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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 17 ratings
5 / 5 By Stefany
It has been expecting of Covers to take this book and when among this week my big expectations have been surpassed. A slipcase for some 2 books and DVD marry/lithographs is quality very big. There is the texture adds and creation and is very robust. Both books are of the quality adds in the colour and the type of the paper has used. So much lithographs is quite lovely, the VHD and the Ff. Have any looked a DVD still, but can ail expect. As they Could say, to good sure is taking your bang for your buck with this book.
5 / 5 By Zenaida
I have been always the big adherent of Yoshitaka Amano and this book is the must -purchase for adherents. Fascinating Has glimpsed, has done has not known never, and a wonderful art had me enthralled. He humanizes Amano in of the so many roads and a scripture is upper-notch. One a thing this listen me is the attack there is a day the game of Final Fantasy in Amano original way!
5 / 5 By Ardell
Like The adherent of Amano records for almost 30 years, has Wanted to all in this set of an amazing quality, in a lovely presentation of all the elements and extraordinary global presentation. The dark horse in general has been doing some impressive volumes lately. Highly it recommends. At all listen it cheap or likes him skimped on of anything. If you are the adherent , this would have to occupy the very prominent place in your bookshelf. It IS the presentation of charismatic multimedia and an amazing judge of start of conversation for this new in Amano work.
5 / 5 By Kai
My son-in-law is an artist and strongly to animate. That is to say one of his artists of favourites and is supremely excited in a quality of this book. Still it publishes in Facebook how wonderful is and what awesome was to take he for him. It IS difficult to buy for, as I have been excited concealed to enjoy this product.
5 / 5 By Martha
Incredible collection. It estimates each penny. A dvd only is worth it so that it is the true Yoshitaka Amano adherent and can find it very hard to find in depth glimpsed with this artist.
5 / 5 By Glennie
Nice, detailed artbook. Sincerely I can recommend this the soyust buys' in any concealed want to Amano' ethereal and incredible art.
5 / 5 By Cecilia
Like pictured. Arrived in perfect condition, that comprises an impression has signed. Element very good.
5 / 5 By Chau
A book said a good history of an artist and shows one the majority of good art of his career to date. It does not lose an occasion to have something what exclusive and has limited.
5 / 5 By Jetta
It was while been of then Leaves partorisca receive this book and when among this week my big expectations have been surpassed. A slipcase for some 2 books and DVD marries/lithographs is quality really big. Had the texture adds and creation and is a lot of sturdy. Both books are of the quality adds in the colour and the type of paper has used. Both lithographs is quite lovely, the VHD and the Ff. has not looked a DVD still, but can ail attended. As they could say, calm to good sure is taking your bang for your buck with this book.
5 / 5 By Inge
Is always be the big defender of Yoshitaka Love and this book is the must -buy for defenders. Fascinating Glimpsed, done has not known never, and a wonderful art had enthralled. He humanizes Love in of the so many ways and a writing is upper-notch. One a thing this seat is I hope there is a day the game of Final Fantasy in Love original fashion!
4 / 5 By Lakiesha
My son-in-law is an artist and strongly to soul. Ossia One of his favourite artists and was excited extremely in a quality of this book. He still posted on Facebook like this wonderful and the one who awesome was to take he for him. It is difficult to buy for, as I have been excited that it enjoy this product.
4 / 5 By Kathline
Like the defender of Love laws for almost 30 years, has has wanted to all in this together of an amazing quality, to a lovely presentation of all the elements and extraordinary global presentation. The dark horse in general has been doing some impressive volumes lately. Highly recommend. At all it feels economic or likes skimped on anything. If you are the defender , this would have to that occupy the a lot prominent place in your bookshelf. It is the charismatic multimedia presentation and a judge of amazing conversation of start thus new Love it work.
4 / 5 By Dorie
Absolutely love this hardback full of gorgeous illustrations of Hunter of Vampire D (my preferred animate) to Final Fantasy (one of the mine favourite gaming franchise)

A book is to come packed a lot well and arrived in the condition adds - felizmente!! So many people ship such good things in this terrible bubble mailers - has had minimum denting and thank advantage to the equal that was such the shame thus piece of art he to suffer harm

If you are the defender of Yoshitaka work, ossia the must compraventa.
5 / 5 By Maren
Loves a whole collection of a biography that speaks roughly some of an inspiration for his works, to some sketch and the creations of art have presented. A signed lithographs was the heck of the plus! Any art and/or Love the defender would want to have something has taken.
4 / 5 By Tad
Gorgeous The art in the reservation of big quality this has shipped quickly and in shape perfect
4 / 5 By Nobuko
Pristine for an element of Warehouse of the Amazon. A harm to a front was mainly to a shrink wrap, and one something of the red ink in an inferior flange is partorisca grieve noticeable. Awesome Book with good-looking illustrations; it goes well with some books of art of Final Fantasy in the collection of my promise.
5 / 5 By Jazmin
Beautiful, detailed artbook. Sincerely I can recommend this the soyust spent' to any the one who master Love' ethereal and incredible art.

Top Customer Reviews: Amano: The Complete ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 9 ratings
5 / 5 By
If you are familiarised at all with Yoshitaka Love (the series of video game of Hunter and Final Fantasy of Vampire D novel series the light is two of some things sweat better is done on during some decades but far of some only things), would have to buy this.

If you are not, would have to buy this.

Some illustrations is lovely. Esoteric And beautiful. The illustrations by heart are lush and layered, sometimes literally according to some means has used. It is one Is fulfils West fusion of aesthetics (although Japanese woodblock the impressions can do not actuating almost like this soyovement' and the Western comics are missing of an airy vibrancy Love has, can see reason the clear lines and that burst the colour dominates his work). They love it Is for real on the generis.

A book is decently sized for an interior of illustrations, although it was lying say it to him did not wish it was so only the little elder (mostly so much could be in these so only the little more along). Some reproductions are of qualities very good; some of a charcoal look of drawings how were scrawled directly in a page. So only be careful -- has the little foldout pages with the main illustrations the peruse. Any the rasgué, but can see like this could spend if you are not careful.
5 / 5 By
...And for simply of course it does not mean a work. I have purchased this for my fiancé for Navidad, and is the add compraventa. Some impressions are gorgeous, and Love is the character with his illustrations. Some pages are a perfect measure and thickness, and is to good sure value of the money to possess east enjoys his work.
5 / 5 By
A book is wonderful but maintain average of the import of a book is to catalog he of his work (for another tonne of words of pictures that is thumb and the half for a thumb).
4 / 5 By
This book is the perfect artbook, a wonderful edition, with an excellent paper, and images of big quality. Some pages can unfold and form big and amazing images.
This book has the complete collection of some drawings and paint more remarkable that an author,and reflects an influence of one the Giappone traditional and some modern western arts.
Is a artbook that can not leave have yes calms really admire Love works.
4 / 5 By
Yoshitaka Love has known more United States for some creations of character for behind a series of Final Fantasy, perhaps his creations of character of Final Fantasy 3 (6 in Giappone) there is garnered a the majority of afamada. Alma, is known more in Amsterdam for his work on Hunter of Vampire D. His collaboration with Neil Gaiman, a simply that jaw of fallen 'Hunters of Sleep' has spent also to an attention of the new audience and has spent roughly some cross-means it comunicacionales interest like this Gaiman also done in an American adaptation of Princess Princess Mononoke.

This in spite of, Love has done the plot more in of the video games and soul, and there is far does more these. Versatile for the a lot of artistic half, and the wide variety of subject @@@subject, moreso that the a lot of people harm.

His wispy, ethereal way, like the pale, almost insubstantial ghost to smoke often used in his fantasy, in those some subjects almost look too delicate, fragile, and good-looking to in fact exist, is present here. This in spite of, does more, so more. Intrepid, Same strong colours and shockingly assertive the forms manifest in the way that can be unfamiliar to defenders of Love laws in 'of the Hunters of Sleep' those looks, like a title, languid and dreamlike. In a lot of press he eschewed a wispy, angular way of some of his video game/animate/creations of character. A lot they retain them an almost florid felt by heart. In fact, it is like this diverse is not easy the pinpoint to a estyle.' A description of a press invariably very returned a whole book. There is a lot here this looks at all like a fashion expósita in Final Fantasy or 'of the Hunters of Sleep.' This can be disappoint the partidários of these works, but am a lot here to appreciate.

So can be useful to forget that knows in Love if your experience is limited (and the mine is limited in fact) and simply enjoy some impressions have collected in this book and some feelings spend. There is the good variety of impressions in here, expected and unexpected. It is not an exhaustive collection, comprehensible of everything of his illustrations, but is a next better thing .

In general, recommends it to any the one who enjoys art.
5 / 5 By
Has seen his work in a canal of Arts and am impressed, but when you look in this book has been disappointed. Has no @to @give rape, prurient books of comic for adults, and a lot of this book is poured in these examples. This in spite of, his line and colour and one that flows the mystic quality is which attract, but am turned away for his subject @@@subject.
4 / 5 By
A does not have to that be an expert in traditional Japanese art to behold a work of Love and see that some traditions of his country have come the life and uttered his in a world in the new way.

His work is good-looking and of the class of beauty that quiets an alcohol. There is the contemplative the power that read here that gracefully blends a erotic with the youthful joy in energy and form. These works are sensuous without being pornographic - they any dehumanize. The heat is offered more than illumination. And a grace is natural more than supernatural. At all shrill or spiritually our violent transfers conciousness while we gaze his.

If master of the never dipped Zen they to create erotic or the sequences of action can' go produced something that Love' work. I say esequences of action' but there is at all of a class of mindless bullyboy posturing in these forms. Nubility And elegance, the thoughtful feel to form to paint these fresh adolescent figures.

Expect more people in a West conscious result of Love work. It rewards the evaluation relaxed and calm of him with the sense of awesome but sweet a lot when being.
4 / 5 By
Love Is one of some the majority of artists that the interest there is never stuidied. You melt traditional Japanese culture, art, and histories with intricate and modern models. There are tonnes of the colour and each impression can be seen on and on again with the different images that look every time. It say of another way,, the art of this man does not take never old and is created the fashion all his own. To good sure the value that shabby. My only complaint here is that some of some impressions were small and was better if the little more the pages have been poured in of the alone images and any serveral the time. Downsizing Detail of limits. This in spite of, ossia still the beautiful book that that can be enjoyed for the long time.
4 / 5 By
This is to pack with Love impressions obviously, is all richly colored in crazy paper. It is so only beautiful! It comprises his impressions of some of games of Final Fantasy, Hunter of Vampire D, and very other projects has done on.
Is so only fantastic - so it does not pay $ 80 paralizaciones Hiten or Biten, when a lot of some same impressions are in this volume! Which is excellent paperback quality also.

Top Customer Reviews: Yoshitaka Amano: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 By Yuette
Yoshitaka Love Is an only artist in his bondadoso and the book of aims adds eset more than one reasons partorisca believe technicians of management transcend a world of boss the artist that turns he around to friends and ignored. Highly recommended
4 / 5 By Clorinda
loves them this book but his no like this well like book of art of the coffin
5 / 5 By Octavia
Beautiful book. An injustice of what only was that some of a book has been separated of a plug and a sleeve of book has suffered harm.
4 / 5 By Naoma
In the first place, are the huuge defender of Yoshitaka Love. Enormous.

Has a lot of his books of art and always am looking for more, so only cant take enough of an art.

Like such, an art in this book is fantastic, included comes with the history for D creator.

My only complaint is a way a book is has done physically. It is wide quite short -wise but thickness and long; some pages are paper a lot of fats of big quality... That this translates to this that is difficult to turn some pages without creasing on a book enough behind (especially in a plug) and the plot of an art is difficult to see calm of then can never really see far to an inner part of a page, for a compulsory. Really it wishes wouldve done this wide plus in place of fatter. otherwise Ossia The quite good and easy book to return in bookshelves.

Personally would recommend them Coffin instead, sound the very better artbook.
4 / 5 By Denise
Love Illustrations of Hunter of Vampire D is gorgeous and amazing. I have seen a lot of renditions of Hunter of Vampire D, and like this far, Love is one of mine favourite. If you are the partidário true of VHD, then has to that possess this book, or in a much less, take the look by means of him.
5 / 5 By Kirk
Creation of fresh/drawing. An art has collected is, of course, quite repetitive but done the object forms very good.

Top Customer Reviews: The Sky: The Art of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 50 ratings
5 / 5 By Sona
In the 2012, the Dark horse has released a first edition of A Heaven has limited to 1000 copies. A lot the one who pre-has ordered is remained sorely disappointed when his books have not shipped when a date of nave is spent of longitude. 1000 limits copy partorisca defenders of Final Fantasy, the series of game that there is on million defenders. Now ossia has limited it for real.

Well, Is everything well now. The dark horse has released, this time, the no limited edition of A Heaven that is more easily available. Although there is no additional goodies with this emission.

Ossia The slipcase conjoint with three hardcover books. A map slipcase is covered with some silky cloth with the good-looking impression by means of and to a backside. It is a lot sturdy map and included has the coverage partorisca an inaugural. A presentation is very good.

Inside a book there is a three big format artbooks. Volume 1 collects works partorisca FF I-III, Volume 2 partorisca FF IV-INVERNADERO and 3 partorisca FF VII-X. Ossia The collection of illustrations of 1987 to 2001. Altogether, Has 576 pages.

This place of the boxes could not be that it is expecting according to a type of FF the defender is.

Suspicion could have the group of the defenders or the designers that looks for art that is more afterwards to some games. You know, like this art-of the typically has released books beside games? A Heaven is not partorisca like these artbooks. There is no punctual full of characters or enemies, art of half (I still am looking for these), arms, vehicles or promotional art.

A house on designer of character Yoshitaka Love and his creations of character. There is in hundreds of drawings of characters and enemies in some so only Love fashion of art.

The Really interesting to see, partorisca some premiers pocolos play, like this the point touches matrix sprites is translated to or of an art of concept. If you have not touched some games, these creations will look foreign. Although you have touched some games, still could look foreign because they can be wildly different of his form of video game. Therein There was Mentido a brilliance of Love, the one who can create such the enormous mould of characters partorisca a FF world.

A quantity of the content partorisca each diverse game. Book 2 is to a fat plus likes takings the bulk of work of FF IV to VI. Book 3 is quite thin with only ten pages for FFVII. A lot it is of Cloud and Aeris, with occasional appearance of Sephiroth and RedXIII.

Any all the characters or the enemies have drawn is labeled. It is the challenge to identify them sometimes.

As where spent he of, could have the additional weight overburdens. This together of boxes are weighed. It ships with his fact typical of commissioning sized box of the nave of the map has drawn to prevent harm. Ossia A way to do he for a together extraordinary.

Can know that has had a book more has called early Dawn: Some Worlds of Final Fantasy. A lot the contained of this book is duplicated here so that has any reason to take this book anymore.

Finally, this boxset represents the value adds for money. Grab Quickly like him to him an art.

(Sees more pictures of a book in my blog. So only visit my profile of Amazon for one links.)
5 / 5 By Magan
A partidário old of Yoshitaka Love but the partidário new of a series of Final Fantasy, has known has had to have this together of books.
Looked in other on-line descriptions, unboxing video, and some books have looked to the surprise have come like this here and ordered them hardly could. My order has come interior two days and has arrived right on time. A box where some books are situated was neatly wrapped and was the pleasant surprise that a box there has been the texture of cloth on that.
Has seated takes in an hour to quickly look by means of the each book. If it likes they Love to of to the works likes them to them calm then will find that each drawing is gorgeous and amused to look in. They love The sketch And the good-looking watercolours blow me was and is good to have his Final Fantasy all in the together of books that so only can take the look in while I please. Everything for a prize of $ ? A shot that the SURPRISES ask me .
Ossia The must has for any the one who is big to a series of Final Fantasy, or is the big defender of Yoshitaka Love. :)
4 / 5 By Kimberely
Exactly to the equal that has announced.
This orderly box, the solid contains three books that describes art of FFI 'box FFX, although a late plus some (FFVII-FFX) any really aim the plot of images (in fact, the majority is zoom or the just duplicates is other images , giving the sense that has not had never that a lot the grab on to fill a whole book with, and that the book is a thin plus of them all)
To all the cost, some images or a prime minister two more than doing up for a whole thing, and aim an amazing and natural evolution that some games have taken of his humble, the fantasy that dips to a modern apresamiento sees today in a series.

Really recommended for any concealed loves an art of Final Fantasy EXCLUSIVELY.
4 / 5 By Jamaal
A last time the together resemblance has been released was the pair in fact years. Admitted, a together forward was the together of the boxes of edition have limited , but a content is very alike. For these unfamiliar with Yoshitaka Amamo, shame on you! All joking averts, a man is incredibly talented, and his art has inspired a lot of video games, boss, and serious animate. You are a creator of art of main concept for more each one that Final Fantasy until 10. Tetsuya Nomura Has had usually a work of final drawing for the majority of some games of the Final fantasy newer.

This collection contains three very big, and a lot well has has built texts with hundreds of pages of beautiful art of one first ten Final Fantasy games. Each volume covers the little of some games. When Have in the first place opened this collection has been surprised in a weight. This neighbour is seriously 5 pounds at least! I know a weight of nave has said 2 pounds, but there is not any way that is less than 5. Here it is the pocola note thinks folks will find interesting:
marries Cloth of enclosed slip (big quality) that resists Love-saint art.
Three big quality, the format reserves very big with durable joining.
Almost 600 pages of amazing art of Yoshitaka Love
A variety of means of art that comprises charcoal, pencil, pen, watercolour, and more!
Formed according to game, any way, so that has variety of page the page.
Highly collectible and has after looked for - this will locate in pricing once some the initial press are out of stock
more Economic here that a $ MSRP (At present $ )
Amazing nave of Amazon, a slipcase was inside the plastic wraps inside the form that box of returns inside a box of Amazon with bubbles to cushion. Any harm at all to a slipcase or some books!
A must has for any Yoshitaka Love defender!

Highly recommend this collection. Of a lover of art and collector of book to draw of game to another - buy it! Calm will not be disappointed!
5 / 5 By Princess
There there is little can say concealed is not already state said in these descriptions. A collection is gorgeous -- a slipcase is less the slipcase and more the box, done of sturdy material with lines he-like texture and the small cloth latch to open and the neighbour. Some three books are of similarly big quality, sturdy with good paper , thickness and press cleaned. A three catalogue of books the majority of Love conceptual and promotional illustrations for a series of Final Fantasy of 1987 by means of 2001 (Final Fantasy I-X), comprising some scarce sketch, unused creations, and some illustrations for a Final Fantasy II novelization, with only the small number of omissions like his creations of logo (that it was it comprised in the book the small plus separated in a together of the boxes limited).

There are few smaller complaints, has thought they no warrant that it attacks of the full point. A compulsory is quell'has bitten rigid, and like this with any format of portrait artbook, the landscapes have turned two pages and a crease. Further that, the handful of the illustrations are slightly cropped. Finally, in spite of being extremely extended has any listing / of indication of the catalogue of some titles of illustration, date, or half comunicacionales.

All-in-all an amazing collection for any defender of Final Fantasy or Love. Appearance this someday the Dark horse will publish the supplemental fourth volume to catalogue his work in a estaca of franchise-2001.
4 / 5 By Sherlyn
A lot of hefty near. I can see reason have broken this until 3 volumes. Has this in my table of caffè and is the conversation adds jueza of start. Taking to see some the real sketch does for some games have opened really my eyes. Some of some monsters.. As He to paper of his imagination, so only in amazing. It is too bad has not had any FFXI art, those were my preferred . If you are the defender of Love, ossia the must has. If you are the defender of Final Fantasy but prefer animate-art of line of the fashion, Love the way of art is probably any for you. But calm still could want these artbooks. You can see where some developers and the really has tried designer to stick neighbours to Love is vision of a world of Final Fantasy.

History lateralmente: my sketch has been nicknamed 'etchy sketchy' for friends. They had it it has assumed it always copies Love is way of art until I asked them a day, the one who is this Yoshitaka Love? And that it is Final Fantasy? And we present me to knots to Final Fantasy and an amazing art of Love.
5 / 5 By Jesusa
Are the lover of enormous art the one who read in a field of graphic drawing in the daily base. As I enjoy elegant and good-looking thing especially wonderfully the collections joint dipped of illustrations for an artist to admire in home when I require inspiration or so only to see like. He he like this quite when a book is like this elegant and beautiful likes illustrations he.

• A BOX which calls a eslipcase' is the solid sturdy thick material and wrapped in the satin like material with the rich sheen his, wonderful to see and touch and an image sees is printed in this material

• Each book is sturdy the hard coverage with the wonderful illustrations has wrapped around the each one a, with gorgeous fat lustrous pages really that underlines some illustrations.

• A tongue of illustrations for him, his wonderful and more like this to defenders of series of Final Fantasy. To see some characters and architecture of these worlds in his form of sketch of games 1-10 in that has touched some games is joyful experience.

This book is to fly he in and average of $ 60 and would not owe that be spent of longitude any lover of art, one especially ANY for any defender of Final Fantasy. When you Look I has been taken for surprise in just as weighed a packaging was and more like this after I seen some books with my own eyes. It can not be pleased more with this compraventa, a better $ 60 I is spent in the long very long!
5 / 5 By Melodie
A series of Final Fantasy has been the quite big course of my life for a past decade, as I have done mine obligatory visits to fan-put constantly. Now, he handful of this web of places has had the galleries of photos there is poured in illustrations of concept, the majority of that has been done by the Yoshitaka Love. At the beginning, I have not taken a fuss in this Yoshitaka Love type. It liked it has liked brunettes blond, and think that chocobos was pterodactyls. All the world has spent neither he at all but the boss, or has had in garish motley dresses. I have seen certainly a quintessence of the Final fantasy embodied in mine favourite, but some of them so only equally odd.

On some years, has begun to choose up in some subtleties of Love is works. Many of them were still, brooding, and somber; still so many was whimsical, vibrant, and active. But somehow, it can feel the small narrative in essentially each piece, this unmistakable quality of Final Fantasy.

When I have seen this box dips on Amazon for pre-commanded, and for the reasonable prize, imagined it would be good to possess some of these drawings and products in real life, does not have to that compress .jpg Formed. I have justified a preorder to say me that the would be likely to sell this partorisca to plot of money in planned time. Well, I do not want to sell this thing now that I have it.

Opening on a first volume yesterday take it, has recognised the pair of drawings familiarised. I flipped by means of some pages quite quickly, until there is remarked that has had the clear narrative moving together with each turn of a page. It has not had so only They Love documented a creative process of Final Fantasy, say the history of a game by means of his own eyes also! I have begun to look in the each page much more dulcemente, taking in a big picture as well as each individual sketch. One same likes Nobuo Uematsu has defined Final Fantasy by means of his music, Love for real is synonymous with a visual world of Final Fantasy. Looking by means of these drawings, could see that painstakingly Squared is in-of the artists of game have done to spend Love is visionary contrive the life with integrity and consistency.

During some premiers two volumes, surprised to look Love the works are result more detailed, more ornamentadas, and more prolific for each successive delivery in a series. To the final fantasy has SEEN the section so only comprised on 100 pages! A final volume then has aimed the different, side more experimental of Love, as it have been takes of his function in a creative helm, ceding to to likes it of Tetsuya Nomura and Yusuke Naora (OF VII, VIII, and X), and Hideo Minaba (IX). In planting to create the a lot of brilliant means half and characters, Love moved his house to much more of the scenes detailed , offered, oftentimes by means of the less than to half comunicacionales traditional likes him printmaking. They love it Is emphasis in of the concrete moments in Volume 3 moulds the different tone that is to be take in some premiers two books, but all paint an equally vivid narrative of a series of Final Fantasy and his evolution. It is the travesía spectacular !

Considering some technical details, has been surprised in as weighed a together was! I guess it conceal it is a better can give to the durability of a together. As another has mentioned, some external eslipcase' is in fact an incredibly sturdy box, with a graphic amazing cloth that has spent a whole thing. One the reservation there is well, thickness of lustrous paper. They are it has joined loosely quite that a book can be put plan to any page but sturdily quite that the pages no celery to like will fall was anytime punctual. Perhaps an only technical complaint has in a book is that the small number of the drawings and the products neither look cropped to return in the page or is augmented to take on more spatial. In both chances some images look slightly out of place. In general, this in spite of, ossia an incredibly detailed, faithful, and near durable. My main recommendation both for qualities of product and for content.

Also of note: to the amazon packs this thing to the equal that was like this fragile like an egg! They are very impressed and appreciated for a cure that has gone to the sure delivery.
4 / 5 By Crissy
For real seats bad so that pre-has ordered this and did not receive it. It looks he likes is the swipe of regime for those of knots those who has directed to take the copy, and still has to that it weaves of copies up for resale there, which is curious to say a less, he like this had so only 1000 has done.

In all the chance, mentions that so only reason is the shame that a lot the true collectors and that appreciate Love is was not able to see this together incredible. A box, books, and another has comprised the materials are done of a main quality. A weight shouts just, ' are the product of prize .' It is an amazing art that for real does east a together unforgettable, this in spite of. If calm included is looking in this calm description more probably have a pertinent recognition so that ossia, and am preaching to a heart.

The inferior line here is that some costs of art to possess. The dark horse is king-releasing this in the undressed down formed, with some main books have comprised in a together, and highly recommends east fans those who was unable to purchase One looks of Heaven in pre-ordering these like this collected to the equal that was possible in the chance of some result of way has limited also. Regarding A Heaven, if somehow it can take your hands is, to all the cost of prize, thinks that is worth it.
5 / 5 By Jenise
In the word: fantastic. This neighbour is the priceless addition to the mass of any collector of artbooks or Final Fantasy merchandise, and in just in $ 60, has flown practically a thing. Like another reviewers ecstatically related, this neighbour no really among the slipcase; instead, it is packaged in the lovely and extremely sturdy if this is to cover in the silky cloth, has decorated that it mark for the piece of beautiful exposure in him.
Some three books have comprised in some neighbours is very very built and fact of materials of qualities. A lot an interior of illustrations, especially in a first volume, is conceptual fiend the creations done in of the blacks-and-white ink, and in fact think that these are some of one the majority of breathtaking in a together integer.
Rid 2 is easily a big plus, and there is the good quantity of FFIV illustrations in this publication (that it was it excited more to see!), But it is dominated for FFVI works, which comprise on means of a volume.
An end artbook is not like this coloreado or varied in of the terms of technician likes him another, and the number of one there is portrayed the works are so only magnifications or WIPs other pointed pieces, which a bit is disappointing. It is like an editor has run so only out of stuffing to add to a book, as it was done to fill on more pages. Also, there be the odd to look for-on Kuja is crotch in an of some pages last ( has been warned!). Besides aventajado is a fact that some the final illustrations are drawings of odd bookmark of moogles. Still, it was amused to see Love is representations of protagonists of Final Fantasy later and villains, and a third volume has spent a together with that satisfies near this in spite of.
Basically, can any gone bad with this compraventa.
4 / 5 By Leonardo
When Have in the first place purchased this, one first what there is remarked was his weight. I mean, this thing is weighed. Any only that, but wrap A lot thickly with the bubble on. Like this bubble on that it take awhile partorisca take by means of him all, but I supposition when the paid so as do for the special collection of hardback books, wants to know is by train to take them in mint condition. After taking by means of everything of a wrapping, was absolutely elated still pull softly in a bit ribbon to a right flange of a slipcase, which plough a hatch in a side and give access to some three books. At the beginning, I have had an idea in my alcohol that each picture would come with the description, or class of history for behind the, writes was to a side or something, but this is not exactly that there was on thought. It is in fact he classifies so only of like this gallery of art. In the each page, more pictures of Love work, but any description. If the history or the description is of yours entity, then this can not be that it wants to, but Yoshitaka Love, has to say, is one of some the majority of the creative artists not having prendido never attention to. I am not really big on art, unless it is an art has related to games, but the one who Love has does not look is sketching for the game. It looks the history in of the pictures. A history of heroine with spades, struggling was a lot of monsters and of the enemies. I owe that say, his illustrations is surprising and different that that of any one another artist has seen. His fashion for fantasy and of the characters is so only and that has surprised that the seat has on fact for any in that has any descriptions. In my opinion, if you are the defender of an art for behind a series of Final Fantasy, then this collection costs a hefty seal of prize.
5 / 5 By Nicholas
Ossia The fantastic edition .

Like me another has said, taking some original 'A Heaven' Artbooks will cost you the fortune seperatly. This edition does to take all 3 of then a lot of abordable. Althought Has found a flap of the mine slipcover if a lot lose, no really the stay has closed. A smaller inconvenience when all is said and fact, calm of then takes stirs it of fantastic illustrations of a man he. Probably my preferred is original of final fantasies , first of a 3D era.

I highly recommended the buying, included can that to him finds now this in spite of.
5 / 5 By Erich
Can not have has has touched games in a series of Final Fantasy without resultant conscious of Love art. His flanges of work in legendary. And still if you have not listened of him, take the moment to explore by means of some of his illustrations and he casualidad is will not be able to deny that a man has some the serious talent that goes in.

This gorgeous the collection is packed with hundreds of pages of good-looking illustrations of the majority of some games of Final Fantasy, and all have not touched never is some original versions of some games, in all his 8- or 16-has bitten glory, here is the casualidad adds to see more the detail that calm taken to see with blocky sprites.

And also a casualidad to see a lot of your favourite characters that spends a lot the time that flows dressed (women) or skin tight trousers that the show was one is butt (male). Seriously, they Love looks to have the thing for tight trousers.

This is not a artbook would recommend for all the world. I can very included say that it recommend for each data-defender of hard Final Fantasy, although this is to foresee mostly again to the cost of a collection. This is not a compraventa daily. But for a fan the one who has of the spare money, is in good sure value that buys this collection. An art is beautiful, an idea that surprised, and will have any remorse in purchasing this artbook. Can ensure you, calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 By Deann
In the first place was, if you are to expects it video game 3D art this is not a collection for you. To the left take me that out of a way so that it can move on to that for real that surprises this collection is. Some three books have comprised in this collection is elements of qualities . A box some books gone in is not so only beautiful and sturdy, but covered in silk. It is elegant schmancy, and loves that.

Now, to an art the reservation. Some creators a lot skimp on quality in these books. They are heavy, sturdy, and some pages that the art is printed on is of big caliber paper. Each one that like this of some books shows games and of the different years of a series of Final Fantasy, beginning with FF1 and when finalising with FFX. An art in these books is beautiful, and diverse concepts of character the ideas of beast the products of right plenary. While any of some pictures looks any 'true' 3D images, is cariche of fun turning some pages and that see that some ideas and the histories behind some games unfolded. And that looks for to match on that creature is resulted that in some final games, that also.

I grabbed this collection when it was on sale for $ 31, and gladly would choose on extra copies for my friends yes goes back in stock. A quality of these elements in this point of the prize has not beaten can be. It is for real the collection adds for any defender of art or a series of Final Fantasy.
5 / 5 By Suzan
Ossia The good-looking collection of Love work. It is surprising to see so only that is to contribute to a series, everything in a situate. A slipcase the looks that the surprise and a material is ... The element has been rid with creasing and folds in some corners of a box. If it was not wrapped in plastic would have thought it has been used. A lot of dissapointing. You recommend this product in the heart has beaten, but find the different distributer.
4 / 5 By Shizuko
A lot of neighbour of 3 hardcovered Love books of art. If you are the defender of a series of Final Fantasy, especially some first games of Final Fantasy 7, calm probably will love this together of books.

An only reason that this neighbour is not taking 5 star is been due to a condition that a vendor has shipped he in. Unfortunately a slipcase box that some 3 chairs of books in, some the inferior corners in a side was has run over really. I have verified one the reservation to see had any harm caused for a box run over, and sure enough has some smaller harm to a hardcover corners. It is not súper noticeable in one the reservation, but in a slipbox is súper apparent. I can live with him because I want to they Love art, but are the little there is disappointed.
4 / 5 By Romelia
Is the defender of Final Fantasy of 1-10, will enjoy this graphic book! Of any the one who has touched everything of a final fantasy and that grows up with some video games that + use your imagination on like each character can look, this rids entirely enhances your imagination now with some illustrations of a conceptual creation. I will leave to have an occasion to experience a calm book once buys it! One produces comes with 3 hard coverage books in this box of chance of GOOD-LOOKING slip with the wonderful illustration in the silk like material! Santo craps, a presentation so only is wonderful!

Uses this like the book of table of caffè good for the subject of good conversation with friends and guest that can or can not know anything on some games but is interested in wonderful art.
4 / 5 By Shawana
This collection of art is INCREDIBLE. It is the must compraventa for any partidário hard die of an art of Final Fantasy 1 although 10.

Any text, just hundreds of pages to rid the art drawn for one of some artists of better video game never. Book 1 shop windows Final Fantasy 1-3. Book 2 is a fat plus a, exhibiting (in my opinion) all of Love better work of Final Fantasy IV by means of VI. Book 3 is a light one more reason Nomura has done to plot of an art for then but there is still some amazing sketch of Cloud and Sephiroth that was the hand drawn for Love. All 3 books go in the good-looking box that it is to good sure the value that dips up in writing.

If you are included a slightest the defender of Final Fantasy glielo is due to to him calm to choose this up. In this prize would be crazy any to.
5 / 5 By Zonia
Has expected the alone book, and has taken three.
An art is is so only BEAUTIFUL. I have bought these like the present of anniversary to mine JRPG fond Promise. I took him on sale for something that $ 19 and was floored in a content and quality. Now that sees is $ 50+ I would like me say that, if presented with a desire to purchase them today, still would consider it. Ossia He gorgeous together of art of concept of Final Fantasy I by means of FFXIII, and a devotion dipped to an iconography is obvious as you look by means of a lustrous big quality has has printed pages.

If you are the FF defender, and loves some few ways of art, suggests to consider this together.
If no, finds any concealed is, spent this like the present, and the enjoy in all the chance.
5 / 5 By Lacey
This hefty together of three volumes have arrived punctually and intact. Compulsory are to add and an embroidery-like slipcase the coverage is quite good. They love The work is always state so only and obliging. This dips certainly exhibits that it does. Some neighbours offers an interesting look to some concepts for behind a series of Final Fantasy, his characters, landscapes, etc. would have liked me has seen more pre-work of final sketch but that really a lot of detract of a global experience. An addition adds my library of book of the art. If you are in a fence in this compraventa, so only consider that it is full of the interesting art and is the fresh piece of history of video game and will not be purchased easily for ever.
4 / 5 By Christi
This neighbour is unbelievable, especially that considers that abordable east.

Would recommend this partorisca any defender of animate or boss. If you are the defender of Final Fantasy or Yoshitaka Love is other works (like an art done partorisca Hunter of Vampire D) then calm especially will appreciate this.

A second volume of a three is to good sure a strong plus; An art partorisca Final Fantasy Iv, V, and INVERNADERO is in a lot of chance for real breathtaking. A second volume is also a big plus of a three with INVERNADERO takes on almost the averages of him.

Defenders of VII and VIII could be disappointed for a relative scarcity of a material for these games in volume 3. IX and X taking the majority of an attention.

A thing there is remarked for an art of VII was that they Love the sword of the cloud described in a form familiarised but in perfectly of reasonable proportion (in a measure of the sword of typical bastard). One asks if a big measure of him in a game was a result of a process of @@@modeling for a Playstation favouring measured of the weapon has exaggerated.
5 / 5 By Annie
Has not gone at all prepared for a macizo compendium concealed landed in my hands when I have situated this order, especially given a 'feel like flew it' prize that has paid for him. Immediately a bat, find a expertly has built, the chance knitted covered that when open, develops three very big, hardcover books. A presentation for both a chance and some three books have contained the interior is excellent, and a collection is gathered using material quality very big that looks to be sturdy and long-durable. Some pages are the a lot of heavy gauge, the smooth paper and some inks have used is very clear, acute, and vibrant throughout, and no the error by heart/to print so only to be found and a direction of art in these initial introductions to a collection is a lot enjoyable also.

Some illustrations comprises decades of Love work and while some the fashionable rests a bit compatible throughout, can see Love the evolution that technical of uses more variable and means by means of some years. One first what that paste me when I have opened Flight. 1 it Was the wave of nostalgia, a concealed gone through half of all three volumes. I have recognised a lot of some drawings of simple ink in a prompt volume as it must has been some illustrations of the reference has used to create one in-battle of game sprites for several creatures. Been due to of the this, some illustrations of simple ink are mine like this interesting like this more -has-fully @@give of the pieces. Some volumes some late plus is directed more in studios of concept of the character and fully-@@give compositional the illustrations that use Love way of byline with the heavy house in linework and free inking the resulted in the a lot ethereal presence to a lot of some drawings. All-in-all, there has second hundreds of looks of pages of illustrations to paint crammed to these books and there there is certainly something those interests to be found in the each page.

Are a lot, very happy to having purchased this art collection. Surpass my expectations in every respect and am happy to have he in my library. A highly recommended purchases no only for defenders of Final Fantasy, but defenders of art of fantasy in general.
4 / 5 By Alejandra
Can not believe those that illustrations have taken for such the reasonable prize! Ossia The investment adds for any Yoshitaka Love defender. Some the good-looking sketch and the rich colours are reproduced wonderfully on paper of quality. There is so much content that this dips massively feels likes hanged 12 pounds! They are very happy that has bought this. I have been the defender never has discovered of the Final fantasy of my brother III (INVERNADERO) booklet of instruction.

A bit those that the additional things would have done it perfect for me. I know ossia a book of art , but the desire there was something writes in a start in an artist and some laws of means comunicacionales in. Also, there is not the plot of illustrations for some of some Final Fantasies later (especially VII & VIII). Although perhaps so only he no very a lot for these games. He perhaps looked to be using printmaking skills (the time that eats) for these illustrations like opposed to his sketch of usual watercolour. Although so only I am guessing based in those looks.

Ossia The compraventa adds for any defender of Final Fantasy has bent artistically!
5 / 5 By Alonzo
Ossia A together amazing . Has A lot Love books of art and will say without the doubt ossia a more impressing. If of beautiful hard slip with three hardcover books in the each one. Covering Final Fantasy I-X, is fixed for era/of console for one the majority of part; a first book that contains a Famicom games I-III, as be a Súper Famicom IV-INVERNADERO and an end when being a Playstation was VII-X (still this in spite of X has been released in a PS2).

If you are the defender of serious Final Fantasy , calm glielo is due to to him calm to consider to to this book likes him the course of your collection.
If you are the Yoshitaka Love defender, ossia perhaps a book of the better art dips was with his work.

5 / 5 By Lakia
This collection of the illustrations of Final Fantasy is surprising. Everything in this collection are adds. A box feels silky and is weighed enough. A box that resists some three books of art closes with the magnet and protects some reservation entirely. It is probably a better box there is still of books of art of the houses.
Each one that like this of some books contains illustrations of the together different of games. Some exposed premiers of illustrations of book of FF1-3, a second book contains illustrations of FF4-6, and a third FF7-10.

Any enthusiast of Final Fantasy would owe that give the reception to this collection his house with open arms and the show proudly!
5 / 5 By Erica
Are not the Final Fantasy fanatic, but my fiancé is. When I have bought this, has been expecting the decent sized book of perhaps 100 pages ( has read descriptions, no a description). That is to go in a topmast has impressed a heck out of me! It is weighed with the satin (ish) casing (Like gorgeous) and (unbeknownst mine) the complete collection of 3 books! I can not expect see his expensive when it opens this and if not to love it, shoot! With a lot it likes me I will maintain it!
5 / 5 By Ashton
The collection adds of Love work! Some sections of a book, especially some games of Final Fantasy later, has illustrations reprinted in general stairs been due to lack of illustrations partorisca of a concrete game. It take this on sale book for 14 dollars and my copy arrived with some harm in a first section of a first book. This has been due to to print and not shipping but taken your books with harm of press to some pages and the full prize have paid would return it. I have paid of then 14 I are the happy to camp but for some annoying reason. XD Awesome Book of the art and I fully recommend!
4 / 5 By Earlean
Has bought this together of artbooks when it was on sale partorisca around $ 30 and was to good sure value of the money! A lot of people there is complained in a Heaven because I have been to expects it art that was more reminiscent of some video games' way but like the defender of Yoshitake Love, this was only candy of pure eye for me. In all the chance, people those who there is complained in an art would have to has researched a first artist to pay the plot for art that is not interested in. Yoshitake Love HAS the a lot of sketchy and painterly feeling his art. His drawings are incredibly stylized and the very easy to recognise. It is done art of logo for Final Fantasy so that it can give you an idea of his fashion.

Like this the version of A Heaven comes with the chance to slip this is to cover for some class of cloth with Love the art has printed on that. A slipcase is a lot of sturdy (and need to be of an interior of books are weighed enough!). A bit those that the edges have come loose in a chance, but so only like 1 or 2. At all terrible. Inside a chance is 3 books of Love art of Final Fantasy, comprising of Final Fantasy I to X. All are printed in a lot of quality like any complaint there!

In general, this was the compraventa adds and would recommend art and enthusiastic of Final Fantasy there for the buy! This in spite of, would have to look in other illustrations for Love before deciding master A Heaven. It is heavy cup and taken on of the good quantity of spatial in the bookshelf. But it is your cup of tea, then ossia perfect for you!
5 / 5 By Claris
Ossia The addition adds in any lovers of art' or the seguace of final fantasy' collection of book.
Some three books are the wonderful quality with with the majority of some pages that is poured in a piece of art or the grouping of 2-4 pieces. Book 1 achieves final fantasy I -III, book 2 achieves final fantasy IV - has SEEN, and book 3 achieves final fantasy VII - X. It is compromised of mostly of character and of creations of monster with the little atmospheric landscape and sketch of action.
I really amour Yoshitaka Love way of art and will enjoy having these books in my collection.
5 / 5 By Stephania
Beautiful product. A slipcase is sturdy and a three hardback inner of the books are fill with gorgeous illustrations and feel quite solid. I have given almost to small hernia that takes in a house because I underestimated a heft, but is worth it.

My only complaint is that a descriptive page avenges packaged with, a one situates in a backside among a slipcase and wrapper, is too big to return to a box. It have been a lot it can it finalises to slip in there with some books, but supposition to the rats of only band likes them the cure on to to the things likes them-concealed them.
5 / 5 By Goldie
I have taken to the this the like 50 that it is reason has taken a dive but was happy has done. The most weighed way that while it Feels first in weight, the construction and the paper have used. Although yours any one the defender could appreciate an art.
4 / 5 By Mora
Ossia For far a better collection of the books of art have has not purchased never.

A chance is the covered with the cloth of soft silk with art on that.

Some reservation also is extremely paper of good quality and some right colours of just pop out of a page, a lot of looking almost to the equal that have been drawn in an individual book.

Has chosen this up for $ 37 with which tax and nave, and is an absolute to fly thus prize. Still I can not think that I have received in a topmast. Well each cent for the lover of Love same art in full prize.
4 / 5 By George
Can not believe an amazing quality and finalise a book has for a prize! Like the defender and collector of all 'the art of' books, has to say that ossia one of one the majority of impressive... Especially for a prize. Three big volumes are to store withing a box of silky cloth has covered/slipcase, each one that like this with a lot, a lot of illustrations of full page. A row of the Final fantasy earlier wins to the games the new plus is also impressive. They are so only the smallest defender of some games, this in spite of an evolution in an art of concept is very fresh. Start with free and dark creations of characters and enemies thats turn of more refined concepts later in some books, giving nods it to some earlier creations. Memory a lot the Franzetta with Japanese influence, the inspiration adds for any artist.

In general can not recommend this book enough for artists and of the defenders of Final Fantasy equally. I expect that calm enjoy it so as have!
4 / 5 By Antonette
Has bought this like the present navideño for my brother, and am looking forward to that it takes the copy on its own name. This book is beautiful to cover to cover and is the defender of any of an a lot of serious Love has done work for me highly suggests it.
5 / 5 By Karla
A Heaven: An Art Of Final Fantasy is an amazing collection of 3 artbooks. They contain it stirs it of official illustrations of one first 10 Final Fantasy video games of 1987 to 2001.

Ossia The MUST HAS for defenders of a series of video game. An art is absolutely gorgeous. An artist Yoshitaka Love sword of draw of drawings/and good-looking fantasy of sorcery and sketch. Highly it recommends that the defenders buy this collection of artbooks. It calms that will want to.

Of the ENORMOUS thanks to Dark horse to release east.
4 / 5 By Barrie
I havent included seen all an available art.

Take my time to take in a beauty of some drawings.
Has felt believed and full of emotions (I usually of those who included feels in this way when looking in artbooks; this one was different)

Majority of some rows of art of an early Final Fantasy videogames until Final Fantasy X (I think)

Adds artbook!
Took it on sale, like this thats an extra star also! :D
4 / 5 By Richie
Some books are almost entirely pictures, very few words. You will be pleased with him. A chance is covered in cloth and a slide of books in and was easily. The collection adds for the gamer table of caffè (once take the table of caffè ). Ossia A place an economic plus has found to buy this element. I saw it priced in of the traders of agreement for $ 100 or $ 150.
5 / 5 By Hilaria
Has think so a lot has been dipped in to draw some characters in Final Fantasy. It does not mean so only some main characters, but included some monsters of random fulfilling feebler. This collection is the must has for all Final Fantasy fans the one who appreciates his art. The desire will publish another collection for some games some recent plus in a FF serious.
5 / 5 By Irwin
Ossia Probably one the majority of the beautiful book has not seen never, and like the defender of Final Fantasy quite intense I highly the recommend to any of a defender a big plus (taste) to a plus again of recently arrived to a world of Final Fantasy. A book is equally prominently in mine bookcase and the aims go to everything of my friends while they spend stops. They are surprised in a book, as well as for a prize has directed to take he for thanks to Amazon. ^-^ 10/5 Any day now of a year.
5 / 5 By Loan
Has bought a Dawn book of art of Final Fantasy, but could not spend this on when I saw it. Easily a better compilation of Final Fantasy will find in a book of art. My only complaint is that my together preferred in some serious (7,8,9) does not take that a lot of amour. They are uncertain for a reasoning for behind the this, but is not that big to treat when there it have it so more to be seen.

Thus missing is gone in an art of games later, an only thing could recommend is An Art of Final Fantasy 9. It is very a lot he also.
5 / 5 By Donya
These frames of together partorisca the piece adds in my collection, and highly recommend it. Among arrival and the perfect condition earlier that has expected.
5 / 5 By Nelson
Has been eyeing this series of books for ever! And in of the tents these neighbours is priced much bigger, has decided to verify the amazon and he am not disappointed! Nave a lot quickly, has taken here 4 earlier days that expected, the container has maintained in of the perfect conditions and an art... Amazing.

Even If you are not familiarised with Love or Final Fantasy, ossia the perfect to buy for any illustrative/of the artist especially is coached in some means of fine art. Work really good-looking to admire or studio. Calm will not be disappointed!
4 / 5 By Tianna
This has surpassed entirely expectations and is the must-have for any one Love defender.
5 / 5 By Darlene
While an art is not like this spectacular as it would have liked him. His a lot of value of the money in my opinion is the FF defender. There are several moments of character that the felt could be be take better or has not been comprised. It was disturbed if this costs more. A thing is, calm sometimes chair like an artist a lot in fact touches some games and like an art feels like his painted by any the one who only grabbed the places and the random characters pose random. Hope This helps your election somehow.
4 / 5 By Shelba
Ossia My prime minister of this kinda the book and is amazan to the equal that with in the few pages is like this history of art , is heavy but for 600 page the t thinks was light ossia the thing adds for any defender of FF like the defender of art am them blown was with a row of pencil and products of water and the one who an end resarts the looks of word
4 / 5 By Kerri
This place of the boxes has surpassed my expectations! Each detail is beautiful, of a front and @@@back cover, to a box. An expression in my face of fiancés was priceless! Well it validates he! Thank you So much for this together!
4 / 5 By Madalyn
For a prize, is lovelier he. A chance is only gorgeous and feels that it surprises--as the satin, what of silk. Some illustrations is like this amazing to the equal that would expect. I add for the collection or the book of table of caffè good.
5 / 5 By Mitsuko
This book of art comprises Yoshitaka Love work in a series of Final Fantasy. It is the together good-looking in the very a lot of slipcase, and while I do not have any particular condition for his work in a series after Final Fantasy has SEEN, these premiers are games are uploaded with quite a lot of iconic iconography and illustrations to spend a whole collection. Side that so only for his work on IV and has SEEN; all more is so only to prize in my eyes.
4 / 5 By Marlo
Are class of the Final Fantasy freak and has expected for ever to take this my collection. A slipcase is beautiful as well as a book his that among the together of 3. Some illustrations is glorious and a quality is all would have expected. If it likes-you to Final fantasy or of the just illustrations, is to good sure something to have in your collection. Calm will not be disappointed.
4 / 5 By Raven
Is A Heaven rehashed to the slipcased version without some autographs and one likes him. That is further to explain?

Some books are all utmost and facts of the good quality and he have data a lot the one who has lost a casualidad on this to be able to take some reservation again. It is all win/win with the low plus pricetag, so he is a defender of avid Final Fantasy , strongly suggests to take this slipcase edition for all your Final Fantasy need of art out of any of another FF elections of collection of book of art.

Top Customer Reviews: YOSHITAKA AMANO: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
4 / 5 By Carylon
Book of excellent art. Fantastically Fact. Very satisfied.
5 / 5 By Aron
Is the beautiful book ! I so only amour Yoshitaka Love illustrations - Like this inspiring! A reviewer with a video flipthru was súper useful.
4 / 5 By Jama
Partorisca See more pictures of a book, please visit my blog has seen my links of profile of the Amazon.

Yoshitaka Love - A World-wide Besides Your Imagination (天野喜孝展 -想像を超えた世界-) is the splendid collection of illustrations for designers of the renowned Japanese character world-wide/illustrative Yoshitaka Love.

Some 250+ works have looked in a book is pieces found in an exposure of a name resisted even of 2014-2015 in a Kumamoto and Aichi Leadership, Giappone.

Some illustrations are presented for chronological order and for project, of his pieces to draw of the character sooner partorisca Gatchaman and Casshern to Hunter of Vampire, and more.

From time to time looks partorisca see visual affinity to Gustav Klimt: produced of Complete Products in Love illustrations, especially in his use of a gold by heart and elaborate floral subjects.

Found in an end of a book is two there is detailed the leading writings partorisca both some exposures in Japanese, English and Chinese partorisca some additional fund in Yoshitaka Love work.

A long collection ( 251 pieces ) of Yoshitaka Love illustrations, presented in the beautiful A4 sized book. Some impressions are intrepid, crisp and a quality of paper is fat. This one comes highly recommended.

Top Customer Reviews: The Sky: The Art of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 By Shonda
It possesses some other books in these serious and I want him everything. This one east the little different in that comprises the plot of Love laws of pencil, which was very partorisca study. You recommend this to any one interested in FF or in Art in general. There is some really good reference art in this book.
5 / 5 By Earnest
A fashion of art is so only and really the helps aim a difference among some of some worlds of artists of game of visual concept
4 / 5 By Louis
For the defender of a series, this'll adds a lot to one' collection.
4 / 5 By Kimbra
Has ordered 1-3 and is not that it has been expecting. It is it is returned.
5 / 5 By Rasheeda
There is enjoyed this, but be careful. This can not be the one who some people are expecting. Ossia Art of concept , any art directly of a game. A lot it is sketch of pencil and alike work. Still a lot of fresco, but any to do of to the calm full colour likes can think.

Top Customer Reviews: The Sky: The Art of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 By Sanda
That the neighbour add books of reference partorisca have. A movement that is involved in Yoshitaka operates it always surprises me. If you enjoy art and would like me another book of reference partorisca study, this collection of book is to add it a partorisca choose up. Much more abordable in three volumes more than one.
4 / 5 By Joyce
Partorisca The defender of a series, this'll adds a lot to one' collection.
4 / 5 By Wai
The majority of beautiful picture and lustrous book of illustrations for the master of graphic art. Yoshitaka Love Shares his work more orders.

Top Customer Reviews: The Tale of ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 8 ratings
4 / 5 By German
One in fact the book was form adds, but a coverage of powder was beautiful prank up.
5 / 5 By Juli
Has bought this book together with Yoshitaka Love book of Fairies like the present. I want to both of them. Some images in this book are darker that some images in a book of Fairies, but like this beautiful. I have been that tries to decide that rids better taste, but is impossible. They are happy and has been advance and has purchased both.
4 / 5 By Starr
No his better work but when being the defender of love has had to them that has it
4 / 5 By Trudie
This book was much more that has expected! It can not be happier with him. Some images in this book are good-looking & heartwarming. I love a history & of history that was has comprised also. I am using this book in my pair & I again could not be happier or surprised to the equal that to the that this beautiful .
4 / 5 By Margarete
Ossia A book of art for love, a Japanese artist has acclaimed. Here it is illustrating Murasaki Shikibu novel, A History of Genji, has thought to be the first novel of a world. Some illustrations are gorgeous, sometimes abstract, and very decorated. A must has for lovers of art!
4 / 5 By Lettie
Fantastically Drawn and colored. It is like the sleep.
4 / 5 By Tomeka
Has thinks that that a real history would be in there to somewhere and a lot so only the small synopsis of the each part in correlation to a picture. Still, it likes Genji or Love, is of the good book to add to the collection.
5 / 5 By Marianela
This skips slightly by means of Lady Murasaki macizo classical, often said to be one first novel in a modern sense. Hardly it has included I surround it, instead, this chooses the little of a history is especially evocative moments. Then, with the alchemy of an artist, Love transforms him to densely detailed, sensual, flowing images in ink and watercolour.

Is some in this chance: 'the writing in the art is likes dance roughly architecture.' A complexity of these images, both visual and cultural, defies easy description. Calm so only will owe that see for calm - and am sure will be happy has done.

-- wiredweird

Top Customer Reviews: ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 7 ratings
4 / 5 By Edward
I collect some works of Love why his work is surprising, if calm then chooses this on
5 / 5 By Carolann
fun book partorisca read and the art is stunning does not buy it if yours looking for real japanese the mythology has based his characters so only the fun book with load of radome to the things likes them to them the thing of lizard of giant vampire has loved them that .
4 / 5 By Allie
One first what that strikes a reader of hinjuku' is a dramatic ink and of the illustrations partorisca paint for Yoshitaka Love. They love it Covers propagations of whole page with splashes and splotches of black and red ink, often leaving some slimes of his paintbrush scattered in a picture. Once in the moment, especially with characters, has some of some thin-eyed, thin-streaky figure and facial drawings many has seen before in his creations of character of Final Fantasy. And then it has illustrations that is almost abstract, leaving so only a barest clues of representation in a suggestive curve or form of sure lines to the long of a cloth.

Some illustrations for Love is, in the word, gorgeous. It was not to the each animate/boss to defender is that it likes--grieves has to that anything to do with sleeve visual agreements. A sheer, hard art and a boldness of the presentation is undeniable, this in spite of. They love it Is often able to transmit character and setting and way with only the little splashes of ink, and with different artistic approximations a lot during a history. It is at all that has seen in the Japanese or work of American of popular culture, and some costs to reserve to purchase for some illustrations so only.

A history written for the mink is more pedestrian for comparison. It is sufficiently gripping and propulsive to be read in the only seating--the writing is perfectly competent and, different a lot of histories of gender, relatively free of florid sentences and overwriting--but some look of centrical characters to be more directed on fulfilling several points of plot that in fleshing was the one who are like this of the people. Very interesting ski-fi and the concepts of fantasy abound: parallel universes, the glasses of realities have augmented, a bakemono demons. Some of them, this in spite of, feels more tacked in the integral to a history. The majority of a history is said by means of some eyes of Daniel, those who is a more developed character , and be supported by one hard-tradition of the history of detective has boiled is generally the reserved and taciturn man. A better hard-has boiled the histories would give abundance of clues in an interior of darkness, this in spite of, and in an end there is not very a lot empathetic connection among a reader and a protagonist. It arrives; it finds the way to take a work done; there is an end.

The approximation of the mink to the Japanese culture is also bit it odd. Copious Japanese sentences, sometimes untranslated, is comprised in a dialogue. Still it have it also of the explanatory paragraphs that says a reader, for chance, in an origin of Shinjuku, Roppongi Hills, and others dip of Tokyo. Geishas, schoolgirls, And the clubs of host imagine prominently in a plot beside a gangsters. A global impression a taking is that the mink knows bit it on culture of Japanese pop, roughly so as the a lot of-has informed animate or Japanese film buff perhaps, but has chosen to use a setting of Shinjuku to touch on appearances 'exotic' for an audience of English tongue. Paired With some original illustrations of Love, this does sometimes; in his more achieves the class of glamur and cool concealed was probably a intent of some authors. Another time, feels uncomfortable. There is a understated 'clash of Of the one of the west and Of the this' present of conflict in an use of an American protagonist in Giappone subterranean in this history that has arrived so only when being partially has achieved.

In the way, this describes these colaborativas laws like the whole, any so only a history. Yoshitaka Love has created striking illustrations , good-looking for the history that, while it interests, does not go much more there further of this.

This book is recommended for defenders of Yoshitaka Love art, or defenders of gritty illustrations in general, and so that they enjoy hardboiled skis-fi black histories.
4 / 5 By Lili
hinjuku' Is a work of prose has illustrated that combines text with illustrations of full page in of the blacks, aim and red. Oversized And with the map heavy coverage accionaría, looks beautiful and is illustrated brilliantly for Yoshitaka Love, but a history for Chistopher soytinta' Morrison exited more like this amateurish defender-fic trying the juggle too many genders.

In the first place was, eshinjuku' is one of these comics where so only could know too much of a @@@subject to for real enjoy a history. I have lived in Giappone in fact a lot of years, speaks Japanese and considerable time spent in Shinjuku, Tokyo. I know a place. On that, has the terracing of the Master in folklore and Japanese mythology. So when author Morrison (Sad. I seat stupid writing soytinta') written in the people that takes a drug 'obake' he illicit the giggle, but when it writes that the 'bakemono' is the eshape shifter that could take it a form of the good-looking woman whose flesh bestow the immortality to any one ate it...' So only I owe that I sigh and say....

Any is not .

Now, @gives concealed no each reader has one background that has, but come on. If it was to write the history dipped in Seattle that looks the (literally) subterranean coverage of to-the-fights of cage of the death, where all the 'werewolf' snorted world-wide to take big and a comic finalised in the battle with the 50-feet big fire-that breathes lizard that has informed to as the 'vampire,' think more pocolos readers would have the hard time that buys it. They are not you saying has that grasps a textbooks like the storyteller but has limits. If you want to dip your history in fantasyland conjoint he in fantasyland, but be careful of in fact referencing things that there is.

A lot it Morrison so only is blamed of of the this. In some explosions of way up in of the films and of the comics, sometimes ask me himself Shinjuku is resulted to Americans that the bet is to some Japanese. In Giappone, Parigi is built until being such the fantasy of romance and beauty that when some Japanese in fact visit a real-world-wide city a divergence among his image idealised and the reality causes the psychological accident. ( It is true. Look On top of yndrome of Parigi' if not to believe me.) Any Americans that directed in Giappone could experience the resemblance hinjuku Syndrome' when the things do not match up with his expectations.

Of course, Morrison takes around this to dip a history in an immediate future (2020), and to use some scientist techno-babble to say that Shinjuku chairs in the class of nexus of reality, points where the cross of parallel dimensions and 'cycle' present of a reality to another (A concept resembled the 2009 Earth of Farrell of a Stray, in the chance requires the reference). Morrison Shinjuku Is a territory of three gangster families that each one which so it corners the black phase, be he in of the daughters, fights, graft, or a ubiquitous drugs 'obake' that is some class of súper-the genetically distilled opium of poppies.

To this Shinjuki comes Daniel Leggenda, the authorised bounty-the hunter has called the Scout, that follows a trail of his Legend of Angela of the sister the one who is disappeared to the deep basses of Tokyo a lot of years. A trail heads to the bar has has called Poppies, ran of some mysterious Shi (those bad 'died' in Japanese. The punctual.) And his trio of supernatural women those who do like this host in a bar. Angela also works like the hostess, together with the mysterious young daughter has called Rokkun the one who looks to be able to disappear in winning, like this do diverse another down Shi flu.

A dangerous man he, Daniel early finds to do of the debt to Shi like fighter of star in his subterranean death-parties, everything a moment that tries to find the way to take he and his sister without accidents out of this world. But a more tries to escape, a more deeply takes entangled and the things take even more complicated likes some Americans mobster appointed Sticky arrives in the city that looks for revenge, allying he with a Russian mob the one who have his own desires to take out of Shi. Shi, In another hand, looks more interested in Daniel and the father of Angela, and his theories of parallel dimensions, and in creating the Bull-the god headed has appointed Togensa and, in a better The tradition of Casserole, can go was and govern a universe of besides a tomb.

Some starts of whole history like the mish-mash of disparate elements other works. A monstrous Shi and his three hosts are Dracula and his three promises. A esecret subterranean Asian where the monsters live' is well out of Big Question in Small Chinese, and Rokkun also could have Ido Ida Yubari to Kill Bill. It is funny that Morrison has said some seeds for a history have come from/come from when it was in Tokyo that directs one 2005 Steven Seagal flick To a Sun (I knows. I have not listened never of him neither.), And an included can take the sense of Seagal here with some clubs of subterranean and ex fight-military heroines. Ski Fi. Horror. Fantasy. Hard Ski Fi. Black. Morrison Tries his best to pack it everything in.

His characters are all that to to plans likes him to him the map, with absolutely any development or of arches of history. A main protagonist, Daniel Leggenda, also could call Mary Continuous so that it is practically perfect in the each way, able was-of fight, was-shoot and was-think any question that comes his way. Some of a plot contrivances is so only ridiculous, as when Daniel arrives in Shinjuku and one civilises pound it tracker of GPS to the equal that can look, warn never to lose a paper or he will suffer some consequences. When it Loses a paper, a cops the reaction is basically just toe-wagging and then that rid gliela new paper. That is a point to add that to a history? A lot of tidbits is tossed in this way, like a brilliant (and of course, strikingly beautiful) Dr. Sato This looks on phase for another reason that to give Daniel the interest of amour and the conclusion to satisfy.

Like reason has to that a lot compraventa eshinjuku'? For some illustrations. If it think of this like this a Yoshitaka Love artbook with some pages of the unnecessary text launched in then is totally currency he. A fashion here is entirely different of forward Love work like his delicate products facts for Gaiman Sandman: Some Hunters of Sleep). His fashion here is brusque and immediate, when being aggressive ink-shots in hard white paper with red washes for your and effect. A work here has more in common with his exposures done in a Gallery Michael Janssen in Germania that his usual refined images, although everything in <in>Shinjuku</in> it is much rougher although his German work.

Is the emotion to see Love to do like this differently of his usual fashion, almost to a point where is unrecognizable likes Love. Has no @to @give there is a capacity to do such raw work. If you are the defender of Love, then for everything means to choose on <in>Shinjuku</in>. So only calm the favour and does not squander too time in a history.
5 / 5 By Esmeralda
An art and joining really saves this book. Any only is some works for Love all really gorgeous, included a paper, coverage and compulsory add the tactile experience that marks this value of reservation he. Only calm does not find books like this very thick. It was sold immediately when I chose it on, touched it, and flipped by means of some pages.

This in spite of, although some starts of history of strong and a prose is very written, a history leaves the pocolos pierce and of the starts to untangle the bit in an end. Still an interesting history, has thought, but any I so that it adds so it has expected the to be. And any I so that it adds like art.

Ossia Still values to possess yes is the art, novels, graphic novels, comics, etc. Enjoyed It thoroughly.
4 / 5 By Zetta
Shinjuku Is like Philip K. Dick history in the Shinkanzen train of ball hurtling by means of Tokyo in 250 mph. They are the enormous defender of Corridor of Leaf, but this history takes it to a next level with his wonderful diving in a world of Japanese-styled comics. They are also the big defender of Of the this fulfils West histories, but has found a lot of east blurs to a like this seemlessly and surrealistically like this Shinjuku. The start was with one feels of the hard-edged history of detective, one ski-fi slant takes calm for surprise, and calm drops in a fantastic world, futuristic and foreigner of Shinjuku, still, astonishingly, leaves a reader with the feeling of familiarity in such world of alien. When I have finalised a book, taste to him the sense has finalised to read the novel, marvelled in the comic, and has looked the film all immediately - perhaps one the majority of the only experience has not had never of any history in any average!
4 / 5 By Russel
This book is surprising! I chose it so only on and I have read entirely he a day. A history closed really in with a creative futuristic perspective. Some artilugios is fresh, some locations are so only and a plot is gripping. Now on to an art, ossia any half joe comic, each helps of image spend a tone and feel of a history. Some images are works of art to them. It is so only really really fresh.
Included a craftsmanship of a book he in the averages. I last joined with textured the paper this the only book. Dipped this book in the caffè subjects it will begin conversation and impress your friends.
A must has for collectors and the utmost beds for more. Appearance see more in a future to the equal that are hooked.