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Top Customer Reviews: AIMILIA Butt ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
They are 270lbs and 5'3. Usually it spends the measure 20 or XXL/XXXL, according to a piece. These are in bylines returning but no too tight. Be careful is thin but feel well. A model is fresh and is for real big waisted. They are not súper the friendly squat but am dark skinned so much can the drink said with a black. To good sure will purchase another pair in the different colour.
5 / 5
WOW!!!!! These give you to you a bit Brazilian bootie!!!! As well as I am embarrassed partorisca say this but are 41 yrs old and my butt and the also are gross! Has also wide and and the really small waist. But butt of mine kinda sags causes partorisca take older with cellulite and crap like this every time I wear leggings looks the mine of aim of horrible cause imperfections. But with this hide all your defects and look of frames toned and your butt of impulses and shrink yours also and took of the questions in yours mid the zone will give you liposuction of instant lol. So only buy them!! I have ordered like this more after my first compraventa!!
5 / 5
As well as... I am going the so only the say. A daughter in a pic apparently has to that well butt partorisca begin with reason is not a leggings. They are comfy, but the pocolos tight in a fund partorisca those of knots with cankles. There it has you grieve any tummy/muffin upper support and to good sure any one any booty shaping. Finally, they are not esquat-test'... A material is quite thin... So much with this be has said, unless you are súper thin already and/or calm only worry you roughly spending them around a house, probably would not buy them again.
4 / 5
These are interesting, bought him for a promise been due to a model on him. It was for the no traditional legging could spend to concerts/his actions. It is returned well, is a lot the form that returns. I have ordered a small, which look to return a lot a lot ( is roughly 5'1 and quite thin). It was has initially has concerned a model could leave frames in his legs but after spending them for the few hours to try this, has not had to mark a lot left behind for a leggings.
4 / 5
Was to good sure sceptic but damn! Butt of mine and he look of legs to surprise and I maintaining loves him in the each colour! They are 5'8 and hanged 150 and have and athletic build with butt and big thighs, has ordered the small. An emphasis each good part of my organism and me look and feel amazing.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. Amur These. Purchased a pair of data of the first bond that I also the amour but they am to see by means of. I have decided to give that another paints the shot (red) and am happy has done. Not seeing by means of at all I so that it will be to purchase more colours/some solids of dark rich plus. They are fearful some colours of the litre so only will be too transparent. They are 5'9” 180lbs and has purchased a big. And there is cellulite! These disguise it perfectly!
5 / 5
Omg!! Finally. I have found the pair of this pleasant gymnasium leggings. I do not see him never in of the measures of big daughter swears all locate to XL and ossia. Ossia Perfects follows 200lbs súper funds Lower big and Im has shaken. They are 5'3 too they so that it can return the main daughters also felt some room for my ankles are not flooded or anything tho wants the 😍
5 / 5
To the left says liked me really these leggings! They return like this good and a colour is beautiful blue. It was asked already external today where has bought these! Creation of these leggings is frescos also and to good sure that alleges to do. Of the to forms it to you good and your butt of impulse! It likes that they are highwaisted. For such the low prize is taking good quality leggings.
4 / 5
When being to pear-shaped person, search to avert tight dresses that emphasis some wrong curves. This does to buy leggings a lot difficult, but has required the good pair for yoga. Mina AIMILIA leggings was exactly that has required. A pleated the emphases of textures some right parts of my organism while simultaneously softening out of a rest. Some ladies in my class of the and/of the yoga remarked in as pleasant looked. Be sure to verify a sizing first map to buy! Have Almost be with my normal measure but after revising some measures have @@give has required the different measure. They are happy has verified reason return perfectly when they have arrived.
4 / 5
Loves these, especially thus vendor. They are exactly that am looking for. They resupply a big waist to the equal that has promised that & butt of mine was slightly lifted, but need the smallest measure. Still I am trying imagines out of mine sizing because of loss of weight, but think is looking for a sure compression to good sure the orders measures it down that calm usually wear. I think that that it says that to somewhere but I am not sure. I will be to order the half in the pocolos small. UTMOST COST!

Top Customer Reviews: MOSHENGQI Women's ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 49 ratings
4 / 5
Really I want to it is very comfortable has bought the big measure and he returns perfect will be partorisca buy more his ❤️❤️
4 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. I have ordered the MD I follows 5'6 130lbs building my booty partorisca almost 2yrs this is not the magic leggings this does your round of booty- in bylines! It follows, has has attached photo. He the impulse has helped to good sure my booty and maintaining everything in place. Also it appreciates a big waist reason have strengthmarks -free skin. 2 do 2 that to your stomach.
Anyways In general ADDS compraventa quality and prize. To good sure will purchase other colours.
4 / 5
Has read all some descriptions to measure up. They are 5'4” and roughly 138lbs. Has the small muffin cup and the fat plus but small booty for my measure. The step measures 5/7 tejanos and usually I squeeze in the the small measure leggings but has ordered these in the half. An access is utmost . Swipes well in a muffin upper zone but is not a lot compressing. Softening but no magic to give you the snatched tummy tuck. It likes that they do not give you of the toe of camel. A period is well. In my opinion this measure would return a lot until 5'7” but stirs also in any one shorter that 5'3. A scrunch booty that is feigned to do this in spite of, a material model causes the legislation of odd question in a crack. ( It sees photo of booty) With some manipulation, can correct it but does not remain fixed. After seating and king-when being, is goofy again. All-in-all, is not bad but is not utmost. I can return this because of some normalised and try the different one but I will order a same measure.
5 / 5
These for amazing! Really I do not want to be sending them behind but has had the hole in a seam, and stitching was the little am missing on zone of butt. I go to order another to see is so only this pair, and hopefully ANY HOLE!

In a cup of a butt where a stitching is, he almost the look is rasgando, but concealed can be a cloth ?

Otherwise Has bought two frames of of the this, and am returning another also reason, in both I have bought smalls, but another mark was baggy on me and has compresses at all in a zone of thigh. Material so only too big on everything with this mark, as compared to this mark a small apt snug and perfect.

To the equal that has read descriptions! They are 128 pounds , 5'6 big, and this small was well for me. Any one smaller can require a XS unless it weaves it to them of booty, in that if, I to good sure no. Of here reason to buy stressing trousers of booty!
4 / 5
My fiancée absolutely l the master. I have bought his two pair of ascended and with which dipped him has asked on take his two in black and one in green. You all apt add and look fabulous.
You impulse and round out of his butt fantastically. It has said also they are extremely soft and some the majority of comfortable points is spent never!
4 / 5
Would say that those are utmost leggings for $ 18 and free turn. Material is a lot of stretchy and good quality. The sale of waist is so only free on me, but no tight and comfortable.
Thinks that those are true to measure, but tiny has bitten run big reason a material is like this stretchy and a band of soft waist. There is not any compression in a band of waist.
Has bought a rose some were like this pleasant also, same good quality like this ash some.
I desire there is Xs. Small step in usual.
4 / 5
Has taken one 1 Blue and 1 Grey. Certainly they look really utmost and so only, especially a scrunch booty, but for me a material felt the bit scratchy, or just odd, in an interior. I have been surprised in an others few people that has said some trousers were soft, reasons a level of a-the sweetness was the breaker of extracted for me, and has loved really maintain these trousers.
4 / 5
Has taken the pair of this mark and the pair looked of another mark. This one this better way, and a creation in a leggings is more flattering, and hides a scrunching seams. Has the quite slowly, saggy butt, and this does my butt looks quite awesome, so only for optical illusion. I wish some legs have had some compression, reason then in fact would press a butt on, doing the significantly better looks, but alas, his look of no. very this in spite of, but some photos depend on corner, how is, and lighting. As I have shared a pics that marks my butt looks quite awesome (for me), and a pics that good just look. Any way, looks better that does in mine regulate leggings, like this there go. The‘m 5'5”, at present roughly 120lbs, and has taken the small measure. They are returned perfectly. Abundance of piece, and does not think is to see-by means of, this in spite of me really look, can see my knees the bit when they are bent. The so that only does not like is that they look of the little bulky in a front of the mine tummy. Some material looks the little thickness (esp with a texture) and a width waistband is to bend a thickness, as so only adds bulk there, and does not have any class of compression at all the offset he.
4 / 5
When in the first place amenos these out of a look of container was returned the 5year , extend A WHOLE PLOT As it is not fearful to try them on. On all look well and returned really well.. They are test of squat and give a butt the good form. Also they are big waisted but does not expect any one a lot of tummy to to control likes him the band of the waist does not compress any a lot of. An only reason am giving this to 4 star is been due to a way some pocolos circulate(anything calm want to him called lol) look to the equal that extend was also in a scrunch zone and done a leggings look the little odd. ( It sees pictures) Another that that these are the pair adds of leggings to be so only $ 9.
5 / 5
These are awesome. First out of a container was as “oh the gentleman has ordered the measure of the girl” but extended them was to pull a material and looked normal. Once they are on they really returned to your organism and does not require adjustments was during workouts. I have taken the closeup pic of a material because almost they look the fishnet overlay but is all a solid súper stretchy piece of cloth. Absolutely taking these in other colours.
For reference: 5'9” 150lbs. Ordered the small.

Top Customer Reviews: Fruit of the Loom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 47 ratings
4 / 5
I have bought these partorisca try was why can not spend the bras of hook regulate anymore. My shoulders are meant 'frozen' the can not move my arms for behind quite far to dip on or take of the regular bra. I have bought these in the slightly main measure that has required why also have fibromyalgia and an ache of the things that prints in the something can be very intense sometimes. To the left say, these bras are an absolute blessing . We sustained me to us but he does not create of the points of uncomfortable pressure anywhere, and can easily dipped his on and take them was. Highly it recommends these to any the one who has ache and require the bra that does not nettle calm in any way. A support is not to perfect but, has bought main that has required deliberately, as it can not speak to as the support would be with the pertinent access, but give me enough sustains that I do not owe that feel uncomfortable when they are in audience because it could any place in the bra and my boobs is trying to touch my knees. 😂
4 / 5
Follows and he 40D. I order these bras so only to remain in home, an east sound comfy, soft and resist to my daughter likes the master that.
5 / 5
These are a comfiest living room the bras have found. The his spends for light work outs but is not some better partorisca to forceful activity like them to him the tonne of support. They survive An elliptical so only very this in spite of. They are honradamente my daily bra reason underwire is an invention of devils.
5 / 5
These are awesome! Like this comfy and with a second spent of cloth in a front to resupply the little modesty. Usually it spends the 44 but this was quite snug has included pre-washing. Any breathlessly like this, and a class of compression to leave you to regulate some daughters to the semblance of lifted. If you are in group he of sure age, knows that I bad. As I have ordered more in 48 and the estaca that the washes are fantastic-- like this comfortable like that the bra can be this maintains a boot and jiggle to the decent minimum this in spite of of the quite a lot of compression to take some daughters in in a right location and maintain them there.
Update 6/18/18
has 7 of these now, to rotate by means of some dirty clothes and like them so many. One touches: an aim some are consistently the little snugger that a colored some. An ash and chambray is both comfortable plus but is good to have an aim for when you love the little more snugness and impulse.
4 / 5
Has has wanted to want to these. It is not all bad. Honradamente Have it PROS: soft, no too tight. GILIPOLLAS: Too short. Perhaps drawn to return women with the courts torso. They are 5'4'. Attaching photo. A cup is big and can be seen external of the shirt. In a pics am spending a light blue bra undet the shirt of baseball and calm totally can sees. An elastic in a subordinated cluld be the widest band. In general very terrible but does not add . I am appreciated exists in my measure.
4 / 5
The gentleman knows does not need the bra of sport to run or biking. But like the person takes of considerable measure, has discovered so only these bras and that they are perfect to spend house. They are comfortable, fresh (cotton). You the cloth is double in front of like this there is not any show by means of. And there it is quite supports that can walk down to a tent of corner in an of these and the T shirt and not feeling 'nekkid' or 'bouncy' .

Very material.
4 / 5
My order arrived in my house in seven days. Generally it finds all the bras of sports of the cotton to be the pocolos tight returning like this orders two measures on, but ossia so only me and as I like him and also dry them in a dryer (of the cotton shrinks). These are not cushioned, there is so only a discharge of thin cotton likes line in an interior of a front. They are small chested and find these very comfortable to spend to exert or in slope around a house. I have bought this closing some of the tent the years of the pair done and is lasted the long time. Here it is photo that look, that some looks to line, and that cloth is done of (the ash and the aim is 95 cotton , a heather blue is 57 cotton).
5 / 5
In spite of apt era, comfortable, and quality a lot well am disappointed reason is written in a description that has been done of 95 cotton while a fact is contains so only 57 cotton.
5 / 5
Has purchased measure 50 still although they are 5' 4' and 260 lbs. They are the 41 C the regular bras but I have scoliosis with to 32 curve of Terracing and fibromyalgia. Pressure in my ache of discomfort and rear causes. I have tried a lot of bras and this Fruit of a Whip is a measure of the main band has found. It had been spending camisoles in place of the bra but I always felt uncomfortable like my @@@cofre would sweat unanchored and I work in the very professional setting. I am pleased with a record and expect purchase more in the near future.
5 / 5
Was that it is thinking .
1. Reason does not try never find the bra to return me on-line , can does not try on.
has bet a description of of the this is like all of some another that never casserole-was to be true !

Well, is in of the regime are in mine third order of these and ossia now a bra of only/bra Read /the bra of sport will spend. (In fact also it spends the together for one in-that at all home bathing cup to dress also.

Has not comprised the photo of me - is welcome to save calm of this lol but are 48 and has ordered the measure 34 (small) has had EVERYTHING of one that breathes support and consolation I need. A support comes from/comes from some shoulders a lot a band around a waist. A band is returned amiably but any the tourniquet! There is the aim in-dipped of material in an in front of the equal that sees by means of the accidents do not spend (I am guessing ) but another that that the theses are quite thin to spend the whole day and quite fat to do chair 25 again / aka has sustained.

Honradamente. I forget still they are when spending.

Note : they are 5”4 ,frame of meso and weigh 116 lbs typically spends the 36 C and has ordered the 34 of here and returns perfectly!

Another note: I have said that it was in my together third , ossia inner two years, is not because of the fault of product but a together prime minister (which have mentioned has swum in) has extended was after the whole summer to swim in them home. So much, this together of three is now my designated at all train and no suitable for daily wear. (My own failure )

still are that it uses a conjoint second and has loved simply add the third to a mix.
A red-black and streaky is my together preferred- simply preference .

Anyways , Says to give them try it the doubt will require to look elsewhere !
Expect that THIS has BEEN SUPPORTIVE :)

Top Customer Reviews: Amazon Essentials ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
My daughter and I have purchased 6 of these cups partorisca ours 5 travesía of week in Indian. We spend him to us constantly and it washed him almost daily. After the hand that washes and wringing, simply hang them on to hanger and has dried quickly and wrinkle-free. Included a ribbing around a with the has maintained is form ! His hips breathed well and was like this comfortable to spend. Originally We Go to tone the with which are to go back but is still in such utmost and like this comfortable form thinks will be to spend his for the long time.
5 / 5
I amour that you can not see by means of this white shirt. It is it is the material quite fatter. They are 5'5” and weigh 185. I have purchased the big expecting it would return. And it has surpassed my expectations. As you can see in a picture would be likely to have sized down but reason is the little extend @subject, am happy I no. is quell'has bitten a lot the time also so much could pair he with leggings to cover a bum and the sweater.
4 / 5
Has been excited to receive these shirts because I have required new simple tights for state. I have read other descriptions because I am not sure state that has measured to order and a map of measure has said was for reference so only. (A map of measure is way was.) They are 5' 3' and 190 lbs. As they are class of short and stout, but have a hourglass enciphers. It likes him-me them my cups the pocolos loose returning, but no really loose. I have ordered XL reason another reviewers around my measure said it done for them but these are quite loose on me. If it had tried these on in the tent, probably would have bought big instead. This in spite of, am happy with a quality of some shirts and am too lazy to exchange them. They are quite stretchy and taste that are has bitten he of long. I expect that they shrink the little in a wash this in spite of.

An only reason has taken clashes was is reason some measures/of accesses are all some same by means of your mark (Amazon), resupply a map of attentive measure as we do not have to that supposition.
4 / 5
Loves this basic mesh! I will be to order more colours. A cloth is súper soft and no scratchy seal. A V in a with the is a perfect period and a shirt in general has the period adds. There is so only a right access as it is not to like the spending boxy the mesh of the men but no like this returned to do me that annoying in mine muffin short (fat in slope in upper of trousers of mine). Some sleeves are is returned amiably give a class of shirt. They are 5'4” 140lbs and Half experience. It could be returned to the small but have wide shoulders (and fat waistline) and prefer the little room.
5 / 5
Has ordered one 2-band of aim in the Small measure based of the descriptions and ossia a correct measure. They are 5'6', 34B measured of bra, measure 4-6 in of the shirts (usually the small), 28' encircled (usually 28 in prize denim and measure 6 in of the trousers), and a bit pear shaped been due to having the narrowest shoulders and the also wider.
Would give this shirt 5 stars for qualities of a material in this point of prize. I love the modal blend and this shirt is soft and smooth, but no the thin cloth. I need to spend the nude bra with an aim, but a material has the a lot of heft his.
A V neckline is moderate and there is not any danger of cleavage or bras of full coverage peeking on a neckline for me.
Has taken of the star because this shirt is extremely long. You can see in an of some photos in a model that almost is covering behind. It would owe that extend a shirt to in fact of mine of coverage, but this to good sure paste very low a start of a hip and I have a half period torso. It would say that to these accesses of shirt like to of him has been done like the big. Ladies that is 5'4' or more the careers would owe that be poised partorisca east to be period of tunic.
Can order to say photo that this shirt is cut to paste in slightly in a waist and then the clave has spent of some hips. It finds east flattering and would say that it returns in a bust and encircled like pointed in of the photos. If it has tightened/also slender, then this shirt will not return right on you.
Has purchased these shirts to be able to tuck to the trousers and is certainly easy to do that of then are like this long, although some arrivals of shirt quite the mine down has bitten trousers' waistline.
Note: it could have sized down to a X-Petit this in spite of has an access of shirt in some shoulders, bust, and encircled, but am sure would be it a lot stagnate around some hips. They are well with him when being so only slightly returned (to the equal that has aimed on model) and that remain with a Petit. But you are expecting for the most returned look, then this shirt is not for you.
September of UPDATE 25, 2018: I have spent these shirts tucked to belted tejanos and trousers during a summer and of the wine to really wants to him. The access is remained one same after numerous washes ( was in cold and dry in low heat). A material any pill, but is not like this smooth and perfect like this when I in the first place purchased, which is to be expected. Still it thinks that a shirt would owe that be slightly shorter, but am coming to like like this can tuck these shirts to any increase of trousers. I will be to purchase more these 2-bands in a cradle for the after state.
5 / 5
Perfect access!!! They are the 38 DD, 5'10” measures 16 woman and a XL is true to measure. Any to him mentions did not shrink in a dry plus. I am ordering more!!
5 / 5
Has purchased XL. Usually I go with L or XL. Measure 12. They are 5'9', 175 lbs, 38DD. Free access around half (which have has wanted to). One tiny has bitten stagnate around bust. Probably it will not launch in dryer. Hanged of good cloth. No too heavy or too thin.
4 / 5
The quality adds, not seeing by means of. It has taken a small and returns perfectly-no too tight and any I too free. They are 5'8 143lbs, encircled 28'. That The neckline is perfect, no too deep. A shirt is the little too long, in my opinion, and the'll probably be take a fund 3 thumbs was. Still the perfect shirt this in spite of, will be to order more.
4 / 5
Are the 32 old year SAHM with two actuate little some. They are 5'7” big, 135 lbs with the longitude torso. I have purchased the HALF of measure. These tees is perfect for my lifestyle! I want to one looks, feels, and durability of these tees. They can withstand the very active day of 12 hours that involves heavy lifting (choosing on the longitude, wiggle-boy of creature of the worm multiple time) and several physical activities (pursuing around some energetic toddler). I washed him twice and they have on resisted amiably. Highly it recommends these tees!!
5 / 5
Loves these shirts! I add basics to add to your cupboard. I have ordered my regular measure and he return perfectly!

Top Customer Reviews: No Show Socks Women ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
4 / 5
I have tried so only in the each mark-nomination no-the socks to show does in a phase. And when I have required partorisca purchase some more was screwed before I have begun included look because it looks partorisca be release it fruitless. At all partorisca find these on Amazon and invernadero the descriptions add and are another divísalas ossia 100 has sold! Have Never, has not had never any socks partorisca show that the remained situates all day. This means partorisca do the 14 turn of now in the hospital this in spite of no in that has your socks go anywhere. They are comfortable and is abordables and will purchase these paralizaciones while A continuous company the
5 / 5
has read mine other descriptions (and are sure calm has to that way that is all like this riveting!) You will know they are quite fussy in mine a lot of socks of show. And these, my average friends that loves fellow, is adds. Has the abonos grippy section in a backside to maintain them of sliding down, a subject has with almost all other socks. And his no my toes all scrunched on feeling likes is too many courts. Has very comfortable and returns like this well! They will do more with the regular/main shoes. I tried him on with Sketchers Bobs and could see in the neighbourhood to the half thumb of average, as they can no with alike shoes. The ones of the that imports a look, ot has the a lot of cleaner of appearance that other low socks, and with the colour to match calm not even can commentaries. They are in fact state spending some socks so only around a house because the meeting like this comfy and still although it prefers them spend socks home the ones of to which always likes to spend fat socks. As These are the alternative sum .
5 / 5
Was pleasantly surprised by these. There is such the variety of types and prizes to choose of fearful era could choose bad and arrival with socks of economic feeling. Instead, they are the abonos, sturdy material. My thing preferred roughly is a no-grip of slip in a heel (sees picture)... Work! They remain it situates amiably. They are happy with them!
5 / 5
Has bought these socks to spend with my measure 8.5 Adidas to shoes of any have to them legustado a look or feel to spend regular socks with them. These any socks of show are especially well for people that Vans of wear, Conversation, or other shoes that is particularly down. Has grips of hule good in a backside of a heel to prevent sliding down when walking, a material of these a lot the socks of show is thin but no too thin so as to rasgar easily, and is stretchy and a lot breathable (abonos for people with feet in a sweaty side). After walking around that spends the pair of these socks for several minutes have taken average and some socks any slide down in to a backside like him some grips of the hule is well, does not cause the discomfort and I do not believe will cause any chaffing or blisters any one. In an of some photos am spending mine has lived Adidas with a beige colored the socks and calm grieves can see a cup of an average that is exactly that has loved. In general highly it recommends these if you are in a phase for durable any socks of show can spend with your comfy and fashionable sneakers/shoes to walk.
5 / 5
These socks return like this expected and hide perfectly inside my shoe. A true any average of show, is very comfortable also. They are a perfect thickness and does not slip down during a day. I want a bit it paints that is to go in this band , slowly in that spent another band of all white.
5 / 5
These socks are surprising. They use material of quality like some socks returns a lot of snug. Typically the ones of those who average to spend to a gymnasium, reason the amour that coffins look of ankle. As it anchors it have this look while spending these socks is surprising. A cherry up is, his whose slip of your feet. Usually, lowrise the slide of average was while exerting. These of the that, reasons any so only done a material access snug, has the a lot of material of the skid situated in an interior of each heel of an average. These socks am remained in place during my zumba for east will be them to purchase another band.
5 / 5
Light socks add, no too fat & no too thin!! I spend he 9 1/2-10 WIDTH and a big access have measured perfectly. One any one slips gel in a heel is awesome, these very included budge much less the slips was!! Ossia The true down any average of show. I have been spending them every day of then has taken in!!!
4 / 5
Are the women have measured 10-10.5. These socks some better of all have tried in of the terms of a COMBO to remain arrive (more than slipping down to to a heel likes him the walk so that it is bunched up around your arch inside an hour or two) and when being invisible when you are in of the pavings. They offer more coverage (and for this are visible is in of the pavings of ballet more than loafers or sneakers) and is more comfortable and sure that one some concealed is less visible, but objective when you are in footwear that brotas the plot of a cup of a foot coffins. Also, so only They Grieve returned my measure 10-ish feet (I follows the 10.5 or 11, measure 41, in some frames of shoe) like me very súper-recommend still similarly Bigfoot Ladies.
5 / 5
Some first time have spent these socks, spent him on to 5 career of one thousand. My toe stuck by means of an average for an end of the career. I have been disappointed and has asked the substitution with some wait that was the defective batch . Needless To say, this is to spend again with my new substitution. A longevity of these socks is short lived and would recommend to look the other marks with products of big quality.
4 / 5
Are súper particular when it comes to any socks of the show and these are perfect left so only say you. They are not too fat but is very comfortable and quite fat. A heel does not slip down & a consolation is fabulous. It spends this type of average with my Sperrys and these go to be my Glory Expósita New ... Literally I took him so only and it is so only be spending them for today, as it expects does not result the remorse after the be has washed... If I so that it will be back here to give you an update. Another that that chair that these are going the workout utmost... So you have been that looks for the pair adds socks to show to good sure would go with these... Calm will not be disappointed. It likes me quell'has said, I some serious looking for and these resemble some better... For far!!🤩 Esperanza this helps my regime of fellow average!

Top Customer Reviews: Fruit of the Loom ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 57 ratings
5 / 5
These knickers of cotton--has been the same spending partorisca on 60 years, swear-- is a lot of fact and of breathable cotton. Underwears of cotton, like this unglamourous how is, the frames seat less hot and is less probably partorisca cause infections of urinary streets and, of then is not that they go partorisca way here, the aim is one the majority of utilitarian colour of then anything with models or of the brilliant colours is more probably partorisca feign travers some garments.

When Ordering, maintains partorisca import that they will shrink the tad (any one the plot) when in the first place it wash them.

Of then are not that it goes partorisca glamur here, thinks that is of entity partorisca remark that panty liners sticks a lot well the knickers of cotton.
4 / 5
Has bought three frames measures 10 partorisca compare. Jockey, Fruit of a Whip and Hanes.
1. Jockey - Better
2. Fruit of a Whip - far according to
3. Hanes - Horrible

the fruit of a writing of Whip is:
More partorisca hot time, estaca-partum, changing measured of organism, has gone does not want to spend a

Characteristic of Fruit of a writing of whip:
band of the waist is not coverage, but an interior is the brushed soft elastic.
Note: if I need the cotton sells of coverage of waist, sees Jockey writing of mark.

The sale of waist is 3/4 thumb . It will go the bit, but returns to form in his own.
The crotch is 3” width with poster of double cotton.
Crotch seams Is quell'has bitten bulky
the elastic leg is the cotton has covered.
I holes of leg are quite big, any tight.
Some 10 in measuring after washing.
100 cotton is soft and thin
can him spend the whole day long and any to feel them .
More probably any last while Jockey mark.
Has done in Vietnam
5 / 5
has Received promptly & packaged to the equal that has expected. A prize was súper abordable. Some colours are like this pictured.
Are 5'6 and weigh 155 pounds. I have purchased measure 8 and has tried the pair on before I have washed/dryer him. It has been it bit it droopy drawers in some backsides. I have had to laugh in a spectacle in a mirror. I prefer my knickers to return in some backsides.
Has washed a undies with liquid creature , clear detergent of dirty clothes in of the cold water. I have used liquid creature , clear cloth softener with a enhancer on a down garments. They return well. Hope That sharing my weight has helped.
4 / 5
First time have not purchased never the on-line underwears. I have bought 2 sale 4 month ago. A material is noticeably thinner that my pairs my old plus that has bought in a real tent. Still with which month to wash (the old plus some). A bit those that look of some new underwears, that could have them spent 2 times, already have careers in them ( ran like pantyhose.)
Has good widths gusset, to the to the equal that likes, but is taking more than hard to find.
If, taste, attentive of the pair of clothes confine to last the years of pair, look elsewhere.
Calms only underwears to spend the little time, then toss his, these would be perfect for you. Now I comprise an option of automatic byline..
Modifying to add: last batch has bought them alike unopened and new but has a smell. It is such the strong perfume . I have washed 3 times and a smell will not go era. They are rubbishes now. Waste of money. So only spent to store from now on.
4 / 5
After having returning questions with Hanes the writing has thinks that would try these. My resemblance Hanes the marked writing measure 7 where more like 6 to the equal that have has had to that reorder 8. Judging for this I orderly measure 8 Fruit of a writing of Whip. I have suspected they all is exited of a same factory in all the chance. His no. A container of ten measures 8 Fruit of a writing to loom where entirely inconsistent. 8 Of one this marked measure 8 where different measures and at least two looks to be mislabelled measure 7 and two in a container of ten measures 8 where the measure has labelled in fact 7. I have finalised with only 4 of a ten that apt well. I will not buy Fruit of a writing to loom again.
5 / 5
Loves these knickers. They like him to him some another, has used to laugh in mine grandma is 'underwears', but I maintaining takes it! In 62 young years, love my knickers to be comfortable and breathes. Originally I have bought this just to sleep in, but when I open my drawer of underwears, is my first election . Really comfy and a prize was adds. Any one extra load for the main measure that 10 (likes a lot another load of frames). You will want to these!!! Oh, it has taken lived, blue, and rose (2 of the each one)
4 / 5
material Very thin has compared to the mine old some, small apt, and a seam in a pair has left before I have had has him attractive included a first time (i.et., Roughly 30 second with which have take a sticky tape). I have spent Fruit of a Whip for years, and was sturdy and long that last, but these days, can not trust any mark -- all is economic rubbishes done in Cina. Yes, they cost a lot of pocolos, but enough would pay more and take a quality of old time.
4 / 5
Very dressed inner very soft! It is like this light and soft is almost likes to spend at all. They are 100 cotton , and can not beat concealed! There is not any seal, as not nettling lining or that it has to rasgar a seal (and a seam together with him) was. We return me to us they have expected like this, and an elastic is not like this stagnate that bows. I have washed these in some dirty clothes with a rest of my cloths, and dried him in the hot dryer. They did not shrink at all, and it has suffered any ailing effect of one washing. Ossia That expect of a Fruit of a line of Whip, and has not been disappointed.
5 / 5
Has taken Hanes for while I can agree, but has decided to try these, and is utmost! It thinks still it could me like more than that I usually taken. They are the little main but still returned perfectly. They are a lot of -done- and has not extended or anything. They are very happy with these. They are probably that will buy next time, also.
5 / 5
Ordered it reason has said 100 cotton. They are allergic to polyester, give me peel rash. It has taken my experience, washed it and has spent he without diuble controls because it trusts the description of the amazon. It has taken it peels rash. If it marvels because it has taken it peels rash of 100 cotton priducts, has verified a focus. It comprises a picture here. It is 50 cotton 50 polyester. Reason his lied and sides me to discomfort and recognition of doctor? A lot disappointed!

Top Customer Reviews: Women’s Longline ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 58 ratings
4 / 5
Absolutely it loves that. Tried in a lululemon row in tent, was a lot of meh. When This is to go in a topmast has thinks that would feel a lot of meh roughly he also but returns ASTONISHINGLY. Súper Flattering, perfect period, so only soft material. It feels quality really big. They are like this happy with this compraventa so only can buy the pair more.

Still reference, has taken the HALF . My measure of bra is 34DD, 5'2”, roughly 150lbs.
5 / 5
Has looked for the lululemon diverse the tank deceives and ossia! They are honradamente he surprised it this cup has not taken more attention because it is such the gem !! It has taken a XS in black (32B) Please do more colours, especially in XS! I want to activewear and am very impressed for a quality of this cup for a prize. A cloth is like this soft stretchy and opaque still quite lustrous where he a lot of pill. A cloth hugs me in and any gape in my waist (26”) like hopefully the will not extend over time. A seams is different but is situated exactly some same likes to vary tank. They are 5'6 and this paste of cup me well on my waist like this comfortably can spend big waisted leggings/trousers without the tonne of midriff the be exposed. There is the plot to structure to an upper like help in resupplying support of meso and functionality to an upper same without adjustable straps. I am expecting some straps will not extend was but an interior of the band of the bra is tight comfortable closing. Included some cups of foam are well! Because of a creation, am not sure like this the cup would treat for measures of the main cup to the equal that has bit it lateralmente boob. Included in lulu place, one diverse the tank is meant for measures of the smallest cup. At all it can not regulate but I can see it is when being a subject for big chested daughters. They are so only like this enamoured with a line of with the one of sweet heart and the lustrous silhouette and am very pleased with this compraventa😁 Ossia the piece of utmost staple for any the one who there is dance in the estimativa. It does not doubt to buy this cup!
5 / 5
Have read in this when be one Diverse the tank deceives; to the equal that have ordered one in aim. A pros: it is very soft, a lot resembled a tank of row and gives support of half for your @@@cofre. A gilipollas, to the good sure look bit it the most economic fact that a diverse tank, some tampons have been dented, as it looked quite bad with them ( takes so only and do a lot) and a edging of a tank approaches a @@@cofre looks the pocola was. They are in a fence, but think still will maintain it so that it will take use out of him. For reference; they are the 34 D and measure 6 in a diverse tank.
4 / 5
Has received so only my aim X big and the returns adds. Snug But with room to move. Of then beginning regulates it Kettebell program the few months does my shoulder and the arms are more muscular. Has wide shoulder in all the chance as it could not decide among a L or X Big.
Are '5 7' 140 lbs.. A cushioning is so only quite that does not seat like the star of porn. I have ordered immediately a black today :-). He so that there is already remarked a material is súper soft. It does not know still it is good wash . CLUE: it finds utilisation the lingerie that washes pouch and mine waters cold workout cloths last longer.
5 / 5
Am ENAMOURED with this cup! It is some perfect rows the tank deceives, except better! Lulu The version of this tank is aimed mostly to some people that any workout. A soft material is good but a lot well to sweat in, and easily takes ruined or pols. This tank is a solution . 1) His the fraction of a prize. 2)same Way 3) the support adds (this in spite of, are the 34 A) 4)silky soft, sweat wicking material. I give this 5 stars sure. The the HIIT workout and also lifted with which and was like this comfortable. They are the sweater , as I am easily uncomfortable and the hate that feels totally drenched in a cotton like materials or butter soft classes. Ossia A perfect cup and the so only has ordered all some other hearts! Already they are that it spends for my cupboard to take touched of of some other bras of sports that does not like me reason enough would spend of these!
Are 120lbs, 5'3' , 34A
Be still in me IG stephbethhhh for more to the amazon finds!!!
5 / 5
Quite pleasant. It has taken to to this likes to deceive the to Lululemon Tank of Rows. Usually it spends the half in clothes or a 8 cup in Lulu but has taken the big reason have wanted to loved/it to it to be the freest access. I am spending he with big waisted tejanos here, but with big waisted leggings, any midriff shows for me. It could be different has the main @@@cofre.
4 / 5
All some the positive critiques are some , ossia the cup really orders ! So only I will buy prize workout leggings, but has been looking the cups more abordables and stumbled by means of east a. Really I have not expected paralización to master the as much as do. A cloth is soft and very fat, a yard is flattering, and offer enough support for DD/DDD for random wear and extending/sessions of mobilities. As @it subjects preferably, it would not spend never this for the session of serious formation unless it has dipped the bra of pertinent sports down, which would ruin one looks. Some photos of product are very attentive - I found the to return exactly like this aimed in a model. They are 128lbs, athletic, 32DD/DDD and has purchased the Small measure. A Petit resupply the cropped/the look returned and enough support/of compression up. Considering the Half to time when I love the longest period, but the concerned will not resupply like this support. This cup also will look sum with the pair of big waisted tejanos as it does not look too athletic, which really appreciates. Highly recommend this product!
4 / 5
Súper comfy, súper flattering tank! I have bought so much a half and a big to compare. It has stuck with a half was more compressive for my @@@cofre. They are the 36 C/D and this returns perfectly! Highly recommend! ( Note lateralmente: you can see some tampons in of the insurances that light for a white tank. They are not sure it would take him it was this in spite of.. It could be the bit sees-thru). Black a there is had subjects of zeros! The desire has had even more colours!!
5 / 5
Ossia The very pleasant, cup of good quality. I have been that loves a cup of attractive harvest with cushioning for the moment and this returns a bill. They are typically a XS but this felt too tight as I have been with the small. If help, are 32B, around 127/ 5' 8”. An only improvement am dipped probably in of the different tampons. One some in him am very thin and more so only to cover your nipples that anything more! Of then it is cut down, probably I so only spends it to living room around in place of workout but this are adds! Probably it will buy more than colours.
5 / 5
Your browser does not sustain HTML5 video. AMUR THESE TANKS!!!!! I have read it stirs it of descriptions previously to purchase and has found some mixed descriptions regarding sizing. Originally I have ordered to to the the big feeling likes could run in of a small side and also of the like another reviewers has spoken on. Some big accesses well but has finalised to order other colours in the half and concealed turn very better. A material is very soft, stretchy and slightly freer in a zone of stomach. Comparing these tanks to lululemon the rows would say that these are the perfect to deceive for a prize. One diverse is to good sure the material it fat plus, the access is tighter and a period is more along compared to these of amazon.

For the reference are to 34 D and 150lbs and stand in 5'6.5. It has attached the video and I spend big waisted to everything likes the tank looks more along that really it is so it spends the increase the lowest will aim more midriff.

Top Customer Reviews: VICHYIE Women Tank ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 56 ratings
4 / 5
I have been surprised better reason I look in of the photos after using Photoshop partorisca substitute my own organism with this gorgeous the organism of the model (like pictured in this ad). That the difference--and never has has had to that included dipped in a shirt! These produced is literally too good to be true. Thank you VICHYIE!

5 stars partorisca sheer audacity.
5 / 5
Loves this tank! They are 5'5 125 lbs 36D I has ordered the half
and returns perfectly. Material is fat like that the bra does not aim . Has the material of piece likes fantastically. Perfect period
is my new favourite tank
4 / 5
Want to some few colours of these cups. I have ordered six. One feels is gorgeous. They are like this versatile the! They can be layered with each another or down anything. Quite vibrant to be past so only. Although so only it does not conceal very a lot, one the right bra is key. To good sure values he I so that it will use him directly to fall.
4 / 5
My measure of @@@Cofre is the 36 D. Has a lot of muscle, has the rear end.. But it possesses at all in the measure besides. I not having never. His comes from/comes from Asia! Now compared to North Korea? Yes, the Americans are measured absolutely besides, obese, fat, life of luxury and ridiculous.

With this said? I love this cup of tank. I hate to say more like this to to those touch to depress Like EUA is in the depression the this point and am appreciated so only for the new element, doing legs, and no in that have been born in North Korea. Hey The hat can say that to the things like F 🍊, and Bezo is is Fresher.. Be Fresher has given his recent 400+ millions to those in the now same poverty. Ancient, boys, minorities

And has taken this tank really well also with adding look
5 / 5
has purchased aim. Arrived likes said without
Of Questions. Measure the small accesses are. I have spent on purpose black down to aim a thickness of a material. Little see by means of but still loves it.
4 / 5
Amur This me it my sister loves this. It is fat you can not see thru. The accesses add.
5 / 5
Is looking for The comfortable tank, breathable- ossia.

Is always the swipe or lose in material quality when you order of Amazon - ossia is probably a compraventa of the dresses has better fact by means of this program.

Careers so only slightly big or for those with further up. They are 5”6, 115 lbs and A/B cup. I have ordered the small and is has bitten he roomy.

In general very happy with this compraventa, in fact buying another buy in brown.
5 / 5
Was skeptical but ossia exactly like a picture and the little quite that has expected. A material feels wonderful, the little slinky and maintains fresh. It is so only a right period- often tops run so only longer that the cup to collect to all the cost that is pictured and this no! I will order more colours!
4 / 5
Súper Pleasant! They are 5”8 and 180lbs and has ordered the half. It is stretchy and returns a lot n snug but no tight. Good quality also. Going to order more!
5 / 5
Are 5'4' and weigh it fluctuates among 116-125 lbs so that it was pleasantly has surprised that well this record. I have ordered the half as it did not love it to be like this tight, that yes was more afterwards to 125 lbs, mine muffin the short would not be protruded more like this for the too tight record. These cups are such the soft cloth , comfortable and flattering.

Top Customer Reviews: Colorfulkoala ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 60 ratings
5 / 5
has spent leggings practically my whole life, hate tejanos with the passion, and enough would spend the dress that slacks. To be quite frank, I quite a lot of mop an ocean that trousers of dress of the wear. As any the one who has spend of thousands to thousands of dollars in athletic wear, will say this— these leggings is quite dang well, and a seal of prize is included better.

I workout 5-6x the week (HIIT, LISS, hanged, nomination) and are some worlds pickiest person when it comes the cloths, ESPECIALLY activewear. This be has said, is that I amour. They are in university and can not resupply to fall $ 100 in leggings when I a) has my weight not being compatible b) is still in university. You, is also in the pandemic and can not resupply a lot, but literally have mine another leggings falls off it of me. I have required something.

Perhaps these would have to that call “Pandemic Trousers”, as these are one much more leggings has found in quarantine. (Salvation, Are of Michigan)

to give the idea of my type of the organism of then has has not comprised pictures: they are 5'3, he 34C, 170- lbs after the 100 lb loss of weight (with extra skin in my abdomen), he 30 in waist, and 42 also of thumb. To good sure have the pear/hourglass form (with more than sand in a subordinated)! I look for leggings concealed active tummy control, is flattering in a backside, and is not SHEER.

Here is a pros and gilipollas of a leggings:

-point of prize (your newspaper Starbucks the career of your week of work costs a prize of these trousers. Well a sacrifice of first caffeine of the yours commute)
-the cloth is A lot lustrous. I add for moisture, which will avert the swamp the (he take the darkest colours , I blacks taken so only like this tries of use) and this will maintain you fresh
-among a variety of period
-flattering seams
-hides cellulite (at least that it can say it of a black pair)
-a lot of stretchy and durable
-HAIR/of CAT of the HAIR/FUZZ will not stick and unlikely the pill like this quickly like this cotton leggings (I.et 75 polyester 25 spandex leggings, lululemon wunder unders, anything with the polyester blend)
-double lined waistband (lululemon rows to have this fashion waistband) (also known likes “the streaky pair”) without seam in an upper AKA ANY MUFFIN HOARDS Or that UNDERMINES
-any logo, which are to add if you are not the flashy logos

-sizing pursue the big/big careers. Measure down. Still although I , a waist was the tad has bitten big but have the short organism, and these leggings is coming on big on me with the smallest waist the proportion of hip.
-Of then is sleeker material, These have some potentials to slide down from time to time. Material taken the pair that is the smallest measure ( could have taken the small but could have been sheer), this would not be a subject.
- Has not had the tonne of tummy control for me, but my hip the proportions of waist a lot always laws in my favour

Comparison: it would say that ossia the material version fatter that CRZ Feeling In of the skins I, but without a compliance of organism CRZ has, but sucks calm more than of the this having material fatter. CRZ Are add, but aim cellulite of a cloth that is thin, but no sheer (I hope that felt of frames). If you are looking for something concealed. Any diverse “to deceive” but would recommend to verify out of a buttery soft BRUSHED leggings, as have has listened things of sound. I am expecting to choose on punctual for my anniversary in a prójimo little month.

Also, his service of client is PHENOMENAL. I messaged the privately in Instagram and has answered inside minutes. His representatives are extraordinarily bondadosos and extremely informative and connoisseurs in his products, which loves me purchase even more of a mark.

In general, would say for a point of prize and that some trousers of offers, would suggest to choose the up. These are utmost for lifting, running errands, or so only when being lazy in, but will not suck calm to like wear of form and spanx. The nave is painless members and First take nave and of the free returns (the students takes discount it for prime minister also!) And the repayments are fast and like this easy. I am returned his impression very populate leggings and has had my repayment my account in 20 minutes and the repayment for another element my paper of debit in 2-3 days.

In general: so only buy a dang leggings


Please upvote this him the the expósito useful!!
4 / 5
Before it begins, to the left the be known are the ENORMOUS legging snob. They are extremely picky with my sportswear. They are good money spent in Lululemon, Ptula, Nike, and Down Armour, and has tried the decent number of on-line frames abordables likes 90 Terracing, Tesla, Fabletics, queenie ke, etc. These... Oh Chico...

These are surprising. They are thin but mostly tries of squat, and has to that crazy arrival that resembles a Lululemon rows. And ladies, a SEAMS. Has the abonos gusset this prevents toe of camel and dips dish as it does not experience any rubbing of a seams in mine inner thighs (has has has caused holes in some leggings of this embrague and bad sewed seams). A sale of waist is for far one the majority of impressive part... A seam in some behind outlines a butt like this amiably to the equal that dips in. And it is situated perfectly also (I finds that ptula booty seam draws sags the pocolos low in my booty as it is not like this flattering, for example). And for a better part... ANY SEAM Or ELASTIC in the CUP, HALLELUJAH. It is like this more flattering reason can dip walk against my stomach without stressing some less zones in firm in mine midsection. It is still compressive enough to resist some trousers up without them requiring an elastic. It would not say that it is compressive enough to hide tummy fat, but does not concern me for a compression personally.

A green of olive is test of squat quite that can spend my dark undies without having the question during day of leg. Also the meeting to be quite test of sweat. They are thin and movable and comfortable and does not find me never in his disposal of excursion up during a day, which is the enormous pet peeve of mine.

I sized down and has bought a XS and is returned a lot amiably in my organism (5'2', 118 lb, 26' encircled). I have bought already more. I expect that they continue to develop his collection to paint reason gladly would buy everything!
5 / 5
Has bought six pairs of these maintaining. They are resulted my GONE The leggins (🙋🏻‍♀️ here of Hopescope). A big more pro is that they are darn prójimos Lululemon qualities for a insanely good prize. Diverse likes him the fashion but would say luxtreme feels. They aim to sweat which does not import reason is a lot has won 💪. SIZING Is the small confusing this in spite of. They are 5'8” -160 lbs, the athletic build and I have a first round of colours in M and L. In these (black and a two perrywinkle colours) would say that a Sr gone back more. THIS In spite of in a green of army and dusty is the trace has taken L foreseen purely the availability of measure and returned to to us likes him to him the GLOVE. Respecto quell'Have had Sr in these colours would be sheer. It would say 8-9/10 it takes squatproof. A light more a result by heart slightly sheer when bending on. 100 it recommends you are looking to develop your legging collection especially in a UBER pleasant and in colours of tendencies but can not resupply Lulu in five different colours 🤗.
4 / 5
DEC 2018 UPDATE: See my critical negation down. Wow, Like an in fact achieved company was mine personally to try and answered my description and explain that it is going in. It has been an amazing experience honradamente, and my faith has been restored in this mark for 2 reasons: 1 because of his service of exceptional client. They have said that that has has had subjects with his provider of cloth and has been doing with them to imagine the things was. They have offered some tips to wash my blue creature leggings in some hopes would feel better, but they a lot of honradamente. As his refunded join me prize of an original pair of blue leggings has ordered. This in spite of, have of then pair to the fellow and really likes him, although usually it spends of the half and those are wide. BUT 2: a company sent in fact his new cloth leggings to try was and is SURPRISING. There are two types: this blue creature some, send me to knots a pair of up to date cloth, and feel LIKE THIS SOFT and stretchy and comfortable. It looks he likes has taken his subjects of supply has dipped order because WOW, can not expect start in these and love a colour! (I in fact am spending them right now to the equal that write this). They look so only like some originals pics has uploaded, but a cloth is 100x better! Also we send me some of the his 'prevailed new cloth, which can buy you here on Amazon under the listed of different product ( is one 'Brushed Buttery Soft Big Waisted Leggings Trousers of Yogas of Full Period'), and WOW, nailed it. Súper Soft, a lot of stretchy and comfy, resupplies the good quantity of support and look really a lot on. I will do the description of these when has the occasion. You would owe that buy some of those And some of these I of then thinks that a cloth is better now. Especially with Amazon awesome police of Returns, to good sure recommends these again.

To summarize: has has not had never an experience like this on Amazon with any company, and orders to PLOT to stuff here LOL. Like the tonne, and mine reviewer is quite big, this in spite of this mark has been WAY on and further shatters it any expectations have had in vendors on Amazon. One+++. And I love a new cloth, with these leggings and a new 'first buttery soft' some. You would owe that buy both. A creature the blue colour is LIKE THIS PLEASANT and an up to date cloth is like this soft and stretchy and supportive, chair to like when have in the first place bought a Dark Lilac colour last state and was like 'Is Is!!! A leggings has been looking for!' This company has listened in fact the feedback of client and has done excellent improvements. Thank you ColorfulKoala! Down waiting for to spend your leggings in fact a lot of years to come!

November 2018: the NEW COLOURS ARE not EQUAL!!! Literally so only it has taken a blue creature in a topmast and tried them immediately on. And they are TERRIBLE. This honradamente gift to say, has thought of then that these were a more leggings never. But this new colour there is almost any piece, is scratchy, uncomfortable and a quality is poor (sees pic with all a shabby stitching). That has spent ColorfulKoala?! I have bought a dark lilac colour in late May 2018 and is probably my preferred leggings never (goes pic). It was excited like this to see new paints that have almost has bought EVERYTHING of them. Seriously. But I thought 'so only try One of a new colour in chance that' and wow, this was lucky! It would spend a rest of my life in a dark lilac leggings, is that comfortable and awesome. They are LIKE THIS stretchy, totally organism contouring without being tight, resupply the bit of compression but also moves extremely well. Honradamente Thought it that it had found that undertaken is all looking for -- abordables leggings ossia incredible and look and feel awesome. Sadly Something is to spend. It is a provider of a cloth or something? Person in Colorfulkoala in fact try a new batch of leggings on?! They are honradamente run over -- I was So that it looks forward to a blue creature leggings (and then all other colours that would buy) but am disappointed entirely and has left down. Please, Colorfulkoala, goes back to an old cloth -- is surprising. If calm , left to know? The cause will buy the tonne of leggings of you! For now, this in spite of, this creature blues is going back and am not buying more material that this company. That the sad day, sad.
5 / 5
The to the left initiate me was to say that a first a lot of pair of these I has ordered is returned perfectly. It was excited like this has ordered two closings more in of the different colours (both in my small normal measure) so only to have them feel constricting around a waist and at all like my first pair. I exchanged him for the half, but any of some pairs has tried returned like this comfortably like the ash of pair has purchased initially. After the multiple wears of some ashes leggings with careful washing, has begun to extend was and has not conformed to my organism to the equal that have had once. In general, I am a lot disappointed in a control of quality of these leggings.

Has been said by a costruttore that the quality has improved of the mine last compraventa. This in spite of, have received two emails of Colorfulkoala offering me an additional repayment so while it takes my negative critique. His second offered, there is agreed to to take my description, confirmed with them the one who has done like this, and has not received never a repayment has promised. While I comprise that some people have had the regime adds with these leggings, would not recommend sustaining the company that is offering to the uselessness bribes to client those who take his negative critiques.
5 / 5
Could go in and on in that I amour these leggings but will write was some points of ball for the easy :
-súper soft. Wonderful material for a gymnasium! Slick And test of squat!
- Add record. Ossia True to measure. They are usually the half in everything and returns perfectly! It has to that encircled very short and bone of hip massively like this is tiny in a waist has not been would have that has measured down or no.
- Yard and good-looking way. Extremely flattering and a band of waist any court in! A waistband is like this seamless. I can a lot of hype this enough.
- Durable for a gymnasium and very comfortable a same time
- I does not have to that it weaves of fat in legs of mine or butt. Has the muscular legs and he is wonderful calm reason really can see definition in a mirror. If have cellulite you can not enjoy some light colours.
- Mark of the his annoy volume the darkest colour . This does not go to hide sweat.
- Has done these produced does not allege it never was a row deceives? Please to stop complains it that this is not 100 “ row to deceive” when a never alleged product to be.
- 1,000X better that 90 terracing
- Like this softer, more comfortable, and more flattering that a lot my expensive frames.
- Highly recommend if you are not annoyed by sweat or if you do not have cellulite subject.
- I follows 5' 1” to the equal that are the little long on me but ossia a lot
MODIFICATION 12/23/2018: still in strong disposal and ZERO pulling! These are dipped really to a test with formation of weight, sprinting, etc. 5 days the week. Enough I have spent exclusively colorfulkoala leggings of this compraventa. Has a pocket leggings (is the little less snug that these but is also fantastic!) And also I have one the new plus brushed leggings which are not like this slick in some outsides like these (ran the little smaller that these). I really the waits give these try is in a phase for new leggings!
5 / 5
These leggings are adds. It has taken a black in the middle of measure (my usual measure) and is returned perfectly. I have seen the video of any one saying these is a more deceive for a row, as when I have opened on a stock exchange, was a lot of disappointed. They are not to like some rows at all. Some rows is very soft - almost like him cottony soft, and feel likes there is at all on. These are more than the silky, slippery smooth and have more compression. Personally it has looked for more than the living room legging, which these are not . I have decided to maintain the reasons are in sure good quality good and will be adds for a gymnasium and sweaty workouts.
5 / 5
Has bought koala coloreado 4 times each experience entirely during a place
A first time was too big but a material was decent for a prize. plushy Soft And stretchy
the second time have bought the black pair in XS and is resulted the staple although no his door to a gymnasium because this was before they have fixed a waistband @@subject falling. A material was also entirely different that a first pair I compraventa
A third time was around his second launch with some new colours. I have bought XS and a colour dusty is trace. They were totally too small and has given my organism ANY JUSTICE and he cameltoe. They were terrible the sum he up. The material was compatible with that of a first pair has bought
the chamber And FINAL pair I compraventa was one of a recent launch. It could a lot of resit but that buys a blue creature and it giving shot it. I have bought my small regular measure. Wow Where Begins with these... These were for far a worse pair of leggings there is not dipping never in my organism. BEWARE A material is in another planet has compared to an original material. ANY piece and almost like it 100 cotton. They were tiny and hardly could him take on legs of mine. The calm import are the small by means of a joint in each alone mark. So only save on a compraventa Lulu. Have never another legging likes concealed. It would trade In all koalas of mine coloreados for just a pair of lulus.

without asking the koala coloreado is on state and further to resend me some new colours in a new cloth. All duquel is compatible and amazing! It maintains it up it will order of you again!!!
5 / 5
Hanged 185 lbs but has to that mine encircled of muscular build is 32.ºn And also of mine are 43 I has ordered the big is returned utmost. They do not have the tonne of compression to the equal that can be in fact able state to measure down but maintain the import has measured down a material can result sheer to the equal that extends to accommodate. They are happy with a record to the equal that east but likes more measure of of compression down this in spite of These are súper the soft figure that flatters And besides comfy!!!! These are test of squat but any panty the test of line am spending blue pokadot boyshorts down and can not say expect for a stain that is basically unheard of in light colored leggings!!! hopefully This description was useful 😊and please do more colours in these leggings I so only dipped in another order for a black some can not expect take them!
5 / 5
That extracted adds! They are 5'4' and 118lbs and has taken the small measure--apt perfectly. A cloth is very smooth, silky, and buttery. Resembled Lulu the Rows of lemon or P'tula Alainah leggings. They have resisted until the cardio/HIIT workout as well as the day of leg of heavy lifting without known aim! I am impressed like this, and expect that they do more colours.

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Ossia Probably any one the bra will spend partorisca seduce a prince partorisca take to a ball. But I will spend it so only in the another day. I have tried to take pics without the shirt, but forces of the defects/of the organism there is distracted of an access. As I have been with a next better thing; the tight aim cami.

Has followed partorisca measure the instructions and he head to me knots to the 36DD, which is one of some measures have been spending, as any surprise. It has dipped a bra in a freer setting (likes is supposed to with the new bra, of only extends was). And it was a right access . An inferior band does toe on, but does not hurt a consolation or support. It does not remark more consolation of him any in that has a underwire, but has to that be more is partorisca some daughters.

One extracted big partorisca me is that there is no cupping or spillage in a cup. Ossia Always my subject. Mina cleavage is like this uncomfortable how is in any bra that is not partorisca press-on, so that it is in familiarity partorisca comfort . Little-to-any side-boob or for behind spillage (sees photo).

Has been spending it lotttt of bras of sports lately. You know that it is recommended partorisca substitute your bra each one that ARE MONTH?!?! And ossia when calm is not that spending every day! Well, I have had the preferred that has spent 6 days the week of then has taken partorisca the bachelorette present. Shortly after celebrating my anniversary of 2 years with my husband, has had to that admit that homegirl was hagard.

This bra is not like this quite like this lucido, but is in plot more comfortable that it is to be for me lately. And it feels to to plot likes a bit bras of sports that has been spending! It is the little tighter reason is new mark , but a coverage is looked. And any underwire.

Will update if any defects burst on, but this looks the winner for my type of organism.

Update: 10 month later and an only difference is that I now dipped the in the tightest setting ( is extended out of the little, as any bra ). I have been careful any to dry it and is resisting on a lot well. Still my bra of staple 'basic'.
5 / 5
Are the 34 dd, sometimes 32 if any bloating. Súper Happy with east! It is really comfortable, does not nettle my same sensitive skin with sweating. Highly it suggests to wash in the garment the stock exchange and the air that dry of the maintain in good been. The straps do not undermine to my shoulders. Really comfy with some support, will be to buy the second a.

Has had to that change mine 5 stars to the 3. I have bought two and both after less than 2 months to spend 2-3 times the week has begun to fray in of the straps, and the hooks broken. I have had wash and bras of dry mine to maintain that to spend. Still I love these bras but beware that was with spending the little time the week, his no last while it would like.
5 / 5
LOVES this bra. If you are looking for the bra that has coverage And consolation, researches no further. A boss in mine a lot-years-the old bra snapped another day and was the disguised blessing reason I me beginning mine to look for the new bra. I have found this gem and decided to take the bet has based on so many descriptions add. Now I owe that say that a reason my leading bra was a lot of -years-old is reason is really difficult for me to find the good bra. Long it has had it the reduction of heart and has been of the 40F to the 38C. A doctor a lot exactly goes for the highly aesthetic look and some daughters are well . . . The little weirdly shaped. Spending the bra is usually súper uncomfortable and for an end of the work day can not expect rasgar he out of my organism and free-boob the. I have bleated The bra is like an invisible hug the boobs and for a first time the long time am not uncomfortable in this region.

Is also súper the cold where are today and this is doing adds to prevent a ol' cutters of diamond of poking was yes already know that I bad. Also a behind is súper stretchy and flattering and creates the smooth form. In general, this bra is point and averts and to good sure will be to order more in a lot of different colours asap.
4 / 5
Still any 100 insurance that thinks in this bra. They are the 38 DD, how was understandably sceptic in the boss-the capacity to be of the free bra so much supportive and pleasant. When I tried It in the first place on, I thought that it that it was the transmission of total game. It is to good sure comfy, and no too cushioned - quite so only to give some form. But a lack of structure in a front-run-of centre of a bra to good sure means that there is not like this - ahem - lifting and separating that it goes in. Be so only, he well with a lifting. Some daughters certainly look perky. But any so much with one separating. It finds that like the continuous day in, begins to smoosh beside the bit of the joined-boob situation. To good sure has to that sneak to a bath look it times the day to do one 'curve and excluyente' to dip in his pertinent placing. This probably will not be a subject for you if you are the C cup or smaller, but something to be conscious of still some D+ ladies of cup.an inferior line? Finally, an access does not look that very different that the bra of sport of big quality. But it resupplies some decent shaping, and is way more comfy that a underwire bra. So only be prepared to king-regulate during a day has the main @@@cofre.
5 / 5
Really like this bra. It is one of a prime minister that has had concealed is for real comfortable. Also it has the good natural form while still resupplying abundance of support. I bought it to spend under sheer white T the shirts and calm can does not see at all. It could buy he in black also.
5 / 5
Has measured 38D access exactly some same like normal sized bras. (For that, means any bobo, vanity to feign sized bras those who allege his only apt bras better and your boobs is in fact main that is, which is because calm need the main measure. I am speaking yours, Victoria's Secret.)

Ossia Mine 1st no-underwire bra of then roughly age 15. With age, has found bras to be extremely uncomfortable. A selection of slightly cushioned underwire bras that was comfortable appearance to be non-existent. It was under an impression has has had to that so only spend underwires (brainwashed, I supposition). I have bought one of these in JC Penney for double a prize so only to see liked . One, Concealed'd be the HE.

Is súper comfortable and looks well. I mean, it does not go to press your boobs until your with the or be shaped like you torpedoes. While calm so only love your boobs to have the reasonable quantity of support and look real boobs, will be happy with this bra.

TMI Perhaps, but this can be useful to any there. Mina boobs is 2 different measures, so only like many of you there. I spend one inserts in a side. For this a need for light cushioning, as I do not see an outline of a a tampon. This bra manages that without question.

Has ordered several colours of reasons a prize is like this better. Ossia An only bra I wear now.
4 / 5
A construction and the cloth are really good. An access is perfect. This in spite of, a bra is not for me so that it does not have the strong selection of some two cups for the women are not really in firm - any one holding situates yes bending or sustaining sinister or right. It is lovely and would do a lot well for a heart a plus in bylines. Ossia An a lot of the reason tends to gravitate to a underwire this comes fully up among some hearts.
5 / 5
Like this happy has taken the casualidad and has ordered this bra. They are the bra of serious sports gal and when I have tried a bra of tent of returns of the Amazon the application and ask me the one who a measure is of my favourite bra has had to that guess reason is to declare like this long has possessed of a concealed has not gone simply, 'XL.' Has has had also 3 boys and breastfed all of them so that they are not exactly that it was pre-boys. Still with all concealed in alcohol, an apt finder has suggested that that goes the smallest measure and gave this bra among another like this suggestions. They are the bell shaped, 38DD and finds a support to be perfect. This bra is súper comfortable, pleasant, and deletes a uniboob effect with bras of sports but neither of the one 'hubcap' look that like this often spends with big, molded cups. A prize is well in my row (Any WAY spends $ 50 in the bra!) And an access is like this a lot that has ordered immediately the little more in of the different colours. In $ 17-$ 23 each one which as this bra has not beaten can be.
4 / 5
Has been now of pause up with mine last bra when one of some bones unexpectantly has broken.

In desesperanza, looked to Amazon to find the new amour that would not betray me and stab me in a backside... er, I bad side...

Ossia When it has discovered bra Bleated. It was east a a? With which attentively reading descriptions, is looked as if this would resupply me a consolation and lean it have required.

To the equal that has taken the casualidad. I have taken it casualidad in bra Bleated!

Has been surprised came it packaged in the container sealed soft in place of one of the classical boxes of the amazon. Then again, it is the soft a lot that has meant a lot necessarily need the hard external shell for the protect. This in spite of, have been disappointed to see that a bra has looked to have some class of harm of water. It is more evident when looking in him in person, as I have done my best of the signal is gone in a photo.

To all the cost, felt there has not been a lot of election. I have required the new bra so out of desperation tried it on. My surprised, spent a consolation of the bra of sport, still directed to resupply enough support. Then again, any necessarily “ presses on”, but would do under my wear of daily mesh.
5 / 5
Spends the 34 D. It could not find the black Playtex 18 now in black to the equal that owe that experiences to find one. While there was at all in this bra that is not returned, has not had anything concealed has done neither. Some cup was pre shaped flatter that real hearts. To do up for a flattening effect a bra is cushioned, but a cushioning is shaped in class of the flattened curve, doing a wearer walk to look chested. In spite of a band down, which is generally the sign of the bra with good support, a bra has not resupplied any support. It has used a flattening effect to prevent boot. The hearts go in different forms. This could be the good bra for the adolescent to the equal that are by train of the give in depth partorisca trade

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