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Top Customer Reviews: Zmodo 8 Channel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 5 ratings
4 / 5 Verona
This is not something goes partorisca be able to use. You will require partorisca do the plot of investigation and purchase several additional products partorisca register with your Zmodo camera.
5 / 5 Margy
Has not done partorisca me. There is prendido partorisca do after 18 hours partorisca time run. It was good prize but does not plan on buying another. Easy to dip up.
5 / 5 Zackary
The unit has received was refurbished with noticeable wear in a front.
4 / 5 Frieda
Bad with which 5 month of use 3rd a, wish could run them Poe transmissions but zmodo protietry system partorisca change
4 / 5 Celsa
when you buy an element that says 1tbg memory expects it to them takes it has completed any half of a product then that says that a hardware is sold for separate. They are very unhappy with this element because the any one use like this and has asked them my money he behind fact 2 days this in spite of has any answered

Top Customer Reviews: Zmodo 4 Channel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 31 ratings
4 / 5
Had this unit that careers 24/7 and has been the good compraventa looks it every day have been installed external and there is a lot at all but regulate direction partorisca see from time to time
4 / 5
has bought them this partorisca the fellow the one who there is alot of questions of health, and raisin for alot of helps of priest of the house, well reason like them to them the use his things, eat his lunch, and take his things. His summer more than the year now and his working closing and going well. It has saved his alot of money because she , well... Has there is enough the few consultores have prendido, and /or has shot to fly, and sleeping in a work that/ is lazy. It was very easy to install and connect.
4 / 5
Any far or manual but the states of description comes with both. I have contacted ZMODO so only for them to say me no longer comprise some far calm of then can download an application and use your ready telephone for the far and that a manual is so only on-line. A lot of misleading advertising and if any does not have the ready telephone is screwed.
5 / 5
This system of camera is a lot well has done. Some images are big resolution and is very clear. It was very surprised in a quality of this whole box to be sincere. But after reading descriptions and considering my needs in the system of security of the camera. It is very easy to install, setup, and monitor.
4 / 5
Ossia A second system of the security has purchased a prime minister an I has bought was of Costco and was more expensive compared to this system. This same system this in spite of more economic, has very better the quality and he is not even up for debate. It has like this state impressed with this system like this far, am thinking roughly buying another for my place of parents. Also I will add some characteristic is that it marks this complete system, a capacity to see some cameras around my house of anywhere in my telephone is fantastic! I add Compraventa!
4 / 5
Waste to update a DVR so that emails in chances of laws of the motion. It is a characteristic has announced that ZMODO has left to break.
4 / 5
Sad, does not have after fact in an hour. It has had to return.
5 / 5
This work adds ! Some cameras and cords that is resupplied to install was very easy to do. Well it is having a system of security of the camera up. I will be to buy another together for my parents.
5 / 5
Are really unhappy with this product. It has not been never fully operational. A hard walk that has purchased for him wont recognise has one. Therefore there is has not registered never the alone chance. A far no extracted a lot well unless you are very on a dvr. Some instructions are not the friendly user at all like this unless you are a guru of electronic also can be printed in chinese. A system now 6 weeks the operation has limited has all of the sudden there is prendido to show all some camera immediately and has not been able to restore some cameras that bad that the so only squandered all of the money to purchase, installs and is not never happy state with a colour and quality of some images of camera. No for the beginner at all.
4 / 5
Ossia Mine 2nd a. Has a model an old plus like this dipped on has not been last at all. A paper is different but would not owe that be to hard to take use to.
5 / 5
There is remarked with which have ordered any hard walk! A bit misleading!
5 / 5
Good product in the easy savings partorisca install, clear pic, the only complaints is desire some highland group was weighed more has done.
4 / 5
Look: there is 8CH DVR in a photo. And there is 4CH DVR in a box. Cameras without mocrophones.
Does well, can access DVR by means of LAN or Internet, of Desk or PC of Pill.
5 / 5
In general, a product is decent partorisca a prize. Some cameras have a lot of quality during a day, but at night calms can not see anything unless the light is near. Some cameras do not have the wide view if ossia the one who precise. A monitor that is aimed in a picture does not come with a system. It is not listed in a part has comprised, but he the fact the small confusing. Some cameras are not the able audio, but can buy the camera with audio or the microphone and hook he until a system.

Some instructions are not partorisca clear and have technical terms. It would describe some directions like the brief overview of regarding the dipped up. I recommend to call that a company partorisca help calm has taken you partorisca the dipped on correctly.

Partorisca Hook this system until your computer, will require partorisca buy two bosses of Ethernet. One of the your @subject to your computer and one of one issues to a DVR. Partorisca you partorisca Use a calm mobile application at least will have one issues connected to a DVR with a boss of Ethernet. A mobile application is very easy to use, but again would owe that call a company partorisca the dipped up.

This system of surveillance comprises the hard walk, which register needs any audio/of video. You can a lot of so only use the flash walk partorisca save die. A flashes the walk so only can be used partorisca the backside up. Some costs of hard walk anywhere of $ 50 and up. Without the calm hard walk so only can see some cameras in yours monitor.

Has not been would buy another system of surveillance of Zmodo been due to like difficult is partorisca dip until a computer and mobile application. They are a lot a lot dipped on material partorisca a computer and any illiterate in this zone at all. Usually I can it imagines it was, but it could not imagine this system was at all! Another that that it is the quite good system .
5 / 5
I have not been happy with this product has done partorisca roughly three weeks or less and has then had the little bit of the rain and a system am exited and has not gone back never on has bought the new system and tried partorisca use a camaras but no also all but one am a lot disappointed with a system
4 / 5
partorisca configure this to system partorisca do has to that know like coverages and ip work of allocutions - this is not easy to use at all, and wants to use on-line to see on cell or impossible and of course a company is in Cina like any real support.
5 / 5
Has arrived as it has indicated. It dips up it was the snap. Leave the hardest is moving camera to some better corners. Some cameras am not tbe more but upgrading to the big quality is quite easy. Software in dvr is directly advance and has thought them was the friendly user. It has taken one 4 model of camera but has had the known so only that easy this diy the project would be to go has gone for one 8 system of camera. On and running two month without questions.

Modification is to be 9 months . Taken my criminal and a lot of interesting things at night in a property. Cameras/of units still that goes strong by means of all the conditions of time of snow to 95 terracings. Luz to need at night for decent vineyard but has not been the question that takes the motion lights installed in of the external sources for some easy diy project for pence. Well value a $ $ $ like this far.
5 / 5
Was unaware that the required to purchase a HD. So much it has been them to the tent of electronics with info of requirements and installed and now the take the message the illegal hard walk precise formatting the have any idea that to do
4 / 5
It is good but need of Internet partorisca he partorisca do , not liking a last an I has taken. And one of a camera has is exited already . And there is there was it so only two weeks
4 / 5
work of Good product a lot want for a prize this flies
5 / 5
the system Adds for a prize, but a mobile viewing grieves never uplinks. Good value
5 / 5
is done of good material, a measure of camera is well, a vendor he very of confidence, all the as produced, can use them in mine adroid cell, in my personal computer and in my work, in everywhere of can see them the one who my creature that , my house is small, if has the big house the recomend eight camera or are cameras.
4 / 5
So only received and installed. The cameras have seen narrow, but well of work in daylight. For it prejudices it you will require to have the light prójimo for to take any decent video. It was able to connect my computers of windows, pills and telephones by means of LAN. They are still not taking far access, looks to be because has an extreme of airport. These produced is not Mac friendly (can see use I, but any safari). For My IPAD, IPAD 2, iPhone and Samsung galaxy s2 has used an application to take that it does in LAN. If you are installing your own hard walk has to that be Sata, the installation of hard walk was easy and the directions have been found in a manual of owners. To good sure will be upgrading cameras over time to take the audios and the widest visas. For a prize am satisfied. That can say to take the far access will require the DDNS name and server, which am struggling to take doing in my extreme of airport. It could try the subject different has dipped around just to see can take the far access that read. I will update I have sucedido with far access (external of the mine LAN).
5 / 5
Has not been that is to be announce and a Dvr no more is low quality. Also it has any monitor or audio
4 / 5
Any like him to Him any value of the money so only spends of the extra money and take the dipped a lot of ossia that thinks
5 / 5
unhappy with a product. Unable to receive technology. suport, Unable to take the telephone . Soft ware Need to be substituted.
4 / 5
This box of the camera has not been well and one of a camera has been broken.
5 / 5
There is not coming with the hard walk so that it is reason has given the the 4 on estimating. Another that that it is a lot of
4 / 5
has purchased the 500G HD partorisca go with a DVR and has registered partorisca 16 days 24/7 before it has begun overwriting of a start.
The by heart perfect video. Vision at night decent. Easy to use and install.
Partorisca A low prize has paid was avove my expectations.
5 / 5
Validate each penny, easy to install and setup, the only suggestion is the upgrade camera.
4 / 5
A model does not resist a correct time, can not access with the software has shipped, does not operate with smartphone.
Receives the message of error when tentativa and register to a dvr with a software comprised or by means of my iPad. Any LAN or Wan access.
A time maintains to change. Some cameras do not show of the correct colours.
Runs ossia the piece of sh%t.
Has squandered Money in zmodo.
Buyer beware......

Update; after contacting vendor, says gladly repayment or exchange my element, so only am looking for a transmission, and happy is a lot has had to that do with me.

Well, after treating a vendor the one who has accepted gladly a transmission, the only meeting has been repaired and any one has substituted. I have not gone too happy, considering all some subjects have had with a DVR. It could not ask the repayment because, was too quickly to install some first camera to try out of a unit.
Still have any access in mine iPhone, possess the Mac computer as I can not access some cameras in my computer neither.
Has had to that contact a vendor to discover quell'Application of iPhone is for a unit. I have been said Aplayer, has downloaded an Application, so only to find I still tin a lot of login to see my cameras, now thinks that are quite savvy with Electronic, has the terracing in Technology of Electronics, has done partorisca . In a Turnpike for five years that installs and servicing CCTV camera, and crew, and could not take this Zmodo model to come up in an Application.

The inferior line is has bought the weight of paper. I have substituted a junk with the CIB frames and has taken results very better and was on-line in the subject of minutes.
M Personally, would not recommend this mark or model.

Top Customer Reviews: Funlux/Zmodo 4 ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 6 ratings
5 / 5 Pearl
It is a good product , he like the supposition partorisca do.

So only maintain he in alcohol that would require you the usb smiled and the HDMI boss partorisca the connect to the yours television and dip the up.

This for him side me hours partorisca look for and hunting. But I imagined it once it was, it was easy to dip up.

Good regime.
5 / 5 Jacquelyn
A product has begun partorisca do well, but the week later was the green light .. And it has them it has had to that unplugged and discharges partorisca do act again with blue light.. But now .. apears Greener light didnt record anything... And has a lastest software of official version..
4 / 5 Reynalda
Numerous 'device stray video' , can not choose the cameras or I do not know like this to
4 / 5 Evia
This device was a lot of but when has some types of cameras owe that Zmodo of small the big require one 1080 nvr partorisca manage until 8 cams. Otherwise Him him 4 720 cam. You can use this nvr.

Thank you,
Noel A.
4 / 5 Eleonore
Has on dipped was easy, so only like an original. The works add.
4 / 5 Harris
Has has added camera in, maintained loosing connection to the cameras would not recommend

Top Customer Reviews: Zmodo 4 Channel ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 16 ratings
4 / 5 Pamella
A Good:
the prize is very reasonable
the action of Daylight is exceptional, can see images of far is gone in amazing clarity
A Bad:
In daylight some colours are distorted, for example lived of look of green trees, am said that ossia reason a GONE the lights are operating included during daylight. Ossia Like this opposed the better cameras that automatically change to vision at night in black and white.
The vision at night is poor. It is acceptable when distinguished in a zone with some light. In the total darkness sees at all.

A good informative is that a setup is quite economic that can buy you the better camera for some canals that really the require.

An Ugly:
A documentation is terrible.
A propiciado by fast start is printed in 4 type of point in the colour the light ash deep down white. (Really hard to read)
A manual has the plot of information, but an English, if ossia that calms that wants to call, is terrible. It was able to imagine was regarding the dipped up by means of my own basic knowledge and to read a help in his web of place.

When Dipping on a DVR to be used remotely has to that publish four put you.
(In port sharing in your configuration of @subject)
1. A port of HTTP
2. A 'Port of Mandate' (5050)
3. A Port of Means comunicacionales (6050)
4. A mobile port (7050) - go to see of a device of Android.
4 / 5 Donetta
Has had this system of camera the months of pair and has loved to give the complete description. It looked in the plot other systems and the abundance read of first descriptions to decide in this system. First of all, it is a lot of abordable, has arrived quickly, and can be installed relatively easy (according to your access and of the locations of installation). If calm think you will require more than 25' for camera, commanded additional boss to avert that it has to that go in a coverage more than calm need to. A field of the camera of view is in fact the tightest plot that has expected. So much, you can require move yours camera further behind to see the main zone.

Has no setup a DVR to the mine wifi connection still. But, it has seen the on-line video as well as other users those who have quotes clear instructions.

Would recommend this like the system of basic camera. This in spite of, calm can find to look for the different/cameras have improved the needs of yours better dress. I have added to the 2nd start like him some camera can be seen in mine main (42') TV. It will require you the compraventa some adapters (very economic) but is the good characteristic also.

Quickly setup
all has required the elements have resupplied
the quality of image is acceptable (for a prize)
GO/the vision at night is acceptable
DVR and the settings of camera are some pocolos easy to imagine out of
election of starts (the monitor of computer or video was)

lacks of details of qualities of the image and he is difficulty to take true colours
the ray of the fixation in group is economic and will break
the motion is and the sensibility is the little difficult to dip, this in spite of is the characteristic sum
the propiciado by instruction is in micro has printed

sees pictures for more than info
4 / 5 Herbert
Has in the first place had some doubt roughly ordering east. I received it quickly and all was so it went it supposition to be. Until I have had now the wireless 2 system of camera that there is has not had capacity of register. It possesses the house of history to Florida ( was like this to vote properly). They are trace three camera I having to that under an awning and one in a backside to cover a group. I have had two questions. One was the defective boss . Any big shot to the equal that have known would require a boss a plus along that one 60' and has had has bought already one. The service of client sent the boss of substitution in all the chance and does not have me does to spend for a hassle to return an original. According to a manual and quickly dipped on the discharge was hard for me to comprise. It was too generic and tried to cover several different models. It has Had the step in him for me to install the hard walk (any comprised)THAT? It results a hard walk was installed already. I took roughly he 1/2 day to take the things that reads and has situated so only a way has loved. Any bad for the type of 62 years. My woman there is complained that has taken too much long to take 'he damn what on' but does not think has spoken in a camera has been surprised in credit it some four images in mine monitor looked. A lot of crisp. Any 3D but well, included a one with the 100' boss. The inferior line is that you are looking for the system of camera of confidence priced down for the small house does not doubt to take is one. BTW A prize was an eighty five when I have purchased he of the roughly done amazon three weeks
4 / 5 Avelina
This description has been done the month and the half after an arrived first of a planned date(ossia always the good thing)the looks of qualities to be the cameras could have had alittle wider veiwing ,shrubs,trees,rain, flags, with the movement will be chosen up for a sensor of motion, is a lot so only has to that tinker around with some settings for you individual rains I mine of beside 1 and still relieve a nessesary security.
For a money ossia the good compraventa . I turn one contrasts on like this, the things at night can be out of a description of full video in youtube. Video for motion setup and manufactures incumplimiento also.
4 / 5 Burma
arived Punctually everything is metal thats well. It would be 5 stars but of the manuals a lot very written,that never when the sustain of the technology has contacted, his responed with in 48hs,and a person has known there material and answred a lot my questions. It would owe that be remarked there the web has it walkthrew to dip on a system to do in a web would not owe that be
a longer worry in deciding to buy. Also remark a maanual does not say this but calm can press any camera buutton in far and he zoom in. camer The coverage is on 60ft at least in my chance my cochera is not semi-detached and is in an end of mine 60ft mobel, a camera at night can go like this clear that I can say that the one who is exiting of a door of cochera at night. It would like to see an out of transmission for when house and does not love it on to save electrical bill
and would like me see to close of boss conection like the cup of lap has to that prevent any theff.
Will update so that it learns more roughly but would say if yours looking this is the very good start and a web dipped on no longer would owe that be the factor like this yours smile on camera.
4 / 5 Tony
I do I very enough. The colours are the pocolos was but a lot enough to do the difference. I have been sent some wrong cameras at the beginning but substituted him without question at all. A 6mm the cameras of lentil have the quite good picture but the very tightened field of view. A lentil there is roughly two times a view but a picture is the little more grainy. It dips up it was quite easy, excepts some hassle taking some local networking like this could it to them see on my computer. And to see it remotely require the computer with activex skill that very active now reason is the subject of security . For a money costs a peace of imports to know has a bit bondadoso of system, so only does not expect quality to notch upper.
4 / 5 Althea
Please does not buy anything of EZoomTek!! I have ordered a ZMODO DVR box of security with 4 cameras. When I have opened a container, has had the note that declares that I have been cameras of data of substitution . They have declared that has been better given cable for risarcimento for some cameras of substitution. I have looked for to wire on a box, but could not take a dvr to hook until some cameras. Really I can not say that a box of security is bad reason have not had some pertinent elements in a box. If you want to situate an order on Amazon, the mark sure is fulfilled for Amazon.
5 / 5 Elton
2 years ago the purchased this element he still works like new has had the bad experience with fed ex but he finally system of mine of murderous has paid already for his self. I Highly recomend this system.
5 / 5 Shalanda
The works add. All precise . You can buy the salvation-camera of final for a Chanel you really need to see detail on but one has distributed the utmost cameras. Complete box.
5 / 5 Kia
This element is coming as it has announced. It was pleasantly surprised in a measure of a camera. They were smaller that that has expected. Very easy to dip up. A record of the law of motion adds. Good stock exchange for a buck.
5 / 5 Siu
This element is coming as it has announced. It was pleasantly surprised in a measure of a camera. They were smaller that that has expected. Very easy to dip up. A record of the law of motion adds. Good stock exchange partorisca a buck.
5 / 5 Theda
The nave was has come quickly like this described the like this far after the month is woking excellent partorisca my needs. Very happy with like this far. Partorisca A prize the does not think that could beat.
5 / 5 Vita
Dose that is mention partorisca do stops. It maintains an eye on all and maintains posted in that yours looking.
4 / 5 Hillary
Excellent camera, produced of good quality, easy to comprise a instrutions partorisca install, has had all some accessories have required partorisca install, is enjoying using this ZMODO PKD-DK4216-500GB camera of video.
5 / 5 Cliff
An only reason that has purchased this system was because of a prize . Installing this system and trusting that be of confidence would surprise you, but to save you time and money. It decides to purchase something more. A service of the clients thus system will fail you worse that a system he.

These days with invasions of house and burglaries, precise of the cameras of surveillance of confidence to protect you and yours held, Zmodo will not resupply calm with this consolation.
4 / 5 Renetta
Camera of rubbish, service of rubbish, cloud of rubbish. Support of rubbish

50 of these cameras have failed. A service of cloud is rubbishes . NVR Is also rubbishes. Stay out of ZModo!!

Top Customer Reviews: Zmodo Door/Window ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Jessica
I want to zmodo the products but these sensors are not to stage ready and needs to be redesigned or has improved.
5 / 5 Lillie
The product does not do and has bad support – is returned.
1. I have followed some instructions partorisca take a Zmodo has produced of the beam has connected my coverage of Wi-Fi, which was a coverage of Wi-Fi has included my iPhone has been connected to. Like this far like this good.
2. Then a product has required a upgrade. It would follow some instructions and he would take stuck in the screen partorisca always and never upgrade. I have contacted partorisca sustain the one who has said that I have to that reset and beginning of scratch. So much, I have gone back partorisca step 1 and has begun again, and a same result. A unit never upgrade.
3. In a moment, it has contacted support again the one who there has not been any idea like partorisca help and has said that upgrading has not been necessary. So much, I am come from to pair with a Zmodo sensors of window that has bought also. This was also unsuccessful and any of some 3 people of support have contacted was able to help.
4. To all the cost that after or has resisted far some sensors to a Beam, was invisible to a Beam. I have verified that his battery have done, resisted it to me up against a window, left them in diverse place, tried with a battery has retreated open or returned, has tried all 4 of them and I has not been never has achieved. Some answered partorisca sustain further asking me partorisca verify an obvious, was neither that ossia no longer sustained partorisca a Beam and that have required the Pívot, or that has had to that install some sensors in a Window for him to pair (!).
5. This integer that frustrates experience with people to sustain that has offered any idea (in hardly understandable English), so only has squandered my first time to decide to return them. It would owe that have any believed some good descriptions obviously sponsored sees in this page of product, and would have to that it has believed my instinct that was the fake given some English resemblance and way of description his all have.

Is the cause of real shame I really loved this product to do, there is at all like a specification of Beam in a phase. Each one another product loves you sell neither the service, or the camera, or the Zwave/Zigbee has based solution… to any-camera, any-service, wi-fi the solution sadly does not look to exist.
5 / 5 Davis
Has done takes in 3 months then doing decrees and was such the hassle to return.

Top Customer Reviews: Zmodo SPoE Security ...

Rating: 4 out of 5 with 38 ratings
4 / 5 Elbert
Some cameras that come with this unit is very very partorisca 720P. I take the very clear image during a day, and a good image has seen an infrared at night. I have not seen vision at night better, but calm could not use an infrared to take a picture partorisca identify of the stranger. If calm already know a person, would be recognizable. Finally, of the hardware and installation standpoint, am quite happy.
A reason for a low indication is an almost unusable playback and registering software. Calm can not save the period of concrete time. Calm so only give you registering blockades that can not be modified. It wants to see the spent in 5:45PM/5:45pm/5:45pm/5:45pm/5:45pm/5:45pm/5:45pm? Bandage the lunch. You can click on to concrete time, sometimes, but mostly fray you so only out of your clicking toe with swimming spending. Calm can not dip the row.
Any sure that the times are looking for an activity? Dinner of band, also. You go to be here the moment. A fast forward faster available is 8X (although it is nowhere after 8X) and taken for ever to look for travers. Also, as you are touching behind, be very careful with this mouse. A click out of a bar of time, and is beginning over time.
Has had I any lined a NVR bit it on installation, would be returned this unit almost immediately. Unfortunately, these things take the moment to imagine was and has not known a headache was paralización until after full installation.
Am expecting that some cameras will be the significant deterrent as I am not sure can resupply some police with any real images.
A last what: A mobile application SUCKS!! It does not resupply I live it 8 view of canal, and any podes any click to a canal loves. Need to see canal 8 quickly? Has fun scrolling by means of all 7 other first canals.
4 / 5 Dessie
MODIFICATION: UPDATE: I have loved this system, but now hate a lot so only this system but this Zmodo like the company. A reason I mark this statement, is that when have in the first place bought this, was able to dip this on like this can them registers to a NVR when the sound out of house. Using the DDNS server that have already doing. This has Done adds. I have loved a browser of the access of web has based to see my alive cameras and to be able to verify in in a house if my alarm goes was or so only reason seat to like.
Now here is a bad informative. Zmodo Has has FORCED AUTOMATICALLY an up to date Firmware to a NVR. I have been at the beginning he has confused thought has has had subjects with ports, or my @subject all of the sudden reason the no longer could register to a NVR PERIOD! No of inside a house in a same private coverage, or for a whole reason has bought a system, of outside a house. Also an application that the finally found that done thus system there is prendido to do. After trying to find my question, has achieved was the Zmodo. We inform me to us that they the force firmware the updates concealed there is encrypted his connection. And been due to of the this, if the desire to see my external cameras of my house HAS TO them THAT use his server of own web has based to connect to mine NVR, and no a NVR directly. Some can think this is not the question. But worse taking. A Web Sever is VERY SLOW, can so only shows a camera the time, which partorisca more the people is a subject . When you Come from to change to one of some other cameras, sometimes laws, and sometimes he the Calm no. sometimes has to that try another camera and then go to a one yours that tries to see..... East SUCKS when yours that tries to look in something in the haste.
Another big NEGATIVE a this system, when I need to save images. I have had a @@subject that the required to save some images of video. Very first when you could registers directly to a NVR with your computer, simply could do the clip and the save on yours PC where calms has not loved never. Well, now it calms it can not connect to a NVR, as I owe that use a NVR directly. Mark sure you formateo the walk of thumb of the USB to FAT32 partorisca east to do. They have tried to say me that his service of the cloud automatically saves motion. yeah Like him 5 according to loop, and is useless. ABSOLUTE CRAPS!

Could them would return this for the full repayment and take the better system of the better company. This was to add when it bought it to them. NOW, there is ruined the good thing. $ 500 Now worthless rubbish that the needs to find the stops of substitution.

Also some Cameras are not 720p HD qualities. In a daylight is grainy likes all can be in just 15 feet were. Sure you can still it marks out of that is going in, which class of automobile, but love the picture for some police to identify any, ossia the a lot of gone. An intelligent register is now useless with this new firmware also.... It is A lot of choppy and fold an image and people quite often. I have had to change to Any-of register of Stop, which mean will not take any a lot of history saved in a Hard Walk. So much the needs to upgrade a Hard Walk..... Good regime in this like this he seams any that an easy process anymore neither.

VERDICT: no SHABBY! It was well until Zmodo has destroyed that it was once the decent product for a money.

Like this far this has quite done good. When I bought It in the first place I have it has created bosses very short and hooked he on so only for the take all dip up and see like laws because this goes to go my new house like beloved that so only tries to do sure all some camera and all have done. I want to it signals it it was that these uses have simplified Poe for this is so only 2 Ethernet of pair. Basically the one who this half is so only is using four bosses and nails 1, 2, 3, & 6. This in spite of this is not the be of the question has simplified POE reason with using to beat simplified on to ethernet can still uses 10/100 megabit Ethernet. This in spite of also means that it calms can not use can regulate it on transmission of Ethernet. This be has said that this is to mean to be wired directly to a NVR anyways. There is remarked that some people complained in some neighbours arrive and in a software in this particular unit. This in spite of in my experience a setup the software is for the half when it comes to setting on any type of system of true surveillance, was slightly difficult to cruised will admit this in spite of able era to find all have required to find and dip the on exactly to the equal that have required to without any subjects that has not been able to be solved. If you are any the one who does not know anything in networking or any concealed is illiterate of the computer then can have some issues to dip this on been due to some laws of the way and a way owe that interact with a NVR. And yes it is true that some instructions are being missing of this in spite of has any knowledge of systems of surveillance of the security or can so only game with him calm can imagine it was. I have had a @subject and has had to contact Zmodo for support. It was able to felizmente use his application of Android has called Z-Put in mine telephone LTE connection my connection of internet of the house so only well. This in spite of my question was when trying connects to a NVR of the PC, after dipping on the ports in a subject so that it has known to go to a NVR, has had to change this reason has run in my port 80 already, was able to upload a login screen to a NVR this in spite of have dipped once in mine username and the signal would go to an empty blue screen. When I emailed his roughly this subject took him roughly 3 days to answer and in an email has explained roughly that installs the pair of ActiveX controllers that has not been able to try because of a fact has dipped a system of security up in another House that does not have internet still so that it will not be able to try this until I move and then will update like this to him or a lot this has done. This in spite of has another option. In this email although sending to us gave me the web of place and with this website can record in with some same credentials that created with your Z put login in yours Android or mobile phone of iPhone. Cela Will leave you to go in and see yours cameras like this well. An only thing that does not like me so that it can dip on accounts of multiple user with a capacity to register directly to a NVR and can be accounts of simple user that can see it a bit camera without doing any transmissions, while one in the place the calm web so only can use a a login which is a master login with total control. For some people this will not be a subject for some people this will be, but will look for to update a description when I install a ActiveX engine that said to knots to install and will leave is if he in fact laws and as complicated is to take working. It asks now the laws of product adds a quality of some cameras is a lot highly recommends when installing external to weatherproof a connection of Ethernet with any think works more honradamente the heat shrinks on would be a better option in my opinion. I expect that this has helped some people and hopefully can look spent some people that so only can be trolling the little has bitten.

is now state using this for some time, and do a lot well. Has a camera that takes the a lot of rear light of a GONE of the lights. But I think that that it is due to where has situated the. I have found to fix it also for reason could very directly connect to a NVR. It requires Browser of Internet that disgust. But in Google Chrome can take an extension has called I the tab and this will do with a NVR. Esperanza these helps.
4 / 5 Tawny
Has done a plenary to install in this unit : Zmodo ZM-SS718-1T 8 Canal 720P Simplified POE ( with bosses of appeal of the help of members familiarised). I have had this system up and when being announce to the long of the week now. My first impressions are taking to PLOT of bang for you buck with this complete system. With eight camera and a NVR the unit is the complete system in the box. The installation was free question and very easy to dip up. I have opted to buy 1000' of Cat 6 cabling to the equal that would be able to situate cameras everywhere an external perimeter of my house. Calm will find you will require to be creative in your placing of boss, am spent two different days in my coverage and under my house to take a better placing and careers of boss out of place. Considering a NVR the unit was the breeze to setup and so only plugging in the each camera a NVR the unit would discover some cameras immediately. Now I can see all some camera of anything in my inner coverage , iPad, mobile phones ( Android/ of iPhone) and all some computer. A software in a NVR and an application is the bit to be missing of but takes a work done. To arrive to this point has not done a necessary 'port sending' to be able to see my external cameras of my coverage ( out of house).

All the cameras of laws , day and prejudices to see is better that has expected. NVR Marcos of units (seal) any movements 'chances' these frames that revises your registers to the easiest plot. You can appoint each camera , and can do several settings in a NVR unit to extend your time of register.

A NVR the unit comes with the 1 terabyte the installed hard walk
5 / 5 Terrance
This system has done well has seen to telephone at the beginning but then would not leave seeing of video of real time unless it was in Wi-Fi of mine of house. It can it does not see out of home, as that is a point of an access of internet? Called Zmodo support of the client and any help there neither. We have changed some canals of internets, date it and The Wi-Fi have tried in force and full signal and still at all. The desire would have known this of a start, would have purchased another system. Maintained while a part to see would do again, but does not look that is possible anymore. It would return it now, if it had not expected like this long to do this complaint. Squandered To plot of money in this system, of then is so only effective for me if they are house .
4 / 5 Modesta
4 Of some 8 cameras that is coming with this unit is extremely blurry to a point is unusable. One of some bosses of coverage was the boss has died also ( has discovered this after running all 100 feet of him by means of wall and of the spaces of coverage in a cost of several hours of work have had to retorted). I can not comment in a DVR averts of an observation that a software is not the friendly user and the looks have dated for at least 10 years. I suppose that it could value a playback and registering characteristic, but so only wants to take touched of of this piece of junk.

Some four cameras that the work gives the very good picture. This in spite of, a ethernet connection jack in a backside of some cameras is terribly has drawn. There is any way to hide some bosses to these cameras unless you drill an ENORMOUS (I follows habladuría in a thumb in diameter) hole in your sufficient house to slide a ethernet jack interior. This no any sense at all, reason a profit of the POE the system is a tiny hole has required to edge a ethernet boss. As looking in some cameras of some outsides, see several thumbs of boss and the box of big fat intersection. It looks terrible. I have used to do like the installer of camera of the security. A poor software and the connectors of big fat camera am quite common, this in spite of, has not seen never of the cameras the blurry likes these without way to direct them. It would advise against buying this system.
4 / 5 Kymberly
Bought this last week and installed mine self with a help of my types ( has the subject electrical small). The cameras look well build and an opinion to be easy to compress the draw touches the plus. Hard part on one installs has run a boss and has to them that 2 house of history,the bosses of Ethernet were long enough for 7 locations. So only one has had to them run my own cat5 and install rg45 . After installing the place up was easy. It was able of the his have on-line immediately and use an application in my cell for aforar the thing was the could not take a hardisk to do like this has had to them open a unit and change a boss to the available port second ,this has done a trick, the marvels now the take the second a will do . Like this far touch the system adds and recommends them to everything. It will update it has them any subjects.
4 / 5 Nicola
I terrible bosses have comprised. It has wanted that to be known before writing anything well. So only 3 of some bosses comprised has done properly at all times. I have tried felizmente a system for the first week to install. A question with some bosses looks that a gauged/the quality or both so only is not there. Slowly on buying and that cut your own bosses with qualities cat5e. Some cameras has the quality of image adds but can not be 720p. If anything is 720p is a start of video to the monitor or TV that is not of the expects it of a marketing. As it does not expect a camera to take a comparable image to your video of telephones 720p. This has said still look utmost compared to slightly of security more expensive the oldest systems have installed. They are also súper easy to install. A system also the fact adds with two cameras comprised '165ft Long Row ALLER 720P HD POE Camera of IP of the Coverage with Easy QR-Scanner of Code Setup' of Amazon.
5 / 5 Leatrice
Daría this the z/the zero if possible, has tried gone back the,but was too late as it has looked for to do with ZMODO to fix a subject. Some laws of camera so only if a system has not connected to a LAN. ZMODO No longer telephones support and does not answer of the emails. I have on signed for a community forum, hopefully will take some help there. A lot disappointed in this product. Ossia One 2nd time has bought this product, one 1st one has done adds and still is running strong. This time is the total waste of time and money!!
4 / 5 Hung
No the friendly user in a NVR front. Almost impossible to see clips of a NVR. Has an installed system for on 2 years and so only abonos to look in of the cameras. A DVR maintains to ask to be formatted and at all spends when you clicas an option of format. It Likes him a POE of characteristic in some cameras and treat like this announced. It will not buy Zmodo never again.
5 / 5 Wilford
This was my second security DVR. I have had it subjects with some external cameras in some elements but has been substituted saws guarantee. Mark sure time-try some connectors to the equal that have recommended to use the box of small pipe. Wrapping With the electrical tape has not done for me. Setup For the telephone and the pills was easy. Mark sure to try each camera, boss and port in DVR previously to run bosses. Running some bosses this in spite of out a house was a course a harder as you leave the pocolas fine of week to fulfil this.
4 / 5 Nathanael
Once I took it it has not done in an internet. The cameras do when off line, but when a nvr has been connected to some subjects some cameras have failed. Then a nvr has been died. Recommend buy it off line because I am spending for the nightmares that returns it to a factory. I try to call zmodo that so only require the whole day ossia himself and when they answer. One of a main reason I hate that buys on-line. As it recommends to buy that it is not never directly of a tent.
4 / 5 Roxana
Video of good quality, good application partorisca iOS and works to the equal that has expected! The only worries are some local setup and the interface of user could be improved. It is my images of surveillance of the video that is sent abroad or the CIA... I do not know ... But a device has not looked in a esady cut' or of the casts of vulnerable device :)
4 / 5 Peg
has purchased this product in a joint of my edges. It installed it and it has not looked partorisca have any questions. A picture is very clear and is partorisca please with everything like this far. We verify a camera in ours barn one the majority of partorisca verify in our horses. The vision at night is acceptable and this unit fulfils my expectations .
4 / 5 Alisia
A product adds. Easy to install. Has these on registering all a time and can go back according to which three weeks. I have had any need to use a characteristic of ready register. Really easy to dip up in my telephone with an application. I have not had any question at all with this product. It would recommend.
4 / 5 Julian
Has purchased in 2015 has done well partorisca the year. A Web application no longer is doing, little to any and a support is unreachable / unavailable. It tries it amcrest system. A Web application does a lot well.
4 / 5 Myrtle
Was the quite good setup at the beginning. It has begun then die dulcemente. Now NVR boots, but the cameras do not show /records anything. HDD Solid of light just stays. Substituted HDD with WD purple, still very gone.
In some cameras, a IRs has been in decline dulcemente also, 3 cams almost worthless in nite. It looks snow .
5 / 5 Haydee
HDMI Spend it no with MORE AMERICAN BOUGHT TVs. Ossia Very disappointing and has to that say that they are them this next to return this product.
5 / 5 Ebonie
Has a lot Zmodo systems. Finally it has taken this HD a, the picture is to good sure better compered to old model. It likes there of support of client. I reward it they are it adds also
5 / 5 Lucila
work well and his easily installed. BUT it was packaged and shipped VERY BAD with which have installed a hard walk,the box has been opened and any sealed for behind enclosed and looked how has been fallen and busted opens afterwards has dipped a hard walk in a nvr im has surprised has included fact after the plugged he in.
5 / 5 Graig
Easy to install. Crystal Clears day and video of prejudices. The application is funky , but works. 2 bosses of the ethernet has not done, but those are economic to substitute. The cameras are so only the few thumbs squared in measure.
4 / 5 Wilda
So only 3 camera can do a same time with a DVR . Then some starts of system beeping. Has very when being pas able to use a system of security. I have tried to see it can exchange for another DVR but are while to a response of Zmodo.
4 / 5 Margene
Has been used partorisca 2 month and look partorisca be add partorisca a prize
5 / 5 Mindi
Junk! The cameras would not owe that be announced like external / interiors. Still it looks for to water the cameras of test have failed. I install systems of cameras of all the manufactures. Save your money and buy the good system. It has had 4 of some 8 lacking cameras in 6 months.
5 / 5 Meredith
This the fantastic system partorisca of the money. Highly I recommend it.
5 / 5 Kendal
A system are adds! I took it like this when I my woman has piece of alcohol in a half of a night. A sad thing is an application is the letdown. It can read some descriptions partorisca zsight in a Tent of Application!
4 / 5 Kiera
the cameras produce the decent picture.
Has registered the video is decent.
Works with your TV partorisca one the majority of part. ( It sees commentaries down)

Zomodo also announces a NVR will do with DVI your television. Ossia True if your TV sustains 50Hz refresh tax. The majority of television is in some the USA am 60Hz and a NVR no with your TV.

If your TV has the VGA the port can connect his. This in spite of a paper of video any one the car relieves able resolutions in your TV a lot well. I have had to that connect a NVR to the monitor and manually dipped a resolution to 1024x768, then reconnect the to a TV.

With a later Update to a NVR can you no longer the view has has registered video out of your venues wifi. This calm mean can not see the video have has registered cameras in your telephone, the pill or the computer when calm is not home. You can see I live it feed cameras, but honradamente ossia so only marginally useful.

Has two classifiche of users for a NVR, admin and user. A admin has full control of a system as it has expected. User in another hand so only can see an alive feeds, at all more comprising the data has registered. This means if it join you account for your girls, the guests or the employees neither have full acces to all a level of system configs or basically at all.

Lean it does not look to want to change any of this so only has taken the short response behind in these subjects.

Some cameras are PoE but any level . This half has to cover him to a NVR. His no with the levels PoE transmission. I have not tried this, but I do I with the PoE injector neither. This means will require to run all 8 camera by means of your walls to the yours NVR, in planting to run the alone line of yours issue to the opportunely located PoE transmission, then of one changes to your cameras.

Has given this system 2 stars for a quality of picture so only. A NVR and work of need of mobile applications.
5 / 5 Sheree
Simple hardware setup. Included a setup of the yours iPhone or iPad were easy to do a connection, if in your house that use your wifi or was and roughly using an internet. That has found weighed this in spite of is a software in a NVR. It is hard to look for elements as faster can move you by means of a data is 8X. Ossia A lot slow and desire that would locate to roughly 64X. Other elements are dipping he until the calm contact by means of email for the movement when relieved. This is not the clearly comprised element in his software neither. If has questions in this element, will do my best to assist you this in spite of..
5 / 5 Juliana
Has ordered this for the fellow with which have seen a one has bought sooner for my house. Easy the setup and use.
4 / 5 Kiara
It was the good product when I took it in the first place. Been having a lot of questions lately. It would not suggest taking this product.
4 / 5 Kenda
Bad quality , the game behind fact partorisca the period partorisca time then prendido, the cloud is available, the motion relieves sends alert partorisca swim
4 / 5 Twyla
Poor firmware. It does not purchase if your intent is partorisca see iPhone of street... He no via connection of coverage.

Included supports of worse client.(Some squander of time and energy)
5 / 5 Shaunna
My law of product so only for 5 minutes and now is not uploading an operating system now to the equal that can the solve my questions ???? Has a device in Cost Rico!!!!! Any helps partorisca please!!!!!
5 / 5 Cordell
Be sure partorisca try of the yours time camera!!!!!!! These cameras are utmost partorisca into use of door. But it was use of precise door partorisca try to time a connection among a camera and a boss of Ethernet. I have found that need to do it drip loop with a boss, and be sure to use the heat shrinks, and focus of silicone in an interior of one wraps to maintain was all some elements. A drip the loop is really one the majority of part of entity.
4 / 5 Meri
Master! Ossia Mine 4th commanded . Using them in of the retail tents.
4 / 5 Regine
Simple setup to works likes them decried the video adds very acute partorisca such the reasonably priced unit.
5 / 5 Inger
Zmodo Offers upport of time of the life' meant go you partorisca take the time of life partorisca TAKE any support. Any response to emails. 'Cat' is no-responsive.

To his credit, some looks of product partorisca do so it is alone unit. Any fool calm partorisca think you will be able to back anything up in this device (obviously can select video partorisca extract 4 cameras the time for has has selected days... But backup a whole walk... Any).

Has simplified POE is the mystery. Any sure that has goes there and/or if his cameras are compatible with POE transmissions. It sees esupport of time of the life' commentary on. Any sure would recommend to buy this product unless you have done by means of Alibaba.
4 / 5 Dulcie
Has possessed partorisca 6 month

- the mobile viewing Adds and access with alert of email
- detection of Motion
- HDMI and 720P Register

- Have any control on some put you. Plugging In the camera to port 1 only looks in port 8. Plugging The camera to port 2 looks in port 4. A lot A lot FRUSTRATING.
- Has configured 2 of a same NVR, each using 2TB HDD. Both have has had subjects where a NVR there is prendido partorisca relieve a hard and calm walk required to king spent and reformat. SÚPER FRUSTRATING.
- 1 Out of 8 camera no longer is doing.
- Support of terrible client.
5 / 5 Myesha
Has thought roughly buying east a partorisca some following reasons: (1) I can maintain all some bosses of disorder of coverage in basement of mine and the see remotely with 'KVM extend' in ethernet to computer of office of the office, taste that of this zmodo the unit has any keys of dish of the face that do this possible of the use neither with VGA/gone in of MICE that propiciadas KVM extend (2) Can in the ethernet means the any one precise to connect each camera to one covers electrical his spent so only striaght to the yours ethernet boss, (3) the boss of Ethernet is easy to install you

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Rating: 4 out of 5 with 1 ratings
4 / 5 Sade
Good product, reasonable prize and excellent quality

Top Customer Reviews: Zmodo Smart PoE ...

Rating: 5 out of 5 with 3 ratings
5 / 5 Luciano
Day of the quality of image adds or night and súper easy to install. A micro usb connector and POE the system means that a the small boss is all precise to run to the each camera. Micro usb Leave partorisca drill a lot of smaller holes partorisca the cleaner install and cleaner to look that an old plus bnc has has connected camera or a rca type an installed whole system and on and that careers in an evening. A interphase in a dvr is the little underwhelming but work. I whish could attribute you some few cameras partorisca aim in a screen in a concrete order master but could does not take partorisca dip was correctly a lot @@subject that commanded I plugged a cam to a dvr. A lot I square a lot clear still at night. Our street has a streetlight and can see by means of a street at night without question. Also they say any needs partorisca port sending, am not sure reason because partorisca take an application partorisca see your cam put precise on port sending yours issues. To good sure would recommend a zmodo system by all the world. It researches attentively although there is so only of a prize in a same system with the 2tb the arrivals of hard walk partorisca be gone down to a prize still like this any unit of walk.
5 / 5 Mellie
Terrible Terrible quality, the turn of camera partorisca aim in brilliant sun and leds partorisca burn of the vision of the night was one the week!!! Please you the favour and take the Company of mark of the name that will be for behind his products, Zmodo so only is that it touches these products there and has any intention partorisca be there when they burn era!!! Buyer Beware!
5 / 5 Victorina
Has bought this system done on the year, of then has had to that contact his support numerous time for defaulty camera. Of the cameras last the months of only pair and a GONE is system of starts of poor quality.