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Top Customer Reviews: Xtrfy M4 RGB ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 29 ratings
5 / 5
I touch Xonotic that more probably is a fast more the majority of vertical shooting fps has not done never. It requires perfect accuracy. I have touched quake and UT before this partorisca almost 20 years.

Has begun is gone in Dell has smiled, then mx518 and some diverse improvements. Then Razer deathadder. And then a zowie ec2a. With which has has used wolves of g skoll.

Are mainly claw the aim but that tries to direct on aim of yolk. It was wary of Youtube reviewers commentaries in pre travesía in some keys lateralmente thus mouse. This was my main worry .
Has to that say that ossia one smiles better has not used never for fps games . I have gone back and advances among a skoll and a m4 and my accuracy was better vwith a xtrfy m4.

Highly recommended worlds 20 sand of year fps vet.
4 / 5
This mouse is a better ergo for hands of means. You can easily claw grip or included yolk although it would not recommend he for this particular grip of a ambidextrous is better. The small hands could very comfortably palmera this creature.

+The quality of build is sum, any @@subject that like this never
+M1 and 2 keys are crisp and perfect, the wheel is sum and keys lateralmente perhaps the little big but at all will complain
+ the boss is not a better in a phase but very better that any Zowie or Logi sure. No the question
+ the feet are some the better stock feet have seen, paired to a mm710. Súper Fast and smooth, has to add an extra piece send.
+ access of Form like the glove in your hand
+the weight is perfect, am aiming súper well with these mice
+Some better looking smiled in a phase

+No really
+ the form is at all calms has not seen never first, takes time to adapt his. The curves are very pronounced like this you gotta learn the grip this. Calm one do one; Aaaaawww Yeaaah!!

Has seen the pair ppl any to that likes a boss or keys lateralmente. The boss is has bitten more rigid once ploughed . With 2 weeks of use softens was ordered enough. The keys lateralmente are so only well.
4 / 5
Has not used he for games still but so only in general exploring and the windows are to add like this far! I really like a fact that ossia the driverless smiled, any bloatware to install in your PC. It comes packaged amiably with some contents of a box when being a mouse, together extra of feet, manual of instruction, sticker and two tones of discharge.

Regarding a form and feel of a mouse. Has the bit of flex in a half and yes express click quite hard some keys lateralmente. It takes this with the grain of cause of rooms unless has the bear paws for the hands do not owe that never be squeezing a mouse that stagnate.

A hump is short and like this for people with to to the main hands likes them to them the grip of palmera to cause my toes to light hang keys of mice, Felizmente prefers more than the claw grip.

A quantity of the adjustment has built to a mouse is well. A CPI the chair adds for me around blue (1600) and have the total of 8 to choose of and polling the options are 125/500/1000 hz. In English CPI is Accounts For Thumb - for each thumb loves your mouse this will regulate those that pixels your movements of cursor in a screen. I have found 1600 to be the 1:1 proportion. Polling The tax is that often some reports of mice is postion to to a computer likes 125 hz is 125 times the second, 500 hz is 500ntimes the second and like this on.

In general this mouse are add, is of the so that no on a Knife Deathadder has has had to that years done.
5 / 5
Yeah Has lost the whole star for any in that has software. Without the calm software can not customise some keys of thumb, or facts of commission DPI. Any precise 6 different DPI settings. I give software to customise a DPI levels, and leave me to easily change some keys. An alternative is to use the software called 'Tecla of X Control Smiled' the calm leave you to customise some calm keys, but a fact that owe cycle by means of 24176 pre-determinate DPI the settings is annoying af. But an ergonomics of a mouse is sum :) a glorious model D still could be a better inner cost a moment. I have had the glorious model Or previously and has has wanted to something with the better hand-held form.
5 / 5
Some fund: they are the Claw / user of grip of the yolk, transmission among CM MM711, Endgame XM1, and he Skoll-S. For work I main he Razer the Definite viper and a Xtrfy M4.

So only love a way my hand-held accesses in this mouse. But in my opinion, is better for the engine of daily work that it gaming smiled reason is incredibly comfortable, bit it too comfortable. To the left explain me...

Has found that he gaming need of mice to leave for the relaxed but slightly tensioned grip so that I can answer quickly with flicks and react at random of game. This in spite of, in a chance of this mouse, a mouse dips my hand in such the comfortable place that my muscles go to esst' the way and I arrival to move all my weight in my wrist. This means that when a time comes for me to move a mouse, my hand has to that tense slightly, together with my elbow / of arm, and move my weight to one smiles slightly before I can do micro adjustments. It is the tiny micro the adjustment but I can say that it launches reactions for the pocolos second to break.

That comfortable like this the mouse was, so only has not taken some bookmarks/marcadors was and paste some shots have loved. Any fully prpers give reason until I have behind changed and advances with my Masters of mine Fresh plus MM711, which is perfectly comfortable but also maintains my hand-held / wrist in a 'always to aimed dipped. As I have taken he out of rotation for mine gaming smiled and moved it to my daily engine for work. They are the UI/UX the designer and I chair in front of the desk all day.

Resulted that my engine of main work for several weeks, that substitutes mine Razer the Definite viper and loves it. A a downside to a mouse is that some starts of wheel of the roll to squeak after the few weeks. For me it is spent in week 2 but has taken really noticeable for week 3. A squeaking the sound is not like this bad for him, but to seat likes him to him something is grating against a wheel and he me cringe. I have finalised to take some smiles avert and using lubricante of silicone to grease a wheel of roll and now is smooth likes butter.

Also some looks of mice awesome! It is not the magnet of impression of the toe and so only feels súper big quality. I do not have any remorse that buys a mouse and I want to the one who comfortable is for work. An only thing I ding he partorisca east a curling of toe squeaking.
5 / 5
Like this far LOVE this mouse. They are by train to use it Mainly for business more than gaming, but still roughly 8 hours the day. I have required I smile it really comfortable to take touched of of ache of forearm. This one looks perfect.

I amour a shell with some holes. My hands tend to sweat sometimes and this mouse really helps. Has the reasonable (any overwhelming) number of settings, and some colours are in plot of fun :-) A boss is well, soft and flexible, and taste that there is not of any software the disorder with. It covers and game.

Quality of looks of build fabulous. To arrive to this point to good sure would buy this mouse again. I found it based in recommendations in RocketJumpNinja for my hand-held measure and grip. Ossia The really useful tool is looking for the comfortable mouse. Roughly shipping, is gone in some the EUA of Spagna but was a lot quickly, so only the days of pair.
5 / 5
In the first place was wants to say that has has used so only this mouse for the short period of time and has not had an occasion to really try a mouse. This be has said my first impression of this mouse is that it is absolutely phenomenal with just the little light gilipollas.


Light - I any one has weighed the to me but his around 70 grams. Compared to the mine g pro wireless his noticeably lighter.

Forms - a ergo the form of this mouse is surprising has not used it ergo smiled in the the long of the year because of possessing my g pro. My hands are in a side to a small plus likes I grip of the palmera and this mouse so only return me like the glove.

The sensor of sensor adds any @@subject to follow like this far.

Boss the light boss adds. I do not have another comparable light mouse for the compare to.

mousefeet- Feet of stock mice abonos comparable to hyperglides. These are faster that mine hyperglides but chair alot more than a surface.


Light lmb travesía lateralmente - no noticeable while touching

key lateralmente pretravel - again very a lot of noticeable while touching

In general ossia the mouse adds for a point of prize and to good sure will be my gone to mouse for a time to come!
4 / 5
Is small (for me) but has taken has used his.

I keys good celery and crisp, the boss are add, that follows is on point but a a draw of the rear entity for me is a coating used in a mouse.

Am not sure that it is. One smiles for my hands is extremely slippery. Out of everything of one 'gaming mouses' have and has to that it weaves, this one has a worse coating.

Again very sure reason but is annoying quite that goes back to mine G403/703 just to feel that texture/of grip is lol.

Any way has smiled adds, draw of the rear entity for me is a coating .
5 / 5
This form of mouse is to good sure so only of any one another mouse has tried. Solid build and pleasing mine eyeballs. Has has had to that the send behind this in spite of, so only reason after using wireless for the few years so only can did not wire mouse anymore. Like this XTRFY is reading this, the wireless version of this mouse would do me a boy a happy plus
5 / 5
These looks of mice awesome, that reasons has bought the initially.

Points for of additional prize any in that has any annoying software that pursues in a fund. Calm easily can control a LEDs and DPI with keys well in some smiles.

Súper Luz and súper quality of utmost build.

Top Customer Reviews: Xtrfy M1 Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5
His matériaux is excellent. Lucido The sensor is has said projected but does also good lucido that another create.

Top Customer Reviews: Xtrfy M3 Heaton ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Tja, Was soll ich sagen... nachdem Die ersten 3 Rezensionen like positiv waren, habe ich mir quotes Xtrfy XG-M3 bei Amazon bestellt.
Zu meinem Missfallen musste ich beim Auspacken feststellen, dass Gives Mauskabel mehrfach geknickt statt gerollt verstaut wurde. It has given Knicke aus einem Mauskabel herauszubekommen ist Fast unmöglich, vor allem wenn is ein Stoffkabel wie bei dieser Bad ist. Dementsprechend ist eine ordentliche Kabelführung ziemlich schwierig, selbst place Kabelhalter. The same wie the man gives Kabel verlegt hat of man immer give Gefühl, dass gives Kabel Bad data immer in eine Richtung drückt.
Für mich ist Is nicht nachvollziehbar wie Man ein Kabel like verstauen kann. Man hätte gives Kabel in giving gleichen Verpackung ohne Probleme auch gerollt verstauen können.

Gives zweite the question dipped dem Kabel ist, dass has given leicht schräg nach propagation geneigt aus gives Bad kommt; dementsprechend 'kratzt' give Kabel immer auf dem Mauspad - was natürlich sehr nervig ist, wenn man ein Stoffmauspad hat und gives Kabel a diesem hängen bleibt.

Gives dritte Mangel A dieser Bad ist, dass gives vordere Glidepad a etwa 1mm versetzt vom vorgesehenen Platz festgeklebt ist und given Bad somit 'wackelt' wie ein Tisch has dipped 4 Tischbeinen bei dem die gegenüberliegenden Tischbeine eine unterschiedliche Länge haben.

Was ich auch noch unglücklich gelöst finde ist, dass die CPI auf gives Unterseite give Bad sitzt. Leider kann Man nur in großen Intervallen die DPI ändern, d.H. 400, 800, 1600, 3200... DPI. Jedem DPI-Wert ist eine Farbe zugeordnet; welchen DPI letztendlich ausgewählt Hat erkennt man nur durch einen Blick in data Bedienungsanleitung und dem Abgleich gives Farben. Eine Feinjustierung Gives Bad ist Also nur über Windows of data-Zeigergeschwindigkeit möglich. Bei Steelseries kann Man in giving Software in 50.ºr Schritten Quotes DPI-Wert einstellen und sich dementsprechend given Bad passenden einstellen.

Für €66,6 Eurocopa hätte ich mir definitiv mehr erwartet. Vor allem für eine Bad, Die (angeblich) durch die Progamer von NiP mitentwickelt wurde.

Mehr als 2 von 5 Sternen kann ich für Has Bad data leider nicht geben. Ich werde Bad data zurückschicken.
5 / 5
Ergonomie (4) - Sie liegt definitiv gut In giving Hand, kann jedoch noch etwas optimiert werden.

Genauigkeit (5) - Aufgrund verschiedener Einstellungen, hervorragend daher auf im Gaming geeignet

Beleuchtung (5) - Angenehm, nicht zu Hell, nicht zu dunkel

Preis (4) - In Punkte Genauigkeit, managing, Ergonomie und gut, doch Marcos wird ebenfalls bezahlt.

Fazit: Empfehlung
5 / 5
Hätte schon sehr viel Mäuse von Roccat , Razer Etc. Meine letzte Bad gab leider Gives Geist auf ( SteelSeries Rival 300 ) . Ich muss sagen Given Bad ich simpel is gibt keine Treiber einfach Discharges And Game . Die Verarbeitung ist echt UPPER ich the cube gives Meinung besser als bei gives Konkurrenz. It gives Sensor Arbeitet sehr genau , Dpi sind einfach am Mausboden for Schalter zoom verstellen. Ich The war follows Anfang ein wenig Skeptisch aber nach dem ersten Tries überzeugt !!! Die Xtrfy liegt sehr sehr gut in giving Hand und gives Obermaterial ist sehr angenehm. Zu dem Preis Was nicht gerade likes billig ist kann ich sagen wer zu einer Gaming Bad in dem Preis Segment greift wird zufrieden heart !!!!

Top Customer Reviews: XTRFY M4 RGB Street ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
5 / 5
Albeit Two caveats, absolutely love this mouse. It is at present my primary partorisca gaming (although this can change). Some keys are a lot crisp - included some keys lateralmente. A RGB is one of a better around. The measure is subjective to the each person, but would say that this would be the measure of half. A weight is in his point. My two complain (that it could it lost you out of this mouse):
1) A DPI the key is in a fund of a mouse. They are not a brilliant plus, but reason on earth his this? It is the pre-the cycle dipped-by means of key. Some transmissions of key paints one you cycle by means of, but still. An upper key for behind a wheel partorisca go so only changes a RGB way. Each upper-tier gaming the mouse uses that key partorisca DPI changing. Reason not revoking a DPI and a RGB locations? Transmission DPI much more often that a RGB. The half, transmission DPI in a fly partorisca any in-reason of game, is out of regime. These keys can not be changed reasons do not offer any software partorisca do like this. Simply I baffle me.
2) A paracord is insignificant in better. In fact, it does not seat has anything partorisca announce roughly that. It is so only the normal cord with the nylon boss around that.

So much, there the him. If my two caveats does not annoy you , then calm really like this has smiled. It is certainly he built it well. The clicks of key can do or break the good mouse, and calm will not remain down for those. It gives to try it this in spite of.
5 / 5
A mouse is súper light. It is supposition partorisca be more ergonomic, and is the bit of an adjustment of a mouse of the series of the G has used. I am using in a mouse/of slowly of the hard surface older the tampon and keeps well. Over time I am expecting partorisca see some ergonomic profits of a new mouse.

After the few days of use, my hand has begun partorisca regulate his best. He that is to suppose to as the mouse and my old one has taken long in a tooth and has required has substituted. Partorisca A prize, more how was able to see descriptions, this paste one something sweet partorisca me go in ergonomics, functionality, and prize.

A bit those that the things there is remarked:
-An adjustment for weight to the equal that has the habit at least smiles ergonomic that there was addition hanged.
-An adjustment partorisca grip ( is smaller that earth)
-While some characteristic is there, has the habit of the few additional keys

-An edition callejera, any really match mine another hardware, but is under my office in the tray, as it does not think imports.
-Is numbered individually out of 4,000 in a fund. I thought that it that it was the good touch.
-A period of boss was well, and has loved a eshoelace' wrapping in a cord. Besides, in place of the economic velcro band in a cord to help bosses of together bond, this is coming with the hule good a.
-A boss is blue, any black, if for some reason the precise to match some other black bosses.
-Some ways to light is easy to the transmission is to that. They can be turned was.
-I can not relieve the wobble @@subject like a video has informed. It could be a way his grip or is not used to a light weight?
-There is not coming with any gamer shadows :)
5 / 5
State moving among a lot of mouse for the long time now. Solved in a Zowie Ec2 form for the moment but has purchased then this. An ergonomic form is like this well if any better moment when being much bigger spec and the global better feels. This will be my main for the long time. More than satisfied.
4 / 5
Smiled really adds, the little unbalanced has expected like this long to buy a
5 / 5
bruh these shadows are 10/10 would recommend. oh yeah Has come with this fresh mouse too

Top Customer Reviews: Xtrfy M1 Gaming ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5
・ A code is thin
・ the coating is smooth that MIONIX NAOS
・ run of Rueda, the click of wheel is heavy
・91 grams
A form was good but my small hand is not returned
My toe does not achieve a transmission key
there is prendido partorisca use he in two month
5 / 5
A mouse feels really very this in spite of, a form is pocola main and wider that normal fps has smiled
5 / 5
Ich habe schon einige Mäuse ausprobiert und cube froh endlich dips give M1 was passendes gefunden zu haben. Vor allem Quotes Qualität finde ich sehr hochwertig.

Bisher probiert / getestete / gekaufte Mäuse:
- EC2-A: generell finde ich quotes Qualität von Zowie Mäusen etwas minderwertig, dafür sind Forms given sehr ansprechend. Nutze Has Bad data aktuell für Die Arbeit (bequemer als quotes 0815 Mäuse :) )
- Zowie FK1: etwas hochwertiger als quotes EC2-A aber für mich zu klein und zu schwergängige Tasten/Mausrad
- Logitech G403: eigentlich eine ziemlich gute Bad (gute Qualität), aber für meinen Geschmack etwas zu Groß
- Logitech MX518: it has given Bad hat mich sehr sehr lange begleitet, und the war gives Ursprung wieso ich mich nach einem würdigen Nachfolger begeben hab
- Steelseries Rival: die Gummierung löst sich recht schnell one gives Daumenseite, was ich sehr schade fand. War of Form of the data nichts für mich, aber die Gummierung war eigentlich ziemlich fresh (außer die Dauer die sie gehalten hat)

.. und noch einige andere Quotes ich bestimmt gerade vergessen habe :)
4 / 5
Ich habe jetzt has Bad data 2 give bestellt 1 give als NIP Edition und gives 2 give als Xtrfy normalodings, und bei beiden Mäusen habe ich gives Gefühl als wäre gives Sensor defekt. Wenn Given of Bad man etwas schüttelt merkt mann gives irgendetwas im inneren locker ist. Bad data konnte ich nicht auf dem Xtrfy F0rest Mauspad benutzen und auch nicht auf dem Steeleries Qck,gives has given aus welchem Grund auch immer nicht erkannt werden , bei dem Logitech Mauspad ging is, aber hat of Bad data immernoch minimum Aussetzer gehabt selbst inGame (CSGO) werkt mann gives irgendwas place dem Sensor nicht stimmt
4 / 5
Bad funktioniert einwandfrei. Sie liegt exzellent In giving Hand und reagiert ohne Verzögerung (was natürlich like this heart sollte). Die verschiedenen DPI Einstellung sind gut gewählt, und is bestehen auch Möglichkeiten zoom individuellisieren. Nutze sie größtenteils Zoom CS: it GOES spielen und cube súper zufrieden. Und natürlich für jeden Nip Partidário Optimum 👍🏻

Top Customer Reviews: XTRFY M42 RGB Ultra ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5
Sweet mouse
- M1 & M2 the transmissions are really good
- the wheel of Roll is perfect
- the keys lateralmente are good
- Ambidextrous form
- PTFE feet

I main a g203 and his around a same measure in period, returns like the glove. There is to good sure improvements of a m4 - not creaking, any side flex & has improved wheel of mouse. Hanged very light and feels adds in a hand, Can any gone bad with this mouse so only feels well in a hand.
5 / 5
To good sure ossia the mouse adds - is well has thought was, extremely very done, and spend bit it on innovation. An only downside the regularly people of the paste on is a boss, and while it is not a better(kinda rigid and the fat of has bitten) neither annoyed at all in the bungie. A capacity to change a form of a mouse is absolutely the characteristic more the frames would owe that begin actuate, is so only fantastic to be able to change a mouse of more returned your hand. Finally, a mouse is a lot of sturdy, in spite of this light weight and only construction one smiles no flex anywhere any subject where the squeeze. Everything of some keys and the clicks are prize in both action and feel. A RGB is also among one has seen more in any smile. Kudos The Xtrfy!
5 / 5
My partner has bought this for me also although extracted he of trade for the keyboard, the measure is comparable the FK2, ZA13, and Model Or-. A rear end is the little elder for more than control. My only complaint is a cord is massive. I will be to the use is, and that orders a wireless version instantly when free.