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Top Customer Reviews: Lemedy Women Padded ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Sincere I am enamoured w this cup! I have bought black and aim. Originally I have bought he in meso are the 32 DD and are the half always w bra of sport but the access of meso but SÚPER TIGHT. It was busting out of him. As I am returned and has ordered the big and now returns perfect! A material is fat and supportive. Tbh Am surprised the one who credit a material is partorisca only $ 20. I go partorisca be totally purchasing more. MEASURE ON FORSURE. Also it calms totally it can spend this daily, calm would not know never is material of gymnasium .

So only partorisca the reference are to 32 DD
Encircled 28 in, athletic build , 146 lbs
4 / 5
Ossia a tank of perfect regime ! Good support but any flattening. It is súper flattering and the perfect period partorisca anything big waisted. Still it would spend this like the cup partorisca exit! Consider the measure on - I follows almost always the small and the half returns perfect. For the reference are 5'8”, 135 lbs, 32D and usually spend the measure 2/4.
4 / 5
Was súper concerned in of the this but am LIKE THIS HAPPY has decided to buy the anyways. They are 5'8, it measures it 14-16, and spend the 36DD. They are to good sure not thinning but also a lot all this big, as I have bought a XL to be sure and the turn adds!! It is to good sure snug like this announced but any unflattering or uncomfortable, and does not seat to like are in the sausage casing. I have been concerned that would be too short but was again pleasantly has surprised; a legislation unexpectedly of the shirt in my waist that is which has loved. If you are spending this casually calms does not have to that concern roughly going it on, but is exerting that can see going the bit depends that you are doing and the one who your type of organism is. In general a lot happy and now while to all other colours to be of tower in stock in my measure :)
4 / 5
are the 34 D and 36C. 5'4 130lbs. It likes a record especially with exercise. It could it has taken perhaps it measures it slightly main but honradamente ossia perfect like this it bra of sport. It likes-me a colour. Really it resists everything near. It can take some cups to give I the little more room in a zone of bust. My worry of entity for bras of the sport and the tanks is a strap that tears but thinks that this will take well.
5 / 5
This shirt is big quality , comfortable and a lot versatile. Highly recommend, is the cup to collect this in spite of, duh! They are 122 pounds , are 5'4 and spend the 34C and a small returned well. It could take the measure on himself calm want the partorisca be the little more along this in spite of.
5 / 5
Exactly that has looked for, and the prize adds! I have ordered two colours and will be to order more. This celery like Lululemon material of quality without a seal of prize. These cups return perfectly (I follows 5'6, 135lbs, has ordered the small). Some colours are cleaned and gorgeous, exactly like look in some photos. There is the built in bra with cushioning so that it will not see any one... peeking. They are the personal trainer and has required something that could workout in, then launch the sweater on during coaching. Really it could not be any one happier! Easily it can be used like workout dresses, or included be dress up for the night was.
5 / 5
A material of a bra is a lot soft. Besides, a tampon is removable, as I can take calm so that desire. Regarding a measure, I usually wear 36D and measure L turn perfectly. In general it is worth it to buy the.
4 / 5
Has mixed feelings in of the this. First of all, I have ordered it measures it on based in other descriptions. I usually measured to spend xs cups, the small measure in bras of sports, and 32C in regular bras (5'5”, 110lbs), but has ordered the half. These accesses sides, with an exception of a fund, which is too big around my waist. If you are among measures, would order on, but otherwise would order true to measure.
My main complaint is a thickness of a material. I know it is cushioned, but the look bit it bulky, especially around some arms. Another concealed it, has taken. It is pleasant and a lot also see-by means of, especially for the white cup. Probably it would not order again this in spite of.
5 / 5
A BETTER basic tank! Has this in 3 colours (white, black, and the rose/of salmon) and are reordering an aim because the door so much! They are 5'8”, 155-160lbs, usually spend the small or cup of half, and spend the 34C - I has taken a half and returns perfectly and some look of daughters to surprise! A built in the bra and the tampons are utmost as so only can launch this on with the pear of tejanos, shorts or leggings for a warmer time and go! Also it spends to exit and maintains everything in place.
4 / 5
Sport of yoga of bra of utmost quality. They are the 32 DDD and orderly enmedio. The accesses add! I have taken a cushioning out of a bra because an upper really any one require it and a material is quite fat A quality and the material of a shirt is a lot very also A colour is exactly like a picture. Amado the like this, has ordered he in two colours more.

Top Customer Reviews: Hanes Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought both a 10' sweater hanes shorts (ash) and one 11' bermuda cotton hanes shorts (navy). It was pleasantly surprised by some period of both. I have ordered both in the measure XL (measures 16-18) was although it follows 5'10' and measure 12/14 has based on some other descriptions. A sweater shorts am returning, not even partorisca buy the different measure. A cloth is too light and easily comes on some legs when walking and creates a unfortunate toe of camel (still although they are big). They are chalking this until a material used like another shorts any that. Of both shorts is big, would suggest to take your normal measure and not taking has measured he up unless it likes a lot roomy shorts.
4 / 5
Hate in shorts. Has has had always big thighs, included when it was an active adolescent whose ribs have stuck was. So much, imagine the one who his unbalanced 15 years later and 3-4 big measures. Still, they are the necessity in state while doing the external things. I am pleased like this with a consolation and facilitated partorisca spend these, that find achieving shoots him even when any I absolutely requires him. You a lot of slide down while folds, work, or garden. They are loose but no too baggy. A material any pill or aim each speck of powder and is generally quite a lot that am not embarrassed to run to a tent in them. They are not constantly pulling them down behind in my legs. Has pockets. I have bought more. Ossia unheard Of still me.
4 / 5
In the first place, is not 100 cotton, is so only 90 cotton, but is still comfy enough. As, big court, if you are measured 8/10/12 and like the good access goes for measure M. Measure L will do for 12+ and on.
4 / 5
A lot comfy living room shorts, perfect for comfy couch probably will be to walk my dog and lifting some weights in them. They are 5'3" and roughly 150 lb. Have pics But a lot sure like this to add them to the along lateralmente this description.
4 / 5
Some people here look for having received a 'X-Temp Terry French Short' with a gone cuff, but has received a shorts ossia pictured. My measures: encircled 30, also 37, thigh 22.5. The half returns perfect! ( They shrank The little in a wash, any one a lot, in fact better record afterwards.) Very comfortable, and look quite well too much. A inseam is not 10', measure 6 1/4' on mine, and look a picture. (A picture does not look 10' shorts mine.) A cloth is thinnish, but no like this thin that tip all your details of butt. Some pockets could be main but oh well. A cloth has not been very soft at the beginning, but taken much more exert after the washes of pair. It could order another pair.

Sad some photos suck and is lateralmente. A shorts is not that short to my waist, ossia so only an odd form any to be.

MODIFICATION: ordered the second pair, has arrived and is one same likes first. I have been enough that lives in them home. Still desire some pockets were main.
4 / 5
Hanes Sweater of the Short women, Charcoal Heather, Meso

These have been announced likes 100 cotton of porcentual, but is not . To him the focus of a pair has received says is 60 cotton of percentage . So much, ossia the strike against him. But, still, they are comfy and really apt well, and have pockets, and when I tried them on, has them so only has wanted to spend all take it. And quickly I am resulted mine pajama shorts. So much, I suppositions are the gone.

A lot of shorts, especially in a point of prize. If they were to bend a prize, and had said that they were all the cotton , would be more be disappointed. In this point of prize, can leave go of 40 polyester of porcentual ossia in them. Still comfy For eight big some.

These are the access adds . They are 5'6' and 140 lbs. A work of meso well.
4 / 5
Has ordered previously a big shorts in black, and has done as well as the living room/workout shorts. I do not love a thickness, wide waistband, but the prize and the period were a priority .

This in spite of, please notes that of the big navy shorts was a same period, but a waist was the full 2 wide thumbs! For reference: a black shorts was 34 thumbs around and a navy was 36 thumbs.

Expect that this future help shoppers!
5 / 5
Really Like Me these shorts! Súper Comfortable and flattering. They run it bit it big. I have bought 2 measures and a half was a better access. They are 5'4' and 150 lbs. They are the good period , any period of Bermuda but no too short. They are quite good to spend in audience for sport, jogging, or in a boat. It would be he adds for sleepwear also. I have bought the second pair in another colour.
5 / 5
Has required some comfortable shorts to spend while I am bored in a house and are in a boring house during a cornteen. These were economic and has thinks that would do to paint, doing in a yard, and walking of dog. They are quite old to not loving booty shorts and these are long quite but no too long. Has-liked me a prime minister some so many that has ordered 2 stiller. I accidentally dipped a pair in a dryer and his did not shrink, so that it is the big plus . Has an ash and dark ash. A navy is in a way. For less than $ 7? They are perfect. I have ordered the half, my usual measure, and is returned.
5 / 5
Has bought so only two pairs of these in some blacks and a charcoal to substitute the pairs of pair have had for on 10 years of heavy wear and washing. Sometimes, you gotta leave the things go. These are the modest period without being frumpy at all. They are soft and comfortable like the mesh but with the substantial plus knits. It has not been that these will resist up with one washing. A waist does not feel to like has any elastic in him, as I do not want to has measured up with these reasons a drawstring is all has to that regulate an access. A prize added is some pockets . It has taken these paralizaciones less than 7 bucks each one that that. It quotes 5'4', 120 lbs, the experience is' and returns true to measure.

Top Customer Reviews: Colorfulkoala ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
They are 5'2, 225 lbs ( doing on he 't judge, lol) and has ordered the measure XL. When Have takes in the first place a leggings of a packaging I instantly sad result and reserved to a fact that would have to give these my a lot of adolescent daughter smaller, but has decided to try them on first to spend them down likes it has done with like this outfits before.

SANTA MACRO !!!!!!!!! They are returned !!!!!!! And a lot of turn returned so only perfectly!!!! A piece in these leggings is to at all likes has not seen never and a control seat like a 175lbs follows partorisca aspire to be. They resist perfectly but they are not of the tight, extends but is not partorisca see by means of at all !

Absolutely wants to him and would recommend to any in a fence roughly buying them, try them calm will not complain it !!! Oh For a way mentions to do my butt looks the 25 old year hahahah !!! It loves him !
4 / 5
Has bought several pairs of Colorfulkoala leggings with big expectations. They are not all some same. This pair especially was far better for me personally that it is “buttery soft” counterparts. Another some were in fact súper soft, but yes is wanting to tummy control, these are your trousers ! I have had 6 boys, as has sucks fluff, and prefer athletic trousers with more than support of waist.

A difference in some trousers? Material. These are 75 polyester 25 spandex. A buttery the soft class is 80 nylon 20 spandex. After the full day to spend a súper soft class, found me constantly tugging them up. Any sake. A polyester/spandex the trousers remain tight and situate all day and help flatten my tummy.

Measured - I follows 5' 4.5” and 136 lbs like this using a Colorfulkoala the map of measure has ordered the small. They are very comfortable around my waist and a period is in my ankles. IF I order a súper soft some again can try a small extra, but for now, are well with these.
4 / 5
A fact that possesses 3 and bought him everything inside the week of the each one another says A lot of (I usually prefer variety).

- Test of squat
- the period adds
- big waisted
- a lot of flattering!
- Smooth Out of legs
- pleasant vibrant colours
- seamless
- stretchy
- the pockets are utmost
- stay in place during workouts
- a material is dense, thickness, still breathable
- lines of the underwears is not visible by means of leggings

- any one the majority to sweat wicking in intense cardio days
- sizing diverse the bit among colours (to the purple is the tad tighter)

like the compression and has taken the half of measure.
Encircled: 30.5'
Also: 43'
I weights 158 lbs and are 5'5'
4 / 5
left beginning was to say are the big defender of Lululemon. I have been buying his cloths for the moment, reasons are qualities adds and treat quite well during big intensity workouts. This in spite of, had been looking to buy more 'athleisure' wear lately (to the equal that am doing of house for a prójimo 6 weeks) and could not justify falling another $ 100 in the pair of leggings that so only will be to seat around a house in. After listening several bloggers rave in these leggings, has decided to order the pair.

These leggings 100 alive until a hype! They are incredibly comfortable and returns perfectly, resupplying so only a right quantity of compression and piece. [Partorisca Reference, are the measure 4 in Lululemon leggings-- 5'4'/115lbs --and a XS access like the glove.]
Look to be a lot well build, based of a quality of cloth and stitching. The only time will say to resist on as well as Lululemon is by means of spending repeated & washings, but for $ 25, will not be too unbalanced has to that the substitute in 6 months. I have it quell'has ordered already another pair of these awesome leggings!
4 / 5
Modification: 2-7-2019: A green is incredible. This fashion is still my preferred of all a Colorfulkoala leggings. I spend my black and navy pair like this often and can not expect take some of other colours!!!!

Modify: 12-29-2018: these are still my preferred leggings this in spite of are going strong! I have him in navy and in black. They are like this stretchy and comfy and his external door of a gymnasium also. These do not return like this compression-apt like original or a creation brushed new. If it wants to something tighter in a waist any measure down in these or try some other two options! Amur My colorfulkoala leggings so much!!!

Original description: honradamente am thinking roughly buying the second pair of these in black because they are that good. These are my saints grail leggings: soft, seamless encircled, squatproof, flattering, no too long in my legs, and has pockets!!! I sized until the big (I follow mediate them to them a lot regulate) reason in a colorfulkoala Instagram has said that these have had more compression that an original creation without some pockets. It could it has spent probably a half has loved the apt compression but has loved more than the comfortable returned like this I sized up. Some pockets resist my telephone with a otterbox if a lot well! They are 5' 1” like leggings is a perfect period on me! They do not go down in a waist and a cloth in a waist seats like this flat and seamless 😍 does not have any complaint, everything in these leggings is true perfection. Never change a creation of these! Has a black and a navy. Closeup Shot of both a navy and the black in natural sunlight is attached. Some pictures of full organism are a black pair
4 / 5
Hey types, as I go to try to be like this useful like possible. Reason comprise a frustration of not finding the decent economic pair of leggings. I expect that this helps your investigation.

These leggings is test of squat. I have spent the black underwears and he at all have aimed thru.

Are the measure 27 in waist and roughly 135 lbs. I have ordered the XS and the desire could have ordered the XXS. Mainly, reason a cloth is stretchy and the joy bit it more compression everywhere. This be has said, feel as if they will not fall during workout. So you are among measure I to good sure measured down. So much, I will not be buying anymore until they take the XXS, reason plans on losing more hanged.

Are 5ft 6.ºn And this legislation of earth in my ankles. Which create is a more flattering period.

Wants these leggings. A piece is surprising. A cloth are adds. Any toe of camel! On encircled of key of the belly. So only a measure is a subject only for me.
4 / 5
Are 5'1 115 lbs, with a half to athletic build. My measures are 35-25-37 and some extras of small accesses perfectly. They are form returning without seam in a waist. It would not say to have a lot tummy control but still is flattering.
Come so only on my key of the belly and I have the little long torso. They fall and it can come so only under a key of belly. This could annoy some people but I no really the alcohol that regulates my leggings, tends to regulate my leggings although they are a type to remain places. Some pockets blend in amiably and is not probably anything will fall out of them. They touch to lose to my ankle and is not too tight or I too free. They are a bit resembled a further yoga spacedye leggings but with the solid colour.
5 / 5
Like this already have a version of these without a pocket in green (I believes llama a “Buttery Soft” and these are likes “brushed buttery soft) and am enamoured with these have believed so it would buy these I of then find me whenever it looks for the pocket with my green some. THESE are SURPRISING TOO MUCH. They are like this far incredibly enamoured with this mark. These have the different to feel Compared to some just “buttery soft” versions. It would say that a “buttery soft” feels more like the silky soft while these are more than cosy soft.. hopefully That feels frames but both materials I amour in of the different ways. A record of these leggings is incredible also. A compression is perfect; no too tight. And literally it seats kinda likes is walking around in of the skins so only of as comfortable and lustrous returning is. They are the measure 6/8 further of trousers, 150lbs, 5'5” and are the half in the quite all (a big when the things run small) and I so that it believes this true record to measure. They look to be test of squat, although, would not spend these to a gymnasium. You can, but mine a material is more than the comfy random legging, any so much the workout legging. But I decide the start in them will update my description. Another thing is that I am exited in a pocketless buttery soft green some and the frames of sweat have aimed dramatically so that it has not gone yes concealed'd spend with these (especially of then is black) but so only beware! Otherwise, Ossia an ONLY place will be to purchase my random leggings of this point on! It loves him!
5 / 5
Have Never in my life felt for likes it was necessary to spend $ 90 in the pair of leggings. They would require to be able to resist my together life for me to included consider. It has taken the on-line tip that these were partorisca dope leggings, has seen good descriptions and imagined $ 30 wasnt too of the risk. And Oh the mine has paid was, these are like this buttery soft, have so only a right increase, DOES not MOVE !!! I havent exited in this closing (the one who is kidding I wont never) but that run errands all day, going in and out of a car, and a lot once has to that the appeal up. Not even I am exaggerating at all. Also they have pockets that has come so only recently to want to, and finally (has required included another reason to buy them) a seams is wonderful and sturdy and has to that crotch gusset that means any toe of camel, has spatial the one of way that there is not he seam the legislation was your touch of thighs and the diving in a waist seam in a backside to give you the little bit of this booty shaping! They are also a lot flattering, any cellulite here, any panty-lines, test of squat, the hell yes is still reading this and havent has bought these then owe that hate be comfortable and having to that utmost butt like this movement on...
5 / 5
I absolutely adore these and ColorfulKoala nails he still again. Any same was that leggings has to that this mark now -- is in plot -- and has bought so only another colour of these (the heather brown is going in the few days! yay!). I have been moment to some brilliant colours like hot rose of them partorisca awhile, but has decided spent a soyauve pink' instead and am really happy has done. It is totally soyy' the colour there is @@give -- I has dark brown hair and of the eyes and skin of the darkest olive, and wow, a mauve really complete these colours. I am stunned that it likes me in fact, been due to again are usually it neon pink person lol. In all the chance, buy your normal measure in these -- is perfect! A pocket is good and big, a cloth is súper stretchy and soft, and absolutely love a way I look. ColorfulKoala Is joined for my favourite mark on Amazon, and yes has did not try him never, well, he right now! It is leggings intoxicated and each partner has turned on to this mark loves him too much! Basically these are my main recommendation -- just he.

Does not take anything for this description for a way. I have paid full prize for these (and a prójimo brown some) reasons has wanted to him and love this mark. Honradamente Like write the descriptions and so only am trying be useful with some of my free time. To the left know me there are a lot of questions!

Top Customer Reviews: Signature by Levi ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
Oh. Mina. Goddess. Closed an advance of door and slap your grandma. It takes tight reason these tejanos go you partorisca take pregnant. They are too hot, called some police And a fireman. Songs immortalize fantastic behinds and yes has not felt never like a subject of these songs then buy these tejanos and buckle up! You are roughly partorisca feel like the honkytonk badonkadonk, the creature is turn , fat bottomed daughters, and your anaconda is for the daughters of mark go, “oh my gawd, Becky!”

Now that a pleasant part of this description is on... Closed up and buy these tejanos. Spent ten pairs because the gentleman knows calm grieve find the pair of tejanos likes calm will not find him never again. They are 4'11” big, 173 lbs, 45” also, 33” encircled (to good sure pear shaped), and can never - I bad NEVER - find tejanos concealed turn. These are a right period . They are returned my hips . You no empty in my waist. And this interior tummy slimming poster? Oh Sweet creature cheezus HE. Has the two old year, a awesome mamma pouch, and the amour is of bread. These tejanos looks me still better that has done before I have grown another human being. Literally ditching each one another pair of tejanos there is and half my whole cupboard with these.
4 / 5
These absolutely are in amazing!!! Some descriptions were of sound, but was still skeptical reason has the very hard time finding tejanos this returns well and is comfortable. These are surprising!!! It spends a majority of my extra weight in my stomach and despise any type of trousers that causes muffin cup, as having to that order main more than smaller that avert concealed. A result is usually trousers that will not remain up and constantly are pulling especially the day. These are perfect! They are appeal on, as any key or zips. And somehow it remains on, still it is not too tight in a waist. Any muffin cup, and not falling. Some legs are snug but a lot of comfy. And they are flattering. A miracle! I am going back partorisca buy a darker colour right now!

Like this now a part of entity. You are coming here partorisca see that measured would return you more, as I will not leave you in during - one the majority of the useful part of the description is some statistics. Without them, a description is basically useless. At all worse that people those who write, “these records add!” But then give any one statistical. Like this calm here go: they are so only down 5'9, roughly 200 lbs (+/-), and typically measured of wear 14-16, according to access (again, hate encircled lake, as they are probably he 14 but always measured on partorisca consolation). It has taken these in the 16 long, based in descriptions, and is so only perfect. Spent these!!!
4 / 5
Usually spends the 20 but has taken the 16 in these levis. Amur These! It has ordered so only another pair.
Update: after washing and drying I probably would owe that have the 18. A bit snug. Also, it is pearish 5'4, 220 pic is with the 16S.
4 / 5
An access: there is meshy bandage (eats partorisca have that has weighed pantyhose) by means of a belly that entirely eradicates mine soyommy' tummy. Has the little pooch, free jiggle, and sometimes he buldges if some pinches of line of the waist. A sale of waist in these ensures and mine UNDERTAKEN encircled whole - no jiggles or buldges. Then it has the rear mine, which is not like this perky anymore. These grab my cheeks and pull them arrive - butt of mine isnt walk in these. My inner thighs are softened was, and cellulite is hid everywhere.
A cloth: celery big quality , well has done. Soft, But durable like denim/cloth - and extend and give when movement/of curve without loosing form or extending out of forming when I srand behind up. I have spent these to 3 childrens anniversary a day this in spite of felt like this sure in them partorisca mecer to the party of friends that prejudices.

Has measured: they are 5'11, 160, it has bought a black long in the measure 10 and return utmost. ps - A longitude still grieves paste my bone of ankle, but at least thats better that capri period.

These trousers are magic and are SSOO bummed other colours are out of stock.

Has ordered his recommended looked tejanos (lean, byline, totally shaping) but they zip - of the that has sale of waist and whose impulse of rear mine one same.
4 / 5
Has had 2 creatures in 2 years and everything does not remain dipped to the equal that has done once and has not been able to spend tejanos with tight returning short of then because of a muffin the cup and these all softens in an upper and in fact still look well in a butt. They are 120lbs. 5.2 And it has taken one 6 short. My only thing are desire that was tighter around some knees and a fund of some legs but does not look bad. His so only any eskinny tejanos tight.

Am recommending these by all the world and to all mine other friends of mamma and so only any really lol
4 / 5
These tejanos is like this wonderful. They are 35 and the mother. I love my organism but more tejanos today is not done for mammas. Here it is that I amour

1. They extend but it does not result free after spending. I do not owe that maintain pulling these on with which had him on partorisca awhile. They maintain his form!
2. They are material of piece but is also tejanos. They look tejanos, not extending material.
3. We leave me to knots to move comfortably while knowing my parts are securely has covered.
4. They come on the little main but no too big.
5. Some leaves of the waist for some gives so that has no muffin cup although in fact the he muffin upper
6. Emotional peace. It is hard to recognise that it is now of to begin to purchase women tejanos. Women Tejanos is often terrible. These tejanos is done for the organism of the woman but does not look the women is or mamma tejanos. It likes volume to feel comfortable while spending tejanos that look youthful!
7. LOOK of MINE of BUTT that has SURPRISED!!! Any volume to say that often but saint smokes, is looking good ladies.
4 / 5
Well, has bought on the lean dozen tejanos and has HATED each one which so only one of them until these have come my life . I am 57 years old , 5'7”, curvy 215 lbs, which is reason I there is hated all mine tejanos until today. It has not been that it is like this different but will give you some few things I amour and calm can decide if some characteristic is which has been looking for but could any never find:

1) WAISTBAND: they are mid increase but in just a legislation plants—no too big, no too down— has to that encircled and turn perfectly on that. AMUR A width waistband—does not pinch or show under your dressed reasons does not go in and maintains a paving of stomach.
2) PERIOD: absolutely period PERFECTO, paste well in an ankle with bit it to spare— trace of HATE tejanos because mine cankles is not that it wants to underline for cutting of a period of legs of mine well in mine chunky, swollen ankles. They are PERFECT with small pavings and of then can not spend heels, is perfection .
3) REAR: Amur, amour, AMUR a byline—of pockets Levi longish pockets that has spent a vulnerable backend where lean tejanos tend to underline any failure can does does not want to flaunt.
4) MATERIAL: Totals tejanos, soft and tejanos-looking, not thinning, worthless material, any one heavy, ungiving cloth, some perfect tejanos look, soft but resists his form still is not like this tight-that returns that calms of looks touched to roughly 1960 stirrup the trousers for some times are done pulling them to plant.
5) PRIZE: Well, my partner has the pair of tejanos that ADORES but is $ was like this exasperated for the good access that still although I can not justify that it spends that it classifies of money in the pair of tejanos, was so only roughly to wasteful and while it looked for him on here, these have on burst. ( It gives the graces for your suggestions, to the amazon—there is no to found them never without you!)
6) WAY of STITCH: simply IT ADORES a yellow edge of Levi' spend me behind to a pair of prime minister I never bought long before it was born, and add to some tejanos-factor like opposed to a jegging look.
7) MEASURE: I initially doubted to try Levi is again because with age, the things have moved bit it on me and tend to run devastatingly small, does not flatter my curves, and feel me bad roughly I, but these gave me hope again and LOYALTY. I spend he 16 and has bought the 16 and they am perfect. I have bought 16L reason likes a legislation of period in a cup of my foot.
8) CROTCH: here it is which has found in another 16' is returned my stomach, a crotch is 3” too long, which pulls trousers of mine down like this of the wears of day on, a waistband fold on, and all I every time stand up is pulls them early a crotch has fallen to the place where can the to you sees while I COOL. These return my stomach correctly. OF AT ALL they do not extend during a will amend this if they , but some descriptions indicate to maintain his form, as I am trusting in that and buying them in the each colour can TODAY.

I hope this description has been useful, has read EVERYTHING of them before I have bought and I to the equal that appreciates all your weights and of the measures and apt details!
5 / 5
Beat and his door but is quite snug. They are more leggings that tejanos. Celery very soft and would buy him again but in general measure. I bought him in the 14L. They are 5'7' and weigh 165. Has another 14s concealed returns well or has included the little release.
5 / 5
LOVES these tejanos!! They are my preferred goes to tejanos now!! They look utmost with boots or of the pavings. They are 5'3' and weigh roughly 220 lbs. I have ordered one 16 short and turn perfectly!!
5 / 5
The ladies please dipped to quote you, hanged, and a measure has ordered for everything of knots another on-line shoppers!!! As well as they are the measure 10, 5'6, and like this mine tejanos to paste a fund of my ankle. Has paste so only there. It likes to go his on needing to in some heels or spending them normal with pavings. They are not the defender of when it seats your tejanos does not know is tejanos or capris has ordered like this a just longitude to be sure! They are the stay in Mamma of house and trousers of yogas of the wear around a house. To the left it is to be sincere any one spends tejanos with which having a luxury to spend trousers of yogas. These have come so only and turn astonishingly!! Ossia My first time that orders tejanos in an always has to that go and try them on. Any these!!!! I have taken the casualidad and am like this happy has done. They are true to measure. One 10 hug legs of mine and butt so only like lean tejanos has to that. No too tight but any one I too free!! Like this happy with cost of mine will be to take the pair in another colour. Thank you Levi is to think of all the one who so only want to be cosy! It would recommend to take your normal measure does not locate or down!

Top Customer Reviews: SEASUM Women's High ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
5 / 5
They are 5'3', 116 pounds, with 27' encircled and 36.5' also, has bought the small measure in some paints Navy Blue, Tiffany Blue, and Grey Capris, and these are my personal observations .

Period: A normal period leggings is quite long on me, there is the plot of extra cloth and he stir up in some ankles, this in spite of a capris access perfectly.
Expects Band: they are quite big as well as VERY BIG waisted; stretchy and quite comfortable.
Tummy Control: there is little to ANY tummy control in these leggings, his apparent in a navy blue pictures have posted.
Butt scrunch: personally I find it flattering, but is to good sure any one a more sewed scrunch in a world. It takes a work done
Texture: These ARE not to dry apt leggings, this in spite of, is very soft.
Thickness: These leggings is quite thin. A navy blue hid my underwears, any @@subject that has spent, but in of the lightest colours like a tiffany blue and ashes, could see him (this in spite of any visible in a camera, is noticeable in person). I also posted the picture of my knees when seating and clearly can see by means of a leggings, and those were a darker colour has purchased them.
Crotch Gusset: there is to crotch gusset
Test of Squat: it DOES not TRY of SQUAT. I do not concern the one who the people say that they are, Is not . It does not buy these leggings for a gymnasium, loves these, uses him like this random/comfy wear.
Quality to sew: REALLY PASTE Or MISS, Tiffany the Blue pair is gone in HORRIBLE form (sees pictures). A hole looked less than three hours of wear, a lot lose edges, and free edges. This in spite of, an ash and navy the blue pairs have not had any subject. BUYER BEWARE.

Conclusion: it likes to like these leggings marks my look of butt as well as of a fact that is very soft and comfortable, but has can defects and incongruences with a quality. I am returned Tiffany Blue, but has maintained Grey and Navy. These ARE not to EXIT LEGGINGS. So only buy these want to use these for RANDOM wear.
-Expects these helps :)
4 / 5
are the quite fat woman , 5 ft, 175 lbs, usually the big measure in leggings. I didnt loves him risk that precise extends too reason did not love him to result see by means of, as I have ordered on the measure like another reviewers suggested and turn perfectly. They are same test of squat! ( I have tried he in the brilliant bath, as I create, while orders a right measure and his am not too small and extended to a max, is not to see by means of!
A texture of honeycomb of these leggings entirely conceals any dimples or cellulite. A waistband is quite big like any tummy is sucked in, which is critical for me, as I have had so only the creature 3 month ago. They are state blessed with the quite good butt, but these the a bit extra harm oomph. I so only dipped his on for some first time and my husband am gone in and has done the point to say like that surprises my 'goodness ' look! It was in front of a mirror in a bath, and has taken included in a reflection continueing to be lol!
My only complaint is that they are quite long. They are very short and usually there is bunching in some ankles with more leggings, but have more bunching that usual with these.
This in spite of the his a lot enough to take was that pleased are with these leggings. I will be to wash his in a delicate cycle to ensures does not take ruined, like this hopefully resist up! Has has had to that probably take to to another pair of then like him to him like this.
5 / 5
Recieved These punctually, was like this comfortable, apt adds, and spent him a day with which took him all day. Has has wanted to these, any I still has to that me worry roughly the lines of pantry to feign travers or a waistband giving me he muffin cup. But after spending these all day, so only doing the day regulates the things of day, and then seating in mine couch looking the show, has taken these leggings was and the multiple holes discovered had formed around a escrunch butt' seam so only of me seating. It has expected these could be the staple for workouts and more, but does not have any way would resist until any exercise a seams is that fragile. Incredibly disappointed and has had to launch these was after so only an use...
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Enamoured ! I am surprised with a quality of this leggings. Test of the comfortable 👌squat and a colour is attentive to a picture . They are 5”0 124 pounds . I have ordered the small measure . The accesses perfect . Highly it recommends this leggings ! I am appreciated
4 / 5
master are 5 foot 7 hanged 210 lbs and orders the big and returns correctly! I have ordered a big extra of another vendor and that access correctly also, but of course some big has the tightest access. As I have imagined you owe that go with your measure of waist or more after his... To take a right access.
5 / 5
The daughter yes is looking in these leggings, so only calm the favour and take them! We have me to the knots that look SNATCHED!!! I listen? If orders your REAL CORRECT measure, will return good and spend a test of squat like any undies will aim thru him. If it love that the calm squeeze to the measure has taken not being subject in, does not try squat or curve on in these reasons will be to see thru ish. They are 5'7 and 194 lbs the good day, has ordered a XL. Now to read these commentaries and go to take you the pair or 7 that sis 😉
4 / 5
really enjoys a texture of these leggings. I think that that they are different and the eye that takes. It likes that when they say of big waisted the bad. I remark some tummy control it and I believe is true to measure (I follows 5'7”, 178lbs) has ordered the big. This in spite of, are to good sure does not try of squat... Or test of underwears (spending the white underwears feign travers). Also I am experiencing any itchiness - but think is because of a texture or that so only require the washed good. I will be to maintain them!
5 / 5
So only took him literally outta a stock exchange, looked in a rouching inner, tugges in the the little.. And rasga! And some trousers are elastic rouch is totally can see by means of him! 🙄☹😔
5 / 5
Well....... If yours the fat daughter with to enormous butt and an amour to accommodate bosses to go with him...... It does not buy these. There is ZERO tummy control and any female the one who says that there is does not have the stomach that in fact require “tummy the control” is súper stretchy and comfy but is to see by means of in a sun. It was the waste of money for me honradamente. As you can see in mine first picture my stomach is BULGING. Where it is a tummy types of control? Smh Horrible announcing.
5 / 5
I have been betrayed for the tiktok. These do my butt looks the pancake and in fact have the butt as it is not fooled for a tiktok. These are not he hunny

Top Customer Reviews: SATINA High Waisted ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 59 ratings
5 / 5
To the left initiate me partorisca say THIS DESCRIPTION is COMING FROM A WHO of ANY ONE POSSESSES ROUGHLY 30-40 PAIRS OF LEGGINGS (diff way and colours) The majority of me POSSESSES THIS MARK of BIG FINAL $ 50 or more! Prjimo To Secret Victory average coming from/come from, THESE LEGGINGS Is BETTER QUALITY! I do not want to it has resisted it calm with the strong longitude winded estaca long as I go partorisca take right down to some points of the ball in the REASONS BECAUSE they would OWE THAT BUY:

(my upper the majority of reason of entity) these leggings is a SOFT plus leggings never there is swipe! (Material polyester and spandex) but feel the plot like Modal.. Looked the frames LuLaRoe and Butter but in my SOFTER opinion
FACTOR of MASSIVE PIECE! Yes they are a measure , are 5ft same and 173lb and SLENDER SOME MEASURES return me so only well with the a lot of room has left partorisca extend!
The PERIOD Is more along on me, but so only are when being in 5ft am not annoyed by room of extra leg or alittle ankle scrunch and I def does not import that it hikes these bad boys sper big waist!
The LINE of WAIST has a broadband partorisca addition sustains no too tight still so only quite tight to be comforting still RESISTS CALM IN. Neither I remark them doing a dreded the slide down effects where has to that maintain pulling them up. THATS ALWAYS A PLUS!
The COLOUR Is GORGEOUS! I have purchased a old rose and also a mauve (leaving you two separate descriptions) a COLOUR of ROSA OLD is that it is attached to this description, is slightly more than the softest colour then a picture, which in fact prefers. It is mauve(ish) but with alittle pinker maintained his. NUDE thin of boos ROSA PERFECTA has MAINTAINED
THIN BUT NOT SEEING-By means of preferring thinner quite then fleece way, if yours looking for material warmer fatter would not recommend these. These can be exit you VERY VERSATILE , fall, winter

A lot of NEGATIVES SO MUCH CAN SAY to ARRIVE To THIS POINT, RECOMMENDS to LEAVE that THIS DRY AIR THIS In spite of SO ONLY in my EXPERIENCE WITH ALIKE TYPE LEGGINGS, (helps with averting a fuzzies among your thighs lol


HANGED 173lbs
REVISING an old is the slender trace YOU leggings
5 / 5
To the left initiate me partorisca say that I do not take never a time partorisca write the descriptions and I purchase the averages of all spent on Amazon. This in spite of, like the forward LLR obsessed mamma of 2 toddlers, has the sense has called partorisca do time partorisca revise these leggings. If you are reading this and that asks that these compare to LLR leggings, are here partorisca say are sure LLR is rasgando the loyal clients were partorisca touch $ 25-30+. These leggings is like this soft. They are returned some same, if any better. You A lot COLD of wash of the PILL and hang dry. For real I chair partorisca like am spending butter leggings or likes are in of the skins or anything other claims LLR frames. A price is obviously better and juster in my opinion. My last more is an access . They are 160, 5'5, the fattest thighs and has had 2 boys in some last 2 years. Mamma bod sure but in general half. And with these leggings, are the a measured - no ridiculous sizing like TC (which are C and any T? That are T and any C?)And YOU which really felt like slender access. In 5'5 this legislation of final on a cup of my foot to the equal that think was 2 elder that me, would be legitimately perfect. A band is wide and chairs in just one something legislation. Have Officially rambled on is not this description but I really can not say enough. Stop Of stop of the stop that buys LLR and buy these.
5 / 5
It has scared partorisca purchase these at the beginning especially in of the aims! But I am like this happy I is sper soft and not seeing by means of that is a better. Has has wanted to him some a lot has ordered in ash and Mauve. It uses partorisca everything. One pleasant outfit, around a house and has included to exit. It can not expect ro het each colour!
5 / 5
These are to good sure my preferred new leggings, possesses him in 4 colours and slowly partorisca buy more. Some colours of some real leggings is like this intrepid and vibrant like some photos that I amour. Buying the on-line cloths can be delicate because some colours or accesses of a seldom left product.

Likes it has said, these are my preferred new leggings. They return and frame my organism like the glove, and is also sooo soft and smooth. A big waistband is like this useful in of the days that wants to spend the cup of harvest and not aiming too much. Also it resists everything in so does not have to that feel self conscious in mine tummy. A big waistband is not that annoying at all, and is like this flattering.

Can not take on like soooffffttttt these leggings is. Usually leggings ossia soft is the little too warm. These are qualities adds and feel silky smooth in my skin, maintain me warm, but is also breathable. I have spent this with only that just the cup, and spent them also like the discharge of base under my tejanos for the travesa that is recently be in.

A quality of these leggings surpasses a price. I have been concerned roughly his when being A Measure, but returned to us perfectly. In general it say that these are to fly he so that paid, and is to good sure something will be to take to plot of use went.
1 / 5
Tricked For all these glowing descriptions! I have bought 3 pairs (here is while some other two are more sturdy) A lot disappointed, a crotch seam there is roughly 5 pocolos pierce forming around the and is beginning partorisca separate after a door. They are not overweight, are the measure 4/6 according to a mark. I have spent these in the walk in a park a day received him, this was one the majority of what that hastes that arrived when I spent them. Partorisca Be sincere I really like a way feels and apt but I class partorisca require my leggings partorisca remain in a piece partorisca give the good description &62;_&60;
5 / 5
They are one of these daughters that has several pairs of LLR leggings, but the find hard to take the solid black or dark colour. Also, they run the little expensive. Has thinks that would try these- and partorisca less than the means of a price takes he casualidad on to the equal that can compare. I really like a leggings, is comfortable and a lot resembled one some have and like. They are roughly 5'8' and usually spend the measure 12 ( buys them a TC in a LLR leggings) to the equal that take a measure an elder of these, and is quell'has bitten smaller that LLR- especially in period. A waistband is a fashion of band of the and/of the yoga bent (very comfortable) but an increase is not like this big like LLR - so to the chair likes them to them the better access the shortest person. This be has said, partorisca 11 bucks is the good shot , buttery soft, and to good sure will be partorisca order more.
5 / 5
In the first place I will say that in a past 2 month there is shopped partorisca at least 12 leggings.
Are the mamma of two . Im curvy With big butt and also big so many partorisca me that is of the entity is partorisca feel comfortable. But also I want to look well.
Has bought expensive leggings that well of look but in an end I always gone back to a a that more comfortable...
I ware leggings everywhere. In a house and the external cause is just comfy and loves that!!
Eats... I top I am saying that you look no further...
This leggings is surprising!!
Is soft and stretchy and some photos a lot his justice. Calm once will dip them calm on will comprise you...
My measured info: they are 5 feet 2 . Encircled-36. Also- 42.
HAS the mommy pouch that a leggings coverage without creating pressure or a comfortable feeling like another leggings do. They bit it long on me but this is to expect cause are short. It is not me disturbing at all.
Has taken it casualidad in this leggings and am like this happy has done. Of a moment I dipped him I on enamora and immediately order 4 more.( I says is obsessed with leggings)
Expects these helps. Power of women-:)
5 / 5
These leggings are adds partorisca daily wear. They are quite fat that calm do not require to spend the long shirt to cover your butt if it do not love. They are LIKE THIS SOFT, always find me touching them when I his door.

Are roughly 120lbs, 26.n Encircled and 37.n The also and I have taken one 'a measure'.
3 / 5
As I have bought these legging estrbate in some descriptions that is not partorisca see by means of but to the left say these ARE to good sure see by means of cloths confine black displaced like any like this visible when when being normal but yes calm go down you a slightest can see you all and does not take me bad is sper comfortable and soft and would buy again but require to be spent with the long shirt or has bought measures it in addition to then are in a side a fat plus and he are returned perfect!!! Dipped the interior of paper towel partorisca aim like this sees by means of
5 / 5
These are utmost! No quite LuLaDupes, but awesome. I have tried to resist a LuLaJuice and mostly have the majority of this material is ugly. But a leggings. Has a the alone pair and they are done like this good and comfortable. My point is, at all has tried is like this good. But these are quite comparable!

Is different in a waistband and material. These leggings is not quite like this buttery soft, thickness, opaque, or-has done. A waistband is not like this hefty. These things are not of the complaints, the justest comparisons to LLR leggings so that they are trying to find something alike. Negligence A difference of measure in my pictures a LLR leggings is big and curvy and a black some (this listing) is a measure. I have lost hanged. If any calm worry you roughly finding deceives it....

Buys these. They are good and light but quite opaque to spend like this to trousers yes like him. No quite opaque to fully spend a test of squat but has spent one more ridiculously form of underwears I own when I have taken these pictures and calm so only could him see the tiny bit when it was squatting down sticking butt of mine was that crazy. It seats ridiculous. In all the chance, goes to be exiting intensely perhaps go with something more. They are so only normal leggings, any thickness workout trousers. Personally, spend them to a gymnasium for the light workout. They are stitched very enough, come on good and big, and is abundance long but would look a lot of bunched on the little bit in the shortest person. They are 5'8'' and 180 lbs, wear measures it M/L shirt and measure 10 trousers/of dress. A lot, a lot, very comfortable and soft. I want like these have the and/the yoga waistband in place of a thin, constricting elastic that another are trace to the amazon has. To the left it is to be real those do not look good in the plot of types of organism. They press your muffin hoards down and look terrible under shirts stagnate. These am a lot flattering. Has the light compression feels to them all a way by means of.

Will go back and update to my description likes the step and wash them the little time. I will be to spend this to plot !

Top Customer Reviews: Women's Walking ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
It has given this produced 5 stars, no partorisca his stylish look, but partorisca his súper comfortable spending. My feet are a lot of picky in of the shoes; a foot there is bunion ache when walking and tend to sweat all a time and circulation of air of the need among toes. In a past, has spent the sandals or the open toe shoe all the year around until this year of cold winter. I can not spend stylish boots or tennis of shoes of mark been due to my feet of sweat. So much, as I have researched and found these shoes. Still although a description of product has said, 'Daughters of Dance of Lady of Modern Jazz Easy Shoe', are not the dancer of Jazz, but I like the height of a shoe and arching look. So much, I have decided to give that it tries. With which received it spent it and have @@give has done the good election. Again, mine 5 star is not for his stylish look. Some defenders are mine 5 stars ' reason:
1. Súper Comfortable to walk; it is a lot light; I can easily walk of speed with these shoes.
2. Has some arching supports that my bunion the toe does not give me feeling to hurt while doing.
3. His cloth leaves my feet to breathes by means of, as my sweaty the feet any some shoes wet more.
4. It is easy to slip on and era; any worry roughly ties up shoes.
5. Has the level of half effect of shoe of base and big heel partorisca shoe main that the mark seats the little elder and can walk on raining or muddy street in street of city without taking your shoes wet.
5 / 5
These shoes are like this utmost for nurses that stand in his feet for long periods of time. Better that mine $150 pair of shoes not kidding... Professional doctor healthcare providers this good test. It is it likes walk in bubbles partorisca bounce cushions. Im Buying the pair other colours.
4 / 5
I wear . This shoe is awesome. Highly comfortable, supportive and well has built. They are slightly flat footed with small to any arch. Also I am highly selective to that I wear for work (hospital) and these are wonderful. To good sure am buying more. Calm can not beat a prize and I have purchased MBT is, rockers, nike and to the likes.
5 / 5
This product has arrived punctually and was exactly to the equal that has described. A shoe is a lot comfortable but looks to run so only the little big. I spend he 9w usually. I have ordered to regulate it 9, any one wide width. Has the little extra room in my toes. So only appearance like this of the pauses of shoe in him does not take free feeling. I love a way some looks of shoe and his a lot of comfortable! If I order another pair will order the half measure down. 😊
UPDATE: I have spent these around a house for the day and has decided was too big. It went him to exchange for one 8.5, but did not have it. I have finalised to take the measure 8 and am happy has done! They are perfect now! They are snug around my foot, but no tight or uncomfortable, and chair much more sure walking in them. I love him!!
5 / 5
Has the a lot of bad behind, leg and foot. These shoes have been suggested for the friends and was a lot of -- is wonderful! A heel has elevated no only relieves a pressure in an arch-the free foot but relieves some of a pressure of mine behind. It adds roughly 2 ' and it moves my weight. To good sure will be to take these in a future. I have had more than my rear harm! Like the plus, is the a lot of looking shoe! I will be to buy more colours. Abordable, comfortable, attractive --- can has not beaten that combination!
4 / 5
After reading some descriptions, has bought these shoes to expect would do the difference for my painful, swollen feet. A lot my happiness, these shoes are better then has expected. Astonishingly, I have walked around (a museum) stops more than 8 hours without any ache of feet at all. An access is the little big and roomy, but reason has wide feet in all the chance, an extra space has been appreciated. These shoes are slip -on in fashion and is the little stagnate that looks for to take on a whole of my foot, but once is in an access is awesome. Absolutely it recommends these shoes for any those who is in his feet for more than 6-8 hours the day.
4 / 5
Consuelo and support of arch are one the majority of what of entity of mine when I am buying the shoes and these have both.
Can spend the whole day without discomfort. Of the to you the little date also to the equal that has the abonos pocolos program
5 / 5
There there is simply at all partorisca disturb in this shoe. An access was true to measure - I wear measures it 7M & some returns to shoe perfectly a lot a moment dipped quell'on. It has taken a colour has lived , looks fabulous against my leggings. I think that that this shoe are adds for any class to walk, probably would not spend he in rainy time (has other shoes for that!). I am pleased enough with cost of mine and think that is to say a compraventa excellent . Amur A heel
5 / 5
has very Seen 'descriptions of nurses for this shoe, how was very excited to try these shoes. Now it changes my alcohol.... These nurses go to be one some the one who require surgery of feet... More probably more I yield that later..

Things of first entity. 1) Absolutely ANY SUPPORT of arch.. 2) NOT slipping resistant... At all... 3) ANY SUPPORT of ankle is gone in a topmast all smooshed down in the stock exchange... Any packaging a lot very at all, but has imagined so only his would stuff with socks to take all a indents was etc. Also, adding in a which I so only said, has think that a shoe was more than the big cup for support of ankle. Yeah.. noooo... I need some of entities any one socks of show for these killers of feet... Ive Used him grieve and my feet already are that they pay a prize.... They are not that it speaks in just that requires to break this sucker in any one. There would be better fact with walmart the shoes and I can not be walmart shoes neither.
4 / 5
Has had to purchase the last now dipped to walk the shoes and I have had any time to go to a tent. After reading some descriptions have taken the casualidad and has purchased these. Omg, These shoes are like this incredibly comfortable could sleep in them! They form returned my feet and he feels likes am walking on air. I do in a medical and same field shoes of the nurses do not feel like this well in to the my feet like him these do. Has the big arches and he is difficult to find shoes that pode without a subject... These have done a trick! They are really pleasant also and has had a lot the commentaries roughly where has taken him. They are like this tickled with this compraventa and a prize that goes to take some more in of the different colours.

Top Customer Reviews: Saucony Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Before I have bought these, there is scanned some descriptions partorisca the comparison the Bombs. I have not seen any I so that it follows partorisca write a so that they can be ask. These are socks quite good . Step measures it 9 this in spite of finds them slightly More the free that my socks of Bombs, but did not wash them still so that it could change. My first impressions are, is thinner that Bomb, but is like this comfy and the slightly main chair in an ankle, which any to like. Has has attached pictures for comparison and for you to see like chair in your shoes. In general, I think that you are looking for the comfortable average, with support of arch, these are the good shot .
4 / 5
Is a lot looked the Balega is has hid socks of consolation, but is much more economic. The any course of the long distances, like this perhaps Balega is can be better in these chances. These are my favourite socks . They do not slip down in some shoes, but is not too big in an ankle. Really I can not rent these enough. They are incredibly comfortable! I spent him in timing warmer (70-80 terracings) and time fresher (50-55 terracings), and was comfortable in both. They can be too fat for any hot plus that 80 although.
4 / 5
These are seriously my favourite socks of all the times. Have in the first place bought the band of them the multiple years does in the tent of big box and has not been able to find them in of the tents of then. (Perhaps I am so only bad in looking but oh a lot of). I finally found his here on Amazon and was excited like this. Has multiple different frames and of the types and ways of the socks and I always find to take these some especially mine other pairs. They do not fall never to my shoe, included when I am running in a gymnasium or working 9 days of now. I spent him even in of the boots of winter for has has extended periods of the time and still remain up! More included one some have bought the years still have any hole and has on resisted a lot well. Súper Happy :) I have not thought never it would be like this ardent in the socks still here are. Hahahah.
5 / 5
Was very excited when I have ordered these socks. Usually the socks give you to the enormous row like them these and still is returned feet very small. These socks are really big. I usually measured of wear 5-6 shoe. I am not able to spend these socks with my shoes to run.
5 / 5
Is good socks . I spend the ladies 8 to 8.5. They are returned well. I can see that any one has had the small foot that would have too much average to treat. The desire was the lit more point and thinner, but is not the fat socks have weighed neither. It has looked for the very concrete average to substitute some socks to Row already possesses that I want to. Also - they are not súper down cut. SEE The PHOTO in a listing - come until your bone of ankle. As any one complains it that they aim on your shoes is not prendiendo attention - a photo is very attentive regarding this appearance of record.
4 / 5
These are true to a photo, BUT a photo is misleading. 3 Of some eight pairs have neon and green tabs ascended hot. Which is the bummer if I do not love him to clash with your shoes or outfit 😕. They are by train to maintain them Reason love a record and feel of Saucony socks, and can save a colored some paralización when it does not import .
4 / 5
Awesome Socks! Step measures it 9 shoe and these socks am returned utmost. Hate when the socks slip down to your shoe but this no. am also quite too thin. An only downside is that the pair of some pairs of socks has the colored tab in a backside in place of a simple ash that has expected.
4 / 5
Taken these socks last week to the equal that have required the together new good to run socks for my formation of half marathon. A tab in a backside comes on quite big to protect my ankle of any chafing and a support of arch are adds in these. It would be the little hesitant to spend in a summer to run reason are quite fat, but otherwise, is awesome. They are the measure 7 1/2 and has taken one of measures of accesses 5-10, but is the little in a long side. There is the little excess period to direct in a fund of an average but once is on, any calm really remark it too much.

To good sure will be to buy these again when it comes time to substitute them.
4 / 5
A quality is terrible. Ossia A picture with which that the prime minister has washed!!!! Please does not buy a product!
5 / 5
These are socks very comfortable , and remain situate well. They do not slip interior to my shoe likes them a bit the socks do. This in spite of, these were labeled as 'any-tip', but come on a lot spent my ankle. Step measures it 7 to 7 1/2 shoe, but is too long. A section of the feet also looks long to accommodate such the big shoe row of measure (5-10).

Top Customer Reviews: Lykmera Famous ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 1 ratings
5 / 5
I have bought these and has thought could be able to spend them in a gymnasium. No, he no this deception. They are partorisca see by means of and does not offer quite support. Material very thin and walk up in some wrong places.

Top Customer Reviews: HOPLYNN Neoprene ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Trainer of amazing waist! I have ordered the small and ossia for far my material adds the preferred does not nettle a skin, are 5'5 roughly 190-200 pounds in a fat side, has taken the big accesses that surprised and still will return well when I hanged free, control in everything of the fats that want you free! While still when being breathable, any bulge or to to circle down likes of a lot! If you are thinking roughly buying to good sure do! And it does not concern too around some measure so only take your measure of usual shirt, are usually the big so that it is as bought and has done partorisca me! The shot adds
4 / 5
are the 2 x in the shirts and I have thinks that has taken the 2 x trainer of waist that would return it. It is the small to tight partorisca the 2x .. So many ladies so only the memory partorisca go the main measure partorisca this trainer of waist . I have had a hell of the time that dips this on.
4 / 5
Ossia All has required! And partorisca think I almost paid $ 50 for one elsewhere dipped 😳 quell'on and has the sense heated on top of interior some premiers 2 minutes, not kidding ! I have purchased also a hot cream! The cant expects to use both neighbour! HIGHLY IT RECOMMENDS that it measure with the measure of tape and not saying your height and hanged and asking suggestions of measure. They are 5'3, 161lbs, 32.ºn Encircled and has taken the Half and the returns perfect in a prime minister clasps! Abundance of room to reduce in!! While it takes to a 3rd clasp for May!!
5 / 5
Thank you For an amazing Product
has ordered some ladies HOPLYNN BAND of SWEAT BK Med in my measure esatta 🤞 dipped up in my mesh has opened to grieve a container... It returns Prefect ❤️ am sweating already Yay
Can not expect the paste a Gymnasium in a morning... You are surprising
Crown Renee
5 / 5
Adds for my workout me sweat more than usual in backside and core. To good sure something goes to spend during each workout. It loves it. Spent this!! The small measure. Good access. 27 waist Of thumb!!
5 / 5
Are 5'2' hanged 185lb has bought a half extends and taking to your organism firmly the next time will be to go with the small. Absolutely it loves this produces the wear he during a day and same when I sleep in of the nights will have on concealed is the one who comfortable is. An element has come also well has packed. In another description I pictures of the estaca but the truth are totally recommend.
4 / 5
Has been spending he for almost the week now and are wanting to some results already. Them me sweat two times so much that first when I workout now. I have tried a lot of trainers of waist in some pasts and launched him was, but will maintain is a moment hard . Utmost cost!
4 / 5
Received it punctually. I have ordered 2 another different some this I didnt likes and is returned. Felizmente I like this one. He the good firs and comfy. It was able to spend of longitude my regular measures and he return perfectly. Only reason im giving it 4 stars is cause there is there was so only the few hours. Used during my wvening walk, and is to exit well. It will be to try the morning with some forceful rule workout program and see like this resists up. Like this far im all the thumbs up. It will update after the few weeks. I have ordered a waistcoat one of a same company also and sweats anything like this a think ailing to be the happy camp.
4 / 5
A lot Directly to a point, are 5ft 8 big thumbs & hanged 280.2 lbs. Yes they are the big woman , but likes them think my fat is [mostly] in some right places.

So many, I wear 20/22 measures in of the trousers & usually he 18/20 in of the cups. I have bought the 2XL & crowns those who are saying that it is tight, Is SUPPOSITION to BE! & With which 3 consecutive days to spend this trainer of waist for 8 hours EACH DAY, are already down to a second set of clips! Help done really! Path 1 to 4 miles every day, really so only depends in my way. Still like anything master, but have 1 lunch has weighed neither to break fast or lunch, & then small bites a rest of a time. I am seeing results! It will be that I annoy some premiers few days, will bend in & a velcro the band will locate or down to one creases circulate of stomach, but hey an aim is to take touched of of these lol. But ossia an only part of him has had to regulate while spending.
For a prize are R And A L L And has IMPRESSED! I have bought trainers of waist more expensive that has undermined to my sides but this one is really good.
I car washed And dried by the accident but a trainer of waist is still in good form. & Cela Took me happy reason am too lazy to wash he in another way hahaha.
Like this to summarize:
will be tight - is supposition to be. But yes absolutely it calms you can it does not close included after sucking & tucking all in, so only go main measures a time.
Will do to calm sweat & will not like him a bit premiers few days - ossia normal.
Have scoliosis & these frames of what sure have well the & plant, has assisted any menstrual incidents and rear ache, oddly enough. [ I have taken it midol also , well combo]
In general, applauds some creators of this trainer of waist & will buy again!!
5 / 5
Has ordered the small that follows a map of the measure and I can say are THROUGHLY there is disappointed especially for a point of prize. To the left it is to see a product has announced to have flies boning in some backsides and absolutely does not have ZERO SUSTAIN REAR and he the odd bunching what in a backside. Included further some claims of product to be the trainer of waist but has no cinching any at all concealed included remotely leave me to lose any one thumbs of waist of mine. A waistcoat literally chairs around abdomen of mine any be of the sweat has not produced any support or anything, has tried included spend he for the low whole day dresses this in spite of any sweat produced of this band this is not the trainer of the waist and I have trainers of waist of the owner before and this for far is a worse an I so only has taken this one because of me that loses my another and some descriptions raved this one was a lot. It is not it is the waste of money and the very bad product

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