down 4 hours a first time and he the battery there was still the life has left. (I of the that knows what).

Is returned mine american has done strat and mine his paul. I have used also he for the song plugged Taylor c414 and this has touched really good.

Has touched electrical guitar partorisca to plot of years.... And professionally it was and on. For a prize you cant has beaten this. Seriously.... The one who would want to use the boss with these around?

1/3 A prize of Xvive U2. His very good. Life of good battery. Solid and easy to use. That is not to like?
4 / 5
A life of battery is sum! The ROW Is SUM ! Zero lag. Utilisation this with my iPad, iRig HD 2 and the device has called TAO (Bluetooth auricular/of transmitter). All wireless and Zero lag. They are totally he has surprised! Calm can any gone bad!!!
5 / 5
Has bought this reason my amours of cat to gnaw in any one classifies of the boss sees (and yes, this means bosses of electrical guitar also). Ruin some of my bosses of electrical guitar, as I have decided to take the wireless system. In spite of all a scepticism there in an internet, a quality of sound was unnoticeable of my bosses (I any active súper-expensive bosses this in spite of), and to the latency was unnoticeable also (at least very better that bluetooth earbuds and such). This for real tip the one who a technology has improved, and can not say are not the defender.

For my purposes (like the guitarist of fourth), ossia to spare likes technology of next generation to do systems of wireless electrical guitar more amply available. So only I am wishing for the technology of the newest battery (or has included that adds the solar poster to this thing, as one some some calculators have) that would extend a life of battery bit it more with a longitude to write that would have like this pressure to concern in recharging while it is not to use
4 / 5
has used this wireless setup for two 2+ now tries without touching goes in. A red battery down lights so only has begun to blink. This would be necessary to take me by means of actions without question! Also, when I unplug a unit to change electrical guitars, does not have any pop at all. This was the good surprise . I have used this with Strats, Telecasters, a Ibanez Iceman, and a SG, both with the pedalboard and directly to a amp. The works add! I have tried also he among mine pedalboard and amp, and this has done well too much. Very better that some types of old radio transmitter of unit. It does not relieve any difference of his among this together wireless and the good boss. Very happy!
4 / 5
Some do any well in my electrical guitar excepts when it uses any type of pedal of effect of the sprain. When I , there is the quantity adds of static generated that it is totally unacceptable. Of then I sprain to use enough the bit, can not use this unit at all and will have to that look for another solution. If it do not use effects of sprain, then for a prize, ossia the product adds .
5 / 5
Surprisingly good value.
Imagines does better wireless transmitters for professional interpreters, but for my purposes that—deletes boss hassles earring of the sessions of practice in home—this does quite well. Any noticeable lag time and any noise of interference.
Has bought in fact two different (but alike) conjoint of the different vendors and both does like this has announced it.
These looks to be the good value.
5 / 5
This product is like this value he. He literally to to the sounds like to of him was still plugged in with the boss. Side that and calm to good sure need to buy this. I can touch with like this facilitated and are by train of the master daily.

Top Customer Reviews: SWIFF High-Grade ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. For far, a Blackwing is a receiver that the better looks-the transmitter dipped can buy. Smooth, shiny And black, sculpted without acute corners. So only it feels like this well in your hand as it looks. A bat to fly it the wing is' the logo is perfect. And a specs are add, also. With the response of just 2/1000 as, calm will not remark never a lot lag time at all. Answered of the frequency and the loyalty are well in a whole row of my electrical guitar of basses. Some battery last longer that I can maintain touch, and also have the 4-the indicator FOCUSED partorisca give you abundance partorisca warn when it is now of touch . (If any of of the this was useful, amiably click partorisca say like this. Thank you!)
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have bought SWIFF wireless system partorisca my electrical guitar, and in fact help me the plot when practical house. This wireless system setup are partorisca add and súper easy to use.

In brief Speaking, can transmit a tone of the his original and quality of his of the mine that touches, without any delay or loss. Like this far, I do not have remarked any subjects of your closings. And a life of battery is quite well, roughly 5 hours to the equal that has announced.

First to buy, has asked some technical questions and a vendor have given the considerably fast response. Like this far, I am very satisfied.

Can not suggest this system quite love the wireless system for your electrical guitar, ossia a better way to go ! He also works in of the electrical guitars of Basses also.
5 / 5
Has been using a Swiff system of wireless electrical guitar for roughly 9 month, and there is at all bad to say. Quality of his excellent east. Changing the canals is easy when necessary. A life of battery is well for two tests and certainly partorisca to 3 action of now - and has used he for diverse 4 actions of now ( movement a transmitter and the receiver was slope of the pauses). It has to that very sure in a life of battery has announced. From time to time, perhaps each one another action, will remark perhaps he 250ms can say you that the $ 200+ system will do that also. Also it spends the wireless monitor and there is not any interaction or interference among some two systems. This work of things and work well. It would not want to give a very on am also a lot that clumsy. I have spent the backside-arrive boss to the each test and action for some last 9 months and I am still for the use.
4 / 5
A quality of his this very good. There is no noticeable transmissions in a tone and bell of a sound when compared to the wire fence setup. A life of battery is also very good. It is very compatible like this far and there is not to leave me down still. It can remain ON for the action of a whole night. I gave it the four for a wireless signal reason a signal sometimes falls the second to break when you are at least 30 feet or more out of a receiver. Whats Very well roughly is has not taken still interference very same when all the world-wide more has his wireless systems on. I gave it the three in general reason a transmitter is too bulky for me and he sometimes among a way especially when using his electrical guitar of type of Paul. Also, a green FOCUSED in a transmitter is annoying and would look an amateur on stage when his turned on. I have covered he with black electrical tape. It goes for him if not to impose you a light and a bulk.

10 update of month: I have added another star been due to action. It is been ten month of then and still is going strong. I also like a fact that does not produce any same noise in of the settings of big profit in mine pedals.
4 / 5
Had loved to take the wireless system for grave touch but is not sure state as to take. It had tried the expensive version of the fellow resembled these but expósitos that has not had one sustains that I have loved for my bass. So many, when these are gone on sale in the sale of lightning chose them up and am happy has done. I used him for roughly 4 actions and a battery is lasted, has not suffered any drop outs, my bass still has some same sustains that the volume when connected invernadero the cord, and these are easy and quickly the recharge. They are like this easy to use and likes him to of weaves it to me. I have found that they have not done all this well with my Ibanez GSR206 active pickups. But to good sure adds for passive. Mina Fender the American level with the sound of flat wounds adds to use these. So many, highly recommend them and am considering buying another together or two to do it easier that change among instruments.
4 / 5
Has bought this to substitute a boss for my electrical guitars. ($ ) The work adds! It covers he in, gone back he on and ossia. Any pairing or changing canals. My ear can not say a difference.

Has two flus:
1. It feels economic af. A big gloss the black plastic attracts fingerprints and agree me of a plastic Easter eggs my parents have fill with candy. A micro usb the ports celery extremely economic also. imo..$ 60 it Is in an upper limit of economic as if this was the $ 75 product, would be sent behind.

2. It does not return to the Focusrite audio of USB of Only of Scarlett interface to connect to my computer. A form of an organism interferes with some keys in an interface. An extension of the boss of the patch has solved that question but looks janky.

In general, work so that it has promised. If these produced was 40 dollars or would give it 5 stars.
4 / 5
Had been that loves the receiver of transmitter of/device of wireless electrical guitar for some time. With which a lot of comparison & of description, has chosen Swiff Blackwing, has based on 2 video have seen, shows it his upper quality. A tone, a sound and a liberty have experienced in an action, while touching my bass, and included my electrical guitar, was incredible. I want that a unit is self content and that a life of battery is more than sufficient to last to 5 action of now. Even more remarkable is a expedient and professional service I receipt when, the few weeks later, has found the subject smaller with an indicator of exposure of the load. A technology the one who assisted has solved my worries immediately. Mina inclusa bandmates, the one who has possessed alike units (frames unnamed) has been surprised in a consistency of sound. A Blackwing any court out of a highs and lows that had experienced previously and warned against, using others mark wireless units in his electrical guitars. They are happy with my unit and highly recommend it.
4 / 5
Has received so only a SWIFF. It has taken more with a longitude to open a box that has done to begin to touch. Súper Fast setup, any pairing. It covers n game. I am using a SWIFF wireless with mine Focusrite 2i2 interface to assay solos of electrical guitar with DAW of mine. The any one suspect will not use to register. But he my session / of practice of recording studio of living room súper easy.
Will update my description with more than detail in a future.
4 / 5
Has taken these to substitute $ 40 unit of Getaria, which there have been significant subjects with life of battery, interference with wiring of distance and electrical guitar of latency. Thanks to Amazon to do it well.

A WS-50 system is significantly better. The signal is cleaned, to the latency is súper down and the life of battery is acceptable. Any some 7 hours had expected to die some of a specs and gushing descriptions, but the solid 5+ hours that is quite that says in a box.

Minor negatives: they are the bit in a big side, and a green circle has DIRECTED is is too brilliant, drawing attention to them and is likely of battery in of the llamas unnecessarily.

Has paid in $ 60 for these, but has seen so only an occasion to take a WS-70 for $ 36 on Amazon which have taken - look this space for update.
4 / 5
These pocolos transmissive utmost .. Reason use bandwidth and have the canals pursues 2 ,,, a place in front of a joint a second of a joint to a amp. The battery is not announces never but will take the pair of hours. I have had the question with a together prime minister , has arrived with the bad touching cord. The one turn of Amazon and in fact recieved new some a next day. As any fewer stars more the stars for service add. Calm can not use the mine but calm can take your own

Top Customer Reviews: Getaria Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 44 ratings
5 / 5
They are not the pro the guitarist but I really likes him there is well crew without doing the hole in my pocket. A pair in fact the month @gives that the wireless system partorisca my electrical guitar will be partorisca add, as I have begun partorisca look for options. Line 6 relay G10 and a Boss WL – 20 coming up like my first elections but both are around some 180 dollars: a seal of prize retard me down.

After the pair of investigations some start of new frames partorisca call my attention, one of those was Getaria. A main characteristic concentrates in era a 5.8 GH characteristic, of another use of frames 2.4 GH. With which consults in a difference among 5.8 and 2.4 I @gives that 5.8 gives the fastest way and of confidence to transmit that 2.4. A big battery, those demand of Getaria give you 8 hours to touch time and a prize, of course, was some other interesting elements that choose this system.

When A container has arrived , has used so only my cellphone upload and a boss to be able to comprised to touch a receiver and transmitter, connect my electrical guitar to a transmitter and my pedal neighbour to a receiver, and fact. The wireless electrical guitar is a better, is the very pleasant experience game of a bath, lol.
4 / 5
This work of wireless box adds! I have found this new 5ghz model and now will be to take them take all my friends those who come on of then can use on until four canals a time. A quality of his this very good and leaves for net articulate notes as well as tones of full sprain, can not say any difference among this wireless and my normal boss.

Is simple to use, just turn in a transmitter and the receiver and you are on and touching in of the seconds. I love anything concealed to help me play guitar more electrical and I would recommend this to any any one an economic way of gone wireless!
4 / 5
I game and practical house. This wireless system done a setup very easy and orderly. Any boss to concern roughly. A row is quite good and has found any loss to signal when moving of room in room. The delay of signal likes compared with wired setup is not noticeable mine.

Negative commentaries - This unit is taken the slowest time in recharge. A unit is quite big or bulky especially a transmitter.
4 / 5
Has bought this like the present of anniversary for my dad, the one who has been the player of professional of electrical guitar for 40+ years. You love it and it thinks that that it is a fresher thing is all an approval I need! :)
4 / 5
Bought it to use he in an acoustic electrical guitar. The looks to touch to be quite resembled boss, a material is plastic, no a better but decent for a prize and comprises the good pouch stock exchange inside the good box. I will try to connect some pedals the few days and use it more to see if noise or any one another look of subjects and to the left know if something raisin.
5 / 5
Is concerned roughly clarity or micro-rear, does not concern roughly that. It takes mine today, tried it and give it two thumbs up. The annex to an electrical guitar is far outweighed for a consolation to result untethered, that does the thing has amused even more fun. It is such the relief to be able to stroll around without the cord that takes taken among feet or taking all wry and odd. This will do both one room of jam and alive actions so easier. I am running he of electrical guitar to fines-effect pedal and all the work and the sound adds. Has A lot other electronic things that career in a room, wireless and big internet TV and amps, any opinion to choose on any interference or any odd noises. All well.
4 / 5
These are good and utmost. Also have the together of one 2.4 Transmitter of Getaria/the receiver and this look to be the bit to have to that heavier (look of the discharges) this in spite of sound still economic plastic (marks a better plastic... Please) but touch utmost and a liberty of any that has to that tug the cord around (still when practising) is a lot of value an investment.
5 / 5
Is handy and work perfectly. Quickly setup and quality oeration.
4 / 5
The works add. The utmost sounds. Easy to use. Load quickly. The hard battery the long time. It buys it.
4 / 5
The product adds, punctually hands, the amour like easy is, any paring, so only turns on and work, last sunday in church, in roughly 115' had connected them still my amp, the any one does not touch never that far it was, so only that verifies a connectivity, was to add

Top Customer Reviews: XVive U2 Guitar ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have had this partorisca the pair of month now, like this the description is coming from heavy experience. So only partorisca apply declaring my integrity, are also the enormous tone freak. My guitarist of rhythm I same call the "purist". With that in alcohol, to the left initiate me to says does the noticeable differentiates in your sound, among using Any wireless system, and using the cord. It is not too terrible but to good sure noticeable. My theory is that of these all wireless systems are digital, is adding the form of compression in your canal of signal. For this a difference, but will say a row of liberty is a lot of value a small trade. On that, use alot/any calm pedals probably wont opinions or have this transmission added in your transmission of signal. My use of rhythm roughly 5 or like this pedals and there is absolutely ANY DIFFERENCE in his tone with/without a wireless system. The in another hand does not use any pedal at all, and only confidence some functions of my Triple Table Rec. As has the light transmission in my tone.

Is because of this light transmission that I can do not learning sincerely the give to 5 indication of star. Really I want to it gives 5 stars, but is not ABSOLUTELY PERFECTO. It is a lot near this in spite of.. If it could it would give it the 4.8/5 reason are picky like concealed.

Besides, has finalised so only compare this to the much more expensive system that my rhythm possesses, a Shure GLXD16 which is announce $ 450 right now. Typically my logical is no economic was on anything, reason take that paid for, but was has had to that to take a bet with this after a lot of reading of description by means of several different products. Virtually all the wireless systems use some same 2.4 Ghz radio canal like this TECHNICALLY there can very really be the enormous of the difference among them. Doing in a L the field gives are quell'has bitten more the idea the general technology has taken.
Retreated To a comparison. Had virtually ANY DIFFERENCE among a two. A Shure in fact looked to add a slightest bit more than compression to my tone, but are 99 sure this was mostly my imagination. An insurance has the good plus, more sturdy creation, and a functionality of the built in tuner/the transmission of key are to add if any calm already have both of these functions. That .
A thing has seen the plot of while reading on, was that the people highly recommend ANY to use this in for the alive action. I have used this roughly 5+ times live now and works perfectly well! Honradamente Has not been that it is on roughly. It is possible that a lot of the wireless signal can cause interference, and a lot of local (has them be touching comprised) now use train very wireless, so that there is concealed. But for interference to signal to be noticeable with this particular system, has to have your signal emitters a lot afterwards to another wireless emitters. At least of my experience. Like the test has been a lot afterwards to my subject of Wi-Fi (roughly 20-30 feet among me/transmissive, and a amp/auricular) While I have had mine 4 mates of touch of band around in Wi-Fi of mine to induce traffic of signal. I signal lost never or has had breakage in the mine that touches once. What same for all my alive actions. I have it that has not experienced never breakage or has lost signals with this thing.

SÚPER Compact, light, and "out of a way"
game and covers Simple.
The life of battery is INCREDIBLE! (I game roughly 8 hours the week, and so only touch these things once in the each one 5-6 weeks.)
Stays plugged in in spite of being like this light, and likes them movement around and headbang to plot on phase.
I multiple canals will help to further avert interference. (Especially when the multiple wireless signals are around you.
Orderly packaging, and selection of colours.

When being mark seat like this light bit it flimsy, as it could not resist up against heavy harm. The external plastic shell more than likely pause against to a lot of impact.
"Digital"ness mentioned sooner.

HIGHLY recommends this wireless system. It is hella bang for your buck, and controls on well against other competitors of big dollar. My levels can be unrealistically big sometimes as it does not leave a seal of prize, or negative revise the one who has received accidentally he faulty produced (which am sure a company could substitute achieve was to them) discourage you.
Only to reassert: REALLY I want to give this the plenary 5 indication of ESTRELLA, but is so only roughly 95 perfect. Perhaps I will go back and continuous transmission grows on me. My original plan was to use this for now, and upgrade to a Shure system later, but am beginning to see any reason in changing systems now. Like this perhaps I will alter it 5... Perhaps...
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 has has not tried never the wireless system then a U2 the system of wireless electrical guitar is to add it one to take. First of all, you can touch a transmitter and the receiver and one hard load for 5 hours. I have done recently the test where has begun to walk down a street while a amp has been still in my studio and a row was surprisingly well. Would have any one @subjects to use this system in the normal action where touched enmedio the big phase. A time of response is 6ms which is no-distinguishable to a human ear and some sounds of tone likes him is plugging to your amp with the boss of big quality. Two thumbs until Xvive and Thomas Blugg to create this awesome has produced.

With some units that is rechargeable and in the very competitive prize, a U2 the wireless system is the no brainer.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So much, according to some directions these few types are supposed the last 3 hours without cariche. Wrong!! I regularly cheek of the actions of 4 hours without recharge this in spite of maintain to go. But, there are other reasons to love them. In the first place, a measure. They are small! If calm never the wireless systems have used before I know that calm usually would have the cigarette-boxes sized band in your backside, this propiciada your axe, then the cigarette-boxes sized box with two antenna that the estacas was to somewhere on phase with the bosses that career in and was yours pedal joint. Behind then, this was to add, but this sews spent so only directly to your jack in an electrical guitar. I have not tried that it use the second set to go of a pedal joint the amp, but can not see the reason no while calm the the in the different frequency. Prize, $ 150... 'nuf Has said. Paid for him in first yours action. Row; well, it does not touch of the giant phases. Mostly bars and small clubs (sees the video are by train of grave touch in this band), but I walks were to a place to do controls of the his and visit a crowd. I have it that has not lost never a signal. The state was at least 70 feet. I use him mostly with the bass (reasons this band is occupied!) And volume his pure that it is indistinguishable of the boss. Full row of frequency. Also, and ossia BIG, the z/the zero sustains cut! In mine last band there is prendido to use wireless reason likes him level to signal fallen of the constant note, a system of only cut was. With electrical guitar I game to plot of blues and like me resist the notes out of the really long time. With these few types that is simply any one a subject. It calms that can resist until entirely it dies. I have had these of then September, 2018. I have been flawless and one of some compraventa better for my career of music. Highly I recommend him. Well, Pros/Gilipollas:

Cost: the averages a prize of my old system.
Measure: Tiny!!
Life of battery: Exceptional. You can touch for 3-4 sure hours (I he all a time), But, calm can touch him in of the minutes, covers so only the in when apresamientos the pause in yours all-the together at night.
Facilitated of Use: there is an on/was transmission of slide and the key to change frequency (which have not had to use). It can not improve that it concealed.

Active Pickups: has the bass with active pickups. You take the whine discharges you directly to an entrance of electrical guitar. To fix this I initially so only clipped a transmitter my strap and has run the short boss of a transmitter to a jack (perhaps are thumbs at most). This entirely fixed a question. Lately, I finalise to be touching my P-low and plugging directly in. Any works of way and both sound equally like this good.

FOCUSED: no really annoying , but a light to be able to DIRECTED in a transmitter is quite that shines (sees video).
4 / 5
Like this for comparison, has it Shure wireless that I action with in my band and touches utmost, any noise, and the row adds. Utilisation a Xvibe to touch in heart of church and to practise house; I have cut a cord.
Sound: it touches clear, transparent, and does not dull a highs like the cord. It manages mine 5-serious down B so only well. I think that that it touches like this as well as mine Shure.
Row: I have it it did not try it really, but I have it quell'has been 20-30' without question.
Noise: I have taken some 'computers' noise when I have touched in church, but is not a lot of noticeable and goes was yes reposition a transmitter. When I Touch, I can it does not listen neither.
Pairing: Very easy and any question. After a together initial on, taken on the second or two to establish is link .
Life of battery: roughly 5-6 hrs, but any indicator another it blinking lights when his in dead disposal (Note: a Shure has the life of battery readout). It would feel comfortable touching the full action while both a tx and rx is has touched fully.

Was quite skeptical at the beginning, but would recommend to take this system if you do not have a bux for the unit of main final like Shure or require the system he small plus for heart/of house of caffè/of practice. You go to give on the little in immunity of noise, quality of build (sweat all plastic), and feedback of user (life of battery, canal, etc.).
Would owe that say, that would feel comfortab
4 / 5
am not fond of bosses of electrical guitar. They are always in a way, taking given one a lot on, taking accidentally unplugged, and need to be dipped was when fact.
More reviewers of this product on Youtube is is players and utmost professors but is old fashioned. They love his bosses. I have been using wireless for 4 years like this here is mine partorisca take on it.

Line 6 G30
Roughly done 4 years have bought the Line 6 G30 wireless setup for my electrical guitar.
To the Things liked:
the fact adds
Replaceable battery
to the Things did not like:
has has had to that the neither spend in my tape. (Really the has not liked the this)
has has had to that the attach to the strap of electrical guitar.
(Half I has had to spend the same strap when seating in my room of practice. If I have loved to change electrical guitars, has had to transfer a strap.
Still need the short boss.
Has had to agree to turn of a transmission to be able to in the transmitter or he would eat battery

Line 6 G10
On done the year has bought the line 6 G10.
To the Things liked:
the works add.
Spent of transmitter directly the electrical guitar.
Torres on when plugged in.
Torres was when unplugged or any music relieved for some period of time.
Uploads for plugging to a receiver.
To the Things did not like:
Can not change a battery.
The receiver is not the battery has operated
Transmissive protrudes bit it far when plugged in the the majority of electrical guitars. (Works amiably in Strats)

Xvive U2
received it today.
To the Things liked:
the transmitter and the receiver are the battery has operated. (Any boss or bosses, Yay)
the unit can bend advance or backward to avert protruding too far.
Very light.
To the Things did not like:
Has to that gone back in both units.
Has to that agree to turn unit.
Can not substitute a battery.
A lot like this easy to touch like Line 6 G10. ( It has to that it covers in transmitter and receiver to boss of USB)

Everything of some units has possessed has treated his primary function well. Cela Remain for gone wireless.
To the as it would like me see:
A factor of form of a Xvive U2
Replaceable battery so that it could create me and running quickly in a half of the action.
An intelligence of a Line 6 G10.
Conclude it was after the pocolos small of inactivity.
Torres on when plugged in and the turns was when he unplugged
A canal to touch that it use 1/4” jacks to touch in place of discharges he of separate USB. (Like a G10)

has been using a Xvive U2 for the few days now in my house in a same room like mine WiFi subject and has had absolutely any question.
Will be to take these with me when I go home of friends to jam and when I go to my lessons of music. My professor always has bosses that reparation of need or is too short. A Xvive U2 would have to that solve these questions.
5 / 5
At the beginning was the little sceptical and has been concerned roughly A lot when being pas able to do with active pickups. But I have imagined for a prize and consolation although it was so only the averages like this as well as they say, would be well for tests with my passive basses...
Now for a control of reality.
Fast delivery! The looks add! The works add! Recharges Fast! Hard longer that required it to!
A lot of @@subject at all with my Man of Music Stingray active bass, down passive or my keyboard.
This in spite of, listens the big tone, noise of low volume that use he in my Man of Music Bongo active bass although no that exist while tone.
Can be reason a Bongo uses 2, 9 battery of volt.
Like this fun and convenient there is still to having gone back to use my Insurance or my Line 6 wireless systems for tests and/or accione!
Pro Bassist for 35 years.
4 / 5
These were utmost for the year. Any noise, any noticable latency. There is enjoyed really gone wireless. After the year there is remarked a life of battery that begins to turn . On 18 month a life of battery was very reduced, enough that that no longer uses a system because the bondadoso of course in and era. I have contacted support of client and while they were friendly and responsive, said a product was out of guarantee and that so only could me give discount it in another together. In $ 155 for the together, included although have to him legustado a product, does not seat is the reasonable value especially when there are other very alike products has announced here for roughly 1/3 a prize. One discount offered by support of the client still dips the new system in 2x a prize of a competition, and does not see like this is the good value . As I will move on and buy something will leave the description has had once the occasion for the try was.
4 / 5
Law perfectly with:

• Epiphone THIS 339 seeds-the tram of empty organism, my primary electrical guitar (passive pickups, any battery);
• Ibanez AW300ECE acoustic/electrical, Fishman More than Prefix-T preamp (active pickups, battery);
• Ibanez SR505 tomb (active pickups, battery).

The sound adds, any dropoff, and any noise or interference, included of an acoustic electrical guitar. Unbelievable Row, quality of creation and excellent build, easy likes twisted to use -- all is exceptional, and is a lot of value of the money. Especially it appreciates a breaking-jack USB that boss of touches -- is like this simpler that having two bosses.

WELL, a record -- the absolutely very returned in an in-organism cutout in a Ibanez tomb. A transmitter is simply too wide in a hinge where one covers joins an organism. It can returned other electrical guitars, but he my no. is returned would take some stars was, but has found the economic solution:

A solution is the cord of 12 thumbs /partorisca patch viril viril, and the woman/of female coupler, $ 8 and $ 5 to Centre of electrical Guitar. A cord of patch among an electrical guitar, a coupler in another end, then a Xvive transmissive to a coupler. The loops he by means of a strap of electrical guitar, and hook an organism of a transmitter in a strap. Works well and the stays have dipped. It could take Xvive box to title of the transmitter, so only for a boss of some pieces.

Have it hunch has done a smaller hinge to returned the electrical guitar like my bass, would not be like this sturdy. I will take it a way is. Well fact, Xvive!

p.S. Red looks really fresh.
5 / 5
Has taken this he so that it could cut down in the cord clutters in home when practical. I do not have remarked any one changes to a tone of any one my electrical guitars or the basses that this of use. Has 1 active bass can not use he with but my others 4 instruments do not have any subject. A description says is not for use with electronic active, like this ossia exactly that has expected. My subject only is that any always loves stay in situating when it uses an instrument with an entrance jack in a side of an instrument. Of or only use he for practice, this is not to treat it big, so only something to be conscious of. In mine pj tomb, folds until being among a volume of bridge and your master pota, doing using neither a difficult in a half of the song. On 10 hours of use, simply prenderá do at all until it is recharged. It would not recommend for the show unless calm touched it well before like this there is not any way to know those that rests of cariche. It likes- one unit he and that fact. It would prefer the metre to upload is addition and in place of folding add the 2-3 ft his boss so much can clip my strap and be more out of a way.

Pros: Works to the equal that has announced

Gilipollas:. Sometimes in a way
Any metre of load or look of low load
4 / 5
has used a XVive U2 for a first time this weekend with mine Ibanez acoustic/electrical 12 serious and 30 watt Marshall combo amp for the Mediaeval Festival Bawdy Ball, and to the tavern Sings to the long of. Wow, Justo wow. A sound was like this very like this with the cord, was able to travel the good 30-40 feet of a amp without taking or drop. More than everything, is like this discreet. Any sale of transmitter to attach to the tape or strap of electrical guitar, and any one having to that it covers a receiver to AC outlet. I have begun with the full load in both days of a festival, and was alive for roughly 2-3 hours each day without sign of one uploads that careers down.

Based in my experience, can not come up with the alone or subject @complaint with this unit. I love it!

Top Customer Reviews: Rode Microphones ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 42 ratings
4 / 5
While my experience with a vendor, was very discouraged partorisca discover that they are not a trafficante authorised partorisca this Trace. It Likes him to him the result, was unable to qualify partorisca an along 2 guarantee of year for this Trace when registering a product. 😞. I seat this information would owe that be arriesgadamente posted upfront partorisca a buyer partorisca decide first to do a compraventa.
5 / 5
Very versatile wireless mic with really, really, his really good. This there is quickly result my gone the mic partorisca mix diverse in the middle of church partorisca take audio of an interview my Mac. I can not say quite well in these few types.
5 / 5
Like this far like this good. Has has had so only he for the few days and I used it today for the video has registered. Although when I opened it yesterday, a face of a TX the explosion has opened, as I have pressed has closed. I have believed for now that it was a compartment of battery but has then agreed was rechargeable. I am thinking of the returned perhaps a adhesives in the resistant has closed has dried was??? Any insurance.
5 / 5
To the equal that has taken these to do a bit registering house. I knew it it would require additional cords to incorporate one Trace east Lav+, but imagining out of some right cords and a right order has been the NIGHTMARE. Still I did not take him to do with my Lav+ has done of a same dadgum company. They are sure these few types is fantastic ( has used the without a lav and so only clipped a built in mic my jacket, but is like this bulky and obvious compared to the lav. Has has wanted to this to solve my wireless mic questions, but has caused so only more!
4 / 5
Adds few wireless microphones! Already it has had it has listened things really well roughly the and has had has not used never the wireless mic before. I have had so only use economic wire fence some. But it was to the point has loved to move to a next level to shoot of video and photo but has not loved to break a bank. This was the election adds for me. Easy to use, basically uploads and discharges and was has been. His beautiful accessories, utmost especially a protective stock exchange his door in. I say that the sound is surprising? Highly recommend them.
4 / 5
The product was to Add but sad that was the defective device . RX The transmitter has not gone has not imported the service of the client of cause Tony has been point and averts! Any one gives this writes the race. Also, all a service of client the representative is that I have spoken with has surprised also. Thank you, Music of Big!
5 / 5
Is decent but will require to buy the separate is trace sc7 connectors to use with android or iPhone.
5 / 5
Am impressed like this with a quality of his, sure mark to buy an additional cord for computer/of telephone, the pocola researches helped to learn the second cord has been required for my mobile phone vs. Computer or switcher. It has taken my video to another level. Like this happy has invested in this transmission of game.
5 / 5
Has launched was in plot of the money that buys Wireless solutiones external chinesse frames... His the shame that the didnt has bought this more collected... His audio súper clear and almost without interference...

Súper Easy to dip on, and easy to operate..

Totally recomended...
4 / 5
These few creatures are surprising! I want to which compact and stylish this lustrous little system of microphone is. He the work adds that it amplifies my camera is built -in system of sound.

Top Customer Reviews: JOYO 2.4GHz ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 43 ratings
5 / 5

• Compact and light:
when being small and light weight is to good sure one of some upper priorities when it comes to wireless system. If a system takes the place and heavy, can also so only use the boss instead. JW-03 Is súper compact and light that it could he almost any to @give that it is there.

• Strong signal and of confidence:
Further of a measure and hanged, of course the wireless system a lot would owe that have a lot of signal to preserve a quality of better audio and ensure that there is not any latency. JW-03 Achieves this with ease. In fact, his signal is like this strong that can do behind 4 has has closed doors and wall. A product specs said it can do on 100+ ft. When I dipped It to a test of definite distance, he outperformed my expectation. If it look my video can see that he on 200 ft distance. Of course a signal has broken and has had severe audio lag but a fact that had connected the closing on 200ft was absolutely is in amazing.

• Aesthetic:
am not quite sure in a direction of a creation but a blue CONCENTRATED (which totally does not resemble some eyes of Batman or Gastly/Haunter) is still very fresh. Especially in a darkness

• Battery:
According to JOYO can last until 8 hours in some touches. Of my use of 1 weeks can say that it is quite attentive. This in spite of, a manual of user mentions that rechargeable the battery has the interest of life like this like this key and download them is qualified will reduce. For occasional and in-use of house, no the suspect to die the quickly but for gigging musicians those who can use it a lot frequently the interest of life of a battery to good sure would be shorter.

Absolutely one of one covers better-and-touch the wireless system has possessed. Some two factors more than entities in the wireless system that looks for: when being small and light, boss to rid strong signal and of confidence, is both successful in the súper prize abordable. Highly it would recommend this for gigging musicians (when COVID finally dies) or random in-of the musicians of house.
4 / 5
Are the quite new guitarist (headed during quarantine), but there is has developed quickly the electrical guitar that buys habit! A thing has learnt is concealed any all the bosses are created equal, and is resulted constantly more and more frustrated with connections of bad boss, buzz, yard-was, and occasionally tripping in a boss (with the next disaster averted). I have decided to give this new-fangled the wireless transmitters come from it, has in the first place bought a Ammoon frames (also of Amazon), but so only felt economic, as has thinks that would give JOYO the try.
This system is built so only better, with the tight plus feels to a construction. JOYO Is the most established mark, and some shows of qualities. They are slightly smaller and a hinge is good and tight, like a transmitter is not flopping around and that strikes against your axe while tones (a subject has had with a Ammoons). I tried him in diverse of my electrical guitars and amps, and that takes consistently his well of everything of them. ( I have comprised pics so much can see that these things are quite versatile for different rigs.)
A lot of packaged, Has arrived less than 36 hours with Cousins, how was súper stoked to take these in my hands immediately! They have come with some load, as it could begin jamming immediately. Touching was easy, this in spite of, and has been touching on the partorisca the few hours in one load, as I can not imagine these any mecer hard thru a whole action. The row is well, and has taken the signal with only the tiny, grieves perceivable delay (my woman has said could not listen he) when I have taken my electrical guitar in another room of a house with a door has closed.
Big props for construction of quality, facilitated of pairing, quickly touching and life of long battery. My complaint is that it looks that a unit is a transmitter consecrated (in electrical guitar) and a unit is a receiver (in amp), and is not marked. It can it has to that do with as you 'pair' some devices, but changed him so only and has done well.
To the equal that goes advance and solves a boss! You will feel LIKE THIS FREE!!!
4 / 5
Possesses the Boss WL-50 and used it to compare (maintains to import a system of Boss is $ 220 vs. $ 50 For a Joyo) and was has impressed really. A row of this system, facilitated to use etc. Is a lot up there with a Boss. An only downside has experienced with a Joyo conjoint-up is the light has bitten of white noise that comes by means of when calm in fact is touching an instrument. It is quite audible when I am running my bass by means of Aguilar Hammer of the yours 500 or AG 700 ossia grave by means of the calm state solid amp. Running the electrical guitar by means of my Sonzera 20 tube combo a noise was almost non-existent same in the setting cleaned. This be has said I felizmente action with east in electrical guitar, perhaps any tomb.

Some of one in general perks of the wireless system, use in home is the transmission of game. Not treating the boss when practising, when being able to create and grab the drink without taking your electrical guitar was, changing electrical guitars without the owe transmission or turn of the yours amp (transmission of just toe in a transmitter and discharges in a prójimo a, is all a lot quite a lot of reasons to spend $ 50. Alive so only a capacity to walk was front and soundcheck is enormous. I owe that say also that my system of the boss has not been perfect neither, has had to send for behind my transmitter Roland when he entirely died after so only possessing he for perhaps 3 month (of Covid lockdown, any hard gigging). And another unexpected perk of wireless, if the the less than perfectly shielded grave or electrical guitar, wireless takes rid of an earth hum that would take via connecting with the boss.
5 / 5
Has tried the pocolos 2.4 wireless systems but always hard question with them returning different fashionable entrances. Can say you this work with strats, lp way and upper jack way seeds-empty.

These have done perfectly during a same whole house with the tonne of wireless and electronic devices.

No remarkable difference among these and cabled. Also I law adds in both sides of a pedal. Fact and has touched an electrical guitar of same form the pedal entrance and pedal start to a amp.

Does not have the 5.6 system for the compare to but for a money, this has been a better one has used still. The controls are simple, discharges and place and work.
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. So only it has taken A JOYO System of Wireless electrical Guitar today and is awesome. I touch for the church and ossia the way adds the decrease some bosses everywhere, especially when you love jump and cry. I will comprise the video: unboxing and touching. It was able to use this with my pedals. Any I usually walks to far out of my pedal joint but I have been in the separate room in my house and still has chosen up without loss of signal. I have not tried to do to to anything likes was so only that it wants to try has done and has had to quality of his well. Works with delay, reverb, and any one another use of pedals. To good sure would recommend this product!

P.D. Please forgive my volume dips up in a monitor. I fixed it later on in a video.
4 / 5
Really clear, a row is well, little to any same latency when in the different room or around a corner. It was able to finally listen the signal the scarce was when it has taken my instrument down some steps out of a amp. Has a Xvive unit that has been using for awhile that careers out of intermittently and will have more latency that this unit, and he bandage to the detail partorisca in $ 150. Ossia The way adds of gone wireless with the piece of quality of the crew for the prize adds. Highly recommend! As the one who can see, ossia the solid product !
5 / 5
With which more than two years, my Xvive U2 the batteries of the wireless system have begun to fail. I have tried to substitute he with Getaria the wireless system but he have arrived DONA (I thinks that was the fluke and a system of Getaria looks it would do a lot of). Amazon His free turn , fast usual and repayment, and has decided to try a Joyo system. I can not say any difference (except $ 100+ in prize and a Xvive be slightly more ergonomic, but ossia for roughly 3 seconds to touch) among a Joyo and Xvive and both are perfect for my uses of house. With which fifty years to be connected with the cord, remain the pleasure to be wireless in the reasonable prize.
5 / 5
Some wireless works are! I do not have any complaint at all. Easy to use, last the long time in the alone load (roughly 8 hours), the look adds, and is calm. It presents the little bit of white noise calms really stick your ear to a amp, but is hardly discernible. It gives the clean connection with absolutely zero drop outs. It is it adds to have 4 canals to choose to take subjects of interference. Highly it recommends this unit to any one!
4 / 5
I game in the coverband and like this far, these have been invaluable mine . I tired me of always dipping on my old wireless unit on always buying battery like this after the while I have gone back so only to a cord of electrical guitar til has seen these and given a prize has imagined would give him try it. Amur These! Súper Easy the setup in of the actions and easy to upload against house. More my tone of electrical guitar the still sound adds... Any loss in yours (concealed can listen) at all. More a life of long battery is perfect to the equal that have touched anywhere of 2 to 5 hours for action. I am expecting this last at least the few years...
5 / 5
Ossia The add little wireless unit for a money. My only flu is a boss to touch that it is coming with this faulty, like this 4 in place of 5 stars. It concealed it is not the breaker to treat, so only an inconvenience. Happy to delete some cords when entertaining handsy grandkids. I can elevate a amp, clip in a wireless and go. I have not had time to really dipped he by means of some steps, but in the few hours the touch was has impressed a lot.

Top Customer Reviews: Line 6 Relay G10 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
I have received so only my G10, my first wireless system. I have been interested going ' wireless' partorisca some time like this often I chair tethered with my bosses and I likes him movement around the has bitten. Also I have a lot it instruments like this emotional of one to another with the traditional wireless band (like all another serious pro-systems to note previously the G10 use) was weighed too partorisca be convenient.

To the long of comes a G10!

Has been moment to this 'dongle' discharges of characterises wireless (or bug like llama sometimes) partorisca some time. I have been thrilled when it has been announced in NAMM 2016. It uses a technology of the relay found included in some other systems of a successful Relay lineup.

-Quality of the his glorious! The Really to to the sounds like are still wired. Absolutely in amazing. Appearances relieve some difference that could write on, but honradamente could not say a difference. If it comes from calm or fully cranked, has had full dynamics of his, any compression or divisado of loss of signal.
-Libertad! It feels so that it adds when being able to turn around and take the pocolos a lot here and there without thinking roughly where your boss is. Now so only I owe that think roughly where my stock of boss is poking.
-Súper Simple operation. For real it covers and game. Automatically it selects a better canal partorisca touch on.
-'The pop Covers free! There is the activator of impulse of the ready earth in one covers so that one covers so only involves after fully seating in an electrical guitar jack. This means a lot strike and strong explosions when inserting and pulling out of a dongle.
-Light feeling , solid dongle. It returns well the jacks, any wobble or looseness. It can take jump around any question (any one the usual thing partorisca me but has had to that try he).
-Shining DIRECTED in dongle. It covers he yours electrical guitar and and 2-3 dry, his solid green and ready to touch. It blinks Red like the look when I need the recharge (the manual has said 30min of time of game, has not been never that far, but I 15min without any cutout or questions of row). The fresh aim has DIRECTED halo in bases, goes red when the battery that careers down.
-I has had any question with row in mine 2 apt chamber. (50ft, next Line of view). I have had some difficulty going thru 2 rooms (soiled next door well, any 2nd an on.) It calms probably it would owe that consider your half to synchronise to be line of place (the first phase describes). Afterall, assume you will dip this prójimo to the yours pedal board which will be a bit that approaches 'kicking' distance. It have to that remark that it takes odd touching far of your source of his, so that it has to that well sure some varied calm will not want to treat besides irregardless of one the ones of wireless system(included an ideal 0 latency which does not exist ). Ossia Probably because of a fact that the radio waves travel a speed of light (the &60; the latency has announced is simply a decoding to/encode process in both ends), and his Of a amp/travesías of speaker much slower (-1000ft/dry, a speed of his). Perhaps with one In-system that Ear of Controls (radio waves, speeds of light in both ways) this would be any question , but does not have this. With a G10 you will not be able to run around during a venue while touching but would have to that expect coverage anywhere in the phase. When the yard is gone in my testing, does not give noise of annoying rubbish, but so only fallen was as if a @@@knob of volume was was instantly, besides has not had any latency in reconnecting has gone back once in row. Like this still a disconnection-reconnection was pleasantly smooth.
-No perceivable latency (sees on)
- has 2 options of start: rule 1/4' and the balanced XLR. Any sure as to do with a XLR in my electrical guitar of then he wont have my effects. But it is perfect for Low! It goes legislation to a joint with a balanced XLR (any one has the DATA has required anymore) and one to the your monitor on phase! (A start is simultaneous, any neither or.)
-Does not have any information has printed, but has listened of Line6 sales that can use you until 5 in a same venue without interference. (This precise tries to know sure.).
-I has tried on 4 stardard ways of electrical guitar without @@subject (sees pictures to follow):
1995 Fender American Level Stratocaster
1963 Fender the tent Done to commission Telecaster (Reissues of 2009)
2001 Gibson È-335 DT
2013 Gibson Paul Livella
has tried also in mine fill-in 1986 Epiphone Tomb of Rock (also scarce to be classical)...But like him Fender Tomb of Jazz. It was wonderful!

-?Way of sleep: (NOTE: This has been now fix with firmware update.) If you are having questions with a dongle not sleeping when a power of base is turned was, install a new firmware with a Line 6 updated in your computer.
-A G10 comes with uploading it band with multiple of adapters for your needs of travesía, this in spite of, sound the little in a big measure and feel kinda economic. They are sure he operates but has decided to use the small one more has had to that dip around. (An indication of the start in one covers to be able to is 1amp in 5V, the majority of USB chargers will be compatible with this).
-Drives of a pilot (manual of instruction) is quite scarce. But perhaps ossia one , any precise 'in.
-A propiciado by USB to touch are add, but use the mico-USB. They are happy is some level but micro-USB is one of some common levels smaller. Oh Well.

Period of Load:
This section will take some the real life that tries to develop. A dongle is new right now and will update it . A specs is impressive, but wants to see this praise in real testing. It was able to go to blink red the green solid in the little on 1 now that has surprised bit it to me. I do not see any way to substitute the battery to fail neither. We require to toss a system or can buy separate substitution dongle? Line 6 can win to 5th star yes bolt until these claims of battery

4 stars, for now. Battery to try of slope of real/life of reliability, my indication could go to 5. It is so only too much I harvest to give number 5, but can take there.
Otherwise, awesome!
5 / 5
Remarks the majority of some big stars the positive critiques are people that so only has taken this or there went it the pair of weeks. There is given 5 at the beginning too much.... But after the frequent use of the few months results useless. Here it is reason:

to start with of an end, this device does not remain in my Instrument. It maintains to slip it was. It thinks in a creation and he would do felt. A straight bulky piece that hangs of low an instrument so only for a contact of an entrance jack. The attractive of gravities was. When Using an adapter of corner more the points of contact am created that advantages of more than subjects, and a thing so only swings around and results too bulky and clumsy.

Like this first, have gone to a tent of the electrical guitar and they have suggested that the entrance of mine grave jack is old and shabby and that would be necessary has it has substituted. It likes I , (an additional cost), but he didnt really change anything because that has spent was was a metal of a line 6, and fast... Help for the pair of weeks, but then a line 6 must has taken even more slippery, reason a question has gone back and continued to worsen, and I of the that has a lot another jack or the boss that slips out of in this way. He also slips out of another instrument that use less frequently... It is the combination of economic materials with a bulky right creation of a unit. In some signals some big plus of my suns and lines, when I move around one the majority of and same power smack my bass the bit, line 6 so only would slip was and are there in the silence that takes odd looks. A worse. As I have prendido to take a casualidad with him on actions. Then it has used so only he in home when I seat calmly and practical. And now so only randomly it slips it go during practising also. Again, I of the that has this question with another entrance, and my entrance jack was has substituted recently. A question is with a line 6 unit. Has has had so only he for roughly 8 month, and there is prendido to use the in actions with which 6.

A serious drawback in my opinion, is a supply to be able to of the USB, which other looks of client to have @@subject with also. It is a lot probably that a line 6 will be used in the pedal neighbour or linked to the pedal canal, but different some pedals that takes his power of 9v fine jack provider, this a precise be connected to the boss of USB and upload. The half to add another boss, load, and done any sense of mine. More things to pack when they go game and take more time and space in dipping on, and requiering another outlet. You are not like this bad if a contact of USB was solid, but there is little deep and hardly maintains a boss to touch in place. As he crackles noisily and sometimes the attractive was and to do entirely with a slightest tap of any one walking for or that moves a unit he. Any practicle for use of phase, too delicate.

Have DONE really like a life of battery and row when works properly. But after spending $ 169 in a unit and $ 75 on entrance jack substitution, and remaining foolishly pending change of the moments of entities in of the shows, and then taking to a point of any when being pas able of the use at all, now complains a compraventa and person to wish go through this process so only to @give that they still are using his old $ 50 boss.
5 / 5
First was, has taken one of a new of concealed them comprises some any one has aimed elements in an ad. A micro USB now has to that the wall uploads with enough the pocolos adapters partorisca spent diverse of wall of the country. Also it comprise the 1/4.ºn Adapter of right corner, so that of the one who buy an extra an unless I require it (goes 'Bought near' suggestion of Amazon). If it has spent he of electrical guitar of type of butt, could find this gain likes G10 will stick out of just the hair on 2.ºn Of a fund of your electrical guitar. One 1/4.ºn The adapter reduces that profile. I havent used the closing, as I cant advise if to his value likes G10 can swing around 360deg. Perhaps Line of next time 6 will comprise the transmission of type of the fork suppressor also. Any way, has to be conscious or could break a G10 to a paving that dips it on was or walking around with him.

Has read some descriptions posted here like this when the questions of use have come on, has known as to solve them. They were mainly wifi has based.

A room I joint up in to try it was is 16x16ft with vaulted ceilings. It has @subject of ours wireless internet, a PC in wireless in a room. Utilisation my cell in this room mainly also. To add, Ive Marshall Code taken 50w amp this there is qualified wireless to be controlled by my cell. There is to plot of wireless that goes in...

Has dipped a G10 on mine amp, plugged in the mine Epi elepé, and has lit all up. Immediately there is continuous static, and the 'pop' each pocolos second. Before I anything more, has taken the walk around and has tried a distance. Alive in the cabin of register, as to the wall is good and fat. I didnt have any questions that goes in 50ft.

After, has moved a receiver 10ft out of everything wifi the sources likes them suggested in of a manual. This has takes totally everything of a static and a 'pop'. I have used the 16ft boss to take it there and plugged he to a wall.

Im No the professional player, as I cant nit choose a sound, but touch like this very so much wire fence of mine. The didnt commentary any delay or of the transmissions of tone. As it says, Marshall Code 50w controlled by my mobile phone, comprising transmission of song of Mp3 to a amp. I have tried all could think of and has had any question at all after moving a receiver 10ft was.

Has any questions, will leave is. Until then, any informative is a lot informative!
5 / 5
The tone of question has had to when I light taken in the first place in a canal to base constantly would flash red. With which he google the investigation has discovered the a lot of users have had a same question. As it results so only you do not press a transmitter all a way down. In my opinion ossia the defect to draw reason a tactical and audible feedback the frames think his fully inserted, but in fact precise go down another 1/8 thumb. As well as the question solved and the work adds in both mine Fender Stratocaster & Toronado. Has has had to that sometimes discharges and unplug he to an electrical guitar the pair of the first time of a canal of base would connect with a transmitter. This was the little annoying but I always directed for the take working. This in spite of yesterday, with which so only 2 month of use, leaves to touch entirely. The plugged and the unplugged several times to a canal of base, but no his totally useless AFTER SO ONLY 2 MONTH. Has the Line 6 amp and love the, but a G10 the Wireless relay is bad drawn and Fact In Cina. If has the G10 and work, consider you lucky. Some types in the centre of electrical Guitar said to us take to plot of G10 returns. Apparently Line 6 has subject of qualities with this product. Calm the favour and buy something more. It is not to value of the money, or a headache.
4 / 5
Has been rockin' on stage each weekend with this wireless unit of then December of 2017. It is almost 3 month later and am pleased extremely with an action. Have Absolutely a lot of dropouts and any loss of tone. And a fact that this unit is rechargeable bad does not have to that me worry roughly substituting battery, which save me $ $ $ in a long career. Also I have piece of imports to know that in a start of the each action, has taken to spare juice to take me by means of the 3hr together. Unplugging A wireless unit of an electrical guitar and plugging he to another is totally silent. Any noise or strong explosions. He so only works. If you are touching in the cramped chamber or in the small phase, loses some bosses and gone wireless with a G10. Calm will not complain it .
5 / 5
Has bought diverse electrical guitar artilugios on some years but ossia one that really likes. I had it the pair of weeks now and like this far is antibala. A neighbour up was like this easy to the equal that describes - literally discharges and game. A tone touches like this very like this by means of the boss and I can not relieve any latency. When I Am done touching the leave a transmitter in my electrical guitar and automatically closes era. When I Choose on an electrical guitar a next day go back as of alive interior after the pair of strums. I have installed a receiver in my pedal neighbour and all seamlessly. It does not touch professionally and only use he in the house but is like this very a lot that owes disorder with the boss of electrical guitar.
4 / 5
The so that only did not like on the one of of the east is a fact that is powered for the supply to be able to of the USB. Meaning: calm can not use your pedalboard supply of power to be able to him. I have had to that locate the supply to be able to separate under my pedal neighbour to be able to one auricular/load. Another that a thing is fantastic. Of then it is rechargeable does not have to that worry in battery. I have touched for 2-3 hours directly and the control is load . If you are taking pauses in the calm action there would be any question. One diverse adds. Has walk until roughly 50 ft. It was and still cleaned. If it was powered for the level 9v distributes to good sure take 5 stars.
5 / 5
Has Had he for roughly 3 weeks and I used it to plot already. I touch my bass so only roughly every day for at least 2 hours and a G10 there is almost 'treated' perfectly. A subject of only action, and is the subject small in fact, is that it does not exit of way to sleep when it begin to touch again. At least the no. of the mine has to that unplug of some bass and discharges behind in. When I Owe that, he immediately reconnects and am good to go. Alive in the breaking-level and basically can go anywhere in a house and not losing the connection, any that walk really need around while touching, but still, is good to know you can extend your legs want . An only real complaint has is a very short power cord that comes with a unit. I have purchased the long more micro USB reason have required roughly 12 feet of a source of power to amplifier of mine where a unit seats atop.

Loves no in that has the cord wrapped around my feet. It can not say a difference in his among using the cord or a G10. Has two down, one he Squire J the bass that the passive career, and he Fender P Tomb with preamp; the works add in both, any subject.

Same with a esleep way' subject, gives this product 5 stars. Reconnecting Of way to sleep to unplug and plugging behind is the subject much smaller. So only it takes on the second to do that, and having the way to sleep that saves the life of battery is sum.

Absolutely recommend this product. To good sure value a coin.
4 / 5
Mostly adds with the little hickups. Occasionally a connection to touch prenderá momentarily and no owed remote to a receiver. ( I are around 15 feet was the majority of a time). Also, when not touching for the moment, goes to the sleep is the good thing , but a recovery to start with a signal again can take roughly 1 second until a sound will begin again. The thump in some series to 'wake arrive' after when being onstage without touching for the moment.
A quality of his excellent east and does not change a sound of my electrical guitar of basses and rig.
Has bought 2 of these so that I have had the thing that has done reason a unit DID goes bad and no longer uploads. The LINE has called 6 and would have substituted a down guaranteeed transmitter but has had of only possessed it roughly 10 days, to the AMAZON has substituted a whole unit with the new a. I have not had ANY QUESTION with a substitution.
5 / 5
Is covering For One The one who in Wembley Stadium, probably will want to something with bit it more row, but for my recording studio of the house of big final is perfect. Flawless, in fact. When The scientist finally discovers the cure for cancer, will say, “Yeah, this are to add and everything, but is any Line 6 Relay G10 System of the Wireless electrical guitar Digital.”

Does not have any key. It does not have any control. Has a lot on/was transmission. Has any selector of canal. Has any transmission. It does not have any volume. He so only works: you cover he in and he so only works. It goes the way to sleep with which 4 minutes and stays in some loans for the week. I leave it plugged to Martin the acoustics of electrical guitar that hangs in a wall, and when it is now of recharge the leaves is with the glowing the rim DIRECTED in a canal to touch. The zip-has joined one uploads to games of mine to be able to and is awesome.

Him him The extra of sinks of pair seats around and calm think it could be useful, buy it. Heck, Spent two.

Top Customer Reviews: W WINBRIDGE Voice ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
I am using this down the mask partorisca leave another partorisca listen me while I am speaking under a mask. Without him, calm could not listen the word said why was like this muffled. Calm now can me listen strong and clear. Works really well and touches . No too sure in a life of battery, but a quality of his utmost east. If calm turn he on quite strong, calm in fact can listen whispers decently. Be conscious that has a speaker also prójimo your mouth, will cause the feedback screech. If has in your zone of @@@cofre or lower, will do without @@subject. I produce it adds for a prize!
5 / 5
Has ordered this out of respect of this students would not be able to listen with my mask. It has done perfectly. They are able to use regulate it that voice of pause and still with the students extends all a way to a backside of a room, is able to clearly listen me. I have recommended to all my mates.
5 / 5
With the mask on and 6 ft averts, my students can do not to listen me a lot well. I have ordered this to hopefully achieve my better students.
4 / 5
Has not known that a lot this would do until I tried it. A sound is in fact quite good. Have to that learn any to bend on or a mike will take too afterwards to a speaker and yikes! Screeching Feedback. I have bought also a lapel the clip but concealed has not done almost as well as a headset is coming with.

Gave it to the mine monitor of horse riding the one who clips he in his tape and uses it all day for his lessons. I have bought another for me.

Has not been that to use an extra characteristic, likes gone in of music, etc, but any I really requires him.
5 / 5
Signs of the classes of yogas of the big energy outside, and this mic. It is perfect for clearly communicating to big groups. I have used also this mic a date of my test of pair, and all the clearly comprised world, and has averted to pull my voice. A mic. It is easy to touch, and hanged very light is doing the plot of physical activity while using it. It would recommend this mic. For any external functions.
4 / 5
My fellow the one who is the professor of the piano there is complained mine that has lost his teaching of voice by means of Zoom, has has had to that of then situate a camera in another side of a room. It is thrilled so only with this microphone. Now his students does not feel as if it is yelling in them. It has not been that would do in the spatial the big plus, but is perfect thus purpose.
4 / 5
This little unit fulfils and surpasses all my expectations. Insignia the class of weekly Bible of roughly 50 people, has comprised mostly senior citizens, many quell'experience has listened diminished. With this system was able to listen with the clarity and I was able to speak without tension. A unit of the amplifier and some microphones are very built and sturdy and a rechargeable the battery has mark to situate a unit in one the majority of something advantageous in a room without a need for the source to be able to. I also like a fact that a volume can be controlled of a microphone. An add compraventa!!!
4 / 5
Has used this in the meeting room that chairs 125 people. All the world could listen some speakers clearly.
4 / 5
Love this device. Has the low voice, as it helps my presentations. This amplifier of voice costs of the money.
Gives five stars, this in spite of, a clip to attach it to my trousers often slides out of place when curve on. Has an alternative way of holstering some speakers on to your organism, but a clip of tape looks an easy plus.

You will not be disturbed with a compraventa. Good company, the product adds!
5 / 5
Byline horseback lessons of the horse riding and this has saved my voice and he easier for my students to listen in an inner sand. I have not taken for the try still outside but am sure will be adds there too much.

Top Customer Reviews: NUX B-2 Wireless ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
Ossia The description of a four electrical guitar popular wireless systems down. I have purchased and returned Xvive U2, Gives DWS-3, and NUX B-2. I have maintained a Boss WL-20. To the left save a question that am spent stops. I have required something quite well for alive use without a hassle of the band of tape, or a need for additional pedalboard space. My pedalboard is full, and already have the band of tape for a IEM use of system. I have required good row, any dropouts, facilitated of use, life of good battery, and compatibility with my electrical guitar (Epiphone Traditional Pro II) which has the +15db circuit of impulse that involves for suns.

Xvive U2:
Pros: Fantastic row; Dual USB that touches; Any dropouts
Gilipollas: it adds light sprain, Big pitched squeal when circuit of the impulse of the electrical guitar has actuated; life of Battery roughly 3 hours; On/Of keys and keys of canal that confuses; the canal that the uncomfortable transmissions and the time that eats; it feels the little cheaply has done; Light Latency.
For recommended: Any hesitation it using alive with electrical guitars without additional electronics. It require the recharge pending of the pauses.

Gives DWS-3:
Pros: Fantastic Value; quality of his Excellent, Any subject with electronic of electrical guitar, Comprises spends stock exchange; life of Battery 5 hours; Easy to operate and the turn on/was; Easy to change canals; latency of Zero; Built in circuit of impulse
Gilipollas: So only a connector of USB; Poor row; Some dropouts; Muffled his when antenue touches something; HAS external antenna
Recommended stops: quality of his Astounding in an amazing prize. You recommend for use of house and electrical guitars with active electronics.

NUX B-2:
Pros: Presentation and Good-looking box (to to the Apple likes); the prize adds; quality and Utmost creation; Almost identical the Xvive, but better creation; Easy to operate and canals of transmission - not guessing; Any interference; Any one the latency has perceived
Gilipollas: So only an USB that connector of touches; Big pitched squeal when circuit of the impulse of the electrical guitar has actuated.
For recommended: This would have been one one to maintain if no for a subject with electronic of electrical guitar.

Boss WL-20:
Pros: Everything; Upper creation - apt and arrival; Any on/was or the canal that selects - all automatic. It covers so only he in and unplug it (not guessing); touching system (both upload against once with a connection of USB); quality of his Excellent; Low latency; Any @@subject at all with electronic of electrical guitar on circuit of impulse
Gilipollas: Priced main that another; diverse no like this very like this Xvive, but still likes another; presentation and Ugly box; slightly muffled sound when touching a transmitter; Manuel.
For recommended: Everything. Ossia A one has maintained.
5 / 5
Was scarce to find device with 32bit /48khz sampling. Ossia An only one in phase. I check Very other devices and everywhere 24 Bits or 16 has bitten.
Tries of both acoustic electrical guitar, and also partorisca among PA and speaker to Be able to (transmissive league to line out of mixer, and connect Auricular to line in of speaker to be able to).
Has 4 selections of canal, one 1 is always have the drop was and delay because of interference with wifi @subject near, some other 3 canals are well. Some other 3 canals that resupplies the quality of his very and zero delay and any drop was, Almost like this near like the boss connected for tram or electrical guitars of series of the steel. Also it tries in parallel with AKG WMS40 UHF WIRELESS and both devices resupply a quality of the his same and closed to boss.
Even this in spite of 32 has bitten the sampling but is so only close to use boss. For electrical guitar with heavy sprain or Armour plate Acoustics of electrical guitar with other effects of the his then probably calm of those who listens of the different (8/10 compares to wire) ; this in spite of using Acoustic Nylon electrical guitar then he loss the big frequency or zing zing of big frequency of serious, also adds more mid row, also loss an original under freq. For Nylon electrical guitar of series this no extracted device a lot - 7/10 compares to wire fence

A battery of Transmitter usually last 2-3 hrs continuous touching, but a Receiver last two times like this long. Otherwise This would be the good unit .
Buys this again? It can be, if I scarify for a missing big frequency, the bass modified or I needs to look EQ little has bitten for 12k and up., And down down a mid row.

In general:
Likes: Portable quality , & the professional has done, decent prize. A lot Well for tram and electrical guitars of series of the steel; latency of prójimo zero
Aversion: 2-3 hrs use of Battery, modifies signal of nylon electrical guitar of series.
4 / 5
Mainly touches mandolin when extracted. I have it that has not had still any questions of interference but there are 4 canals to choose of in chance perhaps. A thing I really liked in this model is does a focused for each canal like calm immediately can see which are on. A model to compete a Xvive U2 so only uses one has DIRECTED that bling a number to time to say the canal is on to count them. Touched like the ache of mine so that it was some reasons has been with a NUX. His also cools has added some bits like the transmitter and the receiver poden the clip near. Any I personally needs a characteristic but is good to have and has aimed that has thought roughly function. I used him to go dirrectly to a joint of the his, to having GIVEN the cashier, and the laptop amps Roland Micro Cube and Nose of Pig. Flawless fact in each use. Really it is fresh to be free of a boss and movement roughly, hopping of a phase n such. A packaging was ordered. It has dipped a gut to foam to resist them snug in mine mandolin chance with the pair of bands of hule to ensure them like this his wont take clashed out of place. I think that that I take any one mentioning in the description he no that resists to his instrument a lot enough for them to be sure the hop around. It loves the signal was that a question is that the people instrument so only has the toneless cradle in sound chooses up. A NUX is a measure of thumb of pertinent neighbourhood. It is quite sure in mine jacks can hop around like this violent like master. If has release it jack fix it or reinforce a NUX with velcro to an instrument. Any question for me this in spite of. I have used these busking diverse time and has included touched in the light rain and he have maintained to do by means of a drizzle. It is sure quite weighed the rain would kill it but survive and so only has not loved the piece that touches. Any much more to say, the desire there have been more collected. Shopping again. I have done the look of mine cools with the stickers have done :)
4 / 5
Packaging for a NUX B-2 is very good. Almost fashionable Apple... Until you take an open box and is assaulted by the chemist reek a lot early forget. It cover him in, you turn him on, his immediately pair up and just work. I have been concerned in a measure of some units, but a Floyd Rosa tremolo arm in mine Kramer electrical guitar (Strat-fashionable organism) clears a B-2 with the bit of spare room. I owe that admit, was the sceptic of has bitten roughly if a NUX B-2 wireless system was to do for me: alive in a zone with A lot of wireless coverages and the devices that competes for bandwidth and there have been mixed results with devices that operates in these frequencies (ex: any device of cast to house that uses a Zigbee the protocol is problematic). After using a B-2 for the pair of weeks, has not run to any subjects of serious connectivity. I have taken the pair of glitches ossia almost too short to remark (thinks: sixteenth note) but ossia a propiciado by some questions. In rear-the-the rear tests really can not say a difference in quality of his among a NUX B-2 and the boss. Now that has experienced a consolation of wireless, am not sure could go back to that it has to connect it he with the boss!
4 / 5
Very disappointing. I have sent for behind one 1st near after a plastic casing broken and entirely separated of light pressure when maneuvering to plant.. Returned the and has been sent another. (Service of good client) would have to that have issues it has tried a new an enough to do decision during a period of turn, but has had hight hopes. This unit has failed in test (chalked he until the subject /of wireless modem 2-0 feet was) and then in of the alive actions in 3 different venues... (Maintained expecting it was the fluke, but unfortunately any)... The light turn of your organism out of your amp or advise it pedal causes serious drop-was. A subject real was that I have expected much more of this $ 140 produced and has taken burned. I have purchased the $ 39 near wireless (like the backside-arrive) and has had nowhere APPROACH The QUANTITY of drop-out of /swipes in a space of phases and same test. Quite sad when the produced 3x economic in pricing outperforms a big plus priced one. My joint is to buy one $ 39 an and have some entertainment, that knows that these things require the 'line to go' of a transmitter to receiver to do without failures (the god forbidden has to that gone back and communicate with your bandmates during the action. There is) Some waste of $ 140.
4 / 5
Like this cut out of each pair of second been due to local wifi apparently. (This is to declare in a manual, but any one has explained anywhere first of the buy.) The guess was the decent product IF you not HAVING WIFI.... The main waste of money, interior 20 minutes have gone back to the 30 cord of dollar.
5 / 5
Has to that say that it was skeptical. But it was like this curious I has has had to that the try was on its own name.

Am blown was. A quality of his east surprising thus little device. I have maintained to change among my boss of electrical guitar and a B-2 and could very really listen the difference. It has treated on phase with him two times now and is the fact adds.

A subject only has had was that I have changed accidentally a canal in a transmitter while turning it on, but this was my failure any one a device is.

In Taylor 414CE the sound adds by means of a PA system. When I plugged he my electrical guitar and amp the sound adds also. An only thing there is remarked was the sound of radio static type when I have had heavy sprain in mine amp that so only could listen when it do not touch . This has not been noise of typical sprain, was to good sure a B-2. But conceal it any me prendería for the use.

Recommends this device for practice and alive action, but no for register of studio. Has few moments where short was for the millisecond or interference of experiences.

A rechargeable the batteries are character . Battery last for the long time: 6 hours of game. The controls are foolproof. A row is honradamente more than you would have to that require. Totally value of the money!
5 / 5
Until trying this, remained out of wireless systems reasons were too bulky, a signal would cut out of intermittently, and/or he absolutely your killed. It was hesitant in this at the beginning because it follows (certainly) the snob of the yours enormous but has been blown was with a quality of his of of the this. Tried alive last night and was still has impressed further; I have touched 2-30 insiemi of the minute and he there is not cutting was once and a sound was crisp. It have seen some descriptions roughly that terrible a life of battery was in these but I plugged the in to touch this morning and after an hour to use last night was still on 75 load. The only question has is that in the electrical guitar where a start jack is in a side like a fashion of elepé, some transmissions of transmitter around to the equal that move around. I have run the series to a key to tie to resist he in bylines and correct a subject. 100 it would recommend it he - easily value two times a prize has listed
4 / 5
has to that say that they are thoroughly impressed with a NUX B-2 Wireless system. I have been using this product for roughly 1 year now. I touch shows, in a street, while I beat and this still control up. They are well for roughly 4 hours of continual use. A transmitter will die before a receiver (which included would owe that resist up for 5-6 hours, reasons? Any idea) there is probably use this on 100 chance and he is not never has failed. This in spite of, A signal can & will break up there be anything obstructing a line of view of a transmitter to a receiver that is annoying in time. Still it can spend at least of 10 feet was, but does not obstruct a way and he will do utmost. Another pleasant thing was when I plugged in still a impromptu action, another signal of electrical guitars has begun to come by means of my amp. We both @@give then is reason both have possessed NUX B-2 east and was both on Canal 1. This be has said, calm can not have more than 4 of these in your band. Another that that, these rocks of what!
4 / 5
Have another crew of NUX like this alike unit like the no-brainer, but after the month has begun to take the plot of dropouts. I have done sure they were touched fully, there wan swimming impeding one 'line to go' among some devices, has tried to change canals, any data. He still fallen was. I have seen other estacas in of the forums that dipped a same behaviour to the equal that am thinking this is not an isolated question. I have sent an Email to stirs it of EUA of a costruttore but never listened behind. I guess so only I will move on and buy another mark. Too bad.

Top Customer Reviews: Line 6 Relay G10T ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 41 ratings
5 / 5
This has a potential to be the product adds, but an arrangement partorisca touch he the almost useless fact for me. Utilisation with the Line 6 Spider V Amp. A G10 has to that be plugged to a Spider V Amp electrical guitar jack and an amplifier has turned on for load, like this calm can not use an amplifier while a device is touching. Quell'Concealed would not be like this bad, but every time come to a room of music, a device has died and precise touch, and takes hours for him to touch. The mine has in 48 now standby time before it goes entirely died, although unused. This has translated mine when being able of the use once and the when prpers have died each one another times that has been for the use. But it calms that can touch! Any one love game by means of your amp... Utmost idea. Bad experience, at least in my room of music setup.
4 / 5
This thing is quite awesome! With this I can be walk around my house while touching electrical guitar. His amused of gone external and try a row that has, and his quite good row in that. It Ive Law ossia one of a better bang for your bucks in a department of wireless transmitter. My only complaint is that with which some time a battery dies and owe for the new transmitter. That was a chance thus compraventa. They go to Recommend this to any thats loves game wirelessly.
5 / 5
Has Jackson V King and I has been concerned the could not return in a jack reason a jack in recessed to an organism the little has bitten. It returns perfect, no the bulky as I expected it to be. Very small, a lot compact, in amazing! Like this easy to use, calm will not use never the cord again. Any delay at all, his perfect, calm will not improve his with the boss. There is absolutely any difference at all to use the boss! A life of battery is incredible, the people that complains roughly the battery does not have to that know like this to touch this thing... You take roughly 8 hours in the full load. The better thing has not bought never for hands of electrical guitar down!
4 / 5
Has broken an original transmitter for mine Line6 system. It was my failure to the equal that have launched in a fund of my stock exchange of action. Some people have had issues with a Line 6 because of poor creation with a polymer. Quell'Concealed that has not been my chance.
Has found this substitution and work like the charm. They are weekly Bassist and never have subjects with any interference. I have used this for years.
5 / 5
Has taken this with a Line 6 Spider V 60 which has a built in receiver. Dipping it up was the snap: it covers so only he to an entrance jack in a amp, attended the pocolos second, and facts. A amp all a work to configure for you. Recharging Is easy, also.. It covers so only he to a amp (the amp has to that prpers have gone back on, this in spite of).
5 / 5
A battery in this hard element roughly 15 minutes . Used the twice.unla Company any turn of honour. Calm can not substitute this battery. It is attached with the calm bosses etc would owe that take retorts it, has saldado in and expect a coverage will close etc. has bought the together of would generate is partorisca to plot less money and his in fact touch better.
4 / 5
The liberty is sum . The looks of distance very too much. It cut it it was randomly the time of pair, and a life of battery feels well touch and game daily. But you have left it seats for the few days and then goes back he casualidad the well will be attended for him to touch touching acoustically...
5 / 5
Has purchased this with a yamaha thrii30. The my ears, there is not any degradation in a quality of his of my electrical guitar. Also, there is no perceivable latency in a wireless signal that comes from/comes from this unit to a thr. I love it!
4 / 5
Uses this with violin of mine and my electrical guitar saw mine Yamaha THR10II Wireless electrical guitar amp. Works perfectly well! I have not had any subject with him at all. It touches while plugged to a amp. I used it (and a amp invernadero can of battery) for 4 hours directly without questions.
5 / 5
4 stars because they are adds no in that has bosses. Any 5 stars because this thing can be really finicky. Also, if calm the tones and then one load (in my chance amp) is turned was, resembles dulcemente loses battery like an after timing you gone back that can be has died.

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