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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
Another addition adds to a History of Seasons (previously Moon of Harvest) serious.
Left to begin with the little introduction of a plot:
begins was like the daughter or boy the one who decides to result an independent farmer. A reason: Because of the work of your father, your family is moving around too often, and wants to settle down. Although your father disapproves, calm still sends to his brother his young plus to teach you like this to result the successful farmer. Ossia When your real adventure begins.
The difference of a leading History of games of Seasons, can choose the personality writes that it can benefit you (like animal lover, fisher, enthusiastic of sport, tycoon, amour), as that chooses. This is not so only useful, but also enjoyable. There is also part time acts that improves your report with a townsfolk and can help win some money of plus. This calm maintain you occupied during a game, although some works are quite repetitive, to be sincere. At least it is easier that augment the levels of friendship have compared to leading games, and calm also can have access of more than elements.
There is also an option that characteristic he multiplayer the way that use so much local (for next friends) and connection of internet. This calm leave you to receive elements, some of them are quite scarce.
Some festivals do not have very changed in of the terms of content, but a representation and the presentation are different. Some to basic procedures likes them ship, renewal, pieces of furniture, tilling collected and creating the livestock is generally so only in a same way. One the significant addition in this section is a diversity of pets.
Finally, one the majority of the interesting characteristic of a game is some three different cities. Each city has his own only traditions, creation and people. They are all equally good-looking in his own way, and an appearance of the illustration of a game is surprising. A merry background music also returns some subjects of some cities. Included a time has been taken the consideration, and that depends in that city or the zone are, can be different.
In general, like the long time soyoon of Harvest' (maintaining History of Seasons) defender, to good sure can say that this game has like this far be adds it and refreshing experience. If you are the eseedling' to a franchise or the 'Veteran', this game surely wins you daydream roughly having your own little park in real life!
5 / 5
Game and Notes of Character

History of Seasons: the trio of City is all that one first History of Seasons has wanted to be, but has not been. A ploughing of a game is not quite like this glacial as it concealed of History of Seasons, and servants more as the functional tutorial that the click to frustrate-by means of of endless dialogue. This in spite of, still calm does not have an option the skip scenes of yard, which is frustrating. You can, this in spite of, dipped a text to car-game, like this calm at least can turns on and the walk was need to. You take to fulfil the whole family of a character of player for once: both parents, the youngest sister, and an uncle. This me in fact restart a game and spend for as 'Holly' in planting to do on my own character: I have wanted to return in with my family. This intro is roughly five solid minutes of clicks-by means of before takings to start with agriculture, and then perhaps other ten minutes in the house of your uncle Frank before takings to your own park. With which this, a game opens on gradually, with the functionality that augments during a first year and afterwards.

In a note of maps, although it liked you for one the majority of part, a bit is disappointing that a lot of elements and a lunch have a blurriness that would look it to it yes, in another game, a map has refused to surrender. The pizza when being the imprecise and red aim blob so only is nettling this day and age.

The elements of personalities have been upped for a player, some animal, and a NPCs in city. NPCs Extracted the actions when they go, likes sweep, do fault feeds the clients in an inn, etcetera. Ossia Something has done in Rune Factory 4, and am happy to see he in the History of game/of Moon of Seasons of Harvest. The characters also have personalities and time diverse, and his way could change day-to-day. There is the characteristic where hail to you careers calms like this spent his hips, for the box that explosions up in a hand-held corner has left lower that a screen. It costs it to go to an inn in some evenings, of then has the phase and alive music, as well as the slew of diners. NPCs Has has populated entirely a city, creating the comfortable, bustling feels. Both some players and an animal have personalities, but does not affect any a lot of. The personality of player affects to start with prizes, and the transmissions of animal personalities to his statistical likes that of easy is to maintain them is, his level of condition, etc.

Still in a developer of note of character, the dialogue is not an included every day!!! Although you can take it repeats sometimes, still it is that it interests to walk until the character, hails him, and discover that thinks. This the fact less than the slog to build reports

Collects and Animal Husbandry

the harvests have different indications for measure, juiciness, scent, etc. These different indications affect level of star, as well as indications of festivals of the harvest. Stamina The drain is quite severe, like this calm initially can hoe, plant, and water perhaps two fields the time before you are tired. This can direct yours that acuesta in 13:00 sometimes, calm of then is out of energy and has done everything for a day. In a note of stamina drain, when it can take the cookery to do feed-- or eat eaten in a restaurant or grocery tend-- the different lunch has a possibility to give you several impulses, &worsens; the Hunter of Monster. Ossia Move it modern welcome in a History of Moon of/traditional Harvest of the seasons that the cook maquinal. Calm grieves can upgrade a weight of your tools, eats!

The boxes of nave are on duty, and choose-on top of the concrete time! Already it calms it does not need to expect for a vagaries of a place of phase, likes has done in History of Seasons! Shipping to the different cities can augment your report with this city, and sometimes will be the requirement for upping yours row of links of the city, which unlock new elements in some tents. I do not think that a prize of trace of ship of nave Westown elements the Lulukoko, for example, this in spite of-- which is unfortunate. The desire there was more than the system of barter and questions among some three cities.

Another Characteristic

Breakings-of the works of time are back, and is actuated in fact correctly. You can take the slew of different works that in fact feel like run -of the works of time: ridding some elements for a local tent or doing to any cry likes weeding, collecting, or brushing, for example. There is also the few questions of nave. These odd works change daily, doing each only day.

Splits of forming-of the works of time, that speaks with townspeople, and shipping also build your report with a city he, and has rows to vary of And to S, with S when being a big plus. This really servants to deepen diving and give you of the real bets for socializing and when being some active townsperson every day.

The initial impressions thus game are a lot, very good. I am looking forward to enjoying more than a game and that sees that interactivity builds in the aim; I will update this description consistently when I have touched more hours.
5 / 5
Has had the hard time that dips a game down!
In the plot of ways, the chair like this touches really has improved the plot of things of then History of Seasons. Run the class of the slow start in my opinion and has been at the beginning has concerned that it would bore me but has been tried entirely bad. Once a ball begins to go the things take really interesting!
A fashion of art (?) Of some characters in this game are quell'has bitten odd. No they liked him to Him some few creations for a bachelors at all at the beginning but some the real characters is a lot of likable and interesting! I have had the REALLY hard time that decides the one who to settle down with afterwards take to know some candidates of pair. But it is not so only a bachelors and bachelorettes this is interesting, another villagers is endearing too much. I found that spends to plot of my greeting of the time and that speaks by all the world so only to see that it has had to that say. Personally I have completed already all a main history aims and has married but STILL am touching! Usually I lose interest to arrive to this point but something maintains to draw my backside and honradamente thinks is because of an endeavour has dipped to his characters. One of my own aims now is to unlock all of a villager husband of fellow.
Some aims of main history am a lot manageable and feel rewarding after the be has completed. I have flown by means of them on my game by means of mostly without help of commercial (ROSEMARY STUPID).
I games would have:
- HOARD. It HOARDS EVERYTHING. Rocks, twigs, weeds, included spent of piece, which will have you the use to complete one of some aims of main history!!!! Especially forgeable to to the herbs likes them-glielo thyme and rosemary (although probably you will not begin finding these until Yr 2 will REQUIRE HIM To you)
- in a start, accesses him to him enough yields to some mining knots for gems and material that can sell you for fast money, but once begin to do compatible G for your account, hoard all the gems also.
- The livestock is toil but will YOU RICO. Has one of the each one of all some animals can buy. Lemme Say. Have On 10still G mill now included Falls Yr 2. You have read yes that right. 10mill. And counting. Any same was that for the spend on to arrive to this point! Personally it likes-me the worry for my livestock. Some no. of the people But he is worth it. Especially when calm take them producing 20 products the pop and + product on that. The milk of gold of mine búfalo sells for him so much is not even pleasant. Also, calm DOES not HAVE TO THAT LEAVE YOUR ANIMALS OUT OF NEWSPAPERS. Ossia Something I desire has known when I have begun a game as it would have saved me to plot of time. Some profits to leave them external is tiny. While calm his maintenances have fed, his paintbrush, and maintain a barns clean will remain happy and stress-free. If have herding animal, left him all a toil. In yr 2 the tool is has sold the calm leaves concealed pack your animals in and was instantly. Attentive until you take this calm really wants to pack your animals. It does not squander the time that presses won in and was to like it has done.
- Another pro tip roughly defeated: any upgrade your skin/of wool that animal of products to S Row of quality of the product unless has stirs it of the skin of normal/wool has on saved. The skin of normal/wool is required for some cloths and I think some circles of parco and can not be substituted with skin+/of wool+ (different doing normal cloth which can be facts of skin+/of wool+). I have learnt this a hard way when accidentally it has taken my rabbit to S the row and was 1 peel short rule of a piece of clothes has wanted to -__-
- has resorted on-line utmost and other useful tips as well as forums thus game. Fogu Is the place adds to use as it drives and like the forum for the commercial questions or that speak/to ask questions. Thonky Is another, although some of some names of elements can be was of then is translated of a Japanese version of a game. It uses him yes calm is not lost never or help of need.

In general, astonishingly adictivo game! An addition adds to a History of familiar of Seasons! It can not expect see that more have in tent thus franchise. ^^
5 / 5
Thorough and to the entertainment has fill 3ds game. Ordered the on Amazon for day a delivery and was ecstatic when I received it and mine plushy capybara! A year (plus) later and still enjoy choose the on and touching. There friendly and useful communities on Facebook together with in depth walkthrough put ( and ) to see all a game has to that offered! I lose the few things of harvests the moon has done in a past, but SOS has on lived and has has surpassed expectations. I found with misty eyes during cutscenes and struggled to choose so only a bachelor. Some pets are adorable, some animals of park are like this pleasant and full of personalities, and some collected is complex but adictiva! I want to share this game with my granddaughters, nephews and more the one who will listen mine rave roughly that. As I found taking more afterwards to 100 [achieving some trophies] volume more anxious to begin another saves file and game for countless more hours! I have loved moon of the harvest and the games looked of then discovered it in the first place like the boy. I am thrilled with a History of the way of Seasons is going, while I still enjoyed some titles of Moon of the Harvest also! I have been that collects a series for years now, but has found SOSTOT has trace quickly to one very upper of mine favourite.
5 / 5
Has touched to plot of games of moon of the Harvest and ossia a BETTER a!! There is like this to do. I am mad about to think that partorisca prioritise and that aim am going paralizaciones afterwards. It likes him-me some three different cities with his own feels.

The majority of HM the games can marry me and complete a line of main history in just the little a year of game. This game are the year and month in a game and I have like this to do still. Probably it will take another year of whole history to beat left so only all want to do! There is history defies given your for your dad and has challenges of cities. I love an idea of some chances of friends and chance of amour. It has taken to know more on some villages of cities so more in this version.

Has like this customization for your park. You can choose things like your house, pieces of furniture and barn to be one of some three ways of cities that yours marks the park has like this more options. Would have like the little more customization for your character but is not to treat it big.

Totally would recommend this History or moon/of the seasons of Harvest are the defender of a series. If you are new to a series would say you would have to that begin with another version, like some new starts. This version could be the bit to overwhelm if you are new his. The some time takes to the paralysis of analysis has decided to bear prioritise in my game but I love it. Better version still!
4 / 5
Like this far I really like a game! I have been the defender of moon to collect in fact a lot of years and both history of the games of seasons is orders also.
Want a personalization of this game. One has added the capacities obtain when you eat the sure sakes is utmost (better stamina, speeds to walk faster) and is quite useful.
A fact takes to choose the personality has shot was quite fresh also (rich, amour, animal lover, angler
..) You all give you to forces it to you different that play of game of the transmissions.
The map is good and I in fact like a three city dips on ( has been lil nervous at the beginning like any only is a city is literally different parts of a world-wide combined but a lot of stereotypical to this zone) but fulfilling all some different characters is quite fresh also.
I amour that the animals have been widens the different races of cats and dogs! It is good to be able to choose the favourite race
Also really like some works. In a start of a game has trusted of the works to take money while while to a first batch of the collected and this was in happy prize
Bachelorettes is to good sure better that a bachelors... Im The little disappointed in some options for types to marry and a lot disappointed in of the smallest ( has or my two places the mine in a start of a game and calm can so only he 3 times each place... I have not taken anything I need still in a game...) As updating the tools and the house is to the hardest plot. Also, a small barn and coop only control 1 animal each one that like this , and again, that tries to take material to upgrade is harder that it would have to be like this stuck with ONLY an animal.
Stamina Also pursue out of the fastest plot in this game but still is the very fun game and def value each penny
4 / 5
is the fantastic game and love Moon to Collect then calm to good sure would have to that touches. Ford, While exiting like this earthy at the beginning, is for far one the majority of fleshed was and likable bachelor has not seen never in the game of Moon of the Harvest. Really I can not say quite a lot of good thing in this character and I honradamente have had the hard time that takes to marry more. lol. While I love this game, there is the few things that could be be improve to:

in that Give the bell with which 2 years when for then already would owe that have 2 or 3 herding the dogs is the class of slap in a face. Any they any one gives the bell or in the give the bell without herding dogs. And give a bell in a start or a game, or near of a time a player would owe that be take the pocolos animal . We would owe that be able to have a bell for summer or fall of a first year in a late plus.

The time moves REALLY quickly with a quantity of things has to that do. For fall, has had 2 big barns value of animals, 3 chickens, and has had several fields of harvest. For some times have taken does to brush, milking, shearing, petting, and watering, was almost 1pm. Calm then has to that go to some cities to speak by all the world. I know it does to feed east retards down the times but I have known no that feed this was at the same time and felt the bit there is overwhelmed. Prendiendo Time while in the edifices probably would help to whole plot.

Know the people there is complained roughly a lot when being pas able to take elements to note lower, probably black rocks and such. It agrees that you are able to buy the basic hammer in a tent. Would have two hammers. A concealed I upgrade and one that I no. In this way when I require the black rocks or anything then can use a hammer I need to take these elements.

Lose an old way of minor but in this way is faster and if not to impose you some save scumming then can take any precise material quite easily.

Another while, a game is next perfection . Highly you recommend game with drives in your yolks. You will be surprised in that a game will ask of you to further upgrade some cities.
5 / 5
The history of Seasons is a true successor to Collect Moon. This game is done for some personal although calm spent Moons to Collect older, and aims. One first History of Seasons was the the slow and not having enough to do, but this game has to that it weaves more to offer, with the compact map of three only cities. His closing no like this deep to the equal that would like, but sound of the perfect title to relax for an hour before read and enjoy a world of charming game. There is the good variety of people to fulfil and chances to see, and your park is quite customizable and can take the big variety of animals and pets for him. Sound a more next game to some Moons of old Harvest in a PS2 and Wii that will find you, but his closing no quite like this very so much Moon of Harvest : Animal of Parade or a Rune serious of Factory.
4 / 5
Has on grown in some games of Moon of early Harvest, and has loved the game that swipe that nostalgia but with game and game of up to date map to match a time. Exactly that has looked for, and think a character and the animal creations are particularly charming.

The complaint of only entity is that I have been spoilt for Stardew Valley and hate that you can not spend on the paper to see the cast of villager is or his external hearts of your magazine of house. I can spend the paper up for all lower a sun, reason any one a thing I in fact use! The smallest complaint, the smallest is the (calm only paste the rock in city, any exploitation involved) but agriculture and creating the animals is always be my house in tilling sims so that it has not gone too much of question. If you are any to to which likes him to him the pause on a boredom to till with exploring and struggling in some mines, this can not be a game for you.
4 / 5
This game is a lot pleasantly different of History of the seasons and I love it!
Has the new system that is actuated --part time works, which can do you in the daily base that the helps win money in a start. Some works are not difficult and take abundance to time to take the things done so that it is to good sure the transmission a lot very that there is enjoyed.
Also have a capacity to show some names of villagers in your inferior screen so the work to them the delivery something to any one calms does not know a name of, calm so only can touch one '?' In an inferior screen to aim names.

A concept of some three cities done of the very interesting things and while I think some the calm people CAN not marry is to the most pleasant plot that those can, a bachelors and bachelorette is is quite adorable.
There is also a lot, a lot of animals for you to pet and interact with and some the animal creations have changed many! Everything is Much more pleasant in this game!
This in spite of, some looks of game to take the little tedious the little faster that History of Seasons , is quell'has bitten slow to begin was but be warned, a game is very fun and easy to lose a lot of hours to! :D

I also has taken the little capybara with my game, which was the pleasant surprise of then has not expected any pocolos present!
5 / 5
As I have wanted to expect until I have had at least unlocked all three city before I have written the description, and less bad that it can be does quite punctual in a game. After all of some games have touched in a Moon to Collect/SoS franchise, are really enjoying east a like this far! The part of me prefers some games some old plus, but has done really like a first History of Seasons and this one has done a lot of better where necessary. As the one who can say, any flax exploit here! Dying the cloth now requires elements, like the money is quell'has bitten harder that purchase, but I like the good challenge. A course-time-the work maquinal is also really useful early on, likes help to win them the little cash in a side as well as it has shouted your reputation with each respective city.

My favourite appearance in any game of the moon of the Harvest is building reports, and am not a lot of penuria of that here. There is abundance of villagers the befriend, tonnes of chances this in spite of more levels/of heart of the flower with candidates of pair. Also, the dialogue is more expansionary! Ido is some days when you would run until any one while they would say something new, so only for them to say a same thing has listened every day before. Of course it has it repeats, but they are much less frequent, at least until late game. As the one who some candidates of pair, am still partial to some types and gals of SoS1, but are really covering to a bachelors of this game. There is five chance can cause with each first candidate to choose for the company gone in with one of them in place of a level two, meaning 8 pre-husband of pair in of the totals with your sweetheart. Load of room for development of character and abundance to maintain you has occupied! I have not decided entirely the one who loves to marry still (class of the toss up go in Ludus and Hinata), but I slowly to see all the world is first chance to see to to which likes more. It looks he has it also less difficult to cause propositions of reverse/confessions, which is another plus .

In general, has plots to do with in this game, and all some city are lovely and culturally diverse. Each city and his residents have different ways to hail you, and absolutely wants to concealed. The people also can hail when calm spend them, which is the wonderful detail . Of course, any game is without his defects, and there is the few things that has been done bit it more difficult, likes to require to go to a hair salon or give Witchie an element to change the characteristic of your character when it could do it everything of your cupboard in a first game. Although I suppose that ossia class of nitpicky and more the people will not import . All a more reason to direct the city and habladuría by all the world after all. Also, yours beginning barn and coop each one which so it contains so only an animal, and when fully upgraded still only control 4.

Am looking forward to building more reports and improving my park in Trio of City. I will be to touch this one for the longitude while and to good sure recommends for any defender of a series!
5 / 5
There is prendido touches SOS1 sometime around Year 2 State in-game, but in this one has touched until Year 3 Cradle this in spite of has material to do. I think that that some characters are better and there there is less the empty space has to that cross by means of a village. I love a outfits.

Defenders of SOS1 could lose a big level of customization can do in your house and in a park, although it does not annoy me too much.

Look for new players: some first two weeks are extremely slow and boring. Gameplay Starts to choose on finals of Y1 Cradle and for Y1 mid-Been will be juggling all some the precise things do. There have it also the pocolos bugs here and sure mark to save daily.

If you are in a fence roughly buying it, has the DLC to be liberto sometime later this year that will have scenes of new conversation, as it could love attended for that.
5 / 5
An amazing game that resupplies hours the hours of entertainment, with which 40+ hours of gameplay there is still like this needs to do. If you are the defender to till to games likes him stardew the valley then is due to calm to choose this an up. This in spite of, likes stardew of the valley because of a fight would be necessary to remain you clear of of the one of the east a so it does not have a lot in this game. Still although I say there is not any fight is not required so that has like this to do in this calm game probably a lot included think roughly that. Some characters are all very good writings and to the equal that progress in a game really the seat likes calm likes the player is resultant part of these cities and for real is affecting some lives of some residents of a city.

While a game can begin out of slow the quickly chooses in some measure where will have to that I advance to plan imagine out of that is that you want to take done the day. A mechanics of agriculture is all good fact and there some depth in taking some perfect harvests. There is the plot of festival or in-chances of game that no only aim some personalities of the each city but also add more to a dynamics of character. A world of this game is so only like this alive. Touch like this calm will remark villager hobbies and that likes him and of aversion, calm will see them exited to eat with each another and included will interact with villagers of some other cities, and yes result friendly with them calm can any never eat with them. There is also abundance of romance options, 6 viriles and 6 women at present but 1 more for each gender will be added once take a DLC , and is all a lot a lot fleshed was and each one which to the equal that has the diverse personality that any 2 feels one same. It would owe that mention that there is not any pair of same sex like this if ossia the turn of still calm then could wants to look for the different game.

In general, thinks that this game is surprising and is looking for the fantastic game to take lost in then ossia a precise to take. This in spite of, find some appearances of agriculture of games like rune factory 4 or stardew the valley that bores doubt this game will change that for you.
4 / 5
Has touched my just action of games of type of random agriculture, as it Parades Animal: Moon of Harvest in a Wii as well as Stardew Valley on PC. It felt a lot uncertain in this game initially, that asks like this would match until these leading games.
But have me has concerned takes at all, ossia the delicious game ! If have enjoyed alike titles, calm probably not remaining down for History of Seasons: Trio Of City.
I REALLY APPRECIATED a character customization concealed leave you to choose several tones of skin, colours of eye, and colours of hair! I expect that ossia the characteristic that continues to look in of the future titles.
Some interests of amour are quite diverse, no like this numerous to the equal that would like but still of the decent selection. A number of the available pets in this game is to good big insurances, calm certainly will find at least one for you. This in spite of, some cats and the dogs that look in some wild in a game is not tameable! You will have to attended for them to look in a tent of pet to be able to take one.
A pacing of a game are enough adds like this far, every time like the chair has begun solving to the basic routine, the new thing that takes added to a game to maintain the spicy things!
Has touched several hours like this far, and have any complaint still.
4 / 5
Note: I so only taken to fall year a.

For those of calm out of a loop -- the history of Seasons is a new name for an American version of one 'Bokujo Monogotari' serious (that it was it know previously likes soyoon of Harvest' in some the EUA. Any one play of moon of the new harvest is not he Bokujo Monogotari game).

A game of game is simple. You have shouted Your animals, taking hitched, race your collected, and upgrade yours house.

Has taken out of the plot of an annoying mechanics/more complex that History of Seasons (I am looking in you, bazaar) and has spent for behind a shipment box and addition in the mechanic that leave to build the report with one of three next cities. One looks of the much more beautiful map, and has done some controls in a 3ds to plot less frustrating.

Likes -you the history of Seasons Aka a game that used to call moon of harvest, fully recommends it.
5 / 5
Like this, weaves to have of things I really enjoyed in a game, comprising a pleasant little Capybara plushie this is coming together with him. It is the million times better that a rule SoS game of of the this is faster paced and whatnot. This in spite of would like to say that it would have liked me to them for all some the calm characters once marry you to be there in a pair in the place of him is so only any one is of a city your spouse will be of. Also perhaps that the things are the pocolos easier that take?

Otherwise Some characters are well has thought was and likes him to of me to plot, but Ford is really visually unappealing and the desire has been done the little more like this SoS way for some drawings.

That the mine is some only real gilipollas of him another wish it that a Wool+ would come more easily the time that each little time. Hope These helps!
5 / 5
Games quite fun. I have touched a hell out of him and an only thing have left to max is harvests. Have enjoyed especially that there are different types of livestock, has done a game to plot more interesting! It feels really repetitive and boring once has finalised a main storyline this in spite of, the desire had contained more or aims. Mina so only another complaint is is quite darn buggy, a lot of bugs with the livestock that takes stuck in of the fences, material of funky that spends in barns, the pets that takes stuck, etc. probably has to that do with a 3D half. In general although really it likes to of me and probably it will begin the new game and he touch throughout again sometime punctual.
4 / 5
Am not a lot remote to a game still like my opinion could change and will update a do one . In general ossia the very good entrance in a History of Moon/of the Harvest of series of Seasons. A map are to add and is an improvement of a leading History to Season according to which the step and the history goes. I really like a three themed city although an integer of world-wide map memory of a park of distraction. A material that prevent for the estimate 5 star is that a music is a lot annoying! And that has takes some figure there is enjoyed the oldest entrances like this of the rival pairs, minor, and a mechanics of old agriculture.

( Has ordered a June of game 6th and has received a Capybara pre-first to order that it was the awesome has surprised! BTW)
5 / 5
Like him longtime defender of a Series of Moon of the Harvest, was like this happy to having continued with History of Seasons. This iteration of a game, Trio of City, is the solid improvement of one 'prime minister: SoS title. For example, when shearing or milking you animal, your produced no longer go to fly out of your hands but is deposited well to your manually held census. Also, one walking that/the careers is much smoother. One of my favourite things is that a cube of nave is of tower! Hurray! They are by train to approach-me An end of Year of Summer An and has been having the explosion when being the farmer throughout again. Any one only is this game more immersive in of the terms of history, but some elements of agriculture take some better of a prime minister SoS and fix some part annoy of SoS. (9.5/10 there have it always soiled for improvement)
5 / 5
love this game! I have touched Moon to Collect/SOS GAMES for years (I active at least 10 varied games in some serious) and this one is amused really, one of mine favourite upper! I have touched for on 40 hours in just two weeks after taking it. For reference, has taken a prime minister SOS he roughly done 10 month and there is almost has touched 90 hours on that. I love him so much to plot (and with which so the time has invested, is really of entity of mine) but this one is really wonderful. Highly I recommend it.
Is quell'has bitten different of games of Moon of original Harvest, but still feels the cohesive book in a series. I go to maintain touching for the long time!
5 / 5
Ossia The a lot of involving game. FYI Houses Ludus a Beverage the festival is glitched and can not be touched. The defenders are expecting partorisca fix it finally. It is the game has amused any @@subject that and there are a lot of places and of the communities partorisca help a player to the long of without spoiling anything calm does not want to spoilt.

Touched SkyTree Village that was the boring grinds. This game aims that more the endeavour has been dipped to build relate and rear histories among characters to do them look more realistic and the value that takes to know.
4 / 5
Has so many things to do in this game. I want that you can choose this game up and game for the bit (saves anywhere and anytime) and dip the down quickly, yes has required. Calm is not joined to an agriculture, has a lot of ways to win money, and the odd works can take or leave. There is the plot of liberty in a gameplay, concealed has not been a chance in of the versions of moon of leading harvest. There are a lot of ways to customise your park, but any a lot of room to do with. If it situate decorations or of the main structures, is in a cost of spatial of harvest. Perhaps more spatial is resupplied later, but did not experience it still? In all the chance, pleasant game. I love some few different cultures in some three cities!
4 / 5
A charming addition to collect history/of moon of seasons overflowing with a lot of fun things to do and a lot of utmost characters. I have been hooked took it of then. Some three cities are all like this different and interesting. I love him. Agriculture and producing has been simplified to the system adds that it is better that a last game. And all these pets! I want to be able to take different races of doggos. Still I am doing on taking my own furmilliar, am very excited in this characteristic.

In general the game adds, calm will not be bored with everything there is to do. The ones of the that knows if his possible.
5 / 5
This game is the continuazione adds of a History of series of Seasons. Still it appears the galore to collect to plant, animals to create, and have an occasion to befriend a lot of wild animals. His hips changed on some of a bachelors and bachelorettes in a series, also. Some three different cities offer his own only fashion of living, with a prime minister is has based on culture 'Western'. Calm also can do run-time, easy works to help create a favour of the each city. A game has the bit of the goodness up until takings to explore some other cities, which is friendlier to recently arrived of a game, but for veterans, can so only spent of breeze a slightly long introductory phase.
5 / 5
Such one improves to a history of title of seasons. But the part of me the desires spend for behind a immersive levels of mine. But a game has to that it weaves. It feels more real when doing to improve your of calm harvests now the ones of the multiple zones to improve qualities of harvest. And the animals now have an additional quality when being his cover shininess. Gameplay Feels more fulfilling by means of this new adds ons. This was to good sure the good compraventa. Highly it recommends this game to Collect defenders of Moon.
5 / 5
Has arrived like this announced with the surprise! It has taken a bit preorder plush and am loved further for him. I can not dip this game down neither is adictiva and is improved in a leading version. No more while to ship these calm elements now can the ship any day now. I want a bit three cities bet on also. An enormous improvement and new ways to cure animal and harvests with a system of star.
5 / 5
Still does not like me that it is not Of Moon to Collect call, but ossia the game adds that it will appeal to HM defenders. Like this usual, has the slow start and a lot grinding, but is the game has amused ossia easy to take lost in.

Also, has bought this First Nave and he have come with the Capybara plushie. Material a capybara is changes it but the calm pet knows wants to take swag.
4 / 5
Has not concerned Me for him. Compared to a series of moon of the Harvest, rune factory, and one first history of seasons, this was a worse. Character stamina exhausts too fast. A map is terrible and taking anywhere is tedious. No they like him to Him some few characters. Some personalities are to dull and an art is boring/poor. This was only mine partorisca take on it.
4 / 5
Is like this entertainment already and has begun grieves!! Moon of harvest: A Wonderful Life was my official introduction to these serious and I have not looked never behind. The History has loved really of Seasons he so that it was sure that this one was so that be a lot or still better. It likes me quell'has said grieve begun so that has still tonnes to discover but dipping your own step is part of an entertainment. It was bummed that the would not take a bit capybara plushie of then was so only he pre-prime of the mandate but he have come with my game!! It concealed so only it costs some 5 stars! lol
4 / 5
Loving this new game like this far. So simpler that one first History of Seasons has released. They are so only by means of Cradle of a first year but like this far has not been able was down. Amur These serious (and a series of Moon of the Harvest) and to good sure would buy again. Highly it recommends this series of game. His add for adults and for the youngest audience.
5 / 5
They are the enormous defender of a History of games of Seasons.

Am not sure if this there is enough a magic of a prime minister a, but there is enjoyed a Trio of City. Material if you are the History of a defender of Seasons, or the defender of a Moon of original Harvest(s), thinks calm probably this in spite of game. It thinks that that the work adds to add in the plot more interaction with a diverse townsfolk, and relieving on on some of some more tedious tasks and doing them more enjoyable.
5 / 5
Is one of a better SoS parco sims for 3DS but sadly a gameclock does not take a workload of a game in alcohol. It will be to frustrate so that they expect the slow plus gameplay..
4 / 5
Has abundance to do in this game. It can not say I really cure for any of some candidates of the pair but his am not the terrible god. Material there is just abundance to do so that I am not taken like this on on the one who loves to marry. There are a lot of ways to win money also so that there is always options. Calm does not have to that be has broken like waits for something to finalise in increasing.

Loves moon of harvest, rune factory or history of seasons, will want to this. There is Like this to do.

Still can not marry any of a same but the calm gender can feign of then all the cloths is available any @subject that the gender chooses in a start.
4 / 5
Has there has not been never more fun that in this version. A map are adds. Tonnes to cut scenes, likes always, is the bit to annoy... But a lot enough to do me a lot touches almost every day for a last month. More still in a series. Thrilled by this title.
5 / 5
Are fond all in this game! At the beginning it was the bit there is disappointed that a big barn has resisted so only four animals, as I have begun to situate small a-animal barns in a same vicinity. Then my park has developed a lot once, but two times, that resupplies the ENORMOUS park! There is the third subterranean expansion that read like the greenhouse. There are works in this title (chopping forest, pulling weeds, collecting, etc.) Which really maintains you busy and give paid decent. A game is not tedious and can be touched more in your own step. In place of some requirements of enormous nave SOS has, this house of game on building strong connections with each city, and fulfilling a 'the agriculture touches' sent for your dad of game to try you can be the farmer. I want to having three different cities to go to! It would be ordered has had the forest or jungle, but some three cities are satisfying in his own and give the variety of scenery. There are a lot of characters to interact with, each one that like this with his own personality. I wish a bachelors was more masculine in appearance this in spite of. I want a bit the new cloths and the pets have presented in this title, and there is the pair of new livestock also (búfalo and quail). It will be awhile before I held of this title.
4 / 5
Like this far this game has been súper enjoyable. I want to a lot of some characteristic new and does not look to like has taken was and of to the some characteristic liked of of another game. One of some characteristic better is that you can move things around in your park really easily that bad if it join you placing of error something is easy to correct. I am done almost with a first season this in spite of in that loves it.
4 / 5
There be enjoyed to take a bit plushie toy, was adorable. Well But seriously, another that a gamecube games of moon of the harvest, I absolutely hated all a DS and Wii games. Of here, it was extremely apprehensive roughly taking this game. This in spite of, absolutely love this game! Some challenges of a game are so only and no in a cup. It does not consider this mundane game at all, there has like this to do! I love an animation.
5 / 5
My daughter there has been this game and has loved that but some that has lost a game and all his progress. With which month to look for and be moaning progresses lost has bitten a ball and asked to reorder he for his. So that he maintaining has it throughout again. ( It wants to bet of the original looks now?)
5 / 5
Absolutely a better entrance in a bokujo monatagari serious still (which is the majority of moons of harvest and also history of seasons.)

The tutorial longitude in an original history of seasons is now optional and each advance in this game is a lot of paced. Some cities are interesting, some characters are charming and charming, an art is gorgeous, an agriculture is a lot of paced and looks the little less tedious, and a bachelors and bachelorettes (the run the more than entity of course) is all soso pleasant and entertaining. Mina the main fight has decided that to marry.

My only hope is that a DLC that takes translated to english
5 / 5
is like Animal Crossinf but with people and MORE. So you are the defender of AC satisfies. I love Moon of Harvest and to have History of Travesía of Seasons of Cities... They are like this happy and surprised in this little game. I have bought this in place of History of Seasons and another because of some descriptions in glitches. I will not be buying an old plus some. This one are adds. The most had an update and DLC partorisca around $ 8. This is to arrive 3 days with which ordered it. They are 29 and the woman of house and absolutely the games of amour have taken. Perfecto for Any age.
4 / 5
Like this far this game is well. It is not like this well in a first History of Seasons this in spite of. They resist your hand the plot more in this game that has required.
5 / 5
A quite regular but very executed and adictiva happy little agriculture and crafting game. I am not sure if this in fact is of a franchise of Moon of the Harvest, but is essentially to the long of these lines. Build Your little park, tilling collected, in animal leaders and selling produced to fund expansion.
4 / 5
Has seen some questions regarding a capybara plushie this coming together with him. And yes he , although it calms no pre-order a game before it has been released to an audience. At least, ossia that past mine . I have not expected that the plushie would come to the long of.

For a game he, absolutely loves it. The characters have his own history, fund, culture, and a lot especially, a bachelors and bachelorettes is gorgeous! There is fun minigames also, averts the box and curing of animals.
5 / 5
Has been touching it here and there, is a enjoyable game, but bit it hard to progress in the beginning likes the moon of games of usual old Harvest or History of Seasons enough. It is pleasant, has the plot of options to marry, bachelors and bachelorettes, like has said them, really slow and last at the beginning, but a calm more touch, a calm more progress.
4 / 5
History of amour of Moon/of Seasons of Harvest and ossia the addition adds to a series. I can not agree the one who a last game was but no for the pleasure to me everything. This a this in spite of era refreshing and is a better one in a lot of years.
5 / 5
Wonderful game! Me And my edges had been touching he for month of pair now this in spite of finds new things to do in a game. They are the big defender of all the Moon of Harvest, Rune games of type of the Factory and this a, in my opinion, is one of a better! There is so only a right combination to till, friendships with a city folks (3 of the different way has drawn the cities he even more fun), run -of the works of time, festivals and taking fun outfits for your character. Highly recommend!
4 / 5
The game is animal master crossing you will love the costruttore of game will help you taken the service of client are adds.
5 / 5
Really fun! Memory of the pair wii games of the moon of the harvest has touched in a past. But still it is own game ! I want that there it is to explore and customise! An only downfall is that for players with leading experience in of the games like this one feels likes is moving on statistical and augmenting your stock exchange your fast plus that a history love to and some starts of game to result so only he tad too easy... Still for the game of simulation of the agriculture.
5 / 5
Súper Adorable game and has amused is craving to the to something likes him the moon of Harvest. Of the movements of game bit it dulcemente, but is relaxing and amused to touch.
4 / 5
A lot really volume to a first history of seasons been due to some of some odd transmissions to a formula. This one was much easier for me to enjoy this in spite of and has touched he for roughly 3 in-of the years of first game of emotional on. If you are the agriculture sub-gender of games then this could cost look for.

Top Customer Reviews: Rune Factory 4 - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5
There is the very drawn history in this game, begins the bit dulcemente he the volume distracted for some a lot of fulfilled mundane that loves roughly Moon of Harvest. The dishwasher of ape has lived. Do the people inform of the fish of amazon of games? I mean, if yours here, odds is has decided already to buy a game. It was in the travesía of street and has had to that go to fall a really bad, am speaking prairie dog. Like prendemos in this gas canal and I interior of career to look for a bath, after the fast scanner asks an uploaded urgently in a location of a flapper, rid me the key and inform me is external. An initial accident of horror has had to that be pressed by means of like this I hustle external and around a corner of an edifice, all knows the one who bondadoso of hole these restrooms is likes. A tone no in a door, like tentativa and turn a nob, a door nob, does not turn but a door opens anyways. A first place to enter is water in current of a base of a basin to drain in a paving where the wet toilet paper was huddled inner. Usually one would run in fear in a place of this bath with a yellow stained tank, the tile broken and filthy walk, but my mission was urgent and there has not looked behind. I expertly cruised one something wet and unidentified subject in a paving to take my last hope of relief. It achieves to a dispenser of the paper while it covers a chair for my own good when being so only partorisca pull out of some last three remaining places, which would have to be save for the future purpose. Hoyo of drop, transfer around, chairs and see the door has closed on, written in faeces, big and bold with frames of exclamation... It WAS!!!'
5 / 5
So that the little fund, is mostly state touching games like Pokemon and Cross Animal, like this ossia my prime minister RPG.
I never listened of this first series, but has looked for something resembled Animal Intersection with some struggling so that it could dulcemente movement to another RPGs.

Also have the tendency to finalise games too many quickly. I am done usually with games inside the week, and looking for the new game for week 2.
In fact has beaten Pokemon Alone in 3 days. (Week of finals also)

This in spite of, is been the very few weeks and I still have has not finalised entirely a game, like this already likes to of me.

Can not say quite a lot of thing of sound in this game. I can not agree a last time was invested like this (addicted really) in the video game.
I game at least 3 daily hours. It is THAT well.
Once choose it on, is hard to take touching. Different games to the equal that crosses Animal, there is abundance of chance to prevent a game to result mundane. There are daily questions that can take it you of your mailbox, demands another resident, chances of cities that trigger at random, and chance that repeats annually.

Struggling is not to turn based, to the as in fact it likes. He a game spends of the fastest longitude.
The agriculture is part of a game, but no the part of entity of a game. Sometimes it would have empty fields for means the month. He no really @@subject calm he or no, but generates the plot of imposiciones and resources.

One of my favourite things in this game is able to date/marry other characters. Of the each character has his/his own special personality, looks so more real. It felt he taste deceived in of my fiancé while it has dated Leon. ^^;;
Also 3 saves files = 3 husbandos.

TL;Dr. Ossia the game adds and the desire was known enough. Like the note lateralmente, this game has swear and soiled jokes so it does not recommend it to boys down 12. 30 bucks For 3 saves the files is such treat it also.
5 / 5
Has been the longtime Rune defender of Factory, never has touched of then some first years of the game done. Out of a four in a series, RF4 is my preferred. I have possessed he for several years and has touched he partorisca hundreds of hours, and still has still things to do chooses it to him on today, and could touch other hours of hundred without boring . They are very excited in a upcoming RF5 and a RF4 special for a Transmission, both duquel plans on buying.

So that they are so that it adds in the game that is exited 7 years ago?

An idea of the moon of harvest is at all novel, although a RF the series is which presented to a concept. I have it quell'has touched of other games of moon of the harvest, as Stardew Valley, and History of Seasons; but any one is equal to this game. Ossia Reason RF4 is not so only the agriculture yes, or the piece of game of life, or the game of fantasy - is everything of these things, and is for this that is so that it adds. If you are new to a RF serious, recommends to begin with this game in place of of a prime minister two, of then all an annoying kinks of some first games have been commanded has dipped .

A basic premise of RF is one same like other games - your character is a Earthmate, the person the one who can communicate with character, harvests and monsters. Oh, And you have lost your memory, is new in the city that is looked by the dragon of wind, and think that is the princess /of prince. Your work is to till the rundown parco, taking to know some inhabitants of a city of Selphia, and do a village the better place in general. There is in fact the history and the plot of three part, which will not go to like this like this any to take out of an experience.

Has several appearances to a game. These comprise:
- tilling: ossia an appearance of moon of the harvest of a game. You till collected, which comprise fruits and vegetal, as well as flowers, for your account parca. There is collected for each season. Calm also the external adventure of a city to other seasonal fields to till the external harvests of any season are in. Calm the harvests go in different levels, and you unlock different some to advance your skills of agriculture or by means of the investigations given your for a villagers.
- Dungeon crawling: calm as soon as I exit of a village, will begin to fulfil the monsters that diverse of adorable (agnelli giant) to gross (goblins). As you advance of plot, you unlock different dungeons, finding different monsters and finalising in the plot-fight of pertinent boss. Fights these monsters with arms that find, compraventas or work. They fall loot and sakes etc. Alternatively, can go the-
- Creating monsters: the monsters can be tamed and maintained in barns in your park, where feeds, fiancé and give them amour in general. The transmission will help calm with your park loves , or be taken to the long of like this of mates the dungeons.
- Crafting: You can oficia anything in a game. This comprises your tools of agriculture (the big plus tier hoe, for the chance calls a blessed hoe) which will leave agriculture more effective; arms, shields, armour, accessories, medications, and potions. Each one that like this of these is skills that has to be levelled by means of practice or to find recipes or eating breads of recipe.
- Cooking: one of some the majority of fun part of a game, this calm skill leave to cook different dishes, varying of simple smoothies the curries and wry insane. A lot a villagers has favourite dishes that improves your report with them.
- Fishing: you Can fish in a city, a lake for a city, out of a city, in dungeons. According to location, time, season and a time, different fish takings, which can be sold or done the dishes.
- Social: they like him all the games of harvest of moon, of the lives of cities in opportunely comes with the series of eligible bachelors or bachelorettes, the one who can be romanced, dated, married. You can create the family, and your girl included can join calm for dungeon crawling when they grow up. Calm also develop friendships with another villagers, and his all have investigations and of the only dialogues, usually caused by means of the generator of random number. Some characters are pleasant and quirky. A village also resists several festivals can mediate in. A word consulting this in spite of, some reports are interesting and amused to involve in, but ossia the JRPG. It does not expect something súper darkness, or tonnes of cutscenes, or to dialogue really long likes in the western RPG. It is more you animate way, which is endearing in his own way.
- Advances of plot: a game has the history of three part that advance in the little in of the years of game and random chances, involving a dragon of guardian of a city. A plot is essential for unlocking dungeons and sure elements, but can take he in your own step and a game certainly does not finalise after a plot is on. There it has like this to do (listed on), that can touch you for a lot in-of the years of game (and years of real life) after finalising a plot.

That mark RF4 an amazing game is the one who multifaceted is. Dungeon crawling? Control. Dating yes? Control. Tilling yes? Control of control. Plot of fantasy? Control. Calm does not have to that everything of these things, or any of them really, is until you that to do. At all it is really that breaks game. Calm can not lose this game, or lose a lot of casualidad in anything for well all want to do is hangs is gone in your park, or go peach. You touch a game in a speed loves, doing some things enjoy, and ossia all there is his. If you are the completionist and wants to do each possible thing, can do that also. Ossia That marks this game I so that it adds.
5 / 5
This game is, undoubtedly, one the majority of the entertainment has not had never in the hand-held device. Touching storylines that to good sure will stir on 'feels it' and súper entertainment gameplay combine for 200+ hours of the masterful creation of game.

For a first time, a Rune serious of the factory caters to an election of the main woman in a start of one ! This be has said, there is way more 'HE!' To a game that concealed.

A main game storyline any in the discretion of a player where can choose you the variety of things. Some people allege that a Rune serious of the factory is almost stressful with that has to that do excepts is is that it marks a game adds. There have it always something to do: agriculture, interacting with people of cities, crafting, struggling monsters, ask monsters, peach, cookery, exploring dungeons, etc. And this game in some serious new servants extracted to a table, also.

An appearance of the agriculture of a game is resembled past games. Has an expandable field with expandable barns that can fill with monsters those who will tend to your field. But attended! There have it more! This game presents new seeds. Ossia Well. Seeds that can arm. And it seeds that it can create a totally new dungeon to explore!

Some people of cities are like this pleasant and entertaining like this never. The chances in a game the little differently, this in spite of. The chances are random. So many, a day, can be walk by means of city or to the tent when a chance will begin. That, although he to good sure done a game a realistic plus, can be the small nettling when you are trying to cause chance of sure character. This in spite of, a lot of chance is fun and well any inconvenience. Some games that quotes yes the appearance presents the new part to idyll: calm and yours has wanted to one(s) will be directly on fiancé and fiancée until one of calm proposes to another. The romance chances are also very pleasant. Súper Pleasant.

Crafting In this game has done to plot mine more felt in this game that in some games have spent of a series. There is to plot of new arms to do and upgrade as well as tilling tools, armour, and accesorias.

Battling is resembled as it has been in past and magic games to good sure results to plot more than entities to the survival of your character. In this game, the bosses are hundreds of the strong levels. Not kidding . And there are tonnes of bosses. Súper Entertainment.

Tames Of the monster is one of Rune the qualities of the factory that the like this wonderful fact. The monsters can finalise be súper useful yours in to the dungeons like him to him some can be very strong. And, when being able to have the party of until two, can spend even more with you!

The peach and the cookery are one same to the equal that have been in other games but still enjoyable and preparing first fish to ship them rakes in some easy cash.

Exploring dungeons. There is literally so much to explore. Some tonnes of offers of the game of dungeons that a storyline will take calm by means of but there is also the secret dungeons have hid among trees that is so only available in sure time of a year and calm literally can grow the dungeon in your field. The dungeon that explores in this game is the massive improvement of his predecessors.

And is the princess/of prince in a game. You RUN The CITY. A game has 'Prince/Princess Signals' that is signals that can it you acrue by means of running your city to any one builds tends new that sells new elements, develop your rucksack and other places of storage, develop your park and barns, the PUSH WAS TYPHOONS , and more! Volume even calm to open your OWN tent where can sell you the sakes find in dungeons, parco, or work to some people of cities for gold.

I seriously had/has like this entertainment with this game. There so much it is that it goes in and challenge like this new that this game so only will not leave you dipped the down. HIGHLY it recommends.
5 / 5
Want a rune serious of factory. I love a moon to collect/ rune serious of factory.
My first entry to a RF the series was 3 and have fallen enamoured with a harmony of mechanics of game immediately.

This game is to good sure value a point of prize in of the terms of time of game. It does not give you the still tracker your playtime that can see but has touched easily in the hours of hundred to this game. I am done not even with some looks of full history, neither.

That that that can be the pro or the with as or does not like to grind and collect recipes and interact with NPCs. There is to plot of potential of friendship in this game, and loves that has the election of the majority of a townsfolk to spend with me the fights.

If you are the defender of one hand-held rune games of factory, to good sure look to some candidates of first pair. In a whole, has grown finally on me! This in spite of, there is the little that does not think would have to that it has to that the candidates of summer.

Im Speaking specifically roughly Amber. There are two daughters finally doing in the tent of flower of a city. A quirky, detective of pleasant elf the one who always is looking for mysteries to solve possesses a tent. She to the point he late the plus in a game takes in the little daughter the one who has wings of butterfly. It is to good sure the allegro little daughter that some cures of detective of with a help a lot of people in a city the one who does like his guardians or older siblings and direct his out of question. Guess which is a candidate of pair ? It is not a detective.

Xiao The father Is another @@subject that does not seat qualified to touch on. If some characters are suppositions to be has has considered adults to marry ages, his ridiculous that 80 of them do not look quite old to drink. This is not to beef with a pleasant animate way of art necessarily. Has Has a lot of ocasionas where have found wishing me could marry you some sonal adults' in a game, which would not owe that be spending if some characters are drawn properly.

A bachelors is not without some uncomfortable qualities, also. Kiel Does not look like this old like another bachelors. Frankly it looks the young adolescent in better. Ossia He bachelorette little twin does not help his chance. Doug and Dylas is two bachelors. Googling Doug and or Dylas probably will give you to plot of content with them when being romantically involved with each another. It had assumed this was an internet when being an internet, but is a lot of ensconced in a sake when being of the each one another. This is not the just types that they are doubts . Two emotionally constipated the men that expresses that they concern in the each one another in a much less. This in spite of, while I any active screenshots, has A lot of interactions among a MC and both Dylas and Doug that does not have any stop of heterosexual explanations. It would be perfectly well with this usually has been touched directly with some two people in fact openly that loves each one another in some point. Obviously that doesnt spend bc ossia pair for a course for more has published amply play unfortunately. But that marks this the odd and class of the developing sad election of character is that they are both candidates of pair for a MC. It looked in east for advanced and has assumed the people have blown his interactions out of proportion. Now literally I can not marry any of them bc they a lot obviously cured in the each one another. Has both of them likes him 8 of hearts and still have like him 50:50 proportion of dialogue of fond dialogue for a MC and habladuría of the each one another. Concerning in the each one another is wellbeing and that it wants to see and visit each one which as another newspaper. They are informed constantly to as he quarreling the married pair and in some signals that Doug is informed to like this Dylas' 'rider'. It is not a report more sã and, once again, is not never in fact recognised bc the gay do not exist I supposition, but is something to consider is buying a game that wants to marry one of a two.

Anyways, Has to very sure good points and of the bad points in a creation of character, but a base rune the mechanics of factory is still there. There also it felt like this to plot more history this times around compared to rune factory 3. Once again, this can be the pro or the with. If it love the quite quickly little game to touch or the simulator of pair, this Is not a game for you.

Can blow by means of the majority of one struggling quite quickly, and can skip to plot of a crafting if ossia really a lot your stock exchange but concealed finally will take on with you. There is also settings of difficulty. An easier way that does to grind to level until progressing virtually unecessary for 90 of a game.

Can go back and update my description to be more coherent. In spite of mine hangups with a his game to good sure in my cup 3 beans rune game of factory and in my cup 10 History of Seasons/ Rune games of type of game of Factory.
4 / 5
Pocolos Play really nail the 'jack of all the trades'/' is one all I games' approximation of gender. (For example, Fallout 4 characteristic of settlement is more than the mechanic in a global gameplay and one less engrossing, 'homestead' experience)
RF 4 somehow directs to appeal to multiple genders without messing on any of them. Especially he the good work to leave a player decides to be more than farmer/socialite or struggling while it rewards that they face both. I can not agree a lot in a plot but I agree it when being interesting--to to the games likes him to him to them these is more on some characters that a plot, so that although it find an a bit elementary plot calm probably will be satisfied with a charming if no in timing two-dimensional characters. RF 4 Is everything in a power of things/of solidarities that comes near, as I owe that say all some the simple appearances of him combine and mesh together to form something far more add, which joins to a subject of a game he and for this a global experience.

Another reviewer called it 'an animate Skyrim'. While I am not sure objectively agreement, has smiled in a statement and to good insurance subjectively dresses, haha.
4 / 5
Ossia One of some very pocolos play (or perhaps an only game) where has taken like this engrossed felt like the part of a world-wide and community in him. After the particularly harrowing adventure found saying 'finally can go back my regular life and some agriculture and selling things.' I have wanted always touch the game where the daily activities were enthralling, and ossia an only game this has done that for me.

For a quantity of entertainment this game give, a lot $ 200 or more.

Commentaries for new players: to the sure point in an a lot of beginning almost there is prendido to touch a game. Any included agree reason, but agree think the has not been for me. I gave it a more shot and am like this very happy has done. Ossia The only game with an unusual and captivating espirit.' It does not leave a sometimes-odd 3D rendering dips were this game. It is awesome.
4 / 5
Adores this game already! They are to Fall of a first year, and has has saved already three guardians. It begins slowly, but a calmer the particular activity (peach, chopping forest, tilling your field, cookery) level on a skill, and taken less and less RRPP to do an action. And to the equal that struggle monsters external cities, your increases of level of the character, developing your group of RRPP.

Monsters to tame give you a capacity to order them to water your fields, and finally can also seeds of plant for you. Some festivals are fun, and that wins your points/of Princess of the Prince to order the festivals is easy.

A bit those that the tips for this just start was: Always collect forests and bones. You will require for virtually all build, developing your park, room, and monster barns. Tame A cow, chicken, and monsters of sheep like this punctual is able. Having the supply in bylines of tins, eggs, and the skin is the enormous help . A milk and the eggs can accustom cook, or calms that can ship everything to win money. Taking fish and do sashimi, can offer the to almost all the world, and sells for more than fresh fish.

Ossia An excellent game , a lot of entertainment.
4 / 5
Has has not touched never he Rune game of first Factory, or included listened of a series. This in spite of while exploring on-line for the new 3DS the game has seen people raving in Rune Factory. It was the little hesitant at the beginning because they are not really to till yes games. But after thinking it has decided on take one 4th game as I have read the majority of people considered it some better of a series.

Are like this happy has given this play he casualidad. An appearance of agriculture is really so only the small part of a game and can be quite ignored chooses to. I have finalised this in spite of really taking to to reward loop to till new harvests. It averts of the also can go dungeon crawling and the bosses of fight likes them progress of main history. You can also it initiates on your own business selling things that act you, cook, and collect to kill monsters. There have it also the social appearance of a game where can you become friends viriles and he same date and marry want to .

Ossia Play it all roughly that chooses likes to love game. It is so many different genders in a game and there has any to the to anything likes reason was. It has dipped in at least 65 hours and STILL am finding new things to do and are nowhere near finalised with a main game.

Can find a complaint would be that it can be little confusing in that to do to start with one 3rd and final of main chapter of a game. But he quickly of Google can help was with that.

In all the chance, as any the one who has not touched never a series before and was highly reluctant of the give the shot, recommends this game to any the one who enjoys fun games with investigations and defiant fight lateralmente endless.
4 / 5
Ossia An amazing RPG/He . Especially now that has been touching for enough the while now I can go to detail. Some characters are a lot of enjoyable. Gameplay Looks to be a lot when finalising never there is always something to do and have entertainment with. Calm does not have to that touch linearly at all. To till to , foraging to, hunting to, cookery, forging, crafting, building reports, the investigations is a class of the game can touch for 6 hrs. Without taking burned was. It is like the weeb skyrim can not taking!
5 / 5
The history adds and involving game of game. He basically gone back the Moon partorisca Collect when takings fact with some three main part of a history (with which finally unlocking a last part, of the moment that it can take it awhile unless it deceive it the bit with the force partorisca spend via saving tricks), but was well with quell'I of then wants that whole series of games like east. Some characters and the dialogue always are that it interests and there is abundance of random chances to maintain things to grow stale was after a main plot is by means of. An election of the gender for a main character was the big plus for me and I to good sure will be to look to other games in this series have had of such the good experience with finally taking a submerge and buying this game with which month to expect and deciding.
5 / 5
This game is surprising! It is like the mix of moon of harvest and zelda. There is 3 different plot lines to touch by means of and tonnes of activities lateralmente and missions! It is like this entertainment and has calm different difficulties so that it can dip it to your level of skill. Calm also take an election to be Viril or female and dating other members in a city the one who is an opposite gender of you. (The level of friendship of note Doug wont spends 3 until you finalise a second line of history) can struggle show, tame monsters, grow dungeons in yours parco and open your own tent. This game has something for all the world! ( It can be too complex for boys very young)
5 / 5
This game there has been is good points and is bad. I have it that has not touched never the Rune game of Factory before way that has not known that to expect. It is sense of the humour was the little way can describe: animated-and? I am not never be to a comical side of animate, so that it has not been my preferred. But an appearance of agriculture was amused and any I same wants to compare it to Collect Moon. It is on he is suitable, thinks. I have WANTED when being for has it wilderness to any so only explore but interact with to a discharge that could you. Struggling, collecting, the few zones of secrets, collecting monsters like this of the pets. Virtually all can do has been associated with the level of skill, which was quite so only and entertainment. It has had tonnes of the arms and the armours could do, which calm maintained you always doing to something. A line of history was decent. Calm give you the aim, so that it is roughly all these subjects. It has not been I will touch it to him again with a quantity to time you can invest to the game like this, but are to good sure happy has taken a good career. Honradamente, My main complaint was any character done of commission. It is like this common now, that tends to expect he with this soul fashionable games, but a fact that neither of some main characters were a less bit to interest mine really bummed my out.
4 / 5
This game is incredible. I have tried the history of Seasons was when he has chosen that game of agriculture to try in 3DS and boy a wrong election. This game is so better that that one and is among a better in a whole 3DS library. It is so only like this adictivo and there has like this to do.

A better part is that calm is not dulcemente doing he by means of a game if you do not want to. I have been able to dip on few things, take the few things for my room, and fight by means of the 2nd zone of dungeon and are still overwhelmed with that has to that do. Has the system dips on now to grow turnips, wins money, etc. The ones of way that can do better in some dungeons.

Is an I extremely touches done well and some other characters in him are interesting to speak to. A game has the sense of humour, especially when calm compare it to the to to something likes him the history of Seasons that has the really bored interactions in him.

Does not want to say too much but this game costs a prize of admission likes of tills the games or to the a lot to games like to them the life of Fantasy or Diablesa because has the tonne of the elements and a character can be customised to PLOT.
5 / 5
Has bought this game behind when it is in the first place exited his the shame did not revise it behind then but, here go.

Has been the defender of rune factory for the moment and has been excited thus game. When I took It in the first place it expected it it would be a better game in some serious and I has not been disappointed this game is not so only my favourite game in a series but my favourite game of all the times!

The works of history of a game in your step so it loves it take calm dulcemente beats and yes calm love the to you haste well... It can do that also! Of the looks of history of 3 arch which are all very good and have the good quantity of period to them, does not want to say a lot like this want to avert spoilers.

The agriculture is of tower and better that never imo. I have touched everything of a rune games of factory and stirs it of some moons of the harvest and this game has for far one the majority of system of fun agriculture. It is a lot concise and has has developed having both easy and has advanced appearances the agriculture.

A fight is also the personal favourite of mine. A 3ds can manage a better fight that some predecessors that was in a ds. Has the a lot of resemblance feels to rune factory 3 but is better to the equal that have fixed some of some subjects and cleaned it up and to the equal that have said before a 3ds the hardware is so only better.

Some characters are all a lot so only and fun and have add backstories that could not be apparent when calm in the first place begin a game.

In general love this game Easily my personnel of favourite game of all the times 10/10 Masterpiece. If you are looking for the gems have hid in 3ds/one a lot underrated game any need to look for further.
4 / 5
This game was my introduction to this gender. I have not thought Never it would enjoy them these types of rpgs which mainly directs on tilling. But Thats reason a same time Rune manufactures it interested.. Reason his no only roughly creating collected. There are dungeons and places to explore. Monsters that or can struggle or befriend. Multiple types of arms that or can oficia and upgrade with diverse things. Oh yeah! And a history is quite enjoyable here too much!

Is was the little overwhelming for me in a begining but there are them taken on enough quickly. And now they are hooked. Still it could me see touching the Hatvest game of Moon afterwards.
4 / 5
LOVE this game, and has been touching almost nightly for 6 month directly. There it has like this to do and some personalities are like this varied and interesting--- tries to do all would want to in the RPG, and delivery. Unfortunately, I am not sure if I will not find never the game like this again, of Neverland (the developer) has filed for failure shortly after the emission of this game. So only know that this one east the keeper yes loves until sims and/or RPGs with dungeons.

That is funny is that I originally bought Rune Factory 2 when it is exited like this it diehard defender of Moon of the Harvest. It had confused easily with a system of monster on front, which is something Collects the moon does not have , as I have dipped a game down for years. I have bought Rune Factory 4 after seeing a glowing descriptions and was in need of new games for mine 3DS, and felizmente a system of monster was much sincerer and some very simple controls. Now that has beaten a third arch in this game, am moving on (down?) To Rune Factory 3 and are pleasantly surprised like this far. Probably I will try 2 again now that am much more familiarised with a concept.

An only 'downside' is that a last arch of history (of 3!) Precise to begin the random chance has called soyemories.' I took the little value of nights to touch the finally cause it, but the supposition concealed calm mean can not contest that calm does not take your money cost out of this game. Another that that, is hard to find the defect to RF4 concealed would do it unplayable to another. Although has has not touched never the agriculture yes, gives test he---wins it cost that your moment.
5 / 5
This can be in my cast of upper 10 games and I have touched an abundance of video games. Any included take me has begun on like adictiva this game is. Some characters are amused like this to be around and some festivals are fantastic. Really it has wanted rune factory a but has not taken to a 2nd game and skipped one 3rd game. So much for me, I am seeing big transmissions. I have bought especially this reason could finally game like the daughter. It does not import touching like the type(if you are an avid woman gamer, quell'abundance of time) but enough would be the daughter and marry the type that is reason I skipped rune factory 3 and has touched so only his series of father, moon of harvest, like the daughter until rune factory 4 has arrived. It was concerned like this when I have achieved the big level in a game that expects any discharges in 99 or 100, but thank the goodness can spend for main reason this means more game of game. A line of history is entertaining enough and forging and crafting is like this entertainment. I can not think of any qualms has with a game this in spite of there is this odd thing with a tongue(and are not that it speaks in Xiao father) where resembles has been translated wrongly but some like this humorous games am not sure he or any for the take seriously. I love this game so much. It is it adds that it is resulting his own series. Really it expects another.
5 / 5
Has not expected to enjoy this play like this so it has done. It remains true to his roots to the equal that move he-out of moon of harvest (which there is not enjoyed). This in spite of, an agriculture and another boring cry is tempered a lot for a dungeon is, storyline, and familiar fun adventure.

Pro Is:
A city comes the life -- Some characters have routines, movement around, and kinda do his own thing. If have something more than goes in will not join calm for an adventure. Characters that can down a main character? Woah! A city also comprises the annual chances where compete against another townsfolk.

Wise Romance -- These familiar with this franchise knows does always a capacity (although any requirement) to date/romance eligible townsfolk. A lot it is casualidad of the percentage has based that adds some novelty and randomness to yes will accept/decrease. Your casualidad is determined for your level of general report. Some idylls are totally optional but pleasant few investigations lateralmente. It involves real dates, lovey-dovey chatter, pet-appoint, and the same girl/of pair decides to go this street.

System of taming -- A system to tame of the monster is class of enjoyable. They fall the elements have used in crafting each day. Until two the times can accompany you to fights. If to calm like him enough of them was will help you parco (THANKS GOD!)

With East:
system of Terrible chance -- A system of chance is totally random. Calm can not choose that if it will burst on prójimo and can be difficult to even knows is in a half of a chance without verifying. That this means? A game is in three laws. The cause needs a chance to enter law three. Which is extremely difficult has not cleared a lot of chance of city as it does not give any priority to this crucial chance.

Agriculture -- Still has to that spend the way also times to gather material and agriculture (real agriculture, any agriculture of monster) for money.
5 / 5
I originally has touched this game without knowledge of a Rune serious of Factory and is really amazing both for defenders and for the new people to a series. My first impression was that absolutely I love an art and map in this game. A sound, hips, is really a lot of fact. Has the quite adictiva blend to till, struggling, exploring, and questing. At all it feels he likes calm has to that the to you haste, which is the enormous plus for me, while still when being quite thrilling and defiant.

A system of battle can be the little rough at the beginning (or at least was for me, accustom the turn has based RPGs) but is immensely that satisfies when finally under the boss or hoard enemies. Scarce drops of the enemies are not ridiculously hard to take and a monster-befriending can be the little swipe or lose but is amused to touch around with. An agriculture is probably a more frustrating the appearance been due to like the storms can absolutely wreck a creation of them, but at least is not difficult to take the majority of a debris.

Ossia To the good game likes of collects the things, agriculture (or fashionable games of moon to collect in general), RPGs, and fantasy and a lot of lore.
4 / 5
Here it is the game that itches of varied scratches immediately. It is the mix among the simulator of parco ( soyoon of Harvest'), the third-the upper person-down action-RPG/dungeon crawler ('Ys,' 'Legend of Zelda'), and the piece of life RPG of classes where volume to know a townsfolk and mediate in local activities ('Cross Animal'). Supposition that? The All the works! There is the history involving you, a main protagonist, taking amnesia after falling out of an airship down to a unfamiliar city down. While trying the piece your calm memories for behind together, have endless material to mediate in. You can collect and until an earth, the process that is in fact enough in-depth (right down the quality of earth). You can explore some external earths, clearing dungeons and levelling arrive (all the levels up in this game). There is crafting and peach. There is chance to mediate in, which can prepare you for first of time to verify a calendar. Also you take on a function of prince, helping to build on a city and complete several questions for some residents. It believes it or no, you can also it captures and tame monsters. It is a type of the game where can relax you and take he in your leisure, or undermine deep to some different systems with the class of crazed obsession. 'Rune Factory 4' is delicious and charming, and simply the joy to touch.

--- 5 STARS ---
4 / 5
When has of of the east is taking the remake has begun to cry. This game is surprising and loves that to bit.
A history is amused, some characters are charming, and all the world would owe that touch to this like him to him the action of real time RPGs with upper down litigates of perspective.
Is the plot of wholesome entertainment, and can be defiant love the to be.
Wants to take a Port of Transmission, but is iffy roughly buying it, recommends to buy a 3DS verison now first of a Port of Regime of Transmission, in this way can touch by means of a game and see is on your alley for the decently low prize.
4 / 5
Am enamoured with him! It is it likes the moon of Harvest fulfils Zelda. I think that the plot of people has said a same thing but he is true. A game is the plot of fun. I do not want to say very reason do not love to spoil he by other players. But I will say that some people that fulfils in a game is fun and will have one some to that will like him and those that will hate you.

Now now included has been touching likes daughter or Frey like the game there is pre-dipped. To the left say me that any like to him a name has an occasion to choose that it loves but can not be to to the the long name likes; Kaitlyn or Elizabeth. I think that still with which starts to touch the person in city that will ask you wants to change your name. ( I have spoken so only to this person once so that it has not been if it is true)

Also in a subject of names takes to appointed some monsters tame for pets, a name of the yours parco(s), and your spouse when it marry.

I amour as when you are reading a dialogue some characters speak the bit and I WANT TO listen Vishnal voices. --- I bad wants to Vic then you fangirl in lucido. Also one same with the actor of voice of Leon. The voice of Levi of AOT... ---

Anyways In this game has to that save these four Guardians (where are in) and do like this struggling you his forms of monster but beat him once can go back later and try tame them. But of the which have read is a lot last to tame them. They are at least state having the hell of the time that comes from tame Ray- Dylas. (Sad I maintains to leave @@subject.)

Some Four Guardians! When you Achieve his zone will find the sign and when calm bed will say you to it that I level that it would have to be it you in of the hopes of having the better successful tax. For me they are always 5 to 10+ levels in the reason when you struggle one takes the long time to struggle. Also it helps when taken the monster to the long of reason during a fight some looks of boss to go after his prime minister, but calm give you and goodness to do like this first harm of a monster faints.

Thinks that still with which finalise some Guardians that any new place with the boss will say you which level to be.

In a game although I owe orders of mark and researches everything a moment are trying hook up with any and in my chance the boy.

That finds to annoy in a game is eating these types of bread to learn cookery, crafting, ect... And that takes the licence to use a ship of air, or to do your own arms.

But in general this game is amused really and all the world would owe that give tries it.
4 / 5
Rune The factory does not cease never to surprise me. Everything of some games in a series are fabulous, but almost considers this a mine preferred for a hand-held system. Has an extraordinary number of chance, both chances that involves villagers and those that are individual to characters concretise. Has an extraordinary map so that a serious is famed. Gameplay Is intricate, although personally it finds an addition of traders those who in fact SELLS a fish, gems and has spent that it has taken you to it to him previously the good addition. No longer one has to that fish for days to stock some cements soyost Preferred' loved of seafood of the concrete character. Resupplied one took it on the leading occasion and shipped it, one can find it randomly in the stop of a trader of fish. An only real question with RF4 is a difficulty in causing a Chance that in fact heads to pair. Resupplied all other requirements are praises , still is RANDOM. A Chance that leaves a to access a last dungeon and obtain some the majority of lovely materials is RANDOM also. They are not a player of prime minister partorisca complain of of the this... But then, both Moon of Harvest and Rune patience of question of the Factory of his defenders! It is the constant pleasure to roam by means of this game. Highly recommend to players of all the ages. Some notes of plus: really I do not see a point of a 3D system at all and wish this was to be do for a normal DS.
4 / 5
Ossia A PLUS . ADDICTING. GAME. I can not taking. I have moved to Rune Factory 3DS of Moon of Harvest 3DS in that has been disappointed with one in-of the restrictions of game. Rune Factory 4 has any of these timeline thank you - can advance you when and that loves. There are multiple functions can direct on, like this there there is always he plethora of activity to pursue. Has some nifty characteristic also. For example, when you save the game, will adapt calm of your aim of main history, and has to that the notebook adds for automatically maintaining clue of missions lateralmente. No more going back to a game after a long period was and having any one creates like tried to do. Value a compraventa is new to a Rune serious of Factory or no!
4 / 5
Has been the defender of a Rune games of Factory for some time now and has been moment to RF4 for the year. I preordered the MONTH done and was like this happy when I took it.


The music is sum . Spending for a city or the dungeon is of sound with a background music.

The mechanics was improved like this to!!! I took the very short time to take used to a new mechanics but they so better now.

I characters are animated! You a city! Some of them have finalised to be quite different that had expected, and thats the good thing! Have has not expected Vishnal to be like this clumsy and there is has not expected Lit to be like this excitable, for example.

Has so many small things that marks a game. Up in a windmill when looking is gone in some binoculars, for example, they allusions of entrance to other games. Calm really has to that explore your way around this game for the take all but trust me, is in plot of fun!

A history draws really calm in of a start. Of some low time to signal an airship to Ventuswill to some the a lot of discovered do early on at stake. A calm more listen and see and learn, a more interested will be to whats that goes to spend afterwards.

Require Points/of Princess of the Prince to develop a city. Now, I have thought to take that these points would be really difficult and take the long time before it could do anything but concealed is not a chance at all. Taking some points is a lot easy and leaves for easy development of a city and your park.

Dialogue of jealousies. One of my favourite parts in a game is a dialogue of jealousies a townspeople taking when you decide to date two people immediately. Now, it does not suggest to do this but is still quite amusing.


Can be the little glitchy. When those Careers by means of a Room of the calm dragon sometimes can run entirely Ventuswill, as well as yours those careers by means of cities can run entirely townspeople.

A lot of very new dialogue of some characters of every time tongues to them. Usually so only they speak a semence the day so that it speaks to them repeatedly has any purpose.

Global replay the value are adds! Considering you can touch like the boy or the calm daughter can change it up and see some differences in townspeople and dialogue, and can marry more! A fact that has 3 saves the files helps to plot in this appearance! It is been to plot of fun going back to touch it again and seeing even more few things that there is not remarked before. Highly it recommends this game! Although you are new to Rune Factory any one precise to touch some another to comprise is one. So only enjoy!
5 / 5
This game takes a better of Moon of Harvest and adds a RPG struggling his element. You will feel the little overwhelmed with information and of the things to do, but using 3rd defender of party the places will help you felt of mark of him everything. The majority of the games can not seat and game for more than hours of pair. Rune The factory has maintained my attention for a form of flight learns Giappone in some the EUA (12 hours) and am still able to touch he for several same hours now. It does not think this means calm has to that you sink your whole day to this game to progress. There is so only so many investigations lateralmente and the extra thing can do will take on so much time like desires dip his.

Has listened a company that marks a Rune the games of Factory has gone bankrupt, but a Rune the distribution of Factory has been purchased for the competitor and a serious will continue in some form.
4 / 5
Where to start with, after reading the countless mixed descriptions was bit it skeptical when I have purchased this game. But after touching he for almost the week is sure to say that ossia one of some better hand-held games has has not touched never.

A game of game- all this has done to love an original rune the factory is here, changing among the arms and the tools is incredibly convenient! How it is an interface of the stock exchange learns that has a paper of screen under classical but also has the paper of upper screen a lot handy that can you acces and toe by means of for just clicking a sinister trigger. Struggling is fun and thrilling, with small to at all grinding to take to a next level. There are multiple difficulties can touch on, but any one a game is incredibly well in first to move without a dreaded ' has been in this dungeon 100 times' classifies to tug. A game is ENORMOUS! There is like this to do, and some maps (he multiple maps!) It is enormous. Some dungeons are very thought-was and how is a scenery. In this note a map is still mostly 2nd but a game is honradamente like this more cleaned of looks that way. An art of a city and a forest is gorgeous, so that the detail has been dipped to this game is unreal.
Some characters- An of some main things the ees has had the question with one the majority of games of the recent harvest of moon is some characters . Having dull and otherwise lifless the characters sucks an entertainment out of any game, any subject like fun one struggling. The other has ensured that a townspeople of Selphia is like this vibrant and so only has been taken for behind has bitten it. For far more memorable that any of his 3 predecessors, has found finally once again the hard time that chooses the one who loves yard! This be has said a king-the value of game is bent for just that loves touch like the different gender and all some only adventures that come with him. I have read on here that any one has been disappointed with a lack of dialogue, but ossia simply a-true. Each character there is at least two conversations to-be-had with you the day, and transmission ALL I DAYS! This game such the good work partorisca suck calm in, incredibly is relaxing.
Finally like this the ees said first of a game is enormous. There is always something more to do, something new to save up for, new monsters to struggle and new zones to explore. Like this happy with this compraventa, there is still hope for some serious still!
5 / 5
Mina all time game preferred, to be quite sincere. I touched it a lot it times on of then I have in the first place received he for Christmas in 2013. A line of history is solid, albeit at all imports to blow; it is half, but still enjoyable. Some characters are a lot of-written- and fun partorisca interact with. The histories of the pair of a candidate is all touching, took rasgando on time in when.

Is able to customise your way to struggle based in your train and has preferred acted. And, with an option to beef on any townsfolk that accompanies calm with the calm elements harm, my only flu with east is that so only headgear changes the appearance of an avatar. But ossia the smallest defect , tbh. You take that casualidad to change Ballast/Frey this (avatar) outfit after the moment, and is given the little outfits to choose of.

An only real flu has with this game is that while in some signals a townsfolk recognise when Ballast/Frey is dating, married, and have the boy, in general, they really no. A dialogue does not change too much to the respect, and would have liked me liked more. This goes for any chance of entity, which will not go to like this like this any partorisca spoil.

Otherwise Is fantastic, to good sure one more captivates it the game has has not touched never. Has everything; romance, struggling, grinding, and day the tasks of day. It does not take any one much better concealed it.
4 / 5
XSeed HAS really outdone they with this game.

I desire that a company of the father had not gone bankrupt, reason ossia that RF has been meant to be- I has loved RF 1 and 2, but a dialogue was stale- localization subjects, as it results. But thus game, localization has been turned on to XSeed, and wow wow wow!!!

Will fall enamoured with each character- still an annoying some. I can not appoint the majority of a RF2 characters, and has had to touch for years. A month to the east, could say you all roughly all the world. They are so only like this realistic! A gameplay is also vastly improved (thanks company of father!), And it is the game that there is estupefaciente replay value. Highly recommend take this before it results impossible to find.
4 / 5
I have been the player of time with a longitude of a series of Moon partorisca Collect it (which is that it is is based out of). I have touched Rune Factory 1 the fact of long time and has agreed to enjoys has to that the way that be advance and has purchased this when it has taken my New 3DS XL. It is to good sure value of the money! It has dipped probably 20 hours or like this to a game like this far and am still in a start of a game. There it has calm so only so much can do in him partorisca struggle monsters, gathering, creating recipes/of elements, and of course tilling and curing of the yours 'animal' aka monsters. I think that a line of main history is probably a bit cut - I did not complete it still but thinks can be take there - but there is abundance other things partorisca do in a game. As the one who replay value, believes a bit wants to try out of presented of different pair but a big plus replay the value would be to build on your park in of the different ways.
4 / 5
A Rune serious of the factory has to that it has been missing with a Series of Moon of the Harvest. I love Moon of Harvest, but his house so only on tilling takes old extremely quickly. A Rune Serious of Factory, especially 4, door an extremely loans rounded well of activity a can do while touching a game. It loves only park for the day, goes advances. Tired the box? Then go dungeon crawling. It kills enemies, bosses of fight and find loot that can sell you was or use. It does not want to do neither? While roughly direct a city is in to plan special festivals, upgrading an element and tents of weapon for better train. Or flirt with a one that desires to be your husband/of woman. I say that calm reason neither can choose a protagonist to be the boy or daughter in a game.

Is also never really forced to do so only tilling or dungeon crawl neither. The chance of sure sure history require to do neither or to progress with a main history. But you can do things in your own step and, of the as it has touched like this far, take while calm wants to do him.

In general is the a lot rounded experience with abundance of things to do. A game of game is fun and does not take boring, and some characters have his own uniqueness to them. If you are looking for more in the Moon of fashionable Harvests of the game then Rune the factory is an election for you.
5 / 5
Are the gamer the one who so only really the cures for hand have has resisted devices, any TV hookups, any extra cord, etc. With this be has said, is a lot last for me to find games that like. It was sceptical roughly doing a transmission of a HM and SoS lines of game to RF. But I have done one submerges and begun with a prime minister RF. Usually it does not jump never around with lines of game, but has decided again to do something different and has been takes RF4. They are like this happy has done! It is all has loved in the game! Has magic, amour, involving time of screen! But a lot especially, it is defying and the little unpredictable in time. It could go back and grab 2&3 but a lot for the moment, this one east a gone to!
4 / 5
Loves a Moon of Harvest and Rune games of Factory, like this of course, has required to buy this one and add my collection. I love some few illustrations in this game, is a lot enough. Some characters are class of means of a street, this in spite of. It Liked him he handful of of some characters, but the majority of them has been bored enough and forgettable. An idyll in a game is class of interesting but are really any one the big defender of an integer 'randomness' to cause romantic chances, like some confessions and of the propositions of pair. It is frustrating and the enormous turn was that you have to expect it so only was when you have fulfilled already all some requirements and is ready to move on to a next level.

A music was also entirely forgettable the mine but I likes him some of a gameplay elements, like to be able to resist/spend more than an element the time. The frames that collect the breeze. They liked him some few festivals, of then was fun mini games more than the plot of passive seating around and that speaks by all the world.

I amour that is able to take the monster and the together person with me on my travesías of dungeon, although it takes to annoy when you are in a half of the dungeon and your human partner decide 'Eh, loves to leave now.'

In general, this in spite of, there is enjoyed really a game, as I am going the so only the give the five.
5 / 5
Clocked On 80+ hours to the this game thanks to a fact that has tonnes of fun things to do. If you have enjoyed Moon of Harvest and another Rune games of factory, surely will enjoy this some hips. Agriculture, battling, Crafting, Interacting with NPCs, forming the idyll with some of them and that build the family is so only some of some wonderful chances that wins so only does not love dipped down a game for long sessions.
Has announced another version of this game that exited to Change sometime later (as when this is to be write) which is joined to be I so that it adds with some extra characteristics but this game is like this amazing to have. Any spoilers in a history will be to write but touching roughly of another Rune the games of factory would be in prize been due to some bosses and characters that the looks later will help to comprise a whole of some histories but is not required to enjoy a game. Highly it recommends a game for some defenders and of the new people equally.
5 / 5
For me went It the really enjoyable game. I have touched this game 97 times of then is in the first place gone in April. I touched it well on 100 hours. There is so only too material add in this game for me to speak roughly here. Some illustrations is utmost , his humorous history and heartwarming the characters pull me to a game, a music is wonderful. Some histories and the characters are rich and has developed highly. I can not expect see that it discovers afterwards. Highly I recommend it. Thank you.
4 / 5
There is wanted absolutely this game; a history was like this powerful that felt like the film. A game was a better of all I amour in gaming. It comprises idyll of friendships/of the village and tilling looked to Collect games of Moon. There is the variety of opposition, skills, investigations, and the boss battles resembled Pokémon games. Also a history and increase of art in a lot of visual novels and soul. It could it does not recommend more!
5 / 5

has been with a Rune serious of Factory of a start and there is him wanted always. It could any never tolerate a series of Moon of the Harvest but a fight/crafting appearance together with a line of history of a Rune serious of the factory me the enamoured fall with him. To all the defenders and of the players of some serious previously, calm probably knows that to expect already. A gameplay is still one same with to the improvements likes him to him the order, stacking, etc (it Rune Factory 3 also has to that I aim it) Some lines of plot supposes; at all really out of a normal; the history roughly brings together all some necessary components that it can be classifies of caseous according to your age. Of course, starts of amnesiac, the mark of a franchise.

To premiers-players of time of a Rune serious of the factory has not been if this game will win you on or the no. depends in that investigations in the game and such. I think that that it is the shame does not have the data of free test is hefty prize. Then again, of then I taken of him, a still continue take, was a lot of value he. If you do not have the 3ds, but have the ds, would suggest to try out of a more collected Rune the factories for some means a prize and see like this like him.


Some controls are not that it last to imagine was and a tutorial together with a start already along, in my opinion, a start of this game bit it long to seat by means of, but oh wells, so only enjoy a music!

Can till, accessories of armours/of arms/of work, medicine of mark, cook, date, flirts, etc can any one really progress by means of a game without doing everything of these things this in spite of, excepts perhaps a dating and flirting parts, HIMSELF master unlock new seeds and take recipes for recipes of main way that is unattainable by means of another average. It is in plot to do , but a game will leave calm the in your own step. It will adapt you that it would have to be it do, but again, is so only the memory.

An introduction of PP (Points/of Princess of the Prince) in this delivery has interested. Utilisations these signals to develop your park or develop your storage and another such material. In a start, garnering these points can be hassle and as it uses him will vary to depend that you prioritise.

The fight has variety in him second the one who arms, or magic, is more to the yours in pleasant. Prime minister of mine playthrough has stuck with mainly Spears, but my second playthrough have me falling for behind enamoured with a basic short sword ( can enhance he with the sure element to augment is row this in spite of masters the widest row). Felizmente, continuing the arms does not use on any of the your RRPP in this game, which, is the godsend so it will be to use your RRPP partorisca many other things.

There is wanted in fact box in this game. Once it could do greenifier+ am spent the good quantity to time to level on ALL MY SEEDS to collect to a max! Level to collect really done the big difference in your products of the cookery and an effect give you to you. The cookery is amused also. Like quell'utensil (knife, pot, oven, etc) use to cook your lunch, one has added the prizes will differ.

Crafting/Forging is likely to do without in some parts to start with of a game but calm will require it later on. Your level in this game really is so only the number that help to augment your HP/RRPP but is your armour and weapon that pode the dungeon neither súper easier or súper hard, especially to a half last of a game.


A world of Rune Factory 4 is BIG compares to the predecessor of him, this in spite of, a city is is relatively decent sized. A townsfolk has to that beat or can not adore. This true control for a Bachelor/ette(s).


has loved that. It is replay the value for me is wonderful and there is still partorisca tire of king-levelling I up with each new start. There is an option for you to 'inherit' date it (with which have beaten a game in him is entirety) if I do not want to beginning of level 0 with to new file, but eh, has found that to the just band was all an entertainment of a game.

Partorisca Already of lovers of one the series, would suggest to go advance and buy the 3ds if you have not taken one still.

For players of premiers of time of Rune Factory, would say neither touch some serious earlier, or try it was yes the partner has a series to see will return your flavour.

In general, &60;3
5 / 5
wants a Rune serious of Factory, and this game is like this entertainment to touch ! In the first place it calms it was it can decide it wants to touch the character viril or female that am ecstatic reason ossia a first time has been able to choose a gender of your character in an a lot of start of a game. And another thing also is that it can do boxes to fish minors exploring a dungeon is so only the fun game to touch and a dialogue among some characters is hilarious!
5 / 5
Has ordered this game any while any one a lot, so only that have to him legustado moon of harvest and has read that it was near. It results in fact a lot I like this games more than HM, MASTER more than HM!!!!!!!! Reasoning of mine is, there there is so more to do, is fewer repetitive and new conversations /the dialogue always is spending. Calm does not have to that so only take cure of the park, takings still kick butts of monsters with your battle buddies or your monsters of pet! Way more fun that repetiviely brushing all your cows and choosing on your chickens....

Regarding a part to date. Some boys are sooo pleasant!!!! Calm to good sure will find one to the yours in pleasant. I have married Dylas :D a like this GOOD GAME! Literally it could not dip mine 3ds down.
4 / 5
One of a better 3DS the available games. I know it is exited the long time excepts some the different chances and the history had me to us touching partorisca month.
Inside east has beaten of game: befriend monsters and coach them, develop reports with some characters of a game, marries one of some characters according to your gender and build the familiar together, customise your house, cook and oficia different elements, the experience marries random, some defiant investigations, and more.

This in spite of did not like that some chances are all in the random order. I took 3 in-of the years of game to finally take a chance partorisca Arch 3 of a history.
4 / 5
To Seats glielo likes has been touching this no-stop partorisca days, but still maintain to find more partorisca do!

I usually touch my DS before read to wind down and relax. A bit those that pokemon battles or verifying up in my city of the Animal intersection usually is good bedtime active, but this game is not . Every time I think that that they are the fact has something could be do. OH! I will create Levels partorisca become friends with this character, the wait would owe that augment my skill of cookery before I that, but would have to that box some better harvests in the first place etc. Etc. the Next thing was the hours has slipped stops.

Has like this partorisca do in this game and a plot is long and interesting. I think that that ossia my preferred DS game partorisca date.
5 / 5
A question a big plus is those that keys has to that press to do some sew plus very simple. It would owe that be able to so only attack a key partorisca change of a tool to a prójimo partorisca do quickly of gardening, but is such the slog. And the fight is alcohol -numbingly bored.
5 / 5
Has had has not touched never he Rune Factory or Moon of title of first Harvest of east a but I have found this entrance partorisca be a lot of enjoyable. My initial worry has taken really bored quickly looked in fashion to Animal Intersection (having the literal days when being a transmission of the step is usually burdensome) but felizmente there is always something partorisca do in Rune the factory yes is tilling or roaming the dungeon partorisca find profit and material new experience of fight with in of the days of game that is different that real days. At the beginning a game can look daunt to some of then there is calm so much can do and really is until a player in pacing felizmente a game the good work in explaining expect insurances in the reasonable step, that prefers to maximice a day and the advances of slowly am able to access in of the books of game to help with forecasts and study the one who vegetal to grow during that season.
5 / 5
Ossia A better Rune game of Factory still. A history is obliging, some characters are charming, and a level of the difficulty augmented among the dungeons is so only quite big to be defying without a need to grind endlessly. I have completed a history (all three arches) and there there is still enough to do that I have not lost interest ... Which is more than can say for a lot, a lot another RPGs.
5 / 5
My daughter has selected this game for his with some money of anniversary has received. It is 12 and it loves it. Has leading experience with this series and a series of moon of the harvest. I did not touch it still or it could give better comparisons the leading deliveries. It has said out of all a Rune the factory is touched is enjoyed this titles a plus. I will update a description with which have touched. :)
4 / 5
Has taken hooked in a game immediately. Some elements of Moon of the Harvest, RPG elements, and crafting all return very together. At all it feels shoehorned in. So only like Stardew Valley, takes all some good part of Moon of Harvest and take/streamlines some of some tedious appearances/more annoying of a series. Really appearance do another someday.
5 / 5
Goes to be sincere, had been considering taking this game for enough some time and has maintained to dip went it. They are LIKE THIS HAPPY took it. I kinda touched one 3rd an in some serious and didnt cures for him a lot at the same time, but these some only looks alot better. Some characters are like this full of personalities and little quirks that sometimes can not help but smiled in his antics. A history like this far looks quite interesting (although there is so only has finalised so only a first arch) and am so only entirely submerged in a game. Partorisca gameplay, enough can do the one who loves (with which some premiers few days of just learning like the box and whatnot) has been crawling dungeons partorisca loot and levelling for fun, but also finding time to create to skills likes them cook and creating of points of report with some people in a city. It is a lot quickly result my favourite game in a 3DS, and I wont there has been mentido, also have the moon of Harvest Begins New and these triumphs of game he in the each way (with an exception to be able to fact of commission-create your character). Heck, Included does not hate a music... It is in fact well, peaceful and catchy. The only question has with this that he doesnt look to have any class of multiplayer (according to which can say). Another that that, the game adds and I definately reccomend the to defenders of dungeon crawlers and life sims equally.
5 / 5
Honradamente Master. Fun storyline, in interesting characters, a dialogue when the tongues to other characters changes daily. An only @@subject that am sure a lot another has experienced is that a final part of a storyline is the random trigger. This calm mean can be stuck for the very long time. Have prendido to touch because of him, but to good sure has taken my money cost out of some first 2 parts.
5 / 5
This game is like this intricate, every time think that you has beaten a game, takings another transfer or turn in a plot. A lot of different things to do, the map is fabulous. Upgrades Of forward Rune games of Factor he stellar. The desire would do another! Hours of game.

Top Customer Reviews: Story of Seasons - ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 48 ratings
5 / 5
In the first place, it is the simulator of agriculture . One steps very concrete will enjoy this title while a no. to rest A 'grind' appearance that is repeated activity, which is looked often negatively to in other games, is a bread and butter here. Well with that? Well well, Bienvenido the History of Seasons. Descriptions partorisca this gender of the game really any active a lot partorisca go in with a normal listing. Music/of his, for example, is not the strong-adapt here... But probably the is not never state has included something has considered. These types of categories are simple to answer to in that is a lot enough to say that it is returning.

Is familiarised with Moon of Harvest? The sum on, possess the rundown or vacant plot to land to do with that master. In a chance of History of Seasons, an aim that a game has partorisca east to do a popular city for agent to trade ( Sell your sakes) with other cities that interacts with your in a form of the imposición of trade. More commercial means more notoriety, which then means more the people will want recognition and trade with a city. While ossia the compatible aim , a truth is that you remain simply I free to have your own aims. It wants to take to know a townsfolk better? It gives him present and interact with them to build reports. It wants to form the romantic report (or reports if ossia your thing , in spite of consequence), house , has the family? So only like in Moon of Harvest, goes well advances. Like this all want to do is mark the robust park.

A gameplay is a lot repetitive, but ossia exactly that it would have to expect it of this gender. Roughly it is in now your alive harvests and maintaining some imposiciones to resupply new seeds, structures, furnishing, livestock, projects, recipes, etc. calm more the harvests and the sakes have indications of qualities to them that augments a sale estimates a big more an indication goes. You fulfil this for fertilizing collected or for another half.

When in the first place starts a game, will have two elections of difficulties. REALLY they the difference for your early experience to a game, but this start of differences to result smaller like the continuous time in (in that, finally, a normal way is not like this difficult to do with way like this easy). You will find that really there is not to whole plot to do when you remain free after a tutorial period. Any to plot of money and, if you are by train of normal touch, your stamina drains like this a lot quickly when taking accione or cleaning on your earth. Finally this in spite of, this will begin to change calm like this directed to sell more and more. Like transmission seasons, like this also your selection of harvest, sakes like this sure so only can be grown during concrete time of a year.

A big part of a charm is these interactions with a townsfolk. There is the system of report for all the characters that will augment/decrease according to your actions (notably elections during cutscenes or the daily presents harm). With which achieve the sure point, will be able to see it cutscene in this character and learn more roughly him. As or calm is not the character viril or woman , eligible bachelors and bachelorettes is present in a game for you to woo (or the accident and the burn yes are bad in a game of amour).

The history of Seasons is really the game that chooses up and relax to. It is not groundbreaking in any way, but is also very bad because of that. It is simple and sincere in as touch, but quite complex in of the sure zones that could feel you quite invested to do better that before. For an end of a first year in a game, there has like this to do the day of the game given, that will laugh in as drastic of the turn can be (like that decides build on a park). I touch it almost daily for -1hr, and has no really bored of him bought it of then when it is exited. Again this in spite of, is to good sure any one the game for all the world, but is not the bad entrance to that tilling sims work... While you choose an easy way is entirely new to a gender and fearful to do deceptions.
4 / 5
Really loves everything in this game. Good character customization but need the box to appoint longer. Starts out of slow and is boring because of one 7 day that the tutorial buses but is not that a lot the time spends of fast and first longitude of calm knows is for your account to do stuffs so much or desire. Have So only 24 minutes each day to cure animal, collected, scavenging material, etc., which can be the question but concealed is so only yes or moves too fast. Ossia, after all, the game to seat behind, relaxes and enjoy building your park. My word consulting is to start with slow and first of calm know it will finalise to enjoy the. :) Like starts to grow your field, profit more animal to cure of, etc., Is more to look in your calendar and strategize which to do each day for advanced like the work does not take piled on on you each day and therefore it gives or a time to woo your significant another. Good regime and expect your gameplay goes well :)
4 / 5
So that it follows the big defender of games of moon of the harvest and SoS the trio of city is SURPRISING. As it has not been to the east with an expectation of him when being alike or like this very like this ToT of of the this is technically a prime minister and ToT is one ' sequal', but to the some things like roughly is also of some things that nettle. Mina big plus pro and with in a game is that it is the WORLD of has bitten TOO REAL. In place of the box of nave, calm in fact has to that attended until some traders gone back the city ( two days in cities, three day out of city). Now this no longer can be a subject calm once volume more than traders ( I still have a a), but again because they have gone for more than the days then are here, is the real grinds to unlock other traders. It likes- one contrives of some traders, but the most accessible ( I also am touching easy way btw).

Another thing I hate of the amour in a game is some different fields to grow concrete types of harvest. Again, the wonderful idea, but when a NPCs has some fields for 100+ flipping days of game, the fact pointless the included has some fields. Calm can no to defy them unless his agreement up is the meaning has that expects in an in-year of the game before has the OCCASION to take some other fields and that have read on some drive on-line, some challenges are not in some players favour neither.

For chances, if yours in a half of the challenge on the one who can ship joined the majority of harvest, if the trader is not there a day is supposition to ship some sakes, then concealed is the external reason of yours I has there is not running to the respect am still in the moment to his agreements to finalise.....

A map are not to add but is not terrible neither and I like an idea that yours harvest has to that freshness the trader is not there calms so much can sell your harvests in a summit of of the one of the east a point of the have.

Does not have to that the whole plot can do a first year that, according to some drive on-line, is a year an easy plus and everything from now on takes harder. It likes- one capacity to change your to look when never, and a mechanic of edifice is quite fresh also.

A game is so only global unforgiving... And calm really would require to commit and grind yes wants to have any entertainment with wants to want to this is not that doing easy to do like this. It has to that the plot of the ideas adds but has been executed BAD. There is to plot more the things poden flu roughly but the all are until east:

A player is in the disadvantage of same entity in easy way and some the precise works dipped in to do so only a tinier quantity of progress is ridiculous. No material will be to maintain this game for much more.
4 / 5
Has bought this game the few years behind to feed my wins of Moon of the Harvest and I still touch it frequently. A history is very long and there is abundance of things to do, much more that some leading games. A map is soft and pleasant and some characters and the animals are very drawn that it is the good factor . An only complaint has is that it calms can not change a music ( taking quite tedious when tones for on 200 hours :'D) In general this game is the 10 /10 and recommend to any the one who is in games/of boxes of familiar simulation.
4 / 5
Always loves a lot of years of ps2 the esees has touched he
I realy loves this game but a so only a subject is has 24 minutes each day that is not QUITE the sound that frustrates.. The ones of the one who loves It hate the ones of the that has time to visit people and cat the ones of the that included has time to look for a forest to take material and sell some other things for coins the fully take cure animal his will be 12:30 half day has gone and the still didnt water my plants ..
4 / 5
That can calm included say in this game... A Bokumono the update has been moment to. They are VERY THRILLED with a translation and localization that XSeed resupplied thus I play- after touching RF4, and it comparing of more recent Natsume localizations, is still has pleased more than Wonderful is ridding some queens on. Any of then Moon of Harvest 64 has I like this invested state in the together of characters. Sure, some tugs of game in time, but some interactions among your character and another, and included a NPCs, the maintain animate. There is the bug in year 2 like your accident of game... It has spent only mine once but ossia the thing to be wary roughly. Raisin of the street is.... Interesting. My city is clogged with people. Any insurance that want to excepts...

Seriously. If you have been moment to touch the game of agriculture a lot again, ossia a Moon to Collect that has been requiring- no longer Moon of Harvest been due to copyright shenanigans, but is a Bokumono all has on grown with and has wanted, and better that never. Highly recommend.
4 / 5
Liked a series of Moon of the Harvest for the moment, but going back his after touching such the phenomenal game like Rune Factory 4 so only is not one same. There is abundance to do in this game, and is fun and relaxing for the moment, but does not want to me maintain touching endlessly. In general I have enjoyed touching it. The colours are soothing, there is to plot to fulfil, and can organise your park this in spite of pleasing you. If it likes-you the game where there is is in plot of things to create and there is not any history, this game is well for that.
4 / 5
Very Like this the finally has taken a game. Now the esees been touching he for the good 6+ hours and he can be bit it hard, especially reason does not have to that the box of nave likes moon to collect that he the fact bit it easier for you to ship things. My question with east and the moon of harvest is that unless calm look he on on-line, calm does not encipher never out of your level to become friends with people. The I Desires would dip in yours pocola revised. We would owe that be able to say our level to become friends with any without that has to that look for an internet for responses lmfaoo. anyways, Is the simulator of agriculture so only like a two is quite equally like this there is not any reason for you to take both in my opinion.
4 / 5
The game adds, like the a lot of polished was version of the New Start. Mina a complaint is an a lot of the reason because it has not finalised the: where it is a history? ANB Has Had the very clear cast of aims to fulfil and the very clear end. This a lack of a component of behaviour that calm maintain you that goes to a 'final' has one. Had more like the series of the personal aims smaller could begin to, filling a safari with animals, taking all some traders, or so only beginning your family. But this one was hard for me to complete when after the moment, each day is one same likes to last, and calm is not sure if anything will change. They are quite sure I have not fulfilled included all some characters still, any that thinks roughly the and a game already mellowed was quite bad. In spite of that a big defect, there is enjoyed really this game. It weaves to have of diverse things to maintain you busy.
5 / 5
This the game of the moon of Harvest adds. I am not very a lot for DS the games but I have taken quite hooked is. Had probably more options in this game then has not seen never in any of a series. While ossia the bit to overwhelm for the moment, having all these new authorships was amused and maintained touching. It is resembled the majority of games of Moon of the Harvest; that directs the ranch/of parco, doing partner with villagers, potentially marrying an of a bachelors/bachlorettes and that begins the family, fixing on your place and a city, and also mediating in chance of city and opposition. A game comprises the pocola maquinal new that comprises, doing your own cloths of scratch, swimming, harvests and new livestock, and a imposición of new trade. There is also new naves to build to do the new elements that comprises one ceramic barn, sewing studio, and winery. Ossia The for real amused Harvest game of Moon and there is LOAD to do. This game possibly could be too much for the player he young plus as it can be has bitten to confuse and chair of frames like your just flooding in of the things to do except is still the delivery really adds and to plot of fun to touch around with calm once take a hangs of him.
4 / 5
Like this it touches the plot. I pre-ordered it(which there is so only does never partorisca an another game.) I have looked youtube video of any that touches a Japanese version to the equal that have known to bear expect with a tutorial which is excessive but no in a same way that turned out of 'A New Start'. A bachelors and the people of cities are very better east times around and gradually have fallen enamoured with him. Any like him To Him a fact that yours houses is like this far out of a city and I really pardon a mining appearance of a game that is reason are by train of the give the four. In another hand. It is quite thorough with having a main character be able to create quite everything in his park. In general strongly it recommends this game on is predecessor .
4 / 5
Has been the player of soyoon of Harvest' games for the long time. Ossia True to a gender while adding the characteristic has amused additional and streamlining some processes (the elements of census can be 'hot keyed' for the easy access and you water the 3 x 3 plot with an action in place of 9). They are sad that has to that commit to the person to see his chances of heart. I can think that that any one is 'the' the May then @damage is not when they take to the level of the main heart. You can break up with them, but a process is very intense and the heavy work.
4 / 5
This game is incredibly immersive. You are pulled so only in. I will say this, is not partorisca to that the does not like him the repetition. It can be tedious in time but yes is OCD taste and have the 'gotta taking in all' the mentality, of these works of game. It is game of random game that can choose you on, dipped the down for awhile and then gone back. When they Are stressed I touches this game and imagine that it would be to like if my life was like this simple like this. Any to be adds to win a woman/of man of your sleeps so only to give them presents each one another day and that speaks with them for bit it? lol.
4 / 5
Play very pleasant. It was hesitant in choosing it up but I , has plots more customising the elements and is generally one same like any one another HM game. Although it feels the few coffins has compared to a last title.. A bachelor the scenes of yard are also quite bland if those are yours extracted big.
5 / 5
This game is waaaayyy better that any one another game before.
As the old gamecube a? Well take touched of of him because ossia a one will love after this description.
In the first place, customization. Ossia Very calm can customise your character to like this like him. Hair, clothes, colour of skin and eyes, the calm hell even can change your name if it does not like!
Afterwards is an agriculture where can plant you, water, and collected in 9 (3x3) This does things so easier where first of calm he one for one.
Very Last what first of this description takes too long,
A bachelors and bachelorette is everything adds and beautiful, and any calm choose you will want to partorisca always without remorses!
4 / 5
Is a awesome game... Reason any 5stars? The players of the simple USA can so only multiplayer with players of EUA retards it a progress to find on-line people to help and trade with and can look bit it dulcemente on fulfilling another, but this can change yes more than some the USA purchase it and multiplayer. They are sad to not being able to touch with another of all the regions.
5 / 5
This Moon of Harvest (to all the cost to title all knows that it is SoS) was an interesting start of a typical experience. To the good sure launches calm to a deep end of an a lot of start, although I appreciate this like the veteran so that I touch for more than the year or two. A mechanic to sell to require to expect for traders to come the city to sell delay one a lot for the moment, but calm once take three or four in the city does not affect your capacity to win money too much. Considering history and villagers, has had another that there is enjoyed more (sees down) but have his charms. If has of the money and he 3DS (and has has purchased already A New Start), would recommend this game.
P.D. For reference, my preferred HM the games are Animal of Parade , More Fellow That City Minérale, and A New Start.
4 / 5
Like the defender of Moon of the Harvest, thinks that ossia the solid addition to a series. Still although it is renamed History of Seasons been due to subjects of copyrights, still thinks is the game adds . It likes a Bachelor/bachlorette of the elections more is one that in 'A New Start'. An agriculture has improved. There is some quirks concealed annoy me as no in that has the cube of nave or that it has to compete for fields of sure park. It was the little spoiled for Rune Factory 4 which has more characterisation and storytelling like this sense likes History of Seasons not having enough of him . This in spite of, taking the account that this game is more roughly that boxes that relate anyways, think you wont be disappointed for all a new material has comprised to till.
5 / 5
Based on all some poor descriptions the plot of a more recent Harvest the titles of Moon have received, has decided to try this, and... It is well. History of Seasons' the main question is that a course of the history of a title is that it is being missing of. A core gameplay is easy to take to and quite fun, is bogged down for decisions maquinales stupid and of the boring characters.

Well... Well, it is not that the characters are boring, is that so only take the teeny-the tiny quantity of dialogue maintains regurgitating daily, on and on, until launchings quite a lot of presents in them to take the NEW piece of the dialogue and a whole cycle repeats. Although you are giving any one his present favourite, takes the RIDICULOUS quantity of them to do a lot of progress, and with a lack of any real variable dialogue, feels like this cries it. There it is in INTERESTING CHARACTERS here, but a sheer the quantity of repetition has to that give support to do a lot of progress with any of them is baffling. With which so only the few weeks, a city feels less animate, and more than forest. Having stirs it of the smallest chances small to assist among townsfolk to all the cost of condition and random pieces of dialogue the rotate by means of would have gone the long way to relieve this to try smaller in the part of a crew.

Some of a gameplay the annoyances comprise but has not limited to:
- Reason so only can visit the festival is mediating ? You can very so only go and socialize likes all some another the one who is not entering the cows that/the cook feeds/anything?
- A third of several crafting elements. Registers! The main register! Twigs! DARK FOREST! It is ridiculous and does not add any depth to a game, so only cushions a period of him.
- Some competitions of field. Like this on, these so only are annoying, any entertainment, and the way to force you to grind even more the unlock more harvestables in the way that is not amused.
- Chopping Or breaking down the rocks and the big trees is tedious was with upgrades and requires far too endeavour.

And to balance the things was, some good points:
+ Some days are good and long. Calm does not have to that stress that it rushes by means of everything to find time to do work of parco And habladuría the people. Calm mostly run out of stamina before you time for the longitude, long while.
+ A UI is both ugly but weirdly very functional. When being able to favourites of concrete elements to instrument in a fly (likes any one is favourite presents ) calm leave fast access to some precise elements one the majority of, while a way the different elements are ordered to the different categories in your calm census mean you can easily toe by means of them more than scrolling by means of the long cast to find that it loves.
+ Has an enormous variety of ways to win money outrage simply tilling collected. You can find elements everywhere to sell, which helps the players take the leg on prompt in a game.
+ Some characters are pleasant and interesting. Too bad has to that do like this last to see anything of them.
5 / 5
LOVR THIS GAME!! Like this pleasant lost to do are on 3 years but of the still plots to do have married me so only a thing has the question with this that is husband or is the woman any calm help with is parco and and calm does not take there parco or tent.. Or money.. And you have to that paid for a pair ..😒 And ossia well .. The only toil saves money so only to take any help of you is partner but thats fresco still the game adds 😁
4 / 5
The moon of harvest is the game adds any @@subject that title compraventa. I want that there it is different tasks and to the equal that can do dresses, grows multiple harvests and win different oppositions.
5 / 5
A container has shipped punctually which is always well. It looks he the compulsory tutorial which can annoy some people but always likes them to of me because each game of the moon of the harvest is the little different. And no tutorial can be like this bad like tutorial of Moon of Harvest ANB. There are two different difficulties partorisca a game, a partorisca veteran players and a partorisca people those who love the random experience. A character customization looks really well good variety of hair and colours of eye. A box of name is quite small unfortunately.
4 / 5
Master, is add, an only downside is that it does not feel to like has so many zones/of character/of highland forest like some older games. They like him explore some mountains for resources. Some zones go has resorted of course, but is all very developed. On everything is the game adds this in spite of and would recommend has loved some games of Moon of old Harvest.

( Has dipped 60 hours to the suns saves file at the same time to write this)
5 / 5
are really enjoying this game! Memory of a game of moon of old harvest that has used to touch in ps1 or ps2, can not agree. A competition for spatial of the field around a city is ordered, and wants to collect some materials of edifice and bugs and fish. I have not tried a system of cookery quite still. An only thing are not the big defender of of the one of the east a estaca commercial - but still am taking used his.
4 / 5
This game is really awesome. I touch this game one the majority of in my DS. It is a better out of everything of a Harvestmoon/History of games of seasons like this far. Included better that Trio of City.
4 / 5
If yours the defender of a the rune serious of factory that this game is well for you. He enough a same thing minus some zones of dungeon of the monster. In general a game is a lot of entertaining it this in spite of can take the little repetitive but when has the game of agriculture any one has had the sure level of repetitiveness. A solid game in general.
5 / 5
Is the really fun game , although no like this animated like his predecessors. It loses the plot that titles of mark of Moon to Collect older that feel like this charming. This be has said, is still an extremely charming game with abundance to do and some mechanics of agriculture adds. An available bachelors and bachelorette is not a better of a series, but have fun and only personalities this in spite of that that can involve you with. To good sure give it the shot yes calm interests!
5 / 5
Are happy a series of Moon of the continuous Harvest! The history of Seasons amenas to the long that all want to: the gardening and that helps the community. A map is very done and spend an extra discharge of customization. A thing that mark this game the little difficult, is some countries of nave in place of a box of nave.
5 / 5
The element has arrived like this expected in perfect condition. Regarding a game he, loves it. If you are the defender of Moon of Harvest (especially A New Start and the earliest games), will love it too much!
4 / 5
Having Like this the entertainment that this of touches. I want to Rune manufactures it and ossia one same without some monsters. :)
5 / 5
I have been really all is gone in this game. I will admit, it was bondadoso to expect would add more to a socializing and to to the interactions likes them-has done him in TOT, but has fixed the plot of questions some leading games have had. Calm included can customise the characteristic of your character while it wants to! It would give it the 4 in the half stars could , but well are giving to 5 indication of star.
4 / 5
Tin a lot included begin to say that I amour this game. I want to Xseed and these collecting type of the games where maintain your own park. This one is officially one of mine favourite is a lot up there with Rune Factory 4. It is not ridiculously difficult to touch and can comprise a system quite quickly. It is also very pleasant.
4 / 5
Adorable. Very improved of some games some old plus. More than the storyline and much easier to touch. Some harvests can be collected 9 in the time which is the saver of enormous time . You can also fertilize and have 9 something the time without requiring the upgrade yours tools. It likes that I do not owe that go to undermine on past in of the ache in a mine of butt likes in of the oldest games.
Good selection of bachelors. It concealed it is not exactly common for this series, this in spite of masters a type to ask you to marry more than another way around, be ready to expect FOR EVER although calm gives his present favourite each day only. It expects it to take at least the year to marry . A rest of your park will be very developed for then.

Considers pair a game of final. Once they are there, I have won. Very satisfied with this title. It would buy it again it has lost them my copy.
4 / 5
Launches the PLOT in calm in a 1st month of a game, almost turn me out of the touch... Felizmente Am determined slightly
4 / 5
Really fun! They are still very deep to a game still, how is the bit to frustrate no in that has ship the a game is still entertainment ! They are on Be first year that mediates has not taken to some good part of a game (which all my friends are by train to say me) as down waiting for to touch the plus!
4 / 5
Partidário Of moon of harvest of entity . Excavation this a personally. A lot of new things , excited to maintain touching . It gives the graces for a game! It is gone in lovely condition (:
4 / 5
Included although I recieved the sooner that has expected, a cartridge has not done. In. Everything. I thought it you can have been console of mine so only, purchased it again 2nd concealed so that far it has done it with each another game, but after trying he with friend' console and a lot recieving an answered, have of then so only has not done. Perhaps it had been managed without priest for some workers, perhaps was a miserable a, but has not done and side me money, as I am a lot of dissapointed and disturb roughly that.
4 / 5
Like this had the plot of confusion with this launch game- has lost some the USA local title of soyoon of Harvest' but is created still for more-or-less, some same people. A company that possesses a title soyoon of Harvest' is Natusme, and has launched his possesses HM the game called 'HM: A Stray Valley' and if you have not seen a screenshots, or read some visas- accidents says, he a lot of sake.

Basically XSEED (one stirs of Wonderful Entertainment is) cut of Natsume reason have loved to publish a game they. They have had all some resources and know-all for the , and Natsume had been giving Wonderful assistance with editor but that the assistance was already he has not required. Afterall, XSEED also possesses runescape- sure versions at least.

But for basic reference, a soyoon of Harvest' headline all know and the amour now will be diplomado tory of Seasons'.

Was very excited to see the new 'HM/SS' the game exited (one with good-looking bachelors- which is hard to spend for).

A map of this game is not anything special. Like this spent HM the games are doable but to good sure quality very big ie a lot of acute corners and pixely images. It is not horrible, or bad, so only meh. In 3D some looks of game well, but once again does not expect anything spectacular. If you sweet-something he properly, looks like this has to that- 3D.

So only has begun so only touch this game but already likes to of me :) it is quell'has bitten troublesome to spend for a 7 formation of phase of day (that Has to that do) but has learnt to plot of him, and the looks to the equal that have changed his methods of typical agriculture so that careers by means of a tutorial has not been the bad thing.
A bachelors is to the most pleasant plot in a game that calms can think. At the beginning it looked in a SOS bachelor the poster and I has not been impressed. But his personalities during gameplay, chair, resonate and really are diggin' roughly of some characters.

This one still is driving me the few dice. In past HM games (like HM: A New Start) a music is uplifting and catchy and fun- with pertinent pauses here and there. A music in this one drive crazy- but concealed can be easily fixed for simply turning down a volume the little.

HM: the mapea of A New Start angered with like this some leaves of clock have blocked always of a map- I so that it follows happy this is to be fix. This in spite of, a map (likes a lot another HM games) still is confusing when calm in the first place is learning. It can look long and complicated, but at all too bad. So only it takes some time to learn- and ossia the one who this game is roughly- patience.

In general:
can not say a lot still in general, but joy this game like this far. Some brilliants of plains see launch me to knots for the bit, and a music takes old IMO quite fast- but looks the solid game :)
5 / 5
is Coming the new mark still in plastic has come also with both uses and Canadian booklets ♡
5 / 5
Ossia Such the fun game . Some animals are just darling. It Entertainment is partorisca pursue a cow escaped the one who decides that it is angry and wants to hunt . A calm more touch it one calms more sales of harvest and tins and all a more some advances of game. It can be addicting touch the too long, LOL
4 / 5
This game are to ADD like this far. They are by train of the love Way more than Moon to Collect the New start so much of right now. The part of him could be because I so only tired of him but any subject. I love a outfits and creations of some characters the plot. Fritz Is my preferred villager 💜
4 / 5
there is at present 60 hours logged to this game. Absolutely I love it. A bit rocky a start, but volume spent the and taking addicting. If you have loved other games of Moon of the Harvest, will want to this. Arrived here quickly, also!
4 / 5
This game is absolutely fantastic! If have has touched games of Moon to Collect it(especially A New Start) calm to good sure will be ready to touch this game as has some same concepts! Of course, this is not the game of Moon of the Harvest but there is a lot, a lot of alike shots. There is a lot of better that the desire has been comprised in other games that has touched in a series of the moon of the Harvest eats:

1.) You can move while tilling earth, watering plants, launching seeds, brushing your animals, etc.!
2.) When you Collect your product, calm a lot he one-for-an in this game, everything is chosen on immediately and place to the box that you so only choose up.
3.) Spears fertilizante in general weaves immediately so that it does not have to that painstakingly take some times to walk to the each alone plant has and apply fertilizante.

A game also has two settings of difficulty, a normal setting and the difficulty have appointed: eseedling,' that leave you the so only enjoy a game and the take easy.

Some characters are all a lot so only with some crazy personalities, which is the plus ! A fashion of the art of this game is also really pleasant to look in, this in spite of, a camera of a game is the little that annoying of then is always in calm in the light corner. You can zoom in and has gone with a d-tampon but a corner never transmissions.

Like it has said in a title, some starts of game was dulcemente. One first week of a game is that it spends for formation but calm felizmente can accelerate by means of a dialogue to press a 'x' key! A city in this game is huuuuuge and takes the little has bitten to take used to that it has to it run around in this game, especially yes calm --like me, has chosen this on reason are the defender of Moon of Harvest-like this of the games. Also, there is even more describes that it can access you in a game to grow sure things but there is something in a game called 'A Guild' and basically control everything in a city! Like this calm more grows like the farmer in a game, a calm more can do!

A game also has the character adds customization! Calm also can change these settings in any point in a game that use a cupboard in your house.

All-in-all, love this game and I can not expect the pre-order tory of Seasons: Trio of City!' :D
4 / 5
absolutely loves that. His like this different other games of life of the farmer this in spite of like this very true to that I amour to touch.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed A New Start, goes to want to then History of Seasons.

History of Seasons (the Moon/to Collect some new game) improvement to A New Start in almost each respect, while still suffering some idiosyncrasies bobas. Some take of the game was with the a lot of similarly time a lot tutorial/intro that had almost that it wants to dip a game down, but has suffered once by means of some explanations (more geared to these unfamiliar with some serious), will jump legislation to a brilliantly crafted muck and looks of a better park he has not done never.

Beginning your life in a park is far easier that never first. Introductory tools (like one beats to water) waters a whole zone for simply that resists a one key, doing the simple things, this in spite of like this requiring work and expending your sprightly character stamina and health. As you progress and grow your house, will take first yours cow, horse, etc., And really begin to enter life like the farmer that directs your daily tasks and time.

Like A New Start, can elements of work for your house and parco, modification some zones, and like this on and he like this advance. This time around, has a zone of integer of estaca commercial where traders other countries come to sell sakes of specialitys and buy your sakes (for immediate payment, more than falling is gone in the box of nave). It is the addition adds the leading entrances and really shook on a series to the equal that progress, when being able to dip on your own tent down a street.

The outrage concealed, the history of Seasons remains some to his roots. You can grow the family, friends of mark for gifting elements, develop your park without restriction, and explore new zones and obtain harvests and special elements. Raffinage Some things, but that remains true to his roots (HM), the history of Seasons is a better park he game to-date, while when being accessible to these unfamiliar with some serious also.
4 / 5
Having The question that takes his. A bit more complicated that would recommend for a intro to a franchise, which is that it was for me.
4 / 5
Rival RF4 in of the terms of addictiveness. A start is dulcemente, but a lot almost like this slow likes soyoon of Harvest: A New Start,' and some characters are much more three-dimensional. An option to touch in normal or eseedling' the way is also the new touch add so that they do not want also of the challenge but something more relaxing.
5 / 5
Is one 3 DS game of the moon of the Harvest had been moment to. A lot of entertainment, decent history and add it relaunch for History of Seasons. Five stars because this game has the plot of replay-capacity and can resist an attention has turned for the long time.

Top Customer Reviews: Lord of Magna: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 35 ratings
4 / 5
This was the surprisingly difficult game , and partorisca be sincere, has not beaten a final boss, has maintained partorisca try and finally finalising has frustrated also.

That when be said, is the pleasant game , but a plot is the bit of the piece and there is mainly partorisca justify a harem setup of a game. I found disinterested in time, and was so only mashing keys partorisca take by means of a dialogue so that it could go in to a next battle or challenge.

Has touched the good 40-some hours and founds to amuse the but is not a class of game that would consider in my cup 10 or has included my cup 25 games, for example.
5 / 5
If you are the SRPG is, take this game...
The seguace is Drives of Beginners to Ladies of Big Maiden Heaven
has found A lot of Wiki is, Walk throughs, or a lot any help anything concealed has been included slightly useful...
Does not take Frustrated of these notes or when you are touching, is the experience partorisca learn , and one that in fact enjoys the plot !!!
Ossia The Strategy /the Tactical function that Play of Touches (SRPG/TRPG)
First First Things:
Grieves partorisca have a capacity to movement the transmissions of option of the pair.
1. System “partorisca touch” in an inferior screen
2. Options “partorisca touch” in an inferior screen
3. It marks some following transmissions:
one. “Speed of message” to “Fast”
b. “Commanded partorisca battle” to “the memory Was” - Any Idea The one who This is Partorisca or does ???
c. “Level of enemy” to “the Down Easy way (Can be changed any time in a game)
d. “F. Fwd” To “On” - Leave Skipping Scenes of Yard partorisca press a Right Bumper
4. Press “B” Tecla partorisca go back a screen
5. The touch “Saves” partorisca save your game
6. It goes back to a game
Battles (Free Roaming inside the Circle of Movement):
Yours crew can so only movement inside his Circle.
The difference of any one another game of this type your movement inside this circle can be blocked for your members of own crew, enemies, and terrain also.
• For this have to that be more careful when choosing crew/to plant of character.
So only likes besides turned has has based games your tower is based on agilities/accelerates as usually it augments when levelling up.
• For this could move one or more characters, and an enemy one same. Importing to agree this !!!
Bowling Partorisca Amused !!! hahaha
• Always “aim” in the aim in such the way to the equal that to the strike was like the a lot of troops in one blow like this possible
• Likes line until launching the bowling goes, when killing an or more the troops will attack behind and when paste other troops that kills or breaking in a process
• calm 10 troops in a paste, takings the “second” movement … I Totally Adds !!!
A game will aim “System” in an inferior screen, which calm to leave you partorisca Save your game in that then.
In the battle has the “Quickly Save” to press a Key/partorisca Begin of the Pause.
• A sad informative is that be “any one” saves in of the places of entities, likes before big battles…
And that it is included worse, after the battle a game often will go to “another” battle, and perhaps more, with “any one” saves at all !!! A lot, very bad same in Easy Way !!!
• A good informative is having a capacity to Skip Advances partorisca press a Right Bumper.
Like this he wishes the replay a whole thing or given and has to that it initiates in of the this are adds !!!
Amur !!! hahaha
Have occasions to woo yours daughters…
Essentially that speaks to them, spending them the city and the battles, etc.
partorisca do is can take you the Heart with one of your daughters.
Wants to try to collect 3 Hearts for Daughter, but can not be done in some touches By means of, ergo Multiple Game Throughs, Multiple Finals, and learning “more” in the each Daughter.
Also obtain special forces when wooing your babes !!! hahaha
A question/of @@subject:
While lame free time “”, this would be among history and of the battles, walk around and habladuría by all the world.
• Agrees to speak multiple time to a same person, reason will say you more or ???
Always save after speaking to the each daughter…
• An ache, yes, but in this way can restart and habladuría of more in chance a “chance” arrives” with a daughter or another !!!
• In this way can more easily do your elections as to that the woo when !!! hahaha
• Of course, can ignore a whole thing and leave the things go there merry way !!! hahaha
Easy to do, again among history and of the battles of history.
Likes more RPG is your level will augment in the battles have based in your current level.
Like this struggles the battle looked on and in a quantity to experience obtained finally will be reduced to 1.
Like the progress of game takes more put to do battles in, which is adds !!!
I usually battles in a something still until a quantity to experience obtained is quite down, likes 1 !!! hahaha
Notes of entities:
• Calm Only experience of profit when killing some Leaders, Big Monsters, and other things like Generators.
I leaders and I Generators always have a capacity to create more enemy of variable types…
So many can wish concentrate your endeavours in a Leader or Generator if at all possible.
Commentaries that is possible to try the always go after Generators before they create more troops or of the monsters.
• I generators have the number closely of “towers” before they create troops or of the monsters, thinks roughly 5 or 6 turns???
• While the leaders and I Monsters will regenerate randomly, but almost each tower or each one another turns
the Free battles are done to leave an Inn, looking in your elections, as to where to go, and having some entertainment.
• If “it do not wish” partorisca advance a history, be careful to the equal that to where has chosen (some time)…
An example of of the this is when a city is on fire, any taken to the city or a history will take on.
So only be a bit conscious that is going in in a history and save often !!!
does not take never the Sad… but true crew !!!
Can take Chip of Skill, which have any of and are half way by means of a game already ???
Does not have does this reason do not have any a lot of elements to create a lot anything???
Some Bounced of the fear of the Poison is the must for some fights of Boss approach an end
• Harm to Poison a lot over time
• the fear takes some skills, likes 1 swipe kills skill
4 / 5
has received this game like the present of anniversary, and absolutely loves that! A map is stunning, and a plot is bundled in mystery that is the piece has developed gradually for piece to the equal that progress by means of a history. All of some characters are so only and have different personalities to help a player connects with them and resupply interesting interactions among an another. Besides. A fashion the fight is looked when dominating effect, but requires strategic analysis for bosses of levels beaten and insurances. In general, this game envelopes an intriguing history that are having an abundance of the joy that discovers. If taken this game , attended that has like this entertainment to the equal that am having! :)
5 / 5
The game adds like -join you history of type of moon of line of harvest (tilling here is the thing lateralmente small tho) and more traditional jrpg gameplay and characters. An engine of battle is so only in the good way that leaves partorisca srpg gameplay. A lot relaxing, beautiful game to touch-just maintain in the history of alcohol is centred in living in an inn and going is gone in of the tasks/of investigations. I think that that it deserves better descriptions.
4 / 5
Good game. It is maquinal of the game is one that has not tried never first that. It is like the rpg and the bowling the game with arms has gone to a. If it likes you strategies play and likes to see the one who the enemies can destroy/the wound in one has shot then ossia your game .
4 / 5
Has received this game yesterday and there is enjoyed touching it like this far. Taken a function of Innkeeper that does the living selling Glasses to the city that is used like a source of energy. It has done the promise to his father to always take cure of an Inn and treat some guests as they are familiarised. A day an Earthquake spends and finds the mysterious daughter in the crystal the one who saves monsters and goes of there that with a history how has been I adds like this far as they do not give was also the time like the fact wants to maintain touching to discover that it is going in. Some battles are interesting like this of the monsters each have the 'leader' that can summon it soldato mobs that struggles with them.. So only killing some leaders give experience to the equal that can go directly for them and ignore some monsters some desire of small plus . This in spite of, the plot of battles has esub missions' that calm reward with extra elements in example a battle sub the mission can have kill all some monsters in a field. Each person takes the turn and can move the row limited and each characters have rows of different attack and also have different skills with rows of different attack (has touched disgaea a battle is A lot LOOKED his excepts that a movement and the attack is not the grille based). Each turn obtains a AP (the point of action creates) and can attack, guard, use the special skill (sometimes requires more AP like 2 or 3) or can finalise your tower and store a AP to use better skills. Some controls law well although I found sometimes taking my characters stuck and roadblocking mine other characters so many has to that be careful likes movement in a battlefield especially in of the smallest zones. When calm is not battling you can enjoy a history and chance of view with some heroes that unlock more described and do your characters your strong plus. Calm also can do free battles to leave an Inn for your account concealed is not the part of a history to practise that it struggles and also to level on your characters. I try any to go to too many details in the description and so only explain reason like a game. In general, I think that has the history adds some battles are quite easy to learn and choose on on like this IMO is the very fun game and recommend it to any to this likes RPGs or yes is again the RPGs.
5 / 5
This feels like a prompt RPG for a system, a map is primitive for the 3DS and some movements in cutscenes is jerky. This be has said, a game is amused. While there is to good sure way too much history among segments of fight, a fight is unusual and entertainment. It is turn has based, but touches looked Researches it 64 where movement inside a radio of the circle and your attacks have the concrete zone to effect
5 / 5
To good sure the only game. A mix of old school and new school RPGs
4 / 5
there is ENJOYED really a game and system of only battle and for those down gradeing a game has them a calm question in fact researches a first game to buy or has bought so only a game that thinks sound like rune factory so only for an image of chance means them really gone in
4 / 5
Quite meso tactical RPG. Blandish storyline But with mechanics of interesting fight. One the majority of fun part is a development of report of main characters, but sadly is developed enough like this he Rune Factory 4 for example.

Simple, easy, and fun game to satisfy your jrpg need.
4 / 5
A game is well. Only peeve is that it calms can not change a voice acting tongue. C soyen types, his 2015, this kinda the thing would owe that be regulate.

Remarks lateralmente; please no my deception and pre-games of order of amazon. Take your pre-order to a retailer of real game. In this way it does not take 2 weeks after a date of emission to in fact take your game.
5 / 5
Loves this game a line of history is upper of a line and his own has had to that compare this to another game is that grandia II OWN HISTORY line and own struggling entirely done for a game a fashion to the fight is not a better and takes way to long in of the battles or ask me but still taste causes his belonging to this game and a lot another. For people that amour rpgs partorisca there the history lines this game is the must of mine . One some that so only love the action has based rpgs for one struggling this is not a game for or
5 / 5
Entertainment and easy battles, the animation and the illustrations add,that history of interest, could not ask more. If yours the random gamer ossia the rpgs or animate then would give this game he compraventa.
4 / 5
Has seen of then this has asked several places, this is not the Rune game of Factory, and is not even the spiritual successor'. It is the strategy RPG with the bit of harem. I guess a better comparison would be with to the to something likes him the emblem of of the awake fire.

A game is strongly history driven, and concealed the fact the slow game. There are tonnes and of the tonnes of dialogues owe that it does thru. Diverse among just that loves trace with a game to forcing I to retard down and read a history. This slow step is an only reason gives 4 stars in place of 5. In fact it would give 4.5, but of then we can any to mesos-things of star....

Is also the very linear game. It is not an open-the world-wide game where can go you was paralizaciones to explore like this desire. You will be taken of main chance at random main, but there are investigations lateralmente to help break a step. Some investigations lateralmente also take place in of the fixed locations and look to be unlocked based in leading chance. If you want a bit still mats crafting or perhaps the bit to grind, guesses a side-the investigations would be it.

Some illustrations and the music are very good. There are options inside a game to see several chances of heart and still images of points keys. A copy has taken has a OST; any sure has the different editions or everything will come with a OST, but of a music is well, would do sure of east likes of collects this class of things. An art is class of mixed that sees in a world-wide-dressed (chibi fashionable characters) versus when the portraits of character burst up during dialogue, which are in to level them animate ways.

The fight has gone back -based but has taken the bit to take used to, mostly so only reason is the different fashion that am used usually to. Any so much a turn-the system has based, but a AOE (zone of effect) fashionable attacks. All your attacks are the type of AOE and the first volume has based in those enemies can attack is gone in some turns. Although has the alone enemy targetted, if it attack it behind to the group of enemies, can take out of additional units, which also adds up. The exposures and the attacks of help of the controls to aim to take some the majority of swipes.

A game launches enormous numbers of enemies in you, usually in of the groups that looks of rubbish mobs with second looks a HP and the 'generator' that repeatedly respawn his committed, as it takes him was first. There are other bosses and of the mini-bosses, and will vary. It felt emotionally overwhelmed during a particular chance because of a number of enemies. Even has finalised to lose my whole party but I was able to restart without any consequence to look.

Has the StreetPass function, but has had of a game less than 24 hours (and there is roughly 6 hours have touched like this far), has there is not running really to any still. It looks to be mostly some class to the box where you pode material of harvest.

Another that these things, does not want to write the enormous description. A game has a typical RPG elements, as upgrading the skills and one likes him. There it looks to be multiple final that can you unlock according to your reports with some other daughters, but like any one another harem, no really soyarry' or 'date' an of them (at least a lot that has seen like this far). I am enjoying a game like this far, and is been a first game to be able of rasgarme out of SoS of SoS has been released...
5 / 5
A game adds to touch with the good storyline. A game is gone in condition adds and has arrived the few early days.
4 / 5
In mine -25 years partorisca experience play it of touches, ossia a worse game has not touched never all a way by means of. I have touched mainly this while captive to the along-haul trains and international flights where any alternative was available.

Would recommend this like an introductory RPG partorisca boys very young, has gone any partorisca one inexplicably the scene of adult has oriented roughly 75 by means of this game that me question an indication of adolescent (a still image and a video that objective each one aiming fully nude organism without genitals/the nipples have drawn, and a video also comprises heart groping.)

A fight in this game involves dulcemente whittling is gone in the health of an enemy (in of the early battles, an enemy takes 1-4 turns partorisca yours full party partorisca kill in normal difficulties. In of the battles last, some enemies take 5-20 has turned each one that that.) A compulsory main character is typically the healer/support, and some daughters (until three in your party, when available) mainly hurt. The wave to cure of your main character is extremely powerful, and negates a casualidad partorisca die in any normal meeting ( has the few bosses that pode a-the paste kills how is an only source of difficulty in a whole game.) A gameplay is looked to turn older-games of the tactic/of strategy has based, so only a big proportion of HP partorisca break and limitless the cure deletes a 'each turn imports' feel games (Emblem of Fire, FF Tactical, Hearts of Vandal.) In short, each battle results the slog.

Some characters in this look of game as if they would be interesting, but in spite of a period of dialogue, there is simply very a lot of development of history in a game (collects some daughters - struggle a big bad - game on) and like this too few occasions are given partorisca development of character. A remedy has failed partorisca cure this was 'chance of heart' - three available a-on-some scenes among a main character and a daughter of election. Unfortunately, the majority of these scenes regurgitate some same a-liners used for a main history 'thinks that can the to us !' And a lot in fact direct any underlying emotions and/or thought among some characters. A 'connection' developed also a lot of resurface in any way by means of any future interactions or a main history (external of chance of subsequent heart.) Besides, in the middle of some daughters can very included obtain his third chance of scene of heart in a playthrough, the fact that is not never has explained.

Exceptionally The good character has illustrated portraits
Voice acting Quality typical of another Yoshifumi Hashimoto games (scarce, but good)
the personalities of Character are diverse

the dialogue is (predictably) saccharin, but also extremely repetitive, childish, and long-winded
the system of Fight is boring, dulcemente, and repetitive
Difficulty scaling so only affects enemy HP, meaning the fights simply take far longer but offer any additional challenge averts of player endurance
Late-the characters of game have tongue very small and require multiple game-throughs to see his third (of three) individual scenes
to the plot and the villains are lackluster and nonsensical. Enigma Has created for a sake of enigma, without emotional connection to develops.
In-creation of enemy of the game of extremely low quality and variety
Variety and scarcity of elements+of money and fix 'announced unpredictable surrender a 'crafting' fixes almost unusable
4 / 5
there is enjoyed a gameplay and an only transfer in the battles that is done by means of bowling maquinal! This in spite of a storyline and report among some daughters and a main type have had to special animates level of creepiness to them concealed there is ruined a game for me. Some fairies are so only able of living being by means of being enamoured with a main type, and when he 'touches his hearts' stun with feeling and explode the white light... And ossia like you upgrade him. Any thank you.
4 / 5
Has found this game to be the way adds partorisca relax and has amused. A 'bowling' method to take out of the enemies were amused really - I has loved some effects of the his of them bursting into the pink crystals and was the fun challenge to imagine out of some better ways to take was like a lot of enemies like possible in a has paste. The desire there was more games with this class of mechanic. Ossia A real selling point of a game of mine and reason highly recommends this game. It is so only like this entertainment to the down possessed bowl maquinal teddy-bear. It is also so only quite difficult to be defiant and can go back to fights easier that grind and level on when you achieve an enemy ossia more powerful. Have enjoyed also that when turns and redo any battle there is more than an enemy has struggled there and other besides feeble groups some calm so much has to that change your strategy the bit - although zones of the battle of the boss has a totally substituted boss with hoards different enemies. A variety of attacks among some different Maidens also changed on battles as changing an or two of them for another, or that goes partorisca battle with less than a party has left, the different challenges have created in the aim.

A music was wonderful and am like this happy a soundtrack has been comprised. An animation was absolutely charming. Both a bobbing 3D sprites during gameplay and cutscenes and some characters have drawn that has on burst for the dialogue was pleasant and fun creations . Some the half half was quite also with abundance of detail - some characters felt likes has belonged there as it situated him around to take out of demonic penguins. A voice that read them was quite well, and some sentences would say when you have moved/attacked has not taken never grating mine a way any one beat of games.

Does not want to scare any out of this game (reason is the pleasant game , has amused that it is to good sure value the playthrough), but also has some serious defects. At all it was actively BAD roughly mine, but there is the few things that the frames feels unpolished. Another modification for the few things and the pocolos adicións/the simple additions would have elevated it to plot. Had grieves any plot to speak of and while a game there has been a obligatory JRPG glasses, his no really anything with them. In a start some take of the history was with a main character that goes to the grotto to collect glasses (concealed does not take never for reasons), then so only mentions them of any afterwards. You take glasses to kill enemies, but the desire there was some class of minor to take them or included so only negotiate it partorisca trade them in for elements in place of just 'crafting' elements. Also it would have liked him be able of gone anywhere but a hotel when it is not gone in of the battles - I has loved really explore some the half pleasant means. Included so only having a next city and is the available residents would have been adds.

Some scenes of yard were my main grip : like this frequent and like this long that are to good sure happy has comprised the key of before quickly as I do not owe that annoy with them on replays. How it was, I have required to use a key of fast advance each one cutscene reason a pacing of a dialogue is horrible. A conversation that would owe two minutes could take 5-10 reasons among almost each sentence of the bit of the each character of dialogue would seat in place (sometimes with the reaction like a point of exclamation in his bosses) for an awkwardly long time. Paste a fast-the calm advances that take by means of these pauses well quite this in spite of.

This in spite of, in spite of the negative critiques had listened has tried still this game and I am very happy has done. I have had the time adds that it touches this game.

Cut-short version: if it love the pleasant, the strategy down touches key to have entertainment with for the little while and does not import the little harmless defects in history/pacing; ossia a game for you. If you are looking for the hardcore JRPG or the sophisticated plot with involved strategic gameplay this is not a game for you.
5 / 5
This has to that be a game I BETTER there is never has touched. It is in fantasy RPG game where battles these ' fiends '. A line of the history of this game has surprised. You owe that find everything of some daughters and for them to take there memories behind. I love a concept. An art of a game and the dialogue was so only spectacular. Highly recommend this game!
5 / 5
This game is the must buys for all rpg lovers. An only reason gave it to four star is reason a history is alittle slow and can take quite bored in time but that so only can any a game to complete fails. Has the wonderful and graphic soundtrack beautiful with adorable chibi characters and more than all a battle gameplay is astonishingly refreshing! Amado a concept of the fashionable tower of the tactic has based bowling fights. The must adds to 3DS collection :)
5 / 5
First what that need to be established is that this is not the Rune game of Factory in any way. It is done by some same people but is the different IP. Ossia The strategy RPG in a way of Disgaea and Emblem to Shoot the so only bit it more liberty with your movement.

Starts of history as you when being an owner of inn that tries to maintain a place afloat. You are for incumplimiento the character viril. There is any election of the gender is. Other members of your party are all the woman. This game has the romantic subplot with a main character that is able to take involved with any of some members of multiple female party but is not a main house of a history. While some of some daughters will take bit it jealous, the majority maintains the good friendship with a main character. There are multiple finals (one for each daughter) and whose final takings is based in some chances of heart fulfil during a history.

Gameplay Is very interesting. In planting to take place in the grille, has the circle of movement that creates the barrier for the movement but calm can move your character around in him freely and situate in any corner and any direction. Besides SRPGs can so only attacks an enemy the time but an aim of this game is the strategically situate your members of party his so that it can attack an enemy and send them bowling to another (enemies to attack to an another so that it can take multiple some were with some turned) This game can result very difficult as continuous in but have an option to choose your difficulty and can move it up and down without that has to that begin on. Missions of outrage of the history there is also free battle which can help you profit and act new skills.

Is in the a shortest side of a JRPG gender and taken roughly 20-25 hours (according to those tones and yes extra calm material) but is does not feel too short and of course has a replay value in some multiple finals. The calm new+ game leave partorisca retain skills and chances of the calm heart so much can go for another end with the different daughter. The voices are English baptises so only and has 3D support.
4 / 5
-Pleasant and beautiful map. A chibi character sprites' the facial expressions have changed based in a situation, and some portraits of character have had movement ( Portrait of Character that fixed his hair). Good video cutscenes. The colours were vibrant.
-Excellent, enjoyable soundtrack
-Likable characters
-Intriguing interactions , pleasant , sweet and plot
-there is a bit romance simulation but a lot anything really soyature' indication-wise except a scene of hot cradle. (A scene of hot cradle is a real mature content so only in my opinion. It chooses any to go in Admonishes 9 likes part of a plot to avert one the majority of mature part of a scene. A young plus that looks some frames a scene bit it creepy. Seriously.) I have been surprised that the scene was in a game of a eslationships' has little deep or soyature' (indication-wise).
-HAS new game+
-Short game (-20 hours or as); well for people that not having long. I remained on really late 2 nights in the row and has beaten a game. Although it is quite short, did not feel it was too short and was in general happy with a game. These 20 or so that the hours do not comprise additional playthroughs for other ends.

-No quite a lot of lines are voiced. There is not very a lot of voiced lines at all, although one baptises is quite decent. It is of the English-only voice, but so that they hate English baptises there is not quite voiced lines to nettle in my opinion.
-Video cutscenes not having subtitles (personal preference).
-Grinding In the free battles apresamiento also anxiety to level on until much later in a game.
-AP - That use for actions. You owe at all for the turn to win 1 AP to obtain enough for use of skill. Would have has has preferred having the quantity closely of MP concealed augmented with level.
-The new game+ so only leaves 2 characters' levels to spend on a prime minister playthrough
-has not looked to be any one instruments (armour, arms) to augment statistics. If it has had it it has not seen any one.
-Like this some revises in the places of game have mentioned, fulfils some last daughters bit it late to take to know them properly.
-Some appearances of a game any quite explained. It does not have expósito hot cradle until the few chapters in, and has not been conscious could buy you things before it battles when selecting characters. Crafting The system is not a better neither, more a commercial system.
-Understand 12 final boss has the movement that kills your characters instantly. They use that skill repeatedly after his HP is halfway gone. It has maintained that it has to that restart until I have discovered has had an element (boat of Fear) that the prendería to use skills. I break planned Boss. It would not have known if any take GameFaqs to the equal that to do and probably would not have beaten a game.
-Unnecessary and sudden difficulty increase finally two or three battles of boss in my opinion. It has not gone really necessary to grind a lot until cheek of final.
-When finalising bit it sudden, no quite closure at all. The ends do not differ at all and calm does not take the true end to beat he with each daughter. Any value replaying for the different end. Understand 13 (hard he) would have to that it is more be strong and a plot would have been very better.
-All 7 daughters are wise different personality but each storyline looks too alike (lack of confidence in X zone).
5 / 5
XSeed Does not cease never partorisca surprise me. This game is the must compraventa! One touches it the game is quite so only as follows the 'Valkyria Chronic' approximation. Although a history, like this Rune Factory, begins with some class of amnesia, a plot chooses on really quickly and really takes a gamer attention. Some illustrations is good-looking, and some soundtracks are surprising also. So only it wishes his was the option of Japanese voice in this game and he of perfect summer. In spite of, the east game deserves the resounding 5 star!
5 / 5
Really enjoyed this game! Has the awesome the history and the game of game adds. A map is not a better, but that didnt annoy me. There is more than tongue that struggling that he this class of as the visual novel or somthing. A an and what only I didnt likes in this game is that his too short!
5 / 5
Are the few hours to a game as of now, and there are a lot of appearances of this game enjoys, but another very so much. A history looks like this far to be a game of fantasy of norm of typical harem, but is charming in his own legislation. Some characters are so only, and for one the majority of part averts typical animate archetypes. A gameplay is simple and entertainment, although swimming concealed will do the pasting impression.

In general, sees this be of game one of these games to like simple culprit to enjoy interior a moment.
4 / 5
This was to good sure one the majority of boring game I never bought for DS. A history is terrible and slow, has tried taste have it really excepts so only could the no. has found that with which the pocolos capitulate a lot really respecto that spends to some characters.
4 / 5
A lot of plan a dimension rgp. They are happy has paid so only 10 buck of eshop sale.
4 / 5
Good game but -__- a voice that read for all charcters is horrible

dual audio always a better option but you wont find an option in this game
4 / 5
A lot then , was pumped enough thus game because they are the enormous Rune defender of Factory (inb4 this is not the Rune game of Factory, knows, did not expect it to be anything like Rune Factory neither). In all the chance, is the disappointment Of ENTITY . Like a dialogue is terrible, a system to struggle so only is annoying. It likes he does characteristic really a lot of to redeem to this game. Honradamente Are never be like this disappointed for the game. It has had like this a Rune personal of Factory that read in the, and ossia that has done? Seriously? It likes him to me I am really not saying that so only owe that Rune games of Factory, but ossia so only that bad. Really it does not recommend buying this, AT ALL.
4 / 5
My promise has touched this for 2 weeks directly, has not been if she included bathed to the equal that has to that be the good game
5 / 5
A 3DS need more service of defender SRPG are has taken. Have enjoyed a lot each one that like this of some histories lateralmente experience with some diverse heroes. Some West needs more games with harem-esque lines of history the liven things up.
5 / 5
Big game, with big history, loves me touch that, loves the the characters and the history of the game, excellent graficos and animacion.
4 / 5
One of the so many games JRPG that count to console, and with tan little diffusion, is a RPG highly recommended, more partorisca collect that like this simply touches game of must.
4 / 5
Spiel ist First. Witzig und Gut animiert. Natürlich sollte The man gives englischen Sprache mächtig heart, gives give ganze Spiel nur englisch animiert ist.
5 / 5
Good game. A lot of gain is the first game of attack for turns and strategy. And really it will help you with Emblem of type of the games of fire. Besides the history and the creation of characters is very a lot of fact, the animation is really good.

Top Customer Reviews: Return to ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 37 ratings
4 / 5
I took the moment partorisca take to this game. It was extremely tedious in a start. Some the random meetings were far too frecuentas until I fiddled around with some options and has changed one fulfilling that it dips to down. That, or will want to launch your DS by means of a room because it can not move five feet more without struggling. Also, it hangs on until takings 'powder of fairy' and can warp partorisca describe to describe, a whole ordeal less painful.

That all when be said, ossia to good sure any one my favourite game. It is sugary sweet and pleasant, enjoys a voice that read (although some of some voices of daughter me shudder), a battling is SÚPER simple... I do not think never I have approached included partorisca die and a history is quite generic but entertaining. That interested in this game was a History of Seasons in a title. It has been expecting some Moon to Collect brainchild that Rune Factory. (Rune Factory 4 is the freaking awesome game, although I have thought the box and creating the monsters would owe that it has been better.) Tilling to transmission to Village Creates is incredibly clunky, without real merit and has impacts very small in an advance of a game. Oh, And some animals! So only THEY ARE THERE in a barn. One of my pet peeves in this game has not been able to touch like the daughter. It was bondadoso to expect you could choose among Narcia and Pietro, but alas, has not been meant to be.

Is not the BAD game. It is pleasant and the boys could find it more engrossing that has done. The guess has been expecting something more looked the Rune Factory. It is fun, but a replay the value in this game is quite down for me. I go it to finalise up and shelf he.
4 / 5
‘Return the Popolocrois' is the sequela to a game of PSP, ‘Popolocrois'. A game takes place the few years later, which is summarized in a start. It marks any deception, in spite of being focus like “A History of Seasons fairytale,” a game a lot really goes with this franchise. Ossia The strategy -turn based RPG. So much, you are looking for that, you will be it that there is disappointed slightly. This in spite of, if you are the RPG-defender, could find a game that entertains in spite of him. A storytelling was a lot of and was really interesting. Predictable but entertaining. This was reason I was supported by he. You are Prince Pietro and arrival to celebrate your anniversary. But a celebration is overshadowed for a fact that a realm of Popolocrois is invaded for dark monsters. A beautiful emissary arrives to help. Or perhaps no. In planting to help your country, door his gentleman of bad to destroy your homeland. To ensure his success, sends Pietro and his mates in his world of house. Before Pietro can go house and save Popolocrois, has to save Galariland and the sound there is cursed partner.

Ossia The strategy -the on duty dungeon has based crawling RPG. For a part of strategy, your characters and some enemies are in the field. Each character has the sure distance can go and there is the grille to say where can the to you situates. Taking behind and besides an enemy done the light difference. No the enormous goodness but he hurts out of the little has bitten more harm. There are random battles. The battles can arrive in a world-wide map and in some gardens. So only like this calm now, will be to do to plot to walk and retreating. There is an option where can regulate you a tax to fulfil. The random meetings spend to plot, in spite of of the this. So much, I recommend to maintain the down. Calm still will fulfil quite a lot of enemies to level on appropriately. Also, there is an option to regulate a level of difficulty. It went in to like level of Prince but changed it half way to Rey (the level it hard plus). If you are an experience gamer, the king would give you the challenge of plus. Prince Was the little too easy. It was breezing by means of. Also, the level of calm King leave to improve drops. In fact it appreciates these functions. It can be changed any time during a game. Calm no really travesía among worlds. You are in a place or another, until with which finalise a game.

Is resembled Rune Factory? With which finally touching a, any really think so. Yes, there is a lot of questing and it simulation of agriculture. While in Galariland, has 4 park that belongs yours. You can you plant of box, bugs of harvest, own cows, chickens and alpacas, and mine for minérales. It was the little inconvenient when you have had to run behind and advances when you are in dungeons. But the agriculture was the way adds to win effective money. This in spite of, calm no really cash to need this in spite of. I have finalised synthesizing some better elements. There is no romancing of then Pietro already has the promise in firm. Tongues and give presents to 6 other daughters, but is quite one-sided. So much, it does not buy this has thought of the game is the Rune transfer of Factory-was. It is not .

A music is well. A lot of catchy when you are touching but easily forgettable. Some illustrations is pleasant. Some characters are in chibi-form and is 3D sprites. A map is for usual. I have not had any subject with time of load or a game that clash. A game was easy to comprise without requiring drives. A game is quite linear and easy to know where precise goes. The reading is the must . There is some do any but no for all the dialogue. And it is possible to achieve 100 for a completionists.

An only reason has bought this game has been he thought it would be the good introduction to a series of Game of the Harvest. It was but it has not been. It liked. It is a favourite of instant? No really but I have had the good time that he the tone. I have wished they fleshed out of a plot more this in spite of. A plot was good but depth of lack. I have finalised a main history in 35 hours and I have spent already other 5 hours in extras. So many, if you are a RPG defender, would have to choose it up in the decent prize. It does not touch full prize. It is not to value he. For other people, would not recommend . It was the sweet game well to spend a time.
5 / 5
Tin a lot really call it he estory of Seasons' or soyoon of Harvest' game really... An agriculture in this game a lot so only taking it backseat to a RPG element (it btw is not the classical turn has based, also incorporates movement. A better example really can describe so it is the version a bit smoother that Investigation 64 system of battle, so only bit it smoother and easier the disorder on reason does not confirm with calm for some things like moving and not doing ... oh And for some calm skills can not move at all to use them.) Maintaining this is not also of the question really, but is quite that abuses that it calls tory of Seasons' when a mechanics of agriculture is clunky and is not like this smooth like any game of Moon of recent Harvest... Or History of Seasons thus subject. A more can describe a fashion of art is that it is class to like Life of Fantasy. I have had now some entertainment with this game, but an agriculture is so only clunky, something no attended of the History of game of Seasons, and a RPG the element is the bit has bitten grindy too much. In all the chance is looking for the game of Moon to Collect well or (Action) RPG, test Rune Factory 4. His agriculture and the fight is smoother, is so only an action RPG more than the turn has based one.
5 / 5
Good game. It has expected for it bit it more tilling detail in a game in place of just planting, watering and leaving it there. Calm no still take cure animal of estacionar neither. I want to all a Moon of games of Harvest but has loved the a lot of RPG storyline together with him. Ossia Class of the mix of both so only an agriculture sucks. An audio is the averages there so that class of odd that so only speak the half and calm sentences have read a calm rest. In general although it liked. Short game.
4 / 5
Good game. It has expected it takes more than the Rune fashionable game of the Factory, but ossia more than the traditional JRPG way. Yes there it is tilling appearances, but is quite downplayed and really does not have to that him . Fun pleasant history that would be it well for girls (while they can read). No really difficult. In general the game adds, so only a lot exactly that has expected paralizaciones.
4 / 5
Has not touched Never an old plus PopoloCrois but has touched History of Seasons and has loved has thought like this I like this game. It was bad.

A game is good but was bit it biased in this I has been expecting the entirely different game. Sound he styo-typical rpg but -roughly- that boxes to the equal that feels more like the investigation lateralmente that is not joined really to a game. In general, I chair like a game could of state quite enjoyable if no for that, and while the 'Runefactory' or estory of Cheek of Seasons. Obviously, you are expecting neither those out of this game, is in still the surprised earthy.
4 / 5
This game was adds! As he lifetime defender of a series of Moon of the Harvest as well as Rune the factory found it the amiably refreshing take on a series. Work as well as I move he-was title (has not touched any of a Popolocrois serious) and was the pleasantly random adventure. One struggling has taken quite boring as it is not very gone the challenge, the desire had chosen one dipping a hard plus of a start.
4 / 5
Is the solid and pleasant game but so that look for the park a lot he can wants to look elsewhere.
4 / 5
My daughter and I have been enjoying this game. We are RPG defenders. I especially like a traditional turn has based bondadoso. We can not connect and the game in east taste the game near could with Life of Fantasy, but is still the a lot of entertainment, charming game. I have purchased a lot of copy like this of the presents.
5 / 5
Loves this game. Very pleasant. Amur A history and map. Well little game.
5 / 5
It is more like game of adventure that the history of game of season. Although I have spent this because of a history of season tittle, I in fact enjoyed more in his history. This in spite of, be conscious of that is at all like rune serious of factory.

Update: a system of battle is broken like this. But a history is less bad, although the little has bitten simple.
5 / 5
Am returned this element because it has declared new when I purchased it. This in spite of, when I received it on one has had for behind the sticky plastic for behind a “factory” wraps to declare was pre-has possessed!!! I think that that that has dipped the statement was to Amazon to ensure new is in fact NEW
5 / 5
Touch A game adds, fantastic!, Like this Wonderful, that eats the time takes imports like this intensely directed on he that a woman does not have any one the idea is supposed

to give you hell for evening of coming house of work Or not choosing on some groceries.
4 / 5
There is enjoyed PopoCrois in a PSP and has been disappointed that more games in a series has not done he in some the EUA. Also they are the big defender of Moon of Harvest, and more recently, a History of game of Seasons.

This game is the pleasant diversion, but no the longitude a. I clocked roughly 20-25 hours in a history and on that obtains the majority of an agriculture unlockables. ( I am spent in the hours of hundred in a lot of games of Moon of the Harvest and another RPGs, for comparison.) It is like the mini RPG-lite, with some elements of agriculture. Some characters and NPCs is charming, how was one in of the video of game, but am spent the majority of battles in way of car, included after cranking on a difficulty and goes down it a tax to fulfil. An appearance of agriculture was History of Moon of fashionable/classical Harvest of Seasons, but some zones of early agriculture are quite small, and there is any cycle/of the night of the day likes calm usually would expect. Some explosions of game on alerts in a state of your park while continuous to the long of a RPG arch of history, but is not always easy to take that is doing and go back to collect harvests and plant again. An animal management is like this vastly has simplified. They remain dipped in a situate and can very a lot partorisca interact with them.

Was a pleasant game and amused to touch? Yes. I maintain it entertained? Yes. Still I recommend it to defenders of an art and world of PopoloCrois, included if it is not the fully @@give RPG, but defenders of Moon of the Harvest probably will be disappointed in that little has to that do. It would adapt any concealed was while to a next game to come to the long of, or the player that has not been like this experienced in RPGs.
5 / 5
Has has touched games of Moon of the Harvest, now generally known so that History of Seasons, but has not listened of PopoloCrois before, but concealed is not affecting my game of game. If it was to compare this with anything, undoubtedly would say ossia the bit like Rune Factory, which takes the core RPG and adds the bit of characteristic of Moon of the Harvest. Ossia Strongly history-driven and some appearances of agriculture am arisen taking backseat to all more. Also it is beginning very slow, like being prepared to invest some time before takings the full transmission. Included in 5 game of time of hours, has a lot fully unlocked all, and are that it tries to maintain to look on spoilers like I no quite know what time a game is. But be one of some scarce types of the newest games that has comprised the by heart full manual, knows that have still unlock StreetPass.

A game is probably quite niche and there is at all bad with that. On its own name, meeting feeling bit it blasé in emissions of recent big name, like this ossia he refreshing transmission of the no. There has no the mould of thousands, characters whose names can not agree or he same worries roughly. It is not épico. Has music and of the good colours, he handful of quirky characters (as far), and a global feeling of classical JRPG game of game. I maintain to say or far' or 'right now', of then has not been that some progresses of game, but 'now included' have the party of four members those who are looking for some number of dungeons to clear so that it can progress. The movement is visually resembled classical JRPGs, with an isometric view of with your characters that travel some world-wide and having random meetings. Ossia Where shudder; I guess games like Pokemon or an old plus, the games of classical Final Fantasy gave me an aversion in random meetings. You can regulate a tax, but still has dipped he in a big plus (which think was a incumplimiento).

The fight is decidedly JRPG: a zone was world-wide with the model of grille and turn-the fight has based. You can toggle transports-fights or manual fight, and has been running mostly in transports without real questions. If I am annoyed by a big tax of random meetings, head to it manual fight and select 'career', but can lose now well you run of a meeting.

Well, will not go in , but loves something concealed is quite stress-free, concealed will not cause you to bellow-leave or try you to launch your 3DS against partorisca wall, ossia the very good transmission of no.
5 / 5
A lot exactly that has expected, but there is enjoyed really touch the!
5 / 5
Has taken this for my mamma, master quell'has beaten to him 3 times
5 / 5
So only the lovely game. History very sweet. Some investigations lateralmente. But his the easy.
5 / 5
Estupefaciente Follows until the only, and captivating storyland rpg.
4 / 5
The nave and all was utmost- I preordered this game. Any one @subjects there.
Unfortunately a game so only is not well.
Took it reason possess everything of a Rune factory and moon of harvest and history of games of seasons like this far. But that the element is grieves there
Ossia so only the bad, súper easy any challenge JRPG that tacks in the few elements of agriculture to a side that any one really affect anything. You can literally just turn in battles of car and never lose. Calm is not touching the game. Ridiculously Easy.
Just terrible game. I beat it all a way by means of stops the give the casualidad but are by train of the sell and not maintaining he in my collection.
A lot disappointing. The art is pleasant but gameplay has had so only any value. It feels like the waste of time. Frequency of random fulfilling quite big.
The averages a time has touched so only not looking in a screen while looking the show of television to take by means of him. It requires any skill in the part of an user.
4 / 5
Wow! It has not expected a topmast partorisca be like this quickly, and a game are adds.
5 / 5
Touches the pleasant game and his different. It is not a moon the collected accustoms sure but a history entertained
4 / 5
Disappointing. The game is pleasant, but a voice/partorisca write that you read them is not really adds and a game is . An agriculture feels out of place, and likes is obligated partorisca do it. Almost it felt a game would be better without him, but then @@give does not have really quite complexity/of content in a rest of a game for the take. Any quality of characteristics of life - any bookmark for tower of investigation ins (better agree where calm took him!), Any recipe for synthesis (the hope has an available on-line map!), And any capacity to compare crew of tent the current crew. Touched by means of the good portion of a game and so only can does not recommend.
5 / 5
Class of mediocre, a game in fact begins was really interesting but like this calm progress run the a lot of random meetings of some toneless (a lot feeble) monsters those who in my opinion are lamely has drawn. A fight is repetitive, the agriculture is not like this very so much moon to collect neither rune factory, the history is the little cliche. His to the bad game, but no the good a neither.
5 / 5
Has bought this game of then I History of amour of Moon/of Seasons of Harvest and Rune games of Factory, and has expected this one to be like this enjoyable like those. Any @@subject that the time tries so only can not take to a game, some characters are pleasant but a gameplay only raisin of longitude too dulcemente and a mechanics looks too simple/childish. This be has said that the boy would love this game!
4 / 5
Has had an itch to till, this did not help it at all.
Is quite slow, a system the fight is boring.
But is the pleasant game ...
Also, a mc is the playboy. xD Likes soothes .
4 / 5
Is a lot of refreshing to touch, and thinks that it would give this game he 10/10.
5 / 5
It liked always a prime minister an on PSP, but was well, does not add . Included here. Enjoyable Partorisca Touch but a same time, is class of slow. Probably drawn partorisca any with timing freer, but I the enjoyed when I the tone (amour a music).
4 / 5
Pleasant game,but this was quite bit he also elementary for me. Any real agriculture has been done. Before trying is, test Rune before Factory!
4 / 5
Perhaps would have given this the indication the big plus has not expected the sure type of the game that goes in, but era. That has has wanted to was more than the Runefactory game of type, but this has not been to the to anything likes has been expecting and no in the good way.

One of my enormous pet peeves has gone back to struggle based. Seriously the hate. And unless calm constantly use an element to repel show, will be forced the random battles constantly. It would have been able to spend for big my aversion of this type to struggle if a game there has been other qualities to redeem, but sadly has fallen runs everywhere looked.

A depth of lacks of the history. Desperately I have loved to be drawn in but a clichéd to the plot has been done like this time in RPGS. Had at all original at all and some characters were bland.

Now for an appearance of agriculture. It feels he likes a afterthought this was so only the averages done. It is surprising these plants included can grow when it feels like this inert. And a lot included take me begun in some animals. His no same movement. So only they are there like map props. Where it is a pleasant, endearing animal that is like this vital to the History Of game of Seasons?

Last but much less, would like me speak in a voice that read, music, and map. Honradamente Have thought the majority of some voices was quite a lot of fact but perhaps bit it too long in time. A music was good but at all memorable. I will be entirely sincere here, did not like me a map at all. Some characters' aliens of eyes and spatial looked-like. I love ways of the new art but this so only has not been pleasant to look in. It has intensified an indifferent feeling has had to some characters. I have loved really connect with them on an emotional level. In general a map was too simplistic for my flavour.

Like this there the him. If you are expecting the Runefactory or game of type of Moon of Harvest, probably will be disappointed. If has no leading experience with these calm games to good sure will enjoy it more reasons calms will not have any expectation for him to live until. It is not the terrible game for any half, but is painfully forgettable.
4 / 5
Class of sad Xseed there is ruined HM serious like this bad. Also, this death of screen of yard of game. Where Literally when beginning a game is literally 2 hours to press One to finally take to do anything. These devs lose an integer poitn of a HM serious. He maintaining like rune of factory mroe that Hm that of the the gone, but like of is more Hm defender skip, and take Stardew Valley on Steam.
4 / 5
The moon of harvest has been in the rut for the moment. A last moon of Harvest, a Stray Valley (the no really Moon of Harvest) has taken things in the new direction with transformation of earth of form, but has lost the majority of a esoul' of the game of moon of the harvest. One first History of game of Seasons, the sequela of Moon of the true harvest there has been a soul of Moon of Harvest--but felt likes still another clones that the new game. Agree when I have touched my prime minister Rune factory in a Wii that has had finally something new for the game of moon of the Harvest! With which 5 Rune factories that was so only more than a same, has taken to the rut also... Well, PopoloCrois is to good new insurance! Like this Rune Factory, is tilling and adventure. But it is turn has based battle. It feels really fresh!

Feels more like the far relative of the game of moon of the Harvest--the agriculture is more as the investigations of game lateralmente long that the full course. There is any night/of day, neither is there days of a week or seasons. Your harvest can not die, but any does not take never to collect if no his water. It is still entertainment the harvests of boxes, and the good way to win money. There is animal, mines, hunting of bug, etc. there are daughters to go after, but there is this princess the one who is your main squeeze as I am not sure reason joined other reports of daughter/the friendships they was exists? They will help you it was for a report, but there is not any pair or boys. There is abundance to stuff to do, but all some systems are simple--at all is terribly deep.

Comprises that a fashion of art follows the series and soul in Giappone, but is very new here. It is not yours normal soul look, as it feels fresh, but a lot of cartoony. A 3d the models are not very detailed, but each person has the look pronounced how is easy to say all the world averts. An animate cutscenes is often short but fact very good. An almost isometric overworld looks really good. It feels to like is walking by means of the cartoon fairytale realm.

Some battles are turn based in the grille. A grille does not add any a lot of strategy, but has to that go around obstacles in a field. Like this far it is not very hard. I ramped on a difficulty and tax to fulfil and I still car-battle a whole game. While you grind in some dungeons of practice in your park among new zones, does not have any a lot of challenge. Still it is enjoying, but is a lot the game I game while doing other things. Ossia The good judge to start with rpg for my edges. Has the party that change the pair of the time likes the history goes, but is quite a same mix of battles.

A game takes the turn to Animal Intersection more than a challenge of Rune Factory. You are able to do that it loves with casualidad small of failure in both agriculture and adventure. There is at all bad with to to the the game likes that, but would have to that know concealed is that it is taking.

In an end, is the lighthearted game and that shows in the each point. A history is not too deep. A strategy is not too deep. An agriculture is not too deep. But I am enjoying a game and a step and a variety. I think that that they could have fleshed out of any agriculture or one struggling the little more and has improved a game with more soycomer in some bones'. For me, that so only me the hope there will be in sequela with more!
5 / 5
Gone back to Popolocrois tentativas to combine the turn-strategy to battle based with the simulation of agriculture - and failure in both.

Announce as 'A History of History of Fairy of the Seasons' but many of a History of the elements of Seasons is being missing of. There are not a lot of seasons - calm the harvests grow in of the real-time, and really has had any reason to the box collects another that to advance a history. Calm the harvests do not sell for many and is not the decent way to restore health in battle, was much easier to use potions. The animals can not be brushed or moved external and has any mechanic of bond. A townsfolk (a big part of History of Seasons and moon of games of Harvest) personality of lack. Although you can win points of friendship, has no romance like the history predetermines that you like them to him the sure daughter.

The battles are easy and redundant any one subjects a difficulty. The random meetings he difficult to travel quickly during a world. The creations of dungeon am often reused like this finally there is at all 'new' to explore.

Has not touched a Popolocrois game that is coming first of the this has like this state surprised in an age of a protagonist - something concealed he a lot last for me to connect with him. Prince Pietro is 13 years old ... So many for any those who has been touching History of Seasons and Moon of games of Harvest for years, such the young age was bondadosa of the turn was and has explained a lack of romance in a history. A voice that the laws are resulted annoy - especially a protagonist is that has touched likes one nettling youngster of Link.

I boys can have entertainment with this game. Regarding adults, likes I, those who has on grown with some games of Moon of classical Harvest - this was any substitute and honradamente, the disappointment. It is knockoff Moon of Harvest in better this lacking of any of a charm. A mechanics of agriculture is clumsy and slow and a history looks too childish - as the bad PBS show of boys.
4 / 5
TL;Dr. = A very random and forgiving RPG with characteristic to control difficulty and tax of spawn in a fly. Agriculture, minor, etc the elements have launched in also Very there is casually has actuated.

A creation of this game is well for a program. The characters are fresh, this in spite of clearly aimed in the youngest audience. If you were for the game to start with the relative the young plus or your own young boy were for gaming experiences. In fact I seat ossia the solid election in difficulties that's that of prize.

To the equal that are several years to gaming, has does not defy real to this game, especially is had to to grind.

This game resupplies complete to cure something that is easy to remain for and so only grind is gone in of the enemies. This, IMO, totally undermines an idea to do profits of some plants of parco, if no for a fact that some needs of heroines to give present the daughters of cities to win his attention.

Has an element where a player/of hero is suggested that giving the good things to the daughters of concrete city will help advance in a history. I owe that say I really hate that expect of a game. It would advise any father to have it habladuría to his girls to ensures does not take a wrong idea in this appearance of a game. The presents so only would owe that be dice to that wins him. A hero in fact is trying paralizaciones to bribe and brag to exhibit his capacity to resupply feeds to some daughters, which in our culture could be taken to suggest gifting daughters anything will take you the promise -and concealed is where the needs of father to give a no in and sure mark his boy comprises that so only gifting without the reason is builds that calm the report has based on manipulation and no by means of one east of the good deeds and character (which in-hero of the game also has to that go for him). IMO, I presents so only would owe that be dice when one is financially able, in reply to a recipient is morally progress of sound in of the aims that adds positively to his own character and value like the human being. I: The partner of the boy a lot well in the subject has studied hard extra, signalled self thank you for not touching the games have based in the result of leading test, your girl is given now a cue to fill his/fellow sound with manually-paper of the congratulation done and the element feeds favourite -that expresses his pride in the character of his fellow that resulted in his better results in his next test in a subject. This can look basic, but ossia like the fault of the plot of society because writers of history a lot all comprise deep psychology of his works or that when several works of thousand present the social foundation that is missing of any mention small foundational concepts to some pertinent reasonings of interactions of character, goes to be there empty in a logic of impressionable girls those who are exposed to mean comunicacionales more often when the parents can not be around his boys almost like this often as they neither want to or in a much less require to, because need of girls to take a deeper meaning and understandings of pertinent shadowing of characters that represents an ideal person in real society. A father can wants to ensure if they can not be his, that finds the book or of the means comunicacionales to direct a subject of as the properly friends of mark, in a value of a this character, etc.

This has said, once that the appearance is treaty , have still to see anything more also concerning like this of still, that is still in some early phases of a game. In fact, a character in fact the signals were to a hero in his blind confidence in another that heads to question. As I owe that applaud this scene.

I also really like a music in this game like this far.

In general, for a prize I paid when this extracted on relieved of almost half prize, would say it has not been the compraventa regrettable.

If maintenances in importing an audience has expected likes an old plus gamer, would have to find that when moment the most random experience is quite well in this light.
4 / 5
Has not been sure as to expect here - expected for the renewed Rune manufactures it and is a bit likes that with more than game of the adventure launched in. After all apparently no longer they are doing Rune games of Factory like this volume that can take like the series was prefer them of mine. I have not touched never Popolocrois an original two PSP Japanese imports so that it follows to come to this series like the newb. It would describe a gameplay like something among Legend of Zelda (history of game/of the adventure, perhaps puzzle simpler), Rune Factory (the dungeons that & simulation + of boxes of report), and perhaps launcher in a RPG element (the characters that joins and leaving your party during a game, scenes of dialogue along when they arrive). The mapea of a game agreed of Studio Ghibli. It has Had a level of adjustable difficulty. It likes more tilling the simulations can do of alimentary to eat for health or give so that the presents but calm also can create arm, armour, and accesorias that you or the members of party can use this statistical impulse. I have enjoyed a history quite the bit - I found the plus structured that he Rune history of Factory but charming. For example when takings launched in a first dungeon and think you could be in danger serious a member of party that the calm pauses were dipped really the smile in my face :) A more ossia different that the majority of simulations of the agriculture has not been that it has to run behind and water my harvest each day only, was a lot of gain to enjoy a adventuring leaves of a history. If I take correctly in Rune the factory has had to water some collect daily for them to grow but to transmission to PopoloCrois you typically just need to water them once then while adventuring one has burst alert up saying need to do that (tho alerts of mine usually said some harvest has been done after the few days, has had so only has watered 1X plant). Besides a main investigation storyline villagers offer you mini investigations and give recompense to complete them. There is the resemblance mini system of dungeon where visit a fairy in your park and send you to the dungeon of small garden with monsters in the level of your party and after the the beaten take recompense .
A thing has considered to take the star for and has expected the paralizaciones was a lack of the the simulations of commitment likes him in Rune Of Moon/of Harvest of the Factory. This game is more like Legend of Zelda in those a lot of friends of lady and is the archetypal heroine viril with a true amour. Any one imports that it can want to you can not marry any in this game, probably cos Prince Pietro is supposition to be 13 years. Still ossia an element of RF/HM I always enjoyed and the desire was available to transmission to Popolocrois - would be happy so only that pursues the short report with my true amour Narcia (Pietro is 'Zelda' class of). The POSSIBLE next sentence SPOILER develop next friendships with 5 special daughters and is class of as the commitment does in RF/HM but in planting to finalise in arrivals of pair in the special element that is given yours that you can not obtain another way.
Would owe that say when I give a game 5 stars concealed is 5 stars for the 3DS game. The games of consoles have the stairs of integer of different indication in my book - like all my favourite Legend of Zelda games is comforts no hand-held some and Okami for Playstation vs Okami DS has the enormous difference in awesomeness. I still enjoyed some hand-held games because they are portable the and reasons has a time to beat them. Unfortunately it finds like an adult I today spent to the game of console likes Nin A lot Kuni for example as surprised and although it loved it has not had a time for the touch all a way by means of. It is been several months has touched of then Return to Popolocrois so much can modify this when I replay the; probably I am forgetting something that interests that it is not the spoiler. If you enjoy simulation/of agriculture of the adventure/RPG the hand-held games will enjoy this.
5 / 5
Note: Ossia the description based in mine first impressions, in that has touched a game for him handful of hours, but a lot still took really far in. Also, while no an Amazon compraventa verified, can ensure you, has bought this of Amazon. I have finalised to buy the in the account of the member familiarised while they have had still his first test, as it could take one discount and fast nave.

Gone back to PopoloCrois A History of Seasons Fairytale is gorgeous little random fairytale RPG game. Mainly it is the PoploCrois game, which have seen so only, at least here in north Amsterdam, a time previously to a new 3DS gone in. Now that game, simply diplomado PoploCrois was the game of PSP that unfortunately has not had an occasion to touch. Felizmente, there is not any knowledge has required to jump turn to PoploCrois. In Giappone, PoploCrois has been that goes of a late 70 this when it has caused like the boss has created for Yohsuke Tamori. XSEED Has translated the portion of this boss to English, and released it on an official Turn to PoploCrois put. Never first it has been it to it to him available to read in English. Giappone Also has taken a lot another PoploCrois games in Sony fix of game that has not seen never in north Amsterdam.

Now a History lateralmente of Seasons of a game, mainly informs to an appearance of optional agriculture. It is not the enormous part of a game. Mostly it is so only the amused little optional sidequest sew that they are adds for the profit that does. To good sure thinks well enjoy and doing use of. Some works of agriculture in real time, likes prendes for your park to plant and animal of race, then enjoy again a history. When there it is produced ready for you, or the animal products assume also(has still to take any animals I), takings notifies it in a cup of your screen that the leaves is. Further of an agriculture, has it handful of daughters during a game that can grow you your report with. Visiting them once in the moment and giving them present, like the harvests have grown, finally will create to his level to become friends with to to the time so only likes in of the History of game of Seasons. Any house in this game or have any boys this in spite of. Pietro, A main character, is so only 13 years and is interested already in Narcia a princess of witch the one who is known of before in past PoploCrois histories, originally that has fulfilled his in a boss. It is not an only past character to return to this game neither, many the friends and the family of Pietro of a boss resembles transmission to PoploCrois. Although again, any knowledge of past PoploCrois means it comunicacionales is necessary to enjoy a game.

Gameplay The wise turn to PoploCrois the games like the traditional turn have based RPG. It has to that to to the light tactic likes to feel the battle with like this movement to some enemies in the concrete row of zone has. If you move row of interior to achieve an enemy for an attack, calm then can choose do the regular attack. Also it is a first option of emotional to instead, use to magic skill. Each one that like this of some diverse magic skills has his rows of own attack. Finally it is an element and course of options to battle that it is quite sincere. Outside to battle you can use any tampon of circle or a dpad to run around wherever is going. In fact, one those careers around the controls are mine a flu with this game. Celery really rigid and directional, no like this free moving like this gave, to to the the game likes him to him the life of Fantasy or Rune Factory. It feels you likes is arisen always running stiffly and easily that slips behind to the walk yes is using a tampon of circle, but any when pressing all a way on. To good sure would not say is the reason to not taking a game this in spite of, so only an only flu has like this far.

Finally, my thoughts in a map and music to transmission to PoploCrois. This game is absolutely wonderful in these appearances. A map are add, calm included takes an option that has outlines of flange around your characters or no. The personally really like some lines of flange, all some characters underline better. It is your election that loves use. And some scenes of the yard in this game is gorgeous. We adapt me to knots to plot of some scenes of yard in Life of Fantasy. They are really good-looking, and that has surprised to look in 3D. It touches the majority of a game without a 3D characteristic, until volume to the scene of yard that is, always like transmission he on for those. In a music and side of the his of things, is equally wonderful and in fact really charming. Personally, they are not the big defender of some English voices, I kinda to seat likes is arisen more caseous and is not the very charming appearance in this otherwise game really charming. Felizmente, has an option of two Japanese voice different fashions further of an English option. I create so only Narcia and Pietro has different voices for each Japanese option, a rest is supposition to be one same. At present I am using a Japanese 1 option. A Turn of mark of Japanese voice to PoploCrois really loveable. I seat it likes him quell'has been meant to be. Any only is some wonderful Japanese voices, but a music in this game is surprising. I do not expect never listen such wonderful music in the Wonderful game. Any that other Wonderful games have bad music, so only does not seat to like have almost like this utmost and diverse music like this game. A scene of first inaugural yard of the screen of the title of a game is wonderful, and each one which another tune inside a game gives it the lovely atmosphere, as you can take sucked well to a world of PoploCrois and Galariland.

In general, finds Gone back to PoploCrois A History of Seasons Fairytale, to be to entertainment, enjoyable and extremely charming game. I seat it likes him any the one who enjoys RPG is, Life of Fantasy, or same Rune Factory, will have the time adds with PoploCrois and is in good sure values to buy. Ossia So only my first description of impressions, the seat there is anything more to add More the probably modify in a section of update. But like this of now, ossia a underrated the game sure would owe that go to buy and have entertainment with.

-Amazing music
-graphic and Good-looking art
-Interesting characters
-Charming voices with an option of any Japanese or English
-A like this far history very fun

-A that careers around controls with both a tampon of circle and dpad, felt kinda wonky and a bit rigid.
4 / 5
First first things. It changes some voices of Characters to one of some Japanese clues. I am vastly better. As, Connie is one the majority of fleshed was, witty, and charming character in a game, listens that xSeed and Wonderful? Connie Is hilarious and awesome. Now a bad material. It is state said before and will say it also: a battling is lackluster but a gaming is worse. It does not buy he for his appearances of simulator of the agriculture. Some cutscenes is unskipable which marks for a lot of pressing of the key yes finalises to die (I am looking in hard boss!). In general it is a good game . Any value more than $ 10-$ 15. It takes it down $ 10 podes. A dialogue are to add and entertainment of characters, but is the history (I clocked roughly 15 hours with some investigations lateralmente and agriculture), is not very complex, and begin him was a lot of lens.

Top Customer Reviews: Corpse Party: Back ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 34 ratings
4 / 5
This comprises all has aimed surprisingly a full soundtrack partorisca a game is really character sprites has been updated like this now is a really clear and can see even a littlest detail.

Some stands of figures are sadly a course a feebler of this edition. Any reason one imagines him is bad. But it looks one of some stands does not close a figure in place. Meaning although calm can take him both partorisca stand up properly. So that it calms so like this slightly attack to any one his pieces of furniture the in a to good sure will fall on. (Partorisca me Looks partorisca be Naomis stand)

remarks that these figurers so only is around $ 45 for them(Probably reasons these have been sold the long time does with Book of emission of Shadows in Giappone). (Atleast Reason the majority of people is by train partorisca sell them paralización) Regarding a prize podes take on one of some yours is partorisca take treats it really good.
5 / 5
-Exceptional game, the true throwback the classics partorisca partidários of the game of the horror like, if of you havnt has touched already an original of way behind when, but this maintaining!!!
-Some figures (which I didnt really cured roughly in all the chance), is hard to take to stand up , but of the one who creates some other descriptions, his in fact stand, so only has to that force his few feet to a pegs.
-A soundtrack is ordered enough also (especially after halloween!), quite he that would expect you.

P.D. This game also promotes buttered pooper awareness.... Never forget to butter your pooper!
4 / 5
Likes another has mentioned, has has had questions with the bases of a figure. But to the left it is not to speak figures, the game has left of habladuría! It had not touched Party of Cadavere first, as I have not known that to expect. Of the commentaries would read elsewhere, has been expecting perhaps gore, perhaps action, or perhaps the visual novel. I seat like the visual novel is the little enormous pertinent name reason calms is not so only in the choose ' A, chooses B' time to stage with which time. You can choose on elements and use them, and there are parts where has to that evade pursuers (so only a duquel particularly fallido). He so that has definite gameplay elements in there, although they are used slightly and a bit simply.
A map is very simple (thinks sprite based, any 3D option) with animate cutscenes. I seat like this really you act well for a type of horror is doing with reason to the plot takes left until your imagination. There have it gore, but concealed is not a main mechanic. I seat it likes him to him he is more than the horror to tug that calm leave you feeling unsettled more than frights of economic jump.
Likes another has signalled was, an audio is really fantastic. Game with some good headphones reasons has some wonderful atmospheric noise and the good soundtrack (which is comprised in this container). A voice that the laws are adds. I think that an only thing has questioned really was some of a subtitle elections, which thinks is the localization is to good sure a lot something concealed'll takes calm out of a moment.
In general, was very impressed with this game like him newbie the Party of Cadavere. It is one of some first games that has touched in the very long time that has not loved to dip down reason have had to discover that has spent afterwards. I have taken invested in some characters, which has gone comparably good idea to take attached to characters at stake of . Really I wish it it could be besides gone long, but comprises does sequelas that expect the fact to a 3DS some day. He for now looks has contained a lot of extra to go back and find.
5 / 5
Ossia it remake of a first game, short thorough. I create this emission specifically has has has added chapters and of the cul-de-sacs that is not originally state comprised, and these some any active voiceovers (although they still have background music). To the good sure help adds to an original history, and things to show that could have you left to question before. Some screens of art are good-looking, a sprites the look adds, and a gameplay is in fact really good. Compared to Walk of Blood, has to weaves fewer rooms in this school edifice, like this calm no stray volume too easily, and is easier that imagine out of that need to do to take by means of a chapter (especially in timing where will require turns and advances to collect or see things in the sure order).

Out of all some Fini Scorretti, I so only required to look on two of them, although it has taken some time to find a rest for my account. So much, calm probably helps to need here or there, but really is not too bad. The only desire has had the 3DS XL to give me a full experience while touching! An original 3DS only no this justice of game.

This neighbour is an only option there for the hard copy, and comprises Naomi and Seiko figures, as well as the CD with clues of a game.

has been concerned with those people have said on some figures, but has not had issues of then taking them when being. Those that another reviewer suggested and dip his toes in first, then snapped a rest of him in place. They do not fall on, and it was when I have gone around and dusted went him with the rag, his stands have not fallen off. Yes, they could be be do better, but unless alive afterwards to the clue of street, does not see to like some stands could cause a lot of question.

A product is spectacular for as small this two east. Seriously, it has not been that have directed to do them look like this good. His expensive detail like this beautiful active, as well as a colour that underlines in his hair. I swapped out of Seiko expensive, and in a process, his stand still has not fallen off (although I have been concerned his breaking during a transmission, has resisted strong). I want that I can change him the little has to that I so that desire. The desire there was more figures of Party of the Cadavere up for sale (specifically Ayumi and Yoshiki). My amour for the party of Cadavere has done so only these some of my favourite figures in my collection.

Has has resupplied pictures to aim a stunning detail in his (sad can see you the little powder on the).
5 / 5
This game was the present , but a person was paralización has loved that. A container arrived right on time and was a special edition listed with some figures of prize and other characteristics. A game is remake of a game an old plus but for a 3ds system so that it does not have any a lot of to speak roughly concealed is not already state said thus title. A welcome adaptation for those without an older copy.
5 / 5
Had adored simply of a packaging!
A box was in conditioning a lot well, a game was in place, some imagines looked absolutely stunning! A game is surprising, very graphic, and very defiant!
Now a reason gave it 4 star is been due to some figures .. Reason although they are pleasant, is at all able to stand up . His bosses tilt out of place and constantly fallen of where has situated him. Some stands for them at all laws, disappoints it, but still,
the main product is a game , as it supposes a figurines would not import so much.
(Unless you are the collector .)
4 / 5
The people are complainting in an audio when so only can configure some settings of volume in of the settings. In all the chance, is surprising like an original with awesome mark and new soundtracks new chapters. A CD that comes with east the good prize also! Naomi and Seiko the figures are detailed highly but can any the dipped in his stands. Ossia An only bad thing in of the this but still, that surprises in general!
4 / 5
Ossia it remake Of an original game and a version enhanced of a the PSP remake. This version of a game looks up to date character sprites and CG illustrations, remixed soundtracks, a long scene, the informative Wrong ends, and capitulate extra. If you are new to a series or the defender to return, ossia an excellent version of a value of game that chooses on possessing the 3DS.

Now, on to some figures. They are of the material of good quality, each come with 1 look extra of arms in put he different as well as another boss with the different expression. Some arms have the different pegs and some bosses are of the different measure, as any mix and matching, which would have been a lot but any the breaker of extracted.

Some stands are the different history . How it has been remarked here for other people, some imagines no really returned to some stands and will fall on. A thing that has done to take them to (loosely) contingent, was to touch them advances so that a front of his feet was angled down to a superficial hole, and then dulcemente moves him whole; quell'concealed took him to stand up correctly. If calm so only his tombs in from above will not be never whole and just fall on a moment the leaves goes.

TL;Dr.: A game is the fantastic remake of a Party of Cadavere original, adds for both old and new players equally. One imagines him is quality a lot well, although any mix and matching some parts; one is sucks, but can do with the little finessing.

A soundtrack CD while well, is the subject quite regular. It is well.

Can not stress this enough: WEAR SOME GOOD HEADPHONES While TOUCHING!
4 / 5
Urp Touch quezelcotle -the mine that appoints that it considers them to be in imaginative perception of happenings that Does Self ailing the harms that disturbs stomach- Loves a figureens, But would be good to in fact be able to be in a givin program for them.
4 / 5
Has had to take he for some extra chapters and collectibles. Ossia it remake Of a first game of a classical cult. To touch a second and third games will require the PSTV or Life.
5 / 5
I add little remaster. Touched an original in a PSP and has taken this a partorisca an extra content. I will say that a figurines was of the smallest quality that has thought was partorisca be, as I have attacked of accidents that to to him of then likes to collect figurines. It concealed no really it affects a game this in spite of, as you are thinking partorisca take is, would say that it costs it.
5 / 5
'll Maintains in rodeo. But OH MINA GOSH. I GIVE COLD. It is dark, wry, some characters all have his own personalities, takings involved and drawn in, is morbid, and tragic, and everything a moment fascinating. I have been YEARS for the moment partorisca touch this game, and there is has surpassed further my expectations. So only, wow. Fantastic. Highly I recommend it. Thank you Those that. (Some imagines is súper pleasant also)!
4 / 5
A game is coming well punctually and was incredible. If you are the defender of a series of party of the cadavere, calm absolutely will want to this.
4 / 5
An only harm could find was a box is entrance . Otherwise, Some figures are relatively untouched, a clue follows is container , a chance was managed clearly with care. A law of game adds also. I recommend to buy of this vendor.
5 / 5
Enamoured with east. Everything is visually improved, a sprites is detailed more and really likes me a new transfer in a music! A compraventa perfect.
4 / 5
The game adds, doesnt require stirs it of use of key, and is relaxing the so only have such simple entertaining game
5 / 5
A game is well, the visual horror noval partorisca one the majority of the part with some puzzles has added. This in spite of my copy is gone in harm with him bent and any stratches in a box like this buyers beware.
5 / 5
A game really is something and a fashionable class of agreed partorisca be in 16 has bitten was so only with more scary that the one who that was could never sleep of.
4 / 5
My daughter loves a remake, as well as some figures have comprised.
5 / 5
Has there is wanted always this game and he is one of a More adds them.
4 / 5
One of some better titles on 3DS. Absolutely it validates he.
5 / 5
Appreciated Exactly that I dear nave and quickly has taken here 3 first days of time have bitten the container has not been taped like this good but the product has arrived unharmed
5 / 5
has taken a Backside the School Edition, and there is not coming never with a figurines or anything except a game of base.
5 / 5
The fantastic game and at all has taken censored of an original. The map also has taken the improvement adds
4 / 5
I have bought this like the present partorisca my promise. Has has wanted to really some figures of action! This game is the classical and a 3DS the version does justice to an original.
4 / 5
A game thats in the each way the re-create of a prime minister on PSP. If it likes-you a prime minister a calm like this one and appreciate concealed no the alone thing has been changed roughly that.

A Soundtrack that comes with has everything of some songs on he of a game, the the a lot of pouch, as well as a packaging of games is also quite well, and was plesently pleased to see all some things have added to a packaging, booklet, and soundtrack to please some defenders! His a lot of packaged also and has arrived a same day how has been released!

Some Figures are decent, and takes some endeavour to dip them on there stands, as well as to change some arms of faces. So only agree to take a hair, then a face, and ossia that calm takes some bosses was, of those who looks for to pull a boss was without taking a hair and expensive was FIRST. A Seiko the figure has taken, his boss is tighter that Naomi a, but another that that they are quite decent, better that has thinks that that they would be at least, but are the sucker for collectibles.
5 / 5
This game is coming with a lot of fun extras, and was surprisingly more economic that so only taking a game in GameStop. ($ 40 For game, figures, and cd versus $ 50 paralización so only a game) This was my first time touching a game, and while it was amused was the little disappointed in as the careers was. I have completed a main history inside days, and the unlock all some the extra scenes have to do sure things during some main episodes. Also, this is not the game could see me touching two times, and unlocking all some to the extra scenes so only equally like more than the question that he well. A very dark game with awesome music and effects of the his, that all add to the very sad and scary game. They are by train of the give Three stars this in spite of as I have been disappointed with that has finalised the quickly and a lot little replay value.
4 / 5
Awesome Game, some figures are pleasant, and has had a better Halloween never when I have touched this game is the turn of real page .
4 / 5
It has arrived in state adds! A game is awesome and a figurines is sooo pleasant!
5 / 5
A figurine the stands are iffy but partorisca give a game the bad description based in that is stupid. I am coming partorisca a game any one a figurines, is simply the prize to a container. A soundtrack was the travesía down walks by heart partorisca me, has seated there listening to a whole thing on and on before I have touched included a game. Now a game has to that the like this future of the prize is ridiculous, has like this more collectibles as well as histories more than fund partorisca some of some characters no of entities. This game is still hella spoopy, if no more so much of before. I love it.
4 / 5
The game adds, figurines this is coming with him is not returned his is
5 / 5
are adds. We have seen playthroughs of this game the few years done, but touching is the plot more unsettling. An audio is excellent and a visuals the looks do in a pc version. It could not be better.
5 / 5
With some time of game to a game now, a fashion of map remains some to an original, but has been stressed. Some images are clearer, there is not any zone of entity of pixelation. Like this far it has it stuck to an original storyline an old one has done. A voice that read them is well, is everything in Japanese, any option partorisca English but an option to turn GOES era. During a gameplay, can press 'Is partorisca turn of a box of dialogue can comprise one GOES enough without him.
Modification 2 (His):
A music resembles has been done on retouched/ of a life version. At least to a better of my knowledge touches different.
To take a better out of him, highly recommends to use auricular so that has the plot of details of his small in some means and music that some speakers of a 3DS will not give yours.
A same thing with a CD. Some of some clues are the pocolos short also. This in spite of with album of game ossia quite common.

So only have taken a box today and is spent a past thirty some odd minutes fiddling around some figures, that looks for to imagine (haha) went him. And already I can say, they are the little bummed is gone in the few things.
First of all, an a lot of the art in a box is misleading. Each figure has 2 types and 2 insiemi of arms so only and Can not be changed was among some figures and some spaces and pegs is the cut is gone in the concrete way. Meaning, an arm in a @@@cofre in a box that Naomi has is of a bat the dud image.
Secondly, Some is I receipts a lot included is returned that well for them. So only one of his accesses, and is a one this has been supposition to be arrest Seiko but works for Naomi, but for hardly like any little nudge attacks his out of him. Seiko Does not take the posture at all.
He Looks in these complaints, perhaps has taken janky stands, some figures are done amiably in those looks to be the PVC like materials. It paints well. Some bosses can articulate. It is easy the pieces of transmission. And yes, has knickers, there is remarked that as it has looked for to take some is to do.
5 / 5
Hiya! The game has arrived intact and without accidents!!!
Amapola to Georgia

Top Customer Reviews: Senran Kagura Deep ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5
So only partorisca clear the things was, any compraventa this play he because of a service of defender, any because it is the good game . Roughly the service of partidário takes your polygon babes spending bikinis of polygon, at all more; it can have received I mature it estimating more been due to a tongue and situations more the one who quell'objective.
In a game he, to the left is for says it will not be agreed like the a lot of struggling game; in fact if no because of a service of the defender can not have sold more than sewing it to him the 'Likes Increase of some robots'; yea, is that bad. You take because of service of defender, as you owe that take your service of defender. This means the daughters rasgan his dresses was, but is required to take to break to any subject likes touches like this yours the daughter has his cloths teared was.
A game has things like the character that although described like the ninja student, does not have quite coordinamento to walk three no without tripping on she (but look oh as pleasant.. Although in person of the real life would look pleasant to be that clumsy); any only for visuals, but this affects a gameplay. You can a lot of course to an enemy without tripping and taking the time and that exposes calm while it stands up, so only reason your characters has to that I travel. A game sometimes looks the game to struggle and sometimes looks the brawler which is well, but movement by means of a zone and a lot so only the corridor; has roughly mechanical where closes to an enemy, but some enemies can move, this in spite of some fights of character against a leading place of an enemy without taking the account a movement of an enemy like calm so only launch your attacks to an air, and is not something takings to choose or control. Calm sometimes can beat your bosses that comprises enemy- for just pressing the key so only repeatedly, and still although you can do this in a lot of situations, sometimes doing so only concealed calm take you the big bookmark, calm sometimes takes the low bookmark , and sometimes taking a lot of harm because your calm opponent does not attack you a lot @@subject that and moves faster that you, calm still takes the big bookmark. A camera is probably a worse has seen in the 3D struggling game. Always it signals to your avatar of the fixed distance of the constant corner, and does not change according to your place in a room. Long an opponent/s is was camera and there is so only the alone arrow to an enclosed character in a flange that signal his location, but calm does not have any idea that is doing or the one who far is. A CPU the characters are neither very powerful and any one imports the one who calm yours the paste does not look to affect them or break his combos, or so only is still in the while yours the paste the, as some things of uses of the game to level on a game like some pauses after each same movement if they do not look to have sense in this situation; simply the direction of transmission is erratic and has to that attended until some careers of character the averages circulate it and finals some place more. Those, of a tip of my alcohol, but while volume to touch a game is to try to all the chair likes would have to that it has been done of some another way.
In a good side there is quite variac. Visual in the levels and look quite fresh. Take a game for some daughters of polygon, but feign the touch like the game the fight can take fallido more than anything more
5 / 5
My preferred 3DS games never! For obvious reasons.. His fast fight that takes, some daughters are quite and his no hade the! The wink HAS Japanese voice overs and English subs a history is funny like this far did not beat it still but still an upper game 3DS game for me.
4 / 5
A camera are quite annoying at the beginning and the bondadoso of forces you partorisca be economic with your special to win. But it is still quite amused to all the cost and a visuals is fun lol.
4 / 5
Good soundtrack, but the fight is not like this well likes Playstation some
5 / 5
is entertaining. Any deep but has some history and the together good of characters. There is some humour and decent dialogue, mostly roughly trying be skilled shinobi ninjas. Quite a lot of daughters with good map and stirs it of different cloths. I did not think it it would touch with some cloths a lot, but has finalised trying was almost everything of them. I recommend this game for low $ 30 or perhaps under $ 25 podes.
5 / 5
The element has not been like this pictured. To to Wine likes him the paper of game so only. A reason has bought this game here was that the mine has looked a game could with his chance.